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Summer 2015

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From the Publishers We are excited to bring you the second issue of Hill Country Weddings & Events Magazine! We are pleasantly overwhelmed with the positive response from readers of our first issue! Thank you so much for your support. We hope that you enjoy the second issue as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.

As sisters they put their heads together to create a magazine where they could both grow and continue their dreams.

Brenda Sealy, a Boerne native and owner of Hill Country Planning, the premier wedding and event planner in the Texas Hill Country, has over ten years experience and enjoys all aspects of the industry. Brenda has dreamed of planning special events since she was little. Now that she is doing what she loves, she has decided to expand her dreams into something larger.

Nothing could be more exciting or anticipated than a bride’s walk down the aisle! If you’re planning on tying the knot, The Texas Hill Country has proven to be an ideal location to say your I Do’s! We have provided all the resources you will need to plan your special day. If there’s one piece of advice that continues to ring true, it’s this: take time to enjoy your engagement, plan a wedding that reflects you, as a couple and get a wedding planner.

Crystal Wiedenfeld has always had a love for fashion and style, whether it is hair and makeup or clothes and design. After doing what she loved for over ten years she opened Simply Serene Salon and Spa in her hometown of Boerne, TX. She spent years telling anyone who would listen about her fashion tips and hair trends.

Hill Country Weddings & Events Magazine will feature everything from Weddings to Events, Style, Fashion and more.

This is just the beginning. Other unique ideas, columns and features will be added as we continue growing and expanding Hill Country Weddings & Events Magazine. A special thanks goes out to Tapatio Springs for our photoshoot and baby shower that we held there in May. The sales manager, director of sales, chef and all staff members were absolutely amazing to work with and so helpful. Thank you to Revive Vintage Rentals, Couture Dezigns, Sweet Wendy’s and Chandra’s Collection Photography for the amazing photos.

cheers, Brenda & Crystal

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Do you have a wedding planner? Do you need one?


Dessert Bar vs. The Wedding Cake


Have you picked a catering company? Tips to look for when you choose.


The Texas Hill Country is one of the most sought after locations in the United States to host your happiest memories. Here is a map of all the local possibilities.







Engagement Photo Contest TOP ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS

For a chance to be in the magazine, send your engagement photos to info@hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com Photos by: Brittany Hunkin Photography, Dirt Road Exposures, Gibson Photography, Iain McMichael, Lisa on Location, and Snap Chic Photography

Why Hire a Professional?


Your wedding professionals will be committed to YOU and your wedding day. They are also guaranteed to show up on your wedding day, no questions asked. I’ve seen friends commit to photographing, coordinating or providing music for a wedding and then disappear right before the wedding.

thing you want to have to do while planning your wedding is to try to figure out what your friend (who promised to help) is supposed to be doing! Wedding professionals are experienced and accustomed to the pressures of a wedding. They are prepared for just about every situation that could arise.

Friends are not contractually guaranteed to show up to help you on the day of the wedding. When you hire and pay a wedding professional, they are contractually obligated to carry out the duties for which they were hired to do.

In other words, you get what you PAY for! Hiring a wedding professional will ensure that you get great results. Whether it’s photos, flowers, food or coordination, hiring someone who manages weddings for a living will certainly give you the best outcome. It may not always be an easy decision to spend money on a professional, but really and truly, paying for a service makes SUCH a huge difference!

There’s nothing worse than having everyone standing around at your wedding not knowing what to do next. Hiring an experienced wedding professional will most definitely help your stress level, both before and during the wedding. An experienced wedding professional will also know what to do when, so there won’t be too much guesswork for you while planning your wedding. The last

You will build a special relationship with your chosen wedding professionals. Almost always, when hiring a friend, the personal relationship becomes strained. Your friend could hold a grudge against you for making

them work for free, or you may not be happy with the results and you just can’t tell them. It’s just not worth ruining a relationship with one of your good friends! With a wedding professional, you can instruct them in what to do and they’ll meet your goals. Friends and relatives who work on your wedding are also guests, and, as such, might be tempted to neglect their “job.” Working with a professional is a straightforward business arrangement, while working with friends and family can lead to awkward situations and damaged relationships. If they truly are your friend, you’ll want them to enjoy your wedding and not be working. Here are a few tips for choosing a wedding professional. •Assess their experience. Don’t be shy. Find out how long they’ve been focusing specifically on weddings, and how many weddings they do in a year. Look at their portfolio, informational materials, and any client testimoSUMMER 2015

l nials. •Ask for references and talk with some of their recent clients. It’s extremely helpful if you can contact clients whose wedding was similar to the one you’re planning. (Outdoors? For 150 guests? These things can make a difference.) •Follow your instincts. Having a good rapport with a vendor is important: Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they listen well and respond promptly? They might be highly recommended, but if you don’t click with them, you should select someone else. •Get it in writing. To avoid misunderstandings, get everything you have agreed on in writing. Then read your contract carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Shop around, compare prices, and interview good vendors. Don’t forget to ask your friends for suggestions!




Summer wedding flowers set the mood for a romantic, carefree time of year. Who is not ready for clear skies and warm, sunny days? Brides have been going for the just-picked-from-the-garden look and this trend is going to stay around for the summer. We are seeing lots of wild flowers with bold, vibrant colors. Look around the ceremony and reception site and consider bold versions of the hues that are in the area. Then think about what works for your venue.


More flowers are in bloom in the summer months than any other time of the year, and summer brides can capitalize on a large variety of fragrant and affordable wedding flowers. Some of the all-time favorite flowers that are in season for the summer include hydrangeas, peonies, tiger lilies, roses and more. Summer wedding bouquets are among the most colorful of all. More brides are also embracing the wearable flower crowns and hair wreaths this season. They are a great look for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. Don’t forget that when it comes to wedding flowers, the higher the temperature, the more upkeep they require. Make sure to have your flowers delivered the day of the wedding and keep them refrigerated for as long as possible. Ask your planner to put the flowers out just before the ceremony time to keep them as fresh as possible. Don’t forget about the bridal

Photo by: Al Gawlick Photography

bouquet as well when you are out taking pictures before the ceremony. Make sure someone is holding your bouquet in the shade and it is placed in cool water as soon as the photos are done. You can create ambiance and have wow-factor designs without a large budget.

{Dear Bride}: Please hire a wedding planner. Love , {Your Venue} By Kristin Voss {Kendall Plantation}


Let’s face it: weddings are an investment. They are a once in a lifetime magical event for two people to celebrate their union. It is also important to note that no wedding is perfect, nor will it be perfect. It just doesn’t exist. However, one way to get close to perfect is to hire a professional wedding planner.

planner. WOW. Those are the people who have no idea what a professional wedding planner offers to a client. The bottom line: venue coordinators are there because they are hired by the venue to maintain and manage the venue only. They work for the venue and not you. Their main goal is to ensure the facility runs smoothly. So, if you arrive to your venue and all As a venue manager, I have been in meet- your flower arrangements are wrong and ings with brides where a catering manager the guests can’t figure out where they are supposed to sit, don’t look at the venue tells a client they don’t need a weddingg coordinatorr to help you u outt because tthey wanted, won’tt have a clue whatt you u wanted The theyy do nott coordinate! Th feedbackk from vendor vendors I have worked d with say more times tha than not, there is a difference huge diffe between weddings w with a plan planner

vs. ones without. Not only are the finishing touches and design usually better but so is the flow of the event and communication between the parties. Recently, Philip Chancellor with 5150 Productions told me there were 160 registered DJ’s in San Antonio. Really? How is a bride supposed to choose one?! A wedding planner has already developed relationships with vendors they are confident in recommending because they are talented, reliable and the best in the business. Although venues have vendor recommendations, a wedding planner has a vast list of professional vendors that they work with and know. Planners know which ones show up on time, communicate effectively, and are passionate about their services. They are able to look over contracts, negotiate prices, and be the go-between. These are things a venue manager would not necessarily be involved in. The process of vendor research is extremely time consuming but a wedding planner is there to help you decide and bring you the resources that best fit your needs. Many times couples are so worn out with making decisions on their own that by the time the wedding is here, the process is no longer fun. A wedding planner does not make your decisions, but provides you with the tools needed to make the right decisions. They are your planning partners! A few more reasons to hire a planner… You need a mediator. A planner is a good third-party mediator in tricky family situations. It is impossible to please everyone; however, at least a planner can give an unbiased opinion to help navigate problems. Most often than not I hear, “ I have family and friends who have volunteered to help me day-of” ….while this is a nice gesture, unless your family member is a professional wedding planner, it won’t be fine. They are your guests and should not be working on your wedding day. They will be preoccupied with socializing, drinking a little too much champagne, continued on page 13




Lighting Up Your Wedding. By Ryan Schroeder {Four Star Entertainment LLC.}


In today’s world of ever-changing and enhanced lighting effects, such as up lights and spotlights, many are being used too change the face of the venue and shine light on certain aspects cts of the reception room. Up lights are powerful lights that sit around the room in corners and along, long bare walls, and are pointed up from the floor to help wash the bare white or offffwhite walls in just about any color you ask for. The up lights truly bring out the style and colors of your wedding and most st of all help to enhance boring, bare walls. Though costs vary, uplights are affordable. Many DJ’s usually have some they can an rent you for your event. There are also Monogram or Gobo lights. These are very powerful projector lights that have a small laser cut metal or glass disk in them. They shine names or initials along with a small design on any large, open wall or dance floor. Gobo lights look great and add a wow factor to your venue. The cost of the Gobo lights runs about the same as up lighting, but prices do vary. You can even have pin spots. Pin spots are lights that hang from the ceiling and shine a small circle of light onto the cake topper or entry table photos to enhance and brighten them up. These lights are becoming more and more popular but involve a lot of set up. Keep in mind, some venues do not allow you to hang lights from their ceiling. The cost varies on pin spots as well and depends on the installation of the lights.

If you have any questions at all or would like to see more great lighting ideas, please contact Ryan Schroeder at Four Star Entertainment, LLC.

#1 DJ in San Antonio, Rated by Brides

THE FOUR STAR DIFFERENCE: • An attitude that puts you first. • We simply focus on providing the best music entertainment in Texas. • FREE cocktail hour and dinner hour music when you hire us for your reception. • Professionalism is our trademark

Start planning the celebration of your dreams:

210-326-0649 www.fourstardj.com

The perfect location for your wedding party to stay....





Rethink the Bridal Party When it comes to weddings, many old traditions and rules no longer apply. Your wedding party, also known as the bridal party, includes not only the people who you’ll count on to help you with planning, but also are the ones you want by your side when you walk down the aisle and say your vows.

They’re your sisters, brothers and closest friends. Why not have your favorite guy friends standing next to the bride? Best guy friends are being honored more and more with the Man of Honor title. Not only that, but gal pals are also crossing over to the groomsmen territory. You can have all your best friends standing next to you

cont’d from page 10 ...wedding planner and admiring how beautiful you look, taking hundreds of photos and they are not focused on the important details that make the event run smoothly. In reality, a planner can save you money and time. Not only by putting together a realistic budget, but also in the end, planners have relationships with vendors since they work on many weddings and not just one, so they can use insider deals to save you on costs. There are many wedding horror stories I can share with you, but none of them start

with a professional wedding planner. At the end of the day, I strongly encourage my brides to take advantage of what a professional wedding planner is worth. Let them make your dream a reality; let them be organized, build a timeline, troubleshoot and manage vendors, guests and all the details. Let them save you money. They are a resource of knowledge, a sounding board for decisions, a mediator, a therapist and a stress reducer. Give your family a break, a gift to yourself and a gift to your family. You deserve it!

Photo by: Chandra’s Collection Photography at the altar now regardless of gender. A bride may want her brother by her side instead of across the aisle. The groom may want a female cousin that he grew up with standing with him at the altar. Mix-and-matching the bridal party is a new trend. It’s called a wedding party, so think of it that way. Having all your best men and women friends standing beside you in your wedding pictures will make a fun party.

Keep in mind that if you have a male on the maid’s side you still want him wearing the same suit or tux as the men standing on the groom’s side. Same goes for any girls mixed among the groomsmen. Consult with your wedding planner about the best method to get everyone down the aisle and to the altar for your wedding day. And enjoy your (wedding) party!




hair They are calling it the Sunbre... This sun-kissed ombre is the new look for summer. This modern ombre looks like it is straight from Mother Nature. You might wish to smudge your base a little for a more natural look. Then, do a simple braid, pull it apart a bit and you are ready for a simple summer. You must up-date or you will be out-of-date!

makeup Style & Beauty Tips for Summer By Crystal Wiedenfeld

Summer is great because you don’t have to try so hard with all the heavy makeup. We want to see your face! Everything this summer is about keeping it light and natural through all of the heat. Fill in a light brow and feel free to give yourself some color - maybe a little shimmer liner or pops of shimmer for that sunkissed look - and you are off for some fun in the sun!


A delicate white dress is a summer’s must have! Think about a high-waisted mid-drift baring top. And….the uncomfortable corset is back if you can handle it! Gladiator sandals are one of my personal favorites. If you are going to dress it up a bit and you have seen the fashions at the Met Gala or on the Housewives, you might have noticed the sheer dress look with a solid pattern covering all the important parts. You can make this look a little more conservative and still look glamorous in style for your night out on the town. Patterns are definitely back this season. All my picks can be purchased at Simply Serene Salon and Spa or at www.simplysereneboerne.com




5 Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer (AS TOLD BY A REAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER)

By Kate Roy-Snap Chic Owner/Photographer

1 D

DO YOU HAVE BACKUP GEAR? Yes, yes and yes. That is the only acceptable answer to this question. If my entire set up were to fail mid-wedding, I have doubles of everything on hand, and you would probably never even realize I had an equipment malfunction. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE ILL ON THE DAY OF MY WEDDING? As a photographer, getting sick on the day of someone’s wedding is my worst nightmare. In the event that something tragic should happen, as wedding photoggraphers, we should always have a “Plan B.”” For me, that includes a network of other local photographers who, if not booked, would shoot the wedding for me.


WILL I RECEIVE HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITAL PHOTOS? This is a tricky one, so be very careful how w you ask this question. Most wedding phootographers do provide digital images, butt know what type of digital images you willll be receiving. A common misconception regarding digital files is that as long as you u have a digital copy of the photo, you can print it at any size. WRONG! Many phootographers advertise that they offer digital al images, but what they neglect to inform you of is that they are actually sized for printing no bigger than let’s say a 4”x6” or


a 5”x7,” meaning if you took your digital image and tried to have it printed as an 8”x10” or larger, it would look grainy and distorted. The photographer knows this, and hopes that in provding such small versions of the digital, they will be able to up-sell you after the wedding on large prints, since you clearly will not be able to print yourself with the files they provided.


WILL YOU HELP ME WITH MY WEDDING DAY TIME LINE? This is one of my favorite questions to be asked. I am overjoyed when a bride asks me for help in determining a good time line for her big day. Lighting is everything when it comes to wedding photography, and involving your photographer in that time line and asking for advice on ceremony times, portrait times etc., is like music to our ears! Asking for our advice on when things should start and end-will ensure your photos will turn out the best they can possibly be. HOW MUCH EDITING


DO YOU DO? Photography is like anything else, you get what you pay for in terms of both editing and the photography itself. A wedding photographer should be skilled not only in the technical aspects of photography, but also in Photoshop. It is important to find out how much editing your photographer does and what types of editing. For example, do they do just basic color corrections to each image? Do they give a black and white version of each photo? Are they able to remove stray hairs and blemishes? If yes, then make sure to have a clear understanding of what the costs associated with those items are. Editing comes in varying degrees, and some photographers charge extra for more advanced edits, so it is always a good idea to know exactly what you will be getting in terms of the amount of editing before you chose your photographer. If your photographers’ portfolio consists of a mix of edits ranging from soft pastels, to vibrant contrasting colors, to rich matte edits, this may be a sign that they have not fully developed a style of their own. Every photographer has been there, not really knowing what our style is, so we try EVERYTHING when learning Photoshop!

Photo by: Snap Chic




Brides with wi a fondness f for vintage glamour and old world charm will hav have ha fun mapping out their celebration with Revive Vintage Rentals. Revive doesn’t rent your grandmother’s er moth mothballed th closet or old cars. What they specialize in is wellw crafted, craft aft unique furniture and one-of-a-kind architectural pieces p piec that are sure to make your wedding memorable. At Revive, you will encounter unique and classic details not found in your typical event rental establishment. Whether it is a hand carved armoire, velvet upholstered settee, or dazzling antique chandelier, every piece has a story to be told. Your wedding day is the beginning of your story, so it is Revive’s mission to help tell it well. At Revive, you can find an ever-evolving, constantly growing collection of well-loved vintage pieces, all one-of-kind, all picked for their history and charm. Brides, party-throwers, photographers, and stylists alike come to Revive for inspiration and to utilize their impressive inventory. They are best known for their architectural pieces: the Stained Glass Window Trio, Gothic Doors, the Arched Top Store Front Doors, and more. These are the things people remember because they make a big statement. Seating areas are another frequent request for weddings. Guests love to lounge around the dance floor or catch a breath of fresh air on the lawn. The sofas and settees also make for beautiful photo areas for the guests, as well as the bridal party. Revive’s fleet of large farm tables makes an impressive dining arrangement. Every unique item, down to the last detail, can be styled by Revive for a distinctive and memorable affair. Using Revive, you can add just a couple things to a venue and have it change completely in a way that is both attractive to the couple and the venue. “The pieces we are able to bring in can really enhance a space without taking away from its original appeal,” says Jordan Boss, Revive’s owner and creative coordinator. “It certainly goes a long way at avoiding that cookie-cutter look.” Something made with quality and craftsmanship, like most antiques, might sound a bit pricey to simply rent, but at Revive, it is a lot more affordable than one might think! “We have a lot of inventory. We have many options on how brides can achieve their desired look without breaking their budget,” Jordan emphasizes. “We offer our brides a chance to add personality and character to their wedding, making it reflect the bride and the groom as a couple. We also help incorporate different areas to work together seamlessly, creating a fluid feel at the venue.” Every piece at Revive has a story. Make them part of yours.

An Elegant Day Awaits You




For a truly Southern-style wedding with timeless appeal and picturesque scenery, Kendall Plantation is the place to say “I do.� Set atop a hill, which offers amazing views of the Hill Country and cool breezes anytime of the year, Kendall Plantation highlights some of the most desirable features for today’s bride. We offer two distinct locations to vow forever: the gazebo, which overlooks a natural spring pond, or an indoor ceremony underneath a cascading staircase. The venue features wraparound porches, large columns, hardwood floors and classic architecture—perfect for a bride looking for a distinct yet classic look.




Weddings are headed west when it comes to style and design so get your ur mason jars, jars lace an and burlap ready. The theme of this ye wi year will be inspire inspired byy ran ranches with alot of leather and lace. Th are plentlyy off venues to choose from in the Hill Country There iff you are lookin lookingg for the rrustic ranch wedding, which will set the h scene ffor many weddings dd this year. You will see details such as vintage rentals, antlers, distressed lounges and wildflowers with a touch of lace and chandeliers. Don’t forget how amazing the boots look on your bridesmaids and even the bride. Boots are perfect attire for your guests to dance the night away! In staying with the Wild West theme, bar serice will include craft beer, copper mugs and bourbon or whiskey cocktails. So find your next venue surrounded by the magnificent skylines and breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country!

HAPPY H RANCH Happy H Ranch is only minutes away from Comfort, Boerne, Fredericksburg and Kerrville and is just a short drive from Austin and San Antonio. Happy H Ranch has remarkable facilities including the Big Sky Chapel, the 75-foot tall cross on Forgiveness Hill, and the Bunk Haus, all of which offer a divine environment

for weddings, religious retreats, company events and much more.

ous amenities and one of a kind Texas hospitality.

Happy H Ranch is the perfect idyllic setting for the rustic, romantic wedding of your dreams! Our experienced and professional staff provides incomparable wedding management services, luxuri-

Let us take the stress away from making plans. You just come make memories and celebrate some of the best times of your life here at Happy H Ranch!



Where Special Events Happen!

Happy H Ranch ~ P.O. Box 510 Comfort, Texas 78013 ~ info@HappyHRanch.com ~ 210.332.3151 www.HappyHRanch.com

Top Tips for Bar Service: By Bartenders 4 You Q: What do I need to know them better. about having a bar at my wed- “We get to know what your personality is like, what type ding? A: The biggest misconception of drinks you enjoy, what your families are like and overall just for bars at weddings is that the feel for the entire wedding,” wine and beer are cheaper than liquor. The cost differ- Jennifer says. ence between how far a bottle For instance, they have experiof wine goes and how far a bottle of liquor goes adds up ence with various drinks and traditions in Jewish, Indian, quickly. You can buy eight bottles of wine at $80 or buy Hispanic, Polish & German culany mid-shelf liquor at $25, tures. Their knowledge of Kosher both at 39 servings. Wine is products and drinks, such as a actually more expensive!


You don’t have to try to do every thing yourself! You think that it’s not going to be a big deal to buy all of your own supplies and alcohol but all the little things you don’t want to pay for some one else to do add up very quickly! Before you know it you have 100-plus items on your to-do list to load up and take to the venue. It’s definitely worth letting a bar service take care of ice and mixers so you are not too stressed. Before the team starts to create a bride and groom’s drink menu, they will sit down with the couple and get to know

20 20


hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com

Lassi for Indian Culture and the Polish traditions set them apart from other services.

staffing agency. So accountability is much greater and we have pride in what we do.”

Jennifer and Charlie both agree there are other major responsibilities that go along with serving alcohol at your wedding. First, you want to make sure you have a reputable company that knows the TABC laws and follows them.

Charlie and Jennifer add, “We are a reputable company that provides quality service at a price that all couples can afford. We are here for you from the beginning stages of planning. For most couples this is their first time getting married, and they do not know where to start. We will help take the guessing out. We get married eight times a week on average. Let your bar service educate and guide you, and your bar will be spectacular.”

“Responsible service is the main priority. We want your wedding to be a fun experience, but we want your guests to drink responsibly and that means we serve responsibly,” Jennifer stresses. “Our staff is trained in this matter and works for us directly, not a

The Dessert Bars vs. Wedding Cake As a guest at the wedding, which would you truly enjoy more: A beautifully decorated wedding cake with a choice of one or two flavors or a smorgasbord of different bakery items? A lot of brides are opting for a dessert table or even just one or two of the bride and groom’s favorite desserts.


Assorted desserts show the couple’s unique style. There is no etiquette rule on serving wedding cake and many couples are choosing to serve dessert in addition to wedding cake. This gives the guests more options to choose from. This shift has not totally left the wedding cake behind, though. Wedding cake is a classic and can often be the centerpiece of the reception. The traditional wedding cake is both beautiful and practical and feeds many guests. A wedding cake alone, however, provides guests with limited

choices. Dessert buffets give guests more selection. Buffets can range from an all- chocolate bar to a candy buffet to a full dessert assortment or an ice cream station. Cupcake displays, candy bars, donut cakes and even pie bars are becoming more mainstream in the wedding world and becoming the go-to choice when a couple plans a wedding! Even if you plan on having a cake, a dessert bar is a great way to give your guests some cake alternatives.

Photo by: Chandra’s Collection Photography


By Sergio Rodriguez


One of the most important things to think about when planning an event is the food. While many people might think that the food is less important than the decorations, photography, and music, it IS very important because it plays a part in the memory that people have of your wedding. You want your guests to have great food with seamless service! Choosing the right caterer is key to the success of your event. Your caterer needs to be able to provide great food and offer the exact services that you need. Here are some suggestions for selecting a caterer. First step: When meeting with a catering company, do not be afraid to say what you want and be upfront about your budget. That will simplify the process for planning u have a theme the menu. If you for, exactly? exactly Are you choosing someone for a one-hour service for the event, talkk to your and d you u ar are responsible for cleaning up, or will they be setting up caterer about creating and d dec decorating while keeping your buffet open for hours, and tch. a menu to match. agree agreeing to clean up after the event? Don’t forget to ask about You also want to grat gratuities, service fees, deposits and unexpected changes. find a cateringg Ke Keep an open line of communication with your catering company that ccompany. can easily make changes A And buyer’s beware! Sometimes a caterer has been in to the menu. bbusiness for a long time, but longevity does not guarantee Premade qquality. You are responsible for examining the caterer’s menus that m menu, discussing service needs, and verifying quality food can’t change an and service through contact with references. Ask your based on yourr fri friends for suggestions for caterers and be sure to read the needs can be comments on web pages when you search the Internet. com very difficult ake to manage. Make sure that the catering company you choose is i l di t needs d flexible with any special dietary or special requests. You just might have a special family recipe you would love to have for everyone to enjoy! Second Step: You will want to examine the caterer’s full menu of offerings, and ask to do a taste test. Be sure to ask about portion size, too. Compare both portion size and costs per person between caterers. You may get a two meat option from the caterers, but one company is pricing at 4oz per person and the other is pricing at 6oz. When looking for a caterer, money is important. Ask for a final invoice up front. There are sometimes hidden charges that suddenly appear in the invoice after the event. Also be sure to clarify the caterer’s responsibilities – What will you be paying




Do you have your copy? Take a picture with the magazine and send it to us for your chance to be featured in the Hill Country Weddings & Events Magazine!! info@HillCountryWeddingsMagazine.com




e + l Barre Bring on the Bridal Party! Why? Because there is strength in numbers! Get your group together for a fun and fit time. The three-month mark is typically crunch time for any bride counting down to her wedding day: There are invitations to mail out, seating charts to finalize, and hair appointments to make. But the term “crunch time” takes on a whole new meaning when you have 12 weeks to get in the best shape of your life. We at e+l Barre Studio customize our sessions for the woman who wants to work out alongside her bridesmaids and

we work to target specific areas within your body to get you ready for your BIG DAY! We are able to work with your schedules to correlate a Private Class time devoted to you and your fitness goals. We offer weekly consultations with personalized meals plans and we also include the flexibility to attend our regular group classes. You set your goals, we guide you in the process! Our Brides will experience the same classes as anyone else, but we offer them at a highly discounted rate for three months of unlimited classes for $325. e+l Barre Studio helps you to fill your dress in all the right spots in our 60 min

full-body workout as we work to tone your arms, strengthen your core, and sculpt your thighs and seat. We recommend attending at least three to four classes a week in addition to healthy eating. Our barre workout is designed to give women a feminine figure. It tightens your midsection and sculpts and defines your shoulders so you have a long and lean shape—just like a posed dancer. ~No dance experience required~ Your result: Better photographs and a greater sense of confidence on the big day! Another advantage to our workout: It’s proven that exercise gives you those mind-clearing benefits. In the months, weeks, days leading up to your wedding when there is so much stress associated with the final planning, come to the Barre and let us help you to have that sense of “release for an hour” as we work to clear the mind and focus on YOU! Contact the studio for your fitness needs and to reserve your mat at the Barre! Let us take the stress out of your Bachelorette Party by having us host your special event here at the Barre! Inquire for more details as we will plan a night of fun for you and your favorite gals! 412 River Road #104 Boerne, TX 78006 830-331-8939 info@eleganceandlife.com www.Eleganceandlife.com




Advice from The Postal Lady By Katy Sealy First let me say, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is now time to set the date and order the invitations. The sky is the limit. This article is to give you a little more insight on what to expect when it comes time to mail your invitations. Just know that anything out of the ordinary will probably come with additional cost. Most wedding invitations with response cards can put you over an ounce, which will cost more than a regular en-

velope. Anything with a wax seal, bow, and square size will also come with a surcharge. If they are over 6� high or too ridged they can become a flat or a package. So know your options when it comes to mailing your invitations. You don’t want all your beautiful, hand written invitations coming back for additional postage, or worse, going postage due to the family or friends you are inviting. The best advice I can give you is take your invitation to your local post office and have

them check it for size, weight and rigidness. We want your wedding off to a good start! Another great tip is to write the address and zip code clearly and in the center of the envelope.

Now, hopefully, you are armed with a little more knowledge to help you make a more informed decision. Wishing you all the best!

SUPERSTAR MEMORIES Photo Booth (210) 724 - 0505 Professional Quality You deserve beautiful photos.


An Elegant Addition to your Wedding

Bring the entire party Fits 10+ People




A few years ago, my family attended a Hill Country wedding that was completely embellished with heirlooms. From church pews to farm tables adorned with mix and match china, it was truly a vintage affair. Even more, it was truly beautiful and I fell in love with it…so much that, before leaving this wedding, I knew I wanted to embark on this type of adventure! Thus evolved CRU Vintage Rentals (CRU means vintage). I grew up in a family of four girls who enjoyed antiquing, searching for fabulous vintage finds, creating works of art from them and decorating. Therefore, I knew this business would be a perfect fit for me because of my love for antiques along with my background in design and special attention to detail. As a result, CRU is able to assist with designing and decorating any event, based on specific styles and tastes, in addition to offering unique vintage rentals. We hope this helps

our brides to have a dreamy vintage affair with as few worries, as possible. Our inventory is very broad ranging from vintage sofas, chairs and tables to mix and match china with colored glassware. We also have an extensive selection of elegant, tabletop heirlooms, and if you’re looking for an item that we don’t currently have in stock, we will go on a treasure hunt for it. We consider our rentals to be that touch of charm every event should have, so if you’re looking for a little extra something and not sure what it is, please come visit our warehouse. I’m sure we will find it. We currently service the Hill Country, San Antonio and surrounding areas and look forward to serving you.

Sunset Times



JUNE 1ST 8:31PM JUNE 15TH 8:36PM JULY 1ST 8:39PM JULY 15TH 8:37PM

Take a trip to the Beach for some fishing this Summer! 6th:

Annual Fishing Day LBJ Lake, TX Belmont Stakes Horse Races


Llano County Rodeo


Boerne Berges Fest Boerne, TX

Burnet County Fair Burnet, TX 20th:

Thomas Michael Riley Fredericksburg, TX


Bandera Riverfest Bandera, TX

Peach Jamboree & Rodeo Stonewall, TX

July 4th - Vinopalooza Wine Fest Marble Falls, TX 4th of July Fireworks Boerne, TX

18th - Night in Old Fredericksburg


Real Weddings

Kenneth & Arlinda Shephard BAND CHRIS STORY BAND











hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com l









Greg & Lauren McBride congratulations to our hill country couples SUMMER 2015

hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com w


Real Events

Libby’s BabyShower Mommy & Daddy Carr & Becca Stokes










It’s been a long awaited journey, to say the least. We would like to raise a toast to Carr and Becca Stokes in recognition of their happy pregnancy news. Congratulations! Married in 2007, Carr and Becca have prayed for this pregnancy for so long. And their patience and faith has finally paid off! We asked what their future plans with this new addition to the family will be. They answered, “Making memories with family and friends, planning Friday night date night with Mom, Dad and baby Libby, and enjoying many sunsets at our special spot in south Texas with our dogs and little girl by our side.” The couple looks forward to their bright future, recognizing that God has blessed them with a purpose bigger than themselves. Photo by: Snap Chic Photography

Becca Stokes is part of our Simply Serene family. What a blessing she has been, such an amazing friend and co-worker! We are so thankful to have her to work with us. She is so good with our guests, she does love people and greets them with such a warm welcoming. Anticipating the arrival of our baby Libby!

To: Becca and Carr, May your family be blessed by God in all of your life’s adventures! “The Celebration” We had Miss Libby’s shower at Tapatio Springs, which could not have been more beautiful. The staff was amazing and so accommodating to our every need. The service was impeccable at the actual event. What a beautiful place to have an event! We were very impressed!

1 Resort Way, Boerne Texas 78006 (855) 421-0211 www.TapatioResort.com



Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa announced the opening of its new resort pool and bar, a key amenity in the resort’s ongoing transformation. “Our new pool and bar area is the perfect place to relax and unwind,” said Director of Sales and Marketing Greg Haugland. “Whether they’re staying for a week or a night, we’re going to make every guest feel welcome, comfortable and content. From divein movies to fire pits, there is something for everyone.” Tapatio Springs’ new $1 million pool and bar area is the ideal setting for fun and relaxation from sun-up until sundown. The large, gracefully designed, heated swimming pool measures about 64 feet by 54 feet and is accented with native flagstone coping. The pool area features an expanded pool deck, hot tub, curved-tube water slide, fire pits, shuffleboard courts, an outdoor bar with

flat-screen televisions, and live music seasonally. Casual, Southwest-inspired foods are served at the bar and around the pool, with offerings such as handmade guacamole, kid-friendly finger foods and fresh fruit margaritas for adults. Adjacent to the pool area is a game lawn where guests can enjoy playful family sports like lawn bowling, ladder-toss and round-robin corn-hole. Just steps away, adjacent to the Pure Sol Spa, is the adults-only pool, with its natural stone water feature, hot tub and poolside cocktails made with the Texas state fruit, red grapefruit. Tapatio Springs plans to host a year-round schedule of Texas original events around the pool, such as summer dive-in movies and fall football parties. In addition to being an ideal setting for family leisure, this flexible outdoor space is the perfect venue for a variety of busi-

ness and social events, from corporate team-building exercises and competitions, to evening wedding receptions under the Hill Country’s star-studded skies. The owners of Tapatio Springs, including country music legend George Strait, are reinventing the iconic resort to be a family-friendly, affordable destination that delivers experiences well beyond expectations. To make good on that promise, they have put into place a new, highly experienced leadership team with decades of experience in hospitality management. General Manager Caleb DuBose comes to Tapatio Springs from the NYLO/ Las Colinas Hotel in Dallas, where he served for two years as general manager. Director of Golf Matt Reams oversaw the golf program at Grants Pass Golf Club in Oregon and at Cougar Canyon Golf Links in Colorado, a SUMMER 2015

Nicklaus Signature Course. Executive Chef Michael Collins comes to Tapatio Springs after directing the kitchen at San Antonio’s Eilan Resort & Spa and, previously, Meritage Resort in Napa Valley, Park City Mountain Resort in Utah, and Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. Director of Sales and Marketing Greg Haugland joined Tapatio Springs in September 2014, fresh from ten years as director of sales at San Antonio’s Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort. The team’s focus is to firmly establish the Tapatio Springs as the ultimate destination in the Texas Hill Country and deliver the most satisfying experience for each guest. By customizing services to meet guests particular needs; exceeding expectations; and providing warm, friendly and big-hearted hospitality every step of the way, they seek to create the kind of loyalty that will bring guests back to the cont’d on page 36



cont’d from page 35 resort again and again. This summer will also mark the unveiling of the renovated Tapatio Springs Hill Country Golf Course, designed by world-renowned golf course architect Tripp Davis and Associates, who has reimagined the original course set in the rolling Texas hillside. The course will receive $1.5 million in restorations envisioned by TDA, which is known across the country for its unique, hands-on approach in creating one original course design at a time. The 18-hole championship course will be fun to play and challenging for all skill levels, with dramatic elevation changes and panoramic views of some of the tallest hills in the area. A new “pure-Texas fare”

dining concept is also in the works at Tapatio Springs, where the former LaCascada and TaPatio restaurants will be combined and reopen as the La Cascada Kitchen & Bar on May 7, 2015. Executive Chef Michael Collins’ menus will be approachable both in offerings and price, featuring regional Texas cuisine, casual steakhouse favorites, and country-rustic sides, as well as refreshed cocktail menus focused on fresh-fruit margaritas and signature cocktails. The atmosphere of the full-service restaurant will be casual and fun, with flexible seating, so guests can dine indoors or out. In addition to its own exceptional amenities, Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort

cont’d from page 36 & Spa offers guests close proximity to a variety of nearby adventures. It’s just 10 minutes from Boerne, the “Key to the Hill Country,” which is rich in Texas charm, mom-and-pop shops and nearly 150 historic buildings. A short 35-minute drive away is San Antonio, with major tourist attractions like the River Walk, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, and The Shops at La Cantera. Kayaking, horseback-riding and hiking at nearby state parks are among the dozens of nearby recreational opportunities. “We are excited about all these additions to the Tapatio Springs experience,” said Haugland. “We offer our guests a well-earned respite,

delicious food and big-hearted hospitality—because we know the value of escaping the ordinary for a while.” About the Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa San Antonio’s original destination resort, Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa is nestled in the heart of the Hill Country on 220 acres among rolling hills, wildflowers and limestone cliffs. It is the ultimate family-friendly, affordable destination with a large, resort pool and bar area; an 18-hole championship golf course; and casual, full-service dining. Tapatio Springs is located at 1 Resort Way, Boerne, Texas 78006. For more information, call (855) 421-0211 or visit www. TapatioResort.com.

family dinner night

GRILLED CHICKEN AND PEPPER KABOBS 7 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into 1 inch cubes 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/3 cup honey and 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 cloves garlic 5 small onions, cut into 2 inch pieces 2 red bell peppers, cut into 2 inch pieces Skewers Directions PUBLISHER’S NOTE: There is not much more important than time with your family. That is why we have decided to do a recipe page.

In a large bowl, whisk together oil, honey, soy sauce, and pepper. Before adding chicken, reserve a small amount of marinade to brush onto kabobs while cooking.

Pick a favorite recipe you would like to make and get your family together. Use this time cooking to bond and create memories. Don’t forget to have fun and take pictures or even include a short story on how much fun you had together.

Place the chicken, garlic, onions and peppers in the bowl, and marinate in the refrigerator at least 2 hours. Preheat the grill for high heat.

Drain marinade from the chicken and vegetables, and discard marinade. Thread chicken and vegSubmit your receipes and photos to etables alternately onto the skewers. info@hillcountryweddingsmaga- Lightly oil the grill grate. zine.com for a chance to share Place the skewers on the grill. with your Hill Country Weddings Cook for 12 to 15 minutes. friends.

WATERMELON SALAD 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar 1/2 cup Olive Oil 1 tablespoon honey 1 clove of garlic, minced salt and pepper, to taste 1 medium seedless watermelon, cubed 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced 3/4 cup fresh mint, chopped 8 ounces Feta cheese, crumbled

Directions In a small mixing bowl, whisk together vinegar, olive oil, honey and garlic. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Spread 2/3 of watermelon on serving platter. Top with onion, mint and cheese and season with pepper. Pour dressing over salad and garnish with remaining watermelon cubes. Excellent with grilled shrimp or chicken.


Hello, Honeymooners! I am so excited to share my pick for your summer honeymoon. Central America! There are just so many fun adventurous things to do and see as a couple there! What a great place to have adventures with your new partner in life! I highly recommend planning your adventure with Central American Fishing. They will plan and take care of all of your needs from the time they meet you at the airport to the time they take you back. All you need to do is show up! A list of things they offer: * 10 years of experience living & working in Central America (Costa Rica). * 100% customized, private itineraries. No set packages or group tours. * A luxury boutique agency with the best 4 & 5 star hotels throughout Costa Rica, Panama, Belize. 80% of hotels are boutique hotels with 40 rooms or less.

Publisher’s Pick for a Summer Honeymoon

You can stay at some of the best award winning hotels in the world in Costa Rica. *You can combine the rain forest & adventure with relaxation at the beach. *And….you can even experience the ultimate privacy of staying on a private island in Belize. *Staff will be on call for you in country 24/7 during your vacation. *Adventure Tours! ATVs, Horseback Riding, White Water Rafting, Cave Tubing, Waterfall Rappelling, Rain Forest, Snorkeling, Diving, Canopy Zip-line, Sport Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Inshore Fishing, Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing Central American Fishing has been featured on Fox Sports West and has a partnership with Travel Guard to fully insure all vacations.

For more information, contact: Chris Atkins | Owner & Founder Central America Fishing www.centralamericafishing.com chris@centralamericafishing.com TollFree: 1-855-414-FISH ~ ext 13 facebook.com/centralamericafishing

Mention this ad and you will be treated to a free couple’s spa treatment for two. (Tell them Hill Country Weddings sent you!)


Happily Ever After THE BUCKELEW FAMILY John & Margo Buckelew Met: June 2012 Engaged: March 2014 Married: July 26, 2014 Son Baylon Mathew Baby: (John Behr Buckelew) March 26, 2015

Photo’s By: Snap Chic Photography




By: Dallas Pipes, Realtor One of the most important life decisions, other than the person you choose to marry, is when and where to buy a home. The Texas Hill Country is a perfect place to live and raise a family. It boasts beautiful scenery, pleasant weather, friendly people and nationally ranked schools. The homes you will find anything from a close-knit neighborhood, to wide open ranches. Although the home buying process can be overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. Hiring an agent with energy, character and integrity will alleviate undue stress. A reputable agent will be there with you every step of the way to explain the tax benefits of owning your own home, as well as explaining the various energy cost and savings on each home and just being well-versed in the entire buying/selling process. Key Points: -do not over-buy on your first home -know your price range and stick to it -know what your payment will be with all the added expenses -choose a home/community which you feel will have future desirability Your home is a place you will come home to after a long day of work or play. You want it to be a relaxing, enjoyable place, not a a stress inducer. Just like in your relationships communication is golden. You want to communicate well with your new home team, REALTOR®/lender/family. All need to be on the same page. This is something that is going to need attention so pick your team wisely!

Photo by: Chandra’s Collection Photography

Photo’s by: Snap Chic Photography




Everlasting E Love L

By Crystal Wiedenfeld


Patrickk and Pa nd Carla Carlla Heath are celebrating ngg their eir i 50th wedding anniversary aryy th this is yyear! They were marrie on June married Jun 18, 1965 and then spent p their heir first yyear of marriage liv g like living ik “poor” students in Goettin Goettingen, Germany. Patrick had a Ger Fulbright lb h SScholarship h l to study New Testament theology auf Deutsch and Carla studied German language. During that first year, they grew close because of being so far away from parents. As their families were good friends, you could say that Carla and Patrick grew up together. They even attended the same youth programs in church. Patrick and Carla both graduated from college in Texas. Patrick even earned a second master’s degree, in Urban Studies at UT Arlington. Carla taught school in Austin, while Patrick began his pastoral work. In Boerne most recently, they have owned and operated the bakery; and in addition they have been invoved in many volunteer organizations. They truly believe in supporting their community through volunteerism. As we sat down to begin the interview for this article, I realized that every good thing that I had heard about the Heaths was true. I honestly don’t think I have ever met a couple who has given so much to their community. The Heaths volunteer for just about everything you can think of. They work hard as a team to help the less fortunate. Patrick has been on the

board of Morningside Ministries for many years. He is well-known as a legislative advocate in State and National library circles. Boerne’s very own library was named “The Patrick Heath Public Library” after Mr. Heath. He was the mayor of Boerne for 20 years. Carla has served for many years on the Kendall County Child Services Board and the board of trustees of the Meadowland Charter School. In addition, she has been on the board of Hill Country Family Services for a long stretch. When I asked the Heaths what advice they would give young couples to help ensure a lasting marriage, they listed the following: • Think carefully about your marriage and take your time before committing, marriage is forever • Make sure that you, as a couple, have the same ideas and goals. • Common backgrounds and other similarities can help a marriage succeed. • Give one another individual freedom and room to be creative.

The Heath’s married . June 18, 1965 together in one place. Thank you again, Patrick and Carla Heath, for your amazing work in our beautiful community and congratulations on your long, successful marriage. Here is to your future, from one of your most appreciative members of our community, Hill Country Weddings.

So what have the Heaths planned for their 50th? They have rented a house on the coast of Oregon where their two daughters, their husbands and two grandchildren will come and celebrate the special occasion as a family. Their daughters live in different states so the Heaths are looking forward to spending some quality time with the family all SUMMER 2015



hillcountryweddingsmagazine.com Photo by: Al Gawlik Photography at Pecan Springs Ranch

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