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The One and Only – Sachin Shiva (Imitation of the poem People Liked Him) The small child was a one and only, Pledged to innocence and awesomeness. He was never alone, but he was sometimes lonely. The boy was liked by all; even the hungry lioness. His village home in the veldt allowed him to feel a sense of peace in the world, This small child proved to the world that perseverance is needed to achieve your life goals. He loved to sing and dance and in the moonlight he twirled and twirled, He was one cool kid, and it wasn’t because he made the principal’s honor roll. Never took out his anger on anyone, And he never felt the need to boast, lie, or cheat, The boy was never too blissful and by no means disheartened by the stress of everyone. He walked up to each and every saddened soul as cool as ice and with a marching beat, With that he said these famous words, “Don’t worry, enjoy life and joy will come infinitely.” He said it with a sincere heart going from place to place and warming hearts all over the Earth, Beauty was brought everywhere he went, just by loving and having simplicity. Though he was a small child, he helped the people he met by bringing fire to their hearth. Stood out from the normal crowd, Not because he was famous or a movie-star, But because he helped warm hearts and was never too proud. His love for all and rays of kindness he brought made him set a high bar, Yet he never worked purposely on raising that bar, instead planning on just working hard. The moment help was needed he would be there, As fast as lightning and never letting down his helpful guard, His gentle smile brought pleasurable heat to everyone’s heart making you feel like an heir. He always was working doing the share of the town’s work as every other man, Never playing the I-pad or watching TV but acting mature and having a virtue, He had a swag walk and personality not because he was totally popular or had an exotic tan, But because he had swag through his perseverance in life’s complexity and brought that to you. His simplicity, kindness, helpfulness, and work ethic were all admired by the town, Yet he was known for not that, But for keeping the town’s spirit up in times of need and being the town’s upside down frown. In these ways he would be able to bring cheerfulness to the hearts, even to a mean rat. Spreading his message of compassion will bring life’s complexity to simplicity, He grew old and died in his sick bed, The whole town aghast at how this loving man did not live for all of eternity. But his message of kindness shall always carry on even in the souls of the dead, Because compassion to all and having perseverance to your goals, Can only rid the evil that was brought forth on this Earth, And so we must thank this child since he will change the way the world rolls, Remembering him as a truthful kid with a pure heart that might change humanity’s birth. ***** ¥ÀÅl 20


Dindima:Jan-Mar 2013  
Dindima:Jan-Mar 2013  

Dindima:Jan-Mar 2013 (Vol.7 ~ Issue 1) ● A quarterly newsletter of Vidyaranya Kannada Kuta