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TC2 Information

The Thread Controller 2 (TC2) is a Digital Jacquard loom manufactured by Tronrud Engineering AS, Dept. Digital Weaving Norway. The TC2 is a hand-operated electronic Jacquard loom. While the loom's operations are completely computer controlled, its hand-weaving feature allows the user to closely monitor every single pick and thus enabling endless possibilities to experiment and innovate with absolute efficiency. With the TC2, any changes with regard to weave structures, designs, warp densities and weft materials can be made instantly. We are currently global market leaders in the segment of Digital Jacquard looms and have sold our looms to educational institutions, R&D wings of the high-end textiles' manufacturers and freelance designers/artists across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. More recently, we have seen increased interest in the TC2 by textile manufacturers/ researchers/ companies working with newly-engineered materials like technical/smart textiles. We launched the Thread Controller in 1995 and since then, we've had a long list of satisfied customers, many of them using the loom for R&D/product development, sampling and rapid prototyping, on-demand production, mass customization or simply just to weave anything and everything that fancies their imagination. Website - Facebook - YouTube Channel -

A pixel is a thread - Once the image is scanned, TC2 maps every pixel of the image to individual threads TC2 Technology – Simplifies the process of converting an idea into woven fabric    

Scan/create a design on the computer Edit in design program, for example Photoshop or any industrial Jacquard program in the market Ned Graphics, ArahWeave, Pointcarré, EAT, etc.) Open edited image in TC2 Loom Controller (the device driver) Click to connect TC2 software to the loom Start weaving!

Brief description of the technical specifications:         

Width and Density of the fabric is controlled through modular configuration The loom can have a modular configuration with minimum of 2 modules and a maximum of 48 modules Each module controls 220 heddles and gives 15 epi on 14.5” fabric. Each heddle is individually controlled pneumatically. Manual weft insertion for total flexibility Instantaneous change of designs, weave structures, warp densities, take up and weft materials Automatically controlled warp advancing through sensor and software operated electro motors Warp tension is monitored and adjusted by a sensor input Sheds open though electricity and vacuum The TC2 loom has an operating speed of around 25-35 ppm (picks per minute)

Loom frames are in three different widths: 28” – this allows for maximum of 28” fabric width · Loom Footprint & height: (Height 61”, Width 48”, Depth 58”) · Modular configuration: minimum 2 modules, maximum 24 modules · Fabric width: minimum 14.5”, maximum 28” · Fabric density: minimum 15 epi, maximum 180 epi · Heddles controlled: minimum 440, maximum 5280 43” – this allows for maximum of 43” fabric width · Loom Footprint & Height: (Height 61”, Width 63”, Depth 58”) · Modular configuration: minimum 2 modules, maximum 36 modules · Fabric width: minimum 14.5”, maximum 43” · Fabric density: minimum 15 epi, maximum 180 epi · Heddles controlled: minimum 440, maximum 7920 56” - this allows for maximum of 56” fabric width · Loom Footprint & Height: (Height 61”, Width 78’’, Depth 58”) · Modular configuration: Minimum 2 modules, maximum 48 modules · Fabric width: minimum 14.5”, maximum 56” · Fabric density: minimum 15 epi, maximum 180 pi · Heddles controlled: minimum 440, maximum 10,560 Click Link to to understand the configuration of modules

TC2 user interface:     

The TC2 loom has an IP address, and we can therefore support our customers through remote assistance New versions of software and firmware are simply downloaded via the internet, and installed by the customer The TC2 comes with a Driver / Loom Controller for PC w/ Windows, Linux or for MAC All looms come with an interactive user manual on DVD, with animations and videos The loom requires an air conditioned environment, as temperature & humidity are crucial for stable operation

TC2 stands for high precision, stability and sturdiness: · The TC2 loom is entirely designed with our sophisticated CAD system · The CAD-generated animations are the back bone of our interactive user manual · The loom frame is made from laser cut steel sheets (light weight and strong) · Surfaces are finished with robot controlled industrial powder varnish/paint · Aluminum beams and profiles are extruded from our specific mold designs · CNC manufactured modules with very high millimeter precision · Annodization is matching requirements for aviation industry · Injection molded parts ensure identical components · 100 % Automated quality control and assembly line for key components · Specially developed electronics and mechanics

For more information, please contact: Globally:

Vibeke Vestby


Geetika Nautiyal

USA/North America:

Cathryn Amidei


Bakubhai Ambalal


Alan Willey

Spain/South America:

Francesca PiĂąol

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