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Digital Weaving Norway Digital Weaving Norway (DWN) markets and sells the Thread Controller (TC) - a hand operated electronic Jacquard In 1995, DWN launched the first Thread Controller (TC1) In 2012, we launched the Gen-2 of the loom called the Thread Controller 2 (TC2) TC1s and TC2s are in Australia, New Zealand, many countries in Asia and Europe as well as in USA and Canada.

TC2 “Inside” The TC2 requires a computer and a vacuum pump to operate The TC2 offers direct control of every single thread , thus surpassing every other handloom


from DVD installation instructions)

1. The TC2 controls every warp thread individually 2. The TC2 configurations range from 2 to 48 modules , each module controlling 220 heddles (With 48 modules you control 10 560 warp ends individually!) 3. The modules can be configured for different fabric widths & densities (Width: 36,5 -145 cm / 14,5 - 56”, Density: 6-72 threads per cm / 15 epi-180 epi)

TC2 - 2W Configuration 2W : This loom frame has room for max 2 modules next to each other Weaving width : max 28” / 72cm Minimum configuration = 2 modules / 440 heddles, configured 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 Maximum number of modules: 2 x 12 = 24 Weaving width max 14.5” @ 180 epi




TC2 - 3W Configuration 3W : This loom frame has room for max 3 modules next to each other Weaving width max 43” / 109 cm Maximum number of modules: 3 x 12 = 36

Weaving width max 42” @ 60 epi




42 ”




TC2 - 4W Configuration 4W : This loom frame has room for max 4 modules next to each other Weaving width max –> 56” / 144 cm Maximum number of modules: 4 x 12 = 48

Weaving width max 28” @ 90 epi

Weaving width max 56” @ max 45 epi


14.5” 14.5” 14.5”




Idea to Fabric in Minutes From Idea to a Fabric in Minutes • • • • •

Scan /Create a design on the computer Edit in a design program (for example Photoshop) Open edited image in TC2 Loom Controller Click to connect TC2 software to the loom Start weaving!

”A Pixel is a Thread” Idea Opening of sheds is triggered via foot pedal to computer and vacuum pump

The pattern is controlled through lifting of heddles: The computer sends one pick at the time to the loom, selecting which heddles to lift and which to remain down. The user-selected weft materials / colours are inserted manually with shuttles

TC2 Software

Warp Shuttle

Computer controlled warp advancing and warp tension allow for detailed control No rethreading necessary when switching patterns! • The TC2 simulates traditional threadings on shafts • The TC2 is threaded once – before starting to weave • Later, the loom only needs to be re-threaded if the modules are reconfigured (Ex: move from a 2 module configuration to a 4 module configuration)


You swiftly transform an image into weave!

Sampling and Rapid Prototyping The ideal tool for sampling and prototyping: • • • • • • How may this help your business? • Customized designs no loger cause delays • Woven hardcopies directly available for lab tests/ finishing treatment experiments • Sampling time becomes more efficient: • On a shaft loom, changing the number of shafts/treadles can take days: On the TC2 it is instant! • As opposed to Jacquard looms, the TC2 has no repeats, i.e. you can sample for any Jacquard head • The TC2 optimizes work flow between different departments within an organisation and/or with the customer • TC2 enables product development in the design studio, i.e. liberate production capacity

Change the design Change weave structures Weave each design on a new warp density Change takeup/ weft materials Flexibility to use multiple shuttles Changes are instant!

Efficiency The loom is operated by the designer/weaver • • •

Weaving is started and stopped from the computer Manual insertion of the weft Foot Pedal triggers next shed / pick

Advanced user interface • • •

Windows/MAC/Linux-platforms minimize training time Wireless /ethernet connection between computer and loom The TC2 has its own IP address, so that our service engineers may access the loom when connected to an open network

Minimal Space Requirements The TC2 easily fits in a design studio or office space

Height : 155 cm/ 61”

Width: 122 cm – 198 cm/ 48-78”

Depth: 149 cm / 58,5” (171 cm/67” if 2 beams) Weight: 350 - 450 kg/ 780 – 1000 lbs

Module Configuration Chart TC2 is a modular machine and each module is capable of controlling 220 heddles. One module gives a woven width of 36.5 cm/14.5 inches and a woven density of 15 epi. Maximum loom configuration is 4 modules in width and 12 modules in depth, while the minimum is 2 modules. The table below shows the possible range of width of density possible.

Samples Laila Grønbekk, Norway

Samples Anne Størseth, Norway

153 Frames for the animation ”Tone”: http://vimeo.com/15667226

Samples Janice Lessman-Moss, Ohio

Artist: Janice Lessman Moss

Links Digital Weaving Norway http://www.digitalweaving.no/en/ Facebook TC2 and TC1 https://www.facebook.com/ThreadControllerDWN Blog – TC2 and TC1 http://dwn-tc2.blogspot.no YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsApGhx1yDOvubjmE1rRh6A

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Presentation - TC2 loom  

Presentation - TC2 loom