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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To My Mommy? So You Want To Have A Baby? Love is Love Featured Designer: Isabella Couture Miracle Baby: Beckham Top 10 Models Cover Story-Twin Cousins Baby Says More Featured Photographer: Jessie Marrero How To Become a Baby Model: Mia the Mini Diva

Editor: Damon Ross DDS

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Editor’s Letter When looking in the eyes of a baby, people often wonder what they are thinking. Only GOD knows that answer, and only HE knows what that baby will become. GOD created all of us for a purpose, and with time, that purpose will come to light. Though, raising a baby can be difficult, a simple smile from them can fill your life with so much joy and happiness. This is why each and every baby born into this world is a BLESSING! Our cover models, Indie Mae and Ryatt Rae, have such an amazing story about how two sisters ended up in the hospital giving birth at the same time. These baby girls give meaning to the phrase “Twin Cousins.” This issue is filled with great articles such as “Love is Love,” in which two homosexual men tell their story and their process of having babies, and “Do You Believe In Miracles?,” a story about how Baby Beckham overcame the odds of ever being born. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained in this issue, as well. OBGYN Dr. Wendy Askew gives some very helpful tips to women on pregnancy in the article, “So You Want To Have A Baby?” Another educational article is “Baby Says More,” which discusses teaching your baby a form of sign language before they are able to talk. 6

Model: Mason Photographer: Heidi Alletzhauser In this issue, we have some astonishing features. Greyson’s mom lets us know, “What Fashion Means to Me & Mommy.” You will get a chance to admire some of the most amazing baby pictures by our featured photographer, Jessie Marrero, and see some of the most adorable baby dresses by Isabella Couture, our featured designer. Oh, and we definitely can’t forget our Top 10 Baby Model Contest winners. Once again, we finish the issue with our “How To Become A Baby Model” article on Mia The Mini Diva. We had so much fun putting this issue together and seeing all the beautiful babies! Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can, also, reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you! Be blessed!

WHAT FASHION MEANS TO ME & MOMMY? For me, when styling Greyson, I look at fashion as an extension of who she is. She has so much personality; and we look to her clothing as a way to express her personality through fashion. And just as our personalities and mood can vary on different days, so does her clothing. One day it may be EDOOHW Å´DWV DQG D FKLF GUHVV IURP ,PRJD WKH QH[W LW V GLVWUHVVHG MHDQV D WHH DQG VRPH WLPV 7KDW V ZKDW , ORYH DERXW IDVKLRQ <RX DUH QHYHU FRQÆ“QHG WR one box. The way in which you express yourself through it is limited only by your own imagination. So I use everyday as an opportunity to tell a different story about Greyson.

Model: Greyson Photographer: Akeisha Land

Baby So You

Want to Have a

By: Dr. Wendy Askew Photographer: Through Painted Eyes Photography

Great! It is arguably one of the most amazing experiences a woman will have in her life. Your pregnancy will be filled with new experiences and culminate in the birth of your child, who will enchant you beyond words and change your life forever. For the better, of course. There isn’t anything in the world that compares to the experience of becoming a parent. Every pregnancy is unique for every woman, and my hope is that your pregnancy will be a happy time for you. What can you do as an expectant mother to give your child the very best start in life? It’s a tall order, to be sure, but little steps count, and I think most mothers are willing to make some temporary choices, even sacrifices that can provide lifelong benefits to their children. So, what should expectant mothers focus on, even before they conceive? An early start on their college fund? Sleeping eight hours a night? Exercising regularly? Eliminating alcohol? All of these are great beginnings for your little one, but something even simpler may be the most important: Good nutrition. So, what exactly does your baby need while he or she is growing inside of you? Did you know that during pregnancy your body only needs an extra 300 kilocalories per day to provide the extra energy to grow your baby? That’s not a lot, and it is definitely not “eating for two”! So, keep that in mind when those cravings strike, and you are tempted to tell yourself that “the baby wants this pint of Blue Bell Rocky Road.” That’s not the baby. Your baby wants and needs healthy foods; green veggies, berries, brightly colored vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins and healthy complex carbohydrates. I know that early in pregnancy, morning sickness can make it hard to keep down those foods, but once the nausea gets better (though, not everyone gets morning sickness) try to give your baby the nutrition he or she needs. Keeping your extra calorie intake at or near this amount will help limit your weight gain during pregnancy to the recommended amount of 25-35 pounds for most women. For those who have a body mass index greater than 30, less weight gain is recommended, while those who are underweight should gain a little more. So, let’s review the basics. Good nutrition is best achieved through healthy foods; however, our foods aren’t as nutritious as they were, say, 50 years ago. So, a good prenatal vitamin is actually very important for all pregnant women. It’s even necessary for people who think 9

they are eating “very healthy” diets. Another fact to be aware of is all prenatal vitamins are not created equal. Did you know that over-the-counter vitamins are an unregulated industry with no requirements for any proof of content, purity, or bioavailability (your body’s ability to absorb them)? If you are using a product you purchased at a retail store, it’s important to check carefully for any of the following labels: NSF, USP, cGMP or Pharmaceutical Grade. If any of these designations are present, then your vitamin manufacturer has voluntarily submitted to testing that demonstrates its higher level of purity and content. If none of those designations are present, there isn’t any way to vouch for the quality of your prenatal supplement. The research regarding nutrition is different from that on pharmaceutical drugs. It is very hard to prove cause-and-effect when studying nutrition and pregnancy complications. There are, however, strong associations seen between certain vitamin deficiencies and some pregnancy complications.


But what difference does nutrition really make? Consider the following: Vitamin D deficiency, which affects up to ¾ of the US teen and adult population, is associated with an increased risk for preeclampsia (a complication where high blood pressure in the mother puts both mother and baby at risk), as well as an increased risk of preterm birth and gestational diabetes. Most of our Vitamin D is produced in our skin from sunlight exposure, but sunscreen can prevent it from forming. Food sources rich in Vitamin D include milk, egg yolks, liver (yum!) and fish. Folic acid deficiency in the earliest stage of pregnancy can result in birth defects of the spinal cord and brain. Spina bifida is a condition where the bones of the spine don’t fuse around the spinal cord and can leave those structures exposed or damaged. Dietary sources of folic acid include black-eyed peas, lentils, beans, green vegetables and fortified grains.

Women need significantly more iron during pregnancy to support growth and development of the baby and placenta. Up to 42% of pregnant women become anemic during pregnancy, and in severe forms, it can hinder the baby’s size and growth. It puts the mother at increased risk for fatigue, and of needing a blood transfusion after delivery, and is very important for breast-fed infants who don’t have another source of iron from food until they are around six months old and soft foods are safe to be introduced. Some of the food sources that are rich in iron include liver, spinach, lentils, beans, olives and …wait for it… dark chocolate! Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (“fish oils”) are linked to better eye and brain health in babies, with some studies showing increased IQs in children whose mothers had higher intake of the Omega-3 fats. Many people get their Omega-3 fatty acids from supplements, in capsule form. A good trick for avoiding the “fish-burp” aftertaste is to keep your Omega-3s in the freezer. Remember that eating farm-raised fish does not supply Omega-3s, and is not as healthful as fresh-caught fish.


None of this is meant to be discouraging. Eating healthy can be delicious! In my professional, medical opinion, I think all pregnant moms are entitled to some indulgences during their pregnancies, but make those fat- and sugar-filled dietary indiscretions the exception and not the daily rule. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates. Dr. Askew is Board-Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Functional and Regenerative Medicine She is currently in full-time private practice in San Antonio at The Institute for Women’s Health and works part-time at Dr. Rogers Centers.

LIFE IS BET TER IN COLOR let us take care of all your printing needs M AGA Z I N E S C ATA L O G S P O ST C A R D S C A L EN DA R S & BRO CH U R E S

4954 Space Center Dr., San Antonio, T X 78218 210.804.0390


Written By: Michelle Elizabeth

Photographer: Courtney Ortiz Studio

Meet Chris Heller and Ryan Sirois Heller, owners of “helium creative,” a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida based brand development and design studio. “helium creative” takes their clients through every step of the marketing process, from the inception of brand identity WR JUDSKLF GHVLJQ DQG DGYHUWLVLQJ ¬ ´KHOLXP FUHDWLYHµ also wants to make a difference in the community, so they started “helium inspires,” a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring kids through creative exploration and discovery. Ryan is also the author of “King of Stars.” Not only are Chris and Ryan special because they run an innovative company, give back to charity, and are creative, but these two men are best friends, business partners, and they’re married… to each other! That’s right, Ryan and Chris are gay! They are deeply in love with each other and have been together for seven years. In 2015, the United States Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the legal right to get married, so that’s exactly what Chris and Ryan did! Next, the happy couple wanted to share their love by starting a family.

Ryan says, “We all have to live to be happy and be true to ourselves. For me and Chris, that was completing our family. We had so much love for each other and so much love to give, and we knew that keeping this love to ourselves was selfish. We so badly wanted more for our little family. It’s just about being happy and not listening to or worrying about what other people think. Do you. Be authentic.” Obviously, starting a family presented a bit of a problem because, biologically, two men aren’t equipped to create a life together. They contemplated adoption, but really wanted to try for a baby who shared their genes first. And guess what? They got their wish! It was a long, hard, and expensive process, but on 05/16/2017, twins, Connor and Olivia were born. Both babies have the same biological mother, yet one is genetically linked to Ryan, and one is genetically linked to Chris. Ryan says that during the pregnancy, people assumed that the woman carrying their babies was the mother. Many people don’t understand that with surrogacy, the pregnant woman is just the womb, the vessel. She’s the oven 15

that the buns are cooking in. She played an integral role in giving these two dads the family they always wanted. And now, they couldn’t be happier. The journey to get here was an arduous one, though, full of ups and downs. Ryan explains that surrogacy is “a very impersonal and non-private way to create life.” The emotional roller coaster began with choosing a surrogacy agency. Next, they selected a surrogate (someone to carry the baby) and an egg donor. Then, they had to decide on a doctor and an In Vitro Fertilization Clinic. Then, comes massive amounts of tests and legal stuff. The surrogate, egg donor, and both fathers had to go through genetic testing, psychological testing, and other tests to make sure every person involved was completely healthy, sane, and capable of carrying out the process. Next, 28 eggs were harvested from the egg donor, and then half were fertilized with Chris’s DNA, and half were fertilized with Ryan’s DNA. At that point, the combination is called a “blastocyst.” Once the blastocysts have marinated, if any are successfully growing to the embryo phase, then the strongest embryo from Ryan and the strongest embryo from Chris are taken and implanted into the surrogate, in hopes that they are both successful. This time it worked, but this was not the first attempt. Previously, they started this process with another egg donor, however none of the embryos took to the surrogate, so they had to start the entire process over. That was devastating emotionally, as well as financially. Thousands of dollars gone with nothing to show for it. There is, also, so much legal red tape to go through. For example, if the surrogate were to be the egg donor and carrying the babies, then legally, they are her children. Even if there is a written contract, once the babies are born, at any time she can say, “I don’t want to give them up, they’re mine.” And legally, she can take them. The whole In Vitro Fertilization process is, basically, an expensive game of waiting for news. Ryan says, “You get bad news, then good news. Then, bad news and good news. Your hopes are high, but everything falls apart. Then, you get your hopes up again, and it crashes again.” Both, the Sirois and Heller families were very supportive during the entire journey. They just want Chris, Ryan, and the twins to be happy and healthy. The Heller and Sirois families, also, believe that children who are born into this kind of family are some of the most loved and wanted babies since the parents have to go through so much to have them. 17

Even though it’s hard for gay couples to have children, it’s inspiring to know it is definitely possible. It may be incredibly costly and emotionally draining, but if you truly have the desire to start a family, then it is totally worth it. It all boils down to love. Whether gay, straight, or anywhere in between, as long as you have love, then you have the right to share that love by starting your own family. Love is Love, and with Love, nothing is impossible!

Here are some lessons that Ryan and Chris have learned in the first few months of being dads: 1. Baby smiles are a cure-all. 2. We have a well of untapped strength that only our children can bring out. 3. They won’t break. Breathe! 4. People love other people’s babies - especially giving them back after an hour or two. 5. You don’t need all the baby gadgets. 6. Always say YES to help! (Even when you know the person really didn’t mean it and was just offering to be polite.) 7. Multitasking is not an option, but a way of life! (I can now feed two babies, drink coffee, and photograph the experience all at the same time. And I can carry double my body weight in babies and baby stuff through an airport.) 8. There are 50 shades of poo. 9. Do not touch the sleeping baby. I repeat: Step AWAY from the sleeping baby! 10. There is such a thing as delirium (and it’s not what you think pre-baby). 11. Family is awesome. 12. When all else fails… burp the baby. 13. Patience. (The burp will come!) 14. We are happier with kids than without. 15. Two dads rock!


-THE FAMILY BUSINESSBy: Michelle Elizabeth

Model: Sienna Photographer: SkySight Photography

Model: Leandra Photographer: Michael Kormos Photography

The Featured Designer this month is Isabella Couture, a high-end women’s and children’s brand which was introduced to the world in 2015. Liliya Dilanyan, CEO and President of Isabella Couture, has always been into fashion. She used to work as a makeup artist and was behind the scenes at fashion shows. She says, “I was so inspired by the beauty and what goes on behind the curtains that it was very exciting to me.â€? Most of Liliya’s training came from her mother and grandmother. They have been sewing for over 40 years. As a child, she remembers making cute little outfits for her dolls, and eventually for herself. Isabella Couture started from nothing, out of their home. Liliya had a passion for designing, and her mom knew how to sew. So, they combined their talents and started making beautiful dresses, and not just some typical cute dresses you can find in any store. They VWULYH WR PDNH OX[XULRXV KLJK IDVKLRQ SLHFHV ÂŹ7KLV

mother and daughter team has succeeded in turning their passion into reality. Currently, Isabella Couture is working on getting into high-end department stores and bridal boutiques. Their goal is to make the brand well-known all around the world. Dilanyan and her mom have worked hard making this brand what it is today, “A high-end children’s boutique that caters to clients all over the world.� Liliya’s favorite part of designing is having a vision and bringing it to life. She says, “When I think of a dress, I quickly grab a fabric in my hand and design it in my head.� She admits that she doesn’t do much sketching because everything is in her head. For her, the hardest part of the business is the stress and pressure of dealing with picky clients. However, she understands that it’s part of the job, and she loves her job. Dilanyan says, “We have to make everything easy going for them, so 21

they don’t stress anymore. So, we take their stress on us DQG PDNH VXUH WKH\ DUH VWUHVV IUHH DQG OHDYH KDSS\ µ¬ She believes that if your job is stress-free, then you aren’t working hard enough! A typical day usually starts with a cup of coffee, or two, as Liliya checks her messages and emails. Then she tidies up a bit to make sure the showroom is spotless and ready to meet clients. In between clients, she’s in the back room going over orders, finalizing details, and choosing which fabrics to use. Then, she runs errands and gets packages ready to ship. She spends her free time with family because she believes “Family comes first.” When it comes to fashion trends, Liliya says that based on this year’s fashion week, the colors trending currently seem to be more soft colors, like nude and blush. Her own favorite color is Blush Pink. She just adores how lush and rich it looks, especially on an elegant high-fashion piece. The fabric Isabella Couture uses most in their dresses is tulle.

Model: Leandra Photographer: Michael Kormos Photography

Dilanyan is inspired by so many things: The places she visits, a piece of fabric, a magazine, art work... but when it comes to fashion design, Liliya’s daughter inspires her the most. Her 10-year-old daughter loves to help her pick out fabrics, colors, and collaborate on patterns. Liliya’s biggest role model is her mother. “She’s my number one supporter. She’s also my head seamstress who overlooks everything. I couldn’t have put this brand together if it wasn’t for her.” For Liliya, one of the most fun parts of the job is doing fashion shows. She gushes, “I love fashion shows. I get so excited to put a new collection together, brainstorming with the team and visualizing. Working with models and their fittings. It’s so exciting and exhilarating! We have lots of fun during this time!” Isabella Couture has worked with many celebrities and WKHLU FKLOGUHQ ¬ 1XPHURXV FHOHEULW\ VWDUV KDYH DOVR walked the runway for Isabella Couture, such as P. Diddy’s daughter, Chance Combs, Rapper 50 Cent’s son, as well as Zola Murphy, Elisa Johnson, Bella Harris, Camille Leonard, and many others. One day, Isabella Couture would like to work with Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and all of their kids. Victoria Beckham was Liliya‘s favorite Spice Girl, so she also hopes to work with Beckham and her daughter in the future, as well.

Model: Sienna Photographer: SkySight Photography

Models: Aida Isabella & Liliya Dilanyan Photography: Chasing Pleasures

Dilanyan believes that the best part of working with babies is that they are just so darn cute! To her, babies look good in anything and can rock any fashion trend today. She says, “I love dressing them in dresses and seeing their excitement when they put on a pretty dress and smile for the camera. The best part is when they start to cry when taking off their dresses. Makes my job worth it.” In addition to being hard-working, talented, creative, and family loving, Liliya also has a great sense of humor! I asked her, “What's one random fact about you that not many people know or a silly habit you have?” She couldn’t think of any at the moment, so she stopped to text her friend and ask her opinion. The friend replied with, “You love Snapchat!” Next, she texted her husband to get his opinion, and he said that she gets scared easily. Dilanyan admits both are true. She also enjoys Butter Pecan and Vanilla ice cream!

For those who dream of being involved in fashion and design, Liliya cautions, “In this industry, your daily life is challenging, so there are ups and downs in this business. I just keep my head up and overcome all the impossibilities.” Her advice for aspiring designers is, “Never stop dreaming! Never give up on your dreams! Make your dreams a reality!” Isabella Couture is a perfect example of a family who never gave up on their dreams and worked hard to make them come true!

“Never stop dreaming! Never give up on your dreams! Make your dreams a reality!” 23

Do You Believe In


Written by: Sandra Current

Photography:Hollis Captured Moments

Allison Hollis and her bustling family of six are quite the incredible bunch. Just looking at them, you can see the beauty and diversity her family brings to the table. Allison is Caucasian, her husband, Todd, is African American, and they have two Caucasian children, as well as two bi-racial children. They are the textbook definition of a blended, interracial family. There’s so much more to this family than boundless love and acceptance, though. They’ve faced adversities and overcome obstacles that many families wouldn’t withstand, ranging from race issues to infertility, but are a testament to the power of love and faith. The love they’ve allowed in their hearts has brought about more blessings than Allison could have ever imagined, and their faith has kept them unified throughout the process. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with the Hollis family and hear their heartwarming story.

the path you intended to take and forcing you to completely shift gears! For Allison, those plans of becoming a broadcast journalist were completely put on hold when her and her former husband found out they were expecting their first child. Allison was only 18 at the time, so she set her focus on raising her daughter, Mary Lacey. A few years after having Mary Lacey, Allison found out she was pregnant with her second child, Brady. Her two beautiful children were everything she ever wanted, but she made a decision to undergo tubal ligation after having Brady. Allison was only 22 at the time, and she would later learn how big of a decision that was. Tubal ligation is a common procedure performed for women that no longer have the desire to become pregnant or the ability to safely carry a pregnancy to term. Nevertheless, it’s a procedure associated with some form of permanency.

Allison, a small-town girl from Mississippi, had dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist prior to motherhood. She was excited about the opportunities this type of profession would bring about and couldn’t wait to get started. As many of you know, life has a way of altering

About six years in to Allison’s first marriage, her and her husband came to the mutual agreement to part ways. Divorce is never an easy feat, but Allison maintained her faith going forward and looked ahead for the sake of her children. As life progressed on, she continued 25

to care for her two children and just so happened to come across the man she now calls her soulmate. Todd was different from Allison in many ways. Not only was he a different race, but he was younger than Allison, had never been married, and had no children. The funny thing about love is it has a way of shining through, regardless of our differences. While Allison had a few concerns, she didn’t let those differences stop her from pursuing a relationship with Todd. She does mention the concerns brought about by others. “I was often asked what our families thought, was I scared, did people stare at us,” she says. There are some places that still treat interracial marriage as a taboo, and Allison got no shortage of disapproving comments and stares from those who opposed their relationship, especially in her home state of Mississippi. “I used to get really frustrated and upset, but time allowed me to show more grace and to take on the attitude of showing them how special true love is, no matter our race,” she adds. Even when the world seemed to be against them, they let their love shine brighter and showed the naysayers that love always wins. Todd and Allison were married three years into dating, and life took a new turn. Initially, they went into marriage with the understanding that Allison may never be able to have children. Todd knew there was a possibility that he may end up fulfilling the role of a father to his step-children only, but a decision to untie Allison’s tubes provided an exciting opportunity to try for another child together. Once the family moved to Texas, Allison underwent tubal ligation reversal and was left with only one viable tube. Still, they had hope. They tried and tried for three years, yet all attempts were unsuccessful. Just as frustration began to set in, the option to receive IVF treatments arose. This was it! Allison and Todd found their answer and knew they’d have one shot at it, due to the financial toll of treatment costs. After much prayer and support from family, Allison started her daily injections, and the couple eagerly waited for the effects to set in. It took a few months for the process to begin working, but once they learned her eggs were viable enough to be transferred, the couple had three eggs transferred. Allison and Todd were elated! The thought of being able to conceive a child together gave them all the momentum they needed. About two weeks later, as Allison sat in a dental office chair, she received a phone call from her IVF doctor. He was calling to congratulate her on her pregnancy!!! “Tears flowed, and we [dental staff] all celebrated, truly a day I will never forget,” Allison says.

Making the decision to seek IVF treatment for her third pregnancy wasn’t an easy decision for Allison and Todd. There are a range of effects that many aren’t aware of when seeking a treatment as such. Her and her husband were not only concerned about the physical demands, but the high cost of treatment. Allison admits that she wasn’t prepared for the side effects of IVF treatment, either. “Daily injections would have my hormones raging. I’d cry at the drop of a hat,” she says. Not only that, but she was worried that treatment wouldn’t work, and questioned if she was meant to have more children, or if Todd would still love her if she couldn’t conceive. Undergoing IVF treatment is a huge decision, so it’s normal to have the worries and concerns Allison had. They were worries that would eventually cease upon arrival of their third child, Miles. Miles was born a happy, healthy baby, and Allison and Todd finally felt complete. Miles was everything Allison and Todd ever imagined. They had a beautiful baby boy, and Allison recovered well after delivery. Doctors did advise her not to conceive again because of the scar tissue that had built

up, along with the difficulties during her third Cesarean section, but the family was okay with the news of not being able to get pregnant again. They were thankful enough for Miles and set forth with their new family of five. As time went on, they continued to live their busy lives and enjoy their newly-found family. In the midst of prepping for school functions, Allison and Todd found a little time to sneak off to the mountains. Their trip was filled with fun, adventures, and even jokes about having another child, which they believed was highly improbable, given the news they received six years prior. Several weeks after returning home, Allison began to feel sick and eventually realized her cycle hadn’t come. Pregnancy still didn’t seem to be an option, so she humorously decided to take a pregnancy test, and boy, was she in for a surprise!

“I nearly passed out when I looked down and saw two lines! I was so certain it wasn’t correct, I took four more that day! All gave me the same answer. I told my husband that night, and he was ecstatic. I was still in shock,” Allison says. 27

You can imagine how surreal this moment seemed to Allison. I mean, she had her tubes tied, untied, received IVF treatments, and was told that she’d never be able to conceive due to scar tissue and complications from her third pregnancy. The last thing she would ever expect to hear is “You’re pregnant!” Allison remained in a state of shock, even when bloodwork and an ultrasound provided confirmation, but when the news of her fourth pregnancy was announced to the family, they were thrilled! “Everyone cried tears of joy once they realized we were actually telling the truth,” Allison says. The joy, and at the same time, disbelief, consumed the entire family. This pregnancy was considered high-risk, but Allison was able to carry on like any other pregnancy. She did notice herself tiring a bit quicker than before, but she remained active and even continued to sing on her church’s Praise and Worship Team, right up until the very end. Allison had her fourth child at the age of 39. Their beautiful little miracle, Beckham Hollis, was born just last year on July 5. When asked about the blessing of Beckham, Allison gushes, “He has showed our family how endless love is, how miraculous things happen, and there is always hope!” She also mentions how loved and spoiled little Beckham is! Despite the challenges Allison experienced with IVF treatment, she encourages mothers considering the option to GO FOR IT! “Go into it knowing that it will be emotional. It’s a lot of work, and I think you have to find a place where you are as prepared as you can be that it may not work,” she says. It can be difficult to take on something so physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially taxing, but the decision to take a leap of faith can also be well worth all the trials and tribulations. Even with tubal ligation reversal, maintain your faith. If it’s possible for Allison, it’s possible for others. Always consult your doctor first, of course, but be aware of your options, and thoroughly educate yourself prior to undergoing treatments/procedures. Although, Allison and her husband had no idea what was in store, they are incredibly thankful IVF treatment worked in their favor. “I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for the experience we had,” she expresses. Remember, resilience is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind, so have faith, just as Allison did. Beckham simply proved how real miracles are! Their lovely family of six is as complete as ever, and Allison couldn’t be happier. Mary Lacey is now 20, Brady is 17, Miles is seven, and Beckham is one. They have a full house of beautiful, blended miracles and wouldn’t have it any other way!!!



Models Baby Edition


A g e : 1 1/2 Years Old L o ca t i o n : La Jolla, California Photographer:

Priscilla Giselle Gomez F a v o r i t e To y :

Pushing Babydoll in stroller



Age : 2 1/2 Years Old Location: New York P hotographer:

Ilianabel Fernandez F avorite Toy:

Trains/ Cars


A g e : 6 Months L oc a t i o n : Long Island, New York P h o t o g r a p h e r : Daisy Beatty F a v o r i t e To y : Teething Toy


Age : 2 Years Old Loc ation: Queens, NY Photographer: Lily Shames Fav ori te Toy: Minnie Mouse 33


A ge : 9 Months Old Location:

San Antonio, Texas P ho t o g r a p h e r :

Justine Scott Fa v o r i t e To y : Bunnies


Age : 1 Years Old Location:

Bronx, New York City P hotographer:

Lily Shames Fav ori te Toy: Soccer ball 35


A ge : 21 Months Old L o c a t i o n : New Jersey P ho t o g r a p h e r : Lily Shames Fa v o r i t e To y : Elmo plush doll


Age : 2 Years Old Loc ati on: Brooklyn, NY P hotographer:

Lily Shames F avorite Toy:

He loves to read books with letters, animals, shapes & colors 37

Shirley Mabel

A g e : 22 Months Old L oc a t i o n : Australia P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lauryn F a v o r i t e To y :

Dolls, Legos, and Fairy Wands



Age : 1 Years Old Loc ati on: San Antonio, Tx P hotographer:

Justine S Photography Fav ori te Toy: Toy Balls 39

BestiesBirth from

Written By: Sandra Current Photographer: Christina Hilliard (@sweetorangephoto)

Indie Mae and Ryatt Rae may be the cutest little bestie duo you’ll ever come across. These little beauties are twin cousins from the sunny state of California, and they completely define the word “adorable.” I know you’re wondering…what are twin cousins? Well, Indie and Ryatt were born just 15 minutes apart to sisters, Katie and Corey! So, not only does that make them cousins, but them being born within minutes of each other was enough for them to be deemed “twins,” as well. How amazing is that?! Since that day, these gorgeous gals have been in each other’s presence and have built a bond closer than their mothers could’ve ever imagined. Now, these little ladies are baby-stepping their way into the world of modeling (literally) and inching their way into the hearts of spectators. Seriously! We can’t get enough of them. Total cuteness overload! Katie and Corey, who are very close-knit themselves, shared all the details of how their relationship has allowed Indie and Ryatt to fulfill the legacy that they so deeply cherish. Sticky sisters all the way! Moms, Corey and Katie, had no idea they’d be embarking on the journey of pregnancy together, let alone birthing their girls on the same day. It was a shocker to everyone! “We surprised our family on Christmas morning with both pregnancies. We wrapped up a big

box with pink balloons saying, “We are expecting!” “Our family opened my announcement box first and couldn't believe it. Then, an hour later, we brought out the second one, and they all thought it was a joke. We really surprised everyone and made Christmas so special,” Corey says. It was a surprise to the sisters, as well. They found out they were both expecting when everyone else did and couldn’t believe it. When they realized they were due only ten days apart, they were even more shocked. “It's unthinkable to get to have your sister to experience this with,” the sisters add, so their level of excitement was at an all-time high. I mean, they already considered themselves besties, or in their words, “sticky sisters,” so having children that would be close in age was a dream come true (btw, “sticky sisters” are sisters that always stick together). Never did they imagine they’d be delivering on the same day, though! Katie was set to deliver her baby first. On August 9th, she checked into the hospital and began 22 hours of labor. Whew! Corey was planning to photograph the birth, so she headed to the hospital to capture her sister’s special moment. On her way there, she began having contractions herself and ended up being checked into the hospital just a few doors down. On her way, 41

she stopped by to say “Hi” to Katie, got to her room, and found out she was in full-on labor. Whoa! Corey wasn’t actually due until August 17th, so you can imagine the shock when she learned that she, too, would be delivering her baby that day. As their doctor was prepping Corey for surgery, they heard “STAT” ring out over the intercom! A nurse flew into the OR and told the doc to get to Katie’s room ASAP because the baby was on its way. The doc rushed to Katie’s room as quickly as she could, delivered the baby, and headed back over to Corey’s room to start the C-section. Both, Katie and Corey delivered healthy baby girls on August 10th. Luckily, Corey’s husband, Travis, was there recording all the fun. If you’d like to see how it all played out, the footage is available for public viewing on YouTube at: Everyone was blown away after the deliveries, especially the sisters and their family. As they recovered next-door to one another, they kept talking about their disbelief of what had occurred. Even the hospital staff couldn’t believe the sisters had their babies the same day, and only 15 minutes apart, at that! In fact, Corey says in the YouTube birth video, you can hear and see the delivery doctor (Dr. Laughlin) running the halls and laughing saying, “Your family is crazy." It was definitely a special, memorable, and slightly surreal moment for all involved. The events that took place stirred up so much excitement that when the media got ahold of the news, reporters were contacting them nonstop. “We got contacted a day later by every local newspaper, World News, Babble, and USA Today. We did a Skype interview with World News and USA Today, and our birth videos have over four million views on all combined sites,” Corey mentions. Despite the overwhelming outpour of interest, the ladies felt fantastic and cherished every moment of sharing their story. They were amazed at how quickly and closely everything happened. The sisters knew, from that point on, little Indie Mae and Ryatt Rae would be bonded like glue. While Katie and Corey’s bond is even closer than before, it’s Indie and Ryatt that have grown to love each other like no other. The one-year-olds hang by the poolside together, have plenty of play dates, share their favorite snacks with one another, and pose for photos. “They even try to kiss the phone if they FaceTime,” the sisters say. Adorbs! They really are besties and are occasionally in-sync like actual twins. Katie and Corey recall how similar they behave, “They oddly do 43

so much alike. We crack up about this. They get so excited clapping, smiling, and laughing when they see each other. They both didn't crawl until they saw each other doing it.” It’s not uncommon to see children with close attachments behave similarly or mimic each other. In the case of Indie and Ryatt, their amazing connection will likely keep them closely aligned when it comes to development, but they do have opposite personalities. Indie is said to be the funny busy-body. She loves to move around and cruise. Ryatt, on the other hand, is the sweet and mellow onlooker. She loves to sit and watch Indie. “Indie will definitely be the one convincing Ryatt to do stuff when they get older,” the moms giggle. The girls just had their first big birthday party together on August 10th, so matching dresses, smash-cakes, and photoshoots were a must. You can often see their special moments together on their social media account.


If you haven’t seen their Instagram, you’re missing out on all the cuteness you can imagine. Indie and Ryatt are always dolled up in the cutest little outfits, showing off their infectious smiles. Sometimes, they even pair up with other little cutie pies, which is sure to cause major baby fever! While the girls are at the beginning stage in their modeling careers, they definitely come off as naturals in their photos. Although, Corey and Katie mention that shooting two babies can be challenging. “It’s hit or miss with naps, etc. We try to time it right, and usually they are very good. Ryatt seriously likes to sit, and we usually chase Indie around. It's pretty funny,” they say. Getting babies to cooperate isn’t always the easiest task when you’re trying to capture quality photos, but the moms advise parents to start early with taking pictures. “If they are used to it, they won't know differently. It is a lot of work, but so worth it to see them in fun ads for big companies, like Nuby,” (which Indie and Ryatt are

featured in). From the looks of it, these little ladies will have no problem showcasing their complementary personalities, and audiences will continue to eat it up! Katie and Corey couldn’t be happier about the priceless moments they and their daughters will share. They get to dress their girls up, celebrate birthdays with one another, spend holidays as a unit, and continue the journey of baby modeling together. Their favorite part will always remain getting to complain together, share clothes, eat, go on walks, and shop for twinning outfits during pregnancy, but life after pregnancy has been nothing short of amazing! Corey, who is the oldest, is an RN and stay-at-home mommy to Ryatt and Tydus, three. Her sister, Katie, mother to three girls, is a talented and highly-demanded hair stylist in the California area. They also have a younger brother. While both have demanding professions, their greatest and most rewarding job has been being a mommy and sharing their love for the things that are near and dear to their

hearts. In addition, they’ve always had a knack for creativity and photography, so the opportunity to combine those skills and foster new avenues through social media has definitely paid off. Corey photographs and manages everything for Indie and Ryatt’s account @indiemae_and_ryattrae, while her sister, Katie, manages everything on @liv_and_willow. Both moms have truly cherished every minute of their journey through pregnancy and mothering twin cousins. Creating memorable moments for social media is another special journey Corey and Katie will go on to share. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Indie, Ryatt, and all their other beautiful little babes! Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts: @indiemae_and_ryattrae @liv_and_willow @tydustalbott @tydus_and_ryatt 45

How does your baby say “MORE”?

By: Michelle Lerner

“Give Me”

Many parents, both new and seasoned, have been faced with the fear that they are just not cut out for parenting. Besides constantly feeling exhausted, many parents have anxiety. Said anxiety results from an inability to discern their infants’ cries, difficulty bonding with their new bundles of joy, as well as social isolation during their babies’ first few months of life. Now, let’s be honest, not all of these anxiety-provoking stressors of parenthood are avoidable. However, they can be reduced exponentially by lessening your baby’s frustration. Some of you might be thinking, “How on earth can an infant who has only been around for months, be so frustrated?” Think about how often your baby cries. Although it’s your nature to do almost anything to soothe your little one, at times, when he/she is simply inconsolable, you

are left with nothing more than the desire to break down and cry yourself! It’s a vicious cycle, because your tears certainly won’t help to soothe your baby’s tears. Let’s take a step back and consider why it is that your baby is crying in the first place. Of course, your baby cries to demonstrate physical discomfort or emotional distress, as well as under/overstimulation, but the most common reason for your baby’s tears is his/her desire to communicate. Your baby is telling you that he/she is hungry, tired or even that it’s time for a diaper change. Crying is a natural method of basic communication that babies are born ready to use. The problem with this behavior, even though it is in fact a natural tool for communication, is that it is a stressor for both you and your baby! 47


I challenge you to think outside of the box in order to resolve the underlying problem as opposed to putting a bandage on the symptom, that of crying. Your baby’s cries can be incredibly difficult to discern, and doing so doesn’t even diminish the anxiety that naturally results from those initial tears. Unless you fulfill your baby’s needs right away, you risk that he/she will become frustrated! I imagine that you’d feel the same way if your sole method of communication were tears. It’s time to raise your baby without excessive tears (as I think it would be a bit of an overreach stating that you can eliminate crying altogether) by teaching him/her to communicate via baby sign. Baby sign is a strategy that teaches babies how to communicate before they are anatomically and physiologically ready to speak. In order to verbalize, babies need to develop their fine motor skills in their articulators (i.e. tongue, lips, velum, vocal tract, larynx and vocal cords), which takes up to a year, whereas they have the gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination and cognitive memory capacity for language required to communicate using basic signs and gestures as early as six months of age. Research has demonstrated that babies who are consistently 48

exposed to sign by six months of age can begin using signs to effectively communicate by eight-to-nine months old.1-2 Here’s a tip for those of you interested in replacing your baby’s tears with signs: Start with the most general sign possible, such as the sign for “GIVE ME” or “MORE,” which can be used to request any item! Of course, as fluent English speakers, we are aware that the concept of “more” indicates a supplement to that which you already have, but that is neither here nor there for a baby who is just beginning to sign. The point is to teach your baby functional communication rather than fluent sign, as most of you are likely not fluent in any of the deaf sign languages. By teaching your baby a more general sign, he/she will have the opportunity to use it more often in various contexts to request innumerable items. Therefore, your baby will have more opportunities to use the sign, or attempt to use the sign, or even just see the sign while he/she is first being introduced to signing. While you’re teaching your baby “GIVE ME” or “MORE,” you must model the sign for your baby and then help him/her to execute it. Most importantly, make sure to consistently reward your baby for using the sign

“Thank You�

with the item that he/she desires. Every time your baby makes a communicative attempt with gestures (or sounds as spoken language is developing), so long as you deem the request to be reasonable, his/her need or desire should be filled. It’s that simple! The reward of receiving what it is that your baby wants is enough to reinforce the behavior of communicating with signs. With time and development, your baby will start using these general signs independently. Thereafter, you can introduce more specific signs, starting with around three-to-five, as your baby will already understand how to communicate manually.

For more information, check out the Baby Says More™ online Baby Sign course, Grow n’ Tell. The unique and innovative course is available in both English and Spanish and allows parents to learn independently at home in their very little free time. The course is comprised of four modules: (1) An Overview of Child Language Development, (2) How to Adapt Your Baby’s “Routineâ€? to Include Baby Sign, (3) How to Teach Your Baby to Sign, and (4) How to Expand Upon Your Baby’s Sign Repertoire to Increase His/Her Signing Vocabulary and Introduce the Use of Short Sentences and Manner Terms.

Teaching your baby to sign takes time and commitment! You must be consistent and very repetitive, making sure to capitalize on every teaching opportunity that arises. This might seem demanding at first, but remember, taking the extra time in your daily routine to habituate your little one to signing is far better than those uncomfortable stares on the street while your child tantrums for a snack as you pull out every toy, book and blanket one-by-one, hoping to temper the shrieks and shrills. The extra effort you put forth teaching your baby to sign will end up being a huge time-saver.

"For a free demo on how to raise your baby without too many tears by teaching him/her “MORE,â€? visit us at" References: 1.“Dr. Joseph Garciaâ€?. Stratton/Kehl Publications, Inc. Retrieved 19 September 2014. 2. Collingwood, J. (2016). Teaching Your Baby Sign Language Can %HQHILW %RWK RI <RX ÂŹ3V\FK &HQWUDO 5HWULHYHG RQ $SULO IURP Michelle Lerner, M.S., CCC-SLP / TSSLD – Bilingual Extension Founder of Baby Says More™ 49

Move over Anne Geddes, there’s a newcomer on the scene who is taking the newborn photography world by storm! KidFash’s Featured Photographer, Jessie Marrero, is making waves and turning heads with her stunning photos of adorable angelic infants. Jessie Marrero Photography is a New Jersey Based Professional Private Portrait Photographer. She is a proud member of The Professional Photographers of America and specializes in “Bellies-N-Babiesâ€?. Usually she performs her photo shoots on site in Teaneck New Jersey, but she is willing to travel! Marrero’s love for newborns and art got her interested in photography. As a child, she drew just about everyWKLQJÂŹ VKH VDZ 7KHQ DV D WHHQ VKH FDUULHG D FDPHUD HYHU\ZKHUH VKH ZHQW $V DQÂŹDGXOW VKH KDV KDG WR FRPplete many projects for her children. Jessie says, “Photography has always been a part of my life since childhood thru my adult life. It was capturing every beautiful moment of each of my daughter's lives that convinced me there was so much more to a photograph......and no matter where I was in my life, there was always a FDPHUD LQ P\ KDQG ¾ :KDW VKH OLNHV PRVW DERXW photography is the freedom. “Photography allows me to create!â€? Marrero says. “There's a sense of freedom to FUHDWH DQG EULQJ \RXU YLVLRQ WRÂŹOLIH Just like many of KidFash Magazine’s featured photographers, Jessie has no formal training in her profession and is self-taught. She explains, “My approach to photography is simple; Creativity and passion is what I contribute to my sessions. I absolutely love new life, and I think my love for those babies shows in my images. Because it's special from the very beginning... Today's photographs will be tomorrow's treasures. Each photograph tells a story, holds a memory, and makes a connection between you and the rest of the world.â€? Jessie is inspired by life. She says, “Life is just one big picture. If you miss the miss yet another LPSRUWDQW FKDSWHU RI \RXU OLIH ÂŹ3KRWRJUDSK\ LV JUDQG VR rewarding in every way. It gives me great pleasure to capture those moments most important in someone's life.â€? She truly hopes that people enjoy her vision and the work she produces. She definitely works hard and puts her whole self into it. Marrero doesn’t have much free time for hobbies. However, on the rare occasions that she does have a little down time, she likes to spend it with her 3 daughters who are currently 26, 23, and 15. They love to travel 51

together, and are total foodies! They love to experience different restaurants. She jokes, “I think I was a food critic in my past life! I live in restaurants!� She has become quite the seafood lover –her faves are oysters and shrimp! She looks for the best and the freshest food but also thinks that hospitality is key and customer service is important.

cancer in 2012 and because of it has had nine surgeries, including a mastectomy in October of 2012. Her last surgery was in 2014, but she survived it all and beat that horrible cancer! Talk about being a survivor‌ this woman is a warrior!

One of this warrior’s most fun photoshoots was the Winter Wonderland Mini's 2016. Jessie has always been Jessie says that one of the hardest parts of running her D KXJH IDQ RIÂŹKROLGD\ ZLQGRZ GLVSOD\V VR VKH GHFLGHG WR SKRWRJUDSK\ EXVLQHVV LV ´%XLOGLQJ DQ HPSLUH ZLWKRXW DÂŹ FUHDWH KHU RZQ 6KH XVHGÂŹD YDULHW\ RI SURSV LQFOXGLQJ D team.â€? Because she doesn’t have a team, she has to do giant Nutcracker, white standing reindeers, and even an all of the work herself, which causes her to lose out on 8 foot white Christmas tree! Her husband helped out by time with her family. She adds that it’s “A ton of work SDLQWLQJÂŹ D WULF\FOH DQG KRUVH LQ ZKLWH IRU KHU 6KH EXW ZRUWK HYHU\ VHFRQG YHVWHG 7KDQNIXOO\ , KDYH DQÂŹ H[SODLQV ´,W ZDV D WUXH :LQWHU :RQGHUODQG ÂŹ:DWFKLQJ amazing supportive family.â€? Speaking of her awesome everyone's reaction upon arrival was rewarding in family, Jessie’s mother is her biggest role model, LWVHOI ÂŹ &KLOGUHQ DUULYHG LQ WKHLU EHVW KROLGD\ JHDU DQG because “She is a survivor, entrepreneur, fighter and all ORYHG HYHU\ PLQXWH RIÂŹLW Âľ around perfection.â€? Around that same time, Musician and actor Ice-T and It takes a survivor to know one... Even though Marrero his wife, actress and model, Coco, hired Jessie Marrewas lucky enough to have great family around, her life ro Photography to take pictures of their baby, Chanel. In regards to her working with celebrities, models and is not without struggle. She was diagnosed with breast



Mia TheMini Diva


By: Jennifer Pucci Starr 10 Yr Old Photographer @photoswithmadison

Babies are just adorable in general, right? As beautiful as they are, let’s face it, they don’t all have what it takes to keep up a successful modeling business. Yet, for Instababy Mia (@miatheminidiva), she has been dazzling the cameras for longer than she has known how to walk. “Literally everywhere we went Mia's first year of life I was told variations of, "Put that baby in modeling!" So around her first birthday I started researching and submitting to agencies and signed with New York Models – Kid Division” Just shy of turning 2, Mia has already worked for Jessica Simpson, Party City, 7 for all Mankind, and Butter Super Soft. We asked mom Jasmine to share some tips on finding baby stardom. Comfort is Key: For Mia’s initial auditions she was shy and reserved. Having stayed at home with mom most of her life, she was not used to all the energy and new people. Working with an agency or a brand that understands the challenges that can come with working with such a young talent can make all the difference. In some situations there may be what is known as a wrangler, a person that will work to entertain the child, keep them comfortable and try to make them smile while being

photographed. Many times though, the wrangler is Mom. “As long as she is comfortable she sparkles and will do the absolute most to get someone to laugh,” says Jasmine. “The moment she feels confused or scared she withdraws, which I think is normal for her age. There have been times where she just wasn't up for it or I could tell she was completely mortified with all the strangers in her face, or tired, or just plain 2 year old cranky, so we'd stop and try to regroup.” Make sure you have a good snack, a mommy who loves to keep it fun and an understanding client. They Are Just Babies: Babies are unpredictable. “Our agent does a good job of constantly submitting Mia for jobs while also being understanding that they are still babies and things such as teething woes or the aforementioned just plain 2-year-old craziness happen,” says Jasmine. “At the end of the day, she's going to do what she wants. There is no real bribing of a 22-month-old. Behind the scenes I’m trying to keep her from snatching down a prop or eating the make-up. I typically fail at it most of the time, but you'd never know when you see the final results and that's where an amazing crew comes in. We've been very lucky in that aspect.” 57

It’s Your Job Too Mom (or Dad): Sure you have to be there with your child throughout all the of the photo shoots, castings and interviews, but it is what you can do outside of those actual jobs that can take you a step farther. “Like many millennial moms, I started my daughter a social media account, not expecting much from it, and it went viral. For Mia's page specifically, In the beginning I spent a couple hours a day engaging, posting, studying trends. Now I can hop on and off in about 10 minute intervals a few times a day. If you want to build a major presence via social media, you almost have to treat it like a full time job.” Jasmine is the owner of All That Jazz Creative Marketing, which allowed her to hone her skills in on Mia’s social media career. “The biggest thing in social media is branding and creating a story. Your fans or clients want to feel engaged and they want to connect with a story. ENGAGEMENT is key. Too little and people lose interest or move on to the next thing, too much and people get annoyed and unfollow. A lot of time may be spent lurking in the beginning as you research trends and engaging with other successful pages. Add in all the time it takes to actually create QUALITY content- the pictures and videos and captions you post- it can be very time consuming. But when done correctly, the benefits are limitless.” Make It A Positive Experience: Remember that this is their life and their career and don’t get swept up in the excitement of the flashbulbs and attention. “I am not one of the parents that wants to force fame on my toddler,” says Jasmine. “Whether she gets some fun pictures and earns a little money towards college or becomes the next Disney star, we will be grateful and try to enjoy the ride. My biggest hope is that she gains some great friendships and confidence while also understanding work ethic because those are transferable to any path she decides to take in life.” The focus should stay on your child and what makes them happy first and foremost. “Build genuine connections and treat others as you wish to be treated. This includes clients, agents, other parents, and the children. Don't let your ego or confusion get in the way of your child. Treat it like a job, because it is.”

“Build genuine connections and treat others as you wish to be treated. ” 58

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