Kate Nartker

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Kate Nartker Works… Title: Wading; Warp & Weft: Cotton; Animation is 01:30; Weaving is 40 x 30 in. In this piece, Kate wanted to push the abstraction more than previous works. On the loom, the imagery is indecipherable but when it is animated it becomes clear what is happening. Like all of her other animations, Kate started with a clip of found footage, rendered out a series of stills and arranged them into a sequential gird. The animation is six frames per second and each frame is about 5" wide.

About… Kate works between animation and weaving to disassemble images, narrative, and material structures. By introducing movement to Jacquard woven cloth, she materializes cinematic devices and deconstructs woven imagery through time. Her process of working back and forth between hand and digital tools is a framework to understand the intersection of cloth and cinema, and the nuances of haptic perception. Nartker received an MFA from the California College of the Arts in 2012 and is a lecturer in the Art Department of San Francisco State University. She has exhibited throughout the Bay Area and internationally.



What’s on your Loom?

The final photo shows the woven storyboard: All the separate frames are placed next to each other like on a roll of film. The woven textile will look like a grid with small motifs, each very similar to the one preceding and following it! The detail photos show the woven resolution.


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