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This latest edition of District Focus not only showcases the talent within the Perth’s Business Community but highlights the need for balance between business, health and wellness. It’s an exciting time to be a business owner in Perth with massive opportunities for growth through the huge range of digital media technologies now available, allowing us to promote our brands and work collaboratively both at a local and national level. District32 is very excited to have partnered with 101 Business Radio to assist in growing Members’ businesses by offering promotion and branding at the levels typically only the big players can achieve. We hope you enjoy this edition which is jam packed with informative, educational and inspirational articles written by Exclusive Members of District32.


Bankwest for Business and Refined Risk


Why Choose Your Accountant Carefully


Work On Your Business Not In It


6 Tips to Get Clients Now


City of Wanneroo, McKinley Plowman, St George Bank


What Employers Need to Know About Record Keeping


Shape Changer 19 Tired of Being Tired? It Could be Adrenal Fatigue


7 Tips for Successful Employment of a New Staff Member


ECU Research Assists Innovative Eye Drive Project Interview - Laura Pearse, Upper Reach Winery

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Why Your Profile Photo Is Much More Important Shak Shuka

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Distrct32 partners with 101 Business Radio

District32 have partnered with 101 Business Radio to offer massive exposure for Members 101 Business Radio offers business owners various media platforms to build their personal and business brands through massive exposure. They do this through a suite of internet programs including Radio, TV and Electronic Newspapers.

incorporated new board structures to provide more learning, clarity and exposure for District32 Members.

Not only do the business owners - Michael Worthington and Tom Tapping - offer massive exposure, they bring with them a wealth of experience in assisting business owners to clarify their message. We have worked with them personally to clarify our branding message and now feel more confident, not only in our core message but our overall direction.

- A mini session on how to present on radio in an interview style that is relaxed and fun while ensuring your message is strong.

We are very excited about this partnership and have already

Each District32 Member has received a $250 voucher allowing them :

- An interview on 101 Business Radio that will (after editing): • Go to air on the station at least three times in a week. • Become part of 101 Business Radio Podcast Channel. • Be promoted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Michael Worthington admin@101businessradio.com.au 0412 699 183


Why Become a Member OF DISTRICT32?



District32 exists to grow local businesses. We provide highly visible promotional and branding opportunities for SMEs - at levels usually reserved and afforded by the big players. Our Business Cooperative system gives our members affordable, exclusive access to a range of top quality services and resources under one banner.

District32 houses over 70 local business owners from all over Perth – each vetted for skills, experience, and professionalism – who share their experience, resources, and ideas with each other. Meeting regularly at Members Only Breakfasts, members help each other to solve real business problems using a structured format. Members also have access to a huge range of trusted, reliable service providers that they can reach out to when services are required.

SERVICES AND RESOURCES • Advertising • Marketing • Training • Networking Events • Business Advisory & Planning • 101 Business Radio & Podcast • Access to over 70 Local Trusted Businesses 4

WHY BECOME A MEMBER? Most small business owners offer great products and fantastic personalised services but simply don’t have the marketing or branding power to compete with bigger competitors. Becoming a Member, means you can achieve

business growth by leveraging District32 – we have greater power in numbers! Working collaboratively as a cooperative, we can provide a huge range of affordable, essential services which can help you to secure the future success of your business.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS Members also have the option to lock out the competition in their local area.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER Contact us at info@district32.com.au or call us on 08 6244 1817 for further information





Ember Leaders







EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER NEW YEAR TO EASTER This year, my New Year’s resolution is to love myself more - to have a kinder ‘inner voice’. One of the reasons for this choice is to model a way of being for my two daughters which inspires them to grow up loving themselves, their bodies, their abilities and their potential – flaws and all! Around 30 women do Pilates with me in a private setting every week. Their bodies transform before my eyes. Within just a few sessions they gain control of their breathing and then their balance. Gradually, strength, body awareness and control increase too. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Occasionally, during a session I’ll hear, ‘Wow, that used to be so hard!’ or, ‘I didn’t know I could do that!’ and it makes my day! However, the more common comments are ‘I hate this bulge here,’ or, ‘I’m too fat/heavy’. This, from women who are capable of doing perfect ball bridges, scissors on a foam roller and single leg squats. Their bodies are strong and beautiful. If I had a magic Pilates wand, I would change the force driving us to exercise. Exercise driven by self-loathing would be transformed to exercise driven by love. Loving and appreciating your body does not mean you cannot recognise or desire change. Of course you might want to lose a few kilos or drop a dress size, but if your motivation to change is rooted in shame or disappointment, your journey is less likely to be successful, and definitely less fun! In the wise words of Joseph Pilates: ‘It’s the mind itself which shapes the body’. 8

During the year, Riana Van Der Mescht from Mullaloo Massage and Pilates, shares her thoughts on how we should all view exercise and our bodies. facebook.com/mullaloomassage

It’s the mind itself which shapes the body Accepting your body as it is, daring to love it even, will lead you to caring for it, listening to it and finding enjoyment in that which nourishes it – adequate rest, joyful exercise, nutritious meals and feeding your soul.

Riana Van Der Mescht Mullaloo Massage and Pilates 0415 554 446 mullaloomassage@gmail.com facebook.com/mullaloomassage

Riana Van Der Mescht

D32 SPONSORS looks divine Looks Divine is one of the most wellknown and respected clinics in the CBD of Perth. At Looks Divine we offer a wide range of beauty and skin treatments as well as latest and safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We have a Qualified Doctor, experienced

Dermal Therapist Therapist on board.



All staff at Looks Divine are highly trained by local and international professional trainers. You can relax with peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of highly skilled and caring professionals.

At Looks Divine Whole Body Beauty and Health we aim to make your experience with us second to none and our goal is to provide honest advice about the most effective treatment(s) for you coupled by realistic expectations on what can be achieved.

9321 3551 city@looksdivine.com.au looksdivine.com.au



problem solvers

www.startwithmoshi.co (08) 9795 5506 hello@startwithmoshi.co

We’re a team of strategists, marketeers, artists, techies & storytellers, working together to bridge the great divide between your business and your customers!

Scan the QR Code for greater insight about Moshi Moshi 9

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER Be a Workplace Star…Or, a cold wet smelly fish! Workplace stars hold an integral position in the fabric of a business. They are the people that get along with everyone. When things get real, they lighten the mood and put a positive spin on how changes will create a positive outcome. A workplace star smiles and laughs more than any other team member because they don’t sweat the small stuff and they value relationships.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – It’s easier said than done but the tiny stressors in your workplace are the most damaging to your health and wellbeing. A great example of shining stars that make a workplace difference are the world renown staff at Pike Place Fish Market. They turned their failing workplace business into a success by choosing to lift their customer connection with contagious energy and enthusiasm. They throw fish between one another, laughing and shouting. The Seattle based marketplace with cold, wet and smelly fish has become a world famous attraction. The staff enjoy coming to work where freezing, cold, wet and smelly conditions are a constant source of what could be perceived as stressful. They turned things around and have proven to drive greater wellbeing alongside successful business profits.

present. Laughter breaks down language barriers and is known to build a sense of trust and compassion between people barely acquainted.

A star is born –

When a group laughs together without judgement such as in a Laughter Yoga session, they reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. All it takes to reduce stress for the entire staff is acting in a positive manner, smiling, having fun and laughing. Perceived stress can be flipped into creating a healthier and more profitable workplace.

Peter Schuup Kaizen Wellbeing 0408 944 815 peter@kaizenwellbeing.com kaizenwellbeing.com

Have you and your workplace team had a good healthy laugh lately? Laughter Yoga is simple, accessible, adaptable and dependable.

Value relationships – Relationships are formed through experiences and connection. As with the Pike Place Fish Market, good working relationships can be formed quickly by participating in team building exercises with a healthy focus on smiling, having fun and laughing as a healthy behaviour pattern. Good relationships can be fast tracked where laughter is 10

Peter Schuup


Belly Bites’ Health Stations™ have revolutionised the way we grab healthy snacks on the go... ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE, SUPERFOODS, HEALTHY SNACKS AND BEVERAGES.

After many years travelling around the globe, I fell in love with a Perth boy - born and bred. The love bug struck. I left my amazing job and the travels that went with it and came back to Australia to settle down, start a family and call Perth home. While pregnant, my baby boy Deveraux decided he wanted to arrive earlier than planned, which meant countless trips to the hospital at all hours of the day and night for me, my growing bub and his daddy. It was at 2am on one of these visits when my husband and I were both tired, worn out and starving. We were desperately searching for a healthy snack that would sustain us and provide the nutrition that mummy, bubby and a very tired daddy needed. This is when the idea for access to convenient healthy snacks - regardless of time or location really kicked into gear. I thought back to my time in Japan on my travels where I saw

vending machines everywhere. I connected the convenience factor of readily available snacks with the need for a healthy alternative and Belly Bites Health Stations™ organically grew and came into fruition in 2015.

Michelle Clark Belly Bites 0439 198 104 michelle@bellybites.net bellybites.net

My little family is committed and devoted 100% to providing the healthier option for you and your family. We want to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that your nutritional needs are cared for by Belly Bites.

We call our machine Belly Bites’ Health Stations™ - While they may be a vending machine on the outside, we are creating a health conscious lifestyle for the community from the inside OUT!!! www.bellybites.net


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER STAYING UP THE LONGEST GroupSupport’s Peter Trenaman discusses the importance of an uninterruptible power supply to protect your equipment and business’ productivity.

“We must defend ourselves against their attacks and ensure that our equipment isn’t burnt to a cinder,” said an IT colleague recently. We weren’t talking about hackers; we were talking about Power (electricity) Companies. We were recently discussing the need for every business to protect their servers, workstations and network equipment from the unseen warfare conducted upon us across the wires.

installed to last a short time: maintain a server in a power outage (so that the user can safely close and shut down their documents or log out of the database); a medium amount of time to activate a switch to open emergency doors to a building, or much longer, to keep the freezer system in a warehouse holding precious medical supplies cold. UPS units also filter dirty (brown) power. It’s not well known that a hospital grid, although always on, can supply some of worst power fluctuations across the grid – because the hospitals have their own UPS units to filter and convert it.

They just want juice, in any shape, size or colour ...to simply An Uninterruptible Power always be on! Supply (UPS) maintains power Brown outs (greater or lesser Amps) out normal equipment very to your equipment in case of burn quickly – like a PC lasting 9 months a power failure so that the instead of years. So the average attached unit(s) can either business can use a UPS to filter 260V 14Amps down to the normal keep operating or perform an and/or 240x10 and thereby save money on orderly shutdown. replacement costs and down time. The number of batteries attached will make the unit last longer and the complexity of the UPS circuitry will impact what happens when the unit engages. It also means the UPS needs to be smart enough not only to detect a power loss event and switch over, but in the case of an orderly shutdown requirement, to send a message to the attached devices when it nears the end of its battery life. So a large battery array with a dumb UPS may end up being less useful than a smart UPS with a short battery life. Many things can be protected by these wonderful devices, and the calculation of UPS complexity against battery storage is dependent upon the importance of the situation. They can be


that, I’m actually surprised that the configuration, specifications and status of a company’s UPS isn’t more prominently featured in the insurance industry assessment matrix. But perhaps that’s one of those things that will remain our secret until you have time to get something in place. We’ve been in Belmont for 10 years and can help you with anything IT.

Peter Trenaman GroupSupport Pty Ltd 9277 1768 peter@groupsupport.com.au groupsupport.com.au

A client recently asked me to help them calculate how much they lost every time the power went out (black) or went dirty (brown), to give some measure as to a suitable UPS. We came up with a figure of $1200 per hour, with the site suffering regular power outages of about 8 hours per year. As the power outages were all reasonably short, a $3,000 installation did the job and has served its purpose saving (potentially) $5,000 of losses! Importantly, the client also included a maintenance schedule in his costings. He pays less than $500 per year for a tech to come and test, inspect and report on the state of his UPS system - worthwhile insurance for his equipment, considering the investment of staff and other things. In saying

Peter Trenaman

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12/04/2016 4:34 PM

Refined Risk is Your Professional Insurance Solution and Risk Management Provider We provide a comprehensive range of insurance solutions including claims management, risk management and premium funding. Above all else, Refined Risk ensure their clients inquiries and filing of claims have a very quick turnaround so that they may return to their regular lives with minimum interruption.

Robbie Gianoncelli | Director 0415 409 655 (08) 9200 3400 robbie@refinedbg.com.au www.refinedrisk.com.au PO Box 2396, High Wycombe, WA 6057 13

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER Why Choose youR accountant Carefully 5. Performance Management

Why An Accountant Should Be Your Business Partner Several studies and data have shown that more than 70% of small businesses end up insolvent because of poor cash flow planning, poor financial control and ineffective strategic management. A dedicated accountant can help prevent this and help you with the following:

1. Save Time And Costs Small business owners spend so much time and effort managing their own records and finances that are prone to errors, and can even expose them to risk for non-compliance. As a business owner your focus should be on doing what you do best; running your business, winning those contracts and generating profits. Engaging an accountant who is in touch with the latest tax laws, rules and regulations and latest accounting practices can offer you valuable insights to your business ultimately saving you hours and huge costs, so your time can be more effectively dedicated to other aspects of the business.

2. Reduce Your Tax Liability Tax can be complex and many business owners fail to account for items such as GST, depreciation, tax effects and other expenses. Through 14




a good accountant can forecast your tax obligations; implement effective strategies to maximum the amount of legal deductions, and reduce your tax liabilities at the end of the year.

3. Strategic Planning and Growth Business owners are more often pre-occupied with the day to day operations of running the business; hence their strategic planning takes a back seat. A good accountant is able to objectively look at the big picture and be a great source of advice in helping you implement your strategic objectives. In addition, having an accountant can help you with budgeting and monitoring cash flow to allow you to maneuver away from any hurdles that occur in real time.

Measuring performance is a critical task for any business. As they say “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Accountants often have experience in similar business organizations to yours and also have access to industry performance data. As a result, accountants are experts in performance measurement and they can use various tools and techniques to compare your financial data with external businesses in your industry for your internal benchmarks.

Nirav Solanki TaxStore Willetton Nirav.solanki@taxstore.com.au 0401331272 Durgesh Joshi Tax Store Willetton Durgesh.joshi@taxstore.com.au 0422244203

4. Audits and Legal Issues Being prone to an audit and reviews by governmental authorities can be a nightmare for businesses whose accounts are managed by the owners themselves. This can be due to, not keeping paperwork, late lodgments, excessive deductions, and so on. These can lead to hefty fines and penalties. Unfortunately, most people think of an accountant as someone who can fix these issues after they have occurred. Only on rare occasions can they help waive these obligations if valid reasons and arguments are provided.



Business development and training is an integral part of the District32 offering. We’re committed to providing our network of members with the tools and education required to help them to reach the next level of success in their business. Twice a year we block out a full day for training to encourage our Exclusive Providers to spend some time away from the office working ON not in IN their businesses. 
 For our first training event of 2016, we had four exceptionally highvalue sessions organised for our members. Suzzanne Laidlaw from Action Coach treated us to a mini strategic planning master class to assist attendees to work out the vision, mission and values of their business which culminated in writing a simple one-page plan to help them reach their goals faster. David Osborne of Profitable Personnel then highlighted the hidden cost of recruiting the wrong employees, the value of the right ones and how you can attract them. Alan Cox said of his presentation

“I didn’t think this topic would be relevant for my current business, but what a revelation. Although I’m not looking to take on any staff right now, the knowledge I gained certainly is relevant and particularly to some of my existing and past clients.” After breaking for lunch when Members had the opportunity to network and build new relationships, Suzzanne spoke again to highlight the importance of developing a simple marketing plan and encouraged attendees to pick three activities from her list and start implementing them into their marketing mix. District32’s very own CEO, Lorraine Garvie, took to the stage for the last session of the day to deliver an impactful sales master class, educating attendees on how to handle objections, ask for the business and ultimately close a sale.

“Attending D32 training is always a multi-level, quantifiable investment - I see the steps forward in our business and feel the increased confidence that comes with establishing sound business knowledge as a foundation.”

Jacqueline Campbell “I wrote eight pages of notes from the day’s seminar and everything I made note of is critical to implement. Invaluable.”

David Osborne “It was a wonderful, well run event and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Alan Cox


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER 6 TIPS TO GET CLIENTS NOW It’s one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners – gaining new clients for today and into the future. Many businesses fail not because the services they provide aren’t any good, it’s more likely that not enough people have heard of them. Getting organised then doing the work to get your name out there are the keys to establishing a system for finding new clients.

1. Set Yourself a Goal Make sure you set yourself a goal that will stretch you but isn’t unrealistic. Be kind and reward yourself for effort not the result. If you’re putting in the hard yards then acknowledge your effort even if the results aren’t yet matching your effort. In the early days it can take time to see results; persist and you will get there.

2. Know your Target Market Be clear about the individuals and businesses you need in your pipeline. If you don’t know exactly what they look like, how are you going to attract them? If you have been in business for a while think about your best clients and attracting more of them. Writing your customer persona’s may help you to be clear about your target.

3. Know What YOU OFFER It may seem obvious but there are plenty of businesses out there who are yet to nail down exactly what services they do and don’t offer. Write a services description that contains features, benefits, structure and costs and then learn it so it you can easily explain them to others.

4. Referral Partners There are a number of sources you can set up partnerships with and some of them you may not have ever considered.


Colleagues – they are in your field and know how you work so they can be some of your greatest advocates. Other businesses – look for businesses that provide products or services to similar clients and see if there are ways you can market to each other’s customer base. Competitors – you may specialise in a niche that your competitors are not as interested in so you could arrange to refer clients to each other.

Get Clients Now™! facilitator, business and sales coach, Brendan Chestnutt, shares with us six tips for creating an endless pipeline of new clients for your professional services business. With 20 years of sales experience under his belt, Brendan is passionate about helping business owners succeed. Brendan Chestnutt CUSP Performance 0487 588 880

bchestnutt@cuspperformance. com.au

5. Daily Actions Decide on a list of actions that you will undertake every day to move you closer towards your goals. Consistent action is what achieves results. Commit to your list and reap the rewards.

6. Follow up All the effort you put in to setting goals, proposals and meetings will all be for nothing if you don’t follow up. Don’t think that the prospect will remember to call you when they need your service, it’s highly likely they won’t remember you if the only contact they’ve had was a fleeting meeting.


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Take your business from good to great with McKinley Plowman. One of WA’s leading business improvement specialists, McKinley Plowman & Associates can tailor fresh strategic thinking and advice to ensure that your business gets to the next level and beyond, faster. Go from good to great, contact us today. tel: (08) 9301 2200 level 2, 5 davidson terrace, joondalup. mckinleyplowman.com.au


McKinley Plowman is a Member of Count Financial Limited, ABN 19 001 974 625. AFS Licence No. 227232.


BizPack. Business banking made simple. BizPack is our business banking essentials package. For as little as $10 a month* receive access to all the business banking basics.

Find out more at stgeorge.com.au/bizpack or visit your local branch.

Things you should know: This offer is subject to change. You should read the terms and conditions or product disclosure statements and consider whether the product is suitable for you. *Transaction fees may apply if you exceed the monthly fee free transaction allowance on products. Special service fees may also apply. $10 per month is the Account service fee per month for the Freedom Business Account. The monthly service fees, annual card fee and facility establishment fee applicable to the other eligible products in the BizPack are waived on request and for as long as a customer holds a Transaction Account, Savings Account, and online banking facility (BizPack Essentials). Transaction fees may also apply if you exceed the monthly fee-free transaction allowance on eligible products in the BizPack Essentials. Transaction fees may also apply if you exceed the monthly fee-free transaction allowance. Special Service fees may also apply. Subject to our credit criteria. © 2016 St.George – A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714. STG 01120 04/16



While employment records may seem insignificant and inconsequential to some, Fair Work takes a very different view. Time and time again, employers have been fined for failing to keep proper employment records in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (“the Act”). Keeping employment records is simple so there are no excuses for not doing so. In fact, the Federal Circuit Court has recently decided that pleading ignorance on this matter is no defence. The Act requires employers to keep employee records as prescribed by the Fair Work Regulations 2009, which means that records must be kept by the employer for a period of 7 years after the date the record is entered. Records must legible and in English. And while they are private and confidential, they must be readily available to Fair Work Inspectors. An employer must make a copy of the records available for inspection, and for copying if requested by the employee or former employee to whom the records relate. A failure to keep proper records may give rise to an infringement notice being issued to an employer and if the failure to keep records is serious, wilful or repetitive, the employer can be taken to court. 18

In a nutshell, here is why you should keep time and wage records: • There is a lawful requirement to keep proper time and wages records • Breaching employment laws can be very costly • Employers protect themselves from an employee making a vexatious claim • Important information about the employment contract is kept

• Name of the award or agreement that applies and the employee’s classification • Employment status – full time, part time or casual • Any other information required to show remuneration and benefits comply with the relevant award or agreement

Other than the basic information such as the employee’s name, date of birth and the date the employment commenced, other records that need to be kept are: • The total number of hours worked each week • All leave taken by the employee, paid, partly paid or unpaid. (A distinction also needs to be made however as to what type of leave is taken.) • The gross and net amounts paid to the employee • All details necessary for long service leave calculation • All deductions and the reasons for them

Similar laws apply to noncorporate employers covered by Western Australian legislation. For further information please contact :

If an employee is covered by a state award or industrial agreement there are additional records that need to be kept including: • Daily start and finish times and meal breaks • Daily record of the period for which the employee was paid

Mari Takla Bailiwick Legal mari@bailiwicklegal.com.au 9485 0447, 0408 094 636


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER Can you save a life? As you sit reading these words you may not think that today is the day that you will save a life! I’m not talking about being or becoming a police officer, a fireman or paramedic; simply being you is enough to save a life. What if you were in your office and noticed that one of your colleagues seemed out of sorts, but you dismiss your observation or feel it’s none of your business. The next day you arrive at work to hear that your colleague died on their way home. Or, perhaps you are in a store and the person being served is acting in an aggressive manner toward the employee. You decide to walk away and come when you think it is safe but choose not to make eye contact with the person at the counter. A week later you visit the store again and learn that the person you stood in front of died the afternoon that you were there. Asking simple questions like, “Are you Ok”? or “Can I help you?” can and does help to save lives, so how you respond to your environment and how you observe those around can make you a life saver. Take a look into your own mind and heart and see where you may need a little care, love, support or understanding, to help you get through a rough day or to help you get to where you want to be.’ It is important that we are balanced and well on all levels of our being; by this I mean the 8 platforms of Wellness. When I work with clients, I recommend they make easy small changes daily and allow time to themselves

every day. Now, if you are a business owner you may feel you don’t have that time, when in fact not only does it matter to your personal health but it is a direct COST to your business to ignore or not make time for your wellness. By taking 10 minutes every day to step away from the desk, phone, employees and clients and make these 5 steps a daily ritual, you will save your own life and increase the success of your business. 1. Listen to calming music and breathe 2. Take a brisk 15 minute walk 3. Reach for a glass of water instead of coffee 4. Eat high energy nutrition dense food 5. Plan and plan and stick to it These few changes may save your life (and that of your relationship at home). When I am working with business people and companies I often find stress and overload to be very high in the management team, they lack energy, vitality and often have high blood pressure, cholesterol and stomach/digestive problems.

Gwenda Smith Shape Changer shapechanger.com.au admin@shapechanger.com.au 0407 939 818

My “outside” the box approach to their wellness has surpassed the results of other methods for over a decade. You will learn how you are reacting and responding to events and situations, whether to the tasks at hand or in interaction with family after a stressful day in the business. My approach will take you on a personal journey of increased vitality, focus, achievement and resurgence of passion and greater success in your business!


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER Tired of being tired? It could be adrenal fatigue

If you’ve been suffering from sudden onsets of severe fatigue affecting your energy level, chances are you’re experiencing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can affect men and women of all ages. It occurs when your body overworks the adrenal glands which sit over your kidneys. These glands are about the size of your thumb and produce more than 50 hormones including cortisol (stress hormone), epinephrine (adrenaline) and testosterone. They help store fat, balance fluids and minerals and produce energy. Although powerful, your adrenal glands are fragile. The more stress they absorb, the weaker they get. And when they break, you have a nervous breakdown!

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue There are many symptoms to look out for, including: • Feeling overwhelmed and depressed • Easily get tired and dizzy • Lack of sleep • Poor sex drive • Dependent on caffeine • Eating more sugar than ever before • Becoming forgetful • Feeling and looking puffy, stiff 20

and achy • Becoming sensitive to lights, noises and smells • Suffering from infections and allergies • Headaches are frequent • Menstruation cycle is out of whack (your thyroid may need checking) • Always feeling thirsty • Feeling sleepy after lunch.

changes to their lifestyle and diet.

We don’t recommend kidding around with adrenal fatigue because you’d be risking more than your adrenals. You could face illnesses such as: • Chronic fatigue syndrome – affects the nervous, endocrine and immune systems • Fibromyalgia – aches and pains all over • Alcoholism – compulsive and out of control • Ischemic heart disease – reduces blood supply to the heart • Hypoglycaemia – blood glucose drops too low • Rheumatoid arthritis – pain, heat and swelling in tissues and organs • Respiratory infections – like pneumonia, colds and tonsillitis.

So come and talk to us about getting your life back!

Our tests include checking your thyroid because low thyroid function or low-level of depression often present similar symptoms as adrenal fatigue. We’ll also provide you with naturopathic treatment and therapy to help you boost and maintain your wellbeing.

Sherri Irving Alimenta Health 9381 7611 sherri@alimentahealth.com.au alimentahealth.com.au

• Naturopathic treatments eliminate adrenal fatigue Conventional medical tests through your GP cannot determine what’s wrong because they don’t target the correct chemical levels. Usually, you’d be advised to put up with it and hope it goes away. The good news is that as a Naturopath Practitioner that specialises in adrenal, stress and depression issues, I’ve been helping men and women for years in restoring an optimal adrenal health. They are now fully living and have made fantastic


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER 7 tips for successful employment of a new staff member

So, you have decided to take on a new member of staff. Whether it’s your first or your 101st staff member, here are my top tips for a successful employment relationship:

1. Clarify the role Be clear about the job that you need the new employee to do. Think about all the tasks and the main purpose of the role and how the new role will fit with existing employees.

2. Who are you looking for? Secondly think about the person you want to recruit. What qualifications and experience do they need? What are the values and culture in your business, and how will you make sure that the new employee shares these values?

3. Where will you find them? One obvious way is advertising via Seek or Gumtree. You could also use a recruitment agency, especially if they are hard to find or you are short of time. But there may be even better ways of finding your next employee – e.g. word of mouth from existing employees.

4. The dreaded interview Interviewing is an ‘art’ not a ‘science’, but there are some ways of making a successful outcome more likely. A great tip is to base your

questions on STAR: • Situation • Task • Action • Result

significant investments that you will make in your business, so it is important to follow these steps to get it right.

5. The Employment Contract

Jayne Griffiths is Managing Director of My HR Adviser with 15 years plus experience in senior HR roles as well as well as business coaching and leadership development.

Now it’s time to clarify expectations in writing, usually in an employment contract or letter of offer. You need to ensure that your terms and conditions are compliant with Fair Work and with any modern awards that apply.

6. Getting them productive as soon as possible Once the employee starts work it is essential to have a thorough induction program. It’s a good idea to run this over a few weeks or even months, so you can be sure they understand all aspects of the job and the company.

Find out more about how My HR Adviser can help you: support@myhradviser.com.au Learn more at: www.myhradviser.com.au

7. Review Finally you need to build in a review. Often this is in the form of a probation review after 3-6 months. Be clear about what you are going to measure at the outset, and make sure you schedule the review. Remember that a new staff member is one of the most


research ECU Research Assists Innovative Eye Drive Project Steve created the innovative Eye Drive project. Eye Drive utilises eye-tracking technology to monitor a driver’s gaze on a non-interactive HD display, providing an analysis of a drivers’ visual attention, effective visual field of view and hazard perception.

Project Details District Focus spoke to Steve Shaw about the research he undertook with ECU Joondalup to test the viability of Eye Drive, which he hopes will improve the driving skills of learners before they even hit the the road.

Overview Steve Shaw was a well-trained driver who worked in emergency services for over 15 years. While there, he regularly witnessed the devastating consequences of under-developed and poor skills in young drivers.

To accurately and effectively test his concept, Steve completed research in a business project with ECU. Steve used a group of nine Rio Tinto safety staff to test the program over a six-week period to monitor their improvement in eye scanning capabilities. He explained: “We created scenarios where hazards such as a pedestrian and a motorbike came in from the side and measured how slow they were to react to the hazard. Their reaction time was then translated to the likely result of a crash at 40km/ hour, 50 km/hour etc.”

The group also did a distraction analysis test, where they listened to the detail in a recorded conversation, to analyse the result of having their concentration taken away from actively scanning the ‘road’. “The experience was very effective in getting validation for the concept of eye tracking in driver safety, and clarifying the criteria for a patent. Particularly in training, validation of the effectiveness and ability to establish ROI are crucial,” said Steve. He added, “There is so much potential for academia to really influence the direction that startups and innovation take. It’s pragmatism meets validation.” Steve also entered the inaugural ECU Enterprise Tuesday Watermark, a competition offered by ECU’s Office of Research and Innovation and Watermark - a company that provides expert advice on protection and

There is a 100-fold increase in crashes as new drivers go from being supervised to being unsupervised. Steve tells us, “Learner drivers rely on the supervisor in the seat next to them to point out potential hazards. They can be looking at point A until the supervisor tells them that the main hazard is point B.” As we age and spend more time on the road our hazard perception improves. In an effort to develop a more effective and proven method of driver training, 22

A Rio Tinto staff member participating in the training at the Rio Tinto Operations Centre.

research leverage of intellectual assets. The competition is aimed to encourage the development of ideas, business ventures and research that makes a difference. Steve beat four other finalists to win and is now using the prize money to develop a new logo for Eye Drive and develop a promotional plan to go to market.

Outcomes The results of the study were encouraging and Steve is keen to continue development and presentation of the software. The aim is to make Eye Drive available to learner drivers so that they can educate themselves on hazard perception and practise active scanning in their own home via the internet. There is also the potential to gamify the program at some stage and make it even more appealing to the young market. Steve is now looking for an investor to take the project to commercialisation; someone who has a social interest in driver training and ultimately lowering the road toll of young drivers. He says, “As far as I’m aware, no one is using this type of road safety program. It’s a world first application and it has the potential to change the way we teach young drivers.”

Diagram 1 shows a typical sample of drivers eye gaze whilst driving without distraction.

Diagram 2 shows eye gaze when the driver is required to listen to a conversation that is difficult to hear i.e. a high concentration demand exercise. Media coverage (below) on Ten Eyewitness News.

Steve Shaw Eye Drive 0419 909 068 steve@shawsett.com.au shawsett.com.au

25 23

INTERVIEW Laura Pearse - upper reach winery

District Focus caught up with the SME Spectacular People’s Choice winner, Laura Pearse from Upper Reach Winery, to find out what’s new in her world of wine!

How did it all begin for Upper Reach? My husband Derek grew up on his family’s wheat farm at Wubin. He went travelling and whilst working in a wine shop in London, he discovered his true passion… wine. I’d grown up in London so I’d barely seen a tractor but in 1997 I returned with Derek to Western Australia and started Upper Reach. Our first challenge was growing grapes, then learning how to make wine, something that we’re constantly improving on. Over the years we’ve built the Cellar Door, the restaurant and refurbished the cottage.

How important is customer service in the success of Upper Reach? We do what we are good at and don’t over commit ourselves so we can provide the best in customer service. We leased out the on-site restaurant 10 years ago and we work closely with management, but our focus is on producing the best wines 24

possible; and serving customers at the Cellar Door and via our personalised mail order system and Wine Club.

What have been some of your most successful marketing initiatives over the years? It would have to be email. We opened the winery in 1999 and in 2000 I began collecting email addresses of customers. Some of our long-term customers say my emails were the first they ever received. Over the

years we’ve refined our email communications and they have been very successful. Also our Wine Club has been very well received. Members receive a selection of wines tailored to their taste three times per year. We had a month long focus on the Wine Club, asking every person if they would like to be a part of our VIP program and when we set up the Club almost half of our customer contacts wanted to be a part of the Club. We were staggered by the fantastic response.

INTERVIEW Laura Pearse - upper reach winery

What systems have you automated in the business? Since winning the People’s Choice award, we’ve implemented Zoho which has been very efficient and effective for us and I’m sure we haven’t delved into all of its capabilities yet. We’ve been able to template the answers to our frequently asked questions.

What is your best business tip or advice for a SME owner just starting out? Be clear about whether you are going to build a business or create a job for yourself because they are two very different things. Be clear about it and ask for help when you need it. If you intend to work with your partner in your business be prepared for the challenges that brings. Consider if you really want to live and breathe your business because that is how it often turns out. You also have to ask yourself if you are going to be able to

cope when you have lots of leads and also no leads.

Where do you see the business in 5 years time? We’d like to grow the mail order side of the business. Upper Reach staff enjoy providing a personal, tailored service where our customers can give us a call or email and we can work with them to ensure they receive wines best suited to their taste or occasion.

Laura Pearse, winner of People’s Choice award at SME Spectacular Laura Pearse Upper Reach Winery 0422 620 060 laura@upperreach.com.au upperreach.com.au

Most importantly we want to be part of increasing visitations to the Swan Valley. We’d love to see it become a must-visit destination for tourists and increase the number of times Perth people come out here each year. In their hearts people genuinely want to support small business but we need them to translate that to using their feet to come out here and support businesses in the region.


Why Your Profile Photo Is Much More Important Than You Might Think Getting It Right

To some people, a photo is a photo and that’s it – even when it’s a profile photo for social media... ‘It’s just a snapshot of you in the moment.’ ‘No-one bothers whether it’s slightly out of focus or off centre.’ ‘It’s just a bit of fun.’ ‘So what if it’s a family photo, people like to see you how you are in everyday life.’ ‘Professionals and business owners don’t take any notice; they’re much too busy for that.’ Do any of these statements resonate with you? If they do, think again. Your profile photo is a reflection of who you are - and it connects you to your business. It’s the modern way to create and convey a first impression to potential clients and other businesses. To take the process lightly is to vastly underestimate the magnitude of using social media as a marketing tool.

First Impressions When looking through various social media channels, are you interested in reading the text to find out about a person and their business? Or, do you look at the photo first? Would it surprise you to know that LinkedIn profiles are 26

likely to receive 7 times more clicks if there is profile photo? You want to attract potential buyers, don’t you? Which makes it essential to ensure your profile image is a true reflection of who you are and the type of business you represent. It’s also a good idea to share the same profile photo over several sites to demonstrate consistency and credibility. People will begin to connect you to your business more easily, so creating a good first impression matters.

Small Businesses Just because your business is small is no reason to think small. It’s just as important, if not more so, to build your business identity and market online. Even if it’s for your local magazine or local marketing company, shine your light by uploading the best profile photo you have. Make it professional looking. Don’t settle for a photo that ‘will do’ because it’s the only one you have to hand. If necessary take some new photos. Getting a friend to take the photos will help you to look more relaxed. Ask them to help choose the photo too, as they will let you know if it is a true likeness that captures the essence of who you really are.

Including a family member (even the family dog) in the profile image can be tempting. Yet, if you do this, it isn’t sending a professional message and you may not be taken seriously, whether you’re selling yourself to an employer or selling your brand. Making funny faces, or having a photo with a drink in your hand is alright if you’re sharing only with friends, but not for professional purposes, and a blurred photo just won’t do you or your business justice. If you want to be noticed select a decent head and shoulder shot. Smile and show your teeth. Dress appropriately. Don’t wear sunglasses. Make sure the lighting is right; that you’re not in shadow or the sun isn’t glaring your face out of the picture. Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame and that the size is right for your chosen social media site as they often have their own set of requirements. Social media is an excellent platform for building your business. Uploading a professional looking image that portrays your distinctiveness is a sure fire way of getting recognised across different sites. Be credible. Make your profile photo do you and your business proud.

Rita Smith, DISTRICT32 Copywriter

FOOD Shak Shuka Serving Authentic Moroccan to Perth Foodies

The popularity of pop-up food stalls shows no sign of slowing in Perth. And the mouth watering Moroccan dishes served up by Elli Kaspi at Shak Shuka have been a popular choice amongst Perth foodies for more than three years.

has been popular as well as the new Shawarma pockets filled with spiced chicken.

Regular customers follow Shak Shuka to twilight and daytime hawkers’ markets in the city, Victoria Park and Inglewood; farmers’ markets at Subiaco and South Fremantle as well as ticketed events like Unwined and Good Food and Wine.

“It’s a real family affair with mum providing the secret authentic Moroccan recipes. Dad works behind the scenes and provides the business minded support. My sister works outside the family businesses but she’s an amazing cook and I always love eating her food,” Elli said.

A 3x3m gazebo tent is their mobile kitchen producing a range of favourite dishes, including the Shak Shuka dish of tomatoes with two poached eggs, spices with cous cous or sausage. The Chicken Tajine is a delicious Moroccan marinaded chicken built around Mum’s special recipe. In the warm summer months, the authentic lemonade drink made of lemon and mint

Elli was four when he and his family arrived in Australia in 1996 from Israel.

Elli is kept busy shopping for ingredients, doing the admin and prepping for the evening meals. If Elli isn’t at a night market, he’s catering for a private birthday or anniversary event. Elli Kaspi Shak Shuka Mr_shak_shuka@outlook.com facebook.com/KaspiShakShuka


EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS PINK PIRANHA - DESIGN WITH A BITE ZONE 0 - STIRLING Graphic Design | Logo Development & Branding Promotional material Most businesses require some element of design over a period of time. The majority of this is required when a business is starting out, but further refinements are required throughout the life of that business in one form or another. This can range from rolling out a brand, to catalogues promoting product, or campaigns and advertising. To ensure brand consistency, all design work for businesses should ideally be created by the same designer. A business deserves quality design and value for money and that’s where Pink Piranha comes into the equation. 0403 444 660



Penny Askin

REFINED RISK Zone B - Ellenbrook, Zone E - Morley, Zone G - North Perth, Zone H - Midland, Zone I - Wanneroo, Zone J - Joondalup, Zone M - Yanchep, ZONE 0 - STIRLING, Zone Q - Claremont Transport | Commercial Motor | Business Insurance | Personal Insurance

Refined Risk understands the risks involved within all aspects of commercial business. We will provide you with personalised risk assessment and professional advice. We ensure you understand the risk considerations within your organisation and how they can be covered by your insurance program. We offer a wide range of insurance products which can help protect your business from all risks.

0415 409 655



Robbie Gianoncelli

ALIMENTA HEALTH ZONE Q - Claremont Thyroid Dysfunction | Wellness Therapies for Men and Women Stress and Fatigue

Alimenta Health is a modern, integrative health practice founded in naturopathic philosophy and embodying team-driven health care for whole body wellness. Alimenta Health endeavours to combine the science of sound medical knowledge with the intuition and creative thinking that embodies the art of medicine. We pride ourselves on providing client centered care, ensuring that we work with you to create a treatment plan that compliments your lifestyle.

08 9381 7611




Sherri Irving

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS SECURE POWER ZONE I - WANNEROO Critical Power experts | Vendor-Neutral Supplier | Local UPS Service Secure Power Solutions are your local vendor-neutral Secure Power experts. Bringing together best practices from global manufacturers Secure Power Solutions delivers industry leading service levels whilst maintaining the flexibility that you can only get from a service focused business. We deliver services and solutions to a diverse customer base in the commercial, oil & gas, industrial, utilities and mining sectors. Our team has extensive critical power knowledge in areas including Service, Commissioning, Design and Project Management having previously worked for leading global UPS manufacturers. 0488 104 113


Tony Rutter


COMMANDER CENTRE PERTH SOUTH Zone N - VICTORIA PARK Business Telecommunications Specialist | NBN Broadband Provider Personalised Local Support

We focus solely on business communications. We connect all forms of communications - office phone, mobile, broadband and data technologies. We provide all the tools, connectivity and infrastructure for your business to stay connected. Our experts work with you to create a simple, integrated solution that delivers real efficiencies and savings.

0403 090 308



Rio Varen

TAX STORE WILLETTON ZONE C - CANNING VALE Accounting and Taxation | Bookkeeping | Business Structures

Tax Store has been designed to cater for all of your day to day business needs including: -Individual Tax Returns


-BAS/FBT -Business Structuring -Tax Planning

-Preparation of Financial reports

-Business Tax Returns


-Cash Flow Problems etc.

0422 244 203



Durgesh Joshi 29

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS KAIZEN WELLBEING ZONE J - JOONDALUP Lifting Energy | Adaptable Accessible Dependable Happiness Creates Success Kaizen - constant small improvements for successful production. Wellbeing - Body Mind Spirit. Kaizen Wellbeing - Lifting Energy Presentations and team building exercises have never provided as many laughs as this. Peter Schupp has presented Laughter Yoga sessions for the highest board rooms in Perth to the highest performance entertainers on the planet. Laughter Yoga provides simple solutions to stress reduction and creating strong relationships. When you laugh you change. When you change, your whole world changes. 0408 944 815



Peter Schupp

WILLISS CONSULTING Zone A - THE CITY Project Management | Consulting - Project Management Facilitation & Training

Williss Consulting is a business that is passionate about delivering on project results in an industry where companies and SMEs are fighting to remain competitive, in an ever changing and dynamic market. In an industry where time is even more critical, it has become more important that projects are founded on a clear and precise scope of work. These changes will ensure that you deliver a quality, compliant and cost effective project to the market.

0405 377 078



David Williss

WORLDWIDE PRINTING SOLUTIONS – JOONDALUP ZONE J - JOONDALUP Print Solutions for Business | Business Stationery | Grow Your Business Print Solutions to Help You Grow Your Business In our Joondalup centre you’ll find more than world-leading graphic design and printing services: you’ll find a trusted advisor ready to help you grow your business. We are committed to finding you the best solution and providing print & design that exceed expectations. Our high standard printing services are cost effective and allow you to build your brand using professional products from Business Cards, Corporate Brochures & Merchandise. At Worldwide Printing Solutions Joondalup, we pride ourselves on delivering quality print products. We are proudly Australian run & owned. Speak to Rochelle today about our Online Print Management system that will save you time & money.

08 9301 1156




Rochelle Wolf


Insure Premium Funding is a family owned and operated Western Australian company, committed to providing our clients with professional premium insurance funding services, based on trust whilst providing competitive interest rates. We understand the growth and success of any business is largely reliant upon freeing up cash to build and grow the business. At Insure Premium Funding, we offer short-term competitive loans enabling businesses to pay their insurance premiums in regular instalments, rather than as an annual lump sum payment. Whilst assisting with cash flows, this also enables businesses to take out the right type of insurance cover/s without compromise, as they are able to spread the insurance costs over the year.

0407 077 201



Nick Kane

SIMPLY MORE PROFIT Zone M -YANCHEP Make More Proift | Free-Up More Time | Attract More Customers

Simply More Profit specialises in helping business owners, particularly between 3 and 50 employees, to grow their business and make more profit. Kellie Wheatcroft, the director has over 20 years of experience, including 10 in senior management positions. Kellie has varied industry experience which includes water utility, fabrication (including mining haulage, ship building, fire appliances & materials handling equipment) and plastic injection moulding. Empowering and supporting people to deliver their best every day is a passion of hers.

0407 464 715



Kellie Wheatcroft

RIVA SERVICES ZONE J - JOONDALUP Virtual General Management Services | Profit Improvement Business Improvement RiVa Services are a Management & Business Support company that focus on giving Business Owners more time and control in their businesses. Through providing targeted Management capabilities to your business RiVa provide you with focused options to maximise profitability, improve your business processes and develop your organisation and its staff. We are a team of experienced Senior Managers from a diverse background of industries and organisations who are here to help you maximise the success and profits in your business.

0429 031 155



Richard Scott 31


Small specialised massage and pilates practice. I have 12 years worth of experience as a physiotherapist in the UK, and now with a diploma in remedial massage, can bring all my skills to the table. Together we look at your short term pain relief, as well as long term improvement of function. Matwork pilates with a focus on controlled movement, strength, endurance, flexibility and posture.

0415 554 446



Riana Van der Mescht

MY HR ADVISER zone o - stirling Human Resources (HR) | Contracts of Employment | Business Advice

If you need help with the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, pay rates and contracts of employment but don’t need a full time HR person, why not outsource to local experts? We’ve helped dozen of clients find the right staff, manage staff expectations, undertake staff reviews and overhaul pay structures. We make the people stuff easy by providing simple solutions and processes for all HR aspects of your business - essential things that take up your time, attention and energy.

1300 466 947



Jayne Griffiths

MONITORED 247 zone g - north perth Security Alarm Systems | West Australian Company | 30 Years Experience

Monitored24seven is one of WA most experienced provider of electronic security services. Specializing in monitored intruder alarms, access control, CCTV and electronic fire detection systems. Monitored24seven uses state of the art technologyand professionally trained employees to secure your property, your assets and peace of round. We are dedicated to delivering to our customers a level of security that no other company can surpass.

0400 430 416




Steve Carrington

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS YOUR VIRTUAL BUSINESS CENTRE zone L - Melville Phone & Diary Management | Database Sourcing | Productive Mailouts

Your Virtual Business Centre offers a professional phone answering service personalised to your business so customers’ calls never go unanswered. We also provide diary management and a range of administrative services including word processing, data entry, scanning, printing, photocopying, binding, mailouts and social media management. Clients use our services on an ongoing basis as well as short-term for telephone redirection during holidays. We have experience working with businesses across all industries.

0427 822 356



Karina McDonald

SHOW & TELL MARKETING zone o - stirling Create Quality Content | Promote Content on Social Media Remove Stress from Marketing Not sure how to generate new leads? Hi, I’m Alan Cox from Show and Tell Marketing. We’re all about how you can use video to get more leads. Videos give your audience a crystal clear understanding of how you solve their problem. Videos help you to: Reach your Audience Engage your Viewers Convert Leads into Customers Interactive video enables your viewers to take immediate action. No messing around because the buttom is right in front of them. 0414 288 050



Alan Cox

AUSCORP IT zone E - morley Authorised Warranty Centre | Authorised Reseller Status Quality Personal Service

Auscorp IT have developed strategic partnerships with leading vendors for various Consumables, IT Hardware and Printers to enable us to offer an extensive range of office, industrial related IT products and a strong level of personal service. We are not merely box movers, rather, we are solution providers. We have internal processes in place where we evaluate each sale prior to supply being made. Auscorp IT is an authorised warranty centre for Brother, Kyocera, OKI & Lexmark and an Apple Authorised Reseller and HP Authorised Reseller.

0403 218 100



Parag Mehta 33

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS INDOOR AIR QUALITY SOLUTIONS zone N - VICTORIA PARK Inspections: Identify Causes | Testing: Biological, Pollutants Remediation: Safe, Effective IAQS - we fix mould and other indoor air quality problems. Whatever your worry - water damage, chemicals, mould, dust, odours or any other indoor pollutant, IAQS has the expertise and experience to understand the cause and determine how to fix the problem the first time. We are proudly Perth based so our key, experienced professionals are right where you need us; we can typically respond within 24hrs of receiving your call. We care about your health, the health of your family and your employees and provide expert service to ensure their safety.

08 9355 1060



Jacqueline Campbell

ACQUEST FINANCIAL SERVICES zone N - VICTORIA PARK Home Loan Finance | Investment Property Finance Vehicle & Personal Finance Considering buying, re-financing, or investing? Daniel and the team at Acquest Financial Services are focused on you reaching your dreams and putting together a financial plan that will work for your personal circumstances. At Acquest Financial Services we aim to find you a loan that not only meets your personal requirements, but exceeds your expectations. Daniel Reid is an authorised credit representative of WLS Corporation Pty Ltd ATF Bonnet Family Trust T/As Acquest Financial Services. ACN: 165 598 005 - ABN: 95 321 378 611 - Australian Credit License #: 447074 - Credit representative #: 398944 0415 297 154



Daniel Reid

GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES zone j - joondalup Child & Adolescent Psychology | Adult Psychology Service Mental Health Service General Psychology Services (GPS), provides professional, evidence based psychological assessments and intervention for families, children, adolescents and adults. Our team of dedicated Psychologists are highly qualified and have a comprehensive range of expertise. Located in various GP clinics across Perth, our Psychologists liaise closely with in-house Doctors and allied health professionals, to provide a comprehensive and holistic service to our clients. All of our Psychologists are registered with Medicare and therefore eligible to provide psychology services under the Mental Health Care Plan, which attracts Medicare rebates.

0414 251 967




Susann Keating

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS ACTION COACH BUSINESS COACHING zone j - joondalup Business Coach | Business Mentor | Business Growth Strategist

Suzzanne’s job and passion is to help small, medium and large Perth businesses grow to their full potential. One way that Suzzanne does this is through her fortnightly Business Education Workshops. These workshops are every second Tuesday afternoon in our boardroom in Stirling. The workshops range from marketing to financials and are a great way to learn about all aspects of running a business. Get in touch with us if you would like to come along to your first workshop for free!

0414 943 823



Suzzanne Laidlaw

GROUPSUPPORT PTY LTD zone N - VICTORIA PARK Servers, Software & Backups | Business Computers & Networks Customised IT Solutions

Groupsupport are a Perth (owned and based) IT company providing business technology, servers, workstations, networking and reporting for clients across Australia. We sell, configure and support all the software you and your business need in a onestop-shop preferring local products and solutions where possible. We have trained and qualified database engineers, web designers, networking technicians and cloud specialists. We understand local business and local issues to provide you reliable and cost effective service to keep your business up and running.

08 9277 1768



Peter Trenaman

POSTNET OSBORNE PARK zone o - stirling Shipping & Courier Services | Design, Print, Copy | Private Mailboxes

PostNet Osborne Park is your one stop business solutions provider. We are designed to meet the needs of business professionals like yourself so you can focus on what is important - growing your business. We provide printing, copying, shipping, private mailboxes and everything in between. At PostNet Osborne Park, we care about putting together the right services and products to meet your unique needs. PostNet Osborne Park is the business behind your business.

08 9444 7785



Jon & Serene 35

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS PROFITABLE PERSONNEL zone j - joondalup ROI Recruitment | Finding the Right Employees Maximising Existing Employees Profitable Personnel specialises in return on investment recruitment and maximizing the ROI from existing employees. We offer a 12 month guarantee and monthly coaching and training for all employees we place. David Osborne, Managing Director of Profitable Personnel has spent the last nine years hiring staff for some of Australia’s fastest growing entrepreneurial and global multibillion dollar companies. David’s philosophy is that if you do not know what value you are providing a company then the chances are the Return On Employee Investment is not being optimised.

0428 780 859



David Osborne

WAYNE COOK COACHING zone f - fremantle Decoding Other People | Be Master of Change | Unlock Unique Potential

For your business are you looking for that product or service that will give you business breakthrough? The more you think about it, the more confusing it all gets? Does that plan, concept or strategy elude you? You are the key – you are the solution – you are the way forwards in your business and life. This is where I come in - as a Personal Coach – I’m the Locksmith to assist you to UNLOCK your potential.

0421 772 448



Wayne Cook

CUSP PERFORMANCE zone e - morley Sales Coaching | Business Coaching | Extended DISC Profiling

With a focus on sales people and processes CUSP Performance can assist you with coaching and mentoring services including a business and leadership review, a business plan and coaching for leaders, individuals and teams. With over 20 years of sales experience to call on, Brendan can assist your business with a company sales review, individual and team sales training and coaching and the Get Clients Now!™ training program. Brendan also provides extended DISC profiling including leader, key personnel and recruitment profiling. Team profiling will assist with identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your team. 0487 588 880




Brendan Chestnut

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS WEST COAST COATINGS zone I wanneroo Insurance: Fire, Flood, Chemicals | Residential: New, Repaints, Ceilings Commercial: Office, Factory

West Coast Coatings was formed in 1995. Jimmy Tainui has exceptional experience working within a variety of industries since the company was formed. West Coast Coatings have a speciality in the area of fire, flood and restoration. They are a key contact within the building insurance industry due to the high quality of work. With an experienced team of six painters, West Coast Coatings have consistent requests for both residential and commercial premises. Jimmy oversees all quality control which has been instrumental in a consistent workload based on referrals.

0417 927 083

Jimmy Tainui


PEAK STRATEGIES (WA) PTY LTD zone L - Melville Chartered Accountants | Pharmacy Specialists Bank Panel Approved Valuers

We are Chartered Accountants who specialise in pharmacies and medical professionals, specifically in regard to their compliance, valuations, external management accounting and business improvement strategies. Our goal is to reduce your compliance burden so you can get on and concentrate on what you do best.

08 9315 3117



John Thornett

PERTH PREMIUM CLEANING SERVICES zone A - the city, zone e - morley Business & Residential | Guaranteed Results Affordable & Environmentally-Friendly

We take the Premium Cleaning in our name seriously and we take pride in providing Perth with a service that exceeds expectations - and is often considerably better than some of our competitors. Our work is guaranteed to be done the way you wanted it done, at a simple fixed price and at our very competitive rates. We also try to save you having to get several different contractors in by offering complete cleaning packages. Please see our website for further details or call us today for a personal quote. Premium cleaning with a personal touch. You relax, we clean.

0439 704 328



G&M Wenham 37

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS HOME LOANS zone j - joondalup Finance Brokers | Home Loans | Investment Property Loans

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, renovate, refinance or invest, Amani Finance is here to find and negotiate the right home loan for you. We’ll meet with you and then do all the legwork on your behalf. With access to hundreds of loans from a wide variety of lenders we’ll find the perfect loan to suit your individual circumstances. We’ll even help you analyse the options and help you make the right decision.

0426 250 944



Mayank Pankhania

LJ BUILDING CONSULTANCY zone Q - claremont Residential & Commercial Builds | Value For Money | Diversified Specialists

LJ Building Consultancy are experienced commercial and residential builders providing clients with all the services they need. From plans to interior design and fitout, commercial and retail spaces are planned and delivered on time and budget to the highest possible standard. Residential clients benefit from their builder and trades’ attention to detail on their renovations, improvements, new house and unit builds. With all the trades and services available under the one roof, LJ Building Consultancy ensure clients enjoy the building process and end result.

08 6364 3744



Lewis Jee

ARMED FOR LIFE zone A - the city Building Resilience | Equipping for Healthy Lifestyle Developing Good Mental Health Armed For Life exists to equip people to live a healthy and resilient life by addressing issues that we all struggle with. The reality is when we are not healthy, whether it is our physical health or our mental health; we struggle to be effective in any area of our lives including the work that we do. We help people by providing one on one counselling and running group seminars including topics such as: Health and Wellbeing, Avoiding Serious Illness and Disease long term, Self Esteem: Changing our Thoughts and How We Feel, Bullying in the Workplace: How to Identify it and Change It, Stress Management: The Impact on the Body and How To Manage It, and many more. 0438 938 049




Adam Przytula


Hi I’m Enrico, creator of MondoTalk, a Perth owned and founded Telecommunications company focused on delivering low cost feature rich solutions and services backed with a friendly caring support team. MondoTalk has been providing services for over 10 years to people located in over 70 countries. You will be amazed what we can do for you, be you a one person businesses or a global company with offices around the world. Call me to find out how we can reduce costs and improve the communications that your business relies on, I believe you will be truly amazed!

08 6555 7777



Enrico Gismondi

THE LEMON TREE BOOK COMPANY zone h - Midland Childrens Personalised Books | Interactive Reading App Kids Craft Activity

Do you remember your favourite book as a child? Remember reading with your mum, cuddled up and feeling special? Now imagine you were the main character in that book, going on an adventure! Would you love your children to feel that way? The Lemon Tree Book Company supplies personalised books that can make your child feel really special, helping to develop a love of reading, the greatest gift you can give to a child. See our range of books at lemontreebookco.com.

0439 352 803



Tracey Regan

TONI ROCHFORD PHOTOGRAPHY zone j - joondalup Child Portraits | Portrait Photography | Vintage Photography

Toni relishes the joy in creating not just a photograph of you and / or your children, but a true representation of their individuality and personality. A memory of a time that will pass too quickly, and a beautiful image in itself that can be displayed with pride as a piece of art forever. Toni has discovered a niche in which she finds herself enthralled with enthusiasm, for every shoot and bucket loads to come.

0401 165 817



Toni Rochford 39

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS CLOCKWORK zone A - THE city Leaflets & Brochures | Large Format Graphics | Print & Copying

Locally owned and operated in Perth since 1995, Clockwork has gained a reputation as the digital printer to be relied on. Our team of 25 people are totally dedicated to getting the job right, first time, on time. What really makes Clockwork tick is our attention to detail, we have invested in the most experienced staff, the latest technology, and combined this with strict processes and procedures. We really are, “Reliable Print People” Want to know more? Call Clockwork now on 08 9321 0877.

08 9325 5619



Yvonne Coyne

EMS INSURANCE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD zone j - joondalup Friendly, Emphatic | 60+ Years Experience | It’s About You

We work with small medium businesses and get a real understanding of the business and the expectations wanted from their insurance. We work together to get the right program and educate so you understand where your hard earned dollars are going. Most importantly we hold your hand should you have a claim and ensure the best outcome for you. So call us for a cuppa and make sure you have the right cover in place. And more importantly, know you do as you have had it explained and you now understand it.

08 9206 4004



Alison Evans

PAINTING SOLUTIONS zone N - victoria park Perth Premium Painter | Repaints | Wallpaper Application

We’re passionate about painting and decorating and it shows in the quality of the paints and products we use and the attention to detail in our finishes. Painting Solutions is a long awarded Dulux Accredited Painter with many years experience in the industry and commitment to superior workmanship. You can be assured Painting Solutions will turn up when they say they will - at the time and on the day they say they will. Painting Solutions reputation is key to our success, so we will ensure we uphold that reputation at all times.

0429 384 982




Derek Holland

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS LIFE RESOLUTIONS MORLEY & WEMBLEY zone N - morley Psychological Counselling | Psychological Assessment (medico-legal, educational) | Parenting & Relationships Life Resolutions Morley & Wembley offer clinical, educational and forensic psychological assessment and treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, individuals, couples and families. Our practitioners work in various streams of psychology, according to their areas of interest and experience. We help people with a wide range of issues including relationship, family and parenting difficulties as well as depression, anxiety and trauma (to name a few). You won’t find any airs and graces when you come to our practice. We’re real people who are committed to providing a compassionate and effective service so you can create a more fulfilling life. Medicare and Private Health Rebates Apply. 0411 651 274



Kirstin Bouse

OPULENT ELEGANCE zone q - claremont Threading Specialist | Makeup Artist | Spray Tanner

Tranquil salon located in West Leederville servicing women in all aspects of beauty specialising in Threading, Makeup & Spray Tanning. Opulent Elegance’s focus on customer service, client satisfaction and quality treatments will have you feeling fabulous every time.

0422 393 882



Yasmine Kongras

WORKPLACE ANOMALIES zone N - victoria park Graphic Design | Web Design | Video & Audio Editing

Workplace Anomalies are a team of Multimedia Specialists here to cater to all of our clients Multimedia conundrums from logos/brands designs and updates, business cards, stationery, brochures, promotional material and web design. It’s our aim to meet and fully understand our clients goals and from here design with our client to ensure their vision is achieved. Our clients happiness with our work is our main goal after all its our clients who keep us doing what we love.

0477 865 839



Tara McGrath 41

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS SHAPECHANGER zone A - THE city Happier, Healthier, Stronger | Reclaim Personal, Work Life Feel Calm, Focused & Loved

At Shapechanger, we change people’s lives through personalised, holistic training and education for becoming “Fit for Living, Well for Life.” Everything Shapechanger does is for YOU, to ensure Shapechanger offers you the opportunity to bring optimum balance, harmony and wellness to you on every level of your being. Your personal training is only one part of the equation. When we work with you on breathing, posture, meditation and yoga poses to release blockages you have created, we are working on your SOUL.

0407 939 818



Gwenda Smith

WEST AUSTRALASIAN MEDIA NETWORK zone f - fremantle News & Current Affairs | Media Production, Videography Media Liason, English, Cantonese, Mandarin

West Australasian Media Network (WAMN News & Media) is Perth’s independent source for news and current affairs. We produce an award winning weekly evening newscast and current affairs program on Sunday. Ivan’s news work has attracted media coverage from the ABC 7.30 Report, The West Australian, AAP and Hong Kong Cable News. Apart from journalism, WAMN Media also produce videos or media liaison for our clients in an affordable rate. Our service is flexible and designed assist our customers to achieve their goals. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

0408 828 684



Ivan Leung

APPIUS LAWYERS zone a - THE city Solicitors & Barristers | Commercial & Family Law | Pro-Active Legal Service

We provide pro-active, results oriented legal service. Our model is simple, when a client comes to us we explore the issue, review the evidence and provide advice early. This enables the client to make an informed decision. It creates certainty. It allows the client to understand the issue, lay a plan and resolve the issue as effectively as possible.

0433 757 220




Yashar Bahmani

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS PHASE ONE AUDIO zone i - wanneroo Audio Equip Hire &Production | Tech Event Management Staging, Lighting, AV

Phase 1 Audio is a technical event production company. We supply all facets of equipment and labor to facilitate and produce events from a technical perspective. Our service includes the management, hire and operation of large and small format audio systems, staging, stage lighting, audio visual equipment and associated production equipment.

0412 777 710


Jon Caisley


ADVANCED CLEANING ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS zone M - yanchep Hard Floor Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance | Carpet Cleaning Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Advanced Cleaning Environmental Solutions offers all floor cleaning, stripping, sealing and ongoing care and maintenance. This also includes high pressure cleaning and sealing of outdoor surfaces. ACES’s personal approach to customer service means our customers can rest assured knowing that they will receive professional ongoing contact. ACES will work closely with our customers, endeavouring to provide a level of service second to non. with ACES as your preferred contractor, we will deliver standards of work far above customer and industry expectations.

0498 871 241



Jarrah & Jen Dwyer

CORPORATE CHOICE COMMUNICATIONS AUS zone o - stirling Oldest Business Telco Consultants in Perth | No Success No Fee | Mobility

Corporate Choice Communication Australia is a prominent independent telecommunications consultancy company operating in the West Australian market for the last 16 years. We provide advice, assistance, management strategies and solutions specifically designed to cut wastage, which results in minimizing the expense and hassle, whilst maximizing the efficiency of an organisation’s Telecommunications infrastructure.

0400 400 242



Tim Salik 43

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS INCEPTION VIDEO zone I - wanneroo Professional Video Prod | Social Media / Website Promotional Videos Conferences / Seminars & Events Videos

Inception Video Production is an award-winning and accredited producer of some of the best corporate videos in Perth. Our creative videos help our clients reach their ideal audience and leave a lasting impression. We’re dedicated to producing innovative and high-impact videos whether to engage, inform or entertain your audience.

0412 400 930


Michael Jepson


EMBROIDME JOONDALUP zone j - joondalup Uniforms | Promotional Products | Customised Garments

EmbroidMeJoondalup is one stop showroom for all your uniforms, workwear and promotional products to promote your brand. Independently owned, but is also part of a successful global company. We provides marketing solutions that Get YOU Noticed and Promotional products keep you remembered by your client. We pride in our quality customer service, quick turnaround and quality products at all time.

0402 164 650



Jit Valji

FUSION BUSINESS GROUP zone o - stirling Live The Dream | Best Debt Collection | One Stop Shop

Bookkeeping is rarely the fun part of running a business. Worse than that it absorbs precious time that you could spend getting new business or simply doing what it is you do that makes your business a shooting star. Not only are we good at what we do, but we?re also passionate. As Accountants offering Bookkeeping, we have an extra level of insight into what it is that your business needs to grow and flourish. Insight that we are more than willing to share for the benefits of Perth businesses.

0406 946 720




Danny Coyne


Website Development, Promotional Material Design & Marketing Services. AWDM provides an easy development process to businesses seeking a Website or promotional materials while keeping the service affordable. Work directly with the experienced owner, Brendon to get a website that will do wonders for your business.

0435 508 833 via skype


Brendon Crouch


LOOKS DIVINE zone A - THE CITY Beauty Treatments | Dermal Treatments | Non-Surgical Treatments Looks Divine is one of the most well-known and respected clinics in the CBD of Perth. At Looks Divine we offer a wide range of beauty and skin treatments as well as latest and safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We have a Qualified Doctor, experienced Dermal Therapist and Beauty Therapist on board. All staff at Looks Divine are highly trained by local and international professional trainers. You can relax with peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of highly skilled and caring professionals. At Looks Divine Whole Body Beauty and Health we aim to make your experience with us second to none and our goal is to provide honest advice about the most effective treatment(s) for you coupled by realistic expectations on what can be achieved. 08 9321 3552



Andrew Swift

BOLLYWOOD DANCE STUDIO zone N - VICTORIA PARK Dance & Fitness Classes | Bollywood Entertainment Instructor Training Program

We offer Dance & Fitness Classes for Kids, Teens & Adults. We also provide Bollywood themed entertainment for events, festivals, team building events such as corporate, council, schools, birthdays & hens parties. We are launching our global Instructor Training Program to be a Certified BollyActive Instructor soon.

0412 439 054



Maitri Patel 45

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS BAILIWICK LEGAL zone A - THE CITY Commercial Law | Immigration Specialist | Employment Law Experts

Law firm with a focus and drive to deliver well considered and innovative advice to clients in all aspects of commercial law, workplace relations, migration law and wills and estates matters.

0408 094 636


Mari Takla


IMPERIO INVESTMENTS zone L - MELVILLE Buyers Agent | Property Investments | Property Renovation Consultation

Imperio Investments is a buyers agency, assisting individuals source the best property to live or invest in, tailored to their lifestyle. We add a modern and streamlined approach through efficiency in time and money. We want you to maximise your investment returns, creating desired lifestyles, now and forever.

0414 011 154



Melissa Louis

BUSINESS MAPS zone I - WANNEROO Custom Maps | Large Wall Maps | Large World Maps

Creation and production of a wide variety of Customized mapping products to client specifications, covering the commercial, industrial and resources sectors. We also create products suitable for the leisure and tourism industries. Items from hi resolution street maps, to super large wall maps of Australia and the world, to bulk production of products for Corporate functions and expos.

0455 296 533




Steven Randall

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDERS NOTIONS DESIGN zone D - armadale Logo Design | Brochures | Flyers

Fluid Thinking. Solid Results. That’s the ethos that drives Notions Design Company. We are graphic designers with over 30 years experience in the sign, advertising, marketing and design industries. We make the complicated easy. When tasked with developing a new face for your business it is a simple series of steps which address your needs, meet your expectations, and above all make your business stand out from the crowd. We embrace the concept of fluid thinking, in order to obtain solid results.

0413 866 379



Wayne Curtis

EMBROIDME CLAREMONT zone Q - Claremont Uniforms | Promotional Products | Customised Garments

EmbroidMe Claremont is one stop showroom for all your uniforms, workwear and promotional products to promote your brand. Independently owned, but is also part of a successful global company. We provides marketing solutions that Get YOU Noticed and Promotional products keep you remembered by your client. We pride in our quality customer service, quick turnaround and quality products at all time.

08 9286 2600



Jos Amba

REFINED IT PTY LTD zone A - THE CITY Business IT Support | Managed Services | Website Design and hosting

Refined IT is a Managed Services and Web Solutions Provider delivering leading edge innovation to businesses in Perth Western Australia. We provide a comprehensive range of SMB technology solutions from onsite IT support to backup and disaster recovery to cloud based web hosting. Refined IT professionally delivers a full suite of customized, affordable and reliable services all backed by over 25 years of field experience.

08 9200 3488



Adam Cox 47


08 6244 1817







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