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Hangouts Quiz: Where to Spend Free Time

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For more on the texting and driving demonstration, see page16.


In This Issue 2. Get the Facts 6. Handling Stress 8- Disappointing your Parents 10- Clean up your Life 12- Adoption 14-Hack the Menu 15. Recipes 16. Reality Check 18. Movie Review 20. What Sign Fits You? 22. Hangouts Quiz 24. Watches 26. Traveling the World 28. If these Wheels could talk 30. School Spirit

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Facts For Your Future Story and Design by Talia Snow

Jayden Jackson Savannah Bonola Karissa Beauvais Brandon Johnson Texas Southern University UT Arlington

Houston, Texas Public University Tuition: $8,162 Room and Board: $10,556 Total Estimated Costs: $25,621 Acceptance Rate: 51.9 % Total Enrollment: 9,557 (2010) Student Response: “ I really loved the culture and everything the school offers going toward my degree. I am receiving a full scholarship for football. I will be studying criminology. I will be staying in the freshman dorms. They are only about 6 months old, and very nice!”


Arlington, Texas Public University Tuition: $9,616 Room and Board: $8,410 Total Estimated Costs:$23,744 Acceptance Rate: 61.4% Total Enrollment:: 34,870 Student Response: “ I chose this school for their academics and softball program. I’m receiving a softball scholarship. I will be studying special education and living on campus with other softball players.”

Baylor University

Waco ,Texas Private University Tuition: $42,272 Room and Board: $11,574 Total Estimated Costs: $59,444 Acceptance Rate: 44% Total Enrollment: 16,787 (2015) Student Response: “ I chose Baylor because it has a “big-smallschool” feel. Plus, I really love that it’s a faithbased atmosphere. I’m receiving a President’s Gold scholarship. I will be studying in the realm of journalism, public relations, and new media program. I decided not to play soccer, but I would like to get involved in Baylor Missions. I will be staying on campus.”

Texas State University San Marcos, Texas Public University Tuition: $10,620 Room and Board: $9,490 Total Estimated Costs: $23,306 Acceptance Rate: 73% Total Enrollment: 37,979 (2015) Student Response: “I chose Texas State for their music education program. I will be receiving scholarships and financial aid, I will be in marching and concert band and will be living in the dorms.”

With college applications just months away for juniors, it’s time for them to start thinking about what schools they’d be happy attending. So, to help them out, here is a collection of Seniors attending 15 different Texas colleges and what factors influenced their decisions.

Samantha Harrison Spencer Herbstritt Patrick Gruber Abby Kemter Hardin Simmons University Abilene, Texas Private University Tuition Costs; $26,240 Room and Board: $8,420 Total Estimated Costs: $35,860 Acceptance Rate: 56.8% Total Enrollment: 2,212 Student Response: “ I chose Hardin Simmons for it’s Christian atmosphere and suburban area. I am receiving scholarships and financial aid. I will be studying athletic training. I will be participating in a sorority and in FreshCo. I will be living on campus.”

Incarnate Word

San Antonio, Texas Private University Tuition Costs: $26,420 Room and Board: $10,826 Total Estimated Costs: $41,219 Acceptance Rate: 93% Total Enrollment: 10,984 (2016) Student Response: “ I chose Incarnate Word because of it’s surrounding area and the students. I’m receiving $8000 in academic scholarship. I will be studying nutrition or rehabilitation science. I’ll be living on campus and running track and cross country.”

St. Mary’s University

University of North Texas

San Antonio, Texas Private University Tuition Costs; $26,186 Room and Board: $8,894 Total Estimated Costs: $40,828 Acceptance Rate: 59.5% Total Enrollment: 2,940 Student Response: “ I chose St. Mary’s because it has a great business program, it’s close to home, and I continue my studies in religion. I will be receiving financial aid and scholarships. I will be studying business management.

Denton, Texas Public University Tuition Costs: $6534 Room and Board: $7355 Total Estimated Costs: $17,100 Acceptance Rate: 65.4% Total Enrollment: 37,973 (2016) Student Response: “ I chose UNT since they focus on a more personalized experience for my education. I am receiving a presidential excellence scholarship for $32,000. I will be studying biomedical engineering in the honors college.. I’ll be living on campus.”


Haley Roberts Cisco Junior College

Abilene, Texas Public Junior College Tuition Costs: $4410 Room and Board: $4152 Total Estimated Costs: $10,160 Acceptance Rate: Open admittance Total Enrollment:4,800 Student Response: “I chose Cisco, because it will be close to home because my mom’s been stationed there and will allow me to save money and hopefully get out of college debt free. I will be studying child psychology. I will be commuting.”


Erick Negrete A&M University

College Station, Texas Public University Tuition Costs: $10,030 Room and Board: $10,368 Total Estimated Costs: $27,272 Acceptance Rate: 66% Total Enrollment: 58,577 (2015) Student Response: “I chose A&M because their engineering program is one of the best. I’ll be receiving scholarships and financial aid. I’ll live on campus and do ROTC and Band.

Anna Dandy University of Texas

Raven Jones A&M Corpus Christi

Austin, Texas Corpus Christi, Texas Public University Public University Tuition Costs; $10,011 Tuition Costs: $9,105 Room and Board: $11,456 Room and Board: $9,874 Total Estimated Costs: $26,626 Total Estimated Costs; $22,361 Acceptance Rate: 48% Acceptance Rate: 84.6% Total Enrollment: 50,950 (2015) Total Enrollment: 12,202 (2016) Student Response: “ I chose UT Student Response: because I love the feel of the big city, “ I chose A&M CC because their but I also love Texas, so it’s perfect. marine biology program is one of I’ll be studying biology. I’ll be living on the best in Texas. I’ll be living on campus for the first year then move to campus and participating in their campus apartments probably.” martial arts program.”

Lauren Whitaker TraiUT SanArmstrong Antonio TX Tech University Lubbock, Texas Public University Tuition Costs:$10,772 Room and Board: $9,384 Total Estimated Costs: $25,776 Acceptance Rate: 66% Total Enrollment: 36,551

San Antonio, Texas Public University Tuition Costs: $9,677 Room and Board:$3,384 Total Estimated: 24,349 Acceptance Rate: 60% Total Enrollment: 28,787

Student Response:

Student Response: “I chose UTSA because it’s close to home so I feel really comfortable. I also have a great relationship with their coaches and their campus is beautiful. I’ll be receiving scholarships and playing football. I’ll be living on campus.”

“ I chose Tech because it was the perfect distance from home for me. I will be receiving financial aid or scholarships. I’ll be living on campus and majoring in biomedical studies.”

Ryan Harris

University of Houston

Houston, Texas Public University Tuition Costs; $8,605 Room and Board: $9,278 Total Estimated Costs: $23,033 Acceptance Rate: 60% Total Enrollment:: 42,704 Student Response: “I’m moving to Houston so it will be close to home and it’s one of the best music colleges in Texas. I’ll be commuting and studying music education.”


Stress By: Emily Harris

We all know the stress and pressure high school holds for students, between keeping grades up, preparing for the future, keeping up with extra-curriculars, building an impressive resume, the list goes on and on. The problem therefore doesn’t lie in having stress, but in how we deal with it. Freshman can struggle with the transition because of how much more intense high school is compared to middle school. The Audition “Midterm week was the most stressful week of my life by far. I had a band audition that determined my band and chair order. I procrastinated on learning the band audition as I spent more time at school for marching band practices rather than practicing my audition at home. My time to practice on Saturdays was shot too because as the football season progressed we started having playoff games on Saturday, which required me to be at school pretty much all day. Sunday was gone too because I had church and spent time with my family. So when it came down to the week of midterms, I tried my best to fit in time to practice. I had my audition Thursday morning so Wednesday night I played as much as I could take, by the end of the night, I was exhausted. I got ready for school


Thursday morning and I started thinking about the audition and I got distracted that I kicked my toe on a wooden chair, causing me to yelp in pain. I thought I might have a toe sprain because the pain hurt. I had to go to school so I finished getting ready and was out the door. My dad dropped me off at school and I went to the band hall. The bell rang and I got my saxophone out, feeling anxious to play. The directors gave us time to play through our audition piece, so I played through until I was satisfied. An hour went by, it was time to play the audition pieces, I was the last saxophone to play so I had a little extra time to prepare. Every saxophone had gone now, it was my turn, I walked into Mr. Deater’s office. He said I could sit down or stand and I decided to sit because of my toe. When I went to move, I hit my foot the wrong way causing pain to shoot through my foot. Apparently when I o sho hit hi my foot it hit something inside me because I started squeaking while I was playing. I hadn’t w squeaked since 6th grade, so then I started messing up on the parts I was actually good at. In the end, my audition went very bad. If only that stupid chair hadn’t been there..” -Isabella Trevino,9th

Preventing and Dealing with your Stress Preventing Stress: DON’T LOSE PERSPECTIVE: Stress is the natural by-product of human beings losing perspective of what this life is all about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process. That is the fundamental source of all suffering. Everything around you may be going pretty well, but just one wrong thought or emotion could destroy everything. MIND YOUR THOUGHTS: Your mind is society’s trash can. Everyone who passes by stuffs something into your head. You have no choice about what to take, and what to discard. If you take another look at this knowledge, you will realize it’s just something that is expected from you; it has nothing to do with who you are. APPRECIATE REALITY: Life is about making the most of your reality, knowing it absolutely, and experiencing it just the way it is. There’s no real need to distort it. If your thoughts and emotions seem important, your whole attention will focus right there. But that is a psychological reality, not existential. Stress is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. DON’T PURSUE HAPPINESS: Today, we seek happiness so vigorously that we threaten the very existence of our planet. Don’t be in pursuit of happiness; instead, know how to appreciate and express it. If you look back, you will find that the most beautiful moments in your life were those in which you were expressing your joy – not seeking it. Coping with Stress: WRITE. It may help to write about things that are bothering you. Write for 10 to 15 minutes a day about stressful events and how they made you feel. Or think about tracking your stress. This helps you find out what is causing your stress and how much stress you feel. After you know, you can find better ways to cope. LET YOUR FEELINGS OUT.. Talk, laugh, cry, and express anger when you need to. Talking with friends, family, a counselor, or a member of the clergy about your feelings is a healthy way to relieve stress. DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. You may feel that you’re too busy to do these things. But making time to do something you enjoy can help you relax. It might also help you get more done in other areas of your life. Try: A hobby, such as gardening. A creative activity, such as writing, crafts, or art. Playing with and caring for pets. Volunteer work. FOCUS ON THE PRESENT. Meditation and guided imagery are two ways to focus and relax your mind.


How Not To Disappoint Your Parents +T + BFFL


(What I’ve already done today)

Say you will do something, and do the complete opposite of what you planned to do (parents love when you switch plans up on them last minute) Stay out past curfew when they specifically asked you to be home early, especially when you have something early the next day Stay up super late and then wake up late for a very important event the next morning, especially after they told you to go to bed early Say you finished your homework, even though you haven’t started, and then get a missing assignment because you never finished it Leave water bottles in your room until they take over your room

When your parents are calling, remain upstairs in your room and yell down to them; they love when you don’t come right away


The Weirdest Punishments Written and Designed by Hailey Giles

“Whenever I get in trouble I have to sit on my bed and do absolutely nothing. If I touch anything I’ll get in even worse trouble. I remember one time I bent down to pick something up and I or trouble.” got in even wworse --Kayla Bradshaw, 10th Grade “The weirdest punishment I ever got as a kid was probably getting my books taken away; reading was the only thing I did as a kid, so tthat h was the worst type of punishment.” -Ashley Lindell, 9th grade ““One O time I forgot to ask my dad if I could sleepover at a friend’s house because he was out sl of town. The next morning when I came home and told him about my night he yelled at me, and then proceeded to say, “You know what? You aren’t allowed to go to school tomorrow.” -Marissa Mares, 10th Grade “So sometimes when I got in trouble, my parents would force me to interact with people and wouldn’t let me sit in my room or have my phone. There were times they would just make me engage in conversation and spend time with them.” -Zoe McHodgkins, 9th Grade


Clean up your Life Spring Cleaning Tips for School

By Destiney Santiago and Angie Bell • • • • •

Buy Sticky Notes Get a locker shelf Purchase a calender to know your schedule Get magnetic locker pen holders Don’t ever put food or trash in your locker, there are trash cans in every classroom • Cleaning out your locker and bag will make you feel more organized and clear-minded and help you finish out the year strong

Keep it Simple

Before • • •

• •

Get rid of last semesters papers Put all your writing utensils in a pencil bag/box Combine your classes into one binder if teacher doesn’t have rules against it, and separate with dividers, to save space Get new folders Get a planner and write down what you do in class so you know if you have homework




• •


Important study material can go in clear sheet protectors in the front of folders, so you don’t damage them Having one homework folder will help you make sure you don’t forget about any assignments As soon as your done with a paper, through it away, no need for extra clutter

Spot the Difference Find the five changes made to Mrs.Cervantes’ office


#SecretMenu By: Emily Harris

Chicken Quesadilla Tortilla, chicken, cheese and peppers How to order: Ask for a chicken quesadilla

Pizza Sub Pepperoni, tomato sauce, cheese and your choice of other toppings.

The Superman Flying Dutchman How to order: Two pieces of cheese Ask for a “Cheesy Double between two beef patties How to order: Ask for a Beef� burrito with additional potatoes, sour cream, Flying Dutchman guacamole and tortilla strips. Ferro Rocher Frap Chicken and Pancakes How to order: How to order: Double Chocolate Chip Frap Ask for a chicken strips with 1 pump of mocha syrup a side of pancakes 1 pump of hazelnut syrup


Easy As 1,2,3! Design by: Elisabeth Manges

1 (10 inch) angel food cake 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1 cup white sugar 1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed 1 quart fresh strawberries, sliced 1 (18 ounce) jar strawberry glaze Directions~ Crumble the cake into a 9x13 inch dish. Beat the cream cheese and sugar in a medium bowl ž—’•ȱ•’‘ȱŠ—ȱ̞ě¢ǯȱ˜•ȱ in whipped topping. Spread the cream cheese mixture over the cake. In a bowl, combine strawberries and glaze until strawberries are evenly coated. Spread over cream cheese layer. Chill until serving.

24 pretzels 24 milk chocolate kisses 1 (1.69 ounce) package mini candy-coated chocolates Directions~ Preheat oven to 350 degrees Place pretzels on baking sheets. place one kiss in the center of each pretzel. Place in preheated oven until kisses melt. Remove from oven and place one candy-coated chocolate in the center of each pretzel. Chill in refrigerator until set.

2 (21 ounce) cans apple pie filling 1 (18.25 ounce) package yellow cake mix 1/2 cup butter, melted Directions~ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Pour apple pie filling into a 9x13-inch pan. Sprinkle cake mix over apples. Drizzle melted butter on top, stirring slightly to evenly moisten dry cake batter. Bake 30 minutes. Serve hot or cold.


Reality Check By Talia Snow

“I felt like it was important for us, as teen drivers, to see the consequences that you can face by testing and driving. It showed how devastating it would be to trust one of your close friends with your life and have that trust betrayed. We have to protect ourselves and our friends and be responsible drivers and passengers.”- Darianne Starr, 11th

“Lives are taken all the time by people texting and driving and i feel like this was a great way to truly show our students just how important it is to stay safe.” - Ty Craighead, 12th

“I think texting and driving is a major issue that needs to be addressed. I like how our school is trying to spread awareness and help the teenager texting and driving rate go down. I want all of my friends to be safe and know that the text can wait.”- Emma Sardella, 11th

2016 Favorites Design By: Jasmyn Weaver


Movie Mania Story and Design By: Jasmyn Weaver

2016 was an interesting year, to say the least. From memes to movies there’s a lot to talk about. So, what all happened? The movies of 2016 ranged from Disney’s Moana to a plethora of Superhero movies, including Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and DC’s Suicide Squad. “My favorite movie is Moana because it’s really cute and I like that it’s about her culture,” Allison Chandler said. The movie follows Moana and demigod, Maui, as they race to return the Heart of Te Fiti. With songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, mostly known for his works “Hamilton: An American Musical” and “In The Heights”, it should definitely be on your watch list. “My favorite movie of 2016 is Suicide Squad because I watched it with my family and it’s absolutely amazing,” Megan Foster said. Suicide Squad follows Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana, Diablo, and Killer Croc. The movie shows Amanda Waller, the women who runs the prison for super-villains, as she tries to make these villains do good for the world.

Movies in 2017 should be just as impressive. The newest Marvel movie “Logan” is the last Marvel movie with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Logan takes places roughly around 30 years after “X-Men: Apocalypse” Both Logan and Professor X attempt to hide from the world, but that’s thrown out the window when a new mutant arrives. “I want to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out,” Molly Herrick said. Marvel is also releasing their string of three Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies. These movies include Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5), Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7), and Thor: Ragnarok (Nov 3). All three movies are apart of MCU Phase Three and leads up to Avengers: Infinity Wars, a two-part movie series that merges the Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxy worlds. Other anticipated movies of 2017 include Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Transformers: The Last Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Dunkirk, Cars 3, Beauty and

the Beast and The Fate of the Furious. “I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales because I’ve been watching the entire series and I’m ready to see who dies in this one. I’m also a big Johnny Depp fan,” Jazlyn Parker said. The new Pirates movie is about Captain Jack Sparrow seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon to survive. Dead Men Tell No Tales hits theaters May 26th. March 3, 2017- Logan March 17, 2017- Beauty and the Beast March 24, 2017- Power Rangers April 14, 2017- The Fate of the Furious May 5, 2017- Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 May 26, 2017- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales June 16, 2017- Cars 3 June 23, 2017- Transformers: The Last Knight July 7, 2017- Spider-Man: Homecoming July 21, 2017- Dunkirk Nov. 3, 2017- Thor: Ragnorok Nov. 17, 2017- Justice League Dec. 15, 2017- Star Wars: The Last Jedi


What Zodiac Sign Should You Really Be? Quiz and Design by Talia Snow, Hailey Giles, Rheagan McGurr, Hannah Hagan

1. Do you consider yourself reserved, outgoing or a mixture of both? a. reserved (go to 2a) b. outgoing (go to 2b) c. a mix (got to 2c)

C'Q[QWæPFEJCPIGVQDGPGYCPF exciting or do you like to stick to YJCV[QWMPQY" a. I perfer Stability (go to 3a) b. Up for a Change (go to 3b)

2b. Are you typically high energy or calm? a. high energy (go to 4a) b. calm (go to 4b)

Capricorn: The Goat (Dec 22-Jan 19) The measured master planner of the horoscope family, Capricorn energy teaches us the power of structure and long-term goals.

Cancer: The Crab (June 21-July 22) The natural nurturer of the horoscope wheel, Cancer energy helps us connect with our feelings, plant deep roots and feather our family nests.


2c. Do you consider yourself to DGUVTQPIYKNNGFCPFUVWDDQTPQT unpredictable and easy-going. CUVTQPIYKNNGF IQVQD

b. easy-going; You’re a Aquarius!

Aquarius: The Water Bearer (Jan 20-Feb 18) The mad scientist and humanitarian of the horoscope wheel, futuristic Aquarius energy helps us innovate and unite for social justice.

3a. Do you keep your emotions tucked CYC[QTGZRTGUUVJGOHTGGN[" C7WEMGFCYC[<QWnTGC&CRTKEQTP b. Express them openly; You’re a Cancer!

Scorpio: The Scorpion (Oct 23-Nov 21) The most intense and focused of the horoscope signs, Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers and form bonds that are built to last.

3b.:JGPIQKPIKPVQCPGYUKVWCVKQP FQ[QWRTQEGGFYKVJECWVKQPQT enter any situation care free? a. Caution; You’re a Scorpio! b. Care free; You’re a Pices!

Pisces: The Fish (Feb 19-Mar 20) The dreamer and healer of the horoscope family, Pisces energy awakens compassion, imagination and artistry, uniting us as one.

Sagittarius: The Archer (Nov 22-Dec 21) The worldly adventurer of the horoscope wheel, Sagittarius energy inspires us to dream big, chase the impossible and take fearless risks.

Gemini: The Twins (May 21-Jun 20) The most versatile and vibrant horoscope sign, Gemini energy helps us communicate, collaborate and fly our freak flags at full mast.

C Are you passionate and impatient or more focused and goal oriented? a. Impatient; You’re an Aries b. Focused; You’re a Leo

4b. Do you take charge in group projects or prefer to be an equal participant? C7CMGEJCTIG IQVQC

b. Equal participant; You’re a Libra

Leo: The Lion (July 23-Aug 22) The drama queen and regal ruler of the horoscope clan, Leo energy helps us shine, express ourselves boldly and wear our hearts on our sleeves.

D'Q[QWCFCRVVQPGY situations quickly or UJQYTGUKUVCPEG" a. Quickly; You’re a Taurus b. I tend to resist; You’re a Virgo

4a. 'Q[QWæPF[QWTUGNH more attracted to drama or simplicity? a. simplicity; You’re a Sagittarius b. Drama; You’re a Gemini

Taurus: The Bull (Apr 20-May 20) The persistent provider of the horoscope family, Taurus energy helps us seek security, enjoy earthly pleasures and get the job done.

Libra: The Scales (Sep 23-Oct 22) The balanced beautifier of the horoscope family, Libra energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony and cooperation—and to do it with style and grace. Aries: The Ram (Mar 21-Apr 19) The pioneer and trailblazer of the horoscope wheel, Aries energy helps us initiate, fight for our beliefs and fearlessly put ourselves out there. Virgo: The Virgin (Aug 23-Sep 22) The masterful helper of the horoscope wheel,Virgo energy teaches us to serve, do impeccable work and prioritize wellbeing—of ourselves, our loved ones and the planet.

Zodiacs from

Quiz.....Where Should You Hangout? Local Hangouts according to your mood Music and Hungry

What music would you prefer to hear while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re eating?

1. Calming 2. Pop 3. Acoustic 4. Other

Really? What is you favorite form of art?

Artistic and Colorful

Sweet Tooth On a typical day, what is your mood?

Would you rather have sour or savory candy?



Shopper/ Frivolous

Chill and Relax

1. Music 2. Sculpting 3. Photography 4. Drawing

1. Sour 2. Savory

What type of adventure are you in for?

If you have the chance to be active, what do you prefer to do?

Where are you going to spend your next paycheck?

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? drinker?

1. Mind-Opening 2. Thrilling 3. Calming 4. Outdoorsy

1. Go for Hike 2. Take the dog for a walk 3. Be busy out and about

1. The Mall 2. Academy 3. Nail/ Hair Salon 4. A Mixture of Restaurants

1. Coffee all the way 2. Tea, it calms me 3. What even are those?

Created & Designed by: Rheagan McGurr & Hannah Hagan

Would you rather have -free roam on your own or -a tour guide

Enchanted Rock Natural Bridge Cav-


Would you rather -keep your business local or -support corporate business Do you enjoy -Buying cute clothes and eating at a food court or -scenery and adventure and a variety of food

Cibolo Coffee Haus Starbucks

The Mall Riverwalk Sams Burger Joint

Would you prefer to -sit down and order or pay at the counter?


Are you more likely to - shop in a boutique or - create a painting Are you more inclined to -compete in a group or -perfect your personal skills

Would you rather have -ice cream or -frozen yogurt

The Mill Picasso Cellar


The Scoop Orange Leaf

Watches, By Marciano Parsiano


One O ne of of the the most most well well know, know, technological technological watches watches iiss the Fitbit. the Fitbit. F Features eattures including, including, Step Step tracker, tracker, H Heart eart Rate Ratte tracker, Bluetooth, tracker, Bluetooth, and and d of of course course a clock. clock. Th Thee Fitbit Fitbit separattes itself separates itself from from other other watches wattches with with cool cool features feaatures and small and smalll size. size. Th Thee Fitbit Fitbit ranges ranges ffrom rom the the generic generic styles, styles, pricing around pricing around $75 $75 to to higher higher end, end, that thatt cost cost around around $150. $150.

Another A nother well well known, known, stylistic, stylistic, and and semi-affordable semi-aff ffo ordab ble classsical is classical is the the Citizen. Citizen. There Theere are Th are watches watches iin n all all styles styles and qualities, and qualities, but but the the best best known known is is their their Eco-Drive, Eco-D Drive, a solar solar powered powered wrist wrist watches. watches. Eco-Drive Eco-D Drive allows allows concontinuous power tinuous power ffrom rom both both artificial artifi ficcial and and natural natural light, light, with no with no need need for for a battery. batttery. C Citizen itizen has has an an abundance abundan nce of styles of styles and and ttypes ypes of of wrist wrist bands ban nds making makkingg them them a very veerry impressive brand. impressive brand. Citizen Citizen watch watch offers off ffeers watches watches for for both both genders, with genders, with h prices prices that thatt range range ffrom rom most mostt generic, generic, at at $1100, 00, to to their their highest highest quality, quallity, costing costing $1000. $1000.

Apple Watch


Thee Apple Th Apple Watch Watch as as a product product to to the the Multi-Billion Mullti-Billion Dollar Dollar Company, C ompanyy, Th Thee Apple Apple Watch Watch has has a very very good good reputation reputattion towards owards the the company. comp panyy. It It comes comes with with lots lots of of features feattures and and aabilities bilities such such as as Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Heart Heart rate rate monitor, monitor, the the ability ability to to rrun un apps, ap pp ps, Siri Siri , and and so so much much more. more. Another Another special speciall features feaatures off ffe ffer er by by the the Apple Apple Watch Watch is is that that when when connected connected to to the the iPiPho one, ne, the the watch watch displays disp playys messages messaggeess and and calls calls on on the the watch. watch. It It ccan an b bee customized customized with with many many colors colors and and choices choices of of bands. bands. Thee price Th price ranges ran nges of of the the Apple Apple Watch Watch can can range range from from $250 $250 to $350, $350, making makking it it a not not such such a bad bad price price for for such such a technotechnollogically ogically advanced advanced watch. wattch.

Caasio sio watches, wattches, mostly mostly known known for for as as an an athletic athletic and and hiking hiking watch, with watch, with deep deep water water resistance resistance and and durability. durability. The The Casio Casio watch which watch which is is battery batttery powered powered and and can can withstand withstand conconstant pressure stant pressure and and day dayy to to day dayy scratches scrattches and and bumps. bumps. Casio Casio watches comes watches comees in in many manyy styles, styles, that thatt of of digital digitall time time as as well well as analog as anallog display, disp play, as as shown shown here. here. C Casio asio watches wattches are arree very very aff affordable ffo ordab ble and and come comee with with many manyy features feattures such such as, as, timer, timer, alarm, compass, alarm, comp passs, and and d thermometer. thermometer. Casio Casio prices prices range rangge from $20 from $20 to to $150. $150.


Triangle Pharmacy Solutions Phone: (210) 659-9588 | Fax: (210) 659-9455 791 FM 1103 Suite 121 Cibolo, TX 78108 Monday-Friday: 9:30amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5:30p

Thai Chef Thai food, Vietnamese, Chinese, and over 60 items from the sushi bar.


1256 FM78 Suite 114 Schertz TX 78154 US






Travel destinations for 2017 Story and design by Tobiah Bywater

With spring break and summer coming around the corner, vacation is on our mind, so we’ve come up with 5 awesome and affordable bucket list vacations to consider for 2017!

1. Croatia

2. Belize One of the most ecologically-focused countries in the world, Belize has some of the most pristine nature spots in the world, so this is a great place to go if you’re more about doing things than seeing things. Whale shark diving, dolphin swimming, jungle hikes, and ancient Mayan towns are just a few of the activities you can do. Round trip flights are $370 very English-friendly and cheap, this place is definitely an option for those who want an exotic vacation but don’t want to spend a small fortune and want to try new things.

Filled with beautiful coastlines and ancient cities,, this small country in Southeastern Europe is quickly becoming a popular holiday spot! While Zagreb is the capitol, people come to visit cities like Korcula, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Split, where the hit show from HBO Game Of Thrones is filmed. Plitvice Falls is an amazing sight, and hotels can be as cheap as $10 a night. Make sure to bring a Croatian-English dictionary however, as only half the people speak English fluently. “The beaches in Split aren’t sand, they’re rock, but absolutely breathtaking. We stopped by the statue of Gregory of Nin in Zagreb & Diocletian’s Palace, and I remember the hotels were really cheap! ” - Racheal Camacho-Leuck 9th

3. Canada International travel without a horrendously expensive flight! Round trips are typically under $400, and Canada was even ranked number 1 on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2017!! Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, Canada has no shortage of interesting vacations. Filled with wildlife and beautiful cities, you will definitely want to consider our northern neighbour! “Montreal is beautiful, and they do a great job of mixing the old and new architecture, and the Notre Dame Basilica is definitely a place to stop by. The Quebec East Townships are also very beautiful and have lots of nature and nice churches. Make sure to try some of the local restaurants because the food’s amazing!” - Juan Pablo Angeles-Bordier, 9th

5. Netherlands

4. Tanzania This African country is famous for its rustic and earthy feel. Keep in mind in Tanzania, the mainland is Tanganyika, and Zanzibar refers to the coastal islands and islets. Well renowned for their authentic culture and nature, Zanzibar is home to beautiful beaches and African fishing villages. Inland, you have the Materuni Waterfalls and the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro. Your best option for travelling here is to go with a program, because you’ll meet other awesome people and won’t have to pay as much. This country certainly gives South Africa a run for it’s money! “I love how much nature there is, and I enjoyed meeting so many amazing people there. Kilimanjaro is easy to climb, 3 days the quickest way and a week on the easiest route, I think anyone can do it!” - London Vallery, 11th

The Netherlands is home to some of the most beautiful and important cities in Europe, such as Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for beautiful architecture, canal-side cafes, and lovely street markets. You probably won’t even hear much Dutch here, because most people are raised in an EnglishDutch bilingual environment since birth! Flights are usually around $750, relatively cheap for European travel. Plus, as part of the EU it’s easy to travel to other nearby countries, such as Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and the U.K. With activities like the Van Gogh museum, the Royal Palace, and the Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263, this is a place with lot’s of history and heritage.

“It was really cloudy when we went, and we walked a lot. We went during the amazing Tulip Festival, and we stopped in one of the windmills. I remember renting a house on the beach at The Hague.” - Racheal Camacho-Leuck, 9th

HOW I ROLL If these Wheels Could Talk...

Design by Talia Snow

Leo1-999 Dodge Durango

Red w/ Bright green flames radio doesn’t work, A/C doesn’t work, heater smells, half of the speakers are out, and it eats oil. -Izzy Aimone, 12


Grace-’07 Volkswagen White Rabbit

“She’s named after one of the singers in Jefferson Airplane, who sings the song “White Rabbit.” Learning to drive it was... interesting to say the least. It actually didn’t take all that long for me to get the basics down. Driving stick really isn’t as hard as it looks. But every car is different and has its quirks. Grace luckily runs super easy and all

of the gears work smooth, it’s pretty much just operator error with me. When I learned how to drive stick, I spent basically a week just driving around Steele’s parking lot. After that I would try once a day to drive on the real roads, which at first was super scary. My biggest fear was stalling out at stop lights... thankfully that’s only happened once...and that was last week.” - Haley Roberts, 12

Ugly Betty1-994 Ford Sport Explorer

Black rear door, gray top, blue hood and side doors No radio, AC, rattles when highway driving, 5th gear broken, Seatbelt in backseats broken, no hubcaps, and broken gas cap... But at least I have a ride! - Ryan Harris, 12


“I chose to sponsor STUCO (student council) because I feel like school is about more than just the classroom. I feel like everybody’s talents should be displayed and equally shared. STUCO addresses issues and concerns of students, as well as organizes student events and activities. The different posters the students make promote the school’s different clubs. Each poster can take one or two meetings to make. STUCO looks up clever sayings.” -Mrs. Matthews

Knightro dances at the Meet the Knights pep rally. Photo by Grace Burton

Feeling the Love... 30

Mrs. Cervantes puts up her sword during the playing of the school song. Photo by Grace Burton

“Having supporters in the stands make me feel loved, like we are all a big happy family.” -Joe Dan Pish, 10th

JV cheer performs at the Meet the Knights pep rally. Photo by Grace Burton

“Showing school spirit at sports events makes me feel supported. They aren’t just here for me, they are all here for Steele as a whole.” -Maison Sharp, 9th


Student Section supporting their Steele Knights at the football game. Photo by Aidyn Vargas

“Having fans in the stands makes me feel like Steele is the center of the universe... There is no school that has better support.” -Coach Milner

By C’ariah Tate

School spirt is important because it sets the tone for various aspects of the school itself and its students. When the student body is involved in events on and off campus, it demonstrates a passion and pride that is both immeasurable and contagious. School spirit matters to everyone: faculty, students, and alumni. It creates pride for the school and gets people in the stands. For example, student-athletes love a big audience because it gets the adrenaline pumping. A big win makes the game more memorable and fun for both the athletes and the students. Fans showing up at event can change the energy of a game quickly and gives athletes an extra edge to secure the victory.

“Seeing supporters in the stands make me feel encouraged. I get the adrenaline to run faster.” -Jayla Hatcher,11th

“When I go support Steele at sporting events, I feel prideful knowing we are going to win. I love watching our players show off their talents.” -Destiney Santiago,10th

“Going to the football games makes me feel like I’m doing my part to show the greatness of my school.” -Hannah Hagan,10th

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