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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017

Local Special Olympian Named Athlete of the Year

Provencher MP Ted Falk with Natasha Vokey and her parents, Bob and Dorothy celebrate her being named Manitoba Special Olympics Female Athlete of the Year.

By Marianne Curtis On December 18, Special Olympics Manitoba named Natasha Vokey as this year’s Manitoba Special Olympics Female Athlete of the Year. The Steinbach woman is known in the sporting world for her commitment and skills in curling. She was nominated for the award by both her curling and swimming coaches after she recently completed in the Nationals. “Her Friendliness, personality, she’s energetic, she never complains, she is always willing to improve her sport, she is involved in the

community, and she shows a role model of special Olympics,” added Agnes Thiessen, her swimming coach. Lesley Camaso-Catalan with Special Olympics Manitoba was pleased to present Vokey with the award because she exemplifies the true spirit of a Special Olympian. “The accomplishment is based on what the athlete has done over the past season. Natasha was one of the athletes that went to compete in Newfoundland as part of the provincial curling team. They did really well,” CamasoCatalan praised. “At Nationals, Natasha

was a person who showed compassion and empathy for the other athletes and was a great winner at just being a true Special Olympics athlete.” Vokey said she was surprised to win the award. “I was shocked, I didn’t see it coming at all,” Vokey said. “It was awesome to have my curling coach cheer me on. I couldn’t be a part of Team Manitoba without her.” When Vokey started curling with Special Olympics, she participated in a Junior Curling program in Edmonton, which gave her a great foundation and understanding

of the sport. Since coming to Manitoba to curl, she has consistently improved and consequently was advanced to the Skip position. In the sport of swimming, it has been much the same. As Vokey committed to learning new techniques she competed in more advanced events. In March 2012, she Continued on page 2

January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

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competed in the 25m & 50m backstroke and by March 2014, she moved up to the 100m free and 100m backstroke. Eventually she removed herself from swimming to focus on improving her curling skills and becoming a better Skip in preparation for the 2016 National Winter Games. She took on fitness training and extra practices whenever there was ice time available. When Vokey is not curling or swimming, she volunteers in the community.

Snowmobile Accident Claims Lorette Area Man Twenty-one year old Justin St. Hilaire died as a result of a snowmobile accident, which took place on December 20, north of Lorette. At approximately 5:45 pm, St. Pierre-Jolys RCMP received a report of a snowmobile collision in the RM of Tache. St. Pierre-Jolys RCMP said that St. Hilaire had left a home in Ile des Chenes on Sunday to return home about 10:30 pm. He never made it home. The next day, family members went to look for the man, finding him late Tuesday afternoon in the west ditch on Provincial Road 207, near the intersection of Prairie Grove Road in the RM of Tache. He was deceased at the scene, said RCMP. Police further confirmed that St. Hilaire was wearing a helmet. RCMP have stated that it was extremely cold, with low visibility and heavy blowing snow on the evening of December 19. Weather conditions and speed may be contributing factors in the collision. St. Hilaire graduated from Lorette Collegiate in 2013 and began his career as a Truck and Transport Mechanic with Bison Transport in the High School Apprenticeship Program in 2012. He was about to begin his final level to become a journeyman. He leaves behind his parents, Pat and Rob St. Hilaire and a sister.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Fire Claims Life of Iles Des Chenes Woman By Marianne Curtis

On December 27, a 52-year-old woman and her three cats died as a result of an early morning fire in Southside Estates trailer park in Ile des Chenes. The Ritchot Fire Department responded to a fire at a mobile home on Bonneteau Avenue around 6 am after a vigilant neighbour called 911. Ritchot Fire Chief, Scott Weir said when firefighters got there; the building was fully involved and spewing heavy smoke. Steven Penner, who lives next door,

told media he spotted the fire when he returned to his vehicle about ten minutes after he had gone outside to start his vehicle before work. “I heard this, like it sounded like a torch, and it was blowing into the house,” Penner told media that he then called 911, while going door to door to warn his neighbours. Weir confirmed that firefighters pulled the victim out of the mobile home, but she was unresponsive. “Having a home fire is tragic, is enough, it’s not good for small com-

munities,” said Weir. “Tragic is the best word to describe it.” Both the RM of Ritchot and RM of Tache fire crews were on scene for about four hours. Surrounding homes were not affected. Firefighters said the fire started in the living room. The Office of the Fire Commissioner investigated and has determined the fire was accidental. A male occupant of the home was not home at the time of the blaze.

RM of Ritchot and Tache fire crews removed an unresponsive female from this mobile home during an early morning fire in Ile des Chenes on December 27.

Tache Library Thanks Benefactor

Left to right: Catherine Gagnon, Yvonne Romaniuk, Susan Berry, Ron Harder, Jo-Dee Huberdeau, Michelle de Rocquigny.

The Bibliothèque Taché Library Board and Staff presented a gift basket to Ron Harder, Manager of The Marketplace at Lorette on Dec. 20th in appreciation for four and a half years of support in the form of Marketplace grocery gift cards.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017

Tache Trapping Targets Feral Cats By Marianne Curtis Last month, the RM of Tache made headlines when they hired a private animal management company to get rid of the feral cats living in Lorette. Around the middle of November, traps were set up throughout Lorett, after Council hired Rural Animal Management Service to remove feral felines along with a resolution to hire the company, the municipality approved a $1,000 budget. According to a spokesperson for the company, the stray cats are caught in commercial-grade traps and then humanely euthanized. At the time, the company would not speculate how many cats would be killed, but they were working within the budget and each cat comes with a different price tag. Lynne Scott from Craig Street Cats took in five kittens she said were orphaned by the cull. She’s calling on the RM of Tache to cover the costs of caring for the kittens. “When cats are culled there’s no attention paid to any kittens that may have been

left behind,” she said. “It’s incredibly cruel of the RM to do this.” Several local rescues visit Lorette and conduct spay and neuter programs, including Jenn’s Furry Friends in Ile des Chenes. “We catch the feral adults, spay and neuter them, then release them back into the area,” confirmed Jenn Black. “If they are young enough, we bring them into rescue and rehome them. There is no reason to be killing them.” In Manitoba alone, it is estimated that 15,000 cats go through the rescue system per year. The feral cat populations keeps growing and calls to manage the population are becoming more frequent. The Rural Animal Management Service said that while trapping and euthanizing the cats is not the ideal solution, it is addressing the problem as a short term solution. It removes the numbers in the area while lessening the concerns raised by having feral cats roam freely throughout the community. These concerns include the spread of disease, impacts to the ecosystem and property damage. Five kittens that were orphaned by the cat cull in Lorette, according to Craig Street Cats.

Sunrise Corner Vita Embraces Winter Issues Callout for With Festival Tourism Video The newly established Sunrise Corner is holding a Youth Video Contest. This contest is open to all youth living in the RM’s of Piney and Stuartburn. It is also open to students attending Ross. L. Gray and Shevencko School. The purpose of the Youth Video Contest is to gather quality videos of the municipalities and people living within Piney and Stuartburn known as Sunrise Corner. These videos will be used as part of a regional tourism strategy, to highlight what Sunrise Corner has to offer to visitors and what makes it a desirable tourist destination. Videographers are encouraged to retouch, alter, or augment their submissions. Videos shall not exceed 2 minutes in duration or less than 45 seconds. There will be three (3) winning Youth Videos selected. The first

place winner will receive $300 gift card prize; second place winner a $200 gift card prize and third place winner to receive $100 gift card prize. The Youth Videos submitted will be used for advertising, promotion and website displays. All entries shall be submitted using https:// transfer.pcloud.com/ to the following email address: info@sunrisecorner.mb.ca or dropped off to the Municipal Offices of Stuartburn or Piney. The deadline for the contest is February 21 at 4:30 pm. Sunrise Corner is the recently branded tourism initiative launched by the RM’s of Stuartburn and Piney along with Eastern Tourism and Tourism Manitoba. The partnership is expected to better promote the communities within each municipality and the area as a whole. To find out more visit sunrisecornermb.ca.

The community of Vita is excitedly gearing up for their first winter festival in many years. Thanks to a $10,000 tourism grant, the Vita Community Recreation Centre committee is organizing the festivities. Jerry Lubiansky said the event will be a fundraiser for the community’s recreation centre. “It’s a fundraiser for our Rec Centre because it’s close to closing time if we don’t get things going here pretty soon,” said Lubiansky. “It is also a promotion of the centre and the area.” The two-day event is taking place January 14 and 15. One of the weekend highlights is expected to be the dog sled races. So far, three champion dog sled competitors have signed up for the race. Confirmed participants include Dave Hochman, a six time Provincial Champion and the 2008 World Champion; Rachel Courtney, the current Manitoba Champion and her husband local musher Serge Garand. The couple owns a kennel in Caliento where they train and race 58 sled dogs. “We look forward to racing and enjoying a good time in Vita,” said Garand. Other events include a vendor show, borscht making contest, snowmobile show and shine, Malanka (dinner) and dance, fireworks, children’s activities and much more.

New Bothwell Fire Boundaries Change January As of January 1, the New Bothwell Fire Department will be the first to respond to calls by rural residents just outside of Niverville. Previous attempts by Council to make the change were reversed after petitions by residents came forward. This time, the decision was made without the resident’s knowledge. According to RM of Hanover CAO Luc Lahaie, the decision to change the fire boundaries occurred back in 2013 as part of the annexation agreement. “We are extremely confident in our fire protection abilities,” Lahaie stated. “Hanover has one of the largest, best equipped,

best trained and skilled fire departments in the province.” The RM of Hanover has been working to upgrade the New Bothwell Fire Department’s equipment and staff over the past few months. Under the new agreement, properties outside of Niverville’s town limits with the exception of areas on the west side, within the RM of Ritchot will receive fire response from Niverville. Previously, the RM of Hanover paid Niverville $12,000 annually for their fire department to respond to calls outside of town limits. Niverville Mayor Myron Dyck con-

firmed that the annexation agreement included Hanover’s taking over fire protection for certain areas. “As of January 1, the RM of Hanover will no longer pay us for fire services,” Dyck stated. “Now we have a liability issue; our fire department can not attend if they are not authorized to.” Under the new agreement, the RM of Hanover departments will call Niverville to assist if needed when responding to either a motor vehicle accident or large fire.

January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Looking Back on 2016 Two thousand sixteen has certainly been a very busy year filled with many highlights here locally in Provencher. Unfortunately, 2016 also saw a number of troubling trends initiated by Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal Government. In Ottawa: First of all, it’s been a very expensive year for Canadian taxpayers. The year started with the release of the Liberal Budget. The Liberals campaigned on a promise to limit the deficit to $10 billion, but that number quickly ballooned and left Canadian families on the hook for $30 billion instead, and it keeps growing. It was also at that moment that it became clear the Liberal Government had no plan to balance the budget in upcoming years. Other programs that have helped families were stripped away; including the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, the Children’s Art Tax Credit, and tax credits for post-secondary education, textbooks, and income splitting for families. The budget also revealed that the Liberals have walked away from a campaign promise to reduce the small business tax rate from 11% to 9%. Hot on the heels of the budget was Bill C-14 – physician-assisted suicide. This bill was completely out of step with the views of the people in Provencher and as the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights; it was my job, along with my committee colleagues, to do an in-depth study of

this legislation. I was very clear that I do not support physician-assisted suicide, as I believe it will significantly undermine the right to life in Canada. I believe that children, the elderly, and those experiencing mental illness all must have their right to life underscored and reaffirmed. At committee we proposed positive alternatives such as the strengthening of patientfocused palliative care services for all Canadians. However, in the end, the Liberal Government made no significant changes. I remain very concerned over the impact this law will have on our country. In the spring, I also introduced Bill C-239 – my Private Member’s Bill –The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act. This bill would have allowed registered charities to provide their donors with the same generous donation receipts that politicians can now issue. The changes would have provided a very powerful incentive for Canadians to increase their charitable giving. Unfortunately, most Liberal and New Democrat Members of Parliament voted in their own self-interest to keep their preferential tax treatment. Apparently, many still believe that feeding politicians is more important than feeding the hungry. As we moved into the late spring, Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” faded even more. “Elbowgate” dominated the headlines for several days and the Liberals started down their path toward electoral reform. In a survey of my constituents, 95% re-

sponded that they wanted a referendum before Prime Minister Trudeau made any changes to our electoral system. Polls showed that a majority of Canadians agreed that a referendum was essential, yet the Liberals continue to reject this basic democratic exercise. This story continues to unfold as we move into 2017. As the fall session of Parliament began, it is no coincidence that the bad news resumed. The Liberals proposed their new carbon tax - a massive new tax grab that will cost everyday working people and their families thousands of dollars every year. While there is bipartisan support for the climate targets first proposed by Prime Minister Harper, a massive carbon tax grab on Canadians will not achieve Canada’s climate change goals but will have devastating consequences for our businesses, farmers, and Canadian families. October 19 marked the one-year anniversary of the Liberal Government. Shortly after, Finance Minister Bill Morneau presented an update on the economy and the government’s finances for the next five years. He announced that the Liberal Government would be borrowing an extra $32 billion over the next five years. In October, Bill C-16 - an Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Gender Identity and Gender Expression) was introduced. Unfortunately, the Liberal Government decided that they didn’t need to hear from Ca-

nadians on this change, and no witnesses were allowed to come before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. The existing laws already cover the very concerns that Bill C-16 claims to alleviate. The Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code provide broad descriptions that ensure equal protection for all Canadians. As we quickly headed toward the Christmas break, the Liberals were in the middle of the cash-for-access fundraising scandal. The Prime Minister and Liberal Ministers should not grant preferential access to certain people or special interest groups just because they pay up, which is why Conservatives delivered a motion in the House of Commons to grant the Ethics Commissioner the power to investigate these cash-foraccess schemes. When push came to shove, the Liberals voted down this motion, which shockingly means the government will continue their unethical behaviour. In Provencher: While it has been mostly cloudy in Ottawa this year, sunnier ways were definitely evident here in Provencher. Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose visited southeastern Manitoba and toured WS Steel’s state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Steinbach. The summer months always bring many lively local fairs, festivals, and parades. I was pleased to host two constituency barbecues in Niverville and Steinbach, with 600 and 1,000 people attending respectively.

The summer also brought us a little more good news on the cell service front as MTS announced that three new wireless towers would be built along Highway 75 to address concerns about gaps in coverage that have been expressed by residents, businesses, travelers and myself on numerous occasions. I will continue to work hard for more expansion. As we moved into the fall, I was very pleased to attend the WE NEED A LAW pro-life flag display at A.D. Penner Park in Steinbach. An astonishing 100,000 pink and blue flags were planted on the hill to represent the lives lost each year to abortion. As a Conservative Member of Parliament, I am not afraid to state that I am Pro-Life and I believe that life begins at conception. My time back in Provencher this year was certainly filled with many wonderful events all across the riding and I truly enjoyed connecting with so many of you. January brings with it the resumption of Parliament, and I’m sure many new challenges on the national front. I will continue to work hard on your behalf and hold the government accountable. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Transforming and Rebuilding Our Province It is both an honour and a privilege to represent La Verendrye in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. With 2016 now behind us, this is a perfect time to reflect on the past year and to focus on the year ahead. If you look back on the provincial headlines of 2016, you will see the transformation of the Manitoban Government, from a divisive NDP party, to a large majority Progressive Conservative Team. After 17 years of debt, decay and decline, we were mandated, by Manitobans, to fix our finances, repair our services, and rebuild our economy. This is exactly what we will continue to do. In January 2016, Manitoba’s former Premier Greg Selinger had one of the lowest approval ratings out of all of the Premiers in Canada, and one year later our Premier Brian Pallister, has the second highest approval rating, according to the Angus Reid Institute. If we reflect on what your government has accomplished in the 9 months, since being elected, it

is absolutely clear why the government’s approval rating has increased. Right from the start, our government chose to reduce the size of Cabinet, by 30%. This action will result in a savings of millions of dollars. We also restored the rights of Manitobans’ to vote on major tax increases and restored secret ballot votes to the union certification process. In addition, we kept our promise to protect the most vulnerable with the introduction of the Protecting Children Act and the passage of the Mental Health Amendment Act, as well as the Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act. Our government also held the most widely utilized and transparent system of Budget Consultations in our province’s history, making sure we engaged with our primary stakeholders, those stake-holders being you – the hard working citizens of Manitoba. In the upcoming year, we are com-

mitted to keeping our promises by reducing the debt, repairing our services, and rebuilding the economy. We will keep working on plans that put the interests and concerns of Manitoban’s first. I am optimistic, and excited for the year to come, we will continue to listen and to engage with all Manitobans. I wish you all the best this New Year, and promise I will continue working hard for you. Thank You. If you ever have any questions or concerns, I can always be reached at my constituency office at 204424-5406, or my legislative office at 204-945-4339, as well as my e-mail dennis.smook@leg.gov.mb.ca.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Employment Program Launched to Help Women On January 23, a new program called Spotlight on Change will be offered in Steinbach. The program, which is being offered by the Workplace Essential Skills Training Centre (WEST) in Steinbach, is free to unemployed women who are ready to explore their skills, abilities, strengths, interests, goals and their connection with meaningful employment. Mariette Kirouac said WEST is offering an exciting new opportunity for unemployed women to take advantage of this New Year to make positive changes in their lives. “This program is for women in our region, over 40 years old and at a turning point in their lives,” explained Kirouac. “If they have been out of the workplace for an extended period of time or facing an empty nest, this new program will help them find fulfilling work.” The Spotlight on Change program begins January 23, with a 9-week (18 hours a week) in-class training program followed by a 5-week in-workplace coaching opportunity. Space is limited. To register, potential participants can call 204-326-2123 no later than January 12 and afterwards WEST will proceed to a selection criterion of participants.

Sustainability and Reducing Red Tape December was a busy month for Manitobans, with Christmas concerts to festive gatherings to preparing for the new year. I hope everyone had time to enjoy the holiday season with their friends and families, and to celebrate with warm food and many joyous memories. As this new year begins, our new provincial government continues to work hard for Manitobans. And as their MLA, Dawson Trail constituents have entrusted me to act in their best interests as our government remains committed to fixing Manitoba’s finances, repairing our services and rebuilding our economy. The year 2017 is beginning with challenges. The most recent report on this fiscal year forecasts Manitoba’s summary deficit at $1.004 billion for 2016-17, an increase of $93 million from the $911-million deficit projected in 2016. The projected net income of government business enterprises is down, primarily from Manitoba Public Insurance and Manitoba Hydro, while expenditures in social services have increased. However, with a great team and clear direction, we will turn this around through targeted initiatives and measured plans. We are conducting a fiscal performance review and a review of health-care sustainability and innovation, while we streamline management in government and prioritize investments in infrastructure. Our new government will do better than the previous administration, whose waste and lack of fiscal discipline threatened front-line services. Our focus heading toward Budget 2017 is on prudent financial management and the protection of services Manitoban families rely on. Other changes coming into this new year include our Red Tape Reduction Task Force, which will identify excessive regulations that hurt the competitiveness of Manitoba companies and degrade the services provided by non-profit agencies. The task force will develop and recommend solutions to remove overbearing regulations and to eliminate unnecessary red tape. We are, in addition, reducing ambulance fees across the province. On January 1 in Winnipeg, for example, the ambulance fee for individuals was decreased to $475 from an average of $522. Our government is committed to reducing ambulance fees by 50 per cent over four years. In the constituency We have many great organizations in Dawson Trail caring for people and animals. On December 13, I had the privilege to join Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox and Rick Wowchuk, MLA for Swan River, on a tour of the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. With a small staff and many volunteers, the centre rehabilitates sick, orphaned and injured animals for release back into their habitats. The non-profit organization, which also runs an education program, is raising funds for the construction of an improved facility for its work. I also met with the Ste. Anne Lions Club after attending many of its events, from the recent Santa Breakfast to this past summer’s Walk for Guide Dogs. It was great to meet the many faces that keep the area connected and to learn about their assistance to many causes. The work they do is truly invaluable to their community and is done through donations and fundraising. I’m wishing everyone in Dawson Trail and across Manitoba all the best in 2017. If you have any questions, please contact my constituency office by calling 204-807-4663 or by e-mailing ca.lagasse@outlook.com.

January 2017

New Performance Centre Presented in Steinbach By Marianne Curtis On December 12, the City of Steinbach held a meeting with a Steinbach arts and culture stakeholder group to share information for a proposed Performing Arts Centre in Steinbach. The information included cost estimates and preliminary plans that were prepared by Stantec, the city’s consultant for the project Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen said the city is pleased with the interest being shown by the Friends of the Performing Arts Centre group, who are now developing a local fundraising campaign to support the project. Steinbach Arts Council President Cindi Rempel Patrick said the price tag is high because of specialized technology required to accommodate theatre productions, sprung floors for dance recitals and a sound shell for festivals and choir performances. “For a community our size and our region, 722 seats, with the opportunity to make it about 750 if you use the orchestra pit, it’s going to be a great size for us,” Rempel Patrick explained. “When you do projects like this, you have to negotiate, you have to compromise and we knew that budget was a factor here. So, the size of the facility with that number of seats, we fully embrace that size.” In April 2016, Council determined that a Performing Arts Centre is the

Proposed rendition of the future Performing Arts Centre in Steinbach.

next priority for recreation and culture facilities in Steinbach. At the same time, they approved up to $7.5 million of city funds to be allocated to the construction of a Performing Arts Centre. The remaining costs are to be covered by other funding, including a minimum of ten percent from community donors. According to Council, the project will not proceed until all funding is in place. The overall project cost is currently estimated at $24.3 Million. Building construction costs are $17.9 Million with remaining project costs attributed to site development, equipment, architectural and engineering services. “This is an

investment in the community. This is an investment in our downtown area, there are a lot of economic spin-offs and it will make us a better, healthier community,” Rempel Patrick added. “It’s an investment in a whole new culture and community component that will be added and will benefit us in so many ways.” The city has submitted requests for funding from the federal and provincial government under the Building Canada Fund and the Federal Cultural Spaces Fund. A timeline for a response to these requests is unknown however, Council is hopeful that confirmation of this funding will be received in 2017.

Our Governments Need to Try Harder in 2017 The year has wound down with instances that were less than impressive when it comes to our elected officials and some moments were down right embarrassing. First, the Federal embarrassments, which cause concern, the Prime Minister’s fundraising for the Liberal Party. The pay-to-play method leaves a lot to be desired, even though for a thousand or a five thousand donation they may only get a smile and platitudes is perhaps true but the optics would embarrass even a six year old. Yes, it is the same way that the previous Prime Minister functioned, and the optics were no better then. We know parties need funds to function but once you mix money with elected officials the optics seem toxic. The vast majority of us cannot afford to participate at that same level therefore we see elitism as opposed to egalitarian and react with resentment. Minister Monsef has bungled her file by insulting the members of the committee chosen to find a solution that is better than “first past the post” election. Well that didn’t turn out so well, did it? Is it possible that “first past the post” has its shortcomings but still better than all other methods? Let me say that an MP appointed from a list will be viewed as second class. It is just the same as how a senator is chosen. This doesn’t sit well with those of us

who find comfort in a direct method of electing “our” representative. On the Provincial scene, the noise being generated by the Provincial Health Minister on the amount of money or perceived lack of money from the Federal books to the provincial books is difficult to stomach. I must point out that this same MLA berated the former NDP government that they should be better managers instead of asking for more when it was Prime Minister Harper offering the same percentage of money. Five or six percent increase per year on that file is not sustainable it’s our taxes whether it’s transferred or not. Your boss is doing a fair job at curtailing the past excesses of the NDP Provincial budgets, but you will not curry favour by abusing the Federal purse. I must point out that your file is and has been unsustainable for years and all of Canada needs to understand that but your approach is what we call “just bitching”. Dialogue is needed if health care is to be sustainable. Even if you’re not successful, Canadians still need to know the problems afflicting this Canadian “right”. On the municipal scene, this last snowstorm has demonstrated potential life threatening deficiencies. Emergencies whether medical, police or fire related are never a matter of “if it will happen”; it’s a matter of “when it will”.

If it takes this long to clean the road network, it’s management of the road network that’s deficient. I’ve seen heavier snowfall tamed in a quicker fashion. Perhaps the council of past days were more motivated than this one. Or, were they more conscious of their responsibilities? I must belatedly thank them (my team) for displaying collective leadership at that time. The point is, the voter is objecting to what is perceived as self-serving elitism, and voting populism is their answer. Recent history shows to us, that the “elected” after redeveloping a sense of the basic, is infinitely more desirable. As for the municipal council, you have a budget to manage starting now. Balancing your personal raises against the need of snow removal is balancing to meet community needs considering that life and death hangs on that balance. Or are term limits a possible answer to self-service? Would term limits sharpen the necessary focus needed to serve? Happy New Year to all! Remember we are 150 years young and we can still debate our destination.

January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Plan to Hire a Student Today On December 7, Ted Falk, MP for Provencher, announced that applications are now being accepted to the Canada Summer Jobs Program. “The Canada Summer Jobs Program helps employers create summer job opportunities for students in their communities,” said Falk. “Many young people have difficulty finding valuable work experience. Through this program, we are helping them get the skills and training they need for jobs now and in the future.” The Canada Summer Jobs Program provides funding for not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for students aged 15 to 30. The Canada Summer Jobs Program application period will run from December 7, 2016 to January 20, 2017. Applications will be available at Service Canada Centres and online at servicecanada. gc.ca. To support employers, the Canada Summer Jobs Applicant Guide for 2017 is also available online. This guide provides instructions on filling out an application, eligibility requirements, and assessment criteria. If employers have specific questions about applications, they may direct those enquiries to the office of MP Ted Falk at 1-866-333-1933, or to Service Canada officials at 1-800-9355555.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Piney Council Gives Boost to Community Organizations The RM of Piney Council recently sat down and reviewed a number of grant applications from groups and organizations submitted to the municipality. At a meeting of council, the municipality agreed to support eight community groups with grants totaling $52,500. Council divided the grant requests into three districts with each district receiving $17,500 to share among various organizations. In District 1, the money will be split between South Junction Community Club ($5,000); Sprague & Area Arena ($10,200) and Sprague Chamber of Commerce ($2,300). Grants in District 2 are going to the Piney Over 40 Club ($2,560), Vassar and Area Minor Baseball Association ($3,070) and Vassar Community Recreation Centre ($11,870). In District 3, funds will be used for the Carrick Community Club ($9,931), Woodridge Community Club ($4,400) and St. Labre 200 Inc. ($3,167). The RM of Piney also approved a separate grant of $10,000 grant for repairs to the canteen in the Sprague and Area Arena for roof repairs, basement, posts-joist support, washrooms and plumbing repairs.

Impaired Driver Takes a Trip to the Mall On December 4 at approximately 10 pm, police were patrolling on Park Avenue near the Clearspring Centre mall when they observed a vehicle drive over a curb and then continued into the mall parking lot. After RCMP initiated a traffic stop, they determined the driver was impaired. The driver was escorted to the detachment where he provided breath samples that were over the legal limit. The driver, a 37-year-old male from Pine Falls was charged for impaired driving with over 80mgs of alcohol. He will be appearing in Steinbach court in January. The previous day, Steinbach RCMP responded to a call of a disturbance on Fifth Avenue, in Steinbach at approximately 10:15 pm. After the police arrived on scene, a vehicle approached and parked near the officers. Police spoke to the male driver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The driver was arrested and taken to the Steinbach Detachment where he refused to provide samples of his breath. The 47-year-old male from Selkirk was charged with impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample. He appeared in court in Steinbach late December.

Robbers Target Small Country Store On December 7 at approximately 3:21 am, Steinbach RCMP was notified of an intrusion alarm at the Ste. Genevieve General Store in Ste. Genevieve. Investigation revealed that robbers gained entry by the front door of the store. The suspects not only stole tobacco products and liquor they created substantial damage. A surveillance camera captured the three robbers and their vehicle. Police are asking for your assistance in trying to identify the suspects or the vehicle. If you have any information, contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452, CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477, manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017

Operation Red Nose Celebrates Successful Season By Marianne Curtis The New Year has dawned and with it comes the end of another successful season for the Operation Red Nose Steinbach/La Broquerie organization and volunteers. According to local organizer Frances Grenier, over the course of four weekends, 302 rides were given, which is an increase of 21% more than the 249 rides last year. He added that the number of volunteers for the program also increased to 228 from 190 last year. “With the new year upon us it brings closure to another successful season of Operation Red Nose. Volunteers were busy till 3:45 in the morning, bringing clients’ home safely,” said Grenier. “Many volunteers, with their adrenaline still going, stayed around to share stories and laughter after the busiest night on record for the Steinbach/La Broquerie area.” A total of 102 rides were given over New Year’s weekend with the help of 82 volunteers. New Years Eve by itself had a total of 82 rides (191 passengers) provided by 52 volunteers. “I’m always amazed and truly appreciative of the many volunteers that give their precious time on New Year’s Eve,” Grenier added. “ People came from all over the

southeast to volunteer and it was beautiful to see the camaraderie that quickly formed between teams.” Richer Fire Department held a social at the Young at Hearts Club with some proceeds going towards Operation Red Nose. Operation Red Nose became available to people in the Steinbach and La Broquerie areas two years ago. The program was organized and operated by the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) from Ecole St-Joachim in La Broquerie as a school fundraiser. The group soon partnered with others including the City of Steinbach, RM of La Broquerie and Steinbach RCMP to ensure its success. “We have received a lot of valuable input from our clients and volunteers to consider in the future,” Grenier continued. “We look for- On New Year’s Eve, Operation Red Nose Steinbach/La Broquerie volunteers were all smiles after a successful night of keeping impaired drivward in implementing many of the ers off the highway. ideas as we start planning already for next season.” Operation Red Nose is a community-based volunteer program offering holiday party-goers a safe ride home during the holidays. The service is not exclusive to motorists who have been drinking; it’s also available for those who don’t feel fit to drive because of fatigue or medication for example.

Wildlife Haven Rescues Blue Heron By Marianne Curtis

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre is in the middle of fundraising for a new, permanent wildlife hospital that is better designed to help critters, like the heron. Anyone wishing to support the fundraising efforts or to send money to help with the care of animals at the facility can donate at canadahelps.org/ en/charities/wildlife-haven-rehabilitation-centre.

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile des Chenes is hosting a very special guest over the next few months. On December 15, Wildlife Haven received a call from a gentleman in Winkler, who claimed to have found a big bird in his yard that seemed “out of place”. “He brought the bird into his garage for the night but didn’t know what the next step was to help the bird. When he sent us a picture, we were surprised to discover this was no ordinary bird and was a Great Blue Heron!” said a spokesperson for the centre. “Herons normally migrate south for the winter months. Before and with the storm and snow from the previous week, the heron was stuck here for the season.” Arrangements were made to transport the heron from Winkler to Winnipeg where a volunteer picked the bird up and brought it to the Ile des Chene’s centre. Other then being a little thin, the heron was no worse for wear, sources say. “Big birds with uncovered legs can run the risk of frost bite in such cold temperatures but this one’s feet are in fine form! This lucky heron will be staying at the Wildlife Haven over the winter in a warm room with This Great Blue Heron, which was found near Winkler in the fish and water, waiting for spring,” middle of December, will spend the winter at the Wildlife Haven the spokesperson added. Rehabilitation Centre in Ile des Chenes.

January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dairy Farmer and Counsellor Joins Municipal Board The Manitoba government has appointed a new chair and five new members to serve on the Manitoba Municipal Board, including a woman from Steinbach. The new board has 21 members, including a chair, vice-chair and part-time members. Anne Appleby of Steinbach, a family dairy farmer, a part-time counsellor working with at-risk youth and former municipal employee is joining the table as one of the five new members to the board. Returning board members include Maurice Tallaire of St. Adolphe and Gordon Daman of Niverville. The Manitoba Municipal Board is a quasi-judicial tribunal whose members sits to hear applications, appeals and referrals related to various pieces of legislation, including the Municipal Act, the Municipal Assessment Act, the Planning Act and the Municipal Board Act.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Snowmobile Stolen from La Broquerie Steinbach RCMP is investigating a theft that occurred between 3 and 4 am on Thursday, December 22. A black 2006 Polaris ILQX 600 snowmobile was taken from a home garage on Simard Street in La Broquerie. The snowmobile has a pure black hood with decals on the side panels and the lower control arm on the left side is bent. If you have any information you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452, CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477, manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN� plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Safe Snowmobiling Means Expecting the Unexpected Long-time snowmobiler Joe Thievin knows that even if you’re riding with care, the unexpected can happen. “I was enjoying a beautiful trail in the middle of nowhere when a part in my suspension failed. It sent me crashing into the trees and pinned me under my sled,” said Joe who works as a project coordinator at Manitoba Hydro. “I broke my arm, six ribs, my thumb and had a collapsed lung.” Joe explains that any number of unexpected things can happen out on the trails, including run-ins with wildlife. “I hit a deer once,” said Joe who added that he was glad it wasn’t a moose. “Wildlife hits are more common than you’d think, especially in low-visibility conditions since the animals tend to hang out on the trail.” Joe credits safety guidelines with keeping himself and many riders alive and healthy. “I have a GPS, a spot tracker and a cell phone with enough batteries on me when I head out,” said Joe. “I also tell someone where I’m going, when I’m going to be back and as a rule, don’t ride at night.” As a Manitoba Hydro employee, Joe also is very aware of some other hazards to snowmobilers. Keep these ground rules in mind when you’re hitting the trails this winter: - Reduce your speed around utility poles. Guy wires attached to the poles normally have yellow covers to make them more visible, but sometimes the covers have been damaged or removed, or they are difficult to see because they are covered by drifting snow. Darkness, fog, and blowing snow can make them difficult to spot and avoid. - Stay off waterways near hydroelectric dams and generating stations where fluctuating water levels and currents may result in thin and unstable ice conditions. - Steer clear of downed poles and power lines. Nearby objects can be energized by a live power line, so avoid the entire area. Report the danger by calling Manitoba Hydro as soon as possible. - If someone does make contact with a downed power line, either directly or through their machine, do not touch them or any objects around them. Call 911. - Avoid the areas around hydro substations and any other hydroelectric facilities. Private property and unmarked terrain can contain unexpected and deadly hazards. For more information on snowmobile safety, visit hydro.mb.ca/ safety/outdoors.

Report Icy Lines to Avoid Outages and Hazards Extreme and changing weather conditions in Manitoba can cause ice to form on power lines. High humidity, below-freezing temperatures and ice storms can all contribute to ice formation and build-up on power lines, which may result in poles breaking, snapping or crumbling under the weight. Manitoba Hydro removes ice from power lines as quickly as possible to prevent equipment breakage and loss of power. Here are some safety tips and reminders to follow if you notice icy power lines in your neighbourhood: - Call Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-624-9376 or 1-888-MBHYDRO if you notice an excessive build up of ice on a section of lines. - Stay clear of low or sagging lines. Traveling under or near these lines can be dangerous. - Immediately report downed wires to Manitoba Hydro or to the police. Treat all downed wires as if they are energized and stay clear of them. Make sure that your children do not go anywhere near them, and keep pets inside to ensure their safety. - If you see crews working on ice-laden lines in your community, try to avoid travel near their work area. - Don’t attempt to repair lines or remove limbs from lines. That’s Manitoba Hydro’s job. - In the case of a prolonged power outage, stay tuned to your local radio station for regular updates on the progress of the restoration efforts.

The Performing Arts Centre is coming! We are thrilled to see this project move forward. It will bring amazing opportunities and experiences to many families for many years. Watch for our new PAC website – it will have true facts and figures for the public! And check out Steinbach.ca for FAQ. Biggest Pyjama Party in Town! Buy tickets online at steinbachartscouncil. ca. On Friday, January 20, MunschBusters is Robert Munsch Stories brought to life on stage by professional actors from Prairie Theatre Exchange followed by milk and cookies for everyone! Come dressed in your pyjamas for story telling in the lobby. Show starts at 6:45 pm. Tickets: $14 each. NEW! Canvas & Cabernet…Paint Nites at SAC! Well, it was a huge hit and we are going to do it all again! Each month will feature different art themes – check dates on our website. We will have a couples night, and girls night, and all kinds of fun themes! Next date is Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm…Hawaiian Hula Night…. and Elvis’ birthday! Sign up now Only $35! Includes a fun evening of instruction by our experienced and energetic instructor Gabrielle Doll, all art supplies, delicious appetizers, and wine. Winter programs - Try any SAC Program free in January! The Backyard Theatre Company – We Want You! Build your confidence, ignite your creativity and explore your imagination. Get involved with the community! Discover the process of preparing for a play, character building and scripts for a final Production on the SRSS Theatre stage. Ages 5 - 17.

NEW! Arts4Tots Preschool Program - Montessori-Infused Curriculum. Why are we unique? The most creative way to learn for ages 3 - 5 with specialists in dance, music, drama and visual arts! Come join Miss Pam and Miss Jen for a year full of creativity, arts, field trips, learning and more! Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday. Visual Arts Kids: Handbuilding with Clay, Art Adventures, Art X-Travaganza. Teens: Pottery Passion, Cartoon Illustration, Digital Photography and Mixed Art for Teens. Adults: NEW! Art X-Travaganza for Adults, Abstract Acrylics and Contemporary Acrylics. Watercolors, Beginner Oil Painting, Intro to the Pottery Wheel and Digital Photography. New! Workshops for Advanced artists by Gabrielle Doll. Creative Wellness…because it’s good for you! Pilates – New! Seniors on the Move Pilates, On the Ball, NEW! Power Pilates, NEW! Pilates Core Basic, New! Pilates Core Intermediate Zumba - Get moving to fun, Latin beats! Great full-body workout. Bring a friend and join the fun! Belly Dance –Learn the rhythm and style of belly dance. Community Programs Language Classes – French Beginner 1, NEW! Intermediate 1 and Spanish Beginner 1 & 2. Cooking – Kids in the Kitchen, Creative Cooking, Cake X-Travaganza Workshop, Dessert Art Workshop NEW! Couples Cooking Workshop and Teen Cuisine Cooking Classes. NEW! XCOMPANY Dance Studio – 12 Week Classes – no fundraising or costume fees.

January 2017

Dance4Tots, Intro Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Intro Jazz, Jazz and xcompany. net. Great Musical Theatre Training FUSION! Musical Theatre - Ages 9 - 14 and 15 – 19. MUSIC DANCE DRAMA workshops by some of the industries finest…expand your triple threat skills! $35 each - Oz auditionees – only $20 each Acting the Part – Thursday, February 16 from 6 - 8 pm. Dance Your Feet Off – Thursday, March 23 from 6 - 8 pm. Lights! Camera! Action! Square 1 Entertainment. NEW! Square 1 Entertainment Film Making Club - learn all the aspects, new skills, and new friends! Come and check it out! Call 204-346-1077 to RSVP. Calling all Artists of all ages. Southeast Open Judged Art Exhibit applications are online – This is for all ages, and all mediums – watercolor, drawing, oils, acrylics, photography, quilting, eggery, crafts, and more. Anyone from the southeastern Manitoba region. Register by Wednesday, March 1 and submit your artwork by Thursday, March 23. See website. No entry fees for students! Hall Gallery Exhibit ‘Our Culture, Our Community’ by Edmund Raguidin exhibit runs to Monday, January 16, 2017. Upcoming Exhibit – Intervention: Design in Chaos with Robot Art, Steinbach Christian School from Wednesday, January 18 – Monday, March 13. Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, January 18 at 7 pm at the SAC. Join the South East Artists - The South East Artists meets informally every Tuesday morning, 9:30 - 11:30 am at the Arts Centre. Kim Gwozdz 204-326-6186. Check the 2017-18 Exhibit and SOJE applications on website now.


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

C ommunity E vents Giroux Bingo - Every Thursday at Giroux Hall. Doors open at 5 pm, Bingo starts at 7 pm. Hall rental information for Socials, weddings, family functions, Meetings and more please call Debbie 204-424-5506 or Mike 204-326-6260.

build is expected to commence in August 2017 and move in approximately in November 2018.

Hadashville Tae Kwon Do - Every Wednesday at 6 pm at the Hadashville Community Club (Reynolds Recreational Centre) from 6 years old to adults. Pursue a black belt or learn new skills, great stress release and have an excellent workout at the same time. Cost after registration fee is $40/month per person. Ask about 2 week free trial. Contact Shelly at 204-426-5266 or KSTA. academy@gmail.com.

Niverville The Crow Wing Toastmasters Club – Meets every Monday at 7:30 pm at the Niverville Heritage Centre. If you want to become a better speaker, run meetings that are more effective or develop leadership skills, a Toastmasters Club is the place to start. Contact Sheryl Berglund, Sberglund4@shaw.ca.

Ile-des-Chênes Taekwondo – On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 – 8 pm at the Ecole Ile Des Chene School. Cost $40/month, family rates available. Contact Kangs.mb.ca, Master Bill Tam 204296-8217. Quantum Dance Academy – Runs to Tuesday, May 23 2017 at 539 Main Street. For students aged 2-18 a variety of dance styles including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap and more. The season finishes with a recital at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre. Contact Lee Miazga at quantumdanceacademy@gmail.com or 204- 880-5178. Parent Child Playgroup - On Wednesdays from 10 am – 12 pm at the School, Rm142. Contact idc.mb.playgroup@ gmail.com. Story Time in Pyjamas - Every Thursday evening at the Ritchot Library Ecole Regional Gabrielle-Roy at 6:30 pm. Ages 2-8 however all ages are welcome. Yoga- On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 - 7:30 pm at the TransCanada Centre. Cost is $15 per class or 10 classes for $125. Zumba - On Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7 pm – 8 pm at the TransCanada Centre. 10 classes for $75 or $10 drop in. Contact sarah.abraham@gmail.com. 50+ Programs - At the Trans Canada Centre Indoor Walking - Mon, Wed and Friday 9 – 10 am Yoga - Monday 10 -11 am Coffee Talk - Wednesday 10 - 11 am Block Therapy - Tuesday 10 - 11 am Water Colour Painting – Thursday 10 - 11:30 am Line Dancing - Thursday 7 - 8 pm Floor Curling - Friday 10 am – 12 pm To register contact Mary Ann vintageclub@transcanadacentre.com, 204-339-6141. Our Lady of the Roses Prayer Group – Meets on the first Saturday of every month, at 6:30 pm to recite the Rosary and learn about Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers and receive Blessed Rose Petals and other Sacramentals from Blessed Mother’s place of miracles. Contact Corinna 204878-4908 or email her at corinnaswetz@hotmail.com for more info and register. Kleefeld Community Playgroup - For parents, caregivers and children up to age 5. Activities include time for playing, stories, songs and snacks. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Kleefeld Rec Centre. Contact Irene Ascough 204-377-5013. La Broquerie Eastman Immigration Services International Cooking Classes – On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in La Broquerie. Space is limited. Contact to register 204-346-6609 or email lois@eastmanis.com. Seine River Services for Seniors- Health Centre/Centre de Santé from Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Contact Community Resource Coordinator Juliette Rowan, 204-424-5285 or labseinerss@gmail.com. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Lorette Storytime and Crafts – On Saturday, January 14 at 11 am fro English and 1 pm for French, in the Tache Library. Join us to make a bird feeder! Painting on the Prairies – On Friday, January 20 at 7 pm in the Tache Library. A step-by-step paint party fundraiser. Cost $50 includes all supplies, instructions, appetizers and punch. All ages welcome. Proceeds to support the RM of Tache Community Complex Project. Contact 204-878-2857 or tachefundraising@hotmail.com for tickets. New Horizons Seniors - Play cards, Scrabble and more. Drop in Tuesdays 1 - 5 pm at Foyer Notre Dame Lorette, 12 St. Amant Ave. Contact Iris 204-878-3552. Mitchell Habitat for Humanity - Southeast Chapter - On Wednesday, February 15 from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Seniors Centre. For families who may be interested in owing a home. Families must attend the orientation session to apply for a Habitat home. Our next build will be in Mitchell, side-by-side and

Senior Centre - Breakfasts on Tuesdays from 8 - 10 am at 130 Ash St.

GriefShare - If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one we wish to help, you get support and learn about the grieving process. Contact 204-381-1155 to register or go to Nivervillegriefshare.com. Moms N’ Tots Playgroup - Moms with children up to age six. Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am located in the lower level of Fourth Avenue Bible Church (62-4th Avenue S.) Free drop-in program with coffee and snacks provided, along with a large open space for the kids to play while the moms visit. Contact Karen at klenzrpeters@hotmail.com. Paradise Village Paradise Squares Dance Club - On Tuesdays from 7 – 9:30 pm at the Paradise Village Rec. Hall. Modern Square Dancing is fun and a great social activity. Couples and singles are welcome. Contact Larry 204-422-5424. Prawda Circuit 30 - Alternate aerobic and weight exercises, with cool down and stretch exercises. Wear comfortable clothing, clean runners, and bring a bottle of water. Cost $2/class, Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm, in the Reynolds School Gym. Contact Wendy 204-348-2433. Busy Bodies Playgroup – Every Wednesday from 9 - 11 am at the Reynolds School Gym. Free to parents and children. Snacks provided. Contact Cassie 204-793-8290. Richer Adult & Teen Challenge Concerned Persons Support Group Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm, in the Richer Fellowship Church, 50 Southeast Drive. If you have a relationship with someone who has a life-controlling problem, join us for this nine-week Living Free course. Receive encouragement and support in a safe setting, and learn practical ways to best help your loved one. Contact Pastor Ben Funk at 204-326-2254 or phone the church at 204-422-5308. Richer Recovery AA - Group meets Monday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm at LUD Hall in Richer. Contact Paul at 204-422-7673. Monday Night Bingos - To raise funds for Stacey Pchajek Memorial Foundation Inc. The foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students graduating grades 8 and 12. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to be on premises and must play bingo. Doors Open at 5:30 pm at the Young at Heart Club, 22 Dawson Rd. MGCC License # BI/BO4164. Contact Doreen Pchajek at 422-5243 or doreen@spmf.ca. Sarto Ukrainian Dance Club – On Mondays from 7 - 8 pm at the Sarto Hall. Join the Sarto Polevnyi Ukrainian Dance Club for the 2016/2017 season! You do not need to be Ukrainian to dance! Boys & girls, ages 3 to adult, no prior experience required! Cost starts at $150/year. Sprague Sprague & District Historical Museum - Open by appointment from June – September 30. Explore life as it was in the early days. Free Admission. Donations Accepted. Contact 204-4372210, 204-437-2209 or 204-437-4686. St. Adolphe Alzheimer Touch Quilt Winter Project - On January 10 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm at Senior Services, 457 Main St. Touch quilts bring comfort, happiness, and enjoyment as well lessen sadness and fear. To date over 5,000 touch quilts have been donated to people residing in personal care homes. If you are willing to help in any way, it would be most appreciated. No experience no problem, we not only need help with sewing but also knitting, and smaller jobs such as pressing, cutting and organizing. The more the merrier. Art Program – On Tuesdays from 7 - 8 pm, January 24, 31 and February 7, 14, 21, 28 at the Ritchot Senior Services, 457 Main St. Great for beginner artist to try out various art mediums and materials, learn about art techniques and theories, and apply this knowledge to successful personal pieces of art! Also suitable for the advanced artist who would like to push themselves and explore new territory with artistic guidance and input! All 6 classes for $60 - all supplies included. Contact 204-883-2880 or email ritchotseniors@mymts.net. C.H.I.L.D program – On Wednesdays from 9:30 - 10:30 am at Ecole St. Adolphe School. Children’s introduction to learning and development. Contact sas@srsd.ca or 204-883-2182. Pickle Ball – On Thursdays from 6 – 7:30 pm hosted by Club Amical at the St. Adolphe school gym. Contact Alma at 204 883-2251. Athena Women’s Beginner Hockey – Contact Bahia Taylor, bahia@envypaintanddesign.com for details and costs.

Badminton Nights - At the school gym on Monday nights between 6 - 8 pm. $2 drop-in is required. Contact yvandupuis@gmail.com. Ritchot Senior Services - Summer Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am- noon at 457 Main Street. Contact 204 883-2880, Ritchotseniors@mymts.net. Walking Club: Travelling all around St. Adolphe for approximately 40-45 minutes and then finishing up with some stretching on the deck with Janice. Coffee talk: On Wednesdays. Join us for coffee talk outside on the deck, weather permitting. Enjoy coffee or tea, catch up with a friend, or perhaps challenge someone to a game of ladder ball, lawn darts, bocce, a round of disc washer toss or game of beanbag toss. Guaranteed laughs. Foot care: Clinic on Wednesday in Lorette, by appointment only. To reserve in St. Adolphe, Ste.Agathe, Ile-des-Chenes or Lorette contact Janice 204-883-2880. Every 6 weeks Cheryl Palmer, foot care nurse visits each location and provides foot care to help keep your feet feeling happy.

Author Reading – On Tuesday, January 17 at 7 pm in the Jake Epp Library. The final chapter of the Charlotte series is here! Charlotte’s Reward by Violet Moore and follow Mieche’s journey in the midst of the good and the bad. She became a bulwark of safety to many refugees! Whispers of Yesteryears by Nina H. Brandt. Both books will be available for purchase. Refreshments provided.

Weekly Bingo – On Tuesday nights at the St. Adolphe Community Club. Doors open at 6 pm, 6:55 pm - Speedo Game, 7 pm - Early Bird Games, 7:30 pm - Regular Games. We hope to see you there! Proceeds will support the Community Club.

Children’s Programs – Registration begins on Monday, January 9 at the Library. Story Hour - runs Thursday, January 19 – Wednesday, March 23 from 10 – 11 am or 1:30 - 2:30 pm for 3 -5 years old. Songs, Rhymes, Stories, Crafts and Snacks. Toddler & Me - Runs Wednesdays, January 18 – March 22 from 11 – 11:45 am for 1 & 2 year olds. Songs, Rhymes, Stories, Crafts, Snacks and Literacy Tips. Baby & Me – Runs Wednesdays, January 18 – March 22 from 10 – 10:30 am for Birth -12 months. Songs, Rhymes, Stories and Literacy Tips.

St. Malo Southeast Royals Gymnastics Club – Begins on Tuesday, January 10 the winter session. Contact Aline at 204-347-5249. Little Métis - On Wednesday, January 11 from 10 am – noon, Sing with me group for parents/grandparents with children 0 - 5 years old. Crafts, songs, music, story time, healthy snacks, learning the Métis culture. Free. Contact Aline 204347-5249. Sponge Puck Hockey – On Wednesdays at 8 pm at the arena. Come out and play for fun. Contact Gilles 204-347-5079. St. Pierre-Jolys Step Aerobics with Weights - On Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm, at the ICSP School Gym. Contact Stephanie 204-3202667, Louise 204-433-3839 or The Health Corner 204-4333891. Diabetes Educational Resource Centre – On 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:30 - 3:30 pm at the DeSalaberry District Health Centre. Contact 204-346-6254. Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba – Depression, bipolar, post partum mood disorders support group meetings held on the last Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Chalet Malouin boardroom. Located at the Health Corner DeSalaberry Hospital. Contact Judy Dunn 204-444-5228. Ste. Agathe Ladies Hockey – At the Arena. All levels welcome, including first timers. Contact cougarsrechockey@gmail.com for more info and costs. Cougars-Ladies Rec Hockey - Weekly Ice time Sundays at 6:45 – 7:45 pm until March 5, 2017 at the Arena. Cost $150/person per season, 21 ice times or drop in for $10/ice time. Contact cougersrechockey@gmail.com. Walking/Running Club - A walking and running club held on various weekdays at 7 pm, contact carly.flowers@hotmail. com. Taekwondo - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 - 7:30 pm at Ecole Sainte Agathe hosted by Kang’s Taekwondo Academy. Cost $40/month. Family rates available. Contact Jason Barnabe, jason.barnabe@gmail.com or 204-802-3458. Ste. Anne One-day Photography Camp - On January 4, 2017. Recommended for ages 8 and up at 736 Traverse Rd. Cost $30 for the entire day! Bring a lunch. Contact recservices@ steannemb.ca. Seine River Services for Seniors – Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Contact Juliette Rowan at 204-424-5285 Community Resource Coordinator for local services or e-mail labseinerss@gmail.com.

Classic Movie Night – On Friday, January 20 at 7 pm in the Library. Presenting “Singing in the Rain”. The 4th Friday every month. Free admission and free Popcorn! All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Family Literacy Day – On Friday, January 27 at 6:30 pm in the Library. Celebrate reading and family literacy with us! Enjoy spending time with your family while participating in different activities around the library. Puppet shows, Crafts, Games, and more. Snack served at the end of the evening.

4 paws for Big Ben the Brave Fundraiser – On Saturday, January 28 at 6:30 pm in the Steinbach Legion Hall. A fundraiser for us to go down to Ohio to go for training and to bring home Ben’s seizure alert dog. The dog is paid in full and being trained at 4 paws for ability. Matt Falk is coming out to entertain and there will be silent auction prizes to be won as well as a 50/50 draw. Cost $10. Please call or text 204-381-4541 for tickets. Follow Ben on facebook.com/bigbenthebrave. Drop In Book Club – 2nd Tuesday every month at 7 pm in the Jake Epp Library. We’ll post the book for discussion that month and if you’d like to join us please stop by. If you want to start your own book club instead, you can always take advantage of our Book Club collections. No sign up required. Just read the book and come hang out. Knit-Wits Drop-In Club for Adults - Knit-Wits - Every 4th Monday of the month, from 6 – 9 pm at the Jake Epp Library. This is for anyone interested in fibre handcrafts such as knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, needlepoint etc. This is not a class but a casual knitting circle for all skill levels. Please bring your own items/supplies. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) – On Wednesdays, from 8:45 - 10:30 am at the Royal Canadian Legion. Cost $2/ week. A weight control support group that helps take off pounds sensibly and keep off pounds sensibly. Contact BettyLou Toews at 326-6397. Eastman Immigrant Services - Many events and activities to support and help you make new friends. Start to make this community feel like your home. Volunteer to help at our community events. Let’s Sew - On Tuesday’s from 1:30 – 3:30 pm., Sewing machines provided. Every Day English All Levels - Every Wednesday 1 – 3 pm. Reading & Writing – All Levels on Monday and Wednesday from 10 am – 12 pm. Pronunciation All Levels - On Monday and Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm at D4-284 Reimer Ave. Classes are free. International Cooking Classes – On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in La Broquerie. Space is limited. Contact to register 204-346-6609 or email lois@eastmanis.com. Eastman Safety Upcoming Programs - Located at 385 Loewen Blvd. Register online at eastmansafety.ca or contact 1-204371-1595. Mommies Group at Kidzone - On Wednesdays, from 9 am - 1 pm. Come by to meet other moms to chat with and get your kids to make some new friends. Cost $7, free coffee. Creativi-Tea Time - Need to relax and have some you time? Event runs every second Wednesday of the month, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Jake Epp Library. Come and go as it suits you. We’ll provide basic supplies; feel free to bring your own. Includes tea and coffee.

Ste. Geneviève Library Night - Bibliothèque Taché Library at the Community Centre on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 - 8 pm, brings a large selection of books in both French and English, for children and adults. Special requests can be made to the librarian, bibliotachelibrary.com or in person. Come for a visit and see what we are all about.

Games Day & Games Night – Every 1st Saturday of the month from 12 – 5 pm and the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 – 8:30 pm, at the Jake Epp Library. Come down to play strategy games. Bring a friend, your strategies and games. Test your skills and have fun. Ages 14 and up unless accompanied by an adult. Contact 204-326-6841, programs@ jakeepplibrary.com.

Steinbach Steinbach & Area Garden Club – On Monday, January 9 at 7 pm at the Mennonite Heritage Village Auditorium. Native Orchids of Manitoba with guest speaker Peggy Bainard Acheson, President, Native Orchid Conservation Inc. Manitoba. Discover Manitoba’s extra treasure trove of native orchids and their blooming times. Everyone welcome! Refreshments and door prizes. $5 non-member admission. More info sagardenclub. com.

Royal Canadian Legion - On 1st Tuesday every month at 8 pm and Ladies Auxiliary meets 1st Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Steinbach Legion Community Hall, 294 Lumber Ave. Steinbach Girl Guides - Every Tuesday at the United Church of Steinbach, 541 Main St. Registration for girls 5-17. Develop personal values and well-being, self-respect and respect for others; promote fun, friendship, adventure and challenges through new experiences; develop leadership and decision-

making skills; give service to the community; value the natural environment. The Steinbach Rotary Club - meets every Monday at noon except when Monday falls on a long weekend at the Chicken Chef, 365 Main Street, visitors are welcome. Contact Cornie at 326-3155. Mental Health Information and Support sessions - for family and friends of people with mental health issues are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Eden East building, 21 Loewen Blvd. Contact Kim at 371-0824 or email eastmanmss@mts.net MS Monthly Self-Help group meeting - for people living with multiple sclerosis. The group meets on the second Thursday evening of each month from 6 - 7 pm at Fernwood Place apartments. Contact Nadine Konyk, Rural Client Services Coordinator at 1-800-268-7582 or email nadine.konyk@ mssociety.ca. MS Lunch Group- On 4th Thursday of every month, from 12 – 1 pm at All D’s Restaurant 320 Main Street. Contact Stephanie Bevacqua 204-988-0904, Stephanie.Bevacqua@mssociety.ca. Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba individual and support groups - for persons experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, bi-polar disorder and other mental health/emotional concerns. Meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Jake Epp Library from 7 – 9 pm. Contact Judy Dunn 204444-5228. The Bethesda Regional Healthcare Auxiliary - meets on the first Tuesday of every month except for the months of July and August at the Bethesda Hospital. We welcome anyone interested in auxiliary work. Contact Verna Thiessen at 3263028. Steinbach and Area Lions Club - Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month at the Magnolia Restaurant. Contact 204-326-2313. Carillon Toastmasters - Meetings open to adults who want to improve their leadership and communication skills. Thursdays at 7 pm at the Jake Epp Public Library 255 Elmdale Street, Contact Sheryl at 204-326-7628 or Irene at 204-4245737. Al-Anon Program – Meets on Mondays at 7:30 pm at the Cultural Arts Centre back door, downstairs. Contact Lloyd 204326-4365. Al-Anon 12 Step Recovery Group - Meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at United Church, 541 Main St, front door, ring doorbell. All are welcome. Young moms to be - Bi-weekly support group starts at 4:30 pm at Steinbach Family Resource Centre B-11, Hwy 12N. Contact 204-346-0413. Woodridge The Mobile Clinic – Is onsite on the third Thursday of every month from 9 am – 4 pm at the Community Club. Contact for appointments 1-855-644-3515 or southernhealth.ca. General Free Monthly Bus Trips to the Casinos of Winnipeg- On Tuesdays, from 8:30 am - 7:15 pm. Join us for a great day of fun and friendship. Visit McPhillips Street Station in the morning and Club Regent in the afternoon. Begins at 8:30 am, pickups in Steinbach, Ste. Anne and Paradise Village. Must be 18 years of age or older. Prizes and cash giveaways every trip. Bingo played on the bus to and from the casinos for those wishing to play. Bi-monthly overnight trips to South Beach Casino are also available, amazing prices on these trips so call for details. Contact Marilyn at 204-326-4939 for information and to reserve a seat.

Please submit your local club or community events each month by emailing a short notice to: editor@dawsontrail.ca

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Natural Gas Outages

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

When natural gas service is disrupted, your utility acts quickly to restore it. Although disruptions are usually short lived a gate station or pipeline may require complex repairs and you may be without services for several hours. While you are waiting, listen to the radio for current information and instructions from Manitoba Hydro.

If you experience a natural gas outage in the winter months, be assured that your home will retain heat for several hours. Conserve heat by keeping doors and windows closed and dressing warmly. Turn on extra lights as they can contribute some additional heat. Use a supplemental heat source, such as a portable electric heater or a wood burning fireplace to warm one room of your home. Keep

Be Prepared for Winter Outages Winter storms can disrupt electrical service without warning. A combination of high winds, freezing temperatures, and precipitation can cause ice to form on power lines, which can lead to a power outage. Your power may be off for a few hours or, in extreme cases, a few days. It’s important to be prepared in case your power goes out this winter. Manitoba Hydro wants to keep you safe. An easy way to prepare for a power outage is to assemble an emergency kit ahead of time and store it where it will be easy to find in the dark. Keep essential items including candles, matches, a flashlight, extra batteries, a cell phone, and a portable radio in your emergency kit. Stock up on bottled water, sleeping bags, firewood, and food that doesn’t require cooking. Camping equipment, blankets, a manual can opener, and lantern can be useful during a power outage. In the event of a power outage, lower your thermostat and make sure to turn off or unplug all electrical appliances, especially the ones you were using before the power went out. Unplug electronic equipment to protect it from a voltage surge when power is restored. Keep one light plugged in and turned on, so you will know when the electricity is back on. If you see a downed power line, report it to Manitoba Hydro immediately. Rest assured that in the event of a power outage, emergency crews are working as quickly as possible to restore your electrical service. For more tips on how to prepare for a power outage, visit hydro.mb.ca

Is it the Flu or is it Your Flue? Many of the symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning have people thinking they are suffering from a common flu. However, exposure to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can lead to brain damage or death. Sometimes called the “silent killer”, CO is a toxic, odourless and colourless gas. It is produced when wood and fossil fuels including heating oil, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, propane or natural gas burn without enough oxygen. Manitoba Hydro wants to keep you safe. Read the information below to learn how to identify and prevent CO poisoning. How can CO form in my home or garage? CO Can build up in a home because of faulty appliances, a build up of engine exhaust, blocked chimneys or air vents, or back-drafting of flue gases. It can also happen when fireplaces, wood stoves, kitchen and bathroom fans, clothes dryers, central vacuum systems and heating equipment compete for air. What are symptoms of CO poisoning? A low exposure to CO can result in shortness of breath, and slight headache. Higher concentrations can result in severe headache, dizziness, nausea, mental confusion, difficulty hearing and seeing, fainting, and in extreme cases, death. How can I protect myself and my family from CO poisoning? Preventative maintenance can help you avoid a CO emergency. Have your heating system checked regularly, make sure external vents are unblocked from snow or debris, and if you have a fireplace or chimney, make sure it has a fresh air intake duct. Never use a generator or barbecue indoors as they can create dangerous levels of toxic carbon monoxide very quickly. How can I tell if there is CO in my home? Because CO can’t be detected by the human senses, have a CO detector on every floor in your home. And, if it goes off, don’t turn it off. Treat the alarm as an emergency and call Manitoba Hydro immediately. Test your detector(s) regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. What can I do if I suspect CO poisoning? Leave the house immediately to get fresh air and call 911 for help. If you suspect equipment malfunction, call Manitoba Hydro for an emergency inspection at 1-888-MB HYDRO.

combustibles away from alternate heat sources. Never use kerosene heaters, camp stoves or barbecues in your home or garage as they can generate dangerous levels of carbon monoxide very quickly. An adequate fresh air supply must be available where such heaters are used. If you decide to evacuate, notify

January 2017


Manitoba Hydro on where you can be reached, as they will need to access your home to restore services and relight the pilot lights. When the gas is restored, do not relight your fuel burning equipment yourself. A qualified Manitoba Hydro technician will relight the pilot light on your appliances.


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Very Close Call for Tow Truck Driver

A CAA Manitoba tow truck driver was preparing to pull a vehicle from the ditch on Highway 216 when a car, going an estimated 90 km/h, smashed into his truck, spraying him in antifreeze and vehicle debris. Marty Rempel, with Steinbach Towing, was only a foot away from the impact, and is thankfully unhurt. The driver of the other vehicle is also unharmed, but the collision caused severe damage to the car and tow truck. Despite the beacons

and strobes flashing to alert drivers to his location and the cars ahead slowing down and moving over, this driver failed to comply with the Highway Traffic Act’s slow down, move over regulation. “Our tow truck drivers, like other emergency workers, should not have to put their lives at risk when working. We’ve had close calls before, but this was too close,” said Mike Mager, President of CAA Manitoba. “The slow down, move over legislation is crucial to keeping them safe while they work to help members, but drivers must do their part and obey the law.”

The legislation requires drivers to slow down to 40 km/h when the posted speed limit is less than 79 km/h, and down to 60 km/h when the posted speed limit is 80 km/h or higher while moving to a traffic lane farthest from the emergency vehicle whenever and wherever possible. Failing to do so is punishable by a $300 fine and two demerits. “When you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, it only takes a few moments to slow down and move over, but those extra steps can make the difference between life and death,” said Mager.

RCMP Hunt for Stolen Car and Truck

On December 13, Steinbach RCMP received a report of a stolen car from La Broquerie. The vehicle is a silver 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier with Manitoba licence plate GTK 435. In addition the vehicle is missing a passenger side mirror, has a damaged rear passenger side bumper and the passenger side window is partially covered with clear tape. Two days later on December 15, Steinbach RCMP received another report of a stolen truck. Thieves stole a 2003 White Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with VIN # 2GCEK19T83126381 between December 2 and December 5 in Mitchell. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452, CrimeStoppers at 1-800222-8477, manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Stock photo, which is similar to the vehicle.

Searching for Fuel Thieves On December 4 at around 2:50 am approximately 200 litres of gasoline was stolen from the RM of La Broquerie Public Works yard. Thieves siphoned fuel into barrels that were on a trailer towed by a large utility vehicle. If you have any information on this theft you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452, CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477, manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017

Shotgun Blast Peppers Stop Sign


On November 21 at approximately 9 am, Steinbach RCMP investigated a report of stop signs at the intersection of Highway 12 and highway 501 that had been damaged by rounds from a shotgun. The Rural Municipality of Tache has since replaced those signs, however, Steinbach RCMP are looking for anyone that may have information regarding the individuals who are responsible for the damage. If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Students Turn Community Cat Cull into Educational Opportunity

Lisa Harder’s grade 6 class at the Dawson Trail School shows off the 12 completed cat shelters that are ready for distribution throughout Lorette.

By Marianne Curtis

Reid Baudin, Ryder Mclure, Kamryn Johnson and Hannah Fox work together to build one of twelve cat shelters their class made just before Christmas.

The Grade 6 students at the Dawson Trail School used the news of a recent community wide cat cull as a means to educate themselves and the community on other methods to help the stray cat population in Lorette. Under the direction of Lisa Harder, both grade 6 classes started the project in the beginning of December, with flyers asking people in the community for material donations to build emergency cat shelters. “I am a huge cat lover and been involved with rescues over the years, and this was an opportunity to teach a group of students how they can make a difference now and in the future,” explained Harder. “We are able to get this project thanks to the generous donations of parents and other people.” Between both grade 6 classes, 24 cat shelters were constructed by the students, out of materials such as

rubber maid containers, old plastic and Styrofoam coolers, insulation and hay. The class project was life changing for the students. Most of the students admit that until they started the project, they had no idea what an issue the community had with stray and feral cats. Miranda Fiebelkorn said she learned that, contrary to popular belief, the stray cat problem is caused by people in the community. “People are not spaying or neutering their pets and they are just growing up wild. They are freezing to death and dying every day. Cats don’t know better, but we do,” she explained. Her classmates agree. “We think we are helping the stray cats by leaving them alone, but we are not helping them at all,” Mackenzie Lawden interjected. Josh Figueiredo added, “There are a lot of stray and feral cats in Lorette and they are not going to homes. Continued on page 18...


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

January The RM of Stuartburn and RM of Piney partnered to develop and implement a tourism strategy for both municipalities. By the end of the year, they released a new tourism strategy and rebranded the area as Sunrise Corner. The Manitoba Ombudsman found that the RM of De Salaberry made several mistakes while pursuing a local improvement project to install a low-pressure sewage system in St. Malo. The lengthy report reviewed the municipality’s administrative practices regarding record keeping and meeting minutes, transparency when tendering and awarding contracts and concerns about conflict of interest. After a six month joint investigation, the Steinbach RCMP and Altona Police Service arrested and charged Tami Renz (33, Frank Hargreaves (41), Kelly Remier (23), Tyler Myska (23) and Jordan Friesen (20), along with Timothy Jacques (34) from Richer as part of an investigation into the methamphetamine trade. There was a changing of the guard in the St. Pierre-Jolys RCMP Detachment as Staff Sergeant Ron Poirier left this command and Sergeant Rheal Gravel was named as his replacement.

February Residents get another chance to speak out against the proposed the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission project after the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship requested that the Clean Environment Commission hold public hearings on the proposed project. Former Elmdale School principal 61-yearold Garry Giesbrecht, of Steinbach pled guilty to a prostitution-related charge in a Winnipeg courtroom. He was later sentenced to pay $1,200 fine plus $360 in court costs along with two years unsupervised probation. The Steinbach and St. Pierre-Jolys RCMP Detachments conducted a boundary swap expected to improve call times and increase efficiency in both detachments. The Steinbach detachment took over the St. Genevieve and Ross areas while St. Pierre-Jolys took over Kleefeld and New Bothwell areas. The RM of Tache approved a $15 million multiplex after the provincial government offered funding of up to $8 million for a new recreational complex for Lorette. Granny’s Poultry in Blumenort kicked off a $37 million plant expansion and renovation, which allowed them to grow their business and purchase new equipment for processing, chilling, packaging and grading poultry, and improving production efficiency.

March The RM of Ritchot Council put out a call for volunteer fire fighters as part of the process to establish a new hall proposed in Ste. Agathe. Over a dozen volunteers signed up and later in September, began their level one training. Fans of the region’s newest winter festival flocked to St. Malo when the annual Festival of Friends returned to the area on Louis Riel Day. The combination of the beautiful weather and a variety of activities drew hundreds of participants to St. Malo for a spectacular celebration of culture, cuisine and traditions. An Affordable Senior Housing “Needs Assessment” Survey was mailed out at the end of February, to all the residents of the RM of Tache. The survey’s objective was to determine the level of interest and support for the construction of a new Seniors Residence in the RM of Tache, to serve the needs of seniors (55+) who wish to remain or reside in the community. Steinbach Legion Branch President Bill Richards presented Janet Chobotar, Director of Health Service – Vita and Area with a $2,000 cheque for the purchase of 4 new, long-term care mattresses.

St. Anne lost a very important medical and language pioneer when Dr. Patrick Doyle passed away at the age of 93. Recipient of the Order of Canada and the Order of Merit of Manitoba, Dr. Doyle practiced medicine for almost 50 years while working for the improvement of health services and education in Manitoba.

The Steinbach Legion was sold to a private investor and a new lease agreement ensures the organization will remain in the same location indefinitely.

Cecile Berard, a grandmother from Grande Pointe handed out about two hundred hand made blankets to Syrian refugees in an effort to wrap them in warmth and love while welcoming them into their new country.

Landmark curler Kristin MacCuish (right), along with Kerrie Einarson, Selena Kaatz and Liz Fyfe represented Manitoba at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Ninety-year-old Helen Hiebert from Niverville has been fulfilling a need by making handmade blankets for Siloam Mission for years. Siloam Mission took to social media to publicly thank the greatgrandmother for doing her part to help others.

The WinterFest activities at Dawson Trail Park in Richer took advantage of almost perfect weather as about a hundred people from the community and surrounding area came out to enjoy some mild weather winter fun.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017


April After a year of challenges for people with disabilities, the front entrance of the Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre was closed for construction until further notice. It was still closed at the end of the year. Mere days before the writ was dropped, Dawson Trail MLA Ron Lemieux announced that he was retiring from politics after serving the community for 17 years. The RM of Stuartburn Council gave the green light for the construction and operation of a large sheep farm and slaughterhouse after Canada Sheep and Lamb Farms from southeast of Zhoda proposed to build the facility. The Woodridge SANDHOGS club President Gary Hora announced that the club has been getting the trails ready throughout the area as part of a pilot project for developing designated (groomed) ATV trails in the Sandilands Provincial Forest. The employees from Hylife in La Broquerie raised $170,000 for local charities during the 6th Annual HyLife Fun Days. Three local charities will split the funds, including Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC), Eden Health Care Services and the Bethesda Foundation.

May In April, the entire region saw a flood of blue after Kelvin Goertzen (Steinbach), Dennis Smook (La Verendrye), Cliff Graydon (Emerson) and Shannon Martins (Morris) were all re-elected. The newcomer to the table is Bob Lagasse, who was elected in Dawson Trail. People attending the annual Niverville Heath and Community Foundation Banquet and Annual meeting got a brief update on plans to open up a 5,000 sq.ft. medical clinic as part of the Heritage Centre. Providence College and Seminary School in Otterburne established itself as a leader in the sustainable development sector with the installation of a biomass burner. The burner, and the school’s overall commitment to environmental sustainability, has been in the news ever since. Twenty-eight year old Kyllan James Ellis, of Lorette was arrested and charged with the second-degree murder of Simone Sanderson, whose body was found in the city’s North End almost four years ago.

Colleen Dyck, owner of GORP Clean Energy Bar of Niverville has been named the winner of this year’s Mompreneur® Award of Excellence – Canada’s Mompreneur® of the Year. The award is sponsored by the Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc. and ParentsCanada Magazine.

Kleefeld musician Robb Nash takes a selfie with students from Cross Lake during a special stop on his tour after a state of emergency was called due to a rash of recent suicides.

Delaney Kolowca from Lorette is a grade 10 student at St. Boniface Diocesan High School was chosen as the next deserving individual to receive a specialized wheelchair courtesy of “Tabs for Wheelchairs”.

RM of Ritchot Mayor Jackie Hunt accepts a plaque of recognition from Barb Stewart (left) and Tim Poole (right) after the municipality was named “Swift Champions” by the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative for their ongoing support towards the support and protection of the endangered bird.

June When Premier Brian Pallister announced his new cabinet, Goertzen was named Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, First Acting Minister of Education and Training and Member of Priorities and Planning Committee. He was also given the important roles of Government House Leader, Second Acting Deputy Premier. Wildlife Haven Rehabiliation Centre celebrated the release of their first children’s book called Wildlife in Your Backyard. The full colour book is a fundraiser to help rehab wildlife brought into the facility. Strong winds and dry weather did little to help battle a wildfire about 7 km northeast of Caddy Lake. Winds pushed the fire further east, and as a precaution, McDougall’s Landing and east shore remote cabins on West Hawk Lake were evacuated. After ten years of operation on Main Street, the Ile des Chenes Food was forced to move after Manitoba Housing evicted them out of their location. The community later banned together and the foodbank found a new home in the local rectory.

Maranda Lanouette shares her story of survival and courage during a STARS demonstration. The Ste. Anne mother of two, and Town of Ste. Anne councillor is grateful to be able to share her experience after she was became paralyzed in an ATV accident in Woodridge.

In early May, three local WWII veterans were officially awarded the French National Order of the Legion of Honour at a special ceremony. The three D-Day Veterans, Bennie Klick, Lloyd Lehman, and John Owczar were presented the Chevalier (Knight) of the Légion d’honneur white cross from Bruno Burnichon, Honourary Consul of France.


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch


August A 10-year-old Robert Desjardins from Winnipeg was shot in the leg during a walk with his cousin on a trail near Middlebro. RCMP investigators followed up on leads, but no arrest has been made. The community of Niverville celebrated the opening of the first off leash Dog Park in the area. The reclaimed baseball diamond has been redeveloped into a canine playground complete with various activities and is a first its kind in Manitoba. The RM of Tache is moving into the final planning stages towards the construction of a new community complex in Lorette that could cost about $12 million. It is expected to include a new ice surface, seating for three hundred fans, the municipal library, day care for forty kids and a gymnasium. The communities of Niverville and Ste. Anne celebrated the grandopenings of new splash pads in the community. Both splash pads feature a toddler water play area for ages 0 - 3 and a family play area for ages 3 - 12.

The community of Ste. Anne was left reeling after the sudden loss of the community’s most popular meeting place to a middle of the night fire. Around midnight, July 30, Ste. Anne Fire Department was called to the Club Jovial after a passerby spotted flames coming from the roof.

It was a historical day when supporters lined the streets for miles as thousands converged on Steinbach when the first Pride Parade took to the streets in the name of love, equality and human rights.

The community of Steinbach started making the news in a negative manner after it was announced the first gay pride parade would take place in July. The controversy surrounding the religious conservatives in the community made international headlines. Several communities mourned twenty-nine year old Sheae Lynne Fright from Ste. Anne who lost her life in a two-vehicle collision along Highway 207 between Lorette and Deacons Corner as a result of an accident where alcohol was likely a contributing factor. The Town of Niverville approved the development of a new gas bar and a Tim Hortons restaurant on the west side of the community. For the seventh year in a row, 47 tractors ranging from 1940 - 1963 covered 50 kilometres across the southeast in an effort to raise funds for the Mennonite Heritage Village and Eden Foundation. Joey Johnson, a para-Olympian from Lorette, was among five athletes, two builders and two teams to be inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame at the 37th Annual Induction Ceremony in November.

September Buffalo Point hosted Buffalo Days, which featured a 5 km walk around the Conference Centre to raise awareness and money for Lyme disease. The walked raised nearly $2,500 on the day of the event and funds were still coming in following the walk. Hylife celebrated the official grand opening of the Randolph Feed Mill, one week after turning on the switches to the new state of the art feed mill. The Randolph Feed Mill is a 12,800 square foot, state of the art facility, with advanced equipment and control systems. The province introduced changes to strengthen regional health authority boards, update the selection processes and adjust board sizes. This means that Southern Health-Santé Sud moved to 12 from 15 board members. This process was finalized in December. For one week, 3,000 athletes converged on Steinbach for the 2016 Manitoba Summer Games. Team Eastman celebrated by ending the event with two gold medals in soccer and one in male volleyball.

Erik Hebert navigates the Rat River, south of St. Malo Lake with a homemade pirate ship that he and his father Bruno built out of plywood and 2x4s over the winter months.

Taking the stage during 2016 Summer in the City was Friday night’s headlining act REPLAY – The Beatles Tribute & 60’s Invasion.

For three days, cowboys and cowgirls competed for bragging rights, cash and buckles during the fourth annual Richer Rough Stock Rodeo.

Cyclists braved the elements and pedaled 100 km to raise money to help kids participate in recreational activities through Recreational Opportunities for Children (ROC).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017


October Over forty grade 7 and 8 students from Ecole Ile des Chenes School gathered to beautify the town by spending a day planting 285 trees at the local community centre. Later in the month, Gabrielle Roy students planted trees at the new Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre site. Ste. Anne artist Pierrette Sherwood hosted her first gallery show, at the Le Musée de St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg until Christmas. About three hundred people converged on KidZone in Steinbach to help raise over $3,500 in support of the Steinbach Fire Department. The event was held as a fundraiser for the Steinbach Fire Department and Cancer Care after a similar fundraiser was subjected to a brazen theft. A twenty-five year old Hadashville man was charged after the gravel truck he was driving failed to stop at a railway crossing and his vehicle collided with a train in Hadashville causing a detrailment.

November The Hanover School Division, Southern Health-Santé Sud and Steinbach Family Medical signed an agreement to provide onsite primary health care for students of the Steinbach Regional Secondary School (SRSS). Operating as a satellite extension of Steinbach Family Medical, the SRSS Health Clinic will be staffed with a full-time nurse practitioner. Governor General of Canada, David Johnston awarded Winnipeg native Lester Lehmann a Star of Courage for his selfless actions in protecting 26 students from armed gunmen. The students, all teenagers from Ste. Anne, were visiting the Dominican Republic on a humanitarian mission when the event took place. Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU) delegates re-elected Vita resident Michelle Gawronksy as President of the province’s largest union for a third term. More than four hundred Steinbach residents took part in painting workshops to create a community mural to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017. The mural will remain in Steinbach and will be connected virtually to the other murals on Canada150Mosaic.com.


Sixteen-year-old Tyler Klassen RM of Ste. Anne teen who died after being critically injured in a collision near Steinbach is being recognized as a hero for helping 45 people through organ donation.

When the St. Labre 200 committee gathered for their annual meeting, cheques were presented to La Broquerie Fire Chief Alain Nadeau on behalf of STARS and JR Audette on behalf of Lil Steps Miniatures. The money was raised during this year’s St. Labre 200.

Bothwell Cheese launches a Non-GMO Project Verified product line made with milk from dairy cows that are fed non-GMO crops. This distinction comes as Bothwell Cheese celebrates its 80th anniversary, having started as a cooperative in 1936 by a group of Manitoba dairy farmers. Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen will remain President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) for the next two years after delegates voted on the matter during their recent 18th annual convention. RM of Ritchot Mayor Jackie Hunt and her best friend Christina Redmond launched Kindred Project. At the end of the one-day blitz, over $1,000 in cash and a truckload of feminine hygiene products were collected at 5 different locations in Winnipeg. The items will be distributed to homeless shelters and other similar organizations in both Winnipeg and southern Manitoba. A 33-year-old hiker who was reported missing in Whiteshell Provincial Park was located unharmed over eighteen hours later.

Sergeant Wilson, along with Peggy, Rose, and Donna, from the Netherlands, perform before a sold out crowd at the Steinbach Legion as part of a fundraiser for the facility. Photo by Vintage And Vogue Photography

By the end of the day, La Broquerie Fire Chief Alain Nadeau raised over $78,000 after being stranded for the day on Carter Island near Pinawa, where he participated in a blend of survival and medical challenges while fundraising for STARS.

RM of Tache Municipal Fire Chief Peter Skjarland with retiring fire fighters Justin Legal, Dan Hrynchuk and George de Koninck and RM of Tache Mayor Robert Rivard. The three volunteer fire fighters retired with a combined 48 years of service to their community.

Today House Coordinator Shannon Kehler, Ryan Bergen (seated) and Matt Bergen check out a rebuild computer that was donated to the organization through the “Pay it Forward” program. The program is designed to put working computers into the hands of users who would otherwise not have access.


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Community Cat Cull continued... Continued from page 13...

There are no animal policies so people are just dumping cats and letting them run free. We need to do something.” “It is our own fault that we have this problem; we are letting cats roam and be free range and they are having kittens that grow up wild. They didn’t ask for this,” Rylan Churney noted. The shelters were listed on local community buy and sell sites, at no cost, so that residents can place them in spots where a feral or stray cat is known to call home. The worldwide feral cat population is estimated to be over 1 billion cats. In Manitoba, 15,000 cats go through rescues annually.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Holiday Tour Warms Audience in Steinbach

Local guest Visual Artist Arlene Enns produced this beautiful painting during the concert, using the evening’s festive music as her creative inspiration.

By Marianne Curtis On December 13, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) along with Juno-nominated guests Erin Propp & Larry Roy made a special stop in Steinbach as part of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Power Smart Holiday Tour. The festive program featured a variety of classic holiday favourites including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Sleigh Ride and a special reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ as well as an audience sing-along of beloved Christmas favourites.

Guest duo Erin Propp & Larry Roy were accompanied by the WSO as they performed delightful arrangements of What Child Is This, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and more. The concert also featured the Eastman Youth Choir a vocal ensemble comprised of local southeastern Manitoba youth singers, directed by Philip Lapatha. Visual Artist Arlene Enns created a painting in the church foyer during the concert, using the evening’s festive music as her creative inspiration. The finished piece was put up for sale as a fundraiser.

Len Neufeld, President of Three Way Builders who presented the Christmas story ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, narrated the evening. Claire Heide a local Grade 6 student from Stonybrook Middle School won the ‘I Want to Play with the Symphony Because...’ contest. She took to the stage as Maestro to conduct the WSO during one song. Runners up Hailey Loeppky and Rowan Doerksen were able to play champagne poppers with the orchestra later in the evening.

Sprague Athlete Named Tri-Star A grade 12 student from Ross L.Gray School, in Sprague becomes the most recent athlete from the southeast to be named as Tire Recycle Rural High School Athlete of the Week. On December 6, Quentin Sylvester of the Ross L. Gray Raiders basketball team became the second local student to earn this honour during the 2016-2017 school year. The 5’8” point guard led the Raiders to their fourth consecutive Shevchenko Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament Championship that took place the first weekend of December. Sylvester led the Raiders win an average of 35.7 points, 2 assists, and 7.7 steals per game. He was also named tournament MVP. “Quentin demonstrates tremendous leadership, both on the court and in the classroom,” said his coach Rob Stradeski. “He is constantly working with the younger players on improving their skills. He is always in the gym working on his game and improving his skill level. Quentin is a coach’s dream to work with.” Off the court, Sylvester maintains a 77 % academic average.

Quentin Sylvester

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017


Enzo Tracks Down Thieves On Saturday, December 10 at approximately 4:30 am, Steinbach RCMP responded to multiple alarms at the Canadian Tire in Steinbach. Attending officers observed a two passenger Off Road Vehicle at the rear of the store and two male subjects were seen departing. The vehicle was located a short time later in a ditch just off Loewen Blvd. During pursuit, the two suspects had fled on foot. Cst. Henderson and police dog partner “Enzo” were called to assist in the apprehension of the suspects. After tracking the suspects for approximately 90 minutes, Cst. Henderson and Enzo located both male subjects. Robert Marcel Lagasse, 42 years old, of Steinbach and Cameron Boychuk, 35 years old, of Winnipeg have been charged with break-

Pat Porter Active Living Centre offers programs, activities, services and volunteer opportunities, striving to promote healthy and active living for mature adults of the southeast region. We invite you to come, pay us a visit, and consider participating in some of our programs. RENTALS AND FUNCTIONS: We can accommodate the following but are not limited to Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Banquets, Conferences, Family Gatherings and More! Call Lynda at 204-3204603 for more information. RCMP Const. Henderson and police dog Enzo

ing and entering, possession of Both were taken into custody. property over $5,000, possession The investigation is on going. of break-in instruments and fleeing from Police.

Children Under 18? RRSPs! First, I would like to wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year! Hope 2017 is the best year yet for you and your family! If you have children under age 18, you really should consider purchasing RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) before the March 1, 2017 deadline. If you don’t have children under 18, give this article to someone who does! What makes RRSP contributions different this year compared to previous years? The new Canada Child Benefit (CCB) that changed last July 2016 makes things more interesting and puts more money in your pocket! First, a quick review of RRSPs. Most people understand how they work: you contribute to your RRSP (or a spousal RRSP) and you can deduct it from your other income on your tax return to reduce your taxable income, saving you tax dollars now. Actually, you are deferring the taxes until the time you take them out, but we will focus on the immediate tax savings for now. For the 2016 tax year, you have until March 1, 2017 to make an RRSP contribution and use the deduction on your 2016 income tax return. Depending on your tax bracket, the savings vary: if your taxable income is $45,000 or less, your tax savings are about 26-28%; if your income is $45,000 to $67,000, the tax savings are 33% and higher incomes save more in taxes. What makes things different now are for those of you that have children under age 18. The lower your combined taxable income, the more you get from the monthly Canada Child Benefit! Even more money in your pocket! Let’s look at a couple of examples. Let’s say your combined family income is $45,000 to $65,000 and you have two children. If you are the higher income spouse and your income is say $30,000 - $45,000, if you buy $1,000 RRSP, your tax savings are 28% or $280 AND you also increase your Canada Child Benefit

by 13.50% for the year: you will get $11 more per month starting July 2017, that’s another $135 for 12 months. The RRSP tax savings increased from 28% to 41%. Now we are talking some serious savings. So you still have the $1,000 in the RRSP for the future and you get back $410 from the government in combined savings. If you have three children, the savings increase to 47%; if you have four or more children, the savings increase to over 50%! You just got back over half of your $1,000 RRSP! Who potentially saves the most? Those families with combined income of $45,000 to $65,000 with one spouse earning between $45,000 - $65,000 and you have four or more children. Your savings could be over 56%! From a tax, planning point of view it may make sense for families to consider using RRSPs to reduce their taxable income for 2016 and every year. You would defer taxes and increase your CCB starting in July 2017. And the reverse is true too. If you have additional income (interest income for example), it’s like being taxed at a much higher rate since your Canada Child Benefit may be reduced too. Time to move any taxable interest income accounts to the Tax Free Savings Account! And maybe time to review any other income you are receiving and ask if there is anything you can do about it (defer or shelter it). I encourage families in January and February 2017 to do some tax planning “what ifs” and estimate the total savings from RRSP purchases. It’s more than just income taxes saved from now on. It may even be worth considering an RRSP loan to help save for your retirement and get maximum income tax and CCB savings now! If you want some help, call or email me or stop by my office and I can provide an estimate of your overall savings. I will need your combined

family net income (estimate it for 2016 by looking at year-end pay statements) and what each of your incomes are (will need to know the income of the higher income spouse). If we already have your info on file from your 2015 taxes, we can do some quick estimates for you. If you are a grandparent, maybe this would be a good way to help your children and grandchildren financially, by helping them buy an RRSP now. A reminder to all that Service Canada still comes to Ste Anne once a month (January 19, February 16, March 16) at the Bilingual Service Centre, 30 Dawson Road (next to my office). Programs and services offered are the same as those offered in person at a Service Canada Centre: Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, SIN, and Employment Insurance). And a final reminder to those that use their vehicle for self-employment income or employment income (employer signs a T2200): read your odometer January 1 (each year) to determine your total kms for the year! Please come to our annual Open House on Monday, January 30 from noon to 7 pm. Our tax team would love to see you before we get busy with your taxes starting February 15. Anni Markmann is a Personal Income Tax Professional and Certified Financial Planner; living, working, and volunteering in our community. Contact her at 204.422.6631 or 36 Dawson Road in Ste Anne (near Co-op) or Info@SteAnneTaxService.ca.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Volunteer with us - we could use volunteers in many different areas. Whatever your skill set or age, we have a place for you. Whether you can volunteer for an hour a month, week or day or several hours we can accommodate you with tasks. Call Lynda at 204-320-4603 for more information. SPECIAL EVENTS: Annual Fundraising Banquet – On January 23, 2017. Entertainment is Matt Falk and meal prepared by Pioneer Catering. Punch 6 pm, Supper 6:30 pm. Call Kim at 204-320-4602 for tickets or table sponsors. REGULAR ACTIVITIES: All Programs have a fee of $2 to participate. Choir Wednesdays 10 am – Noon. Call 204-320-4600 to register. Dancing Shoes/ Bridge/ Chess/ Scrabble/ Crokinole/ Yahtzee/ Pool: On Tuesdays, 7 - 9 pm. Cancelled Tuesday, January 3. Fun Bingo: On third Thursday of each month. 10 – 11 am. No Cash prizes - fun prizes offered. Movie Time: 4th Monday of each month. 1- 4 pm. Bring a snack or enjoy our popcorn, coffee or tea. Family generated movies. Everyone is welcomed. Drop in Billiards: Monday – Friday, 9 am - 4 pm.

Computer Classes: Wednesdays 9 am - 1 pm. Call 204-320-4600 to book an appointment. Cards: Monday - Canasta, Wednesday – Cribbage, Thursday – Whist. 1 – 4 pm and Tuesday - Bridge 7 – 9 pm. Pickleball: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays, 9 am – Noon. Floor Curling/Floor Shuffle: Wednesdays, 1:30 – 4 pm. Old Time Country Jam: Wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm. Ho Model Railway Project: Monday – Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. FREE PROGRAMS Crafty Corner: On Fridays from 2 - 4 pm. Bring your craft (anything goes – knitting, scrapbooking, woodwork, etc.) Have some good conversation, coffee and share in learning from each other. Cozy Corner Coffee Time: 10:30 am every morning for free coffee, tea and a cookie. Meet new people and staff in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. OTHER PROGRAMS / SERVICES PROVIDED: Noon Meals: Available Monday through Friday Cost $6. Come join us for lunch. Call Deb at 204-3204605 the day before or by 9 am that day to reserve your meal. Tai Chi: Monday evenings at 7 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10 am. Foot Care Clinic: Foot care is available the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month and the third Tuesday and Thursday of every month. Call Reception Desk at 204320-4600 to book an appointment. Beltone Hearing Clinic: Third Friday of the month. Call 1-800-6612653 to book your appointment. For more information on our programs, activities or volunteer opportunities, drop by the Centre Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 4 pm or call reception at 204-320-4600 or Lynda at 204-320-4603 and visit our website at patporteralc.com.


January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Deeply Privileged that God Would Use Us Ephesians 3:7-8… 7) I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power. 8) Although I am less than the least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given me to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ, (NIV) What makes a person humble? Have you ever felt humbled when you discovered that you had the privilege of, let’s say, “Teaching some very profound truth.” Now, by that I mean discovering Biblical truths about God’s plan for yourself and others. God has placed an idea, a thought within your heart, placed there by the Holy Spirit, to make this truth known. That is an overwhelming experience that does not fill the human heart with foolish pride, but rather humbles a human heart. Let’s say for a moment we have an idea for our community. And in that mental picture the Holy Spirit made us aware that our group of believers is not like a company, it is not departments run by Presidents but a living organism of God’s redeemed people. Now in that vision we are called to minister the message of love to others. We are called to submit to God’s authority. We are called to make known God’s grace and wisdom as it has been revealed to us. And then we find that the greatness of the message does not come from the messenger but from Jesus Christ. And we feel humbled and deeply privileged that God would use us in this way. When we have been called to work in a leadership role we soon find that we are undergoing and experiencing some technical glitches, better known to us as testing, trials that we had not experienced before. We find that our time is not our own. We sense that our popularity is not as great as we felt it might be with this new position. We soon realize it even costs us some money. It is now that a new thought springs to life in our mind and we wrestle with the idea that other folks are victimizing us. This is a tough situation for us. Now we learn the truth behind the fact that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against evil forces. Forces that want to stop us from ministering to others. It is at this time that we must sort through some difficult thoughts that enter our mind and heart. Our mind is now working feverishly. We are asking ourselves whether we are doing this service for show and tell or are we really championing the cause of Christ. Notice what the apostle Paul says, “Just think,” he says. “I do not deserve this privilege that has been given to me, I feel so useless, as though I am the most useless Christian there is. But! I was chosen for this special joy and excitement, adventure and thrill of telling others the Great News, the Good News of the endless riches available to them in Christ Jesus. And then explain to everyone that Jesus Christ was sent by God to be our Saviour. And that we can now come freely and fearlessly into God’s presence, assured of His welcome because we have put our faith and trust in His Son Jesus Christ . . . that is a privilege. A thought to consider. When we are involved in Christian service, and I suppose it does not matter where, or what we are asked to do. We will soon find that it would be impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit. We must never lose heart when our Christian service is not treating us the way we thought we should be treated. In the end, we can be assured that Christ’s glorious, unlimited resources have been made available to us. And Jesus Christ will give us that mighty inner strength through the power of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory great things He has done. A Great Way to Start the New Year… All the best. Would you pray this prayer with me, “Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have the peace in my heart that I yearn for. I really want that peace, joy and happiness that will fulfill my heart’s desire. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will honour Your Name.” Amen.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

The Light of the World Keeps Us Warm

Trust everyone has survived the Christmas season with all the family gatherings, church services, the fun activities and the times of fellowship and friendship. There was no doubt, we had a white Christmas! But now it’s a new year and it’s back to the old routine (whatever that is). Surveys tell us that January is the most depressing time of the year. The excitement of Christmas is over and there is a natural let down. Also, all the bills we procrastinated to pay last month are now due or overdue. The weather is cold and the sun doesn’t shine as many hours. So, what’s the solution? If you can afford the time and the cash, you can fly off to some nice warm beach down south. But what do the rest of us do, who can’t do that? Fortunately, the Bible has an answer. It has the answer for every problem you face in life. In Malachi 4:2 it says, “But unto you that fear my (God’s) name shall the Sun of righteousness arise…” This verse is talking about God’s Son, but it uses ‘Sun’ instead of ‘Son’. So, if you look at some of the benefits our physical sun gives to you, then you will see what God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, will do for you. “Doth not even nature itself teach you?” The Sun gives us heat. We think it’s cold outside. Imagine what it would be like without the sun. Absolute zero is said to be -273o centigrade. That makes -30o centigrade a whole lot more acceptable. Jesus Christ can warm your heart today, no matter how cold the situation appears. I Peter 5:7 says, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” The Sun also gives life. If the sun quit shining, all life as we know it would disappear. Jesus Christ said, “I am the life…” There is no spiritual life apart from knowing Christ. “He that hath the Son hath life”, I John 5:12. Christ said in John 10:10, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” The Sun gives light. Without light, there would be no life. Christ said in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world.” This cold January, Christ wants to light up your heart by giving you eternal life, but only if you want it. The Sun heals. As a veterinarian I was told the sun shining on cattle helps them produce vitamin D. Without this they become sickly and prone to other diseases. Spending time with the Son of God will heal your spiritual diseases and bring excitement into your life. The Sun encourages people and makes them feel better. You feel better on a bright sunny day than you do when it’s cloudy, dreary and cold. Jesus Christ will encourage your heart if you let Him in. I Peter 1:8 talks of joy unspeakable and Philippians 4:7 talks about the peace of God that passeth all understanding. Does Christ’s peace and joy encourage you today? Lastly, the Sun keeps us in our proper place. The gravitational force of the sun keeps all the planets in perfect rotation around the sun. Without the pull of the sun, the earth would spin off into outer space and we would be destroyed. Colossians 1:17 says, “And he (Christ) is before all things, and by him all things consist (keep on going).” I Peter 1:5 says we are “kept by the power of God.” If you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, He will warm and encourage your heart, give you light, heal your soul’s diseases, give you eternal life and lead you step by step on your earthly journey, no matter how difficult or depressing it looks on the outside. Look to Jesus Christ today!

January 2017


Ritchot Earns LEED Recognition for IDC Complex By Marianne Curtis

At the beginning of December, the RM of Ritchot was presented with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) award in recognition of the municipality’s district geothermal system. Roger Perron, who was part of the project from the beginning, explained that when the TransCanada Centre was being built, it was decided to build it to the standard of LEED Silver because of the district geothermal system and the energy efficiency system. “As the RM of Ritchot was building to the LEED Silver standard, they were able to obtain a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and a debenture at a very attractive interest rate,” said Perron. “Because the TransCanada Centre was funded by a Federal and Provincial grant, the minimum level the RM had to attain was the Silver level.” In 2012, the TransCanada Centre won the Energy Sector award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) competing against other Municipalities across Canada. The district geothermal system (3 or more buildings) which heats and cools the TransCanada Centre, IDC Arena and the IDC Firehall was the first district municipal system in Canada. In early 2015, the EMS

Ritchot Mayor Jackie Hunt accepts the plaque, which shows the LEED designation for the district geothermal system that connects the TCC, IDC Arena, IDC Fire Hall and IDC Ambulance station. Photo by Marianne Curtis

garage was built in IDC and it was added to the district geothermal system. The TransCanada Centre was completed and occupied in October, 2011. The LEED Silver designation was not finalized until August, 2016. The glass plaque recognizing the special designation will be posted at the entrance of the TransCanada Centre.


January 2017

Snow Blower Contemplations Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope that your year ended well and that your next year is off to a great start. This year for Christmas, we all received a healthy, heaping dose of all natural snow. Wow, did it come down on Christmas evening and into Boxing Day! Of course, when God gives us this much snow, it falls onto the backs of some people to clear it off our walks and driveways. Now I’ll admit that I liked the look of the snow coming down and piling up on the yard but I was much less cheerful about it plugging up my driveway. With a driveway that is approximately 300 feet long, even with my walk-behind snow blower, I was not looking forward to the hours that it would take me to get it all done. Bundling up, I went out, began to chip away at the snow bank near the garage, and began clearing the area in front of the house. That taken care of I started the long process of slowly walking down my driveway. Back and forth I went, pass after pass, spending extra time at the end where a passing snowplow had thrown snow from the road onto my driveway. There was a few moments where I was wishing that someone from my family was walking with me, not that there was anything for them to help me with but sometimes it is just nice to know that there is someone who is there with you through the struggles. After the feelings of aloneness passed I started to realize something, the mindless, near zombie-like walking of snow blowing was freeing up my brain to contemplate other matters. I can remember recalling memories about my children, my wife, my dog and family trips. I even thought back on a movie that my wife and I had watched recently that playfully looked at what would happen if all men began dying off and only women were left. While done with humour there were quite a few thought-provoking moments within it. I find it interesting that while at first I had not looked forward to the work, in the end the work led me to a wonderful time of contemplation. I wonder how many moments in our lives could be changed for the better just by us looking more into the positive than the negative? With a busy life, these moments of solitude and reflection are sometimes lost; it was a joy to find some again. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.

Driving Under Influence Results in Temporary Suspension On December 14 at approximately 11:20 pm, Steinbach RCMP observed a vehicle travelling on Hwy 12 near Penfeld Drive without headlights turned on. Police conducted a traffic stop and determined that the driver had recently consumed alcohol. A roadside breath analyzer was administered. As a result of driving under the influence, a 48-year male from Steinbach received a 72-hour suspension of his licence.

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Steinbach’s Emergency Program Exceeds Standards By Marianne Curtis The City of Steinbach was recently named as one of three communities recognized by the province for having emergency preparedness programs that meet or exceed standards. On December 28, the Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Awards were handed out to the City of Steinbach, Town of Snow Lake, and the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul. The Awards, which recognize communities with programs meeting or exceeding standards, were presented by Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen, responsible for emergency measures. “These communities have demonstrated excellence in developing and maintaining their emergency preparedness programs,” said Pedersen. “We applaud the efforts of the emergency management teams in these municipalities who, with the support of elected leaders, clearly understand the importance of reducing the risk of disaster impacts on their communities through effective emergency preparedness.” Preparedness includes detailed hazard and risk assessment, preparation and maintenance of emergency plans, public education programs, use of social media to communicate with the public and excellent emergency management and response training programs. The Emergency Measures Act requires Manitoba communities to have emergency preparedness programs. The awards recognize four levels of achievement in community preparedness, modelled on Canadian and international best practices and standards. Joe Masi, Executive Director, Association of Manitoba Municipalities said emergencies can happen at any time and without warning, so preparation is key. “While most communities do have an emergency plan in place, these three municipalities have gone above and beyond to ensure they, and their citizens, will be in the best position to handle any emergency that may arise,” Masi added. The awards are presented annually and include public recognition by the Manitoba government, a framed certificate and road signs stating, ‘We are a Prepared Community’.

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2017



January 2017

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

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