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FOLLOW YOUR PATH. LakewoodGolf.org

“The Best 18 You’ve Never Played”

Todd Creek Restaurant open to the public.

Todd Creek Golf Club 303-655-1779 www.toddcreekgolfclub.com

8455 Heritage Drive Thornton, CO 80602

One of the best practice facilities in the North metro area.

Great facility to host any size golf event, wedding or special event.

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Pro Tip

Fitting or Lessons? Which is Best for You? By Nate Norris DIVOT Contributing Writer

I have been a full-time golf coach and fitter for 15 years now and the number one question I get is “Should I get fit or take a lesson?”. The truthful answer is probably both, but they achieve different things for you. Understanding how each one is designed to help you is important in your decision. In short, new clubs help the ball go further and lessons help the ball go straighter. When you go anywhere for a club fitting, you can expect the fitter to optimize the club for launch, spin and turf interaction.

+Y2ar7ds Our students unlock big gains with club tting at GOLFTEC Using our proprietary TECFIT tting system, our expert tters will nd the best head and shaft combinations from all the top brands to maximize your gains.

See more results at GOLFTEC.com/ P Proof Proo Pro r

©2020 GOLFTEC - The PGA name, logos, and marks are a trademark of The Professional Golfers’ Association of America.


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There are very few things that we can do to a club to stop a big curve in one direction or another. Yes, manufacturers are getting much better at building in slice and hook prevention into their clubs, but we can only adjust the face angle and gear effect of the club so much. We cannot adjust for a swing path that hits the ball with a glancing blow. In fact, as a fitter, If I put too much draw bias correction into a driver for a slicer, they will just hit a big pull to the left, not a straight ball. What creates a curve is a difference between the path and the club face. You know that shot that you hit where the ball flies out perfectly straight and then takes a hard right and curves out of bounds? That isn’t caused

by a club face that is open to the target. In fact, the face was pretty square to the target. The path is cutting across the back of the ball from outside to inside and spinning the ball sideways.

There is not a club in the world that can fix that swing path issue. The same thing is true for a big hook to the left. Any time the club hits the ball with a GLANCING blow you will get curve, no matter the club. Build this practice station at the range and see if you can swing through the headcovers and hit the ball with your normal swing. If you can’t make it through without hitting something, pay attention to which headcover you hit and find a coach to help you fix it. D For more information please visit the website at www.GOLFTEC.com

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2020 Rounds Are Way Up From Last Year Golf Datatech has released the August rounds played report which shows that rounds were up 20.6% year-over-year. That sets another new record for the biggest increase in a peak season month since they began tracking rounds two decades ago. That’s a lift of roughly 10 million rounds in August alone, which comes on top of a burst of 17 million rounds in June and July. It’s been quite a summer for golf.

The surge continues to be widespread, too. For the second straight month, every state in the continental U.S. saw a play increase of at least 2%. Most were far higher, including jumps of 37% in Florida and 31% in Arizona, where oppressive heat and soaring temperatures clearly didn’t hold golfers back. Texas (which ranks fifth nationally with 844 golf courses) actually topped them both at +39%.

Looking ahead to the final stretch of the calendar – golf’s typical taper period – there’s good reason to believe that the momentum will continue, given anecdotal reports from course operators, record equipment sales and continued spikes in on-

line searches for the game’s ultimate consumable – golf balls. Even Google mobility data offers a clue that people will continue to seek outdoor recreation with the virus lingering.

No doubt the weather has really cooperated. It’s been a spectacular summer for much of the Midwest and Northeast, and the warm weather is showing no signs of stopping even as we pass our second and final equinox of 2020. And yet the prolonged summer has come with heightened late-season tropical activity, including some extreme weather conditions that could affect a number of sizeable golf markets. It’s already been one of the most active hurricane seasons, with storm names cycling through the alphabet once already, and damaging weather has affected the Gulf states a number of times.

The Fall season typically accounts for just under 11% of total annual rounds nationwide – even higher than in the spring – so another strong couple of months would make it very possible that we could end up with an 8% increase over last year’s 441

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DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020

million rounds. For perspective, the last time we saw even a 5% increase was in 2012, thanks to an early-season heatwave.

For those of you who like to bet the “Don’t Pass,” let’s say that extreme weather kicks in and the final four months end up down 5% versus same period last year. That kind of fluctuation may seem unlikely at this

point but is certainly possible – in September thru December of 2018, rounds dropped at least 7% each month due to heavier-thannormal precipitation. This would still leave us up 2% for the year. Story courtesy of the National Golf Foundation. For more information please visit www.thengfq.com. D

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Come home to play...Denver Golf is your neighborhood course!

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C O L O R A D O Denver Area Courses: 85

Denver Area


Applewood Golf Course 1 (7-H) 303-279-3003 Golden Public 18R Fees: $18-$37 Opened: 1961 Designer: Press Maxwell 2 (15-H) Arrowhead Golf Club Public 18R 303-973-9614 Littleton Opened: 1972 Designer: Robert Trent Jones; Jr. Fees: $79-$149 Aurora Hills Golf Course 3 (9-P) Public 18R 303-739-1550 Aurora Fees: $30-$35 Opened: 1969 Designer: Henry Hughes Bear Creek Golf Club 4 (10-H) 303-980-8700 Denver Private 18R Fees: $150-$150 Opened: 1985 Designer: Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay 5 (16-N) Bear Dance, The Golf Club at Public 18R 303-681-4653 Larkspur Fees: $69-$115 Opened: 2002 Designer: Aurand; Bruening; Hogan Boulder Country Club 6 (1-H) 303-530-2226 Boulder Private 18R; 9P-3 Fees: N/A Opened: 1965 Designer: Press Maxwell 7 (1-J) Broadlands Golf Course 303-466-8285 Broomfield Public 18R Fees: $37-$47 Opened: 1999 Designer: Rick Phelps 8 (12-K) Broken Tee Golf Course Public 18R 303-762-2670 Englewood Opened: 1977 Designer: Phelps/Dye Design Fees: $15-$31 Buffalo Run Golf Course 9 (3-Q) Public 18R 303-289-1500 Commerce City Fees: $25-$44 Opened: 1996 Designer: Keith Foster 10 (15-N) Castle Pines Golf Club Private 18R 303-688-6022 Castle Rock Fees: N/A Opened: 1981 Designer: Jack Nicklaus 11 (15-M) Castle Pines,The Country Club at Private 18R 303-688-7400 Castle Rock Opened: 1986 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Fees: N/A Cherry Creek Country Club 12 (11-O) 303-597-0300 Denver Private 18R Fees: $125-$125 Opened: 2002 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Cherry Hills Country Club 13 (12-L) Private 18R 303-350-5200 Cherry Hills Village Opened: 1922 Designer: William Flynn Fees: $150-$150 14 (8-M) City Park Golf Course - Denver Public 18R 720-865-3410 Denver Opened: 1912 Designer: Tom Bendelow Fees: $26-$35 ClubCorp at Black Bear Golf Club 15 (15-R) 303-840-3100 Parker Private 18R Fees: N/A Opened: 1996 Designer: Jeff Brauer ClubCorp at Blackstone Country Club 16 (13-S) Private 18R 303-680-0245 Aurora Fees: N/A Opened: 2006 Designer: Jay Morrish Coal Creek Golf Course 17 (2-H) Public 18R 303-666-7888 Louisville Fees: $20-$49 Opened: 1989 Designer: Dick Phelps Colorado Golf Club 18 (16-Q) Private 18R 303-840-5400 Parker Fees: $100-$125 Opened: 2006 Designer: Bill Coore; Ben Crenshaw Colorado National Golf Club 19 (1-K) Public 18R 303-926-1723 Erie Fees: $45-$85 Opened: 2003 Designer: Jay Morrish Columbine Country Club 20 (13-K) Private 18R 303-794-6333 Columbine Valley Fees: $100-$100 Opened: 1955 Designer: Henry Hughes CommonGround Golf Course 21 (8-P) Public 18R; 9P-3 303-340-1520 Aurora Fees: $35-$60 Opened: 2009 Designer: Tom Doak Deer Creek Golf Club at Meadow Ranch 22 (13-H) Semi-Private 18R 303-978-1800 Littleton Fees: $50-$70 Opened: 2000 Designer: Scott Miller Denver Country Club 23 (9-M) Private 18R 303-733-2441 Denver Fees: N/A Opened: 1887 Designer: Foulis/Flynn/Coorer/Hanse Eagle Trace Golf Club 24 (2-J) Public 18R 303-466-3322 Broomfield Fees: $29-$42 Opened: 1963 Designer: Dick Phelps Emerald Greens Golf Club 25 (9-O) Public 9P-3 303-366-3133 Denver Fees: $8-$11 Opened: 1965 Designer: Henry B. Hughes Evergreen Golf Course 26 (10-F) Public 18R 303-674-6351 Evergreen Fees: $22-$30 Opened: 1923 Designer: Babe Lind Flatirons Golf Course 27 (1-H) Public 18R 303-442-7851 Boulder Fees: $25-$39 Opened: 1938 Designer: William H. Tucker Foothills Golf Course 28 (12-I) Public 18R 303-409-2400 Denver Fees: $6-$40 Opened: 1971 Designer: Dick Phelps Fossil Trace Golf Club 29 (8-G) Public 18R 303-277-8750 Golden Fees: $31-$71 Opened: 2003 Designer: James J. Engh Fox Hollow Golf Course 30 (10-I) Public 27R 303-986-7888 Lakewood Fees: $24-$60 Opened: 1993 Designer: Denis Griffiths Glenmoor Country Club 31 (12-M) Private 18R 303-781-0400 Cherry Hills Village Fees: $80-$95 Opened: 1985 Designer: Pete Dye/Perry Dye Green Valley Ranch Golf Club 32 (7-R) Public 18R 303-371-3131 Denver Fees: $30-$72 Opened: 2001 Designer: Perry Dye Greenway Park Golf Course 33 (3-I) Public 9P-3 303-466-3729 Broomfield Fees: $7-$9 Opened: 1971 Designer: Unknown Harvard Gulch Golf Course 34 (11-M) Public 9P-3 303-698-4078 Denver Fees: $9-$9 Opened: 1982 Designer: Babe Lind Heather Gardens Golf Course 35 (11-R) Public 9E 303-751-2390 Aurora Fees: $15-$15 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps


Front Range North Courses: 44

Front Range South Courses: 36

Maps not to scale. Course fees provided as a guideline. Contact individual cours

36 (10-Q) Heather Ridge, The Golf Club at Public 18R 303-755-3550 Aurora Fees: $14-$32 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club 37 (12-S) 303-400-6700 Aurora Semi-Private 18R Fees: $40-$71 Opened: 2000 Designer: Arthur Hills 38 (14-L) Highlands Ranch Golf Club Semi-Private 18R 303-471-0000 Highlands Ranch Opened: 1998 Designer: Hale Irwin Fees: $40-$73 Hiwan Golf Club 39 (9-G) Private 18R 303-674-3369 Evergreen Fees: $85-$85 Opened: 1962 Designer: Press Maxwell Homestead Golf Course, The 40 (11-I) 720-963-5181 Lakewood Public 18E Fees: $15-$40 Opened: 2002 Designer: Denis Griffiths Hyland Hills, Greg Mastriona Courses at 41 (4-J) Public 18R 303-428-6526 Westminster Fees: $25-$37 Opened: 1963 Designer: Hughes/Hummel Indian Peaks Golf Course 42 (1-I) 303-666-4706 Lafayette Public 18R Fees: $40-$53 Opened: 1993 Designer: Hale Irwin/Dick Phelps 43 (5-I) Indian Tree Golf Course 303-403-2542 Arvada Public 18R Fees: $33-$37 Opened: 1970 Designer: Dick Phelps 44 (13-O) Inverness Hotel & Golf Club Resort 18R 303-397-7878 Englewood Opened: 1974 Designer: Press Maxwell Fees: $115-$115 Kennedy Golf Course 45 (12-P) Public 27R 720-865-0720 Denver Fees: $27-$37 Opened: 1965 Designer: Dick Phelps 46 (4-J) Lake Arbor Golf Club Public 18R 720-898-7360 Arvada Fees: $23-$27 Opened: 1973 Designer: Gordon Reusink 47 (8-J) Lakewood Country Club Private 18R 303-233-0503 Lakewood Opened: 1908 Designer: T. Bendelow/D. Ross Fees: $90-$110 Legacy Ridge Golf Course 48 (3-J) 303-438-8997 Westminster Public 18R Fees: $24-$47 Opened: 1994 Designer: Arthur Hills Links Golf Course, The 49 (14-M) Public 18E 303-470-9292 Highlands Ranch Opened: 1985 Designer: Dick Phelps Fees: $16-$36 50 (13-K) Littleton Golf & Tennis Club Public 18E 303-794-5838 Littleton Opened: 1986 Designer: Dick Phelps Fees: $21-$35 Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel 51 (14-N) 303-799-9940 Lone Tree Public 18R Fees: $49-$68 Opened: 1985 Designer: Palmer/Seay Meadow Hills Golf Course 52 (12-O) Public 18R 303-690-2500 Aurora Fees: $34-$41 Opened: 1957 Designer: Henry Hughes Meadows Golf Club, The 53 (12-H) Public 18R 303-409-2250 Littleton Fees: $10-$47 Opened: 1984 Designer: Phelps/Benz Meridian Golf Club 54 (14-O) Private 18R 303-799-4043 Englewood Fees: $75-$95 Opened: 1984 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Murphy Creek Golf Course 55 (10-S) Public 18R 303-739-1560 Aurora Fees: $37-$47 Opened: 2000 Designer: Ken Kavanaugh Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Club 56 (3-H) Resort 27R 303-464-9000 Broomfield Fees: $105-$130 Opened: 1999 Designer: David Graham Overland Park Golf Course 57 (11-K) Public 18R 720-865-0430 Denver Fees: $27-$39 Opened: 1895 Designer: W. H. Tucker; Sr./W. F. Bell Park Hill Golf Club 58 (7-N) Public 18R 303-333-5411 Denver Fees: $25-$45 Opened: 1931 Designer: Clark Hamilton Perry Park Country Club 59 (16-K) Private 18R 303-681-3186 Larkspur Fees: $85-$95 Opened: 1969 Designer: Dick Phelps Pinehurst Country Club 60 (12-J) Private 18R; 9R 303-985-1559 Denver Fees: $80-$95 Opened: 1960 Designer: Press Maxwell Pinery Country Club, The 61 (15-R) Private 27R 303-841-2850 Parker Fees: $75-$85 Opened: 1972 Designer: David Bingham Plum Creek Golf Club 62 (16-O) Public 18R 303-660-2200 Castle Rock Fees: $32-$69 Opened: 1984 Designer: Pete Dye Pradera, The Club at 63 (15-Q) Private 18R 303-607-5700 Parker Fees: N/A Opened: 2005 Designer: James J. Engh Raccoon Creek Golf Course 64 (13-J) Public 18R 303-932-0199 Littleton Fees: $29-$53 Opened: 1983 Designer: Dick Phelps Ranch Country Club, The 65 (3-K) Private 18R 303-466-2111 Westminster Fees: $55-$55 Opened: 1974 Designer: Dick Phelps Ravenna, The Club at 66 (14-H) Private 18R 720-981-6000 Littleton Fees: N/A Opened: 2007 Designer: Jay Morrish Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course 67 (16-N) Public 18R 720-733-3500 Castle Rock Fees: $50-$85 Opened: 1999 Designer: James J. Engh Red Rocks Country Clubv 68 (12-G) Private 18R 303-697-8008 Morrison Fees: $100-$100 Opened: 1975 Designer: Harwood/Phelps Ridge at Castle Pines North, The 69 (15-N) Public 18R 303-688-0100 Castle Rock Fees: $80-$145 Opened: 1997 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Riverdale Dunes Golf Courses 70 (2-N) Public 36R 303-659-6700 Brighton Fees: $26-$46 Opened: 1985 Designer: Pete & Perry Dye Rolling Hills, The Club at 71 (7-H) Private 18R 303-279-7858 Golden Fees: $80-$115 Opened: 1955 Designer: P. Maxwell/D. Phelps

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72 (13-R) Saddle Rock Golf Course Public 18R 303-699-3939 Aurora Fees: $13-$54 Opened: 1997 Designer: Dick Phelps Sanctuary 73 (14-M) 303-224-2860 Sedalia Private 18R Fees: N/A Opened: 1997 Designer: Jim Engh South Suburban Family Sports Center 74 (12-O) Public 9E 303-649-1115 Centennial Opened: 1998 Designer: Rick Phelps Fees: $8.50-$19 South Suburban Golf Course 75 (13-M) Public 18R 303-770-5508 Centennial Fees: $20-$48 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Southglenn Country Club 76 (13-N) 303-798-1656 Centennial Private 9P-3 Fees: N/A Opened: 1965 Designer: Unknown 77 (8-R) Springhill Golf Course Public 18E 303-739-6854 Aurora Fees: $20-$33 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Stoney Creek Executive 9 Course 78 (4-H) 303-431-9268 Arvada Public 9E Fees: $13-$13 Opened: 1998 Designer: Tim Root 79 (2-L) Thorncreek Golf Club 303-450-7055 Thornton Public 18R Fees: $20-$40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Finger/Spann/Dye 80 (1-L) Todd Creek Golf Club Semi-Private 18R 303-655-1779 Thornton Opened: 2007 Designer: Arthur Hills Fees: $30-$72 Valley Country Club 81 (13-Q) Private 18R 303-690-6377 Centennial Fees: $80-$90 Opened: 1956 Designer: William Bell 82 (3-H) Walnut Creek Golf Preserve Public 18R 303-469-2974 Westminster Fees: $10-$45 Opened: 1999 Designer: Michael Hurdzan 83 (11-M) Wellshire Golf Course Public 18R 720.865.0443 Denver Opened: 1926 Designer: Ross/Hughes Fees: $20-$39 West Woods Golf Club 84 (6-H) 720-898-7370 Arvada Public 27R Fees: $21-$44 Opened: 1994 Designer: Dick Phelps Willis Case Golf Course 85 (5-J) Public 18R 720-865-0700 Denver Opened: 1928 Designer: El Jebel/City of Denver Fees: $35-$54

Front Range North


Ballyneal 1 (21-X) 970-854-5900 Holyoke Private 18R Fees: N/A Opened: 2006 Designer: Tom Doak Bella Rosa Municipal Golf Course 2 (22-N) Public 9R 303-678-2940 Frederick Fees: $7-$20 Opened: 2006 Designer: Unknown Boomerang Golf Links 3 (20-O) Public 18R 970-351-8934 Greeley Fees: $20-$33 Opened: 1991 Designer: Bill Neff Cattail Creek Golf Course 4 (20-N) Public 9P-3 970-663-5310 Loveland Fees: $11-$11 Opened: 1991 Designer: Dick Phelps City Park Nine Golf Course 5 (19-M) Public 9R 970-221-6650 Fort Collins Fees: $14-$19 Opened: 1940 Designer: Ft. Collins Golf Association Collindale Golf Course 6 (18-N) Public 18R 970-221-6651 Fort Collins Fees: $35-$37 Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel Coyote Creek Golf Course 7 (22-O) Public 18R 303-857-6152 Fort Lupton Fees: $27-$33 Opened: 1999 Designer: Matt Eccles Eaton Country Club 8 (19-Q) Private 18R 970-454-2587 Eaton Fees: $40-$54 Opened: 1923 Designer: Frank Baumgarner F&H Park and Recreation District 9 (20-W) Public 9R 970-774-6362 Haxtun Fees: $14-$14 Opened: 1972 Designer: Marty Johnson Fort Collins Country Club 10 (18-N) Private 18R 970-482-9988 Fort Collins Fees: $45-$175 Opened: 1960 Designer: Henry Hughes Fox Hill Club, The 11 (22-N) Private 18R 303-651-7600 Longmont Fees: $60-$70 Opened: 1972 Designer: Frank Hummel Greeley Country Club 12 (20-P) Private 18R 970-353-2431 Greeley Fees: $115-$115 Opened: 1920 Designer: Maxwell/Bendelow Harmony Club 13 (19-O) Private 18R 970-482-4653 Timnath Fees: N/A Opened: 2007 Designer: James J. Engh Haystack Mountain Golf Course 14 (22-N) Public 9E 303-530-1400 Niwot Fees: $11-$19 Opened: 1966 Designer: Ebel Family Highland Hills Golf Course 15 (21-P) Public 18R 970-330-7327 Greeley Fees: $19-$35 Opened: 1960 Designer: Hughes/Hummel Highland Meadows Golf Course 16 (19-O) Public 18R 970-204-4653 Windsor Fees: $40-$69 Opened: 2004 Designer: Art Schaupeter Holyoke Golf Club 17 (20-X) Public 9R 970-854-3200 Holyoke Fees: $12-$20 Opened: 1972 Designer: Unknown Lake Valley Golf Club 18 (22-M) Private 18R 303-444-2114 Niwot Fees: $47-$75 Opened: 1964 Designer: Press Maxwell Mad Russian Golf Course, The 19 (20-O) Public 18R 970-587-5157 Milliken Fees: $18-$32 Opened: 1987 Designer: Bob Ehrlich Mariana Butte Golf Course 20 (20-N) Public 18R 970-667-8308 Loveland Fees: $23-$43 Opened: 1992 Designer: Dick Phelps Mountain Vista Greens Golf Course 21 (18-O) Public 9R 970-482-4847 Fort Collins Fees: $16-$20 Opened: 1992 Designer: Garrison/Tawara

22 (19-U) Northeastern 18 Public 18R 970-522-2836 Sterling Fees: $29-$47 Opened: 1916 Designer: Henry Hughes Olde Course at Loveland, The 23 (20-N) 970-667-5256 Loveland Public 18R Fees: $33-$33 Opened: 1960 Designer: Hughes/D. Phelps 24 (21-W) On the Green Golf Course Public 9R 970-848-2812 Yuma Opened: 1970 Designer: Unknown Fees: $12-$14 Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club 25 (20-O) Semi-Private 18R; 9R 970-674-0930 Windsor Fees: $69-$69 Opened: 1999 Designer: Ted Robinson Sr. Petteys Park, The Course at 26 (21-S) 970-842-5470 Brush Public 9R Fees: Unknown Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel 27 (24-W) Plainsman Golf Club Public 9R 970-358-4321 Joes Fees: $10-$10 Opened: 1964 Designer: E. Boone/O. Collette Prairie Golf Course 28 (25-W) No Phone Cope Public 9R Fees: $5-$5 Opened: 1971 Designer: John Rudnik 29 (25-X) Prairie Pines Golf Club 719-346-8207 Burlington Public 9R Fees: $15-$20 Opened: 1971 Designer: Unknown 30 (19-O) Ptarmigan Country Club Private 18R 970-226-6600 Fort Collins Opened: 1987 Designer: J. Nicklaus Signature Fees: N/A Quail Dunes Golf Course 31 (21-R) Public 18R 970-867-5990 Fort Morgan Fees: $25-$31 Opened: 1920 Designer: Henry Hughes 32 (24-R) Quint Valley Golf Club Public 9R 303-822-5295 Byers Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 2002 Designer: Jason Sherrill 33 (19-U) Riverview Golf Course Public 18R 970-522-3035 Sterling Opened: 1980 Designer: Val Heim Fees: $12-$18 Saddleback Golf Club 34 (22-O) 303-833-5000 Firestone Public 18R Fees: $28-$42 Opened: 2001 Designer: Andy Johnson Sedgwick County Golf Course 35 (17-X) Public 9R No Phone Julesburg Opened: 1985 Designer: Frank Hummel Fees: Unknown 36 (19-N) SouthRidge Golf Club Public 18R 970-416-2828 Fort Collins Opened: 1984 Designer: Frank Hummel Fees: $26-$38















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W W W . D I V O T M

Published by O’Keefe Publishing, Inc. A

C O U R S E S Mountain Area Courses: 51

ses for exact pricing.



R = Regulation



E = Executive


West Slope Courses: 24


37 (26-V) Stratton Golf Course 719-348-5412 Stratton Public 9R Opened: 1988 Designer: Box Hemburger Fees: $10-$10 Sunset Golf Course 38 (21-N) 303-651-8466 Longmont Public 9R Fees: $11-$22 Opened: 1922 Designer: Bink Young 39 (26-T) Tamarack Golf Course 719-775-9461 Limon Public 9R Fees: $18-$24 Opened: 1967 Designer: Henry Hughes 40 (21-N) Twin Peaks Golf Course Public 18R 303-651-8401 Longmont Opened: 1978 Designer: Frank Hummel Fees: $10-$31 TPC Colorado 41 (20-M) 970-663-5063 Longmont Semi-Private 18R Fees: TBD Opened: 2019 Designer: Arthur Schaupeter 42 (21-N) Ute Creek Golf Course Public 18R 303-774-4342 Longmont Opened: 1997 Designer: R Trent Jones; Jr. Fees: $44 Washington County Golf Club 43 (21-U) Public 9R 970-345-2309 Akron Opened: 1972 Designer: Unknown Fees: $20 - $25 Wray Country Club 44 (22-X) 970-332-5934 Wray Public 9R Fees: $15-$17 Opened: 1962 Designer: Frank Hummel

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Front Range South


Antler Creek Golf Course 1 (27-Q) 719-494-1900 Falcon Public 18R Opened: 2004 Designer: Rick Phelps Fees: $42-$52 Broadmoor Golf Club 2 (29-O) 719-577-5790 Colorado Springs Resort 54R Fees: $75-$280 Opened: 1918 Designer: Ross; R T.Jones; Nicklaus 3 (28-P) Cherokee Ridge Golf Course Public 9R 719-597-2637 Colorado Springs Fees: $14-$32 Opened: 1971 Designer: Press Maxwell Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club at Fort Carson 4 (30-P) Military 18R 719-526-4122 Fort Carson Fees: $30-$35 Opened: 1971 Designer: Dick Phelp Colorado Springs Country Club 5 (28-O) Private 18R 719-473-1782 Colorado Springs Fees: $55-$70 Opened: 1954 Designer: Dick Phelps 6 (33-R) Cottonwood Links Golf Club 719-263-4500 Fowler Public 9R Opened: 1994 Designer: Lee Terry Fees: $16-$16

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7 (27-O) Country Club at Woodmoor 719-884-7243 Monument Semi-Private 18R Opened: 1969 Designer: J. Press Maxwell Fees: $35-$65 Country Club of Colorado 8 (30-O) 719-538-4095 Colorado Springs Private 18R Fees: $110-$135 Opened: 1973 Designer: Pete Dye 9 (31-P) Desert Hawk at Pueblo West 719-547-2280 Pueblo West Public 18R Fees: $28-$30 Opened: 1972 Designer: Johnny Bulla 10 (31-V) Eads Golf Course Public 9R No Phone Eads Opened: 1960 Designer: Mike Hines Fees: 5-$5 Eisenhower Golf Club 11 (27-O) 719-333-2606 Colorado Springs Military 36R Fees: $29-$65 Opened: 1963 Designer: R.T. Jones, F. Hummel 12 (32-O) Elmwood Golf Course Public 27R 719-561-4946 Pueblo Opened: 1932 Designer: WPA Project Fees: $28-$34 Flying Horse, The Club at 13 (27-P) Private 18R 719-487-2620 Colorado Springs Opened: 2005 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Fees: $80-$80 Hollydot Golf Course 14 (34-O) 719-676-3341 Colorado City Public 18R; 9R Fees: $19-$26 Opened: 1974 Designer: Frank Hummel 15 (27-T) Hugo Golf Club Public 9R No Phone Hugo Opened: 1898 Designer: Unknown Fees: $5-$5 King's Deer Golf Club 16 (27-P) 719-559-4500 Monument Semi-Private 18R Opened: 1999 Designer: Redstone G.S. Fees: $52-$62 Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods 17 (28-O) 719-636-2520 Colorado Springs Private 27R Fees: $95-$127 Opened: 1960 Designer: P. Maxwell/M. Raithert 18 (33-T) La Junta Golf Club Public 9R 719-384-7133 La Junta Fees: $16-$21 Opened: 1950 Designer: Army Corp of Engineers Las Animas Golf Course 19 (33-V) Public 9R 719-456-2511 Las Animas Fees: $12-$12 Opened: 1984 Designer: Ray Hardy Mossland Memorial Golf Course 20 (26-U) Public 9R 719-765-4659 Flagler Fees: $10-$25 Opened: 1986 Designer: Flagler Golf Club 21 (29-P) Patty Jewett Golf Course 719-385-6934 Colorado Springs Public 27R Opened: 1898 Designer: Willie Campbell Fees: $29-$31 22 (27-O) Pine Creek Golf Club Public 18R 719-594-9999 Colorado Springs Fees: $39-$69 Opened: 1988 Designer: Dick Phelps Pueblo Country Club 23 (31-P) 719-542-2941 Pueblo Private 18R Fees: $35-$40 Opened: 1903 Designer: Henry Hughes 24 (32-S) Rocky Ford Country Club Public 9R 719-254-7528 Rocky Ford Fees: $15-$20 Opened: 1920 Designer: Unknown Sand Creek Golf Course 25 (28-P) Public 9R 719-597-5489 Colorado Springs Fees: $11-$11 Opened: 1991 Designer: Mark Fontana Silver Spruce Golf Course 26 (29-P) Military 18R 719-556-7414 Peterson AFB Fees: $20-$35 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Smoky River Golf Club 27 (30-X) Public 9R 719-767-5021 Cheyenne Wells Fees: $12-$12 Opened: 1991 Designer: Marty Johnson Spreading Antlers Golf Club 28 (33-W) Public 9R 719-336-5274 Lamar Fees: $14-$16 Opened: 1965 Designer: Labron Harris Spring Valley Golf Club 29 (25-P) Public 18R 303-646-4240 Elizabeth Fees: $34-$48.90 Opened: 1997 Designer: Ross Graves Springfield Municipal Golf Course 30 (36-W) Public 9R No Phone Springfield Fees: Unknown Opened: 1945 Designer: J.R. Hatcher Springs Ranch Golf Club 31 (30-P) Public 18R 719-573-4863 Colorado Springs Fees: $28-$45 Opened: 1997 Designer: Dick Phelps Sumo Golf Village, The 32 (31-O) Semi-Private 18R 719-784-4653 Florence Fees: $38-$45 Opened: 2003 Designer: Gary Player Trinidad Golf Course 33 (38-Q) Public 9R 719-846-4015 Trinidad Fees: $20-$29 Opened: 1918 Designer: Unknown Valley Hi Golf Course 34 (29-P) Public 18R 719-385-6911 Colorado Springs Fees: $29-$31 Opened: 1958 Designer: Henry Hughes Walking Stick Golf Course 35 (32-P) Public 18R 719-553-1180 Pueblo Fees: $28-$36 Opened: 1991 Designer: Arthur Hills Walsenburg Golf Course 36 (35-P) Public 9R 719-738-2730 Walsenburg Fees: $13-$20 Opened: 1966 Designer: C Young; G Aliano


Mountain Area 35 36 37 38







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Total Colorado Golf Courses: 240

P-3 = Par 3








Aspen Glen Club 1 (26-G) Private 18R 970-704-1988 Carbondale Fees: $135-$260 Opened: 1997 Designer: Nicklaus/Nicklaus; II Aspen Golf & Tennis Club 2 (27-I) Public 18R 970-429-1949 Aspen Fees: $52-$105 Opened: 1970 Designer: Frank Hummel Beaver Creek Golf Club 3 (24-H) Resort 18R 970-754-5775 Beaver Creek Fees: $100-$205 Opened: 1982 Designer: Robert T. Jones; Jr. Breckenridge Golf Club 4 (26-K) Public 27R 970-453-9104 Breckenridge Fees: $67-$117 Opened: 1987 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Catamount Ranch & Club 5 (20-H) Private 18R 970-871-9200 Steamboat Springs Fees: $200-$200 Opened: 2000 Designer: Tom Weiskopf

6 (36-L) Cattails Golf Club 719-589-9515 Alamosa Public 18R Fees: $40-$40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Dick Phelps Challenger Golf Course 7 (34-M) 719-256-4856 Crestone Public 9E Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 1974 Designer: Jim Barnes 8 (28-K) Collegiate Peaks Golf Course 719-395-8189 Buena Vista Public 9R Fees: $28-$28 Opened: 1978 Designer: Phelps/Brauer 9 (25-J) Copper Creek Golf Club Resort 18R 970-968-3333 Copper Mountain Opened: 1980 Designer: Pete & Perry Dye Fees: $29-$72 Cordillera, Club at 10 (25-H) 970-926-5100 Edwards Private 54R, 9R Fees: $250-$250 Opened: 1994 Designer: Hale Irwin 11 (25-I) Country Club of The Rockies Private 18R 970-926-3021 Edwards Opened: 1984 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Fees: $90-$135 Crested Butte, The Club at 12 (28-H) Semi-Private 18R 970-349-8603 Crested Butte Opened: 1984 Designer: Robert T. Jones; Jr. Fees: $75-$149 Dos Rios Golf Club 13 (31-H) 970-641-1482 Gunnison Semi-Private 18R Fees: $55-$70 Designer: J. Cochran/D. Phelps Opened: 1964 14 (25-H) Eagle Ranch Golf Course Public 18R 970-328-2882 Eagle Opened: 2001 Designer: Palmer/Seay Fees: $63-$99 Eagle Springs Golf Club 15 (24-H) 970-926-4404 Wolcott Private 18R Opened: 1995 Designer: Morrish/Weiskopf Fees: N/A Eagle Vail Golf Club 16 (25-I) 970-949-5267 Avon Public 18R Fees: $50-$105 Opened: 1974 Designer: Devlin/VonHagge 17 (21-M) Estes Park Golf Course Public 18R 970-586-8146 Estes Park Fees: $39-$51 Opened: 1957 Designer: Hughes/D. Phelps Four Mile Ranch Golf Club 18 (30-N) Public 18R 719-275-5400 Canon City Fees: $40-$60 Opened: 2008 Designer: James J. Engh Fox Acres, The Golf Club at 19 (18-M) Private 18R 970-881-2510 Red Feather Lakes Fees: $95-$95 Opened: 1980 Designer: John Cochran 20 (25-H) Frost Creek 970-328-2326 Eagle Private 18R Opened: 2007 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Fees: N/A 21 (24-G) Glenwood Springs Golf Club Public 9R 970-945-7086 Glenwood Springs Fees: $15-$37 Opened: 1953 Designer: Henry Hughes Golf Granby Ranch 22 (22-L) 970-887-2709 Granby Public 18R Fees: $40-$95 Opened: 2001 Designer: Mike Asmundson 23 (22-K) Grand Elk Golf Club Semi-Private 18R 877-389-9333 Granby Fees: $49-$99 Opened: 2002 Designer: C. Stadler & T. Davis Grand Lake Golf Course 24 (21-K) Public 18R 970-627-8008 Grand Lake Fees: $40-$55 Opened: 1964 Designer: Dick Phelps Gypsum Creek Golf Course 25 (25-G) Public 18R 970-524-6200 Gypsum Fees: $39-$68 Opened: 1997 Designer: Pete Dye Haymaker Golf Course 26 (20-H) Public 18R 970-870-1846 Steamboat Springs Fees: $98-$98 Opened: 1997 Designer: Keith Foster Ironbridge Golf Club 27 (25-F) Public 18R 970-384-0630 Glenwood Springs Fees: $69-$69 Opened: 2003 Designer: Arthur Hills Keystone Ranch Golf Course 28 (25-L) Resort 18R 970-496-4250 Keystone Fees: $60-$150 Opened: 1980 Designer: Robert Trent Jones; Jr. Lake Estes Executive 9 Golf Course 29 (20-M) Public 9E 970-586-8176 Estes Park Fees: $15-$18 Opened: 1971 Designer: Henry Hughes Maroon Creek Club 30 (26-I) Private 18R 970-920-1533 Aspen Fees: $350-$350 Opened: 1995 Designer: Tom Fazio Monte Vista Country Club 31 (36-K) Public 9R 719-852-4906 Monte Vista Fees: Unknown Opened: 1928 Designer: James Newman Mount Massive Golf Course 32 (27-J) Public 9R 719-486-2176 Leadville Fees: $18-$36 Opened: 1939 Designer: Adolph Kuss Mountain Meadows Golf Club 33 (18-L) Public 9E 970-881-2682 Red Feather Lakes Fees: Unknown Opened: 2000 Designer: NULL Pagosa Springs Golf Club 34 (37-G) Resort 27R 970-731-4755 Pagosa Springs Fees: $35-$86 Opened: 1972 Designer: Johnny Bulla Pole Creek Golf Club 35 (23-K) Public 27R 800-511-5076 Tabernash Fees: $69-$99 Opened: 1982 Designer: Denis Griffiths Ranch at Roaring Fork Golf Course 36 (25-H) Public 9P-3 970-963-4410 Carbondale Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 1975 Designer: Unknown Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks 37 (24-J) Semi-Private 18R 970-262-3636 Silverthorne Fees: $70-$180 Opened: 2000 Designer: Hurzdan/Fry, Lehman Red Sky Golf Club 38 (24-G) Resort 36R 970-754-8425 Wolcott Fees: $190-$250 Opened: 2002 Designer: T. Fazio; G. Norman Rio Grande Club 39 (35-I) Resort 18R 719-873-1997 South Fork Fees: $59-$109 Opened: 2001 Designer: Redstone Golf River Course at Keystone, The 40 (25-K) Resort 18R 970-496-4444 Keystone Fees: $55-$150 Opened: 2000 Designer: Hurzdan/Fry River Valley Ranch Golf Club 41 (25-G) Public 18R 970-963-3625 Carbondale Fees: $49-$99 Opened: 1997 Designer: Jay Morrish

42 (26-H) Roaring Fork Club 970-927-9100 Basalt Private 18R Opened: 1999 Designer: J. Nicklaus - Signature Fees: N/A Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club 43 (19-H) 970-879-1391 Steamboat Springs Resort 18R Fees: $105-$159 Opened: 1974 Designer: Robert Trent Jones II 44 (32-N) Saint Andrews at Westcliffe 719-783-9410 Westcliffe Public 9R Fees: $13-$13 Opened: 1988 Designer: John Manson 45 (31-L) Salida Golf Club Public 9R 719-539-1060 Salida Opened: 1926 Designer: Emmit Killian Fees: $29-$31 Shining Mountain Golf Club 46 (28-N) 719-687-7587 Woodland Park Public 18R Fees: $38-$48 Opened: 1995 Designer: John Harbottle 47 (27-H) Snowmass Club Semi-Private 18R 970-923-5700 Snowmass Village Opened: 2004 Designer: James J. Engh Fees: $120-$185 Sonnenalp Club 48 (23-I) Semi-Private 18R 970-477-5371 Edwards Opened: 1982 Designer: Morrish/Cupp Fees: $85-$170 Steamboat Golf Club 49 (20-G) 970-879-4295 Steamboat Springs Public 9R Fees: $31-$31 Opened: 1964 Designer: Dick Bondeson 50 (24-I) Vail Golf Club Public 18R 970-479-2260 Vail Opened: 1968 Designer: Ben Krueger Fees: $64-$109 Willow Creek Golf Club at Eagle Vail 51 (24-I) 970-845-7273 Avon Public 9P-3 Opened: 1974 Designer: Jan Niedziela Fees: $10-$12

West Slope


1 (27-A) Adobe Creek National Golf Course Public 27R 970-858-0521 Fruita Fees: $15-$35 Opened: 1991 Designer: Ned Wilson Battlement Mesa Golf Club 2 (27-D) Public 18R 970-285-7274 Battlement Mesa Fees: $36-$46 Opened: 1987 Designer: Finger/Dye Black Canyon Golf Course 3 (30-E) Public 18R 970-249-4653 Montrose Fees: $17-$29 Opened: 1959 Designer: Joe Francese 4 (26-C) Bookcliff Country Club 970-242-9053 Grand Junction Private 18R Opened: 1958 Designer: Dick Phelps Fees: $60-$60 5 (31-E) Bridges, The Semi-Private 18R 970-252-1119 Montrose Fees: $50-$72 Opened: 2005 Designer: Nicklaus Design Cedar Ridges Golf Course 6 (22-B) 970-675-8403 Rangely Public 9R Fees: $10-$20 Opened: 1985 Designer: Frank Hummel 7 (28-D) Cedaredge Golf Club Public 18R 970-856-7781 Cedaredge Fees: $30 - $40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Unknown Chipeta Golf Course 8 (26-B) Public 18E 970-245-7177 Grand Junction Fees: $16-$28 Opened: 1997 Designer: Wilson Golf Group Cobble Creek, The Links at 9 (31-E) Public 18R 970-240-9542 Montrose Fees: $40-$43 Opened: 1999 Designer: Craig Cherry Inc./Pinnacle Golf Conquistador Golf Course 10 (36-A) Public 18R 970-565-9208 Cortez Fees: $22-$28 Opened: 1963 Designer: Press Maxwell Dalton Ranch Golf Club 11 (36-D) Semi-Private 18R 970-247-8774 Durango Fees: $90-$120 Opened: 1993 Designer: Ken Dye Devil's Thumb Golf Club 12 (29-D) Public 18R 970-874-6262 Delta Fees: $33-$43 Opened: 2001 Designer: Rick Phelps Divide Ranch & Club 13 (32-F Semi-Private 18R 970-626-5284 Ridgway Fees: $70-$100 Opened: 1993 Designer: Coker Glacier Club, The 14 (37-E) Private 27R 970-382-6700 Durango Fees: N/A Opened: 2004 Designer: A Hills/H Irwin/T Schoeder Hillcrest Golf Club 15 (37-E) Public 18R 970-247-1499 Durango Fees: $36-$36 Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel Hunter's Run Golf Course 16 (38-F) Public 18R 970-884-9785 Ignacio Fees: $11-$20 Opened: 1997 Designer: Unknown Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club 17 (25-F) Public 18R 970-984-9700 New Castle Fees: $69-$94 Opened: 2004 Designer: James J. Engh Lincoln Park Golf Course 18 (28-B) Public 9R 970-242-6394 Grand Junction Fees: $16-$16 Opened: 1926 Designer: Unknown Meeker Golf Course 19 (23-D) Public 9R 970-878-5642 Meeker Fees: $25 Opened: 1969 Designer: Henry Hughes Redlands Mesa, The Golf Club at 20 (27-B) Public 18R 970-263-9270 Grand Junction Fees: $50-$70 Opened: 2001 Designer: James J. Engh Rifle Creek Golf Course 21 (24-F) Public 18R 970-625-1093 Rifle Fees: $59-$59 Opened: 1960 Designer: Dick Phelps Telluride Ski & Golf Club 22 (34-E) Semi-Private 18R 970-728-2606 Telluride Fees: $165-$205 Opened: 1992 Designer: Telluride Ski & Golf Club Tiara Rado Golf Course 23 (28-A) Public 18R 970-254-3830 Grand Junction Fees: $36-$39 Opened: 1972 Designer: T Kolacny/Phelps Atkinson Yampa Valley Golf Course 24 (20-E) Public 18R 970-824-3673 Craig Fees: $20-$40 Opened: 1967 Designer: William Neff

DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020


Cover Feature

Redesigned City Park Golf Course Reopenes for Fall Play

The completion of the 135-acre City Park Golf Course revitalizes the 18-hole course and its facilities while integrating a new stormwater management system to reduce flood risks in neighborhoods north of the course. The redesign of the golf course in the heart of the city utilizes 20 acres of the golf course for a stormwater detention area and water quality channel that serve to make play at the course more interesting and varied, while retaining the character, charm and aspects of the original design. 12

DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020

With extensive community input, the course was modernized and redesigned to improve playability. Redesign of the course was a collaborative process with the public, neighborhood, and the golf community to provide a new course capturing the best features of the original 1913 design, including the traditional Parkland style look and feel.

in Denver to enjoy,� Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.

The new course offers an 18-hole Par 70 with returning 9’s, full-size driving range with ability to hit woods, large practice area and putting green, state-of-the-art maintenance facility, and a dedicated 4-hole course for the First Tee of Denver program, a nonprofit that “Over a century after it first opened, the teaches youth core values and life skills beautifully redesigned City Park golf course through the game of golf. will continue to be an open and welcoming golf course for this community and everyone The new clubhouse complements the archi-

Cover Feature

tecture of adjacent City Park while incorporating new sustainability elements including energy conservation, photovoltaic solar panels and use of locally sourced materials. The 11,315 square foot facility also offers a new public restaurant, west facing patio with an unobstructed view of the Denver skyline and mountains of the Front Range, pro shop and various gathering spaces for community groups and private parties up to 200 people. The 10,840 square foot basement stores 80 golf carts and electrical chargers, wash stations and maintenance services.

The course already hosted the Denver Golf Men’s Amateur Championship tournament on August 29-30 and the Triple Play Tournament fundraiser that benefited the First Tee of Denver junior golf program.

residents and the environment through innovative programs and safe, beautiful and sustainable places. The DPR system includes 30 recreation centers and nearly 20,000 acres of urban and mountain parkland including offstreet trails, parkways and natural areas.

Visit Denver Golf’s City Park Golf Course webFor more information please visit the website site for more information. at www.denvergov.org/parksandrecreation, About Denver Parks & Recreation check us out on YouTube, like us on Facebook As stewards of a legacy park system, Denver and follow us on Twitter. D Parks and Recreation (DPR) is dedicated to customer service and enhancing the health of DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020


Looking for a quick round of golf at an affordable price with all the amenities? Look to Emerald Greens Golf Club... Denver’s Premier Short Course!



Greens F ees w ith this a

Limit one coupon per foursome PGA Family Course • Excellent Course Conditions PGA Professional on staff • Course Rating 26.9, Par 27 1962 Henry Hughes Design • Average Playing Time 1.5 Hours BOGO Drinks at the Emerald Grill • Twilight Green Fee Specials Tournaments, Golf Learning Center, Dining, Entertainment, and more… Plan your next round of golf at Emerald Greens Golf Club. The Challenge Awaits You! Call for your tee time today!


597 S. Clinton St Denver, CO 80247

14 14

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Out Drive the Competition

Play Quail Dunes Golf Course In Fort Morgan!

The Course is home to two distinct nines. The original front 9-hole course designed by Henry Hughs was opened in the early 1920s. In the late 1960s an additional 9 holes designed by Frank Hummel was added, along with a driving range. This traditional golf course features a variety of terrain from tree-lined fairways to rolling hills and challenging greens. 1 Hour North on I-76 at Exit 80. Easy Access. No Crowds. Online Specials • Mid Day Specials • Twilight Specials

970-867-5990 www.quaildunes.com www.cityoffortmorgan.com

I-76 to Exit 80 • 17586 Morgan County, Road T.5 Fort Morgan, CO 80701


$25 Per Person • 18 Holes & Cart! ( 1-4 players per coupon ) Expires December 31st, 2020 DIVOTMagazine.com DIVOTMagazine.com ll Fall Fall Issue Issue 2020 2020

19 17

Saving Colorado golfers thousands on golf and golf related products and services for more than 23 years! Enjoy Free, BoGo, 50% Off and Discounted Green Fees at more than 85 Colorado Golf Courses!

Just $39

( $49 Starting in January ) Now in it's 22nd year, the Green Saver is the longest running golf discount

program in Colorado saving golfers thousands of dollars on golf and golf related

products and services. The Green Saver Book is transferable to family and friends and perfect for gifts, prizes, tournaments and fundraisers. Bulk discounts are

also available. Now you have the perfect excuse to travel this great state and experience some of the very best golf Colorado has to offer!


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Colorado's Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits Discount Program.

Explore and experience some of the finest Craft Beer, Wine and Spirits at some of the best Breweries, Tap Houses, Wineries and Distilleries in Colorado! Enjoy BoGo’s on beer, wine and spirits at more than 50 venues throughout the state!

Just $10

( One Year Membership )


DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020



BeaverRun.com 800.288.1282


Bella Rosa Golf Course

Now booking outings for the 2021 season. Bella Rosa is your destination for holiday parties, sporting event gatherings and special events. Indoor and outdoor space is available.

Bella Rosa Golf Course located in Frederick, CO is a 9-hole regulation golf course that opened for play in 2006. Measuring 2,974 yards from the blue tees, Bella Rosa offers something for every player.

• • • • • 18

9-Hole regulation golf course located in Frederick, CO. Men's Club, Women's fun nights & monthly couples events. Junior golf sessions throughout the year. Family Golf Days. Three Glow-Ball tournaments.

Book your 2021 league or golf outing now! DIVOTMagazine.com l Fall Issue 2020



5830 Bella Rosa Parkway, Frederick, CO 80504

West Woods Golf Course

Open to the Public!

Come Play the West! 27 Holes • Dining Golf Simulator • Great Views

West Woods Golf Club • West Woods Bar & Grill New Award Winning Clubhouse

720-898-7370 • www.westwoodsgolf.com • 6655 Quaker Street, Arvada, CO 80007 DIVOTMagazine.com DIVOTMagazine.com ll Fall Fall Issue Issue 2020 2020

19 27

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