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Be Part of the Future


You wouldn’t tolerate working on a computer from the last century. Why accept something less from your loom?

Go from an idea to woven fabric in just minutes

Step into the future with us and explore groundbreaking possibilities Designers, architects, engineers and researchers constantly need to rapid prototype weave constructions. This is necessary for testing of performance and properties. The TC2 is the first tool ever to meet their demands.

vibeke vestby

Fake Moiree


Game of ThronesÂŽ Campaign

Helle K Ekaas

Waves of Double Weave

Customized design Artists and freelance designers get a unique opportunity to make customized designs as well as site specific commissions.

Grethe Sørensen

Prototype upolstery

Don’t let your tools limit yourself The TC2 is a hand-operated electronic Jacquard loom. You get endless possibilities to experiment and innovate with maximum efficiency. With the TC2, densities and weft materials can be changed instantly.

Helle K Ekaas

Waves of Illusion


Orangutan Poncho

Anne størseth

Rostrum for Oslo Town Hall

janice lessman-moss

Only Passing Through: Sapphire

pearla pigao

Woven Thermin. (Photos: Julie Hrncirova, Joakim Blattman)

woven thermin By using metal wires as warp and weft, the woven surface is transformed into a musical instrument: Sound is created when movements interfere with the electromagnetic fields.

karina siegmund

VIDDA Pillows (Photos: Helle Frogner) Instagram: The Oceanweaver

Faraday Cage / Shielding Added performance can be integrated in textiles through embedding shielding or protective materials.

Lise Frølund

Woven Lullabyes

Lia cook

Material Digits

Interactive storytelling A tool to support child-adult- interaction using a soft textilemade object. The hand puppet consists of an inner sensor glove, detecting finger movements, and a woven touch sensitive outer layer. The two interfaces can be operated simultaneously by two separate users; an adult and a child.

Emmi Pouta

Interactive Hand Puppet

cathryn amidei

Another Walk from the Year of Magical Thinking

Luminescent thread Use of light in interior and buildings can serve many purposes, both decorative and to enhance safety.

Lise Frølund


cathryn amidei Helle K Ekaas

Vis Viva Pareidolia. (Dressmaker: Viktoria Stalmakova)

Research on premature babies Elastic textile for monitoring lung volume on premature babies and unconscious patients.

Vibeke vestby

Quadruple Tubular Weave

wen-ying huang

Inner Energy 2 Totebag & Inner Energy 1 Briefcase

User-friendly and easy to maintain The loom has its own IP address. This means our engineers may support you remotely. So whether you are a technology enthusiast or feel daunted by it, our highly-skilled technicians are ready to assist.

Nike TW 15

It so satisfying to start with of a Liaiscook - I love the flexibility fully warped loom where the warp being able to make changes in threads are waiting like a canvas for structure quickly and during the the first weft threads to be thrown. process of weaving a project. I also like that it is slow enough - Mary Burns to be able to think about the project as I move through the process.

To work on the TC2 is very easy and it is possible weave for hours Philippa Brockto- Having recently without a stop. I can continue weavworked more on the TC2 loom, ing for years on the TC2!

I am completely hooked. With the TC2, you continual-Corriecan Van Eijk Docter ly hone and change what you are working on. The flexibility is enormous. Because each thread is individually controlled, I do not have a reJohanna Friedman - My love for peat in my imagery and can use weaving actually of started when any combination structures.

I was introduced to jacquard weaving and the TC1. -Bhakti Ziek

It is so Sauve satisfying to start Paulette - My TC2 with looma fully warped loom where the brings me much joy and Iwarp am threads are waiting like a canvas for pleased with the brilliant workthe first weft threads to be thrown. ings of this lovely machine. - Mary Burns

Monique van Nieuwland - The Jacquard loom has made it possible for me to indulge in imagery To work on the easy and and weave atTC2 theis very same time, it is possible to weave for hours allowing materials to speak! without a stop. I can continue weaving for years on the TC2!

Outi Martikainen - Every morning, -Corrie in Vanthe Eijkstudio, Docter as I start working I do feel thankful for the ease that digital weaving provides me in terms of realizing my art. is individuI Because can alsoeach use thread materials which ally controlled, I do not have a reare concepts expeatmy in own my imagery and and can use periment with light other any combination of and structures. sensory materials. -Bhakti Ziek

2W Trainer

3W professional

Recommended for weaving education, smart textiles and product development.

Recommended for small bussinesses, freelancing and sampling for high end market.

ModularConfiguration: 2-24 HeddlesControlled: 440-5280 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-28’’ 36-72cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc

ModularConfiguration: 2-36 HeddlesControlled: 440-7920 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-43’’ 36-109cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc

122cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 48’’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

165cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 65’’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

4W Production Recommended for craft weaving, art and customized technical textiles.

ModularConfiguration: 2-48 HeddlesControlled: 440-10560 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-56’’ 36-142cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc 200cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 78’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

Helle K Ekaas


Our TC2 packages* 2W Trainer

Basic: HighDensity:

3W Professional

Basic: HighDensity:

4W Production

Basic: HighDensity:

2-6 modules 6-24 modules

From € 29 200 From € 38 200

2-12 modules 12-36 modules

From € 30 500 From € 53 000

2-20 modules 20-48 modules

From € 32 200 From € 72 700

*Ex work TE, prices may vary.

Upgrades* Double Back Beam

Ideal for exploring yarns with different properties and tensions. From € 1 400

Extra Modules

One module controls 220 threads. Add, remove or relocate them as you like. They can even be shared between looms. Each € 2 250

Extra warp beaM

For preparing new warps while the current warp is still on the loom. From € 290 *Ex work TE, prices may vary.

We are global market leaders in the digital Jacquard loom sector. We supply looms to educational institutions, R&D labs, high-end textiles manufacturers, freelance designers, artists and makers’ spaces/fablabs.


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