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Halloween Costume InspirationTrash Costume (pg. 6)

Medallion dancers and cheerleaders at the Dance, Cheer, and Mascot clinic teaching kids a routine to perform at the Friday football game Photo by Jayla Hatcher (page 7)

Band Drum Majors and Colorguard Captains waiting for awards at South San Competition. on September 30th. They recieved a trophy for 2nd place. Photo Credit: GMPhotography (page 8)

Principal, Mrs. Cervantes, delivers collected Hurricane Harvey donations. (page 12)


2. Fall Entertainment 4. Fall Obsession 6. Haute Haunt 7. Dance and Cheer CLinic 8. Is Band a Sport? 10. Taking the Lead 12. Harvey Aftermath 14. David’s Law 17. Scary or Not? 18. Lazy Epidemic 20. Teen Pregnancy 22. Impact of Breast Cancer 24. The Newest IPhones

26. A week in the Life of... 28. Meet the Staff Cover Design By Jayla Hatcher Table of Contents Design by Talia Snow

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Fall Entertainment By: C’Airah Tate

Everything about fall is amazing. The holidays, fashion statements, and luke-warm weather… but what’s even better is the entertainment. New seasons of your favorite TV shows, new albums being dropped by your favorite artist, and new movies to watch with your friends. From reality tv shows like ,“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, to dramatic films like “The Mountain Between Us” and lit albums like “Culture 2” by Migos, are being advertised to come out this season across the world. With all these and many more, you can rest asured that there is a lot to look forward to this season.

The Voice 11% Grey’s Anatomy 33%

The Flash 8% KUWTK 7%

Riverdale 41%

“ I like action movies because it makes you think about how life would be if you were actually in the film.” -Cashun Knight, 11th




“ I like watching Grey’s Anatomy because you get to learn alot of medical terminalogy, but also I love the juicy drama. So it’s like a win-win situation.” - Christina Martin, 11th

Drama 24%

Comedy 33%

Horror 14%

Romance 6%

Action 24%

Coming Back Soon To a TV Near You! DRAMA



Grey’s Anatomy This Is Us Empire Scandal Riverdale Criminal Minds

Stranger Things American Horror Story

Are You The One Bachelorette The Voice KUWTK Black Ink Crew Love&Hip Hop: New York

Game of Thrones

COMEDY Bob’s Burger Impractical Jokers Big Bang Theory Black-Ish

NEW MUSIC Rap / Hip Hop Kevin GatesBy Any Means 2 MigosCulture 2 Gucci ManeMr.Davis


Boogie W Da HoodieThe Bigger Artist LecraeAll Things Work Together

Taylor SwiftReputation

BTSLove Yourself

Demi LovatoTell Me You Love Me

Miley CyrusYounger Now

NEW Movies HORROR “Happy Death Day” “The Mountain Between Us” “Strength Defines Us.” “Marshall Movie”

COMEDY “BOO! 2- MaDea Halloween”

ACTION “ The Foreigner” “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” “ American Made”

“ Battle of The Sexes”






By: Jaslyn Lewis

We went around and asked a couple of our fellow classmates some questions about what they do during the fall season. Take a look down below to see what they said!

Are there any certain rituals you do to prepare for the fall season?

Do you dress a certain style during the fall season? “When it gets colder, I can wear a lot more sweaters and jackets, but other than that,my style stays the same.” -Amy Ryan(11th)

“Yes I do! I go shopping for boots and pumkin scented candles.” - aylor Cepeda(9th) T

If you have one, what is your favorite fall scent? “Anything pumpkin. Literally!” -Evelyn Brumer(10th) SQUIRE



What is your GO TO fall outfit? “My go to fall outfit would be anything rusty orange and mustard yellow but specifically a knitted cardigan, an infinity scarf, and riding boots” - Zailah Timmons(12th)

What is your favorite Halloween movie and why? “Oh gosh! I have a lot of favorites, but my favorite Halloween movies would have to be the Halloweentown Series! I would watch it everytime it came on Disney Channel during halloween time. It just brings me back to my childhood memories!” -Karina Flores(12th)



Out of all of Starbucks’s fall drinks, which one is your favorite? “I don’t know if this is considered a fall drink, but I love the hazelnut latte!” -Robyn Oncken(12th)


haute haunt Written and designed by Kaylie Borin

Chocolate, Sweet, or Sour?

Chocolate- 41% Sweet- 31% Sour- 29%

Trick or Treating?

Minutes before:

#1- Literally any 80’s character. Whip out those mom jeans and there you go. Vintage.

Hours before:

#2- Any animal ever. Just draw on a nose and whiskers with eyeliner or marker and you’re finished. Also try wearing the same colored clothing for added effort.

yes no “I feel like at a certain point it’s greedy.” London Vallery (12th Grade) “For the candy.” Xavier Player (11th Grade)

#1-Zombie (insert noun here). Scissors and fake blood-, bam you’re finished.

#2- Your celebrity/ halloween look a like. I’m sure you can scrape something out of your closet to look like Wednesday Addams or Miley Cyrus.

#1- Creative juices not flowing? At least you have time to just buy a costume.

#2-Feeling creative? Time to pull up pinterest and get some scissors.

Days before:

“We’re only kids once.” Angelina Escontrias (10th Grade) “I’d go trick or treating just to scare people.” Wyatt Begeal (9th Grade)




2017 Dance, Cheer, and Mascot Clinic On Saturday, Sept. 16, the dance and cheer teams hosted their annual clinic for kids ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. The student-led clinic serves as a way to raise funds for the their programs. The dance team and cheer team taught the children fundamentals as well as a routine that was performed at the following football game.

“D a nce C lin ic is s o m e t hin g fu n to w atch a n d to be a par t o f in da nce . I like tea ching t he li t t le k id s a routine fo r t he m to s h o w o ff to t he cro w d . I ca n’t w a i t fo r nex t year!” - Ra v e n Stern s, s oph o m o re

Photos by Haley Parker and Jayla Hatcher

“I rea lly e njo y da nc ing wi t h t he li t t le k id s o n t he field a n d s pe n d ing ti m e tea ching t he m t he da nce,” -K a ley Irle, se n io r

“I lo v e d perfo rm ing o n t he field in fro nt o f t he cro w d,” -S a m a nt ha Fa in, 6t h gra de

The Dance Clinic participants performed their dance to the song “Sassy Girl” on Sept. 22, before the Varsity football game vs. Smithson Valley. More than a 100 kids participated, making it another great success for their Dance, Cheer, and Mascot Clinic.




Story and Design by Ceana Ray Q: What are your thoughts on band being a sport or not? A: I definitely believe band should be considered a sport, they work out physically just as hard as any other sport. Q: How does this argument affect Friday night games? A: Not that I‛m aware of, our coaches have told us in the past how lucky we are to have a student body who supports us so much. Q: What are some football routines? A: Our physical practice is comprised of different things for every position, but we don‛t just straight condition like run a mile. Q: What is a ‘sport‛ to you? A: My personal definition of a sport is anything where one competes against others in something they‛re passionate about. Q: Do you have anyone in your family that has been in band? A: My brother played in the Steele band until he graduated in ‘09, then went on to play for the Troopers in DCI. He was

Q: Why do you think band is a sport? A: Band requires a physical just like other sports. Q: What‛s band camp like? A: It‛s horrible... We had days from 7 am to 9 pm. Q: Why do you think everyone is so opinionated about this? A: People don‛t understand the work we put in. We work hard just like other sports, Q: What are band practices like? A: It‛s always hot and they are very long days. Q: What is the definition of a ‘sport‛ to you? A: A sport is a physical activity that competes in a competition or a game. Q:What is the schedule like when you get to band competitions? A: Before we perform, we change into our uniforms, and get off the bus.Then we unload the truck and warm up for about an hour.

in the best shape of his life.

Q: What are some differences between band and football? A: Band has a longer lasting physical wear and tear, football is more of 30 seconds of physical exhaustion then rest a bit then repeat. Q: How long are the practices for football? A: The practices are about 2 hours and 30 minutes give or take. Q: What is a ‘sport‛ to you? A: Anything that physically and mentally challenges your body and mind through any sort of movement. Q: Where do you spend most of your time? A: I spend it either in the soccer or football locker room, at home or the band hall. Q: How does this argument affect the way you see both activities? A: I‛ve always thought marching band is a sport because it requires the same sort of fitness. Marching for an 8 minute show is like running a mile race.




Photo by: Jayla Hatcher

Every Saturday, band has to wake up from the late night they had the night before at the football game, come back to the school, and practice their show to prepare for competitons. Getting timing and positioning on the field just right can be pretty difficult. Besides the added elements of sweating under your uniform while running around playing your instrument, dodging the flags and rifles from color guard, all while looking elegant. Color guard joins the band at competitions and during halftime at the football games, but during the competitions color guard does not affect the bands score negatively, only positively. Color guard is scored separately but performs with the band. The band’s show is titled “A Beautiful Mind.” It highlights the concept of the left (analytical) and right (creative) side of the brain. Each movement aims to portray a side of the mind.

The band plays in the stands during the beginning of the game. They play songs ranging from the classics like 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago to hip hop like All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. With a few mins still left in the second quarter, the band climbs out of the stands and gets ready to perform. At halftime they perform their contest show, which is about 9-12 minutes. After halftime the band all goes back in the stands, except the drum line and the trombones. They play and dance with the cheerleaders and the student section. Then they continue entertaining the crowd and cheering on the team, until the clock runs out, and it’s time to mentally prepare for the next day’s competition.



In late July, band camp starts, ending band kid’s summer. From 7 am to 4 pm, it’s marching and learning where you fit in. An additional rehersal is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9 on the field. Learning discipline, how to stand and hold your instrument without moving, and learning to deal with the sun beating down on you can get pretty rough. Freshmen come in early on a few days before returning members to learn the basics of marching band.


Moments fade, memories last a lifetime BUY YOUR YEARBOOK AT WWW.JOSTENS.COM For questions e-mail Ms. Reed at




Taking The Lead Meet Steele’s new head coaches!

Coach Madill

Photo Courtesy Mac’y Patterson

Coming from Smithson Valley after coaching volleyball there for twelve years is Coach Jordan Madill.

Q: What was your history in volleyball before coming to Steele? A: “I played volleyball in high school for Katy.” Q: How do you feel about being a Steele Knight? A: “It’s awesome! The community has been extremely welcoming as well as everyone that works here like the teachers, administration, as well as the students.” Q: What are your hopes for your Steele career/the season? A: “It’s always a professional goal of mine to get to the state tournament and right now we are building for that. The girls bought into what I’m asking them to do quickly and we’re headed in the right direction.” Photo by J.Hatcher

Photo by G.Burton

Coach Saenz Although Coach David Saenz Jr. is not new to Steele High School, he has taken up the new position this year of Head Football Coach, following Coach Lenhoff’s promotion to District Athletic Director.

Q: What are some of your goals for the Knights moving forward? A: “To keep working on all the skills we’ve been doing and to keep improving.” Q: Have you reached your goal career-wise by having this position and do you have any hopes for the team heading forward? A: “I’ve always wanted to be a head coach, it was my dream, so right now I’m beyond happy with where I’m at.”



Photo courtesy of Darren Abate/For The Express-News




Steele High School lends a helping hand by gathering donations Written and Design By : Jasmyn Weaver

The plethora of hurricanes have wrecked havoc on Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, the Texas coast, and countless other countries. Hurricane Harvey left the Texas coast devastated. Luckily, Knight Nation donated their time and resources to help those in need. During the first week of school, students were encouraged to donated water, food, money, and anything they could provide. Then, on Friday Sept. 1, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, Coach Herrera, and the basketball team went down to the coast to give those affected the donations. The basketball team helped with the demolition of houses. “We had to take out cabinets, flooring, carpets, and take everything out of someone’s house and put it on the curb.” Coach Herrera said. “My HOSA kids brought in

diapers, but we didn’t bring anything down there because our cars were loaded with cardboard boxes,gloves, tools and hammers. We didn’t have the ability to take down the donations. Our on campus officer, Officer Walls, was collecting items, so we donated our diapers to her.” Isabella (Izzy) Nally, 10th, was evacuated from Corpus on August 24, while she was dropping off her brother at A&M Corpus so he could move into his dorm room. “I wasn’t really surprised since I knew about the hurricane, but I was honestly worried about how long it was gonna take to get out of there,” Izzy said.

“I’ve never lived in an area where the weather has gotten that bad.” -Izzy Nally, 10th




Izzy and her mom were in Corpus for a day and they evacuated later in the day. “We evacuated later in the day because we didn’t want to be in a place where we waited too long and then we got stuck.” What was supposed take two and a half hours took six hours to get home. “Luckily I was with my mom so we were able to keep ourselves entertained, but it was still such a long ride back.” No one can predict when a disaster like Harvey is gonna hit. Thankfully, there are people like Knight Nation who can help those impacted by these disasters do their best to get back on their feet. “It’s not about us, it’s about putting others first and supporting other people.” Coach Herrera said, and that’s exactly what Knight Nation did.

“It’s not about us. It’s about putting others first and supporting other people.” -Coach Herrera

Coach Herrera, Tommy Nixon, JeVaughnte Shannon, and Eli McGouryk work restoring homes that were destroyed from storms.

Principal Mrs. Cervantes reviewing all the student donatations collected by Knight Nation.

Time Matters for those affected by Harvey.

September 3, 2017 Mr. and Mrs. Matthews travel to the coast with their famiy and drop off the donations.

September 3, 2017 Coach Herrera and the basketball team clean homes that were destroyed by flooding.



August 28August 25,2017 September 1, 2017 Hurricane Knights Nation Harvey hits the bring in donations Texas Coast

By Talia Snow

On September 1, David’s Law, a law designed to help schools prevent and punish students who harass or bully other students online, took effect. This law will affect our students, their parents, and school districts. The law was created after an Alamo Heights students committed suicide after online harassment. The law protects students from other students who encouraging suicide, otherwise known as suicide baiting, violent threats, and releasing indecent photos of a student. These actions could now be punishable by up to a Class A misdemeanor. “ I think already this year we’ve already seen an increase in students coming forward,” said counselor Ms. Ranallo, “because they’ve heard of the law and they know what happens, so they are quicker to let us know that something is occuring.” “Most people don’t know what the law does, and a lot of it is actually thrown back at the parents, and they don’t realize that” Asistant Principal Mrs. Wagner said. “But it defintley puts a big implica-




tion on bullying that wasn’t there before.” Parents and the schools may be held responsible for their students actions, if the court decides that they could have prevented their actions and did not. Before this law, schools created their own laws and punishments for acts of bullying or harassment, this law will create specific guidelines for schools to adhere to when making their policies regarding bullying, and allow them to legally take action when these events occur. This includes an anonymous reporting system for students, and the ability to work with the police to investigate the student’s actions. “It puts a spoltight on bullying, which is a good thing,” Ranallo added, “but there’s a big component that’s missing which is to help students develop resliency and the ability to better deal with some situations.” Because Molak’s parents fought for this law to be created, there is now a tone of zero tolerance regarding cyber bullying. While it may not put an end to the cyberbullying, there are now serious consequences for these actions, which is a step in the right direction.


of voters agree that social media users are becoming more bold with their comments and criticism of others


of voters have witnessed acts of suicide baiting or online bullying


of voters agree social media is becoming more negative

Tree of Life Church

Scary or Not Design by Nydia Bolmer

Classic v. remake


48% IT-2017





No Carrie1976

Don’t Breathe Nightmare on Elm Street-1984


Nightmare on Elm Street-2010






You’re Next Yes


Get Out Yes


Scream Yes No



Carrie 2012

The Conjuring


In the words of high school students everywhere “I’m so lazy I..”

One time, I didn’t eat all day because I didn’t want to leave my bed.” Holly Bruner, 12th


I will let my TV run all night because I don’t want to find the remote to turn it off.

Aleesia Tafoya, 12th


My charger can be right next to me ... and I will still let my phone die. Desitney Santiago, 11th


I won’t do laundry until I’ve worn all of my clothes twice. Madi Harper, 12th


I never actually put clothes away I just wear them out of the basket until they’re all dirty. Austin Fender, 12th

Can’t remeber to pay your bills, no problem, the money will automatically disapear from your account with auto-pay and mobile banking. And ladies, if you just can’t deal with doing your makeup anymore, we’ve got you covered, thereare eyeborw stencils, eyebrow stamps, or if even that’s too much, just have them permanently tattooed on your face with microblading. Add eyelash extensions to the quation and you might get away with never doing your makeup again. Going on vacation and want to see the city, but the walk woukd be too much, rent a segway. And have you seen the holiday light projectors? I’m convincced that eventually all Chirstmas decorations will be holagraphic. And parents, it’s never been easier to take care of your kids, with baby rockers, bouncers, shushers, bottle slings, to name a few products. Finally, Google. In today’s world you don’t even have to think for yourself. If you want the answer to just about any question, just Google it. And you know what? I’m too lazy to conclude this, so go on living your lazy lives.

Story and Design by Talia Snow



I have recently come to realize how seldom doing things for yourself, or even leaving the house is really neccessary. For example, you really don’t feel like going to the groccery store, well no worries, you can order them online and pick them up without even leaving your car from Walmart with curbside pickup. And companies like Blue Apron can deliver fresh produce and other ingredients and a recipe for you to make your meals. And now with services like TaskRabbit, Shipt, and PostMates you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to get your errands done, you can let other people run your errands for you. And with all the Amazon services, such as Amazon delivery, Prime Now, and Alexa you might never have to go beyond your front steps. Alexa has features that allow you to turn your TV and lights on, place orders, make reminders, all by voice command right from the couch. And if you have an extreme craving for Chick-Fil-A, but can’t take the drive, don’t worry UberEats will deliver all your favorite foods right to your door. Wanna tell your mom happy birthday but you’re too tired to move your thumbs, there’s speech-to-text.


Teen Pregnancy Design and Story by: Sabrina Ponce

The topic of teen pregnancy often goes avoided, with the exception of mandatory health classes that provide little insight into the struggles and outcomes of becoming a teen parent. Whether they are uncomfortable with the topic or believe it can’t happen to them, chances are, today’s teens aren’t discussing the matter at hand. Births in adolescents has yet to decrease and has been an issue for generations. Raising a child while still trying to grow up is no doubt a challenge, and without the support and help needed it can seem impossible. Many question what life must be like for the children of these adolescent parents. A child born to young parents might have different experiences compared to a child born to older, more mature parents. Much like every birth, no two childhoods are the same and although the outcome results in a child, the years to follow are to be a deciding factor of how one handles life with a child.

Student and first born to a teen mom, Jasmyn Weaver, sophomore, gives insight to what life is like being the result of teen pregnancy. “My mom was 18 and a senior at Judson when she had me. I was told that at first my grandfather was a little bit upset but then he was supportive. We even lived with my grandparents for the first 5 years of my life. My mom graduated from Judson and went to Our Lady of the Lake for a while, but eventually she dropped out so she could work more. In 2013 she got her Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix.” “My life growing up was pretty normal despite the custody situation; I just happened to have a young mom and I lived with my grandparents. Now it’s more intense because my mom is worried I’ll be a teen mom like her. She’s more on my case about stuff like that. I definitely think teen pregnancy can be avoided but it does happen and it depends on how the situation is handled.”

750,000 Teen Pregnancies/year




30% of teen moms will earn a high school diploma

1.5% of teen moms will earn a college degree by age 30

-Ariana Holley, 11 SQUIRE


3 in 10 American teens will get pregnant before the age of 20

“My mom was 16 when she got pregnant with me and 17 when she had me. She dropped out of school before she got pregnant and went through her pregnancy alone. My whole family told her to get rid of me. My dad was 18 when my mom got pregnant; my parents met because my mom had run away and he took her in. He introduced her to hard drugs. Growing up we were very poor, but my mom somehow always made it work. She is currently an at home mom with five kids. I feel like my mom is more understanding with me because she did way worse things at my age. However, she was also much more strict until about a year ago because she didnt want me to end up like her. She told me to never ever get pregnant, and how horrible her teenage years were due to the mistakes she made. I think teen pregnancy is not something that should happen. It’s completely possible to be safe, and I dont think anyone is ready at this age. I’m certainly not.”


The IMPACT of Breast Cancer

Writ ten and Designed by Hailey Giles

get tested, do it.” If she would have known 15 months earlier, she could have begun prevention plans to thwart development. Katherine’s case is similar to many others; her breast cancer is not genetic, but a compilation of several different factors such as, “hormones, stress, my diet, and obesity; I had all those bad things at the same time,” Katherine said. So many of us think we can only get breast cancer if someone in our family had it, but that’s not necessarily the case. Almost 90% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer didn’t inherit the disease; it developed from other factors. “When I found out, I wasn’t in denial. I knew I was going to overcome this,” Katherine says. She told me she wasn’t fearful, because she had so much support from friends and family. Bianca, her

daughter, said, “...I never saw my mom as weak, because that’s not the type of woman she is; she is a strong lady, she is a veteran, a mother, and my best friend.” With the support from her family and friends, Katherine fought through all of her treatments. In the end, many people are afraid of knowing early because they fear what they can’t control. “The fear hasn’t really set in, and I hope it never will,” Katherine Bermudez. She was never fearful because of her faith, love, and support from her family. If more people had this type of support, they wouldn’t be fearful of pre-screening, which would ultimately decrease the devastating effects of this horrible disease.



Breast cancer, a condition in which one in every eight women are diagnosed with in their lifetime and also the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women, yet this type of cancer is most commonly undetected. Why is this? Why do so many women struggle from this, and yet so many people know nothing about it? Katherine Bermudez, 49, is a wife and mother of 2, and a survivor of breast cancer. Katherine put off screening for 14 months; during those 14 months she developed 2 tumors on her breast. Thirty percent of women with breast cancer go undetected because they are fearful to go in for a screening. These women are not only fearful of the process itself but of the results that may come after. Despite their fear, it’s absolutely essential to get the special screenings since they can detect cancer 15 months prior to the cancer even arriving in your body. Mammograms are the most controversial topic when it comes to breast cancer. So many women who have the mutation are against the idea of getting pre-screened. Why? Fear! People are fearful of having to live with the results. Katherine says, “If you have the opportunity to




“It doesn’t feel real, until it all sets in at once.”-Katherine Bermud ez





Drawn by Bianca Bermudez, This is a drawing of an actual picture of her and her mother.


The Newest iPhones: 8, 8+, and X IPhone TImeline

“I’m a fan of the iPhone X layout.. it’s a bigger screen that makes it easier to see stuff and overall looks better without the border .” -Kaitlyn Gutierrez, 11

“i feel like the glass on the phones is a bad idea .. a lot of people already crack their phones, so if it is fully glass there might be more issues.” -Kaya Lopez, 10




Apple released 3 new iPhones this year in September. The iPhone 8 and 8+ were released September 22nd, and the iPhone X was released September 27th. The iPhone’s new features come with a big price tag, the iPhone 8 is starting at $699, the plus is $949, and the iPhone X has a starting price at $999. The biggest new features on the 8 is the glass back for wireless charging, a better camera, and a faster processor. The difference between the 7 and the X is (obviously) the edege-to-edge screen, the absence of a home button, a better display, better camera, and also a glass back for wireless charging. In regards to the iPhone 8, Kaitlyn Gutierrez said, “I think it’s different than the 7 only because of wireless charging but I don’t think it’s better.” “I think for them to be charging this much for an iPhone it should come in more than just the generic color options,” said Kaitlyn Gutierrz, 11. The new iPhone X only comes in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, and possibly a “blush gold” color, but they will no longer come in rose gold. “Rose Gold is a pretty color but I’ve never had it so its not a big issue to me.”said Kaya Lopez, 10. The iPhone X seems to be the only real upgrade here, but Kaitlyn Gutierrez says she doesn’t think she will get an iPhone 8 or X, “because they’re too expensive and I am accustomed to the one I have now.”

ShamC Hale

MMy Kay Independent Beauty CCsultant 443-388-3555

“You become my first priority in creating your ideal beauty experience”



A Week in the Life of Written and Designed by Hailey Giles


I Let My Dad Dress Me For a Week. Welcome to a week in my life, or should I say, a week where I try living like someone else. This is a segment where I will take on a new challenge for school week, 5 full days. I let me dad dress me for a week, I know, pretty scary. Let me give you a little background information. My signature style consists of a lot of the same 3 colors: white, black, and gray, not many patterns or colors. And my father on the other hand, loves pattern and colors.

MONDAY Red pants, thats pretty much all I have to say

about this outfit. I hate the pants, absolutely hate them. The shirt is great, but I would never think to put them with red pants, and I probably won’t ever do it again. The shoes are super cute, but they dont really match with this outfit. And the belt, why does my dad think patterned belt from a romper goes wih anything othern than that romper. Overall, Monday wasn’t too bad.

“What’s with the belt?”- Emily Cramberg, 10th




“It’s not bad, but this outfit isn’t you at all.”Bianca Bermudez, 11th Grade

TUESDAY Honestly, this outfit wasn’t bad, but not me at

all. I haven’t worn this shirt since 6th grade, and

after this week I wont ever wear it again. I dont like how bold the pattern is, and the bright colors were a little too much for me. And the sandals, I can not remember the last time I wore sandals to school. They weren’t bad per say, but not my style at all. Honestly, this wasn’t bad, its just not something I would usuallly wear.

WEDNESDAY Wow, wow, wow. This outfit was just a little too much for me. My dad thought that putting a sweater over the dress would make it look much

“This is honestly one of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen you in .”-Grace Bello, 11th Grade

cuter, but in reality, the extra layer just

made me sweat a lot. I found myself trying

to tie the sweater to make it look cuter, but nothing was really working. He also suggested to put my hair in pigtails to make me look cuter, but in reality, they made me look like a 6 year old. This outfit made me feel super self conscious.

THURSDAY “This is the most... YOU outfit yet.” - Kaylie Borin, 12th Grade

Honestly, I love this outfit. I love the sweater, I love the pants, and I love the shoes. My dad did great on this one. It happened to be freezing in the

school today, and this sweater actually made it comfortable. I’m happy

with this outfit today.

FRIDAY This day my dad wasnt able to dress me because I was required to wear my dance uniform, however, I gave him the option of choosing my makeup, and he took me up on that. He chose no makeup. To be completly honest, I expected to feel seel conscious, but in reality, I felt so good. I was able to rub my eyes without worrying about all my makeup messing up. Wearing no makeup actually

“This is my favorite, you need to wear makeup less often”- Tom Giles, my dad

made me feel super empowered.




meet the staff jaslyn lewis

a at li w s no

hailey giles

Editorial Staff

jas m wea yn ver

lie y a K in Bor

jayl hatch a er marc iano paris ano




Designed by Jayla Hatcher

c’a tat irah e

angelina bell

sabri n ponce a ceana ray

Staff Reporters ee l y br ell dibr


nyd bolm ia er



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