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Table of Contents Welcome.............................................................4 About Us........................................................... 4 Letter from Our Chairman................................ 5 General Info & Maps.............................................. 6 Floor Map......................................................... 6 Convention Hours............................................. 7 Rules and Policies......................................................8 General Rules................................................... 8 Cosplay...................................................... 10-12 Event Tickets Info & Policy.............................. 13 San Japan Cares Information.......................... 14 Guests Descriptions...................................................15 Cosplay Guests............................................... 15 Guests........................................................ 16-20 Musical Guests.......................................... 21-22 Staff Credits................................................................ 23 Cover Illustration by Pastelmonstaa

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Welcome About Us Formed in Fall 2005, San Japan, LLC is a fan-run organization tasked with providing an annual Animefocused convention, supplying high-quality entertainment and education for our attendees, and promoting a safe and fun environment for fans. We strive to cultivate the acceptance and appreciation of anime and other participating fandoms in South Texas. The inaugural three-day convention was held in San Antonio, Texas on August 8-10, 2008.

Mission Statement To provide an opportunity for all participating cultures and persons to come together in appreciation of Japanese animation and other unique aspects from surrounding Asian and fan cultures which associate with this convention event.

Letter from Our Chairman Every year we reflect on our mission. Have we created an accessible, enjoyable, and fun space to celebrate fandom? This year we’ve expanded into a 3+ day show: starting on Thursday evening and running all the way until Sunday afternoon. We’ve worked to keep the badges all-inclusive while growing to take over more of the convention center and the hotels. We’ve spent countless hours making San Japan a platform powered by fans of anime and dozens of other fandoms. Welcome to San Japan XI, The Magical Universe. The Magical Universe is a place of creativity. For this weekend, our San Japan family lives in a realm where Sailor Soldiers protect us, everyone has a transformation sequence, and defenders of the earth lurk inside each person. Be yourself, spread your wings, and sparkle. We are excited to bring more firsts to San Antonio. The first ever Texas YouTube Concert, first time visits from a seiyuu, and first steps towards an expansion in gaming content with the largest arcade at a Texas anime convention. You’re in for a treat when Deadlift Lolita, a kawaiicore idol, performs on Saturday afternoon. We’ll be right there with you at the Grand Hyatt 4th floor on Saturday.

San Japan XI Board of Directors Dave Henkin Sotero David Ramirez Miguel Rodriguez Angelica Lunod

San Japan has been, and will continue to be, a labor of love for fandom. We are glad that you are here to celebrate for one long weekend. We can’t wait to see you around the convention. Thank you, San Antonio, Bexar County, South Texas, and all our friends around the world. And in the name of the Moon, we welcome you!


Floor Map

Info Plushie


Convention Hours Registration Hours HBG - BRIDGE HALL (Near Hall 4) Thursday

5:30pm - 11:30pm


9am - 9:30pm


9am - 8pm


10am - 4pm

Artist Alley & Tabletop Gaming HBG - Hall 4A Friday

10am - 8:30pm


10am - 8pm


10am - 5pm

Aracde & Electronic Gaming HBG - Hall 4B (1st Floor) + Hemisfair Ballroom (3rd Floor) Friday

10am - 11pm


10am - 11pm


10am - 5:30pm

Dealers HBG - Hall 3 Friday

12:30pm - 8pm (12pm VIP)


11am - 7pm (10:30am VIP)


10am - 4:30pm

Info Desk / SJ-CARES / Industry HBG - West Registration (Near Hall 4B) Friday

9am - 9:30pm


9am - 8:30pm


10am - 4pm

Karaoke Room Grand Hyatt - 4th Floor - Republic Room Friday

10am - 4am


10am - 4am


10am - 4pm

Craft Room HBG - River Level - Room 008 Friday

10am - 6pm


10am - 6pm


10am - 4pm

Manga Library HBG - 2nd Floor - Room 215 Friday

10am - 6pm


10am - 6pm


10am - 4pm

Rules and Policies General Rules & Behavior Guidelines


• A valid badge must be purchased and worn openly at all times. Anyone without a badge visibly displayed on the con floor will be asked to leave. Any person without a valid badge will not be permitted entry into events, vending spaces, or other key convention areas. • By purchasing or obtaining a badge, you agree to adhere to all the rules and policies outlined in this program book. • Only ADA working animals are allowed in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The Grand Hyatt is a pet-friendly hotel. Cats and dogs under 50 lbs. will be permitted in the hotel with permission from hotel staff. • No alcohol or drugs are permitted in convention spaces at any time. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to return to their rooms. Refusal to return to your room may result in action by the San Antonio Police Department and removal from the convention. • Shoes must be worn at all times in convention spaces. “Barefoot” cosplays must wear shoes or non open-toe lyricals, however they may be removed for photographs. • No sleeping is permitted in any convention spaces including lobbies, hallways, vendor spaces, and gaming areas. • While waiting for an event, form a single-file, orderly line under the direction of convention volunteers and/or staff. Cosplayers taking pictures are encouraged to move to the side of the hallway or find an open space where they will not impede the flow of traffic. Sitting in the hallways is permitted, but do not be a road block. • Follow all convention staff, convention volunteer, hotel staff, and convention center staff instructions. Treat staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy. If a problem arises with a convention volunteer, seek out Safety and report the issue immediately.


• Do not move or tamper with hotel property or equipment including lobby chairs, couches, curtains, doors, windows, etc. Do not move or tamper with convention property including tables, microphones, video equipment, etc. If you require assistance with convention or hotel property, ask a member of convention staff. • Do not affix signs, posters, banners or anything else to walls, doors, windows, or floors in the convention or hotel space. • Mistreatment of other guests is prohibited. Complaints of harassment, stalking, bullying, glomping, and mobbing will be investigated and may result in expulsion from the convention. San Japan has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and discrimination. San Japan is committed to reporting any dangerous or illegal acts to the proper authorities. • Locals, tourists, and others not involved in the convention will naturally be curious about the convention and its attendees. Treat these individuals with courtesy and respect. Our convention has an excellent reputation in the city of San Antonio because of our excellent attendees.

Props & Weapons • No live weaponry such as edged steel, non-replica firearms, or functional projectile weaponry is permitted in convention spaces at any time. Convention staff reserve the right to inspect any prop or weaponry at any time. • All props must be examined and approved by the safety desk immediately upon entering any convention or hotel spaces. Unchecked weaponry will be directed to the safety desk. Repeated failures to have weaponry approved will result in expulsion from the convention. • All projectile weaponry including but not limited to Airsoft, Nerf, and paintball weaponry must be unloaded, trigger-locked, and must have the barrel plugged. Bright orange barrel plugs are required.

• All weapons purchased in vendor spaces must immediately be transported in the box or packaging to the attendee’s hotel room or vehicle and left there for the duration of the convention.

• Occasionally, convention staff and volunteers need to speak loudly enough that the entire line hears the instructions. Convention staff and volunteers are not yelling at you.

• No swinging, play fighting, firing projectiles, or throwing of any kind will be permitted at any time. Violation of this rule will result in possible expulsion from the convention.

• For events with seats, completely fill in all seats and do not leave any empty seats. You may not be able to sit next to all members of your party.

• San Japan is a family-friendly convention. Excessively revealing clothing or costumes are not permitted. Private areas must be covered with opaque cloth at all times. Attendees in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change. • Convention spaces have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Because of this, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and may only be removed for photographs. • No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.

Rivercenter Mall San Japan is close to the Rivercenter Mall, which has a great food court on the bottom floor and plenty of shops. The Mall has asked that we share these basic guidelines with our attendees. Before entering the Rivercenter mall, please know cosplay props, masks, and face paint are not allowed. It is your responsibility to not break these simple rules or you will be kicked out of the mall! San Japan will not hold onto or store any cosplay items either. Find a friend to hold your item or store it in your hotel room before entering the mall. The Rivercenter Mall also has some other general rules that apply to all patrons and these rules can be found on their website: security . These rules are subject to change without notice.

Events & Policy • Keep lines single-file, and stay close to walls/ barricades. • Do not block doorways with the line. • No cutting under any circumstances. Friends may not save your spot in line for you.

• Convention staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave if they are being disruptive or not following the rules. Attendees that do not listen to staff instructions may be expelled from the convention.


Dress Code

• Event specific rules will be announced at the start of the event. Please listen carefully to all event rules.

Dance/Electronic Music Rules • No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the dance at any time. • Handbags are subject to search, and bags larger than a handbag are not permitted inside dance spaces. • Staff will not watch over bags, jackets, or other loose items you do not wish to bring to the dance floor. San Japan assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. • Staff may initiate a search for alcohol or drugs at any time. • Stringing is allowed only in designated areas. Do not string close to other stringers. Unsafe situations may result in loss of the stringing area and stringing privileges. • No bulky cosplay or large props are allowed in the dance space. • Shoes must be worn at all times in the dance space. • There is a zero-harassment policy enforced (ex: do not grind on people who do not consent to it). There will not be a warning given. There will be an immediate expulsion from the dance with badge revoked if you attempt to sneak back in. • Attendees are not allowed on stage unless asked. • Attendees are not allowed to jump off the stage.


Cosplay Prop Check • All Cosplay props must be taken to Prop Check regardless of size • Failure to check any Cosplay prop will risk expulsion from the convention without refund


• Attendees caught removing Prop Check identification markers will have their convention badge revoked without refund • All attendees are required to comply with requests by San Antonio Police to verify that Prop Check has been performed and the prop in question is permitted

Bladed Weapons (Swords, Knives, Axes) • No live steel (peace-tied, tethered or sheathed edged weapons are not permitted) • No metal blades of any types. There are NO exceptions given even if its dull or covered • No sharp edges on non-metal weapons • May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots • Bladed weapons purchased in the vendor room may not be removed from the packaging within any public space

Firearms • All firearms must have a closed barrel with a visible orange tip (removable barrel plugs are permitted, but may only be removed for photos) • All airsoft and paintball weapons must be trigger disabled and demonstrate to be unable to fire • Attached scopes or laser attachments must be disabled and demonstrate to be unable to power on • Removable gun clips and moveable gun chambers must be empty and stuffed • Water gun barrels and attachment containers must be visibly empty • Firing any type of projectile is not permitted


(including water, bubbles, or silly string) • San Antonio police will reserve the right for prop removal from public spaces if a gun prop is deemed to be too realistic. Non-compliance may potentially lead to arrest.

Other Projectiles (Bows, Crossbows, Slingshots) • Arrows and other projectiles must have all metal tips removed. Cover or sheathing will not be permitted. Plastic tip attachments will be permitted • Projectiles must not be fully strung and demonstrate to be unable to fire projectiles • Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including foam)

Blunt Weapons (Staves, Bats, Maces, Wooden Katanas, Hammers) • Cannot be composed of solid metal (metal detailing is permitted) • Wooden bats are permitted but will be reviewed year-to-year • Metal nails or spikes of any type must not be protruding from all blunt weapons • May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots • Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

• There are no height or size limit at this time • May not be made of steel or metal • PVC and plastic piping is allowed • May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots • As a courtesy, please review flag etiquette when carrying a national flag (such as the US flag) • Selfie sticks are currently permitted but will be evaluated on a year-to-year basis

Tools and Miscellany (Wrenches, Chains, Hammers, Etc.)

in tight spaces or crowds • Costumes must not have the ability to shoot projectiles of any type

Metal Details (Spiked Bracelets, Armor, Etc.) • Cannot be edged or sharp • Cannot be highly reflective (mirrors such as Link’s Mirror Shield must be soaped to reduce reflectiveness and prevent possible vision impairment in crowds from sun)


Cylindrical (Staff Poles, Flags, Banners)

• Metal spikes may not protrude more than 2″ (two inches) from the costume • Wearable metal suits are permitted but must not have metal edges or protruding long spikes

• Cannot be composed of solid metal (do not bring External Accessories a real pipe wrench as a prop) • Powders, sand or flashsbangs for visual effects • May not be swung except in designated photo within public spaces are not allowed areas for action shots • External speakers, especially if continually • Props heavy enough to cause injury may be playing loud music, which are considered a declined on a case-by-case basis public nuisance will be removed from all public Oversized Props (Buster Swords, Key Blades, spaces


• Oversized props are allowed with no height or size limit • Props may not be made of solid metal • Display for photos must be in designated photo areas • Props must be upright when walking in public spaces • Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

Bulky Costumes (Wings, Gundams, Fursuits, Stilts) • Use a handler if your vision is significantly impaired (a handler is another attendee who will escort you around the convention) • Wings must be collapsible or removable to prevent impeding crowds in tight spaces • Cosplayers may be asked to remove stilts if staff believes there is a significant tripping hazard

• All props must not have the ability to use sound effects that can be mistaken for realistic weapons • Cigarette props must be unlit or unable to emit vapors • Real food for food props can not be used • Food packaging props must not contain real food • Prop bottles may only contain water or dyed water as it will be checked to ensure it does not contain illicit substances • Scooters, bikes, inline skates and hoverboards from attendees are prohibited within all convention and public spaces. • Any signage from attendees must be connected with the character being cosplay. Signs of any type unrelated to the costume/cosplay or soliciting anything, even if says “FREE HUGS”, is banned by the city of San Antonio and the Riverwalk Authority (City Code: Sec. 35-681).

• Cosplayers may be asked to remove bulky items


Shoe Policy • Shoes, slippers, sandals or lyricals must be worn at all times in public spaces • Shoe removal is allowed for photos only

Storage • San Japan does not provide storage or handling of Cosplay props


• There are no public lockers within the convention spaces • Props left behind or unattended may potentially be confiscated and discarded

Basic Dress Code • Please use good judgment and common sense in general. This is a family friendly convention. Keep all costumes sensible and at a rating acceptable in public. There will be children present. • No costume is no costume! If you are not clothed properly, you will be asked to change. This includes having a shirt and shoes at all

Dress Code Visual

times. We are using public spaces we rent so the local laws are in effect. No shirt, no shoes, no service. For costumes which a character is typically shirt-less, all MALE costumes may remove their shirt for photos but must put the shirt back on when walking in public spaces. • Please make sure your costume uses non-see through material over the private body parts. Once again remember there will be children present. • No profanity displayed on the clothing or costume. • Those who abuse this policy will be subject to removal from the convention without refund from the convention or the Hotel. • Remember you will also be walking through public areas such as the River walk, Rivercenter Mall, and non-convention hotel spaces. How you act and represent yourself will reflect upon the convention as well. • Grossly offensive or high shock value cosplays, uniforms, outfits or t-shirts will be asked to change or risk expulsion.

Need to know if X costume is okay? Use the image to the right as a visual reference.


Event Tickets Policy • Tickets for each event will be available at during the day of the event listed in the schedule. The tickets will be distributed starting at (FORMAL MASQUERADE DANCE: FRIDAY 8/31/18 3:00PM, COSPLAY SHOW: SATURDAY 9/1/18 3:00PM) or when all tickets have been issued which ever comes first. • Tickets are FREE for anyone with a valid San Japan convention badge. • The ticket location will be HALL 4 HALLWAY, HBG CONVENTION CENTER • Tickets for the Cosplay Show will have a ticket for each different level of the Lila Cockrell Theatre. • Seats in each section will be FIRST-COME/FIRSTSERVE. A maximum of 2000 tickets TOTAL will be issued for the Cosplay Show. • One ticket is issued per person per event. • San Japan is not responsible for lost/misplaced tickets. • GOLD PASS and PREMIERE PASS attendees will receive events tickets for all events when they pick up their badges at Info Desk.

Cosplay Show • If tickets are lost, seats may be available after all tickets have been seated for the Cosplay Show. • Each ticket type will have its own line. • Tickets will not have a seat assignment as it will only list a designated section. Seats in each section will be FIRST-COME/FIRST-SERVE. There will be no seat holding. • Attendees will not be allowed to line up for the Cosplay Show until one hour before seating time. • Attendees who are caught cutting in line will be pulled. • Attendees must line up in the designated queue section. Attendees who do not line up in the

correct area with be the last ones. Attendees who queue up in front of the Lila Cockrell entrance will be asked to leave or risk forfeit of their convention badge. • Attendee lineup will have a sign marking where it starts which will be away from the Lila Cockrell entrance. We will work with the venue that lineup is indoors. • Ticket holders who are arrive more than 30 minutes late to sit in the Orchestra section after it has started will be required to go the 1st or 2nd level balcony. • For questions about the Cosplay Show please go to our Cosplay Group: https://www.facebook. com/groups/sanjapancosplay/

Formal Masquerade • A ticket system is being put in place to ensure we do not go over fire code capacity. We will be implementing a “pick your price”. 100% of all proceeds will go to charity. To guarantee a ticket we will offer an online reservation system which will have a $5 fee. • If you purchase a ticket online you do not have to go to the Event Tickets booth to redeem. You can take this to the Formal Dance to redeem your barcode. • A valid San Japan convention badge is required in order to enter. • The Formal Masquerade will be taking place in ROOM 006 of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. • A ticket will be required in order to enter the Formal Masquerade Dance. • Questions about our Formal Masquerade Dance and ticket policy are on the Formal Masquerade Dance page. • For questions about the Formal Masquerade Dance please go to our Formal Dance Discussion Group:



In order to best seat everyone efficiently, we are utilizing a ticket system for the Cosplay Show, and Formal Dance Masquerade.


San Japan Cares is the outreach and access-focused support team for San Antonio’s largest Japanese Culture and Anime Convention. We look to affirm San Japan as a family-friendly event for all community members. Look for us near the Hall 4B Entrance. Services provided by SJ Cares includes: • Line assistance • Safety and access support • Additional support as necessary and is viable Guests requiring accessibility services are encouraged to contact us early to help us plan. Pre-registration is not necessary to receive support services. After obtaining a badge, check in at the San Japan Cares booth near Registration. Look for our volunteers with the Green Flags around the convention. We are a small staff but will be working hard to ensure anyone needing help is provided it. Any data collected by the San Japan Cares team will be handled confidentially in accordance with HIPAA guidelines and destroyed at the completion of the event. This is a pilot program administered by San Japan Community Relations. Your assistance with feedback is greatly appreciated. For more information or to register a compliance issue please contact us at: General Policies 1. Please plan to show up to panels or activities at least 10 minutes


prior to published start time. Accessible seating will only be held until the doors open or seating begins. 2. Please plan to show up to “Main Stage” at least 15 minutes prior to published start time. Accessible seating will only be held until the doors open and seating begins. 3. Guests requiring accessibility services are encouraged to share their tentative schedules with SJ Cares staff to help us plan for support. 4. SJ Cares staff will carry Green Flags and be located near the door of main events or pre-arranged panel/activity rooms. Please feel free to approach any with your questions. 5. San Japan does not provide mobility devices such as wheelchairs and crutches. 6. Beginning on March 15, 2011, only dogs are recognized as service animals under Titles II and III of the ADA. 7. We do not require medical documentation of disabilities, except when permissible by law, but may request voluntary disclosure about the nature of a disability to provide better service. 8. Any information collected by San Japan staff and volunteers is subject to HIPAA handling guidelines and will be destroyed at the completion of the convention. 9. San Japan reserves the right, as allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, to inquire 1) if a service animal is required because of disability; and 2) what work or task the animal has been trained to perform.

10. For individuals requiring aid for mobility devices, as allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, San Japan requires credible assurance of disability which generally consists of a verbal confirmation of need but may including a valid State disability parking placard or other Federal or State-issued proof of disability. 11. San Japan will investigate potential misuse of San Japan Cares accessibility. Any fraudulently obtained services will result in immediate expulsion of the individual/s from the premises, a ban from future San Japan-affiliated activities, and civil or criminal prosecution as allowed under municipal, state, and federal law. For more information or to register a compliance issue please contact us at:



Cosplaying since 2001, AlpacaAsh is a 3D video game artist who loves creating cosplay using sewing, embroidery, and 3D printing. She started competing in 2013 and went on to represent the United States in the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan in 2015. She and her teammate placed 3rd overall and won the Brother award for best craftsmanship.

Dial C Costumes are two expert craftswomen with a 20+ year combined history of costume, cosplay, and clothing design and construction. Diana and her partner Alicia have created hundreds of costumes individually and teamed up in 2017 to create Dial C Costumes for large-scale and individual custom costume work.

More recently, she competed in the 2016 TwitchCon Cosplay Contest placing 3rd overall with her Astrologian cosplay.

Diana’s private cosplay accomplishments include multiple years of judging experience, performance and craftsmanship awards, and one of the few people to have attended World Cosplay Summit as Team USA (2016), an organizer, and an Alumni.


Cosplay Guests

FREA MAI Cosplaying since 2006, Frea may be best known to you as part of the champion World Cosplay Summit 2016 Team Indonesia, whose amazing performance won them the top prize in the cosplay world. She has been in the costume-making business professionally since 2009 as Fairy Magic Costume Maker and has been a guest and judge at conventions and events across the world including: • • • • • •

Indonesia Comic Con 2016 WCS 2017 Alumni & Finals Championship Judge Iberanime Portugal 2018 World Cosplay Master Portugal 2018 ECG Portugal Preliminary 2018 WCS Indonesia 2018 Preliminary

This will be Frea’s first US appearance!


Guests Kanae Itō


Kanae Itō made her major debut in the 2007 Shugo Chara! anime, playing the role of Amu Hinamori and Dia. Since then, she has voiced numerous roles in both anime and video games. She has played roles in such anime as Sword Art Online (Yui), Divine Gate (Midori), A Certain Scientific Railgun (Ruiko Saten), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (Miura Rinaldi), Hanasaku Iroha – Blossoms for Tomorrow (Ohana Matsumae), Haganai (Sena Kashiwazaki), The World God Only Knows (Elysia de Lute Ima), and To Love-Ru (Nana Astar Deviluke). She has also appeared in such games as Final Fantasy XIII (Lumina), Ar Tonelico 2 (Cynthia), Persona 4 (Ai Ebihara), Dragonball Video Game Series (Supreme Kai of Time), and Granblue Fantasy (Sturm). Kanae Itō recent roles includes Gundam Build Divers (Nanami Nanase) and Harukana Receive (Ayasa Tachibana). Kanae Itō is affiliated with Aoni Production.


Natalie Hoover

Kyle Jones

Mikaela Krantz

Natalie Hoover is a voice actor who has done work for anime and video games that you love! Recent roles include Sonia Nevermind and Monophanie from the acclaimed Danganropa series, Tomoyo Daidouji in Cardcaptor Sakura, Lily in Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Tsukino in SHOW BY ROCK!!, Arisa Ahokainen in Akiba’s Trip!, and Yolko in the hit series Sword Art Online that aired on Toonami.

Kyle Colby Jones has been in the voice acting and anime industry as a director, writer, producer and actor since 2007.

Mikaela “MK Ultra” Krantz has been screaming into the void that is the recording studio booth for a few years now. She has pleasurably voiced Doll (Black Butler), Rosia (Show By Rock!!), Kero (Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card), Yoko (One Piece), Kanno (Brave Witches), Emilia (Hundred), Yayoi (Hina Logic), etc. She also performs on stage, on film, and behind the mic.

Some of his more notable recent anime series include: Made in Abyss; Haikyu; Akame ga Kill; Parasyte; No Game No Life; Food Wars; GATE; Umaru-chan; Monster Musume; and Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?.

Brittany Lauda Brittany Lauda is a TX/NY voice actress & ADR director who is best known for playing Ichigo in DARLING in the FRANXX, Riko in Made in Abyss, Leviathan in Seven Mortal Sins, Kei Sakurai in Dies Irae, Lion in Hina Logic, Nene in My First Girlfriend is a Gal, Audrey Belrose in Huniepop/ Huniecam, Osana Najimi in Yandere Simulator, Miza Kusakari in Tokyo Ghoul:re, Kaoru Daichi in Ladies versus Butlers, and Mirim in Queen’s Blade (to name a few!). You can also catch her voice in Pokemon XY, Hasbro apps & games like My Little Pony and Transformers, Aphmau animations as Cathy and various video games like Battlerite, Heroes Arena, and Minotaur.

September 20-22, 2019 Houston, TX Gaming and Anime Con! Attractions: Cosplay Vendors LAN Party Video Game Tournaments Industry Panels Steampunk J-Fashion Gold/VIP Pre Reg Online $200 3 Day Pass Pre Reg Online: $35 Ends March 1st 2019

3 Day Pass At the Door: $50


Andrew Love Winner of Behind the Voice Actor’s Anime Male Voice Actor of the Year for 2013 and has voiced over 100 characters since 2006, Andrew is most notably known for his work in such titles as My Love Story (Takeo, Official BTVA 2016 Best Male Lead in a Series winner), Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless (Ohta), Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto (Acchan), Parasyte (Uragami, BTVA 2016 Best Supporting Male Lead in a Series nomination), Food Wars! (Daigo), Haikyuu! (Yamamoto), Log Horizon (Naotsugu), Akame Ga Kill (Ibara), Clannad (Akio Furukawa), and Angel Beats (Fujimaki) among others.


Joel McDonald

Mr. Creepy Pasta

Jād Saxton

Joel McDonald is a voice actor, Oreo enthusiast, and ADR director with Funimation Entertainment. He’s directed Space Dandy, Assassination Classroom, One Piece, Initial D, Sgt. Frog, Deadman Wonderland, One Piece: Film Z, and a dozen or so more.

MrCreepyPasta, horror story teller of YouTube, is a well known voice for such famous horror years to becoming a staple in the YouTube community and in the horror genre.

Jād (jade) Saxton is a voice actor and ADR Director with over 150 roles in anime and video games. She is

As an adaptive scriptwriter, Joel has on DBZ: Kai, Claymore, Seven Deadly Sins and Fate/Stay Night.

YouTube: com/user/MrCreepyPasta



best known for her roles as Kanna in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Carla in Fairy Tail, Yuki in Wolf Children, Faris in Steins; Gate, Adèlie in Space Dandy (Toonami), Mira in Dimension W (Toonami), Nona in Death Parade, and Akatsuki in Log Horizon.


Juliet Simmons

Ciaran Strange

SungWon Cho is a voice actor. You also may know him as ProZD online where he makes videos on YouTube/Twitter/Tumblr/all the social media. He loves his cats Effie and Sophie very much.

In just 4 years at Sentai, Juliet has performed as a voice talent in over 50 shows. She was nominated for BTVA Awards 2015 for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Movie/Special for her role as Ryoko Sato in Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Last War.Recently played Chiyo Sakura in Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun to rave reviews.

Ciarán Strange is an eccentric and powerful LGBTQ+ artist who blends pop sensibilities, dynamic rock guitars, and high-energy live shows into his own brand of geeky pop-punk. At seventeen, he left his family, friends, and little English fishing village behind in order to chase his dreams to Vancouver, BC, where he now resides indulging in his passion for many different facets of performance including music, writing, voice-acting, acting, vlogging, and pro-wrestling!


Guests Kazuhiro Soeta Animator, anime director, mangaka. Setagaya Touken Kai member. In January 2015, at the GoFA gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo, Kazuhiro Soeta held a “Lord of Lords Ryū Knight 20th Anniversary” exhibition. Major Works include: •


• • • •

Team Four Star

Vitamin H

Team Four Star is a fan-based parody group, conceived in 2008. It’s the main production, DragonBall Z Abridged, started humbly. After many conventions and over 2 million subscribers on Youtube, they have found themselves humbled and excited at what the future holds. With no signs of stopping and aspirations high, they’re all excited for the future and hope to continue to grow, produce, and explore a medium that has brought them, and many of the followers, joy.

Vitamin H is the convention entertainment group who’ve been delighting nerds across the nation since 2013. They’ve rocked conventions from New Mexico to West Virginia, and now, they’re coming to rock YOU. Together, Vitamin H has spent the past four years showing convention attendees that programming can be more than boring PowerPoints and monotone delivery and that learning CAN be fun…provided there’re enough dumb jokes involved.

Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs, Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson, Ben “hbi2k” Creighton, and Kirran Somerlade will be in attendance for San Japan XI.


Record of Lodoss War (Animation Director) Vision of Escaflowne (Ending Key Animation) Cowboy Bebop (Opening Key Animation) Inuyasha (Opening Key Animation) And many other works.

Whether it’s horror, humor, history, or just over the top, late night insanity, Vitamin H is dedicated to making sure you laugh and learn.

Music Guests Deadlift Lolita

DAGames DAGames is an online diverse media YouTube Channel, going strong at 560,000 subscribers, mostly known for their video gamught on his trusted friends to form the rest of the DAGames members which consist of Chloe, Chris, Sean, Oblivion, Kagome and Keyframe.

Caleb Hyles



With his big heart and even bigger voice, Caleb has wowed millions across the globe with a multitude of musical styling and an infectious, positive attitude. Caleb Hyles has a history in musical theatre, having grown up in a family of musicians and thespians. Ever since his viral hit, “Let It Go”, dropped in 2014 Caleb has not stopped growing his YouTube channel which has grown to over 800k subscribers.

An eclectic mix of fun, fashion, and good tunes, DJ HYPE☆GIRL has been refining her musical palette since the big days of Blogspot. Whether it’s a secret SoundCloud banger or an anime opening theme, DJ HYPE☆GIRL’s relentless energy is sure to pump up just about any crowd!

Clarke Nordhauser, known professionally as GRIMECRAFT, is a producer, DJ, artist and tech entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. A former video game environment artist at Harmonix, Nordhauser took the GRIMECRAFT project full-time in 2014. As a DJ, he’s toured the US and Japan, headlined MAGFest, and inspired a whole generation of video game artists.


The strongest idol unit ever has arrived! Consisting of 2 active pro-wrestlers, gym junkies and kawaii idols, DEADLIFT LOLITA is here to “redefine the meaning of kawaii.” Following his departure from idol trio LADYBABY August 2016, the amazing lolita-wearing wrestler Ladybeard continues his kawaiicore trend in the new idol group DEADLIFT LOLITA with the bodybuilder idol Reika Saiki. Ladybeard is the persona of a 33-yearold Australian wrestler who moved to China in 2006 to kick-start his martial arts stunt career in films, later becoming a hit in Hong Kong as a pro wrestler in unique outfits.


Music Guests



Influenced by the unique compositions of video game composers like Nobuo Uematsu, as well as electronic acts like deadmau5, GHOST DATA would begin an almost 4 year journey discovering his own unique sound. GHOST DATA continues to produce electronic music with his fan christened “Dreamsynth” styling, unyielding in his pursuit to create cinematic, emotional pieces.

Myuu: Dark Piano



A piano live concert with a dark twist. For years Myuu creates piano versions of Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts,k music for big YouTubers of horror communities such as Creepypasta, the True Scary Stories and the “Exploring with…”

OR3O is a youtube musician that is not your typical cookie. For the past year, she has made covers and original songs for video games such as “All eyes on me”, “Doki Doki Forever”, and proudly “broKi BrOkI fOreVEr”.

RichaadEB is a Guitarist, Producer, and Composer that is best known for making Progressive and Power Metal covers of various Video Game, Anime, Movie and Television themes on his YouTube channel, which has garnered a collective following of roughly 250,000 subscribers.

TiA & KOHEI TiA signed a contract with Epic Records when she was just 16 and became famous for her song “Ryuusei” which was featured as one of the Naruto ending theme song. TiA had an opening theme for the anime Yakitate!! Japan and an ending theme for the famous Japanese Music TV show “Hey Hey Hey Music Champ”. TiA first album received a Gold Disc Award in Japan. TiA was commended as an IFA United Nations NGO-OCCAM International Ambassador-Singer for her efforts in encouraging cultural exchanges between Japan and the United States. She will be releasing her new single “Galaxy Ride” in 2018.


W.T. Snacks W.T. Snacks has been the host of his own weekly online radio show and downloadable podcast “Midnight Snacks” for the past 13+ years, showcasing a variety of music from around the world, often with an emphasis on the best electronic music from Japan.

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San Japan XI  

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San Japan XI  

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