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Towman, Meet HIM

NRC Unveils Heavy Incident Manager (CSR85)

The new Heavy Incident Manager (HIM), the flagship of NRC’s Composite Sliding Rotators, boasts a gigantic V-shaped telescopic rotating boom rated to 85-ton capacity, per SAE J2512. Fitted with 60,000 lbs main winches and optional 25,000 lbs auxiliary winches, it is ready for the most complex recoveries. With a powerful cylinder and proven, dependable, type 6, lowstick, slip nylon wear pads, the CSR85 boom can slide 139in under load, along a sturdy set of rails, allowing for an incredible 467’ of reach past the tailboard. According to NRC, a completely redesigned hydraulic system supplies 3700psi of pressure to a set of gigantic boom cylinders,

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

providing the CSR85 the power to become stuff of legend. To prove their design was safe, NRC’s engineering team had to think up ways of performing various lifts, up to and above HIM’s rated capacity. Because for NRC to call one of the company’s products an 85-ton rotator, they had to make sure it could lift a real load of 170,000 lbs; a succession of vertical pulls of up to 232,000 lbs was performed, followed by a thorough inspection of the structure by qualified, registered professional engineers. Since there is a thin line between a properly counterweighted and a grossly overweighted recovery vehicle, NRC’s team worked relentlessly to

optimize every pound of steel you can find on the CSR85, so that every component has a twofold purpose: structural and counterweighting. The CSR85 shares with the smaller CSR50 and CSR65 the proven, stylish, lightweight and highly functional composite body. It also comes standard with a set of rails and quick hydraulic coupler, ready to accept a wide range of NRC detachable underlifts, making HIM as tow-capable as it is recoverycapable. CSR85 features NRC’s latest evolutive, electronic control platform, so every piece of equipment coming out of the factory is ready for the next big thing.

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American Towman Magazine - January 2021  

American Towman Magazine - January 2021