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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Theatre Company Performs Christmas Showcase

The Backyard Theatre Company performs during their annual Christmas Showcase.

On December 12, the Backyard Theatre Company hosted their annual Christmas Showcase at the SRSS Theatre. Artistic Director Jeremy Plett noted that the Christmas Showcase is the first public performance by the Backyard Theatre Company, where the younger classes perform before an audience. The troupe consisting of forty-three performers took to the stage and performed 5 original short plays, written by the instructors; along with 3 monologues. Talented directors Malcolm Roulette and Alyx Buhler proudly wrote scripts themselves and with help of their intern Logan Millar, directed each play as well. The Backyard Theatre Company consists of a wide range of actors and actresses from the age of 5 to 17. They host two public performances a year, consisting of the Christmas showcase and a spring production. All students also perform in the Southeastern Manitoba Festival to encourage a well rounded theatre experience. For anyone interested, winter classes have opened and there is room for new students to join. They can contact Stephanie at 204-346-1077 or by email, office@steinbachartscouncil.ca.

January 2019

January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Pineland Nursery to Become Cannabis Operation According to reports, the provincially owned Pineland Forest Nursery near Hadashville, which has grown reforestation seedlings for 65 years, will become a cannabis-growing operation when it becomes privatized in the new year. Back in May, the province announced a search for proposals to bring new life to the Pineland Forest Nursery after the operation in its current form winds down on December 31. The forest nursery has operated in Hadashville since 1953 with Pineland staff having provided services for forestry companies and other related industry. The provincially operated site con-

tains 67 greenhouses, covering approximately seven acres with eco-friendly equipment including an 8.5-million BTU biomass boiler that is part of a Manitoba Hydro demonstration project. In addition, there are more than 300 acres of additional area available on a long-term lease. When the province announced that it was closing Pineland and selling the facility to the private sector, MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky said at the time that the government news release read “like a flyer for a liquidation sale,” with the Minister promoting the facility as the perfect opportunity for a large-scale marijuana grow-up.

“It kind of shows you the state of where our provincial government’s priorities are at when they’re more interested in supporting a for-profit weed farm than investing in the future of our forests,” said Gawronsky after reading a recent headline. “It’s kind of a double-whammy, isn’t it? We’re losing a very valuable public facility and now we know that facility won’t even be growing trees for our forests. It’s pretty clear this government will sell anything for a quick buck.” Gawronsky noted that according to media reports, at least three prospective buyers toured the facilities over the summer with the winning bid said to have come

After providing services for forestry companies and other related industry, since 1953, Pineland Nursery is shutting its doors to become a large-scale marijuana grow-operation.

from Vancouver-based SwissReal Group, a commercial and residential real estate company. Pineland employs eight full-time and 17 part-time MGEU members plus seasonal staff. The Pineland Forest Nursery was originally established to produce

seedlings for the Province of Manitoba but grew to produce seedlings for customers outside the province as well. However, it was decided to close down after recording substantial operating losses over a number of years and operations were no longer sustainable.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019

Hog Sized Walleye No Fish Story back into the lake. Once the walleye was released we couldn’t stop talking about its size.” Upon returning from their trip, Gosselin uploaded the photo of his catch to Facebook, where it quickly went viral internationally for both his monster catch and his resemblance to Hollywood actor Jack Black. “It’s definitely a fish of a lifetime. Since that day my pictures and videos have

Marcel Gosselin pulled this monster of a walleye out of the south basin of Lake Winnipeg early in December.

By Marianne Curtis A St. Malo fisherman was featured on the cover of Hooked Magazine Online after catching the fish of a lifetime during a recent ice fishing trip. Marcel Gosselin and his buddy Marcel Perron made a last minute decision to hit Big Windy, otherwise known as the south basin of

Gosselin’s Master Angler Certificate.

Lake Winnipeg, to get some promotional pictures of his guiding business, Green Eye Guiding. “It was a late start for us but we made our way to Pruden Creek where we unloaded our snowmobiles and accessed the lake,” Gosselin recalled. He added that in four hours, the pair only caught three fish. “My 30 incher was my only fish of the day.

Photos supplied by Marcel Gosselin

That being said I would have not traded that hog of a specimen for any amount of eater sized fish.” Gosselin said he had been marking many fish with their fish finder but nothing was biting until he tied a Pink Pelican flutter spoon to his line. Five minutes after dropping the line, he got a hit. “The walleye didn’t give that much of a fight, but when we got our first visual of that hog we became very excited. At that time we had to keep our composure as she was still swimming underneath the 14” of ice,” Gosselin continued. “I was able to reel it to the bottom of the ice hole where my partner reached in the icy water up to his elbow and grabbed it. When that hog was pulled out of the water I had to ask Marcel if this was real life as I could not believe my eyes.” He pointed out that not only was the walleye a whopping 30 inches in length, but it had a massive girth. “My partner Marcel was able to start filming my moment as we measured, took photos and safely released the massive green

Nine Community Development Projects Get Funds Christmas came early for nine local community development projects after the province announced approval of $950,000 in grants for non-profit and community-led organizations. On December 11, the province announced that a total of 57 projects were approved for $950,039 through the Community Planning and Assistance Program, the Community Places Program, the Community Support Small Grants Program, the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, as well as the Emergency Capital Grant Program. From this amount, $104,681 is slated for nine organizations in southern

Manitoba. The largest three grants of $20,000 each are going to the Steinbach Curling Club for curling rock replacement; the RM of Piney for a development plan review and the St. Malo Arena for the purchase of a Zamboni. The RM of Tache will receive $15,500 for a secondary plan for the LUD of Lorette. The Ile Des Chenes Arena is getting $11,018 for the replacement of their Zamboni battery, and Richer’s Enfant Jésus Heritage Site Corporation will receive $6,133 for tables, chairs and dollies. The Crow Wing Trail Association will receive $9,000 for their sustainability plan and the Ritchot Serving Seniors receives $3,030 to

grow the Centre. This funding is in addition to more than $4.5 million in grants announced earlier this year. The additional funding supports the province’s commitment to supporting community development that better meets the needs of communities while reducing red tape, simplifying access and reducing program administration. Its goal is to transform and modernize grant funding in order to increase community capacity and promote sustainability in non-profit organizations as well as improve outcomes.

been view over thousands of times. My pictures have been spotted on American forums that I’ve never even heard of before,” he added. When asked what the trick is to catching such a monster, Gosselin suggested that fishermen get away from the crowds, and, “If it’s trophy fish your after get away from the spots that produce a lot of eater size fish.”

January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Tackling the Problems of Illicit Drug Use in Manitoba This being my first column in the New Year, I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Many of us have welcomed the New Year with resolutions for what we would like to change. These resolutions are usually aimed at improving our lives and the lives of others. I wish everyone all the best in attaining their goals for 2019. When our government was elected in 2016, our resolution was to make Manitoba the most improved province in Canada in our first term. After the past 2 1/2 years, this is becoming a reality. A lot more work must be done, but Manitoba is on the road to recovery. In response to the rapid increase in the distribution and use of methamphetamine and other substances, our Manitoba government has joined the Federal government and City of Winnipeg in forming an Illicit Drug Task Force to deal with this growing problem. Illicit drug use destroys families and hurts communities, and requires collaborative and co-ordinated action from all levels of government. The task force will make practical short-term and long-term recommendations for fighting the distribution and use of drugs such as methamphetamine, opioids and cocaine. On another health front, as well, our government is working hard for Manitobans. In early December, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen introduced legislation to protect patients at risk of doing serious harm to themselves and others. The proposed amendment to the Personal Health Information Act would allow trustees of personal health information to disclose an individual’s medical records, without consent, to caregivers, loved ones or support people if they believe doing so reduces the risk of serious harm to the health or safety of that person or anyone else. Trustees include health-care professionals as well as health facilities, agencies and public bodies that collect or maintain personal health information. In step with this change, the Mental Health Act would also be amended to allow disclosure of information from a patient’s clinical record at a psychiatric facility without consent. Health-care improvements are a priority for our government. In this New Year, we will continue to provide Manitobans with better care sooner. As always, I look forward to hearing from you with your questions or concerns. I can be reached at my constituency office at 204-424-5406, at my legislature office at 204-945-4339 or at dennis.smook@leg.gov.mb.ca.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

A Wonderful Time of the Year Another year and another session of Parliament has come to a close. I am happy to be in the riding for the Holidays and proud of the work that our Conservative Caucus did in 2018. We were successful in holding the Liberals to account on many fronts including the modification of the discriminatory Canada Summer Jobs attestation. Part of our job as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is to shine a light on Government practice, and policy. The last few days in the House of Commons this year were strange and bittersweet as this was the last time Canada’s representatives would sit in Centre Block. The beautiful and historic Centre Block is due to undergo a decade of renovations. When we return later this month, we will be sitting in a beautiful new House of Commons. The lights will go out in Centre Block, and the lights will come up on something exciting and new. In one of the final days before Parliament rose for the holidays, I rose for the final time this year in Centre Block to speak, “Mr. Speaker, on a recent flight home, I noticed a beautiful sunset unfolding right outside my window. A stunning display of light - filled with a rainbow of colours. It lasted only a few minutes and then it was dark. Later, as we approached our destination, I could see the airport runway lights in the distance -guiding us in for a safe landing. At this festive time of year, we celebrate with lights all around us. We decorate our trees, offices and homes. At this time of year, and all year around, let us remember that there was and is, one light- above ALL others - God’s son, Jesus. Jesus said. ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’ And he called US to be lights as well. He said… ‘You are the light of the world…let your light shine before others’.” Mr. Speaker, let the lights all around us this Christmas, remind us to be guided by the True Light and reflect the light of Jesus’ love in our lives. May we all be the Light that brightens this world. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best in the New Year. For more information on this or any issue please feel free to contact my office toll free at 1-866-333-1933 or at 204-326-9889. Visit me on Facebook at Facebook.com/TedFalkMP. You may also write my office at 76 PTH 12N, Steinbach MB, R5G 1T4 or visit my website at tedfalk.ca.

Health Care Remains a Priority Our government is on the right path with our health-care improvements and our plan is working. We are keeping our promise to Manitobans by delivering better care sooner. Our investment of more than $5.3 million to significantly increase the number of hip, knee and cataract surgeries in 2019 will reduce wait times for these procedures, as we ensure at least an additional 1,000 hip and knee operations and at least 2,000 more cataract surgeries in this new year. We have reduced MRI wait times by 30 per cent, and are investing strategically to make a real difference for Manitoba patients with hip, knee and cataract procedures. These improvements are based on the recommendations of experts. Our Wait Times Reduction Task Force had recommended steps to improve wait times for these surgeries as well as for MRIs. Instead of only throwing money at the health-care system, we are making changes based on clinical planning and evidence-based practices. The increase in cataract surgeries and in knee and hip replacements comes as we streamline and better coordinate health services, using innovative methods to improve care. The innovations include cataract surgeries using freezing rather than sedation to patients who meet clinical criteria, same-day hip surgeries to reduce long hospital stays, and a hip and knee clinic to decrease the number of people referred for surgery. We have taken these steps after Manitobans experienced delays and difficulties in accessing health-care services for far too long. In the past, patients in Manitoba waited longer than all others in Canada for cataract surgeries, averaging more than 289 days. Manitobans also waited an average of 348 days for a hip replacement and 412 days for a knee replacement at that time, ranking our province eighth of 10 in wait times for both procedures. We need to do much better than that, and we are. With our government’s health system transformation, we are increasing capacity, reducing wait times and improving outcomes for patients. As well, we are ensuring the system’s sustainability with consistent care and better access for Manitoba families. Health care will remain a priority for us as we continue this legislative session. Now that the Legislative Assembly is into its winter break, though, I’m looking forward to spending more time during the next couple of months in the Dawson Trail constituency attending and participating in events, talking to constituents and getting out and about in our area’s communities. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish residents of Dawson Trail and all Manitobans the best in the New Year.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019

Electoral Boundaries Commission Canada Summer Releases Final Report Jobs Program The 2018 Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission has released its final report establishing the boundaries of the electoral divisions. As a result of its review, the Commission has changed 56 of the 57 electoral division boundaries and 14 of the 57 of electoral division names. One of the changes affects the RM of Hanover. It will now be divided into Steinbach and La Verendrye to accommodate growth in Steinbach. The RM of Springfield will be divided to support the population variance as it becomes SpringfieldRitchot, and Dawson Trail will be created. The 2018 Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission was established in January to review the electoral division boundaries for Manitoba provincial elections. They used the 2016 Census data to determine electoral division populations within the final boundaries. The Commission made several changes to the electoral divisions in the southeastern areas of the province to accommodate

growth in Dawson Trail (+3.58%), Steinbach (+2.40%) and La Vérendrye (+3.98%) electoral divisions. Boundaries were adjusted to ensure population balance and, to the extent possible, respect the designated bilingual areas. Accordingly, the rural municipalities of Ritchot and the western part of Springfield along with the Town of Niverville are grouped together because of their capital region interests. The name of this electoral division is now Springfield-Ritchot. The eastern part of the Rural Municipality of Springfield is added to Dawson Trail. As a result of growing populations in the southeast, the La Vérendrye electoral division was reduced in

size and now includes the RM of De Salaberry. Before making its final determinations, the Commission consulted extensively with the citizens of Manitoba and invited them to provide their views with respect to any changes to the boundaries. In addition, 13 public hearings were held throughout the province, including Steinbach and over 200 submissions were received. As per The Electoral Divisions Act, the new boundaries will be in effect for the next provincial general election, to be held October 6, 2020, unless a general election is called sooner. Should a by-election occur before then, the existing (2008) boundaries would remain in effect.

This Map shows the rough boundary proposals which will affect every constituency in southern Manitoba.

Now Accepting Applications

Organizations and employers are being encouraged to apply for funding through the Canada Summer Jobs Program (CSJ) 2019. The program is open to not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers, and private employers with up to 50 employees. Provencher MP Ted Falk invites employers to give young Canadians opportunities fill labour gaps while providing students with needed experience and opportunities. “Canada’s prosperity increasingly depends on young Canadians getting the education and experience they’ll need to start their careers,” said Falk. “Summer jobs are a great way for youth to build their resumes and the CSJ program also helps organizations to fill labour gaps, especially during the busy summer months.” To increase opportunity all job postings will be listed on jobbank.gc.ca and on the app, to get the word out and help match young people with employers and good quality jobs. Not-for-profit employers can receive 100 percent of the provincial or territorial minimum hourly wage. Public-sector employers and private sector employers with 50 or fewer full-time employees across Canada can receive 50 percent of the provincial or territorial minimum hourly wage. Applications by employers for Canada Summer Jobs are being accepted until January 25, 2019. For more information and to apply, visit canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/funding/canada-summer-jobs or a local Service Canada Centre.

January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Former Ste. Anne Mayor, Businessman Passes Away

Former Ste. Anne Mayor Bernie Vermette passed away December 18 after a battle with cancer.

File Photo

On December 18, the community of Ste. Anne lost a major former Mayor Bernie Vermette who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. He was 79. Prior to retirement, Vermette was elected to the Town of Ste. Anne council in 1974 where he served as councillor until 1980. He returned to politics in 2006 where he sat as mayor until 2014. A proud Métis, he was also an active member of the Richer Métis Local where he sat as chairperson for a number of years. In his spare time, Vermette was a well known local musician who sang and played guitar often performing at the Richer Community Club on Thursday nights, the seniors home and at Christmas parties. Vermette leaves behind his wife Beatrice, three daughters and their families.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Winnipeg Trio Charged After Tourond Robbery Fresh snow assisted St. Pierre-Jolys RCMP with the capture and arrest of three suspects accused of robbing the little gas station in Tourond. Police say the suspects, two females and one male entered the store during the afternoon of December 23 on Highway 59 and took items off the shelves without paying. When the business owners confronted the suspects outside they were threatened with an extendable baton. As the suspects tried to pull away in a stolen vehicle they got stuck in the snow. The pair was still in the vehicle when the St. PierreJolys RCMP arrived and they were taken into custody. The man was found a short while later, on property nearly a mile away after officers tracked his footprints into the fresh snow. All three suspects had outstanding Manitoba wide warrants for their arrest. Twenty-five year-old Christopher Murdock of Winnipeg was arrested and charged with Robbery, Possession of Property Obtained by crime, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Fail to Comply with conditions x 3, Assault and Possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose. He also had three outstanding Manitoba-wide warrants for his arrest. Also arrested was 29-year-old Shauna Owen. She was charged with Robbery, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Property obtained by crime, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Fail to Comply with conditions x 2, Assault and Possession of weapon for a dangerous purpose. She also had two outstanding Manitoba-wide warrants for her arrest. Thirty-three year old Amber Roberts of Winnipeg was arrested and charged with Robbery, Possession of Property obtained by crime, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Fail to Comply with conditions, Assault, Possession of weapon for a dangerous purpose and Fail to comply with probation order. She also had three outstanding Manitoba-wide warrants for her arrest. All three suspects were remanded into custody and RCMP continues to investigate.

Province Warns Residents to Prepare for Cold The province has issued a reminder to residents of health concerns related to colder temperatures that are expected to occur within the coming days. Exposure to cold can result in health problems such as frostbite or hypothermia, which can be life threatening. Anyone who isn’t dressed for the cold weather is at risk, although health risks are greatest for older adults; infants and young children; people with chronic illnesses, such as a heart condition; newcomers to Canada; people who are homeless or transient; people living in homes that are poorly insulated; outdoor workers; and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Being a good neighbour includes checking on neighbours, friends and older family members regularly, especially those who are ill or living alone. The health effects of cold can be reduced by dressing appropriately, in layers, never leaving infants or children unattended or inappropriately dressed, having a buddy in case of immediate assistance in an emergency; and avoiding alcohol consumption before going out in the cold as alcohol increases the risk of hypothermia by contributing to heat loss. Signs of old-related illness include frostbite, discoloured skin, (whitish, yellow, grey, or blistered); tingling, burning sensation or numbness to exposed areas and hypothermia. Hypothermia consists of uncontrollable shivering, drowsiness or exhaustion, confusion, or slurred speech. Infants may have very low energy and bright red cold skin. If emergency medical care is needed for someone who may have frostbite or hypothermia, move them to a warm place if possible and call for help. Take action to stay safe in extreme cold including check the weather report before going outside and prepare accordingly. Warm up by taking regular breaks in heated buildings such as libraries and malls. Bring pets and other animals inside or to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water. Reschedule outdoor activities and/or limit time outdoors if severe weather is forecast; and finally, stay on the approved paths when participating in outdoor activities.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Ritchot and Tache Included in Improved Internet Service Agreement

The mayors and reeves celebrate the signing of an agreement expected to improve internet in their communities.

On December 13, mayors and reeves from several municipalities surrounding Winnipeg including the RM’s of Ritchot and Tache moved another step closer to offering high-speed and fibre optic Internet service. The group signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two industry-leading strategic partners under JohnQ Public Inc. According to Colleen Sklar, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Metro Region (WMR), an organization recently tasked by the Province to deliver economic development funding and programming throughout the Region, the agreement is an opportunity for everyone involved. “Most municipalities surrounding Winnipeg don’t have access to reliable, future-ready Internet and communications services,” said Sklar. “There are many opportunities to connect communities to the digital economy and, once complete, this Project will help the WMR make an even larger economic impact.” The MOU was signed by JohnQ Public Inc., the WMR’s economic development corporation, and two well established local and national Internet service providers, WireIE and RFNOW Inc. The regional fibre optic project, Connecting to Opportunity is

a prime example of how JohnQ works and what the WMR can accomplish through this new collaborative business model. According to the RM of Macdonald Reeve Brad Erb, who chairs the JohnQ board, bringing the right partners together will make this project feasible. “Business owners, industry and residents all rank high-speed services as their top priority,” said Erb of Macdonald. “Bringing the right partners to the table is the critical next step to building a cost-effective, sustainable and competitive broadband network that will allow the Region to attract good companies and good jobs while also servicing the needs of residents.” Next steps in the process between the strategic partners include finalizing the business model; completing the design of the network; negotiating with other stakeholders; developing and recommending the final broadband service offerings for end users and recommending an open access model for 3rd party ISPs to promote. Through JohnQ, the development of high-speed Internet infrastructure is being explored for 43 under-serviced communities in the 13 member municipalities

Green Party Announces Federal Candidate The Green Party Provencher Electoral District Association is pleased to announce that Janine Gibson will stand as the Green Party candidate for the 2019 Federal Election. The Elections Act requires that there be a Federal election before October 21, 2019. Janine has a great depth of experience in both political service and political action. She has represented the Green Party in a number of elections both federally and provincially. She lives off-grid and runs her own business as an organic inspector, a role which sees her frequently campaigning for improvements in government standards. She brings with her not only a devotion to ecological principles but a strong sense of social justice and responsible economics. We continue to be committed to policies of sustainable economic development, environmental protection, cooperative democracy, and social justice. We were hopeful, in 2015, that Mr. Trudeau would bring in sub-

stantive changes to, among other things, environmental protection, electoral reform and relationships with Indigenous people in Canada. Instead, we have purchased an expensive pipeline, swept problems with First Past the Post under the carpet, and paid only lip-service to the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We believe that, unlike other parties, we offer a strong and clearly documented set of policies that cover a wide spectrum of concerns. In the coming months, we are looking forward to discussing these and other issues with supporters of sustainability across Provencher. For more information contact Janine G. Gibson, janinegibson@greenpartyprovencher.ca and Blair Mahaffy, CEO, Provencher EDA, ceo@greenpartyprovencher.ca.

in the Metro region surrounding Winnipeg. These include East and West St. Paul, Headingley, Macdonald, Ritchot, Rockwood, Rosser, St. Andrews, St. Clement, St. Françis Xavier, Taché, Springfield and Stonewall. Many are shovel ready which means construction could commence as early as mid-May 2019.

January 2019

January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

New Year’s TAX Resolutions

Get ready for your 2018 personal income tax filing by getting many of your tax papers ready now. Make a resolution to yourself that you will be ready to file your personal income taxes as soon as you have all the rest of your tax slips that are normally issued to you at the end of February. Find or get all your medical receipts for all or part of any expenses that were not covered by any health plan you have. Remember that you can only claim medical expenses if you pay taxes. Some taxpayers have low income and do not pay income taxes, so medical receipts cannot reduce your taxes payable any lower than zero (if your line 435 was zero for 2017, you did not pay taxes). And those with higher income and low medical expenses likely cannot claim either since the medical expenses need to be more than three percent of your net income. The health premiums you pay may be via your pay cheque, so save your final pay statement for 2018. If it says “group insurance”

that is not sufficient since it likely includes life and disability insurance too. Get a statement or letter from your employer stating what the total premium is for just the health and dental portion. I recommend you keep a copy of your last pay statement each year if you are paying for all or a portion of your disability premiums through work. If you should go on disability, you can deduct all the premiums you paid over the years. But only if you have proof! If you pay for your health premiums via direct withdrawal from your bank account, you need to get a receipt from the provider. Find or get copies of all of the expenses you paid out of your own pocket: it could be the 20% or the 50% your plan does not pay or the yearly deductible or there may be some costs the plan does not pay. Go to your Pharmacy(ies) in January and ask for a detailed print out of all the prescriptions for all of your family members for 2018. Keep your 2018 calendar! Where do you keep track of your medical appointments? Did

you travel for medical appointments? You can claim medical travel if you have to drive more than 40km one way for a service you cannot get locally (often specialists). You need to complete a travel log with detailed info (ask our office for a copy). Those who travel more than 80km one way can also claim parking, a meal, and accommodation. If you sold some of your non-registered investments, make sure you or your advisor have the correct Adjusted Cost Base (what you paid for the investments). You need this information to claim the correct capital gain or loss. If you sold any property including your home, you need to have information for your tax preparer or Canada Revenue Agency: How much did you sell it for? How much did you pay for it? Any capital improvements? When did you buy it? Did you own another property or recreation property at the same time? If these questions seem confusing or daunting, see a tax professional. Rent receipts are important if you are claiming them on your taxes for the $700 Manitoba education credit. Ask your landlord for a copy if you haven’t received each month during 2018 or you cannot find them. If you are 65+ and can claim the Senior School Tax Credit (family income under $64,500), find or get the copy of the Property Tax Bill so we can see how much you paid for the education portion of the Bill. And if you claimed the Farmland School Tax Credit, we need that info too. If you haven’t applied for the Farmland School Tax Credit, do so now. The deadline is March 31, 2019. You may be like me and do not farm, but if you have some acreage, check to see if it says “farmland” on it anywhere; you may still be eligible for the rebate. Record your vehicle(s) odometer on January 1 2019 (or as soon as you read this!) if you are self-employed or if you receive a vehicle allowance on your pay cheque. If you use a vehicle for business or employment (received an allowance), you need to keep track of vehicle use each day. And hope you recorded the odometer a year ago so you know the total km put on the vehicle(s) for 2018. If you didn’t, look at your service records to see if you can estimate what it was

on January 1 2018. Do you donate to Charity? Look at your bank and credit card statements for 2018 and see what charity donations you made. Keep track to make sure you get all the charity receipts. Children’s fitness and arts activities can be claimed to reduce your Manitoba taxes, so make sure you have the receipts that clearly state the child’s name and the name of the organization and the activity. Child in DayCare? Make sure you get the receipt(s) for all of your daycare expenses. If you use a private home daycare, the receipt should state the child’s name, the name and SIN of the individual providing the care, the amount paid for the year, and the name of the parent(s). I’ve highlighted many receipts you need to claim tax deductions, credits or rebates on your 2018 taxes. But please remember to NEVER USE A HIGHLIGHTER on any of your receipts. When they are photocopied or scanned, they are often black. And over time, a highlighter may “erase” the numbers you highlighted…. I hate highlighters! They were good in school for books, but not good for today’s receipts! I hope I have inspired you to take better care of your tax receipts so you get the best refund possible, or pay the least amount possible. It’s up to you to prove it to Canada Revenue Agency. And for 2019, start your tax file or envelope today and keep better track of all your tax information so 2019 is even better than 2018! Anni Markmann is a Personal Income Tax Professional and Certified Financial Planner; living, working, and volunteering in our community. Contact us at 204.422.6631 or 36 Dawson Road in Ste Anne (near Coop) or Info@SteAnneTaxService.ca.

A Grand of Items Stolen from Wal-Mart On November 28 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a theft from Wal-Mart. On November 21, a male, female and a child entered the Wal-Mart store after they were dropped off by a red Chevy SUV. The male proceeded to load up a cart with $1,000 worth of items and then left through the emergency exit without paying. He next loaded them in the red SUV and left with the female driver. The investigation is on-going. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers. com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Ste. Anne Lucky Winner Chose Adventure in Ireland

Fran L. from Ste. Anne, Manitoba was the lucky winner.

The Mennonite Heritage Village held the draw for the “Choose Your Own Adventure Raffle” on Saturday, December 1 at noon. Fran L. from Ste. Anne, Manitoba was the lucky winner. After giving her time to allow the shock of win-

ning to sink in, Fran and her husband have debated over the five trip options and have settled on Ireland as their destination of choice. Fran and her husband are very excited. “I walked past the sign on a visit to the museum, noticed it,

thought Ireland would be nice, but I won’t win. Once I arrived home, I kicked myself for not buying a ticket. Two days later, with no other reason to come to Steinbach, I came back to purchase my ticket.” Their Ireland Adventure will include a six night getaway to Dublin, Ennis and Killarney, with an overnight stay in a historic castle, a VIP tour of the Guinness Storehouse, Island excursions to the Gap of Dunloe and Aran, and so much more, an amazing experience valued at $12,750. A new raffle is in the works for 2019. Stay tuned to Mennonite Heritage Village on Facebook to get all the latest information on the available trips and when tickets will be available, and good luck. Mennonite Heritage Village is hosting the Choose Your Own Adventure Raffle as a fundraising event to be able to continue to preserve and exhibit the history and stories of the Russian Mennonites as well as the history of Steinbach.

Steinbach Post Office Targeted by Thieves Between 6 pm on December 3 and 5 am on December 4, the Canada Post Office in Steinbach was entered by an unknown number of suspects and had at least a dozen mailboxes were vandalized. Several parcel compartments were also vandalized during the incident. Canada Post confirmed that 24 parcels with unknown content and value were stolen as well as

Steinbach RCMP Investigate Fraud On July 25, a male entered a financial institution in Steinbach and used stolen identification to obtain a bank draft for more than $80,000. The male then attended a business in Winnipeg with the bank draft and purchased gold. At this point in the investigation, Steinbach RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect. He is described as Caucasian, with brown hair and a beard, and is wearing blue jeans, a yellow reflective t-shirt and a ball cap. If you have any information on this male please contact Steinbach RCMP at 204-326-4452 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at manitobacrimestoppers. com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to CRIMES (274637).

an unknown amount of mail. Between 6 pm on December 4 and 3 am on December 5, Canada Post Office in Steinbach was once again the target of vandalism and theft. Several parcel compartments were vandalized and an unknown amount of mail and parcels were stolen. Canada Post has yet to confirm the extent of what was stolen.

If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

RCMP Looking for Repeat Thief Steinbach RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in the apprehension of Branden Penner, 27 years old, of Steinbach. Penner has been on a crime spree over the past few months with pending charges of theft, break and enter, as well as failing to appear in court. There are currently 6 outstanding warrants for his arrest, as well as ongoing investigations. Should you have any information on the whereabouts of Brendon Penner, you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP 8477 or manitobacrimestoppers. Detachment at 204-326-4452 or com or text “TIPMAN” plus your CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222- message to Crimes (274637).

Theft of Winnipeg Jets Autographed Photo Between November 9 and 16 a framed and autographed photo of Winnipeg Jets player Blake Wheeler was stolen from the Clearspring Mall in Steinbach. This photo was a fundraising project for the local Special Olympics and is valued at approximately $250.

If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-3264452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

January 2019

Calling all local Amateur Artists: Register for our Southeast Open Judged Art Exhibit Application deadline January 29. For amateur artists, exhibit runs from Friday, March 1- Friday, April 19. Submit your registration today through an online application, contact us or stop by and pay later. For all ages and all mediums. Paintings, crafts, sculptures and more. Visit steinbachartscouncil.ca to register. Just for Families: Koncertz 4 Kidz series – two concerts for only $22. The ever popular pyjama party, with Robert Munsch stories performed by Prairie Theatre Exchange, Munschtopia! on Friday, January 18 and adventures with the imagination comedy duo James & Jamesy on Friday, April 5. Pick your seats today. Just for Youth: Sweet Water Creek and The Boy & The Sea at Neufeld Garage in Randolph. Get your tickets now. Join the Creative Youth Council today. Call Tamara at 204-346-1077. Register now for Winter Programs! Try any class…at no cost! Go online, call us or come into the SAC office to register or put your name on the Try it for Free List! Calling German Students: If you have taken a German beginner 1 class we now have a beginner German 2 class available for you. 10 weeks from Thursday, January 17 – Tuesday, March 19. Register by Monday, January 7. Creative Wellness: Beginner Lunch Time Pilates, Secrets to a Strong Back. Intermediate: Core Pilates on the Ball, Prop It Pilates. Culinary Arts: Kids in the Kitchen (9 - 12), Creative Cooking, Mindful Meals, Couples Cooking. Languages: Beginner German levels 1 and 2, Workplace German, French Beginner & Intermediate and Spanish Beginner & Intermediate. Visual Arts: Kids: Art Adventures (5 - 8), Art X-travaganza (9 - 12), Hand Building with Clay (6 - 12). Teens: Mixed Art (13 - 17), Pottery Passion (13 - 17), Cartoon Illustration (10 - 16), Video Game Programming (11+), Advanced Video Game Programming (15+). Adults: Abstract Acrylic, Contemporary Acrylic & Watercolor Painting, Intro to the Pottery Wheel, Adult Digital Photography Indigenous Arts: Mukluks, Gauntlets, Dream Catchers, Moccasins, Bead Work and Bannock! Workshops: Wood Burning, Calligraphy, Resin Art, and more. Register online or call our office 204-346-1077. Limited space available. Home School Music Programs: We have room for a few more students. Any student can try it for free. Programs run two Fridays a month. Gabriela Gallo is an expert in Curriculum-Based music teaching for young children. She will cover such fundamentals as Orff instrument exploration, no-pitch percussion playing, movement & dance, recorder, singing & choral technique, and music history & theory. Call Stephanie at the Centre to try the next session and meet Gabriela. Or try Fusion Musical Theatre! For ages 5 - 12 years, instructed by Gabi Gallo. Southeast Centre for Music – Welcomes our new guitar instructor, Brandon Post. We are excited to have him on board. And Peter Jo has openings for violin lessons. Contact David Klassen at scm@ steinbachartscouncil.ca. New! Canvas & Colas: Paint Parties for ages 8 - 17. Make it an evening to remember with your parent/guardian/partner. Only $25 for supplies, snacks, and beverage on Wednesday, February 13. Joint the Chorus: All those who love to sing are invited to become a part of the Great Hallelujah Choir! “The Great Hallelujah” is a community mass choir and band project, proclaiming and worshipping Christ in a spirited and joyful, familyfriendly concert celebration in an urban gospel style for the Steinbach community which will be hosted by Emmanuel on Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9. Anyone may participate in this community mass choir. No age or musical ability required, just a love for singing. Join worship pastor, Danny Plett and his international band for this upcoming, community-wide, urban Gospel concert. Rehearsals begin Sunday, January 13. To sign up, visit eefc.ca/greathallelujah. Hall Gallery Exhibits: Women in Art: Showcase runs Wednesday, January 9 – Friday, February 22 featuring new local and emerging artists.


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Thieves Dash through Parking Lot to Waiting Car On December 21, Steinbach RCMP received a report of theft from Wal-Mart. A male and female entered the store while another person waited in a vehicle outside the front doors. The vehicle is a dark green or possibly grey Saturn 4-door. The male and female proceeded to load up a cart using reusable bags, as well as winter tires. They then left quickly through the front entrance without paying for the items. The front sensors were activated and they ran to the Saturn vehicle out front, they unloaded the carts quickly and sped away towards Highway 12. The investigation is on-going. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Southeast Border Hours Remain Unchanged RM of Piney residents received an early Christmas gift when the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that there would be no changes to the Port of Entry crossings. On December 23, Lisa White of the CBSA told media that, “The hours of operation at South Junction, Piney, Tolstoi and Snowflake are not changing at this time, and will remain as they were.” This decision came as a result of a vocal protest from local residents and politicians. In early November, CBSA announced the changes after reviewing the traffic volumes at all four ports. Proposed changes included closing the Piney crossing at 5 pm instead of 10 pm and closing South Junction at 8 pm instead of midnight. At two hearings, residents from across southeastern Manitoba packed community halls to voice their concerns over the decision to reduce the hours of operation at three ports of entry. Concerns included limiting access to work, emergency healthcare and services located conveniently on the other side of the border. Provencher MP Ted Falk strongly supported residents within his constituency. “I spoke directly with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in Ottawa when the news of the reduction of hours came to light. I shared with him letters from the local Reeve’s and MLAs of the areas affected. And of course I joined with the hundreds of local residents to share my concerns at the public meetings which were held after the decision had already been made,” stated Falk. The decision was put on hold shortly afterwards. The Tolstoi crossing will remain open from 8 am to 10 pm, the South Junction port of entry remains in operation from 8 am to midnight, and Piney is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

All programs and activities are $2 for Members and $4 for Non-Members unless otherwise stated. Drop-in: Tai Chi: Mondays 10:30 am - 11:30 am. Perogy Bee: Monday, January 7, call if you want to help out with making perogies. Exercise Classes: Tuesdays 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm. Choir: Wednesdays 10-11:30 am. Resuming January 23. New Connections: January 10. Computer Classes: Wednesdays from 9 am – 2 pm, one on one 1 hour appointments. HO Model Railway Project: Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30 am - 3:30 pm. Movie Time Potluck: Christopher Robin January 28 at 12 pm. Floor Curling/Floor Shuffle: Wednesdays 1:30 - 4 pm. Advanced Pickle Ball: Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9 - 11:30 am and Tuesdays 9 - 10:30 am. Beginners Pickleball: Mondays 1 - 3 pm. Billiards – Monday - Friday 9 am - 3:30 pm. Cards: All card games from 1 - 4 pm. Monday Canasta, Wednesday Cribbage, Thursday Whist. Old Time Country Jam – Wednesday from 7 - 9 pm until December 19. Register or Purchase Tickets: Introduction to Genealogy: January 24 and 31 from 2:30 3:30 pm. Alzheimer Awareness Month – Yes I live with Dementia; let me help you understand January 16 10 am. Birthday Party: January 9 at 2 pm. Free for members celebrating their birthdays in January and February. $3 for guests. Old Time Country Dance: January 25, 7 - 11 pm. $12 for members, $15 for non-members $20 at the door. Potluck: Bring a dish to share and $6 for a great evening out. Free Programs: Walking Program – 8:30 - 9 am and Noon – 1 pm, Monday to Friday. Crafty Corner – Every Friday, 2 - 3:30 pm. Cozy Corner Coffee – Every day at 10:30 am. Enjoy a complimentary coffee, an occasional treat and some great conversation.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


Man Gets 10 Years for Deacon’s Corner Death

RCMP surround a Deacon’s Corner motel after a woman was found strangled inside.

A Winnipeg man who admitted to strangling his fortytwo year old girlfriend during a fight in a Deacon’s Corner motel has been given a 10 year prison sentence for the crime. Fifty-eight year old Allen Drobot was charged with second degree murder after the body of a Carrie Hoefer was found in a motel at Deacons Corner on December 14, 2014. He was charged the same day after an autopsy determined the 42 year old woman’s death to be a homicide. He later pled guilty to manslaughter, through a deal that saw both defense and prosecuting attorneys to recommend a ten-year sentence. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Sadie Bond agreed to the sentence, calling it significant. “His act is clearly not an accident,” she said during her sentencing. “He must have been aware that Ms. Hoefer might die.” The couple was living in the motel at the time after they

File Photo

fell into financial difficulty which forced the sale of Drobot’s Winnipeg home. During the trial, court heard how the couple who both had a history of mental illness and had been drinking that day, fought over a failed attempt to have sex the day Hofer died. In a statement to police, Drobot admitted to strangling his girlfriend with clothing to keep her from yelling at him. There was a history of belittling and manipulating and that she was hitting him and throwing things at him that morning. In her victim impact statement Hoefer’s mother, Katherine King, called her daughter a kind, caring and loving woman who was working at making a better future for herself and her sons. With time served, Drobot has four years remaining in his sentence.

Vita Camper Fire Claims Victim On December 18, a camper fire in Vita turned up human remains. According to Emerson RCMP, the fire was reported about 2:35 am. The Vita Fire Department responded, but the camper was completely engulfed. Human remains were discovered once the blaze was extinguished. The RCMP and the Office of the Fire Commissioner investigated immediately.

RCMP Hunt for Missing Vehicle

The Office of the Fire Commissioner now says that the investigation has concluded. Cause of the fire remains undetermined due to the total destruction of the trailer. It has been deemed accidental and not suspicious in nature. The loss of the trailer is estimated at around $3,000. RCMP has not released the identity of the victim.

On Saturday December 22, Steinbach RCMP received a report of a stolen white 2018 Mazda 3 Manitoba License Plate GET 632. The vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of the Franz Motor Inn between 11:15 pm and 11:20 pm. Steinbach RCMP recovered the vehicle in Winnipeg on December 28. The investigation is still on-going and police are looking to speak with any witnesses. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

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January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Checkstops Yield Results On December 10 at approximately 2:45 pm, Steinbach RCMP and Eastman Traffic Services conducted a daytime checkstop on Highway 12 in Steinbach as part of an ongoing Holiday Checkstop Program which focuses on the enforcement and prevention of impaired driving. Over 300 vehicles were checked by RCMP and 2 warnings were issued for Highway Traffic Act offences. One driver at the Checkstop had difficulty locating his registration and the licence he handed over to police did not belong to him. The licence plate also did not belong to the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle was stolen and the driver was in possession of counterfeit currency, break-in tools and drug paraphernalia. He was subsequently arrested and the stolen vehicle seized. The driver, Cory Couture, a 38-year old male from Winnipeg is currently being held in custody and will be facing several charges ranging from identity fraud, possession of stolen property over $5,000, possession of counterfeit currency, possession of breakin instruments and driving while disqualified. The investigation continues.

Former Steinbach Restaurateur Guilty of Tax Evasion The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced that Tak Yuen Sung (also known as Tom Sung), age 59, of Steinbach, pleaded guilty to tax evasion. He was sentenced on December 17, in the Winnipeg Provincial Court to a court-imposed fine of $73,568.48 for evading the payment of $53,265.21 of personal income tax, representing 138% of the federal income tax evaded. In addition to the court imposed fine, Mr. Sung will also have to pay the full amount of tax owing, plus related interest and any penalties assessed by the CRA. A CRA investigation of the 2010 - 2013 tax years revealed that Mr. Sung, while managing Lee’s Village Restaurant located in Steinbach, used two point of sale (POS) terminals but only provided his accountant with sales information and related bank statements for the transactions on one of the POS terminals. From the unreported sales, the investigation discovered deposits, classified as wages, to Mr. Sung totalling $271,000. These significant deposits into Mr. Sung’s personal bank account were not consistent with the income he reported on his personal tax filings.

Grant Applications Wanted in Stuartburn The RM of Stuartburn has put out a call for community organizations to apply for grants. Organizations considering requesting a grant from the municipality in 2019 are asked to send a letter of request outlining how much, and what specific project the money would be used for as soon as possible. According to council, groups and organizations interested in a grant have until February 8 to submit the proper information, including a copy of 2018 revenue and expenditures. The purpose of the general call out is so that council can give consideration to all requests at once as part of the municipality’s financial plan development for the upcoming year. For more information contact the RM of Stuartburn office at 204425-3218.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


Vita to Host Annual Winter Festival The community of Vita is excitedly gearing up for the community’s 3rd Annual Winter festival. The annual event started thanks to a $10,000 tourism grant as a fundraiser for the Vita Community Recreation Centre. This year, the two day event is taking place January 19 and 20. One of the weekend highlights is the fast paced and competitive dog sled races. So far, two champion dog sled competitors have signed up for the race. All the way from Quebec, the 2018 World Champion team will be showing off their skills during the races. Erick Laforce and his son Samuel are looking forward to visiting this community. Musher Jake Robinson from Bemidji, Minnesota has finished in the top five every year since the sled dog races started. Both teams are competing in the 10-dog races. Other events include skijorning, toboggan hill, fireworks, canteen, bonfire, dog sled rides, craft and vendor show, borscht making contest, hockey tournament, kids spiel curling, community pancake breakfast, horse drawn sleigh rides, kids tournament, children’s activities and much more. Events are taking place throughout the community including the Fire Hall, Vita arena, Vita Hall and other public areas throughout the community. (See Program on Page 2)

Jake Robinson from Minnesota is one of the confirmed mushers who will be racing during the upcoming Vita Winter Festival.

Supplied photo


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

January The year started with a celebration when Ste. Anne’s Jocelyne Larocque and Bailey Bram were among the only three Manitoba players named to the official 28-member Team Canada Olympic hockey roster. This group of talented women hit the ice and represented Canada during the Pyeongchang, South Korea Olympics in February. Five years after a devastating apartment fire in Ste. Anne, a judge had ordered Donna Fontaine, her son Anthony Burton to pay $820,000 in damages after it was found they acted negligently and caused an apartment fire that left two dozen people homeless. On January 6, the Sprague RCMP responded to a house fire at a residence located on Pine Avenue in the community of Badger. Upon arrival, the house was fully engulfed in flames, and emergency responders were unable to save the structure. Eight-seven year old Dr. Ross Campbell Major lost his life in the blaze. On January 7, the Lancaster Port of Entry would implement a seasonal schedule while hours at the Roseau Port of Entry would be reduced by four hours. This change was modified from the original proposal to close at 4 pm daily. Southern Health-Santé Sud, Public Health-Healthy Living rolled out a Harm Reduction Program to help prevent new Hepatitis C and HIV infections. The program focuses on reducing the harmful consequences of drug use and other behaviours that negatively affect a person’s health.

February The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #190 in Steinbach welcomed long time member Mark Lackey as their new President. Members also paid tribute to past President Bill Richards

The 2018 “Just Watch Me’ video competition is underway and Lorena Mitchell, the owner of Evolve Green from Marchand was among the top four finalists competing. She ended up winning the contest, which encourages disabled entrepreneurs to share their business success story and inspire other people with disabilities to become their own boss.

The Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) hosted their annual Christmas Potluck for immigrants celebrating the holidays in a new country.

RM of Ritchot fire fighters gather at the scene of an early morning fire on December 31 that claimed the life of 30-year old Destiny Lynn Hobson in Ile des Chenes.

for, “All the dedication as President and working hard towards bringing the Legion to the new era.” The Bethesda Health Auxiliary announced that they were moving forward with dissolving after 80 years of service in the community.

Over the years, they raised over $616,580 for equipment needed in the local hospital. They still planned and hosted a final fundraising book sale before turning over the event to Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC).

The sled dog races were a huge draw when Vita hosted their 2nd annual winter festival on January 13 and 14 to help raise money for Vita Recreation Committee.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


March Ste. Anne hockey heroes and Olympians Bailey Bram and Jocelyne Larocque come home proudly wearing silver medals after a heart wrenching final game at the Pyeong Chang Olympics. The province commits to spend $47 million over three years to create up to 1,400 new and newly funded spaces for children under the age of six. Four local daycares, located in Ile des Chenes, La Broquerie and Blumenort made the list. The three daycares approved, offer French programming and services. The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association and Volleyball Manitoba announced the winners of this year’s recipients of the Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Volleyball Scholarships. The $1,000 scholarships are awarded to Austin Anderson from Niverville Collegiate and Spencer Teetaert from the SRSS.

The La Broquerie Fire Department was called to a barn fire just south of La Broquerie, along Provincial Road 302. The Office of the Fire Commissioner determined that the fire was deemed accidental and caused by an electrical short in the wiring. Damages are estimated at around $400,000.


Several hundred adults and kids converged on the Richer Community Park to participate in a variety of free activities during the community’s 9th annual Winterfest in support of the Richer Daycare and Richer Community Club.

Fourteen year old, Joseph Bernardin from Ile des Chenes was one of the top winners after competing in the 23rd Manitoba Robot Games.

Falcon Trails Resort was named as this year’s winner of the 2018 FEX Manitoba Family Enterprise of the Year Award Recipient by the Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX). The Manitoba Family Enterprise of the Year Award (FEYA) recognizes families who have shown dedication to their community and strengthening the family business footprint in Manitoba. Caisse Populaire members from South Junction and Richer will have to travel further to conduct their banking after the organization closed the doors to branches due to the low volume of activity. ROC Eastman was named this year’s winner of the President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement at the 22 annual Recreations Connections Manitoba recreation conference awards banquet. The award recognizes that Recreation Opportunities for Children Inc., more widely known as ROC Eastman has been transforming children’s lives through recreation for over eight years. In preparation for the Federal legalization of recreational cannabis, the Manitoba government is moving forward with further legislative amendments that would responsibly regulate use of the drug in public places and on roads.

Governor General of Canada Julie Payette presented Christine Beaumont with a Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers during a special ceremony at Government House in Victoria BC.


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

May Almost a year after bullying allegations surfaced in the RM of Ritchot, which led to the resignation of the former mayor and several councillors, the province has committed to reviewing the Municipality Act to identify opportunities to strengthen protections for municipal officials. Legislation is passed by the end of the year. Dawson Trail MLA Bob Lagassé, was successful in gaining support of a private member’s bill, called the Rail Safety Awareness Week Act. Bill 221 proposes to establish an annual Rail Safety Awareness Week to take place during the second week of September. The RM of Hanover is one of three municipalities in the province to be recognized with a Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award in 2018. The award recognizes communities with programs meeting or exceeding recognized national and international standards for emergency preparedness. The Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with the Ross L. Gray School in Sprague hosted their 1st annual career symposium to bring community members and local businesses together. The event “exceeded” organizer’s expectations.

RM of Stuartburn Reeve Jim Swidersky loses his home after heavy winds pushed wildfires through Zhoda. Several communities in the area were threatened including Carrick, St. Labre, and Badger.

June The Ste. Anne Coop officially changed their name to Clearview Consumers Co-op Ltd. The change came as a result of this year’s annual general meeting, where members voted to begin the process of changing the name. The province announced plans to close Pineland Nursery in Hadashville at the end of the year, putting 8 full time and 17 part time staff out of work. Kleefeld musician Robb Nash is among a dozen Canadians honoured with the 2018 Order of Canada for using music to influence young people, while performing at schools, reservations and detention centres across Canada. The province’s Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission’s releases its interim report on proposed changes to Manitoba’s electoral map. The report outlines the proposed several changes to the electoral divisions in the eastern areas of the province to accommodate growth in the Dawson Trail, Steinbach, and La Vérendrye electoral divisions. Local artists from St. Pierre-Jolys and surrounding areas have a new location to promote and sell their work now that Boutique Art on 59 opened to the public over the summer.

The Bernier family is a first in Taekwondo for Manitoba. Lionel Bernier (right) welcomes his 7-year old granddaughter, Rya Bernier, into the black belt level after she tested for her 1st Poom Black Belt. Lionel’s son Aaron completes the three generations involved in the sport. They train out of Spirit 1 Taekwondo Academy in Lorette.

Lions International presented a cheque for $100,000 to the Fonds Hôpital Ste Anne Hospital Fund during this year’s annual Health Walk. This year funds were raised to build a new heli-pad outside of the Ste. Anne Hospital.

Three wagons, fifteen horses and their riders hit the trails east of Richer to raise funds for Helping Hooves Manitoba. At the end of the day, over $5,000 was raised for the organization. Funds raised during the ride go in support of Manitoba’s breast cancer patients who require financial assistance while undergoing treatments.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


July Despite a rainy start, the 20th Annual Providence Classic Golf Tournament in partnership with TransCanada provided an exciting day of fun and fellowship while raising $66,016 for Providence students. The Community Development Corporation (CDC) of La Broquerie celebrated the grand opening of a historic new trail that goes through the town, which celebrates the proud origins of the community, with a series of interpretive and virtual signs. The RMs of Piney, Reynolds and Stuartburn are reaping the rewards of hard campaigning after the province recently announced a new streamlined funding for road maintenance of market roads. Beginning this year, funding will be moved into each municipality’s operating grant based on the share they received in 2017-18.

A historic soccer match took place on the grounds of the Sundown School when the Vita U14 soccer team played against Ste. Anne, making it the first game played on the field in 50 years.

Seventeen year old Marlon Calakhan from Steinbach was presented with a brand new customized wheelchair from Tabs for Wheelchairs as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations.

August Over the next few years, the St. Malo Provincial Park will become accessible to all users, thanks to a locally driven project, spearheaded by the Friends of St Malo Park. The organization has committed to a three phase plan to transform the park into a barrier free recreational park that is inclusive to all people regardless of mobility, intellectual or sensory challenges. An eight-year-old girl was left with cuts to the face after being attacked in her tent while camping in Whiteshell Provincial Park. According to a statement made by the province, the incident occurred at South Cross Lake. Co-op Community Spaces donated $65,000 for renovations to the Creation Innovation! Community Project. The funds will be used to upgrade the interior and exterior of the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre. Built in 1936, the former school and public library now houses several arts programs attended by children and adults from the region. A total of $90,000 in Community Places grants will be distributed throughout Dawson Trail to nine projects, with the largest going to the Ecole Ile Des Chenes School Playground and Green Space redevelopment.

During a routine traffic stop, Falcon Lake RCMP found 925 pounds of vacuum-packaged marihuana as well as 75 pounds of cannabis shatter, oils, and edibles hidden amid this load travelling from BC to southern Ontario.

Don’t forget... you can view past issues in digital format anytime by going to our online archives at www.dawsontrail.ca

Despite the sweltering heat, participants including Provencher MP Ted Falk along with spectators enjoyed another action packed St. Labre 200 when the annual event celebrated its 10th anniversary.


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

September In the latest Manitoba Municipal Spending Report released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), the RM of Hanover is recognized for recording a decrease of nine per cent in real operating spending per capita over the study period. This equates to $441 per resident, whereas the majority of municipal governments have overspent $1.17 billion since 2008, which amounts to $4,696 for a family of four. The community of St. Pierre-Jolys mourns the loss of a long time Réal-Bérard community school teacher and town councillor, Luc Nadeau after he passed away suddenly in his home at the age of 57. Three local businesses claim awards from the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce including Keystone Western Inc, a trucking company from Grande Pointe; La Broquerie’s Hylife Ltd. and Barkman Concrete Ltd. in Steinbach.

Renowned escape artist and magician Dean Gunnarson joined Maegan Ginter, her two children Kassia and Declan Ginter, and Mike and Lita Hornan during one last visit before Philip’s Magical Paradise closed its doors forever in September.

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre volunteers caring for this American White Pelican say it has shown some improvement since intake and started to stand and move around at the end August. The bird along with several others were all found dying in Winnipeg retention ponds.

October Three communities in the southeast are celebrating after Bell-MTS announced the construction of three additional cellular towers in the region. The new towers will be located in Woodridge, Zhoda and Stuartburn. The RM of Stuartburn and the City of Steinbach both announce that they are giving residents the opportunity to speak out about allowing retail sales of cannabis within the municipality as part of the upcoming municipal election. Voters said “no” in both referendums. Remi Dallaire, a former Lorette elementary school teacher was found guilty of four charges after being accused of sexually abusing an eight year old girl two years ago. He remains in custody, pending sentencing. At a special meeting, the RM of Ste. Anne voted in favour of suspending their municipal fire chief and two firefighters pending an investigation after a variety of serious allegations surfaced within the department. They are dismissed a short time later amid various allegations of misconduct.

The RM of Ritchot Fire Department, along with the municipality and community celebrated the grand opening of a brand new fire hall and purchase of a brand new truck in Ste. Agathe.

Nearly two hundred semi-trucks laid on their horns and roared down the highway from Ile des Chenes, before making a loop around the Perimeter Highway to raise funds for Special Olympics Manitoba.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


November Lorette residents were given an opportunity to support fundraising for the local community complex as part of a unique fundraiser launched by the 36 Hour Hockey Marathon Committee. Approximately 1,500 hockey pucks were sold and over $16,000 was raised towards a new sports complex for the community. The province announced an investigation after Manitoba Hydro proceeded with the development of the Bipole III transmission line and converter station project (Bipole III) during a time when the market price for energy was declining. According to the province, Manitoba residents are now being forced to deal with escalating costs and billions in related overruns through increases in electricity rates that far exceed the expected rate of inflation. Falcon Lake resident Cris LaBossiere’s dedication and passion for the Five of Diamonds and Blue Highway mountain bike routes in Falcon Lake earned him the Volunteer of the Year award at the Manitoba Tourism Awards.

In a special member statement, Dawson Trail MLA Bob Lagassé asked members of the Legislature to recognize the hard work of the 45 volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to make Lorette Thrifty Treasures a success. The organization has been in business for over 25 years, and is comprised of 45 dedicated volunteers.


Elisabeth Fust was named “Role Model of the Year” after taking the initiative of helping Master Michael Tam of Spirit 1 Taekwondo Academy, in Lorette, in instructing the children’s class, which at the time consisted of about 15 little ones. She continues to be the prime instructor of this children’s class today.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has deemed that an overheated laptop was the cause of an early evening house fire that destroyed the home of Randy and Joyska Tkachyk on November 21.

Police confirm human remains found north of Ste. Anne in November belong to missing Winnipeg grandmother Thelma Krull who was last seen in 2015. A suspect has not been arrested yet, however, police say the site where her body was discovered is significant to the investigation. A forensic audit report released by Manitoba Auditor General on the RM of De Salaberry found $33,000 in unsupported credit card transactions were made over a period of

more than 4 years, and that project management services were not tendered, as required by policy. Operation Red Nose Saint Malo was launched for the first time in the community. It was organized and launched by the St. Malo Parish Fundraising Committee as a means to raise funds to undertake a number of projects. Providence College representatives broke ground on a new residence and the community life facility at the Otterburne campus. The

Student Life Centre, which houses the cafeteria, the modern, fully-accessible facility will accommodate approximately 60 students replaces Bergen Hall, which was destroyed by fire two years ago. Seventeen paramedics received 20-year medals from the Province of Manitoba including Doreen Boyd, Gwen Blatz, Kunegunda Fedorak, Robert Sattler, Tom Helliwell and William Vanderveen from Southern Health – Santé Sud.

Dozer, a big, black steer who calls Kismet Creek Farms home is now world famous after unseating a steer from Australia for the title of World’s Biggest Cow.

Wishing everyone a Safe, Prosperous and Happy New Year!


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Storage Units Targeted Between 3:00 am and 4:00 am on November 22, two suspects had broken into five locked storage units at a Steinbach business. Two electronic items were known to have been stolen during the incident. Police are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects in the photos. If you have any information in regards to the above you are asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP Detachment at 204-326-4452 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Will You Be the Messenger in 2019? Romans 10:13-15 . . . 13) “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 14) How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15) And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (NIV) The Bible says, “That all who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” However, there is a process involved in bringing the grace of God to a human life. While it might culminate with the person calling on the name of the Lord, there is much behind that belief. (How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?) There must be a faith in the one on whom they call. In other words, if we are not brought to the place where we truly believe that the Lord is real and can do something about our situation, we will never call on His name. Behind the belief is the message heard. (How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?) In other words, faith always has an object. Faith is not some unearthly, weird feeling or sentiment. It is grounded in Biblical truth. Therefore, there must be a message of that truth. So, the message of Christ must be told if people are going to be able to believe. It is faith in the truth that makes the difference. Today we have folks saying, “Since their faith is sincere that is good enough.” However, I might have all the misguided faith in the world that I can fly if I leap off a tall building. But, when I leap and hit the ground, that type of faith will give way to reality. Faith must be grounded in Biblical truth to have any value. But who are the messengers? Does it have to be someone standing behind a pulpit? The message is always deliv-

ered by a messenger... or could it be that every one of us is a preacher of the Gospel? I believe that is how it should be done. I believe this has always been God’s plan. The message is to be communicated by someone who believes it and has had their life changed by it. This ministry is not just for pastors, this ministry is for everyone who has come to faith in Christ. All of us are ministers. All of us are livingepistles-living letters of the grace of God read by all people. All of us carry on our lips and in our lives the testimony of the salvation that can come by faith in Jesus Christ. Does that mean we all have a responsibility to let that Good News be known? Yes, I believe it does mean that. Behind each courier is the sender. And how can they give a sermon unless they are sent? The Bible speaks clearly, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news?” There should be no doubt who does the sending. It is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. And He sends us all to spread the message. The clergy alone will never win the whole world to Christ. If the preachers think that they are the only ones who are spreading the Gospel, then many or even most people will never be reached. Grace is a process. It is like turning on a light switch. We flick the switch on the wall and the lights go on. It seems like a simple thing. Yet behind it is a very complicated process. The transmission towers, the substations, the dams that were built to hold water, and the poles on which the wires are strung. A tremendous complexity lies behind the simple act of flipping a light switch. But, every time we do it, power surges forth and it comes

only because that complicated process has no breaks along the way. We know that every time an individual comes to the place wherein quietness they call out to the Lord for salvation, a tremendous process has led to this place of decision. Remember Mary the mother of Jesus. Remember the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem. Remember the betrayal of Jesus. Then there was the mystery of the Cross. What about the wonder and miracle of the Resurrection? God sending the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. All believers who have had their life changed by faith in Jesus Christ. All this is a process behind a single individual who calls on the name of the Lord. God is behind it, He has started it… To God Be the Glory Great Things He Has Done! Would you pray this prayer with me...? “Lord Jesus, come into my heart? Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have the peace in my heart that I yearn for. I really want that peace, joy and happiness that will fulfill my heart’s desire. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will honour Your Name.” Amen.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


No Man is an Island At the start of a New Year, each of us needs to realize there are many choices we will make as the year progresses. We make those choices on our own or we seek advice and counsel to help us. The poem “Invictus” says, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” I understand that we need to be determined, persevere in the face of adversity and don’t give up, but it can be dangerous to your well being and those around you if you become the master and captain of your fate. No man is an island to himself. Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” God has provided counsel for us in all aspects of life through His people and His Word (Bible). A person would be wise in 2019 to make Almighty God the “Master” of their fate and the “Captain” of

their soul. Otherwise they may make a shipwreck of their lives. A young captain was bringing his ship into a dangerous harbor. One of the passengers asked him to seek help. His reply was, “I am my own pilot.” In approaching shore, his vessel was wrecked and he lost his life. Our voyage through time and into eternity is too treacherous to attempt without God’s help. Seek His guidance, make Him your Pilot this year and make your trip through 2019 a safe one. God bless you as you let God captain your vessel!


January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Local Players Named to Canada Winter Games Roster

Lorette’s Cabrel LaBossiere is on the Canada Winter Games roster.

Two Eastman Select players from southern Manitoba are among twenty athletes selected to compete for the U16 Team Manitoba at the Canada Winter Games. In early December, Hockey Manitoba announced that St. Pierre-Jolys goalie Jayden Catellier and Lorette forward Cabrel LaBossiere were selected as part of the talent heading to the 2019 Canada Winter Game in Red Deer, Alberta from February 14 to 23. The roster highlights 2018 WHL second overall draft pick Carson Lambos (Winnipeg) as well as fellow first round picks, goaltender Tyler Brennan (Winnipeg) and Eric Alarie (Winnipeg). In total, Team Manitoba features 16 athletes who were selected in the 2018 WHL Bantam draft. The roster for the U16 Team Manitoba sees an even split with 10 athletes from Winnipeg and 10 athletes from the rural regions within the Province. Representation on the roster is spread between both of the midget RHA programs, the MMHL and Winnipeg U17 Prep League. The U16 Team Manitoba will be led by Head Coach Garth Mitchell (Yellowhead) in his second Canada Winter Games with Team Manitoba. Filling out the coaching staff is Brad Purdie (Winnipeg), who will be attending his second Canada Games and Dan Eliasson (Winnipeg) who returns after head coaching Team Manitoba in 2018.

Jayden Catellier from St. Pierre-Jolys is also going to the Canada Winter Games.

My Turn, No Mine! Welcome to a brand new year of My Spinning World! I am very excited to see, hear and experience all that comes my way in 2019. I also am looking forward to sharing moments of my and my family’s life with you over these coming months. In my home, we like to watch movies, as I’m sure that most of you do as well. Now, when my children were younger it was fairly easy to pick a movie to watch. As long as it was appropriate for their ages and followed our personal requirements for what makes a suitable, child-friendly movie, myself or my wife would just choose a movie and the little ones would be happy to watch it. Of course, if there were puppets dancing, fairies flying or it was a funny cartoon then all would be grand to the kids. As our children get older it seems that they have developed their own tastes and would like to have their own say in what they get to watch. For this reason I have created a system that allows each child a turn in picking the movie that we, as a family, get to watch. Since we have a set, rotational order that starts at the oldest and goes down to the youngest, there is no more complaining about not being able to watch what they want to, they merely have to wait until their next turn. I have even gone to the length of marking it on a special calendar to give record of whose turn it was last time. This system has worked great although it does not completely cut out the small grumbles when someone chooses a movie that not everyone wants to watch. That being said, Mommy and Daddy still do hold the power of veto if a movie should be chosen that is not suitable for all the members of our family. For the month of December we have added a new twist to our turn-based movie viewing in that, each movie chosen for December was required to be a Christmas themed movie. From Elf to Home Alone, from Christmas Princes to Christmas Chronicles, we have watched some funny and cheerful movie greats. Here’s to a new year of great times with the people that matter the most. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

January 2019


C ommunity E vents Dugald Mixed Doubles Curling League - On Tuesday Nights at 9:15 pm or Sundays at 1 pm at the Springfield Curling Club. Format will be regular Canadian Guidelines. Cost $130 per person for a minimum 20 eight end games. Contact Cam Magura at 204-771-0029, ckmagura@gmail.com.

Game Night – First Wednesday, of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Tache Library, 1082 Dawson Rd for ages 13 and up. Join us for monthly board game nights, cards, chess, Crib, Settlers of Catan and many more! Feel free to bring your own.

Bingo - On Tuesday, January 22 from 1 - 2:30 pm at the St. Adolphe Bible Fellowship Church. Join in for a fun afternoon of friends and games. Cost is $2 and fresh homemade cinnamon buns coffee and tea available. All games will be played for fun prize. Call Janice 204-883-2880 to reserve a seat.

Prairie Voices Toastmasters – On Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the Springfield Library.

Junior Youth – Every Wednesday from 7 - 8:45 pm at Seine River Church, 1464 Dawson Rd (east of rink) for ages 9 - 12. Free. No registration required. Non-denominational. Contact lorettejryouth@gmail.com, 204-260-9304.

Block Therapy - For 6 weeks on Thursdays from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. On January 24, 31, February 7, 21, 28 and March 7. No class on February 14 at the Ritchot Senior Services 457 Main St. Cost $48 or $10 drop in fee. Opened to all ages a therapy, exercise, and meditation combined to improve blood flow and mobility.

Falcon Lake Alcoholics Anonymous - Whiteshell group meets every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm in All People’s Church, Falcon Lake. Come and meet with us or call 204-349-2374. We can help. Friedensfeld Annual Southeast Manitoba Ducks Unlimited Dinner and Auction – On Saturday, March 9. Door opens at 5 pm, in the community hall. Open bar, amazing dinner, prize-an hour draw, raffle and auction items available. Great selection of limited edition DU merchandise. Contact Kyle Waczko, kwaczko@ gmail.com, 204-510-4968 or Rebecca Waczko, bwaczko@ gmail.com, 204-791-3109. Hadashville Circuit 30 - Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm, in the Rec Centre .Alternate aerobic and weight exercises, with cool down and stretch exercises. Wear comfortable clothing, clean runners, and bring a bottle of water. Cost $2/class. Contact Wendy 204-348-2433. Tae Kwon Do - Every Wednesday at 6 pm at the Hadashville Community Club (Reynolds Recreational Centre) from 6 years old to adults. Pursue a black belt or learn new skills, great stress release and have an excellent workout at the same time. Cost after registration fee is $40/month per person. Ask about 2 week free trial. Contact Shelly at 204-426-5266 or KSTA. academy@gmail.com. Ile-des-Chênes Taekwondo – On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 – 8 pm at the Ecole Ile Des Chene School. Cost $40/month, family rates available. Contact Kangs.mb.ca, Master Bill Tam 204296-8217. IDC Taekwondo – on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Ile Des Chene School from 6 – 8 pm. Contact Master Jackson 204782-1240, email pdjj8@mymts.net. Story Time in Pyjamas - Every Thursday evening at the Ritchot Library Ecole Regional Gabrielle-Roy at 6:30 pm. Ages 2-8 however all ages are welcome.

Chase the Ace Lottery – On Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm., draw at 8:45 pm at Dawson Trail Motor Inn Bar. Come, support this very much needed complex, at the same time have the chance to chose the Ace of Spade, and win the grand prize jackpot. Hosted by the Community Complex Fundraising Committee. Mitchell Seniors’ Breakfasts – Every Tuesday, beginning January 8 at 8 -9:30 am at the Seniors’ Centre, 130 Ash St. Open to all. Cost from $3 to $6. Bring a friend and enjoy the fellowship. Contact Jane Penner, 204-346-2469, jpenner@jantre.com. Niverville GriefShare - If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one we wish to help, you get support and learn about the grieving process. Contact 204-381-1155 to register or go to Nivervillegriefshare.com. Moms N’ Tots Playgroup - Moms with children up to age six. Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am located in the lower level of Fourth Avenue Bible Church (62-4th Avenue S.) Free drop-in program with coffee and snacks provided, along with a large open space for the kids to play while the moms visit. Contact Karen at klenzrpeters@hotmail.com. Paradise Village Paradise Squares Dance Club - On Tuesdays from 7 – 9:30 pm at the Paradise Village Rec. Hall. Modern Square Dancing is fun and a great social activity. Couples and singles are welcome. Contact Larry 204-422-5424. Pinawa Whiteshell Toastmasters – Tuesdays at 11:30 am at Whiteshell Laboratories, 1 Ara Mooradian Way. Sign-in required. Prawda Circuit 30 - Alternate aerobic and weight exercises, with cool down and stretch exercises. Wear comfortable clothing, clean runners, and bring a bottle of water. Cost $2/class, Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm, in the Reynolds School Gym. Contact Wendy 204-348-2433.

IDC Seniors Group – Foot Care Clinic On Tuesdays, starting January 22 TransCanada Center, #1 Rivard St., with Ursula Giesbrecht certified foot care nurse. By appointment only. Call Janice 204-883-2880.

Busy Bodies Playgroup – Every Wednesday from 9 - 11 am at the Reynolds School Gym. Free to parents and children. Snacks provided. Contact Cassie 204-793-8290.

Kleefeld Community Playgroup - For parents, caregivers and children up to age 5. Activities include time for playing, stories, songs and snacks. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Kleefeld Rec Centre. Contact Irene Ascough 204-377-5013.

Richer Community Club Chase the Ace! - Every Saturday at the Richer Inn from 5:30 - 7:45 pm. Tickets only $1 each. Jackpot is growing! Door prizes on random Saturdays ranging from glassware to Jets tickets and jerseys! Bud, Spud and Steak Special and more! Check out and like Richer Community Club Facebook page for updates. LGA License #1392RF.

La Broquerie Seine River Services for Seniors- Health Centre/Centre de Santé from Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Contact Community Resource Coordinator Juliette Rowan, 204-424-5285 or labseinerss@gmail.com. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre, last Thursday of the month from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Lorette Rendez-Vous Estates Information Meeting - Open to the public all are welcome! On Wednesday, January 9 at 7 pm, Club Les Blés d’Or Hall, 1254 Dawson Rd. If you are unable to attend or you would like more information, please check our website at rendezvousestates.ca, e-mail Info@rendezvousestates.ca, or call Léo 204-961-1442. Children’s Craft - On Saturday, January 12 from 10:30 am - 1 pm, at the Bibliothèque Taché Library. Foot Care Clinic – On Wednesdays, starting January 16 at Le Club des Bles D’or 1254 Dawson Rd with Ursula Giesbrecht certified foot care nurse. By appointment only. Call Janice 204-883-2880. Lego Club – Beginning Thursday, January 31 from 6:30 7:30 pm at the Bibliothèque Taché Library. Join us to build, create and explore! Drop-in, no registration required. Beading – On Friday, February 9 from 10 am -3 pm at the Bibliothèque Taché Library. Join Melanie from Borealis to learn 2 needle beading techniques used by the Métis and Cree. For ages 16 and over. Cost $ 35. Register at the library with payment before Tuesday, February 5. Ritchot Senior Services Supper Available - Every Tuesday and Friday at Club Des Bles D’or, 1254 Dawson Rd. Please reserve your meal one day prior, before 6 pm by calling 204-8782682 and leave a message.

Adult & Teen Challenge Concerned Persons Support Group Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm, in the Richer Fellowship Church, 50 Southeast Drive. If you have a relationship with someone who has a life-controlling problem, join us for this nine-week Living Free course. Receive encouragement and support in a safe setting, and learn practical ways to best help your loved one. Contact Pastor Ben Funk at 204-326-2254 or phone the church at 204-422-5308. Richer Recovery AA - Group meets Monday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm at LUD Hall in Richer. Contact Paul at 204-422-7673. Monday Night Bingos - To raise funds for Stacey Pchajek Memorial Foundation Inc. The foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students graduating grades 8 and 12. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to be on premises and must play bingo. Doors Open at 5:30 pm at the Young at Heart Club, 22 Dawson Rd. MGCC License # BI/BO4164. Contact Doreen Pchajek at 422-5243 or doreen@spmf.ca. Sarto Ukrainian Dance Club – Mondays from 7 - 8 pm at the Sarto Hall. Join the Sarto Polevnyi Ukrainian Dance Club for the season! You do not need to be Ukrainian to dance! Boys & girls, ages 3 to adult, no prior experience required! Cost starts at $150/year. Sprague Sprague & District Historical Museum - Open by appointment from June – September 30. Explore life as it was in the early days. Free Admission. Donations Accepted. Contact 204-4372210, 204-437-2209 or 204-437-4686.

Chair fit - On Mondays 11 - 11:30 am at 457 Main St. Join us for a quick 30-minute workout with our chair fit program. Cost is Free. Foot Care Clinic – On Tuesdays starting February 19 at 457 Main St. with Ursula Giesbrecht certified foot care nurse. By appointment only. Call Janice 204-883-2880. Mood Disorders Meeting - Every month. Next meeting TBA at 457 Main St. with Tara Brousseau, Executive Director for a support group, with topics on depression, bipolar, recovery, shame, resilience, mindfulness, meditation, coping and self soothing skills, interrelationship skills, seniors’ issues, distress tolerance and peer to peer support. All ages are welcome. Quilting & Knitting – On Wednesdays starting January 9 from 9:30 - 11:30 am at 457 Main St. Join us as we continue to creating touch quilts for the Alzheimer society and knitting hats and scarves for the Kindred Project for distribution to women in shelters in Winnipeg this winter. Pickleball - Thursday evenings, from 6 – 8 pm at St. Adolphe School, 444 La Seine St. Contact 204-883-2491. Lunch Program & Bingo – On Thursday, March 7 at Le Club Amical, 344 Main St for only $8. Eat in or call ahead for takeout. Contact 204-883-2491. Old Tyme Dance – On Saturday, March 10 with Mark Morisseau. On Saturday, April 13 with Patti Kusturok. On Saturday, May 11 with Mark Morisseau and Saturday June 8 with Mark Morisseau. Dance is from 7 – 11 pm at the Pioneer Hall, 345 Hebert Rd. Admission $15 lunch included. Call to reserve tickets Rae 204-883-2440 or Denise 204-883-2429. C.H.I.L.D program – On Wednesdays from 9:30 - 10:30 am at Ecole St. Adolphe School. Children’s introduction to learning and development. Contact sas@srsd.ca or 204-883-2182. St. Malo Chase the Ace – Every Thursday from 8 - 10 pm at the St Malo Hotel. Starting pot is $3,000. All profits to the Fire Hall and Arena. St. Pierre-Jolys Army Cadets – Every Thursday until June 2019 from 6:30 - 9 pm at the community hall, 555 Hebert Ave. Join now the 3234-Manitoba Horse RCACC Army Cadets. Leadership, citizenship, community service, sports, orienteering, canoeing, marksmanship, drill, band and more. For all youth aged 12 - 19. Enrollment is Free, No deadline to register. Contact Capt Roxanne Maynard, Commanding Officer 204-324-4034, roxanne.maynard@cadets.gc.ca. Stay and Play Group – Every Monday from 9:30 – 11:30 am at YFC Cinema. Snacks, coffee served, and childcare available. The Knights of Columbus - The St-Pierre Carillon Council – On the first Thursday of the month at 482 Jolys Ave. W. Contact 204-433-7633. Ste. Agathe Adult French Classes - Until May 2019 at the school. One evening per week on Monday or Tuesday, 2 classes each evening; first class from 6 -7:30 pm, second from 7:30 – 9 pm. Groups are determined based on French communication skills. No registration cost, just a $15 - 2 year membership to Pluri-Elles, a literacy advocacy organization in Winnipeg. Instructor is Guy Gagnon with over 35 years as a French teacher in francophone high schools. To register for 2018 email sugagnon@mymts.net. Everyone welcome. Seniors Group Card Games – On Tuesdays from 1:30 - 4:30 pm at the Community Centre, 183 Pembina Trail. Cost Membership $10 a year. Bring a friend Day. Call 204-882-2180. Taekwondo - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 - 7:30 pm at Ecole Sainte Agathe hosted by Kang’s Taekwondo Academy. Cost $40/month. Family rates available. Contact Jason Barnabe, jason.barnabe@gmail.com or 204-802-3458.

St. Adolphe Winter Carnival – On Friday, February 1- Sunday, February 1 at the Arena, Pioneer Hall and Curling Club, 345 St. Adolphe Rd. Includes a Cribbage Tournament, Family Bingo, Silent Auction, Dodgeball and Curling Fun Spiel. (SEE PAGE 10 of this Dispatch issue for FULL PROGRAM).

Ste. Anne Seine River Services for seniors – Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Contact Juliette Rowan at 204-424-5285 Community Resource Coordinator for local services or e-mail labseinerss@gmail.com.

Ritchot Senior Services Falls Prevention Guest Speaker - On Tuesday January 15 at 10 am, 457 Main St. Topic is on Falls Prevention.

Ste. Geneviève Library Night – On 2nd Tuesday every month, at the Community Centre from 6:30 - 8 pm. Large selection of books

in both French and English, for children and adults. Special requests can be made to the librarian, e-mail btl@srsd.ca or 204-878-9488 or in person. Come for a visit and see what we are all about. Steinbach Kids’ Winter Craft Day – On Thursday, January 3, at 10:30 am, Jake Epp Library, 255 Elmdale St. Making snowman puppets, doing an experiment, playing games and reading stories. Children, grades K-3, are welcome. Limited space available. Contact Madison Redekopp, 204-326-6841, programs@jakeepplibrary.com. Southeast Manitoba Draft Horse Association Annual ‘Christmas on the Farm – On Sunday, January 6 from 1 – 4 pm. 4 miles east of Steinbach on Hwy 52 driveway #38135. Watch for signs. Free sleigh rides; bring a tin for the bin. Hotdogs and drinks available. Contact 204-326-2836 for information. Steinbach & Area Garden Club - On Monday, January 14, 7 pm at the Mennonite Heritage Village. “Soil – It’s Not Dirt Unless It’s on Your Shirt” with Megan Westphal, soil enthusiast and research technician at U of M. Learn how to preserve and improve our greatest resource to sustainably grow and produce bountiful harvests year after year. Refreshments. Door prizes. Non members $5. More info sagardenclub.com. Money Matters: Savings Strategies, a Financial Literacy Seminar – On Tuesday, January 15 at 7 pm, Jake Epp Library, 255 Elmdale St. No Cost. Limited space. Advanced registration required. Financial Literacy seminar taught by a chartered professional accountant. The topic of the seminar is savings strategies. Come and learn how to save and have better control of your money. Contact Madison Redekopp, 204-3266841, programs@jakeepplibrary.com. Author Talk - Abandoned Manitoba – On Tuesday, January 22 at 7 pm, Jake Epp Library, 255 Elmdale St. Join us for a visual presentation of Abandoned Manitoba by Manitoban author Gord Goldsborough. Refreshments will be served and books will be available for sale. Contact Madison Redekopp, 204-326-6841, programs@jakeepplibrary.com. Teen Gala – On Friday, February 15 from 7 - 11 pm at the Mennonite Heritage Village, Hwy 12. Join us for a fun evening of games of chance, face painting, dancing, a photo booth and snacks with an old time western county fair theme. Dress up in western wear if you choose. Not mandatory. Bring your friends and have a blast. Tickets $10. Contact 204-326-9661. Southeastern Manitoba Festival – Festival runs February 18- March 19, 2019. Take part in a fun, educational, and inspirational festival and the disciplines of speech/theater arts, vocal, piano, choir, musical theater, or dance. Competitive and non-competitive entries welcome. Professional adjudicators help you improve and encourage continued development of your skills. Visit semf.ca or contact Sharon Guenther semfpresident@gmail.com. The Art of Mennonite Clocks - An Exhibition of Mennonite Wall Clocks and Their Stories Spanning More Than Two Centuries. The joint exhibition showcases 33 clocks and their stories sponsored by the Mennonite Heritage Village and the Kroeger Clocks Heritage Foundation until April 2019 at the Mennonite Heritage Village, 231 PTH 12 North. Movie Night at the Library – Every 4th Friday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Jake Epp Library. We alternate between a family movie and a classic movie. Free admission and popcorn are included. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Contact Madison Redekopp 204-326-6841, programs@jakeepplibrary.com. Breast Feeding Group – On Fridays at 10:30 am at the Steinbach Family Resource Centre for a support group, current information and a variety of presentations. Call 204-3460413. Toddler & Me Story Hour - Classes offered three times a year for a 10-week session in Fall and Winter and a 5-week session in Spring. Classes are free. Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, literacy and parenting tips, crafts and snack for parents and their children ages 1-3. Advanced In-person registration is required. Limited space available. Drop In Book Club – 2nd Tuesday every month at 7 pm in the Jake Epp Library. We’ll post the book for discussion that month and if you’d like to join us please stop by. If you want to start your own book club instead, you can always take advantage of our Book Club collections. No sign up required. Just read the book and come hang out. Knit-Wits Drop-In Club for Adults - Every 4th Monday of the month, from 6 – 9 pm at the Jake Epp Library. This is for anyone interested in fibre handcrafts such as knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, needlepoint etc. This is not a class but a casual knitting circle for all skill levels. Please bring your own items/supplies. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) – On Wednesdays, from 8:45 - 10:30 am at the Royal Canadian Legion. Cost $2/ week. A weight control support group that helps take off pounds sensibly and keep off pounds sensibly. Contact BettyLou Toews at 326-6397. Eastman Immigrant Services - Many events and activities to support and help you make new friends. Volunteer to help at our community events. Every Day English All Levels - Every Wednesday 1 – 3 pm. Reading & Writing – All Levels on Monday and Wednesday

from 10 am – 12 pm. Pronunciation All Levels - On Monday and Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm at D4-284 Reimer Ave. Classes are free. Southeast Entry Program Online: Learn about Health Care, Employment and Laws. To register for this 4-week online program, contact Josie@eastmanis.com, 204-346-6609 or email lois@eastmanis.com. Eastman Safety Upcoming Programs - Located at 385 Loewen Blvd. Register online at eastmansafety.ca or contact 1-204371-1595. Creativi-Tea Time Adult Colouring Group - Twice monthly on the 2nd Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:30 pm and on the 2nd Friday from 1 - 3 pm at the Jake Epp Library. Cost Free. Join us for a time of relaxation, tea and colouring. Tea and supplies are provided but you are welcome to bring your own! Games Day & Games Night – Every 1st Saturday of the month from 12 – 5 pm and the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 – 8:30 pm, at the Jake Epp Library. Come down to play strategy games. Bring a friend, your strategies and games. Test your skills and have fun. Ages 14 and up unless accompanied by an adult. Contact 204-326-6841, programs@ jakeepplibrary.com. Royal Canadian Legion - On 1st Tuesday every month until June at 8 pm and Ladies Auxiliary meets 1st Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Steinbach Legion Community Hall, 294 Lumber Ave. Steinbach Girl Guides - Every Tuesday at the United Church of Steinbach, 541 Main St. Registration for girls 5 - 17. Develop personal values and well-being, self-respect and respect for others; promote fun, friendship, adventure and challenges through new experiences; develop leadership and decision-making skills; give service to the community; value the natural environment. The Steinbach Rotary Club - meets every Monday at noon except when Monday falls on a long weekend at the Chicken Chef, 365 Main Street, visitors are welcome. Contact Cornie at 326-3155. Mental Health Information and Support sessions - for family and friends of people with mental health issues are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Eden East building, 21 Loewen Blvd. Contact Kim at 371-0824 or email eastmanmss@mts.net Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba individual and support groups - Meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:30 – 3 pm at The Eden East Office, 21 Loewen Blvd For persons experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, bi-polar disorder and other mental health/emotional concerns. Contact Judy Dunn 204-444-5228. Steinbach and Area Lions Club - Meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the Helping Hands. Contact Henry 204-392-7750 if you are interested in attending or joining. Carillon Toastmasters - Meetings open to adults who want to improve their leadership and communication skills. Thursdays at 7 pm at the Jake Epp Public Library 255 Elmdale St. Contact Sheryl at 204-326-7628 or Irene at 204-424-5737. Al-Anon Program – Meets on Mondays at 7:30 pm at the Cultural Arts Centre back door, downstairs. Contact Lloyd 204326-4365. Al-Anon 12 Step Recovery Group - Meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at United Church, 541 Main St, front door, ring doorbell. All are welcome. Young moms to be - Bi-weekly support group starts at 4:30 pm at Steinbach Family Resource Centre B-11, Hwy 12N. Contact 204-346-0413. Vita Winter Festival – On Saturday, January 19 and Sunday January 20 from 12 - 11:59 pm. Fun for the whole family. On Saturday it all begins at 9 - 10:30 am with a pancake breakfast, cost $5, for 10 years and up at the Fire Hall. Followed by sled dog rides, craft & vendor sale, skijoring, kids curling spiel, hockey tournament, horse drawn sleigh rides, toboggan hill, community bonfire, cribbage tournament, Borscht Competition, local musicians and fireworks. On Sunday Sled Dog rides, pancake breakfast, skijoring, toboggan hill, free skating, penny bingo and awards for skijor race and 10 & 6 sled dog races. (SEE PAGE 2 of this Dispatch issue for FULL PROGRAM). Stay and Play – On Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am, at the Shevchenko School for children ages 0 - 5 along with their parents/caregivers are welcome to join us for a fun, free, educational learning program. Crafts, snacks, songs, games and story time! Facilitator: Andrea Smith. Contact Penny Horvorka-Alcock 204-425-3535. Woodridge The Mobile Clinic – Is onsite on the third Thursday of every month from 9 am – 4 pm at the Community Club. Contact for appointments 1-855-644-3515 or southernhealth.ca

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January 2019

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service to Our Communities!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

St. Malo Museum Reduced to Ashes

During the evening of December 10, a piece of St. Malo history was reduced to ashes as part of a controlled burn by the local fire department. Until September 2016, the St. Malo and District Chamber of Commerce helped maintain the local museum. The decision to close the doors was made after many attempts to try to upkeep and maintain the museum. “This was not an easy decision, but one made due to lack of funding, squirrel and mouse infestation, lack of interest and lack of volunteers,” stated a representative of the Chamber. “With no offers being made to purchase the building, and given the condition of the structure, it was decided, in collaboration with the St. Malo Parish, that it was best to donate the structure to the St. Malo volunteer fire department to use it for training opportunities with the final exercise being completed this past Monday,” the Chamber noted in a statement. While the final destruction of the museum came as a surprise to many in the community, the demise of the struggling museum started a few years ago. Three years ago, only one volunteer remained to keep the site running. Shortly after she retired, the museum closed its doors forever. While the building that the museum called home to has been destroyed, the artifacts once housed within have been returned to their owners. Families and people who donated to the museum were invited to claim their articles. Unclaimed items were sold off. The St. Malo and District Chamber of Commerce said they are grateful to the St. Malo Parish for their assistance over the years, the volunteers that kept the museum open throughout the museum’s life and a huge “Thank You” to the St Malo Fire Department, “For their continued efforts in keeping the community safe.”

Prior to its closure, this building served as the St. Malo Museum housing many historical treasures from the community. Photos by the St. Malo Chamber of Commerce.

Volunteers from the St. Malo Fire Department watch the St. Malo Museum building burn to the ground as part of a training evening for the fire fighters.

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