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Year 6 . Issue 13 . Fall 2015


RIO 2016 Olympic Games

Brazil opens its arms to the world



A centre for health and education PORTUGAL


The ethnic coffee shop market


Marinha Beach, Algarve, Portugal by Algarve Region of Tourism






TOURISM Get to know the architectural wonders of Brazil

CULTURE Canada is dancing to the sound of Brazilian rhythms


20 24

is a Public Relations specialist and journalist , who specializes in technology, economics, and tourism.

Brazil: One country, many flavours

Alexandre Dias


is a curator and art editor, with a Masters in Sociology of Culture (Museology), and a Ph.D. in Art History, Theory and Criticism.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Brazil opens its arms to the world

Danielle Marinho


is a journalist and huge sports fan. From Rio de Janeiro, she has been working as an international correspondent, Public Relations manager and social media expert.

London: A centre for health and education

Luis Aparício CULTURE TIFF 2015: An interview with Artistic Director Cameron Bailey


Ingrid Coifman




TOURISM The ethnic coffee shops of Lisbon

is a freelance journalist with experience in daily news in Portugal and also in the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Justice. He collaborates with local Portuguese newspapers.

Nysse Arruda is a Brazilian Journalist currently based in Lisbon, who specializes in sailing, travel, culture and lifestyle. She’s also author of several books.

Pablo Marcelo




Renata Prado



is a Philosopher by training, blogger for fun, family man for satisfaction, bank clerk by necessity, and getting bald thanks to genetics. Born in São Paulo and now living in Toronto.


is a journalist with experience in fashion and gastronomy. She currently dedicates her time to her studies in the Marketing field. She also writes for Oi Toronto blog. DISCOVER | 2015 | 03

YOUR LETTERS The newsroom continues to receive many compliments of encouragement from our readers in Canada, Brazil and Portugal. We welcome those comments and look forward to your ideas and feedback.

As a former president of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce established in Toronto, I have an excellent idea about the importance of DISCOVER magazine. I have to thank Leila Monteiro Lins for her initiative of extending the reach of the magazine to our “brother-country�, Portugal. This magazine has been a very useful way to put in contact Brazilian and Canadian enterprises, making possibility of discussions between the companies interested in doing business. It is also an excellent way to promote the Brazilian Culture in Canada and to inform the people here in Toronto about what is being developed in Brazil. Currently many people in Brazil are extremely interested in Canada, thinking about how to establish interesting business between the two countries. It is with DISCOVER magazine that people can network and attain information. It is a doorway to the future. Leila Monteiro Lins is a very important Brazilian entrepreneur established here in Toronto, Canada, because she developed this exceptional magazine that has been the best way to get information about Brazil, Portugal and Canada together to project business, culture and way of life for the two countries.

I would like to express my sincere congratulations to the CEO and Executive Director of the DISCOVER magazine, Ms. Leila Monteiro Lins, for the success of the publication, resulting from its amazing appearance, layout and content quality. I was honored to attend the 5th anniversary celebration of the magazine and the launching of the Discover Portugal section, which has proven to be an important vehicle for the promotion of Portuguese culture through engaging and informative journalism. Portugal and Brazil have shared 300 yrs of History and have known each other for over half a millennium, sharing a common language and culture. As a Portuguese citizen, I feel very much at home in Brazil as in Portugal - as many Brazilians feel as much at home in Portugal as in Brazil - and would like to invite all to share the same experience by discovering Brazil and Portugal. Congratulations to Discover Magazine – a true new chapter in the shared history of our brother countries. Luis Barros Consul General of Portugal Toronto, Canada

I always enjoy reading DISCOVER magazine as I believe we all benefit from the great content it presents. Its dedication to promoting Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, which enrich the multicultural city we live in, is definitely valued by the community. Leila Monteiro Lins, as founder and CEO of this magazine, launched in 2010, has done a phenomenal job in making Brazil and Portugal better known in Canada, focusing on their growing economies, tourism, and important ties that have been increasingly established. As a Toronto City Councillor and member of the Portuguese community, I congratulate Leila and her team for their success and achievements - may this project be an example to follow!

Raul Papaleo Former President of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce

Ana Bailao

Toronto, Canada

City Councillor-Ward 18, Davenport Toronto, Canada

FROM THE PUBLISHER Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro By Pedro Kirilos

Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Photo by LML

Executive Director|Publisher|Founder Leila Monteiro Lins Director Teresa Oliveira Executive Editor Ingrid Coifman Contributors Alexandre Dias Danielle Marinho Francisco Alvim Luis Aparicio Nysse Arruda Pablo Marcelo Renata Prado Translator Rafael Alcantara

RIO 2016 Olympic Games

Copy Editors Cecilia Chin Joan Sheppard

Brazil opens its arms to the world

Art Director Bruna Lopes


he city of Rio de Janeiro celebrated its 450th anniversary earlier this year. Once

Social Media Specialist Renan Passatore Cartoonist Hemeterio Neto

the capital of the colony and the headquarters of the Portuguese Empire, the city, which used to be the federal district of the Brazilian Republic, has

witnessed and starred in several chapters of the history of Brazil. And it’s made very clear its inclination for sports since ancient times.

Photographers Diego Barros (Brazil) Dave Burke (Canada)

Marketing Lucileia Rosario (Brazil) Richard Turner (Canada) Sonia Guimaro (Portugal) Frequency Is published twice a year PUBLISHER INFORMATION: LML COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING INC.

Journalist Danielle Marinho tells us how the Marvellous City is getting ready

to host the 2016 Olympics.

What you may not know is that many states in the country offer, in addition

to natural beauty, outstanding examples of renowned architecture. Renata Prado, in her article “Get to know the architectural wonders of Brazil”, walks us through a delightful journey to the past, through the states of Amazonas, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo.

Back in Canada, we have found increasing public interest in the different

types of Brazilian folk dance. Pablo Marcelo shows us in this edition the different rhythms that are becoming more and more appreciated by Canadians like Samba, Capoeira, Forro and Maracatu. Contact: Leila Monteiro Lins Email: Website: Phone: 1- 647- 227-5514 Toronto, Canada

Distribution Brazil, Canada & Portugal ISSN nº1920-7859

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article, Nysse guides us around various ethnic cafés that revive the cultural diversity of

There are more great content and exclusive features at To get there, simply download any of the free QR code readers available for your Smartphone and scan the square QR code on the left using your Smartphone’s camera. The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources the proprietors believe to be correct. However, no legal liability can be accepted for any errors. No part of the publication may be reproduced without prior consent of the publisher.

Starting with this edition, DISCOVER will be highlighting the economic and

tourist centres in Canada. London, Ontario, renowned for medical research, technology, and as the home of Western University, is the first city in this series. In Portugal, Brazilian journalist Nysse Arruda describes Lisbon’s significant

increase in multilingual spaces that reflect the personality of their owners. In her the city.

Enjoy your read and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Leila Monteiro Lins Executive Director | Founder @DiscoverBrazilM

DISCOVER | 2015 | 05

BRAZIL | Tourism

The Amazon Opera House Photo by Diego Barros

Get to know the

architectural wonders of Brazil By Renata Prado

Besides its natural scenic landscape, the country is filled with high quality architectural landmarks, the colonial Baroque of Master Aleijadinho, and the S達o Paulo Modernism of Oscar Niemeyer. Get to know the Brazil made of concrete, cement and limestone. If you are a lover of architecture, history and culture, pack your bags and take advantage of our tips about some of the best places to visit. 06 | 2015 | DISCOVER

A trip to the past Amazonas Amazonas Theatre It took 15 years to complete under the direction of the Italian architect Celestial Sacardim. The theatre was built with the intention of rivalling the main European theaters, giving Manaus the nickname of Paris of the Tropics. With its Art Nouveau architecture, the theatre was designed to be lush and rich. Materials imported from Europe were used in its construction; vitrified shingles and enamelled tiles from the Alsace region of France, compose the colorful dome in the colors of the Brazilian flag. Iron came from Glasgow, Scotland and the Carrara marble used on the staircase and statues came from Italy. Currently, the site accommodates 701 people and hosts various cultural events in the city. It is also possible to take guided tours from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays.


The Lacerda Elevator is undoubtedly one of the most important architectural works in Brazil. Built between 1869 and 1873, the work resulted from the need to connect the lower town to the upper city of Salvador, Bahia. When inaugurated on December 8, 1873, it was considered the highest lift in the world. The elevator had its name changed to Elevator Lacerda in 1896 and today is one of the main tourist spots in Brazil. Make sure to spend some time just admiring the view of the lower city with the Baia de Todos os Santos in the background.

Service: Address: City Square, s / n - Historical Centre, Salvador

Minas Gerais The Church of Sao Francisco of Assis

Church of Sao Francisco of Assis Ouro Preto Photo by Sérgio Mourao - SETUR MG

Address: Praça São Sebastião, s/ nº, Centro +55 (92) 3622-1880, 3622-2420 e 3232-1768.

Bahia The Lacerda Elevator

The Laceda elevator Photo by LML

DISCOVER | 2015 | 07

Memorial America Latina The Church of S達o Francisco of Assis, considered one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the world, was designed, built and decorated entirely by Aleijadinho - a sculptor, architect and carver, who is the most important artist of colonial Brazil - and it took 28 years to be completed. So our first stop in the city of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, is right there.

Service: Time: 08:30 to 12:00, 13:30 to 17:00 Address: Largo de Coimbra, s/n尊, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

S達o Paulo Latin American Memorial Representing the cultural and political integration of Latin America, the Memorial is part of an architectural complex, designed by Niemeyer and opened in 1989. Built on an area of 84,482 square meters in Barra Funda, a central region of the city, the place invites to a full immersion into cultural, political and scientific scenarios of Latin America. The pavement outside, called Praca Civica, houses a 7 meter high concrete sculpture of an outstretched hand with an artistic representation of the map of Latin America running down the hand.

Service: Address: Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 Barra Funda, S達o Paulo . +55 (11) 3823-4600

Photo by Caio Pimenta

BRAZIL | Culture

Maninho Costa & Batucada Carioca Photos by LML

Canada is dancing to the sound of Brazilian rhythms

Several Brazilian rhythms that make Canada and the world dance By Pablo Marcelo

Maninho Costa


earning how to dance forró, samba, maracatu and even capoeira is not restricted to Brazilians. People from many countries, including Canadians, have fallen in love with the Brazilian ginga (or body movement). The different cadences eventually change, but one thing is guaranteed: you will not stand still.

Samba Dorival Caymmi, a famous poet, once said: “One, who does not like samba, either has a foot problem or a personality disorder.” Samba is the rhythm that packs carnival blocks throughout Brazil, and is known worldwide for its musical greatness. Samba is part of Brazilian culture, bringing joy in the harmonious beat of the drums and tambourines. A person who has brought this rhythm to Canada is Maninho Costa - and “Batucada Carioca”. The project is already 10 years old and has been finding its way throughout the country. “Our samba makes anyone, no matter nationality, social class, or age, fall in love with our music,” he says. In addition to public performances, the “Batucada Carioca” also offers percussion classes. Maninho promises, “I can make anyone live the spirit of

samba”. This comes from someone who was born in the avenues of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Service: Facebook: Batucada Carioca, Maninho Costa DISCOVER | 2015 | 09

draws couples into dancing to the sound of the accordion, bass drum and triangle. One of its biggest musical exponents, Luiz Gonzaga, once sang: “All the time in the world is not enough to dance with my beloved one in the dance halls of the world”. Forro is a mixture of baiao, xaxado, xote and even square dance.

Capoeira Camara Toronto

Capoeira For some it’s a fight, for others a dance. This uncertainty is part of the history of capoeira. It’s said that African slaves in Brazil sought to trick their masters by practicing capoeira, pretending it was a dance, but it was actually a form of martial arts. The music revolved around of the berimbau, tambourine and conga. Capoeira has your entire typical swagger, and it can be danced inside a circle of people singing songs and clapping their hands to the music. The ‘master’ of capoeira is known as the one taking the lead. Mr. Camara has been promoting the practice for over 15 years, involving people from all around the world. “Capoeira is a dance, is a fight, acrobatics, and a game. That’s what I teach, “ says Mr. Camara.

Service: Capoeira Camara -


“When I dance Forró, it is the time for me to move my hips, meet new people and appreciate this music genre that brings all the joyfulness of people from Brazil.” Pedro Rezende, a Forro enthusiast

Service: University of Toronto - 33 St. George - Cumberland House. Free Classes: Tuesday and Friday, from 6h30 to 7h30pm

Maracatú Maracatu brings the history and music of Brazilian folklore. It is part of a theatrical context almost religious, with its kings, queens, flag bearers, and so on. All packed in the vibrant beat of the drums and ganzás to lead processions of people dancing their lives away. Alex Borbokas, from the Maracatu Mar Aberto group, has embraced several multicultural initiatives in Canada and has performed in Toronto since 2002. Everybody is welcome to be part of this interesting project that brings dance, percussion and music to a joyful environment.

Service: The popular dance in the Northeast of Brazil involves the rubbing of belly against belly. The rhythm

Maracatu Mar Aberto -

BRAZIL | Business


Brazil: One country,

many flavours By Leila Monteiro Lins | Photo by LML


he twelfth annual SIAL Canada, International Food and Beverage tradeshow, which took place from April 28 to 30, 2015 at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, closed its doors on a great business atmosphere, after a record breaking number of visitors. There were 831 companies from 46 countries. For the eighth consecutive time Brazil participated in SIAL CANADA, one of the largest fairs in the global food sector. This year, Brazil was represented by two Pavilions. Sixteen companies presented their products at the pavilions, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply and the Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto. They showcased a great variety of select products such as: cachaça, coffee, coconut water, juices, tea, fresh fruits, açai and fruit powders, rice, processed beans and vegetables, organic products, confectionary cheese rolls, jelly, cookies and popcorn. The Brazilian Council for Import and Export Companies (CECIEx) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX) participated through the “Brazilian Suppliers project”, representing Brazilian Forest, Maxxibrands, Sucre, TVD, UAI! and ValleFood.


(GDP) of Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of Food Industries - ABIA. Companies in the sector showed profits of US$170.8 billion in food and US$ 101.2 billion in beverages, representing a total increase of more than 8.4% over the previous year. As for the participation of the Brazilian exhibitors at SIAL 2015, Luis Silo, Trade Commissioner for the Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto, stressed that the fair, which is one of the largest in the world in the food sector, enabled the consolidation and expansion of business not only in the Canadian market, but also the realization of contacts with buyers from different countries.”

Trade Commissioner for the Consulate of Brazil in Toronto, Luis Silo (left), his team, and two representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply at SIAL CANADA in Toronto.

The food and beverage sector represents approximately 10.2% of the Gross Domestic Product DISCOVER | 2015 | 11

BRAZILIAN COMPANIES AT SIAL CANADA 2015 CEO Fernanda Stefani, 100% Amazonia “This was the second time we participated in SIAL CANADA. Our presence this year was extremely positive. We showcased our main product, açai and other products like the fruit pulps of the Amazon such as capereba and cupuacu, which should soon reach the Canadian market.”

Leila Lopes, Coordinator of International Markets at PITU “Being the leading food fair in Canada, with a wide range of exhibitors from foreign countries, we believe it is an excellent opportunity for our business. We will try to expand our sales through restaurant chains in Canada and take the opportunity to promote our product and expand the cachaca category in the market and in the mainstream market.”

Christopher Ronikier, Senior Brand Manager at PMA, and his team at SIAL 2015 PITU, A WELL KNOWN BRAND OF CACHAÇA Pitu is one of the most traditional companies of its kind in Brazil. Produced from freshly harvested sugarcane, the Pitu brand faithfully represents the traditional cachaça in Brazil. In addition to strict quality control, the product is subjected to a natural process of resting in wooden casks (known as marrying tanks), which gives it the characteristic aroma and flavor. More information can be obtained through the website at www.pmacanada or by email

CANADA | Sports

The mascot Vinicius (left) received the name of the musical maestro Vinicus de Moraes and Tom (right) was named after the poet of Bossa Nova Tom Jobim Photo by Alex Ferro

RIO 2016 Olympic Games

Brazil Opens Its Door to The World By Danielle Marinho


ith less than 400 days to begin the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016, the city is still getting ready to receive test events during the next semester. On 5th to 21th of August 2016, will be the Olympic Games in Brazil, and on the 7th to 18th of September 2016, the Paralympics Games. Some of the most important Olympic Committees in the world, such as the United States of America and the Canadian Olympic Committees, are also traveling to Brazil to close important contracts for their teams’ logistics.

Mr. Vinicius Lummertz, CEO of Embratur and Ambassador José Vicente de Sá Pimentel at “Rio Brazil 2016” event in Toronto.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Committee “Rio 2016”(left), Mr. Ricardo Leyser, Executive Secretary of Sports and Bernard Rajzman, chief of the Brazil mission at the PAN AM GAMES.

The Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) in partnership with the Consulate General of Brazil promoted the event “Rio Brazil 2016”, on July 16th, as part of the celebration of the PAN AM GAMES in Toronto. Photos by Dave Burke.

DISCOVER | 2015 | 13

Olympic Park by Renato Sette Camara


For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the city is excited to expect: 42 different sports, including two new additions: Golf, a modality that is returning to the games after 112 years, and Rugby, back to the games after 92 years. 33 competition venues will be spread across four regions: Deodoro, Copacabana, Barra and Maracanã.


The mascot Tom was chosen this year with the mission to inspire everybody to use creativity and determination to always reach further and have fun. Also, Tom received the name of the musical maestro (Tom Jobim) who sang all about the charms of Brazil. Vinicius, the other mascot, was named after the poet of Bossa Nova. He is a mixture of all the Brazilian animals, and his mission is to celebrate the friendship that flourishes between people from all over the world at this super sports event.



THE STRUCTURE AND THE PROJECT For the Games, more than 240,000 people applied to volunteer at the Rio 2016 and the majority will pass through training and selection. To welcome newcomers from other countries, the Committee also is opening stores on the two principal airports in Brazil: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The infra structure in the city, such as public transportation, accommodation and venues are still on track to be ready for the event. The Rio 2016 venues are clustered in four Games zones – Barra, Deodoro, Maracanã and Copacabana – each with its own character and charms. “As well as the sports events, the zones offer various entertainment options, tourist attractions and gastronomy for all tastes. Focusing your daily activities in one place will optimize your time by avoiding journeys and ensure a complete experience,” said Hélio Cabral, Rio 2016’s spectator experience manager. The Olympic project is based on three pillars - legacy of public funds economy and construction of sports equipment that meets the Olympic standard and at the same time, are simple - and partnership between the three levels of government (Federal, State and Municipal) , Olympic Delivery Authority and the Rio 2016 Committee. Regarding sports facilities, the project is based on the principles of economy, simplicity and practicality. The Arena of Youth, in Deodoro, for example, will have 5,000 places during the Games, but only 2,000 places will be permanent, which will reduce the cost of maintenance.

Brazil warms up at TO 2015 PAN AM

Toronto 2015 Pan American Games was a good warm up for the Brazilian team in preparation for Rio 2016. The country came in third place with a total 14 | 2015 | DISCOVER

of 141 medals (41 gold, 40 silver and 60 bronze), behind Canada (2nd) and the United States (1). That was the same result achieved in the two last Pan Am games that took place in Guadalajara (2011) and Rio de Janeiro (2007). This year, around 600 athletes from Brazil competed for medals in 46 sports. According to Carlos Nuzman, President of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Rio 2016, Brazil’s performance in Toronto achieved the expected goals. “The third place means that about 40% of 590 athletes have won medals. More than 70% of Brazilian athletes competed in the Pan Am games for the first time. This shows the level of renovation and evolution by which the sport is going through.”

TORONTO PAN AM GAMES 2015 Media at Pan Am Games The accreditation system for the 2015 TO Pan Am Games received 1,961 presses. About 53% of the accreditations were from Canada. Brazil was number two at 11%, with 200 professionals from different

channels (TV, newspapers, and websites). Around DISCOVER magazine’s team: 80% of the Leila Monteiro Lins (center), correspondents Ingrid Coifman(right) and Danielle Marinho. were either from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the U.S, while 24% were from Spanish speaking countries. The media had full access to the sports venues and received free transportation during the event. The organizers also made available the Main Press Centre (MPC) - a space with a 400-seat workroom, free wireless, media restaurant, general store, photo sales store, dry-cleaning and massage therapy. Top 4 accredited media by country: Top 4 accredited media by country: 1 - 50 % from Canada with 1,000 journalists 2- 19% from Brazil, with 200 media professionals 3 - 7% from The United States, with 125 journalists 4 - 5% from México and Argentina, with 85 / 81 professionals. Full coverage at

CANADA | Business

London, a centre for health and education By Luis Aparicio / Photo by Lenício Siqueira


ondon is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, midway between the cities of Toronto, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, with a population of about 458,000 people in the metropolitan area; the city itself has a population of 352,000. London is one of the largest urban municipalities in Ontario and the 10th largest metropolitan area in Canada. Summers are usually hot and humid, with temperatures between 21 ° C and 30 ° C. Winters lie between -5 ° C and -10 ° C. As one of few communities in Canada with a triple “A” credit rating, London is a financially sound and well managed city that has a very diverse and stable economic base. It is a regional centre of health and education, and home to the University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe College, and several hospitals.

Health & Education Known as the Forest City, London is also a city much appreciated for its great cultural activity, home to a number of musical and art exhibitions, and festivals that contribute to its tourism industry. But its economic 16 | 2015 | DISCOVER

activity is centred in education, medical research, insurance and information technology, with the university and the hospitals of London figuring on the list of the top ten employers. Cities like Toronto and Windsor, Canada, and the cities of Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, in the United States, are all within a radius of 200 km away from London with easy access by highway (401 and 402), railway and air (several flights to different cities).

Business Over the past few years, many Canadian and international companies have chosen to place their headquarters in the city of London, companies such as Hanwha I & C of Korea, Orgaworld of Germany, Cakerie Original from western Canada, Magee Rieter Automotive Systems from the US and Transcom of Sweden, just to name a few. Other famous companies that have adopted London as home include Diamond Aircraft, General Dynamics Land Systems, Kellogg, Labatt Breweries, McCormick, Nestle and Stihl.

Paulo Silva

Interview: Paulo Silva

Photo by LML

“Moving to London was a very smart choice” Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paulo Silva is president of the Brazilian Business Opportunities Committee of the London Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce. Three years ago, he moved with his family from Ottawa to London.

Discover – What’s the outcome of this change in your professional career? PS – When I was planning to move from Ottawa, I had the option to go to London, Winnipeg or Halifax. London offered the best professional opportunities and quality of life for me and my family. The choice of London has been fully right.

Discover – What goals do you have in mind that you would like to achieve? PS – I have some projects that could have a very positive impact on the way we do healthcare in Brazil, by improving disease prevention services with family physicians. It would be a great personal and professional satisfaction to see this project become a reality.

Discover – I understand you are a specialist in International Business and Marketing. You created in 2011 the consulting firm called Pan American Business. Can you give us examples of your success, including your customer base? PS – I have been working with a Canadian company that was able to close its first contracts after only three months of having a presence in the new market. Today, two years after its initial operation in Brazil, the company is thinking about opening a manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand for their products.

Discover – The London Chamber of Commerce launched an aggressive campaign to open new export markets for members and, in turn, to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) in London. As the chair of the organization, how would you define the role of the BBOC (Brazil Business Opportunities Committee) in

the improvement of the commercial relationship between the local business community and the Brazilian market? PS – This is a very well articulated piece of work we are trying to implement in the city. The main goal of the BBOC is to create a targeted effort to expand the relationships and opportunities with Brazil. This committee is part of a larger program and we do our part with the commitment that the whole community will be able to benefit from our efforts.

Discover – What is the potential for economic and business growth in the city of London in the coming years? PS – The city has great potential for growth in areas such as IT, especially in the video game industry and in healthcare. The region also has a great vocation in the agriculture sector. DISCOVER | 2015 | 17

Profile: Self-made entrepreneur invests in London Originally from Almada, Portugal, António Sousa Felipe Gomes, 53 years old, is a “self-made man” par excellence. Starting as a dishwasher at the five-star hotel Le Meridien in Lisbon, the Portuguese businessman quickly embarked on a path to success in which a top destination would be Canada, where he emigrated in 1986. After graduating from Cornell University in New York, USA, with Felipe Gomes with Cristina Martins, a degree in Finance MPP for Davenport, Toronto. and Management, Gomes performed the duties of Managing Director of School Operations at the Ivey School, University of Western, Ontario, between 1992 and 1997. In 2001, Ontario Minister of Finance, Charles he founded the FG Sousa and Felipe International Gomes at a Corporation, a Brazil-Canada tourism consulting Chamber of firm. That same year, Commerce workshop. he established the Photo by LML Aroma restaurant in London (ON), a reference space in the city. The restaurant won the - which encourages disabled integration. The project awards from the “Trip Advisor Excellence” and “Wine also won a recognition award from the Government of Spectator Magazine”. Many prominent members of Ontario. “The philanthropic awards are always of great Canadian society have passed through there, among value, because they show the reason we are in this others, political figures such as the Prime Minister of world,” he points out. Canada, Stephen Harper; the leader of the National As Vice-chair of the Chinese Chamber of Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau; and more recently the Commerce of London, ON (2013), and Vice-chair of the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne. Committee for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Appointed as the Director of the Portuguese between Canada and Brazil (2014), Gomes believes that Congress in Canada in 2005, Gomes also served as a the Commission’s work is to promote expansion governor of Fanshawe College, one of the most opportunities not only for the Brazilian market, but also prestigious colleges in the country between 2002 and in the Canadian market as well. 2007. The following year, in 2008, he held the At the moment the entrepreneur is investing in position of general manager at the Hilton Hotel in Portugal, in Serra da Arrabida, a tourist resort destined London, Ontario. for the Canadian market. Another one of his goals is to In 2012, Felipe received an award from the increase the commercial presence of his company in Queen of England for services in support of the Brazil and Macau over the next two years. Canadian community through the “Ability First” project 18 | 2015 | DISCOVER

CANADA | Culture

Artistic director Cameron Bailey with his team of programmers who made the selections for the 40th Toronto International Film Festival.


Artistic Director Cameron Bailey

Cameron Bailey

By Ingrid Coifmam | Photos by LML

The 40th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will take place from September 10th to 20th, launching two new sections this year: Primetime, screening innovative long-form drama usually seen on TV; and Platform, presenting international new cinema competing for a juried prize (a $25,000 prize and a trophy).


ince 2008 Cameron Bailey has been responsible for the overall vision and execution of the Festival’s selection. Being TIFF’s Artistic Director, he says this year’s Festival is a celebration of Toronto audiences that helped establish the Festival’s reputation. When it comes to selecting Latin American films that will be screened, Bailey explains that balance between well-known filmmakers, as well as new discoveries is very important. “We’re looking for strong filmmakers’ voices that illuminate life in Latin America and advance the art of cinema.” The Artistic Director of one of the world’s biggest and most important film festivals, with about 300 films being screened during 11 days every year, has been impressed by the growing number of Brazilian film submissions and by the global outlook of Brazilian filmmakers. His film selection will bring both pleasure and pride to Brazilian & Portuguese-Canadians when watching films in their own language and observing the artistry of Brazilian cinema. “I happen to live in a Portuguese-speaking neighbourhood in Toronto and I love it. This community will come to the Festival to see

20 | 2015 | DISCOVER

films from Brazil, Portugal and Lusophone Africa, as well as all the other films.” Bailey began programming for the organization in 1990, and worked both as a film programmer and film critic for 20 years before taking on his current role. His comprehensive wealth of experience is observed in his familiarity with international filmmakers and cultures. “We’ve seen Karim Ainouz draw on experiences in North America and in Europe to reflect the cinematic language of his Brazilian films. The same is true of course for Walter Salles and Fernando Meirelles. In my visits to Brazil I’ve been impressed by the feijoada, people and culture there. It’s good to see Brazilian filmmakers cooking up similar recipes in their films”, he explains. An international leader in film culture, TIFF projects include the annual Toronto International Film Festival; TIFF Bell Lightbox, which features five cinemas, major exhibitions, learning and entertainment facilities and the innovative national distribution program “Film Circuit”. The organization generates an annual economic impact of $189 million CAD. For more information, visit


Durham Region FAM Tour

The Durham Region hosted a Familiarization (FAM) Tour to promote Durham to a select group of international representatives from July 14 to 16. The event provided opportunities to develop investment and trade prospects. DISCOVER magazine took part of this unique taste of Durham Region, one of Canada’s fastest growing economic communities. Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham has been voted one of the best places to live, work and play. Photo 1: Publisher and founder of DISCOVER magazine, Leila Monteiro Lins, met the Regional Chair and CEO of the Regional Municipality of Durham, Mr. Roger Anderson(right) and, the Mayor of the city of Oshawa, John Henry at Parkwood Estate, in Oshawa. Photo 2: Co-owner of the Algoma Apple Orchard, David Gibson (at the top/left), gave a tour to a group of international representatives to his processing plant.

Portugal, Camoes and the Portuguese Communities Festive Day The Consul General of Portugal in Toronto, Mr. Luis Barros, celebrated the Portugal Day, which took place last 10th of July at Revival Bar in Toronto. Around 100 guests participated in the event. Consul Luis Barros (left), Member of Provincial Parliament Mississauga South, Charles Sousa, and CEO of DISCOVER magazine, Leila Monteiro Lins. Photos by Dave Burke.

Executive Board takes office The Executive Board of LIUNA, Local 183 took office for another four-year term in a ceremony held in late April. The victory, without elections, occurred due to the large vote of confidence from 45,000 members of LIUNA 183 in the current board. Jack Oliveira, Business Manager, re-emphasized that “Local 183 is the work of all its members, not just the ones who run it.” The executive board members are: Jack Oliveira, Business Manager; Luis Câmara, Secretary Treasurer; Nelson Melo, Pesident; Bernardino Ferreira, Vice-President; Marcello DiGiovanni, Recording Secretary; Jaime Cortez and Patrick Sheridan, Executive Board Member; Gordon Parsons, Sergeant-at-Arms; Paulo Boni, Teresa Kowalczyk and Robert Tamburini, Auditors.

Congratulations, Carmen Principato More than 700 people attended the Davinci Gala to honor Carmen and Italian Principato for the extraordinary philanthropic work demonstrated throughout their lives. The profit of the event has reverted to the Centre for Research for the Cure of the Thyroid Cancer. Dr. Walfish, located at the Mount Sinai Hospital. Joseph Mancinelli, LIUNA International vice-President and Regional Manager (left), mentioned is his speech the enormous contribution of Carmen Principato (right) in her philanthropic work.

22 | 2015 | DISCOVER

Our picture from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic By Alexandre Dias Ramos


ntil September 20, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) will be displaying a must-see exhibition: “Picturing the Americas: landscape painting from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic.” For the first time in history you can see landscape paintings curated together from all over America, from the 18th century to mid-20th century. There are 118 works by 85 different artists, coming from 51 institutions, including the Musem of Modern Art (MoMA), the Guggenheim, the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes of Rio de Janeiro and the Instituto Ricardo Brennand in Recife. After the AGO, the exhibition will go to the Terra Foundation (USA) and then to the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (Brazil).

Brazil Several artists, whose works of arts are portrayed in that exhibition, came from Brazil. Artists such as Félix-Émile Taunay (great painter of the so called French Artistic Mission that arrived in Brazil through Don João VI monarchy), the Italian-Brazilian duo Giovanni Battista Castagneto and Nicolau Facchinetti, Azorean-born José Maria de Medeiros (the famous painter of the renowned “Iracema”), Anita Malfatti and Tarsila do Amaral, who are among the most important painters of Brazilian modernism. The exhibition shows the construction of the imagination of every nation on the continent through their landscape. “The landscape is the foundation of this American image,” says Ivo Mesquita, former director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo. “They are not only

paintings, but part of our identity. Being able to see these works of art together allows us to better understand our own history.”

Surprises This exhibition brings some surprises, like the beautiful painting “Vista do Rio de Janeiro”, 1837, by Austrian Thomas Ender; or the chance to see together the Iguaçu Falls and the Niagara Falls. Service: The ticket “general admission + Picturing the Americas” costs $ 25.00, but on Wednesdays from 6 - 8:30 pm, the “general admission” is free and the “Picturing the Americas” costs $ 12.50 (www.ago. net/ admission).

PORTUGAL | Tourism

The Ethnic Coffee Shops of Lisbon By Nysse Arruda / Photos by DR & Nysse Arruda


he Portuguese capital has been experiencing an increase in multilingual spaces that reflect the personality of their owners – people from France, Austria, India and Poland and a variety of cosmopolitan people from Portugal itself who have travelled all over the world. It’s Lisbon reviving its secular cultural plurality.

French Flavour on new avenues

Sweet and Savoury Éclairs

created a unique menu with a large selection of sweet and savoury éclairs. One of the sweet varieties worth trying, the purple éclair, is an incredible and delicious experience currently on their summer menu. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their “Chocorange” (Chocolate and Orange), and the Macarons of unusual flavours (Fundão cherry, praliné, violette, pineapple, pistachios etc.). You will also find the éclairs sur mesure, which can be ordered in different sizes from mini to giant, according to your preference.

Austrian Touches in the City

The Classic Kaffehaus Inside the Austrian Kaffeehaus, located in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Chiado, there is a real Babel of

One French bakery L’Éclair Pâtiserie Française, in Lisbon’s Saldanha district, has come up with an innovative menu. French Hotel Manager Nattguey Croigon and Luso-French chef João Henriques have 24 | 2015 | DISCOVER

Principe Real languages and flavours. The young owner, Vienna-born Christoph Hubmayer, orchestrates its different flavours and aromas. The Kaffeehaus, a restaurant, bar and coffee shop, offers Austrian lunch and dinner specialities during the week, and traditional brunches, Vienna style - Imperial Style and Kaffehaus style healthy style, on the weekends. The different themed brunches fill the place. Christoph, whose father owns a charcuterie in Austria, has been working to improve the menu for the last seven years and recently launched his line of Austrian Sausages, a hit in Lisbon, with several kinds (KaiseKrainer, Bratwurst, Vienense e Debreczines), all made from his father’s recipes - and produced in Portugal by an artisan Portuguese charcuterie.

Príncipe Real

Chocolates, Traditional Portuguese Bakery and Indian scents The district of Príncipe Real is home to the most traditional and artisan chocolate and coffee shop, the Café Corallo, which recently opened a new branch on Escola Politécnica Street and increased their number of options and varieties of coffees and chocolates from all over the world. They brought new flavours to Lisbon by launching a new line of artisan chocolate confections and different types of coffees named Bettina & Niccoló. In a special corner of the Galeria Entretanto, a recently opened spot in Principe Real brings to Lisbon the flavours of a traditional Portuguese bakery. The store is called Cartuchos do Príncipe and the special confection that gives its name to the shop is originally from Beira Baixa, where its owner, Sofia Lourenço, was born. That being said, the Cartuchos do Príncipe is a

place filled with different flavours, with its unique almond paste and famous sweet egg curd.

The Esplanade

Los In

One of the rooms inside Índias no Príncipe Real has a spectacular view of the city and the Los In Esplanade. There are two different spaces for your enjoyment - the outside esplanade and another one located inside, for the winter months. Different culinary options are served in the morning, for lunch and dinner - with shrimp curry and chicken, scrambled eggs with farinheira (a type of sausage), open-faced sandwiches,

Multicultural Project

Fábulas (Legends)

salads and vegetarian hamburgers. You can also find a variety of teas and cocktails.

Chiado’s multitude of accents

Café Royale

Fábulas (Legends) is a multicultural project that reflects the nationalities of its founders, Portuguese Belarmino Teixeira and Polish Kamila Dabrowska. The different rooms with their decorated ceilings and non-matching furniture create different ambiances and are perfectly paired with the menu. It’s a perfect addition to long and calm afternoons filled with sweet or savoury crepes, outstanding salads, sandwiches and a large quantity of original and unique dishes, including a good selection of vegan options. Don’t miss their cakes or their selection of different types of coffee, teas and snacks, or cocktails and wine by the glass.

Where to go SALDANHA L’Eclair Pâtiserie Francesa Av. Duque de Ávila,44 Tel.: 21 356 22 12 CHIADO Kaffehaus Rua Anchieta, 3 Tel.: 21 095 68 28

The Café Royale, inspired by Scandinavia cuisine, follows a creative tendency with Mediterranean ingredients and offers a more seasonally inspired cuisine based on organic products, fresh produce and baked goods, inside an elegant and contemporary space. The old horse stables of a Pombalino-style building are now decorated with modern Scandinavian design objects and a cosy outdoor patio. 26 | 2015 | DISCOVER

Café Royale Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 29 Tel: 21 346 91 25 Fábulas Calçada Nova de São Francisco, 14 ou Rua Garret, 19 Tel: 21 347 63 23

PRINCIPE REAL Café Corallo Rua da Escola Politécnica, 4 Tel: 21 386 21 58 Cartuchos do Príncipe Rua da Escola Politécnica, 42 Tel: 91 404 01 39 Lost In Rua D. Pedro V Nº56-D Tel.: 917 759 282 Fábulas Calçada Nova de São Francisco, 14 ou Rua Garret, 19 Tel: 21 347 63 23


30 | 2015 | DISCOVER

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