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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? (Lulu Lambros) Model Of Courage (Phoebe) Anti-Bully Story “Blake Hendricks” Featured Photographer: Shea Anne Razzle Dazzle (Ellie) Top 10 Models Cover Story-Mixing It Up With DJ Livia Real Talk With Madison: Ari Lopez Featured Dancer: Sammy B Featured Designer: Belle Threads How To Become a Model: Celai West KidFashIsHere

Editor: Damon Ross DDS

Cover Page: Model: DJ Livia (@iamdjlivia)

Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez-Hurt Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editor: Angie Lozano

Photographer: Dave Feiling (@dafeiling) HMUA: Nitzy (@nitzyglam) Wardrobe Stylist: Visions Ent Group-Kayla Naylor (@visionentgroup) Dress: Adrianna Ostrowska Couture (@adriannaostrowskacouture) Wings: Tracy Location: Los Angeles, CA

Table of Contents Page: Model: Ashley (@ashley.rountree) Photographer: Shannon Squires Photography (@shannonsquiresphotography)

Hair: Knotty Hair Salon (@knotty_hair) Makeup: Polished To Perfection Makeup (@polishedtoperfectionmakeup) Dress: Love Baby J (@lovebabyjcouture) Crown: Joyfolie (@joyfolie)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Photographer: @visionentgroup

In a world full of unexpected tragedy (Hurricane Harvey), a life full of ups and downs, we all need INSPIRATION! I’ve learned, when you feel like there’s nothing more you can do, and you want to give up, GOD will always do something to let you know He’s still in charge. Many times, GOD will use others to give you words of encouragement, or share their testimony, giving you a little ounce of HOPE. The gift to INSPIRE is in all of us. No matter what you are going through, stay positive, and remember your experiences can help someone else get through their experiences! Who better to have on the cover than DJ Livia? She has such an INSPIRATIONAL story, as she went from being homeless to working with big names like Pitbull, The Jacksons, Snoop Dogg, and becoming part of Floyd Mayweather’s “The Money Team.” Thank you to Dave Feiling for capturing DJ Livia looking very angelic with her turntables. Throughout this issue, you will read other INSPIRATIONAL stories, such as “Razzle Dazzle,” a story about Ellie, who was adopted from Ethiopia to an American family and then lost her adopted father six months later. You will read about Phoebe, the “Model of Courage,” a cancer survivor who continues to pursue her modeling career. When it comes to bullying, Blake shares his experience and INSPIRES others on overcoming it. In this issue, we also have Lulu Lambros telling us “What Fashion Means To Her.” Madison gets up close 6

and personal with Ari Lopez, and we showcase the beautiful dresses designed by Belle Threads. Our featured photographer is no other than the famous headshot photographer, Shea Anne. This issue’s featured dancer is the hip-hop dance sensation, Sammy B. Oh, and we definitely can’t forget our winners of our Top 10 Model Contest as they walk the runway. Ending this issue is our Featured Model, Celai West, as she talks about “How To Become A Model: Runway Edition.” This is an article you don’t want to miss, as we will make our 3rd and final stop of the 2017 Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour on November 4th in Brooklyn, NY. Come join us as we raise money for the non-profit organization, “Bullies Reality.” Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can, also, reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you! Be blessed!

Oh my gosh, where do I start! I’m an only child, so basically wherever my mom went, I went. So I started shopping with my mom practically from birth. But what everyone thought was funny was that I was never ERUHGRUĆ“GJHW\,FRXOGJRIRUKRXUV8VXDOO\\RXFRXOGĆ“QGOLWWOHWRGGOHUPHWU\LQJRQ shoes, hats, bags- anything I could reasonDEO\ Ć“W LQWR )DVW IRUZDUG WR QRZ , /29( IDVKLRQ DQG FDQĹ?W ZDLW XQWLO , Ć“W LQWR P\ mom’s clothes and shoes (I’m almost there!). Brands are not important to me as long as I feel good in it, I mix designer EUDQGVDQGRUĆ“QGVDOOWKHWLPH$QG for me fashion isn’t just about clothes and shoes. Make up is fashion too. My face can ZHDU GLIIHUHQW Ĺ?RXWĆ“WVĹ? 6DPH ZLWK MHZHOU\ and hair styles- my long hair is one of my fashion accessories. What’s cool is that there are so many ways to express who you DUH%DVLFDOO\LILWIHHOVOLNH0(DQGĆ“WVP\ PRRG , ZHDU LW-XVW EH<28 DQG \RX ZLOO always look fab!

Model: Lulu Photographer: Alex Kruk

Written By: Jennifer Pucci Starr W Photographer: Stephanie Coffelt

A model with an inner beauty that matches what is seen on the outside is a treasure to discover. The photographer can capture so many beautiful emotions from behind the lens. When the model is a child, the camera often shows an innocence and a playful energy many adults have since lost. Yet, for nine-year-old model and blood cancer survivor, Phoebe (@pheebs_is_here), a deeper look will uncover that same youthful energy coupled with a bold and fearless glow. ¬ In 2013, a spunky little five-year-old Phoebe had just discovered the fun and fabulous world of modeling. With a love for “frills and froo-froo or sparkle and sass,” as Mom Kelly describes it, Phoebe was enamored ZLWK WKLV QHZ ZRUOG RI GUHVVXS¬ ¬ .HOO\ RZQHG D boutique, and Phoebe became her guinea pig for putting together looks and presenting them to her customers. She took to it naturally and was always eager to help. It was later that same year that Phoebe was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. A child on the move, she was always full of boundless energy. So, when she fell asleep mid-day during playtime, Kelly became concerned. A low-grade fever followed, and with at-home treatment, the fever would not subside. So, her parents decided it was time to visit the doctor.

The pediatrician noticed several small bruises that peppered Phoebe’s body. “I wasn’t too alarmed at first,” says Kelly. “She was such a rough and tumble little gal and not entirely graceful.” ¬ The pediatrician decided to run tests on Phoebe. The results revealed that her white blood cells were not in a normal range, but this could just be from her body fighting a virus. As the fever continued, so did the concern, and her pediatrician requested an appointment for Phoebe with a specialist at Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas. “They confirmed our biggest fear,” says Kelly. “Phoebe was diagnosed with leukemia and would not be leaving the hospital.” She was immediately admitted and began treatment. ¬ The treatment for such a serious illness is one that many adults would struggle with, yet for this tough little girl, she found the courage to stay positive through it all. “She handled treatment like a boss,” says Kelly. “She had such bravery and fearlessness; poke after poke, stay after stay, scan after scan. She always stayed positive. We are so proud of her.” Through her treatment, Phoebe had to put modeling on the backburner, always with the thought that she would one day be right back there with her frills and froo-froo. 9

Mom cataloged her journey with leukemia through social media, Phoebe’s bright blues and adorable dimple shining through in each post. Today, two-and-a-half years later, Phoebe is successfully in remission and ready to take on the world. ¬ One of the most memorable projects Phoebe had the pleasure of working on came at the very beginning of her own battle with blood cancer. One of Phoebe’s favorite brands, Persnickety Clothing, was working in conjunction with Millie’s Princess Foundation and flew Phoebe to Utah to model for the line. The organization raises awareness for children who are battling cancer in memory of Millie, who lost her fight at a young age. Phoebe loved supporting this amazing cause. ¬ Today, Phoebe lives life to the fullest enjoying a carefree life, like a young lady should surrounded by friends and family. “Phoebe loves going to the beach, riding her bike, putting makeup on herself and her friends and cuddling with her Chiweenie Fonzi and cat, Miss Ev,” says Kelly. Her dreams are to continue modeling and to one day be a teacher. ¬ Of course, modeling is still very much a part of her life, as Phoebe has picked right up modeling for boutiques and brands nationally. With Mom as her manager, she has a strong Instagram following, and she is the brand representative for Belle and Rose Boutique. Recently, Phoebe was extremely excited to walk the runway in support of anti-bullying for KidFash Magazine, while wearing Kalliope Kids. ¬ This special little child that has seemingly been through it all continues to be an inspiration. Scrolling through her images, her youthful innocence is still quite present. Yet, looking deeper into her eyes, there is a silent look of victory, and also, gratitude. For any child who faces serious challenges in their life, Phoebe says, “Never give up.” ¬ In honor of those who were there for Phoebe during her struggle, today Phoebe would like to pay it forward. Phoebe’s Friends was created in 2014 as a foundation of support to other children who are sick in the hospital. Find the organization on Facebook, and continue to follow Phoebe’s new adventures on Instagram.

“Never give up.” -Pheebs

Deborah Koch Photography

Blake Hendricks is a 12-year-old model, dancer, and actor. He’s trained with renowned choreographers Guy Amir, Will Adams and Janelle Ginestra, taken dance lessons at many prestigious Hollywood studios, danced for the NBA LA Clippers "Kid Clippers" dance team, and was on reality TV show, “Dance Moms.â€? He’s modeled for Jagged Culture and many other brands, is an ambassador for FREE2LUV, and has acted in numerous music videos, commercials, pilots and movies, but he’s also an average kid who likes to play XBOX with KLV IULHQGV ULGH %0; UDFH FDUV DQG SOD\ EDVNHWEDOOÂŹ He loves watching Logan Paul on YouTube, "The Walking Dead," and some Nickelodeon. He became interested in dancing and modeling at age six, when he used to watch his sister in dance competitions and modeling gigs. He started hip hop lessons and was hooked. “I like performing in front of people and seeing them smile. I like to get the crowd energized when I'm dancing. I love training and learning a new combo in class and being able to feel the sense of DFFRPSOLVKPHQW DW WKH HQG RI FODVVÂŹ 7KH KDUGHVW SDUW about dancing is getting physically sore. Also, it can be frustrating when I can't get a combo.â€? Blake enjoys modeling because “That 30 seconds on the runway is a rush of adrenaline. I love wearing hip and trendy new clothes. Photoshoots are exciting, and I like seeing how WKHSLFWXUHVFRPHRXW¾+HFRQIHVVHVWKDWWKHKDUGHVW part of modeling is holding a smile or pose for a long WLPHÂŹ Blake has been very lucky in his career so far. His big break in acting came after only three acting lessons. He played a child cancer patient in the “Fighting Gravityâ€? music video by American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson. He was also on "Dance Moms" Season 6, Episode 3, in the group dance "Straight Outta Pittsburgh." Blake says, “Being on Dance Moms was fun. I thought it would be more real. It was dramatic, but the dance moms, themselves, were all friends! While filming they would yell at each other, and then on break they were all asking HDFKRWKHUZKHUHWKH\VKRXOGJRRXWIRUGLQQHU¾ ÂŹ Balancing a career, social life, and school has been challenging. Blake lost many childhood friends. He says, “That was pretty hard, but I understand. I have a different life than they do. Most of my friends now are kids in the industry. We all understand what it takes to be in the EXVLQHVV  , P KDSS\ ZLWK WKDW¾ 7KH ODVW SDUW RI WK grade was a struggle for Blake. Trying to meet deadlines was difficult. Many days, he had to miss school or leave early for auditions or work. Many nights, he got KRPHIURPGDQFHDURXQGÂŹPLGQLJKWDQGKDGWRJHWXS 13


Blake’s parents are his role models. He says, “I work hard because my parents work hard. Parents have the PRVW LQIOXHQFH RQ WKHLU FKLOGUHQ¡V OLYHV¾ ÂŹ ÂŹ +LV GDG owns his own business and works hard to be successful and support his family. He also spends quality time with Blake, coaching his basketball team, playing with him, and teaching him the importance of hard work, and how to do many things, such as working on raceFDUV %ODNH VD\VÂŹ ´0\ PRP LV D UROH PRGHO EHFDXVH she is always helping me go the extra mile in everything I do. She always makes it happen.â€? From getting him where he needs to be on time, styling him, and managing him, to getting his paperwork done, and most importantly, encouraging him to keep pushing forward. For anyone who wants to get into the entertainment industry, Blake says, “Be persistent and work hard! Be patient. You will hear a lot of NO's!â€? He advises taking classes and workshops. Aspiring models should learn 16

KRZWRZDONWKHUXQZD\DQGSRVHÂŹ3UDFWLFHE\WDNLQJ lots of pictures and changing poses about every three clicks. He advises aspiring actors to find an acting coach and learn voiceovers, comedy, improvisation and drama. For dancers, Blake suggests getting started in a local studio, then later taking classes with industry people in major cities. Blake Hendricks has many goals for the future! He wants to be featured on Disney or Nickelodeon, become a well-known actor, and attend film school at UCLA to learn directing and producing. He desires to teach dance classes, choreograph major events, walk the runway for high fashion designers, be in major magazines and model for big brands. He also wants to use his career to help others and says, “Kids and teens can make a difference in the world by smiling! I feel like everyone could be nicer and happier by being kinder!â€?

LIFE IS BET TER IN COLOR let us take care of all your printing needs M AGA Z I N E S C ATA L O G S P O ST C A R D S C A L EN DA R S & BRO CH U R E S

4954 Space Center Dr., San Antonio, T X 78218 210.804.0390

PHOTOGRAPHY Written By: Michelle Elizabeth Hair & Makeup Artist: Bianca


KidFash’s Featured Photographer this month is Shea $QQH 3KRWRJUDSK\ D FRPSDQ\ ZKR VSHFLDOL]HV LQÂŹ headshots and fashion for children and teens. They work with all of the top agencies and are on agency preferred photographers’ lists. Shea has done some amazing work for many child celebrities, including Jenna Ortega and Lulu Lambros from Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle,â€? Miles Brown from ABC’s “Black-ish,â€? Karan Brar from Disney’s “Jessie,â€? actress Alexis Jayde, YouTubers Jordyn Jones and Txunamy, Nia Sioux and Lilly K from Lifetime Channel’s “Dance Moms,â€? and Instagram-Famous kids Connor Finnerty and Khia Lopez. In fact, she even worked her magic at the KidFash Anti-bullying Fashion Show in San Antonio this past June! Shea is a former model, who has been featured in magazines all over the globe. From her own experiences, she’s learned what it takes to have her clients look great in front of the camera. She says, “Since the age of 16, I started modeling in New York with Ford Models. I became interested in photography because I had previously modeled, so I was always around photographers, and I love the creativity of it. After having two children, I worked for a top Los Angeles modeling DJHQF\DVDQDJHQW,WKHQSXUVXHGP\SDVVLRQÂŹSKRWRJraphy.â€? Shea Anne Photography also provides full services in their studios, including professional hairstyling, makeup and stylist services, as well as complete post-production work. Their hair stylists, makeup artists and fashion stylists are all well-renowned and have had their work featured in magazines, film and TV. They have the skill and know-how to continually deliver top-notch quality. Shea says, “This combination of technical expertise and creative artistry presents a professional package that few in the industry can match.â€?

Lilly Lilly K

Carsten is currently Shea’s associate photographer who works out of Orange County, California. She grew up in Chicago, but moved to Southern California in 2007 for college and decided to settle down there and call it home. She attended Biola University, where she earned her degree in Photojournalism. Carsten says, “During my years photographing alongside Shea Anne, I’ve loved having the opportunity to provide headshots for Southern California’s best and brightest rising stars!�

Kiid K dF Fas ashM Maag gaazin zin zi ne e.ccom om/S /Se ep ptte em mb be err20 01 17 71 19 9

Anais & Mirabelle

Lilly K

Lilly Jaycee

What Shea likes most about photography is that she can “be creative and make visions come out through photos.â€? She loves the whole creative process of photography - the preparation, incubation, illumination and implementation of it all. For her, the hardest part of photography is “Choosing the actual images I want to use.â€? For example, if a client says they want just 30 images, but doesn’t communicate exactly what they are specifically looking for, it can be hard to get into their mind and determine which images they would think are the best ones out of the hundreds of photos taken. ÂŹ So far, Shea has been pretty blessed in her career. She has no formal training in photography and has not yet had to overcome any major obstacles. She learned her craft by experience, natural intuition, and hard work. Shea Anne is a travelling photographer. She lives in Dallas, but also has a studio in Los Angeles and bi-locates by commuting back and forth a couple times a month. She says, “I travel a lot, but I love it. I get to always work with fun, new people. The drawback is being away from my family.â€? She travels about three to four times a month, usually from Friday to Monday. On a typical day, Shea gets up around 7:00 in the morning, has photoshoots scheduled back-to-back all day for about eight hours, and sees an average of five to eight clients. %DODQFLQJÂŹ KHU FDUHHU VRFLDO OLIH DQG IDPLO\ FDQ EH tough. Shea admits, “I still need to work on it. The hardest part is trying to balance the time with my kids. When I’m with them, I want to be able to spend 100% of my time with just them, but I feel like my job is 24/7.â€? Sometimes, designers, or even clients will call her at midnight wanting her to work on a project, and Shea is too much of a kind-hearted person to say “No,â€? but she is seriously considering other ways of managing this aspect of the work and life balance. Sweet, honest, sincere, logical and creative, Shea’s specialty is taking photos and dealing with the clients. She has perfected an ingenious way to combat the time-consuming problem that many photographers struggle with - editing. When it comes time for editing, she outsources it! That’s right, Shea wisely focuses her time, so that she actually takes the pictures and sends it off to an editor who makes whatever adjustments they think need to be made and sends it back to her for final approval. This is a great time-management trick that streamlines the process and keeps her business running smoothly.





“Just keep doing what you love.” 6KHD$QQH 23

WITH Written By: Amanda McManus

Photographer: Sara Evans Photography Wardrobe: Mixed Up Clothing

Warm, deep, dark-chocolate pools of liquid personality peer out from a youthful face. A captivating smile that hints of a touch of mischief with a bountiful spirit all wrapped in a tiny package. Her vibrant Instagram photos capture all that and more, as one cutie image after another confirm the superstar power this beauty handles with such poise and grace. Ellie Grace Siler is the embodiment of young Hollywood and all that glitters, sparkles and shines bright! The humble beginnings of little Ellie were far removed from the bright city lights and glam of Tinsel Town, though. Born in Shashamene, Ethiopia, a mid-populated town in the Horn of Africa, Eyerusalem Grace Siler arrived as “Jerusalem.” The exotic Eyerusalem, being Amharic of origin. No recollections or mental images reside with her, as she was adopted and brought to America when she was only six months old.However, multiple trips back to her country of birth have provided a multitude of memories to cherish going forward. Seeing how her village people lived, dirty, unhealthy, no nutritious food or basic clean running water with almost no opportunity to educate themselves, left Ellie

feeling deeply saddened. Yet, it is a motivating factor for her to become successful, and thus, help her village in the future. “I promise I will help them one day when I am rich and grown up. I will buy them a water well.” That stark contrast in living is certainly clear in young Ellie’s mind. Her joy and burst of emotions spill out in gratefulness for what she’s got now. She proclaims, “Being adopted is SO good!” She’s got bountiful nutrition, clean clear water, a great school and endless, unconditional love. It makes everything else in the past recede into the shadows, even the fact that her adopted father passed away right after her adoption. That past has now dimmed and been replaced by blessings too numerous to count. One of the biggest joys being her adopted family. Her Calabasas, California based family includes her adopted mom, two brothers, an older sister adopted from Ethiopia, also, and two fur friends, Khloe and Django. Her close-tied family not only love Ellie unconditionally, but also, support her on the go with all the industry work. 25

As an actress managed by the Coast to Coast Talent Group, she is a seasoned pro in print and commercial work. Her most recent gig being a national McDonald’s commercial showcasing her infectious spiritedness and laughter. She has worked ads for Target, Barbie, Visa and made appearances on television for the likes of Jane the Virgin, Nickelodeon, Buzzfeed, and even, the Jimmy Kimmel Show! Using her vivid imagination and playing out others’ pretend lives are the most fun for Ellie. Other perks, like being gifted toys, having a personal trailer on set along with great food service are pure happiness for her. When Ellie is not working hard on a job, she enjoys normal kid stuff. A juicy cheeseburger with fries, ranch dressing to dip them in and a fizzy Dr. Pepper are favorites. Another like of hers is Math class. She describes it as a puzzle to figure out while never knowing what answer one might get, plus it’s exercise for the brain. Relaxing by a pool or jacuzzi and watching popular YouTuber Dennis Daly rounds out her tops list. Daydreaming of traveling and visiting other foreign lands seem to be amongst favorites, too. Seeing the Eiffel Tower in person because “It looks pretty and super big,â€? is a grand reason to add that destination to her bucket list. She is not sure she would be brave enough to go to the very top, but she sure would try, she DGPLWVÂŹ 7KH WURSLFV RI 0DXL DUH SRQGHUHG XSRQ WRR Waking up, heading to the airport to board first class seats to Hawaii, staying at the Disney Aulani hotel, ordering room service and then visiting Mickey and his friends, that would be a perfect day. Thinking a touch longer, she adds maybe swimming all day, then having dinner by the ocean with my family and ending it all with hot chocolate before bed, that would be the ULTIMATE perfect day! Ellie Grace Siler is definitely a dynamite, petite package of WOW to keep an eye on. Making moves in the City of Angels with such innocence and verve, an eye directed toward a very bright future, but a strong heart deeply rooted through an ignoble beginning. She may be a young soul, but she has some pretty sage advice, especially for other kids: “Live your life the way that you want‌you should live the life you deserve, and you should always stay true to yourself!â€?

“I promise I will help them one day when I am rich and grown up‌. I will buy them a water well.â€?



Models Runway Edition


Age: 8 L oc a t i o n : Orlando, FL P h o t o g r a p h e r : Luis Omar Cajigas De s i g n e r : Dani Geddes

"Being on the runway makes me feel confident, excited, and really happy."


Jianny A ge: 6 Loc ation: New York Photographer: Diego Herrera D es i gner: Disla Couture

"Being on the runway makes me feel excited!" 29


A ge : 6 L o c a t i o n : Charlotte, NC P ho t o g r a p h e r :

Sugar &Spyce Photography D e s i g n e r : Allure Kids Kouture "Being on the runway makes me feel impressive!"


Annalise Age: 6

Loc ation: Ohio/NYC Photographer: Alvin Toro D es i gner: Alora Safari

"Being on the Runway makes me feel like a fabulous super model!"

Bianca A g e : 10 Lo c a t i o n : San Antonio, TX P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ternell Washington D e s i g n e r : Pin2gether

"Being on the runway makes me feel confident, beautiful and powerful."

Brogan A ge: 9 Location:

St Petersburg, Florida Photographer: Salvador Robles D es i gner: Shruthi Kapila

"Being on the Runway makes me feel fabulous!"

Layla A ge : 10 L o c a t i o n : Grove City, Ohio P ho t o g r a p h e r : Stacy Gallizzi D e s i g n e r : Janay Deann Designs

"Being on the Runway makes me feel fabulous!"

Mershany Age: 5 Location: Orlando, FL Photographer: Lisa Brown D es igner: NIURKA

"Being on the runway makes me feel FREE." 35


A ge : 12 L o c a t i o n : Atlantic City, NJ P ho t o g r a p h e r :

Jerry Hughes Photography D e s i g n e r : Rebel Athletics "Being on the runway makes me feel magical! I love wearing the outfits the designer picks out just for me and being able to represent their design!"


Bianca A ge: 11 Location:

Anaheim, California Photographer: Carlos Martin D es i gner: Lil Jewels Boutique

"Being on the runway makes me feel like a super model." 37

Written by: Sandra Current

Photographer: @henryisthecreator

If you don’t know, you better ask somebody! A common motto you’ll hear during a DJ Livia set whenever she’s performing. It’s a phrase she lives by and one that continues to push her to be the best kid DJ out there. She has an ear for some of the most classic songs ever made and a style to match it. This amazing young lady who started in the windy city, now resides in Los Angeles, California and is paving the way for not only kid DJ’s, but girl DJ’s. Let’s learn more about the inspirational 9-year-old spinning her way to the top. DJ Livia got her start early on after watching her father DJ over the years. At just 6 years of age, she found herself interested in the skills being taught to her older brothers and sisters. From that point on, she was inspired to become a DJ. Her father didn’t hesitate to teach her the skillset and she’s been putting it to use for 3 years now. But he didn’t just teach her DJ’ing skills. He also taught her a range of skills, including B-Boy moves, video editing, and photography. She’s been able to incorporate everything she’s learned from her father into her sets and is now one of the most talented young DJ’s out there. She’s even opened for major artists like Pitbull and The Jacksons, as well as performed with some of Hip Hops favorites, like Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, and countless others. Talk about multitalented!!! Another name you may hear being associated with DJ Livia is The Monster Kids or Chi-Town Finest Breakers. This crew, who also happens to be siblings, is equipped with mega-talented DJ’s, B-Boys, and B-Girls. They travel far and wide to perform at shows and events all over the world. You’ll usually see her brothers and sisters somewhere nearby if you happen to attend a show she’s performing at. Their classic 80’s track suits, Adidas, and top hats are fashion statements you can’t miss! It’s DJ Livia’s signature look and a style she describes as “classic and old school,” which fits perfectly with her taste in music. It definitely gives her the edge as she scratches and mixes on the turntables! TMT is also a name you’ll see closely associated with this rising superstar. As many of you know, she’s part of Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team, which is why you’ll typically see the TMT logo adorned somewhere in her set or on her attire. She’s amazing at what she does, so it’s no wonder why she’s already signed with big names! A career that is fun, exciting, and entertaining is everything DJ Livia ever dreamed of and she’s found it in being a DJ, but the journey hasn’t always been an easy one. There was a time when her family could barely make ends meet. They lived in and out of hotels and 39

had little hope in sight. During this period, her and her siblings stumbled upon their father’s B-boy video tapes. They were stunned by his skills and inspired to follow in his footsteps, so they begged and begged for him to teach them everything he knew. Since then, DJ Livia has been working incredibly hard to perfect her craft. Now her goal of traveling all over the world and doing what she loves to inspire others is brought to life each and every day. She’s performed everywhere from red carpets to the Boys and Girls Club and everything in between. The opportunities have been endless thus far and new doors continue to open at every turn. In fact, she recently represented the USA on a show called “Super Kids” in Cologne, Germany. How awesome is that?! Those are just a few of many feats during DJ Livia’s young career. One of her most memorable moments was when her and her family were honored and presented with an award by Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions for being "Young Trail Blazers." Additionally, they were recognized for always giving back and motivating families to never give up. She says Mayweather always supports her and her family in what they do. Imagine having one of the greatest boxers in the world supporting you and wanting you on their team! Being recognized by Ellen as the world’s youngest girl DJ and being featured on the Ellen Show is another one of her best and most memorable accom40

plishments. “Out of all the people I met, my favorite person is Ellen!! She was so nice, she loves music and dancing, and most of all, she loves what I do,” DJ Livia says. She had the honor of doing a Gap Campaign with Ellen called "Ed by Ellen," which is a clothing line with Gap Kids and it was an amazing experience for her. While DJ Livia works as hard as ever to rise to the top of her profession, DJ’ing around the globe isn’t the only hobby this beauty enjoys. She loves to sing, play dress-up, play in makeup, tend to her pet hamster Cena, and she loooves to eat ice cream. That’s actually another one of her goals. Open up an ice cream shop just because! I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream!!! DJ Livia is truly your typical fun and loving 9-year-old with a few extraordinary talents (okay, A LOT of extraordinary talents!). What’s most admirable about her is her desire to inspire and motivate other kids, specifically girls, to conquer the world of DJ’ing. She feels that girls can be up there with the best too. Her advice- “if you love what your doing, don't give up, even if there are people telling you it's not possible. Fight through it and believe in yourself Only you will make it happen!” Those are words to live by no matter what endeavor you are pursuing, so keep at it, even when the going gets tough!!!

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“Keep dreaming and never give up” are words often spoken by Ariana Lopez, a talented model, dancer and actress. Known to her friends and family as Ari, this multi-talented young lady has been dancing since she was only a year old. Her mother saw how much she enjoyed it and realized that not only was she was good at it but what started out as only a hobby for Ari quickly turned into competitive dance and eventually landed her a spot on the TV show, “Dance Moms” at only ten years old. Being on the show meant everything to Ari. She was so excited, amazed and shocked to get accepted. “It was a very long process, but it was worth it”, says twelve-year-old Ari. After a year of filming the show, Ari decided to call it quits. She recalls, “I learned so many things from Miss Abby and Miss Gianna as well as other dancers and choreographers. Being on the show introduced Arianna to the industry and brought her a lot of exposure. This was good for her and her career as a dancer; however, she remains humble and continues to work hard and trainer even harder. She knows in her heart that Dance Moms was a steppingstone and an amazing experience.

As a role model to other young girls and dancers, Ari says, “I think it's important for kids to follow their dreams because everyone has a passion and a unique personality which gives them the power to do anything. If you work hard for something, you are sure to achieve it. You can never give up on a dream because a dream can become reality.” Ari used to dream about being on Dance Moms so she worked hard every day, kept dreaming and never gave up. With the support of her family, friends and fans; we did it! Even though Ari is very ‘fan focused’ and often goes “LIVE” to connect with her fans, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves to swim and throw pool parties. She works hard and because of that she likes to have tons of fun. Ari describes a normal day in her life is full of dancing and photoshoots and she is thankful because dancing is what got her to where she is today.

“Keep dreaming and never give up” 45

Up Close and Personal With

Arianna Lopez: Q: Other than your parents, who do you consider to be a good role model and why?

Q: When you need advice or encouragement who do you talk to?

A: I considered all my fans as my role models every single one them inspire me to keep on dancing and to dance better every day. My fans are amazing and they always say really nice things. They love me and I love them.

A: I talk to my brother Jordaan. He is handicapped. He can't walk, talk, or move. When Jordaan was born the nurse forgot to put the breathing mask on him and he stop breathing. Nobody saw this until later on. He had open heart surgery and the doctors told my parents that he would not live. He is now 19 years old! It was a miracle after many surgeries and a miracle from God he survived. He might not be able to walk, talk, or even move; but he is still with us and somehow he has figured out how to enjoy life. He is the funniest, sweetest and most handsome brother I could ask for! So, when I need someone to talk to, I talk to him. I know he understands. I don't need him to say anything, I just need him to listen and I never want him to leave. This is the reason I try to never take this life for granted. I mean I can walk, talk, move, dance, play and do many other things he will never get to experience.

Q: If you could change one rule in your house what would that be? A: I don't know. We don't have a lot of rules at home. The ones we do have, they're very important so I respect them.

Q: If you had one superpower what would it be and why? A: I would choose the power to use 100% of my brain, because humans like us only know how to use 10% of our brain. If we could figure out how to use the other 90% so many things would change in life. We would be super smart and we could probably achieve anything.


Q: What kind of advice would you give to a Q: What's next for you? friend who is being bullied? A: You can never take anything serious. Try to laugh it off. especially because you know what they are saying is not true. Bullies try to make you sad and they want you to feel helpless; but if they see you laugh or even smile they know they can't take you down! Hold your head high and smile no matter what anyone says; because at the end of the day they don't matter. It’s your life and you get to choose who you are and who your friends are. Just remember to always be respectful, kind and stay humble.

A: I will continue to dance and model. I plan to do more acting and singing. I would love to be on a tv show or in a movie. This means that I need to work really hard every day. I also would love to go on tour again and meet more of my fans.

Q: What's the best thing about, being you? A: I guess the best thing about being me is that I am focused on my future. I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given and I don’t take them for granted. I have so many people who love me and inspire me to live each day to the fullest!

Q: How do you balance your time with school, friends and your work? Q: Where can people find you? A: It's easy since I'm home schooled. I can do my school in the car, while I'm eating or even at dance. Since I model, dance, act and sing, I make tons of new friends and hang out with them while we work.

Q: What causes inspire you to share your time and talent?

A: You can find me on Instagram: @areanaevanilopez 6QDSFKDW#DULWZHHQ7ZLWWHU#DUHDQDHYDQL¬

Written by Madison Harrison, 10-year-old celebrity photographer. @photoswithmadison

A: Organizations that focus on cancer and cerebral palsy inspire me to share my time and talent; mostly because my brother has cerebral palsy. 47 @poshgirlygirls

Written by: Sandra Current Photographer: @bellabephotography

She’s danced with popstars like Justin Bieber, and even starred in a video alongside “Dance Moms” megastar, JoJo Siwa. She is none other than Instagram sensation, Sammy B. At nine years old, this rising star in the world of entertainment has some killer dance moves and a few other hidden talents to go along with that. She got her start by posting dance videos on her Instagram account, and is now taking over every screen in your household. Let’s get to know the amazingly talented Sammy B! Sammy B. has always had a love for dancing. I mean, she’s literally been doing it for as long as she can remember. “I have been dancing ever since I was a baby,” she mentions, but it was her 17-year-old sister, who is a dancer, as well, that inspired Sammy to begin dancing as a little tike. If you’re an older sibling, you know just how much your little brother or sister looks up to you (and maybe, even copies you!). While her sister introduced her to the world of dancing, the feeling dancing gave Sammy is what pushed her to keep at it. “I love how happy it makes me feel,” Sammy says, and that was enough motivation for her. At just five years old, she joined her first dance competition studio, and the magic began. Since then, Sammy has been working vigorously to improve her skills and become one of the best dancers out there. If you’ve seen her perform, you know this powerhouse has some of the best moves around! While Sammy has a natural knack for dancing, technical training was a must. It’s something she knew was important for her to develop as a dancer and broaden her skillset. She has spent years training at several different dance studios, including Gotta Dance Academy, MDC, ALDC LA, IMMA SPACE, IDA Hollywood, and Edge PAC. These dance studios teach a range of different dance styles and challenge students to work hard at perfecting their craft. The style that stood out most to Sammy was Hip Hop. Once Sammy was exposed to the energy and freedom Hip Hop dancing provided, she fell in love! “I can just be free and express how I feel. I don't have to be technically perfect,” she says. Finding a style of dance that fits you and your personality can make all the difference. Just look at Sammy! She found the style that makes her happy, and now she’s enjoying every moment of the journey. Remember, Sammy has worked really hard to get to where she is now. She’s the perfect reminder that talent plus hard work equals success! 51

Dancing has not only brought happiness to Sammy’s life, but also opened doors and provided her with many amazing opportunities. Being able to perform with Justin Bieber is one of those amazing opportunities. “My favorite dance memory was going to Pittsburg and dancing alongside Justin Bieber for his 2016 Purpose Tour,” she gushes. Sammy actually spent a few days in Pittsburg dancing with him and his crew. I’m sure you’re wondering how she got to dance alongside one of the biggest popstars on the planet, right? Well, she self-submitted a dance video and got picked by his team! How awesome is that!!! Those few days in Pittsburg were a major career booster for Sammy. Being able to add that accomplishment to her resume opened so many doors and has allowed her to work and connect with some of the most inspirational figures in the entertainment industry. Way to go, Superstar! 52

Sammy’s talents go far beyond being an incredible dancer. She happens to sing and loves to draw, as well. One of her future goals is to actually become a singer. She also wants to be an actress and a professional dancer/choreographer. When she isn’t performing or making dance videos for viewers, she’s usually singing, reading or practicing tricks on her trampoline. Sounds fun! Sammy knows what it means to work hard, so we know she’ll succeed no matter which path she chooses to pursue! A bit of advice she leaves for kids looking to pursue dance, "Don't let anything or anyone discourage you. Be confident, train really hard, be kind to everyone, and have fun!” Great advice from a lovely young lady! So, get out there, find your passion, and keep at it no matter what! Let Sammy be your example of how hard work, persistence, and passion leads you to your dreams.

Beauty, elegance, and quality……..three words that will always come to mind when you think of a Belle Threads piece. This high-end children’s line has been in production for a few years now and is well on its way to taking over your local retailers. It truly is the perfect touch for those special moments in life, but the New Jersey-based brand is much more than a little sparkle and frill. Belle Threads is a top-notch company on a mission to create meaningful pieces that inspire young girls to dream big and feel beautiful while doing so. How’d they get their start you ask? Let’s find out! Owner and designer Tannia Ospina was working as an attorney prior to establishing Belle Threads. After having her son Raphael, she made the decision to leave the practice of law and stay home to care for him. It wasn’t until she had her second child, Sanibel, that she decided to dabble in fashion. She started out making hair bows for her daughter. “She had so much hair,” Tannia says, so creating something simple and cute to pull her daughter’s hair back was a must. From there, she opened up an Etsy shop and expanded her products to hair bows, turbans, and headwraps. Once Sanibel’s first birthday came around, Tannia decided to make a special sequined romper for her baby’s big day and it turned out to be a major hit! People saw photos of the romper on Tannia’s Instagram account and were eager

to buy it. Tannia immediately signed up for sewing classes and even took night classes at FIT to learn pattern making. It was an investment that would definitely pay off, but without Sanibel and her luscious locks, Belle Threads may have never been born! Thanks Sanibel!!! Although Sanibel was the main inspiration for Belle Threads, Tannia was no stranger to the art of fashion and its rich history. In fact, she loves reading, art, nature and is inspired by many different aspects of her life. “I love classic fairytales so you we will see a lot find lots of different fairies, unicorns and mermaids in our designs. I love unique fabrics, sparkle, tulle, and pastel colors. I also love using classic colors such as white, blush, and pink in our designs. I'm obsessed with bridal laces and embellished, sequined fabrics,” she says. Vintage Parisian costumes and wedding dresses have also influenced Tannia’s designs. Each of these sources of inspiration has helped her create the line of not only her dreams, but of every little girls’ dreams. She envisioned a line that would appeal to fashion-loving moms, photographers, celebrities, and brides, and she surely hit the mark! The dresses, leotards, tutus, costumes, and accessories have all the glitz and glam anyone could ever imagine! 55

While social media played a big part in helping Belle Threads become successful, the company’s designs speak for themselves. They are truly dedicated to providing customers with beautiful, quality trends that make young girls feel good both inside and out. Woohoo, fashion with a purpose! Even more admirable, Belle Threads is all about supporting greater causes. They support several different causes, including raising awareness for Autism and Anti-Bullying, as well as choosing models that reflect and represent America's diversity. If you’re interested in supporting this wonderful brand, look out for model calls and brand rep searches. They typically post information about model searches on Instagram and look for high quality images and styling. They also reach out to past clients that take good images for future work, so if you’ve worked with them in the past, you’ll always have the opportunity to work with them again. “We love customer photos,” Tannia adds. You just have to share your purchase on Instagram and include the hashtag #bellethreads. Who knows, they may see your pic and select you when opportunities arise! Belle Threads has been around now for 2.5 years and has a bright future ahead. The company is owned and ran by Tannia, her husband Kevin, and their sales manager/assistant designer Brigitte Munoz. Tannia also credits her mom and dad for her hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit as she comes from a long line of small business owners. She also credits her family, seamstresses, garment preparers, brand representatives, and models for their hard work and commitment to the success of Belle Threads and producing high quality beautiful garments. Each team member is dedicated to providing the most ethically and environmentally conscious products in the USA, which is why they remain in Hasbrouck, NJ and continue to make all of their products out of NJ. “We are committed to making our products in the United States because we care about our customers, suppliers, and our local communities. We support the NY Garment District and most of our fabric is purchased locally,” Tannia says. They also work hard to minimize waste by donating fabric and using their scraps to make bows. Talk about purposeful fashion with a positive impact! Belle Threads is currently only available through their website, They will soon be available in many retail stores. Be sure to follow them on social media at: Instagram: @bellethreads Facebook: Pinterest: 56 5 6 Kiid dFa Fassh h hM Maaga M aga gazziin ne e e.c .ccom om//SSSep epte ep temb temb mbe err2 20 017 17

Models (L-R): Tara, Hailey, Sanibel, Zaniya, Hailey, Tatyana

Los Angeles, CA I 323-629-2184 I

Written By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Mark Gunter

California cutie, Celai West, began her modeling career at just three years of age. Pronounced “suh-lay,â€? this dark and lovely locked beauty absolutely slays it in whatever she puts her mind to. Today, the nine-year-old model and actress says she wants to be a Super Hero when she grows up, and we are pretty sure she is on her way! ÂŹ Celai is a stunner behind the camera, but take away the camera, and the personality continues to attract attention. With a strong Insta-following (@CelaiWest) she, and Momager Linda, have made it a mission to chronicle Celai’s adventures with hopes to inspire others like her to reach for the stars. “It allows us to broadcast Celai's message worldwide,â€? says mom, Linda. “Without social media, all of the little girls who message us from across the world with words of inspiration would not exist. Words like ‘You make me feel like brown girls ARE beautiful,’ and ‘You helped me to love my kinky hair,’ from places like Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Brazil, Ghana, United Kingdom." 62

Celai may be killing it behind the camera, yet she has become a sought-after candidate for certain children’s fashion shows because of her excellent runway skills. Most recently, Celai showcased clothing in the holy JUDLORIIDVKLRQWKH1HZ<RUNDQG/$)DVKLRQ:HHN VKRZV.LG)DVKWDONVWR&HODLIRUVRPHWLSVRQVOD\LQJ the runway. 

Where to look:

ÂŹ It is no surprise that social media is quite possibly the best resource for finding out about upcoming runway opportunities. Most brands have a heavy presence RQOLQH WKURXJK PDQ\ VRFLDO RXWOHWV )RU &HODL KHU agents do not typically find runway jobs for her, so with 0RP¡VKHOSWKH\PDNHWKHVHDUFKRQWKHLURZQ)LQGing and following all the brands that align with your OLWWOH PRGHO¡V ORRN LV WKH ILUVW VWHS )URP WKHUH FRPment, like and interact with the brand, tagging them when your model is wearing one of their pieces. “Different designers cast at different times, so I try to keep my eyes peeled for certain designers,â€? says Celai.

It is also important to show a range of styles for your model to show versatility and personality. If you have any runway video, make sure and post it. Be on the lookout a few weeks before the New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks. This is a time when many brands are on the hunt for great runway talent. ¬

Can you walk the walk?

¬ When it comes to runway, it’s more than just putting one foot in front of the next. You really have to own the runway. Poise, posture and position are key to a VXFFHVVIXOUXQ´7KHSULPDU\JRDO¬RIDVWURQJUXQZD\ model is to SELL THE CLOTHES,” says Linda. “It's rarely about the model, but how the model can showFDVHWKHFORWKHVDQGPRWLYDWH\RXWREX\LWµ¬ ¬ Designers can be very specific in the attitude they want to portray in their runway shows, so be open to suggestions. At times, they may want serious, and others prefer playful. Keep an open mind and stay focused. Take each step in stride, and when you get to the end of the runway, pause typically for about three seconds for the photographers before going back.

Making Lasting Connections:

¬ Have you ever noticed that some brands have models that walk for them multiple times? “There is no better compliment than to have a designer like you so much that they want to establish a long term relationship with you.” says Linda. It is definitely a goal they look forward to achieving in the future. Stay focused on runway instruction, if there is a practice walk, make sure to ask for feedback and apply that to the final walk. Be positive, follow up with a note of appreciation to the designer for allowing you to represent their brand. Finally, make sure you’ve told the brand representatives that you are interested in future projects together. Follow these important steps, and you can be on your way to a great career, too! 65