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June/July 2011


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June/July Issue

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inside Golf With Altitude The Raven at Three Peaks by Peter Hellman

Travel 10 One Golfer’s Experience In Ireland by Peter Hellman

Inside the Leather 14 Two Drills Make Even You Better by Jerry Walters

The Raven at Three Peaks


Events 17 Charlie Coe Invitational

Events 18 2011 U.S. Open Women’s Open


Course Directory 26-37 Colorado Courses & Course Information

Nice Drive 40 Range Rover Sport Supercharged by Karl O’Keefe


Rules 51 Obstruction by Kim Nissen

Events 56 Playing Golf... Saving Young Lives

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44 June/July Issue



June/July Issue

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golf with altitude

Colorado’s Finest Mountain Golf on Display at Raven at Three Peaks


It’s been a wild year for Colorado sports fans. In the past 12 months, sports nuts in The Centennial State have said goodbye to Carmelo and Chauncey, witnessed the return and departure of Peter Forsberg and learned the Buffs are leaving the Big 12 for the Pac-10… er… Pac12. In a year that’s had more ups and downs than a trip westward on I-70, it’s nice to have a golf course that consistently delivers an experience filled with breathtaking views, exquisite service and some of the most thrilling holes in the country. The Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks, 60 miles west of Denver in Silverthorne, is one of Colorado’s highest – and highest- rated – golf courses. Designed by Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry and Tom Lehman, Raven at Three Peaks is perched some 9,000 feet above sea level and serves up scenery, strategy and 18 positively unforgettable holes, all in climate that is up to 20 degrees cooler than Denver and its environs during the summer months. That’s right, sweater golf in the summer is a true possibility at Raven at Three Peaks. The course is ideally situated off the first exit out of the Eisenhower Tunnel and at the cross roads leading to the famous resort towns of Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone (all three are less than 30 minute drives from Silverthorne). After the easy one-hour drive from Denver, golfers will find a panorama of towering pines, snow-capped mountains, streams and wildflower meadows. Hurdzan/Fry and Lehman utilized the routing of the former Dick Phelps-designed Eagle’s Nest Golf Course. But the playing surface they morphed from Phelps’ original routing is unlike any other mountain course. Landing areas are clearly defined on every hole and rarely does one encounter a side hill or topsy-turvy lie. Raven at Three Peaks has just the right amount of elevated tee shots, uphill approaches and level land to produce a truly fair and challenging mountain golf experience. Unique to the region, Raven at Three Peaks' bunkers are patterned after the distinctive style first

DIVOT Magazine

introduced by Alister Mackenzie at Cypress Point, Royal Melbourne, and Kingston Heath. Steep faces and deep furrowed edges give way to native grasses perched at the edge of the sand. In addition to being visually dramatic, the “Mackenzie bunkers” frame the golf course and help contain tee shots that can have up to a 10-percent increase in carry due to elevation. Rates range from $45-$75 from when the course opens until May 27. From May 28 – June 10, rates are $97.50 - $130. During Raven at Three Peaks’ peak season, June 11 – September 6, rates range from $123.75 – $165. Post-Labor Day, rates are $60 – $140. Summit County residents receive discounted rates throughout the season. Raven at Three Peaks partners with several hotels and lodges to offer a variety of stay-and-play packages. Raven at Three Peaks now has a Facebook page housing real-time course and weather conditions, promotions, photos, videos and a forum for discussions between golfers and staff. Golfers can follow Raven at Three Peaks’ Facebook updates by going to and searching “Raven at Three Peaks.” Once on the page, golfers should click the “Like” button located at the top center of the page. For more information on the Raven at Three Peaks visit, or call 970.262.3636 or 877.296.3636. D

June/July Issue



Playing Lahinch Championship Course:

One Golfer’s Experience In Ireland By Peter Hellman DIVOT Contributing Writer

Lahinch Championship Course


t was a thinly hit five iron on the 9th hole that solved one of our problems -- the Postmaster’s dog. It was an accident, of course, but the results of my Titlest against the pooches hindquarters had the affect of chasing the thieving dog off the course and home to the Lahinch Post Office where he belonged. It was November and as guests of the Irish Tourist Board, I was part of a group of travel industry types invited to play the mighty Lahinch Championship Course. The course is located in the town of Lahinch, which is about an hours drive northwest of the Shannon Airport. (This modern international airport is the golfer’s gateway to Ireland’s Southwest collection of great golf course.) The day was to offer much more than we had expected. We were all prepared with the knowledge that rain was not only a possibility, but a probability this time of year. Though I felt comfortable in my Sutherland rain gear it was no match for the weather we were about to face. It was cold! It was wet! It was windy! Backing out of the game and retreating to the clubhouse fire, however, was not really an option. We were guests, for God’s sake, and our hosts showed no inclination to cancel the event. Teeing off with my group, I soon realized that the weather was not only going to influence my game, it would control it. I tend to hit a high shot - I had not learned the Irish way of hitting low runners yet - and the wind pushed and pulled my ball in whatever direction it favored. Fairways were not areas that my ball found those first few holes. With the weather as it was, we were fortunate to have caddies to guide us to our balls and over the first few almost invisible holes. These people must have been paid a mighty sum to caddie that day, but an occasional expression seemed to betray a personal thought that even that princely sum was not enough. When finally the holes turned to the sea and di-


June/July Issue

rectly into the wind, I regained some control though my distance suffered. This was truly my first opportunity to keep my ball in the fairway. As I savored my fellow golfers praise, I spotted what looked like a wolf creeping out from behind a sand dune. The animal lopped over to my ball, calmly sniffed it, picked it up in his mouth and headed for the heavy salt grasses lining the fairway. Once well into the rough, he dropped the ball and disappeared again into the high dunes. This game was repeated every time I hit my ball in the fairway. If I hit it into the rough, the interloper ignored it. Shouts and

DIVOT Magazine

curses did nothing to dissuade the animal from his game. It was one of our caddies who, in answer to a questions about the animal, informed us that this was ”Benny” the postmaster’s dog and that this was what “Benny” loved to do when things got boring at the Post Office. It should be noted, that "Benny" favored foreigners and that once he selected the golf ball for his game, the player's scent brought him back to that ball and only that ball. Wet, cold and slightly discouraged by the wind and “Benny”, our foursome was greeted by our hosts on the 9th tee with life giving shots of Bushmill Irish Whiskey. It must have been the warming glow of the

Bushmill that took my attention away from my swing, causing me to hit my ball thin and into “Benny’s” rear. His sharp yelp and speedy dash home meant that today’s game was over. I have not heard whether “Benny” still thinks the game fun. By the way, the weather kept pounding us, but we all finished and still talk about our experience to this day. In fact, in another 20 years, the story might be even better. Story by Classic GOLF Tours. Designing custom golf trips to Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii and virtually everywhere there is golf. For information call 800.359.7200, 303.751.7200 or visit visit D

Spoil Yourself $1,399 per person Includes: • Airfare to and from Prince Edward Island • 5 Nights accommodation with breakfast and the Stanhope Beach Resort • 4 Rounds of Golf, one each with Shared Cart at The Links at Crowbush Cove, Fox Meadow, Eagles Glenn & Glasgow Hills • Lobster Dinner aboard the Top Notch Lobster Boat while enjoying a cruise of Charlottetown Harbour.

Classic GOLF Tours 303.751.7200 800.359.7200

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June/July Issue



June/July Issue

DIVOT Magazine

DIVOT Magazine

June/July Issue


inside the leather

These Two Drills Can Make Even You A Better Putter! By Jerry Walters DIVOT Writer


sk anyone who had ever walked onto a putting green with a putter and they’ll confirm that the only two controllables in putting are line and distance. Conquer those two minor issues and you can congratulate yourself upon winning your club championship. Avoid practicing these pesky details and you’ll continue to pay your cronies at the end of every round. Never fear, I’m here to help! Here are two drills, with regards to your putting, that you can practice from time to time. With diligence, you too can become a more proficient putter and less offensive complaining about your lack of skill post-round.

ball right of your target line. Take any two golf balls and place them side by side on the putting surface of your choice. Without any intended target, line the face of the putter up behind the two balls. (see photo) Go ahead and strike them with moderate velocity. Pay particular attention to what happens next. If the ball closest to the toe of the putter has more acceleration and jumps out in front of the other ball, it is safe to assume the aforementioned ball was struck first and absorbed most of the energy. What does that mean? Well, you closed down the face angle of the putter too early causing a pulled putt to the left. If the ball near the heel of the putter left first, then the opposite is true. What’s the solution? There are a myriad of problems which could cause this flaw; too many to discuss in this article.

LINE DRILL Assuming you’ve lined your putterhead up properly, the next step is to draw the club back to gain momentum propelling the ball forward. What happens between taking the putter away and returning it can cause some concern. Return to the ball with the putterhead open and you’ll no doubt push the


June/July Issue

Continue practicing to eventually have both balls leave at the same time and travel nearly the same distance to perfect a square strike every time.

DISTANCE DRILL After lining up your putt accurately, golfers usually

DIVOT Magazine

come back to a position where they are looking at the golf ball trusting that they have calculated correct information and stored it into the computer in their brain, which would cause them to gauge proper distance.

ball, and your hands will be telling your brain the results. Next, vary the lengths, putting only twice to each target. Keep practicing this method, WITHOUT CHEATING, and before long, your distance control will be superb.

The truth is, your brain and hands/shoulders need to learn to communicate appropriately to have a better feel for distance putting.

Without practicing your putting, it’s safe to assume you won’t improve, but will remain stagnant. Three putts on the practice green before you go to the first tee really can’t be considered adequate practice. Work on these two simple drills and before long, you’ll be hoisting that piece of crystal from the club championship.

After lining up your practice putt to a target hole, get settled and close your eyes. Go ahead and make the stroke. NOW, before your open your eyes, tell yourself if the putt was long or short, left or right of the target. DON’T CHEAT! Keep your eyes shut until you feel where the ball went. Then, open your eyes and see the results. Soon, your brain will be communicating with your hands and arms, telling them how hard to strike the

DIVOT Magazine

Jerry Walters is a PGA Tour Instructor and teaches putting at the Trent Wearner Golf Academy. Jerry is cohost of “In The Fairway” heard Saturday from 10-noon, 102.3 The Ticket, April through October. He can be reached at and 303-6458000 if you have questions about your putting. D

June/July Issue



June/July Issue

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Charlie Coe Invitational at Castle Pines Golf Club These Exclusive Offers Available Now At Jim Strickland & Warren Vickers and Sr. Am Champions Jim Crane & Hunter Nelson


nder terrific golfing conditions, the final round of the Charlie Coe Invitational hosted at Castle Pines Golf Club has been completed and the scoring was outstanding. In the Mid-Am division, Jim Strickland and Warren Vickers tied their own tournament record score of 199 to take their fourth title of this event and in the Senior-Am division, Jim Crane and Hunter Nelson fired an eight under 64 to win top honors with a three day score of 201. Strickland and Vickers, both of Scottsdale, Arizona, held off a hard charge by Charles Williams and Chris Forbes of Houston and Katy, Texas, who shot a final round score of 67. Williams and Forbes finished three strokes ahead of Denny Pelle and Jeff Fujimoto, also of Scottsdale, and Jeff Knox and Jack Larkin, from Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia. With Crane and Nelson slamming the door on the competition, second place in the Senior-Am division became a battle. Denny Alexander of Ft. Worth, Texas, and partner Gary Hardin of La Quinta, posted a final round 67 for a 204 total to hold off Van Lefferdink of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and partner Pete Allen of Southport, North Carolina, who finished at 207. The tournament was a tremendous tribute to Charlie Coe, one of the best amateur players in golf. His accomplishments included two USGA Amateur Championships (1949 and 1958), playing in nineteen consecutive Masters (making the cut fifteen times) and being a seven time member of the Walker Cup (Captain in 1957 and 1959). Charlie would be proud of the play that was on display this week for his tournament. D

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June/July Issue



2011 U.S. Women’s Open To Support Military Through Local Funding


hampionship organizers for the 2011 have developed a hospitality package to provide a high-level experience to military personnel through funding from local and national companies that wish to support the troops. Eleven companies with a presence in Colorado Springs are supporting the military through the championship, which will be held July 4-10 at The Broadmoor. The military hospitality venue, known as the “Freedom Plaza,” is supported by the following companies: CSU- Pueblo Colorado Springs, Delta Solutions & Strategies, ITT Mission Systems, NEK, RMC Distributing, Shape Technologies, Summit Technical Solutions, Techwise, Tri-West Healthcare Alliance and Webster University. Each company will invite a select group of military to the Women’s Open to watch golf and relax in an upscale hospitality area located near the 18th green. “As a life-long golfer I have seen and experienced firsthand the changes in self discipline and integrity the game of golf can bring to an individual,” said Buddy Gilmore, CEO of Shape Technologies. “My company's support to the Freedom Plaza is a small token of repayment for the thousands of local soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who sacrifice, while serving so proudly in the defense

of our nation's most cherished ideals.” Notes: • Monday, July 4th will be Military Family Day at the U.S. Women’s Open. All military, active duty and retired, and their families will receive complimentary admission. • All military active duty and retired receive 50 percent off tickets for the U.S. Women’s Open. Discounted military tickets are available at King Soopers stores and online at About the U.S. Women’s Open: The 66th U.S. Women’s Open, to be held July 410, will bring a field of 156 of the world’s best professional and amateur female golfers to The Broadmoor East Course in Colorado Springs, Colo. Players expected to compete include: defending champion Paula Creamer, 2007 champion Cristie Kerr, Suzann Pettersen and Michelle Wie. Hall of Fame golfer and three-time U.S. Women’s Open champion Annika Sorenstam will serve as honorary chairman for the championship. The U.S. Women’s Open will be the seventh USGA championship contested at The Broadmoor, dating back to the 1959 U.S. Amateur won by Jack Nicklaus. D

2011 U.S. Women’s Open:

Free Kids Tickets Available at Loaf ‘N Jug Complimentary kids tickets for the 66th U.S. Women’s Open are available today at southern Colorado Loaf ‘N Jug stores to all youngsters age 17 and under. Organizers are encouraging all kids and their parents to visit southern Colorado Loaf ‘N Jug stores to pick up their free kid ticket. Kids will have access to the junior tent at the Broadmoor and the front row of each grand-


June/July Issue

stand is reserved for kids. More than 8,000 kids attended the 2008 U.S. Senior Open at The Broadmoor. On Tuesday, July 5th, Paula Creamer, 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champion, will host a junior clinic on the driving range at The Broadmoor. The first 750 kids to attend the clinic will receive a special gift compliments of Loaf ‘N Jug and Coca-Cola. D

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DIVOT Magazine

June/July Issue



June/July Issue

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golf with altitude

Come Play EagleVail


ome play with us at EagleVail this season and experience public golf values in a resort setting. Tucked between the Eagle River and the mountains between Vail and Beaver Creek, EagleVail Golf Club is one of the best golf surprises in the Vail Valley. The only public course featuring true mountain terrain, this Devlin/Von Hagge-designed course offers 6836 yards of gravity-defying challenges. There is nothing like the crisp, clean WHACK when your driver connects with the ball, followed by endless hang-time through the clear, rarified Rocky Mountain air as you tee-off the elevated #1 tee at EagleVail Golf Club. Practice facilities, pro shop and a lively Par 3 make EagleVail Golf Club a spectacular and affordable golf experience for the entire family. This picturesque, 18-hole course rolls through aspen and evergreen forests, crosses creeks and winds alongside the colorful, flowered banks of the Eagle River offering unexpected value, beauty and convenience in the heart of the Vail Valley. The exhilarating elevated #1 tee invites you to swing away toward the bunker-guarded green in this fantastic par 5. Shorter holes, #3 through #6, are well-bunkered and a good warm-up for the rest of the course. They also demand focus and accuracy as play crisscrosses the rushing Eagle River and moves past the historic red barn, a relic from EagleVail’s days as a working ranch. Enjoy the stunning landscapes as the cart winds its way up the mountainside to number nine tee box and what’s deemed the number one handicap hole. After taming number nine, climb even higher to EagleVail’s signature 10th hole. Don’t be fooled by the simple impression of this elevated par 3, 197 yard (back tees) hole. Mind the wind, consider the 185 foot drop in elevation and choose your club carefully. Big hitters will delight as they anticipate three of the longest holes on the course on the back nine. Number 11 is 548 yards presenting the player with water and sand challenges, followed by 551 on fourteen, hit long and straight, then finish out the par 5’s from the 532-yard, sky high men’s tee box on number 18. Number 18 elevates you to nearly 8,000

DIVOT Magazine

feet where you can defy gravity with the theory that thinner air increases distance by an estimated 15%. EagleVail Golf Club offers complete tournament and group services at very reasonable prices. The staff is warm and welcoming, adding to a perfect golf experience. Regarded as one of the most scenic golf experiences in the Vail Valley, EagleVail Golf Club is easy to access and central to all amenities and activities. Families planning a week’s stay appreciate the Weekly Value Pass providing unlimited golf for seven consecutive days, with an included weeklong family pass at the EagleVail pool. The new solar heated community pool, parks, tennis courts and hiking trails make EagleVail a community destination with activities for every family member. Play a round on the Par 3 in the morning and swim at the pool for half price, or do it the other way around and enjoy the same half-price savings. This year sees the return of the wildly popular Full Moon scramble, played with glow-in-the-dark balls under the silver shine of the moon. A 3 Generation Tourney on the Par 3, July 2, gives youngsters a chance to enter the game with the support of their family in a whimsical atmosphere with lots of prizes. See who can drive the marshmallow farthest, and who will lead the putting competition! Less than an hour and a half from Denver, EagleVail Golf Club is a true mountain golf experience you won’t want to miss. Call 970-949-5267, or visit D

June/July Issue



June/July Issue

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WEST SLOPE GOLF DeerCreek Village Golf Club Cedaredge, Colorado An exceptional golfing experience awaits you at DeerCreek Village Golf Club, located on the southern foothills of western Colorado’s Grand Mesa in Cedaredge. • Power and Pull Carts • Fully Stocked Golf Shop • PGA Master Professional on Staff • Private and Group Lessons • Practice Facilities • Golf Packages • Club Rentals • Full Restaurant and Bar • Beverage Cart


Devil’s Thumb Golf Club

DIVOT Magazine

June/July Issue



June/July Issue

DIVOT Magazine

DIVOT Magazine

June/July Issue


Colorado Course Directory Fees vary. Contact individual courses for exact pricing.

R = Regulation

E = Executive

Denver Area Courses Applewood Golf Club Public 18R Golden Arrowhead Golf Club Resort 18R Littleton


Map#: 3 303-279-3003 Fee Range: $12-$29 Map#: 4 303-973-9614 Fee Range: $75-$115

Aurora Hills Golf Course Map#: 7 Public 18R 303-364-6111 Aurora Fee Range: $25-$29 Designer: Henry Hughes Year Opened: 1969 Bear Creek Golf Club Map#: 9 Private 18R 303-980-8700 Denver Fees: Guests $75 Bear Dance, The Golf Club at Map#: 216 Public 18R 303-681-4653 Larkspur Fee Range: $65 - $75

Black Bear Golf Club Map#: 21 Private 18R 303-840-3100 Parker Fee Range: $40-$80 Designer: Jeff Brauer Year Opened: 1996

Blackstone Country Club Map#: 300 Private 18R 303-617-3561 Aurora Fees: Members Only Designer: Jay Morrish Year Opened: 2006 Boulder Country Club Private 18R - 9E Boulder Box Elder Creek Golf Course Public 18R Brighton

2 26

June/July Issue

Map#: 14 303-530-2226 Fees: Guest $75 Map#: 15 303-659-7177 Fee Range: $22

P3 = Par 3

258 Total Courses

Broadlands Golf Course, The Public 18R Broomfield Buffalo Run Golf Course Public 18R Commerce City

Map#: 17 303-466-8285 Fee Range: $28-$37 Map#: 19 303-289-1500 Fee Range: $18-$38

Broken Tee Englewood Golf Complex Map#: 63 Public 18R 9P3 303-762-2670 Englewood Fee Range: $15-$29 Designer: Dye/Phelps Year Opened: 1983 Castle Pines Golf Club Map#: 22 Private 18R 303-688-6022 Castle Rock Fees: Invitation Only Castle Pines, The Country Club at Map#: 45 Private 18R 303-688-6400 Castle Rock Fees: Guests $75-$95 Centre Hills Golf Course Map#: 27 Public 9-P3 303-343-4935 Aurora Fee Range: $5-$9 Cherry Creek Country Club Map#: 121 Private 18R 303-755-0711 Aurora Fees: N/A Cherry Hills Country Club Map#: 29 Private 18R 18P3 303-761-9900 Englewood Fees: Guests $125 City Park Golf Course, Denver Map#: 53 Public 18R 303-295-4420 Denver Fee Range: $20-$24 Coal Creek Golf Course Map#: 33 Public 18R 303-666-7888 Louisville Fee Range: $27-$40 Colorado Golf Club Map#: 301 Private 18R 303-840-5400 Parker Fees: N/A Colorado National Golf Club Map#: 238 Public 18R 303-665-9590 Erie Fee Range: $50-$75 Columbine Country Club Map#: 37 Private 18R 303-794-6333 Littleton Fees: Guests $80 Common Ground Golf Course Map#: 129 Public 18R 9P3 303-340-1520 Aurora Fee Range: $30-$50

DIVOT Magazine

Deer Creek at Meadow Ranch Semi-Private 18R Littleton Denver Country Club Private 18R Denver Eagle Trace Golf Club Public 18R Broomfield Evergreen Golf Course Public 18R Evergreen Foothills Golf Course Public 18R 9E 9P3 Denver

DIVOT Magazine

Map#: 51 303-978-1800 Fee Range: $65-$95 Map#: 54 303-733-2444 Fee Range: $90 Map#: 57 303-466-3322 Fee Range: $20-$30 Map#: 65 303-674-6351 Fee Range: $22-$30 Map#: 71 303-989-3901 Fee Range: $25-$39

Fitzsimons Golf Course Map#: 69 Public 18R 303-364-8125 Aurora Fee Range: $15-$21 Designer: Henry Hughes Year Opened: 1969 Flatirons Golf Course Public 18R Boulder Fossil Trace Golf Club Public 18R Golden

Map#: 70 303-442-7851 Fee Range: $22-$29 Map#: 231 303-277-8750 Fee Range: $36-$50

June/July Issue


Denver Area Courses


Fox Hollow Golf Course Map#: 76 Public 27R 303-986-7888 Lakewood Fee Range: $35-$45 Designer: Denis Griffiths Year Opened: 1993 Glenmoor Country Club Map#: 78 Private 18R 303-781-0400 Englewood Fees: Guests $60-$85 The Golf Club at Ravenna Map#: 242 Private 18R 720-956-1600 Littleton Fee Range: Members Only Green Gables Country Club Map#: 84 Private 18R 303-985-1525 Denver Fees: Guests $75 Green Valley Ranch Golf Club Map#: 219 Public 18R 303-371-3131 Denver Fee Range: $24-$32 Greenway Park Golf Course Map#: 85 Public 9-P3 303-466-3729 Broomfield Fee Range: $6-$14 Harvard Gulch Golf Course Map#: 86 Public 9-P3 303-698-4078 Denver Fee Range: $6 Heather Gardens Golf Course Map#: 89 Public 9E 303-751-2390 Aurora Fee Range: $12

Heather Ridge Country Club Map#: 90 Public 18R 303-755-3550 Aurora Fees: Guest $45 Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1973

Heritage Todd Creek Golf Club Map#: 227 Public 18R 303-655-1779 Thornton Fee Range: $55-$65 Highlands Ranch Golf Club Map#: 94 Semi-Private 18R 303-471-0000 Highlands Ranch Fee Range: $42-$69

Homestead at Fox Hollow Map#: 239 Public 18E 720-963-5181 Lakewood Fee Range: $18-$35 Designer: Denis Griffiths Year Opened: 2002

Hyland Hills, The Courses at Map#: 99 Public 27R 18P3 303-428-6526 Westminster Fee Range: $25; $37 Designer: Hughes/Hummel Year Opened: 1965 Hiwan Golf Club Private 18R Evergreen Indian Peaks Golf Course Public 18R Lafayette Indian Tree Golf Course Public 18R 9P3 Arvada Inverness Hotel & Golf Club Resort/Private 18R Englewood J. F. Kennedy Golf Course Public 27R 9P3 Denver Lake Arbor Golf Club Public 18R Arvada

Map#: 96 303-674-3369 Fees: Guests $85 Map#: 101 303-666-4706 Fee Range: $34-$38 Map#: 102 303-403-2541 Fee Range: $26 Map#: 103 303-397-7878 Fee Range: $70-$115 Map#: 104 303-751-0311 Fee Range: $20-$24 Map#: 108 303-423-1650 Fee Range: $23

Heritage at Westmoor

Legacy Ridge Golf Course Map#: 92 Public 18R 303-469-2974 Westminster Fee Range: $24-$45 Designer: Michael Hurdzan Year Opened: 1999 Map#: 113 Public 18R 303-438-8997 Westminster Fee Range: $28-$45 Designer: Arthur Hills Year Opened: 1994

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf & CC Map#: 91 Semi-Private 18R 303-400-6700 Aurora Fee Range: $35-$70 w/cart


June/July Issue

Lakewood Country Club Private 18R Lakewood

Map#: 111 303-233-0503 Fees: Guests $75-$90

DIVOT Magazine

Littleton Golf & Tennis Club

Map#: 26 Public 18E 303-794-5838 Littleton Fee Range: $13-$34 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1986

Links at Highlands Ranch, The Map#: 117 Public 18E 303-470-9292 Highlands Ranch Fee Range: $18-$31

Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel

Map#: 118 Public 18R 303-799-9940 Littleton Fee Range: $43-$65 Designer: Palmer/Seay Year Opened: 1985

Meadows Golf Club, The Public 18R Littleton

Map#: 126 303-409-2250 Fee Range: $14-$31

Meadow Hills Golf Course Map#: 125 Public 18R 303-690-2500 Aurora Fee Range: $29-$35 Designer: Henry Hughes Year Opened: 1957 Meridian Golf Club Private 18R, Englewood Mountain View Golf Course Public 9E Denver

Map#: 128 303-799-4043 Fee Range: $65-$85 Map#: 135 303-694-3012 Fee Range: $9-$12

Murphy Creek Golf Course Map#: 137 Public 18R 303-361-7300 Aurora Fee Range: $34-$44 Designer: Ken Kavanaugh Year Opened: 2000 Omni-Interlocken Resort Resort 27R Broomfield Overland Park Golf Course Public 18R Denver

DIVOT Magazine

Map#: 139 303-464-9000 Fee Range: $55-$85 Map#: 140 303-698-1975 Fee Range: $20-23

Park Hill Golf Club Map#: 142 Public 18R 303-333-5411 Denver Fee Range: $18 Perry Park Country Club Map#: 145 Private 18R 303-681-3186 Larkspur Fees: Guests $50-$70 Pinehurst Country Club Map#: 147 Private 27R 303-985-1559 Denver Fees: Guests $70-$85 Pinery Country Club, The Map#: 148 Private 27R 303-841-2850 Parker Fees: Guests $40-$50 Plum Creek Golf & Country Club Map#: 149 Private 18R 303-688-2611 Castle Rock Fee Range: $65-$85 Pradera, The Golf Club at Map#: 228 Private 18R 720-851-9600 Parker Fee Range: $TBA

Raccoon Creek Golf Course Map#: 156 Public 18R 303-932-0199 Littleton Fee Range: $38-$70 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1983 Ranch Country Club, The Map#: 157 Private 18R 303-466-2111 Westminster Fees: Guests $55 Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course Map#: 158 Public 18R 303-663-7150 Castle Rock Fee Range: $36-$59 Red Rocks Country Club Map#: 159 Private 18R 303-697-8008 Morrison Fees: Guests $35-$45 Ridge at Castle Pines North, The Map#: 160 Public 18R 303-688-0100 Castle Rock Fee Range: $75-$120 Riverdale Golf Courses Map#: 164 Public 36R 303-659-6700 Brighton Fee Range: $26-$37 Rolling Hills Country Club Map#: 168 Private 18R 303-279-7858 Golden Fees: Guests $75-$85

Saddle Rock Golf Course Map#: 169 Public 18R 303-699-3939 Aurora Fee Range: $26-$46 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1997

June/July Issue


Denver Area Courses Sanctuary Private 18R Sedalia Southglenn Country Club Private 18-P3 Littleton

Map#: 171 303-224-2860 Fees: Invitation only Map#: 180 303-798-1656 Fees: N/A

South Suburban Family Sports Center

Map#: 68 Public 9E 303-649-1115 Centennial Fee Range: $9-$19 Designer: Rick Phelps Year Opened: 1998

South Suburban Golf Course

Map#: 179 Public 18R 18P3 303-770-5508 Centennial Fee Range: $20-$35 Designer: Ken Kavanaugh Year Opened: 2000

Springhill Golf Course Map#: 184 Public 18E 303-739-6854 Aurora Fee Range: $20-$26 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1973 Stoney Creek Golf Course Public 9E Arvada Thorncreek Golf Club Public 18R Thornton Valley Country Club Private 18R Aurora Wellshire Golf Course Public 18R Denver West Woods Golf Club Public 27R Arvada Willis Case Golf Course Public 18R Denver


June/July Issue

Map#: 189 303-431-9268 Fee Range: $16-$18 Map#: 195 303-450-7055 Fee Range: $30-$35 Map#: 201 303-690-6377 Fees: Guests only Map#: 206 303-692-5636 Fee Range: $20-$24 Map#: 207 720-898-7370 Fee Range: $27 - $41 Map#: 209 303-458-4877 Fee Range: $20-$24

Front Range North

Windsor Gardens Golf Club Map#: 210 Public 9-P3 303-366-3133 Denver Fee Range: $4-$8.50 Adriel Hills Golf Course Map#: 229 Private 6-P3 970-484-3098 Ft. Collins Fees: N/A Ballyneal Golf & Hunt Club Map#: 250 Private 18R 970-854-5900 Holyoke Fee Range: Members Only Bella Rosa Golf Course Map#: 248 Public 9R 303-678-2940 Frederick Fee Range: $9-$20 Boomerang Golf Links Map#: 13 Public 18R 970-351-8934 Greeley Fee Range: $22-$30 Bunker Hill Country Club Map#: 20 Semi-Private 9R 970-842-5198 Brush Fee Range: $15-$18 Cattail Creek Golf Course Map#: 230 Public 9-P3 970-663-5310 Loveland Fee Range: $7-$10 City Park Nine Golf Course Map#: 32 Public 9R 970-221-6650 Fort Collins Fee Range: $12-$21 Collindale Golf Course Map#: 35 Public 18R 970-221-6651 Fort Collins Fee Range: $21-$23 Coyote Creek Golf Course Map#: 48 Public 18R 303-857-6152 Fort Lupton Fee Range: $22-$24 Eaton Country Club Map#: 61 Private 18R 970-454-2587 Eaton Fee Range: $25-$40 F&H Park and Recreation District Map#: 66 Public 9R 970-774-6362 Haxtun Fee Range: $14 Fort Collins Country Club Map#: 72 Private 18R 970-482-9988 Fort Collins Fees: Guests $45-$103 Fort Morgan Golf Course Map#: 73 Public 18R 970-867-5990 Fort Morgan Fee Range: $22 Fox Hill Country Club Map#: 75 Private 18R 303-772-1061 Longmont Fees: Guests $40-$55 Greeley Country Club Map#: 83 Private 18R 970-353-2431 Greeley Fee Range: $87 w/cart Harmony Club Map#: 247 Private 18R 970-482-4653 Timmath Fee Range: Members/Guest Only

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Haystack Mountain Golf Course Map#: 88 Public 9E 303-530-1400 Niwot Fee Range: $9-$14

Highland Meadows Golf Course Map#: 174 Public 18R 970-204-4653 Windsor Fee Range: $40 to $69 Designer: Art Schaupeter Year Opened: 2004 Highland Hills Golf Course Public 18R Greeley Holyoke Golf Course Public 9R Holyoke Indian Hills Golf Course Public 9R Yuma

Map#: 93 970-330-7327 Fee Range: $21-$27 Map#: 98 970-854-3200 Fee Range: $15 Map#: 100 970-848-2812 Fee Range: $14-$16

Loveland, The Olde Course at Map#: 138 Public 18R 970-667-5256 Loveland Fee Range: $22-$28 Designer: Hughes/D. Phelps Year Opened: 1960 Lake Valley Golf Club Private 18R Longmont Link-N-Greens Golf Course Public 18E Fort Collins

Map#: 110 303-444-2114 Fees: N/A Map#: 115 970-221-4818 Fee Range: $19-$21

Mariana Butte Golf Course Map#: 123 Public 18R 970-667-8308 Loveland Fee Range: $28-$36 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1992 Missing Links Golf at Frederick Map#: 130 Public 9R 303-651-7060 Longmont Fees: 10 Mountain Vista Greens Golf Course Map#: 136 Public 9R 970-482-4847 Fort Collins Fee Range: $12-$14 Northeastern 18 Map#: 188 Public 18R 970-521-6889 Sterling Fee Range: Guests $15-$37.50

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Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club Map#: 144 Semi-Private 18R 970-674-0930 Windsor Fee Range: $40-$50 Plainsman Golf Club Map#: 235 Public 9R No Telephone Joes Fee Range: $10 Prairie Golf Course Map#: 151 Public 9R 970-383-2211 Cope Fee Range: $5 Prairie Pines Golf Club Map#: 152 Public 9R 719-346-8207 Burlington Fee Range: $15-$20 Ptarmigan Golf & Country Club Map#: 153 Private 18R 970-226-6600 Fort Collins Fee Range: $100 Quint Valley Golf Club Map#: 249 Public 9R 303-822-5509 Byers Fee Range: $20 Riverview Golf Course Map#: 165 Public 18R 970-522-3035 Sterling Fee Range: $12-$18 Saddleback Golf Club Map#: 218 Public 18R 303-833-5000 Firestone Fees: $29-37 Sedgwick County Golf Course Map#: 224 Public 9S N/A Julesburg Fees: N/A Southridge Golf Club Map#: 181 Public 18R 970-416-2828 Fort Collins Fee Range: $21-24 Stratton Golf Course Map#: 190 Public 9R 719-348-5412 Stratton Fee Range: $10 Sunset Golf Course Map#: 191 Public 9R 303-776-3122 Longmont Fee Range: $10-$18 Tamarack Golf Course Map#: 192 Public 9R 719-775-9998 Limon Fee Range: $12 Twin Peaks Golf Course Map#: 198 Public 18R 303-772-1722 Longmont Fee Range: $20-$24 Ute Creek Golf Course Map#: 199 Public 18R 303-774-4342 Longmont Fee Range: $17-$35 Washington County Golf Club Map#: 205 Public 9R 970-345-2309 Akron Fee Range: $12-$15 Wray Country Club Map#: 213 Public 9R 970-332-5934 Wray Fee Range: $15-$17

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Colorado Golf

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f Course Map

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Complete Colorado Course Directory Available at

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Front Range South


Antelope Hills Golf Course Map#: 215 Public 18R 303-644-5992 Bennett Fee Range: $28-$32 Antler Creek Golf Course Map#: 221 Public 18R 719-494-1900 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $28 -$40 Broadmoor Golf Club, The Map#: 18 Resort 54R 719-634-7711 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $90-$160 The Club at Flying Horse Map#: 251 Private 18R 719-487-2620 Colorado Springs Fee Range: Members Only Cherokee Ridge Golf Course Map#: 28 Public 9R 9P3 719-597-2637 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $20 Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club Map#: 30 Public 18R 719-526-4122 Fort Carson Fee Range: $25-$28 Colorado Springs Country Club Map#: 36 Private 18R 719-473-1782 Colorado Springs Fees: Guests $40-$50 Cottonwood Links Golf Club Map#: 44 Public 9R 719-263-4500 Fowler Fee Range: $12-$14 Cougar Canyon Golf Links Map#: 197 Public 18R 719-422-7015 Trinidad Fee Range: $39 -$69 Country Club of Colorado Map#: 46 Resort 18R 719-538-4095 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $120 Desert Hawk at Pueblo West Map#: 120 Public 18R 719-547-2280 Pueblo West Fee Range: $25-$32 Eads Golf Course Map#: 232 Public 9R No Telephone Eads Fee Range: $3 Eisenhower Golf Club Map#: 62 Military 36R 719-333-2606 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $12-$50 Elmwood Golf Course Map#: 154 Public 18R 9E 719-561-4946 Pueblo Fee Range: $24-$26 Gleneagle Golf Club Map#: 77 Public 18R 719-488-0900 Colorado Springs Fees: N/A Hollydot Golf Course Map#: 97 Public 27R 719-676-3341 Colorado City Fee Range: $17-$23 Hugo Golf Club Map#: 234 Public 9S No Telephone Hugo Fee Range: $5


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Kings Deer Golf Club Map#: 55 Public 18R 719-481-1518 Monument Fee Range: $35-$50 Kissing Camels Golf Club Map#: 106 Private 27R 719-632-5541 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $60-$75 La Junta Golf Club Map#: 107 Public 9R 719-384-7133 La Junta Fee Range: $10-$15 Las Animas Golf Course Map#: 112 Public 9R 719-456-2511 Las Animas Fee Range: $12 Mossland Memorial Golf Course Map#: 133 Public 9R 719-765-4659 Flagler Fees: N/A Patty Jewett Golf Course Map#: 143 Public 27R 719-385-6934 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $27 Pine Creek Golf Club Map#: 146 Public 18R 719-594-9999 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $35 Pueblo Country Club Map#: 155 Private 18R 719-542-2941 Pueblo Fee Range: $65-$75 Rocky Ford Country Club Map#: 167 Public 9R 719-254-7528 Rocky Ford Fee Range: $11 Sand Creek Golf Course Map#: 236 Public 9E 719-597-5489 Colorado Springs Fees: 8 Signature Golf Course Map#: 2 Public 18R 719-382-3649 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $20 -$25 Silver Spruce Golf Course Map#: 175 Military 18R 719-556-7414 Colorado Springs Fees: Guests $25 Smoky River Golf Club Map#: 176 Public 9R 719-767-5021 Cheyenne Wells Fee Range: $12 Spreading Antlers Golf Course Map#: 182 Public 9R 719-336-5274 Lamar Fee Range: $20-$22 Spring Valley Golf Club Map#: 183 Public 18R 303-646-4240 Elizabeth Fee Range: $22-$34 Springfield Municipal Golf Course Map#: 226 Public 9R No Telephone Springfield Fees: N/A Springs Ranch Golf Club Map#: 185 Public 18R 719-573-4863 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $28-$45 Sumo Golf Village Map#: 10 Semi-Private 18R 719-784-6152 Florence Fee Range: $42

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Trinidad Golf Course Map#: 302 Public 9R 719-846-4015 Trinidad Fee Range: $15(9H); $20(18h) Valley Hi Golf Course Map#: 202 Public 18R 719-385-6911 Colorado Springs Fee Range: $20-$27 Walking Stick Golf Course Map#: 203 Public 18R 719-584-3400 Pueblo Fee Range: $26-$28 Walsenburg Golf Course Map#: 204 Public 9R 719-738-2730 Walsenburg Fee Range: $14-$16 Woodmoor Pines Country Club Map#: 212 Private 18R 719-481-2266 Monument Fees: Guests $55-$65


Adam’s Mountain Country Club Map#: 244 Private 18R 970-328-2326 Eagle Fees: Members Only Aspen Glen Golf Club Map#: 5 Private 18R 970-704-1988 Carbondale Fees: Guests $120-$245 Aspen Golf Course Map#: 6 Public 18R 970-429-1949 Aspen Fee Range: $80 Beaver Creek Golf Club Map#: 11 Resort 18R 970-845-5775 Avon Fees: Guests $160 Breckenridge Golf Club Map#: 16 Public 27R 970-453-9104 Breckenridge Fee Range: $95 Brightwater Club Map#: 243 Private 18R 970-777-1270 Gypsum Fee Range: Members Only Catamount Ranch and Club Map#: 23 Private 18R 970-871-9200 Steamboat Springs Fees: Guests $135

Cattails Golf Club Map#: 24 Public 18R 719-589-9515 Alamosa Fee Range: $30 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1992 Challenger Golf Course Public 9E Crestone Collegiate Peaks Golf Course Public 9R Buena Vista

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Map#: 119 719-256-4856 Fee Range: $20 Map#: 34 719-395-8189 Fee Range: $23

Copper Creek Golf Club Map#: 39 Resort 18R 970-968-2882 Copper Mountain Fee Range: $65-$85 Cordillera, The Club at Map#: 40 Private 54R 9P3 970-926-5100 Edwards Fee Range: $225-$235 Country Club of the Rockies Map#: 47 Private 18R 970-926-3021 Edwards Fees: Guests $75-$175 Crested Butte, The Club at Map#: 49 Resort 18R 970-349-6131 Crested Butte Fee Range: $120 Dos Rios Golf Club Map#: 56 Semi-Private 18R 970-641-1482 Gunnison Fee Range: $65 w/cart Eagle Ranch Golf Club Map#: 217 Public 18R 866-328-3232 (toll free) Eagle Fee Range: $45-$90 Eagle Springs Golf Club Map#: 58 Private 18R 970-926-4404 Wolcott Fees: Escorted Guests Only

EagleVail Golf Club Map#: 59 Resort 18R 800-341-8051 Avon Fee Range: $35-$98 Designer: Devlin/Von Hagge Year Opened: 1957

Estes Park Golf Course Map#: 64 Public 18R 970-586-8146 Estes Park Fee Range: $28 - $46 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1957 Four Mile Ranch Golf Club Map#: 252 Public 18R 719-275-5400 Canon City Fee Range: $44-$59 Fox Acres Country Club Map#: 74 Private 18R 970-881-2191 Red Feather Lakes Fees: Guests $120-$130 Glenwood Springs Golf Club Map#: 79 Public 9R 970-945-7086 Glenwood Springs Fee Range: $25 Grand Elk Golf Course Map#: 222 Resort 18R 970-887-9122 Granby Fee Range: $45 - $125 Gypsum Creek Golf Club Map#: 42 Semi-Private 18R 970-524-6200 Gypsum Fee Range: $100

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Grand Lake Golf Course Map#: 80 Public 18R 970-627-8008 Grand Lake Fee Range: $44-$80 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 1964 Haymaker Golf Course Map#: 87 Public 18R 970-870-1846 Steamboat Springs Fee Range: $79 Headwaters Golf Course Map#: 225 Public 18R 970-887-2709 Granby Fee Range: $60-$80 High Country Mountain Meadows GC Club Map#: 233 Public 9R No Telephone Red Feather Lakes Fees: N/A Ironbridge Golf Club Map#: 208 Private 18R 970-384-0630 Glenwood Springs Fees: Guests $175 Keystone Ranch Golf Course Map#: 105 Resort 18R 970-496-4250 Keystone Fee Range: $125-$140 Keystone, The River Course at Map#: 162 Resort 18R 970-496-4444 Keystone Fee Range: $125-$140 Lake Estes Executive 9 Golf Course Map#: 109 Public 9E 970-586-8176 Estes Park Fee Range: $13 Maroon Creek Club Map#: 124 Private 18R 970-920-1533 Aspen Fees: Guests $195-$325 Monte Vista Country Club Map#: 131 Public 9R 719-852-4906 Monte Vista Fee Range: $18 Mount Massive Golf Course Map#: 134 Public 9R 719-486-2176 Leadville Fee Range: $18 Pagosa Springs Golf Club Map#: 141 Resort 27R 970-731-4755 Pagosa Springs Fee Range: $57 Pole Creek Golf Club Map#: 150 Public 27R 800-511-5076 Winter Park Fee Range: $80 The Ranch at Roaring Fork Club Map#: 245 Public 9P3 970-963-4410 Carbondale Fee Range: $15 Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks Map#: 60 Semi-Private 18R 970-262-3636 Silverthorne Fee Range: $75-$124


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Red Sky Ranch Map#: 223 N/A 36R 970-477-8406 Edwards Fees: N/A Rio Grande Golf Club Map#: 41 Resort/Private 18R 719-873-1995 South Fork Fees: N/A River Valley Ranch Golf Club Map#: 163 Public 18R 970-963-3625 Carbondale Fee Range: $50-$75 Roaring Fork Club Map#: 166 Private 18R 970-927-9100 Basalt Fees: Invitation only Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club Map#: 173 Resort 18R 970-879-1391 Steamboat Springs Fee Range: $80-$130 Saint Andrews at Westcliffe Map#: 186 Public 9R 719-783-9410 Westcliffe Fee Range: $12-$20 Salida Golf Club Map#: 170 Public 9R 719-539-1060 Salida Fee Range: $23 Shadow Hills Golf Club Map#: 172 Semi-Private 18R 719-275-0603 Ca-on City Fee Range: $33 Shining Mountain Golf Club Map#: 211 Public 18R 719-687-7587 Woodland Park Fee Range: $32-$38 Snowmass Golf Village Map#: 177 Resort 18R 719-784-6152 Snowmass Village Fees: N/A Sonnenalp Golf Club Map#: 178 Resort 18R 970-477-5370 Edwards Fee Range: $160 Steamboat Golf Club Map#: 187 Public 9R 970-879-4295 Steamboat Springs Fee Range: $25(9H); $37 (18H) Vail Golf Club Map#: 200 Public 18R 970-479-2260 Vail Fee Range: $100 Willow Creek at Eagle Vail Map#: 237 Public 9-P3 970-845-PAR3 Avon Fees: N/A

West Slope

Adobe Creek National Golf Course Map#: 1 Public 27R 970-858-0521 Fruita Fee Range: $17-$24 Battlement Mesa Golf Club Map#: 8 Public 18R 970-285-7274 Battlement Mesa Fee Range: $35 Black Canyon Golf Club at Montrose Map#: 132 Public 18R 970-249-4653 Montrose Fee Range: $24

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Bookcliff Country Club Private 18R Grand Junction

Map#: 12 970-242-9053 Fees: Guest $40

Bridges at Black Canyon, The Map#: 241 Simi-Private 18R 970-252-1119 Montrose Fees: Guest $85-$150 Designer: Nicklaus Design Year Opened: 2005 Cedar Ridges Golf Course Map#: 25 Public 9R 970-675-8403 Rangely Fee Range: $10(9H), $18(18H) Chipeta Golf Course Map#: 31 Public 18E 970-245-7177 Grand Junction Fee Range: $17-$21 Cobble Creek, The Links at Map#: 116 Public 18R 970-240-9542 Montrose Fee Range: $37 Conquistador Golf Course Map#: 38 Public 18R 970-565-9208 Cortez Fee Range: $18 Dalton Ranch Golf Course Map#: 50 Semi-Private 18R 970-247-8774 Durango Fee Range: $79

Hunter’s Run Golf Course Map#: 246 Public 18R 970-884-9785 Ignacio Fee Range: $11-$20 Lakota Canyon Golf Club Map#: 240 Public 18R 970-984-9700 New Castle Fee Range: $45-$75 Lincoln Park Golf Course Map#: 114 Public 9R 970-242-6394 Grand Junction Fee Range: $10-$14 Meeker Golf Course Map#: 127 Public 9R 970-878-5642 Meeker Fee Range: $19 Redlands Mesa, The Golf Club at Map#: 220 Public 18R 970-263-9270 Grand Junction Fee Range: $49-$69 Rifle Creek Golf Club Map#: 161 Semi-Private 18R 970-625-1093 Rifle Fee Range: $34 Telluride Ski & Golf Club Map#: 194 Resort 18R 970-728-6157 Telluride Fee Range: $130-$150 Tiara Rado Golf Course Map#: 196 Public 18R 970-254-3830 Grand Junction Fee Range: $18-$22 Yampa Valley Golf Club Map#: 214 Public 18R 970-824-3673 Craig Fee Range: $28

Deer Creek Village Golf Club Map#: 52 Public 18R 970-856-7781 Cedaredge Fee Range: $29-$38 Designer: Unknown Year Opened: 1992

Devil's Thumb Golf Course Map#: 43 Public 18R 970-874-6262 Delta Fee Range: $26-$41 Designer: Dick Phelps Year Opened: 2001 Divide Ranch and Club Semi-Private 18R Ridgway Glacier Club at Tamarron Resort 18R Durango Hillcrest Golf Club Public 18R Durango

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Map#: 67 970-626-5284 Fee Range: $49-$76 Map#: 193 970-382-6700 Fee Range: $65-$125 Map#: 95 970-247-1499 Fee Range: $22

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EVERY golf course in Colorado including golf Offers and Discounts at June/July Issue


course feature

Kids Play Free... V

ery few recreation districts or municipalities can boast of the diversity in golf courses and amenities as can the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. Factor in that kids play for FREE all summer long, and the experience at the four courses is unparalleled. Kids 17 and under will be allowed to play for FREE through August, Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 5 pm at Family Sports Golf Course and Littleton Golf and Tennis and after 6 pm at Lone Tree Golf Club and South Suburban Golf Course. “We’re trying to support junior golf and help grow the game as much as possible,” said John Tolan, the head golf professional at Family Sports and the father of one of the top players in the state over the last decade, Derek Tolan, who qualified to play in the U.S. Open at the age of 16. “We’re also trying to grow our base (of players) out here. So we hope this takes off a little and maybe we’ll start a trend.” Calling ahead for tee times is suggested and the juniors are not required to live in the district to take advantage of this season-long opportunity. The cornerstone of the district is Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel. This charming English Tudor style building, which also houses the golf shop and Out of Bounds Grill, is possibly one of the best-kept secrets in all of the front range with 15 intimate luxury suites overlooking the golf course, and one deluxe suite includes a hot tub. Also in the Lone Tree facil-

ity are 6 meeting rooms, banquet rooms and a cozy atmosphere suitable for weddings, business meetings, social gatherings, and golf tournaments. The Lone Tree Golf Club is the bell cow of the district courses, designed by Arnold Palmer and opened as a private club in 1986. It was then purchased by South Suburban and opened to the public in 1991. The layout features challenging greens, which some say are the best defense of the layout, is well-bunkered and has spectacular vistas of the front range from the high points such as the 15th tee box. The rough is generally kept long enough to cause players to club up just to escape them. The fairways are adequate and water comes into play on several of the holes. The four sets of tee boxes can accommodate golfers of all abilities. Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel property also incorporates 6 tennis courses, open to the public. South Suburban Golf Course features a par 72 course with rolling fairways and large undulating greens, which may challenge players of all abilities. The views are breathtaking and remind you of the reasons you love the get back to nature. The 17th tee box offers an extraordinarily spectacular view of the front range and mountains. Also available at South Suburban Golf Course is a par 3

The Lone Tree Golf Club 38

June/July Issue

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Are You Kidding? layout, rated the most playable par 3 course in the state. Players will notice an abundance of character on every hole with elevation changes, water features, and a variety of lengths over the 9 holes. Family Sports Center is a 9-hole, par 31 executive course highlighted by a par 5 hole and two par 3 holes over 200 yards in length. The most significant aspect of Family Sports Center is the double-decked driving range, which is open during some of the colder months due to the heaters above the stalls on the lower level. The practice range is lit during the summer months and open til 11 pm. Also on the property is a miniature golf course, two indoor ice skating rinks, an indoor dome for athletic events, and a large amusement & video game area. Littleton Golf & Tennis Club is an 18hole executive length course, designed by the most prolific designer in the state, Dick Phelps, stretches to

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over 4700 yards and is a par 63 layout. The variety in length of the holes will challenge players to use every club in the bag to work their way back to the clubhouse. Inside the dome, which houses the golf shop and snack bar are 6 indoor, air-conditioned tennis courts. Littleton’s original 9-hole course was added onto a few years back. The back nine holes wind their way through a wooded layout, following the Platte River. Also included in the quiver of the South Suburban recreational amenities are a 36hole miniature golf course, The Colorado Journey, located at Windemere St. and Belleview Ave. and a disc golf course near Holly St and County Line Road. Golf and golf related activities abound at South Suburban Parks and Recreation. Get off the couch this summer and get involved. Get back to nature in the district. Lone Tree Golf Club: 303-799-9940 South Suburban Golf Course: 303-770-5500 Family Sports Center: 303-649-1115 Littleton Golf & Tennis Club: 303-794-5838 D

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Golf for Families in the Colorado Rockies is the Ultimate Summer Treat


or families looking for some outdoor summer fun, golf might be just the ticket. The key is finding a family-friendly course that challenges more experienced players while remaining accessible for juniors. Headwaters Golf Course at Granby Ranch is just that sort of place. This championship course rivals some of the best in the Colorado Rockies, and it brings a family twist. Six sets of tee boxes, strategically placed sand traps, ponds and lakes, makes Headwaters Golf Course a challenging but fair course for golfers of all abilities – from beginners to the avid golfer, The pro shop offers club rentals and clinics, while junior golf lessons and camps promise to bring smiles to even the newest young golfers while teaching etiquette, self-control, and developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Combined with off-course options such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and dining, Granby Ranch is an action-packed destination perfect for entertaining the whole gang this summer. SUMMER 2011 AMENITIES & EVENTS Headwaters Golf Course - May 26 - October 2, 2011, weather permitting Hours of Operation: Daily from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm, weather permitting. Buy an adult unlimited Green’s pass before May 27th and save $200. Family Golf Holes, $20 per family Play a round at Headwaters Golf Course for casual play at our par 3 Family Golf Holes. Cost is $20 per family. Week-Long Junior Golf Clinic - June 2011 Headwaters Golf Course will host a week-long junior golf camp for students ages 18 and under. Participants will not only learn how to improve their swing, but also rules and course etiquette. The program is based on skills-based activities that emphasize fun. Cost for the week long camp

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is $80 per junior golfer. Grand Classic - June 17-18, 2011 A two-day tournament hosted by Headwaters Golf Course and Pole Creek Golf Club to benefit the Grand Foundation. Twilight Golf Series - Thurs July 1 - Aug 12, 2011 Sign up with teams of 4 for a 9-hole shotgun twilight golf series at Headwaters Golf Course. At least one player must be a woman. Ladies’ Open - Wednesday, Aug 3, 2011 Join us for the Ladies’ Open at Headwaters Golf Course, an 18-hole tournament. $75 includes greens fees, cart, range balls, lunch and prizes. USGA approved handicap required. About Granby Ranch Located only 20 miles from the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, Granby Ranch is a four-season mountain community and the perfect place for gathering friends and family for a Colorado adventure. Home to SolVista Basin, SolVista Bike Park, and Headwaters Golf Course, Granby Ranch offers, chairlift access to thousands of acres of hiking and cross-country trails, downhill mountain biking, a championship golf course, miles of blue-ribbon fishing and the friendliest family ski mountain around. With homesites from under $100,000, Granby Ranch the ultimate family mountain community. This place has a way of bringing people together, with neighborhoods connected by trails instead of sidewalks and amenities that ensure kids grow up with an adventure around every corner. To own a mountain home here is to do something your family will cherish for generations to come.

Visit for a day or stay for a lifetime, Go to for lodging options, tee times or to learn more about owning a mountain home at Granby Ranch. D June/July Issue


Grand Lake Golf Course 1415 County Road 48, Grand Lake, CO

$65 rate good for the 2011 season Excluding Saturdays & Holidays with this coupon.

“Best Golf Course in Grand County for 2010” Sky High Daily News Readers! New for 2011 4 newly constructed USGA greens! Look for a Mid May Opening for the 2011 Golf Season

970-627-8936 e-mail:

ESTES PARK GOLF COURSE 1480 Golf Course Rd., Estes Park. CO (Hwy #7 & Golf Course Rd.) Enjoy your round surrounded by majestic mountain views! PRESENT THIS COUPON FOR OUR 2011 SPECIALS GREEN FEE AND CART

06/01 THRU 06/14-$50/player-WEEKDAYS AFTER 11AM 06/15 THRU 08/31-$55/player-SUN thru THURS AFTER 12PM (not valid on holidays or special events)

TEE TIMES Taken 7 Days in Advance 970-586-8146 ext 0 or 866-586-8146 ext 0 e-mail: 42 June/July Issue

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$99 Includes: Golf All Day! Cart! Range Balls! Lodging! Three Course Packages Also Available. Contact Cattails Golf Course For Details

866-959-SKYS (7597)

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nice drive

2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

By Karl O’Keefe Divot Magazine Writer


e all love the game of golf. But as we all know, some of us will never break 70, or 80, or 90, or... Let’s face it. Golf swings are not all created equal. And just as there’s a difference between a tour pros game, and those of us who tee it up at the muni down the street, there’s also a difference between the 2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged and all the other luxury SUV’s. The Sport, my tester for this issue, is a luxury SUV gone wild. If you already drive one, chances are you're a notch above most, financially at least, and if not with your golf game, you can probably afford to change that. This vehicle is without a doubt a status symbol. A less refined person would probably opt for an Escalade, or a more excitable one, a Porsche Cayenne. The Sport’s distinction is aggressiveness. The Supercharged 5.0L V8 (replacing the 4.2L V8) is nothing less than impressive. As your right foot firmly reaches the firewall, yourself and your golf buddies will go from 0 to 60 in 6 tummy tickling seconds. Insane! There is only one excuse for being late to the first tee, and that’s getting pulled over on the way. It almost seems impossible, but the 6-speed transmission makes it all happen effortlessly. With this kind of forward momentum, this truck


June/July Issue

(seems odd calling it that) needs some serious stopping power. Sporting 380-mm and 365-mm vented discs front and rear, respectively, the Sport comes to a standstill with surprising bite. Driving the Sport Supercharged goes right to your head. On an average day, no one can touch you as you either speed by or climb over, which is an option. That is unless you run out of gas or stop to fill up. This V8 loves the juice and is seriously addicted to it. My driving week returned an average of... hold on... 13 mpg. But if the $80,000+ sticker doesn't raise your pulse, these numbers shouldn't either. Back to the good stuff... The Range Rover has one of the most original and plush cabins this side of Jaguar, which is next issues test. Not only is the design and layout unique in many ways, but the materials used are beyond plush. Starting with the seats, the passengers will likely never want to sit in their inferior vehicle ever again. The dashboard is clean and practical. Controls are large, however it will take a short period of time to locate where everything is the first time you step on board. The touch-screen navigation can sometimes be confusing but in the end, it all works. There are few complaints to be made when it comes to a vehicle like this. For complete details and more information visit D

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City of Westminster’s Championship Courses!

Where Championship Golf is Played... 2011 CGA State Four-Ball Championship May 13-15, 2011 Legacy Ridge Golf Course

2011 USGA United States Open Local Qualifier May 16, 2011 The Heritage Golf Course at Westmoor

2011 CGA State Senior Match Play Championship June 13-17, 2011 The Heritage Golf Course at Westmoor

2011 Colorado Open Qualifiers July 14 and 18, 2011 Legacy Ridge Golf Course

For complete information including daily specials visit:

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ComeBack Tales By Tom Olkowski, Ph.D. Divot Magazine Contributing Writer


erhaps a few of you older rock ‘n rollers out there will recognize this photograph as the cover illustration for Leon Russell’s 1973 album titled “Hank Wilson’s Back!” The album contained such gems as “Rollin’ My Sweet Baby’s Arms” and “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry,” as well as the old chestnuts “Jambalaya” and “Goodnight Irene.” Anyone who has seen Leon lately knows he’s still rocking and he still hasn’t cut his hair or trimmed his beard, but he has recorded a total of 43 albums and been inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Closer to home, the big back story of the spring was Todd Helton’s. As all Colorado Rockies fans know, Todd suffered through severe back problems last year that eventually forced him to go on the disabled list and miss a good portion of the season. They also caused him to endure his most disappointing season as a Rockie. Thus the big question of spring training was whether Todd’s back would be back or was this season going into the official scorebook as his last. Thankfully, due to a great deal of intense off-season work, Todd seems to have regained his form, he started the season hitting well above .300, and without doubt is headed for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. What’s this all got to do with golf, you might ask? Nothing really, it’s just a way of sneaking up on a topic (a trick we writers sometimes use). After my last Divot article “I Hate Golf (Right Now)!” I received a very gracious phone call from a fellow golfer and back surgery adventurer named Ralph up in Longmont. (I am not going to divulge Ralph’s last name because if his postsurgery scar is as sexy as mine, every woman at his golf club is going to be badgering him to see


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it.) During the third week of February, Ralph underwent “X-Stop Surgery,” a procedure involving the insertion of spinal spacers that relieve pressure on the nerves. Lee Trevino is just one Hallof-Famer to have undergone the surgery. Ralph’s X-Stop spacers resemble X-Wing Fighters and are somewhat different than my “space ladders” but both do the job. We had a very pleasant conversation about our surgical experiences, the progress we were making in our recuperations, and how we each felt regarding getting back on the fairways, sort of like two buddies who discovered they had just bought the same model car or taken the same vacation trip. We agreed that the surgery itself was not as horrifying as either of us had anticipated. As a matter of fact, Ralph’s was done on an out-patient basis and he went home the same day. I, on the other hand, got to enjoy the attention of several attractive nurses for a few days before they sent me on my way. Despite some physical discomfort, the behavioral limitation of no B.L.T. (Bending, Lifting or Twisting) was a minor price to pay in light of the physical relief we experienced. The worst part was simply knowing that our buddies were out there playing without us. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was whose scar really looks sexier. Needless to say, neither Ralph nor I can wait to get back on the course as soon as possible. And even though neither of us is likely to make it into any Hall of Fame, we both anticipate coming back better than ever. And although I don’t want to put words into Ralph’s mouth, I want to warn his golf buddies that he’s coming back soon, and he’s kicking butt and taking names! Tom Olkowski, Ph.D., is a writer and retired clinical psychologist in Denver and he wants his golf buddies to know he’s sending them the same warning. D

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Raccoon Creek Golf Course

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colorado women’s golf association news

Colorado Women’s Golf Association Welcomes Kelley Mawhinney


he Colorado Women’s Golf Association (CWGA) is proud to announce the receipt of another grant from the United States Golf Association (USGA) to hire a P.J. Boatwright, Jr. intern for 2011. Due to this support from the USGA, the CWGA has had the privilege to bring Kelley Mawhinney on board with the staff for the next twelve months. Kelley Mawhinney was born in the great state of Wisconsin, home to the awesome University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers and the Super Bowl

This adventure prompted her to move to Colorado and begin working with the CWGA to learn as much as possible about the game of golf... champions Green Bay Packers! She fled to Colorado from Wisconsin to escape from the cold and snow but remains an avid sports fan. In high school, she played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and golf. While playing on the varsity golf team, she quickly grew to love the game. She continued to play recreationally during her high school and college years, and her enjoyment of the game continues today. She then went on to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a minor in health & wellness, and she also played on the women’s collegiate soccer team there. Having not put herself in enough debt with her student loans, Kelley went back to school and received her master’s degree in sport administration from Wisconsin-LaCrosse. She decided to enter the golf administration industry and was awarded an internship with the American Junior Golf Association in the summer of 2010; here Kelley got to work with some outstanding junior golf


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athletes and only further increased her passion for the game. This adventure prompted her to move to Colorado and begin working with the CWGA to learn as much as possible about the game of golf so she can realize her dream of working within the golf industry. Kelley has twin siblings, Kevin and Megan, who recently celebrated their 22nd birthday. Both played collegiate soccer and will be graduating soon. Megan will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and Kevin is majoring in IT infrastructure, both going to school in Wisconsin. Kelley's dad, Art, is a professional cartoonist who works for Disney and Nickelodeon drawing Look and Find books for children while her mom, Katie, runs the office side of her father’s business. Some hobbies Kelley enjoys in her free time are running, listening to country music, watching movies, and, of course, playing golf! Please welcome Kelley to the CWGA! D

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by the rules


Don’t let them get in the way of your game. By Kim Nissen CWGA Director of Rules and Competitions


ay you were lucky enough to be spectating at the Masters in Augusta or maybe you will be attending the upcoming U.S. Women’s Open at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. While watching, a player’s ball comes to rest on your spectating chair. What does the player do? This situation happened at this year’s Masters and Robin Jervey, CWGA’s executive director, gave the ruling to Fred Couples. First determine what The Rules of Golf would consider a spectating chair. Under the Rules definitions, you will read that an obstruction includes something artificial. The definition goes on to describe the difference between movable and immovable obstructions. Movable obstructions can be moved without unreasonable effort, without unduly delaying play and without causing damage. A spectator chair is artificial and it can be easily moved, therefore, we know we are dealing with Rule 24-1, Movable Obstruction. The good news is relief for a ball that lies in or on an obstruction is free, thus no penalty. How should relief be taken? Step one: It is a good idea to place a tee on the ground directly under where the ball lies on the spectator chair. Step two: Lift the ball from the chair. The player may clean their ball if they wish. Step three: Remove the chair from the area. Step four: Using the spot marked by the tee that was placed under the chair as a reference point, the ball should be DROPPED, not placed, as closely as possible to the spot indicated by the tee, no closer to the hole. (It is a good idea to remove the tee prior to dropping. If the ball being dropped touches the tee before or after striking a part of the course, the ball would need to be re-dropped.) A similar situation commonly encountered on

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the golf course is when a ball comes to rest next to a rake. Based on the definition of obstruction, we know a rake is also considered a movable obstruction. Because the ball lies next to the rake and not on it, relief is taken a little differently as compared to the spectator chair. Step one: It is a good idea to mark the location of the ball with a tee prior to removing the rake. This indicates where the ball originally lay if it moves in the process of moving the rake. Step two: Remove the rake carefully, trying not to move the ball. Step three: If the ball happens to move in the process of moving the rake, REPLACE it (do not drop) on the spot you marked with the tee. If the ball did not move in the process of moving the rake, you would simply remove the tee and play the ball as it lies. As a general rule, if the golf ball has a known spot on the golf course, it is replaced, and if the golf ball does not have a known spot on the course, a spot is estimated and the ball dropped. Either way, there is no need for obstructions to get in the way of your game.

For questions on The Rules of Golf, contact the Colorado Women’s Golf Association at 303-366-7888 or D June/July Issue



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World Renowned PGA Golf Instructor Jim McLean at Commonground Golf Course July 11 Colorado PGA Hosts FREE Junior Golf Clinic to include Fitness & Nutrition by PGA of America Director of Fitness & Performance David Donatucci


orld-renowned PGA Golf Instructor Jim McLean will offer a 2-hour golf swing presentation to young golfers and their parents on Monday, July 11 at CommonGround Golf Course. This Junior Golf Clinic is hosted by the Colorado PGA and is FREE and open to the public. Starting at 2:00 pm junior golfers and accompanying parents can learn how fitness and nutrition can help their game with tips from David Donatucci, Director of Fitness & Performance for The PGA of America. Then Jim McLean, PGA Master Professional and owner of the Jim McLean Golf Schools in Florida, Texas, California, Michigan, Utah, Spain and Mex-

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ico, will conduct a two-hour golf swing presentation. This FREE Junior Golf Clinic follows the Colorado PGA Pro-Junior being played in the morning, July 11, at CommonGround Golf Course. This Play Golf America event is created to showcase the game of golf in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It is designed to provide free expert instruction to golfers of all ages and skill levels, plus introduce new golfers to the game.

For more information on Play Golf Colorado – Free Junior Golf Clinic and PGA Play Golf America log on to, or

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Playing Golf... Saving Young Lives


ince the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, about 2,600 American troops were killed in combat. During this same 41-month period more than 22,000 teens between the ages of 15 and 19 died in car crashes on U.S. roads. In July of 2006. Paul Ondrish and Brandon Nichols were killed in a one-car accident on High Grade Road in Jefferson County, Colorado on July 13, 2006. They were 20 years old. Paul and Brandon had a true zest for life and lived each day to its fullest. Brandon and Paul come from large, loving families and made them a priority in their lives. Both were enrolled in college, Paul was studying to be a mechanical engineer, and Brandon to be a history teacher. One Night... Countless Lives Affected. Music playing, laughing, and enjoying themselves, the five friends were traveling on a twisty mountain road at twice the posted speed limit. They came to a curve and, unable to negotiate the sharp turn, hit the guard rail. After impact with the guardrail, the car crossed the road, traveled up onto the side of the mountain, then flipped onto its roof. As the vehicle flipped, both the driver and front passenger were ejected from the car. When the car finally came to rest, the three boys in the back were still in the car; restrained in their seatbelts. They walked away with minor physical injuries. Paul and Brandon had been in the front seat without their seatbelts on; they died at the scene. About 10 teens died each day in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. in 2009. In 2007, determined to change this harsh statistical reality and to prevent other families from suffering this indescribable loss, the Brandon and Paul Foundation was formed. In conjunction with the National Safety Council (NSC), the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation (CSPFF) the Brandon and Paul Foundation began promoting the Alive at 25 programs for teens and parents. These programs are


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truly life saving. Golf Tournament Makes a Difference. For the past four years, the Brandon & Paul Foundation has hosted the Wall Bop Golf Tournament. This year the 5th Annual Wall Bop tournament will be held on July 9, 2011 at The Homestead Golf Course in Lakewood, Colorado. The format will be a 4-person scramble tournament, followed by a silent auction and raffle, prizes, and an awards lunch sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. The Wall-Bop Golf Tournament is both a way to celebrate the love of life and golf that “Paul-Wall” and “B-Bop”, as they were affectionately known to their friends, possessed and a way to raise funds for the Foundation formed in their memories. Sponsorship opportunities for this year’s tournament at various levels are available. The Brandon & Paul Foundation is a tax exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and therefore your donations are tax deductible.

For information on how you can participate please contact: Amy Nichols (303) 2294460 Frank Ondrish (303) 946-7292 Patti Ondrish (303) 946-7293 How Does the Foundation Use My Gift? Patti & Frank Ondrish and Amy Nichols are active members in the CSPFF Survivors Assistance For Education (S.A.F.E.) Committee. The committee directs CSPFF in the effective use of funds donated to the Alive at 25 driving programs. Through the fund raising efforts of the Brandon and Paul Foundation and the generosity of friends and family, more than $30,000 has been donated to the S.A.F.E. fund over the past 4 years. The vision for the future includes providing this proven program to all teen drivers free of charge; to make the Alive at 25 program a required component of every teen driver’s education; to expand the program throughout the entire United States; and most importantly to save lives. D

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DIVOT Magazine

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always time for nine

Colorado’s Colorado’s Best Best 9-Hole 9-Hole Courses... Courses...

Mount Massive Golf Course

By Scott Springfield Divot Contributing Writer


o what do the numbers 9680, 11.6 and 60 have to do with Mount Massive Golf Course and Leadville, CO? At an altitude of 9,680 feet, Mount Massive Golf Course is the highest in North America. We picked a beautiful late September day to play this 9-hole track which is located just a short distance from the historic downtown of Leadville. However, to travel that short distance you will need a compass, a mountain man guide and a bloodhound to try to find this secluded course! Their address was not accepted by our GPS and MapQuest was a little sketchy. As you get close to the course, you will see signs to the “golf course”. Make sure to place ribbons on the trees as you make your way in. Somehow we got turned around on the way out and ended up halfway to Aspen before we realized we were going in the wrong direction (I blamed Ed, my navigator for this). The course was built in 1939 and the design is fairly basic. The par 3, second hole is the only unique one on the course. You need to climb a tower which has a sign that states, “CAUTION: Always look from tower before teeing off #2”. This will assure you that the green is clear for this blind tee shot. The scenery is what makes this course special. Situated between the Sawatch and Mosquito ranges, we were treated to the previous days dusting of snow on the mountain peaks. The course is very playable for all levels of golfers and at this al-


June/July Issue

titude the ball really flies. Tee times are usually easy to obtain and a two hour round (or less) is very common (that is if you don’t stop to take too many pictures). Mount Massive is definitely a treat if you are spending time in the area between May and October. Since we had plenty of time for another activity, we put away the clubs and hopped on our bikes. Covering 11.6 miles, the Mineral Belt Trail is a paved loop that surrounds this historic mining town. During the winter months, it is groomed for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter biking. Summer brings hiking, biking and rollerblading and the entire trail is ADA accessible. As we traversed our way along the 10,000 foot high trail through the conifer forests and the colorful aspen groves, we were surprised how much we learned about the famed Leadville Mining District. Names such as Baby Doe Tabor, Meyer Guggenheim, Charles Boettcher, David May and the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown came to life. Your day is not complete without a stroll down Main Street which has been designated as a National Historic Landmark of Victorian Architecture. It features many specialty shops and our favorite was Antique Accents, which as advertised, contains the “rare and unusual”. Oh, I almost forgot the 60. We spent this wonderful autumn Colorado day celebrating my 60th birthday in Leadville, CO. D

Mount Massive Golf Course 259 County Rd. 5, Leadville, CO 80461 719-486-2176 •

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Divot Magazine Summer - 2011  

Your Guide to Golf in Colorado! Experience the very latest golf news, events, deals, resorts and lifestyles that Colorado golf has to offer.

Divot Magazine Summer - 2011  

Your Guide to Golf in Colorado! Experience the very latest golf news, events, deals, resorts and lifestyles that Colorado golf has to offer.