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A Little Space of Grace A window of opportunity is open. What do we do now?


Baptist Influence on the Founding of Our Country Non-compormising Baptists changed the history of our world.

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Our 45th President inherits a mess, but can he fix it?


The Hollywood Candidate


Hollywood tried throwing its money and influence around...and it failed.

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What to Expect from a Trump Presidency

Scripture and the Second Amendment Christians can do much to protect their Constitutional rights.


What We Learned about the Media during the Recent Presidential Election This past election was telling in many ways.


Fighting for Innocence What kind of country will our children have?


editors’ letters


elcome to The Baptist Magazine. This bonus issue will give you a taste of things to come. I am thrilled about the opportunity to bring exciting news, truths, and real life stories of victories to encourage you in your walk with God. These are exciting days. Together we can make the most of the challenges that lay ahead in 2017. We must take advantage of the door God has opened to us this year. It is time not only to lay the Biblical foundations necessary for godly growth but also to build on what our forefathers gave us through their blood, sweat, and tears.  6WVMWN ][IZM[MTNUILMUMV?MIZMITTXZWL]K\[ of those who traveled before us. We cannot water down those Biblical principles and philosophies that gave us some of the greatest ministries of their day. God is no respecter of persons, and He loves us as much as He did our mentors. In 2017, let us face the challenges head on and bring victory to our churches once again.

Bob Gray, Sr. Editor-in-Chief @BobGraySr


he Baptist Magazine is unlike any other periodical. Its goal is to bring you interesting articles about pertinent topics that will not only inform but also edify. Each issue will feature stories of real people dealing with real situations. You have a guarantee that The Baptist will hold true to biblical XZQVKQXTM[_PQTMJMQVOXZWL]KMLQVIÅZ[\KTI[[UIVVMZ Bible principles are not ideas or “philosophies” that only _WZSQV[\MZQTMMV^QZWVUMV\[*QJTMXZQVKQXTM[IZMTQNMKPIVOQVO principles that guide us through all aspects of life. They are for everyday life and circumstances. The Baptist Magazine will [PIZM[\WZQM[IVLM^MV\[_PMZM\PMJMVMÅ\WN *QJTMXZQVKQXTM[ will play out in the lives of the Christians who apply them. Our desire is that by sharing these articles we will be a help and encouragement to you. It is truly an honor to have a part in working with Dr. Gray in the relaunching of this magazine. It is my prayer and desire that each issue will be a help and a blessing.

Greg Neal Managing Editor @PastorGregNeal

2 The Baptist Magazine

What We’re Reading

Signing Their Lives Away

The Purpose of the Church

By Denise Kiernan & Joseph D’Agnese

By Jack Trieber

In the summer of 1776, fiftysix men risked their lives and livelihood to defy King George III and sign the Declaration of Independence—yet how many of them do we actually remember? Signing Their Lives Away introduces readers to the eclectic group of statesmen, soldiers, slaveholders, and scoundrels who signed this historic document—and the many strange fates that awaited them. Some prospered and rose to the highest levels of United States government, while others had their homes and farms seized by British soldiers. Complete with portraits of the signers as well as a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence, Signing Their Lives Away provides an entertaining and enlightening narrative for history buffs of all ages. Available at

In a day when compromise and complacency are infiltrating independent, fundamental Baptist churches, many have succumbed to a more casual view of church and have lost sight of what God’s house ought to represent and accomplish. But as the Scriptures remain unchanged— so should the church. It is the responsibility of every pastor, ministry leader, and church member to uphold certain philosophies based on God’s Word. In this book, Dr. Jack Trieber clearly defines the true purpose of the church and highlights several thoughts on what God’s people must seek to retain for the next generation. Available at

1776 By David McCullough America’s beloved and distinguished historian presents, in a book of breathtaking excitement, drama, and narrative force, the stirring story of the year of our nation’s birth, 1776, interweaving, on both sides of the Atlantic, the actions and decisions that led Great Britain to undertake a war against her rebellious colonial subjects and that placed America’s survival in the hands of George Washington.

A look at some of the books the staff of The Baptist have been reading lately

In this masterful book, David McCullough tells the intensely human story of those who marched with General George Washington in the year of the Declaration of Independence— when the whole American cause was riding on their success, without which all hope for independence would have been dashed and the noble ideals of the Declaration would have amounted to little more than words on paper. Available at and bookstores nationwide

Issue 1 January/February 2017


What We’re Reading

The Fall of America By Greg Neal The Bible tells us in Psalms 33:12, Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;… There is no question of whether or not God has blessed this great country that we call America. She was founded by godly men, and on godly principles. America is strong because her foundation is strong; however, in our day and age, we can see cracks in the foundation that was once solid. The Fall of America reveals the causes of the weakening of the sturdy cornerstones upon which this country was built and what can be done to keep her from utter destruction. Between the covers of this great book, Dr. Neal reminds us that the answer is not in Washington and passionately nudges our nation back to God. Available at

America in Crimson Red: The Baptist History of America

By Austin Sorenson

By James Beller Our Baptist forefathers did not have it easy in the early years of our country, but they never quit. Their sacrifices helped to pave the way for the freedoms we now enjoy. The stories found in this book have all been forgotten in modern history. This book is a breath of fresh air in a day when people would like to change the history of our country. Dr. Beller goes beyond even the declaration that our country is Christian...he goes to the heart of the matter, that Baptists had a major influence in the foundation of this nation. Dr. Beller points out the fact that we as Americans have lost touch with our heritage, and those of us who are Baptist have lost touch with our heritage. Neither of which is a good thing! He remedies the problem by giving the facts, and in a way that is a joy to read.

Available at

4 The Baptist Magazine

Is America Committing Suicide?

All suicide is tragic. Life is that valuable entity given to man from his Creator. To definitely forfeit it is to face the judgment of God. Suicide among nations is the same. If a nation turns its back on God, ultimately God has no choice but to bring judgment. America seems bent on destroying herself. The signs are everywhere: the home, the church, the White House, and the schoolhouse. There is no escaping the accelerating decline of the world’s last “Super Power.” Has God abandoned America? Austin Sorenson compares America to the other great nations of history who have declined past the point of no return. He tells us how we got this way and what we can expect in the future. Here are options Christians need to consider and the spiritual resources we can all use.

Available at

President-Elect Donald Trump makes his victory speech in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016.

a Little Space of grace Greg Neal Managing Editor

Issue 1 January/February 2017


And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage. Ezra 9:8


ABOVE President Barack Obama being sworn into office on January 20, 2009

e know that judgment is coming to America. It is inevitable. Our nation has turned its back on God. We have legitimized and legalized unrighteousness. We have mandated the murder of innocent JIJQM[?MPI^M[IVK\QWVML]VVI\]ZIT[IUM sex marriages and celebrated our pride in abominable lifestyles. The selling of baby body parts is not found on the black market but is a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood employees. Eight years ago, when Barack Obama was [_WZVQVI[\PMNWZ\aNW]Z\P8ZM[QLMV\WN \PM United States of America, did we imagine the sanctioned depravity that would take place in this nation under his leadership? How do we even begin to comprehend transgender bathrooms? A former Olympian decides he is no longer male but female, and the sports media, along with our President, applaud him as a hero. The depraved have been labeled as normal and the normal as depraved. How could God not judge this nation? Nothing short of a supernatural revival can spare our country from His wrath. Read Romans chapter one and then take a look at our nation to see if there are any resemblances. During this past election, many of us braced ourselves for the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency and all that it would bring. Evil has been empowered over these past eight years. Most of us could not imagine the XTQOP\\PQ[VI\QWV_W]TLNIKM]VLMZPMZ]T\ZI liberal leadership; or maybe we could imagine it, and that is why a cloud of doom hung over us as Christians. On election night, something unforeseen and unpredicted by the liberal media took place. As the election results came in, Hillary Clinton

6 The Baptist Magazine

was not running away with the election. She was losing. The smug look of the talking heads was replaced by the look of utter disbelief. The [KZQX\\PI\\PMIV\Q+WV[\Q\]\QWVJIJaSQTTQVO /WLPI\QVOTQJMZIT[PIL_ZQ\\MV_I[VW\JMQVO followed. Hillary Clinton would not be the NWZ\aÅN\P8ZM[QLMV\,WVITL<Z]UXPIL_WV\PM election. When the election was over, Christians seemed encouraged, even energized. Even those who were less than thrilled over the possibilities of a Donald Trump presidency had a renewed sense of hope. It was as though we felt we had escaped the jaws of judgment and were given a temporary reprieve. This observation is not unique to me. Many other preachers have shared with me the new sense of optimism that seems to be prevalent among God’s people; but make no mistake about it, America is far from being spared the judgment of God. Perhaps we can say with the Israelites in the book of Ezra that we have been given “a little space of grace.” This “little space of grace” is small compared to the decades of grace and goodness God has showered upon this great land. America has been blessed because America has long honored the principles of God’s Word. There was a time when the Bible was not banned in schools, and teachers taught from it. We did not always forbid prayer; we included it. Then, everything began to change. The slide was fast and furious. To be certain, many are not optimistic that this “space of grace” will UISMU]KPLQ‫ٺ‬MZMVKMQVW]ZVI\QWV¼[PQ[\WZa due to how far away from God our nation has drifted. For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we must take advantage of it in the hope that this land can be healed enough to prevent or at least delay God’s judgment. Now that we have found a “space of grace,” there are some responsibilities of which we must avail ourselves. The election did not OZIV\][I^QK\WZaJ]\LQLW‫ٺ‬MZ][WXXWZ\]VQ\a We must not be too busy celebrating but must realize the seriousness of the hour. The exhale of relief must not progress into a state of apathy. May God help us to take advantage of the “space of grace” by making our own personal commitment. We must use this “space of grace” to preach righteousness. Righteousness is what exalts a nation. That is crystal clear. The problem in America is

not godlessness. The problem is a lack of righteousness. Sodom was not destroyed because of godlessness but because there was not enough righteousness. Preachers must preach against sin again. Preachers must stop being spiritual lecturers and become prophets of God again. The pulpits of America must not be silent on the subject of sin but call God’s people back to righteous living. We must use this “space of grace” to practice holiness. Christians must stop dressing like the world, singing like the world, talking like the world, and falling in line with all of the fashions and styles of this world. This emerging church type of Christianity does not make us more like a holy God but, instead, more like a pagan world. We must call ourselves back to separated lifestyles. We U][\JMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\NZWU\PQ[_WZTL/WLVM^MZQV[\Z]K\ML us to be more like the world so we could reach the world, but He did tell us to be holy because He is holy. We even U][\JMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\NZWU[WKITTML+PZQ[\QIV[_PWZMN][M\W JMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\NZWU\PQ[_WZTL?MU][\VW\JMQVÆ]MVKMLJa shallow living, but we must be obedient to Scripture. ?MU][\XZIK\QKM[IVK\QÅMLTQ^QVO<WJM[IVK\QÅMLQ[\W be set apart for a purpose, and that purpose is not to relate to a lost world with our worldliness. The goal is not to be

separated from the world as much as it is to be separated ]V\W/WL?MIZM[MXIZI\ML\W0QU[W_MKIVN]TÅTT0Q[ purpose for our lives. We must use this “space of grace” to propagate the Gospel.  7]ZX]ZXW[MQ[VW\\WJ]QTLUMOIKP]ZKPM[7]Z purpose is to build aggressive, soulwinning churches. If we build soulwinning churches, our churches will grow again because we are doing that which we have been KWUUIVLML\WLW7]ZXI\\MZVQ[VW\\PMUMOIKP]ZKPWZ emergent pattern, but it is the New Testament model. We must use this “space of grace” to plant churches. We must reach our nation by planting churches in every possible community in this nation. Perhaps it is time to look at the blue spots in this country where Hillary Clinton gained most of her support and to focus on putting more churches in those areas. There are mission ÅMTL[_Q\PQV\PMJWZLMZ[WN W]ZVI\QWV?M_QTTOW\W India or to the Philippines on a mission’s trip, but we have ABOVE An election map depicting the overwhelming counties that Donald Trump won (in red) and the counties that were won by Hillary Clinton (in blue)

Issue 1 January/February 2017


never gone to San Francisco or to New York City. There are as many pagan places in this country as there are in other parts of the world. We must plant churches that are committed to winning the lost. We must use this “space of grace” to promote biblical values. In a day when many of the emerging church IVLKPIZQ[UI\QKTMILMZ[IZMXZMIKPQVOM`\ZIZM^MTI\QWV we must go back to the truth of God’s Word and expose WTLNI[PQWVML\Z]\P\WW]ZXMWXTM*QJTQKIT^IT]M[LW not need to be tweaked, repackaged, apologized for, or have the rough edges SVWKSMLW‫?ٺ‬M do not need new revelation. We need a revival of what has already been revealed in God’s perfect King James Bible. We need to promote Bible values in our homes. Dads must be the spiritual leaders and must lead their families with those values.

ABOVE A march in Jackson, MS protesting HB 1523, the Religious Liberties Accomodations Act RIGHT Target created a controversy by announcing customers could choose to use the restroom of the gender to which they identified. BELOW A gay pride parade held in New York City

8 The Baptist Magazine

We must use this “space of grace” to pray fervently. James 5:16 tells us, °<PMM‫ٺ‬MK\]ITNMZ^MV\XZIaMZWN  a righteous man availeth much. Oh that God would give us a fervency in our prayers! God’s people must become more fervent about prayer than this world is about sports. We must fervently pray for revival. I am not talking about some type of manufactured revival. I am speaking of revival that leads to all of the things I have mentioned already, including holiness. We do not have revival when sin is not addressed and confessed. Churches will plant other churches and soulwinners will win souls again. When we experience revival, it will be more about God than it is about us. Revival comes when we are more broken about our sin than we are excited about a Gospel quartet or church fellowship. We must fervently pray for our leaders. In this “space of grace,” may each of us be committed to prayer for those who lead us. This is not talk radio, my friends, where we call out our leaders on the air. This is Christianity where we are to call out our leaders in our prayers. We have no right to complain about the actions of our leaders when we do not pray for our leaders. God help us to pray for the XMWXTM_PWIZMQVW‫ٻ‬ KM There have been many times God has stayed His hand of judgment for a time. We saw what God did for the children of Israel in Ezra and we can see it in the story of Noah. At an extremely evil time in this world when sin ran rampant and God’s wrath was great, the Bible says that a man named Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. God gave him grace for a period of time as he built the ark, yet the judgment of God was inevitable upon the world. Likewise the judgment of God is most likely inevitable upon our nation; but could it be that God has spared His judgment for this moment, to give us a “space of grace”? The question is, what will we do with that grace? God help us to take advantage of this “little space of grace.”


Baptist Influence on the Founding of Our Country

he year was 1772. A warship, the HMS Gaspee, was commissioned by the British government to enforce trade by Associate Editor regulations on the American the American Revolution—and it took place under the colonies. Although the Americans neither agreed to leadership of a Baptist layman. this nor were warned of this imposing regulation, the There are many heroes in the founding of our great Gaspee commenced its enforcement on the trade waters nation. George Washington, John Adams, John Hancock, of the Narragansett Bay of Rhode Island. This constant *MVRIUQV.ZIVSTQV<PWUI[2M‫ٺ‬MZ[WV2IUM[5ILQ[WV QV\MZNMZMVKMIVLQTTMOITKWVÅ[KI\QWVWN OWWL[Y]QKSTa and Patrick Henry—just the mere mention of these names became a nuisance. The outraged colonists devised a immediately brings one’s mind to a time in history when plan to stop the infringement. John Brown, a layman in a patriotism was at its peak, when men stood and fought Baptist church, was one of the determined colonists. An for the things in which they believed, and when a nation W_VMZWN \_MV\a\_W^M[[MT[PM_I[KWV[\IV\TaPIZI[[ML whose God is the LORD was born. These men are famous in by this ship and its captain. By God’s divine intervention, history and synonymous with freedom. the Gaspee ran aground in the shallow waters of the bay Modern history has all but forgotten some other great during low tide. Knowing that the ship would be freed by heroes of the American Revolution. Isaac Backus, Samuel the rising waters of high tide, Brown and his fellow “Sons Stillman, James Manning, John Leland, Hezekiah Smith, of Liberty” quickly dispatched eight of his ships along _Q\P[Q`\aNW]ZIZUMLUMV\WI\\IKS\PMGaspee. There John Gano, David Jones, William Vanhorn, Charles _I[TQ\\TMZM[Q[\IVKM#IVLIN\MZ[PW\[_MZMÅZML\PMKIX\IQV Thompson, and William Rogers—these names, along with many others, are of men not found in the secular of the British vessel was injured while the other British history books. These men of the Baptist faith, who stood [WTLQMZ[WVJWIZLR]UXML[PQXIVLÆML<PMGaspee was looted then destroyed. It has been reported that this event, [PW]TLMZ\W[PW]TLMZ_Q\PW]Z.W]VLQVO.I\PMZ[_MZM known as <PM/I[XMM)‫ٺ‬IQZ_I[\PMÅZ[\*ZQ\Q[PJTWWL[PML ABOVE The Don’t Tread On Me flag is based on a flag first used by The of the American Revolution. As we look back on history, Culpeper Minutemen, lead by Captain William McClanahan, a Baptist pastor in Culpeper, VA. Q\KW]TL^MZa_MTTJM\PI\\PQ[[QOVQÅKIV\M^MV\[\IZ\ML

Chris Fox,

Issue 1 January/February 2017


ABOVE A monument in Providence, RI, signifies where the Gaspee Affair took place in 1772. RIGHT A painting depicting John Brown and the Sons of Liberty destroying the HMS Gaspee, the first bloodshed of the American Revolution

SMaÅO]ZM[QVW]ZÅOP\NWZQVLMXMVLMVKM God used these men to stir the hearts of the soldiers who valiantly fought for the freedoms we now enjoy. The American Revolution was a war that our country never should have won. The odds were in Britain’s favor. America was outnumbered. Britain had UWZMÅZMXW_MZUWZMUWVMaIVLUWZM QVÆ]MVKM#PW_M^MZ)UMZQKIPIL/WLWV her side. To say that God did not have a hand in the birth of our nation is like denying that the war was ever even fought. <PMÅOP\NWZQVLMXMVLMVKM_I[VW\WVTa for freedom from Britain but also for freedom of religion. There was a war waged against the state religion that was being established—and Baptist men helped to lead the way. In the colonies, there were no televisions, radios, or internet. Newspapers were more of a novelty than a true [W]ZKMWN VM_[<PMUW[\M‫ٺ‬MK\Q^M_Ia\WQVÆ]MVKM\PW[M who settled in the colonies was through the pulpit. In those days, most people attended church faithfully. It was a day when God was still revered, and the men who thundered His Word were among those who were the most respected. There is no doubt that the preaching of God’s Word was one of the key elements, though never mentioned in history, that helped spread the spirit of independence among the early settlers, including our Founding Fathers. When news of war for independence began to spread, \PMZM_I[IVM`KQ\MUMV\IUWVO\PMUMV\WÅOP\NWZ NZMMLWU#J]\\PI\M`KQ\MUMV\_WZMW‫^ٺ‬MZaY]QKSTa_PMV the reality of the odds of winning the war set in. The

10 The Baptist Magazine

ÆIUM[WN QVLMXMVLMVKM_MZMNIVVMLJa\PMUMVWN  God who faithfully preached in the pulpits—and on the JI\\TMÅMTL*MNWZM\PM_IZKW]TLJM_WVWV\PMJI\\TMÅMTL it had to be won in the hearts of men. Even the British recognized that the preachers of the day were a force with which to be reckoned. These [MZ^IV\[WN \PM4WZLM‫ٺ‬MK\Q^MTa[\QZZML\PMPMIZ\[WN  Americans to freedom and independence. Many preachers would wear black vestures when they preached in the pulpit. Because of this practice and the fact that they were PQOPTaQVÆ]MV\QITQVMVTQ[\QVOUQV]\MUMV_PQTMXZMIKPQVO unashamedly against the British, they became known as the “Black Regiment.” Members of this “regiment” were responsible for ideas such as “taxation without representation,” “cause of liberty,” and “the right and duty to resist tyranny.” Members of this “regiment” were known as being in church one minute and leaving for the JI\\TMÅMTL\PMVM`\<PMa_W]TLÅOP\[QLMJa[QLM_Q\P\PM troops, often still in their clerical robes. Some of the elder

LEFT On Memorial Day in Corcord, MA, a reenactment of the Minute Men’s march takes place.

men would enlist just to encourage the younger men to NWTTW_;WUMPIL\WÆMMNWZ\PMQZTQ^M[I[N]OQ\Q^M[JMKI][M of their unwavering boldness from behind the pulpit for the cause of freedom and independence. Many times these preachers would preach with a gun by their side, or in the pulpit, daring the British to come take it. Great and powerful sermons by these choice men of God helped to keep high the morale of the men in the midst of war. <PMQZPMZWQKIK\QWV[WV\PMJI\\TMÅMTL[M\M`IUXTM[NWZ others to follow. The truths they preached helped keep the eyes of the Continental soldier upon the Lord and not on the circumstances. Historian J.T. Headley, in his book The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, puts it this way: All these, and a hundred other great and good UMVJa\PMQZM`IUXTMIVLMTWY]MVKMNML\PMÅZM[ of liberty, and sustained the courage of the people. Men of learning and culture, they were looked up to for advice and counsel – whose praise was not only in all the churches, but throughout the land, for their integrity, ability, and patriotism. These formed a host of devoted laborers in the common cause, but more than this, their prayers rose QVKM[[IV\TaNZWUKIUXIVLÅMTL\PI\/WL_W]TL defend the right, and save His people. These last are counted as nothing by the historian, but we may rest assured that they did more than resolutions of Congress, and acts of committees of safety, towards achieving our liberties. One may consider it beneath the dignity of history to put them among the causes that led ultimately to our success: but when that history comes to be read in the light

of eternity, the enthusiasm of volunteers and the steady courage of the disciplined battalions, will [QVS QV\W QV[QOVQÅKIVKM JM[QLM \PM LM^W\ML XZIaMZ[ and faith of these men of God. America would never have developed into the free country that she is today without the powerful preaching of God’s men. Men of the Baptist faith were undoubtedly among \PMJZI^M[\IVLUW[\QVÆ]MV\QITXMWXTML]ZQVO\PQ[XMZQWL of American history. Captain William McClanahan was a pastor in Culpeper, Virginia. He raised up a company of Baptist men with whom he served as their captain and chaplain. He wanted to have a company of men who were ¹W‫ٻ‬KMZ[WN \PMQZW_VXZQVKQXTM[º0Q[KWUXIVaJMKIUM known as “The Fighting Baptists.” Under the orders of Colonel Patrick Henry, these passionate minutemen, along with a few other companies from Culpeper, marched over 150 miles to help defend other cities in Virginia. On New Year’s Day, 1776, they succeeded in repelling the British Army in an invasion on Yorktown. <PMÆIO\PMa][ML Q[_MTTSVW_VM^MV\WLIa1V\PMKMV\MZQ[IKWQTML[VISM ready to strike. Beneath the snake are the words: “Don’t tread on me!” Along each side were the immortal words of Colonel Patrick Henry, the Commander in Chief of Virginia’s provisional army: “Liberty or Death.” The top WN \PMÆIOKWV\IQVML\PM_WZL["¹<PM+]TXMXMZ5QV]\M Men.” Joab Houghton was attending his local Baptist church in Hopewell, New Jersey, when news came of the colonist’s defeat at Lexington. He kept his peace until after the sermon. Immediately following the service, he stepped Issue 1 January/February 2017


outside and gathered the congregation to passionately report the events of Concord and Lexington and the ^ITQIV\M‫ٺ‬WZ\WN \PMUQV]\MUMV0MXI][ML\PMV[XWSM “Men of New Jersey, the redcoats are murdering our brethren of New England! Who follows me to Boston?” At once, every man answered, “I!” They all stepped forward and followed Houghton to war. Joab Houghton became a colonel in the Continental Army under the command of George Washington where he fought with his men until the end of the war. General James Scriven was a brave Baptist soldier. He was in command in Sunbury, Georgia, when Savannah fell \W\PMPIVL[WN \PM*ZQ\Q[P<PMW‫ٻ‬KMZQVKPIZOMWZLMZML Scriven to give up Sunbury also. It was not too long until the British commander received the reply, “Come and get it!” Richard Furman was one of the most popular Baptist preachers in the South. He felt it was his call to preach to men trying to gain support for the cause and stir the hearts WN UMV\WMVTQ[\0Q[QVÆ]MVKM_I[[WOZMI\\PI\/MVMZIT Cornwallis placed a bounty on his head of one thousand English pounds. Furman was never captured. Samuel Stillman was a pastor in Boston who many \PW]OP\_W]TLJM\PMTMI[\QV^WT^MLQVXWTQ\QKITI‫ٺ‬IQZ[ Much to the surprise of those who knew him, Stillman became one of the main pastors who enlisted men everywhere and quickly evolved into one of the most popular preachers of the Revolutionary War period. The renowned John Hancock became a member of Stillman’s church renting a pew each week to ensure seating for him and any friends whom he wanted to bring to hear Stillman’s powerful messages. General George Washington felt that a vital part of his Continental Army was the rank of chaplain. At a ^MZaMIZTa[\IOMQV\PM_IZPMUILMQ\XTIQV\PI\I_MTT XIQL[\I‫ٺ‬WN *QJTMJMTQM^QVOKPIXTIQV[[PW]TL[]XXWZ\\PM )UMZQKIV)ZUa1VITQ[\WN \_MV\aWVMJZQOILQMZ chaplains was published. Nearly one third of these chaplains were Baptist preachers. Some of them became close friends with Washington himself. The Baptist JZQOILQMZKPIXTIQV[TQ[\ML_MZM0MbMSQIP;UQ\P?QTTQIU Vanhorn, Charles Thompson, John Gano, David Jones, and William Rogers. It was a sermon by David Jones, “Defensive War in a Just Cause Sinless,” printed and spread abroad that became “another great source of fuel upon the burning ÅZM[WN XI\ZQW\Q[Uº2WVM[XZMIKPMLI\>ITTMa.WZOM_PMV .ZIVKMÅVITTaZMKWOVQbML)UMZQKI¼[QVLMXMVLMVKM2WPV Gano was a close personal friend and personal chaplain to General George Washington. It was Gano who baptized Washington. At the end of the Revolutionary War, the )UMZQKIVÆIOZMXTIKML\PM*ZQ\Q[PÆIOI\AWZS\W_V After the American Flag was raised, General Washington I[SML/IVW\WW‫ٺ‬MZIÅVITXZIaMZ\WMVL\PM_IZ1\KIV

12 The Baptist Magazine

be said that it was a Baptist who started the war with the <PM/I[XMM)‫ٺ‬IQZ, and a Baptist who ended the war with a XZIaMZ<PM*IX\Q[\QVÆ]MVKMIVL\PMPIVLWN /WLKIVJM seen all throughout this time period in American history.  *IX\Q[\QVÆ]MVKM_I[IXXIZMV\VW\WVTaWV\PM battlefront, but also on the political front. John Hart _I[I*IX\Q[\TIaUIV_PWPILOZMI\[QOVQÅKIVKMQV\PM cause of independence. He was a representative of New Jersey in the Continental Congress and was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It was John Hart who took a leading role in passing a resolution that no provisions be made for British soldiers stationed in his colony. He was declared a traitor by the British and the Tories (Americans who were British sympathizers). Hart knew full well that signing the Declaration of Independence was a death sentence, but he courageously proceeded anyway. Because of his stance for liberty and freedom, Hart was driven from the bedside of his dying _QNMIVLPIL\WÆMMNWZPQ[TQNM.WZUWZM\PIVIaMIZPM never slept in the same place twice. He hid in forests and caves knowing that his capture would mean immediate LMI\P2WPV0IZ\[MTÆM[[TaX]\)UMZQKIVNZMMLWU[JMNWZM PQ[W_VIVL[IKZQÅKMLITT\PI\PMPILLMNMVLQVOW]Z liberty.  1[IIK*IKS][_I[WVMWN \PMUW[\QVÆ]MV\QIT*IX\Q[\ preachers of the day. He would spend countless weeks debating with our Founding Fathers in Independence Hall and the Continental Congress. He was one of \PMUMUJMZ[WN \PMLMTMOI\QWV\PI\ZI\QÅML\PM=; Constitution in 1788. It was one of his sermons, printed and distributed throughout the colonies in 1773, that proclaimed the need for religious liberty and the abolition WN [\I\MZ]VKP]ZKPM[1[IIK*IKS][ITWVO_Q\P2IUM[ Manning and Samuel Stillman, spent weeks meeting privately with members of the Massachusetts delegation convincing them to support the Constitution.  2IUM[5IVVQVO_I[I_MTTZM[XMK\MLIVLPQOPTa QVÆ]MV\QIT*IX\Q[\XI[\WZ_PWJMKIUMXZM[QLMV\WN _PI\ is now known as Brown University. At one point, he was chosen as a temporary member of Congress to give Biblical counseling on their proceedings. It was Manning who was given the responsibility of helping to procure provisions for the state of Rhode Island while many men were away at war during the Revolution. He allowed his university to be a camp for ally soldiers as well as a military hospital. In addition, he assisted Isaac Backus in convincing delegates of Massachusetts to adopt the Constitution. By all accounts, Dr. James Manning was WVMWN \PMUW[\QV[\Z]UMV\ITÅO]ZM[WN \PM?IZNWZ Independence. John Hancock was a member of the Baptist church pastored by Samuel Stillman. Of course, it was Hancock whose signature is probably the most recognizable, and for sure, the largest on the Declaration of Independence.

Samuel Stillman was chosen as a delegate from Boston to the Constitutional Convention where he delivered a key speech on support of the Constitution.  2WPV4MTIVL_I[WVMWN \PMUW[\_MTTSVW_VXI[\WZ[ of his day. He met privately with James Madison to discuss the importance of many of the individual rights based on Scripture. Madison assured Leland that, if elected President, he would do all he could to incorporate these beliefs. Madison was elected President, and he kept his promise when he drafted the Bill of Rights; and it was added to our Constitution. Leland was invited to the ?PQ\M0W][M]VLMZ8ZM[QLMV\<PWUI[2M‫ٺ‬MZ[WVQV  While there, he was given the opportunity to preach to Congress a message on religious liberty with President 2M‫ٺ‬MZ[WVQVI\\MVLIVKM4MTIVLLQMLQV His tombstone reads, “Here lies the body of John Leland, of +PM[PQZM_PWTIJWZML[Q`\a[M^MVaMIZ[\WXZWUW\MXQM\a and vindicate the civil and religious rights of all men.” As a Baptist preacher, John Leland gave a lifetime to do what PMKW]TL\WQVÆ]MVKMIVM_TaJQZ\PMLKW]V\Za Perhaps one of the greatest ways that our country was QVÆ]MVKMLJa*IX\Q[\[KIUMJMNWZMW]Z.W]VLQVO.I\PMZ[ were even born. The Declaration of Independence, signed July LMKTIZML\PM\PQZ\MMVKWTWVQM[I[VWTWVOMZ]VLMZ British rule but rather as a new nation—The United States WN )UMZQKI1\_I[<PWUI[2M‫ٺ‬MZ[WV_PW_I[KPW[MV to compose the original draft of this historic document. This document was very clear in citing our foundational principles of liberty, justice, and dependency on God. In PQ[UMUWQZ[2M‫ٺ‬MZ[WVPQU[MTN ILUQ\\ML\PI\\PMXZQVKQXTM[ found in The Declaration of Independence were not original to him. In the year 1620, at Newgate prison in England,

there was an anonymous Baptist minister who was incarcerated for his faith and convictions about religious liberty. While in prison, he wrote a petition entitled “A Most Humble Supplication.” This petition was written with milk on parchment paper and smuggled to the outside. It could be read only by browning the parchment XIXMZ_Q\PIÆIUM<PQ[XM\Q\QWV_I[\ZIV[KZQJMLIVL submitted to the King of England, but it was ignored. The truths found in this petition may have been ignored by the King, but they divinely found their way into the hands of a Baptist preacher by the name of Roger Williams. Williams, who was a widely read preacher, published these truths in the late 1600’s. When one compares the thoughts from the pen of Roger Williams to the principles found in The Declaration of IndependencePM_QTTÅVL\PI\ they are strikingly similar. It is hard to deny that the LWK]UMV\[QOVMLJaW]ZNWZMNI\PMZ[QVLQLVW\ÅVLQ\[ beginnings in the writings of a Baptist preacher in a prison cell in 1620. These few stories reveal a small sampling of the *IX\Q[\QVÆ]MVKM\PI\PMTXML\WNWZOM\PQ[OZMI\VI\QWV Time and space do not allow the stories of countless other Baptist men whose faith contributed to the founding of America. Their stories may never be told; however, their LMLQKI\QWVIVL[IKZQÅKMPMTXML\WJQZ\P¹7VMVI\QWV under God, with liberty and justice for all.” Americans will forever be indebted to these unsung heroes of the faith. America may have never known the freedoms that [PMMVRWa[\WLIaPILQ\VW\JMMVNWZ\PMQVÆ]MVKMWN \PM Baptists! ABOVE The Declaration of Independence was heavily influenced by the writings of Roger Williams, a Baptist preacher in the 1600’s.

Issue 1 January/February 2017


What to Expect from a Trump Presidency Bob Gray, Sr. Editor-in-Chief


ongratulations, America! We survived eight years of President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we came out ]V[KI\PMLNZWUPQ[\QUMQVW‫ٻ‬KM If there were a way to go back eight years and see America then and now, we probably would be surprised at the drastic changes that took place. The good news is that God is still on His throne, and we always can trust in Him. Many Christians struggled throughout our recent presidential election. Some considered it a choice between two evils. Many Christians called themselves “Never Trumpers.” Few expected the outcome; but here we are with a new President, renewed hope for our country, and greater optimism concerning our future. Before I share my observations regarding what to expect in a Trump XZM[QLMVKaTM\UMÅZ[\ZMUQVL][ITT\WTM\/WL ABOVE Donald Trump addresses the crowd at a campaign rally in February 2016. LEFT For the first time in many years, the oval office will be occupied by a President who supports Christian values and freedoms.

14 The Baptist Magazine

be God. No man will ever be the perfect or ideal leader. At PQ[^MZaJM[\3QVO,I^QL_I[I[QVVMZIVLIÆI_MLTMILMZ The greatest of leaders are mere men with faults and imperfections. That said, what could or should we expect in these next four years? We should expect a more favorable environment for our Christian faith. Christianity thrives in any environment. Where there is persecution, Christianity thrives. Where there is friendliness toward Christians, it thrives. We have been blessed throughout our history to be a Christian nation. We have never been perfect; but our government has, for the most part, been friendly toward the things of Christ. If Donald Trump does what many of us expect, America will be much friendlier toward Christianity while he is President. He has strongly QLMV\QÅMLPQU[MTN _Q\P+PZQ[\QIV[?PQTMPMUIaVW\JMIV QLMIT+PZQ[\QIVPMIXXMIZ[\WPI^MI[\ZWVOI‫ٻ‬ VQ\aNWZW]Z faith. We should expect an opportunity to perpetuate the Gospel under this friendly administration. Again, I want to reiterate the fact that Christianity has sometimes spread more powerfully during persecution than during friendly times; however, I have found that many Christians are encouraged because of the apparent opportunity to practice and perpetuate our faith with greater freedom as a result of this election. We can expect many American values to be ZM[\WZML<PMZMQ[ILQ‫ٺ‬MZMVKMJM\_MMVJQJTQKIT^IT]M[IVL American values. A lost person can practice biblical values and be prosperous. Not everything our new President does will be Christian, but much of it will be healthy for our country and will help restore our constitutional ^IT]M[0MQ[VW\W]ZXI[\WZQVKPQMN#PW_M^MZPMQ[JW]VL by the Constitution to do what our forefathers intended when they gave us that important set of guidelines for our nation. We can expect vicious attacks. Satan is not going to accept defeat easily. The press will become more vitriolic, hateful, deceitful, and accusatory than ever. Our President will be under constant attack from the left; so we as Christians must bear him up with prayer. Our faith and our convictions will be under even greater attack from the media; so we must be vigilant. We can expect some Christians to critique our new President unfairly. Throughout the election, many Christians seemed to think we were electing a pastor rather than a leader of our country. Beware of those who scrutinize his every move. It is easy for us to judge what we know only in part. He will make decisions that will not please all of us. Some Christians will use every opportunity to criticize, as we have observed already as he has begun selecting his cabinet members. While I have not agreed with every choice, I have kept silent, hoping and believing that the best will come, even from that with

which I personally do not fully agree or understand. These are some of the things we should expect. Some of us believe we have been given a reprieve because Hillary Clinton was not elected President. Many of us believe we have an opportunity under President Trump that we have not had for the past eight years. That said, what should we do? We should seek God’s face on behalf of our leaders. As obvious as this may seem, most of us would have to admit that we seldom pray for our leaders. If we were honest, most of us would have to confess that we did not pray diligently for President Obama. If we expect this new President to do good things, then we must go to the One Who controls everything and seek His face. God is in control and can turn the hearts of men. Let us earnestly XZIaNWZW]ZTMILMZ[XMKQÅKITTaNWZPQU\WPI^M_Q[LWU _PQKPQ[NZWUIJW^MQVPQ[LMKQ[QWVUISQVO We should be a light in this world. Sodom was not destroyed because of its king nor because of its sin. It was destroyed because there were not enough righteous people found for God to spare His judgment. It is our responsibility to be the salt and the light in this world. Our salt preserves this world to stay God’s hand of judgment. Our light brings glory to our God, leading men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. May our salt be savory and may our light shine brightly during these days. We should avoid becoming more political. Some will see this as a rallying cry to further our beliefs politically. Dr. Hyles used to say that the way to save America is to keep winning souls to Christ. Each and every one of us is responsible to be a good citizen; but our cause is to be the furtherance of the Gospel, not the furtherance of conservatism. We should remain faithful. Of all the things that God rewards, faithfulness is the most important. When we stand before Him, we will be rewarded for being faithful. 8I]T_ZW\MQV11<QUW\Pa"1PI^MNW]OP\IOWWLÅOP\1PI^M ÅVQ[PMLUaKW]Z[M1PI^MSMX\\PMNIQ\P" Keep the faith strong. God will bless our nation if His people remain faithful. We should remain humble. I almost began with this point; however, I chose instead to end with it because all the good that we do can come only if we are humble before God. Humility brings repentance. Humility brings blessings. Humility causes us to serve our Lord and others. <PMÅZ[\KWUUIVLNWZ/WL¼[XMWXTMQV11+PZWVQKTM[" is …shall humble themselves… If we become prideful, we are destined for a fall. May God keep us humble. Congratulations to our new President! We as Christians prayerfully stand behind you, hoping that these next four years will return our country to the constitutional values upon which it was founded and that we as Christians will help restore the spiritual values that TWVOQLMV\QÅML)UMZQKII[JMQVO¹7VM6I\QWV]VLMZ God.” Issue 1 January/February 2017



16 The Baptist Magazine

Candidate Greg Neal Managing Editor

Issue 1 January/February 2017



do Billy Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Bethenny Frankel, Dax Shepard, Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, Chris Evans, Ariana Grande, Amanda Seyfried, 5IZS:]‫ٺ‬ITW2WPV+][IKS:W[M5K/W_IV and Miley Cyrus have in common? They are all entertainment “stars” who, upon learning of Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidential election, expressed deep grief and, in some cases, had complete meltdowns on social media. For example, actor Chris Evans tweeted, “This is an embarrassing night for America. We’ve let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We’ve let a bully set our course. I’m devastated.” Actor John Cusack tweeted, “The fascism Q[ZMIT_PI\=[MMQ[_PI\=OM\_QTTJMVW comforting illusions left to hide in…look at it with clear steely eyes…” “I’m embarrassed to be an American,” tweeted reality star, Aubrey O’Day. Before the election, dozens threatened to

18 The Baptist Magazine

leave America if Donald Trump were elected. Among them were Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Neve Campbell, Barry Diller, Lena ,]VPIU3MMOIV5QKPIMT3Ma+PTWx;M^QOVa 6I\I[PI4aWVVM-LLQM/ZQ‫ٻ‬V;XQSM4MM Amber Rose, Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, George 4WXMb*IZJZI;\ZMQ[IVL:I^MV;aUWVu Whoopi Goldberg, Omari Hardwick, Miley Cyrus, and Amy Schumer. (Unfortunately, up to VW_VWVMPI^MN]TÅTTML\PMQZXZWUQ[M These liberal fearmongers represent a seemingly endless list of Hollywood and entertainment “stars” who aligned themselves with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. They strongly supported her by raising millions of dollars on her behalf. This article will focus on a small sampling of the overwhelming majority in Hollywood who supported Hillary Clinton for President. Who are these people who supported Hillary’s campaign? They are the same people _MÅVLLM[KZQJMLQV:WUIV[KPIX\MZWVM

The incredible wickedness that was found in IVKQMV\:WUMQ[\PM[IUM^QTMJMPI^QWZ_MÅVL in Hollywood today. If Hollywood had existed during those days, these same “stars” would have resided there. Hollywood is a place where the truest values of most Americans are least ZMXZM[MV\MLaM\Q\Q[IXTIKM_PMZM_MÅVL political candidates pining for endorsements. These Hollywood elitists stand and promote []KPQ[[]M[I[IJWZ\QWVZQOP\[NMUQVQ[UIV\Q patriotism, nature worship, global warming, gun control, socialistic government, LGBTQ ZQOP\[IVLUIVaW\PMZIV\QKWV[MZ^I\Q^MIVL IV\Q[KZQX\]ZITXW[Q\QWV[<PMQZXMZ[WVITTQ^M[IZM known for adultery, fornication, lasciviousness, riotous living, drunkenness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. This revelation of their personal lives is not breaking news due to the fact that their vile lifestyles are broadcast over social media. The movies and music they make IZMIV\Q+PZQ[\QIVIV\Q/WLIV\QUWZITQ\a ÅTTML_Q\P^]TOIZIK\QWV[IVLTIVO]IOMIVL

humanistic themes. In spite of these facts, Hillary Clinton felt comfortable aligning herself with Hollywood. The Hollywood elite endorsed and campaigned hard for Hillary’s run for the presidency. In fact, a large portion of the money raised for her presidential run came from the M‫ٺ‬WZ\[WN \PW[M0WTTa_WWLIVLMV\MZ\IQVUMV\ elites. Hollywood endorsed Hillary because Hillary endorsed Hollywood. She embodies \PMQZIV\Q/WLIVLIV\Q)UMZQKIVXZWXIOIVLI 0WTTa_WWLQ[_Q\PPMZJIJaU]ZLMZQVOO]V OZIJJQVO+PZQ[\QIVWXXZM[[QVOTQJMZIT[WKQITQ[\ agenda.  4QJMZITIK\Q^Q[\IVLÅTUUISMZ5QKPIMT Moore, who predicted the possibility of a Trump victory, made clear his dislike of Trump, calling PQU¹_ZM\KPMLQOVWZIV\LIVOMZW][IXIZ\\QUM KTW_VIVLN]TT\QUM[WKQWXI\Pº On a recent episode of The View, Whoopi /WTLJMZOKITTML8ZM[QLMV\MTMK\<Z]UXINWWT and threatened him with impeachment. Cher, in a speech at a Hillary Clinton

PREVIOUS PAGE Hillary Clinton appears at the 2016 Democratic National Convention via a live satellite feed. LEFT Basketball star Lebron James appears with Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Cleveland, OH, two days before the election. RIGHT Singer Lady Gaga stands by Hillary Clinton after speaking at a campaign rally in Raleigh, NC, the day before the election.

Issue 1 January/February 2017


ABOVE Rapper Jay Z and his wife, singer Beyonce´, meet backstage with Hillary Clinton shortly before performing a beneďŹ t concert for her campaign. BELOW Hillary Clinton frequently called upon her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and current President Barack Obama for star power at her rallies.

20 The Baptist Magazine

fundraiser, said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;He is a consummate liar. Doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care who he hurts, insane; a sociopathic narcissist. I just wish PMÂźLNITTWâ&#x20AC;Ť\Ůşâ&#x20AC;ŹPMNIKMWN \PMMIZ\PÂş;PMIT[WKWUXIZML\PM candidate to Stalin and Hitler and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a (expletive) idiot.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Trump is a cancer on our democracy. He must be rejected by all patriots, for the good of our national identity and values.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; George Takei of Star Trek fame. (For the record, George, we live in a republic not a democracy) â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a national disaster. An illiterate, bigoted, misogynistic, racist, rapist has become President. I have no words.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Kate Walsh Later in a tweet, she called Trump a â&#x20AC;&#x153;fool.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jennifer Lawrence, who a few months later commented that the only words she would want to say to Trump when she meets him are â&#x20AC;&#x153;(expletive).â&#x20AC;? Ariel Winter said in a tweet, â&#x20AC;&#x153;America, you have failed. What the actual (expletive). Devastating. I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t recognize @realDonaldTrump as our President, ever. #dumptrucktrump.â&#x20AC;? Whatever one may think of Mr. Trump or his character, one must ask the question, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is Hollywood really Y]ITQĂ&#x2026;ML\WUISM\PM[M[\I\MUMV\['Âş?Pa\PMW]\ZIOM' What Hollywood fears most are the Americans who rejected their candidate; and, in doing so, rejected them. Their response has been labeling â&#x20AC;&#x153;everyday Americansâ&#x20AC;? as racists, haters, and fascists, along with other colorful descriptions. These Hollywood elites do not represent America or her values. Yet they are doing everything they can to prevent Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s values from being represented. They do not care what the average American thinks or how he voted. The proof of this can be seen in the fact \PI\QV\PMĂ&#x2026;VITIVITa[Q[8ZM[QLMV\MTMK\<Z]UX_WV KW]V\QM[KWUXIZML\W0QTTIZaÂź[UMZM <PIVSN]TTa American values still trump Hollywood values. America is being hijacked by Hollywood; and, in many cases, she does not even realize it. Sadly, many Christians are partaking in the empowerment of Hollywoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s QVĂ&#x2020;]MVKM8MWXTM_PW_W]TLVW\PI^MLWVI\MLI[QVOTM cent to support Hillaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s campaign pay money to attend Hollywood movies, buy the DVDs, or import Hollywood via satellite or cable into their homes. We are further padding the pockets of these Hollywood elitists who are attempting to hijack the morals of our beloved country by exposing ourselves to their humanistic agenda. We boycott Target for having a transgendered position on bathrooms. How could a Christian boycott Target yet support Hollywood? Let us look at some examples of people in Hollywood who supported Hillary. Who has seen a Steven Spielberg movie? He donated $1,002,700 to Hillary Clintonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s campaign. How about 2Mâ&#x20AC;ŤŮşâ&#x20AC;ŹZMa3I\bMVJMZO+-7WN ,ZMIU?WZS[)VQUI\QWV who, as CEO of the Disney Studios, created many of the

popular Disney movies? He donated $1,002,700 to Hillary Clinton. Then there is Star Wars creator J. J. Abrams who donated over $500,000 to her campaign. Stars such I[4MWVIZLW,Q+IXZQW<WU0IVS[*MV)â&#x20AC;ŤŮźâ&#x20AC;Ź MKS+P]KS Lorre, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, and Ellen DeGeneres each contributed $2,700 to Hillary. Also, there were the celebrity fundraisers such I[\PMWVMWZOIVQbMLJa.ZIVS*QWVLQM`+-7WN  Universal Studios, which raised more than $2 million. Haim Saban, billionaire owner of Univision, raised $500,000. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fundraiser with guests including Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, and <WJMa5IO]QZMZIQ[ML UQTTQWV2QUUa*]â&#x20AC;ŤŮşâ&#x20AC;ŹM\\Âź[ fundraiser, with guests Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, and others raised $5.3 million. George Clooney held two events raising $15 million. These are examples of the money raised on Hillaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behalf by Hollywood and entertainment industries. We forget that the men and women we see on our favorite shows are ACTORS. They are not interested in the purity of our children or in preventing the corruption of our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s morals. They are interested in funding their lifestyle, void of God and decency. Make no mistake. Those in Hollywood will not stop seeking for candidates who represent their decadent TQNM[\aTM[IVL\PMQZIV\Q+PZQ[\QIVXW[Q\QWV[1N \PMaKIVVW\ Ă&#x2026;VL\PMU\PMa_QTTXMZ[]ILM_Q\P\PMQZUWVMa\PW[M ITZMILaQVWâ&#x20AC;ŤŮťâ&#x20AC;Ź KM\WTMIVN]Z\PMZI_IaNZWU/WL<PM Obamas discovered the power of Hollywood, especially _PMVZ]VVQVONWZZMMTMK\QWV  <PMUWZM_MĂ&#x2026;VIVKQITTaMVIJTM\PM[M0WTTa_WWL \aXM[\PMUWZMQVĂ&#x2020;]MVKMIVL[]XXWZ\\PMa_QTTOIQV with candidates such as Hillary Clinton. It is not enough that we oppose these candidates. We must oppose the Ă&#x2026;VIVKQITJI[M\PI\[]XXWZ\[\PM[MKIVLQLI\M[1VLWQVO[W _MXZW\MK\W]ZUQVL[NZWU\PMQZQVĂ&#x2020;]MVKM<PMZM_QTTJM another Hillary Clinton. We must not grant Hollywood QVĂ&#x2020;]MVKMJaITTW_QVO\PMU\WLQK\I\MW]ZLZM[[PIQZ[\aTM[ or language. As long as we are willing to ignore who and what Hollywood really is, we are enabling the Hillary Clintons to have a chance to win elections. Redbox may JMIVMI[aXTIKM\WĂ&#x2026;VLIVM^MVQVOWN MV\MZ\IQVUMV\#J]\ have we considered the fact that our money, in many cases, is paying for the campaigns of liberal politicians who diametrically oppose everything we believe? Christians U][\ZMKWOVQbM\PMLIVOMZWN 0WTTa_WWLÂź[QVĂ&#x2020;]MVKMVW\ just to our minds but also to the very culture in which we TQ^M1\QVĂ&#x2020;]MVKM[W]Z^MZaXWTQ\QK[#IVLI[+PZQ[\QIV[_M have a responsibility to do more than just vote. On Monday, November 7, Hillary held one more celebrity event on the eve of the election. On Tuesday, November 8, America rejected her as President. I personally believe a big reason was, as we say here in the South, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hollywood ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t America and America ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Hollywood.â&#x20AC;?

Issue 1 January/February 2017


Scripture and the Second Amendment by

Jeff Farnham, Revivalist, Pastor, Author

So it came to pass in the day of battle, that there was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people…

I Samuel 13:22a


hile the Constitution of the United States is not biblical in its every word and phrase, it is light years closer to the Word of God than is the XWTQ\QKITIVLML]KI\QWVITTQJMZITQ[UWN \PMMIZTa\_MV\a ÅZ[\KMV\]Za1N \PMZMPI[M^MZJMMVI8PQTQ[\QVMOMVMZI\QWV in United States history, it is the generation of rank, TMN\_QVOXIOIVTQJMZIT[WN W]ZLIa1N M^MZIOMVMZI\QWV of common Americans was threatened with possessing neither “sword nor spear ... in the day of battle,” it is this generation of United States citizens who are allowing the liberals to do their thinking for them! With angry rhetoric, abundant ridicule, and asinine reports, liberals QV\PMMV\MZ\IQVUMV\IVLQVNWZUI\QWVQVL][\ZQM[IZMÅTTQVO young, impressionable minds with the same drivel that King Saul’s generation encountered three millennia ago.

22 The Baptist Magazine

Knowing, as did the Philistines and as do all tyrannical regimes, that a free society is an armed society, the Philistines disarmed the Israelites in order to enslave and control them. The means they used to accomplish this are not immediately known, but it can be extrapolated that the Philistine oppressors took the armaments of the Jewish people literally from under their noses. For more than half a century in our land, the TQJMZITIOMVLIPI[JMMVIVITTW]\I\\IKSWV\PM.QZ[\ Amendment, especially in matters of religious freedom. While liberals are quite without the supreme intelligence \W_PQKP\PMaTIaKTIQU\PMaPI^MÅVITTaTMIZVML\PI\ they are not going to dominate the religious beliefs of an armed society; therefore, now they are altering course somewhat. Today is a day of liberal attack on the Second )UMVLUMV\I[\PMaNWK][\PMQZM‫ٺ‬WZ\[]XWVZMUW^QVO ABOVE An assembly room in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA, with 18th century decor, much like it was when the Second Continental Congress convened here

O]V[NZWU\PMPIVL[WN \PMKQ\QbMVZa<PMQZM‫ٺ‬WZ\[IZMJW\P and Shanksville dozens who died September 11, 2001! If overt and covert as they use secret and subversive tactics this liberal dance were not so tragically sad, it would be on the one front and surprise tactics on another. They are hilariously entertaining. employing every means imaginable to persuade gullible  6WZKIVI*QJTMJMTQM^QVO+PZQ[\QIV[XMISWN  goons and sappy simpletons that guns are the problem in \PQ[PWZZQÅKM^MV\IXIZ\NZWUIVW\PMZI[XMK\WN \PM our society. obvious: that those who died were either practicing or Indeed, the liberals already have dominated the sympathizing members of the LGBT community, a group education system in our land; in that arena, they are of people whom the Word of God, taken in historical educating an entire generation on the supposed danger and literary context, consistently and clearly condemns of guns in the hands of citizens. Liberals already control as abominations to the Lord God. Clearly, just as God the entertainment industry in our nation. In movies overthrew Sodom and the surrounding cities in an act and sitcoms and TV series, they are writing scripts and of righteous indignation some four millennia ago, God arranging plots to show the supposed dangers and damage allowed a group of Sodomite souls in our day to die in of guns. Liberals already rule the media; news stories are gruesome fashion. Obvious judgment has begun. chosen as to their potential to show an unthinking society The liberal agenda is headed for and hoping for a that “guns kill” and that “guns must be limited.” day when there [is] neither sword nor spear found in the hand of The recent carnage in any of the people; so they can then Orlando, Florida, is just one round up people who believe more in a lengthy line of contrary to them and harass them terrorist hate crimes in our and imprison them and behead world. Notice how everyone them. It is that simple. What can NZWU\PM7^IT7‫ٻ‬KM\W\PM believers do? small town newspaper editor Take their children out is cowering to the pressure to of the public schools. Rest blame this on the gun while assured that public schools are completely ignoring the hatred rewriting curriculum every year that prompted the terrorist who to downplay the importance pulled the trigger, as if the gun of the War for Independence OW\]XIVL[PW\ÅN\aXMWXTM and emphasize the importance from a particular group all by of the Civil Rights Movement itself ! Those who remember a (forgetting that the Civil Rights day when conservative voices Movement would not and could were also respected and allowed not ever have occurred without on the nation’s major news the War for Independence that networks can hear a faint echo was fought by an armed citizen WN 8I]T0IZ^Ma¼[NIUW][LZI_V militia.) Rest assured that the out “Ahem” right about here. NEA (National Education One cannot write about Association) is absolutely Orlando’s tragedy without determined to misinform this ABOVE The exterior of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA, where our founding fathers created the framework that is addressing the obvious: that nation’s children in order to being attacked in modern day America. the attack was perpetrated prejudice them against guns, by a radical Moslem welcomed into this land by liberals in order to program them against guns, and in order to and carried out against the LGBT community that also predetermine their future votes against guns. Like an has been welcomed in this land by liberals. The dance overpopulated kennel of Pavlov’s mutts and curs, the step that liberals have invented to handle this event is a elementary and secondary school students of our land contortionist’s nightmare, but dance they will and dancing already are beginning to salivate whenever the bell of they are! Members of one of their pet groups have been violence rings. Their conditioned response is, “Get rid of slain by a member of another of their pet groups, and the guns!” they have to explain this from the standpoint that gays Teach the truth. For some, this will mean learning are right and normal and that Islam is a religion of peace the truth for themselves because they are young enough and tolerance. Strangely, and yet not strangely at all, when \WPI^MJMMV\I]OP\\PMTQJMZITTQM[1\Q[\QUMNWZ*QJTM one considers the liberal bent, the press is more up in believing Christians to look at the Scripture and see IZU[IJW]\\PM7ZTIVLWÅN\a\PIVQ\_I[IJW]\\PM6M_ accounts like the one in I Samuel 13 and realize that a York City thousands and Washington, D.C. hundreds disarmed society is a dominated society. It is time for Issue 1 January/February 2017


Christians to take the time to read accurate history and learn the truth about history and talk about history honestly. It is time for people to source their beliefs in something other than Wikipedia, the overtly liberal, JTI\IV\Ta[TIV\ML]VL]TaIV\Q+PZQ[\QIVPQ[\WZQKITTa QVIKK]ZI\MXWTQ\QKITTaUW\Q^I\MLWVTQVM¹MVKaKTWXMLQIº It is getting late, but it is not too late for people to be instructed once again that it is the likes of Hitler and Stalin who believed in taking arms from their citizens, and it is the likes of Washington, Madison, Churchill, and Eisenhower who believed in giving arms to their citizens! :M[XMK\]VQNWZUMLW‫ٻ‬ KMZ[WN \PM)ZUML Forces and local law enforcement. Away with all \PMZQOP\[KZIbMLPMZWQK[NWZLZ]OKZIbMLKZQUQVIT[IVL [M`KZIbMLXMZ^MZ\[ *MLWVM_Q\PQ\ITT 4M\][ZM\]ZV\W IZM[XMK\NWZW]Z[WTLQMZ[IVLXWTQKMW‫ٻ‬ KMZ[W]ZKQ\QbMV[ in harm’s way, our young men and women who are right now defending freedom, our older men and women who have retired from that career, and on and on! Let us respect the uniform whether it is Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Let us respect the memory of the POW and the MIA. Let us line up to respect our living XWTQKMW‫ٻ‬ KMZ[IVL[PMZQ‫[ٺ‬I[ZMILQTaI[_MTQVM\PM[\ZMM\[ to respect them when they die in the line of duty! Teach and practice responsible gun use. Any XMZ[WV_PWKPWW[M[\WXW[[M[[WVMWZUWZMÅZMIZU[W]OP\ to be responsible in the ownership and usage of said ÅZMIZU[+IZMTM[[VM[[WV\PMXIZ\WN XMWXTM_PWJMTQM^M in the Second Amendment does not help to promote Second Amendment causes any more than carelessness in Christianity helps to promote Christian causes! Parents who own guns must keep them from the hands of children

24 The Baptist Magazine

who cannot understand their power. When those children reach an appropriate age, those parents should teach them \PMZM[XWV[QJTM][MWN ÅZMIZU[4WILMLÅZMIZU[U][\ NEVER be left lying about. No person should ever handle IÅZMIZUTWILMLWZ]VTWILMLQVIRWSQVONI[PQWVWZQVI pretense. Vote for pro-freedom legislators. In our nation, ^W\M[KW]V\1N I^W\QVOXWX]TIKM^W\M[NWZXZWNZMMLWU TMOQ[TI\WZ[\PMa_QTTXZWUW\MXZWNZMMLWUTMOQ[TI\QWV -^MV\]ITTaXZWNZMMLWUTMOQ[TI\QWV_QTTJMXI[[MLIVL [QOVMLQV\WTI_M[\IJTQ[PQVOIXZWNZMMLWUOW^MZVUMV\ Pray. God deals with nations. When a nation worships God and honors Him and obeys Him, He blesses that nation. Our past is proof. When a nation neglects, dishonors, and abandons God, He removes the blessing. Our present is proof. When the blessing is removed, God allows the Philistines to rule His people until they repent and return. Our future, apart from national revival to deliver us from liberalism or the coming of the Lord to deliver us from earth forever, may well prove that. This point was written last for emphasis. Regardless of the W]\KWUMWN \PQ[R]LQKQITTMOQ[TI\Q^M[VIN][IQV\[IKZW[[W]Z land must pray for deliverance. When threatened with the potential extinction of his people, Mordecai sent a message to Esther that deliverance would come from one point or another. We may well be surprised at the source from which our deliverance comes, but we can rest assured no deliverance will come at all if we do not pray! The ;MKWVL)UMVLUMV\LMJI\MIVLQ\[[]J[MY]MV\IV\QO]V sentiment may well spell doom for us all if we do not appeal to and access the God of Heaven.

CNNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anderson Cooper preparing to cover a Republican debate in February, 2016

What We Learned about the Media during the Recent Presidential Election Bob Gray, Sr. Editor-in-Chief

Issue 1 January/February 2017


TOP The media sought out “typical” Trump supporters to feature in their coverage. ABOVE Donald Trump is interviewed for CNN. RIGHT The media always had their microphones on Donald Trump hoping to get the next sound bite.


t does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the mainstream media have an agenda to perpetuate VWV+PZQ[\QIVIVLTQJMZIT^QM_XWQV\[<PMaPI^M become a juggernaut of power in this nation. We have gone from being a nation that reports the news to a nation that slants the news. When the press sees an WXXWZ\]VQ\a\WKI[\IVMOI\Q^MZMÆMK\QWVWV+PZQ[\QIVIVL conservative values, they are not hesitant to do so. Their agenda is to destroy Christianity. They are not interested in freedom of religion. They are interested in freedom from Christianity. Unfortunately, most Americans are still somewhat dependent on the mainstream media for their news and often for their opinions. In the recent election, we saw something not seen in a long time. Mainstream America rose up against the mainstream media. The election of Donald Trump was a reaction to their biased reporting. The average American’s vote was as much against the status quo as it was for the man himself. People of principle became fed up with the constant bias they saw in \PMUMLQIIVL\PMZM[]T\_I[ILQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\SQVLWN 8ZM[QLMV\ There are several lessons I think we learned from this

26 The Baptist Magazine

recent election. A lie can be told for only so long before people get tired of hearing it. The mainstream media repeated the same lies so often that they believed they _MZMOM\\QVOI_Ia_Q\PQ\<PMaÅVITTaW^MZXTIaML\PMQZ hand. Sick and tired of being lied to, many Americans ÅVITTaZW[M]XIOIQV[\\PMJIZZIOMWN XZWXIOIVLIL]ZQVO this election. Conservative candidates have played to the press for too long. The primaries saw candidates NWZ\PMÅZ[\\QUM[\IVL]XIOIQV[\\PMXZM[[ZI\PMZ\PIV kowtow to it. For many politicians, the freedom of the press had become the fear of the press. During the primary, we saw a change in that attitude among many of the Republican candidates. Rather than allowing the various news organizations to bully them, they called their hands, exposing them to the American public. The release of thousands of emails proved to many what we suspected all along: the press and the liberal politicians were working together to defeat candidates with conservative values. It became evident to many who were paying attention

ABOVE Large numbers of the media always followed the Clintons, but never scrutinized Hillary the way they did Donald Trump. RIGHT A woman is interviewed by the media after leaving a Trump rally in Lancaster, PA.

that this was not just a conspiracy theory. This was a fact. Behind the scenes, people in politics and the media colluded in order to steal votes and control the direction of this nation. Do not be naive to expect them to stop in light of a new administration. Hillary Clinton’s defeat was essentially a defeat of the mainstream media. The media’s overreach in defending her along with covering up her crimes led many Americans to vote against Hillary Clinton. Many people who never thought they would vote for Donald Trump walked into that voting booth and realized that voting for Hillary was voting for more corruption from the press. In many cases, their vote was IOIQV[\\PMXZM[[I[U]KPI[NWZ8ZM[QLMV\MTMK\<Z]UX The press has elevated itself to a god-like position in this nation. When we pray for our leaders, we must pray for the destruction of the mainstream media. They have controlled this nation by setting themselves up as gods. The slightest suggestion that they should be held accountable for their lies is met with a “freedom of the press” defense. Of course, they do not believe in freedom of the press when it comes to

conservative media groups. What they really believe in is freedom of liberalism and oppression of conservatism. They did not get it wrong in the polls; they merely were confounded by Almighty God. There is no doubt in my mind that God hates the press because of its idolatrous pride and arrogance. Donald Trump’s election was not merely a statement made by the American public; it was an act of Almighty God. Perhaps one of the most important lessons Christians should learn is not to believe automatically what is reported. Far too many of us accept reports as fact. The press is a master at manipulating facts to prove whatever point it cares to prove. The press can make an innocent person appear guilty. It can make a guilty person appear innocent. The press can do whatever is necessary to accomplish its agenda. We must stop believing everything we read on the Internet. We must learn to be discerning in the things we read in the papers or magazines or hear on television or radio. Just because someone reports something to be true does not make it so. As Christians, we have a responsibility to know the truth and to discern truth from lies. Issue 1 January/February 2017


Fighting for Innocence The America I Want My Children to Grow Up In by Tracie Burns 28 The Baptist Magazine


or hundreds of years, America has been a worldwide symbol of endless opportunities. Visionaries and dreamers have come \WPMZ[PWZM[_Q\PPMIZ\[ÅTTML_Q\PXW[[QJQTQ\QM[<PZW]OPW]\ the history of our great nation, any person could make his way, with a little imagination and a lot of hard work. Every mother dreams of her children having their best chances at a fantastic future. She dreams of rearing her little ones to become young adults with purpose, respect for others, and a moral compass. Can this dream become a reality in America today? We hear much disheartening talk about the future of America. Some believe she can scrabble back from the brink, while others dispel her impending doom. There is a plethora of rhetoric out there, and one can ÅVLQ\I[MI[QTaI[TMVLQVOIVMaMWZIVMIZ\WI[KZMMVWZZILQW I grew up on the edge of everywhere. We always lived in that suburb that hugged the edge of urban sprawl which gave way to the concrete jungle. My brother and I were close enough to the city to ride our bikes on concrete yet, far enough away that we never had to worry about staying on the sidewalk or using the crosswalk. It was not quite “Smalltown, USA,” but it was very close to it. We had a mom who loved us and cheered for us in all we attempted. We had a dad who was hardworking, consistent, and made time for us as young people. We were taught to work hard for what we wanted and to take pride in what we did. We were taught to keep our word and respect others. Our parents never let anything, including their children, get in the middle of their relationship.  :MUMUJMZ\PMWTL)VLa/ZQ‫\ٻ‬P[PW_':MKMV\TaUaKPQTLZMVPI^M enjoyed the reruns of those shows. It warms my heart that, even to this generation, Barney with his one bullet in his shirt pocket is still hilarious. <PM)VLa/ZQ‫\ٻ‬P[PW_XMZXM\]I\ML\PMQLMIT)UMZQKIV\W_V1\_I[I \W_VVW\_Q\PW]\Q\[XZWJTMU[IVLLZIUIJ]\I\W_VÅTTML_Q\PXMWXTM who had good hearts with the best intentions and families with a mom, a dad, and respectful children. Dad went to work and came home happy to see his family and to enjoy time with them. Mom did her best to meet the VMML[WN PMZP][JIVLIVLKPQTLZMV-^MV_Q\PVW\[WXMZNMK\PWUM[\PMZM still remained a family structure under which the children could thrive. Andy and Aunt Bea found a way to do their best for Opie in an otherwise VW\[WQLMIT[Q\]I\QWV  .I[\NWZ_IZLÅN\aQ[PaMIZ[2][\QUIOQVM\PM)VLa/ZQ‫\ٻ‬P[PW_[M\ QVUWLMZVLIa)UMZQKI )]V\*MI_W]TLIK\]ITTaW_V\PMPW][M#IVL after his divorce, Andy would have moved back home. She would become frustrated helping to support him and Opie on her meager social security income. She would also be irritated at the fact that Andy came home from work and played video games for several hours every night. Barney would come over for beers before he and Andy went out with the guys on Friday night. Andy would blame the partying on a need to unwind from all the racial tension at work, always fearing civil unrest from how the media would falsely spin anything that happened at the courthouse. Meanwhile, Opie would never ride his bike but would walk home from school with his Issue 1 January/February 2017


MaM[OT]ML\WPQ[[UIZ\XPWVM_PQTMÆQXXQVOPQ[TWVOPIQZ out of his eyes. He would be sullen and withdrawn, spoiled from all the material things that Andy showered on him to make up for his lack of attention. It sounds like a terrible television show! Today, )UMZQKIQ[ÅTTML_Q\P]VPIXXaPWUM[R][\TQSM\PMWVM1 described. Why? America is still a land of opportunity, IVL)UMZQKIV[[\QTT¹_IV\Q\ITTºJ]\\PMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMVKM\WLIa is that very few want to work for it. Children are spoiled by getting everything they want (notice I did not say need) because mom or dad refuses to say, “No.” Children are not being taught to work for the “extras” because mom IVLLIL_IV\\PMQZKPQTLZMV\WNMMTIKKMX\MLIVL\WÅ\QV among their peers. Parents would rather put a screen (with access to a wicked world) into their children’s hands than to send their children outside to play. Today, “Smalltown, USA” is disconnected at home. My parents’ generation was the hippies who rebelled against their parents. These parents were the Americans who grew up struggling through the Great Depression IVLÅOP\QVOQV?WZTL?IZ11IVL\PM3WZMIV?IZ To the “baby boomers,” their parents, now known as the “Greatest Generation,” did not understand them; however, in spite of their rebellion, the baby boomers retained the character instilled in them by these great Americans. As a result, the baby boomers’ children, my generation, were taught to work, knew that not everyone got a trophy, and heard “No” often. The damage done by my generation’s rebellion is spoiling our children. We have given them everything that we would have had to work for in our day. As children, we got new shoes for school; our children get \PMVQKM[\VIUMJZIVL[PWM[?MOW\IJQSM#W]ZKPQTLZMV OM\IUW\WZQbML[SI\MJWIZL)<>IVLIJZIVLVM_KIZ at age sixteen. We got an Atari with Pong and Space Invaders; our children have an Xbox, PlayStation, and

an entire roster of downloadable games. We would take the cordless phone to talk into the other room and get in trouble for doing so. Our children are given cell phones with unlimited access on their tenth birthdays. We are destroying the next generation with one “want” at a time, regardless of whether our intentions are good or not.  1IU\PMUW\PMZWN I\MVaMIZWTLIVLIVMQOP\aMIZ old. Do my children think our country is doomed? Do they believe they are destined to grow up in a country where it is a faux pas to be a true and outspoken Christian? Of course not! They simply look to my husband and me for U]KPVMMLMLTW^MIVL[MK]ZQ\a<PMaIZMM`KQ\ML_PMV_M have grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. They just want mom to play Uno with them, to listen to the stories about their day, and to dispense the love and encouragement they crave. Going to the library is an event, and taking a bike ride with mom and dad is a highlight. They are young, wonderful, and INNOCENT. If I relied on my country to keep my children innocent, I would be a fool. Daily, we hear of heinous crimes committed in the public schools. Many godless teachers stand in front of classrooms molding little minds to their way of thinking. Children are belittled and reprimanded for praying or carrying a Bible or speaking of their Saviour; meanwhile, under the guise of “religious ML]KI\QWVºKPQTLZMVIZMJMQVOQVLWK\ZQVI\ML_Q\PIVIV\Q God agenda. There is a message being pumped out into society by the godless of this world. The humanistic mindset of “do what feels right” or “listen to your heart” will most certainly destroy my children’s innocence. Why? The Bible says, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9) This verse alone disproves all of that humanistic rhetoric. Our own judgment is ÆI_MLIVLVW\\WJMLMXMVLML]XWVNWZTQNMKPWQKM[ One may wonder if keeping our children unspoiled LEFT A typical family from the 1950’s enjoying a meal together UPPER RIGHT The days of grandfathers passing values down to their grandchildren are almost all gone, replaced with our children learning their value system from television and the Internet. LOWER RIGHT An example of small town life with American flags lining a downtown street in Littleton, CO

30 The Baptist Magazine

and innocent is even possible in society today. There is a simple but complex answer. I grew up with two amazing parents who loved each other. To anyone, they seemed to carry all the tools needed to instill in me the character to grow to be a balanced adult; however, these amazing Christians I called Mom and Dad pushed me to discover and develop even more character than other Christians within my church and school. My high school principal was a man named Greg Beil. To this day, Mr. Beil is a Christian school administrator whose passion is helping young people succeed for Christ. Decades ago, he left his job as an engineer with Boeing to work at a Christian school. I believe Greg Beil will be a mighty wealthy man in Heaven because of his investments in the lives of young people. Daily, and maybe without realizing it, he instilled nuggets of character into me and my fellow classmates. One particular lesson that stays with me to this day is how he would ask students to pray for each other when they had tests that day. We would go around the room, IVLKMZ\IQVXMWXTM_W]TL^WT]V\MMZ\WXZIaNWZ[XMKQÅK students. When there was hesitation (mostly due to the prayer being said out loud and to our being insecure teenagers), Mr. Beil would say, “What goes around, comes around. If you want someone to pray for your test, you should pray for someone else’s test.” Because algebra and I almost destroyed each other, I needed all the prayer I could get; so I would reluctantly volunteer to pray for others, mostly out of desperation to pass algebra. The Issue 1 January/February 2017


lesson stuck. Praying for others is one of the greatest things a person can do for a fellow Christian, one of the greatest ways to give our love and to show Christ. A lady in our church named Patty took a special liking to me as an awkward junior higher. She and her husband were newly married and TWWSQVO\W[\IZ\W‫ٺ‬WV\PMZQOP\NWW\JaJMQVO involved in church and the things of God as much as they could. Patty would let me come over to her house, pay me to clean her bathrooms, and teach me to use a computer. She would talk about how great her husband was for JMQVOPIZL_WZSQVOSQVLIVLN]VVa)[IaW]VO person, I wanted to become that kind of wife one day and to have a husband with character whom I could admire just like Patty admired her husband. In the Christian school I attended in fourth IVLÅN\POZILM\PMZM_I[IU][QK\MIKPMZ named Mrs. Hackett. She would come into our classroom once a week and teach a bit of music theory while creating some music We can still rear appreciation. She would bring her violin and play while we sang. I our children in grew to love singing and even took violin later on in high school an untainted up because of her. Mrs. Hackett once America, said, “I will give you one of the ingredients for being a great teaching them best church member. Learn to play an to love, work instrument. If not, learn to sing. If can’t carry a tune, cheer on the hard, respect you musicians and singers. Everyone can others, and participate in music!” To this day, still love to sing. In some of the honor Christ. Idarkest days of my life, I have found myself, with tears streaming down my face singing the words, “Come Thou Fount of ev’ry blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace; Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise.” My soul is replenished through the songs of God. Let us think back to those who helped us become who we are. Who was that Christian who enabled us to make it? Maybe someone had an “Aunt Bea” who nurtured and encouraged PQU8MZPIX[\PMZM_I[I¹;PMZQ‫)ٺ‬VLaº\PI\ taught character in a simple, attainable way. Who was our “Mr. Beil” or “Mrs. Hackett?” They may have had other names, but each of us had that youth worker, soulwinner, teacher, family member, or pastor who made all the LQ‫ٺ‬MZMVKMNWZ][<PMaTW^ML][IVLV]Z\]ZML][

32 The Baptist Magazine

and taught us a priceless piece of character to equip us for a successful future.  )UMZQKIQ[VWTWVOMZÅTTML_Q\P[UITT\W_V[ made up of friends and neighbors who are always there for a person when the chips are down, but our Baptist churches are. All in all, _MIZMVW\ITWVMQV\PQ[ÅOP\NWZW]ZKPQTLZMV¼[ innocence. We are surrounded by fellow Christians with nuggets of character and wisdom to strengthen our children’s future. We can still rear our children in an untainted America, teaching them to love, work hard, respect others, and honor Christ. The church, the Christian school, and the home are all “workshops” where our “building materials” of character will lay a foundation to keep our children innocent, while preparing them to stand strong against the godless who want to destroy our country. We must not feel insecure when our child makes that teacher or youth worker a hero; we should be overjoyed that another Christian has our back. Revel in the fact that this Christian may be able to teach our child something that we could not; be joyful that we are not alone in the ÅOP\\WZIQ[MIOZMI\)UMZQKIVIVLIJITIVKML Christian. In our great land of opportunity and possibility, we can believe that with our Christ, our convictions, and our character, our children can grow up in a country where their heroes are not found on a music stage or on a reality television show. Our children can have heroes who stand for what is right, honor the Lord, work hard, keep their word, and love America.  1KIVVW\Å`\PQ[KW]V\Za6WWVMXMZ[WV KIVÅ`\PQ[KW]V\Za#PW_M^MZ\WOM\PMZ_MWV our little islands within this country that we call “HOME,” can prepare our little “construction workers” with toolboxes of Christian character. When we send our grown child out into this country to make his way and to do whatever work that God has for him, our America will be a better place because of the contribution of a great American and a great Christian joining the ranks. My children are still young; and despite the bad outlook of our future as a nation, I have hope. Dark days have come and gone throughout history; in fact, the clouds of uncertainty will continue to drift by as they always have. I may not be able to change an entire country; but I believe that Smalltown, USA can exist in my home and in every home. This is the America I want for my children.

He’s earning his bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology

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