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Issue 6 February 2012


L’ART Music 16


Chyna wants his music to reach an even greater audience,

so that’s what we aim to do.

20 They’re back!

Day26 return with their third studio album A New Day. Find out what member, Willie had to say to L’ART.

Fashion 4

Why Not? Clothing Co. Three College friends introduce

their way of living to combine with your fashion needs.


Fashion designer and stylist Amanda Brown goes back in time this Valentine’s Day. Ladies, get inspired by her vision.

Performing Arts 6

Got To Dance contestants, Alleviate fill us in on their lat-

est achievements and future prospects.


Move It; the UK’s biggest dance event is back.

Reviews 11

L’ART’s Best Bits. We look back on Issues 1-4 for those

memorable L’ART moments.


Editor’s Letter


Word on the Street


i all and welcome to the sixth issue of L’ART; the ‘Anniversary’ issue.

Wow, has it been a year already?! L’ART has had an amazing first year being a published publication for the first few months and then moving online. Since becoming an online publication we have gained a worldwide fanbase, with up & coming and successful artists approaching us to share their music and new projects with the world. We feel that we definitely made the right decision in grouping music, fashion and performing arts in one publication because the people we have featured prove how much they complement each other. Join us with this anniversary special as we have even more local talents to share with you, including a fashion line, a Birmingham musician and the UK’s biggest dance event, you won’t want to miss! Also look out for the US band Day 26 and Got To Dance act Alleviate. Thanks for your continued support. Letisha & Daniella



With our company, we said from the start it’s not just a clothing brand. It’s a lifestyle,” Chad explains, as he introduced us to his next venture with friends Ben and Josh, creating the birth of Why Not? Clothing Co.

ing its potential as a branded product, Ben’s idea to put this question on a t-shirt sealed the deal in what they hope to be a successful fashion conquest. “Whenever you go to events, the first thing people see is what you’re wearing,” Ben says. Admittedly, if the phrase ‘Why Not?’ was on a tee, immediately you are getting attention.

You will remember Chad as 1/5 of entertainment group Heavy Duty Promotions. He has not left his HD family behind, but is taking an everyday saying, ‘Why Not?’ to its limits, creating a line males (and us females in the near future) With plenty of research and can not only wear, but live as publicity ahead of their launch, a lifestyle motto. this trio are eager to produce a product that will preserve Not only realising the popu- and live up to the samples larity of the saying, but know- that have been receiving such


When it comes to promotion and publicity, these guys are as spontaneous as they come. “Ben literally writes ‘Why Not?’ on a white t-shirt and goes out with it,” Chad laughs. In fact the company has Ben’s outings to thank for the buzz created from holiday makers who the slogans will prove to be a huge hit with.

Image Source: Why Not? Clothing Co

Facebook- Why Not? Clothing Co. / Twitter @OfficialWhyNot

amazing feedback.

Offering Vintage, symbolic styles, slogans, classic images and the original ‘Why Not?’ style for £10 per tee, the boy’s aim is to create daytime and evening garments with classy logos that can be part of your everyday wear, but also be admired on seasonal catwalks. “It’s a saying as well so it won’t get old,” Ben reminds us. And the fact that the meaning behind their slogan, of throwing yourself into any given activity can be used in everyday life, this further

strengthens their vision and their reasons as to why they think they differ to KandiKing, another local featured fashion line in L’ART Magazine. With each design reflecting three different personalities, the guys have even created a special for their large number of House music fans. We got an exclusive preview of the fitted tee that pays homeage to the music genre and this time next year who knows, their dream to incorporate the brand regionally as well as nationally may just be on the brink of coming true. Why not? L’ART

Be the laid back individual with the let’s do it attitude





year later, we caught up shops too.” with the sensational duo, Nicolette and Renako, to talk Renako said: “Being on the all things Alleviate. show was an absolute dream come true. We just not long “Since being on GTD we have graduated, so to be on TV and performed for the Queen at get that type of exposure was Buckingham Palace,” said great. Everyone was really Nicolette. “That was 450 friendly and it was a great atVIP guests and we performed mosphere.” alongside dance troupe Flawless. We got to meet the “Even now, I feel a bit nervQueen and ous before goWe met the Queen, that some meming on stage,” bers of the said Nicolette. was a real honour. Royal Fam“I guess it’s ily. That was a real honour. something that you never quite get out of. I think it’s the “We also did Latitude Festi- same for Renako as well, he val over the summer, which was really nervous on GTD.” had the English National Ballet and Ballet Rumba. Ashley Speaking of GTD, where did Banjo also hosted a Michael Renako get the name ‘AlleviJackson tribute concert that ate’ from? “I looked up the had different acts from GTD meaning and it means to reand Britain’s Got Talent. lieve and make things easier to bear. “We did a team piece to Michael Jackson songs and “You can soothe an audience we’ve been doing other small- with your movement and with er gigs and teaching work- different types of dance, so

“Alleviate captured the nation’s hearts when this beautiful dance duo reached the final three in Sky 1’s Got To Dance (GTD) TV competition. The two friends met whilst studying dance at Paul McCartney’s performing arts school (LIPA) four years ago. “They will be performing their own show on a cruise in late March before starting work on a new show that is planned to launch at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. They have an ambition to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood’s great dance couples.”





Come and join the UK’s biggest dance event where you’ll be spoilt for choice in the world of performing arts!

“Meeting our fans is the best thing.”


he Move It weekender (Friday March 9th – Sunday March 11th 2012 at Olympia London) is promised to be one amazing festival of dance that can be enjoyed by dance students, parents, teachers, professionals, fans and even trade visitors.

that’s why it stood out to me. out to Dubai. It will be amazI like to think that we live up ing to experience a new counto the name. try and see a new place.” “Our GTD style was contemporary with a fusion of other styles and we continue to work hard and improve.”

“And to say that we’ve performed internationally,” added Renako. “To take Alleviate out of the UK is something we both want,” said Nicolette. The pair also have Move It “We want to travel with our and an international gig wait- work. It’s a big thing on the ing in the near future. priority list.”

“In March we’re going on a cruise where we’ll be performing a 25 minute set each evening. We’ll get flown out to Mumbai for a week and fly


If that’s not determination, then what is? There’s a chance you might see them on TV again. They have been approached for guest judge spots on talent shows so look out for these possibilities. Which show would they choose? “So You Think You Can Dance,” said Renako. Nicolette said: “Mine would be Dancing On Ice.” You never know, it might happen! L’ART

Image Source: world dance management

Nicolette said: “Move It will be a great performance and workshop but meeting other acts and Alleviate fans is the best thing. Also to show how far we’ve come from GTD as well. We’re always pushing to grow within what we do.

with... Akai, Flawless, Alleviate, Kimberly Wyatt, The Urdang Academy & more... Although there is a schedule for each day, you are in charge of how you spend it. Classes include a whole variety of dance styles which range from cheerleading, disco, contemporary jazz, ballet, zumba, flamenco and more. ‘Watch performers, take classes, shop for dancewear and meet the experts all in one place’. Plus this year’s added bonus is the Dance Teachers Convention. For the first time teachers will have the chance to attend a series of seminars and practical workshops to help boost your career/involvement in dance to the next level. You will need a valid entry ticket to attend these classes so simply look online at for more information.


L’ART’s Best Bits

L’ART Other highlights include performances from Got To Dance winners Akai, Chris & Wes and contenders Alleviate, Twist & Pulse and James Hobley from Britain’s Got Talent and a Flawless & English National Ballet collaborative performance.

of spectators at hand but you shouldn’t let that put you off. If you’re likely to jump at the chance simply turn up at the freestyle stage with your music, book your three minute dance slot, plug in your music and dance away! You never know who will be around to catch your talent!

As we celebrate our first year as a publication, we take a look back at those who featured in issues 1-4, reveal our best interview, favourite rising talent and find out just what a select few have been doing this past year...

And if you find yourself wanting to do a little performance Visit of your own, you’ll be pleased to plan your fun-filled dance to hear that there is a free- weekend today. L’ART style stage for you to show off your tricks and extraordinary dance skills. You’ll have a lot

Where are they now?... Rianne Brown Image Source: moveitdance


am about to start a pattern room intern at Cos, sixth months paid near Oxford Street (London). I’m really excited to put all that I’ve learnt to good use and learn lots of new skills. Cos is an amazing brand and I really love the design style and traditional silhouettes with a twist. “Good luck Rianne!”




L’ART be performing at Dancin’ Oxford’s Dance Bytes events on February 18th (12pm - 3pm) in Oxford’s city centre.



e have got our own brand BootyBea, which we are growing and expanding. We are getting involved in TV programmes more, we are now stocking ClaireaBella bags, which are huge and have a celebrity following. We feel more free to get involved in other events and the website is doing really well.

In March I will start a Saturday class at Oxford Brookes University Centre. There is a FREE taster session on February 18th (3:30pm - 4:30pm).


012 seems to have gone off with a bang! My own drop-in classes at Pegasus on Monday nights are very busy. I feel a lot stronger as a choreographer and dancer and have even released my first concept video, which can be found on my YouTube page I am still working hard at improving my own artistic knowledge and skill and I’m jetting off to LA soon to get some serious training under my belt. I’m also training once a week with the Rare Faction girls - Oxford’s new female troupe. We will


Image Source: EmJ, ClaireaBella, miqrogroove

EmJ’s Classes & The Parasol Project

This year I have been able to host my first International Street Dance Workshop with Jerome Esplana (Canada) and Darren Baldric (Germany). It’s an incredible achievement and I hope to be able to continue to bring such inspirational and talented artists to Oxford. I hope to continue building a strong dance community in Oxford. Watch out for September 2012. Pegasus will be hosting The Biggest Urban Choreography Showcase in Oxford; an evening celebrating some of the hottest street

dance acts in and around Oxfordshire. Plus, there is a chance to share the stage with one of London’s hottest dance crews! More information will be out very soon! Lastly, Parasol will be performing again this year. Despite a rocky year with funding, the ever-resiliant parasol dance carries on. We will let you know as soon as a date is set! L’ART



Best interview and why?...

Favourite upcoming artist and why?...

Licia Conn


Kyron Anthony


yron Anthony - the world’s number one dancer in electric boogie. He’s achieved so much with his dance career and he’s only 14-years-old. He comes to life when he’s performing but he’s such a shy and down-to-earth boy when you catch him outside of his profession. During the interview you could tell how proud he was of his achievements so far and we couldn’t help but feel happy for him. - Letisha


The Breakfast Club

T Image Source: bestinnewmusic, The Breakfast Club, Kyron Anthony, Shaliek Rivers

icia Conn and speaking to her about her role as a music video producer was a great way to see how other graduates experience life after Uni, especially in the media sector and the amazing opportunities to do something they love and have achieved honours in. The fact that she had worked for one of my favourite up and coming music artist’s (Bluey Robinson) also helped. Her infectious personality and interesting insight into a day of video shooting was fun and exciting to hear. - Daniella

hat would have to be The Breakfast Club. Their ability to remain different in a competitive dance world with their 80’s influences and retro style is great to see. Their decisions to perform for organisations they support such as Gay Pride and produce mini films that show creativity and infectious moves through great angles is always an added bonus with me. - Daniella

Shaliek Rivers


or me, it’s got to be Shaliek Rivers because he instantly won me over with his single ‘Spoke Too Soon’. It must be because I love the sample he used but it’s also a feel-good song, I liked what he did with it. With his interview we also got to know a bit more about him as a person and not just Shaliek as an artist. I imagine he will be successful with his career. - Letisha L’ART


L’ARTSound Cloud:

Twitter: @Chyna615


something different and not know what I’m going to say next. Everything I do tends to have a tinge of hip-hop but it’s generally a fusion of anything I like from rock, dance and drum & bass.

“I’m a writer, so I’m good with words. Creative writing is my hobby.”

“I would hide behind the settee, sit there and enjoy the music,” said Chyna. “I liked the whole vibe in the room even though it was pitch black. “I’ve done music for a long time and I know if enough people hear it, it will take me somewhere. I want it to take me as far as it possibly can. “At 15 I started out with a


“I’m also doing videos for a YouTube channel called 33TV and my video ‘On My Own Now’ is on there.

“This year I want to drop the first tape - Dark Days & Bright Nights. I want to shoot “I remember Biggie Smalls’ a multitude of videos, write first album case. My Dad had more and get my name and it on cassette and I took it and music out.” put it in my walkman. I was like: ‘Wow this guy is swear- Chyna Fact: “I used to sit Chyna’s album is due February 28th 2012 ing and he’s allowed to’. next to two children in secondThat’s one of the first album’s ary school and in class, one Dictaphone and I would hook I’ve ever listened to. of them said: ‘We’ll call him it up to the hi-fi system. Then China because his eyes look my friend G Franchise got a “The first record I got was Chinese’. So it was Chyna keyboard, learnt to play the Michael Jackson’s. I used to from then on. That’s what my keys and I would rap. We play it all the time and watch friends call me who’ve known would record songs and get him on stage thinking he was me from back in the day.” really excited when we played really cool. Then 2Pac is my it back. next musical influence as well So there you have it, the stoas some current people. ry behind Chris aka Chyna’s “I never started doing it as a music (so far). Share and liscareer. It was more of a com“Everyday I make a point of ten to his music online, leave mon interest between myself listening to what the radio some positive feedback and and G Franchise; he produces competition is like and if I who knows, he just might be my music now. have to write, I will play an the next big thing to come out instrumental on repeat until it of the UK! L’ART “It’s a way to vent and express comes to me. myself. I want people to hear

Find Christopher ‘Chyna’ Dawkins on Facebook

Image Source: Christopher ‘Chyna’ Dawkins


ho remembers having an old school record player? Chyna sure does.


Check out his latest YouTube video for Black Hoodie





For L’ART’s one year anniversary, we thought we’d give you a WOTS with a difference and what better way than to share the career of another talented journalist? From TV presenting, radio shows and promoting the undiscovered, Bianca Clayton is a name you need to remember. Here’s her story...


Image Source: Bianca Clayton


hen did you know you was given a choice of which wanted to be a journal- classes I wanted to take. I ist? knew Journalism would be I loved English at an early age one and TV and radio seemed at school and I was always fun so I gave that a try too. creative and loved writing stories. My love for writing Talk us through your journaladapted in me writing songs. ism career to date. At University I was given Why journalism as a career projects to do in TV, radio choice? and journalism such as creatA f t e r ing my own live TV shows in s t u d y i n g the TV studio, launching raEnglish at dio stations and writing and A-Level, I reporting stories for newspawanted to pers. I applied for and took on pursue this as much work experience as I and went could. I worked with lots of to study local radio stations (Muslim, Media and Caribbean), presented and C o m m u - produced my own live radio nication at shows for three years, worked University. with the BBC, Channel 4, Sky At Uni I News & local live shows in


Night with Bianca Clayton.

I interviewed Jeff Brazier, Jagged Edge, Richard Blackwood and Eddie Kadi. I was the host for live events; a premier and movie awards show, live music showcase & children’s live debate in The Drum Theatre.

How do you find the competitiveness of it all? The difficulty only makes me want to try harder and be more unique and really impress if you’re in the same room as the right people.

What aspect do you enjoy most? TV presenting! I love to communicate with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, the buzz of a live TV studio show and being a part of that. At University I produced three television shows and the launch of a new channel and I absolutely loved it! My dream is to produce and present my own TV chat show, Friday

What has been a highlight of your experiences so far? Interviewing some amazing people and putting them in the hot seat! Also when a show comes together and all the hard work is shown in the live studio show. Who do you admire in the media world? Jonathan Ross, Davina, Richard Branson – I admire the empire he has built! L’ART




ormed on Diddy’s Making the Band back in 2007, Robert, Brian, Willie, Mike and Que came out on top to form Bad Boy record label’s Day26. The group went on to win Black Entertainment Television’s Best Group Award 2009 and saw both studio releases Day26 and Forever In A Day go to number’s one and two in the US and UK album charts. Today, these multiPlatinum selling artist’s return as a quartet, working hard on their third studio album A New Day. We speak to group member Willie about their online series, new material and his new role as the founder of his own music label.

Having our own web series is really fun. It’s almost like Making The Band 4 but with much more creative control. Just like that show, it’s all real!


What was it about single ‘Made Love Lately’ that you believed made it a great release? We loved the song at first listen and we knew that with us being gone for so long, we needed to come back doing exactly what the fans love



How would you say you have grown as a group since Forever In a Day? We have grown a lot since Forever In A Day. I think mostly because we have matured so much over the years in the music industry and in our personal lives, that we have a stronger focus now than we have ever had before.

What can fans expect from Day26 this year? Sky is the limit. This is the entertainment business so we just want to entertain, whether say the album is so amazing it be on stage, in movies, TV that it would be hard to pick or where ever we are going to even if it was done. In my do it. opinion it’s our best work to date. Tell us more about Noivak Music. What’s it like to have your Noivak Music started because own web series? I wanted to help other artist’s

the wait is over as Atlantic records music artists day26 prepare to release their third studio album for 2012

most from us and that’s really singing. Do you have any favourite tracks on the album? I can’t really say as of right now because we are not finished just yet, however I can


L’ART reach their dreams. Being from Chicago, as an artist I didn’t have many outlets to be seen or heard, but yet really talented, so I just want to be that bridge from the city to the industry. Not to say I’m only looking in Chicago, because I’ll gladly be that bridge from any city! (Laughs). Be on the look out for Noivak Music ( with our artist Avrey Smith (@avreysmithmusic ) and Freshboy.

French Vintage Love

Are you involved in any other projects? With the help of our manager Joseph “Screwface” Charles, we all are working on side ventures. Willie; Noivak Music, Acting- A Fool & His Money (David Talbert Teleplay), Note To Self (movie) modelling in 2013 Calender & writing songs. Brian Angel started his own label (AWE) with his first artist G Ron & writing. Mike & Rob have been in the studio writing as well.

Above: The new single is a hit with fans requesting for air play on American radio stations.


Image Source: TwoRsEnt, rnbxclusive

How would you sell A New Day to the public? If you’re looking for great music, look no more. We came prepared for war and we are not leaving without a win. Ladies & Gentlemen, we bring to you, A New Day! (Laughs). L’ART

By Amanda Brown


Valentine’s Day 2012

autumn/winter 2012 This Valentine’s Day why not bring back the old school French love feel with inspiration from this special mini womenswear collection? The glamorous head wear, tassles, vintage patterns and shoulder detail are bound to get heads turning this A/W 2012.

Image Source: & Amanda Brown



L'ART Issue 6, February 2012  

The 'anniversary' issue features even more new local talents as well as successful artists from the US. We celebrate one year of L'ART with...

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