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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019

Voters Can Choose from Many Provincial Voting Options

Fun for All Ages at Dawson Trail Days

Hundreds of spectators lined Ste. Anne’s Main Street as the annual Dawson Trail Days Parade made its way through town. The parade was one of many fun family friendly activities that took place during year’s event which took place over the Photos by Marianne Curtis September long weekend.

Manitoba voters have many convenient ways to vote in the upcoming election. Advance Voting There are over 300 advance voting locations throughout the province, including every returning office, as well as other convenient locations such as shopping malls, university campuses, The Forks, Polo Park, St. Vital Centre, Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital and Richardson International Airport. Eligible voters can vote at any advance voting location. Advance voting runs from August 29 to September 5, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Saturday and from noon to 6:00 pm Sunday, with some exceptions. Check the Elections Manitoba website for locations and hours at electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/Advance_Voting. Absentee Voting Voters who will be away can apply for absentee voting. Applications are available online or from the returning office. The deadline to apply for absentee voting is 8:00 pm on September 7, but to ensure that the ballot kit is delivered with enough time to return it, voters should try to apply before August 30. All applications must include copies of government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or two other forms of acceptable ID. Homebound Voting Voters who are unable to go in person to a voting place due to a disability may apply to vote at home. Caregivers may also apply to vote at the same time. Applications for homebound voting are available at electionsmanitoba.ca or from the returning office. Applications, including copies of ID, must be received at the returning office by 8:00 pm on September 9. Voting with Assistance In addition to homebound voting, Elections Manitoba provides several services to assist voters with disabilities: - Voters may request a language or sign language interpreter. To access this service, voters should make arrangements with the returning office by September 2. We will do our best to accommodate requests. - Voting places have Braille ballot templates, large print lists of candidates, magnifying rulers and easy-grip pencils. - Voters may bring someone with you to help you vote or a voting officer may assist you. Everyone must show ID to vote, either one piece of government-issued photo ID, or two other pieces. On Election Day only, voters on the list who do not have ID may have another voter from their electoral division vouch for them. To find the Elections Manitoba returning office in your electoral division, visit electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/ ReturningOfficers.

September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Manitobans Head to the Polls on September 10 By Marianne Curtis At the close of nominations, 235 political hopefuls, including most incumbents have put their names forward as candidates in the upcoming

provincial election. In our region, we have fourteen candidates in four constituencies, including Dawson Trail, Springfield-Ritchot, La Verendrye and Steinbach.

Voters will be heading to the polls on September 10, after Premier Brian Pallister called an early election. The next provincial election was supposed to take place October 6, 2020.

Premier Brian Pallister and incumbent PC candidate Bob Lagasse spend time with voters recently in Lorette. Submitted photo

With an end to campaigning in sight, some voters are still voicing confusion over the new election boundaries changes. Boundaries were adjusted to ensure population balance and, to the extent possible, respect the designated bilingual areas. Accordingly, the rural municipalities of Ritchot and the western part of Springfield along with the Town of Niverville are grouped together because of their capital region interests. The name of this electoral division is now Springfield-Ritchot. The eastern part of the Rural Municipality of Springfield is added to Dawson Trail. Long time Springfield representative Ron Schuler (PC) has his work cut out trying to convince Ritchot voters that he is the right choice for them. While he comes with a lengthy portfolio dating back to 1999, he is being challenged by Garrette Hawgood (Green), Sara Mirwaldt (Lib) and Sam Okoi (NDP). Dawson Trail incumbent (and resident of Landmark) Bob Lagasse will have to convince voters that he is still the right choice. In the previous election the majority of votes that got him elected originated from the St. Adolphe area, which is no longer included. He is being challenged by Echo Asher (NDP) and Robert Rivard (Lib). Another significant change is the

split the RM of Hanover into both the Steinbach and the La Verendrye constituencies. For Steinbach, incumbent candidate Kevin Goertzen (PC) is being challenged by three candidates to including Janine Gibson (Green), Robert Jessup (NDP), LéAmber Kensley (Lib). Goertzen has represented the community since he was first elected in 2003. In La Verendrye, Dennis Smook is hoping to be re-elected for a third time. The Vita native is being challenged by Erin McGee (NDP) who has worked for the Manitoba Nurses Union and Lorena Mitchell (Lib) the founder and President of a small business Evolve Green, a renewable energy company. The top issues of the region continue to be health care, infrastructure, employment creation and retention, and community programs including drug treatment programs to combat the rising problem of drugs and crime. Anyone who is a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age on or before Election Day and a resident of Manitoba for at least 6 months before Election Day can cast their vote. Voters who did not receive a voter card should bring proper identification to the polls to be able to cast their ballot. To find out more about the local candidates in each constituency, refer to the candidate bios in another part of this issue.

Stuartburn and Piney Get Economic Funding Both the RM of Piney and the RM of Stuartburn are celebrating their success after they successfully gained funding under the Building Sustainable Communities Program. RM of Stuartburn council confirmed that the funding was in support of the partnership with the RM of Piney for the Piney Stuartburn Pillars of Economic Development. “Both municipalities are looking to create a full time position focused on Community Economic Development, Sunrise Corner Tourism and Community Development Projects,” stated a notice by the RM of Stuartburn council. RM of Piney added that the goal of the initiative to, “improve upon and

provide a foundation of prospering, stable communities where families can call home.” They further list that there are several components to the project that include investigation into economic opportunities, research and development of community profiles to help market the region, and foster investment. It was noted that youth retention and engagement was key, along with providing opportunities to encourage youth to stay in the region. The final stage of the plan would involve marketing and raising awareness to the potential grown that exists in the both the RM of Piney and Stuartburn.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019

2019 Provincial Election Candidate Bios These are the candidates vying for your vote, per constituency including Dawson Trail, La Verendrye, Springfield-Ritchot and Steinbach.

La Verendrye

Springfield - Ritchot

Dawson Trail

NDP – Erin McGee

NDP – Echo Asher Echo Asher is a bilingual self-employed photographer from the Anola area. She is married to Brian Asher and has two children. Before she started her own business, she worked at the Royal Canadian Mint giving tours in French and English. She is passionate about the environment and wants to make sure her children – and all our children – can enjoy the natural world long into the future. She is running because she wants to work with a government that will put the well-being of everyday people first.

From Ile des Chenes, Erin McGee works for the Manitoba Nurses Union, providing administrative support for front-line workers and union representatives. She sees how health care cuts hurt nurses, patients and their families, and strongly supports a public health care system that works for all of us. She wants to work to fix the health care crisis. Erin has served as president of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 342 for over a decade, representing and supporting office workers throughout Manitoba to improve their working conditions.

Green Party – Garrette Hawgood Garrette Hawgood lives in Niverville with his wife Kate (a teacher), and their three young daughters. A long time paramedic, he volunteers with the Niverville Fire Department. An entrepreneur, Hawgood started a first aid and CPR company with his best friend. Garrett believes in instilling these habits such as commuting and composting into the next generation both at home and at school, giving them the foundation to become leaders and innovators in the green solutions needed for the sustainability of our planet and each other.

PC – Ron Schuler Ron Schuler was first elected as the MLA for Springfield in 1999; and re-elected in 2003 and 2007, and again in 2011 and 2016 in the redrawn constituency of St. Paul. Schuler previously served as Minister of Crown Services and, since August 2017, has served as the Minister of Infrastructure. He looks forward to continuing his service to the new Springfield-Ritchot constituency as part of a strong, united PC Team that is properly managing Manitoba’s finances, growing our economy, and improving services people rely on.

NDP – Robert Jessup Rob Jessup lives and works in Steinbach with his wife Michelle and two school-aged children. He has a focused plan to give his constituents a strong voice in the legislature starting with better health care, especially for families outside of Winnipeg. He plans to advocate for a comprehensive plan to address the addiction crisis, for strategic investments that grow the economy and create more job opportunities, and he wants to make sure the diverse needs of those living in Steinbach and the surrounding area are being heard and met.


Liberal LéAmber Kensley

PC – Bob Lagassé

Liberal – Lorena Mitchell

Incumbent candidate Bob Lagassé was first elected in 2016. The St. Adolphe native now lives in Landmark. He is the eldest of four siblings and was raised in a bilingual Métis home in St. Adolphe. Since his election, he has been a strong voice for the communities of Dawson Trail. He introduced the Rail Safety Awareness Week Act, which subsequently passed and has become law in Manitoba. He is eager to continue serving the communities of the new Dawson Trail constituency as part of a strong, united PC Team that is building a better future for Manitoba families.

Lorena Mitchell, from Marchand has owned and operated a few businesses in her career. She is the founder and President of Evolve Green, a renewable energy company. She also spent 10 years with the Royal Canadian Mint. In her last 8 years at the Mint she was the Lead Hand of the Plating Plant. Lorena is an active community volunteer, and is the fundraising chair for the Parent Committee of the 307 Stoney Brook Air Cadets.

Liberal – Robert Rivard Ste. Anne native Robert Rivard is best known for his work as a school board trustee and RM of Tache Reeve. He, along with wife Claire and family have spent almost all their lives in Dawson Trail. As Tache Reeve, he worked to improve the relationship between council and administration, and completed many major projects. He was instrumental in establishing a successful new park at the Centre of Canada. He believes Manitoba is a great place to live and grow as a family and community, and that we must always work to make it better, protecting education, health care and all of the essential services vulnerable people need.

Green Party – Janine Gibson Liberal – Sara Mirwaldt Sara Mirwaldt is the Chair of the Young Liberals of Canada (Manitoba) board, which is the Liberal Party of Canada’s provincial youth chapter. The 20-year old Oakbank native, who plans on being a lawyer, recently finished her second year at University of Manitoba.

PC – Dennis Smook

NDP – Sam Okoi

Incumbent candidate Dennis Smook was elected as MLA for La Verendrye in 2011 and was reelected in 2016. For the past forty years, he along with his wife Gwen owned and operated a business in his home town of Vita. He is a strong supporter of small business and agriculture, believing they are key to a thriving local economy in La Verendrye. He truly enjoys serving the constituents and is proud to be part of a government that offers a plan that will create new opportunities for Manitoba to thrive and build a better future for all residents.

Obasesam (Sam) Okoi is a proud husband and father with over ten years of experience supporting organizations and programs that fight poverty and advocate for equal opportunity for women, children and seniors. He is passionate about a society where families can thrive, where childcare is affordable, where health care is accessible, and where the rights of women, children and seniors are protected. He believes the failures of the Pallister government calls for reform in the healthcare and education systems as well as local economic development and would be committed to addressing these challenges.

Janine Gibson is an agricultural consultant with 30 years experience in promoting more resilient solutions to operations management. Since 1997, Janine has experience writing and updating the Canadian Organic Standards as a member of the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Agriculture Technical Committee. She plans to use her experience to bring important perspectives on resilience to government discussions and policies. She is passionate about using resources wisely and being truly conservative in that regard. She looks forward to working on behalf of all her constituents to build policies that address core issues like housing, poverty, healthcare and of course environmental justice!

PC – Kelvin Goertzen Kelvin Goertzen was elected as the MLA for Steinbach in 2003 and re-elected in 2007, 2011 and 2016. He is a seasoned cabinet minister after serving as Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, then Minister of Education and Training and re-assumed the role of Government House Leader. He is extremely active in his local community, having served as vice-president of both the Steinbach Arts Council and the Steinbach Food Bank. He and his wife Kim have one son and are proud to call Steinbach their home.

LéAmber Kensley was born in Manitoba to a military family with deep roots in the community. She has raised four children in Manitoba with her partner. LéAmber is involved with the Institute of International Women’s Rights Manitoba as an organizer. She completed her Advanced Bachelor’s degree at the University of Manitoba. After graduation began addictions counseling, spending fifteen years in the field as a care worker, assessment worker, and counsellor between Salvation Army, Behavioural Health Foundation, and Aurora Recovery Centre. She is currently a rehabilitation counsellor with the Canadian Paraplegic Association Manitoba. As a front line worker, LéAmber is very familiar with the challenges modern society presents, and how instrumental the social services are to Manitobans who are living through those challenges. While she has been able to effect changes individually for people as a front line worker, she believes that she can affect greater change working from the Legislature.

On Tuesday Sept. 10th, 2019 get out and vote! See page 1 for voting options

September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Entitlements and the Election Doldrums The one and only Provincial election debate was short on message and annoyingly embarrassing on lack of information. Two leaders speaking over each other made you wonder if the two party leaders who have led Manitoba since most of us can remember are too tired and entitled. Why did they leave their adult personas at home when we would have been better served by serious grownups and not politics as usual? I am mostly back where I was before the debate, too little information, and annoyed. Yes Manitobans were having misgivings about the NDP management style which was too expensive and prone to gaffs and mismanagement. The PC’s have opened the health file in hope of delivering shorter waiting times and other efficiencies. The lack of visible progress and poor staff morale is making Manitobans nervous. Couple that with what will be needed to happen in rural Manitoba vis-a-vis efficiencies we can only wonder how and what type of health care rural Manitoban’s will actually get. Lack of information about our Health Care’s future is very likely our collective number one or two concerns. Paying down the deficit is a good goal but not thanking the Feds for the vastly increased transfer payments over what the previous administration got is likely the real reason for the extra cash. Being disingenuous about larger transfer payments is lying by omission yes, but still embarrassing. Too much BS makes people stay home or vote for a Trump like buffoon. There is one topic missing from the conversation we should be having, Global warming. Conservatives seem very reluctant to engage on a subject which will end up costing much more than we can imagine. Focus will be in order. Human sustainability is the prize. Perhaps we should look at the other two gentlemen in that debate since you two; the PC and NDP seem to have too many difficulties with concentration.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Liberals in Provencher Nominate Kirczenow as Candidate The Liberal Party has nominated Trevor Kirczenow as the Party’s candidate for the Provencher electoral district for the upcoming federal election. A community organizer, author, and healthcare researcher, Kirczenow is Canada’s first-ever openly transgender candidate to run federally for a major party. He received the nomination from the Provencher Federal Liberal Association at the Springfield Library in Dugald on August 17. Kirczenow lives on an acreage near Dugald with his husband and two children, ages 8 and 4. “I wanted to raise my kids in a rural setting, the way I grew up,” Kirczenow said, noting that their family farming roots in Canada go back eleven generations. Terry Hayward, Chair of the Provencher Federal Liberal Association and past Liberal Candidate for Provencher, welcomed Trevor and thanked him for stepping forward as a candidate. “Trevor is a talented individual with a wealth of experience. He is a community focused individual willing to work hard for all residents of Southeast Manitoba.” Kirczenow said his top two priorities are the environment and the economy. “Especially in farming communities, we can’t pretend that the environment isn’t an important issue. Most if not all of our riding is suffering from ongoing drought. For the second year in a row, livestock farmers will be eligible for federal tax relief on cattle sales due to the lack of forage. Some farmers are trying out innovative methods to conserve moisture and improve soil health, and they should be supported in doing so. The environment and the economy are linked.” Kirczenow currently volunteers as a Director and breed registrar for the Ojibwe Horse Society, a national not-for-profit which aims to preserve and educate about Canada’s only Indigenous-developed horse breed. As part of his work for the Society, he collaborates with breeders and genetics experts across the continent. An accomplished classical violin-

ist, Kirczenow played full-time with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra while earning an Honours BA in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. He then earned a coveted first violin position with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and performed with the group for four years until his first child was born. Kirczenow discovered that there was little information for medical practitioners with transgender clients such as him. This led him to assemble a research study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to examine the experiences of transgender parents with pregnancy, birth, and infant feeding. His memoir, “Where’s The Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad” was released to critical acclaim and led to international speaking engagements and conference presentations. Kirczenow started the first online support community for transgen-

Piney to Host Coffee with Council

During September, residents from the RM of Piney will have two opportunities to meet with their elected representatives during special “Coffee with Council” community meet and greets. According to council the purpose of the meetings is to give ratepayers within the RM of Piney an opportunity to join the council for coffee and voice concerns or ask council any questions they may have.

der parents interested in pregnancy and birth. In addition, he has served Manitoban and Canadian families for the past seven years as a volunteer for La Leche League, a breastfeeding support organization. About running for political office, Kirczenow said, “I want to contribute in a meaningful way to the political conversation in Provencher and take that to Ottawa. I think we need an MP who will listen to the whole diversity of voices in our communities. An MP needs to be able to listen to all constituents.” Winnipeg Centre MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette said, “Trevor has demonstrated leadership and courage in the battle for basic human rights. We need more people like Trevor to stand up, be heard, and build a more inclusive Manitoba.” The 43rd Canadian general election is scheduled to take place on October 21.

Trevor at home.

Council has also invited Bluestem Development Ltd. to give a brief presentation on the municipality’s Development Plan and give Piney residents an opportunity to discuss that as well. The three meetings will take place September 9 at the Sandilands Park or Woodridge Fire Hall if it rains and September 11 at the Middlebro Community Hall. All meetings will start at 6:30 pm and run until 8:30 pm.

Please note that our regular political columnists are taking a break due to the upcoming provincial elections.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Border Hours Top of Falk’s Meet with US Officials On August 29, Provencher MP Ted Falk met with officials to discuss border crossing hour changes that affect several communities in the region. Falk travelled to Lancaster and Roseau, Minnesota, to meet with members of the US House of Representatives to discuss the change in border crossing hours. “Reduced border hours on the American side of the border are a real problem for residents in Provencher,” said Falk. “I was very pleased that we were able to get the proposed decrease in hours on the Canadian side cancelled last November. However, the problem still exists on the US side and it affects both Canadians and Americans.” At the meeting, Falk met with Congressman Collin Peterson (DMinn), and Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss), along with directors from US Customs and Border Protections. Also in attendance were numerous citizens and community leaders, including Reeves and Councillors from affected municipalities. Last fall, hours at the Lancaster port (Tolstoi) were reduced from 8 am to 10 pm to 8 am to 8 pm during the summer, while winter hours were reduced to 8 am to 6 pm. In midSeptember, hours at the port will be

on the winter hour’s schedule. At the Roseau port (South Junction), hours were reduced from 8 am to midnight to 8 am to 8 pm year-round. “Canadians who live along the border are inextricably linked together with the communities on the American side,” said Falk. “These changes have created numerous problems for people who rely on crossing the border regularly.” Last fall, MP Falk worked with the Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. “I spoke directly with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in Ottawa when the news of the reduction of hours came to light. I shared with him letters from the local Reeve’s and MLAs of the areas affected. And, of course, I joined with the hundreds of local residents to share my concerns at the public meetings, which were held after the decision had already been made. We were so pleased when those changes were put on hold.” Now, Falk is working with those on the US side to return this important service to these affected communities. “Hopefully we’re as successful in convincing US officials to change their decision as we were here in Canada,” Falk noted with optimism.

Provencher MP Ted Falk travelled to the US to discuss the new hours of operation at the US border ports of entry with US congressmen and leaders, along with numerous citizens and community leaders, including Reeves and Councillors from affected municipalities.

St. Malo Woman Acclaimed to MMF Board At the close of the August 21 nomination deadline, Marielle Gauthier of St. Malo was acclaimed as a new member of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) board to represent the southeast region. The Chief Electoral Officer of the Manitoba Métis Federation announced that he had declared elected by acclamation after being the only eligible candidate that filed nomination papers by the deadline.

Gauthier is a long time member of the MMF and has served for many years as the SecretaryTreasurer of the St. Malo local. She will be sworn in as a member of the MMF caucus at a later date which will be set by the President of the MMF, David Chartrand. As a result of her acclamation the September 12 by-election has been cancelled.

September 2019

Former Stuartburn Reeve Dies RM of Stuartburn residents are mourning the loss of their former Reeve Jim Swidersky, after he passed away suddenly on August 18. He was 55 years old. Swidersky, who was a well known community advocate in the area was born and raised in the Zhoda area where he was known as a loving family man. He leaves behind a young son. When he was not with his family, Swidersky was out working hard as a municipal councillor and reeve. RM of Stuartburn CAO Lucie Maynard told media that Swidersky had a big heart and cared for the community, people and staff.

“You say Jim Swidersky’s name and people know who you’re talking about,” Maynard said. “It’ll take some time to get over the shock of losing Jim.” Swidersky was instrumental in helping bring improved cell service to the area after leading his municipality, through several emergency situations, including wildfires in 2011 and 2012; and snow storms. During each of these emergencies the lack of cell service hindered emergency operations which became a huge motivator to press for government interference to add more towers. The former Reeve lost his own Zhoda home to a wildfire in 2018.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities expressed condolences, remembering Swidersky as a person who pushed for a standardized municipal fire ban sign across Manitoba following the wildfires. AMM Executive Director Joe Masi said Swidersky was a committed municipal official and a good man. “He was a very engaged and dedicated member for his community,” Masi said. Swidersky was also instrumental in the creation and adoption of a universal Fire Ban sign for municipalities throughout the province of Manitoba.

September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dust Flies During Richer Rodeo By Marianne Curtis For two and a half days in August, the community of Richer became rodeo central when the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo kicked off their seventh consecutive event from August 9 to 11. The Richer Rough Stock Rodeo attracted over 200 competitors in crowd pleasing events such as bull

riding, tie-down roping, team roping, barrel racing, steer wrestling and saddle bronco. Five of the six previous years, the event claimed the coveted Heartland Rodeo Association’s title of “Rodeo of the Year”. Pat Stolwyk, Richer Rodeo Committee President said that the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo has come a long

way in seven years and the secret to their success is the dedicated volunteers who step up to ensure its ongoing success and growth. “Every year we count on over 100 volunteers, some who come from a distance, but most come from our small community and neighbouring communities. This event would not happen without

the dedication and generosity of these people,” said Stolwyk. The Richer Rough Stock Rodeo offered a variety of activities for the entire family, including a trade show with vendors unique to the area, kids’ activities and live music. Weekend events kicked off Friday with the 4-H “Horsin’ Around” for Crafts, Games and Horsemanship. The infamous Bull-nanza took

place in the evening, followed by the infamous Rodeo Social. Saturday started with a pancake breakfast, followed by a parade and rodeo. In the evening, “The Ricky Smits” took to the stage and performed for a packed arena. The trading post, petting zoo, Family Fun Zone, and mechanical bull were big hits during all three days.

Holding on for 8 seconds during the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo.

Hundreds lined Richer’s Main Street to enjoy the official rodeo parade.

Photos by Marianne Curtis

Rodeo President Wins Volunteer Award The Dawson Trail Dispatch surprised Rodeo Committee President Pat Stolwyk and his family with a special award at the end of this year’s Richer Rough Stock Rodeo. Committee member and editor of the Dawson Trail Dispatch Dan Guetre presented the award. He explained to the crowd that the entire family deserved the award as they were known for going above and beyond for their involvement not only in the community but with other events and organizations across the province. “They are a prime example of how one can juggle family while still helping their neighbours,” Guetre said. “They have even opened up their homes to children and made them part of their fam- Marc Lanouette, vice-president of the Rodeo Committee (far left) looks on as Dan Guetre (far ily. They are an asset to this com- right) presents the award to (from left to right) Pat’s son-in-law Marty Pitura, Pat and Betty Photo by Marianne Curtis munity,” Guetre concluded. Stolwyk, and their daughter Corissa Pitura.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019

September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dairy Barn Loss Impacts Family and Industry

Approximately 800 dairy cows died when four barns went up in flames at Penwood Dairy, near Steinbach. Submitted photo

A family and the dairy industry suffered a major blow earlier this month when an estimated 800 head of cattle were killed when a fire ripped through a dairy barn near Steinbach on August 12. The Steinbach Fire Department was called to Penwood Dairy Inc. northeast of Steinbach, around 4:42 am. According to Kelvin Toews, Chief

of the Steinbach Fire Department, three barns were burning when crews first arrived, but the flames spread to a fourth, and all four were destroyed. He said all the people working inside the barns at the time of the fire were able to get out safely. Toews added that there were about 1,000 animals in the barns, but only 200 were rescued.

About 60 firefighters from La Broquerie and four other communities, Steinbach, Blumenort, New Bothwell and Ste. Anne fire departments were all fighting the blaze. “Anytime you’re fighting a rural fire, you’ve got water issues,” said Toews. “Getting adequate water is always tough, that’s why we called in all the other departments to assist us.” Toews said most of the fire was under control shortly after 11 pm, but crews remained at the scene dealing with hot spots. The fire came as the dairy farm was reportedly preparing to expand its herd to 1,700 cattle. Penwood Dairy farm was one of the biggest milk producers in the province, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba said it represents approximately 2.5% of Manitoba’s milk production.

September 2019


Playground Unveiling Highlight of Carrick Days It may have rained on and off throughout the weekend of August 10 and 11, but spirits could not be dampened during the 27th Annual Carrick Days. For two days, people returned to their roots from far and wide to the tiny community that lies almost hidden between Marchand and Woodridge. Gates opened at noon Saturday with a community parade followed by the legendary Horseshoe Some of the community children cut the ribbon to ofTournament. Other events ficially open the new playground at the historic Carincluded inflatable bounc- rick School. ers, dunk tank, along with kids’ games and the corn and pig features were built by volunteers roast. Live entertainment was pro- and funded through the Heavenly vided by Darren Lavalee Band and Pines Campaign for Kids. With Carrick Days only a few weeks Ten@2 Band. On Sunday, everyone gathered away, volunteers had worked again for a community feast of pan- diligently towards completing the cakes and sausages followed by a beautiful new play park. Campaign for Kids coordinator Beanbag Tournament. One of the highlights of the Rosalie Stelmack said the design weekend was the official unveil- was picked out by members of the ing of a brand new playground on community of Carrick. The group the grounds of the historic Carrick fund raised over $5,000 for the School. The play structure and other project.

A Sign? Ron Schuler, PC Candidate for Springfield-Ritchot constituency may be a little confused or unaware of whom he is trying to represent in the next Manitoba Legislature as his distributed signs misspelled Ritchot (below) and no one on his team caught it. But to put this in perspective, even the RM of Ritchot can get it wrong. In a quick review, their own recreation guide was created with the same error more than once (top and bottom right).

The dunk tank was a hit during Carrick Days.

Submitted photos


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Hanover Ag Fair Kicks Up Good Times

Hanover Ag Bull Riders Canada Invitational drew in the crowds during performances on Thursday and Friday nights.

For three spectacular days, the community of Grunthal was the place to be when this year’s Hanover Ag Fair took place August 15-18 on the Hanover Ag grounds. The gates opened Thursday evening with opening ceremonies and hundreds of spectators gathered to cheer on the cowboys as they participated in the Hanover Ag Bull Riders Canada Invitational competition, which continued on Friday. Other weekend highlights included the Saturday morning parade, Grassroots Family Gymkhana, CWHA Horse Show, Redneck RoundupATV & Mini-bike Rodeo and helicopter rides.

On the Main Stage, Friday began with two outdoor movies “Sing” and “Aladdin”. On Saturday afternoon, entertainment began with School of Rick, Soundwriters’ Round, Seanster & the Monsters and awards. The evening entertainment kicked it up a notch for the Backyard Jam which featured Quinton Blair, Tyler Del Pino, Leanne Pearson and Don Amero. The night was capped off with fireworks. Sunday, a community worship service took place, followed by family friendly activities throughout the day with the demolition derby the highlight for many.

Honey Festival Celebrates 50 years in Kleefeld It may have rained on their community parade, but once the clouds parted and the sun warmed things up, the 50th Anniversary celebration of Kleefeld Honey Festival were in full swing. The Kleefeld Honey Festival has been a yearly tradition since 1970. The annual event started on Friday Night with a Movie Night in the park with a showing of Mary Poppins Returns. The second annual 5 km Honey Run took place Saturday morning, despite the weather. The shotgun start was followed by a free pancake breakfast and a community parade. All the activities took place at the Kleefeld Community Park. One of the highlights for the afternoon was the annual Firefighters Challenge which pits all of the RM of Hanover fire department volunteers

against each other and surrounding communities in a friendly competition of skills. This year volunteer firefighters from Steinbach, Kleefeld and La Broquerie participated. A giant tent was set up so kids could play all day in the Playland of Milk & Honey which included a carnival, petting zoo, a bouncy park for all ages, toys, crafts and more. Children’s entertainer Ryan Price performed three shows in the afternoon. The community’s famous chicken barbeque drew more crowds to the park for dinner, followed by music by Duo Dez, 5 Acres, Roof Top Static, The Boy and the Sea and Cold Hard Cash. The night ended with fireworks. A community church service took place Sunday morning, followed by a Community Lunch.

Getting things ready for the famous Chicken BBQ.

Members of the Kleefeld Fire Department compete against each other during the Fire Fighter Games. Photos by Marianne Curtis

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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Phoenix Cheer Opens Program in Ste. Anne

The Phoenix Cheer team is looking for new members to join their newly opened club in Ste. Anne.

When their beloved cheerleading program, Scorpions Elite Cheer, unexpectedly closed in June, a group of dedicated parents, athletes and coaches rallied together to start another cheer program in southeast Manitoba. Within a matter of days, Phoenix Cheer Athletics (PCA) was born. According to Natalie Batkis, the close-knit rural cheer community was not ready to break their teams apart and many couldn’t commit to the financial and time burdens involved in driving to Winnipeg a few times a week. “Some athletes had been on teams together for over four years and had achieved major success at the provincial and national levels,” Batkis noted. In their first few weeks, this dedicated group of cheerleading enthusiasts

had acquired investors to purchase the equipment from the former gym, assembled a steering committee to set up the business, found a new gym location and secured seven qualified coaches. Kamille Wieler, program director of PCA and former coach at Scorpions Elite Cheer is working with the group. “Our cheerleading community has really come together so quickly and efficiently to start this new program for our kids which says a lot about our families and about the love of our sport,” said Wieler. “Ste. Anne is a great location for our athletes and the town has been very supportive with us bringing our program into their community. We can’t wait to have a new start and see where this next chapter takes us!” Phoenix Cheer offers a competi-

Photo by Marianne Curtis

tive program and will be focused on athletes ages 5 to 14 this year which means there will be mini, youth and junior teams. “Our goal is to include a senior team next year for athletes’ ages 15 to 18 years old,” she explained. “We will also have two recreational sessions for those who love the sport but are looking for less of a commitment.” This new not-for-profit cheerleading program will be located in Ste. Anne, which is a central location for most of its athletes who travel from areas like Ile des Chenes, Niverville, La Broquerie, Marchand, Steinbach, Winnipeg, Landmark, Lorette and even Kenora, Ontario. For more information email registerwithpca@gmail.com.

September 2019

Niverville to Hold Cannabis Retail Plebiscite


The Town of Niverville will be holding a plebiscite to decide whether or not a pot shop can be set up in the community. Back in July, Town of Niverville council denied a conditional use application put forward by cannabis retailer Canna Cabana to open a business. Canna Cabana was seeking a conditional use permit to open a store at 349 Bronstone Drive which is in an industrial area on the outskirts of town. The company was selected by Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade to open a store in Niverville, pending receipt of the necessary permits from the community. Following a public hearing in July, council voted 3-2 to deny the company’s application. At this point there were three options, a council member could have submitted to have a public hearing before a meeting, which did not happen, wait one year and the company could reapply or a plebiscite could be held. Council voted again on the matter on August 20 and the vote was split, with Mayor Myron Dyck as the tiebreaker. He said since council seems fairly entrenched in their positions and a public hearing in one year might not change anything, he voted for a plebiscite. The plebiscite is binding and must be held sooner than 90 days from the council’s decision. It will cost under $5,000. A date will be announced and published soon. While residents from the community of Niverville will decide on the matter, the opening of a dispensary could ultimately affect the entire region. In July 2018, the province released a request for prequalification (RFPQ) seeking potential retailers interested in a future opportunity to operate cannabis retail stores in Manitoba. Retailers were selected in seven communities, including Niverville which was the only community in southern Manitoba. The selection process consisted of a randomized draw. Each pre-qualified retailer received one ballot per community of interest. One ballot was drawn for each identified community, as well as a second standby ballot, which was won by Red River Cooperative Ltd. They have not put forward an application yet.


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Destiny of Planet in Your Hands Have you ever wondered who controls the destiny of this planet we live on? If you read the latest news bulletins on our environment, they try to blame many of our abnormal weather patterns on pollution and increased carbon dioxide in the air. This has happened because of increased fossil fuel consumption. From the physical point of view only, these concerns appear valid and real. Man was placed on this earth about 6,000 years ago and commanded to “dress it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15). In other words, man was to take care of our world to the best of his ability. Therefore we should not knowingly damage or destroy what Almighty God has given us to enjoy and manage. But to only consider the physical part of our world is to miss a very important crucial dynamic of our whole universe, the spiritual part. Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein.” Referring to the creation of our world in Psalm 33:9 it says God, “Spake and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.” Some think that God created the earth, put man in charge of it and then just walked away, leaving all responsibility on man for its upkeep. But this is not true because Colossians 1:18, referring to the Almighty God of heaven says, “By him [God] all things consist,” (or keep on functioning at His command). Man has forgotten God and now thinks he is in control of our world, and his own destiny. But this is not true. Jeremiah 10:23 says, “O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.” Man’s knowledge is limited and flawed in comparison to God’s. What we need to realize is that most of the pollution in this world doesn’t come from outside man, but rather from within, out of our hearts. Mark 7:2123 says, “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.” Then when man is defiled, he defiles everything around him. So our goal ought to be to clean up inside man. Man by himself is unable to clean up our world, either on our inside or outside. All our efforts will fail. But the good news is that God has provided a way to clean us on the inside. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died 2,000 years ago as payment for all our inside pollution (sin). When man believes this in his heart and asks God to forgive him and take care of his sin, God does that and cleans him up on the inside. II Corinthians 5:17 says, “…old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.” When a person makes this decision, then God will give him a new perspective on the polluted world around him. He will learn to trust that God is in control of the whole universe. God has a purpose and a plan and He will fulfil that plan no matter what the politicians and world leaders think or do. Friend, if you are fearful and unsettled, bring your concerns to God today (1 Peter 5:7). He is waiting to help you, make you His child and comfort your heart about the future.

Only 14 Cards Left as Chase the Ace Resumes in Lorette Chase the Ace Lorette is returning on Thursday, September 12 at Dawson Trail Motor Inn, 113 Lagimodiere Ave., Lorette. Tickets are sold from 7 - 9 pm, and the draw is at 9:15 pm. Tickets are sold at $ 2 each. The jackpot stands at $66,919 with 14 cards left. Proceeds go towards the arena/library complex. Come early and try your chance at choosing the Ace of Spade. Good luck to all participants.

Local Author Releases First Book By Marianne Curtis A Steinbach woman is excited to announce the release of a first book in a new inspirational series. Penned by Arlene Joy Derksen, In the Moment is a collection of fifty short stories that bring the reader into real life situations, while inspiring hope and self reflection. “I’ve been writing since I was a very young girl. From my first Christmas poem entry in my local hometown paper to my latest entry at 53 some 45 years later… and everything in between,” Derksen explained. For the past few years she has maintained a popular internet blog by the same name. “In the Moment was born out of a picture that was placed in my heart a few years ago by my God,” Derksen continued. “It was a picture of an old bench sitting along an old dirt road. The road was deserted at times, and at other times, people young and old would play, walk, run, and just sit.”

Derksen said it became clear to her that the dirt road represented life and how it should be viewed “from the bench” and so she began to write about it. Using her own life as inspiration, each story is filled with lessons, and encouragement. “His eyes of Hope in the darkest moments, hope of peace in others, and hope of joy unspeakable in even the most ordinary of moments,” Derksen continued. “I believe we all have opportunities to experience all these things and above all… hope. Hope in the moments given to each one of us.” In the Moment was published by Oak Island Publications in Ile des Chenes. An official launch event is taking place at McNally Robinson Bookstores in Winnipeg, and locally. In the meantime, In the Moment by Arlene Joy is available on Amazon. In the Moment, written by Arlene Joy Derksen is now available on Amazon.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019


Glory to God

Seine River Services for Seniors Hires New Coordinator Mélanie Brémaud has been hired as the new resource coordinator for the Seine River Service for Seniors. “I have many years of experience in client service and I am very excited to be of service to the community and be of help to all residents,” said Bremaud. You can find her in the office, in the Chalet at La Broquerie, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. “Feel free to visit me and to come ask questions,” invited Bremaud. “I can also be reached by phone at 204-424-5285 or by email at labseinerss@gmail.com. I am looking forward to

hearing from you and being of service!”

Mélanie Brémaud

Jolys Library Needs Volunteers for New Program The Jolys Regional Library is looking for volunteers to help run a new program that aims to bridge the gap between younger citizens and their community elders and leaders. According to Regional Head Librarian Nicole Gregoire the program is called Pyjama Tales. For one hour a week, children and their families will be invited to gather at the local library for story time. Guests are encouraged to wear their pyjamas and bring along their favourite blanket and teddy bear. “The program is for young children and their families to enjoy wonderful books read by a guest speaker,” explained Gregoire. “The goal is to introduce family friendly evening programming for the community.” Starting September 19, Pyjama Tales will take place every Thursday evening at the Jolys Regional Library in St. Pierre-Jolys from 6:30-7:30 pm. To ensure that the program is a success, one or two guest readers per evening are needed and encouraged. Volunteers will be expected to read a few pre-chosen books in both French and English. “If you love reading and enjoy the presence of young ones, please consider volunteering,” Gregoire invited. Anyone wishing to sign up can contact the library at 204-433-7729.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18… 13) Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14) For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15) According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16) For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17) After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so, we will be with the Lord forever. 18) Therefore encourage one another with these words. (NIV) As we get older most of us will or have been in contact with people who are nearing the end of their life here on earth. But how we deal with that most important time in life is quite another matter. And the reason I say this is because I have witnessed several different ways of dying. Many will face eternity with the hope and the assurance that their future is going to be so great that it is beyond description, and they die in peace. Sad to say, however; there is another side. Some will approach death with rage, and they lash out at those who are trying to help. Few perhaps approach death blaming a God in whom they have never believed; crying out… Help me! I am afraid to die! But for some, they fear death believing the world is a place where all things fade and decay, there is nothing beyond the grave but endless darkness. Now the Christian does not and should not think that way. For us there is hope, and that hope comes from God Himself. 1 Peter 1:3… Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, (NIV). The verse begins with the idea of rebirth; in other words, the Christian is a person who has experienced a new birth been reborn; changed again by God to a new kind of life. Whatever else others might say, it means that when a person becomes a Christian, there comes into that life a change so radical that the only thing that can be said is that life has begun all over again for them. But that is not all. There is another thought. We have something of the very nature of God in us, and therefore; we have within us a life which neither time nor eternity can destroy. It came from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That means we have forever this Jesus Christ beside us who has conquered death, and therefore; we have nothing of which we need to be afraid. It does not mean that a person who accepts Jesus Christ into their life will never sin again; but it is to say that every time we sin we will be given the power and the grace to rise again, because the life of God is in us, and we have learned the secret of victorious living. Nobody in their right mind expects to go through life without some form of testing. We expect trials to occur and we expect them to hurt, but with hope, we do not expect to be devastated by them. We can develop a spirit of determination in which we can stand anything because we know the future that is coming is better than anything we have known before. Finally, we can look beyond today, staying open to unknown factors because we have learned that God often uses trials to refine us. We may even be thankful someday for how the trial has transformed us… yes, there will be trials, but there will the Holy Spirit to watch over us… To God Be the Glory Great Things He Has Done! Would you pray this prayer with me? “Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have peace in my heart, I really want that peace, joy, and happiness that I long for. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will.”


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

C ommunity E vents Dugald Prairie Voices Toastmasters – On Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the Springfield Library. East Braintree All in One Day Festival – On Sunday, September 15. During the day, tour historical buildings, bid in the silent auction, visit the farmers’ market and flea market taking place from 1:30 4:30 pm. At 4:30 pm enjoy a Steak Dinner fundraiser for $20. To book a table for the flea market, contact Margaret Feilberg at 204 426 5510, brookevilleretreatineb@gmail.com. Falcon Lake Alcoholics Anonymous - Whiteshell group meets every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm in All People’s Church, Falcon Lake. Come and meet with us or call 204-349-2374. We can help. Friedensfeld Sisters of the Holy Rock – On Saturday, September 14, 7 pm at the Community Hall. Fundraiser comedy musical group of male and female dressed as nuns. Contact Irene 204-3261624, insch@shaw.ca or Bev 204-326-2818 for tickets.

visit please e-mail lorettewelcomebasket@gmail.com. No strings attached. PTSD Support Group – Every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7 pm at the RM of Tache office, Hwy 206. Volunteer support group for posttraumatic stress disorder support group. Chase the Ace Lottery – On Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm with the draw at 9:15 pm at Dawson Trail Motor Inn Bar. Come, support this very much needed complex, at the same time have the chance to chose the Ace of Spade, and win the grand prize jackpot. Hosted by the Community Complex Fundraising Committee. Junior Youth – Every Wednesday from 7 - 8:45 pm at Seine River Church, 1464 Dawson Rd (east of rink) for ages 9 - 12. Free. No registration required. Non-denominational. Contact lorettejryouth@gmail.com, 204-260-9304. Middlebro Fall Supper – On Saturday, October 5 from 5 – 7 pm at the Community Centre. Cost Adults $15, children 6-12 $6, 5 and under free.

Fall Dinner – On Sunday, September 22 from noon – 2 pm at the Community Hall. All you can eat chicken, meatballs, cabbage rolls, perogies, coleslaw, salads, veggies and pies. Cost $15 Adults, $8 for children 6 – 12, under 6 free. Come hungry Leave full.

Mitchell Seniors’ Breakfasts – Every Tuesday, from 8 - 9:30 am at the Seniors’ Centre, 130 Ash St. Open to all. Cost from $3 to $6. Bring a friend and enjoy the fellowship. Contact Jane Penner, 204-346-2469, jpenner@jantre.com.

Hadashville Reynolds Moms & Tots Playgroup – On Wednesdays until June from 10 am – 5 pm. Crafts, Gym Use, Playroom, Snack, Outdoor Play. Contact Angie Hood 204-295-4010

Niverville GriefShare - If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one we wish to help, you get support and learn about the grieving process. Contact 204-381-1155 to register or go to Nivervillegriefshare.com.

Ile-des-Chênes Ritchot Senior Services at the TransCanada Centre. Call 204339-6141 for more information. Foot Care Clinic - On Tuesday, September 3. Call for an appointment Janice 204-883-2880. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Seniors Conference – On October 19, 9 am – 4:30 pm at the TransCanada Centre. Fee $10 includes lunch. Morning session Mental Illness, Mental Health, Mental Well Being. Afternoon sessions Loss of Life and Grief Support, Personal Safety, Mindful Movement and Get Better Together. To register call 204-771-0560 or online at ritchot.com. Fall Supper - On October 20 from 3:30 – 7 pm at TransCanada Centre. Cost Adults $14, Seniors $12, Students $10, Children (4-10) $5 and 3 & Under are free. Story Time in Pyjamas - Every Thursday evening at the Ritchot Library Ecole Regional Gabrielle-Roy at 6:30 pm. Ages 2-8 however all ages are welcome. Kleefeld Community Playgroup - For parents, caregivers and children up to age 5. Activities include time for playing, stories, songs and snacks. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Rec Centre. Contact Irene Ascough 204-377-5013. La Broquerie Chase The Ace – On Wednesdays at 6 pm at The Frantz Inn, Hwy 52. Tickets $1 each, from 6 - 8 pm. Draw takes place at 8:10 pm. If the Ace is not pulled, the winner will take home 10% of that night’s ticket sales and 45% will be added to the next week’s Jackpot. Every week that the Ace of Spades in not pulled, the pot grows larger! Funds raised to support Agape House. Contact 204-326-6062. Seine River Services for Seniors- Health Centre/Centre de Santé from Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Contact Community Resource Coordinator Juliette Rowan, 204-424-5285 or labseinerss@gmail.com. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Landmark Fall Supper - On Friday September 20 from 5 – 7 pm at Heartland Community Church, 333 Main Street. Cost $10 for adults, $5 for ages 3-11, under free. All profits will go towards the Landmark Drop In Center. Addition tax deductible donations can be made by cash or cheque. Lorette Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 13 from noon – 6 pm at Notre Dame de Lorette Parish Hall, 1282 Dawson Rd. Ritchot Senior Services: Foot Care Clinic – On Wednesday, September 25 at Le Club des Bles D’or with a certified foot care nurse. By appointment only. Call Janice 204-883-2880. Supper - Every Tuesday and Friday at Le Club des Bles D’. Please reserve your meal one day prior, before 6 pm by calling 204-878-2682 and leave a message. Attention Newcomers - Have you purchased a home or condo in the area, over the last year? The Welcome Basket Committee of the LUD of Lorette would be happy to answer questions. We have a free basket of coupons, small gifts, samples, brochures, and business cards which have been generously provided by the businesses and organizations. To arrange a

Moms N’ Tots Playgroup - Moms with children up to age six. Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am located in the lower level of Fourth Avenue Bible Church (62-4th Avenue S.) Free drop-in program with coffee and snacks provided, along with a large open space for the kids to play while the moms visit. Contact Karen at klenzrpeters@hotmail.com. Pansy Fall Supper – On Saturday, September 7 from 3 – 6 pm in the Community Hall. Join us for a Ukrainian smorgasbord. Everyone welcome! Tickets available only at the door. $20 Adults, $8 children 7 -12, 6 and under free. Contact Leanne Germain 204-434-6080, germainleanne@gmail.com. Paradise Village Paradise Squares Dance Club - On Tuesdays from 7 – 9:30 pm at the Paradise Village Rec. Hall. Modern Square Dancing is fun and a great social activity. Couples and singles are welcome. Contact Larry 204-422-5424. Pinawa Whiteshell Toastmasters – Tuesdays at 11:30 am at Whiteshell Laboratories, 1 Ara Mooradian Way. Sign-in required. Prawda Busy Bodies Playgroup – Every Wednesday from 9 - 11 am at the Reynolds School Gym. Free to parents and children. Snacks provided. Contact Cassie 204-793-8290. Richer Annual Fall Supper - On Sunday, September 22 from 4 – 7 pm at Young at Heart Club. Roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Tickets at the door. 13 years and over $15, 6 - 12 years $7, under 5 years Free. A 50/50 draw at 7 pm, win up to $3,000. Tickets $2 each. Call Yvonne at 204-422-9369 for more information, wish to donate or volunteer. Donations may be made to Enfant-Jesus Heritage Site Corp. All proceeds goes towards the Dawson Trail Museum renovations. Adult & Teen Challenge Concerned Persons Support Group Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm, in the Richer Fellowship Church, 50 Southeast Drive. If you have a relationship with someone who has a life-controlling problem, join us for this nine-week Living Free course. Receive encouragement and support in a safe setting, and learn practical ways to best help your loved one. Contact Pastor Ben Funk at 204-326-2254 or phone the church at 204-422-5308. Richer Recovery AA - Group meets Monday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm at LUD Hall in Richer. Contact Paul at 204-422-7673. Monday Night Bingos - To raise funds for Stacey Pchajek Memorial Foundation Inc. The foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students graduating grades 8 and 12. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to be on premises and must play bingo. Doors Open at 5:30 pm at the Young at Heart Club, 22 Dawson Rd. MGCC License # BI/BO4164. Contact Doreen Pchajek at 422-5243 or doreen@spmf.ca. Roseau River Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 20 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm at the Roseau River Bible Camp, Hwy 59 south. Sarto Ukrainian Dance Club – On Mondays from 7 - 8 pm at the Sarto Hall. Join the Sarto Polevnyi Ukrainian Dance Club for the season! You do not need to be Ukrainian to dance! Boys & girls, ages 3 to adult, no prior experience required! Cost starts at $150/year. Sprague Stomper Taw Connors a Tribute to the Legend performed by

his son - On Saturday, October 12. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Show starts at 7 pm at the Community Hall, Hwy 308. Live for One Night Only. Advance Tickets $30, Tickets at the Door $35. Meet and Greet following concert. Tickets at Carl and Kay’s Fine Foods in Sprague and Coop Card Lock in South Junction. Dry Camping available on the Hall grounds. Contact Gary Gebhardt 204-437-2247, rebelrunner@live.com. Sprague & District Historical Museum - Open by appointment from June – September 30. Explore life as it was in the early days. Free Admission. Donations Accepted. Contact 204-4372210, 204-437-2209 or 204-437-4686. St. Adolphe Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 20 from 3:30 – 7 pm at the Pioneer Hall. Cost 12+ $14, Kids (6-11) $6, 5 and under free. Take-outs $15. Curling Club League Registrations Open - Men’s League: Tuesday Nights starting October 8, 6:30 and 8:45 draws. “Rockettes” Ladies Morning League: Tuesday mornings, no experience necessary. To register 204-883-2269 or CherylKennedyCourcelles@hotmail.com. Ladies League: Wednesday Nights starting October 9, 6:30 and 8:45 draws. Adult Learn-to-Curl (6 sessions): Starting the week of October 20 (day of week and time TBD). Mixed League: Friday Nights starting October 11, 7 and 9:15 draws. Junior League: Saturday Mornings from October 19 through mid-February (12 sessions), 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. Junior Learn-to-Curl: Saturday mornings from October 19 through mid-February (12 sessions), 9:30 - 10:20 am. All leagues are subject to a minimum number of registrations. Register curlstadolphe@ gmail.com. Ritchot Senior Services Programs: Located at 457 Main St. Canadian Deprescribing Network Presentation – On Tuesday September 24 at 10 am. Deprescribing is a planned and supervised process of reducing or stopping medications that may no longer be of benefit or may be causing harm. Refreshments served after. Contact Janice 204-883-2880 to reserve a seat. Plant & Veggie Share – On Tuesday, September 17 from 9:30 m - 1:30 pm, Ritchot Senior Services, 457 Main St. Share your extra perennials, fruit bushes, and vegetables with neighborhood gardeners. We suggest a $2 per plant minimum donation if you do not have plants to bring. Label your plants with their name and any gardening tips you may have. Chair Fit – On Mondays from 10:45 - 11:15 am. Cost Free. Gentle workout to help strengthen and lengthen muscles, improving and maintaining range of motion all done from a chair or using chair for stability. Wear clean supportive foot wear. These classes are designed for those that are new to exercise, recovering from injury or just enjoy a gentler exercise experience. You will never be asked to get down on the floor at anytime during these workouts. Strength & Balance – On Mondays and Fridays from 9:15 - 10:15 am. Runs until February 2020. Free. A 6-month program includes a variety of exercise for balance and/or strength as part of a Falls Prevention Program. Participants must commitment to 2x a week for the 6 months. Limited space available. Yoga Strong – On Wednesdays, September 11,18, 25 and October 2. Cost $20. 1-hour class of yoga poses/exercises to increase muscular strength & endurance, balance and flexibility. Class is done barefoot. Bring your own yoga mat but. Limited space available. 20:20 – On Thursdays, September 12, 19, 26 and October. 3. Cost $20. 1-hour class to strengthen the heart by increasing the heart rate with aerobic exercise for 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes of strength work using hand held weights and resistance tubing. Limited space available. Block Therapy – Thursdays, September 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17 and 24 from 6 -7 pm. 6 weeks for only $48. Uses a Block Buddy (supplied), to bring heat into an area and melt frozen fascia (connective tissue), releasing it from the area and thereby promoting increased blood and oxygen flow. This program is open to all ages. Foot Care Clinic – On Tuesday, October 1 with Ursula Giesbrecht certified foot care nurse. By appointment only. Call Janice 204-883-2880. Old Time Dance - Saturday September 14 from 7 – 11 pm, Pioneer Hall, 345 Hebert Rd. Music by Mark Morisseau. Cost $15, lunch included. Door prizes and a 50/50. To reserve tickets call Rae or Jules (204) 883-2440. For the Love of Country Gospel Concert - On Sunday, September 22 at 2:30 pm, St. Adolphe Church. Fundraiser featuring Le Pére Armand Le Gal and Jeannine Guyot. Cost $20. Contact Jules or Raymonde Manaigre 204-883-2440, Jeanne Hooper 204-883-2287, Greg or Marie O’Kane 204-388-9041, Huguette Phaneuf 204-883-2534. Club Amical Lunches and Bingo – Starts Thursday, September 19. Pickleball will get started at the St. Adolphe school. Mood Disorders Meeting – On Thursdays at 2:30 pm, 457 Main St. with Tara Brousseau, Executive Director for a support group, with topics on depression, bipolar, recovery, shame, resilience, mindfulness, meditation, coping and self soothing skills, interrelationship skills, seniors’ issues, distress tolerance and peer to peer support. All ages are welcome. C.H.I.L.D program – On Wednesdays from 9:30 - 10:30 am at Ecole St. Adolphe School. Children’s introduction to learning and development. Contact sas@srsd.ca or 204-883-2182.

In collaboration with the St. Adolphe Cultural Committee, the St. Adolphe Cemetery Committee is organizing a fundraiser: Country Gospel Concert featuring Father Armand Le Gal & Jeannine Guyot, Sunday September 22 - 2 :30 pm at the St. Adolphe Church. Tickets are available at $20 by contacting: Jules & Raymonde Manaigre (204) 883-2440, Jeanne Hooper (204) 883-2287, Huguette Phaneuf (204) 883-2534, Greg & Marie O’Kane (204) 388-9041 and at the following locations: St. Adolphe Parish, St. Adolphe Pharmacy and the St. Adolphe Caisse. St. Malo Gymnastics and Dance Registration – On Monday, September 16 from 6:30 - 8 pm at the St Malo School Library 189 St Malo St. Call for gymnastics Aline 204-347-5249 and for dance Kathy 204-392-9510. Fuel Good Day at Coop Gas Bar – On Tuesday, September 17. The gymnastics club and parents’ advisory council of St Malo School will share the profits from every litre of gas sold that day with 5 cents donated. From 10 am - 4 pm a hot dog, drink and bake sale. Support these two local organizations. All donations and volunteers are welcome. Contact Aline 204-347-5249. Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 27 from 4 - 7 pm at Chalet Malouin, 14 St. Hilaire St. Purchase 50/50 at the administrative offices. Draw to be held at the Fall Supper. St. Pierre-Jolys Army Cadets – On Thursday, September 5 at 7 – 8:30 pm, Community Hall, 545 Hébert Ave. Join the 3234-Manitoba Horse RCACC Army Cadets. Leadership, citizenship, community service, sports, orienteering, canoeing, marksmanship, drill, band and more. For all youth aged 12 - 18. Enrollment is Free, No deadline to register. Contact Capt. Roxanne Maynard, Commanding Officer 204-324-4034, roxanne.maynard@ cadets.gc.ca or 3234mbhorse.info@gmail.com. Stay and Play Group – Every Monday from 9:30 – 11:30 am at YFC Cinema. Snacks, coffee served, childcare available. The Knights of Columbus - The St-Pierre Carillon Council – On the first Thursday of the month at 482 Jolys Ave. W. Contact 204-433-7633. Ste. Agathe Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 6 from 4 – 7 pm at the Community Center. Roast turkey, ham, meatballs, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, coleslaw, and deserts. Cost Adults $15, 6 – 12 $7, 5 and under free. Take out service available, call Tara 204-391-0100, taragoller@hotmail.com, Guy 204770-1700 or Jean-Claude 204-298-7045. Seniors Group Card Games – Tuesdays from 1:30 - 4:30 pm at the Community Centre, 183 Pembina Trail. Cost Membership $10 a year. Bring a friend Day. Contact 204-882-2180. Foot Care Clinic Ritchot Senior Services – Wednesday, September 4 with a certified foot care nurse at the Chalet, 431 Ave Bourret. By appointment only please. Call Janice 204883-2880. Taekwondo - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 - 7:30 pm at Ecole Sainte Agathe hosted by Kang’s Taekwondo Academy. Cost $40/month. Family rates available. Contact Jason Barnabe, jason.barnabe@gmail.com or 204-802-3458. Ste. Anne Fall Supper - On Sunday, October 6 from 3 - 7 pm, at the Ste. Anne Collegiate’s gymnasium, 197 St. Alphonse. Cost $15 per person, 13 years old and over, $5 per child from 5 - 12 years, under 4 is free. Traditional menu with turkey and stuffing, meat balls, ham, mashed potatoes, homemade bread and pies, and much more. Take-out meals available. A silent auction and all profits will go towards the Parish’s good works, including Kateri Centre. Guests are invited to contribute to the food bank by bringing non-perishable foods. Looking for volunteers. Contact Martine 204-223-0054 or smrtmarty@gmail.com. Piano Lesson - With Josue Beaudoin, on Monday nights at 112 Central Ave. Cost $200/10 lessons payable to the Cultural Committee of Ste. Anne. Contact 201-422-9599, cccsa@mymts.net. Seine River Services for Seniors – Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Contact Mélanie Brémaud at 204-424-5285 Community Resource Coordinator for local services or labseinerss@gmail.com. Ste. Geneviève Fall Supper – On Sunday, September 29 at 4 pm, Community Centre. Join us for a traditional fall supper. Proceeds from the event go towards community centre building and grounds upgrades and programming. Come and go event. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Cost Adults $15, Children (5-12) $7, Children (0-4) free. Library Night – On 2nd Tuesday every month, at the Community Centre from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. Large selection of books in both French and English, for children and adults. Special requests can be made to the librarian, e-mail btl@srsd.ca or

204-878-9488 or in person. Come for a visit and see what we are all about. Steinbach Opening Doors to Success Inc. – On Wednesday, September 4 at 9 am, unit 1 32 Main St. Listen to what employers have to share and great tips. Join us for this free informative day. Contact April Wells 204-346-9840, april@openingdoorstosuccessinc.ca. Steinbach and Area Garden Club - On Monday, September 9, 7 pm at the Mennonite Heritage Village. ‘Your Wild Edibles and Medicinal Backyard’ with Laura Reeves. Learn to identify, harvest and prepare common wild plants for year round use. Everyone welcome. Refreshments. Door prizes. $5 non member admission. Visit sagardenclub.com. Nobody’s Perfect – On September 6, 13, 20, 27, October 4 and 11 from 1 – 3 pm at the Family Resource Centre 101 North Front Dr. Support for moms and dads with children aged 6 and under. Meet with other parents of young children and discuss real life solutions and find positive ways of parenting. To register call 204-346-0413, Maggie@steinbachfrc.ca. Steinbach Sizzlers 4-H Registration – On Monday, September 9 at 7 pm, United Church, 541 Main St. Join the fun of Learning to Do by Doing! Work on projects like woodworking, cooking, baking, sewing, welding, photography and many more! For children 8 years old and up. Contact Tatiana 204429-2107, loonlover06@gmail.com. Shred Day – On Saturday, September 14 at 9:30 am – 1 pm at the Steinbach Credit Union, 333 Main St. Join us on Shred Day and Iron Mountain will shred your documents on site, free of charge. Contact 1-800-728-6440, scu@scu.mb.ca. MHV Auxiliary Perogy Fundraising Supper – On Thursday, September 19 at 6 pm at the MHV Pavillion, 231 Hwy 12 N. Join us for a delicious perogy supper and Low German comedy night with Anne Funk. Tickets $25. Call 204-3269661 or contact Linda Schroeder 204-326-2558, linschro@ mymts.net. Fundraiser Dinner – On Saturday, September 28 from 6 – 8 pm at the Frantz Inn for the Ukrainian and Village Society Gardenton. Silent Auction Draw. Cost $22. Minds in Motion – On Tuesdays, October 15 - December 3 from 9:30 - 11:30 am at Fernwood Place 303 3rd St. Cost $65 each. Combines physical activity, socialization and cognitive stimulation for people with early to moderate symptoms of dementia to attend with a family member or community friend. To register 1-204-326-2002. There’s a Dad for That – On Tuesdays, October 29, November 5,12,19,26 and December 3 from 6 – 8 pm at the Family Resource Center. Interactive, support group focusing on the joys and challenges of fatherhood. For Dad’s with kids age 0 – 6 yrs. Registration required, childcare provided. Call Maggie 204-346-0413, maggie@steinbachfrc.ca. Farmers Market – Every Thursday until October 4 from 3 pm to 6:30 pm in the Clearspring parking lot. Steinbach Alpha Unit - Meet up every Sunday at Clearspring Centre mall from 8 - 10 pm for a truck and car club. Any and all vehicles are welcome to join or if you just want to come down to check it out everyone is welcome. Contact Beau Friesen 204-381-0647, beaufriesen98@hotmail.com. Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi – On Wednesdays, at 7 pm at the United Church, 541 Main St. Ancient Taoist Tai Chi art develops a strong body, balanced and energetic mind that is calm and clear, creative and dynamic. Join us to learn 108 moves of Taoist Tai Chi and feel the benefits. All of our classes are led by qualified instructors. Contact Veronica Klassen 204392-6565, Winnipeg@taoist.org. PTSD Support Group- On the last Thursday of each month, at 7 pm at the Steinbach Legion. Volunteer support group meeting for posttraumatic stress disorder. Movie Night at the Library – Every 4th Friday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Jake Epp Library. We alternate between a family movie and a classic movie. Free admission and popcorn are included. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Contact Madison Redekopp 204-326-6841, programs@jakeepplibrary.com. Breast Feeding Group – On Fridays at 10:30 am at the Steinbach Family Resource Centre for a support group, current info and a variety of presentations. Contact 204-346-0413. Toddler & Me Story Hour - Classes offered three times a year for a 10-week session in Fall and Winter and a 5-week session in Spring. Classes are free. Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, literacy and parenting tips, crafts and snack for parents and their children ages 1-3. Advanced In-person registration is required. Limited space available. Drop In Book Club – 2nd Tuesday every month at 7 pm in the Jake Epp Library. We’ll post the book for discussion that month and if you’d like to join us please stop by. If you want to start your own book club instead, you can always take advantage of our Book Club collections. No sign up required. Just read the book and come hang out. Knit-Wits Drop-In Club for Adults - Every 4th Monday of the

Dawson Trail Dispatch

month, from 6 – 9 pm at the Jake Epp Library. This is for anyone interested in fibre handcrafts such as knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, needlepoint etc. This is not a class but a casual knitting circle for all skill levels. Please bring your own items/supplies. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) – On Wednesdays, from 8:45 - 10:30 am at the Royal Canadian Legion. Cost $2/ week. A weight control support group that helps take off pounds sensibly and keep off pounds sensibly. Contact BettyLou Toews at 326-6397. Eastman Immigrant Services - Many events and activities to support and help you make new friends. Volunteer to help at our community events. Southeast Entry Program Online: Learn about Health Care, Employment and Laws. To register for this 4-week online program, contact Josie@eastmanis. com, 204-346-6609 or email lois@eastmanis.com. Eastman Safety Upcoming Programs - Located at 385 Loewen Blvd. Register online at eastmansafety.ca or contact 1-204371-1595. Creativi-Tea Time Adult Colouring Group - Twice monthly on the 2nd Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:30 pm and on the 2nd Friday from 1 - 3 pm at the Jake Epp Library. Cost Free. Join us for a time of relaxation, tea and colouring. Tea and supplies are provided but you are welcome to bring your own! Games Day & Games Night – Every 1st Saturday of the month from 12 – 5 pm and the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 – 8:30 pm, at the Jake Epp Library. Come down to play strategy games. Bring a friend, your strategies and games. Test your skills and have fun. Ages 14 and up unless accompanied by an adult. Contact 204-326-6841, programs@ jakeepplibrary.com. Royal Canadian Legion – Meets on 1st Tuesday every month at 8 pm until June and Ladies Auxiliary meets 1st Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Steinbach Legion Community Hall, 294 Lumber Ave. Steinbach Girl Guides - Every Tuesday at the United Church of Steinbach, 541 Main St. Registration for girls 5 - 17. Develop personal values and well-being, self-respect and respect for others; promote fun, friendship, adventure and challenges through new experiences; develop leadership and decision-making skills; give service to the community; value

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

the natural environment. The Steinbach Rotary Club - meets every Monday at noon except when Monday falls on a long weekend at the Chicken Chef, 365 Main Street, visitors are welcome. Contact Cornie at 326-3155. Mental Health Information and Support sessions - for family and friends of people with mental health issues are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Eden East building, 21 Loewen Blvd. Contact Kim at 371-0824 or email eastmanmss@mts.net Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba individual and support groups - Meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:30 – 3 pm at The Eden East Office, 21 Loewen Blvd For persons experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, bi-polar disorder and other mental health/emotional concerns. Contact Judy Dunn 204-444-5228. Steinbach and Area Lions Club - Meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the Helping Hands. Contact Henry 204-392-7750 if you are interested in attending or joining. Carillon Toastmasters - Every Thursday at 7 pm at the Jake Epp Public Library, 255 Elmdale St. Meetings open to adults who want to improve their leadership and communication skills. Contact Irene at 204-424-5737. Al-Anon Program – Meets on Mondays at 7:30 pm at the Cultural Arts Centre back door, downstairs. Contact Lloyd 204326-4365. Al-Anon 12 Step Recovery Group - Meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at United Church, 541 Main St, front door, ring doorbell. All are welcome. Young moms to be - Bi-weekly support group starts at 4:30 pm at Steinbach Family Resource Centre B-11, Hwy 12N. Contact 204-346-0413. Stock up on winter reading material at the upcoming Used Book Sale at the Clearspring Mall Wednesday, Sept. 18 Saturday, September 21. This sale benefits Phase III of the seniors’ housing/PCH project sponsored by East Borderland Community Housing in the Sprague area. Drop off book donations at East Borderland Primary Health Care Centre in

Burger Days Returns for Second Year By Marianne Curtis Burger enthusiasts of all ages will be thrilled to know that for one week in September, local restaurants will be eagerly looking for support as they compete for votes during the community’s second annual Burger Week. This year, nine local restaurants have created their signature burgers to tickle the taste buds. These mouth-watering burgers are being offered for one week only. From September 7 to 14, burger lovers are invited to sample each of the specialty offerings. Selections include Bourbon Blackberry BBQ Bacon Burger (Boston Pizza), Extreme Bacon Brie Burger (Quarry Oaks), Kickin Korean BBQ Burger (Chicken Chef), Giggly Pig (R Bistro), The Mighty Caeser Burger Calzone (Chinos Bistro), The Thamberino (Sawney Beans), Bacon Mac &

Cheese Burger (Mj’s Café), Cowboy Smitty Up Burger (Smitty’s), and The TKO Burger (New B’s Café) in New Bothwell. Not only do testers get to sample a variety of creations, there are opportunities to win prizes for participating. While enjoying these unique creations, take a selfie and post it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag #steinbachburgerdayrs to be entered to win one of several prizes. You can rate each burger creation you taste online and be entered to win again. The deadline for this portion is September 14. Winners will be named in three categories including Best Tasting Burger; Most Creative Burger and the Judge’s Choice, Steinburger Award. The winner will be announced on September 18. Last year, twelve restaurants presented a dozen burgers for public consideration. The coveted the Judges Choice “Steinburger” was awarded to R Bistro for their Maple Waffle Burger, the Best Tasting Burger went to Salisbury House for their Sal’s Waffle Nip and The Most Creative Burger went to The Bomb created by New B’s Café. Last year’s winner of the “Steinburger” was R Bistro’s Maple Waffle Burger.

Sprague or call Elsa at 204-437-2843. To help out at the sale, please call Elsa. Vita Fall Supper – On Saturday, September 28 from 4 - 9 pm at the Friendship Centre. Fundraiser for Vita Day Care. Cost Large portion: $14, Small portion: $11, Children 5 and under free. Stay and Play – On Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am, at the Shevchenko School for children ages 0 - 5 along with their parents/caregivers are welcome to join us for a fun, free, educational learning program. Crafts, snacks, songs, games and story time! Facilitator: Andrea Smith. Contact Penny Horvorka-Alcock 204-4253535. Woodridge Fall Supper – On Saturday, September 21 from 4 – 6:30 pm at the Community Centre for a traditional supper. Cost Adults $12, Age 6 -11 $6, 5 and under free. Teen Challenge ATV Ride for Hope – On Saturday, September 28, 10 am at the Community Center. Lots of fun for the whole family, with a chance to win our grand prize draw. Early Bird Registration $75/rider ($30/passenger) after September 3 and includes ride participation, lunch & supper. Kids 13 and are free. Fundraise for your chance to win our grand prize draw. Receive one draw ticket for every $500 raised. All funds raised help us put hope within reach of those facing addiction in Manitoba. Go to teenchallenge. mb.ca/rideforhope to register and fundraise. The Mobile Clinic – Is onsite on the third Thursday of every month from 9 am – 4 pm at the Community Club. Contact for appointments 1-855-644-3515 or southernhealth.ca. Zhoda Fall Supper – On Sunday, October 20 from 4 - 6 pm at the Community Hall. Cost Adults $15, Children 6 - 12 $7, 5 and under free. To have your event featured in this listing, please email your events each month to to editor@dawsontrail.ca

September 2019


Movie Thoughts Not Compatible After twenty years of marriage you’d think that I’d know everything that there is to know about my wife. I know I’m as surprised as you are that I don’t! While I do have an extensive collection of facts, feelings and historical data on my wife, there is the odd moment when I am surprised. Some of this I can chalk up to the ever elusive “woman’s logic” where it makes no sense to a man but a woman can find that it is totally rational. Thankfully, my wife’s thinking is often on par with reality and makes complete and perfect sense. While we do not think identically (which is great for otherwise life would be quite boring!) our thoughts often do complement each another. Recently, I found a time when I was quite surprised by the reaction of my wife to a movie that we had watched together. The movie was titled, “Never Forget” and the catch phrase is “Murder is easy to forget”. This is a psychological thriller that starts with a main character that finds himself alone in a forest hanging upside down. I found this movie quite intriguing as he finds “clues” to his identity and how he meets another main character and how he tries to regain his memory. What makes this movie great is that you’re never really sure who’s the villain, who is not, what really happened and who is telling the truth. After watching the movie I looked at my wife and asked her what she thought of it. She replied that she didn’t like it because of the murders and that it was confusing. I had not expected that the film would be instantly pushed into her top ten favourite movies of all time and I knew that she would not like the movie greatly but I figured that she’d at least find the suspenseful nature of the film to be enjoyable and the mystery to be interesting. Sadly, I was surprised. Perhaps the next time that I ask her what she’d like to watch, she will remember this choice of mine and will be willing to make a selection of her own. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.


September 2019

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Ways to Help Your Kids Keep Up in School This Year

School Zone Speed Limits Back In Effect Now that summer is over motorists are reminded to drive with extra care in school zones as thousands of students return to school. The return to school will see vehicular and pedestrian traffic greatly increase in school areas. Motorists are advised to drive with extra caution and be alert to the increased presence of children. Most towns and municipalities have posted reduced speed limits in school zones, along with established times in which the speed reduction is in effect. While the majority of speed reductions are at 30 km effective dates and times vary by municipality.

Encourage your kids to set their own course, learning new skills and information on their own.

We all want our children to succeed, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and encourage kids to set their own course, learning new skills and information on their own. Recently, active learning has become quite popular, even finding its way into mainstream education as classrooms become increasingly digital. Children can now go beyond traditional classroom resources, learning more about anything they want with a simple click of the mouse.

With this in mind, here are a few easy ways to help your child be an independent, curious learner in the digital age: 1. Create chances to safely explore at home. Pose questions to your kids about what excites them and encourage them to learn more about that topic on kid-friendly, trusted websites. That way, they will already feel comfortable with new digital learning platforms at school, such as Nelson Education’s Edwin,

Explore During Open Farm Day By Marianne Curtis Is there a local farm or agritourism place that you have wanted to check out, if yes then Open Farm Day is the day to do it. Annually, Open Farm Day is held in Manitoba the third Sunday of September. This year’s event is taking place on September 15. Farmers and others in the industry open up their farms/venues so that you can meet them, as well as meet others who work in agriculture and agri-tourism. Open Farm Day is an opportunity to ask questions, take a tour,

try some food, participate in various activities, and learn more about Manitoba farm operations, how and why our food is grown and produced, environmental stewardship and agriculture’s history. Host Sites are divided into Regions. North, West, Brandon, Central, Portage La Prairie, Interlake and ours, the East. A total of 56 events are taking place across the province, including a dozen in the east region. Ten of these are within our readership area. Starting in Grande Pointe, you can visit the Living Well Farm. The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre in Glenlea is on

the list, and they are also hosting Tastes of Manitoba. Next on the tour is Trehane Holsteins in Niverville, then east to the Mennonite Heritage Museum and Penner Pumpkin Farms in Steinbach. Kismet Creek Farm and CD Trees/Redpoll Farms in Sarto, and Hanover Ag Society have events planned as well. In Stuartburn, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre is a place to stop, or head to St. Labre and visit Moonshadow Holsteins. Open Farm Day Host Sites and Maps can be found at openfarmday.ca.

which allows kids to browse an extensive catalogue of content to find out more about what interests them. 2. Highlight the fun in learning. Being a successful learner starts with having a positive attitude. Show kids that learning can be fun and exciting by thinking of ways to turn research into a game. Reward them with inexpensive prizes or more play time. Chances are, the more fun children have learning, the more they’ll want to seek out new information and grow. 3. Allow your child to teach you. Challenging your kids to take the information they learn and apply it to everyday life is a great way to enhance understanding, while also helping identify areas for improvement. Encourage your kids to tell you what they’ve learned. Support your child as they navigate new information and help them learn by asking questions they may not have considered. This will foster even more learning and help familiarize your child with collaborative student-teacher relationships. Digital learning tools are rapidly evolving classrooms. By embracing this new way of learning, both at school and at home, you can help your kids excel. Find more information on modern classroom technology at edwin.nelson.com. Article courtesy of newscanada.com

Providence Student Wins AutoValu Scholarship A Providence College student is one of three Canadians to be named among 25 recipients of 2019 Auto Value scholarships through the Alliance scholarship program. Since 2001, the Alliance scholarship program has awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships to deserving students thus helping them to continue their education and in doing so, support the next workforce generation. Alexandra Dumont from Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Otterburne was among the three recipi-

ents of a $1,000 award. She will be using the money towards her Bacheler of Business Administration program. In order to be considered, candidates were required to complete a rigorous application process that included essay prompts, short answer questions, letters of recommendation, and more. They also had to be employees and/or family members of employees. Winners were selected through the University of the Aftermarket Foundation by a panel of judges from a competitive pool of applicants.

Alexandra Dumont received a scholarship towards her studies at Providence College from AutoValue. Supplied photo

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Need assistance with programs? Check out our Creative Arts Bursary Fund. Call us at 204-346-1077 for more info. Backyard Theatre Company Wants You - Build your confidence, ignite your creativity, and explore your imagination with amazing directors Jeremy Plett and Alan Fehr. Get involved with the community. Discover the process of preparing for a play, character building, practicing scripts and final stage production at the SRSS Theatre. Acting classes for ages 5-17. Arts4Tots Preschool Program – Montessori-Infused Curriculum. Don’t miss out on your spot. Why are we unique? The most creative way to learn for ages 3 - 5 with specialists in dance, music, drama, and visual arts. Join Miss Pam and Miss Jen

Art Adventures, Art X-travaganza. Teens - Mixed Art, Pottery Passion and Cartoon Illustration. Adults - Digital Photography, Abstract Acrylics, Contemporary Acrylics, Watercolor & Ink and, Intro to the Pottery Wheel. Workshops: Cabernet & Canvas (18+), Canvas & Colas (7+), Stained Glass, Resin Art, Woodburning, Acrylic Pouring Sessions, Couples Cooking and Indigenous Arts. Corks N Canvas - Wine Tasting Fundraiser. Tickets on Sale Now. Live Artists on Site - Place a bid on your favourite painting. Over 60 wines to taste, with delicious appetizers and fabulous raffle prizes. On Friday, September 20, 7:30 pm at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre. Tickets $25. Corporate Special - Treat your employees, staff and friends. Buy 6 tickets, get 7th free! Purchase your Concert Series Season Tickets - The 2019-2020 concert series begins on October 10 with Homecoming, 2019! A fundraising concert to celebrate our 40th Anniversary with some of our favourite local performers, returning to the home stage.

for a year full of creativity, arts, field trips, learning, and more. Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday in the am or pm. Register now for Fall Programs. Try any class… at no cost! Online at steinbachartscouncil.ca, by phone at 204.346.1077, or come into the SAC office. Creative Wellness: Intro to Pilates, new Fascia Movements, Pilates on the Ball and Prop It Pilates. B.O.S.S. DANCE ACADEMY: Introductory 10 week classes in Little Ballerinas, Hip Hop (ages 3 - 5; 6 - 9; 10+). No fundraising, no costume fees - just try it out! Culinary Arts: Kids in the Kitchen, Couples Cooking and Teens Cook Too. Languages: French and Spanish. Visual Arts: Kids - Hand Building with Clay,

September 2019

This is followed on October 20 with our 40th Anniversary Choral Extravaganza – Eastman Choral Association unites with local choirs and the Steinbach Arts Council, raising funds for generations of choral tradition to come! The season will be rounded out with favourites like the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Theatre Centre production of New Canadian Curling Club and the SouthEast Community Theatre debut of Lend Me A Tenor. All of this will be followed by our community musical in April of The Music Man, directed by David Klassen featuring our talented local artists. You won’t want to miss this season – call now to book your seats - makes a perfect gift! Just For Kids - Two shows this year for families. The ever popular Robert Munsch Stories with Prairie Theatre Exchange. “The Paper Bag Princess” on Saturday, February 8 and “Along with the Teakle Family Circus & More” on Friday, November 15. Take in both shows for only $22! Pick out your seats.


Southeast Centre for Music - The Centre of Excellence: New for 2019/2020 – Steinbach Youth Chorus. Directed by Gabriella Gallo for Grades 5 - 8. Register now to study with some of the premiere teachers in the southeast. Violin Peter Jo; Piano/Theory - Candace Hamm; Voice - David Klassen; Cello - Natalie Dawe; Guitar - Nathan Dyck; Gabriela Gallo - Musical Theatre. For teacher info/details email David Klassen, Performing Arts Director at scm@steinbachartscouncil.ca. Hall Gallery Exhibits - Wayne Letkeman “Landscape & Seascapes” and Paul Reimer “Paul’s Pics”. Exhibit Runs until September 27. Full 2019-2020 Exhibit Schedule at steinbachartscouncil.ca. Teachers! Celebrate creative learning - Our Out2Arts curriculum exposes students to a creative learning environment. Workshops based on the Manitoba curriculum. Call 204-346-1077 for details. View events and purchase tickets online steinbachartscouncil.ca.


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!


Superstore Break In

Between August 2 and August 8, a single home on Southwood Drive in Steinbach was broken into on two separate occasions. Several valuable items including electronics and music instruments were taken. On August 13, RCMP were called to the home again after two suspicious males wearing hoodies and backpacks were seen walking in the backyard of the home. The two males fled on bicycles after a neighbour had come out and chased them away. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects.

On June 28 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a break and enter into the backroom of the Real Canadian Superstore in Steinbach. An unknown male gained entry into the employee room of the store and left in a silver Kia Sportage without licence plates. RCMP are seeking assistance of the public to identify the suspect.

Bogus Bucks Used at Walmart

Vehicle Vandalized

Apartment Targeted by Thieves Multiple Times

Thieves Hook Up to Camper In the early morning of August 12 a white 2006 Starcraft tent trailer with the Manitoba plate Y238P was stolen from the driveway of a home on Road 39 North in the RM of Ste Anne. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects.

Marchand Area Truck Theft Investigated On August 15 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a stolen Ford F350 from the Marchand area. The truck was described as a brown Ford F350, missing a tailgate. The vehicle also had a broken passenger side and a Manitoba licence plate reading EFL 110. The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Steinbach RCMP are investigating a female suspect who paid for electronic appliances with $300 USD counterfeit money at the Walmart in Steinbach on July 17. Police are seeking assistance in identifying the female suspect involved. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Thieves Target Electric Bike On August 9 the RCMP received a report of a break-in on Wilson Street in Steinbach that took place somewhere between 1 am and 6:45 am. The unknown suspect(s) were able to force open the garage door on the side of the house to gain entry. Once inside, the suspect(s) left with a black electric Junction bicycle valued at $2,100. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects.

Thieves Target Electric Bike

Thieves Steal Expensive Tools and Dirt Bike

Steinbach RCMP received a report of a stolen bicycle from a garage on Granite Park Blvd. The bike is described as a grey Norco mountain bike. The owner of the bike stated that it was stolen between the hours of 9:45 pm and 11:45 pm on Wednesday, July 24.

On August 6 Steinbach RCMP received a report that unknown suspect(s) had damaged multiple vehicle windows in the parking lot of a business located on Acres Drive in Steinbach. The vandalism is believed to have occurred on a weekend between August 3 and August 6. There was also stolen bike that had been left behind in the parking lot that police have recovered.

Repair Shop Visited by Car Thieves On August 7 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a motor vehicle theft between 5:00 am and 5:30 am at a repair shop on Road 35 east in the RM of Tache. The vehicle that was stolen is a Grey 2011 Chevrolet Traverse Manitoba Licence plate ETW585. Security footage revealed two unknown suspects. One thief remained in the vehicle that is described as a dark 4-door sedan type car and the other was observed wearing a light coloured hoodie with a baseball cap and dark coloured pants.

Weapon Used in Robbery Attempt

Between August 10 and August 17 a home located on Road 303 in the RM of La Broquerie was broken into while the family was out of town. Entry was made into the garage where the suspect(s) managed to take approximately $10,000 worth of tools and a yellow Suzuki dirt bike. Some of the tools taken include a large red Power Mig Welder and an air compressor. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects.

RCMP Perform High Risk Take Down On August 21 at approximately 7:08 pm, Steinbach RCMP received a complaint that a male in a vehicle had flashed what was believed to be a handgun through the sunroof of the vehicle at the driver of another vehicle. The incident occurred on Highway #12 North. The suspect vehicle was noticed driving south on PR #206 by police and a high risk take down stop was conducted by members of the Steinbach and St. Pierre RCMP Detachment. As a result, two males (18 and 20 years old) from the RM of Tache were arrested. The handgun was determined to be an air soft pistol. Both were released from custody with the 20-year old male facing weapon related charges.

Bike Stolen from Garage

Multiple Vehicles Vandalized

On August 16 Steinbach RCMP received a report of mischief to a vehicle in the RM of Ste. Anne. The registered owner of a grey Honda Odyssey van reported that sometime over night his vehicle had been damaged while in a parking lot just off highway 12. All windows of the vehicle were smashed and mirrors taken off. The investigation is ongoing.

Between August 2 and August 8, an apartment on Cedar Crescent in Steinbach was broken into on two separate occasions. Several valuable items including jewellery were taken from the home. The home was also the target of other thefts in the previous months as well. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects.

Early Morning Break-In On July 25 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a break and enter to a garage on Birch Street in Steinbach between the hours of 1 am and 7 am. Individuals broke into the garage by cutting the screen and unlocking the door. The homeowner stated that several tools were taken along with an air compressor. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

If you have any information in regards to any item here you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Thieves Revisit Residence Multiple Times

Dawson Trail Dispatch

On August 9 the RCMP received a report of a break-in on Wilson Street in Steinbach that took place somewhere between 1 am and 6:45 am. The unknown suspect(s) were able to force open the garage door on the side of the house to gain entry. Once inside, the suspect(s) left with a black electric Junction bicycle valued at $2,100. The Steinbach RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any suspects. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com.

On August 25 at approximately 11:30 am, Steinbach RCMP received a report of two males fighting on Highway #52 in front of the Esso gas station. When police arrived, the victim, a 38-year of male from Morris informed police that he had been walking when a male exited a vehicle, approached him and began assaulting him with what appeared to be a bat or small stick. The male suspect attempted to steal the victim’s cell phone. The suspect then fled in a waiting vehicle. EMS attended and medically cleared the victim as his injuries did not require hospital attendance. It appears that the victim and suspect(s) are known to each other. The investigation continues.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Thieves Target Cigarettes

Truck Heist in Steinbach Steinbach RCMP received a report of a truck theft that occurred at a local business in Steinbach. The theft is believed to have occurred between August 24 at 12 pm and August 25 at 6 pm. The vehicle is described as a 2003 white GMC Sierra 2500 HD with Manitoba licence plate CFU806. Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating the above vehicle.

Shoplifters Target Steinbach Retailers On July 19 Steinbach RCMP received a report of shoplifting that took place at The Source in Clearspring Mall. One adult male and female were seen on video surveillance stealing electronics. In addition, on August 17, Steinbach RCMP received a report of shoplifting from the local Walmart. One adult male and female were seen on video surveillance working together to steal a jacket and another bag full of items. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Underway the human eye cannot see these pests are moved across Canada. The City of Steinbach sprays all Elm trees every other year in late August/early September to help prevent Dutch Elm Disease. This includes trees on private property. The trees are scheduled for basal spraying again in starting late August into September. Stored Elm wood is a breeding ground for Elm Bark Beetles. Dutch

Elm Disease is a fungus carried by these beetles. For this reason, it is illegal to store or transport Elm wood in Manitoba. All stored Elm wood spreads Dutch Elm disease by breeding Elm Bark Beetles. Anyone with stored Elm wood is asked to bring it to the local or municipal landfill for proper disposal. For more information, contact Manitoba Conservation at 204-945-6784.

Celebrating 50 Years of Niverville On September 8, the community of Niverville will be gathering to celebrate 50 years of incorporation, when it withdrew from the RM of Hanover to become its own municipality. Niverville was incorporated as a village in 1969, then as a town in 1993. Festivities kick off in Hespelar Park

at 9 am with FOGA, followed by a community worship service with music by Jordan St. Cyr, Alisa Tina Moose with Native Hand Drum and Island Breeze Manitoba. The churches will be hosting a community lunch of farmer sausage patties, fry bread and bannock.

Kids’ entertainment and other activities take place starting at 1 pm with Circle Drive, bouncers, face painting, balloon artists, fire trucks, scavenger hunt, spikeball, beach volleyball, and tons of other family activities. The day will end with fireworks at about 8 pm.

East Braintree Museum to Host Festival Those who love exploring old school houses and historic communities are invited out to East Braintree to participate in the “All in One Day Festival”. Taking place on September 15, the All in One Day Festival will be held at the Midwinter Heritage Site. The event includes a community potluck lunch, where attendees are invited to bring something to share with others.

Midwinter Heritage Association, Margaret Feilberg said the event will be a great opportunity for visitors to explore the community. There will be opportunities to visit the former prison farm where those responsible for the Great Winnipeg Strike were held, a Red Cross Nurses station, and Brookside Quarry, which provided much of the material used for the construction of the Winnipeg aqueduct.


Chamber to Host Awards and AGM

On August 17 at 3:35 am Steinbach RCMP received a report of a commercial alarm at Clearview Coop on Main Street in Steinbach. Officers attended and noticed the front entrance of the Coop was clearly broken into. The building was cleared and the suspect(s) were no longer on scene. Further investigation revealed that a large quantity of cigarettes (different brands) were stolen during the break and enter.

Residents should know that a single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees. It might seem difficult to imagine, but something as simple as bringing firewood when traveling to or from a favourite campsite could threaten and destroy thousands, even millions of trees. Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread. Hidden under the bark where

September 2019

There will also be a silent auction, farmers’ market and flea market taking place on the site from 1:30 - 4:30 pm. A community supper consisting of a Steak Dinner fundraiser for $20 a person is taking place starting at 4:30 pm. To book a table for the flea market, contact President of the Midwinter Heritage Association, Margaret Feilberg at 204 426 5510 or at brookevilleretreatineb@gmail.com.

The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce is gearing up to celebrate local businesses and hold board elections at their upcoming annual general meeting. Taking place on September 24, at the Friedensfeld Community Center, the Steinbach Chamber will be celebrating the nominees and recipients of the 2019 Business Excellence Awards. At the event, the chamber will hand out hardware to five deserving businesses. Thirteen businesses are vying for Business of the Year; and there are three nominees for Community Involvement. There are four businesses nominated for Customer Service, six Future Leader nominations and seven Non-Profits Excellence nominations. Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk is expected to deliver the State of Address. The evening will also include the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce’s annual general meeting and board elections.


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Gardenton’s Green Pastures Farm - Local Food Initiative Guy and Leah Bouchard have been mixed farming near Gardenton for over 11 years. Initially they diversified their farm and began direct selling their products (pastured pork, beef, chicken, lamb) as a way to lessen risk and stabilize farm income, but they quickly found passion for growing good quality nourishing food for their family as well as sharing it with others. Besides producing meat, they also have been running educational youth programming on their farm, and they make use of their sheep wool by hand-stitching wool comforters, a tradition that has been in Leah’s family for generations. In the last year, Guy and Leah’s farming journey has taken a big turn, after selling their first farm

and taking over Leah’s parents’ turkey farm, beautifully situated on the banks of the Roseau. While Guy and Leah have had to let go of some of their meat products in order to focus on their turkeys, they have moved with their sheep flock and continue to sell lamb, wool, and wool duvets. Guy and Leah have three boys and love raising them on the farm, instilling values of hard work, real food, and love of land and nature. Their desire is to steward their farm and land sustainably, with a long-term vision to leave it in even better condition for their children than they found it in. They love sharing their farming journey with others; make sure to follow the farm on facebook: facebook.com/farmgreenpastures. Brought to you by the Stuartburn Em- Guy and Leah Bouchard have three boys and love raising them on the farm, instilling values of Submitted photo erson-Franklin Local Food Initiative. hard work, real food, and love of land and nature.

Kleefeld Couple Creates Products for Beards With current fashion trends for men including a well kept nest of facial hair, a beardloving Kleefeld man and his wife have created a new line of grooming products for men. Kingsmen Grooming Product is the creation of husband and wife team Nat and Juls Wollman. While many businesses begin in the basement, this one started in their kitchen. The idea started as a matter of necessity. Nat retired after 17 years in the gas business where he was unable to grow facial hair. “After retiring from this industry I am now taking advantage of all the years that I missed growing a beard, it has been a journey. Once I got past the 3-4 month beard growth period, I started to really enjoy the whole beard thing,” Nat explained. “From bad beard days to dryness, itching and flaking

to an uncontrollable mess, I decided to find a local barber and get a trim.” It was there he was introduced to beard oil and he decided to make his own, using a variety of essential oils and carrier oils. “Over the next six to seven months and approximately 50 failed recipes later, I finally had 4 beard oils that hit all the right notes were nice and light, nongreasy and smelled awesome!” Nate recalled. Using friends and coworkers as guinea pigs, the couple perfected their recipes to create products that would work for men with different needs. Finally, in March 2017 the couple launched Kingsmen Grooming Products, which consists of beard oils and beard balms. Since then, they have been self promoted at local events and flea markets. “It is our privilege to serve you with all your beard needs and our promise to always stay authentic

Nat and Juls Wollman from Kleefeld are proud of their line of products geared towards the beard-growing man. Photo by Marianne Curtis

and consistently produce the best beard products on the market,” Nate added. “We want to be the best, that’s our goal!” Products are currently available at a few select salons in Stein-

bach and one Winnipeg location. Additional products will be added to their line including shaving, skin and hair products for all skin and hair types. Find out more at kingsmengrooming.ca.

They learn how to make food in the kitchen and how to sit and behave properly in her home. There are several of these in the neighbourhood and sometimes they get together for “outings”. My cousin is paid fairly well (by the government) and has pension benefits and several weeks of vacation (children are looked after by other casual child care providers). So the child care providers in Denmark are well trained, well regulated and well paid. This makes for happier child care providers who continue in the career for many years (less turnover) and make for happier children and happier parents. I think it’s time for Canada to consider this approach to the most important years of our children. Pro-

viding the same quality of care as we do in our schools. Denmark is essentially one giant middle class. The creation of this economically and genderequal society has driving much of Denmark’s social and economical development over the last one hundred or so years. To quote NFS Gruntvig, “And we will have made great strides in equality, when few have too much and fewer have too little.” Let’s make Canada great by providing better services to all Canadians regardless of their ability to pay. I didn’t always think this way, but as I see it in practice in Denmark, I see the benefits. Even if our taxes must go up some to pay for this, I think in the long run, we will all be better off. Anni Markmann is a Personal Income Tax Professional and Certified Financial Planner; living, working, and volunteering in our community. Contact Ste Anne Tax Service at 204-422-6631 or 36 Dawson Road in Ste Anne (near Clearview Coop) or info@saTaxes.ca.

Universal Child Care? As I write this article I am in Denmark visiting family. I do this every year or every other year. And when I’m here I often think about why the Nordic people (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) are so happy. Usually the five countries are in the top 10 happiest people in the world. Why is that? One of the reasons is because they have a very good social network that is paid by higher taxes. So even though the citizens pay high taxes, they do not grumble about it because of all the services they receive. And the services are universal: everyone gets the same (normally high quality) service. In Canada we have many universal social services: most of our health care is the same for all: hospitals and doctors. And most of our education is universal: grades K to 12 for example. In Canada, the prescriptions and personal care homes fees vary from province to province, but for the most

part are similar to Manitoba: it is based on one’s ability to pay. For example prescriptions in Manitoba are based on a deductible that each of us has to pay first and then Manitoba Health pays for the rest above that deductible amount. And personal care home fees are also based on your income. The more income you have, the more you need to pay before the government (the rest of the taxpayers) will pay. So why don’t we do the same for other types of services. I believe we would be a happier country and have better outcomes for families if there was universal child care. Families would be less stressed out trying to find quality child care. Children would have better care. Why do we only care about once children are five or six that they receive universal care in our schools? Universal child care in the

Nordic countries I can see provide better outcomes: more women in the workforce; child care providers receive better pay (paid by the government, the taxpayers); better quality of child care; children are better prepared for school. And all children regardless of family income receive quality care. If is not free for all families as school is, but it is based on the families ability to pay. So families with lower income may pay nothing or very little and families with higher income pay more. And the amount you pay is paid to the government, not to the child care provider. The child care providers are paid by the government, not by the parents. In Denmark, there are many “home day cares” including one operated by one of my cousins. She has about four children from 7 am to about 5 pm each work day. The children learn how to live in a home and how to respect items in the home.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

September 2019


Off-Road Fun Highlight at Marchand Logging Days For one day in August, the dust and mud flew during the community’s annual Marchand Logging Days. Taking place on August 24, the event drew participants and spectators from throughout the region for activities scheduled at the Marchand Community Park. One of the highlights of the event was a newly completed allterrain vehicle obstacle course complete with trenches, logs and hills to jump. The course was a The new obstacle course located in the Marchand Community Park put drivers through their Photos by Marianne Curtis challenge to both quad and side- paces. by-side operators. The infamous mud bog was a hit with about a thousand spectators lining both sides of the pit, as trucks, quads and a monster truck took on the trench. Very few were successful. The event was hosted in partnership with Manitoba Mud Maffia. Other events included bouncers and face painting for the kids, a log sawing competition, evening community bonfire and live music with Cathy St. Germaine. The infamous Marchand mud bog pit proved to be a fun challenge for all drivers.

Fence Goes Up Around La Broquerie Auto Body Shop After months of controversy around the RM of La Broquerie council table, a fence is finally going up around an auto wrecking and repair shop located just west of La Broquerie. In 2006, the RM of La Broquerie council gave the goahead for Lewis Weiss to build a new body shop near the community. The application was applied for and approved prior to Weiss’s election to council as reeve. The location is already the home for Weiss Auto Wrecking, a family wrecking business that has been in business for a couple decades. The only condition put upon the approval was that a fence was expected to be erected to hide any vehicles waiting for repair. Earlier this year, the matter was once again on council’s table thirteen years later, by councilor Alvin Derksen. “I was on Council last term and I was wondering why we were not doing anything about this,” said Derksen, back in April when the matter was brought up. “I’m tired of rate payers asking me when I am going to do my job.” At the time, after a lengthy discussion among council, it was resolved that Weiss would be given 30 days to come up with a concept drawing for the fence. Once council approved those plans, he was given an additional 60 days to build the fence, which gave him until August 31 to finish the project.

RM of La Broquerie Reeve Louis Weiss welds together a new fence along the front the property to hide vehicles at his business just west of La Broquerie.

Disability Matters Hosts Rally in Steinbach On August 29, about 90 people gathered at the corner of Brandt and Main Streets in Steinbach over the lunch hour to rally in support of Disabilities Matter Campaign. Disabilities Matters Vote is a non-partisan provincial campaign to promote priority attention for disability issues in the provincial election. Karen Penner, Program Administrator for EnVision Community Living has been helping raise awareness on the issue for a few months now. She said that voting choices of persons with disabilities and their communities of family and sup-

port could be a key factor in determining the outcome of the next provincial election. “One of the primary goals of DMVote is to raise issues that are most important to the quality of life and human rights of people with disabilities in Manitoba and to ask the political parties and candidates to provide clear positions and commitments,” Penner stated. Based on discussions with thousands of Manitobans over the last few years and feedback from a survey that identified a number of issues that candidates need to be prepared to address. Specific

issues include creating a fully accessible Manitoba, fair wages for people serving Manitobans with Disabilities, timely access to services, unleashing the full employment potential of persons with disabilities and a dignified income. Other aspects of the DMVote include ensuring that all Manitobans with disabilities can participate fully in election activities and those who are eligible to vote can do so. To promote priority attention for disability issues in the provincial election and to support Manitobans in making informed voting decisions.

Pat Porter Active Living Centre offers programs, activities, services and volunteer opportunities, striving to promote healthy and active living for mature adults of the southeast region. We invite you to come out (all ages are welcomed) and pay us a visit and consider participating in some of our programs and events. Visit our website at patporteralc.com. Memberships: 2019 memberships available for $30 per person. Join now to enjoy our member’s benefits! Check out our new website and register to receive your newsletter by email. Other Programs and Services: Monday to Friday Full lunch: $7. Soup lunch: Soup, dessert and a biscuit $3. Call kitchen at 204-320-4605 the day before or before 9am to reserve your meal. Foot Care Clinic – Call reception at 204-320-4600 to book your appointment. Beltone Hearing – Call 1-800-6612653 to book an appointment. Community Financial Counselling Services – On Monday, September 16 and October 7. Call 1-888-5732383. Cottage Cheese Perogies for sale $6 per dozen. Transportation – Need a ride to an appointment or in need of some help with cleaning or yard work? You may qualify for our services. Call Carrie to help arrange this at 204-320-4604 for a small fee. Equipment Loan Program – Wheelchairs and walkers for temporary use available, contact Carrie at 204-3204604 for more information. Friendly Visitor – Do you want to have someone spend some time with you either at home or out in the community? Do you know someone who is unable to leave their home often but would benefit from a friendly visit? Call Carrie and she will try to match someone up with a friendly visitor. Volunteer Opportunities: All ages welcome to volunteer. Please call Sonja at 204-320-4603 for more information. We are looking for Friendly Visitors, Maintenance, Meal Delivery, and Office Support. Specials coming up: Cooking Demo –Thursday, September 26, $6 per person. Is there anything more comforting than a hot cup of soup on a crisp cool autumn day? Call to register. Pancake Breakfast - Third Thursday of every month, $5 per person, 9 – 11 am. Alzheimer Journey – Wednesdays, September 18, October 9, November 20, at 2 pm, free. Mature Driver Workshop – Wednesday, September 11 from 10 am – 12 pm free Manitoba Public Insurance. Call to register. Register or purchase tickets: Old Time Country Dance - Featuring “Buckskin & Satin”, Friday, September 27, from 7 – 11 pm. Cost $12 for members, $15 for non-members, $20 at the door. Living with Dementia First Steps - On Saturday, September 28, 9 am - 3:30 pm, $15 per Person call to register 204-326-5771. Potluck – Thursday, September 12

and October 12 at 6 pm. Call to register. Regular Programs and Activities: Check out the Newsletter on our website www.patporteralc.com for more information. Activities may be cancelled due to other events on short notice. Please check with the Centre. Note that all of the programs, activities and events are open to any age. Our programs are aimed for seniors but we welcome and encourage all to be a part of what we have to offer. All programs and activities are $2 for Members and $4 for Non-Members unless otherwise stated. Drop-in: Billiards – Monday – Friday 9 am 3:30 pm. Book Club – Every Tuesday from 11 am – 12 pm, every Friday 1 – 2 pm. Cards: Monday – Canasta 1-4 pm, Tuesday – Euchre 2-4 pm, Wednesday – Cribbage 1-4 pm, Thursday -Whist 1:45 - 4 pm, Bridge - Friday 1 -4 pm. Choir – Wednesday, September 11, Wednesdays 10 - 11:30 am. Computer Classes - Wednesdays from 9 am – 2 pm, one on one 1 hour appointments Exercise Classes - Tuesday and Thursday, PACE 1 – 2 pm. Floor Curling/Floor Shuffle - Wednesdays 1:30 – 4 pm. HO Model Railway Project - Wednesdays and Fridays 10 am - 3:30 pm. Movie Time Potluck - On Mondays. “The Biggest Little Farm” September 30 and “A Dog’s Journey” October 28, noon, Bring a small lunch dish and enjoy a movie and fellowship. Old Time Country Jam – Wednesdays, September 4, from 7 – 9 pm. Out with Friends –Fridays, September 20 and October 18, 7 – 10 pm, bring a snack, play board/card games, and enjoy the evening together. Perogy Bee - Monday, September 9 and October 7. Call if you want to help out with making perogies. Beginners Pickleball - Mondays and Fridays 1 – 3 pm. Advanced Pickle Ball - Monday to Friday 9 - 11:30 am. Tai Chi – Mondays, returning September 9, 10 - 11:30 am. Fitness Drumming - Wednesday starting October 2, 1 - 1:45 pm, 10 sessions. Craft & Bake Sale – Friday, November 1, 9 am – 8 pm. For more information call 204-320-4603. Free Programs: Walking - 8:30 – 9 am and Noon-1 pm, Monday to Friday. Crafty Corner - Fridays 2 - 3:30 pm. Cozy Corner Coffee – Every day 10:30am. Enjoy a complimentary coffee an occasional treat and some great conversation. Rentals: We accommodate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, meetings, family gatherings and much more. Call Sonja at 204-320-4603 for more information and to book. For more information on our programs, activities or volunteer opportunities, please drop by the Centre Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4 pm or call Sonja at 204-3204603 or the reception desk at 204320-4600, Fax 204-320-9098.


September 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

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