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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

‘50/50 for Kids!’ a Resounding Success

Ariel Niemann (centre), the 50/50 grand prize winner, receiving her cheque of $46,012.50 from Cindi Rempel Patrick, Director of Development and David Klassen, Director of Programming. Submitted photo

“Ecstatic, amazing, this is so wonderful for the community,” were the first words used by Cindi Rempel Patrick, Director of Development, to describe the final total of $92,025 raised in the 50/50 for Kids! Fundraising raffle. “For a three week campaign, this total exceeded our expectations; it was truly an honour to experience how the public, and the corporate community were stepping up daily to offer their support,” said Rempel Patrick. A

cheque representing half of the total amount for $46,012.50 was won by Ariel Niemann, of Steinbach. This was the second year the Steinbach Arts Council was the charity recipient of Golden West’s annual 50/50 for Kids! community campaign and they surpassed last year’s total of $46,035. The funds will be used to operate the After School Arts Program designed for youth from grades 5-12 to connect, create, and communicate at the Arts Centre.

Opportunities to learn art skills, music, theatre and dance will be offered by local artists, instructors and mentors. It will be free and accessible to all. Long term plans include some transportation assistance to ensure there are no barriers for youth to attend. All the funds go back to the community as the Centre will hire local artists, instructors and mentors, and purchase supplies and equipment from local businesses.

June 2021

Province Opens Up Second-Dose Eligibility The province announced that people who received their first dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine on or before April 13 can now book their second-dose appointment. Further, all Indigenous people in Manitoba and individuals with specific health conditions are also eligible to book their second dose, as long as they meet the minimum time interval between doses. Anyone going for their second dose needs to know the date they received their first and the type of vaccine received. If an individual cannot recall this information, it can be found through their immunization record at Shared Health or by calling their local public health office. Anyone who received a first dose of AstraZeneca/Covishield is now eligible to receive a second dose of any mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), provided they meet provincial eligibility criteria for their second dose. It was also announced that several pop-up immunization clinics have been scheduled throughout the province in June including one for Buffalo Point. This one-day event is taking place June 24. There will be three pop-up clinics taking place in Morris on June 16, 23 and 30. At this point, all people aged 12 and up are still eligible to book their first-dose appointments. Young people aged 12 to 15 can either attend the appointment with a parent, guardian or caregiver, or bring a signed consent form at the time of their appointment. If the youth attends without a guardian and without a signed consent form, they will go through an informed consent process to assess their ability to consent on their own and proceed with the vaccine. Young people aged 16 and 17 can sign their own consent form. To date a total of 852,094 vaccinations have been administered in Manitoba. This milestone was accomplished with 100,000 doses administered over a record seven-day period. The previous record was 100,000 doses over an eight-day span. Eligible individuals can book their appointments online at protectmb.ca, or by calling tollfree 1-844-626-8222 (1-844-MAN-VACC) from 6 am to 8 pm daily. Have your health card ready.

June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Accessibility Mats Laid Out at Beaches

Mobi-Mats have been installed at several beaches including St. Malo and Falcon Lake. Supplied by Manitoba Parks

Several of the province’s beaches became wheelchair accessible over the past few weeks as Manitoba Parks including St. Malo and Falcon Lake. “We’re installing mobi-mats on several park beaches, making them more accessible for everyone to enjoy! These nonslip mats allow for easier beach access, including people with wheelchairs, walkers and elderly visitors, or parents with strollers,” confirmed a Manitoba Parks representative. The mats have been or are in the process of being installed at Birds Hill, Clearwater Lake (Pioneer Bay), Grand Beach, Lundar Beach, Rainbow Beach, Spruce Woods, St. Malo (Sunset Shores Beach), Winnipeg Beach, Whiteshell (Falcon Lake). The province has committed to accessibility improvements and invested $100,000 to expand the number of beaches where mobility mats can provide accessible connections to the water.

Childcare and Preschool Expands in La Broquerie for Francophone Families In a fund jointly funded by the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada to create 100 new spaces for French-speaking families, 55 of those spaces will be created in La Broquerie. Les P’tits Brisous Inc. supports families in the francophone com-

munity of La Broquerie. The schoolbased child-care centre at École Saint-Joachim is being expanded to create 39 new spaces including eight infant and 16 preschool spaces. “We are very pleased the governments of Manitoba and Canada are investing in child care for franco-

phone communities,” said Andrée Rémillard, director, Les P’tits Brisous. “This expansion will help to ensure we can better meet the needs of families in our community and provide quality early learning and child care for the children in our program.”

“This facility expansion will help meet the needs of francophone and newcomer families by providing flexible services and quality education programming for children,” said La Verendrye MLA Dennis Smook. Les P’tits Brisous Inc. received $792,000 in capital grant fund-

ing under the Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, $11,000 in start-up grant funding, $708,000 under the Canada-Manitoba Agreement on Minority-Language Education and $158,000 in annual operating grant funding.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021

Mitchell Woman Advocates for MPI Change

(above) Brianna Seewald in hospital with her fiancé following a serious crash that resulted in her suffering a broken neck and six breaks in her back. (left) Visit gofund. me/12b482a7 to help support Brianne Seewald on her journey to recovery. Photos supplied by Brianna See

Tabs Purchases Chair for Lorette Boy Due to COVID, Tabs for Wheelchairs has had to change how they present recipients with their new wheels, but that does not mean things are not happening. For the past few years, family and friends have been helping collect tabs for Oliver, from Lorette. Thanks to a partnership with Tabs for Wheelchairs, Ollie (Olivier) is set to get his wheelchair in 2021 just in time for him to start kindergarten in Lorette. According to Gwen Buccini, Tabs for Wheelchairs Coordinator, this campaign was started in 2018 by close friends of Ollie’s from the slo-pitch community and it has since grown to a constant flow of tabs simply through word of mouth. “We are so very thankful to everyone who has been saving tabs for Ollie this past year! We are thrilled to share with you that when his family went to the Rehabilitation Centre for Children to get measurements done and pick out the right chair for him, they learned that the kind of chair that was best for Ollie could be supplied by the Rehab Centre. This is wonderful news! The chair is already on order,” Buccini said. “This has totally been a Win-Win situation in that Ollie will have the chair he needs and we are able to use the funds raised from all of the tabs that will be coming in this year for another very deserving recipient,” she added. Ollie was diagnosed shortly after birth with Microephaly, which is a genetic disorder. Some characteristics of this condition are balance and coordination problems, hyperactivity, low muscle tone, spastic movements, and delayed motor and speech functions. Tabs can be dropped off at Trailblazers Life Choices Winnipeg (1069 Autumnwood Drive) - bin outside for drop off, Monday - Friday (9 am - 3 pm). Trailblazers Life Choices Steinbach (B-197 Main St.) - bin outside for drop off Monday – Friday, (9 am. - 3 pm), 1244 Dawson Rd, Lorette, MB - leave on front deck, and at Manny’s Live Bait Hwy #1 East anytime. Oliver is all smiles after being fitted for a new wheelchair so that he will be more mobile when he starts kindergarten in the fall. Supplied photo

A young Mitchell woman is advocating for change on how MPI deals with spinal rehabilitation coverage while trying to recover from injuries sustained as a result of a serious car crash in August 2020 and is now wheelchairbound. Brianna Seewald was involved in a car crash on August 17, 2020 which almost took her life. As a result of the accident, she suffered a broken neck, six breaks in her back, along with other injuries. Due to the severity of her injuries she has been in a wheelchair ever since. “It has been an extraordinary few months,” she said. For seven months, Seewald lived in a halo brace to ensure her neck healed properly. Now that it has been removed, she is now in the rehabilitation phase of recovery. She hopes to be able to walk again. “Most people do get formal spinal rehab after these types of things. However, given the nature of COVID, I needed to be transferred out of HSC

and I was moved to a rural hospital closer to home to start their therapy program. Keep in mind; it was not dedicated to specific spinal rehab. I was given what was available at that time,” said Seewald. Seewald, who is a nurse, said that when she applied to have her rehab covered by Manitoba Public Insurance her initial request was denied and she was asked to submit a proposal on why this type of treatment was needed before it would be reviewed. “So my family doctor, my current athletic therapist, and the owner of the facility all wrote in with my proposal saying why this is going to give the best chance of being a functional human being again and a real shot of walking, and it was denied because MPI doesn’t cover exercise-based therapy programs,” she explained. “I was so shocked. I was so shocked that we have the capability here in Winnipeg. We have the program here.” Seewald said she has had athletic therapy covered by MPI but not specialized spinal therapy. She added she was denied the treatment because MPI does not cover exercise-based therapy programs.

While Seewald waits for this situation to work out, she is not waiting on her recovery. She will be starting treatment at First Steps Wellness thanks to the support of the community. A go-fund me page was set up, and several businesses pitched in with their own fundraising initiatives. She feels this is the best program to help her one day walk again as they design rehab programs specifically for the problems she faces. Despite the benefits of the program, it is expensive. “This is my chance at walking down my wedding aisle. This is a chance at dancing at my wedding, running and playing with my future kids, returning to my job as a nurse.” At press time, almost $65,000 has been raised towards a $200,000 goal. Seewald said it has been amazing to see all the support she has received. “I think I knew that we would maybe be able to raise the funds for a month of therapy, which is more than we could ever hope for, and within a matter of days, we have raised enough money for five months of therapy. It means more to me than I think anyone would be able to realize.”

June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Broadband Changes Coming Since being elected in 2011, the lack of Internet and cell phone coverage in La Verendrye has always been an issue. Service has improved since 2011 but I’m happy to share some exciting news about expanded broad services coming to our communities. Following a competitive tendering process, the province announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Xplornet Communications Inc. to connect more than 125,000 unserved or underserved Manitobans to reliable, high-speed internet services. There are a number of communities in the constituency of La Verendrye that will be receiving access to broadband service. As a result of this agreement there will also be a number of communities that will be connected to cellular services. This Agreement was made possible through Manitoba Hydro. As the province owns thousands of kilometres of fibre-optic cable across Manitoba, the government will make this surplus capacity available to Xplornet to expand its broadband and cellphone services to Manitobans, as early as this fall. Manitobans love to fish, and our fisheries are an incredible resource that is important to Manitobans and also plays an important role in our rural communities and tourism sector. More people than ever are out enjoying our lakes and rivers in both summer and winter. With this increase and added pressure on fish stocks, we must be proactive in managing our fisheries. Just as a note of interest, Manitoba currently stocks close to 100 water bodies with tens of millions of walleye fry and almost 500,000 trout from its hatcheries. The province is launching online public engagement to seek input for changes to Manitoba’s angling regulations, which are outlined in Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy. This strategy outlines proposed changes to the regulation and management of recreational angling. The strategy balances the enhancement of angling opportunities while protecting the provinces valuable fish populations. To learn more about Manitoba’s plans to transform recreational angling, visit engagemb.ca/angling. The online public engagement will close June 30. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all my constituents to get vaccinated against COVID-19. All Manitobans aged 12 and up are now eligible to book an appointment to be vaccinated. Eligibility for second-doses continues to be expanded as well. It’s vitally important that all Manitobans get vaccinated to help us beat COVID-19 and end this pandemic. If you have any questions regarding the vaccine, I encourage you to speak with a medical doctor for more information. For more information and to book an appointment, please visit https:// protectmb.ca/ or call 1-844-626-8222. Thank You.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

The Liberal Government Wants to Control What You Say Online Many of you have already heard about Bill C-10: The Liberal government’s bill granting unprecedented new powers to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to regulate social media content. Many have reached out to express their concerns about the implications of this bill on freedom of expression. I share those concerns. As Peter Menzies, former vicechair of the CRTC wrote: “putting the CRTC in charge of the internet is like putting a logging company in charge of the Great Bear Rainforest.” The controversy around Bill C10 began when Liberal members of the Heritage Committee voted to strip a section of the bill (4.1) which offered protection of usergenerated social media content from government regulation. Without Section 4.1, your social media content is no longer protected. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – they could all be forced to abide by CRTC (government) rules. To be clear, Bill C-10 doesn’t try to prescribe what those rules should be. That’s why the Heritage Minister keeps claiming his bill won’t impact freedom of expression. But since the bill would grant unprecedented power to the CRTC to regulate as they see fit, it creates the conditions for gov-

ernment regulation of social media, and by extension free expression online. Dr. Michael Geist, Law Professor and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, has been one of the leading expert voices raising the alarm about this bill. As he told the Heritage Committee earlier this week: “No one, literally no other country, uses broadcast regulation to regulate user-generated content in this way... regulating user-generated content in this manner is entirely unworkable, a risk to net neutrality and a threat to freedom of expression.” When a new bill is introduced in Parliament, the Justice Department provides a “Charter Statement” to outline any potential infringements on Charter rights and freedoms. When the Liberals decided to remove Section 4.1, Opposition MPs asked for a new Charter Statement. Armed with a new statement, the Liberal Justice Minister claimed, again, that Bill C-10 is “consistent with the Charter”, despite his admission “the bill’s regulatory requirements have the potential to engage freedom of expression”. Emily Laidlaw, Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity Law at the University of Calgary, responded: “My humble legal opinion is the statement is nonsense.” She went on to point out that while the government isn’t proposing to regulate users directly, they are planning to regulate social me-

dia platforms and require them to regulate users. The effect will be that user-generated content is still government regulated. Unfortunately, despite these concerns expressed by experts, the Liberals, aided by the Bloc Quebecois, are still moving ahead with the bill, and have the votes to pass it. Bill C-10 leaves the door wide open for governments – present and future – to infringe on Canadians’ rights. If this bill passes, a future Conservative government will repeal it. There are important concerns in Bill C-10 worth addressing (i.e. creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters), but this must be done without compromising the fundamental, cherished and hard-won freedoms of Canadians. For more information on this or any issue please feel free to contact my office toll free at 1-866-3331933 or at 204-326-9889. Visit me on Facebook at Facebook.com/TedFalkMP. You may also write my office at 76 PTH 12N, Steinbach MB, R5G 1T4 or visit my website at tedfalk.ca.

What Have We Done?

The tragic end for 215 young lives discovered recently in Kamloops at a residential school begs the question “what have we done?”. A nation is in mourning and rightfully so. The question is two-fold… what have we done resulting in the systematic brutality of a people, and what have we done since the rumours started to come to light about horrific treatment across our nation?

Anyone will a sense of humanity can not walk by or turn away from the news reports. These were children who perished. They were stripped away from their families and subjected to brutal forms of torture. No child ever should be brought up to fear waking up in the morning. While childhood is never perfect, this perversion is the polar opposite of the usual scraped knee and or grounding. Everyone needs to try and envision your childhood with the lack of joy, compassion, family and instead filled with confusion, terror, pain and sorrow. So, what have we done? We dehumanized our first nations people. We saw them as less than us. We arrogantly professed that we were superior and they were inferior. Our ancestors were egotistical and believed that we were “civilized” and needed to “break the indian” and impose our “moral superiority” on these people. Much of this was done in the name of religion with the complicity of govern-

ments, and the willful blind eye of a society. What have we done? “Rumours” were ignored at first. It has taken too long for us to actually put boots on the ground and look into the accusations of criminal and genocidal activity. The wheels of government turn slow? In this case, the wheels of government have fallen off. We need to take responsibility for this and increase the Truth and Reconciliation scope to investigate in a timely manner all the stories. Taking action on the multitude of “rumours” that still exist without the bureaucratic hindrance is a small step towards justice. We need more than sorrowful statements from those organizations who were involved. We need them to become proactive and do what’s right... admission, resources, disclosures, and they money to support all investigations. They need to face the music and keep in mind that the pain they realize is only a minute fraction of what they sowed.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021

Getting Vaccinated Gets Us Closer to Spending Time Together June has arrived and the weather is getting warmer while more people are getting their first vaccination, many are in anticipation of receiving their second dose, all with the goal of being able to appreciate a normal Manitoba summer. Anyone over 12 years of age can now book to receive their first vaccine. Second dose appointments are also now available to those who had their first shot back in March. This month, there are vaccine pop-up locations at Brokenhead River Community Hall on June 10 and 24, at Victoria Beach Senior Centre on June 16, at Pinawa Alliance Church on June 16 and 23 and Whitemouth Community Hall on June 17. Visit protectmb.ca for regular updates

on vaccine eligibility, dates and locations. We all must continue to do our part and follow the current public health orders, whether indoors or while enjoying the great outdoors. If we continue to follow the health guidelines for a while longer, in a safe manner, we shall soon be able to experience our summer together. With that in mind, I encourage Manitobans from all corners of our province to come and visit the Lac du Bonnet constituency when the public health orders permit. The Lac du Bonnet constituency has amazing parks, trails, beaches, campgrounds, community centres, festivals, museums and 9 fantastic golf courses, to name but a few wonderful activities.

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Over Manitoba is in danger of losing to the third attack of COVID- 19. The transmissibility has overwhelmed ICU beds and ICU personnel. Manitobans are not getting the care they need and the principle of universal healthcare availability has been blown up. A failing grade, has forced us to seek assistance from all our neighbours. It appears that our leadership waited too long to ask for assistance with our health needs which were pre-empted by an explosion of COVID- 19 cases. Why is this happening? Perhaps too many amongst us feel special and the tried and true pandemic rules don’t apply to them. By chance I was watching CNN which had a program on as to why so many people were opting out of vaccination. One study by a show of hands demonstrated that 80% showed that fear of needles was a cause and the remainder seemed to indicate that it had become a political matter much like “anti- mask” no matter what. These showof-hands interviewees seem to suggest that a mask impedes personnel freedom. Now how does this relate to Manitoba? Well reading that vaccination rates in Southern Health, we are sitting at 41.4% vaccinated with at least one dose, Steinbach is currently sitting at 34.4 percent of residents aged 18 and over who have received at least one dose, while in adjacent surrounding areas the percentage is 23.8. We need 75% of the eligible population to be fully vaccinated so that we can get back to what we want to do. If you think that it is going to be hard to reach herd immunity, then we have to induce people to be immunized with an incentive. A monetary incentive such as the Provincial government putting $1 in the pot for each person immunized and then once we have reached our 75 or 80% goal we draw off this pot winning tickets of $2,500 until the pot is dry. It’s a bit embarrassing to stoop to such a crass method but at this point we need to convince people with something special for them. Up till now I admired the slogan “It’s worth the trip”. That admiration has evaporated, I’ll stick to mine, “All for one; one for all”. These numbers indicate that in a pandemic leadership should have courage. How many of our 25,000 plus dead could have been saved. Politicians, doing the same thing three times and getting worst results is what our collective embarrassment will read in history. Doing the same thing over and over and over, is famously described as, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” To start, our virus transmission rates should have dictated our actions, not politics and future election. Being the cause of willful, casual transmission, one should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. If the infected dies as a result of this assault the charge could be upgraded to manslaughter. I feel confident that if these rules had been in force that the death of over 25 thousand would be drastically minimized. Science at times must be met head on by the resolve of civilization and this was our moment, I don’t know about you but I’m saddened by the death of so many and embarrassed.

Specifically, why not check out the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum at St-Georges or the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour. Visit the Pinawa suspension bridge or many of our great lakes within the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Maybe take a drive to see the Beausejour Daylily Gardens, fish in Powerview-Pine Falls or take a stroll along the Winnipeg River Bridge. There is so much to offer in the Lac du Bonnet constituency in the summer and your financial support of local tourism and small businesses is appreciated as plans to fully reopen the economy takes shape. Above all else, while we continue to protect Manitobans and get outside, let us follow the leave-no-trace principles of planning ahead, camp on durable surfaces, dispose of unwanted service items, leaving what you find, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting our wildlife and being considerate of other visitors. Recently passed legislation will provide tax relief to all Manitobans by introducing a multi-year, phased elimination of education property taxes. Rebate cheques are now being mailed out to owners of residential, farm and commercial properties in Manitoba. In 2021, home and farm owners will receive a 25 per cent rebate, which will increase to 50 per cent in 2022.

Other qualifying property owners will see a 10 per cent rebate this year. The average rebate will be an estimated $1,140 per property over the next two years. This is great news by leaving more money in the pockets of all Manitobans. In closing, I want to thank you for helping to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Lac du Bonnet constituency and throughout our province. I know many have had to make sacrifices and I know that all have been affected by this pandemic in some form. I ask that you please get vaccinated if you haven’t already and continue to follow the fundamentals so we can get together sooner than later. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at wayne@wayneewasko.com, or call me at 204-268-3282. Also, you can follow me on Twitter @ wayneewaskomla and friend me on Facebook.

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June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

RM of Ste. Anne Fresh Air Makes Everything Better Flies Flag at Half Mast

Out of respect for those affected by the horrific news of the remains of 215 children discovered at a Kamloops residential school, the RM of Ste. Anne has decided to fly their flag at half mast for a 9 day period. Submitted photo

That’s a Wrap That’s a wrap on another Manitoba Legislative Session! Our government was proud to bring forward a robust legislative agenda focused on protecting Manitobans and advancing Manitoba. It has always been our goal to improve the lives of Manitobans, and I believe that this past Legislative Session greatly reflects our commitment to advancing that objective. Our government recently passed Bill 71, providing Manitoba property owners with education property tax rebate cheques. Rebates are equal to 25% for residential and farm properties and 10% for other properties. As of last week, our government began mailing these cheques to property owners, returning nearly $250 million this year to Manitobans who own homes, farms and businesses. Manitoba is the only province that uses school property taxes, which are set locally by each different municipality, to fund the education system. The rebate will not impact the amount of school taxes that fund local school division. Unfortunately, the NDP voted against this bill and against tax relief for Manitobans. This legislation also makes a change to the Residential Tenancies Act to freeze the rent increase guideline at zero per cent in 2022 and 2023, providing much-needed relief to those living in rental accommodations. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all Manitobans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. All Manitobans aged 12 and up are now eligible to book an appointment to be vaccinated. Eligibility for second-doses has begun as well. For more information and to book an appointment, please visit protectmb.ca or call 1-844-626-8222. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and contact my constituency office at ca.lagasse@outlook.com or 204807-4663.

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The birds are chirping, the grass is growing and the temperatures are slowly getting warmer. These signs indicate that summer is around the corner and hint that it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Here in Manitoba, especially within the constituency of SpringfieldRitchot, there are so many ways we can enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather. Not only is this an excellent excuse to get some fresh air, it is also a great opportunity to get exercise as the pandemic continues to impact other aspects of our daily lives. Whether it’s walking, hiking, jogging, bike riding or horseback riding, the constituency of Springfield-Ritchot accommodates it all. Personally, I enjoy taking advantage of the extraordinary active transportation corridors that are present throughout my constituency. I often enjoy biking up to 40 kilometers in a single day on the variety of paths

and trails that are present throughout much of Manitoba. The multiple communities within Springfield-Ritchot offer plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy recreational activities. The most northern part of Springfield-Ritchot borders Birds Hill Park, which offers a variety of outdoor activities for people of all interests. This area is also known for horseback riding, with a host of trails and opportunities for riders of all skill levels. A hidden gem within my constituency is La Barriere Park, located not far from Howden. This park hugs the banks of the La Salle River, and is the perfect location to enjoy a walk or a hike on beautiful spring or summer’s day. Picnic sites and sports fields are also present within the park, with park admission being free year-round. Other active transportation opportunities within Ritchot include the Crow Wing Trail through St. Adolphe, the Promenade sur la Rouge in Ste. Agathe and an added bike lane to Bernat Road in Grand Pointe. Hespeler Park in Niverville is another prime example of a community park that offers a variety of outdoor amenities to residents. Last summer, this park welcomed

the first phase of a brand new bike skills park that offers riders a track with banked turns and the opportunity to build their riding skills. Our government remains committed to supporting outdoor recreational opportunities throughout the province. We recently announced an investment of an additional $2.5 million to establish the Manitoba Trails Strategic Fund, which will help maintain and expand recreational trails across Manitoba. The Manitoba Trails Strategic Fund has been developed in partnership with Trails Manitoba, and will provide province-wide support for trail projects in urban centres outside of Winnipeg. These funds will encourage collaboration with local organizations and municipalities for trail expansions and improvements. As always, I am privileged to serve you and your family as your MLA. I welcome your questions, comments, and concerns by email at Ron@RonSchuler.com or by mail at Box 150, OakBank, MB R0E 1J0. By emailing or writing me with your views, you are helping to keep our government informed on what our citizens are thinking and feeling, and I sincerely thank you for that.

MPs Call for Local Support Behind Three Digit Hotline Provencher MP Ted Falk is calling on all the municipalities to stand behind the federal government members who are trying to establish a three-digit suicide prevention hotline after the motion to pass it was tabled. “988 is a common-sense, common ground and cost-effective program that could literally save Canadian lives. I am proud to support this effort and urge all Canadians to do the same,” stated Falk. Every 24 hours, 11 Canadians take their own lives, and there are 275 suicide attempts. Every year, 4,000 Canadians die by suicide. It is the second-leading cause of death among young people and rising. In response to this disturbing trend, last December, MP’s of all parties unanimously passed a motion in the House of Commons calling for a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline, 988 similar to 911. “This bill is an Act to amend the

Telecommunications Act [suicide prevention] is the passion project of my Conservative Colleague MP Todd Doherty,” stated Falk. “Todd lost a dear friend to suicide when he was a teenager and the experience impacted him deeply. Since then he has been a tireless advocate for mental health and a champion for a national suicide prevention hotline.” Falk noted that COVID-19 has led to an increased need for mental health supports, particularly among young people. Advocates are worried that the anxiety and feelings of social isolation caused by Covid-19 restrictions will lead to a spike in suicide deaths and attempts by Canadian young people. “Now, legislation to that effect has been tabled,” Falk stated. “As MP for Provencher, I have reached out to our municipal leaders and encouraged councils to pass similar motions to add additional confirmation

to the Liberal Government to move faster in implementing this important service. A huge thank you to those who have already done so.” The tabled motion reads as follows: “That, given that the alarming rate of suicide in Canada constitutes a national health crisis, the House call on the government to take immediate action, in collaboration with our provinces, to establish a national suicide prevention hotline that consolidates all suicide crisis numbers into one easy to remember three-digit (988) hot line that is accessible to all Canadians.” Numerous concerned groups have affirmed their support for this effort including: the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Crisis Service Canada as well as telecommunications providers like Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Lagasse Introduces Resolution On May 25, Dawson Trail MLA Bob Lagasse introduced a Private Members Resolution (PMR) in the Legislature recognizing the province’s commitment to investing in programs and services to support mental health and addiction recovery in Manitoba. “The pressures and uncertainly

of the pandemic have undoubtedly impacted the mental health of Manitobans,” said Lagasse. “I am proud to highlight the many investments our PC government has made to support those who are struggling with mental health and addictions issues in our province.” Since 2019, the province has

announced 31 initiatives valued at more than $50.6 million to improve mental health and addictions services throughout the province. These initiatives align with the VIRGO report that outlined recommendations for improving support and access to evidence-based mental health and addictions care.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021

Falcon Lake and Roseau River to Receive Mural 150 Art By Marianne Curtis The communities of Falcon Lake and Roseau River First Nation are two out of seven communities across Manitoba that will receive a contemporary, accessible, and public-facing work of art thanks to Mural 150. Mural 150 is presented by a partnership of Manitoba 150, CWB National Leasing, and Wall-to-Wall Rural Mural Tour. This is a unique opportunity for local artists to share their stories with the public. Artist Kyla Quiring has been chosen as the feature artist for the mural that will be created in Falcon Lake. Quiring is a multi-media Métis-Menno artist born and raised on Treaty 1 Territory. Her art showcases a story and connection within each piece. She uses fine lines to connect herself to the land and our animal kin and often likes to think of her art as a personal journal of teachings, lessons, and reflections. The second community to be chosen is Roseau River First Nation which will become the home for a mural created by Niamh Dooley. She is an Anishininew (Oji-Cree) and Irish contemporary artist based in Winnipeg. Dooley predominantly focuses on the exploration of identity, cultural issues, and her interest in the relationships between Indigenous people, past and present, and connecting them with both traditional and contemporary materials

Stay tuned for the unveiling of Kyla Quiring’s art at Falcon Lake this summer.

in her art practice. While Mural 150 was originally intended to bring subsidized art to five communities, COVID forced a reimagining of the program. With the support of program sponsor CWB National Leasing, Wall-to-Wall removed the need for communities to contribute funding and also expanded to seven communities by providing original, commissioned art that would be created and later installed on site. Stay tuned for the mural reveals over the summer.

Niamh Dooley will have a unique piece of her art permanently installed at Roseau River First Nation. Submitted photos

Trail’s End Café Opens in Falcon Lake

The Watermelon salad is one of the local favourites.

During the winter months, the Falcon Lake Resort’s ski hill café is open to feed the masses coming in off the slopes. With a growing number of hikers, boaters and cabin guests, the decision was made to open up the Trail’s End Café on weekends during the summer months. “That’s right folks! We are excited to announce that our beloved little ski hill cafe will be opening up on weekends over the summer months to provide mouthwatering meals to all the hikers, bikers, boaters, cabin guests and confused folks who drive to the end of the road here thinking, ‘it’s gotta bring us back to the highway at some point’,” stated the own-

ers. “Our dear Jen and Jer will again be serving up an eclectic menu of savoury meals, specially designed to compliment a day on the trails, with a focus on fresh and local ingredients.” The menu includes some of the ski hill favourites including their juicy Ridge Burger. They also offer a variety of extras to compliment any good meal, local beer, Kombucha, fair trade coffee, and new this summer, ice cream. Until restrictions change food will be available for takeout only. There is even a dock set up for boaters to come and pick up orders. Once restrictions lift, the outdoor licensed patio will be opened.

June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Balloon Fundraiser Helps Families in Crisis

By law and policy, child welfare agencies are mandated by the government to intervene in situations where children have suffered blatant abuse or neglect, leaving thousands of children and their families in difficult situations that do not meet this threshold. Safe Families is a network of agencies and churches working together to strengthen and support families so they can be safe places for children. Networks are established by geography and in Canada, there are currently ten networks operating with only two in Manitoba – in Winnipeg, and Steinbach which is run by Regional Director of Safe Families Steinbach, Michelle Peters. She explained that the purpose/ goal of the network is to coordinate efforts and leverage resources to support and strengthen families. She explained that these parents are able to voluntarily place their child (ren) with Safe Families and retain custody during the placement. They can come from any background and be referred by a school, hospital, church, pregnancy centre, homeless shelter, child welfare agency, neighbour or may contact Safe Families themselves when in a time of crisis. While run by volunteers, there are still costs associated with running the program which is why they are holding a unique fundraiser on June 12. Brighten your loved ones day with a T-Rex delivering a bunch of balloons. With a minimum donation of $35, all proceeds go to support Safe Families. There are only one hundred spots available this year, so order soon to avoid disappointment. According to their website, “Safe Families volunteers serve without compensation and are motivated by the compassion and grace that they first received from Jesus Christ.” Further they state that through the efforts of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of churches, the Safe Families for Children movement internationally has been able to facilitate over 50,000 child hostings. This number only represents a fraction of the families in crisis who need to be surrounded by caring, compassionate community. Visit form.jotform.com/.../balloons--blessings-order-form to order your balloon bouquet.

Send a little loved one a balloon bouquet, while helping raising funds for Safe Families Steinbach which is an organization that supports families in crisis.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Southeast Pastor Repeatedly Defies Public Health Orders

On May 28, Church of God Restoration pastor Tobias Tissen, sent out a Tweet stating “I was just informed there’s an arrest warrant for me,” and as a result he said that he was hiding at an undisclosed location and that he would still hold services on Sunday May 30 in violation of the Manitoba Public Health orders. Manitoba Justice, Public Safety Investigations Unit recently announced they had obtained six arrest warrants for individuals under the Public Health Act stemming from alleged multiple breaches of the public health orders. Winnipeg Police along with Manitoba Justice confirmed in the press conference they had issued the warrants under the Provincial Offences Act for not following the Public Health Orders. During the press conference, Winnipeg Police admitted this was done to strategically shut down a rally planned that evening at the Forks. While they would not identify five individuals, the anti-lockdown, antimask activist Chris Saccoccia who calls himself “Chris Sky” was identified and has allegedly threatened to kill Canadian premiers, assaulting a police officer with a weapon and dangerous operation of a vehicle. He has not been picked up or turned himself in as of yet. “A warrant is a higher response than giving a ticket and in this is being warranted by these individual

Tobias Tissen tweeted this message before going into hiding stating that there was a warrant for his arrest.

actions,” stated the police spokesperson. Manitoba Justice said they have worked closely with law enforcement, including the Winnipeg Police Service. As a result, another individual Patrick Allard has been arrested and is currently detained for repeated violation of pandemic public health orders while the remaining five warrants are outstanding. While a warrant issued under his name was never confirmed by Manitoba Justice, Tissen has a history of defying pandemic public health order restrictions continuing to hold in-person church services south of Steinbach. “My situation is very similar to that of several pastors in Alberta, who have had their Charter rights revoked under the auspice of saving lives and ensuring the integrity of the health care system,” Tissen said according to an interview with a right wing media website based

in Alberta. Keean Bexte, the fringe media site founder was, at one point, accused in 2018 of running a “white supremist web site store”. Tissen first made the media back in the fall when the Church of God Restoration was issued a $5,000 ticket in relation to breach of public health orders during an in-person service that was held on Sunday, November 22. Since then, other tickets have been issued including one for travelling to Alberta and coming back without quarantining, but police at this time will not confirm if a warrant has been issued for his arresr or what the charges are. While the Church of God Restoration has taken this stance, other churches in southern Manitoba have spoken up and tried to encourage parishioners to take precautions and get vaccinated. Many have embraced the opportunity to take services online instead of cancelling things completely and declaring their support in a 2020 open letter to residents to follow public health measures set out by the province. According to a Facebook post on the Church of God Restoration page, on May 30 Tissen did come out of “hiding” and hosted a church service with multiple people attending. Much of his sermon focused on defying provincial restrictions and a video of the service was posted. The Dispatch reached out to Tissen through the Church of God Restoration for comment but he did not respond. Church of God Restoration pastor Tobias Tissen speaking to church members at a service on Manitobans are advised that outPhotos taken from social media May 30. door gatherings with anyone from outside a household are not allowed at this time. This applies to all recreation spaces, including playgrounds, golf courses, parks and sports fields. Enforcement officers will also be present at shopping centres and Manitobans are reminded that only one person per household will be allowed to enter a business. Residents are also expected to adhere to all current public health orders and stay home. Stick to the fundamentals of physical distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask. Church of God Restoration at the May 30 service gather in front.

Species at Risk Booklet Now Available The RM of Stuartburn Community Liaison for Species at Risk is excited to announce that his booklet created to shed light on several of the species at risk in the area is now available to the public. Over the past months, Norm Gregoire, Community Liaison for Species at Risk (SAR) has been pulling together Species at Risk: An IntroThe Tall Grass Prairie new Species at Risk booklet is a great way to discover the many species duction to Our Neighbours in the at risk that make their home in the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve. Tall Grass Prairie.

The booklet is full of colour pictures, information and interesting facts. There is also a map that shows readers the areas that are included in the tall-grass prairie natural area. “We are lucky enough to share a home with a variety of birds, including fourteen that are considered species at risk,” said Gregoire in an earlier interview. Gregoire invites readers to learn more about the Golden-winged

Warbler and other migrating species at risk and check out his new SAR YouTube channel. In the latest episode learn about the Eastern Whippoor-will, a bird whose song goes hand in hand with the soon to come, warm Prairie nights. Booklets have begun to be distributed throughout the community. They are also available for pickup at the front entrance of the RM of Stuartburn office in Vita.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021

Piney Focused on Recovery After Recent Forest Fires Recent cool, wet weather is helping to reduce the fire risk in parts of Manitoba while the risk remains high to extreme in other areas. Rain in some areas means the province is able to lift, or reduce restrictions. The RM of Piney was scrambling for a few days as fires tore through the municipality. In a statement, Bill Stowe, RM of Piney Municipal Fire Chief said his fire fighters are struggling with words and emotions following a difficult month of May. “Our thoughts lay with the hor-

rible impact to our beautiful forests, the wildlife that call it home, and how the lives of our residents have changed. The beauty will return before the memories have faded,” said Stowe. “These events reinforce the need for planning ahead and supporting organizations such as the Piney Emergency Assistance Teams (PEAT) as much as possible. Individuals can also protect their properties, be FireSmart and be ready to act without panic. Working with and listening to the direction of officials is essential.” He noted that despite the challenges that presented themselves this past month, “Our spirits are lifted as we recognize the selfless acts of those men and women who pulled together at some of the hardest times.” “It is truly an inspiration to see the caring of neighbours, community and strangers alike, truly the strength of This Fire Smart Checklist can help residents our rural home! Credit must be given prepare for wildfire events. See https://www. to the huge efforts that ensured the firesmartcanada.ca/resources/ and click on best possible outcome.” “FireSmart Last-minute Wildfire Checklist”. Richard Gamble, Municipal Emer-

gency Coordinator, confirmed that the wildfire between Woodridge and Sandilands is finally listed as under control by Manitoba Conservation and Climate, and the RM has lifted the State of Local Emergency. “We all breathe a sigh of relief after experiencing a challenging couple of weeks. One of the things that struck me, so profoundly, was the gathering of the community to stand against the wildfire,” Gamble added. “During the wildfire, I briefly visited the Woodridge Fire Station and saw residents from around the RM dropping off whatever food and drink they had available in an effort to show support. These incredible donations were unsolicited and these fine folks showed up for no more reason than they wanted to help. Additionally, the selfless efforts of the PEAT volunteers cannot be overstated.” Manitobans are reminded to continue to act with great caution when outdoors. Human-caused fires are preventable, and put people and communities unnecessarily at risk.

Another Event Succumbs to Pandemic: The 2021 Richer Rough Stock Rodeo Regretfully Cancelled The Richer Community Club (RCC) has made a tough decision to cancel the 2021 Richer Rough Stock Rodeo. At its monthly meeting in May, the 2021 rodeo’s viability was discussed. This is the second year in a row the rodeo has been cancelled due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Provincial Health Regulations put in place. “With respect to our guests, volunteers, sponsors and competitors, we have decided that hosting a rodeo this year would be unwise,” said Dan Guetre, a director for the Richer Community Club (RCC) and a rodeo committee member. “While the situation may change as the annual date for the rodeo approaches, the RCC board of directors, in discussions with the committee that works hard to throw one of the largest events in southeast Manitoba, has decided

that there would not be enough time to gather all the elements together to create the exciting weekend event we all enjoy.” “Adding to the mix is our generous sponsors who have partnered with us to create all the exciting events… many have had a hard year financially, and while we know many of them would come through for us, we do not feel right in asking them to dig deep at a time where they can refocus this sponsorship money into their business,” explained Guetre. While the rodeo this year is not going to happen, a drive-in Canada Day event is still on the table, similar to an event hosted last year that saw over 2,000 people attend. Also, an event planned for the end of September, Le Rendezvous, is also planned. According to Guetre, this event may be expanded to incorporate some rodeo events into the weekend.

“Le Rendezvous was initially set to run in the spring of 2020 but we had to postpone it a couple of times,” said Guetre. “We now have a tentative date for late September 2021.” The event is defined as a celebration of first nations inhabitants who, with the Métis and francophone settlers, joined together to create the social and cultural fabric of the community and region. The tentative dates for Le Rendezvous are September 17, 18 and 19, 2021 and this would be in conjunction with the Dawson Trails Arts and Heritage Tour and a historical recreation of a Red River Cart trail ride down the Dawson Trail. The 2022 Richer Rough Stock Rodeo is planned for August 12, 13 and 14 and the RCC and rodeo committee are remaining positive that they can create a memorable event that will make up for the two years of cancellations. For more information visit richerrodeo.ca.

Social Media Campaign Emphasizes Unique Qualities of Small Towns Every small town has something going for it, something uniquely its own. With a new campaign and contest, Co-operatives First is encouraging rural residents to share their “hometown advantage” on social media. Until June 9, participants are encouraged to post photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with a description of what makes their community unique. By using the hashtag #hometownadvantage, they’ll be eligible to win one of three $500 Co-op gift cards. “Rural people know the challenges that face their communities, they are

also not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the work of solving their own problems. The Hometown Advantage campaign aims to start a conversation about not only the advantages of small-town life, but how we can keep them thriving, said Heather Hallgrimson, Co-operatives First Business Development Lead. The Hometown Advantage campaign emphasizes the importance of people in small communities using their ingenuity to keep their towns vibrant. With #hometownadvantage, rural people can display what makes their town great and learn from other innovative communities.

The idea is to celebrate and share the best that rural western Canada offers, inspire leadership, and promote rural living along the way. “We want to help people identify how to use their local advantages, skills and resources to come up with local solutions and co-operatives are a great tool for working together and growing economies. We hope this campaign inspires people to identify an opportunity in their community and work together to make it happen, said Audra Krueger, Co-operatives First Executive Director. For more information visit cooperativesfirst.com/hometown-advantagecontest-rules.

Aerial footage of recently planned forest regrowth that was destroyed by the recent wildfire. Submitted photo


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Fun in the Sun Wildlife Haven Sees Busy Spring

This little squirrel is one of the many patients currently recovering at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile des Chenes. Submitted photo

Wildlife baby season has just begun and Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile des Chenes is already reporting a busier than normal spring. As of the middle of May, total admissions have increased by over twenty-eight percent since last year, for a total of 581 patients treated since January. “Today, in the Wildlife Haven Hospital, we have one hundred and seventy-seven wildlife patients currently in care,” stated a spokesperson from the facility. “From baby owls, turtles, eagles, bunnies, rac-

coons, songbirds, ravens, squirrels and bats, we see various types of species each day!” The volunteers at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre would not be able to realize their mission without the generosity and support of so many great people, organizations and partnerships. Animals brought into the facility require a variety of needs from emergency medical treatment, relocation or orphaned babies. Currently there are thirteen orphaned baby raccoons that are being bottle fed 4-5 times per day

depending on their age and will need to stay in rehabilitation until the fall! Wildlife Haven treats an average of eleven different endangered and threatened species every year. “We are proud to do our part and give a second chance at life for some of our beloved endangered wildlife animals,” she concluded. If you see sick, orphaned or injured wildlife, please call 204878-3740 as soon as possible. The facility is open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days per week.

“Fires” Song Hits Over 1 Million YouTube Views

Niverville Christian musician Jordon St. Cyr’s single “Fires” has surpassed the 1 million views on Youtube.

Five months after its release on Youtube, Niverville Christian musician Jordon St. Cyr hit the one million views mark. This coincided with the start of his American tour with Jeremy Camp. This event is the first of eight concerts that St. Cyr is so far scheduled to perform while on tour with Camp in the United States. Last summer, St. Cyr released “Fires” a song inspired by his daughter. The single has received airplay on forty-one stations in Canada and the US. “Fires,” written by St. Cyr along with Micah Kuiper and Krissy Nordhoff, is the title track to his upcoming album. St. Cyr, a husband and a father of two boys and two girls shares,

that “‘Fires is a song that has become an anthem in our house. It has helped us heal and is giving us a new perspective on pain and suffering.” The milestone comes at a moment where the family is struggling after their young daughter was taken into the hospital. After being seizure free for nearly two years, the toddler was rushed to the hospital by ambulance on May 24. “Seizure free for over 2 years but this morning we got hit with what appears to be another one. Asking for prayers. Let’s lift our little Emery up knowing the promise God has for her,” St. Cyr posted on Facebook.

He wrote “Fires” two years ago while on a trip to Nashville with the Full Circle Music Academy writing camp. He was inspired by a young man named Nathan who attended the Academy’s writersin-the-round event, working as a valet as well as holding down two other jobs to make ends meet. With the song continuing to be heard on stations across the country, he concluded, “The depth at which ‘Fires’ has resonated with hearts across the country has been amazing to see. This song is reminding people of the courage they have in Christ to walk through the battles they are fighting, knowing He is walking right alongside them.”

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021


Fun in the Sun Fishing Season Has Officially Opened Since some fish may still be spawning during the start of the fishing season, anglers are asked to protect fish stocks by releasing fish that are discharging eggs back into the water. By proactively releasing spawning fish, anglers will help protect fish stocks and sustain Manitoba’s fisheries. All anglers are required to obtain an angling licence to fish in Manitoba, unless exempt. Angling licences are now available online 24- hours a day, seven days a week, and can be immediately purchased and printed at home. For more information and to purchase an angling licence, visit manitobaelicensing.ca/licensing. Anglers also need to be familiar with Manitoba’s fishing regulations. New regulations for 202122 include Marge Lake where the walleye limit is two and all walleye shorter than 35 cm must be released; at Bradley Lake there are provincial smallmouth bass limits and size restriction; Mirror Lake’s trout limit is one and closed to all fishing from September 15 to and including October 31; and at Summerhill Lake the walleye limit is four. For more information on all provincial fishing regulations, refer to the 2021 Manitoba Anglers’ Guide at manitobafisheries.com. Also on the website Manitobans looking for fisheries information such

as contour maps, fisheries assessment summaries and stocking information can use the interactive Lake Information for Anglers website, which provides valuable information in an easily accessible format. To prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) such as zebra mussels, surface water-users are reminded of the requirements when entering and exiting all water bodies in Manitoba. Additional decontamination and bait requirements are needed within AIS control zones. AIS requirements and set fines for offences are in effect year round. The AIS openwater season checklist is a step-bystep resource that can help surface water-users comply with the Manitoba government’s AIS regulations. The province will again be operating watercraft inspection stations to help watercraft users be compliant with AIS requirements. Anyone transporting a powerboat, canoe, Jet Ski or other type of watercraft over land must stop at the inspection stations when they are open. The set fine for failing to stop at a watercraft inspection station is $672. Monitoring has revealed an establishing population of spiny waterflea in Cedar Lake, located west of Grand Rapids. As well, a single spiny waterflea has been detected in a sample taken from Manigotagan

Lake located south east of Bissett. Follow up monitoring will be conducted this open-water season to confirm or refute the presence of spiny waterflea in Manigotagan Lake. This small, predacious invertebrate can consume large quantities of zooplank- Spiny waterflea clump. ton, which are a vital part of Photo courtesy the food chain and the food Invasivespeciescentre.ca source for many commercially and recreationally important fish species. Spiny waterflea were first found in Lake of the Woods’ Buffalo Bay in 1995, and can also be found in the Winnipeg River, Shoal Lake (Ontario/Manitoba), Lake Winnipeg and Playgreen Lake. Both zebra mussels and spiny waterflea can have negative impacts to Manitoba’s aquatic ecosystems. Adult mussels can attach firmly to surfaces such as watercraft, trailers and other water-related equipment like anchors. Zebra mussel larvae (veligers) and spiny waterflea are tiny and can go unnoticed in water and be transported to new water bodies by undrained watercraft and equipment like fishing gear. Manitobans are reminded that when outside, it is still important to practise social distancing according to current COVID-19 public health guidelines.

Hanover Ag Presents “Backporch Jam” in Grunthal Sipping drinks in the sunset. The warm glow of the day washes over you and an evening chill electrifies the air. You barely hear the amplifiers humming over the din of the crowd. A single “boom” from the drum and suddenly lights fill the stage. Cheers erupt from the crowd around you and everything else fades away. This is summer on the Backporch. June 10 Daniel Desorcy / Jason Kirkness Daniel Desorcy is a French Métis singer songwriter from La Broquerie Manitoba. His soulful tenor voice and prolific writing skills have garnered him a secure place within the country music genre. A veteran of the Canadian music scene, Jason Kirkness is undoubtedly one of the most well known names in the prairies; Kirkness has shared

the stage with Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, The Road Hammers and many more. June 17 The Jake Brakes with Frannie Klein Jake Brakes have been performing country and western classics in Manitoba for over a decade. The band pays tribute to some of their favourite artists including Junior Brown, Waylon Jennings, Earnest Tubb, and Andrew Neville. Joined by Frannie Klein, with such musical knowledge on Country Classics such as Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, Emmylou Harris and many more, staying strong to the country roots. June 24 Don Amero Don Amero is an award winning engaging storyteller, singer/songwriter and performer who has

been performing and speaking across Canada for a decade. The three-time JUNO nominee genuinely connects with his audience with an easy and effortless charm and impresses wherever he goes with his messages of encouragement, positivity, and beauty. Format: All Hanover Ag Society events at the Hanover Ag Exhibition Park are compliant to current COVID regulations. Current restrictions do not allow groups of visitors to exit their vehicles while visiting the Hanover Ag Exhibition Park. Please follow social distancing rules at all times. These drive-in events are $50 per vehicle. For tickets go to hanoverag.com and click on events.


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Birds Canada Launches National Conservation Initiative

Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Photo by Paul Madder

Birds Canada announces the launch of “Gardening for Birds,” a major new conservation initiative which promotes the creation of nature-friendly gardens, benefiting birds across Canada. The website BirdGardens.ca’s videos, factsheets and resources provide practical information to help Canadians from coast to coast to coast protect birds and other wildlife. “This exciting new resource includes informative how-to videos, 22 regionally-tailored factsheets, and interactive web resources,” said Natasha Barlow, project lead for Birds Canada. “What’s unique about this online tool is that anyone can develop their own customizable list of plants which are suited to their specific region in the country. It will help people all over Canada learn how they can re-create wildlife habitat, and be a part of conserving birds at home.” Birds Canada’s new “Gardening for Birds” resource includes a searchable database of 500 native plants. Gardeners and anyone interested in helping birds and wildlife can learn what species of plants are best suited to their specific area and to local conditions, such as light, soil and moisture availability. An advanced search feature lets the user focus in on specific interests, such as pollinator plants for hummingbirds and

butterflies, or cone-bearing trees for finches and other wildlife. “As a national conservation organization, we are very excited to launch this new Canada-wide initiative that provides practical information on how to help birds,” noted Gregor Beck, Ontario and Boreal conservation Project director for Birds Canada. “Our Gardening for Birds initiative is all about empowering people to get involved and get their hands dirty in local conservation efforts. Even small-scale efforts in small urban spaces can attract and benefit local and migratory birds.” The project has been envisioned as a way to engage people in tangible conservation efforts. The videos, factsheets, and website provide information helpful to a novice gardener, but with a database of 500 plants (and growing) it provides detailed and supplemental information to help advanced gardeners, too. “It is both humbling and rewarding to witness the explosion of life that quickly finds gardens filled with native plants,” observed gardening and conservation consultant, Kevin Kavanagh. “Gardeners can play a big role in creating important natural habitats through careful plant selections and installation of other features, such as water baths and nesting habitat. These garden oases help nature and bring colour, sound and enjoyment to homeowners and gardeners.”

Yellow-rumped Warbler. Photo by Dan Arndt

Western Tanager. Photo by Jody Allair

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Annual Challenge Encourages Sustainable Transportation Manitobans are encouraged to love their trips, wherever they take them, with the 2021 Commuter Challenge in a sustainable transportation challenge. Beginning the first week of June, Canadians can celebrate National Environment Week by participating in the annual Commuter Challenge event. This challenge encourages participants to choose sustainable modes of transportation, whether they are commuting to work, accessing essential services, or enjoying

leisure activities. Every sustainable trip taken helps to cut air pollution, reduce traffic congestion, and lower harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The eighteenth annual Challenge is focusing on making changes in small ways by getting active and adapting the way you get around on a day-to-day basis. This year the Challenge is recognizing all trips, not just commuting. Participants can log their kilometers for any active or sustainable trips they take, like walking to the grocery store,

biking around the block or trying out new outdoor activities, and so much more. Everyone needs a little bit of fun right now and the Challenge is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy yourself safely. Please keep up to date with local and provincial wide restrictions surrounding COVID-19, ensure you are following all current public health regulations and adapt your activities accordingly. For more information, visit greenactioncentre.ca/commuterchallenge.

Anglers’ Input Wanted Into Proposed Changes The public has until the end of June to have their say on proposed changes to the province’s angling regulations, which are outlined in Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy. Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy outlines proposed changes to the regulation and management of recreational angling. The strategy balances the enhancement of angling opportunities while protecting the province’s valuable fish populations. Proposed changes in the strategy include modernizing angling licenses, changing angling seasons, possession limits and size restrictions to create new fishing opportunities while ensuring protection of fish populations.

There are also plans on implementing a future ban on the harvest and use of aquatic live bait, including bait fish and leeches, to reduce the risk of spreading aquatic invasive species similar to other jurisdictions across Canada, including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec. In addition to moving to a Single Annual Licence Type the province is proposing a one-day licence creates a low-cost option for anglers who may only fish one or two days per year. Minor changes to ice-fishing regulations include adding contact information displayed on permanent ice fishing shelters and removal dates; and updating enforcement of fisheries offences.

The province noted that this strategy would position Manitoba to become a leader in recreational fisheries management across North America. It would enhance fisheries protection, strengthen enforcement, while reducing red tape and increasing opportunities for anglers. If approved, the implementation of Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy is proposed to take effect on April 1, 2023. Approximately 190,000 angling licences are sold each year, of which about 150,000 are sold to Manitoba Residents generating $600 Million in annual economic benefits. To learn more about Manitoba’s plans to transform recreational angling, visit engagemb.ca/angling.

June 2021


Eco Centre Ready for Your Used Oil The City of Steinbach is inviting people to bring in their used oil, filters, plastic containers and other items to their upcoming Oil Recycling Day. Oil Recycling Day is an annual event in June, held to promote the network of Eco Centres and residents to safely dispose of used oil, used oil filters and containers. On June 9, the City of Steinbach invites residents to bring in their used oil to the community’s Eco Centre, which is located at the community landfill. In exchange residents received a free litre of oil for every four litres of used motor oil that was brought into the depot. There is a limit of 205 litres per vehicle and up to five coupons per vehicle will be given out. The annual event is hosted by the Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC). Used oil, used oil filters, and used plastic oil containers need to be disposed of properly so they can be recycled into useful products instead of threatening the environment. On average, the City of Steinbach collects over 2,500 litres of used oil during the one-day event. For those unable to attend the event, used oil and tires can be recycled year round at the Steinbach Landfill’s Eco Centre. The Steinbach Eco Centre will be open for Oil Recycling Day on Wednesday, June 9 from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information about the Steinbach Eco Centre or Oil Recycling Day, email ewallman@steinbach.ca or call 204346-6500.


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrity Moms Receive Cheese Boards Made in Steinbach Lynn and Liana Serveware were happy to announce that their resin-accented cheese boards were selected to be included in the annual “Mother’s Day in Hollywood” Gift Bag. Established in 2018, Lynn & Liana Serveware is a family-owned business located in Steinbach.

Established in 2018, Lynn & Liana Serveware is a family-owned business located in Steinbach. From left to right: Mike Cancade, Candice Cancade, Melissa Funk and Evan Funk. Submitted photo

The new celebrity mom’s receiving the Steinbach-made cheese boards include Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Mindy Kaling, Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff, Nicki Minaj, Kristin Wig and Jessica Biel. “We are so honoured to partner with Lash Fary who has been doing this in Hollywood for over two decades now,” said Melissa Funk,

CMO of Lynn & Liana. “It’s exciting for us as a small Manitoba business to know that the products we design and produce will be making their way into the kitchens of some of the most famous celebrity moms. Our employees and artistic team are also thrilled to know that their work is being recognized.”

Town of Ste. Anne Calls By-election Residents of the Town of Ste. Anne will have the opportunity to select someone to fill a void in their town council due to the resignation of Councilor Gin Gagnon. Two candidates, Robert Gosselin and Cornie Klassen, will be put to the test to try and get the vote out while catering their campaigns to follow imposed provincial public health orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Town of Ste. Anne has pulled out all of the stops to ensure there are multiple avenues available to voters to cast a ballot. Voting will take place on June 23 between 8 am and 8 pm at the Ste. Anne Curling Club, 55 Arena Road. To cast a vote, a person will be required to produce one piece of government issued

photo identification (for example - driver’s license or passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity. In addition, the Town of Ste. Anne has arranged for Advanced Voting on June 16 at the same location and same times of the day. Further, eligible voters, especially those with medical conditions, as well as those who because of COVID-19 wish to minimize interaction with others, are strongly encouraged to vote by sealed envelope. A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance, may apply in person, in writing, or by fax to the senior election official at the Town of Ste. Anne office, 30B Dawson Road, Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1B5, email town@steanne.ca or fax 204-422-5459. The application form is available on the Town’s

website. If applying in person, a voter may apply between May 26 and June 20 during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm). If applying by mail (including email) or fax, a voter may apply between April 13 and June 20. A voter applying by mail or fax will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making alternative arrangements with the senior election official. A mobile voting station will also be used to accommodate the Ste. Anne Hospital patients and residents at Villa Youville. The Town of Ste. Anne states that Public Health Regulations will be adhered to and enforced. For both election day and advance voting, masks will be required to be worn, and will not be provided by the Town.

Build 150 Projects Announced in Region As part of this year’s Manitoba Day celebrations on May 12, it was announced that five projects in southern Manitoba were among a list of 240 legacy projects made possible with $2.5 million in funding through Build 150. Monique LaCoste and Stuart Murray, Co-Chairs of Manitoba 150 explain that Build 150 leaves legacies for the future, and showcases our province’s history, beauty, people and culture. “Communities came together to identify projects that would enhance accessibility and sustainability, extend the life of existing facilities and add value. Build 150 is not just about the bricks-and-mortar projects. It’s

about the vision of the people and bringing those dreams to reality. Manitobans just keep impressing us with their ideas and their desire to make their communities better!” said LaCoste and Murray. Five of the projects are in this region, with one being in Tolstoi under the Sturgeon Community Foundation Inc. with the Tolstoi Holy Trinity Historical Society Inc for electrical repairs and upgrades to the building. The remaining three projects are under the Steinbach Community Foundation Inc. with funding going to the City of Steinbach (playground and play structure for Cutlass Park), Mennonite Heritage Village Museum Inc. (a short film depicting the unique history

and culture of Steinbach and its endurance to remain influential in the present, will be screened) and Serving Seniors Inc (purchase of a facility floor washer/cleaner). These projects, across Manitoba’s diverse communities, received a portion of $2.5 million in funding provided through Build 150, with support from James Richardson & Sons, Limited and Affiliated Companies. Manitoba’s 55 community foundations provided matching funding for projects, coordinated with the support of Endow Manitoba to enhance the lives of Manitobans long into the future with greater accessibility, opportunities for storytelling, and spaces to come together.

New Guide Available for Improving Home Energy Efficiency A new resource guide is now available for homeowners in Manitoba to help make their homes more energy efficient. The Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) and Efficiency Manitoba have partnered to create the Homebuyers’ Guide to Energy Efficiency which offers valuable information about energy efficiency. The guide provides tips on how to save energy at home in space heating and cooling, water heating, weather proofing, lighting, appliances, a checklist for hiring a skilled contractor, and resources to learn more about Efficiency Manitoba’s programs and rebates. Efficiency Manitoba is a new Crown corporation committed to achieving significant annual energy savings targets by offering cost effective programs and services to Manitobans. View a copy of the Homebuyers’ Guide to Energy Efficiency at anyflip.com.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Vaccinated! Saving Taxes & Media Literacy I did get my first vaccination for COVID-19 on Monday May 24. A great way to celebrate Victoria Day in Canada! I joined the 50% of Canadians who have now received at least one shot of the vaccine to prevent becoming seriously ill or death. I now patiently wait for my turn to get my second shot. I encourage everyone to get their vaccination as soon as possible. The sooner more of us are vaccinated, the sooner we can return to spending time with other people. I have really missed not seeing my immediate and extended family. We have met “virtually” several times, but it’s not the same! And at the office, we missed visiting with our clients in person this past tax season. Our masked interactions were brief. Mostly for drop off and pick up of their tax documents. And many phone calls. How does getting vaccinated save on taxes? Not specifically to any one taxpayer, but the longer we have Manitobans in hospital and especially in our intensive care units, the more it will cost all of us in tax dollars in the future. The number of surgeries and treatment that have been delayed is enormous. And it will likely be more expensive to treat when we get back on track. The more we need to use tax dollars now to support those who are out of work or have reduced hours, the more it will cost us in the future. Government spending now means higher taxes in the future. There is only one way to pay for programs and health costs. And that is by getting more money from the taxpayers in the future. With the governments (federal and provincial) having record amounts of deficits (expenses exceeding revenue), they will need to get more revenue in the future. That means increasing tax revenue. And that is from all of us as taxpayers. I’m not providing an opinion on whether the current governments are spending enough or too much. I’m just reminding everyone that we will need to pay for this eventually. So the sooner the governments can start reducing their spending on health care costs and income supports, the better for all of us financially. Get vaccinated! If you are hesitating about getting vaccinated, I encourage you to visit trusted sites that explain the vaccination and the safety of it. Plus there have been millions; actually more than 1.3 billion

people have already been vaccinated. And we are just fine; including me and my husband and my siblings. Media literacy is important to overcome the fear of the vaccine. By having high media literacy, you can resist fake news, fact-check, and think critically about news and information. Between hearing opinions at home, talking with friends, reading things online or in print, and seeing news on television, we have a lot of information to sift through and a lot of sources to evaluate. We can feel scared and depressed about the news. How can we overcome this? What is media literacy? The answer is media literacy starts with asking questions. By encouraging all of us to question what we see and hear we start to think critically about information. With strong media-literacy skills, we’ll be informed, engaged, and less likely to be taken in by fake news. Here are some practical tips to help become a smart consumer of the news. Be skeptical, not cynical. While it’s important to be open-minded, in today’s world you have to be just a little skeptical of pretty much everything. We can start with a little sideeye - especially at online news - and avoid sharing, forwarding, and commenting on stories until they’ve verified that they’re true. Understand different types of content. Understand that there are lots of news sources and types of published information: investigative journalism, research studies, opinion pieces, blogs, punditry, evening news, and so on. We will hear about the news at home, at work or school, and in other communities we’re a part of. Remember that “wordof-mouth” stories and rumors aren’t always true. Make sure you know the difference between fact and opinion. Think about objective vs. subjective information and bias. Watch for indisputable facts versus colorful opinions. Know the difference between established news organizations that follow certain professional standards and every other type of publisher. Watch out for viral videos. Videos that circulate around the internet may or may not contain nuggets of real news, but they rarely represent the whole situation. And, like photos, videos can be doctored and edited to bend

the truth. Think about bias and the concept of objectivity. There’s usually more than one side to a story. Walk through the questions we can ask to test a source’s validity: Who made this? Why did they make it? Is it for or against something or someone? Are they trying to get a big reaction from me or just inform me? How can I tell? Is anyone else reporting this news? Look for signs that the source is legit and not fake, such as a clear “About Us” section and a standard URL (for example, “.com” instead of “.com.co”). You can dig deeper with factchecking websites. Just as with a puzzle, we need more than one piece to see the whole picture, so checking other sources is critical. Remember that it’s hard to have all the facts all at once. Even respected news outlets make mistakes or jump the gun. It’s smart to wait to make up your mind about something until you have more information. Model a wise approach to news by using media-literacy skills daily. Check other sources to get as much truth as possible. Personally I turn to many different news sources almost daily: print (Winnipeg Free Press), radio (CBC, CJOB, BBC), TV (Global, CNN), and sometimes news media in Denmark and Germany just to get some other perspectives. From Germany, “Science Unscripted” is a good podcast for valuable information. If you are hesitant about getting vaccinated against COVID19, I encourage you to go to the trusted sites to get the “real truth” from well known and respected scientists and the real journalists who check the facts before they publish. Final reminder to get your taxes filed. If you are self-employed (or spouse), you have until June 15, 2021 to file your 2020 taxes with no penalty if you owe taxes. Anni Markmann is a tax professional living, working and volunteering in our community. Contact Anni at info@sataxes. ca or 36 Dawson Road in Ste. Anne or 204-422-6631.

June 2021


Pitch Your Business in Niverville The Town of Niverville and Niverville Chamber of Commerce have partnered in an online event that could see up to $5,000 in fellowships through the Western Canada Founder Institute’s Virtual Fall 2021 program. According to Eric King, CAO for the Town of Niverville the online event will see local entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of local mentors, as well as Vancouver top investors and experts from across Canada, for ratings and feedback. “As part of its commitment to building a thriving community for entrepreneurs to live, the Town of Niverville has been looking for ways to bring opportunities like this forward,” said King. “Our partnership with the Founder Institute and Niverville Chamber of Commerce is an exciting step in this direction and we are looking forward to this unique live and interactive event.” The live, two-hour, interactive event will allow as many participants as possible to present and receive feedback. After the event, up to five participants will be selected to receive the Founder Institute fellowships valued at $1,000.00 each. Viewers who are not presenting are also invited to watch the event. All business entrepreneurs are invited to apply to pitch during the live event. This means anyone who wants feedback from leading entrepreneurs, anyone who has an early-stage startup and wants expert feedback, anyone who has an idea for a startup or a tech company, anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching. “We anticipate the experience will be similar to the popular CBC show ‘Dragon’s Den’, where participants will face a panel of experts and investors,” said King. “We encourage all interested entrepreneurs to apply,” said Brenda Desjardins, executive director for the Niverville Chamber of Commerce. “Sitting in the ‘hot seat’ may seem intimidating, but since the event is online, it removes some of the pressure of an in-person presentation. Plus, the community is committed to producing an atmosphere that is supportive of fresh ideas, no matter how new to the business world. It should be fun and the opportunity to connect with experts and investors is valuable, and possibly life-changing.” Local featured experts participating in the online event include Scott Wallace, Founder of Wallace Wallace and Edward Properties and Bryan Trottier, Owner of Trotco Electric. It is the responsibility of these experts to provide feedback to participants, as well as aid in the selection of the final recipients. As part of the Founder Institute, accepted program applicants will be enrolled in a fellowship to the Western Canada chapter of the global accelerator program. The program gives access to a global support network of over 15,000 mentors and thousands of alumni, as well as a comprehensive education and structured support program from the idea stage to the funding/growth stage.

The Town of Niverville and Niverville Chamber of Commerce have partnered in an online event that could see up to $5,000 in fellowships through the Western Canada Founder Institute’s Virtual Fall 2021 program.


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Faith is Around That Corner How many times have we wished we could see what lies around the next corner in life? If we knew, then we could prepare for it, control it or avoid it, if it’s not good! Last year, our church lawnmower was stolen from our church shed. It was never recovered so we purchased another lawn mower. The investigating policeman suggested we don’t keep the lawn mower at the church, so we moved it to a different location. That was great advice because a month ago, someone broke into the church shed looking for our new lawn mower. They broke in on Easter weekend, but what the thieves did not realize was; just as Jesus tomb was empty that first Easter Sunday so was our shed. The circumstances in life today are very unpredictable. You can’t believe half you see or hear from the media (on any issue). The Bible calls these days “perilous times” and that men’s hearts will fail because of fear. Governments use fear tactics to control the people. God knew these times would come, so He tells us to “walk by faith, not by sight” (II Corinthians 5:7). To walk by faith means that, no matter what we face in life, we can trust God to see us through every problem. God tells His children that He will never leave us nor forsake us. When you feel burdened and all alone, Jesus Christ invites you to “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). There have been many times when I felt overwhelmed by the events of life, so I claim the promises of God (like those above) and rest in Him as His child. Many years ago, my wife and I lost our three year old daughter to brain cancer. I don’t know what I would have done without the peace and assurance of my Almighty God and Friend all the way through that time. God is just as real and powerful today to help you with your needs, if you will turn to Him and trust Him. I Peter 5:7 says, “Casting all your care upon him; for he (God) careth for you.” So if you can’t see around the next corner in your life; trust God, put your life in His hands and watch what He will do for you!

Save Big, with SAC’s popular Summer Arts Day Camp Early Bird Registration Since overnight camps are out the window, day camps are where it’s at! The ever-popular Summer Arts Day Camps (SADC) is back and your chance to save is now! Don’t miss the chance to book your spot in the most sought-after creative summer camps in Steinbach. With music, drama, dance, crafts, games, sports, field trips, and swimming, SADC is sure to keep you busy all summer long. Enjoy one…or all 7 creative camp themes for Ages 5-12: July 5 - 9: Life on the Farm (Ages 5 - 8 only) July 12 - 16: Once Upon a Time (Ages 5 - 8 only) July 19 - 23: Space, Rockets and Aliens (Ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12) July 26 - 30: Knights, Wizard and Dragons (Ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12) August 3 - 6 (4 days only): The Wild Wilderness (Ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12) August 9 - 13: Olympics and Sports (Ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12) August 16 - 20: Saving the Day! (Ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12) Each week is filled with fun, in-

cluding science, cultural and community components. Specially crafted to include a “feel good” Theme Message, our camps are sure to win points with every camper, and their parents. Visit our website for all the info you need, or to register online at steinbacharts.ca. Or call the SAC Office to register by phone, at 204346-1077. Arts4Tots registration is now open - It’s finally here; registration for our Arts4Tots Preschool Program. Our Arts4Tots Preschool Program is open to children ages 3-5. We presently offer Monday/ Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday sessions in the mornings from 9 11:30 am and in the afternoons from 1 - 3:30 pm. The program begins daily in a creative, safe and positive environment. Free Play sets the tone – where selfdirected activity, hands on learning and collaborative play are the focus. Daily Activities include Montessoriinspired programming like drama, art discovery, music and movement, dramatic play, dance, science, math, and snack time, and the use of educational materials such as sand and water tables, crafts, and storytelling.

Learning stations, such as science, geography, math, reading, and fine motor skills, are set up and explored to enhance this development. Our calendar features new themes each week like Fairy Tales, Science, My Community, and All About Me! Preschool runs from September 20, 2021 – June 9, 2022 - Spaces are filling fast – Don’t wait! Call us today at 204-346-1077 to secure your spot. We hope to see you there! Planning for Music Lessons this Fall? - The Southeast Centre for Music has highly qualified instructors in piano, voice, violin, cello, guitar, musical theatre, music theory, and music therapy. As part of the Steinbach Arts Council’s educational offerings, SCM strives to meet the teaching needs of our community, reaching the high level of musical education that has become an expectation in the Southeast. Whether you are a child or adult, beginner or advanced student, SCM works to find the teacher that is right for you and provides learning and performing opportunities for all musicians who study here. Read all about our teachers on our website, and let us help find the right music instructor for you!

Providence Offers Athletic Day Camps

Sunrise Corner Focuses on Club Promotion The Sunrise Corner Economic Development committee is working on a way to help promote community clubs and related facilities located within the region. Sunrise Corner is the partnership of the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn promoting the southeast corner of Manitoba as an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore. Economic Development and Tourism Manager Monique Chenier said that Sunrise Corner recognizes the volunteers who work tirelessly to fundraise and maintain their community buildings. “These community halls and related facilities like skating rinks, pools, tennis courts and curling arenas are truly the social heart of each community,” Chenier wrote recently. “And we know how difficult it has been these past fifteen plus months to host events, hold fundraising drives, and sometimes even do maintenance.” She noted that with more than fifty percent of the province receiving their first vaccine shot, “We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” With that in mind, Sunrise Corner is creating a website blog and social media content that will focus on community events. Chenier said there are plans to brainstorm with community groups what will work for events or attractions. Another resource being added to the Sunrise Corner website are profiles for community venues including their capacities, amenities and rental details. It is hoped that this will improve revenue streams for all community facilities in both the RM of Piney and Stuartbrun. “It won’t be long before venues will be open to rent for all kinds of meetings and events; everything from an annual general meeting, executive retreat, employee appreciation event or town hall, to a family reunion, social, wedding or milestone birthday party,” Chenier noted. To help facilitate this project, Sunrise Corner has hired Lexi Olifirowich as a summer intern. She will be working on a number of projects in the coming months, including reaching out to all community groups to compile an inventory of venues in the region.

The Providence Athletics department is running day camps during the month of July in basketball, volleyball, and soccer for students in grades 7 to 12. Registration for Summer Sports Camps opened on May 3 and spots are still available. This year, due to continuing pandemic restrictions, the college was not able to offer overnight camps, and have decided instead to run day camps beginning on July 5 and running until July 31. Each camp takes place over a three-day period on our Otterburne campus, starting at 9 am and ending at 4:30 pm. “We’re very excited to be able

to bring Providence’s Sports Camps back this summer! We are dedicated to following the regulations and guidelines provided by each of the Provincial Sport Organization’s ‘Return to Play’ protocols,” said Joel Coursey, coach and Sports Camp Coordinator. “We anticipate that it’ll be a great experience for everybody.” According to Coursey, Providence Sports Camps are an excellent opportunity for junior and senior high students to improve their skills. Athletes are provided with four to five hours on the court or on the field every day. The camps are designed for all skill levels, providing athletes a chance to work with a highly skilled

team of coaches including our own professional university coaches. Participants will need to bring a bag lunch, water bottle, proper sports shoes/protective gear, extra gym clothes/socks, and a face mask. Cost is $210 plus GST. Traditionally, camps fill up quickly so be sure to register as soon as possible to hold your spot he noted. “With limited availability, we want to provide our camp experience to as many different athletes as possible,” Coursey added. Campers can only register for one of the day camps. If they’d like to also attend another Sports Camp, they will have to sign up on the waiting list here.

Landscape and Park Master Plan Survey Underway in Stuartburn The RM of Stuartburn, Sunrise Corner Tourism and the Gardenton Ukrainian Village and Museum Society are working together to develop landscaping master plans and future vision for the Vita Rest Stop and Gardenton Park. In order to facilitate this with the community’s wishes in mind, a public survey is currently underway. According to the RM of Stuartburn, the survey is get community input into a plan for new opportunities. Information gathered from this survey will be used to create a master plan that provides a vision for future development with a concept drawing and

high-level capital development cost estimates. “These master plans will be used for future grant applications to see our vision turned into a reality,” stated a municipal spokesperson. “We are looking for ideas from anyone who will be impacted by or are interested in new amenities.” Local residents, business owners, tourists who visit the areas, or companies and entrepreneurs looking to invest in the region are all welcome to participate in the survey. It was noted that some ideas may be simple to incorporate into the plan. Other ideas may be proposed in a phased approach, starting small or basic and

continuing to build as resources become available. Keep in mind, some ideas simply will not be possible for a variety of reasons, said the RM. There are three ways that people can provide their input on the survey by going to sunrisecornermb.ca, sunrisecornermb.ca/visit/community-survey-recreation-master-plans and complete the on-line survey posted at getfoureyes.com/s/ei7FF/, visit the RM of Stuartburn office where paper copies are available in the lobby for pickup or by calling the office and ask them to mail a copy to your home. The survey will be available to the public until June 20.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021


To Be a Disciple of Christ Memberships: 2021 memberships available for $25 per person. Join now to enjoy our member’s benefits! Painting Class - Thursday, June 22 at 1:30 pm. Join local artist Doug Enns for a Zoom paint class! We will be painting dragonflies. All skill levels are welcome and supplies are provided. Supply package includes: paint (red, green, white, black, yellow), 1/2” brush, #4 brush, sponge, paper and utility knife. Packages can be picked up at the Centre or delivered for a fee. Costs $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Call 204-320-4600 to register, space is limited. Father’s Day Lunch - Special lunchtime Meal on June 18! Smoked Pork Loin, baked potatoes, soup and dessert. This special meal from our Meals on Wheels Program is delivered straight to your door for only $7! Available for delivery within Steinbach or pickup at the Centre. Order must be placed by 4 pm on Monday, June 14. Please call 204-320-4600 to order. Fireside Stories - Tuesdays & Fridays at 1 pm on Facebook! Grab a cup of tea/coffee and get cozy every Tuesday & Friday afternoon at 1 pm as Meg and Cathy from our Circle of Friends program read from the Stuart McLean collection. Join us live on Facebook or watch later on your own time at facebook.com/patportera. Father’s Day “Stache” Mug - Get dad something to make him smile this year! A mug featuring an image of a mustache and goodies inside. We are offering 3 different Mug’s, so you’re sure to find something he will love. A Golfing Mug ($20) for the dad that spends his afternoons at the golf course, a Fishing Mug ($20) for dads who spend weekends at the lake and a Care Mug ($15) with items any dad is

sure to love. Mugs can be delivered to residents in Steinbach or picked up from the Centre on June 18. Call 204-320-4500 to order. Orders must be placed by June 14. PPALC Cookbook - Share your recipes with us! We’re making a cookbook and we need your help! Do you have a recipe with a special story? We are looking to put together a cookbook featuring recipes (and their associated stories) submitted by you! Share your favourite recipe and include a story. For example, tell us where it came from, the first time you made it or anything else you’d like to say! Types of recipes are not limited. You may submit main dishes, snacks, baked goods or desserts. To submit a recipe you may drop it off at the Centre or email communications@ patporteralc.com. It would be great if you included a photo of the finished product also! We look forward to seeing your delicious recipes! Perogies - Potato- Cheddar and Cottage Cheese - Freshly made and for sale! Handmade by staff at the Centre, these perogies are delicious and ready to be enjoyed. $6 per dozen. Please call 204-320-4600 to order. Pen Pals - Letter writing fun! Pat Porter Active Living Centre in collaboration with the Shine Homeschool group is looking for people interested in participating in a pen pal program. Those interested would exchange letters with students from the group on a regular basis. This group of young and bright students frequently volunteers at the Centre and would love to chat with you. Sign up and make a new friend! Please call 204-320-4600 or email communications@patporteralc.com if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

COVID Vaccine Clinics - Appointments are required for these sites, and can be made by calling the vaccine call centre at 1-844-626-8222 (1844-MAN-VACC) from 6 am to 8 pm daily. Have your health card ready. gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/clinics. Centre Closure - The Pat Porter Active Living Centre will be closed to all non-essential programming and services until further notice. We are following the public health authority recommendations and encouraging you to stay home as much as possible and make sure we all reduce our contacts. This is for your safety, my safety and the safety of all of our loved ones. This is a community effort and we can do this! We will remain open for essential services: Meals on Wheels in Steinbach and Grunthal will remain open for meal delivery only, please make sure you call by 9:00am if you would like to order a lunch. If you need help with shopping, mobility equipment or transportation call to make arrangements for us to provide assistance. If you, or someone you know just needs someone to talk to, please call us 204-320-4600 and one of us will gladly spend some time with you. Staff will be at the Centre from 9 am -4 pm, if you need support or assistance. Please feel free to call and we can assist you. We are here for you! We are in this together and we will come out of this together. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home! For more information on our programs, activities or volunteer opportunities from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm call Sonja at 204-320-4603 or the reception desk at 204-320-4600.

Behind the Wheel!

The time has finally arrived. It has taken just over fifteen years to get here. My oldest son is learning to drive... a car! Clear the roads and get everyone off the sidewalks because here we come! I’m just kidding, the sidewalks are still safe. He’s actually doing quite well. My wife and I have had him backing out of the garage and driving on our driveway for awhile now. With all the potholes on our three-hundred foot

driveway, he has no choice but to go slow and, as an added bonus, it gives him some defensive driving practice as he dodges around them all. The first time he drove on the road, with me in the passenger seat, was a very strange sensation. Almost an out-of-body experience. It was weird to look over and see my once little boy, now a young man, sitting in the driver’s seat and holding onto the steering wheel. We were in Steinbach at the time and I had him get behind the wheel and drive. It was quite a pleasant time with him driving and I think that really helped to calm me because he listened to my instructions and followed them. The drive was a little rough on the starting and the slowing down but that was simply due to the inexperience of him having not driven before. After showing that he could handle the vehicle, we finished our errands and headed for home. With me giving him instructions and him following them, we hit the highway and he did

a great job getting us home safely. Since our trip around Steinbach, he’s had several more opportunities to put on some miles and each time we travel, I feel more at ease with his driving. While there are the reminders to slow down on turns and to remember to check the mirrors, I feel very confident that he will grow into being a wonderful and safe driver. When they were little, I thought that when my children would learn to drive, I would be sitting next to them slamming my foot on the floorboard (using an imaginary brake pedal) and cringing each time the car would near the shoulder of the road. I’m glad that so far, with my first child, this is not the case at all. Please remember, that the next time you see a vehicle with the ‘novice driver’ sign in the window, to give them a little bit more room and a bit of extra grace. After all, we were all new drivers once too. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.

Mark 8:34-37… 34) Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 35) For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. 36) What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 37) Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? (NIV) Jesus certainly was not like some of our modern-day TV Evangelists. No one can ever say that they have been fooled into believing Christ. Jesus never tried to bribe people with the offer or wealth, or all the easy things that life might bring. He did not even offer us peace; he did, however; offer us glory. He told us that we must be ready to take up the Cross of Christ, and when we do, we might just be branded for life and suffer miserably for it. Jesus never sought to lure his followers to him by offering them all that easy stuff; what he did was to challenge us, to awaken the sleeping courage deep in our souls. He came not to make life easy but to make Christian men, women, girls, and boys great in the eyes of God. Christ was not the kind of leader who sat far off and played with the lives of people. What he demanded that we should face, he, too, was ready to face. He has every right to call on us to take up a cross, for he went to the cross to die that we could have eternal life. Here we have Jesus challenging the men who would be his disciples. And the first thing he tells them to do is, “Let him deny himself.” In other words, “Let us say no to ourselves.” Now if a person wants to follow Jesus Christ, we must say no to ourselves and yes to Christ. In other words, we must say no to our natural love of things that are against God’s laws, you mean I cannot tell half-truths. If I always must be completely truthful, how do you expect me to sell . . . say my house, my car, my condominium, or whatever else that I might want to sell? We must say no to the instincts and the desires which prompt us to play with half-truths because half-truths will come back to bite us! We must say no to the instincts and the desires to touch, taste and handle the forbidden things of life . . . those things we know for certain which are against God’’ laws. But we must, however; say yes to the voice and the commands of Jesus Christ. We must be able to say, that it is no longer we who are in control of our lives, but the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within us. That means we follow the will of Christ, we must learn to be completely truthful and believe that he will guide us in any given situation and when we do that, we will find perfect freedom. Suppose we do that which is not honourable, and we go for the half-truth. We say yes to the instincts and the desires to touch, taste, and handle the forbidden things of life. Now suppose that we gain the whole world because we have always lived on the shady side of life. Then suppose we find out that life is not worth living anymore. What can we give to undo the damage done? The grim truth is that we cannot redeem that moment in time. In every decision of life, we are doing something to ourselves; we are making ourselves a certain person; we are building up steadily and inevitably a certain kind of character; we are making ourselves able to do certain things and unable to do those things which are bad for us. A person can gain all the things they set their heart on and then awaken one morning to find that they have missed the most important things in life. Are we willing to sacrifice our time in heaven? Many a thing is pleasant for the moment, but oh so painful later in life. A person who gets their wealth by unjust means, sooner or later will lose their riches and at the end of life become nothing but a poor old fool. The test of eternity, the test of seeking to see the things as God sees them, is the greatest test of all. The person who sees things as God sees them will never spend their life on things that cost salvation. But on the other hand, salvation, the way to heaven, comes to us when we put away the shady things in life . . . and put am trust in Jesus Christ… To God Be the Glory Great Things He Has Done. Would you pray this prayer with me? “Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have peace in my heart, I really want that peace, joy, and happiness that I long for. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will bring honor to Your Name.” Amen.


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

RCMP FILES If you have any information in regards to any item here you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

RCMP Search for Truck Connected to Break In On the morning on April 24 at approximately 7:15 am, an older model Ford F-150 was used in the commission of a break-in on a seasonal property in the RM of La Broquerie. Steinbach RCMP are looking for anyone who may recognize the truck or have any information related to the break in. If you have any information on this occurrence, please call Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers.com.

RCMP Want Your Unwanted Firearms Sprague RCMP is encouraging residents to turn in unwanted weapons and ammunition to the local detachment to be safely disposed of. Corporal Richard Graham, with the Sprague Detachment invites residents to make an appointment with officers to handle this situation. “Pro tip - please don’t just show up at the Police Station with firearms in hand! That will get very exciting… real quickly! You’ll also give our poor office manager Lori a heart attack!” Graham warned. “Make an appointment with one of our officers to bring the items in. That way we can ensure everyone stays safe, and the firearms or ammunition is dealt with in a safe manner.” He noted that with the Province currently under Code Red restrictions, Sprague RCMP Detachment is currently closed for walk up service. However, if you are an essential worker, you can still get criminal record checks completed. Contact the office at 204-437-2041 to get further details.

Report of Stolen Truck Overnight on May 20, a White 2011 Ford F-150 was stolen from Janzen Garage overnight in Blumenort while the vehicle was parked outside. The vehicle has “Harmony AG” stickers on the backseat windows. RCMP are looking for any information in regards to this truck. If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact the Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-2228477, or secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Auction Yard Targeted by Thieves On May 18 at around 3:30 am, Penner Auction located at 218 Brandt Street in Steinbach was the victim of a theft. The suspects gained entry through the rear fence and attempted to steal an off road vehicle but in doing so became stuck in a water drainage ditch at the rear of the property. If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact the Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-2228477, or secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers.com.

RCMP Search for Disruptive Visitor to Store On May 29 Steinbach RCMP received a call from an employee at the Dollar Store in Steinbach advising that a female entered the store and started yelling at everyone and refused to wear a mask. The female in question entered the store at 2:50 pm. Steinbach RCMP would like to identify the female and are asking for the public’s assistance. If you have any information regarding the person in this picture please contact the Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Manitobans Reminded to Stay Safe Out on the Water The RCMP would like to remind everyone how to stay safe on our waterways. Boating is a great way to get outdoors, however, inherent risks exist that boat operators need to be aware of. The Criminal Code Impaired driving laws involving motor vehicles apply equally to operating a boat. Significant skill is required to safely operate a boat, and the consumption of alcohol or drugs severely impacts your ability to do so. Many fatalities that occur on Canadian waterways involve people who are impaired. As many Manitobans take their boats out of winter storage, it is important to ensure it is in proper working order. Boats should be mechanically sound, including all the required safety equipment. Anyone operating a boat with a motor in Canada must possess a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. Failing to produce your Pleasure Craft Operators Card can result in a fine of $475 in Manitoba. Fines for not having safety equipment or equipment that is not in good working order start at $390. In partnership with the Canadian Safe Boating Council, here are important safety tips, wear your lifejacket, be boat sober, be prepared- you and your boat, take a boating course and be aware of cold-water risks One of the best ways you can keep yourself safe on the water is by wearing a lifejacket. “It is very important to wear a lifejacket. Many serious incidents that occur on our waterways are as a result of not wearing a properly fitting lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device”, said Staff Sergeant Bob Chabot, Manitoba RCMP Inland Water Transport Coordinator. “When unexpected incidents occur, and a person ends up in the water, a lifejacket or PFD is your number one piece of safety equipment, particularly this early in the season when water temperatures are low and risk of hypothermia is high.” Following these safety tips will help make everyone’s boating experience safe and enjoyable.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Travel Trailer Stolen from Steinbach Between May 8-9 during the night, a 2006 Trail Cruiser Travel Trailer was stolen from a property within Steinbach. The trailer is described as white in colour about 19 feet long and would be missing the outer door handle used to assist in entering the trailer. The awning attached to the trailer is non-functional and has a large tear which renders it unusable. When stolen the trailer had a Manitoba Plate of C715B and a Serial Number of 4WYT02E2761206167. If you have any information on this occurrence, please call Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800222-8477, or secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Motorcycle Filched From Steinbach Residence Between May 1 at 2 pm and 9:30 am on May 2, a black Suzuki GSXR750 motorcycle bearing the Manitoba licence plate 2FS39 was stolen from a residence on 4th Street in Steinbach. If you have any information on this occurrence, please call Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1800-222-8477, or secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Sprague RCMP Respond to Drowning in Moose Lake On May 29 at 1:50 pm, Sprague RCMP received a report of a possible drowning in Moose Lake. Officers were advised that a 68year-old male, from the RM of La Broquerie, was fishing out on the lake with a 65-year-old female, when he lost his balance and fell out of the boat. The 68-year-old male, who was not wearing a life jacket, was not able to get back into the boat and went under. The 65-year-old female travelled to the nearest cottage and called for help.. Sprague RCMP along with the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART), and the RCMP Search and Rescue team (marine & ground) attended to the lake and immediately began a search of the water and shore line. At approximately 11 pm, with the assistance of HEART, the body of the 68-year-old male was recovered from the lake. The RCMP works in close partnership with HEART and would like to thank them for their commitment to the family and the community.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

June 2021


Summer Job Program Provides Youth Employment Opportunities

The Butter in the Jar In The Moment By Arlene Derksen

My little arms were growing weary as my after-school routine of a 1960s episode of The Flintstones was coming to an end. Almost 30 minutes of constant shaking of the thick farmer’s cream in one of mom’s mason vintage jars, had gradually transformed into a soft block of mouth watering homemade butter. I could hardly wait to slather the butter onto my mom’s delicious brown bread she baked regularly. I never could understand how a jar of cream could be transformed into something so different, but it took

consistency and persistence. There will be things in our lives we may just never change with our shaking, but the real shaking may come when we allow our God to “shake” that what needs to be shaken out of or into our lives. The consistency and persistence may just be where He is taking you on your journey on life’s road. We can only shake us. Setting the jar and just hoping the cream would magically turn into butter would be rather silly. More often than not my determination would wane as my little arms would grow weary as results seemed to be so far away. But once the tasty butter was formed, there was no turning back to a jar full of cream, and me and my family could enjoy the butter confidently knowing day after day the butter would still be butter. The transformation was done. There was no turning back. I didn’t need to shake the jar of cream every time I yearned to slather that tasty butter on the fresh brown bread. Life can get like that.

Victim of Gunshot Transported

St. Malo Hunter Charged

On May 5 at approximately 4 pm, Steinbach RCMP responded to a report of an injured male outside the local hospital in Steinbach. The 31year-old male was suffering from gunshot wounds and was transported to a hospital in Winnipeg with non-life threatening injuries. Steinbach RCMP along with the General Investigations Section, Major Crime Services and Forensic Identification Section assisted with the investigation. It was determined that the shooting had occurred at a rural residence in the RM of Hanover, near Pansy. On May 7 Steinbach RCMP along with Morris RCMP and the D Division Emergency Response Team, arrested a 28-year-old male at a residence, in the RM of EmersonFranklin. Buddy Octroworch, from the RM of Emerson-Franklin, has been charged with aggravated assault, discharge firearm with intent, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace, possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of ammunition while prohibited and unauthorized possession of a firearm. He was remanded into custody.

Two men, including a hunter from St. Malo have been charged after a December incident in RM of Boissevain-Morton. According to Manitoba Conservation, two unnamed individuals, one from St. Malo and one from Bonnyville, Alberta have each been charged with hunting on private land without permission, failing to retrieve a killed or injured big game animal or game bird, and abandoning, wasting and spoiling edible portions of a big game animal or game bird. On December 11, 2020, conservation officers received complaints that two individuals following a herd of elk with their truck were observed to enter multiple pieces of private property. Witnesses observed one of the individuals take multiple shots, hitting two elk in the herd. When conservation officers arrived on scene, the two individuals were actively field dressing a cow elk that had been dragged to the edge of a privately owned field, and claimed that they had only shot and killed one elk. Upon further investigation, conservation officers located a second dead bull elk approximately 250 metres from where it had been shot. It was apparent that no attempt had been made to retrieve or search for the second elk that had been shot. Conservation officers also continue to work closely with their colleagues at the Manitoba Wildfire Services, enforcing fire bans, travel restrictions, conducting fire investigations and assistance on fire suppression.

report suspicious activity in your neighbourhood to the authorities. Check on your neighbours. Call 911 if you suspect a crime is in progress or has occured!

That which we are hoping will change will not unless we do something about it. Our lives will look exactly the same if we just look at the jar of cream on the shelf from afar and hope something will change. And then, just when we think our arms want to call it quits from all the persistence…. The results (butter) appears, and we can enjoy the results of our efforts in our lives. The “shaking” will look different for every situation, but none the less the shaking and persistence must happen for results. Today, grab hold of the jar. “Shake….shake…. And shake” some more if you want to see results in your life. Relationships at a crossroads? Job not what you want? or simply not happy with you? Start “shaking”. Shake that which you can shake. Know that a transformation is just around the corner. Allow the Master of all the shaking needed in our lives to direct you when, where, and how it should look in every situation. And then… Rest. And enjoy… the butter in the jar.

This past year, young people all over Canada have been navigating a challenging job market due to COVID-19, including youth in southeast Manitoba. “Right now, many young people are looking for safe job opportunities where they can develop their skills and earn a wage,” said Provencher MP Ted Falk. “Through the Canada Summer Jobs program, hundreds of positions are available to youth here in southeast Manitoba.” Part of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, the Canada Summer Jobs program creates opportunities for youth to gain the skills and experience they need to successfully transition to the labour market. The program creates paid work opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30 they can grow professionally and improve their skills in the not-for-profit, small business, and public sectors. “For the summer of 2021, 400 jobs with 180 businesses and organizations are available in Provencher through the Canada Summer Jobs program,” said Falk. “I encourage youth to take advantage of these opportunities to develop their skills and help them build their resumes.” Young people in Provencher looking for work can visit jobbank.gc.ca to explore Canada Summer Jobs opportunities available to them in our communities.


June 2021

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Local Artist Produces Colouring Books By Marianne Curtis An award winning local artist has partnered with a Richer business owner to create and produce a four book series of unique coloring books. As long as Marilyn Broesky can remember, she’s had a creative mind in everything she did in life. Growing up, being the oldest of 6 children, meant hard work to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Hand me downs, embellished with bling and tweaked on the old “Singer treadle machine” became a one-of-a-kind outfit. She always found creative ways to repurpose everything. Fifty years later, Broesky continues creating with hair and her art, using different mediums and subjects, which have been on display, sold and even winning awards. “Through the Covid-19 pandemic, I have recognized that people are struggling mentally and financially,” Broesky explained. So, with a two-fold purpose, she has applied her

talent to sketch these colouring books with some creatures created by her grandson, Dominic, for people to complete and create their own art and become the artist. The four books are called Mystical Earth Creatures, Mystical Water Creatures, Mystical Sky Creatures and Nature. “Children, adults and seniors will enjoy the imaginative, fine details I’ve created for hours of enjoyment,” said Broesky. Each book contains six pictures printed on high quality card stock that can be framed later. They cost $20 with all funds from the books going to support several non-profit organizations in the community, including Steinbach Outreach. While this is her first series, Marilyn is not idle and will be releasing her second series soon. To purchase your copy, contact Marilyn at ArtByMare@hotmail.com or find her on Facebook. Marilyn Broesky on Facebook and reach out on Messenger.

These are some of the stunning pages from one of four books in a series of high quality colouring pages created by Submitted photo local artist Marilyn Broesky.