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Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM (970)-731-5635

Our Vision: To be the best POA in the state by enriching the lives of our residents, protecting property values, providing sound financial management and creating a harmonious, wellmaintained and beautiful community.

Our Mission: To protect property values, further and promote community welfare, protect and enhance the civic, social and recreational interests of PLPOA Owners.




President (2026)


Vice President (2025)


Treasurer (2025)


Secretary (2024)


Director (2026)


Director (2026)


Director (2024)


General Manager



Dave Butcher, Ericka Bailey, Daniel Musgrove, Linn Moore & Leslie Rosczyk




KURT RAYMOND Parks, Trails & Outdoor


ROGER FLYNN Lakes & Fisheries




Community Garden 3
TERRENCE LIMEBROOK Youth Sports & Activities

Notice & Call

2024 Annual Meeting & Election

Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse • 230 Port Ave. • Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Saturday, July 27, 2024 • 9:00 A.M. - Social Hour and Balloting 10:00 A.M. - Annual Meeting Begins

I. Notice and Call

The purpose of the meeting is to elect 2 members to the Board of Directors, hear reports from the Board and its standing committees, and consider other business. According to the Bylaws Article V, Section 3, the term of office as a Board Member shall be three years.

II. Agenda Items

Any new business, which the property owners wish to have incorporated into the agenda, must be submitted in writing to the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association by 5:00 p.m. on June 13th, 2024. All submitted items will be reviewed for legality and appropriateness in keeping with annual meeting business prior to being placed on the agenda.

III. Ballot Instructions

1. You may vote in person at the Annual Meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., or vote absentee by going online to with your access code that was sent via email or U.S.P.S. In either case, you must have been a “Member in Good Standing” for inclusion on the voter list certified at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, sixty (60) days prior to the election

2. Article III, Section 6 of the Association Bylaws states: “The ownership of one or more lots shall entitle that ownership to only two votes, no matter how many lots are in that ownership. For each Time Share Unit interval, (1week) there shall be two votes on behalf of all Owners within such Unit interval. Such Time Share Unit interval votes shall be counted as one-fiftieth (1/50) of a regular lot owner. The signature of a Time Share Unit interval Owner in Pagosa Lakes shall be counted as one-fiftieth (1/50) of that of a regular lot Owner for purposes of meeting any petition requirements of these Bylaws, provided that said Owner is in good standing and provided further that in no event shall the cumulative total of signatures of Owners in any Time Share Unit interval be greater than two.

“Voting Privileges - A Member in Good Standing shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the Association. Members of the Board shall be elected by the Association at the annual meeting. The privilege to vote shall be based upon one ownership - two votes, and one Time Share Unit interval - two votes.”

Remember – Each ownership entity receives two votes for each issue posted on the ballot, regardless of the number of properties owned.

IV. Online Elections – voting will be available from 5:00pm Friday, June 28, 2024 through 10:00am Saturday, July 27, 2024

1. PLPOA Property Owners - Email

a. b. If the Association has your email address on file, your voter access code and instructions will be emailed to you. Emails will be sent on June 26, 2024.

If the email sent to you is not delivered, you will receive a voter access post card via U.S.P.S. a few days later.

2. PLPOA Property Owners – U.S.P.S. Mailing

a. If the Association does not have your email address on file, a voter access post card and instructions will be mailed to you via U.S.P.S.


a. Due to Wyndham Resorts privacy requirements, if you are an Owner in Wyndham, you will be required to fill out the form at to obtain your ballot. DEADLINE FOR CODE REQUEST: USPS: July 8, 2024 EMAIL: July 20, 2024.

4. Other Voting options –





Paper Ballots - PLPOA Property Owners may request paper ballots by calling the toll-free number on the voter access postcard. Have your access code available when you call.

Phone Voting – PLPOA Property Owners may vote by phone by calling the toll-free number on the voter access postcard. Have your access code available when you call.

Voting on Friday, July 26th will be available online only from your computer or at the Administration Offices from of 8am-3 pm

Voting on Saturday, July 27th will be available online only from your computer or at the Administration Offices from 9am-10am

Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse – 230 Port Ave.Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Saturday, July 27, 2024

9:00 a.m. Social Hour & Balloting - 10:00 a.m. Annual Meeting Begins ANNUAL OWNER APPRECIATION PICNIC Immediately following the Annual Meeting

Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association


Sasha King -

Sasha has served on the Board since Dec 2023

Sasha King, Partner and Broker with Sunetha Property Management, has 28 years of Property Management experience, managing multi-family residential, commercial, retail, long-term, short-term, and HOA Management. When she is not working, she loves playing golf, hiking with her dogs, and spending time in nature.

Monty Whitman -

Monty has completed 1 term on the Board

Monty Whitman, a seasoned contractor with over 45 years of experience, has dedicated his life to building and renovating homes. When he's not working, he loves flying his plane to visit family, spending quality time with his six grandchildren, and indulging in his passions for hunting and fishing.

Pagosa Springs Medical Center 5



How Early Due Diligence Can Save You Time and Money

Living in the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association comes with rules and regulations for building or improving on any property. One of the factors to consider when planning for improvements is to understand building restrictions that will be applicable to the lot. When purchasing a lot, it is very important that proper due diligence is not only done during the architectural and design phase of the project, but also should be done during the inspection period while in escrow. A little investigation early on can save future aggravation and/or costly mistakes and give the owner a clear understanding of what is allowable.

The PLPOA places and enforces different restrictions on what can be built on a parcel based on which of the subdivisions the property is within. The two most common restrictions are setbacks and easements. Setbacks and easements were attached to the property at inception and recorded as such on the plat for the property and the development. Most PLPOA plats were recorded with the county in the early 1970’s and remain in effect today. The PLPOA also requires that these easements and setbacks are indicated on any site-plan or survey completed by a Colorado licensed surveyor. If your improvement will use additional lot space, the site plan or survey must accompany your PLPOA permit application. There also may be additional restrictions that are more specific to a lots’ size, such as minimum square footage requirements. We will discuss each of these in more detail below.

and your home or shed cannot be built any closer than the distance specified from any of those setback points. Setbacks can serve many important purposes including controlling density and how close homes can be to each other, preventing one home from blocking the view of another, allowing for the installation of utilities, and providing green space. It is important to remember that setbacks are often not the same on each side of the property. For instance, the setback at the front of the parcel may be 30 feet, but the setbacks on the rear 20 feet and 15 feet on the sides. While the property line is often used as the reference point for a setback distance, it is important to understand where this point is for the specific parcel of land, as it is NOT the edge of the street for the front setback nor the edge of a fairway for a golf course property. Setbacks can also vary on the distance for secondary property structures that differ from the primary residence (such as a horse barn has a minimum of 100 feet from the property line). In addition to the placement of structures, other improvements like parking pads are restricted to being placed inside the building envelope as well. So, while there may be room between your garage and lot line to park an RV, the regulations forbid it if it is in the setback/outside the building envelope.


A setback is a building restriction imposed on a property that sets forth the minimum distance from a property line, measured from the property line, in which building or improving is prohibited. For example, your parcel has setbacks on all sides,

While setbacks are common no matter where your construction project is located, there are instances where there may be additional building restrictions that are specific to the subdivision wherein the property is located. Many of the homes built here In Pagosa Lakes are on properties around one of our wonderful private lakes or up against the privately owned (not by the PLPOA) golf course. These each have unique setbacks that severely restrict improvements from a lake’s high-water mark or from the property line backing against golf course property. These restrictions include improvements normally allowed such as fences.

Natural Area Open Space

There are several areas open to all PLPOA owners that the PLPOA calls “natural area open space,” “green space,” or “green belts.” These green spaces are natural open space that must be preserved in its natural state for all association owners to enjoy. Not only can you not build, improve, drive on, or store items on designated green space, but you are not allowed to remove any natural vegetation from these areas, and maintenance is restricted to the removal of man-made debris and dead branches or vegetation. It is imperative to understand and know where these areas are in relation to your property boundary.


Hopefully, we have highlighted why it is important to fully understand all the building restrictions that affect a property. While many of these building restrictions should show up in the title report when buying the land, conducting a survey is also an important tool in determining the building envelope for a particular parcel. Taking full advantage of the inspection and due diligence period during escrow can not only help prevent a costly mistake down the road, but understanding the building envelope can also help the decision as to whether to close the purchase of the property. 7

Expanding Amenities


Understanding the Survey Questions on This Year's Ballot

This year's ballot includes official voting items solely for the election of candidates for the Board of Directors. Despite the election being uncontested, we must proceed with the voting process. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to gather valuable information through a brief survey included with the ballot.

Background on the Survey

In April and May of 2023, the PLPOA conducted a comprehensive survey to understand the community's preferences regarding recreation and amenities. The survey analyzed responses across various demographics, including age, family status, and whether residents were part-time or full-time. The survey's findings, which were published in the Summer 2023 newsletter, have significantly influenced the PLPOA's capital project planning.

Key Survey Findings

The survey highlighted a noticeable lack of attention to the youth in our community. The most critical need identified was for facilities dedicated to recreational sports, especially for youth. This included a gymnasium or an outdoor sports field/park. 8

Collaborative Efforts and Challenges

In response to these findings, the PLPOA approached Archuleta County to explore a partnership for an outdoor multipurpose field, aiming to apply for a GOCO grant to help fund the project. This facility would serve the broader community. Despite being on the agenda for several months, the proposal did not garner interest from the County.

During this period, further investigation revealed a greater need for an indoor gymnasium, which could not involve the County due to its indoor nature. A proposed full-sized, minimalistic gymnasium would cater to various activities, including youth basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, and adult activities like pickleball and aerobics.

Moving Forward

To address these needs, we have established a Youth Activities Committee and are ready to proceed with planning the desired facilities independently of the County. Nevertheless, securing funding remains a significant challenge, and we are actively seeking solutions for this obstacle.

Survey Questions on the Ballot

Please note that the survey questions on the ballot are intended for informational purposes only and are not official voting items. Your responses will help us prioritize and plan future community projects effectively.

Your participation and feedback are crucial in helping us understand and meet the community's needs. Thank you for your engagement and support in making our community a better place for everyone.

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The summer of 2024 is shaping up to be another busy year for the Department of Property and Environment. It seems we always have our regular and predictable projects every spring and early summer. This consists of projects like getting all the grounds and landscapes spruced up for the season, projects around the lakes such as moving docks back into place and getting boat ramps and parking areas graded and smoothed, lake dam maintenance projects, starting up our brush collection area and chipping operations over at the shop facility and then on to repairs and maintenance of the National Forest boundary fence line along our western border in preparation for cattle early summer. I mentioned docks, we will be installing a new floating dock at Hatcher Lake. We will continue to assist our gardeners in the two community gardens where we have a few improvement projects lined up including a new circulating fan in the greenhouse, irrigation improvements and creating new planting opportunities. We will also complete early season aquatic weed and algae control applications on the lakes and will bring in thousands of pounds of fish for eager owners looking to catch a nice one on any given day.

This past spring was excellent for early season fishing, the trout came out of the winter active, and owners were reporting some epic days on the water. Some of our more experienced fly fishermen were landing and releasing 30-40 trout in a day; some of our warm water species anglers were regularly catching 9-10-inch crappie along the dams and shelfs in the lakes and 3–5-pound bass were active in the shallows. As is usually the case, we expect that type of success to slow down a little heading into the heat of summer where water temperatures that exceed 72 degrees can keep the trout a little deeper during the warm part of the day. Mornings and evenings are still a great time for angling opportunities on the lakes.

Moving into the summer, we have several projects lined up including improvements and maintenance on some of our paved trail segments. About a mile of trail surface will be completely re-surfaced and about a mile and a half of paved trails will receive an asphalt seal coat to help protect it from weathering. There are plans to continue with mailbox improvement projects,

building on improvements we made last year in Twincreek, Pagosa Highlands and Cloudcap Avenue area. We will also be working with the Rec Center staff in making some improvements to the very popular dog park.

We will be continuing with ongoing wildfire fuel mitigation work in several large greenbelts this summer. A contract thinning operation will take place in the large greenbelt in Martinez Mt where the water tank for PAWSD is located above Hatcher Lake; a second greenbelt in Twincreek Village that meanders between a couple of neighborhoods; and a large tract in Lake Forest Estates just north of the lake will be mitigated. Work will entail mostly oak brush thinning and clumping, limbing up pine trees and in some cases tree removals to create better spacing and improve forest health. 12
John Unger with a crappie at Lake Pagosa in early May

Property Improvements

Keeping our properties looking good is something many of our owners spend a lot of time working on. It’s not always easy to do in our somewhat arid, mountain environment. Most of the developed properties have been disturbed at one time or another with home excavations, grade change and utility installations. Unfortunately, with these disturbances’ weeds are usually the first thing to come in and establishing grasses or other desirable vegetation can take considerable effort. Many times, these weeds may be non-native, aggressive noxious varieties. We have added a new multi-page Archuleta County noxious weed guide and control pamphlet on the PLPOA website under the Property and Environment tab. The publication was developed specifically for difficult to control weeds in Archuleta County and includes some identification photos and a number of different control strategies for each weed species. Control strategies can include such things as timed mowing or cutting for annual weeds, biological controls and in some cases an herbicide application. If you have a serious noxious weed problem on your property, the Association may be able to help. We do have a program where we can visit a property and help with control of serious weed issues with a licensed applicator and herbicide treatment. There is a small charge for this service, and it only applies for the short list of noxious weeds as defined by Archuleta County and includes such weeds as Canada thistle, musk thistle, leafy spurge, yellow toadflax and hoary cress to name a few.

Another great strategy to improving your property can include tree planting. Trees can add an immeasurable value to your home and property, providing shade, wildlife habitat and beauty just about anywhere they are established. We do get quite a few calls each year from new owners wondering what types of trees to plant and which species of trees work best at our altitude.

As of 2024, the Pagosa Lakes community would generally be considered Zone 5b, a recent change from the previous Zone 5a that was established and set by the US Department of Agriculture in 2012 due to warming climate conditions. Keep this number in mind as you select plantings, plants are rated or recommended for specific environmental zones, and you may see these ratings on the label or in publications.

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The word change is most often treated like a dirty word. We get set in our ways, routines and the environment around us and become comfortable. If a road is closed and we have to take a different route to work, we get irritated and upset that change has ruined our morning. However, change is a normal thing. It is inevitable. All you have to do is look back 1, 5, 10, 20 or 50 years and you notice all the changes that have taken place. Here in Pagosa, we are experiencing change in the form of cost of living, growth, climate change, housing, population increase, and other items that impact Pagosa Springs.

Quoting Greek philosopher Heraclitus “The only constant in life is change.” How we adapt to change is far-reaching. The Pagosa Lakes Property Owner’s Association must continue to plan for the ever-changing world we live-in. As a Property Owners Association, the organization cannot be stagnate and fail to adapt, we must rise up and adapt to the challenges we face with positive attitudes to change and grow with our community.

The Board of Directors continues to follow the path set by the strategic plan and focus on how to improve our Pagosa Lakes community and meet the challenge of change head-on. The latest example is the Board has recently established another standing committee for youth sports and activities.

The Strategic Plan identifies the creation of a Youth Committee, provide youth sports facilities, teams, leagues, programs and activities, increase recreation, social & civic programs for all ages and to develop stronger community harmony. This will satisfy a great need and enhance the quality of life for our youth and families.

Currently, the board is reviewing all of the capital improvement projects proposed by the various committees. These projects are important to the community’s welfare and quality of life. The population is growing rapidly between new homes and the increase of full- time owners. This has resulted in increased use of the recreation amenities and services. The Association needs to expand and improve to accommodate our growing population. In the strategic objectives of the strategic plan, it states the Association needs to maintain capital improvement funding and continue to add amenities to maintain the quality of life. The Board will be prioritizing which capital projects fulfill the need within our community, and determine how they will be funded. Some projects are simply about an improvement having a positive impact on property values and quality of life. Other projects may be something community members have expressed they would like to have. One example of growth and improvement is our mailboxes; the population in Pagosa Lakes has increased and there was a waiting list to acquire a mailbox, therefore we expanded mailbox sites and/or consolidated for efficiency. A capital project but a definite need. 14
PLPOA 230 Port Ave

We will continue to improve our cluster box sites. Another example; was the development of the trail along Northlake Avenue. Increase in traffic had become a safety concern, Owners needed a place to walk and bike without the concern of sharing the road with vehicles; the new trail improved their quality of life, satisfying a need. Capital projects are necessary to keep up with the growth and transformation of our community to meet your needs, but must also be kept in check to ensure its not just fulfilling a desire.

The Association must also continue to readjust and modify the way it conducts business. With an increase of owners, there is more demand on services. We are driven to make processes more efficient to handle the heavy load and the utilization of better technology. Our rules and regulations and policies also must be updated to keep up with the changing times. For instance, the processes to keep up with the higher demand for pine needle pick-up and brush drop-off were adjusted. Also the rules and regulations with the increase of vacation rentals were updated.

Some owners are of the mind set “Don’t make any improvements, keep things the same so my dues don’t go up!” Remember dues are equal for both vacant and improved lots; home and each condo/townhome. Therefore, when a home is constructed on a lot, the owner of that lot is still paying the same amount of dues/assessments. As our population increases and demand for our facilities and services increase, if revenue remains the same, some things will be negatively impacted; reduce stocking our lakes? Curtail maintenance on our miles of trails or lakes? Stop the expansion of cluster boxes for mail? Eliminate or decrease activities and events, the brush collection site, or pine needle pickup? Those are just a few of the services that could be scaled down if the PLPOA ceases to be fiscally responsible with each of our dues/assessments.

The recreation amenities support the Association’s mission in improving the quality of life in Pagosa Lakes. They not only protect and improve property values, but promote community harmony, welfare, and enhance the civic, social and recreational interests of PLPOA Owners.

PLPOA encourages owners to get involved with any of the committees that spark your interest to assist in our continued efforts to always improve in keeping Pagosa Lakes a great place to live and play.

Keep Pagosa Lakes Looking Great

We have all come to live in Pagosa Lakes for a variety of reasons. One reason is the community aesthetics and maintenance of the neighborhoods. For those who keep their homes and yards well maintained, the association thanks you for your efforts and good examples. Maintenance on your home never ends. In order to protect curb appeal and home values, each resident must continue to effectively maintain his or her property. To assist you, we have developed a list of home maintenance items to pay particular attention to and encourage all residents to keep the community of Pagosa Lakes looking first rate.

Exterior paint. Check for cracking, peeling and discoloration. Paint is a quick and easy way to keep your property looking fresh, new and clean. It will also protect against corrosion, weathering and insects. Remember, if you want to change the exterior color on your home, you will need ECC approval first.

Landscaping. Landscaping is extremely important to our community’s curb appeal. Please remove dead plants, weeds and branches. Keep shrubs properly pruned and flowers well-tended. Keep yards mowed and clean. Do not park your vehicle on the lawn. Driveways and sidewalks. Repair cracks or other deformities on the surface. Remove weeds from sidewalk joints and debris from driveways and sidewalks. Do not use driveways for storage or auto repairs.

Storage. Please do not allow miscellaneous items to accumulate around the outside of the property. Storage of items should be inside the garage or shed.

Roofs. Please ensure your roofs are properly maintained.

Awnings and decks. Repair or replace worn or damaged fixtures, surfaces and railings. Check fittings for stability and paint / stain all items at least annually.

Winter items such as snowmobiles, snowblowers or plows must be stored away out of sight during the summer season.

The Pagosa Lakes Property Owners thank you for taking pride in keeping our community’s curb appeal looking great. 15

Visit our website for scheduling, pricing, programing and all other rec center information

The PLPOA Recreation Center will be hosting summer swim lessons again with sessions in June and July, with the possibility of another session in August. Get the kids swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our veteran instructors and some new instructors as well. The Pagosa Lakes Porpoises swim team is already underway, but if there is any interest in wanting to join the swim team, please reach out to the PLPOA Rec Center. There will be several out-of-town swim meets this summer including Salida, Cortez, and Telluride.

We will also be offering a Water Safety Course for children between the ages of 4-7. They will be learning basic water safety skills while having fun in and around the water. This will be an exciting and engaging way to make sure your young child knows the dangers of being around water and what to do if they fall in. This program will take place July 17th at 10:00 AM.

Rec Center

Camp 9-1-1

Camp 9-1-1 is back on June 12th! This fullday course introduces campers to the emergency service agencies in Archuleta County. Representatives from ambulance, law enforcement, fire service, mountain rescue, and more will be on hand to teach a variety of rescue and safety procedures. The afternoon will consist of water safety in the pool and a compass course outside. This program was a huge hit last year and is sure to be again this year, so get those campers signed-up! Pre-registration is required along with a $10 fee. To register, please go to click on the Camp 9-1-1 button or come into the Rec Center. There is a max registration of 80 participants!

Movie Night

You won’t want to miss the upcoming Pool Movie Night on July 26th at 6:30 PM. Bring your rafts or floats and relax in the pool while watching a classic shark movie! This movie may not be suitable for children, but it will be a blast for all who dare enter the water. The movie is free with pool admission.

Bike Rodeo

The Rec Center is proud to host a community Bike Rodeo this summer. Children ages 2 to 12 can ride their bike around our obstacle course trail and participate in various bike games and activities. The little riders can follow our chalk track on the basketball court. Along with riding, learn about bicycle maintenance and safety to keep rolling all summer long. Join us on July 13th from 9:00 AM to noon for this family friendly event.


Calling all volleyball players! The Recreation Center is starting a new summer league, Coed Sand Volleyball! This program will start June 10th and end on July 17th. The matches will be held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. They will be played at the PLPOA Rec Center outdoor volleyball court, which recently received new sand! For more information and registration please visit; Teams will consist of 6 players, ages 15+.

Walking Group

Lace-up those shoes and join the summer Walking Group! The first walk will start at the PLPOA Rec Center on June 5th. The group will be meeting every Wednesday at 9:00 AM and a schedule of the walks will be posted on the PLPOA Rec Center website. Meet new people while getting exercise and fresh air! All ages are welcome.

Olympic Fitness Challenge

The PLPOA Rec Center is hosting a fitness challenge in honor of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Challenge yourself by participating in 30 minutes each of swimming, biking, running, rowing, and weightlifting to complete a set of Olympic Rings. For each set of rings completed, participants will receive a raffle entry! Complete as many sets of rings as possible during the Olympics, July 24th to August 11th to gain more raffle entries. Prizes include a punch pass, gift card, and sports gear. The competition is free, but preregistration is required. Visit for more information and to register. 17

Thank you, Pagosa Lakes Property Owners’ Association, for supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity in Pagosa Springs!

Take a stroll through Chris Mountain Village II to see our 2024 projects underway on Domicile Circle, or head around the corner to see four completed builds on Sam Houston Ave—two completed in 2023 and two completed in 2001. That’s right, Habitat’s been building in PLPOA for over twenty years!

Habitat for Humanity of Archuleta County was founded in 1994 and averaged one new home build annually for workforce families through 2021. Today we’re building 3 homes per year, in our current project to triple our capacity by completing “15 Homes in 5 Years.”

Today, Habitat Archuleta has a hand full of full-time staff members and contractors, but this rural organization was 100% volunteer-run for many years. We still rely heavily on our board of directors and job site volunteers to complete our mission to build homes, community, and hope here in Southwest Colorado.

A day volunteering at one of our build sites begins at 8 am and wraps up at 2:30 pm. Our Partner Families and volunteers are on site Tuesday-Saturday from the spring thaw through Thanksgiving Day. Staff and Lead Volunteers start with a briefing on the projects of the day and longer-term goals. After that, we get to work! There are a variety of skills and skill levels on our site. One of our long-time volunteers who has built upwards of 60 Habitat Homes around the country, Larry Parks, said, “In half a day, we can teach you everything you need to know.”

As such, we appreciate volunteers with or without construction experience. All you need is a pair of close-toed shoes, sunscreen, and some enthusiasm for workforce homeownership!

The homes we’ll build together this summer are equipped with the latest energy efficient appliances, and twenty roof-top solar panels.

Habitat staff and volunteers work with the PLPOA’s Environmental Control Committee to ensure these homes fit in with the neighborhood, and those beautiful mountain views.

We appreciate the assistance that PLPOA’s board of directors and staff provide Habitat throughout the year. They recognize that we build with local volunteers, traveling volun-tourists, local subcontractors, and our partner families. We’re always working to streamline our process and get construction done more quickly, and we’re improving every year.

Partner Families and Habitat staff attend New Owner Meetings to learn the ins and outs of being part of the PLPOA, so you may meet some of your new neighbors at one of those events.

We’re eager to spread the word about the work that PLPOA is already supporting. If you’re part of a business or organization that wants to help provide homeownership opportunities for our workforce, please contact us to present more information at one of your meetings. 18


Now is a great time to set up auto payment for your 2025 PLPOA dues and/or set up your own monthly payment plan. Use the QR code for detailed instructions.

Lifestyle Happenings:

Check our events and happenings page for current and upcoming events, happenings and registration. See the list below of some dates to put on your calendar.

Clubhouse rental information

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230 Port Ave. Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-9486 Kim Brown Diane Burnett Team Christians Christians Steve Crow Steve Crow Keyes Team Keyes Team Bill Kinsley Bill Kinsley Tina Valles Tina Marcie Lewis Marcie Lewis Stan Zuege Stan Zuege (970) 264-1250 | WWW.GALLESPROPERTIES.COM The Area's #1 Real Estate Firm Since 2006 Statistics based on MLS volume and unit sales, 2006-2024, in cooperation with other Brokers. Juli Morelock Morelock If you have questions about real estate, we have answers. Reach out to us to talk about your goals and how we can work for you to reach them. We’d love to earn your business. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Layne Poma Layne Loren Talley Loren Talley Kim Brown Diane Burnett Team Christians Team Christians Steve Crow Steve Crow Keyes Team Keyes Team Bill Kinsley Bill Kinsley Tina Valles Tina Marcie Lewis Marcie Lewis Stan Zuege Stan Zuege (970) 264-1250 | WWW.GALLESPROPERTIES.COM The Area's #1 Real Estate Firm Since 2006 Statistics based on MLS volume and unit sales, 2006-2024, in cooperation with other Brokers. Juli Morelock Juli Morelock If you have questions about real estate, we have answers. Reach out to us to talk about your goals and how we can work for you to reach them. We’d love to earn your business. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Layne Poma Layne Poma Loren Talley Loren Talley Kim Brown Diane Burnett Team Christians Team Christians Steve Crow Steve Crow Keyes Team Keyes Team Bill Kinsley Bill Kinsley Tina Valles Tina Marcie Lewis Marcie Lewis Stan Zuege Stan Zuege (970) 264-1250 | WWW.GALLESPROPERTIES.COM The Area's #1 Real Estate Firm Since 2006 Statistics based on MLS volume and unit sales, 2006-2024, in cooperation with other Brokers. Juli Morelock Juli Morelock If you have questions about real estate, we have answers. Reach out to us to talk about your goals and how we can work for you to reach them. We’d love to earn your business. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Layne Poma Layne Poma Loren Talley Loren Talley
Team Christians Christians Steve Crow Steve Crow Keyes Team Keyes Team Bill Kinsley Bill Tina Valles Tina Marcie Lewis Marcie Lewis Stan Zuege Stan Zuege (970) 264-1250 | WWW.GALLESPROPERTIES.COM The Area's #1 Real Estate Firm Since 2006 Juli Morelock Morelock If you have questions about real estate, we have answers. Reach out to us to talk about your goals and how we can work for you to reach them. We’d love to earn your business. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Layne Poma Layne Poma Loren Talley Loren Talley
Kim Brown
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