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Burn ‘em if ‘ ya got ‘em ‘


Editorz Notez Doobie Sykes MARK YOUR CALENDARS The Behind Barz 7th Anniversay issue is do to hit the stands in November!!! Be on the look-out for more details soon! People come and go in and out of our world. Some make lasting impressions that stay with us our intire lives, others are with us only a fleeting moment then they are gone like a dream but they still stay with you, and still others make no cognitive memories for us at all. Some are there to help us, others get in the way. Some cause us to have serious heartache and others are our angels in disguise. They all become a part of us somehow and make us who we are. To those of you who made lasting impressions and were my angels in disguise, thank you. To those of you who are gone, I will search for you in my dreams. To those of you who made no cognitive memories... well, I can’t remember, and to those of you who got in the way or caused serious heartache...you didn’t leave impressions at all...only scars! I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not know or understand “why” now, but one day we will.

WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C. ON THE COVER:

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LOCAL BLUE KNiGHTS CHAPTER NCXXI HOSTS MASON DIXON CONFERENCE Over the Memorial Day weekend motorcyclists from New York to Florida and from Kentucky to the Carolinas, came to Rocky Mount for a weekend of fellowship and fun. These bikers came emblazoned with the famous "Carolina blue" rockers of the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The local Blue Knights® Chapter, NCXXI, played host to the 2011 Blue Knights® Mason Dixon Conference Spring Meeting. The Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement men and women who enjoy riding motorcycles. In the Spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers* from the Bangor, Maine (USA) area met and formed a small, local motorcycle club. The organization today consists of over 20,000 members in approximately 600 chapters operating out of 30 different countries. At this years conference, over 150 motorcyclists, one traveling from Germany, descended on the Country Inn and Suites hotel where they were treated to good music, food, and drink by the host chapter. Participants at the "Cop Hop" (this years theme) took part in rides across the Piedmont area and other activities to build fellowship with fellow officers from across the country. Other activities included dancing, a treasure hunt for the ladies, and a presentation by the North Carolina Goldwing Precision Drill Team. In keeping with the tradition, the host chapter held a fundraiser to help support a local cause. This year an auction was held to sell a custom built cruising bicycle painted with Blue Knights® logos. After a fierce bidding war the bike was sold for $1,500.00 dollars. Immediately after the auction, a pass of a jar among Club members raised an additional $830.00 dollars. In total over $2,300.00 dollars was raised to help fund medical needs of a local middle school student injured in a sports accident. Following up on the tradition of giving, the winner of the auction, Hannah Stallings, associated with NCII donated the bike back to the host chapter to be re-provisioned to another worthy cause in the near future. Thanks to the support of many local businesses and organizations, the conference was a success and Chapter NCXXI looks forward to hosting future conferences. Any law enforcement riders out there who are interested, please contact a local chapter for membership information. RIDE WITH PRIDE! Story: Scott E. Hunt, Sec/Trea Blue Knights NC XXI photos: Doobie


Flight of honor In May I had the honor of accompanying my granddaddy to our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. It was an awesome feeling to tour around the area with him, my parents, uncles, and the other 100 or so, WWII veterans that made the trip. It was 3 days out of my life that I will never forget. On the next couple of pages you will see photos from that Flight of Honor trip, what we saw, and hopefully what we felt. My uncle, Joe Roybal, is the Editor of BEEF Magazine in Minnesota. I included his editorial to explain what this time meant to him and what our American veterans should mean to all of us.

Mission Accomplished‌ Honor Flight South Dakota has completed operations. Thank you for your generous support and giving nearly 1,400 South Dakota WWII veterans a chance to visit the national WWII Memorial in Washington DC.


From South Dakota to washington, d.c. honor flight

Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Joseph E. Roybal WWII Veteran

Joe Roybal

If you would like information on other Honor Flight Hubs around the Midwest and throughout the country, visit Http://www.honorflight.org

photos: Doobie and Joe Roybal



Photo top: Iwojima Memorial...Bottom two photos: WWII Memorial...


memorial daythoughts

May 27, 2011 By BEEF Editor, Joe Roybal “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.” That Will Rogers quip describes the situation in early May for my father, Joe Roybal, and 100 other World War II veterans, as cheering kids, adults, politicians and military personnel lined the route and the meeting rooms of their trip to Washington, D.C. The contingent of World War II veterans from South Dakota and Minnesota were part of a South Dakota Honor Flight ( www.honorflightsd.org ) to Washington, D.C. The itinerary included visits to all the branch memorials in Washington, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Vietnam and Korean Memorials, but the biggest stop on the tour was the World War II Memorial. The National WWII Memorial ( www.WWIIMEMORIAL.com ) was completed and dedicated in 2004, at a time when most surviving veterans from the era were over 80 years old. In a bid to get as many WW II veterans to see “their” memorial, volunteers developed the Honor Flight Network ( www.honorflight.org ). The program is dedicated to giving a free trip to every WWII veteran who wants to visit the memorial. Thus far, more than 100,000 veterans have been transported from all over the U.S. as part of this program. Donations to the program are tax-deductable. After considerable cajoling, my dad took part in a South Dakota Honor Flight in early May, the 11th such trip originating from South Dakota. Prior to this, he thought he was too busy, didn’t want to fly, wouldn’t know anyone, etc. In the end, I, my sister and brother were able to meet and follow the tour buses in Washington and spend the two days with him. He had a ball and made many new friends. It’s estimated that 16,112,566 individuals were members of the U.S. armed forces during World War II; there were 291,557 battle deaths, 113,842 other deaths in service (non-theater), and 670,846 non-mortal woundings. It’s also estimated that in September 2010 there were 1,981,000 such American veterans still living and they were passing on at the rate of 850 veterans/day. It’s a program worth considering for a donation. As of 2009, HFN had 71 hubs in 30 states, with the goal of expansion to all 50 states by the end of that year. World War II veterans are the priority at this time, but HFN will also be extending the tribute to servicemen and women during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Every day on my drive into work, I pass Fort Snelling National Cemetery in St. Paul, MN, the resting place for more than 56,000 military veterans. As I wait for the light to change,

I can scan precise rows of white headstones, perfectly spaced and standing like troops at attention. Often, I think about my dad, who has volunteered for years on a memorial rifle squad at the Black Hills National Cemetery outside Sturgis, SD. As part of this unit, he’s helped render the final salute for more than a thousand of his fellow veterans. For a man who will turn 90 in a couple of months, I have often wondered how tough it is for someone his age to travel to the cemetery on a regular basis to help bury his fellow veterans, many of whom are his contemporaries. I asked him once why he did it, and he just said, “Because I owe it to them.” As an infantryman in World War II, my dad saw a lot of combat in France, Luxembourg and Germany. He marched through Paris after its liberation, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, was at Bastogne during that storied siege, and finished the war with Patton's Third Army. He loved the brusque and cocky Patton, by the way, who he encountered a few times. "He was the only general I ever saw at the front," he says. As a young infantryman, my dad witnessed a lot of death and misery. He escaped those months of combat physically unscathed, something he chalked up to pure luck. On two occasions, for instance, German snipers zeroed in on the guy next to him; one of them was a sergeant who took a sniper's bullet to the head as he and my dad, a corporal at the time, chatted. In another, a shell that landed next to him as his unit waited out a barrage was a dud. So, it would seem to my mind that my dad and the millions of other veterans are more than current on their dues. But if you talk to these vets, it's often not the price they paid that they think about, but the ultimate price paid by those who didn't return. As a kid, I was in awe of my father; I still am but I now understand he’s not superman. He’s just one of millions of ordinary folks in a generation who answered the call of history and together did an extraordinary thing – they saved the world. Luckily for this nation, those types of folks have walked among us from Valley Forge to Afghanistan; many of you reading these words are among them. Memorial Day is the time to remember them. Say thanks to the ones you still can, and pray for the ones you can’t. And if you attend a Memorial Day parade in your hometown this weekend, be sure to clap loudly for all those heroes walking by. Reprinted courtesy of BEEF Magazine www.beefmagazine.com

Arlington National Cemetery

Korean War Memorial Arlington National Cemetery

Vietnam Memorial Taken shortly after my granddaddy got off the bus. Standing with him, left to right: My uncle, Joe; my mom, MaryAnn; my grandaddy, Joseph; my dad, Charles; and my uncle, Desi. left: veterans at WWII Memorial Vietnam Memorial

12 Joe Roybal

Biker Blues & BBQ It is a great pleasure to announce that this event has been proclaimed by NC Governor Beth Perdue as a North Carolina State Barbeque Championship. I am excited to display the enthusiasm of Tilley Harley-Davidson Biker Blues & BBQ Rally and BBQ Classic coming to Salisbury, North Carolina September 23 and 24, 2011. Tilley Harley-Davidson Biker Blues & BBQ Rally and BBQ Classic is a Biker Blues & BBQ Rally combined with a Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned event of 50 BBQ cooking teams competing for the covenant prize of Grand Champion. Visitors will come from all over to experience this BBQ and all the activities that go along with it. Events and activities throughout the weekend will include a Poker Run, Bike Show, and many other family oriented events. We are expecting this to be bigger and better than any rally ever held in Salisbury. We also anticipate this rally to become one of the largest Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned events in the Southeastern United States with over 4,000 attendees. Not only will we host this event, we will have many activities with proceeds supporting local charity. Additional info, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@bikerbluesbbqrally.com or 704-638-6044. Check our facebook page and become a fan – this will keep you in the loop to any new developments.



2011 Come out to “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” for a Bike Night experience like no other! Every Bike Night is unique and has it’s own flair! This year there will be 10 BB Bike Nightz locations! ...and more chances to win awesome prizes!

For all the details go to BehindBarz.com or check out the next issue of the mag!

BIKE NIGHTZ LOCATIONS Apr. 2 (Sat)...Sacred Flames...(11am-until) Wilson (kick-off) May 6 (Fri)...Collier Harley-Davidson...(6pm-9pm) Roanoke Rapids June 3 (Fri)...Saltie Dog...(6pm-until) Macclesfield June 11 (Sat)...Open Road Biker Gear...(11am-6pm) Goldsboro June 18 (Sat)...Bonedaddy’s...(1pm-until) Raleigh

July 16 (Sat)...Uncle Yammy’s...(6pm-9pm) Goldsboro Aug. 12 (Fri)...CycleMax...(6pm-9pm) Wilson Aug. 25 (Thurs)...Locked & Loaded...(6pm-9pm) Garner Sep. 17 (Sat)...BHC/Enforcers... Zebulon Sep. 24 (Sat)...Redmon’s... Goldsboro (3 until) Oct. 15 (Sat)...Bob’s Place...(All Day) Stantonsburg (Finale)

1003 Spence Ave. Goldsboro, N.C.

Sat. July 16th 6pm - 9pm Uncle Yammy’s Bike Night ~ Free food (pig pickin’) while it lasts ~ prizes ~ Vendorz ~ 50/50 ~ Poker Chips ~ Bike Show ~ two bands

6723 Ward Blvd. Wilson, N.C.

Fri. Aug. 12th 6pm - 9pm

CycleMax Bike Night ~ Bike Show ~ Free Food ~ Free Prizez ~ Poker Run ~ Vendorz ~ 1st Beer FREE ~ 50/50 ~ Poker Chips ~ Band - Tommy Redd ~ Bikini Bike Wash

1125 Hwy 70 West Garner, N.C.

Thurs. Aug. 25th 6pm-9pm

Locked & Loaded Bike Night ~ Bike Show ~ Free Food ~ Free Door Prizez ~ Poker Run ~ Vendors ~ 50/50 ~ Poker Chips

4th Annual Run for the Fallen The fourth annual Run for the Fallen was held on May 21, 2011 at Ayden-Grifton High School. The run began with the conveying of two Honor and Remember flags to NC families. This years run was a huge success with people from all over NC coming to walk, run or bike one mile for each soldier from NC who has paid the ultimate sacrifice for us all. As always, there were representatives from different branches of the military and people who have no connection to the military at all. Respect is always the order of the day. Respect is what we all hoped to convey by showing up and doing our part to remember, Honor and Remember. There were biker groups who came to give their support, as well. If your group is interested in next year’s run, contact Kathy Moore. NC chapter president of Honor and Remember. RIGHT: Sgt Walter Jones enlisted in the Army from Fayetteville, NC. Originally a lighthearted young man, Sgt Jones served during WWI as a mess cook for the 81st Infantry Division. In 1918, the division was attacked by Germans in northeastern France with phosgene gas, a chemical that burns the lungs and can kill quickly in high concentrations. In 1926, at the age of 36, Sgt Jones was found dead, due to the after effects of the gas. To this day, his memory and service during WWI has continued to be honored throughout his family and the American public.

ABOVE: TEC5 Clarence Woolard enlisted in the Army from Washington, NC and served during WWII. He was in the military police battalion and served in Australia and other locations during the war. TEC5 Woolard was killed in the line of duty in a vehicular accident in Germany on July 16, 1946. His service and memory will be remembered and honored for generations to come. LEFT: Flag is being presented to Ave Bradley wife of Juantrea Bradley. In each of these photos the flag is being presented by Kathy Moore the Director of Honor and Remember of North Carolina.

Come see us during Easyrider!

American Legion Riders Post 19 NC

P.O. Box 1562 Tarboro, NC 27886

The American Legion Riders Post 19 N.C. held their 1st Annual “Keep the Lights On” benefit poker run on Saturday, June 18, 2011. The proceeds of this run will ensure that the lights will remain on at the Veteran’s Memorial on US 258 S. for at least another year and will help offset cost of sprucing up the memorial with fresh paint and landscaping. This ride also benefited the Post 19 building fund, which was established to help repair and re-open the American Legion Post 19 headquarters in Tarboro on US 258 N. The weather was perfect and many of our friends were ready to roll with the first bike out at 10am. Registration and first card was at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson. The next stop was just a short distance away at the Veterans Memorial at Jack Laughery Park in Rocky Mount. Leaving Jack Laughery Park riders enjoyed some open road and wind while taking scenic NC 43 to Pinetops, where they stopped at the Shell Station for their third card. From there it was on to the Veterans Memorial on US 258 for some ice cold water provided by ALR Post 19 N.C. members John Burgess, JR. and Michele Johnson.

We also want to recognize and thank the members of The Rocky Mount HOG Chapter, the Tar River Basin \ Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of NC, and George & Melanie Johnson of George’s club of Tarboro. The event raised just over $800 and we have started pre-planning for the 2nd Annual Keep the Lights on Run where we will build on the things that went well and refine the areas that need improvement. Please visit us at www.alr-post19nc.org where you will find more information about our Chapter and the American Legion. You may also make donations via our online donations area on the site. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon - in the Mean time please Ride safe and remember all the Veterans that have sacrificed to keep us free. For God and Country; Still Riding Still Serving.

From there it was on to the Tarboro Veterans Memorial for a fourth card and then on to George’s Club of Tarboro for the final card, great food, super cold beverages and great fellowship. The last bikes left Rocky Mount HarleyDavidson at 1:00 and by 2:30 everyone had arrived at George’s Club. During a brief ceremony, the Legion Riders Post 19 NC Chapter presented CJ Webb a plague for his dedication to maintaining the Memorial on US 258 S for several decades. We drew door prize tickets for the many door prizes that were donated by local business such as Ace Hardware of Tarboro (a leaf blower), Golden Corral of Rocky Mount (dinner for 2), Twin County Motor sports (helmet, shirts, and bike cleaner) and a multitude of Harley-Davidson clothing from various dealers throughout the state. Best poker hand went to Ed Costello ALR Post 19 NC member and a member of American Legion Post 13 in Wilson, Worst Hand went to Joe Zickmunn ALR Post 39, and Brian Skipper won the 50/50 drawing. We would like to thank the nearly 50 riders that participated in this event. We would also like to thank to great folks at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson, the helpful employees at the Shell Station in Pinetops, McLane Carolina, Fred’s Food Club, Al Keel and the great staff at George’s Club. A big THANK YOU to members of Post 19 NC for their hard work and dedication.

By John M Vaudo Riders Director American Legion Riders Post 19 NC


‘ Burn ‘em

if ya got ‘‘em photos: Scribble

Burn ‘em, smoke ‘em, light ‘em up... story: Spick

Burnouts, they are fun to watch and fun to do. I would venture to say that they are rather addicting. At the drag strip they are done on purpose and for very good reason, to heat up the tire for better traction. In other venues they are done for fun. Some say it is damaging to your bike... maybe so. I guess it depends on how long you rare back on the throttle. As far as the tire, (see photo inset), the answer would be a definite, yes! With anything involving man and machine there is room for injury but most burnouts are performed in a “burnout pit” ...pits have been around for quite some time and they provide a controlled environment. Don’t like the smell? ...Inventor Ronald John Rosenberger has filed for a patent for a scented motorcycle tire!!! This is new in the motorcycle world but Kumho, a well known tire manufacturer, came out with a lavender scented car tire a couple of years ago called, Ecsta DX. Brings new meaning to, “Ewww that smell!” Wanta see the “Burnout King”? For all you burnout thrill seekers, Nick Lee, “The Burnout King,” will be at the Easyriders Rodeo Tour in Wilson, N.C., July 8th 10th this year. Nick has his own show called the ‘World Burnout Tour’ and he travels the country raising money for charitable causes. Look for a complete interview with Lee and photos in the Sep-Oct issue of BB. I’ve heard before that you need to leave your mark in life. Not exactly what that saying was meant to mean, but hey, literally translated, here’s your chance! ...go out and burn one!!!

Nick Lee

Check out Nick’s website:



Fourth Annual Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge The Fourth Annual Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge was held at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson on Saturday, May 21, 2011 raising $9,000 for the Helen & Jack Laughery Honorary Scholarship Fund. The annual event serves as a tribute to Jack Laughery, the former Chairman and CEO of Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc., along with his wife Helen and their love of motorcycling and support of higher education. The Helen and Jack Laughery Honorary Scholarship was established at Nash Community College to recognize the Laugherys’ philanthropic endeavors and outstanding leadership for the betterment of the Nash/ Rocky Mount area. This fund provides annual scholarships to help deserving nontraditional students who return to college to enhance their marketable job skills. A total of 114 motorcycles and 142 riders enjoyed a ride escorted by the Nash County Sheriff’s Office through scenic Nash County followed by an eastern NC-style Bar-B-Q lunch. Jim Red Cloud, whose grandfather is the chief of the Sioux nation, came to the event to show his support for the Ride for Knowledge. He’s the founder of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, a ride through 48 states and three countries that kicks off in August in Phoenix. The Rocky Mount Harley dealership is one of the designated stops in the event. Whittany Crum of South Dakota, “Miss Hoka Hey,” is riding for Team Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson in that event. She was a special guest on Saturday’s ride. Red Cloud said the Hoka Hey Challenge is designed as an endurance event and to bring awareness of the plight of the Sioux nation. Thank you to the Fourth Annual Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge sponsors: Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Carolina Eagle Budweiser Distributors, Inc., Modern Electric Tattoo, Key Storage of Nashville, Wheeler-Woodlief, Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Bissett Produce Co., Bobby Murray Toyota and Twin County Motorsports and in-kind sponsors: Krispy Kreme, Longstreet Printing, Westridge Grill, Rocky Mount H.O.G. Chapter, Pepsi Bottling Ventures, Doug Sauls’ Bar-B-Q & Seafood, Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine and Institutional Interiors. story courtesy: Nash Community College photos: Scribble & Doobie


Whittany Crum & Jimmy Lyles




Behind Barz Pres

at Collier Harley-Davidson, the Saltie Dog, Ope The Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz series has been pretty awesome! Collier Harley-Davidson in Roanoke Rapids grilled up chicken wings for the crowd and gave away beer! There were a few vendors, including the gang from Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery in Wendell. They came out and signed autographs and took pictures with their fans, and had all their Lizard Lick merchandise on hand. Paul “Fly Boy” Jackson flew in on his chopper and gave folks a birds-eye view of Roanoke Rapids and the surrounding area!!! The Saltie Dog in Macclesfield had several vendors on hand. Ray cooked up an awesome pig with all the fixins. Lots of prizes were given away on the Behind Barz prize wheel. The Bald Fury band jammed later in the evening! Open Road Biker Gear in Goldsboro grilled up some mean hotdogs and burgers and gave away door prizes and prizes for the bike show. They also had a dyno on site! At Bonedaddy’s folks got to see Danaha Station - live! Randy provided hotdogs for everyone. There was also a bikini bike wash! Thanks to Biker Style Deals for coming out and setting up with all your wares! Thanks to everyone who came out for each of these Bike Nightz. Thanks also to everyone who made it possible and who participated as a vendor, sponsor or volunteer. Check the schedule on page 14 for all the upcoming Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz !!!

20 24

photos: Scribble

sentz Bike Nightz

pen Road Biker Gear, & Bonedaddys Hideaway

2011 Myrtle Beach Bike Week story & photos: High Beam Its called the Grand Strand Rally, the Cruisin' The Coast Rally, Rally on the Strand, the Murrells Inlet Rally, or most often Myrtle Beach Bike Week. This year it ran May 13 - 22, 2011. The notorious helmet law within the City of Myrtle Beach is gone, and while the noise ordinance remains, I saw no evidence of it being enforced. There is no rally activity within the city boundaries (places like Broadway at the Beach can't get vendor permits), but the city still offers warm beaches and friendly businesses. Its in the areas outside city limits where the rallying occurs. Since I only had a little time, my first stop was Jamin' Leather. They had a perpetual bikini bike wash, a scavenger hunt, and the Red Cross was collecting donations between Carolina Bad Boy T-Jay Turner's comedy shows. The highlight was the bikini contest used to find models for Jamin's catalog, with Chelsey being a very popular 2011 winner. Moving on I visited Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson, watching the parade of beautiful bikes, visiting vendors, and seing bikes being customized in the tents outside. As I was chatting with Mike Ballard at his Full Throttle Saloon hauler when Angie made her appearance and stole the show. She graciously posed for photos with fans and motorcycles. A little later I spoke with a young guy flagging traffic in the parking lot. He was a soldier based in North Carolina and welcomed the paychecks from parking bikes all week. The heat was taking a toll and he was happy to see the end coming in a few days. His dream is to one day afford a Sportster 883. I couldn't help but think about that later when I watched guys burn up beautiful new big twins in the burnout pits in Murrells Inlet. Saturday was spent at the Rat Hole. The weather was great and the games were interesting. Midway through, activities stopped and participants lined their bikes inside the arena fence as all veterans came to the stage and were thanked for their service. Then 90-yearold Arthur Fiskell Sr, a Pearl Harbor survivor who received a bronze star, silver star, and purple heart as a B-17 bombardier rode around the arena on a white Electra Glide before having his hand shaken by the veterans standing in the receiving line. Quite a moment. Next stop was SBB-4C. They always have entertaining bands, and the Wall of Death was thrilling fans in the back lot, while the Myrtle Beach Stunt Riders performed along the highway. In the evenings there was the very popular midget wrestling. Last stop was Murrells Inlet and SBB-Original. SBB-O is known for the burnout pit, and several machines sacrificed rear tires to the immense pleasure of the crowd. I wanted some fresher air so I wandered over to the Original Beaver Bar. More great bands in the shelter and Rebel Son inside the main bar, vendors, bikes, people. The mechanical bull was a big crowd pleaser. I ran into Boston Nichols in the parking lot on his signature Wild Turkey Boss Hoss. At 253,000 miles, his bike is the highest mileage Boss Hoss in the world. Whatever you call it, the the Spring Bike Week around Myrtle Beach is a great time. Plenty of vendors and interesting activities to keep anyone busy. The weather was great and eastern Carolina is beautiful, a great way to kick off the summer rally season.


R. Shelley of the Horry County Sherriff’s Department. I met him last fall when he and his partner, Brian, pulled me over to study my bike....... I took a picture of them with their bikes that got published in Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine. Deputy Shelley wrote 14 tickets on Friday, all for automobile drivers with seatbelt violations. They weren’t targeting bikers.

More pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thunderbolt_garage/sets/72157626677721797/

We have them lined up for you

Thank You to ALL who attended the Cruising the Coast bike rally. We Appreciate ALL the Support you have given Us!! Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson 4710 S. Kings Hwy 4002 Myrtle Beach, SC 29575 843-369-5555

The Harley Shop at the Beach Hwy 17 North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-663-5555

H-D Broadway at the Beach 1316 Celebrity Circle Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 843-293-5555

H-D Tanger Outlet Center 4628 Factory Stores Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 843-236-5555

Send us your photos, stories, poems, whatever! Don’t be sleered!!! behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net or snail mail it to: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

20 28

BEHIND BARZ PETZ This fella was hanging out at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. SUZY Chase City, VA.

Smoky Mountain Lodge, Maggie Valley, N.C.

BANDIT Garner, N.C.

Four Corners -- one paw in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

“Mighty Maximillion” known as “MAX”! Goldsboro, NC

TOBY at 97 Roadhouse in Wendell. Stop by and see him...he will serve ya a beer! saying, “I know you didn’t mama!” ABIGAIL Pinetops , N.C. Thomas Sanders... BB was behind us all the way!

DIESEL Roanoke Rapids, N.C. DAKOTA Rocky Mount , N.C.


Send us a pic of your biker pet. They would love to see themselves Behind Barz! PO BOX 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 or email to: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

Fallen heroes rosters carried across the USA.

Been There, Sniffed That By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

Riding in Honor and Remembrance of Fallen Heroes In observance of Memorial Day 2011, I took my driver and Thomas Sanders across the USA in honor and remembrance of Fallen Heroes. We ran into 60mph headwinds in the Texas Panhandle and into New Mexico, 110° temperatures in Arizona, drizzle crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, snow showers and 28° east of Sacramento, 60mph crosswinds in northeast Colorado and into Nebraska, and we saw the fog roll into Chicago from Lake Michigan. We saw the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific coast, and Lake Michigan. We handed out over 700 of my business cards, and found only three people who knew about Gold Star and Blue Star Mothers. For those who don’t know, a Blue Star Mother is a mother who has a child who has served or who is currently serving in our military. A Gold Star Mother is a mother who lost a child while in service to our country. Although we carried three copies of our Fallen Heroes roster from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, our Mission was in honor and remembrance of ALL Fallen Heroes. Our roster had 5,998 heroes as of April 25, 2011. We also carried a folded US flag, Christian flag, Honor and Remember flag, and a Patriot Guard Riders flag. Our Mission began May 3. Chuck Ballas joined us near Warsaw, NC and rode with us to Oak Island, then Elizabethtown. At Oak Island, Brunswick Air flew us along a section of the Atlantic coast in a Cessna 172. That was my first time in a plane. The next day, we stayed in Raleigh so we could attend the sendoff and return of the Triangle Flight of Honor (FOH) at Raleigh/ Durham airport. FOH is a non-profit organization which flies WWII veterans to Washington, DC to visit the WWII Memorial. We started our westward trek by going to Maggie Valley, NC, with a stop at Salisbury National Cemetery to honor our Fallen Heroes resting there. We linked up with Richard Chowning west of Albemarle, and he rode with us to Salisbury. In Maggie Valley, we stayed at my favorite hotel (Smoky Mountain Lodge) and had chewytizers, a Chewyburger, and ice cream at Smackers, my favorite restaurant. A clean, comfortable room and a delicious supper – a great combination at the end of a day’s ride! We rode Tail of the Dragon, then headed south to Destin, FL. I’m the honorary mascot of the MeanStreet Riders, a southern rock band whose music is about riding. MeanStreet Mary (the band’s publicist), members of the Band, and their friends were in a photo shoot. I was in their photo shoot, too.

We visited the USS Alabama and Battleship Park in Mobile, AL. They have a cool memorial dedicated to the dogs who served in our military. We spent a day in Marshall, TX with Thomas’ family. While driving across Texas, we stopped at Strokers in Dallas, based on MeanStreet Mary’s recommendation. Our original plan was to stop, walk around a bit, then ride on. While there, we decided to have barbecue brisket for lunch. Strokers was worth the stop. Between Dallas and Amarillo, there wasn’t much to sniff, except the occasional oil cricket. We had strong headwinds from Amarillo to Albuquerque. We estimated the winds at 30 mph, but we learned in Farmington, NM that the winds were 60mph. This explained why somewhere in New Mexico, Thomas’ GoldWing trike ran out of fuel before reaching the exit to a gas station. There was no gas station before this one, and Thomas had a filled, 2-gallon gas can in his trailer. By the time we rolled up to the gas pump, my Harley was probably running on the fuel in the fuel line because we filled up with 5.1 gallons in our 5-gallon tank. This leg reinforced that if you come across a gas station in the desert, gas up whether you need it or not! We visited Four Corners, where I put a paw in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah at the same time. It was so pawsome that I could be in four states at one time! We rode through Monument Valley in Utah/Arizona and sniffed around a canyon carved out by the Little Colorado River. In Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona was beautiful! We rode on a section of Highway 89A, which is better than Tail of the Dragon in length, twisties, sweeps, and scenery, particularly on the section from Cottonwood through Jerome to Prescott Valley. Before this Mission, we had a new rear tire installed. This was the first time trying this more expensive brand on our Harley. My driver checked our tires and pressure frequently. In Amarillo, he was disappointed because he estimated we would need to get a new rear tire in Palm Springs, California, and he began lining up the service. By the time we reached Flagstaff, he didn’t think the rear tire would make it to Palm Springs, so he called dealerships in Arizona. Larry Olsen of Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson in Mayer, AZ helped us out. He worked us into a busy schedule for a rear tire and fluid change. We decided to return to Dunlops, and Larry and CW had one Dunlop tire for our Harley. We normally get about 8-10,000 miles. on Dunlops and were hoping to get a bit more from this other brand. Unfortunately, we got about 4,600 miles – very disappointing.

Riding in Honor and Remembrance of Fallen Heroes Continued from page 31 We arrived at the Mayer dealership around 8:30am. We learned that Larry and my driver served in the 82d Airborne Division at Ft Bragg at the same time, but were in different units and didn’t know each other. Larry, CW and Jesus had us on the road before noon. Those guys are totally pawsome!

Thomas, my driver (Butch), and I are ready to ride the Tail of the Dragon!

We stopped at the Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial in Irvine, California. Our original plan was to leave one of the Fallen Heroes rosters at The Wall in Washington, DC. After the Navy Seals facilitated the meeting between God and Osama Bin Laden, we changed the route to take the Fallen Heroes roster to Ground Zero in New York City since our Fallen Heroes Roster stems from 9-11. However, after visiting the Memorial in Irvine, our perspective changed. My driver prayed for guidance. He felt Ground Zero is a memorial for those lost on 9-11, mostly innocent civilians. The Wall is for our Vietnam heroes. It now seemed inappropriate to leave an Iraq/Afghanistan Fallen Heroes Roster at either location, so we decided to bring the Rosters home and work with the Gold Star Mothers, Blue Star Mothers, and Operation Helping Hands for Heroes to determine a more appropriate presentation. After leaving Irvine, I sniffed the Pacific Ocean at Manhattan Beach State Park in the Los Angeles area. We rode up a portion of the Pacific Coast Hwy. and rode north to San Francisco. It was drizzling when we rode across the Golden Gate Bridge at night.

Dowlin Mayfield of MeanStreet Riders, owner of Slickbacks (can't remember name), MeanStreet Mary, my driver, and me after the photo shoot.

Bella and her driver rode with us from columbus, GA. to Dothan, AL. (Jim is my driver’s brother)


The next day, we ran into sleet, then snow showers as we rode in the mountains east of Sacramento. We heard on the road info frequency on the AM radio that snow chains were required, but only a few vehicles were using chains. We tucked in behind an 18-wheeler with chains. His tires temporarily cleared the slush and we stayed in the rough groove. We prayed and trusted God to watch over us. We had a fresh rear tire. Isn’t it cool how that worked out? It took us over two hours to ride 40 miles. In Nevada, one of the truckers talked with us on the CB and told us that he was impressed that we got our big bikes over the summit. Our destination for the day was Ely, Nevada, and we ran into snow showers again about 30 minutes from Ely. The Loneliest Highway in the US (Route 50 through Arizona and Utah) is lonely, but scenic in a different kind of way. For most of our westward trek and through Nevada and Utah, my driver remained concerned about bad weather in the mid-west. The contingency plan was that if we run into bad weather while westbound, we’ll keep riding through it since weather fronts tend to move in a general eastward direction. If we are eastbound, we will decide whether stay ahead of the weather, or hunker down for a day or two, let it pass, then stay behind it. While driving through Utah, we saw a rainbow. The rainbow wasn’t arched toward the ground. It looked like smiling lips, as if God was smiling at us for trusting in Him. My driver took a picture. After that, we had no heavy rains, rough storms, snow showers or sleet during our Mission.

CHEWY The Bike

Riding in Honor and Remembrance of Fallen Heroes We rode through the Colorado Rockies. There was snow all around us, but the roads were clear. When we rode through northeast Colorado and into Nebraska, we had 40-60mph crosswinds. Our bike stayed at a 30-45 degree angle. If we only had to deal with the wind, that would’ve been OK. But, we had to deal with dive bombing birds. These birds would gain altitude over the interstate median, then swoop down in front of us about 2-4 feet above the pavement. A few times, it appeared we were going to collide, then the bird would change angles and buzz us. Not only did my driver have the wind to battle and the dive bombing birds, I kept shifting around in my seat because I wanted to get a closer look at these crazy birds. We visited the 20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte, Nebraska. I was barkless at how this one memorial covered all wars in the 1900’s. In Iowa, my driver had a run-in with a big ol’ bug. I’m sure my riding friends can relate to this…. My driver saw this black dot hanging in the air ahead of us. Time seemed to shift into slow motion. The black dot got closer. It was a big, slow flying bug. We thought it was going to hit the windshield. The bug slipped over the top of the windshield and smashed into my driver’s forehead above his sunglasses and below his helmet liner. I saw my driver’s head snap back, heard him yell, and watched him use his left hand to wipe the bug juice from his forehead and glasses. His helmet got spackled with a few of the bug’s friends. Not that it mattered, but we didn’t know if they were kamikaze bugs flying head-on into us, or if they were trying to fly away from us and we smashed into their rear ends. What’s with these birds and these bugs in the midwest? In Carroll, Iowa, we linked up with Bill Brown and his family, and with Terry and Zoe Ruchti. Bill is the Executive Producer of a 13-part TV series about the USO of North Carolina, the oldest USO in the USA. Bill’s team completed the editing of the first show, which I am in. Terry and Zoe own Carroll Cycle Center (Harley-Davidson of Carroll), which is where we chillaxed for a few hours before having dinner with the Ruchtis and Browns. Thomas, my driver and I appreciate their pawspitality! If you ever drive through Iowa, Carroll Cycle Center is worth a visit. When we arrived at the Harley-Davidson shop in downtown Chicago, the ABC affiliate (Channel 7) was waiting for us. We’re not sure if we were on the news in Chicago, but we know some of the footage made its way to the ABC affiliate in Raleigh (WTVD Channel 11) and was used in the Armed Forces Salute on May 30 that featured Thomas, my driver, the Patriot Guard, and me.

After seeing Lake Michigan in Chicago, we headed home. We stopped again in Maggie Valley, stayed at the Smoky Mountain Lodge, and had dinner at Smackers. We were tired. My mom and a few friends met us at the Harnett County Veterans Memorial in Lillington, NC, which was our start and end point. Our trip odometer read 7,927 miles – all to honor and remember our Fallen Heroes. Hopefully, we carried their spirits with us across the country for which they gave their lives. My driver had spasms in his neck and upper back that progressively got worse during our Mission – we were hit in September 2009 while on our Harley and he was injured. My driver kept going by remembering that Jesus endured much greater physical pain for us, and our men and women in uniform are enduring hardships to protect us and ensure our freedom. God created beautiful lands for us to enjoy. We had time for this trip because my driver is among the millions of unemployed Americans who are looking for work and who want to work. My driver thought about selling my Harley for cash flow reasons, but my mom and my driver made financial sacrifices to keep me in the saddle. I’m glad they did. We had private sponsors who helped us cover some of our expenses on this Mission, and for that, we are truly grateful! We appreciate the many people who prayed for us. We had planned to create rough cut video blogs daily. We had the video segments, but merging and uploading turned out to be very time consuming, so we went to the contingency plan, which was to post pictures on my Facebook page, and complete the video blogs after we returned home. Would I do this again? Paws up – yes! I think it would be pawsome to ride to the capitals of each of the 48 contiguous states and average less than 300 miles/day so we can spend more time viewing what God created, visiting places, and sniffing people. Hmm… would this be a good TV show for people to see our country while in the comfort of their home and to honor our Fallen Heroes and military, past and present? No drama. Just sharing places to go and people to sniff from a positive aspect, and giving people across the US a chance to have a cameo shot in the show. Does anyone know how to go about finding national sponsors or funding, a film crew, TV network, etc for a project like this? As with any cross section of patriotic Americans, there are bikers who are Christians, veterans, or who have big, caring hearts. You don’t need to be a member of an organization, ride a motorcycle, or be a veteran to honor and respect our Fallen Heroes, our military, and our veterans. God Bless our Fallen Heroes, those serving now, those who served, their families and our allies. Find me at www.bikerdoggie.com. Ride safe and keep your tongue in the wind! :oP

ker Dog: www.bikerdoggie.com


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New Car Winner Southern Nash High School senior, Tyrell Mason won a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze for having a 98% or better attendance record during the 2010-2011 school year. Tyrell was handed the keys by LBJ Chevrolet General Manager, Larry Wood, after winning the Chevy Drive for Perfection initiative. The program was created to give seniors an additional incentive to finish their high school careers strong in order to adequetely prepare for post-secondary education or the workforce. He was one of more than 1300 students in the Raleigh area that qualified to win at their perspective schools. These students were recognized during the end-ofthe-year event on May 5th at the Raleigh Convention Center.

LBJ Chevrolet General Manager, Larry Wood, hands over the keys to a new 2011 Chevrolet Cruze to Tyrell Mason. Beside Larry Wood is Tyrell’s mother, Jaqueline Vane. Far left is Lee Foreman, Chevrolet representative. photo courtesy of Amanda Clark * Nashville Graphic

Richard Allen King March 26, 1955 - May 21, 2011

He was born in Rockingham County, N.C. and was the Gen eral Manager for Unifirst Corporation with 30 years of service. Richard will be remembered as a devoted father and Paw Paw who enjoyed the outdoors and riding his motorcycle.

SAFCAB raised $2600 for Safe Space!!! Here they are presenting the check to the Safe Space Shelter in Louisburg, N.C. Pictured are four reps from SAFCAB and the recipients in the middle with Safe Space.

Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson, one of Harley-Davidson’s premier dealers in the Southeast Region, is proud to be a participating sponsor for the 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. The Hoka Hey to us is one of the greatest American challenges that have ever been attempted and we are proud to be a part of it. Because of the strategic geographic location of Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson’s state-of-the-art modern facility, which is almost at the intersection of Interstate 95 and U.S. highway 64, the organizers of the 2011 challenge wanted RMHD to be one of only 15 checkpoints in the challenge. Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson is proud to also be sponsoring Miss Hoka Hey, Whittany Crum, to be riding for “Team Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson” in this year’s challenge. Along with providing Ms. Crum with a Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson motorcycle we will also be providing other logistical support for her. Whittany Crum, in our view, is a great representative of young female riders in the Harley-Davidson industry and we welcome her as part of our rider family.



My bike’s early life was a 1980 Honda CB750 Four. Another bike builder had put in about 100 plus hours and this is what I got. They gave it their best shot but fell short. I took the bike completely apart right down to the bare frame. Mike at Toxic Customs in Raleigh, N.C., did his magic by forming and welding it into what you see today. The frame itself is chrome molly with a heavy coating of powder coating. Most every part on the bike is one off with the exception of the forks that are from a Harley Wide Glide along with the spoke rims. The motor is from a donor bike that had 12k miles on it. Bike runs flat out fast and will scare most riders at about 110...you'll want to back off. Bike is very old school and follows that old school 70'S look. She rides very well and gets more looks then you could imagine.



d Barz

orcycle magazine

Mean Green Machine

Owner: Shayne Dye

photos: Scribble

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Westminster Bridge, London, SW1 the statue is of ‘Boudicca.’ Photo sent in by: Nellie

Guest Psychic Medium Series 8 Ian John Shillito, aged 38, now lives in central London but was orginally from Braintree in Essex. For the last two years he has been working as a psychic medium. He had many psychic encounters as a child although didnt he really pay too much attention to them. He is the first psychic to be buried alive on national television in an experiment to discover whether a psychic can pick up on residual energy deep within the earth. During Living TV’s Most Haunted Live investigation of Portsmouth, Ian and director/producer Karl Beattie were buried in a coffin under 3 tons of soil in the haunted moat of Southsea Castle for 2 hours. Our thanks goes to Ian for providing Tribute To Most Haunted with this biography and we wish him every success above and below ground!


Westly of Morehead City, N.C.

Here's a picture of my truck in Suffolk, VA with the BBMM sticker on the upper left hand corner. Photo sent in by: Tom

SFC Troy Patterson He is with B Company of the 2-224th Aviation Battalion, based out of Richmond, VA. photo taken “somewhere” in southern Iraq! photo: High Beam

Photo sent in by: Nellie



ROOTN’ FOR A CURE story: Terry

tri-state style

On Saturday May 28th 2011 over 40 bikes rallied in downtown Middlesboro, Kentucky, to participate in the 1st Annual ROOT’N FOR A CURE ride, taking in three states along the valley of the Appalachian Mountains. The first stop was at Ben Hur café in Ben Hur, Virginia. If you are ever in the area stop by as they are biker friendly with great country cookin’ and very cold beverages. Next stop we headed over to Martin Fork State Park in the beautiful mountains of Kentucky. The weather was almost perfect, although it was approaching 100 degrees and everyone was happy to be a part of the cause. We gassed up, watered up, and headed out of Harlan, Kentucky down a wild and winding gander through the mountain range and ended up on Highway 25 E, “The Gateway To The West”. Then on for another 35 miles of easy riding and through the tunnel that separates Kentucky and Tennessee to our destination of Webb’s Country Kitchen Pavilion in beautiful Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. All said and done, 145 miles of winding roads, and high elevation riding. What a great ride for a great cause!. Door prizes, cold beverages, and hamburgers and hot dogs to end the great day. The ride was definitely a big hit in the mountains and we have already started planning for a bigger and better 2nd Annual “ROOT’N FOR A CURE” to be held Memorial Day weekend 2012. Ya’ll come out! This was definitely a tribute to all who have lost the battle but most importantly to those who have survived. Doobie has been an inspiration to us and we want to thank her for her passion and for beating the odds. When passing through watch for BB stickers in the tri-state!!!

photos: Jana

Crump memorial It was extremely cold in the early morning hours of March 28, 2010, when 2 friends were riding home after attending the Tuscarora Spring Thaw party. They stopped in Fremont, NC to warm up a bit before heading back out on the road for their last leg home. One throws up his hand, as we do to say see you later as they party ways on the road, with both friends going in opposite directions and HOME. One rider makes it to a different home than what he attended. For he was ¼ of a mile away from his house when a man driving a van crossed the center line and hit our rider head on. Gary ‘Crump’ Crumpler went to a new home with streets of gold in those early morning hours. Crump left behind his parents, three sisters, and one brother, as well as, numerous friends and associates in the biker world. If you asked anyone who knew him what he was like they would all say he was a good hearted guy, who always had a smile on his face, and a joke on the tip of his tongue (for he loved to laugh). Crump was more than a son or a brother; he was a former Marine and a BIKER through and through. On April 3rd, many friends of Crump met up at the Fuel Doc in Lucama, NC and at 11:45am, they mounted their bikes for the ride to Crump’s final resting place in Kenly, NC. Once at the cemetery they met up with the Crumpler family as everyone talked about how Crump was, what he had done that last night and what he had planned to do the next day. All attending, agreed that he would be riding wherever he was, because he loved feeling the wind in his face and hearing the of the Harley. Everyone popped the top on a can of Miller Lite and said, ‘To Crump’, with beers held high, they took a sip before pouring some of the beer on Crumps grave. In his honor after talking amongst themselves and to the family the riders mounted up and all headed to Wilson, NC where a Memorial Poker Run was held at Carolina Billiard. Friends of Crump approached owner Bill Houston concerning having a run in Crumps honor and Bill was all for it. Approximately 40 bikers came out for the run, which had stops at the Breeze in Elm City, NC and Bobs Pub in Stantonsburg, NC. All that came out for the ride, rode for Crumps memory and to let others know that he is not forgotten. All the proceeds from the run went to the Marines Toys for Tots in the name of Gary Crumpler. Gary Kent ‘Crump’ Crumpler, was taken way too soon and in the prime of his life. He loved family and riding and was a son, brother, Marine and BKER. Although his family lost their son in a tragic accident they gained an extended family they were astonished to find….all Crumps biker friends became family from their love and friendship for their son. Crump may not be with us in the flesh, but his spirit and soul; are with us every time we crank our bikes and he rides beside us when we head out on the road keeping us safe on the ride. He isn’t alone where he is for others that went on before him are there with him and they all are out riding on streets of gold. So rest in peace my friend and know you are not forgotten. Your smile and laugh remain with us in our hearts and in the sound of the bikes as they ride off…..

New Day Dawning

story & photos: Johnny King

44 36

Rest in Peace Ride hard My Friend We miss you….. GARY KENT ‘Crump’ Crumpler 12/20/1973 – 03/28/2010

Chris and Anthony were the last 2 people to see Crump alive. Chris threw his hand up as they parted ways that night heading home. True friends to the end.

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Harley Winner

Bike winners, Charles and Joie Byrne, with the North Carolina Education Lottery executive director, Alice Garland and Brock Pepper, Sales Manager at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson.

Joie Byrne of Rocky Mount, N.C., won the last Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was given away in the North Carolina Education Lottery second chance drawing that was held March 16th. On May 16th, Alice Garland, Executive Director for the N.C. Education Lottery, presented the HD Road King Classic to Joie Byrne at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson. When Joie and her husband, Charles, first dated more than 30 years ago it was on a Harley. “Then we got married, had kids and we haven’t seen a bike in years...I love to ride with him.” Now their five kids are grown and they are very excited to be receiving a Harley! Joie entered the second chance drawing online with the NCEL on the last night that tickets could be entered and she said she didn’t even get all her second chance numbers entered but they were determined to win. She told her husband, “That’s OK because I put the winning ticket in...and I did!” Joie, a postal carrier, is giving the bike to her husband, Charles, a retired railroad engineer. Even though her husband is getting the prize, Joie said, “I know what it’s like to be a winner!” Congrats Charles and Joie!!!


USO of NC RDU Center 6th Annual Freedom Ride September 10, 2011 is the USO of North Carolina RDU Center’s 6th Annual Freedom Ride. Riders will gather at Ray Price Harley Davidson, located at 1126 South Saunders Street in Raleigh. Registration will begin at 8:00 but you can avoid the long lines by pre-registering. Prior to the ride, the National Guard will be escorted to the center of the activities by a bagpiper. Our National Anthem will be sung and colors presented. After a prayer for a safe ride, bikers will prepare for departure. Kickstands up at 10:00. The route is prepared by Rolling Thunder Chapter 4. Roads along the route are blocked by local police departments. Riders will travel to Lillington, NC to their 9/11 Memorial. A brief ceremony and wreath-laying will be held. Bathrooms will be available. And since we go nowhere without food, snacks and drinks will be offered before returning to Raleigh. Once all riders are back at Ray Price Harley Davidson, it’s time to play! Bar-b-que lunch, live music, raffles (including weekend trips, wine and more), shopping and fellowship —there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The USO of NC Freedom Ride is a fun way to show your support and appreciation to our military. All of the money raised stays here in Raleigh where the USO of NC RDU Center provides 24-hour a day service to active duty and retired military and their families. Food, internet services, friendly volunteers, free phone calls anywhere in the US, comfy recliners, 100s of DVDs and X-Box Games to entertain, a playroom for the kid, and piles of current books and magazines are sure to keep the whole family entertained while waiting for a flight or enduring a delay. It’s not unusual to overhear a young Marine on the phone telling his mother how nice the center is and all of the good food and books are there for him…FREE!

Rain or Shine!

Rain or Shine!

6 th Annual


SAVE THE DATE Saturday, September 10 Ray Price Harley Davidson 1126 South Saunders Street Raleigh, NC 919.832.2261

Registration Begins 8:00 AM All Bikes Welcome! Kick Stands Up 10:00 AM Route Designed and led by Rolling Thunder NC 4 Ride Ends with BBQ lunch at Ray Price Harley

Registration begins July 1st Register online at www.uso–nc.org Single Rider: $20.00 REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES: Musical Guest Airiel Down Event admission

Rolling Thunder NC4

BBQ lunch and beverages USO NC Freedom Ride t-shirt Bagpiper performance

$OOSURFHHGVIURPWKHHYHQWEHQH¿WWKH USO of North Carolina’s RDU Center in it’s mission to serve and support America’s military and their families.


For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Military Color Guard

First 100 registered riders receive a commemorative pin Printed by Southport Graphics

Connie Inggs 919.840.0941 cinggs@uso-nc.org

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games. Our Honor Support Team insures the final trip home for our Fallen Heroes is done respectfully. If North Carolina is their final resting place, the Patriot Guard escorts the family and hearse home. Ride details? Single riders cost $20. The cost covers the ride, a t-shirt, lunch and a surprise or two. If you don’t like to ride alone, find a friend and pay $35 for both of you. If you are active duty military, you ride for FREE! Call Anna Martin at (919) 840-2945 or e-mail amartin@uso-nc.org for more details. Pre-register to avoid long lines the day of the ride! If you are interested in buying a sponsorship table at the ride to promote your business, please contact Connie Inggs at (919) 840-0943 or cinggs@uso-nc.org. We promise something for everyone at our USO of NC RDU Center 6th Annual Freedom Ride. Help us meet our lofty goal of 500 riders for 2011!

Couple: $35.00

story: Anna Martin

Special Olympics April 30, 2011 - This day started perfectly with the weather cooperating, pigs cookin' (donated by A Cheap Ride Auto Sales-owner Rodney Denton), and all the volunteers showing up knowing that this was gonna be a great day to raise some moolah for an awesome cause! We had over 50 guys & gals to show up at Rodney's business looking for a nice country ride & some fun in the sun and that's exactly what was in store. The kick stands came up & the long train of bikers pulled out of A Cheap Ride Auto Sales (Nash Street-Wilson, NC) at approx 11:30 a.m. with the assistance of the Wilson County Sheriff's Department who blocked traffic and escorted us through town and onto Hwy. 42 East. We went for several miles and turned off just before we got to Macclesfield and headed towards Stantonsburg giving us plenty of scenic country sights along the way. The first stop was at Bob's Pub in Stantonsburg after about a 30 minute ride. Bob had cooked up some link sausage for our gang to nibble on and we hung out with him and the crew for a little while enjoying the fellowship of one another. This is a great place if you haven't been and Bob & his wife gave us amazing hospitality & very friendly to all! We cranked up and headed to the next destination. A short stop for gas and then our ride was on again getting onto Hwy. 222. Just outside of Stantonsburg at the Wayne County Line we were intercepted by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department who gave us outstanding support! They blocked traffic throughout Wayne County into Goldsboro and finally into Whiskey Dick's Saloon on the Neuse River. This place was also amazing with the large bar area, plenty of seating inside and out on the huge deck overlooking the river. Busco Beach is just on the other side of the river where 4-wheelers were buzzing by constantly. Crystal and her staff were more than accomodating to all our bikers and we all just had a super great time there! Leaving Whiskey Dick’s, the escorts of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department once again led us out and all the way back to Pikeville where we hit Alt. Hwy. 117 and then back into Wilson where the Wilson County Sheriff's Dept. was patiently awaiting our arrival at Hwy. 301 & they took us back to A Cheap Ride Auto Sales. There our volunteers had picked up food side items such as slaw, potatoes, greenbeans, hushpuppies and tea from Parkers BBQ (donated by State Farm Insurance/Jana Lake Agency), and the volunteers had everything prepared for the arrival of hungry riders. We had a wonderful BBQ meal with all the trimmings and Rodney & his wife/family also donated desserts! A ton of door prizes were handed out along with a 50/50 drawing. Total amount raised for Special Olympics of NC was just over $2300.00! Also, "Thanks So Much" to Joseph Hausfeld (Special Olympian & Three-Time Gold Medalist) for taking time to come and help with this event!!!! He is 15-years old & an awesome young man!!! Special "Thanks" to A Cheap Ride Auto Sales, State Farm Insurance/Jana Lake Agency, Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine, Bob's Pub, Whiskey Dicks Saloon, Goldsboro Sheriff's Dept., Wilson County Sheriff's Dept., every biker/passenger, and all the other volunteers who made this possible! On behalf of NC Dept. of Correction, Correction Enterprises Print Plant, & Special Olympics of NC - THANKS FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT AND DONATIONS! And yes, 4 wheels do move the body....but 2 wheels move the soul....lots of Special Olympics Souls too!


story: Mike Winstead photos: Doobie



We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia

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To My Wifey, Christie Lynne Ayscue... Happy Birthday/11th Anniversary. I love you Infinity Plus One. Your Hubby, Andru Ayscue


Consider adopting your next pet. Peter

We’ve all seen those adorable little puppies and thought, "I want one". Most of the time we are blinded by the cuteness and don’t realize what a huge responsibility (and pain in the butt) a puppy can be. Potty training can be quite the feat. Those favorite pair of shoes you have will be chewed up in no time. So the next time you decide it’s time to add a new addition to your family, consider adoption. Animal shelters euthanize four million dogs and cats every year. Twenty five percent of them are purebred dogs. There are specific breed rescues for those that have a particular breed in mind. You can apply to adopt anything from a Poodle to a Pit Bull. Most of the time they are out of the puppy stage, already housebroken, up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, crate trained, and have gone through basic manners training. The best way to find a breed specific rescue is to search on Petfinder.com. DON’T FORGET that there are plenty of dogs and cats available for adoption at your local city and county shelter. These poor animals will be euthanized if no one adopts them. Shelley Milburn SPCA Alliance of NC, President

www.spcaanc.org Join us: http://www.facebook.com/#!/spcaanc



SPCA Alliance of NC is a non profit 501(c)3 all breed dog rescue based in Rocky Mount, NC. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs from kill shelters in Nash, Wilson & Edgecombe counties. We also assist in the placement of strays and owner surrenders. All of our dogs are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. SPCAANC relies solely on donations and volunteers to operate. At this time we do not have a facility and rely on foster homes for our dogs. Most of the time our foster homes are full. When this happens, we work diligently with other rescue groups to save dogs in our area. For more information about our available dogs and to learn more about our group, please visit

www.spcaanc.org. You may also email us at: spcaanc@gmail.com.

2011 Rocky River Dawg Pak Spring Fling

The 2011 Rocky River Dawg Pak Spring Fling was held on April 29 - May 1st, 2011. Located in rural Halifax County, 5 miles south of Littleton, NC, on a 20 acre spread owned by Jack and Dawn Mallick known as "Hog Heaven". This event is destined to be one you'll want to attend for years to come. This was the 2ND such event in as many years, and will be an annual event from here on, according to the Dawg Pak, who sponsor it every year. Its open to the public, as long as you know how to behave, and loaded with great food, good friends, live music, and good times. The party started early Friday morning, as people started to arrive and set up their tents & campers, camping areas are free and are on a first come first served basis, the location has shade and a creek flowing into a pond with a horse pasture as a morning view. Once set-up, the fun begins. The members of the Dawg Pak and the ladies of the Rocky River Dawg Pak Sisterhood, start getting things prepared for the huge feast that would be coming over the 3 day event. The menu consisted of a whole hog, Boston butts, Brunswick Stew and all the trimmings. Dawg Pak members William Shaw, Wilson King, Ryan Aycock & Bobby Tritt were the resident chef's for the weekend, cooking and serving the food on a cooker, table, smoker, chopping block, sink contraption created by member Philip "PB" Brown. Saturday was the big day as far as the food was concerned, as the pig, stew, and Boston Butts were cooked and a huge feed happened on Saturday afternoon. Music filled the event, classic rock, country and everything in-between. Corn hole was played and tattoo artist, Chris Lathem was on hand doing tattoos. Saturday night the party really got started when local rock band "The Cove" got cranked up & rocked well into the evening. Capping the night off, The Cove played for dancer, Samantha, who danced to help raise money for Canine Companions For Independence. A non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. Needless to say everyone in attendance had a great time. The party continued on Sunday as people were still cooking, music and fun were still being had, right up until everyone had to say their farewells. We want this event to continue to grow as it has over the past 2 years. Everyone is welcome here, said one of the founding members of the Dawg Pak. He said that the Dawg Pak, based in nearby Roanoke Rapids, NC is a biker club that was founded by a bunch of guys that just love to ride motorcycles, and are trying to make a difference by doing events and benefits that support the local community and help people who are in need. "99% of all our events are for some charity or cause, but the Spring Fling is just for a good time and a damn good biker party." We hope to see everyone there next April. Vendors are welcome and you can get information on all the Dawg Pak's events by contacting the Dawg Pak at dawgpak@ ymail.com or 252-541-2173.


story & photos: Pat Tanner

On a sad note to this article, The Rocky River Dawg Pak has lost one of its Death River Dawg's, Mr. Bill Shaw. He will be missed and the members of the Dawg Pak would like to dedicate this article and this years Spring Fling to his memory, may he rest in peace.

Third Annual "You Are Not Alone Day" ay d r u t a S h Oct. 8t

Cathy and David Kleinert with members of EXILED MC

hometown hd

Hosted by Exiled MC. Wing's Trucking Company Highway 903 Bracey, Va. Yard and Bake sale begin at 8 a.m. Poker Run registration and 50/50 begin at 10 a.m. with all bikes out at 11 a.m. $20 and hand, INCLUDES meal and after party. All proceeds from the event go to a local individual or family in need. Last year Exiled MC was able to raise almost $7,000 for Cathy Kleinert and her family. Please come out and help us show how a community can pull together to help one of our own. For more information please call Justin Steffey, Vice President at (434) 2102907or Robbie Dunn, President at (434) 689-3460.

“Finish Line” Memorial Run In Loving Memory of Johnny Ray Ayscue (J Ray) April 30, 1961 – May 22, 2010

On Saturday May 21, 2011 the Guardians of the Cross Motorcycle Ministry sponsored the 1st Annual “Finish Line” Memorial Run in Loving Memory of Johnny Ray Ayscue. J Ray was one of the cofounders of the GOTC and also held many positions during the yrs since the Guardians began ministering for the Lord. We lost JRay a yr ago on May 22, 2010 but his memory has lived on through his sons, Andru and Travis, also within his grandchildren, Dylan, Destiny, Krysia, and Hunter. The proceeds from this event was put into an account for his grandchildren’s college funds. We also gave a percentage to the American Suicide Prevention Association. Throughout the day we had an approximate 100-150 people come by to show their support, give a donation, ride the ride, eat the great food, buy awesome T-shirts, play games with the kids, and listen to great music. To start out the morning some of us shared in sausage and ham home made bisquits. The bikers went for a nice country ride to Alert, this was one of the last rides that JRay and Danny James and others had gone on. Before returning to the Castalia Fire Department the bikers meet family and friends at the grave site of J Ray.This time of Memorial was started in prayer from Robert Ha , Danny James spoke of what Jray meant to him and many others, ending the service was his youngest son Travis who gave a very emotional speech of what his daddy had meant to him and Andru and the rest of their family and friends. There was many tears but there was also many laughs and smiles of the the memories shared.


Then it was back to the station for grilled hot dogs, pig on grill and all the fixens. At 6pm we were blessed with the whole Mills Family ministering with us in song and music. What an awesome time we all had. We had a 50/50 drawing won and was given back to the event. Then we had a drawing for a Hand Made Quilt donated by Francis Cooley won by Joni Brossard, a hand knitted blanket donated by Joni Brossard who won this also and gave it to Christie Ayscue, and $25. Cash won by Alicia Hal and given back to event. We are going to try to do this each year to help with college funds for the grand children. J Ray did a lot for the Guardians and we just want to give back to him by helping the ones that meant the world to him. The Guardains would like to say thank you to all bikers, family and friends who came out to support us any way that day. Special Thank you also goes out to Castalia Fire Dept., Image Designs, Behind Barz Magazine, The Mills Family, Stairway to Heaven Biker & Community Church, Lizard Lick Towing (Ron Shirley), Heaven’s Way Biker Church (Cottondale, Ala.), Joni Brossard, Francis Cooley, and Tammy & Cody Odom.

July 9th Bike Night Aug. 20th BN

story & photos: Lynn James

July 30th Mary Selvidge Nashville recording artist! Aug. 27th 20 YRS. GONE

Ask the Experts from CustomPatches.net Affixing embroidered patches to riding gear allows clubs and riders to distinguish themselves and denote affiliations while expressing beliefs, opinions and achievements. Many of these patches have special significance and meanings beyond the design. The time and passion the team at CustomPatches.net sees customers put into designing their patch is a great reminder to the important meanings patches can hold. The displaying of colors with back and rocker patches is usually about being a part of something that is larger than oneself and goes beyond riding a motorcycle. The outside world may perceive motorcyclists in various ways, but the truth is many put energy into raising funds toward the fight against childhood cancer, feeding those who go without food and awareness for animal rights among other worthy causes. The stereotyped image of a motorcycle group only goes skin deep, and under that image can be found a deep understanding and regard toward the plight of others. Remembrance patches also hold special meaning, whether it is to honor fallen friends and comrades claimed by the road, battlefield or by the tragic circumstances of life. Holding on to the memory of a friend or loved one passed is important to all walks of life. Memorial patches enable that memory to be included in daily activities and offer the chance to be spoken about to people encountered along the way.

Patches worn highlighting time served in battle or other conflict can enable people to make connections before they properly meet each other. Often the significance to a memorial patch can be lost on others who haven’t lived through the experience. Usually the significance of an embroidered patch boils down to a little of what everyone seeks: respect. Respect towards others, memories of experiences with people gone by and the acceptance of ones individuality within the larger group. The ability to connect different people over a shared experience is an important feature of embroidered patches and one that is highly valued by the people at CustomPatches.net as well as the motorcyclists who trust us with the task of creating a beautiful patch that will be worn with pride. Custom Patches.net is nestled amongst some of the finest motorcyclist routes in upstate New York. Specializing in embroidered and woven patches, CustomPatches.net is known for their superior customer service, six piece minimums, and the use of only the highest quality threads and twills. A 15% lowest price guarantee marries the rare mix of high quality and lower prices. Get your free no obligation, free online quote and sample at CustomPatches.net or via landline at 1-866-4-A-PATCH (427-2824) today!

Written by Lawrence Smith

CATDADDY CAROLINA MOONSHINE Moonshine comes out of the shadows, so everyone can see the light MADISON, N.C. - - In 2005, Piedmont Distillers introduced its first spirit, Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine. Catdaddy is a oneof-a-kind spirit that reflects the artistry, folklore and craft of its illegal cousins. Even the name is entrenched in history. Legend has it only the best moonshine earned the right to be called “the catdaddy.” Every batch is born in a copper still and is handcrafted in very small batches. Catdaddy is made from American corn and triple distilled to deliver an ultra-smooth drinking experience. Catdaddy’s original flavor comes from a secret recipe using ingredients not found in any other spirit. Joe Michalek, Founder and President of Piedmont Distillers, won’t tell you what’s in it, but he will tell you the taste is a little sweet, with a hint of spice. Michalek says, “It’s fun to watch someone try Catdaddy for the first time. The response is usually the same. First they’ll say, “Wow, that’s good”, then “It’s really smooth” and finally, “What is that taste?” The taste is familiar, but people can’t put their finger on it. All they know is that they like it.” Most people detect notes of cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla in Catdaddy’s special recipe.


Catdaddy’s enjoyed straight over ice or mixed in a number of cocktails, including Catdaddy & Cola, the Kitty Carlisle (mixture of Catdaddy, bourbon, lemon juice and white crème de cacao) and Catdaddy & Irish Cream. Catdaddy has been embraced by mixologists creating signature cocktails. From Los Angeles, to Seattle, to New York, to New Orleans and beyond, mixologists have found that Catdaddy’s distinctive taste is not replicated by any other spirit. Its complex and delicious flavor brings a new twist to traditional cocktails and endless possibilities for mixologists’ signature drinks. Even though Piedmont Distillers is a small distillery, its size has not prevented its spirits from being noticed by some to the most prominent establishments in major cities. Susan Feniger’s STREET, which has been mentioned in Gourmet magazine, the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, was amongst the first in Los Angeles to discover Catdaddy. STREET features a globe-trotting, eclectic menu that now includes Catdaddy. Marisa Gierlich, General Manager stated, “We love having Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine as part of our repertoire at STREET!

There is nothing that makes a bigger impact than walking to a table with that cool bottle and pouring a bit of heaven for people to taste. First they are intrigued (by the story), then they are a little scared (its "moonshine" after all, and this is Hollywood) and then once they taste it they are delighted! Our VIPs and special occasion reservations are very often treated to this unique experience and they always come back and want it again!” Interest in Catdaddy is not exclusive to mixologists. Top chefs have also discovered that adding Catdaddy to their recipes brings something special to cuisine. Catdaddy has been used by some the best eateries to create (more) culinary treats such as, french onion soup, crème brule, caramel sauce and marinade for ribs and chicken.

For complete eventz listings: www

We, at Behind Barz, love the Midnight Moon , Apple Pie flavored moonshine!!! Thanks Sarah!

Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine is available in package stores, bars and restaurants in 32 states; Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington State, West Virginia and Wyoming. From the general public to cocktail aficionados to restaurateurs, Catdaddy’s folklore, handcrafted quality and one-of-a-kind flavor have captured the imagination of all those who encounter it. About Piedmont Distillers: Piedmont Distillers, a craft distillery operated by just a handful of people, is considered a leader of the current moonshine and artisan distilling movement. Its reputation is one of creating authentic, superior quality, handcrafted spirits. Piedmont Distillers is committed to preserving the moonshining legacy and distilling traditions that have made North Carolina the “Moonshine Capital of the World.” Coupling these traditions with one-of-a-kind recipes and a state-of-the-art distillation process has enabled Piedmont Distillers’ spirits to transcend moonshine from the backwoods, to be amongst the finest spirits available anywhere. The distillery located in Madison, N.C., (population 2000) in the town’s former train station built in 1915. For more information, please visit:



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