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Small Painter, Stellar Potential

What is Fashion to me?

Olesja Mueller Baby Teeth, Start Early Top 10 KidFash Models

Just Dance

Making Moves In The World of Art Entertainment

Progress Over Perfection

Denim Stories Who is @thakiiiid? Intro Video Models

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Editor: . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . Damon D Ross DDS Assistant Editor: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Michael Lucio Creative Director: . . . . . . . . .. .Anthony Naylor Production Manager: . . . . . . . . .Ronald Reeves Graphic Designer: . .. ........... . . Jose M Torres Web Designer: . . . . . . . . . . . . .John Paul Patton Consulting Editor . .. . . . . . . . . .Ja’Nise Solitaire Model: Aubrey Photographer: D Ross Photography Wardrobe: Moda Bebe Children’s Boutique

Cover Credits: Models: (L-R) Jade, J Freeze, Kelsey Photographer: D Ross Photography HMUA: Jee Kim Stylist: Kirsten Thompson Wardrobe: Moda Bebe Jewelry: KingMe Accessories, beingdapper.com

From the Editor... elcome to KidFash Magazine! It is April 2016 and we are excited about releasing our first issue (print and digital). The goal of our magazine is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE, and HELP models and photographers in the industry. Not only do we want to give everyone OPPORTUNITIES and EXPOSURE, but we would like for our readers to be educated on the child’s overall well-being. Our magazine strives to not only be a picture book, but to be a wealth of information by featuring articles to include how models have become successful, helpful tips from photographers, highlighting major accomplishments by kids. Articles will also include health, fitness, and upcoming events. Each issue we will feature an article that is specifically written by a kid on “What is Fashion to Me?”


Dr Damon Ross, the owner of KidFash Magazine, is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Published Model and Photographer, and Loves helping kids. He was recently nominated as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) “Man of the Year” and is campaigning to raise money to find a cure for CANCER. In his efforts to raise money for LLS, Dr Ross has decided not to charge for the first Issue of KidFash Magazine. Instead, he hopes you will donate on his behalf to the LLS for this cause. Remember, when cancer loses, we ALL win!!! Sincerely, Damon D Ross DDS

6 KidFashMag/ April, 2016


Small Painter Stellar Potential She is a nine year old California native with an eye for art and a love of painting.


ccording to the 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation study, children and teens born after the year 2000 and fall into the Generation “Z” (aka Boomlets) category are spending more than 75 hours a week on technology devices and video games. But, there are some youngsters who opt to be more involved an`d productive in other activities, than texting their friends and binge-watching cartoons on Netflix. One Boomlet in particular goes by the name Elisabeth Anisimow. She’s a nine-year-old California native with an eye for art and a love of painting. Her mom, Katerina, says Elisabeth began painting when she was only two years old by smearing her baby food on her highchair and making designs with her fingers. From baby food art to a sought after artist, Elisabeth has showcased some of her most recent artwork in prominent Los Angeles art shows.

Wise beyond her years, she knows most of her time must be divided between etween her studies and her artwork, twork, in order for her to excel in her craft. She also understands stands that there is little time me for video games or TV, unless ess she’s learning about different nt artists in documentaries and art mysteries. Because she believes inspiration surrounds us, Elisabeth carries a sketchbook everywhere she goes. This ensures her ideas won’t slip away, so she can transfer them to her canvas, when she gets home. She says although anything can inspire her -even cloudsshe finds a lot of joy in painting nature and animals. Though painting is just a hobby for her, she would love to turn that hobby into a career and dreams of becoming a famous artist. Most notably, Elisabeth has artwork on display at the Children’s Art Museum in Oslo, Norway and holds the first place title for the 2015 Children’s Art Contest of St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently, she is preparing for a show that will take place in New York City and is working on the illustrations for a book called ZZ Black.

8 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

Photographer: Kenneth Dolin Photography Writer: Renata Glusker

The book tells a story of a friendship between a little girl and a horse. And because Elisabeth loves both books and horses, she feels very happy to be part of such an amazing project. It’s rare for a youngster to be in tune with their passion. As a self-taught artist, she is not only a role model to her peers, but also to many children, who aspire to make a difference through their talents. Elisabeth continues to grow as an artist each day and keeps her head and heart focused on her artwork. She says she takes her own advice: you must follow your dreams no matter how hard it is to achieve them.

“...Elisabeth began painting when she was only two years old by smearing her baby food on her highchair and making designs with her fingers.�

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Wha t is Fashionto me?

Fashin means to me: nise close (nice clothes). I like to use old close to make something new. That’s upsickling (upcycling). For example get a small blanket and cut the top edges then cut two holes to make a vest. Style means to me as close (clothes) that mach (match) my personality and my mood. For example if I was feeling silly I’d wear bright colers and skirts. Sometimes I like to lair (layer) the skirts. I have a design book. I think my close talk, like “POP!”. Now that’s what fashin and style means to me.” --Celai (7 years old) Photographer: CreativeSoul Photography

12 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Olesja Mueller By Renata Glusker

owadays, everyone with a smartphone and an Instagram account (basically the whole world) thinks they are photographers. They believe throwing a valencia filter onto a picture of a beachside sunset; cropping the busy background out of their favorite selfie; or using an editing app to retouch a blemish makes a professional grade photo. Wrong! Photogrophy is a true art form. Not only does it take talent, passion and an eye for art and beauty; but it also takes work ethic to master the creative process of photography.


Many mistake photography as a glamorous profession, like the photos it produces. But Olesja Mueller, winner of KidFash’s photography contest, can attest that photography i s q u i t e t h e o p p o site. Mueller is a Latvian-born, self-taught photographer who has been in the business for more than ten years. With a love of fashion, but a lack of height, she decided to hone her craft behind the camera rather than in front of it. Her immense passion for the art form keeps her star shining bright and sets her apart from other photographers. Since relocating to Los Angeles from her small, European hometown more than 16 years ago, Mueller has created a name for herself and her photography brand. Her self-taught knowledge of photography and its technical aspects, as well

“Mueller is a Latvian-born, self-taught photographer who has been in the business for more than ten years.”

Photography by Oshun Sanchez (7yo) KidFashMag/April, 2016


as her true love for what she does, have landed her coveted jobs shooting for brands to include True Religion and Maxim Magazine. Typically, not one to participate in contests, Mueller decided to partake in the KidFash contest only because her clients nominated her. Although she isn’t overly concerned about others evaluating her work, she says being active and involved in the contest was a way for her to acknowledge her clients’ faith in her. She adds that reading all the amazing feedback from her supporters felt just as good, if not better, than winning. Although Mueller is trained in shooting all aspects of fashion, she enjoys working with children the most. To her, shooting children can be a refreshing, energizing, inspirational and adrenaline-filled. She says when working with c h i l d r e n , they are so “in the moment” and don’t typically have any preconceived notions, insecurities or vanity, which helps her produce some of her best work. As fulfilling as working with children can be, she says it can also be tough. Her best advice is to be willing to get down and dirty, as you never know what to expect from a tot. But by wearing your heart on your sleeve, and being honest and willing to go all out; you will gain respect, trust and, most certainly, a stellar photo!


14 KidFashMag/ April 2016


KidFashMag/April, 2016



16 KidFashMag/ April 2016


Because she shoots almost every day, Mueller no longer gets nervous when she is in the studio or on location. She attributes her success to years of dedication and passion for what she does. When she shoots, she says she always puts her heart into her work and keeps her mission in mind, which is to capture truth and beauty in life and subjects; not to mold them into something they are not. Mueller says this holds particularly true with her child models. She says when forcing a child, or any person into creating art when they do not have interest, the inevitable will be reflected in the final product, which can be frustrating for everyone involved. Mueller is a traveling photographer based in Los Angeles and New York City. Her current schedule entails hauling a lot of suitcases, juggling multiple projects and trying not to miss her plane! With shoots in Europe, under her belt, and plans of traveling to Florence in the spring, it’s no doubt she has big things on the horizon that will fuel her passion and have her 11,000 Instagram followers wanting more.

Models Pictured: Top : Emma Middle: Jennifer Bottom : Jordyn

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Baby Teeth Start Early “ When should I take my child to the dentist?” Th is que st i on i s a sk e d by many first-time parents. Th e A m e r i c a n Ac a d e my of Pe d i a t r i c D e n ti s tr y recommends that a child should see a dentist by th eir f i r st b i r t hd ay o r within six months of the first t o o t h c o m i n g i n , w h i c h surprises m a n y p a r e n t s . C h i l d r e n c a n b e s e e n b y a g e n e r a l o r pediatric dentist; however, many general dentists will refer to a pediatric dentist, and for good reason. Pediatric dentists go through an extra 2-3 year r e s i d e n c y program focusing on exclusively treating children (learning about behavior management, sedations/general anesthesia and growth/ development). I t is imperative that parents are well educated on how to care for their child’s oral health, and not only take` them by age 1, but also have them seen every six months. Unfortunately, many parents have been told myths and many will ask, “My child’s teeth are going to fall out anyway, so why should they be fixed?” Yes, they will fall out, but not until age 6-8 (front teeth) and/or age 10-11 (back teeth). There are many reasons why they need to be treated. Cavities can spread quickly within six months. This rampant s p r e a d i n g disease may have severe consequences which no parent would want. Cavities, just as in an adult, can lead to pain if untreated. As one can imagine, this may result in a child not paying attention in school, having to miss days at school, malnutrition since they will not want to eat, and even sleep loss due to them having unbearable pain. In some cases the tooth may need to be extracted, but it doesn’t end there.

Once extracted, there will not be a tooth guiding the adult tooth into its proper spot. This can c a u s e teeth to shift resulting in the need for braces. A severe case of oral disease, can cause an abscess (pus filled pimple), which ultimately can lead to death.. Parents should start early and wipe their infant’s gums, before teeth come in, to get them familiar with having their parents in their mouth. Once teeth are present, they should brush their teeth in the morning and night, as well as floss where teeth touch each other. Children should only drink water between meals and if possible rinse with water right after eating. They should only have water when going to bed and by time they are one year of age they should be completely off the bottle. Also, beware of those gummy vitamins and snacks that are becoming ever so popular. These can get stuck in the grooves of teeth and cause cavities. Children should n ot share things orally with people who have cavities since the bacteria that causes cavities can be transferred from person to person. Parents working with their child’s dentist can ensure their child maintains a healthy and happy smile. Writer: Damon D Ross DDS Photographer: John Paul Patton

“Also, beware of those gummy vitamins and snacks that are becoming ever so popular.” KidFashMag/April, 2016



Michael Age: 3 Years Old City: Napa, CA Photographer: Jessica Armstrong Most Proud of: Learning to Ride a Bike, Being Published in KidFash Magazine

20 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Jordyn Age: 7 Years Old City: San Fransisco, CA Photographer: Steve Cozart Photography Hairstylist/MUA: Ronda Swenson Wardrobe: Moderne Child Most Proud of: Awarded 2015 NAM Miss California Princess (Age 4-6yr olds)

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Carmine Age: 11 Months Old City: Whitehall, PA Hair: Allison Klaugh Photographer: Portrait Innovations Most Proud of: He’s Walking, Plays Patty Cake, Fake Sleeps, Loveable Soul

22 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Kaitlyn Age: 10 Years Old City: Los Angeles, CA HMUA: Tia Marie Photographer: Leica Palma Photography Most Proud of: Started “Action For The Hungry” a Charity Organization KidFashMag/April, 2016


Jaylin Age: 9 Years Old City: New York, NY HMUA: LAchick1 Photographer: Tabiolo Most Proud of: The Accomplishments I Made in 1 Year Modeling!!!

24 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Sofia Age: 8 Years Old City: Athens, Greece Photographer: Maria Hadjathansiou Most Proud of: My Mother for Helping Me with My Modeling Career

Keeike Age: 5 Years Old City: France Photographer: Marconnet Photography Most Proud of: My Parents, Grandma, and Aunts

26 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Easton Age: 3 Years Old City: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Lil’ Toes Photography Most Proud of: Recruited by Big Brother’s Baseball Team to Play with the Big Boys

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Lea Age: 9 Years Old City: Newark, NJ Photographer/HMUA/Stylist: Rosemary Martinez Most Proud of: Modeling for Children’s Place, Bloomingdales, Toys R Us, Avon, JoAnn Fabrics 28 KidFashMag/ April 2016

Kelsey Age: 12 Years Old City: San Diego, CA Photographer: Luciana Nocks Hairstylist/MUA: Meagan Brown Dress: Isabella Couture Most Proud of: Winning 1st Overall for My 1st Self-Choreographed Piece

KidFashMag/April, 2016



n a bright and beautiful Saturday, in sunny Los Angeles, California, KidFash Magazine spent an entire day with three emerging stars of the highly competitive kids dance world. I t w a s a n e x c i t i n g d a y f o r t h e m a g a z i n e , being that these dynamic young dance professionals were the first-ever subjects of our highly anticipated inaugural issue. The young virtuosos were enthusiastic and energetic and couldn’t wait to show off their respective skills. We want to give you, our readers, a peek into the journey of these talented individuals and we hope they inspire you to reach for your dreams.

Piled into a suite at the Palomar Hotel in Beverly Hills, Jade Shaknaitis, Anthony “J.Freeze” Naylor, Jr. and Kelsey Cook excitedly buzz around as they are getting prepped for the day. It is evident these spirited kids have something special. I n the ente r tainment industry it is often referred to as the it-factor, a quality one possesses that cannot be taught or fabricated. As the popular adage goes, “Either you have it or you don’t.” But what is even more remarkable is the amount of dedication, sacrifice, and tenacity these young professionals have toward their pursuit to success. Jade Shaknaitis The first things you notice about Jade are her sweet smile and expressive eyes. She is very composed and has the poise of someone older; there is also a tremendous amount of resolve in those eyes. As she begins to tell us details of her training regimen, it is easy to understand why. “I dance every day,” she says, much in the same way that another 12 year old girl might scribe talking on the phone or hanging out with her friends at the mall. There is no hesitation and she makes the proclamation as she knows that this is her life. As the weekend unfolds, she shares other details of her life as a young dancer. “I have already decided that I am going to be a professional dancer when I grow up. And I’ll open my own dance studio, one day!” She says this with a smile and it is clear she will accomplish her goal. “Do you think you might go to a performing arts school like Juilliard?” I asked. She pauses and says, “Yes. I might even teach there! I really just want to dance.” There is discussion of New York, where she is excited to be traveling to within a couple of weeks, and talk of Broadway shows and theatre. Her ideas are so concrete, that even though she doesn’t go into ever y single one in detail, you k now she’s capable to see them to fruition.

30 KidFashMag/ April, 2016

Model: Jade Photographer: JP Studio Photography

Just Dance Making Moves In The World of Art Entertainment By Kirsten Thompson

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Models: (L-R) Kelsey, Jade, J Freeze HMUA: Jee Kim Writer/Stylist: Kirsten Thompson Wardrobe: Moda Bebe

The most refreshing thing to witness is Jade’s humbleness. It could be said that she is famous in her own right. Not only is she the ambassador for California Kisses a girly, glam dance, swimwear, and activewear line for juniors– but she also models. Covet Dance and KandiKouture are two of the lines she represents. Being that each of these pursuits requires a tremendous amount of time and energy, one can’t help but wonder how she is able to manage these endeavors. As the case with most flourishing young individuals, she has a wonderful support system.

On this trip, she is accompanied by her father, Brian. It is clear that Jade and h e r p u r s u i t s a r e o f utmost importance to him. A s a successful Floridian, located in the Florida Keys- he regularly carves time to accompany Jade to auditions, photo-shoots and out-of-town projects. He could be called a Dance Dad, but he strikes an impression —somewhat different from the typical ideas one might have about the parents of a young dance professional. Throughout the course of the photo shoot and preparation, he is both attentive and aware of detail, but one never gets the impression that he “hovers.” As the two talk about their travels and various projects, it is clear they are not only father and daughter, but great friends.

“On this trip, she is accompanied by her father, Brian. It is clear that Jade and her pursuits are of utmost importance to him.” 32 KidFashMag/ April, 2016

A large part of Jade’s inspiration can be attributed to her mother, Brandy. It could even be said that Jade is her protégé. Once again, she breaks into a smile as she proclaims, “My Mom is really awesome. I want to be like her and do all of the things she does. She is the one who got me into dance.” It is revealed through further conversation that Brandy was originally a nurse who made a foray

Model: Jade Photographer: Chris Reilly Photography

KidFashMag/April, 2016


into the dance world and loved it so much that she decided to dive in head first, leaving her nursing career. She has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to dance and performance and has a loyal following of students as well as other professionals, who are proud to be associated with her. Because her mother has such an intense work ethic and has created a haven where creativity and talent can be fostered, Jade has a wonderful example to follow. She does much of her practice and training at her mother’s studio, Rock Star Dance, but also practices at other studios and takes advantage of every opportunity to learn from other professional dancers and choreographers. Because of this, she is well versed in several disciplines including ballet, lyrical, and modern. When asked if she has a favorite she pauses and says, “I love them all.” J. Freeze In 1995, more than a decade before Anthony Naylor, Jr. was born, Mrs. Baird’s Bread Company ran a TV commercial where kids from different backgrounds talked about what they liked about their favorite bread. As they spoke about their favorite sandwiches, the camera cuts to a little boy with cherubic cheeks and bright eyes who says, “I just wanna’ eat the bread!” If you substitute the “eat the bread” with dance, this perfectly sums up 7 year old Naylor, Jr. – who literally dances nonstop. Model: J Freeze Photographer: Visionsentgroup

Model: Kelsey Photographer: Sharkcookie


The evening before the KidFash photoshoot, the kids were getting prepared in fittings and J. Freeze, as he is popularly known, seamlessly transitions from doing the moonwalk to popping and locking. He then demonstrates some of the more recent dances from popular hip-hop and pop songs. The more e n c o u r a g e m e n t he is given by his peers the livelier he becomes. Clearly, he is a natural and is in his element. The whole room cheers him on and he even gives an impromptu lesson to his fellow cover models. He beams and then collapses onto a small puddle on the floor, where he spends a few seconds to jump up and begin dancing again. “I think that I want to dance in movies. Oh! And on TV! And maybe in videos. It’s my favoritething to do, like, all the time,” he said. My sister doesn’t really dance as much as I do but that’s ok because I dance ALL the time.” He suddenly becomes concerned and asked, “ Can I dance in these pants?” He tries a few moves just to be sure he can move with the kind of freedom

34 KidFashMag/ April, 2016

he wants to. He then shifts into a series of poses and shapes and improvises a routine. J. Freeze wasn’t born into the dance world, but it can be said that his path was destined to be such. It was clear to his parents, Anthony Naylor and Kayla Naylor, that he was born to be a dancer. Born in Flint, Michigan, J. Freeze spent countless hours watching his favorite dancers on YouTube. His mother shares that he was obsessed with the most uniquely skilled dancers and spent a lot of time mimicking their every move. “He was so happy, always dancing around the house and we noticed how good he was getting,” Kayla said. At the age of four, his parents decided to take him to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance” -even though he was nowhere near the qualifying age of 18. He announced during that par ticular inter view, “I want to be a star!” Much to the amusement of the judges, his parents a n d t h e audience, he also proclaimed that he was 18years old. He was allowed to per form and blew ever yone away. His per formance caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who invited him to per form on her show. Not only did he per form a dubstep routine that sent the audience into wild a p p l a u s e, b u t h e a l s o h a d the once-in-a-liftime opportunity to meet and perform alongside his dance idol, Cyrus “Glitch ” Spencer, who was an audience favorite and runner up on Season 9 of “So You T h i n k Yo u C a n Dance.” The appearance was a complete surprise but the young dancer took it all in stride and brought the house down.

Model: J Freeze Photographer: Visionsentgroup

Af ter his appearance, young J. Freeze’s parents realized that their son had unlimited potential and needed to be in an environment where his gif t would be nur tured and where oppor tunities were abundant. They took a colossal leap of faith and decided to move to L o s A n g e l e s , s o that J. Freeze would be able to take advantage of the market in Los Angeles.

KidFashMag/April, 2016


“We put it all in God’s hands. We moved without having any family here. It wasn’t easy at all. But we decided that we were just going to make it work. And we were blessed enough to have people that became like family,” Kayla said. “ We didn’t have jobs lined up at first. We just came and made up our minds that we wouldn’t fail. But we knew that he had something special and that he needed to be out here.” The family persevered and worked exceedingly hard and now have a successful entertainment group called Vision Entertainment. Kayla is teaching children with special needs and heads Girls With Gifts, a nonprofit to empower young girls. And the precocious little sister J. Freeze spoke of earlier, it’s obvious she adores her brother. She tells me in hushed tones, “My brother is the best.” Kelsey Cook There are countless definitions of the word prodigy and 12 year old Kelsey Cook embodies t h e m a l l . Her lean, lanky frame and carriage immediately alert you to the possibility of her being a dancer. And then she casually lifts a leg and throws it over her head with such an ease that seems unreal. When asked if it hur t, she replied very matter-of-factly with a bemused smile that gives a connotation that she’s probably been asked this question before, “Oh, no! Not at all. Not even a little bit. We have to stretch a lot because if we don’t I could get an injury. Sometimes I just stretch for fun.” Listening to Kelsey’s dance and training schedule would exhaust the average person. She and her family l i ve i n S a n D i e g o, C a l i fo r n i a , b u t t r a ve l e x t e n s i ve l y, so that Kelsey can pursue opportunities in other l o c a t i o n s. S h e d a n c e s a n d m o d e l s, a n d r e c e n t l y b e c a m e a B r a n d Ambassador for Miss Behave Girls –a cheeky and colorful contemporary junior line. She’s also worked with world renowned photographer M i c h a e l Le Co m p t e, w h o s o u g h t h e r o u t fo r a s p e c i a l a r t photography project. Her mother, Wendy Cook, talks about the drive from San Diego to Los Angeles like it’s a quick run to the local grocery store. “We do this type of thing all the time. I am constantly on the road, so I had to make sure to get a vehicle that is safe and reliable,” Wendy said “The drive isn’t bad at all. I’m not crazy about LA traffic but she and I have mad this trip several times. We were just out here a few weeks ago and will be back in a couple of weeks from now for another photo shoot.” Kelsey takes initiative with many of her own projects by reaching out to other young dancers as well as setting up photo shoots. One might wonder if Kelsey has time for homework. She says she loves her home-school education through Poway Unified Homeschool Program, an independent study curriculum, because she can study at

36 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

her own pace and have control over her educational schedule.“Sometimes, I’ll dance and train all day, 6 to 8 hours, and then I’ll study and do my homework at night because that works better for me.” Kelsey said. “I really like it that way. I get to meet all of the best dance teachers and practice with them and still get my school work done.” She also shares that she’s a diligent student and makes good grades. As an independent dancer who doesn’t have affiliation with any particular studio, Kelsey trains wherever possible to better her skills. Throughout the course of the weekend, she flawlessly glides into a plie and moments later she spontaneously executes intricate hip-hop choreography. Dance is a language and Kelsey is definitely multi-lingual. Not only can she execute movement in several genres, but she is able to evoke the mood and demeanor that corresponds to each one like a chameleon. Kelsey’s parents are highly supportive of their daughter. Wendy does the shuttling back and forth to various locales, makes costumes, styles photoshoots and has solid photography skills. These definitely come into good use when managing Kelsey’s social media accounts and the ever-present need for content. Her father, Bryon, also contributes to the creativity behind Kelsey’s brand by co-creating Kelsey’s yearly, high-production calendar. It’s a family affair. “That is one of my favorite things to do every year. It is so much fun,” Kelsey said. Dad also takes an interest in his daughter’s success by making sure that she has all of the tools she needs to be prepared for her training - recently installing a TRX apparatus in their home. “I’m pretty sure that I am going to audition for ‘So You Think You Can Dance One Day”, she says, “And I want to own my own dance studio and teach other kids, too!” These three fascinating children are what KidFash is all about: Setting the bar high, inspiring others, going after dreams and doing it all with incredible flair and style. We are honored to have them grace the cover of this issue. Be sure to look out for all of the amazing things that they are sure to accomplish in the future. Onward and Upward! ~

Model: Kelsey Photographer: Luciana Nocks

KidFashMag/April, 2016


Progress Over Perfection

Photography by Leon Chai photography, courtesy of Chi Junky Studio

Sweat Together, Stay Together Hey, Mama! How many of you are trying to lose that extra baby weight, or tired of getting into “yoga like” positions, just to put on a pair of jeans? Well, you’re not alone. You carried a baby for 40 weeks, therefore a tighter midsection won’t happen overnight; it happens over time. The absolute key to success is to focus on this: PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. Many moms want to embrace their new, beautiful body and shouldn’t rush to the gym, if they aren’t ready. For me, fitness has always been a way of life. After giving birth to my daughter, she became THE reason I want to be the healthiest version of myself.

38 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

I understand it’s not easy. I work a full-time job, run a small business and juggle day-to-day mom life. But I made a commitment, for my daughter, and made my health a priority. I truly believe a healthy mom equals a happy mom! To this day, I schedule workouts in my phone, with reminders, and commit to them as I would any other appointment or meeting.

A healthy mom equals a happy mom. There will be days where you are tired and you fall off track, but pick yourself back up and start again. Record your progress by using the size of clothing you’re aiming to fit, or get out the good ole’ measuring tape and mark your inches lost. Make exercise and clean eating a routine. You can include your little ones in your healthy habits, as well. You will be surprised at how much they enjoy it, too! ~Trisha www.notummymommy.com

“...after having a baby she became

THE reason I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself.”

Here’s a 15-minute workout you can do in the comfort of your home. It will have you sweating and those happy hormones, that are later released, feel incredible and are highly addictive.

10 x Burpees 10 x Bodyweight Squats 10 x Jump Squats 10 x Ab Exercise of Your Choice 30s x Full Plank Rest for 30 secs and repeat as many times as you can for 15 minutes

Try to do this workout twice this week and see how it goes. It will jump start your exercise regime and will whip that mom butt into shape. Remember, a family that sweats together, stays together!

KidFashMag/April, 2016


DENIM M IAM I LA N YC 40 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

Photography and Styling: Olesja Mueller Grooming L.A.& Miami: Ereka Scales Grooming NYC: Alyssa Lorraine Miami Models: Taegen, Delancey, Mila, Will, Jaiden, Mae Lynn L.A. Models: Jayden, Mychall Bella, Cash NYC M odels: Sophia Q., Seanna, Nika, Sophia T.


KidFashMag/April, 2016


Mueller’s Editorial Pics - Denim Stories

42 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

M IAM I KidFashMag/April, 2016


LA 44 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

KidFashMag/April, 2016


46 KidFashMag/ April , 2016

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Who is @thakiiiid? 2016 is the beginning of many “firsts”for Kidfash Magazine. Topping the list is the inaugural Instagram photography contest where professional photographers competed for the highest number of “likes” on their most compelling images of children. Photographer Barry Daly caught the eye of many viewers and although he’s a fulltime photographer, he was a rookie on th followers and a strong passion for photography, this up and coming artist was viewed as an inspiration. His audacious effort to compete against more revered photographers highlighted the advantages of taking risks and trusting your talent. Four years ago, Daly decided to turn his passion of photography into a full-time profession. He says he enjoys interacting with people and capturing the genuineness of their smiles. His camera of choice is a Canon 6D, which he uses to shoot a broad spectrum of subjects from street looks to natural environments. The Los Angeles based photographer says one of his proudest moments was when he posted an image on Instagram that he titled Post the People. In order for his audience to fully experience the emotional charge from the image, Daly also posted its backstory; which, together, generated more than 5,000 likes. This prompted a phone call from one of Daly’s closest friends marking a turning point in the photographer’s career.


Daly was reluctant to enter the photography competition because he felt he wasn’t ready to compete on the level of some of the participating photographers. But upon his decision to take a leap of faith, that phone call from a close friend sealed the deal. He said his friend told him that he looked forward to Daly winning the competition. Daly mentally prepared himself and strategically selected photos to display. During the competition, and to Daly’s surprise, his likes consistently increased. Daly says he realized the strength of his support system when they shared news of Daly’s participation, in the competition, along with his talent as a photographer. This realization motivated Daly and encouraged him to accept more challenges and to never give up. He says it was amazing to see how much his supporters wanted him to win. With two hours left in the competition, Daly became anxious. His likes were gaining momentum as they chased the leading photographer for the top spot, but that wasn’t enough to conquer victory. Daly lost by four likes. He immediately congratulated the winner and expressed his admiration for her work and achievement. Daly says the entire competition was inspiring as he witnessed photographers rise in rank through the constant clicks of likes. He feels all of the photographers were talented, in their own way, and all had the potential to win. For Daly, he was pleased with the support he received from people he knew personally and from those who knew his work.

The competition not only challenged Daly; it also opened doors to explore in a new genre of photography. Since the competition, Daly says he’s been contacted by many parents seeking a professional photographer for their children, who aspire to become models. He’s currently working on a few fashion projects and still enjoys interacting with people. Daly says his goal is to tell a story with his images and to travel more with his work while continuously sculpting his craft. Daly’s advice to aspiring and current photographers is to find a good mentor. He credits his mentor, Photographer Ray Neutron, for encouraging him to push forward with his passion. Daly says the best mentors are trusting, honest, will help you grow in all aspects of life and will always keep your best interests in the forefront. ~Blanca Medina


”...he felt he wasn’t ready to compete on the level of some of the participating photographers. But upon his decision to take a leap of faith, that phone call from a close friend sealed the deal.”

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Mychal-Bella Photographer: Gretchen-Easton

Easton Photographer: Lil’ Toes Photography

Delilah Photographer: Lilly K Photography

JFreeze Photographer: Visionsentgroup

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JJ Photographer: M


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Photographer: Alex Kruk

Dylan Photographer: Deidhra Fahey Photography

Tenley Jai Photographer: J. Pitre

Photographer: Leica Palma Photography

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When someone told me that the Most Beautiful Baby in the World wasn’t North or Saint West, I laughed. But then once I read that the Most Beautiful Baby in the World ‘made Ryan Gosling look like a hobo’ I was intrigued. After searching this baby, y the name of Aiden J. Garcia, I knew what all the hype was about. I found myself 36 weeks into his Instagram feed, mesmerized by his flawless almond eyes and perfectly coifed curls. There was no hiding this kid had the ‘it factor ’ and I was curious to find out more about this up-and-coming cutie.

Do You Think I’m Cute? ~ Aiden G. ~ By Renata Glusker

Aside from his stunningly beautiful features, Aiden has an extraordinarily beautiful soul as well. When he was born, his heart was not beating, despite the fact that his mother, Jennifer, carried him full-term for a very healthy pregnancy. Luckily, the doctors were able to resuscitate him with little complication and that is the first time his mom knew Aiden was brought into this world for a greater purpose. And with all that he has accomplished at such a young age, I would say she knew what she was talking about. For the most part, Aiden is a very normal 5-year-old boy. He is a mini New Yorker who is about to graduate Kindergarten but would much rather be playing with toys or watching silly YouTube videos than listening to his ‘old and boring’ teacher sing him the ABC’s. But, when he is not playing, shopping for new sneakers, or grubbing on Hibachi food, (his fave,) Aiden can be found flashing his pearly whites somewhere in front of a camera and bringing smiles to the faces of his 130 thousand Instagram followers.

Photographer: Daisy Beatty

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Being that Aiden is only five, much of his success can be attributed to the help of his mom, or self-proclaimed ‘momager’, Jennifer. Of course Aiden’s bubbly personality and attention-grabbing looks are helpful when it comes to his modeling, but the planning and managing efforts of his mom behind the scenes can’t go unknown. Jennifer says that managing her son’s career is a full-time job that takes a lot of hard work, self-sacrifice and tough skin to get her son into the position he’s at now. With the help of his dedicated mom and social media exposure, Aiden has become a household name on Instagram, and has booked print jobs for GAP Japan, Saks 5th Avenue, and Neiman Marcus! At this point, if you haven’t searched Aiden J. Garcia, I urge you to because it’s no doubt that he is about to blow up. His mom says it is because he truly has a passion for what he does, which is making people smile. She sees him continuing his modeling career into his teenage years, with hopes of maybe landing an acting gig with Nickelodeon or Disney, that is, if Aiden is willing. But, no matter what it is that this tiny tot chooses to pursue there is no hiding that his success will be a big as his brilliant hair!

Photographer: Daisy Beatty

Although his career has just really taken off in the past two years, it began as somewhat of an accident. Upon getting fired from her administrative job at a hospital, Aiden’s mom Jennifer knew she had to do something to support her and her son, especially being that she was a single mother. After several years of strangers stopping her on the street in awe of her beautiful baby, and a mother’s bias for her baby’s beauty, she decided she had nothing to lose by googling modeling agencies for kids – and to much avail! She had responses from two agencies immediately and ended up signing with Wilhelmina Kids, a very prominent player in the fashion world. In the meantime, Jennifer decided to post a cute video of Aiden giggling on her personal Instagram account to share with her friends. She titled it “Do you think I’m Cute” and from there, the sound bite of high-pitched giggles went viral has since been featured on a national Adidas campaign commercial. It has also become quite popular on an App called Dubsmash where celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Josh Groban lip-sync to Aiden’s voice. Although the clip has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, many people still don’t know the voice behind the video is indeed Aiden! So, if you’re reading this, Ellen, now you know!

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Photographer:: Wanda Perez

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