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of Hell’s Kitchen holds as a favorite, and with their wide selection of doughy delights, it’s difficult to argue with. Both the venue and menu are perfect for kids, with options and distractions that are sure to induce the obligatory post-lunch nap. Just over the bridge in trendy Williamsburg, Juniper offers up one of the city’s best burgers, as well as a slew of down-home favorite like sweet potato fries and baked mac and cheese. Operating on a full stomach, it’s time to find some more activities. The Children’s Museum of the Arts, quietly nestled in South Village, provides the rare opportunity for parents to relax and let the kids roam freely. The museum features pieces done by children, and even gives a space for kids to create new artwork (an added perk comes with not needing to clean up). If the Museum Mile proves too daunting for the family, you can seek out entertainment elsewhere in some of the smaller museums, like the Museum of Math, the American Folk Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum. After a day of exploring the city, make sure to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Forgetmenot, an American eatery situated near the tip of the island. They serve up exquisite bruschetta and they know their way around a panini; their venue merits a try. If traditional Italian piques your interests, give Luzzo’s a try. Their authentic selections include a diverse array of pasta and pizza selections, enough to sate refined palates, yet still friendly enough to make any child smile. No matter where dinner is served, make sure to smile fully in the presence of your loved ones, to savor every morsel of the city. Story by Fahad Abdul

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District Home Magazine - December 2013 (v2)  
District Home Magazine - December 2013 (v2)