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) Around 20 dead piglets were found dumped alongside Sir Lowry s Road on an open stretch of land in Somerset West. ) Fernwood Estate resident Underhay Binedell discovered the piglets in a clear refuse bag one morning on his way to work. Read the article on page 2.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Piglets left to rot JAMEY THOMAS

OVER a period of six weeks an absurd number of dead piglets have been found dumped alongside Sir Lowry’s Pass Road in Somerset West. The last incident was reported on Thursday 29 March by Fernwood Estate resident Underhay Binedell, after around 20 dead piglets, in a clear refuse bag, were dumped on an open piece of land in the early hours of the morning. According to Binedell, the first incident occurred on 20 February,

The dead piglets were dumped on an open piece of land between Fernwood Estate and Heritage Park.

when he noticed someone driving a white vehicle and dumping garden refuse at the site. The person also left behind a cardboard box, which made Binedell suspicious. “On my way to work I took a stroll to the site, where I found almost 15 piglets in the box. I immediately reported it to Law Enforcement, and the inspectorate of the SPCA,” says Binedell. The site gave off an offensive stench, and a swarm of flies were hovering over the piglets. Binedell says he cannot comprehend why anyone would dispose of animals in such a cruel manner. “I am an animal lover, and it upsets me when animals are not treated with the necessary dignity,” says Binedell, who thinks that burying the piglets would have been more civilised. Hennie Cronje, owner of the Sweetwell farm and commercial piggery, is uncertain how so many piglets could die and be dumped in so short a period. He says it is very difficult to confirm the cause of death. “Judging from the photos, the

piglets are very young, maybe only a few days old. By looking at the trotters, the cause of death might be E coli, but judging from their stomachs, the cause of death might be something else. In this case an autopsy must be done.” He further explains that it is compulsory for pig owners to tattoo the left ear of a piglet before it is three weeks old. In this way, it is possible to find out who the owner is. When DistrictMail approached the Department of Health to find out what health risks the dumping poses, the mayoral committee member for the department of health, councillor Lungiswa James, responded with this statement: “Eating rotten meat can be harmful to one’s health, and can lead to food poisoning. The person will vomit and suffer from diarrhoea for one or two days and then will recover. In more severe cases, more serious complications, such as kidney failure, permanent heart damage and arthritis could develop.” Alfonso van Vuuren, acting director of Solid Waste Manage-

Almost 20 piglets were found in a clear refug e bag. ment, instructed the local staff to dispose of the piglets and to clean up the area last Friday. According to Van Vuuren, local staff also arranged for the erection of a no-dumping sign at the site to inform the dumpers that these actions are illegal. “Law Enforcement have also been instructed to intensify patrols in the area, and residents are

urged to assist by being on the alert,” says Van Vuuren. In the case of such an incident, residents are urged to pen down the vehicle registration number of the people involved if possible, and to report the incident to the City’s Solid Waste Department immediately via its call centre on 0 086 010 3089.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Through the eye of the needle

Super surf: Stevo Clapham took this photo of local surfer Lawrie Droomer threading the needle between a little “cover up” section and ending up on dry rock! Thankfully, he made it. The shot was captured on Saturday morning at a secret spot. Photo: Stevo Images

JORRIT de Vries, struck in the face by a rock while he was travelling in a train, remains hopeful that his injured eye can be saved. De Vries, a Dutch man who has been living in the Strand for the past year, went to the Netherlands on Wednesday last week after doctors at Tygerberg Hospital informed him there was nothing they could do for his eye. According to his girlfriend, Loraine van der Merwe, De Vries went for a scan this past Tuesday, but afterwards doctors were none the wiser as there was still too much blood in his right eye. “There is a possibility that he can keep his eye, but the chances of him being able to use it are slim,” says Van der Merwe. – Page 4 RYNO Magson, who survived a buffalo attack seven months ago in the Baviaanskloof, is not planning to start legal proceedings against the Eastern Cape government. A well-known Afrikaans daily newspaper reported on Tuesday that Magson’s lawyers had sent out a summons. Magson, from Somerset West, has said, however, that this was not the case, and that the story was taken out of proportion. “I’d heard the nature conservationists were aware of the buffalo being in the campsite. I just wanted to make sure, if this was the case, what I could do to warn other people. I only went to ask for advice.” – Page 5

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Oog se gebruik in die weegskaal

Skietvoorval skok


Van Deventer sowel as Parker is van Gordonsbaai. Parker het egter verkies om “ONS wil net hê mense moet hom onthou nie verder met die media te praat nie. vir die tipe mens wat hy was: ’n liewe, Ook Van Deventer se prokureur, Deon glimlaggende mens.” Beukman van Somerset-Wes, wou nie Só sê Jean Parker (68), die vriendin van enigiets oor sy kliënt of die voorval sê nie. Martin van Deventer (65) wie se optrede “Dit staan daar [in die media] presies verlede week opspraak in die media ge- soos dit gebeur het.” maak het toe hy drie sakemanne en toe Van Deventer (65) en Beukman het verhomself geskiet het. lede Woensdag (28 Maart) met die drie oorledenes, Johan Griessel (50), Pieter Erasmus (53) en hul regsverteenwoordiger Wimpie van Heerden (56), in die raadsaal van ’n prokureursfirma in Centurion vergader. Griessel en Erasmus het in 2009 Van Deventer se plaas in Springs vir R12 miljoen gekoop. Daar is ooreengekom dat R6 miljoen by die oordrag van die eiendom betaal sal word en die res in ’n latere stadium. Van Deventer het slegs R2,5 miljoen van die totaal ontvang. Die gesloer met die betaling van sy geld het hom gefrustreer en moontlik tot die skietvoorval gelei. Na verneem word het Van Deventer aan Griessel en Erasmus gevra of hulle hom kon betaal. Toe hulle negatief antwoord, het hy hulle elkeen asook vir Van Heerden geskiet. Hierna het hy by hulle gaan staan en elkeen weer ’n skoot toegedien, voor hy die sneller met ’n tweede maok ebo Fac o: gasyn op homself getrek het. Fot Deventer.

DIE toekoms van Jorrit de Vries se oog, wat twee weke gelede met ’n klip op ’n trein raak gegooi is, is steeds onseker. De Vries, ’n Nederlander wat vir die afgelope jaar in die Strand gewoon het, is verlede week terug Holland toe vir ’n tweede opinie nadat dokters by Tygerberg-hospitaal hom meegedeel het dat sy oog nie gered kan word nie. Volgens sy vriendin Loraine van der Merwe het De Vries Woensdag (28 Maart) gevlieg en veilig in Holland geland. Hy het die volgende dag vir ’n vinnige ondersoek gegaan en ’n afspraak vir Dinsdag (3 April) by ’n oogspesialis gekry. “Die dokters het ’n skandering op sy oog gedoen om die skade te bepaal, maar daar was te veel bloed om enigiets wys te raak. Jorrit de Vries voor hy weg is na Nederland vir meHulle sê daar is ’n moontlikheid diese hulp vir sy oo g. dat hy sy oog kan hou, maar die moontlikheid dat hy weer daardeur kan sien, is skraal. Hy raak soms ’n bietjie gefrus- motor gestuur om hom lughawe toe te neem. treerd, maar hy probeer positief bly. Hy kan Volgens Mthuthuzeli Swartz, bestuurder steeds nie verstaan hoekom dit met hom van Metrorail Wes-Kaap, kon ’n geskikte tyd moes gebeur het nie,” sê Van der Merwe. vir ’n ontmoeting met De Vries nie realiseer ’n Klip het De Vries op Menseregtedag (21 nie. “Mnr. De Vries kon nie die afspraak naMaart) in die oog getref terwyl hy om 18:20 kom nie.” van Kaapstad op pad huis toe was. Metrorail Van der Merwe sê die De Vries-familie ooris oor die insident ingelig, maar het versuim weeg dit om dalk regstappe teen Metrorail om hul afspraak met De Vries na te kom voor te neem. “Ek dink Jorrit se pa is in gesprek hy na Holland vertrek het. Nadat hy hulle met sy prokureur, maar vir eers fokus Jorrit hieroor gekonfronteer het, het hulle ’n leen- net op sy oog. Dit is sy eerste prioriteit.”


Martin van

Eyewitnesses needed: Wendy de Freitas is calling on anybody who saw an accident she was involved in at around 16:45 on Monday 19 March. De Freitas says she was on her way to Somerset West when the accident happened, just after the turn-off to the airport. It involved her white Hyundai ix35, a white Opel Corsa and a Golden Arrow bus. People with information are asked to phone her on 072 244 4084 or send a mail to


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Beweerde buffel-eis vals ILLANA FRANTZ

RYNO Magson, wat sewe maande gelede deur ’n buffel in die Baviaanskloof aangeval is, beplan nie om regstappe teen die Oos-Kaapse owerhede in te dien nie. ’n Bekende Afrikaanse dagblad het Dinsdag berig hoe Magson se prokureurs ’n dagvaarding uitgereik het. Magson, van SomersetWes, sê dit is egter nie die geval nie en voeg by dat die storie uit verband geruk is. “Ek het gehoor dat die natuurbewaarders bewus was van die buffel wat in die kampeer-terrein was en het regsadvies gaan kry. Ek wou net

seker maak wat my te doen staan sodat indien dit wel die geval is, ek ander mense kan waarsku. Ek het slegs gaan raad vra,” sê Magson. Hy sê ook berigte in die media wat sê dat hy 300 m buite die kampeerterrein aangeval is, is onwaar. “Ons was steeds in die kampeerterrein, waar ons mag wees. Ek was ongeveer 260 m van my tent af, steeds in die kamp-area.” Magson meen die storie oor moontlike regstappe het uitgelek en “gevolglik is die wa voor die osse ingespan”. “Dit was ’n persoonlik saak. Ek weet nie eers of ek geldige gronde het nie,” sê hy.

Ryno Magson.

Herinnering: Familie en vriende van wyle Zelbia Rossi werk verlede Donderdag in die gedenktuin in Macassar. Zelbia (20) het verlede jaar op 30 Maart in ’n motor ongeluk gesterf toe die motor waarin sy en ’n vriend (23) teen ’n grensmuur op die hoek van Musicalaan en Sohstraat gebots het. Haar ma, Bernadette Rossi, sê dat inwoners vrywillig die tuin in stand hou en vars blomme daar plaas. Sy bedank almal vir hul ondersteuning en Melvin Isaacs van Melvin’s Transport vir sy donasie vir die tuin. Op die foto is buurman, Shawaal Bazier en Zelbia se pleegma, Myrtle Carelse. Foto: Bernadette Rossi

Gesinsmoord DIE Macassar-gemeenskap gaan tans gebuk onder gesinsgeweld. ’n Vrou (24) is op 19 Februarie in hegtenis geneem ná sy na bewering haar 25jarige kêrel doodgesteek het. Dié paartjie het ’n argument oor kos gehad en die man het glo handgemeen geraak, waarna die vrou hom vermoedelik met ’n mes gesteek het. Die saak is eers teruggetrek. ) Damian Williams (22) is aangekla van die moord op Lourens Moses (20). Damian het na bewering tussenbeide getree toe sy broer en Moses baklei het en hom gesteek. ) ’n Laerskoolseun (14) is in die sorg van sy ouers geplaas ná hy sy aanstaande swaer Marshall Leonard op 28 Maart na bewering doodgesteek het. Volgens die polisie het die geskil ook oor kos gegaan. ) Shahieda Afrikaner (27) staan tereg op die moord op haar kêrel (41). Hy is op 31 Maart doodgesteek ná hy haar glo aangerand het.




Thursday, 5 April 2012

Residents fight for Child Welfare NIKITA SYLVESTER

NUMEROUS Macassar residents have taken it upon themselves to fight back against the eviction of their local Child Welfare office. After a two-year battle between the municipality, the Child Welfare office in Macassar and surrounding residents, the organisation received an eviction notice last month. The Macassar office of the Helderberg branch of Child Welfare South Africa has been operating in a cul de sac in Monaco Crescent, a residential area in Macassar, for the past six years. But neighbours have for the past two years been campaigning for its eviction as they feel an organisation of its nature should be run in the CBD. Desmond Timm, chairperson of the Hel-

derberg branch of Child Welfare South Africa, submitted a second letter of appeal to the provincial government on Tuesday. The first letter was submitted to the municipality on 6 March. He says that, despite these appeals, the organisation will still have to vacate the premises before the looming deadline of Friday 13 April. Timm says Child Welfare has managed to find alternative premises in Reuben Street, Macassar, but this is only a temporary arrangement. He goes on to say that, about a week ago, a second petition was started by Macassar residents – but this one is in support of the organisation. “So far we’ve received about 500 signatures on the petition against the eviction of our Macassar office. We really hope that this will strengthen our case,” says Timm.

Residents protest outside the Somerset West Magistrate’s Court to demand justice for Bukshi, a horse that was tortured and killed in 2010.

Torturers sentenced BEATRICE WILTSHIRE

AFTER several postponements, sentencing has finally been handed down in a trial that has dragged on in the Somerset West Magistrate’s Court since April 2010. The case involved the gang-related abduction and torture of Bukshi, an Arab gelding that belonged to the Myburgh family. Bukshi did not survive her injuries. Magistrate R Wathen found Desling Snyman (19), William “Vleisie” Williams (20) and a juvenile who was 13 years old at the time, guilty on charges of stock theft and animal cruelty. Two other accused, Benito Plaatjies and

Toothy grins: The Phambili Community Development Centre launched a brand new dental clinic on Monday – and now the Broadlands Park community will receive free dental care made possible by Swedish couple Bert and Kerstin Lundgren (left) of the Ncuma Oral Health Foundation, who funded the project. Michael Johnson (second from right) of Kromboom Rotary Club, who also contributes financially, was the master of ceremonies at the opening. Gio Perez (centre) from the Department of Health, and Deon van Zyl, district governor of Rotary International (right) were the special guests.

Marlin Arries, were found not guilty as there was insufficient evidence against them. As the accused were minors at the time, they were sentenced, according to the Children’s Act, to one year’s imprisonment, of which six months were suspended for three years provided they were not found guilty of a similar offence within that time. The complainants, the Myburgh family, are grateful for closure after two years of waiting, but are disappointed that Williams did not get a more severe sentence as, unlike the others, he was out on bail at the time of the crime. Williams now also faces a charge of armed robbery over a crime committed at that time.

Seun sterk aan ná ongeluk DELIAH BRINKHUIS

DIE vyfjarige seun wat verlede Maandag in ’n motorongeluk betrokke was, se toestand is effens beter, sê sy ma Sonia Domingos. Elridge en sy ma wat in die Strand woon, was die middag oppad na die Harmony Park vakansie-oord. Domingos vertel dat sy haar seun se hand vasgehou het terwyl hulle saam met ’n groepie mense Gordonsbaaiweg wou kruis. Volgens haar het Elridge haar hand gelos en agter ’n paartjie aangehardloop wat besig was om die pad te oorkruis. Sekondes later is hy deur ’n Mercedes

Benz getref. Paramedici het hom op die toneel behandel, maar as gevolg van die ernstige aard van sy beserings is hy later per helikopter na die Tygerberg-hospitaal geneem. Volgens Domingos is haar seun se regter been op twee plekke gebreek en het hy ook gister (Woensdag) ’n veloorplanting aan sy linkervoet ondergaan. Domingos wat gedurende die week by haar seun se bed waak en naweke na die res van haar gesin in die Strand terugkeer, sê volgens dokters sal Elridge tussen vyf en ses weke in die hospitaal bly. Die Strand-polisie ondersoek ’n saak van roekelose en nalatige bestuur.

THE MARKET PLACE at HATHERSAGE Join us in the beautiful tree-lit setting of Hathersage for our final market of the season.


THURSDAY 5 April 5pm – 10pm

Gather your friends, family and holiday guests. Bring a picnic blanket along and enjoy plenty to shop, eat and drink. The Easter Bunny will be there!

Follow “THE MARKETPLACE” on Facebook to stay up-to-date on future market plans.

HATHERSAGE FARM, Gordon Rd, Somerset West


Thursday, 5 April 2012


‘They have nowhere else’ JAMEY THOMAS

WITH the rising number of vagrants in the Somerset West CBD, there is no doubt as to why obtaining and maintaining cleaner streets remain a constant battle. Residents have been complaining that the homeless are stealing, polluting, littering and loitering, and sleeping in places such as parks, tunnels and under bridges. In fact, vagrants have been labelled as the cause of the deplorable state of the CBD. Ian Greer, chairperson of the Helderberg Street People’s Centre, says he does not condone the unhygienic behaviour of the homeless, but really has sympathy for their circumstances. “We need to remember that these are people who are uneducated, with no purpose in life. Therefore, they roam around during the day and, when their bodies need time to switch off, it usually happens in front of a shop door,” says Greer, who daily provides at least 300 homeless people with clothes, food and even the opportunity to obtain an education through the centre. He further says that, although a series of plans have been put in place by various city officials to tackle the problem, these will not solve the issue if no skills training centres are opened in the Helderberg. “At the centre we try to train these people so that they will make an effort in taking care of themselves, but they need skills to assist them in finding a job to get them off

the streets. I don’t want them on the streets either, but they have nowhere else to go.” Jo Swart, chairperson of the Somerset West Night Shelter, which accommodates 54 homeless people each night, says there is a dire need for more shelters and organisations in the area to assist in keeping people off streets. “The number of people living on streets is increasing rapidly, and this problem will never be eradicated if there are only two organisations to help with the plight of the homeless,” says Swart. According to Beverley Cortje-Alcock, mayoral committee member for social and early childhood development, it is important for all Somerset West residents to take up the Cape Town Cares, Give Responsibly campaign that was launched on 14 March. This campaign calls on everyone not to give handouts to vagrants, but rather to charities that are trying to reintegrate these people into society. “When people donate directly to street people, they are in fact encouraging them to live a damaging lifestyle on the street. This way street people are offered the assistance they need instead of perpetuating the cycle,” says Cortje-Alcock. Subcouncil 8 chairperson Stuart Pringle says that, though council workers have been employed to clean the CBD every day, the teams of cleaners cannot be everywhere at once. The real challenge is the eastern

hen at the the soup kitc om fr od fo ed ople receiv day afternoon. 0 homeless pe More than 20 t People’s Centre on Tues tree Helderberg S in the CBD has also been raised. part of the CBD – the areas below Victoria Street, around the soup kitchen, the two taxi ranks, the Shoprite centre, the old bridge, Checkers in Drama Street and the corner of Main and Bizweni Roads. He calls on people to understand that the years of neglect won’t be wiped out overnight. “The cleansing process will be intensified,” says Pringle. “The longer-term challenges, such as the unregulated informal trading at the taxi ranks and the vagrants, will also receive more attention.” A desperate need for more public toilets

“It is not a crime to be living on the streets, but it is an offence to break the streets and public places bylaw, which restricts antisocial behaviour such as urinating in public, starting fires in public areas, littering, nuisance, et cetera,” says Pringle. According to Suzan Jantjies, Somerset West police spokesperson, the increase in the number of homeless people does not have a major impact on crime. “Even though vagrants might be contributing to an untidy and unhygienic CBD, as yet there has been no evidence-based research suggesting that they are the cause of rising crime.”

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

What about the victims’ rights?

Let’s help clean up the CBD IT’S a fact that the streets in Somerset West’s CBD are overflowing with litter and filth, and that the municipality is working hard to erase the problem. It’s also true that more and more homeless people are converging on Somerset West and living on the streets. Soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the influx of people to the town. The harsh reality is that times are tough, and are getting even tougher; people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Should we as residents of this beautiful town not be applauding and trying to assist the soup kitchens and night shelters (see “Lend a helping hand”, a letter on this page) instead of criticising them? With the influx of street people coming into our town, should we not be building bigger shelters, soup kitchens and skills training facilities to help these poor people? Let us be proactive and helpful in our approach to these problems rather than just criticise the municipality without offering any possible solutions!

READING DistrictMail every week, with all the news about senseless, unsolved and unpunished crimes, I was thinking about my arrival in this country 30 years ago and my experiences of petty crimes at that time. . . After coming to South Africa as a 45-year-old professional architect with nothing more than two suitcases and a little money to start living, with a contract to work at an architects’ practice, I became clearly upset when my little Suzuku 50 cc bike – the only way of transport I could defray – was vandalised during a night. When relating the incident at

the office, I was told to go to the police “because our police are tops and they will retrieve your stolen things in no time!” Since then, things have changed drastically! Serious crimes stay unsolved, dockets are lost or incomplete, criminals – when caught – receive soft sentences or are released for lack of proof by magistrates who seem too scared to impose serious sentences and upset some communities. . . And every body is complaining about the increasing criminality! To stop this spiralling impunity, one doesn’t need capital punishment – it’s too easy and too

short! – one needs harsh sentences, 10, 20, 30 years’ imprisonment, and stern judges who are not accommodating the criminals rather than the damaged parties. New York was plagued by criminality until the mayor was really fed up by this worldwide diffused image and instructed the judges “to clean the city” with harsher punishments. . . and criminality was gone! It’s the only way! Of course the “Human Rights Activists” will not agree – but what about the victims’ human rights?


) Dear Jamey: the pit toilet in Main street has at last been cleared out, thanks to you and DistrictMail. Regards, Beatrice ) Ek wil net vir Eileen en Vincent geluk wens op hul 35ste huweliksherdenking en met my swaar se verjaardag ook. Well done for many years of abundance. May the good Lord keep and protect you and your husband. Psalm 91. Your sister, Renay ) Pastor Jumat en vroulief, julle is die beste van die beste wat ek kan kry as ’n pastoor-paar. Julle skitter en blink. Hou so aan. Jesaja 43. Renay en Virgil ) Aan my man Roy Louw, happy anniversary op 4/4, ons 4de huweliksherdenking. Dankie vir alles. Baie lief vir jou, Lynette Louw xx ) Mense wat voetoorgange gebruik, wees versigtig vir motoriste. Ek woon oorkant Shoprite SomersetWes en dis vir my duidelik dat motoriste eenvoudig nie eers stop by ’n voetoorgang nie. Sal jou eerder omry as wat hulle stop. Sies vir julle. ) Hi my love, how is your day today? Don’t forget that I love you. You have a nice day, sweetheart. ) Gelukkige verjaarsdag aan Ezra Coetzer. Dankie vir al jou vriendskap. Hoop jy geniet dit. Belinda ) Thank you to all of Faye’s, Kim’s, Mila’s and my friends for your love, help and support. Deeply appreciated. Lorraine Walker ) Mans wat hulle gehuurde geselskap Radloffpark toe bring in hul motors, kry asseblief ’n ander plek vir julle aktiwiteite, die gemeenskap wil in vrede daar gaan stap. ) Aan ons sister Selma Louw op jou verjaardag op 3/4. Mag God jou ryklik seën. Lief vir jou, van Roy en Lynette Louw

Lend a helping hand I AM a child of Somerset West, grew up there and love it to death! I am in the UK at the moment, reading DistrictMail online to catch up on the local news. I read the reaction to the cesspit story and feel ashamed of the wealthy population of my hometown. I have read a blog entry before talking about how the soup kitchens and homeless shelter attract

vagrants to the town. This should be something we are proud of. A place where the poorest of the poor find food and shelter! Instead of sitting behind your keyboard complaining, why not do something about it? Step it up a gear and help these vagrants to come off drugs and alcohol. Finish the good work that was

Recognising good work I AM immensely appreciative of the fact that action was taken in terms of my request to clean the vacant land on the corner of Dennehof and Lemoenboom Streets, Gordon’s Bay. I recently relocated to Gordon’s Bay and found that the vacant land posed a risk to the community in terms of illegal dumping and gathering of vagrants. On 28 February I requested the local ward councillor, Johan Middleton, to facilitate the cleaning of the land. The reaction was simply professional, and it was cleaned in less than 30 days.

This service underpins the value of our democracy, and it further distinguishes the Western Cape from any other province in the country. It is with great pleasure that I observed the cleaning. This is action of note – not only the timing of the response, but the way in which the matter was dealt with, indicates a high level of professionalism. It is also very pleasing to see there is a service delivery plan that effectively addresses the needs of the community and makes maximum impact. Setting this kind of service will improve

AWS loop die ekstra myl EK wil net my uiterste waardering uitspreek aan Helderberg AWS (Animal Welfare Society). Julle werk so onbaatsugtig met al die diere wat hulp nodig het. Sowat twee weke gelede, op ’n vakansiedag, het iets vasgesit in my kat se keel en ek was desperaat – geen vervoer nie, ook nie geld vir ’n veearts nie. Ek het die AWS gebel en sonder versuim het hulle die kat kom haal. Niks is toe in haar keel gevind nie, maar teen dié tyd het sy haar mond stukkend gekrap.

Sy is vyf dae daar gehou antibiotika tot haar mond genees is. Sy is terug besorg by die huis met ’n pak kos. Geen fooi is gevra nie. AWS, dankie! Julle het geen idee wat dit vir my beteken het nie. Ek is ’n pensioenaris (nie dat hulle dit geweet het nie) en gaan van nou af, elke maand wanneer ek my pensioen kry, seker maak daar is ’n bedraggie vir Helderberg AWS. Julle verdien soveel meer…


started with the soup kitchen and night shelter – create a town where the poorest of the poor can find help. They are just as human as anyone and should be treated with dignity. Their behaviour is a result of their circumstances; help them to be free from their circumstances and you will tidy up the town.

TIM BRIGHTON, UK and instil confidence in the local counsellors, who are ultimately responsible for service delivery. This kind of service also reaffirms the responsibility taken by Mr Middleton as an important ingredient in serving the public. Mr Middleton’s effectiveness will certainly improve the partnership with the wider community. I also want to thank the service providers for their commitment in cleaning the land – I believe the neighbours are as delighted as myself. This initiative places you in another category, and deserves recognition from the highest authority in the Western Cape.


) To the writer of the SMS referring to dogs as a pest – you’re probably a grumpy “old” man with nothing more to do than to complain about neighbours and their dogs. I bet that deep inside you are so alone and bitter. Shame, you have my sympathy. It must be terrible if a dog can’t even love you. ) Jammer Mr Lucas, daai klub sou nooit daai bedrag gemaak het nie. Hulle lewe in hul eie aparte wêreld en dink niks van ons oorkant die N2 nie! ) Please pray for Micaela Jordaan, singing in the SA Champions in Rustenburg from 7 to 15 April. God bless; we love you lots. Dad, mom, Lientjie and Granny ) To the rude person who bumped and scraped my red polo with your fancy black car outside Jimmy’s Prawns on Friday – you should be ashamed! You can afford to wine and dine, but don’t show the moral fibre to leave a note or contact number! I am disgusted! ) This morning the thought of a joyful and a unique loved one like you comes to our mind on your joyful day. The Lord shall crown your effort with glory, the wicked will be rebuked for your sake, you shall ride on your high places, and whatsoever you do shall prosper, so shall it be in Jesus’s mighty name. Happy birthday, Shaun. Pa Loydd, Ma Hazel and Mary ) Aan Alrich Frans. Wat ’n lieflike dag om jou verjaarsdag te vier. Vrydag 6 April. Jou 21ste verjaarsdag. Dit is ’n spesiale dag vir jou. Mag Liewe Jesus sy arms om jou vou en jou veilig bewaar vir die res van jou mooi lewe. Jy moet ’n lekker dag hê. Stay as sweet as you are. Baie liefde, Mammie, Daddy en jou broers XXX ) Aan Shaun O’ Connor. Veels geluk met jou 40ste verjaarsdag, 4 April. Jy moet ’n lekker dag hê. Liefde, Mamma en Pappa X ) Aaa! Ek lief jou so baie, baie. Dankie vir alles. Sexy XX ) Dankie Cobus, Ryan en Devilliers van die nuwe proelokaal op Mulderbosch,julle is puik die beste in die wynland. Rika, Adel en Nico ) Life begins at 40. Shaun O’Connor, veels geluk met jou 40ste verjaarsdag 4 April. Alles wat mooi is vir die jaar vorentoe. Liefde, Colin, Claudine en kinders ) Veels geluk met jou 21ste verjaarsdag 6 April, Alrich Frans. Jy moet lekker verjaar. Van Rydal, Tammy, Taylin en Keegan X ) Happy 90th birthday to a remarkable husband, father, grandfather, teacher and friend. We salute and love Peter Gordon. ) Peter Gordon, happy 90th birthday. You’re the inspiration in our lives, an icon. Love, Alex, Jackie and family


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Petrol price panic NIKITA SYLVESTER

THIS is no April Fool prank: fuel prices have indeed gone up again, leaving commuters and consumers dumbstruck. At midnight on Tuesday 3 April, fuel prices reached their highest levels yet. Motorists are now forced to pay as much as 71c per litre more for 95 octane, 73c per litre for 93 octane, and 51,9c per litre for diesel. Consumers can also expect a hike in electricity tariffs, something yet to be announced. Antoni Ribeiro, manager of the Engen petrol station in Gants Centre, Strand, says that although people are filling up more often, they are doing so with less money. “I don't like it as much as anyone else. Business becomes stressful as people are not spending like they used to.” Ribeiro says people sometimes get the impression that filling stations make more money when fuel prices increase, but he says this is not the case at all. “A bigger worry is what this is going to do to the economy.” Mark Williams, investment advisor for Synovation Financial Services, anticipates that the hikes in fuel and electricity prices will have a knock-on affect, pushing up prices across the board. “This will eat into consumers’ already-stretched pockets and dampen consumption, thus eroding business profits and resulting in lower GDP (gross domestic

product) growth.” Gordon Metter, deputy president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce, explains that the price increases do indeed affect everyone – consumers, commuters and businesses. He says the massive price increase in fuel will leave a damaging effect overall. “Because delivery vehicles run on fuel, the cost of bread will go up because of the delivery cost. We are left with a major problem.” Metters feels that these high increases are working against job creation, something the chamber feels strongly about. “Businesses are now struggling to pay their bills, which means that they cannot afford to employ more people,” he says. With the electricity tariffs expected to increase soon, Theo Espost, owner of the Fine, Food and Wine Kwik Spar in Lions Square, says the cost of power is beginning to compete with rental costs. He says that store adjustments – such as changing to gas and implementing timers – will have to be made to offset the price increase. Espost also feels that these hikes will have a negative effect on the sustainability of small businesses. “This is totally uncontrolable – you can’t just switch off your electricity.” He says in-store air conditioning for the comfort of customers is set to become an ever-more serious figure in the shop’s costing structure.


Petrol ruk ons almal se sak JAMEY THOMAS

DIE prys van brandstof het Dinsdag teen middernag die hoogte ingeskiet. Suid-Afrikaanse motoriste is gedwing om 71c per liter meer vir 95-oktaan en 52c per liter meer vir diesel te betaal om hul petroltenk vol te maak. Die nuwe brandstofpryse slaan die reeds vuisvose verbruiker nog harder. Dié groot verhogings gaan tot gevolg hê dat huishoudings verder die impak daarvan aan hul sakke gaan voel wanneer elektrisiteit, openbare vervoer en lewenskoste ook styg. Inwoners van die Helderberg het hul mening oor die nuwe brandstofprysstyging en hoe dit hulle affekteer so aan die DistriksPos verwoord:

Chantal October (24): “Dit kos my R100 om elke week by die werk uit te kom. Ek wil nie eers weet wat dit my gaan kos ná hierdie verhoging nie. Dit gaan beslis ’n helse groot duik in my inkomste veroorsaak. Die regering is slim, want diegene wat op openbare vervoer staat maak, het geen ander keuse as om die verhoging te aanvaar nie.” Elizabeth Daniels (37): “Baie van ons gaan swaar kry onder die nuwe verhoging, maar wat my pla is dat wanneer die prys van brandstof styg, styg die koste van openbare vervoer. Máár, wanneer die prys van brandstof daal, bly die koste om van openbare vervoer gebruik te maak dieselfde. Ek kan nie die rede hiervoor insien nie.”

Dawid van den Berg (19): “Dit is moeilik, veral vir jongmense, om elke keer as daar een of ander verhoging is hulle begroting (wat reeds minimaal is) aan te pas. Die uitgawes raak meer, maar ons inkomste bly dieselfde.”

Andrew Day (44): “Die nuwe prys van brandstof is belaglik! Ek ry elke dagper motor van Kaapstad na Somerset-Wes, omdat ek hier werk. Glo my, dit kos ’n plaas se geld, maar ek sal seker oorleef.”

John Farmer (55): “Dit bederf sommer my hele vakansie! Dié verhoging kon nie op ’n slegter tyd kom nie. Ek verstaan die lewe is duur, maar dié verhoging het nou ’n kettingreaksie veroorsaak. Nou gaan kos-, elektrisiteit- en vervoeruitgawes vir elke huishouding meer word. Hulle kon ten minste die verhoging geleidelik aangebring het.”

Kevin Gordon (34): “Dít maak my klaar. Ek is ’n entrepreneur wat karre koop en verkoop, en die verhoging van brandstof maak my werk baie moeilik. Dit kan dalk net veroorsaak dat almal nou van goedkoper maniere van vervoer gebruik sal maak en dit glad nie eers oorweeg om nou kar te koop nie.”

Fay Coetser (40): “Dit gaan beslis my sak ruk! As ’n eiendomswaardeerder is ek heeldag op die pad. Ek verstaan nie wat die rede is vir al die verhogings in die prys van brandstof nie. Die regering ontvang belasting op paaie en selfs die vulstasies betaal brandstofheffings.” Emanuel Gordon (67): “Ek en my vrou is doodgewone pensionarisse wat ’n huis moet onderhou, én hierdie nuwe uitgawe tref ons hard in die sak. Waarvan moet ons lewe?”

Wendy Swarts (36): “Dit raak nie net my sak nie, maar dit sal beslis my huishouding affekteer. Ek het reeds só veel ander finansiële verpligtinge om na te kom, waar die ekstra geld om nuwe uitgawes te dek vandaan gaan kom weet ek nie.” Eveline Anthony (50): “Ek maak elke dag gebruik van openbare vervoer om inkopies te doen, hospitaal en werk toe te gaan. Ek kan beslis nie nog uitgawes aanpak nie, maar wat anders kan ek doen? Sonder hierdie diens is my voete afgekap.”



Thursday, 5 April 2012

March’s top pictures THE winners of the DistrictMail and Kodak Express Superfoto photo competition for March have been decided. Once again, the entries for this popular competition have been totally top-notch. The competition has been running since May 2011, and will conclude at the end of April. This means you have one more chance left to enter your favourite photos and stand a chance to win a R500 voucher from Kodak. You can enter in the categories of children, nature, pets and action. Be sure to mark the back of your photo with the date and place taken, as well as their category and your name, telephone number and email address. Drop your entries off at the Kodak Express Superfoto outlet at Somerset Mall or Waterstone Village Centre, or bring them to the DistrictMail office at 37 Mynhardt Street, Strand.

Pets: Damien Louw.

Children: Andrew Watts.

The winners for March in the DistrictMail and Kodak Express Superfoto competition are Phia Stopforth (left), Andrew Watts (third from left) and Jeanne van der Merwe (right). They’re seen here with Charmaine Steyn (second from left), Kodak Somerset Mall manager. One of the winners, Damien Louw, was not present when the photo was taken.

Action: Phia Stopforth.

Nature: Jeanne van der Merwe.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Your DistrictMail WHILE mainstream papers are showing a decline, community papers are showing growth potential. Following a strictly scientific procedure, Compass24 in partnership with Ask Africa conducted intensive research from August to November 2011 to determine exactly how successful community newspapers are. Here are some of DistrictMail’s results:

This graph (left) shows the average issue readership of Boland Media’s sold newspapers. To qualify as an “average issue” reader of a publication, a respondent must have read any copy of the title within a period before the interview that is no longer than the issue period of that title. For example, to qualify as an average issue reader of a weekly publication, a respondent must have read or paged through that issue within the past seven days for the first time.




Thursday, 5 April 2012

Words fly over Disa roadworks JAMEY THOMAS

THE roadworks in Disa Road, Gordon’s Bay, have residents up in arms – but the construction company is also pulling out its hair. A new stormwater pipeline is currently being laid there to resolve flooding in the road. Part of Disa Road is also being reconstructed. DistrictMail has received numerous complaints from residents over the roadworks. An anonymous reader wrote in a letter to the paper that construction vehicles were digging large holes in the road, and complained that no control was being exercised. The reader also claimed traffic wasn’t being regulated, and said there were no visible warning lights and signs. But the general foreman of Requad Construction, the company responsible for the roadworks, says it’s the residents and other motorists who are to blame. For one, he claims, though the road has been made a one-way for the duration of construction, motorists are using it to go in both directions. “When I reprimanded one of the residents, the person told me to f*** off,” the foreman claims. Access to Disa Road is currently restricted to residents only. Signage in-

dicating the direction in which to travel has been set up, and safety measures such as barriers, construction netting, delineators, barrier tape and flag men have been put in place. In addition, there is a 20 km-perhour speed limit around the roadworks. DistrictMail recently paid a visit to the site, and found that it was indeed residents who were at fault; they were ignoring the safety measures put in place. And, according to ward councillor John Middleton, a health and safety agent was recently employed to ensure everything was up to scratch. “The site was inspected by the Department of Labour on 10 February, and they were satisfied that sufficient safety measures were in place,” Middleton says. “If residents adhere to the instructions of the signage, no further interventions will be required. “However, the traffic department of the City of Cape Town is available to assist when needed.” Work on the site started in February, and the project was scheduled for completion in May. However, the project isn’t going as smoothly as was hoped – construction is being held back as a water pipe has had to be relaid.

Requad construction workers digging up the road for the laying of a new stormwater pipeline.

The sign clarifying that only residents may use the stretch of road.

Bontebok Kalkwerke (Edms) Bpk

h/a P & B Kalkwerke

Bontebok Kalkwerke (Edms) Bpk h/a P & B Kalkwerke is gesetel in Bredasdorp in die Overberg. Die maatskappy vervaardig sedert 1924 'n verskeidenheid kalkprodukte wat in verskeie industrieë gebruik word. P & B kalsitiese landboukalk het 'n kalsiumkarbonaat-inhoud van meer as 80% wat dit 'n geskikte produk maak vir pH regstellings van landbougrond.

Die produk word losmaat verkoop teen R76 per ton (BTW uitgesluit) en kan teen 'n verdere R15 per ton in halfton sakke (kliënt se eie) gelewer word. Dit word ook in 50 kg sakke verkoop. U kan verseker wees van ’n hoë gehalte produk en uitnemende diens. Kontak vir Sammy Thompson by 028 424 1157 of besoek ons webtuiste vir meer besonderhede oor ons produkreeks.

Bontebok Lime Works (Pty) Ltd

t/a P & B Lime Works

Bontebok Lime Works (Pty) Ltd t/a P & B Lime Works is situated in Bredasdorp in the Overberg. The company has been manufacturing a wide range of lime based products since 1924 which is utilised in different industries. P & B Agricultural Lime is calcitic with a calcium carbonate content of above 80% which makes it ideal for soil pH correction.

The product can be bought in bulk at R76 per ton (excl VAT) and at R15 per ton it will be packaged in the client’s own half ton bags. It is also sold in 50 kg bags. We guarantee a high quality product with outstanding service. For more information on our product range, contact Sammy Thompson at 028 424 1157 or visit our website at

Take part THE Helderberg Residents’ Action Association will hold its annual general meeting for the Somerset West community in the local library hall at 19:00 on Tuesday 23 April. All residents are welcome to attend. Reports of the past year will be given, and the association’s new executive committee will be elected. For more information contact Peter Ford on 0 021 852 3678 or at 2

Kom spog met jou Staffie DIE Wes-Kaapse Staffordshire boel terriër-klub bied ’n ope skou op Sondag 15 April by die Jachtershofsportkompleks in Kuilsrivier aan. Registrasie vir die kompetisie sal om 11:00 begin. Die kompetisie is oop vir opreg geteelde Staffordshire boelterriërs vanaf vier maande en ouer. Baie pryse is op die spel. Klublede is oor die hele WesKaap versprei en navrae oor hierdie honderas word daagliks hanteer. Die skou sal dan ook dien as inligtingsessie oor dié ras. Vir navrae bel Stella Muller by 078 432 9454.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday 5 April Gordon’s Bay: ) Popular local band 3D performs at Melt’s Tavern for a “rock party of note – with tomorrow being a public holiday”. 0 Derek: 083 475 2170.

Vrydag 6 April Gordonsbaai: ) Die NG-gemeente Gordonsbaai vier Goeie Vrydag met twee Nagmaalsdienste wat om 08:00 en 10:00 plaasvind, en ’n musiekfees om 18:00. Die Snyman-broers sal by albei Nagmaalsdienste optree en ’n groep beroemde sangers tree by die musiekfees op. Geestelike berader van die Springbok Rugbyspan en Radio Tygerberg program-aanbieder, Arrie Hougaard, is die gasspreker. ’n Toegangsfooi van R50 sal by

die deure aanvaar word ten bate van ’n nuwe lofsentrum. 0 Ronelle Hoogenhout: 083 474 8123.

Sunday 8 April Somerset-Wes: ) The Hottentots Holland Branch of the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA invites the public to participate in a guided walk around Vergelegen Estate at 09:30. Entry costs R10 (R5 for pensioners). Bookings are essential. 0 Freya Brett: 021 851 8831 or 021 851 6951.

Monday 9 April Somerset West: ) The Somerset West Scottish Country Dance Club meet every Monday at 20:00 at the Somerset West United Church in Bright

Street. 0 021 851 4216.

Tuesday 10 April Somerset-Wes: ) The Chuckle ’n’ Chirp Toastmasters Club will meet in the Rotary hall in Lourensford Road at 18:30 for 19:00. Learn the art of effective communication while picking up valuable leadership skills. The dress code is semi-formal, and there is no charge for first-time guests. 0 Carol-Ann Savosnick: 021 856 4315 or 074 851 7624.

Wednesday 11 April Somerset West: ) The Hottentots Holland Garden Club will hold its monthly meeting at 10:00 in the library hall. Coffee and tea will be available from 09:30. Mariana Delport of Cape


Eco Tours will deliver a presentation on gardens and the bird species that inhabit them. Entry costs R10. 0 Carole: 021 851 7742. ) The Somerset West Lions Club holds its next meeting at 19:30 for 20:00 in the New Street clubhouse. Everyone interested in helping the Helderberg community is invited. 0 Ted Goreham: 074 423 1814 or Ray Bowes: 082 854 5354. ) The Winelands Ladies’ Probus Club lunch happens at 12:30 at Somerset Lodge. 0 Dee Thysse: 021 851 2091.

Thursday 12 April Strand: ) A “tough love” workshop will be held from 19:00 to 22:00 at Iqra Learning Centre. It offers support to the families of people addicted to drugs. Laura Pistorius: 0 082 445 7628 or 2

Pampoen-bielie uit afvalgat AUBREY Adonis (72) van die Strand spog met ’n 17 kg pampoen wat hy onlangs in sy tuin geoes het. Volgens Aubrey het hy in Desember verlede jaar groot gate in sy tuin gegrawe en allerhande kombuis afval – pampoen pitte en skille, aartappel skille en vrot groente en vrugte – daarin gegooi. “Jong, só het ek maar aangegaan tot ek in Februarie opgelet het dat die hele tuin vol gerank is,” lag hy. Hy sê omdat die tuin aanvanklik ’n blomtuin was, het hy gereeld die tuin natgelei. Aubrey het destyds ook tamaties geoes en tans groei daar groenrissies en avokadopere in sy agterplaas.

Aubrey Adonis met die twee pampoene wat hy in sy tuin geoes het.

In-house Auction Somerset West Date: Venue: Viewing:

Saturday, 14 April 2012 @ 11:00 & Saturday, 21 April 2012 @11:00 The Interchange, Somerset Mall, Somerset West From Thursday 12 April 2012 till Start of Auction.

Hyundai Sonata, 2x Oak Arm Chairs, Imbuia Coffee Table, Wallnut 4-Door Sideboard, Teak 6-Drawer Office Desk, 3pc Darkwood Wall Unit, 2-Drawer Oregon Pine Entrance Table, White 3-Seater Studded Couch, Wicker Cane Arm Chair, Linen Kist, 7pc Teak Patio Suite, Defy 4-Plate Stove, 5pc Stained Pine Bedroom Suite, 3pc Green 4-Seater Wingback Lounge Suite, Solid Oak Single Bed Base with Mattress, Assorted Bedside Lamps, 2x 8-Burner Chandeliers, Assorted Smalls & Lots More...

Date: Venue: Viewing:

Wednesday 11 April 2012 @ 11:00 & 18 April 2012 @ 11:00 The Interchange, Somerset Mall, Somerset West From Tuesday 10 April 2012 till Start of Auction

Oak Monks bench, L-Shape Studded Lounge Suite, 7pc Solid Oak Diningroom Suite, Bentwood Arm Chair, Defy Fridge/Freezer, Single to Queen Size Bases with Mattress Sets, Highback Office Arm Chairs, Oak 2-Drawer Office Desk, Defy & Samsung Microwave, Assorted Carpets, Books, Office Pedestals, 2-Door Steel Stationar y Cabinets,4-Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Colour Tv’s with Remotes, Lawnmowers, Pool Loungers, Wooden & Steel Stepladders, Slow Cookers, Paintings and Lots More...



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Methodist Church: the clear-out begins DELIAH BRINKHUIS

THE Church Street Methodist Church is a step closer to being restored after the removal of rubble started on Monday. Jean Murcott, resident minister for the congregation, says the church’s application for the removal was granted by the Western Cape

For your information

Bishop Hansrod says has the Methodist Church unco the h wit close links the as y, tor his ve sla try’s ilt land on which it is bu in m the to was given 1834 following their emancipation. s The existing church wa old the er aft built in 1860 en wine cellar that had be rwo of ce pla a as ed us . all sm ship became too ed rat leb ce h The churc r175 years as the Some sMi t set West Methodis sion Station in 2009. tor y, Honouring its rich his ntgra cil un Co ge rita the He tus sta ed it conservation recently.

Heritage Council at the beginning of March. In the 22 months since the collapse of the front façade on 13 June 2010, no construction work has been done. Should all go well the rubble removal will be done by the end of this week. Michel Hansrod, Western Cape bishop for the church, is hopeful that this process will also shed light on the cause of the collapse. A report from the Heritage Council last year declared that restoration of the historic church was possible. This was estimated at R1,5 million then, and may have increased. Once the rubble has been cleared the structure will come under the scrutiny of Heritage Council–appointed engineers, who will determine a way forward for the church. Hansrod says fundraising for the church’s restoration fund, which currently stands at about R86 000, will continue. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can deposit into the following account. Account name: Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Church Street Somerset West Restoration Fund. Account number: 62270973988, First National Bank Somerset West cheque account. Branch code: 200-512. Reference: donor name and telephone number.

Interim planne JAMEY THOMAS

DIE Umyezo Wama Apile-leerlinge sal teen Junie onderrig in ’n tydelike satellietkampus in Grabouw ontvang. Die Wes-Kaapse minister van onderwys, Donald Grant, was verlede Dinsdag (29 Maart) in Grabouw om die moontlike persele vir die oprigting van mobiele klaskamers te ondersoek.

Uit die drie moontlikhede vir die uitbreiding van die skool, is erf 1317 – wat reeds in Januarie geïdentifiseer is as ’n geskikte plek vir die ontwikkeling – op 26 Maart deur die departement van omgewingsake goedgekeur. Volgens Grant sal slegs ’n gedeelte van die nuwe uitbreiding teen die tweede kwartaal (10 April) gereed wees om in klas te gee en sal die perseel steeds ’n bouterrein wees.

Workers get star ted with removin g the rubble.

Intussen sal graad 11- en matriekleerlinge, wat oor ’n tydperk van vier weke erg deur protesoptogte ontwrig is, intensiewe onderrig deur addisionele onderwysers ontvang. Die bou van ’n splinternuwe skool het ook verlede week ter sprake gekom toe Grant erf 295/15 as die ideale grond vir dié doeleinde geoormerk het. Hierdie grond is ook naaste aan die bestaande skool.“Hoewel hierdie grond aan die nasionale regering behoort, het ons reeds vir die bou van ’n nuwe skool begroot. Ons

is vasberade om so gou as moontlik die skool ’n realiteit te maak,” sê Grant. Hy wou egter nie bekend maak waar presies hierdie grond in Grabouw is nie, uit vrees vir ontwrigting deur betogers. Ná ’n gesprek met die hoof en beheerliggaam van Umyezo Wama Apile gekombineerde skool, het die Wes-Kaapse onderwys departement (WKOD) reëlings getref vir die opknapping van die skool se bestaande fasiliteite. Die skade wat deur betogers aan die Groenberg Sekondêre Skool

aangerig is, sal ook herstel word. “Die WKOD is vasberade om in die belang van die betrokke leerlinge op te tree en ten alle tye ’n poging aan te wend om onderrig van ’n hoë kwaliteit te behou,” sê Grant. John Michels, voorsitter van die Elgin Grabouw Civic Organisasie, sê hulle verwelkom planne vir die nuwe uitbreiding, maar voel die grond waar die tydelike klaskamers opgerig gaan word, is nie geskik nie. “Dis vleigrond waarop hulle die mobiele klaskamers wil oprig. Dié grond kan beslis nie ideaal wees nie,” sê John.

Help put out the flames VOLUNTEER Wildfire Services (VWS) helps to protect over 210 000 ha of nature reserves and precious water catchment areas. VWS Jonkershoek is currently recruiting members for the 2012–2013 fire season in the Boland region; training begins in May. VWS is looking for people who are passionate about protecting the environment. If you would like to help stop the devastating fires that destroy our natural heritage and threaten our water supplies, are over 18, medically fit and keen to take on the challenge, contact VWS to find out more. There are other positions available if firefighting isn’t for you. Contact Michael at 2 or Peter at 2 if you are willing to help.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter diary Thursday 5 April Somerset West: ) The last Hathersage Market – the Easter night market – will be held from 17:00 to 22:00. Everyone is welcome. 0 Sharon James: 082 295 1758.

Vrydag 6 April Gordonsbaai: ) Die NG Kerk Gordonsbaai vier Goeie Vrydag met twee Nagmaalsdienste wat om 08:00 en 10:00 plaasvind, en ’n musiekfees wat om 18:00 plaasvind. Die Snyman-broers sal by albei Nagmaalsdienste optree en ’n groep beroemde sangers tree tydens die musiekfees op. Geestelike berader van die Springbok Rugbyspan en Radio Tygerberg program-aanbieder, Arrie Hougaard, is die gasspreker. ’n Toegangsfooi van R50 sal by die deure aanvaar word ten bate van ’n nuwe lof-sentrum. 0 Ronelle Hoogenhout: 083 474 8123.

Saturday 7 April Paarl: ) Laborie Lazy Days Market will host a fun family Easter outing. Enjoy live music,

treats, crafts and kids activities from 09:00 - 14:00. 0 021 807 3390 or visit

Sunday 8 April Somerset West: ) Somerset West United Church invites the community to its Easter Sunday sunrise service in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will be held at the Helderberg Nature Reserve, near the information centre, at 06:30. A love offering will be taken, and proceeds will be given to the Choices Pregnancy Crises Centre. Take along a torch, blanket or camping chair, and a flask of tea or coffee. If it rains the service will be held at the church, on the corner of Andries Pretorius and Bright Streets. 0 Peter Chapman: 021 852 3281

Stellenbosch: ) Visit the Blaauwklippen Vineyards Family Market from 10:00 to 15:00 and join in the Easter fun. An Easter egg hunt for kids will start at 11:00, and the rest of the family can enjoy the delicious food, baked treats, excellent wine, and arts and crafts on offer. 0 Hugo Le Roux: 084 608 6325.

Market time: There’s something for everyone at the Blaauwklippen Vineyards Family Market this weekend.

Have an Olde Oaks Easter THIS Easter weekend the Olde Oaks farm stalls will be open on Sunday and Monday from 10:00 to 15:00. Visitors can look forward to homebaked treats, olives, pickles, jewellery, pâtés, arts and crafts, food stalls and a fully licensed pub under the beautiful oak trees. The Easter bunny will be doing his Easter egg rounds, and youngsters will also get to paint their own eggs at the market’s creativity corner. New stall holders are welcome. The market is held at 3 Derrick Drive, Somerset West Business Park. For more information give Mandy a call on 082 374 6648.


Have fun with the family DOVES funeral home hosts a family day at the Wiesenhof Farm from 11:00 till 18:00 on Sunday 15 April. The activities on offer include tractor rides, jumping castles, face painting, swimming and giant slides, not to mention food stalls and music in the park. Picnic spaces are limited, so phone or SMS Lize on 083 450 1569 as soon as possible to reserve your family’s spot.



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Send in your finest blend lunch at Blaauwklippen on Friday 7 September, when the winner will be announced. The winning blend will be bottled under the Blaauwklippen Barouche label, and recognition will be given to the winning wine club on the back label. The victorious wine club and three finalists will also win other great prizes, including wine, return air fares and accommodation for the weekend of the prize giving, as well as fine glassware from Vitria. Registration costs R180 per wine parcel, including the four wines and a plastic measuring cylinder. For more information contact Natalie on 0 021 880 8646 or email 2

Welcome Home. In true Klipdrift tradition, we’d like to invite you to visit our warm and hospitable brandy distillery, or ‘home’, as we lovingly refer to it.

THE Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme now boasts a total of six protégés after three new candidates were recruited into the programme this year. This mentorship initiative gives talented graduates the rare opportunity to work side by side with some of the country’s finest winemakers. The guild’s three new protégés are Heinrich Kulsen and Chandré Petersen, hailing from Paarl in the Western Cape, and Philani Shongwe from Ulundi in KwaZulu-Natal. Heinrich Kulsen, who completed his degree in cellar technology at Elsenburg last year, joins Ernie Els under the mentorship of Louis Strydom. Having completed her degree in viticulture and oenology, also at Elsenburg, Chandré Petersen will be put through her paces under the watchful eye of winemaker Bernhard Veller at Nitida. Philani Shongwe, a proud graduate in

viticulture and oenology from the University of Stellenbosch, will be learning his craft from Paul Cluver winemaker Andries Burger. Guild members are responsible for mentoring their protégés for a minimum of six months, giving them essential hands-on skills and experience. The Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme was launched in 2006 under the auspices of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Trust with the goal of bringing about transformation in the wine industry by cultivating, nurturing and empowering promising individuals to become winemakers of excellence. For more information about the guild, call 0 021 852 0408 or send an email to 2 Students interested in applying for the protégé programme can visit


BLAAUWKLIPPEN wine estate in Stellenbosch will soon hold its 29th annual blending competition. This unique event is open to all wine clubs. No expert wine knowledge is needed, just membership to a wine club and a taste for good wine. For 2012, entrants will receive a selection of four wines from the 2011 vintage: single-vineyard Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Zinfandel and single-vineyard Shiraz. The closing date for registration is Friday 20 April, and a personal blend recipe from each club must then be submitted to Blaauwklippen by 22 June. At the estate, the cellar master will make up all the entered blends and a panel of judges will select the four finalists, who will be invited to an exclusive

Meet the future of wine

Come and see for yourself how, after more than 70 years, this legendary range of brandies is still made according to the original specifications of founding distiller JP Marais. So if you enjoy good brandy (and our range offers many), come over for a tasting, distillery tour or delicious meal at our restaurant and make yourself at home.

Above: At our restaurant, guests can enjoy a hearty home-made meal – with a Klipdrift twist of course.

Distillery Tours & Tastings can be booked by phoning 023 626 3027. 4 Voortrekker Street, Robertson. GPS: 33o 48’ 43.70”S – 19o 52’ 56.44”E. Opening Times of Distillery & Restaurant: Mon to Fri: 08h00 - 17h00 Sat & Public Holidays: 09h00 - 16h00

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18

The guild’s three new protégés are (from the left) Heinrich Kulsen, Chandré Petersen and Philani Shongwe.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Food for thought

Lion of a sale THE Somerset West Lions Club thanks everyone for supporting its book stall at the Country Craft Market on 31 March. A total of R1 725 was raised, and the funds will be used to support service projects in the Helderberg. Their next book sales will be held on 7 and 28 April; the Lions ask those who wish to donate any books, magazines, CDs or records to take them along. Alternatively, contact one of these members to arrange for collection: Mike (0 079 281 0782), Ted (074 423 1814) or Marquerite (084 233 3400).

Chile con carne with dark chocolate WHAT’s the difference between tortilla, tacos, enchiladas and tostadas? Absolutely nothing! In Spanish, tortilla means “little cake”. Tortillas, flat pancakes made of corn meal,are a staple in Latin American countries. Tortillas are always eaten hot, either on their own as “bread” or filled with various ingredients, usually with a piquant sauce. The range of condiments and stuffings includes guacamole (avocado purée), chopped raw onions, green tomato coulis and grated queso (cheese). Chile con carne was a typical dish in the cookery of the pioneers of Texas. It literally means “chilli peppers with meat”, and the authentic dish is a stew of minced beef, cooked with onion and seasoned with chilli peppers, cumin and other spices. Red kidney beans, lentils or chickpeas are often added during the cooking, contributing a nutty flavour and interesting texture. In our version, we added dark chocolate for contrast.

Monkey music MONKEY Town will hold a music festival at the Cheeky Monkey Pub and Grill on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday from 13:00, guests can expect performances by Anton le Roux, Shannon Keown, Wynand Barnard, Mari-Leigh, Marius Swanepoel, Cecily, Stephan le Roux, Gert Zandberg and Marcelle Bosman. Performances on Easter Monday (from 12:00) include Anton le Roux, Chanay Dippenaar, Karla Van Reenen, Bianca Lombard, Wynand Barnard, Gavin Esterhuizen, Pieter Mohr, Jan Visser, Dee Dee, Leonard Lang, Gert Zandberg and Marius Swanepoel. You’ll also find food and craft stalls, and an egg hunt in the play park at 14:00. To find out more call 021 858 1060 or email

Ingredients 50 g butter 1 onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 20 ml Walker Bay Mother-in-Law’s Tongue 5 ml Walker Bay Safari BBQ mix 10 ml Walker Bay Peri-Peri 1 red pepper, deseeded and chopped

500 g minced meat 1 tin baked beans in tomato sauce 1 tin chopped tomatoes 20 ml tomato paste 2 to 3 whole chillies, halved lengthwise and deseeded 6 blocks dark chocolate Tortillas or tacos (to serve) Coriander leaves (to serve) Method ) Melt the butter and lightly sauté the onions and garlic until they are translucent. ) Add the red pepper and spices and cook through. Additional periperi may be used to make the dish more piquant. ) Add the chopped red pepper and minced meat and cook through. ) Add the tomato products and chillies and bring to a slow simmer. Simmer for around 20 minutes, until most of the liquid has evaporated. ) Transfer the chilli con carne to an oven-proof dish and place the chocolate blocks on top. ) Place in oven and keep hot for service. ) Serve with tortillas, tacos or enchiladas, along with coriander leaves and tomato and onion salsa, sour cream or guacamole. , Chef’s tip: keep chillies whole to stop the dish from getting too spicy. The chillies can be removed easily. Serves 4 to 6.

Propel your script into the limelight CALLING all playwrights: want people to give your script the attention it deserves? Then consider entering the SCrIBE Script Writing Competition. The competition is open to all Western Cape playwrights, as long as they’re South African residents who are 18 or older. The winning script will be produced for a run at a Cape Town venue from 22

October to 3 November. The brainchild of the Imbewu Trust – which aims to nurture the contemporary theatre industry – this inaugural competition is set to become an annual event. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges comprising theatre makers, directors and producers, and the Imbewu Trust will work with the winning writer to

produce all aspects of the staging. Scripts must be in English, no longer than 40 pages or 80 minutes, and have no more than five cast members. Submit yours as a Word document via email; visit for the entry form and further information. All entries must be in by 1 August; the winner will be announced on 31 August.

COMING SOON Restaurant

Lunch: Hake and Calamari Combo Chips rice Tomato Salad & 330ml COKE only R49.95 Mon - Fri Lunch only

Big Fella Combo 200gr Ribs,1/4 baby spitroast, 4 chicken wings, corn on cob & chips ONLY R99 All day every day while special lasts.


Mon: Buy 1 Burger get 1 Free Tue: Buy 1 SUSHI get 1 Free Wed: Buy 1 Large Pizza get 1 Medium Pizza Free Thu: 2 Free Kiddies Pastas per 2 Main meals.

Family and kids is our business

Terms and conditions always apply

Chile con carne with dark chocolate. Photo: Liezel van der Merwe



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Soulful sounds at C’est la Vie A WEEKEND packed with top entertainment lies ahead at C’est la Vie in Somerset West. It kicks off on Thursday with a jazz and blues jam by the C’est la Vie Trio, featuring Adolf Thelen (Hammond and piano), Mark Augustin (drums), Duncan Combe (bass) and friends. The evening, which starts at 19:00, promises new talents, performances and sounds. The weekly karaoke night starts at 20:00 on Friday; everyone is invited to tag along and show off their vocal talents.

On Saturday the main feature is the Adolf Thelen Trio, featuring Lola Geiger, who will perform from 20:00 to 23:00. Lola G, a Capetonian vocalist and cabaret artist, covers many genres, including jazz, rock, Latin, ballads and much more. She has had leading roles in a variety of music theatre productions, which have taken her to events such as the KKNK, Aardklop, Cultivaria and Leuven (Belgium). In addition to her solo performances, Lola G is a member of the Alpha Set

Money talks THE opening gala night of Funny Money, in aid of the Anns of Helderberg Rotary Club, happens at the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West on Wednesday 11 April. This hilarious farce is written by Ray Cooney, one of Britain’s premier comedy playwrights, and directed locally by Giles Scott, a member of the Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society for many years. The farce was recently staged in London and described in the London Times as “inspired, demented bliss”. Funds raised on the opening evening will benefit local charities, including Patch, the Helderberg Society for the Aged, Animal Welfare and Rape Crisis.




PRE-RELEASE SCREENINGS 9 APRIL MIDNIGHT SCREENING 12 APRIL BOOKINGS NOW OPEN Mon: 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30 Thu: 23:45 ——————————————————————————————————


Daily: 14:30, 19:30

¸ ˛ ◊ œ


WRATH OF THE TITANS 3D ˛ ◊ œ Fri, Sat, Tue: 20:15, 22:45 Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 20:15



Daily: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45

˛ ◊ å


JOURNEY 2 THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 3D ˛ ◊ Ó Daily: 9:30, 12:15



¸ ˛ Ç Ω

Fri, Sat: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00, 22:45 Sun, Wed, Thu: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00 Mon: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00 Tue: 9:25, 12:00, 14:40, 17:20, 20:00, 22:45 ——————————————————————————————————

ORDINARY PEOPLE ¸ ˛ Ç \ Fri, Sat: 9:10, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30 Sun, Wed, Thu: 9:10, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45 Mon: 9:10, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45 Tue: 9:10, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ƒ Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45 Sun: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 Tue: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45



Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30, 22:00 Sun: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30 Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:15, 19:30, 22:00 ——————————————————————————————————


˛ Ç ƒ


◊ ƒ

Fri, Sat: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Sun, Wed, Thu: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15 Tue: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 —————————————————————————————————— English Subtitles... Daily: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30

EIKESTAD MALL - STELLENBOSCH ORDINARY PEOPLE ¸ ˛ ◊ \ Fri, Sat: 9:10, 11:45, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45, 22:30 Sun: 11:45, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45, 22:30 Tue: 9:10, 11:45, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45, 22:30


WRATH OF THE TITANS ˛ ◊ œ Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Sun: 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Tue: 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45



˛ Ç å

Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun: 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Tue: 9:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 ——————————————————————————————————

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ˛ ◊ ƒ Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45 Sun: 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45 Tue: 9:05, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45



˛ Ç


˛ Ç ß

Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:15 Sun: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:15 Tue: 9:45, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:15 —————————————————————————————————— Fri, Sat: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30, 22:50 Sun: 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30, 22:50 Tue: 10:15, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30, 22:50


Band and the Riverboat Jazz Band. On Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00 the Wurstzipfel house band promises to get you dancing with a broad range of musical styles, ranging from German folk to rock and blues. There is no cover charge for any of these events. For more event information, as well as daily updates and photos, search for Augustin’s C’est La Vie on Facebook. Alternatively, give the venue a call on 0 021 851 8504.

Sokkie for sight: Dust off

Lola Geiger will perform at C’est la Vie on Saturday alongside the Adolf Thelen Trio.

Revel in rock’s seamy side

The hilarity starts at 20:00; tickets cost R75, which includes a glass of wine or juice served from 19:00. Shows start at 20:00 on 12 and 13 April, and from 18 to 20 April. On 14 and 21 April they start at 18:30. Book through Computicket. To find out more about opening night call Sandra on 074 195 0797. For other show dates, call Halima on 084 555 0656.

GET ready for some Dirty Sexy Rock n Roll as two of the country’s leading rock bands hit the road for their first joint tour. Southern Gypsey Queen (SGQ) have joined forces with their musical cohorts Shadowclub for the countrywide tour. Both bands comprise three members – SGQ features Gareth Wilson on guitar and vocals, Tammy Wilson on bass and vocals, and Paul Wilson on drums and vocals, while Shadowclub boasts Jacques Moolman on guitar and vocals, Isaac Klawansky on drums, and Louis Roux on bass. Their similarities extend to

musical tastes and influences, so touring together was an obvious step. See them at Bertie’s Moorings in Gordon’s Bay on Friday 13 April at 21:00. R50 gets you in. To find out more call 0 021 856 3343.

your dancing shoes for a lekker langarm sokkie with Tommy Dell and his band at the Sandbaai Hall, near Hermanus, on Saturday 14 April at 19:00. The event serves to raise awareness for OneSight South Africa, part of a worldwide organisation that provides vision care and eyewear to those less fortunate. Tickets are available from sponsor Leapfrog in Hermanus and Onrus, and fellow sponsor Whale Coast Media’s office in the Hemelen-Aarde Village, at R75 per person. You’re welcome to take your own snacks; a cash bar will be available. You can also help spread the gift of vision by donating reading glasses at the door; they’ll be distributed among the local community. For more information contact Yolandi de Wet on 0 028 316 1177 or at 2



5 April



New home for Cheetah Outreach NIKITA SYLVESTER KNOWN for its majestic wild animals, Spier will soon be bidding farewell to the cheetahs on the property and the outreach project in charge of their care. In May, the renowned Cheetah Outreach Project will move from Spier wine farm in Stellenbosch to its new home in Somerset West – a site next to Somerset Mall, bordering the Paardevlei. The Cheetah Outreach Project’s offices will settle in Quinan House on the property, which also offers fine mountain views. Annie Beckhelling, founder of Cheetah Outreach, says that with Spier’s renewed focus on its heritage wine farm roots and Cheetah Outreach’s own ongoing development plans, it was mutually agreed that it would be necessary for the project to find a new home. “While we are sad to leave Spier and have enjoyed a long and happy relationship there, our new home at Paardevlei offers us exciting prospects,” she says. “Across the road from Somerset Mall, the new venue is still accessible to the thousands of people who visit us. The move marks a new chapter in the story of Cheetah Outreach, and we’re ex-

cited about this next phase of our journey.” Cheetah Outreach began in 1997 with two ambassador cheetahs. Spier made land, water and electricity available for free to the project, which has since grown to 10 cheetahs and a number of jackals, meerkats, servals, caracals, and bat-eared foxes. The project aims to raise awareness around the plight of the cheetah, and runs an extensive conservation and education programme. According to Anthony Diepenbroek – CEO of Heartland, which manages the Paardevlei – Cheetah Outreach will add significant value to the property. “A sustainable recreation area is one of the core elements at Paardevlei,” he says. “The cheetahs will be located on the edge of the vlei. Future plans for this area include a walkway around the rehabilitated perennial water body and bird hides, so the project fits in well with our vision.” Beckhelling says they are deeply grateful to Spier for its part in making Cheetah Outreach the huge success it is today. “We look forward to our partnership with Heartland. Our new home will help us in our quest to protect the cheetah for the benefit of future generations.”

From the left are Liesl Smith (facility manager), Annie Beckhelling (Cheetah Outreach Project founder) and Dawn Glover (education manager) with one of the project’s cheetahs at their new home at Paardevlei.


TEL:021 853 0211


FAX: 021 853 0235

Crime fighters: After Gordon’s Bay’s first neighbourhood watch foot patrols started up, the need for vehicle patrols and an effective radio network was established. Now, the watch has both cars and radios, and it’s all proving to be beneficial to the community, “especially with the spate of robberies that occurred in Firlands Park”, a spokesperson says. Most recently, magnetic vehicle decals and reflective jackets were donated to the cause by Heyns de Waal (right) of Rola Toyota as part of the Toyota Knights project. If you’d like to join the watch, contact Chris Stephens on 083 442 8424 or at, or Rory Bamber on 083 259 2525 or at Seen here (from left) are Chris Stephens (chairperson, CPF sector 1), warrant officer Anton Stemmet (sector 1 commander), Brian Townsend (sector 2 neighbourhood watch), Rory Bamber (chairperson, CPF sector 2) and De Waal.



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Be an Xtraordinary woman THE Xtraordinary Women Network is now giving Helderberg women the opportunity to enrich themselves. Well-known business and marketing consultant Bettina Horvath has acquired the rights to run the Somerset West chapter of this network. Network owner Gwen Kloppers has been running this successful endeavour for women in business to wide acclaim over the past three years in Bloubergstrand and Cape Town. The network also hosts the continuously sold-out quarterly Success in High Heels cocktail events. “Xtraordinary Women leads, inspires, supports and recognises women entrepreneurs in South Africa,” says Kloppers. “We believe it takes a community to build a business, and Xtraordinary Women is

that community. We are a community of women, for women, by women.” The Somerset West chapter will start with monthly breakfast sessions on the first Thursday of every month. “We start with introductions and breakfast, then give a full hour’s attention to a carefully chosen guest speaker on a topic interesting to women in business,” says Horvath. The first meeting takes place at the Erinvale Clubhouse today (5 April) at 08:30, offering an empowering session by Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren, who will talk on the power of telling your own success story. Non-members pay R150 to attend. Visit to book, or contact Bettina Horvath on 0 082 992 6007 for more information.

Network owner Gwen Kloppers.

Colouring fun: Engel & Volkers Somerset West held a vibrant Easter colouring-in competition for children in three age divisions (3–4, 5–6, and 7–8) with a first, second and third prize in each division. The colourful battles took place at two daycare centres in the Strand – ACVV Die Speelkasteel and Die Ruimte. At Die Ruimte the firstprize winners were Nina Kruger (3–4), Caro Louw (5–6) and Kaylen Koch (7–8); at Die Speelkasteel the top spots went to Dominique Meyer (3–4), Michaela Birch (5–6) and Xanthé du Plessis (7–8). “The Engel & Volkers Easter Bunny was very excited about all the wonderful entries, and would like to wish everyone a blessed Easter,” a spokesperson says.

Getting to business: The recent Gordon’s Bay Business Forum luncheon at the Blue Rock Resort gave 45 members the chance to network and learn about getting ahead, this time from Joe Doubell of Zenergy Lighting as the keynote speaker. These lunches, the brainchild of Alison Rese of Super Crew Sail Training and sponsored by her company, are gaining popularity month by month. At the previous one, guests were greeted with complimentary wine from Elgin’s exclusive Iona winery. The resort offered guests the opportunity to try skiing or knee-boarding, and prizes included a hamper from Zenergy and an exquisite handmade mask from La Carla Atelier. The next luncheon will be held at Miguel’s Al Forno Restaurant on the beachfront in Gordon’s Bay on Friday 13 April. Everyone is welcome; booking is essential. For more information call Alison on 0 079 591 5314.

Helderberg SBC hosts a man with a plan THE Helderberg Small Business Club hosted a practical one-page business strategy workshop at the Lord Charles Hotel on Tuesday last week. Guest speaker Brian Howe, director and facilitator of Ecaps, gave a presentation on how to keep strategic planning alive, and how a truthful vision can provide the momentum necessary to move your business to where you want it to be. Howe took the 23 participants through a practical process of planning strategies, and shared his passion for assisting and teaching companies, churches, schools and small businesses how to implement their newly compiled strategies. They also learnt that Ecaps offers a user-friendly online perform-

Seen at the recent workshop (from left) are Robin Chapman (Stellenbosch Lodge), Wilna Bahnemann (Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Brian Howe (presenter from Ecaps) and Mishka Patel (DI Management Solutions). ance management system to track their strategic plan. CDs were handed out to participants with an invitation to draw up “out of the box” strategies for Howe to review. If you want to grow your business or get

more information on the Helderberg Chamber of Commerce and the Helderberg Small Business Club, contact the Helderberg branch office on 0 021 851 2886 or send an email to 2

Cash – opportunity value or opportunity cost? INVESTMENT managers and advisors, myself included, have been quick to warn investors of the current negative real yields on cash. Inflation is presently 6,1% (expected to peak at 6,5%). With money markets rates around 5,5% this is a negative real yield of 0,6% before tax. Knock off 40% for SARS and your negative real yield rises to 2,8%. This is a disaster, and there is no way to sugar-coat it. You are losing 2,8% of your money in cash. This is the opportunity cost of holding your wealth in cash. Why then would an investor be that stupid to invest in cash? Well, you do need cash to provide for “emergency” expenses and immediate income needs, but holding anything more than the optimal amount does seem a little stupid, unless you understand the opportunity value of cash. The opportunity value of cash refers to

strategy has failed. The opportunity value is greatest when asset prices diverge from their intrinsic value. Investment bubbles provide for maximum opportunity value only if you can avoid the allure of runaway asset prices. Of course, this is not as easy as it may sound. In the last decade we have had a technology and housing bubble, which made and broke just as many investors, all depending on their timing. Investors need to carefully weigh up the current opportunity cost versus the opportunity value, as the risk of loss for certain assets is now higher than the risk of missing out. the resultant returns of acquiring growth assets at a cheaper price in the future. It is commonly expressed as “if only I had the money”. Money remains available until assets become cheaper. If no cheap asset classes emerge, this

Thursday, 5 April 2012





Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bargain Box hits R2 million

Warm hearts, wagging tails

Representing organisations involved in running the Bargain Box are (from left) Ray Bowes (Somerset West Lions), Trish Smith (Somerset West Rotary), Mervin Cole (Helderberg Rotary) and Val Waters (chairperson of the Bargain Box). Front: Ted Coreham (president of Somerset West Lions).

WITH winter just around the corner, the Somerset Mall Management team, together with Pick n Pay, wanted to make sure all the furry friends in the community are looked after. So they bought R6 000 worth of pet food and merchandise – totalling 92 tins of dog food, 14 bags of dog pellets, 27 bags of cat pellets, 108 tins of cat food and 57 grey dog blankets. The goods are set to be handed over to the Animal Welfare Society of Gordon’s Bay.

From the left are Annelize Kotze (Somerset Mall marketing manager), Chris le Roux (Somerset Mall operations manager), Mandy Bellamy (Somerset Mall general manager) and Wilma Habelgaarn (Somerset Mall Pick n Pay customer service manager).

These staunch supporters of the Bargain Box are (from left) Elizabeth Labach (12 years’ service), Mieke MacDonald (15 years’ service) and Freda Sowter (23 years’ service, founder member).

One for the animals: Candi Scheitekat (left) and Julia Evans hold up a cheque for just over R25 000 raised for the Helderberg Animal Welfare Society after their Jamming Sunday on 25 March. The concert featured Red Eye Riaan and Tombstone Pete, and kept everybody fed with pizzas provided by Indigo Backpackers’ Lodge. Roman’s Pizza donated R5 000 to bring the total to this fantastic amount. The funds will go towards the local society’s new veterinary clinic.

Time to register your pets

1512 LD 1BET74A33

THE Bargain Box Charity Shop in Somerset West recently raised over R2 million for worthy causes in the Helderberg area. The Bargain Box was established on 31 March 1989; the store was opened in an alleyway next to the 7-Eleven at the top of Somerset West Main Road. It started out as a collaboration between the Somerset West and Helderberg Rotary Clubs, the Somerset Lions Club and the then relatively new Hospice, as well as other needy charities in the Helderberg. After 11 years of working together, Hospice became big enough to run its own shops, and the Bargain Box continued to run as a fundraiser for the service clubs. In its 23 years of existence the shop has moved four times. It’s now to be found in Dirkie Uys Street, opposite the Mini-Market car park. Somerset West residents have shown much support for the work done at the Bargain Box, as well for the clubs and charities it benefits. As always, a Bargain Box spokesperson says, any unwanted goods will be gratefully received. If anyone needs help transporting goods to the shop, they may call 021 851 6360 or, during shop hours, 021 852 9417. The shop is open on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, all day on Fridays, and on Saturday mornings.

THE City of Cape Town calls on all pet owners to register their dogs and cats. A city bylaw stipulates that a limited number of animals are allowed on a property; more require a permit. For a flat or duplex, only two dogs or cats are allowed, and for a house on a property smaller than 600 m², three dogs and four cats are allowed. On larger properties, four dogs and four cats are allowed. If the property is zoned for agriculture, six dogs and six cats are allowed. Mail, see, or visit any Law Enforcement office or public library to get application forms. Registration is free.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Elegance in black and white THE Ebony and Ivory Seaside Restaurant and Bar received a warm reception when it opened at Ocean View Hotel in the Strand late last month. Guests were spoilt with live music, sushi, cheese and wine, all set to splendid ocean and mountain views.

From the left are Stephen Chatten, Angela Welsh and Sonia and Roger Bury.

Ashley Cornelius and Kim de Kocks.

Marie Booysen and Trudia Niewoudt.

Rob Watkins and Robert Dalton.

Mondigwording: Beverley van Ster van Macassar het onlangs haar 21ste verjaardag in die Christen Gemeentesaal gevier. Foto: Stephen Lott

Goue bruilof: Strand-inwoners Dennis en Ina Malan het op 31 Maart 1962 in die huwelik getree. Vanjaar het hulle hul huwelik van 50 jaar gevier.

Going strong: Letticia and Freek Beukes from Macassar celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on 29 March.

Coming of age: Jonathan Christopher Alfred from Somerset West turned 21 on 29 March. He celebrated this joyous occasion with a Champagne breakfast with family and friends on Saturday.

Lawyer in the making: Acama Brett Huwelikspaar: Adenaan Robertson en Mymoena Matthews is onlangs in die Strand getroud.

Getroud: Rodger en Elizabeth Martin is op 17 Maart deur pastoor Vic O’Reilly in Gordonsbaai in die huwelik bevestig.

from Strand graduated from the University of the Western Cape on 19 March with a degree in law. She is currently doing her LLB degree.


Thursday | 5 April 2012

PUBLIC COMMENT ON THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN’S 2012/13 DRAFT INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN (IDP) AND DRAFT BUDGET Notice is hereby given in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000, the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 and the Municipal Property Rates Act No.6 of 2004, that the City’s draft Integrated Development Plan document and draft Budget for 2012/13 will be available for comment at all municipal administrative buildings, subcouncil offices (listed below) and all municipal libraries from 30 March 2012 up to and including 30 April 2012.

1.4 Public Service Infrastructure - R0.002165. 1.5 Amended Municipal Property Rates Regulations on the Rate Ratios between Residential and Non-Residential Properties. Any property that meets the public benefit organisation criteria included in the regulation, yet does not qualify for the 100% rebate in terms of Council’s Draft Rates Policy, shall be rated at 25% of the residential rate - R0.001516. 1.6 The special rebates for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons for the 2012/13 financial year are reflected in the table below: The proposed gross monthly household incomes and rebates for the 2012/2013 financial year are as follows: GROSS MONTHLY HOUSEHOLD INCOME R 2011/2012 0 3000 3001 4200 4201 4600 4601 5200 5201 5800 5801 6400 6401 7000 7001 7600 7601 8200 8201 9000 9001 10000

The documents can also be accessed through our website at the following link: Written correspondence should be addressed to: The City Manager, 2012/2013 IDP/Budget 5th Floor, Podium Civic Centre, Cape Town, 8001; or Private Bag X9181, Cape Town, 8000; or Fax: 021 400 1332 E-mail: Any person wishing to comment must do so in writing to the above address or submit comments to their local subcouncil office by no later than 16:30 on Monday 30 April 2012. Any person wishing to make a verbal presentation may book a time slot at their local subcouncil office(s) at least two days prior to the subcouncil meeting. Any person, who is unable to write, may come to the offices mentioned below during office hours and a member of staff will assist him/her to transcribe his/her comments. The following table contains a list of venues where the IDP and Budget document will be available for perusal and also who to contact if you wish to make a verbal presentation:

% REBATE 2011/12 100% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

GROSS MONTHLY HOUSEHOLD INCOME R 2012/13 0 3000 3001 4500 4501 5500 5501 6500 6501 7500 7501 8000 8001 8500 8501 9000 9001 9500 9501 10000 10001 10500

Highlights of proposed amendments •

The maximum gross monthly household income limit for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons to increase from R10 000 to R10 500 and many lower gross monthly household income categories receiving a higher percentage rebate. Gross monthly household income definition amended to exclude donations and some forms of financial support not specified and redefined the income of other occupants on the property to be taken into account.


Municipal Offices, Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Milnerton 7441 Municipal Offices, Brighton Way, Subcouncil 2 Kraaifontein 7570 Municipal Offices, Voortrekker Subcouncil 3     Road, Goodwood 7460 Municipal Offices, cnr Voortrekker Subcouncil 4       and Tallent Roads, Parow 7500 Municipal Offices, cnr Jakkelsvlei Subcouncil 5 Avenue and Kiaat Road, Bonteheuwel 7764 Municipal Offices, Voortrekker Subcouncil 6   Road, Bellville 7530 Municipal Offices, Oxford Street, Subcouncil 7 Durbanville 7551 Municipal Offices, cnr Fagan Street Subcouncil 8   and Main Road, Strand 7140 Site B Khayelitsha Shopping Subcouncil 9   Centre, Khayelitsha 7784 Stocks & Stocks Complex, A Block Subcouncil 10   Ntlakohlaza and Ntlazane Roads, Khayelitsha 7784 Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Subcouncil 11   Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu 7750 Parks & Bathing Building, Subcouncil 12   Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur 7798 Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Subcouncil 13   Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu 7750

Peter Deacon Tel: 021 550 1001 Fred Monk Tel: 021 956 8000 Johannes Brand Tel: 021 703 9513 / 1621 Ardela van Niekerk Tel: 021 938 8050 / 8077


Martin Julie Tel: 021 590 1431


Pat Jansen Tel: 021 900 1534 Carin Viljoen Tel: 021 970 3002 Izak du Toit Tel: 021 850 4149 / 50 Thando Siwisa Tel: 021 360 1350 Fezekile Cotani Tel: 021 360 1267 / 1177

Kayise Nombakuse Tel: 021 360 1268 David Cedras Tel: 021 371 4550 / 1 Lunga Bobo Tel: 021 630 1619 Christopher Jako Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Subcouncil 14 Tel: 021 633 0449 Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu 7750 Tel: 021 637 1333 Pinelands Training Centre, Mariette Griessel Subcouncil 15   St Stephens Road, Central Square, Tel: 021 590 1434 Pinelands 7405 11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Marius Coetsee Subcouncil 16   Town 8000 Tel: 021 487 2055 / 2201 Athlone Civic Centre, cnr Protea Edgar Carolissen Subcouncil 17   and Klipfontein Roads, Athlone Tel: 021 633 3955 7764 Tel: 021 637 9757 Okkie Manuel Cnr Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Subcouncil 18   Tel: 021 703 1621 / 9336 Lotus River 7941 / 9136 / 9513 Municipal Offices, Central Circle, Desiree Mentor Subcouncil 19   Off Recreation Road, Fish Hoek Tel: 021 782 1112 7974 Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Brian Ford Subcouncil 20   Road, Constantia 7800 Tel: 021 794 2493 Municipal Offices, cnr Van Riebeeck Pieter Grobler Subcouncil 21   and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Tel: 021 970 3152 7580 Municipal Offices, cnr Van Riebeeck Richard Moi Subcouncil 22   and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Tel: 021 400 3007 7580 Parks & Bathing Building, Rapheal Martin Subcouncil 23 Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur 7798 Tel: 021 371 4550 Cnr Delft and Fort Worth Roads, Anthony Mathe Subcouncil 24   Delft 7100 Tel: 021 956 8000 Click on All Libraries ListofLibraries.aspx for a list of all libraries Cape Town Concourse, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town South Municipal Offices, cnr Main and Victoria Roads, Plumstead Peninsula

2012/13 100% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

1.7 Special rebates will be considered for certain categories of property upon application before 31 August 2012 as described in Annexure 7 of the Budget Document.



VAT at 14% is to be added to the following services: Water, Electricity, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.

Three sets of Water tariffs are proposed (10% Reduction tariff, 20% Reduction tariff and 30% Reduction tariff). Each tariff is linked to the level of water reduction imposed. Due to the 10% Reduction tariff being incorporated into the Water By-law as the norm it will be the applicable tariff, but may be revisited at a later stage should further restrictions become necessary. 2.1.1 Domestic Full - Water which is used predominantly for domestic purposes and supplied to single residential properties. All Tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT 0<6 >6 < 10.5 >10.5 < 20 >20 < 35 >35 < 50 >50

Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ

R0.00 R5.83 R10.60 R15.70 R19.40 R25.58

NB: Information provided is an extract from the draft Tariff Book. For the full version consult Annexure 6 of the 2012/13 draft Budget Document.

2.1.2 Commercial - Water supplied to premises predominantly of a commercial nature: R11.42 per kℓ 2.1.3 Industrial - Water which is used in manufacturing, generating electricity, land-based transport, construction or any related purpose: R11.42 per kℓ 2.1.4 Schools / Sport bodies / Churches / Charities - Any educational activity and/or sporting body: R10.09 per kℓ 2.1.5 Domestic Cluster - Bulk metered flats, cluster developments including single title and sectional title units. An allowance of 6kℓ per unit per month at zero cost upon submission of affidavits stating the number of units - refer Annexure 8 of budget document: Consumption above the free allocation will be charged at R10.73 per kℓ 2.1.6 Government - National and Provincial Departments: R10.85 per kℓ 2.1.7 Municipal / Departmental use: R10.09 per kℓ 2.1.8 Homeless people shelters – Accredited shelters registered with the City of Cape Town: 0 < 0.75kℓ per month per person = R0.00; >0.75kℓ per month per person = R10.09 per kℓ 2.1.9 Miscellaneous - All consumers who do not fall within the above categories: R10.85 per kℓ 2.1.10 Miscellaneous External - All consumers supplied outside the City of Cape Town: R12.96 per kℓ 2.1.11 Bulk Tariff - Exclusive of the Water Research Commission Levy. Only for Bulk Supply to other Municipalities and for cost recovery from Water Services Reticulation of the City of Cape Town: R3.22 per kℓ 2.1.12 In line with the adoption of the Urban Agriculture Policy a free allocation of 10kℓ per month is in place, exclusively for subsistence farming by defined Vulnerable Groups. 2.1.13 Households residing in Residential units on mixed use property may apply for a free allocation of 6kℓ per unit per month. An affidavit will be required and the application will be inspected and considered on the proportion of predominant use.

1. PROPERTY RATE (reflected as Rand-in-the-rand):

Highlights of proposed amendments

(Property Rates are zero-rated for VAT) 1.1 Residential Properties - R0.006062 (The City will not levy a rate on the first value up to R200 000 of the market value as per the Valuation Roll) 1.2 Industrial / Commercial Properties – including all Undeveloped Land - R0.012124 1.3 Agricultural properties (including farms and small holdings) fall into three categories; (a) those used for residential purposes – R0.006062; (b) those used for bona fide farming purposes – R0.001213; (c) those used for other purposes such as industrial or commercial – R0.012124

New tariff incorporated into the Consumptive Tariffs for Backyard Users. All tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT 0<6 >6 < 10.5

Per kℓ Per kℓ

R0.00 R5.83

Rebates for leaks to be limited to Domestic Customers within the municipal area only.

2.2. SANITATION Three sets of Sanitation tariffs are proposed (10% Reduction tariff, 20% Reduction tariff and 30% Reduction tariff). Each tariff is linked to the level of water reductions imposed. Due to the 10% Reduction tariff being incorporated into the Water By-law as the norm it will be the applicable tariff but may be revisited at a later stage should further restrictions become necessary. 2.2.1 Domestic Full (Standard) – Single residential properties: 70% of water consumption to a maximum of 35kℓ of sewerage per month (70% of 50kℓ of water equals 35kℓ of sewerage). All Tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT 0 < 4.2 >4.2 < 7.35 >7.35 < 14 >14 < 24.5 >24.5 < 35

Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ

R0.00 R5.81 R12.38 R13.53 R14.21

2.2.2 Domestic Full (CoCT Oxidation Dams) – Single residential properties: 70% of water consumption to a maximum of 35kℓ of sewerage per month (70% of 50kℓ of water equals 35kℓ of sewerage). All Tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT 0 < 4.2 >4.2 < 7.35 >7.35 < 14 >14 < 24.5 >24.5 < 35

Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ

R0.00 R5.11 R10.87 R11.88 R13.51

2.2.3 Homeless people shelters – Accredited shelters registered with the City of Cape Town: 0 < 0.525kℓ per month per person = R0.00; >0.525kℓ per month per person = R8.08 per kℓ 2.2.4 Domestic Cluster – Bulk metered flats, cluster developments including sectional and single title units - 90% of Water Consumption (* see note) up to a maximum of 35 kℓ per household. An allowance of 4.2 kℓ per unit per month will be made available at zero cost upon acceptance of a sworn affidavit stating the number of units supplied from that metered connection: Consumption above the free allocation will be charged at R12.02 per kℓ. 2.2.5 Industrial and Commercial (Standard), Schools, Sport bodies, Churches, Charities, Government: National / Provincial, Hospitals and other - 95% of water consumption (* see note): R8.78 per kℓ 2.2.6 Industrial and Commercial (CoCT Oxidation Dams) - 95% of water consumption (* see note): R8.26 per kℓ 2.2.7 Departmental - 95% of water consumption (*see note) excluding facilities not connected to the sewer system: R8.08 per kℓ 2.2.8 Miscellaneous (Standard) - All consumers who do not fall within the above categories – 95% of water consumption: R8.78 per kℓ 2.2.9 Miscellaneous (CoCT Oxidation Dams) - All consumers who do not fall within the above categories - 95% of water consumption: R8.26 per kℓ 2.2.10 Households residing in Residential units on mixed use property may apply for a free allocation of 4.2kℓ per unit per month. An affidavit will be required and the application will be inspected and considered on the proportion of predominant use. * IMPORTANT NOTE: The Director of Water and Sanitation Services may adjust the percentages as appropriate to the consumer. This is not applicable to the domestic full category. Highlights of proposed amendments •

New tariff incorporated into the Consumptive Tariffs for Backyard Users. All tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT 0 < 4.2 >4.2 < 7.35

Per kℓ Per kℓ

R0.00 R5.81

2.3 ELECTRICITY The tariffs below are based on an average 11% increase. All Tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT DOMESTIC TARIFFS 2011/12 2012/13 %INCR LifeLine Block 1 (for qualifying customers Block 2 receiving 450kWh per Block 3 month on













107.43 118.06


Block 4

600+ kWh


118.06 137.98


average or less)

Block 1 Domestic Block 2 Net Metered Service Domestic  Energy Small Power 1  Small Power 2

Service Energy

0-600kWh c/kWh 107.43 600+ kWh c/kWh 118.06 R/day 17.21   c/kWh 93.15 COMMERCIAL TARIFFS   R/day 17.21   c/kWh 93.15



144.60 161.68


                High-Peak High-Standard High-Off Peak Low-Peak Low-Standard Low-Off Peak     High-Peak High-Standard High-Off Peak Low-Peak Low-Standard Low-Off Peak  

R/day 53.51 62.55 c/kWh 48.84 57.09 R/day 28.67 31.91 c/kWh 48.84 54.21 R/kVA 145.32 161.31 R/day 28.67 31.91 c/kWh 45.40 50.39 R/kVA 135.16 150.03 R/day 4680.00 5210.00 c/kWh 230.14 255.46 c/kWh 60.86 67.55 c/kWh 33.13 36.77 c/kWh 65.34 72.53 c/kWh 40.54 45.00 c/kWh 28.75 31.91 R/kVA 73.00 81.03 R/day new 5210.00 c/kWh new 247.80 c/kWh new 65.52 c/kWh new 35.67 c/kWh new 70.35 c/kWh new 43.65 c/kWh new 30.95 R/kVA new 81.03

16.9 16.9 11.3 11.0 11.0 11.3 11.0 11.0 11.3 11.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Minimum Off Peak Energy Service Large Power Energy LV Demand Service Large Power Energy MV Demand Service Time of Use MV Energy Demand Service Time of Use HV Energy   Demand

118.06 137.98 19.16 103.40

9.9 16.9 11.3 11.0

19.16 103.40

11.3 11.0


Thursday | 5 April 2012

OTHER TARIFFS Wheeling Tariff

Firm c/kWh Energy Surcharge Non-Firm c/kWh LIGHTING TARIFFS

Street Lighting & R/100W/burning hour Traffic Signals Private Lights R/100W/burning hour







0.1022 0.1134


0.1115 0.1238


Highlights of proposed amendments •

LIFELINE TARIFF Lifeline customers exceeding the monthly permitted consumption of 450kWh due to bulk purchasing or seasonal variations to be charged at the Domestic Tariff as per Block 4. FREE 50kWh Lifeline tariff customers receiving less than 450kWh per month will continue receiving the free basic supply of 50kWh. NEW TIME OF USE TARIFF A new High Voltage Time of Use tariff is introduced for supplies of 66kV or 132kV, depending on the available network. This tariff has the same time periods, service fee and demand charge as the renamed MV Time of Use tariff, but the energy charges are subject to a 3% discount because of lower losses at those voltage levels. Small Power User 1 with Off Peak combination will be restricted to existing customers only from 1 July 2012. The Off Peak components also increase by an above average amount as the first step in the phasing out of this tariff.

NOTE: Monthly Service Charges calculated as Daily Service Charge multiplied by number of days in billing period. 2.4. SOLID WASTE All Tariffs reflected below are exclusive of VAT SOLID WASTE

2011/12 2012/13 INCREASE (excl. vat) (excl. vat) %

RESIDENTIAL COLLECTIONS FORMAL 240l Container including Rand per month R79.59 R85.21 7.06% Lockable Container INDIGENT REBATE - 240L CONTAINER INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER Block 1 (100% rebate) Rebate Rand per – property value up to -R79.59 -R85.21 7.06% month R100 000 Block 2 (75% rebate) Rebate Rand per – property value from -R59.69 -R63.91 7.06% month R100 001 to R150 000 Block 3 (50% rebate) Rebate Rand per – property value from -R39.79 -R42.61 7.06% month R150 001 to R350 000 Block 4 (25% rebate) Rebate Rand per – property value from -R19.90 -R21.30 7.06% month R350 001 to R400 000 As determined by the Credit Control 100% Indigent Relief -R79.59 -R85.21 7.06% & Debt Collection Policy ENHANCED SERVICE LEVEL INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER 240l - Additional Rand per container R79.59 R85.21 7.06% Container per month 240l - 3x per week for Rand per container R238.75 R255.60 7.06% cluster per month INFORMAL Basic Bagged service Rand per month Free Free NON-RESIDENTIAL COLLECTIONS 240 LITRE CONTAINER INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER Rand per container 1 removal per week R95.11 R101.83 7.06% per month Rand per container 3 removals per week R278.26 R297.91 7.06% per month Rand per container 5 removals per week R451.87 R483.78 7.06% per month REFUSE AVAILABILITY All vacant Erven Rand per month R47.13 R50.46 7.06% DISPOSAL SERVICES General Waste Rand per ton R244.66 R272.97 11.57% Rand per ton or Special Waste R291.90 R361.96 24% part thereof Clean Builders Rubble Rand per ton R50.00 R50.00 0% Highlights of proposed amendments •

REPLACEMENT OF REFUSE CONTAINERS - The replacement cost of the container will be for the property owner when lost/stolen/damaged intentionally by or as a result of the negligence of the property owner or persons residing at, visiting, or occupying the property - Bins damaged by Council during collection operations will be replaced at no cost. - Containers will be replaced provided that an affidavit from the SAPS is supplied.

3. MISCELLANEOUS TARIFFS AND CHARGES 3.1 A complete copy of all Miscellaneous Tariffs and Charges are available for inspection at the abovementioned Municipal Offices. 3.2 All Miscellaneous tariffs include VAT. 3.3 Fines, Penalties, Refundable Deposits and Housing are exempt from VAT. 3.4 VAT is calculated at 14% in terms of the Value Added Tax Act No. 89 of 1991.



Airport CID 1,825,361 Athlone CID 540,000 Blackheath CID 1,232,991 Cape Town Central 36,597,225 CID Claremont CID -Residential 366,976 -Commercial 4,875,466 Total 5,242,442 Claremont Boulevard -Commercial 2,594,258 Epping CID 5,045,230 Fish Hoek CID -Residential 118,199 -Commercial 427,572 Total 545,771 Green Point CID -Residential 643,413 -Commercial 3,128,736 Total 3,772,149 Groote Schuur CID 3,703,157 Maitland CID 1,516,832 Muizenberg CID -Residential 553,154 -Commercial 488,452 Total 1,041,606 Observatory CID -Residential 1,806,492 -Commercial 1,205,796 Total 3,012,288 Oranjekloof CID -Residential 671,659 -Commercial 2,536,638 Total 3,208,297 Paarden Eiland 2,543,505 CID Parow Industria 2,595,954 CID Sea Point CID -Residential 1,316,852 -Commercial 1,877,302 Total 3,194,154 Stikland CID 1,448,666 Vredekloof CID -Residential 2,364,535 -Commercial 60,810 Total 2,425,345 Woodstock CID 3,028,523 Wynberg CID -Residential 399,842 -Commercial 2,441,395 Total 2,841,237 Zeekoevlei 382,000 Peninsula SRA Zwaanswyk Association of 1,171,237 Property Owners Total 89,508,228

0.001927 0.002365 0.001151

2,031,031 583,201 1,300,137

0.001927 0.002601 0.001151

0.001810 40,232,520


0.000423 0.001234

401,333 5,260,570 5,661,903

0.000456 0.001456

0.000657 0.001386 0.000440 0.001390  

2,710,999 5,824,768 133,019 467,329 600,348

0.000775 0.001497 0.000483 0.001585  

0.000400 0.001982 0.001628 0.001510

727,286 3,313,191 4,040,477 4,264,180 1,595,147

0.000425 0.002110 0.001663 0.001258

0.000704 0.002045

627,261 516,230 1,143,491

0.000760 0.002273

0.001181 0.001544

1,950,663 1,326,803 3,277,466

0.001234 0.001667

0.000578 0.001720

743,215 2,697,018 3,440,233

0.000578 0.001925







0.001190 0.002142 0.003405

1,423,960 2,047,946 3,471,906 1,556,386

0.001273 0.002334 0.003405

0.002070 0.002225 0.001600

2,152,216 56,119 2,208,335 3,442,653

0.001862 0.002120 0.001725


0.000704 0.002845

399,842 2,441,395 2,841,237

0.000760 0.003130





Date availability subject to major Event Calendar Subject to General Terms of Usage





5. MyCiti INTEGRATED RAPID TRANSIT Integrated Rapid Transit is exempt from VAT NB: Information provided is an extract from the draft Tariff Book. For the full version consult Annexure 6 of the 2012/13 draft Budget Document. SERVICES RENDERED AND 2011/12 2012/13 UNIT RELATED TRANSPORT PRODUCTS R R IRT INTERIM FARE SYSTEM (Continuation of current interim system) MANUAL TICKETS : Premium Airport Service fares (using manual tickets) until IRT Full Fare System starts or as recommended in the Tariff Book. per person per Premium Airport service 53.00 53.00 trip (one way) Premium Airport concession 1: per child per trip Children 4-11 years old (i.e. 4 and 26.50 26.50 (one way) older, but under 12 years) Premium Airport concession 2: per monthly 424.00 424.00 Monthly ticket ticket SMART CARD: Fares during IRT Interim Fare System (using smart card) until IRT Full Fare System starts or as recommended in the Tariff Book. per person per Airport Premium Service 53.00 53.00 trip (one way) Flat fare. Fare Interim Trunk (Basic) Route (Peak for one way trip 10.00 10.00 Period & Off-Peak Period) per person Flat fare. Fare Interim Feeder Route (Peak period & for one way trip 5.00 5.00 Off-Peak periods) per person Smartcard Issuing Fee

Per smartcard

IRT FULL FARE SYSTEM MyCiTi Travel Packages MyCiTi 50: Travel package MyCiTi 80: Travel package

Per product sold Per product sold

4. SPECIAL RATING AREAS ADDITIONAL RATE SRA Additional Rates are rated at 14% for VAT. Additional Rates reflected below are exclusive of VAT and reflected as a Rand-in-the-rand

SERVICES RENDERED AND 2011/12 2012/13 UNIT RELATED TRANSPORT PRODUCTS R R MyCiTi 100: Travel package Per product sold 100.00 100.00 MyCiTi 150: Travel package Per product sold N/A 150.00 MyCiTi 200: Travel package Per product sold 200.00 200.00 MyCiTi 400: Travel package Per product sold 400.00 400.00 MyCiTi 600: Travel package Per product sold 600.00 600.00 MyCiTi 1000: Travel package Per product sold 1000.00 1 000.00 Fare with Travel Package 100 or more PEAK TRAVEL (06:30 to 08:30 and 16:00 to 18:00 on any weekday) per person per Journeys under 5km N/A 4.80 trip (one way) Journeys of 5km or greater, but less per person per N/A 5.60 than 10km trip (one way) Journeys of 10km or greater, but per person per N/A 6.80 less than 20km trip (one way) Journeys of 20km or greater, but per person per N/A 9.00 less than 30km trip (one way) Journeys of 30km or greater, but per person per N/A 10.10 less than 60km trip (one way) per person per Journeys of 60km or more N/A 15.00 trip (one way) Premium on Airport service in peak per person per N/A 33.10 period trip (one way) OFF-PEAK TRAVEL (all periods other than peak) per person per Journeys under 5km N/A 4.00 trip (one way) Journeys of 5km or greater, but less per person per N/A 4.60 than 10km trip (one way) Journeys of 10km or greater, but per person per N/A 5.60 less than 20km trip (one way) Journeys of 20km or greater, but per person per N/A 7.40 less than 30 km trip (one way) Journeys of 30km or greater, but per person per N/A 8.30 less than 60 km trip (one way) per person per Journeys of 60km or more N/A 13.00 trip (one way) per person per Premium on Airport service N/A 33.10 trip (one way) ONE-TRIP MANUAL TICKET One-trip ticket for non-Premium per person per N/A 22.00 Airport service: peak and off-peak trip (one way) One-trip ticket for the Premium Airport service: peak and off-peak per person per N/A 75.00 (This ticket includes any further trips trip (one way) using closed transfers)

R20.00, and from 1 Jan 2012, R22.00


50.00 N/A

50.00 80.00

Smartcard Issuing Fee

Per smartcard

R20.00, and from 1 Jan 2012, R22.00


Tariffs reflected below are inclusive of VAT. VAT is calculated at 14% in terms of the Value Added Tax Act No. 89 of 1991.




2012/13 R INCL. VAT

STADIUM Adults Per Visit 45.00 Children under 12 (discounted tariff) Per Visit 17.00 Pensioners / Disabled (discounted tariff) Per Visit 17.00 School Tour Groups Per Learner per Visit 11.00 Educational / Information Booklets Per booklet 11.00 URBAN PARK Adults Per Visit 35.00 Children under 12 (discounted tariff) Per Visit 11.00 Pensioners / Disabled (discounted tariff) Per Visit 11.00 School Tour Groups Per Learner Per Visit 11.00 Educational / Information Booklets Per booklet 11.00 STADIUM AND URBAN PARK Adults Per Visit 70.00 Children under 12 (discounted tariff) Per Visit 22.00 Pensioners / Disabled (discounted tariff) Per Visit 22.00 School Tour Groups Per Learner Per Visit 17.00 Educational / Information Booklets Per booklet 11.00 GENERAL REMARKS: THE TARIFFS ABOVE ARE APPLICABLE FOR GUIDED TOURS ONLY. ACCESS TO THE URBAN PARK IS FREE DURING OPERATING HOURS. Cancellation of a tour booking 5 calendar days or less before the tour will result in the City retaining fifty (50%) of the invoiced amount Cancellation more than 5 days before the tour will result in the City retaining 25% of the invoiced amount. The City will not withhold any payment when a tour is cancelled as a result of "Force Majeure " (AN ACT OF GOD)





On the road to holiness CHRISTIANS have recently been observing Lent – the most important time on the Christian calendar. Believers engage in serious reflection and contemplation during this 40-day period. They recall Jesus’s time of temptation in the wilderness, and they make a critical inventory of their own lives. While the Jesus of the New Testament is absolutely pivotal to the Christian faith, the historical Jesus is also respected and even revered by other religions. There is a widespread recognition that the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth had a very significant influence on the development of humankind. Jesus is generally regarded as, at the very least, a holy man. A man who was consecrated, or set aside, to introduce a radically new way of living – a way of living that is fully integrated, authentic and driven by the Spirit of God. The very first followers of Jesus were called the people of the Way. The Way can be described as a road to holiness. This road to holiness is often thought of as journey towards perfection. It can also be understood as a process of growing in devotion to God and in the service of others. Jesus said that the greatest way to show love for your friends is to die for them (Jn 15:13).

We are told that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Interestingly, the road to holiness is paved with doubt. Growth in faith and service is accelerated by serious questioning and glorious discovery. Jesus was frequently engaged and questioned by his critical listeners. As you prepare to start the second quarter of this year, may I challenge you to examine your beliefs? Hold on tightly to those signposts that clearly belong on the road to holiness, and fearlessly let go of those that may cause you to fall. The road to holiness may be a road less travelled, but it is the right road, and it is an exciting road! You will be challenged and stretched every day! Shalom!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Die Kaap is weer ‘Grieks’ DIE Hervormde-gemeente Strand het onlangs ’n suksesvolle Griekse aand met Yoti die Griekse Boertjie as gaskunstenaar aangebied. Die gaste was verras toe hulle die saal binne stap onder die klanke van rustige Griekse musiek en die dekor wat jou laat voel asof jy op die Griekse eilande is. Yoti het gesorg dat elkeen vir drie ure lank kon wegbreek na klein klip-straatjies, spierwit huisies en romantiese restaurante op die sypaadjies. Die kos, wat deur die gemeente-susters self voorberei is, was uit die boonste rakke. Die gaste kon weglê aan ’n eg Griekse moesaka, pitabrood en tzatsiki Die hoogtepunt van die aand was natuurlik, die gebruiklike Griekse bordebreek-tradisie. Meer as duisend borde is die aand tot groot vermaak van die gehoor op die vloer stukkend gegooi. Daar is gou uitgevind dat om ’n bord te breek net so terapeuties is as om stip in ’n bosveld vuur te kyk. Die Hervormers word bedank vir ’n wonderlike aand.

Van die gaste wat by die geleentheid borde gebreek het. Foto’s: Jan van Lingen

Yoti die Griekse Boertjie was die aand se gaskunstenaar.

Easter Sunday sunrise service SOMERSET West United Church invites the community to its Easter Sunday sunrise service in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will be held at the Helder-

berg Nature Reserve, near the information centre, at 06:30. A love offering will be taken, and proceeds will be given to the Choices Pregnancy Crises Centre. Take along a torch, blanket

or camping chair, and a flask of tea or coffee. If it rains the service will be held at the church, on the corner of Andries Pretorius and Bright Streets. Call Peter Chapman on 0 021 852 3281.

Witness the talk THE Helderberg congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses invite you to a talk – Is it Later than You Think? – at 11 Plein Street, Somerset West, on Sunday at 09:00. Entry is free. Call 0 021 854 6356 to find out more.


Thursday | 5 April 2012


STORAGE: 88 ON MAIN STRAND 24 Hours security Armed Response 34 Secure Units from R280 per month plus Vat Contact: Gerhard 021 8418556

WRIGHT HELEN Helen, beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother, passed away on March 30th 2012. She will be deeply missed and never forgotten. For funeral arrangements please contact: Gerald Wright (082 5653 548) or Heather Beau­ champ (083 770 6062)

0 ATTENTION 0 Elite House Office Cleaning provides chars daily/weekly for Spring Cleans, Windows & Ironing. From R80 per shift ( Dalien 082­335­ 5027/021 8526122

STORAGE MEGA 24 Hour access 24 Hour security Closed circuit TV

LOW RATES!!! ! 290 Secure Storage Units Also Mini Workshops with electricity STORE YOUR: Car, Caravan Boat, Documents Furniture

1711 L 32E8B

ADONIS ­ WINNIE 23.02.1923 ­ 05.04.2009 Hands that never rested, advice that never ceased, your constant encouragement made us all achieve. Lovingly remembered and missed by all your children and families.


FUNCTION VENUE 185 Main Rd. Strand Brand new upmarket function venue available for rent ­ incl braai facilities. Ideal for weddings & company functions. Sarene 082­453­6421

Osmond Road, Broadlands Industrial Email:

Cell: 082 482 2246 Tel/Fax: 021 845 6070

BAREND EYMAN (KOLIE) 06:04:1956 ­ 25:04:2011 Eerste verjaardag by ons Hemelse Vader, sou so graag jou wou geluk wens, maar God het anders be­ sluit. Nou moet ons maar 'n blom op jou graf gaan sit, ons het ons daarmee berus dat dit God se wil was. Van verlangende vrou, Priscilla, kinders & kleinkinders.

CURTAINS, duvet covers and cushions etc. expertly made. ( Jean (021) 8500767 or 083­233­6139.

JUMPING CASTLES en waterglybaan te huur. Tel: Charmaine by 8533999 of 083­513­9493. A CLAIRVOYANT­ME­ DIUM. R200!!! SPECIAL FEE­ Valid to April 7th Gifted. Readings & Crossing Over done with high accuracy, sincer ity & integrity. Limited bookings so "first come, first served" Contact: 0711582551ove)

Airport Shuttle & Transfers ( 082­379­1936 www.bluerockshuttles.

Guess who's 80 on 09 April 2012 Nanna May love and blessings overtake you from near and far on this special day. Gavin, Lucine, Lauren, Stacy & Sian

4 SEASONS CAR RENTAL 021­8555 691

JUMP 4 JOY! Jumping castles, shark slide, fun­ house, Gladiator boat, Ex­ treme Gladiator slide, Tro­ pical Island, Ball ponds, Wa­ ter slides, chocolate foun­ tain. ( Helene Cloete 8531187 or 082­222­0859.

BOTOX, FILLERS & CHEMICAL PEELS ­ AESTHETICS PRACTITIONER. DE ZALZE STELLENBOCH For Competitive Price Contact Karen 0823207861 MRS MBULI For love, marriage, work, luck, court cases, pacm rea­ ding etc. Kuils River 0783014110 PTY LTD COMPANY REGISTRATION More profit, less tax. Call Pty Instant 021­852 4444

MUSIC EVENTS AND SOUND PA SYSTEM(Yamaha 1000watts) FOR FUNCTIONS (Weddings, Sports and Music Events) Contact 021 836 7961

SAFE AND SURE I can drive you anywhere in the Helderberg area, i.e C.Town Airport etc. Tel: 072­125­8962 WEDDINGS & EVENTS . Photos ­ Digital Waves Media 084 22 00154


46 | DISTRICTMAIL 1 2 10 CASH LOANS LENINGS TOT R200 000 Swartlys welkom Goedkeuring in 5 minute 021 762 9079

Thursday |5 April 2012

HEERLIKE TUISGE­ MAAKTE BOEREKOS wat net vars produkte bevat. Ruim 500g porsies, bv. Bredies, Bobotie, Frikadelle, Herderspastei, Pasteie ens. Slegs R150 vir 5 dae of R540 / 20 dae. Kontak Heidi Roos vir spyskaart, 073 134 9315,

YORKIE LOST on Tuesday 27 March 2012 in Therina Street, Strand. Silver Grey colour, with no teeth. Please contact 0846005592.

ENGLISH CLASSES; TEFL courses; Private lessons; The International English School. Call 021­8528859 or HELDERBERG HILLBILLIES LINE DANCING SCHOOL Mondays from 18:30 to 20:30. It's good fun and god exercise for all. Ph. Beryl 021­8562373 or 0828 55 44 78.

2711 34338

Scavenger of 2nd hand goods, be it building materials/ furniture/what have you. We don’t select, we give you one price for job lots and take it all. Hassle-free 4 U

Want your dog trained? We do so pleasantly and with play; Obedience, Socialising, Protection. Strand, weekends. Start mid­April. Phone Chris 021­851­4303. YORKIES beautiful Small breed (Teacup) puppies. Parents registered Can pay in 2 installments 082 567 7606

Why hang curtains?


We’d love to install your * Venetian * Vertical * Bamboo * Roller * Wooden QUOTATIONS FREE En ons praat Afrikaans!!!


Contact 021 856 1095 or sms "Debt" to 074 645 8402

ABANDON your search! CASH for modern clothes, fancy dress, linen, kitchen­ ware, books & furniture (smalls). I collect! ( Carol 082 890 5749.

EMANUAL BANDA Malawian looking for job as a gardener, painter or sleep in. For ref call Mrs Peisel 0829551377 or call 0710996443.

ABOUT FURNITURE WANTED: Queen Ann and Victorian lounge suites, Grand Father clocks and Roll Top desks. Call 021 853 1341 or 082­771­3650.

I AM A MALAWIAN BOY age 28 looking for a job as a pizza maker or any other kitchen work. With 2 yrs experience. Call me on 0739344602.

EMBUIA, Stinkhout, Geel­ hout en Swarthout meubels gesoek, asook "Queen Anne" & "Victoriaanse" sitkamerstelle. Kontak Freddie by 8543998 of 082 9237 283.

I AM A MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as garde­ ner, horsegroomer, housekeeper or any general work. Call 0788576373 John or ref. 0827019092.

WE BUY BEDDING, LINEN, Curtains, baby/children clothing, Tv's, fridges & any household items. Ph. 084 989 6712 RELIABLE LIFT CLUB opportunity from Somerset West to Cape Town central and back, Monday­Friday working hours 07h00 to 16h00, call 083 601 6476 for further details. YOUR UNWANTED building materials, garage & household contents for cash!! Phone Wicus 073 680 2736

1 CHAR FIELA is looking for Tues & Thursdays. Call 073 807 5878. Refs call Mrs Putter 071 2263 878, Mrs Decan 021­852 4809 or Jolana 084 096 3964.

BRAAI/KAGGELHOUT Rooiktantz R900 1000/stuk Blackwattle R650 1000/stuk Bloekom R650 1000/stuk (0832758924


4111 L 3607F

1212 LH 38FC9

Carports/Afdakke Patios/pergolas. Treated & SABS timber. Smart finish using 22 years exp. Great product @ great price! Tel: 083­414­8103/021­8581873

EXPERIENCED BOILERMAKER REQUIRED Overland company based in Strand is looking for an experienced boilermaker to join our team. Experience in building of loadbodies or busses an advantage. This position is a senior position within our team and relevant experience in leading a project is essential. Only CV's with relevant experience, qualifications and contactable references will be considered. Salary negotiable based on skills and experience (R6000­ R8000). CV can be faxed to (021) 845 4357 or e­mailed t o za. Mark for the attention of the Workshop Manager. Only short­listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. VERDIEN EKSTRA INKOMSTE vanaf 15% tot 30% kommissie! Verkoop Avon. Skakel Gakeemah by 084 440 6058.

I A M L O O K I N G fo r everyday or char work. I have exp in domestic work and I have contactable refs. Please contact 078 736 9521. I AM LOOKING for a job as gardener and house keeper, M o n d a y s , Tu e s d a y, Thursday & Wednesday. I am a Malawian. Call 0785606361 or ref 021 55539828 Janet. I A M L O O K I N G fo r domestic work, everyday or chars. Good with cleaning, cooking. Excellent with children. Refs available. Pls call me 082 867 2303. I'M A MALAWIAN looking for a job as a gardener, household or any handyman work. Please call Richard at 078 564 9700.

30YR LADY seeking char or everyday work. Speak Eng fluently and a fast learner with contactable refs Please call her on 0762541904.

I'M A ZIM LADY aged 40 years looking for domestic work. Good with kids. Everyday work or chars. Phone Masi 078 826 3059.

A LADY looking for a job as a housemaid. Reference available 0732490076. A lady looking for a job as a maid or babysitter. Ref available. 0837177001.

MALAWIAN MALE 35yrs old, marr ied. Jobs experienced housekeeping, painting, blinds installer. Ref available. Contact Asha 083 429 7866

A M A L AW I A N M A N looking for a job as a garde­ ner, housekeeper & painter. Please, I'm well qualified. Contact Damascas on 071 401 3850. 071 979 1224.

MY huishulp Gerty is hard­ werkend, betroubaar en eerlik(nie rook/drink) soek werk Dinsdae & Donderdae Skakel 0716736165 / verwysing 0823755284

BOILERMAKERS / WELDERS Truck body builder in Strand has 3 positions on temporary contract for e x p e r i e n c e d Boilermakers/Welders. If you have previous experience of loadbody or bus construction and are available for 3 months from,10 April 2012, send your CV with contactable references to fax (021) 845 4357 or e­mail za. Salary negotiable on experience. Only short­ listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. DOMESTICS NEEDED for housecleaning service. No sms's or missed calls. Tel. 083 283 7576

I AM AN extremely bright trustworthy, experienced Zim lady 35yrs old looking for domestic work, everyday or chars. Phone Priscilla 0833930949.

2911 34765

PLANTS FOR SALE ­ Aloes, Succulents, Trees, Shrubs and much more. Unbeatable prices. Phone or SMS 082 886 3185.

WE ARE MOVING and I would like to secure a position for my trustworthy hardworking domestic worker. Three days a week or everyday from April. Monica 0823206504

DOMESTIC WORKER, char, ironing, laundry, cleaning. I am Sarah and I'm available immediately. With refs. Please call me on 072 133 7685.


(021) 853 4994 082 445 4242


MY NAME IS Margaret. I am 29 yrs looking for a job as a domestic worker, Monday to Friday. Contact me on 071 809 6238.

DOMESTIC WORKER looking for char work 4 days M o n d a y, Tu e s d a y, Wednesday & Friday. Non­ drinker & smoker. Honest & reliable. Refs available 0839859815 or call 0833666720.

Pls contact 021 850 0884


SARENE'S DANCE STUDIO 185 Main Rd. Strand . Social . Wedding dances . Ballroom & Latin . Karate Sarene 082 453 6421

CAROLINE LOOKING for everyday work or chars. Honest, reliable and trust­ worthy. Ref Bernice 083 305 7206, Ankia 071 874 8013 or Mel 079 088 9907. My number is 083 424 6883.

DOMESTIC WORKER, char, washing, ironing, cleaning. My name is Kerina and I am available immediately. Please call me on 073 202 6912.

4711 L 36DFE

TOWNSHIP ANIMAL RESCUE'S Adopt­a­Pet will be at the Craft Market, Somerset West on Sat. April 7th from 11:15­1pm. We have lovely, cute kittens and puppies plus older dogs and cats longing for good homes. Ph: 021­855­1824. www.townshipanimalrescue. ­ Foster moms urgently needed.

0412 L 37CDF

1512 LD 396AF

ADULT ART CLASSES for details please contact Carla or Merryl 021 854 5905 or

MY hardworking gardener seeks employment for Tuesdays. With me for 11yrs. Speaks Eng & Afr. Me. Naude 0848784524

CHARLIE 0766146104 is looking for any general handy jobs. Part / fulltime. Quality workmanship and good contactable references. 076 614 6104.

Hand­reared and ringed PA R R O T f o u n d o n 30.03.2012 in area Parel Valley / La Sandra area, Somerset West. Contact Toni on 021­855 1696 or 082 824 9651.

Now In Somerset West! We offer: Bike & Scooter Riding lessons Learner's License lessons K53 Test preparation (practical test) Use our bikes or your own Contact: Linlee – 0766 368 938

BESSIE, 33 from Malawi, is looking for char work or sleep­in work. Highly recommended. Ref: Mariette 0828526106

AVROY SHLAIN COSM In need of lots of extra cash? Join Avroy Shlain today & earn up to 31% comm + weekly incentives. Ph: 081 469 4427 CYBERAGENT / DATA CAPTURER Cyberagent position availa­ ble. Cyberagent experience is required and essential. Preferably residing in Hel­ derberg area. English and Afrikaans a must. Basic R5 000.00 + quarterly bo­ nus. No chancers please. Please call (021) 853 4721.


ONDERWYSERES vir kleuterskool (Voldag). Ouderdom 2­5 jaar. Toepaslike kwalifikasies. Geldige noodhulp sertifikaat. Minimum 3 jaar ondervinding. Faks CV 086 502 2972. ONDERWYSERES vir babaklas (Voldag). Ouderdom 0­18 mnd. Toepaslike kwalifikasies. Geldige noodhulp sertifikaat. Minimum 3 jaar ondervinding. Faks CV 086 502 2972. Ons verlang die dienste van 'n betroubare, ALGEMENE WERKER. Haar pligte sal die volgende insluit: 1. Algemene huishoudelike pligte 2. Verpakking van produkte Afrikaans en Engels 'n ver­ eiste. Pos beskikbaar on­ middellik en eindig 31 Julie 2012. Faks asseblief CV na 086 689 2538. OUTBOUND CALL CENTRE AGENTS We are looking for highly driven individuals who have the passion and skills to market telephonically. This fast growing call centre is looking for 20 top notch telemarketers to join a money hungry motivated team. Fantastic opportuni­ ties to grow quickly within the company. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS . Agent must be able to speak both English and Afri­ kaans . Good telephone manners . Target driven . Love challenges Please call 021­811 8446 for an appointment. PANELBEATER (Semi­ Skilled) needed. Only experienced people needs to apply. Tel: 083 449 3993 or 021­853 5105.

SCANNER, RUNNER. R100.00 per day. Email references and

RECEPTIONIST / OFFICE ASSISTANT Required: A Receptionist / Office Assistant is required at Kleine Zalze Wines in Stellenbosch. This position requires a respectful, well presented, well­spoken individual to occupy our front office as we have many walk­in enquiries and international visitors. All applying candidates need to meet the following mini­ mum requirements: . Well­spoken, conversant in Afrikaans and English and friendly telephone manner . Detailed and orderly administrative abilities . Ability to multi­task and adapt to tasks at hand . Computer proficient in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel . A valid Matric Certificate (or equivalent) Candidates to please forward a 2 page CV (not more than 2 pages) to

TRAVEL CONSULTANT We are looking for a dynamic consultant with excellent Customer Care skills. Minimum of 5 years international leisure consulting experience is required. You need to have a s t r o n g g e o g r a p hy, destination and product knowledge. Experience in a call centre environment would be advantageous. This is a target driven envir­ onment. Market related salary depending on experience. If you find that you are able to fulfil the above criteria. Please forward your detailed CV to :

TELEMARKETERS NEEDED Earn up to R45 per hour. Daily incentives, bonus + commission. A national leisure company is seeking telemarketers for our expanding offices in Strand. You must be fluent in Afrikaans and English and have an outgoing personality. To start immediately please contact 0861114597. Receptionist required ­ Somerset West Area Requirements: Typing Must be bilingual (Eng/Afr) Drivers Licence Experience with Microsoft Office Send abbreviated 2 page CV with matric symbols and any other relevant qualifications. S e n d C V t o or fax 021 851 5300 TELE CONSULTANTS No one too old or too young, no experience needed! No track record or past employment needed! If you enjoy communicating with people on the phone this is for you! This is not a hard sell telemarketing, this is market research! You must have outgoing personality; enjoy working in a team, fluent in Afrikaans and English! No experience needed as ongoing training is provided! R5 000 pm Basic plus commission plus incentives. Come see for yourself why you could earn over R10 000 per month! Positions available in our Strand / Somerset West offices. Contact us today on 086 111 4597

TUINIER/SKOONMAKER (Halfdag­pos: 08:00•13:00) Die NG Gemeente Strand­ Noord ontvang graag aansoeke vir bogenoemde pos wat hoofsaaklik tuin­ werk en skoonmaakdiens behels. Persone met toe­ paslike ondervinding, wat fisies sterk en gesond, hardwerkend, sober van ge­ woontes, van goeie karakter en gelowig is, sal vir die pos oorweeg word. Die vermoë om kleiner herstelwerk te doen, sal as aanbeveling dien. Die gemeente bied aange­ name werksomstandighede en goeie byvoordele. Aansoekvorm is verkryg­ baar by onderstaande adres. Rig aansoek voor Dinsdag 17 April 2012 aan: Rekenkundige Beampte NG Kerk Strand Noord Brandstraat 70 Strand 7140 Tel: 021­853­7223 e­pos : a VOLUNTOURISM company in Somerset West, s e e k s a Vo l u n t e e r C o o r d i n a t o r fo r f l ex i time/part­time position. Must have strong people, admin, office and writing skills and be able to work independently. Must have own initiative. Need to be driven, motivated and not afraid of working hard or under pressure. Having experience in tourism, humanitarian programmes or the ability to speak Ger­ man is an advantage. Own transport essential. To start as soon as possible. Email short CV to amy.wyness@worktravelsa. org


KIA PICANTO 2004. 164 000 km. Carefully maintained by lady owner. Ver y economical and reliable. R45 000. Call 021­ 855 1312 / 082 881 4982. MOTORS EN BAKKIES GESOEK Skakel 079 777 1729

STRAND ­ Southfork ­ 3 Bedroom, open plan lounge, dining room, cherry wood kitchen, full bathroom. Garage fully enclosed. Burglar bars. Brick paving and separate entrance. Price R680 000. STRAND ­ Rusthof ­ 4 Garages, fully brick paved. 2 Full bathrooms, 2 en­ suites. 2 Kitchens, open plan lounge and dining room. Fireplace, 1 study. 5 Bedrooms, all built in cupboards. Fully enclosed. Price R875 000. Call Feroza on Cell: 082 779 4804 or Tel (021) 845 7169.

S/WEST: Centrally located. Large 2 bedr on ground floor plus garage.Enclosed porch Safe & secure. Large grounds. R550 000. 0823761461/021­855 2369.

WANT TO SELL YOUR VEHICLE? We buy and sell vehicles. For good prices call 072 641 8003 or 082 556 2058.

STRAND KUSWEG 129M² eenheid met ruim sitkamer, ruim 2 slaapkamers, 2 bad­ kamers. Balkon met onder­ dak braai. Eienaar gretig om te verkoop. Kom kyk en maak aanbod. RSA 021 8552320 Geen sake op Sondae

Top TV, HD, Extra View Tune-ins Installations & repairs 24 hrs/7 days Problem solving

WOONSTEL BALTIMORE STRAND: Gesellige een­ slaapkamer grondvloer een­ heid in veiligheidskom­ pleks. Oopplan leefruimte. Swembad en eie parkeer­ plek. R375 000. Tel. 083 375 8201.

1982 4 BERTH CARAVAN Aluminium A frame, built by Turner Yachts, fridge, porta pottie, portable gas cooker. A bargain R7 700 neg. Tel Wendy 083 232 1158 or Glen 074 508 6146.

Fridges, Coolers, Freezers Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Electrical & Plumbing

REPAIRS, SER VICES, PARTS 24 hours Cell 082 299 7687 Jacques

112 BESIGHEDE Antomar Makelaars Vir lys, navrae of webblad:

Tel. 021­8552603

CHEAP & FAST Sub-Contractor • Brick W ork • Paving • Painting • Floor T iles

S/WEST ­ Upmarket duplex townhouse near Medi Clinic. Security complex. 3 Bed, 2 bath, garage, small garden. Neat. Pvt sale. R875 000. 0822912399/021­855 1312. Strand Broadlands Village 1.8m fence, steel sliding gate. 2 Bed R299 000. Corner plot. 3 Bed R335 000. No deposit reqd. 0823761461/021­855 2369.

• All other renovations SITHOLE Cell:

073 794 4953

Ac cre d i ted ins talle r


Somerset W est (021) 851 5153 Stellenbosch (021) 883 2226

2 4 H r s

0 Alle OPRUIM & VER­ WYDER van tuin­ & bouafval • Saag van bome & tuinwerk • Vervoerwerk • Braaihout te koop! DIRK 082 8484 213

ALL FRIDGE AND DOMESTIC REPAIRS Mobile Workshop WENTZEL 083 897 2928 081 443 3396

1012 LH 38AEC

MECHANICAL ASSISTANT REQUIRED Overland company based in Strand is looking for a Mechanical Assistant to join our team. Candidate must be competent to assist Diesel Mechanic in servicing and repair of trucks. Knowledge of tyres and electrics advantageous. Salary negotiable on skills and experience. CV can be faxed to (021) 845 4357 or e ­ m a i l e d t o za. Mark for the attention of the Workshop Manager. Only short­listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Salary R4000­ R5000.

QUALIFIED TIMBER Decking Carpenter required with references & drivers license. ( 082 881 7237.

STRAND ­ Groot huis. 4 Slk, 2 bad. Sit + eet + braaikamer. Binnehof. Dubbel mh. By Hoërskool. Boorgat. R1.275m. 082 376 1461 / 021­855 2369.

0612 38256

LOGISTICAL COMPANY, located in Somerset West, specializing in the export of fresh fruit, is looking for a motivated & hard working Financial Assistant on a permanent basis. A great oppor tunity to obtain experience and specialized skills following formal tertiary education. Please s e n d C V ' s t o m by 13/04/2012.

Pick 'n Pay Gordons Bay We are seeking experien­ ced: ­ Cashiers ­ Till Packers ­ Deli Assistants with Excellent Customer Service Fax CV+ ID to: 086­564­ 9167

RESORT SERVICE AGENT Our client is looking for experienced booking agents and administrators with an excellent knowledge of the Timeshare and Holiday Points industry. The ideal candidate should have been engaged in the booking and administration process of either a timeshare or points company or within the timeshare environment. Above market related salary plus incentives offered. If you fit the above criteria please forward a detailed C V t o

3111 L 34BCC

KOFFIEWINKEL in Strand brei uit en benodig ervare kelners / kelnerinne. Epos verkorte 2 bladsy CV met r e f e r e n t e n a :

PERSONEEL GESOEK vir nuwe restaurant in Gor­ donsbaai, skakel 082 8558 122 vir onderhoud / Personnel required for new restaurant in Gordon's Bay phone 082 8558 122 for interview.

1412 L 393D4

KASSIERE Wegneem ete restaurant in Strand benodig 'n Afrikaans sprekende dame as Kassiere. Eerlikheid, goeie gesondheid en kontakbare verwysings 'n vereiste. Die persoon moet bereid wees om te leer en 7 dae per week skofte te werk. Faks CV's & ID na 086 510 6653.


2611 L 340A9

Thursday | 5 April 2012



Thursday |5 April 2012

VAN STRAATEN Home Improvement How Big or Small Maintenance will include the following:



083 451 0411


1512 L 39691


Est. 1968 021 852 3767 083 415 0088 www.brians

0912 LH 38858

For all your Building & Painting Solutions




1312 L 391DF

FREE QUOTES 072 529 2405 083 360 6018 072 226 9782 021 853 8263

N.H.B.R.C. REG NO 2740

reference available TRY THE BEST FOR THE BEST PRICE IN TOWN n New Houses n Alterations n Free Quotes

072-2767922 all hours

0812 L 386C1


Rubble Man * Garden Refuse


* Small building alterations

1512 L 39693

* Household Refuse * Full bakkie loads @ R250


FAX: 086 666 7930

0812 386D4

Phone 072 276 7922

~ Building Alt erations ~ Renovations ~ Commer cial & Residential ~ Pro ject Manag ement 082 550 6155 021-858 1015 rocon@m web.c

5011 L 3748E


1412 L 393DC

All building plans professional CAD drawn. Cheapest rates, all areas. Contact Rory 021­8510792 or 083 456 2823

CARPORTS Patio Covers Pergola's Excellent work. Good affordable prizes. 15 Years experience. Contact No 073 044 2364 / 084 421 4076.

APPLIANCE AT ALL Repairs at your home Fridges & Freezers, Stoves, Washing machines & Microwaves. Call 071­755­3390

Professional Cleaning of : - Carpets - Upholst - House & Office, Pre & Post occupational cleaning Contact: Zander Cell: 082 728 2093 Free quotations Gratis kwotasies

ELECTRICAL appliances, repairs to fridges, stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, etc. Established 30 years in the Helderberg. Qualified trade diploma. Paul Clark (021) 8565132.


0912 L 38861

QUALIFIED HORTICULTURIST (30 yrs exp) to help you in your garden with all advice . Tel: 021 836 7961

Don’t Compr omise on quality Carports/Afdakke Patios/pergolas. Treated & SABS timber. Smart finish using 22 years exp. Great product @ great price! Tel: 083­414­8103/021­8581873

Cedric van Coller

079 493 9554

20 Years experience



Thursday | 5 April 2012


VERWYDERING VAN TUINVULLIS EN HUISROMMEL, SKOON­ MAAK VAN GARAGE PLASE Marius 072 367 9992 W.J. SANDBLASTING De Kock street 38, Strand * On & Off site * Implemente, aluminium * Hout, rims, metaal Johan 072 767 6246

2 Gemeubileerde kamers in huis met tv, mikro en yskas R1 700 pm & R2200pm Parke­ring vir een motor. (Naby Lourensford Wynplaas) Skakel 083 360 9592. GEDEELTELIKE gemeubi­ leerde eenmanswoonstel te huur in die Strand vanaf 1 April 2012 teen R1 800.00 per maand (water en ligte in­gesluit). Kontak 082 7719 046.

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

Helderberg & Boland All plumbing work

S/W: Gemeubileerde buite­ kamer met ½ badkamer. Private ingang en veilige parkeerplek. Sober per­ soon, R1 600 p.m. W&L ing. + dep. Tel: 021­8522785 of 084 6222 785.

Geysers Leak Detection Camera Inspection INGEBOUDE KASTE Slaapkamers, kombuise, muureenhede, hang van deure en skirtings. Gratis kwotasies en beste diens! Kontak 083­704­0115.

1212 L 390A8

High P ressure Jetting

Tel: 021 855 3035

STRAND 1 Kamer gemeub. R1 600pm. Geskik vir jong werkende mans persoon. Beskik. 1 Mei. Tel: 083­416­ 3063 of 021­8547986 (w) 021­8543792 (h)

Garden Refuse Removal and Builders Rubble Large & small loads 1 Ton bakkie or 3 ton lorry. Tel. 082 7392 895 or 072 770 6873

1312 L 392CC

24 hrs

FRIDGE & FREEZER Regas R250.00 Prompt reliable services No Call out Fees Buy & Sell Pieter Brummer 076 552 0272

1 BR, Bath, room, kitchen garden flat. Near Parel Val­ lei High School. Auto gate, alarm. Elec + water included. R2 500.00. Call 082 655 6512.

4811 37016

L I G H T N I N G P L U M B E R S * Blocked Drains * Burst Geysers 24 * Taps Hours * Burst Pipes * Bathroom Renovations

BEACHFRONT 3 Bedr, 2 full bathrooms, lounge, open plan kitchen. 270° view, secure block with undercover parking. R5500pm. Call Daniel 0832837520


GARDEN FLAT to rent, Helderberg Estate area, open plan, newly renovated, attached to house, off street parking. Available imme­ diately. One month deposit required. Professional single person of quiet disposition. R3 500.00 per month. Contact Caron daily before 13h00, 083 270 5221.

Fast ... Friendly ... Affordable Martin

HARBOUR ISLAND Looking over the harbour and mountains ground floor flat, open plan, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, parking bay, available 1st May in this secure and prestigious development. One month deposit R4000 per month. Phone Eddie 021 8561006 KUSWEG pragtige 3 slaap­ kamer, 2 badkamer, ruim sitkamer, groot balkon met onderdak braai, onderdak parkering. 180° see en berg uitsig. R7100pm met of sonder meubels. RSA 021 8552320 Geen sake op Sondae

S/WEST Bedroom, lounge, fitted kitchen b.i.c's, hob, bath & shower,remote gates, pool , treed garden. Tv &ADT. No pets. Would suit professional, mature lady. R3500 incl W&E Call 0836701956.

Tel: 021 854 4972

Serving Strand, Somerset West, G/Bay, Stellenbosch

GREENWAYS STRAND 3 slaapkamer, 2 badka­ mers,grondvloer sekuriteits kompleks, garage, swembad in kompleks. R5000pm. Besk 1 Mei. Ge­ meubileerd 021 8547803 / 0825313943

Prestige Mansions ­ Somerset West Very quiet block. Large (91m²) 2 bedroom flat. Open plan. Ample cupboard space. Undercover parking behind security gates. Walking distance Kwikspar etc. Deposit R4 250.00. R4 250.00 rental pm. Payable before the 1st of each month. NO PETS ALLOWED. More info contact: Rachell 082 413 3575.



GORDONSBAAI ­ 3 Slpk woonstel (1 groot, 2 klein), groot leefarea met oopplan kombuis. Nie­rokers met goeie verwysings. Beskik­ baar 1 Mei. R3 950 pm, W&L ingesluit. Skakel 021­ 856 3476 of 082 334 8393.

MOLE AWAY!!! Let us worry about your moles!!!! Ph: 021­8532180 (w) or 083 769 2428

0 7 2 5 7 1 6 1 7 9

“For all your paving needs” Office: 021 - 845 4313 Sales: 082 788 8858

1212 LD 1BD4XFQ

GORDON SANDS ­ 2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom flat. Balcony, covered parking. R3 300 p/m. 072 489 8090. GORDON'S BAY: Fully equipped flatlet with private ent. Shower, toilet, fridge, stove, TV, etc. Suitable for one person only. R1 700 pm. Phone 021 856 1787.

SINGLE bedroom, separate lounge & kitchen, full bathroom, small courtyard R2500pm. W+E incl. 1 months rental + deposit upfront. Tel 021 854 3399 SOMERSET WEST ­ Oxford Mews ­ 3 Bedroom flat. D/Stairs open plan living area plus 2 bedrooms & bathroom. Large upstairs main bedroom with bathroom. Available for 6 months. R4 500.00 pm. Contact Ruth Bird 021 852 1440 / 082 643 4426 SOMERSET­WES Links Estate :, eie ingang. Veilige parkering. Volledig gemeub Ideaal vir prof. persoon/ couple. Onmid beskikb 079 1763 562 / 021 852 6575 Verkieslik in oggend/aand STRAND / Berg en See 2 SLPK/Onderdak parkering Blok vanaf see R3 450.00 pm / 1 Mei 2012 Kontak Frikkie 021 8544779 STRAND / Marykehof 2 SLPK / Ruim R3 025.00 Kontak Frikkie 021 8544779 STRAND / Marykehof BACHELOR R2 135.00 Kontak Frikkie 021 8544779

STRAND / Mr Price Flats 2 SLPK / Sentraal R3 000.00 pm Kontak Frikkie 021 8544779 STRAND 2 slaapkamer woonstel in veiligheids kom­ pleks. Ingeboude kaste met stoof en yskas. Baie netjies. Graniet tops in kombuis en staanplek vir motor. Vanaf 1 Apr. R4000pm. Tel 021 8554455 of 0825510770. STRAND: Beachfront. 3 Bed, 2 bath apartment with garage. Spectacular views from 12th floor of sea and mountains. Rental R7 500 pm. Contact Ben 082 311 6945. STRAND CLAUDINE COURT R2600 Kompakte 2 slpk, 2 badk op grondvloer met veilige parkering. Geen kinders.Skakel Andr ies Bas­son Eiendomme 082 5702605 STRAND: Ground floor 3­ bedroom flat in security complex. R3 000 per month. Short­term lease. Call 083 449 4301. STRAND ­ NAUTICA. Een slaapkamer woonstel te huur vanaf R3 200 / maand. Vir afspraak, skakel 021­862 6363. STRAND ­ NAUTICA. Twee slaapkamer woonstel te huur vanaf R4 200 / maand. Vir afspraak, skakel 021­862 6363. STRAND R 3400.00 ­ 2 Slaapkamer woonstel met 1 vol badkamer. Oop­plan leefarea en kombuis. 1 Klein troeteldier welkom. Kontak: 021­853 6527 of 079 136 9272. STRAND R 4400.00 ­ 3 Slaapkamer woonstel met 1.5 badkamers in sekuriteitskompleks. Oop­ plan leefarea en kombuis. 1 Klein troeteldier welkom. Beskikbaar 1 Mei 2012. Kontak 021­853 6527 of 079 136 9272. STRAND R 4500.00 ­ 2 Slaapkamer woonstel met 1.5 badkamers in sekuriteitskompleks. Oop­ plan leefarea en kombuis, kelderparkering. Kontak 021­853 6527 of 079 136 9272. STRAND: Secure bachelor flat with BIC's. Separate entrance. Close to beach and shops. For single person. Regret NO pets / children. R1 600 pm. Call 079­879­1484. STRAND ­ SOTERIA Grond eenheid. 2 Slaap­ kamers, 1 badkamer. Geen diere. R2 800 pm. Skakel Werner 079 444 8055 STRAND TWIN PALMS 2 slpk w/stel sek kompleks Besk 01/05 R 2850/m David 082 775 9068 STUDIO STYLE bachelors flat available to rent from 16 April 2012. Suitable for one person and in walking distance from shops and beach. A rental agreement for a minimum of six months will be required and one month•s deposit in advance. Rental of R2 300.00 payable monthly in advance. Contact Andre on 076 180 9093.

SW ­ Small & cosy 1 bedr garden flat. Furn/Unfurn. Separate entrance. For single person. For 9 months, to start immed. R2 200 pm incl. W&E. Deposit required. Call 021­ 855 3993 / 072 777 7600. SW ­ Spanish style house. 2 Bedr, garden, pool and entertainment area. Study, big lounge with fireplace. From 1st May to 31st Nov. R5 800 pm. Deposit required. Call 021­855 3993 / 072 777 7600. S.WES BRIDGEWATER Ruim sonnige 3slk op 1ste vloer. Motorhuis, geen troeteldiere. Stil goedversorgde blok. R4500pm. Beskikbaar 1 Mei 0829697447. WOONSTEL TE HUUR op kleinhoewe in Heritage Park. 1 Slaapkamer. Kon­ tak James by 071 015 9978.

SCHONENBERG ESTATE Luxury living. 3 Bedroom house to share. Furnished & brand new. Double garage. 24 Hour security. Internal alarm & external beams. Swimming pool, garden & braai area. Close to Waterstone Village & Virgin Active Gym. R3 500 pm. Available immediately. Call 078 224 1214.




1512 L 3967F

SOMERSET WEST R4 300: Pine Creek (one pet allowed) Houses: SOMERSET WEST R11 500: Briza: Beautiful 3 spacious bedrooms, walking distance from De Hoop Primary R 1 3 5 0 0 : Ve r g e l e g e n : Morningside ­ Modern 4 bed + flat­let R20 000: Irene: Montclair ­ Ideal for guest house! 5 bed, Jacuzzi room R11 500 (s/c): Prunus ­ Heldervue ­ modern 3 bedroom. Landscaping garden. R10 000 (s/c): Mimosa ­ for the entertainer, large poo, lapa etc. Contact: Marietjie @ 084 6885 481

1512 395BD

Thursday |5 April 2012

STRAND huis te huur 3 slk 1½ badk, motorhuis. Geen diere. Beskikbaar 1 Mei Corrie 084 351 1821 STRAND R 5500.00 ­ Splinternuwe 3 Slaapkamer duplekse met 1.5 badka­ mers, oop­plan kombuis en leefarea, enkel motorhuis, privaat patio en klein tuintjie. Kontak 021­853 6527 of 079 136 9272

Boedelnr: 17388/2011

Factory to let

KENNIS word hiermee gegee dat die Eerste en Finale L i k w i d a s i e e n Distribusierekening in bogemelde boedel ter insae sal lê vir inspeksie by die kantore van die Meester van die Hoërhof, Kaapstad asook by die Landdroskantoor, SOMERSET-WES, vir 'n periode van 21 dae vanaf Vrydag, 05 APRIL 2012.

7B Milner Street Strand Industrial (busy area) Close to Rosby's Motor Spares & Main Road

Tenant Centre

1) ± 180m² 2) Two poster motor vehicle lift 3) 3 phase pay as you go electricity 4) Enclosed yard with sliding gate 5) Office with 2 toilets

1512 L 3959D

021 851 3330 084 400 3573 GORDON'S BAY Wild Olive Free standing 2 bed, 1 bath, open plan kitchen / lounge, garage: R2 900 Mariners Place Fully furnished, 2 bed, 1 bath, open plan kitchen, lounge, p/bay: R3 300 Gordon Sands Ground floor unit in seccomp: 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 u-cover p/bay: R4 400 Bergzicht Duplex, 2 bed, 1 bath, separate kitchen, lounge plus one bedroom flat, swimming pool, single gar: R4 500 Protea Drive Stunning wooden cottage on the slope of the mountain: 2 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen / lounge, pool & magnificent views: R7 700 STRAND Theron Street Family home, 3 bed, 1 bath, lounge, kitchen, dining room, single gar: R5 500 Ocean View Apartment Very modern, 3 Bed, 2½ bath, open plan kitchen / lounge, with spectacular views, secure undercover parking:R9 500 SOMERSET WEST Southy's Manor Spacious & modern 2 bed, 2 bath, open plan lounge, dining, kitchen, automated single garage, extra p-bay : R6 500 HELDERVUE Neethling Street Spacious home 4 bed, 2½ bath, home office, swimming pool, double garage, solar power geyser, electric fencing & garden services included: R12 500 Steynsrust Street Lovely wooden house, magnificent garden, 4 bed, 3 bath, lounge, dining room, family room, study, kitchen & scullery, solar heated rock pool, double carport: R14 500

KENNISGEWING EERSTE EN FINALE L I K W I D A S I E E N DIST R IB USIE R E KE NING in die BOEDEL WYLE JOHANNES HENDRIKUS BOTHA, Identiteitsnommer 200525 5006 089, Pensionaris, Wewenaar van Helderberg Lodge, Loerie nr. 02, Swalle Straat, Somerset-Wes, en wie oorlede is op 15 November 2011.

Tel: 082 832 7925 or 082 808 3482

1512 395BE

ROUNDHAY ­ 3 bed 2 bath house with single garage to rent on short term lease, avail 1 May, R8000 per month. Contact owner on 072 306 8577.


STRAND: R3 200: Vyebos 2 bed flat R4 500: 2 Bed house Loch­ ner Street R5 000: Duinesig ­ 3 bed, 2 bath flat + basement parking. No children GORDON'S BAY R2 600: Mont Blanc ­ 1 bed flat R2 800: GB Golf terrace 2 bed flat R3 050: Fairview 2 bed flat Please call: Manda @ 084 240 9451 Weekdays between 08:00 ­ 19:00. Not available on Friday.

GORDONSBAAI / Aloesingel 3 SLPK / M/H R5 300.00 / 1 Junie 2012 Kontak Frikkie 021 8544779

SOMERSET WEST, Monte Serino. Upmarket fully furnished cottage with excellent views, 2 beds, 2 baths, private garden. Available 1 April 2012. Regret no pets. Available daily, weekly or monthly. Contact Duncan 082­553­ 3472.

SOMERSET WEST 3 bed, 2 bath in upmarket secure estate. Modern & spacious home with open plan granite kitchen, scullery, large pantry, cosy enclosed fireplace, covered patio to neat garden with pool. Double garage with loft. Available 1st May. R11500 Phone 0835583326.

3 (MES) BEDROOMED Manor House to Rent R12 000 / month. 2 Bedroomed Cottage to Rent R5 000 / month. Both on Wine Estate in Sir Lowry•s Pass. Contact Lee­ Anne 083 756 2323, BOTRIVIER. 3 Slpk, 2 badk, 2 garages. Veiligheids hekke en deure. Mooi berg uitsig. R3 900 pm. Skakel 083 360 9592.

SOMERSET WEST ­ NOT TO BE MISSED! 3 Bed, 2 bath apartment with garage and additional parking in upmarket area. Balcony with braai and magnificent sea views. Regret no pets. Ideal for young couple or single professional person. R5 600 pm. LULU Le ROUX 074 123 1771. STRAND 3 slaapkamer, 2 badkamer, klein tuintjie, toesluit motorhuis. Dadelik beskikbaar. R5000pm RSA 021 8552320 Geen sake op Sondae

GORDONS BAY SECURE YARD ±700m² (smaller & bigger section opt.) to let. Walled & electric fencing. R3 000 pm. Electricity + toi­let. Phone Peter 083 468 4680. OFFICE TO LET: Loft style open plan office to let in secure office park Somerset West central, ±80 sq. Would suit creative based business. Share entrance w i t h d e s i g n a g e n c y. R4000p/m. Avail immediately. 021 852 2976 o r PRIME A GRADE OFFICE space with disability access and emergency power supply. Underground parking. Next to all major routes. 24 Hour security plus access control. Top Floor office ­ 186.90m². For more information please send an e­mail to: PRIME BUSINESS premises to let ­ Strand. Beautiful corner premises to let ­ ideal for used car dealership. Well maintained and fully equipped to start immediately. Rent to negotiated on enquiry. Contact Jon 082 921 1404 SOMERSET WEST CENTRAL: Double storey, open plan space ideal for studio, workshops, etc. Night time use would be preferable due to parking restrictions. Available immediately. R6 270 per month including VAT. Contact Carol on 083 306 2107 to view.

KENNISGEWING VAN GEREGTELIKE VERKOPING VAN ROERENDE EIENDOM Ten uitvoerlegging van 'n vonnis van die Landdros, CALEDON gedateer 11 Februarie 2011 sal ondervermelde goedere om 10:00 op 19 April 2012 per publieke veiling te AECI STORES, B E A C H R O A D , SOMERSET WES deur die Balju vir die Landdroshof van Somerset Wes aan die hoogste bieër vir kontant verkoop word, naamlik: 2 x Defy Deep Freezers, 1 x Ski Boat plus Mercury 115 motor with trailer, 1 x Hohn Deer Lawn mower, 1 x Karcher machine (Water Hose)

MORKEL & DE VILLIERS ING Eksekuteur en Agent Die Forum Dramastraat 13 Geteken te Caledon op die Posbus 43 30ste dag van Maart 2012 Somerset-Wes 7129 (get) LIANA SWART JCK/hjvr/KB000012 EISER SE PROKUREURS GUTHRIE & THERON NOTICE DONKINSTRAAT 21 L I Q U I D AT I O N A N D CALEDON, 7230 D I S T R I B U T I O N TEL: 028 - 2121060/1/2 ACCOUNT IN ESTATE Docex: DOCEX 1 L AT E F R A N C I S FREDERICK WICKSTEED, IDENTITY Number 270616 5024 084. Estate Number: 13583/2011

Commercial ­ approx 80m² R4 400 pm incl. VAT. Available immediately St. James Street Somerset West. Tel. 083 456 4674.

KENNISGEWING In die Landdroshof vir die Distrik van Caledon gehou te Caledon Saaknommer: 1468/2010 In die saak tussen: B A S I E S M A L GRONDVERSKUIWING BK Eksekusieskuldeiser en MNR JOHN VOORTMAN Eksekusieskuldenaar

NOTICE is hereby given that the First & Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above Estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the High Court, Cape Town & of the Magistrate, STRAND for a period of 21 days as from 20 MARCH 2012. W A BARNARD & ASSOCIATES 20 Conradie Street STRAND 7130


Thursday | 5 April 2012

FAIRCARE HEALTH has 3 posts available for Occupational Therapists

Kindly forward your CV by 11 April 2012 to or for telephonic enquiries please contact Udicka Smith on 021 815 5729


Vacancies for Occupational Therapists exist at 3 different Retirement Villages in the Western Cape (Somerset West and Onrus). An OT is required to run group activity programmes and individual sessions with a geriatric population (Frail/Dementia/Alzheimer's disease). Assessment and treatment of individual rehabilitation or healthcare needs may also be necessary. Requirements (preferable): - Registration with the HPCSA as an OT - Must have completed community service year: at least 1 year's experience after community service would be preferable - Fluency in English and Afrikaans - Experience in working with the elderly/frail - Experience in working with people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease - Experience in running groups within a balanced OT programme




Thursday, 5 April 2012

Late elf run surprises shore anglers Tee off for a THIS weekend three top anglers caught their full quotas of elf in the 900 g to 1,5 kg class. Four of the elf were caught from Blinkwater reef on spinners, and on Friday and Sunday a number of good-size elf were caught from Strand’s main beaches and from Harbour Island. Jaco Snyman and Riaan Koen both had excellent catches of elf on Sunday night using pilchard as bait. Earlier in the evening Jaco spun using a number-22 spinner and an 11-foot Shimano Exage rod with a 30 Daiwa reel loaded with 15 kg line. While spinning he hooked and landed a leerfish of 7 kg; it could not be revived and released after the long fight, and the fish unfortunately died. Another excellent catch reported during the past weekend was the 9,5 kg belman caught on Macassar beach by Hilton Bedford on 20-pound Double X fishing line and a small VMC hook. There were also still a few kob and geelbek caught during the weekend from Verlëebank and the Harmony reefs. Anglers should remember that this is a good time of the year to target the large white steenbras that frequent Gordon’s Bay around the Bikini Beach area. This past weekend there were several good-size galjoen and a wildeperd caught just past Bikini Beach at the Nun’s Pool. This is a very easy venue to fish from, although it is tricky to land a fish over the rocks here. Good catches of galjoen were also reported from Davidskraal and Betty’s Bay main beach, as well as from Tom se Klip. Anglers fishing from small boats had a lean time this past weekend, and only re-

dream winter

ported catches of a few elf, the odd kob and small maasbankers in the Poort area. One or two of the larger Gordon’s Bay boats also reported poor catches while trying for snoek and yellowtail off Cape Point and the Rocky Bank area. A few snoek were caught near Seal Island, but most of the fish were in the medium to small class. This is the time of the season when we often see the exodus of elf as they move up the coast and are often caught in Hangklip Bay and farther along the coast. The red tide that has been affecting the West Coast during the past few weeks appears to have eased off a bit. Authorities have allowed some of the beaches to be cleared, and crayfish (kreef) have been put back in the water. The normal crazy crayfish season has not been affected, and kreef can still be caught locally from 6 to 9 April. For all your reel repairs and services contact Art on 0 021 854 3831 Please send your fishing news and photos to 2

Hilton Bedford with the magnificent 9,5 kg belman caught on Macassar beach last weekend.

Sara Scheepers with her beloved boerbul Jesse, who recently died. Jesse, seven years old, was a great friend to all the anglers along Strand beach, and will be missed by all who knew her.

GOLFERS in and around the Helderberg will swing into action on Saturday 5 May to support a fundraising golf day at Fairview Golf Course. Entry costs R200 per person, and funds raised will be used on lights to turn Gordon’s Bay into a Winter Wonderland from 29 June to 1 July. Included in the entry fee are sponsored wet holes, a boerewors roll at the ninth hole, entrance to a prize-giving function and a meal afterwards. There will also be an auction, lucky draws, and great prizes to be won. This will be the second year in which the Winter Wonderland will be staged by the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum. The event is set to attract thousands of tourists to raise awareness of the village and bring prosperity to the area. All funds raised through the golf day will be ploughed into the festival to make it a successful event, attracting visitors to the town during the quiet season. The Gordon’s Bay Business Forum aims to put Gordon’s Bay on the map as a soughtafter tourist destination, with its pristine beaches, majestic mountains, two beautiful harbours, nature trails, golf course and excellent restaurants. Businesses and residents are urged to make a positive impact on the village by decorating their buildings and homes with white fairy lights in support of the Winter Wonderland festival. For more information, or to book for the golf day, phone Annalien on 0 021 856 4997 or email 2 Alternatively, contact Nico Marais (golf day convener) on 084 955 4266, or point your browser at or

Dylan wins a double: Dylan Frick (16) from the Strand won not only the inaugural 12 km SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Downwind Dash in Langebaan earlier this year, but also the Primi Naish Downwind Series a few months later. Although the wind wasn’t blowing directly from behind in the Langebaan battle, he beat a competitive field and covered the distance within 50 minutes. Then, on 14 March, he won both the junior and open divisions of the Primi Naish Downwind Series. These weekly 12 km races were run from Milnerton lighthouse to the Big Bay Lifesaving Club between October 2011 and March 2012. This year only 10 races were run due to a lack of wind. Despite this, the huge waves, extreme cold water, winds averaging 35 knots and a highly experienced and competitive field, he could not be stopped. Dylan has been on SUPs for about a year and a half now, and has only been racing since July 2011.

Top riders: These four riders from SomerStrand College competed in the first South African National Equestrian qualifier held in Durbanville last month, and acquitted themselves well in equitation, performance riding and dressage. They are (from left) Michelle du Plessis (fourth place), Charne Germishuizen (second), Hendrik Germishuizen (fourth in performance riding) and Shiuvan Otto (first).

League winners: The Somerset Action Sport Arena mixed team were the winners of the Super League final played against Montague at the Brackenfell arena last month.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

The powerlifters who competed in the recent 100% Raw Powerlifting Competition held at West Workout Gym in Somerset West.


Sean Brokenshire set new SA records and eclipsed the world records with a 125 kg squat, 92,5 kg bench press and 180 kg deadlift for a total of 397,5 kg to be crowned the overall senior lifter of the day.

Records fall at powerlifting competition AN incredible 29 new South African powerlifting records were set, and 13 old records smashed, at the 100% Raw Powerlifting competition at West Workout Gym in Somerset West last month. Four of the SA records are higher than the current world records. Marsha Nezura set four new u.18 women’s records with a 55 kg squat, a 42,5 kg bench press, a 80 kg deadlift and a total of 177,5 kg. Niki de Jager then set four SA records in the u.60 kg class with a 55 kg squat, a 35 kg bench press, a 92,5 kg deadlift and a total of 182,56 kg to win the women’s competition. Molly Gigaba entered the 67,5 kg masters’ class and set a new record with an 82,5 kg squat. Sean Brokenshire (56 kg) not only set new SA men’s records but eclipsed world records with a 125 kg squat, 92,5 kg bench press, 180 kg deadlift and a total of 397,5 kg. He also won the overall senior lifter of the day. Remi Fredericks (65,5 kg) broke SA records with a 150 kg squat, 232 kg deadlift and 477,5 kg total. His deadlift was also above the world record of 220 kg. In the 75 kg division Kyle Wright broke SA records with a 160 kg squat and 122,5 kg bench press. Although his deadlift of 180 kg was below the SA record, it was enough for an SA record total. A battle ensued in the 90 kg class between Howard Cladingbowl and Pardon Chizomba.

Howard set new SA records in the masters’ and open divisions for his squat of 197,5 kg, and SA masters records in the bench press with 130 kg and a deadlift of 240 kg for a total of 567,5 kg. Pardon posted a squat of 180 kg and a bench press of 145 kg. His deadlift of 245 kg settled the competition for a total of 570 kg, and won him the best junior trophy. Albert Arendse won the 100 kg division with a 120 kg squat, 96 kg bench press and 140 kg deadlift for a total of 356 kg. The 110 kg division was won by Tim Nolte with a total of 520 kg. Tim squatted 170 kg, bench pressed 115 kg and deadlifted 235 kg, which were all new SA records. Junior lifter Albert Korf competed in this class and set SA records with a 160kg squat, 140 kg bench press, 185 kg deadlift for a total of 485 kg. Pieter Kruger set four SA records in the 125 kg section with a 195 kg squat, a 140 kg bench press, 255 kg deadlift and a total of 590 kg. Bardon Lee Miller set junior SA records in this class with a 150 kg squat, 80 kg bench press and 155 kg deadlift for a total of 385 kg. There will be a powerlifting seminar at the West Workout Gym on Sunday at 14:00 for anyone interested in the sport. The seminar will cost R100 and is limited to 25 people, so bookings are essential. For more information phone Howard on 0 021 851 2273.

Pardon Chizamba posted a squat of 180 kg, a bench press of 145 kg and a deadlift of 245 kg for a total of 570 kg and the trophy for the best junior of the day.

Niki de Jager set four SA records in the women’s u.60 kg division with a squat of 55 kg, a bench press of 35 kg, a deadlift of 92,5 kg and a total of 182,5 kg.

Club champions: Justin Turner (second from left) became Strand Golf Club’s 2012 champion after carding a score of 293 points over 72 holes to win the A division of the club champs, played on 24 and 31 March. The winners of the other divisions were (from left) Jeremy Rankin (B-division winner – 168 points over 36 holes), Wernher Bock (club captain) and Darren April (C-division winner – 171 points over 36 holes). The senior club champion, Ezra de Witt senior, was absent when the photo was taken. He scored 77 points in the single stableford competition over 36 holes.

Bright blue: The Cobras Action Cricket mixed team, who play at the Somerset Action Sports Arena, are now decked out in brand new shirts, thanks to a sponsorship by Alf Duncan Auctioneers.



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Stander and Sauser make another Epic win THOUSANDS of spectators, many from overseas, poured into Lourensford wine estate on Sunday to witness the finish of one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world: the Absa Cape Epic. The event, dubbed the “Untamed African Mountain Bike Race”, was held from 25 March to 1 April over a distance of 781 km and included 16 300 m of climbing. The 36ONE–Songo–Specialized team of Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser were the overall winners of this year’s Cape Epic, following their victory of last year. With a 25 minute and 57 second lead at the start of the final leg, Stander and Sauser finished in an overall time of 31:46:50,5. In second place in 32:14:12,6 were the South African duo of Kevin Evans and David George (360Life), with the German–Swiss team of Hannes Genze and Andreas Kugler of Multivan Merida Biking in third place overall with 32:17:57,5. The seventh and final stage took riders from Oak Valley–Elgin to Lourensford over a distance of 64 km, with 1 350 m of climbing. The tired cyclists made their way from Oak Valley over Twin Peaks

above Elgin Dam, and down the portage section of Gantouw Pass. Once again, Lourensford wine estate hosted the grand finale festivities as riders finished the arduous, epic journey. This year’s race saw 1 208 participants start the race on Sunday 25 March at Meerendal wine estate, with 1 070 riders at the start chute on the final day. Those who finished enjoyed the reward of the sought-after finisher T-shirt and medal. Kevin Evans and David George of 360Life won the Absa African leader jersey, while Siphosenkosi Madolo and Azukile Simayile of Exxaro Academy 9 won the Exxaro Development jersey. This was the second podium finish for Kevin Evans and David George of 360Life in the history of the race, as well as the highest ranking for an all South African team. The women’s category was won by Sally Bigham and Esther Süss of Wheels4Life in an overall time of 38:34:11,8, after securing their seventh stage win in this year’s Cape Epic. They were followed by the Biogen Britehouse team of Theresa Ralph and Nina Gässler in

39:23:38,6, with Karien van Jaarsveld and Jane Nüssli of MTN Qhubeka in third place overall in 40:09:15,5. Bart Brentjens and Jan Weevers of World Bicycle Relief won the Telkom Business Masters’ category in an overall time of 35:35:58,6. The Contego 28E team of Erik and Ariane Kleinhans won the mixed category in an overall time of 37:33:23,7. Among the local riders who competed in the race were Rinus Beukes and Danie Moller, Hanri Dalton and Hudson Chevallier, Hein and Jaco de Villiers, Willem Grobler and Petie Viljoen, Pieter Calitz, Ryal de Waal, Marius Hofman Hurter, Derek van den Berg, Roger Hoffman, Vintzent van der Linde, Michael Doubell, Mario Firmani and Sholto Douglas, Duane Searle, Jaco van Zyl, Heine Matthee, Jampie Vlok, Johan Fourie, Philip Beukes, Herman Heunis, Nico van Zyl and William Keith. Visit or the,followthe Epic on Twitter (#absacapeepic) or Facebook (, and check it out on YouTube (

Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser of 36One–Songo–Specialized lead the group during the final stage (stage seven) of the 2012 Absa Cape Epic mountain bike stage race held from Oak Valley wine estate in the Elgin Valley to Lourensford wine estate. They were also the overall winners of the race. Photo: Sven Martin/Cape Epic/SPORTZPICS

Raithby to host 20th Easter rugby tournament RAITHBY Universals Rugby Club will host their popular Easter rugby tournament for the 20th time this year. Eight teams from rugby clubs in and around the Helderberg and Stellenbosch areas will be participating in this traditional Easter rugby fixture. The action kicks off on Thursday evening at 19:00, and programmes for the event will be available from Raithby Universals Rugby Club personnel at the entrance of McLaren Sports Complex in Raithby. A church service will also be held on Sunday, which will be followed by a family day as

there will be no rugby played on that day. The tournament will conclude on Monday after the final with a prize-giving ceremony. The tournament organisers and management would like to thank the following sponsors for their contribution in making this tournament a reality: Sir Lowrians Rugby Football Club, ASLA, Mr Steyn from Eendrag Farm, De Waal Kock from Happy Valley, Stellenbosch Municipality, and Mrs Krombee. For more information about the tournament contact the tournament coordinator, N Manuel, on 0 078 076 5699.

Pin-point pass: Sam Djeuko (Sir Lowrians reserve prop – right in photo) passes the ball to speedy winger Shaun Labuschagne as he is about to get tackled by an NTK player during the match between the two teams at Sir Lowry’s Park on Saturday. The ASLA Devco Sir Lowrians team, who play in the Premier B division, beat the more-fancied visitors (who play in the Super B league) 24–20 in this last friendly pre-season match. See full match report on page 56. Photos: Peter Bee

Full steam ahead: David Hendricks (number 8) charges for Sir Lowrians during their match against NTK. Behind him are captain and prop forward Edward “Boetie” Makhunday and reserve centre Adrian Herman.

Vice grip: Sir Lowrians’ fiery lock Alfonso Fuller puts in a big hit on an NTK player during the weekend’s friendly match between the two teams. Assisting him is Shaun Labuschagne.

Golden girl: Candy Pretorius (22), a stellar athlete hailing from Somerset West, struck gold when she took part in the South African Sports Association’s (Sasa) Intellectually Impaired Games held in Paarl recently. Candy tackled the 200 m sprint, winning the event and a gold medal, and was selected for the Western Cape team for her fine effort. The Sasa’s Intellectually Impaired Games, held from 25 to 31 March, drew athletes from across the country – the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West and the host province, Western Cape. During this annual national event, people with intellectual disabilities compete in athletics, cross-country, swimming, cricket, table tennis and indoor rowing. Candy is trained by Prudence Pregnorato at Strand Virgin Active Gym.


Thursday, 5 April 2012


Team prospects for the 2012 season WITH the 2012 club rugby season on our doorsteps, excitement and anticipation are running high among local clubs and their supporters. I’ve got a feeling we’re in for a cracker of a season, with many clubs in with a real chance of promotion with the new two-up–twodown policy back in place for the first time in 10 years. Let’s look at their prospects for the season from the highest- to the lowest-ranked clubs in the Helderberg. ) Helderberg (Super B) Helderberg will have to split their priorities between winning the Super B league and putting things in place to play competitively once back in the Super A League. Helderberg have won the Super B more than any other club, but it won’t be easy competing against Collegians, Primroses, Bellville and Pniel Villagers – especially in the away legs of those fixtures. A good run in the pre-season is sure to instil confidence in a squad of players that has a blend of youth, experience and new players with a point to prove. New acquisitions include: Jody Rose, Armien Bailey, Charlton Cloete and Ricky Petersen. Prediction: league winners.

) St Georges (Premier A) New coach Havelin Hindley has a point to prove about his coaching credentials, as he is inheriting an experienced, well-drilled squad of quality players. With most of the core players reaching the peak of their careers, the time has come to produce the goods. Players to watch include Mirwaan Davids and Megan Rose. Prediction: serious promotion contenders. ) Strand United (Premier B) United have worked very hard at getting the club running smoothly administratively, and have employed an experienced coach in Shaamiel Boer. Fans will be hoping that this will start reflecting on the playing field and scoreboard. With two teams going up, a door has been opened for them, especially with big-spending clubs competing in their league. A new acquisition sees the return of Salie Rhoda. Prediction: promotion contenders. ) Sir Lowrians (Premier B) For the third season running the boys from Sir Lowry’s Pass are hot favourites to take the league. Having been unsuccessful on two occasions the pressure is surely on, and with the bulk of the “old’’ squad still at the club, it will have to be a case

of third time lucky. Milnerton will be hot on their trail after they secured the signature of Imaeel Dollie as head coach. Players that have left the club include Earl Johnson and Omar Wyngaard. Prediction: league winners. ) Macassar (Premier B) After seven years in this league, the excuse of “building a team’’ surely no longer counts for Macassar. Last season saw them unveil a host of talented backline players who ran many a club ragged, and with these boys turning into men, and an experienced pack of forwards, this could well be Macassar’s season. The key to their success will have to be consistency, something they have struggled with in the past. Prediction: serious promotion contenders. ) Strand (Division 1) Strand RFC has the ability to compete in Premier B, but they will have to realise that means getting out of Division 1 as soon as possible. Pre-season matches against higher-league opposition has helped put things in place on the playing field, but there are too often rumours of things falling apart administratively.

De Beers 2012 squad: De Beers AFC old boy Bill Taylor (back row, far right) from Wipco Mozambique LDA insulation engineers is the 2012 sponsor of the De Beers first team shirts. Bill represented the De Beers first team in his youth, while his son David played for the club as a junior before the Taylors had to relocate to Johannesburg. Bill and David travelled from Johannesburg to watch the first league game of the season, which De Beers lost 2–1 to Durbanviille. The De Beers first-team squad for 2012 are (back row) Edwin Sauls (coach), Chris Beukes, Bernd Steinhage (captain), Brandon Graham, Luvo Hluthelo, Scott Austin, Steven Britz, Nkosomzi Lugogwana, Alan Menteath (manager) and Bill Taylor (sponsor). Front: Liam Gregory, Paulo Toua, Simphiwe Rasmeni, Mandla Swartz, Jovan Fourie and Damian O’Grady.

League matches kick off at De Beers DE BEERS played their first league game of the season on Saturday against Bothasig, and lost the match 2–1. The reserves went down by two goals to nil. There is now a break for Easter weekend ahead of the next fixtures on Saturday 14 April, when De Beers will be away to Camps Bay. Macassar hosted Mitchells Plain Super League–club Westridge United in a friendly on Saturday. The teams produced no goals in the first half, and they went in to the break at 0–0. In the second half the local side were fastest out of the blocks and, after a brace of goals from Andre Adams, found themselves 2–1 up. A strong response from the visitors soon brought them back into the contest, and they duly scored two more goals to see them take a 3–2 lead with a few minutes remaining. A late strike from Macassar’s right wing, Benodite Roberts,

earned the home team a deserved and very hard-earned 3–3 draw. Selected results from the Helderberg LFA in Lwandle saw log-leaders Two for Joy crush Cosmos by six goals to nil. Second-placed Mighty Pioneers narrowly beat Bloem Pirates 2–1, and third-placed Young Chiefs beat Goal Fighters by the same scoreline. These three sides are the only teams that have won all their matches so far this season. In the B League the only side with maximum points from its first four games is TK Lions. No ground has been made up on Alsinio for the fourth week in a row, and it seems there is nobody at this stage who can correctly predict a score, which just shows how unpredictable football is. At this stage it certainly seems that Manchester United have one hand on the league trophy yet again, as predicted in one of my December columns.

Is there any amount of money,or any team in England, that can beat them to the title? My answer is a definite NO. The first prediction match for this weekend happens at Cape Town Stadium on Saturday night; seventhplaced Ajax host high-flying Moroka Swallows in what should be a game with a few goals due to the attacking nature of these sides. In the other matches, Sunderland are home to Tottenham Hotspur and, on Sunday, Arsenal will attempt to pile more misery onto Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini, whose season suddenly seems to be falling apart after so much promise. Send your scores to 073 091 3785,, or Facebook.

If the club can hold on to all its current players, 2012 could see it compete for promotion. Players to watch include Jamian Maree and Shane Julius. Prediction: promotion contenders. ) Raithby Universals (Division 1) Raithby competed very well last season, with many things unfamiliar to them put in place. Having lost eight first-team players from last season, many would have thought they might struggle at the start of this season, but they have had a very good run in their pre-season matches and will go into the league season confidently. The new coach will have to realise that the only thing better than last season’s second place will be to win the league. New acquisitions include the return of Brevan Titus. Prediction: fourth place. ) All Saints (Division 2) The club will be competing for a third time in Division 2 after disappointingly inconsistent displays in the previous two attempts. Coach Denzil Davids’ preparations for this season look outstanding. They have the usual flair and pace out wide, but now have a pack of forwards to compete with the forwards in their

predominantly Cape Town opposition. Consistency and playing for 80 minutes will be the key to their success. Prediction: serious promotion contenders. ) Strand Pioneers (Division 3) The Pioneers club has undergone a full makeover since last season, with a predominantly new executive and an entirely new coaching staff. The club has quite surprisingly played nine pre-season matches, with the hope of drawing players, and somehow seems to be getting things into place. One thing is for sure – the club cannot do any worse than last season’s showing of one win out of eighteen and subsequent demotion. Will Strand Pioneers be the surprise package of 2012? Players to watch include Ismail Daggia who will captain the side and Eugene Pieterse. Next week I will look at the first round of league matches and continue to predict their outcomes.

Navy Train builds up steam man of the match. Clinton Neyseman, playing in his first game after suffering a serious ankle injury last season, was deservedly named man of the match for the second team. Sir Lowrians will be playing at Raithby’s Easter tournament this weekend as final preparation for the season ahead. Their first league fixture for 2012 is at home against Milnerton on 14 April. Other results: the u.20s drew 7–7, the C-team lost 12–28 and the Bteam won 22–17. These final friendly games of the season served as ideal preparation for the league. The core of last year’s first-team squad remains intact, and there have been a few additions to bolster reserve strength. The backroom and coaching staff, as well as management, must be credited for the hard yards they have put in so far. Pre-season focus has been on getting the squad in the best shape possible for the marathon season ahead. Players have been training hard since early January, and Monday night’s run up the old Sir Lowry’s Pass – affectionately known as “Bill Gates” – kept the players amply challenged during their fitness and endurance training.

Sir Lowians’ hard-working hooker Thurston Meyer surges ahead with ball in hand during the match against NTK played at Sir Lowry’s Park on Saturday. The home team won the friendly encounter 24–20, which bodes well for the season ahead. Photo: Peter Bee


ASLA DEVCO Sir Lowrians (Premier B) beat favoured NTK (Super B) 24–20 in their friendly match at Sir Lowry’s Pass on Saturday. The scoreline flattered the NTK players, who were given a thorough workover by the Navy Train. Lock forward Alfonso Fuller, now in his second full year at the club, together with fellow lock Charl “The Enforcer” Pretorius, were once again the fire in the engine room. They, together with the other forwards, enabled Sir Lowrians to dominate possession and gain territorial advantage for most of the game. The forwards, who hunted in a pack, suffocated NTK, starving them of possession. The new captain for the 2012 season, prop forward Edward “Boetie” Makhunday, led from the front and inspired his pack. The backline, meanwhile, played aggressively and at times were innovative. Sir Lowrians welcomed back one of their old favourite and everreliable players, Boetie Herman Pretorius, who returned to the fray after an absence of three seasons. The try-scorers were Marcel du Preez, Eugene Mayinye, Marcello Steenkamp and Adrian Herman. Ashwin Shields was declared

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