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Be Part of the Future

You wouldn’t tolerate working on a computer from the last century. Why accept something less from your loom?

Step into the future with us and explore groundbreaking possibilities Designers, architects, engineers and researchers constantly need to rapid prototype weave constructions. This is necessary for testing of performance and properties. The TC2 is the first tool ever to meet their demands.

Grethe Sørensen

Prototype upolstery


Game of ThronesÂŽ Campaign

Customized design Artist and freelance designers get an unique opportunity to make customized designs and work for site specific commissions.

Christy Matson / Jane Palmer

Grethe Sørensen

Millions of Colors / Citylight

janice lessman-moss

If the Stars Didn’t Shine on the Water #2

Lily & Pit Weisgerber

Wall / Summerflowers

Lise Frølund

Kan det passe / The Impossible Puzzle

Faraday Cage / Shielding Added performance can be integrated in textiles through embedding shielding or protective materials.

Lise Frølund Woven Lullabyes

Luminescent thread Use of light in interior and buildings can serve many purposes, both decorative and to enhance safety.

Lise Frølund Light

Research on premature babies Elastic textile for monitoring lung volume on premature babies / unconscious patients.

Wen-Ying Huang

rapid Prototyping

It is so satisfying to start with a fully warped loom where the warp threads are waiting like a canvas for the first weft threads to be thrown. - Mary Burns

With the TC2 you’re only minutes away from a new idea, to a woven fabric.

To work on the TC2 is very easy and it is possible to weave for hours without a stop. I can continue weaving for years on the TC2! -Corrie Van Eijk Docter

Because each thread is individually controlled, I do not have a repeat in my imagery and can use any combination of structures. -Bhakti Ziek

Nike TW 15

The TC2 is user-friendly and easy to maintain. It even has its own IP address. This means our engineers may support you remotely. So whether you’re a technology enthusiast or feel daunted by it, our highly-skilled technicians are ready to assist if you ever are in need.

Don’t let your tools limit yourself, rather let the TC2 be an extension of your creativity

The TC2 is a hand-operated electronic Jacquard loom. While the loom’s operations are completely computer controlled, its hand-weaving feature allows the user to closely monitor every single pick. As a result, you get endless of possibilities to experiment and innovate with absolute efficiency. With the TC2, any densities and weft materials can be made instantly.

2W Trainer

3W professional

Recommended for weaving education, smart textiles and product development.

Recommended for small bussinesses, freelancing and sampling for high end market.

ModularConfiguration: 2-24 HeddlesControlled: 440-5280 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-28’’ 36-72cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc

ModularConfiguration: 2-36 HeddlesControlled: 440-7920 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-43’’ 36-109cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc

122cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 48’’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

165cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 65’’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

4W Production Recommended for craft weaving, art and customized technical textiles.

ModularConfiguration: 2-48 HeddlesControlled: 440-10560 FabricWidth: 14.5’’-56’’ 36-142cm FabricDensity: 15-180epi 6-72epc 200cm wide / 150cm deep / 155cm tall 78’wide / 59’’deep / 60’’tall

Our TC2 packages* 2W Trainer TC2

Basic: HighDensity:

3W Professional TC2

Basic: HighDensity:

4W Production TC2

Basic: HighDensity:

2-6modules 7-24modules

From € 28 900 From € 40 150

6-12modules 13-36modules

From € 39 500 From € 55 250

12-24modules 25-48modules

From € 54 700 From € 83 950

*Ex work TE, prices may vary.

Upgrades Double Back Beam

From € 1 100

1 Module

€ 2 250


7-12 13-18 19-24 25-30 31-36 37-42 43-48

Extra Modules

Escalating discount for higher number of modules:







We are global market leaders in the digital Jacquard loom sector. We supply looms to educational institutions, R&D wings of high-end textiles manufacturers and freelance designers and artists.

Contact Digital Weaving norway tronrud engineering as Flyplassveien 21 N-3514 Hønefoss, Norway +47 32 16 18 20 Vibeke Vestby +47 909 57 586

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