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Summer 2014

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The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014


The young entrepreneurs working the Lemonade Stand are Ella, Julien and Bella. The cute little customers are Ally and Abby. Ella and Ally are the grand daughters of Vicki Cameron of Kingwood. Julien is the grand son of John and Lynelle Plant of Kingwood. Bella and Abby are the grand daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Mike Woehst of Kingwood. Cover Photo: Alexandria Julien Designs

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IN THIS ISSUE Fun with Food Know Your Car Rights Summer “Prep” School A Great Time for Pruning Causes of ADD/ADHD Contest Coloring Page Graduate from College first? Then High School What I Wish I Knew Then A Better Way to Protect Yourself from the Sun Are We There Yet? Ask Nancy

There will be a 1st and 2nd Place winner from each category of 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. On page 16 you will find the coloring page, feel free to make copies. Once completed, drop off at one of the following locations no later than September 15th. Prize winners will be notified by the end of the month. Winners will be chosen by a panel of members of the American Business Women’s Association with prizes being sponsored by local businesses in the area. Drop Off Locations

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle would like to point out the words of Jesus when He said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. There are so many needs in the world but one doesn’t need to be a millionaire and build orphanages or hospitals to serve those less fortunate or to be a blessing to our fellow travelers in life. You can start with what you have. What about giving a tip to someone who normally doesn’t receive tips?. Give it with a smile that says “you are doing a good job and you’re worth an extra thank you .“ Have you ever met a generous person that was angry or bitter? Then again, have you ever met an angry, bitter or negative person that was also a generous giver? Joy truly does come from giving your life away.

II Corinthians 9: 6 and 7 He that sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly, and he that sews ‹œ¦š¤“§——­£’Š——¡ŽŠŠ—£œ‹œ¦š¤“§——­န¨Ž¡®˜ŠšထŠŒŒœ¡“š‘Š£’Ž ¦¡žœ£Ž£“š’“£’ŽŠ¡¥ထ—Ž¤’“˜‘“¨Žထšœ¤‘¢§‘“š‘—­œ¡œšŽŒŽ££“¤®œ¡

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The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

Fun with Food! By: Tamara Burke

Its summer time and time to find fun and creative ways to keep the kids busy. It also happens to be berry picking season – especially blueberries. I haven’t met many kids who didn’t enjoy picking berries – one for the bucket and two for me! There are several “pick your own” farms around the Houston area. If you google “pick your own berries – Houston” several farms come up. Our favorite place is Moorheads blueberry farm in Conroe. It’s best to check out their web site and see what the berry picking conditions are before you go to see if they are ripe for picking or haven’t been all picked out yet, but whenever we have gone we have been able to get buckets full of plump juicy blueberries and for only $2.50 a pound! I would suggest going early in the morning or in the evening about an hour before they close so you’re not there in the heat of the day. I would also suggest bringing plenty of water to drink and making sure to apply bug spray. O.K. now that you have all these blueberries, what to do with them? I have a couple of very easy and fun projects that the kids will love to help making and then eating of course! Blueberry turnovers are very easy and the kids will love helping. First you’ll need pie crusts. If you’re real industrious you can make your own, I like to purchase the refrigerated pre made pie crusts. Then gather the following ingredients: Spreadable cream cheese, sugar and cinnamon. Unroll a couple of the pie crusts and cut out circles from the crust. We like to use a nifty little tool called a “cut n seal” from Pampered Chef. In the center of each circle spread a little of the cream cheese then top with a bunch of the berries then sprinkle with a little of the cinnamon pour a

teaspoon of sugar on top then it’s time to seal them up. If you don’t have a cut n seal tool, a fork will work just fine to seal the edges. First you will need to dampen the outside edge of your pie crust with a wet cloth or paper towel. Next, place another circle on top and seal the edges. If you’re using a fork, lightly press the tips of the fork tines all around the edges to seal in all the berry goodness. After all your turnovers are sealed, poke a couple vent holes in the top with a toothpick. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes until they get nice and golden. Enjoy these little turnovers just as they are or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – Yummy! There are several things you can add the blueberries to. Add them to your pancake batter, your favorite muffin recipe, or just toss them together with a variety of fresh fruits for a nice refreshing fruit salad. Happy summer and happy berry picking!

Courtesyy of

A family owned, family friendly restaurant. Located on Kingwood Drive in the Randall’s shopping center. Kids Eat Free Saturday! 11am-4pm

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014


Dearr Lynn, I own a 2013 Acura. The dealership told me that I have to take my car to them to keep the warranty valid. It is both inconvenient and expensive to go there. Plus, I never get to talk with the same person about my car. Can I do my own oil changes or bring my car to you and still keep my warranty protected? -Susan

Susan, Yes! The great news is that you can have your vehicle serviced at your choice of establishment or even perform the maintenance work yourself in your driveway. Always be sure to use quality components that meet your vehicle manufacturer’s •’‡…‹Ď?‹…ƒ–‹‘Â?•ƒÂ?†•ƒ˜‡–Š‡”‡…‡‹’–•Ǥ‡•—”‡–‘†‘–Š‡”‡…‘Â?Â?‡Â?†‡† maintenance on schedule. 

Â?ͳ͚͝͡–Š‡ƒ‰Â?—•‘Â?‘••ƒ””ƒÂ?–›…–™ƒ•’ƒ••‡†–‘ guarantee that you can have your vehicle serviced wherever you wish and the vehicle manufacturer still has to stand behind their warranty. Quality independent repair facilities will have access to the manufacturer’s service data and will use products that meet or ‡š…‡‡†”‡“—‹”‡Â?‡Â?–•ǤŽ—•ǥ›‘—‰‡––Š‡ƒ††‡†„‡Â?‡Ď?‹–‘ˆ™‘”Â?‹Â?‰ ™‹–Š•‡”˜‹…‡’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘Â?ƒŽ•™Š‘”‡ƒŽŽ›…ƒ”‡ƒ„‘—–›‘—ƒÂ?†…ƒ”Ǥ‡‘’Ž‡ who are not looking forward to selling you a new car, rather taking pride in servicing vehicles and getting the maximum mileage possible from them. Whenever you are performing maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, regardless of its age or warranty level, it is always best to use the highest quality chemicals and parts. Find an automotive professional you can trust to help you Â?ƒ˜‹‰ƒ–‡–Š‡…‘Â?’Ž‡š™‘”Ž†‘ˆƒ—–‘Â?‘–‹˜‡’ƒ”–••‘–Šƒ–›‘—…ƒÂ?•‡Ž‡…––Š‡’ƒ”––Šƒ–Ď?‹–•›‘—” ˜‡Š‹…Ž‡ƒÂ?†ƒŽ•‘Ď?‹–•›‘—”„—†‰‡–Ǥ For a long time, people have asked about what type of shop they should use. Establishing a relationship with an independent repair facility is a lot like having a good doctor. ›‰‡––‹Â?‰–‘Â?Â?‘™›‘—”˜‡Š‹…Ž‡ƒÂ?†–Š‡™ƒ››‘—Ž‹Â?‡–‘ƒ’’”‘ƒ…Š›‘—”˜‡Š‹…Ž‡”‡’ƒ‹”•ƒÂ?† maintenance your shop will be able to keep you driving safe and dependably for many miles. With proper maintenance, it is very common for our customers to keep their vehicles running for over 200,000 miles. Record keeping becomes very important if you were to have a warranty situation. So, use an ‹Â?†‡’‡Â?†‡Â?–”‡’ƒ‹”ˆƒ…‹Ž‹–›–Šƒ–Â?‡‡’•…‘Â?’—–‡”‹œ‡†”‡…‘”†•Ǥ‡…Â?™‹–Šǯ•ƒ”ƒ”‡…—•–‘Â?‡”• have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week online access to all of their maintenance and repair records. Your repair shop should always make time to help you review your vehicle needs by developing personalized maintenance plans and even helping you navigate warranty repairs at the dealership if needed. Remember that proper vehicle maintenance includes more than just oil changes. Whether you perform your own maintenance in your driveway or —•‡…‡”–‹Ď?‹‡†’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘Â?ƒŽ•”‡Â?‡Â?„‡”–‘ƒŽ™ƒ›•—•‡ “—ƒŽ‹–›Ď?Ž—‹†•ƒÂ?†’ƒ”–•Ǥ Wishing you miles and miles of happy driving, ›Â?Â?‡…Â?™‹–ŠǥŠƒ–ƒ”ƒ†›͝͡Ͳ


The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

You can listen to Šƒ–ƒ”ƒ†›‘Â? Saturday mornings on the longest running automotive –ƒŽÂ?•Š‘™‘Â? ƒ†‹‘͝͡Ͳǥ…ƒ–…Š her features on Fox News and tune in for Š‡‘Â?†ƒ›‹‰Š– ‡…ŠƒÂ?‹…‡˜‡”› week during evening †”‹˜‡–‹Â?‡‘Â? ͝͡ͲǤ™‡Â?–›Ď?‹˜‡ years and a shop full of mechanics later, she works hard to keep up with new technology and the innovations that keep the automotive repair business exciting.

281-358-1805 1216 Stonehollow Dr. Ɣ Kingwood, TX 77339 Ɣ6XSHUE3ODQWV Ɣ7UHHV 6KUXEV Ɣ)RXQWDLQV Ɣ*LIWV Ɣ3RWWHU\ Ɣ)XOOOLQHRI2UJDQLFV

Call today for information on specials in addition to regular services offered. Have a wonderful year!

y b r Melanie ge n Hai a l e M M Beautyy iss myy business

Island Salon 2626 Chesnut Ridge, Kingwood Call Melanie: 281-221-4320 Ɣ First time specials to New Clients

Expires August 30, 2014

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014


l o o h c S l o o h „ p e r p “ SSuummmmeer Summer is here and our minds are turned to water, sun, camp and travel. It’s the perfect time to “prepare” for safety at home and incorporate important family preparedness into your lives. Here are a few simple steps you can take to “prep” for summer that will help prevent injuries and accidents, avoid boredom ensure everyone is prepared in the case of an emergency or disaster. Let’s begin with fire safety. I recently attended CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training and when we went over this topic in class, I realized I had not reviewed all of this with my girls! Make sure you have a family plan and everyone knows it.

‡ We practiced our escape plan several times and

started timing ourselves to see how long it took for all of us to reach our meeting spot. You want to instruct your children to go to a designated area so all can be accounted for and you don’t think someone is inside when they’re in a neighbor’s home!

‡ Demonstrate how to remove the screen from a window if necessary to exit. Many children, including mine, have never opened a window in the house.

Since we’re on the topic of safety, the internet is a must to discuss with your children.

‡ Talk about internet safety and the fact that once something is put out there it is NEVER really erased. This is difficult for children to fully comprehend but the earlier they are aware the better.

‡ Another thing to emphasize is the importance of protecting their identity. It’s a good idea to avoid using their name with any pictures of themselves and to use a different name for usernames. Stress that they are never to give their personal information over the internet. The Harris County Library web page has an internet safety link with rules and a video on this.

‡ Search for safe search engines such as Google’s safe search and put You Tube on Safety mode to prevent inappropriate content and images from appearing on your child’s screen. Remember, nothing replaces parental supervision but anything to minimize damage is helpful. Although summer is a time to relax and take a break from hectic schedules and activities, it’s important to schedule some structure into your day. day.

‡ Check your smoke detectors and fire extinguish-ers to make sure they are operational and up to date.

‡ If your children are home alone, make sure theree are simple no-cook meals and snacks available to o them. Cut up fruits and veggies, sandwiches, pasta salads, and salads with nuts, cranberries, raisins, hard boiled eggs, and chicken are some examples of items you can prepare ahead of time to eliminate use of microwave, oven or stove. Another important issue to address is conveying information to your caregiver.

‡ Inform him or her of all emergency numbers, escape plan and ask about first aid/CPR.

‡ Be sure to point out the location of fire extinguishers and anything else one may need in an emergency.


The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

‡ Reading daily R di d il is i just j t as cruciall in the h summer as it is the rest of the year. The library is a great resource. They have a summer reading program with prizes and other activities, such as story time, Fizz Boom Read! Science experiments, movie time and more. You can register online at for the reading program and find dates and times.

‡ Designate a reading time for the whole family (including yourself) and set your timer for 20 to 30 minutes. This is a great way for you to work in your personal reading time and younger ones can look at a picture book then play with blocks, color or do another quiet activity.

‡ Utilize online sites to learn a new skill, practice math drills and gather how to’s on just about everything under the sun! Ask your children what they are interested in learning more about or would like to try. There’s so much you can build upon from one single topic and expand as little or as much as you like or time allows. Some great examples are Khan Academy, ehow,, Pinterest and the Harris County library. Go to and click on the ebooks and more tab to open Tumble Book Library and access FREE ebooks on language, math stories, chapter books and other categories. ‡ Craft time a few days a week is great for keeping the kiddos engaged and eliminating excessive television time. Keep it simple and try to use supplies you may already have so you’re not left skipping the activity due to lack of prepping. Tie the activity to a topic of interest or perhaps a book read that week or on an upcoming vacation. Pinterest has many ideas for simple summer fun as does the internet in general. ‡ Exercise is essential for keeping everyone healthy over the summer and helps avoid boredom. Think simple once again and use items you have around the house to make games out of staying fit. Cones can be set out in the yard as boundaries for relay races or jump ropes and hula hoops can be used to time each other. The park and play sets can be turned into obstacles and don’t forget to join in on the fun! ‡ Be sure to properly hydrate yourself and monitor your children, especially in our hot and humid summer weather. Water is best as sports drinks and juices can have chemicals or additives. Coconut water is another yummy option and you can find natural and easy to make recipes on my

Pinterest board, My Kale Kids, that provide electrolytes and quench your thirst. With a little forethought and preparation, your family can experience a summer of fun, safety and life long skills. For more information and ideas on family preparedness, parenting, homeschooling and transitioning to an unprocessed lifestyle, visit me at and or on my Facebook pages and Pinterest boards, My Kale Kids, The Homeschooling Housewife and Princess Prepper. I will be sharing more on these topics during my weekly podcast which can be found under My Kale Kids on iTunes or at on The Survival Mom Radio Network. Have a safe summer! Jessica Brassington

Jessica Brassington is a Texas wife and homeschool mom to three girls. She is a writer, blogger, podcast host, mommy mentor, coach and a fan of hot tea and squares of dark chocolate. She stays fit by remaining active with her children, crossfit, cardio classes and pilates. Her passion for helping moms and those trying to overcome organic overwhelm is shared through her blogs and weekly podcast, My Kale Kids. She is a contributing author to Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place which will be released June 23, 2014. Join the “Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place” Virtual Book Launch page on Facebook to connect with her and the other authors.

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014


For anyone that want to have a beautiful yard, you know that it takes a good deal of time, effort and attention. Flowering trees need to be cut back with wisdom, fruit trees need to be nourished, pruned and watered thoroughly. The period between winter and spring is a great time to do this for your plants and trees, but I would suggest that summer is a great time to do some pruning in your life and the lives of your children.

our life. As we cleanse our lives of the things that drag us down, or pull us away from God, we redirect that energy to growing in healthy new ways, which can lead to producing fruit for God's Kingdom. We can accomplish great things through the power of the Spirit in our lives, and Christ gives us strength when we find ourselves pressed and challenged on all sides.

WƌŽǀĞƌďƐϮϮ͗ϲƌĞĂĚƐ͕͟Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." In other versions, the word 'train' is used in place of 'start.' For anyone that has ever tried to grow a vining plant, you know how important it is to train the vine to climb in the direction you desire. Left to its own devices, vines can grow far beyond your intended destination. Without proper maintenance and pruning, vines will fail to achieve the original plans of the one who planted it.

Try to pick one thing to prune and cultivate in several areas of your life this summer. Find a way to improve both your physical and your spiritual health this summer. Read through one of the Gospels, take time to pray or write prayers in a journal. Teach your kids how to balance summer fun, responsibility around the house and always find ways to introduce them to new facets of their relationship with Christ. More than anything, let them witness you taking your relationship with God seriously. Our area churches do a great job providing Vacation Bible School experiences, and our church even offers special weekly activities for children.

As children of the living God, we are no different. In John 15, Jesus tells His disciples that He is the True Vine, and we are the branches. If we become disconnected from the vine, or grow too aggressively in an unhealthy direction, the gardener will need to exercise His right to prune. Interestingly enough, the Greek word for ƉƌƵŶĞ is the same that we translate as ĐůĞĂŶƐĞ. Hence, the work of pruning is an effort to cleanse a living thing of whatever is hindering its healthy growth. As a child, I was always given summer reading by my teachers. Many of your children have a pile of books or projects they are expected to complete before the fall. The idea is to use the summer to stay sharp and expose yourself to new ways of learning. Everyone thinks of New Years Day as the best time to start a new habit, but we know how hit and miss those efforts often are. In reality, it has been proven that it takes about six weeks to create a habit, making summer a great time to start new habits, practices and spiritual disciplines. It is also a great time to focus on removing harmful or negative things from your life.

Don't let the summer fly by with an endless barrage of activities, camps, summer school or pool days. Make a plan to be intentional about redeeming the hours and days of summer for great purposes so that you can head into the next school year with more than just a tan. Invest in yourself and your relationship with God this summer, both individually and as a family, and don't be surprised if God, the Master Gardener, starts pruning away the unnecessary things in your life. For it is only when we let God accomplish the sometimes painful, but always important, task of pruning that we are given the best chance to sprout forth new life giving and fruit bearing branches!

Sometimes we need to let God cut away the bad things, so that you can begin growing in new directions. Remember that with Christ in our lives, these changes go far beyond simply 'self help' or 'personal improvement', but draw us closer to a full understanding of the abundant life that God has planned for

10 The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

Rev. Mark Renn is the Associate Pastor for Mission and Evangelism at First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood. He is also the founder/owner of Blessed [are the] Beekeepers,


Brookside Funeral Home & Memorial Park FUNERAL HOME Ć&#x201D;&(0(7(5<Ć&#x201D;&5(0$7,216Ć&#x201D;5(&(37,216




High Speed Internet & Telephone

Carol A. Nagel Ask About Managed Data & Cloud Services



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your C.A.N. do Realtor Specialistâ&#x20AC;? Realtor, TAHS, CSSN, GREEN REO/BPO, SMP, GRI, E-PRO Office 281.359.5881 Cell 713.516.4000 Fax 281.359.3085

$3.00 off any grooming service* $5.00 off boarding* *with this ad The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014 11

Your Pride. Our Joy. Just Ask a Mom.®


“My favorite aspect of Primrose is the personal attention that the teachers and staff give to parents and students. They truly care about students and make them feel comfortable and welcomed.”



Becki, Primrose Mom

Enjoy conƟnental cuisines from Chef Arturo’s kitchen that adds magic to your dining experience and wine pairings.

Primrose School of Eagle Springs 281.852.8000

Relax in one of the artͲĮlled dining rooms or choose to kick back on the European styled paƟo overlooking Kingwood’s Town Center Park.

Primrose School at Summerwood 281.454.6000

Listen to relaxing live music on Thursday through Saturday and fun musical tributes every other Tuesday.

Primrose School of Lake Houston 281.812.6361

EĞǁ͊tŝŶĞ&ůŝŐŚƚdĂƐƟŶŐƐǀĞƌLJĂLJ͊ Open for Lunch & Dinner MondayͲSaturday 11 am to 9 pm Breakfast on Saturday from 8:30 am to 11 am Brunch on Sunday 11 am to 3 pm Located in Kingwood’s Town Center Visit our website at or call 281Ͳ360Ͳ2530

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Summer Sum Su umm mm mer Sports Spo Sp po orts rtts s Camps Cam Ca amp mp ps Atascocita Football Camp August 4-7, students entering grades 7-9 Kingwood High Summer Fitness Camp July 7-August 7 Monday –Thurs. 7-12 grade Crosby Football Grades 3-8 July 29-31

New Caney’s Coach Pennington’s 4th annual prep camp July 29-31 Grades 4-9 903-780-7584 Porter’s Coach Moore’s 5th annual prep camp August 4-7 Grades 4-9 New Caney Tennis Camp July 28-August 1st Grades 9-12

Crosby Freshman Football Camp July 29-31

Kingwood Park Volleyball Camp July 21-24 Grades 6-9

Huffman Falcon Football Camp July 29-30 Grades 7-12

Summer Creek Volleyball Camp July 28-31 Grades 2-9

Kingwood Park Football Camp July 28-31 Grades 6-9

First and Third Friday Series Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene presents a concert the first Friday and a family fun night the third Friday of the month at Kings Harbor from March to October.


The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

Get ready for

2014 School Year School Year

Homecoming in ng gM Mums u um ms Corsages & Boutonnieres

$5.00 off $45.00 purchase ZLWKFRXSRQ..Â&#x2021;([SLUHV Â&#x2021;

$6(1,25020(170(66$*( %$5%$5$0$<),(/' 1406 Stonehollow Dr. Suite 900 Kingwood, Texas 77339 Phone/Fax: 281-852-3596 L.M.T. 5595 Ă­Ä&#x2020;Ä&#x2C6;Ä&#x2019;Ă­Ä?Ä&#x152;

Vacation Bible School Woodridge Baptist Church July 14-17, 9am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Noon Grace Church of Humble July 30-August 1st 6:30pm 1st Presbyterian of Kingwood August 8-15. 9-12pm

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014 13

Causes of ADD/ADHD Welcome back to our discussion concerning ADD/ADHD. If you read my article in the last edition you will remember that we discussed the different lobes of the brain, the different brain waves, and that dysregulation of the brain can lead to symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD. You will also remember that I am against labeling kids. As I said before, “Labels are for cans and not for kids.” However, when symptoms and problems occur in the areas of focus, attention, memory, motivation, personality, or emotions, neurologic and brain based problems have emerged and require our efforts in finding the cause. In this article I would like to discuss the causes of a change in neurologic or brain function. There are many different causes for ADD/ADHD type symptoms. These could include environmental issues, genetic problems, head traumas, the health of the mother during pregnancy, whether the child was breastfed, and many other issues. For the purposes of the article we will classify these causes into three areas – physical traumas, emotional traumas, and chemical traumas. Physical trauma would consist of any type of head trauma – hitting the head, falls, accidents, sports injuries, whiplash, and more. Emotional traumas would be classified as personal experiences of divorce, death, change of school or home, or loss of job. Any of these types of experiences produce traumatic events for the brain. Chemical trauma is associated with toxins from our environment as well as metabolic issues within the body including inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, hormone imbalance, autoimmune processes, thyroid problems, or adrenal problems. Once the brain experiences one or more of these types of traumas it can began to change in its frequency of firing or in its brain wave regulation. It has been said that the brain does what it does because of what it has learned. Therefore, if the brain is not functioning properly, something has caused it to learn an abnormal pattern of firing. The brain must then be retrained. In our office we use a technique called Neuro-Integration. This technique combines neurofeedback and photic stimulation. The combination of these two forms of treatment is used to stimulate the brain and to retrain the brain waves and can be used to improve any area of the brain. Neurofeedback has been determined by the American Academy of Pediatrics to be a Level 1 treatment for ADD/ADHD (Level 1 is the best form of treatment available). Neurofeedback uses a reward to encourage the brain to perform normally; therefore, the brain changes itself to improve performance. Photic stimulation through the optic nerve increases the production of brain waves and increases blood flow through the thalamus to the primary occipital lobe of the brain. It then fires to the other lobes of the brain including the parietal, temporal, and ultimately the frontal lobes. Photic stimulation was also determined, in a research by Dr. Budzynski, to speed up the process. According to the article published on PubMed, this technique is more effective than Ritalin or Adderall for improving overall brain function. Photic stimulation also increases serotonin, endorphins, and melatonin. If you have further questions regarding Neuro-Integration or ADD/ADHD contact my office at 281-354-8330 for a free DVD. In the next article I will discuss the nutritional side of improving brain function. Until next time, God bless, and have a wonderful day. Dr. Lewis Clark DC, CCWP, BCIM, CGP

14 The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

Discovery College

What will you discover?

Summer Day Camps for ages 6–17 LSC-Kingwood: June 9–August 7 281.312.1660 t LSC-Atascocita Center: July 7–31 281.775.0800 t View schedule at Action/EEO College

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014 15



Phone Number:___________________ By: Rob Lott


The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014






CALL: 281-540-2700

1410 1ST STREET HUMBLE, TX 77338 281-446-9484

$300.00 in On The Park bucks, Chili’s gift certificates, cupcakes at Yummy Tummy plus more was won by deserving young artists during the spring coloring contest. 1st and 2nd place 9-12 Alexandre, 9, attends Porter Elementary and is a student at Huntington Learning Center.

Julien,9, Mama Montessori Home School and will attend Greentree Elementary in the fall.

1st and 2nd place 4-8 Christine,8, attends Willow Creek Elementary and is also a student at Huntington Learning Center

Kylie, 8, attends Humble Elementary

Three youngsters won an award for the most creative in their age group. Reese, 6, Ella, 7, and Abraham, 8

The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014 17

18 The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014

Lake Houston Libraries Atascocita Branch Library 19520 Pinehurst Trail Dr. Wednesdays, Tales for Tots, Infant Lapsit and Pre-School Pals Wednesdays through July, Camp Knit a Lot, Robot Art and Mine Craft Thursdays, Tales for Tots and Infant Lapsit Record your memories at 6:30 Thursdays in July August 21st , 3pm. Back to School Extravaganza

Kingwood Branch Library 4400 Bens View Lane Tuesdays, Toddler Time, Preschool Story Time, Mother Goose Lapsit Thursdays, Toddler time and Mother Goose Lapsit Friday afternoons at the movies in July and August Saturdays at 10:30am is Family Story Time

Octavia Fields Branch Library 1503 South Houston Ave Monday afternoons at the Movies through July Tuesdays, Pre-School Story Time July 1st Robots and July 8th Teen Movie Wednesdays, Toddler Two and Baby Story Time Krafty Kids on Wednesdays in July August 7th,2:30, End of School Reading Party





Back to School Mini Car Show and Vendor Market Free admission Includes the petting zoo, mini-golf, playing in Tombstone, the zip-line, playground, rock wall, giant Chess, Checkers, Connect 4, the car show and much more. Saturday, August 16th 9am-2pm 7 Acre Wood 4401 N Frazier St. Conroe, TX

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History was made recently in Humble ISD. Pioneering students who were among Quest Early College High Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first graduating class finished this past May with 39 associateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degrees awarded and a combined total of 6,854 college credit hours earned! On May 10, they graduated from Lone Star College- Kingwood. Then on May 27, I and the School Board had the privilege of presenting Quest students with their high school diplomas. One year earlier, Quest student Melissa Davenport was the very first of By Dr. Guy Sconzo the Class of 2014 to earn her associateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree. She graduated from college even prior to her Humble ISD Superintendent senior year of high school! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the normal order of events. But by choosing a non-traditional educational journey, the students saved thousands on college costs and garnered resumes that truly stand out. Quest graduate Caitlyn Floyd, for example, took college English, psychology, math, humanities, theater, kinesiology, geology, and more to earn an Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College-Kingwood. She has now been admitted to Smith College, one of the nationsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famed Seven Sisters, and heads off in August to Northampton, Massachusetts, to continue her education at the historic school. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They saw that I can manage the workload,â&#x20AC;? Floyd said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It played in my favor.â&#x20AC;? Quest Early College High School is housed at Lone Star College-Atascocita and is one of only 65 programs in Texas and 15 in the Houston area. Benefits of Early College High School include:      

t t t t t tt


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the normal order of events. But by choosing a non-traditional educational journey, the students saved thousands on college costs and garnered resumes that truly stand out.

Humble Quest High H Hum um mbl b ble e ISD SD D tr ttransitioned raaans nsitio n nsition ns s tio oned ed Que Qu Q uest ue st Hi H gh g h School, opened the 1990s, ch hoo oll,l opene o pe en ned ed iin th he 1 he 990s, 9 99 90s, s,, to o an an Ea Early arly rlyy College Co Co ollle lle llege ege program 2010 eighth pro pr progr p rog m in rog in 2 0 after afte aaft affte te receiving eceivin eceiv ece ceivin eiivvin n a grant. gra g gran ran Any ran Any eight An ei gh grade student in Humble ISD can apply to attend Quest Early College High School. By state education code, the program targets students who are historically underrepresented in college courses.

Priority points are awarded in the application process to those who are first generation college goers, disadvantaged youth, and English language learners. Applications are due in January, so the fall semester is when eighth graders and their parents need to be considering if Quest may be the right choice for them. More information can be found on the Quest Early College High School website through or by calling 832-775-0866. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great opportunity and one I am proud to offer in Humble ISD. For as Caitlyn Floyd explains to prospective students: â&#x20AC;&#x153;You have to take the initiative, but thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no reason to fail at Quest because there is so much to help you along the way.â&#x20AC;? Quest Early College High School students who earned associateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degrees while still in high school gathered for a group photo at the 2014 Graduation Ceremony for Lone Star College-Kingwood.

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Your schools.

 ! !!

 !   !    !" ! ! " "

!!  Our studen ts say it best. Sc an her e to learn more  !      ab out our programs! ! ! !!   !! 

 !  !!    !" ! !  " !   !       ! ! !!  !! 

 !  ISD, we believe all  students   In Humble are unique and deserve every opportunity to succeed. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we created

!" ! ! a variety of programs tailored to student interests. As early as kindergarten, students can take advantage of programs

 !  designed to enhance student achievement, prepare students for college and career, and develop a lifetime love of learning. ! ! !!

Visit to learn  more and explore!


Your choice.

!" ! !  ! 

Rock the Dock Summer Concert Series every Thursday night Fireworks every Friday night â&#x20AC;&#x201C;including 4th of July

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What I wish I Knew Then

By Suzanne Juel, Certified Lactation Counselor & Breastfeeding Educator Merry-Go-Round & My Little Juel

During my first pregnancy, my intent to breastfeed was a common conversation topic, and advice was readily offered. Stories painted breastfeeding as everything from an idyllic bonding experience for mother and baby (cue background music) to horrific medieval torture. While much of this advice was welcome, I assumed that since breastfeeding was the “natural” way to feed a baby, I would some how instinctively know what to do. After all, mothers had been feeding their newborns for millions of years -- how could something so natural be so hard?

families, and overall new mothers are often isolated in our society. Try to connect with experienced mothers in your local community. Mother’s groups, La Leche League groups, and lactation professionals are all good resources.

After an uneventful pregnancy and birth, I had a rude awakening — breastfeeding wasn’t “natural” for me. After many trials and tribulations, I went on to exclusively pump, and provided breast milk until my child was nearly two. This is now one of my highest personal accomplishments, eventually resulting in my current career in lactation. Many mothers encounter similar difficulties that undermine their breastfeeding experience. The CDC reports nearly 77% of new Texas mothers attempt breastfeeding, but less than 15% reach the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation of Exclusive Breastfeeding for 6 Months. (

2. Trust Your Instincts Your specific situation should be assessed with care and compassion by someone with current training in lactation support.

Expectant mothers often ask me what they need to successfully breastfeed. My best answer is not a long list of instructions or supplies, but short list of simple suggestions:

During my breastfeeding difficulties, it seemed that everyone told me something different. Even trusted medical advisors often did not give the same advice, so it was difficult to decide who was right.

1. Build Your Support Network Don’t rely on strictly book knowledge or online resources. Making connections with other breastfeeding mothers is essential to establish a lifeline of support for your early postpartum period. Before conceiving my first child, I spent hours online and reading books about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. I had never actually seen anyone breastfeed, but I had played with dolls as a child, and I believed that I would instinctively know how to hold, feed and care for a baby. I was a smart, savvy woman with a successful career, how hard could this really be? I now understand that the real knowledge of how to breastfeed and care for a newborn is not just gained from reading a book, but is passed from one mother to another. There is a deep instinctual knowledge that we, as women, can call upon, but new mothers often struggle with the practical application of this knowledge. In most cultures, new mothers learn these essential skills from other experienced mothers. Many of our own mothers did not breastfeed – resulting in a generational gap in breastfeeding know-how. Add geographic separation, common in many extended

Now I know that lactation, from a medical perspective, is not held in the same regard as other areas of medicine. Many hospitals and medical facilities do not require lactation training for their staff, and the advice given to new mothers may be based on standard protocols or personal experience, rather than hard medical research. As a new parent, it is your right to expect adequate lactation support and your responsibility to question any advice that seems inappropriate for you and your child. 3. Save Your Pennies Preparing for breastfeeding does not require extravagant purchases. Newly pregnant, one of our first purchases was an expensive personal breast pump. Unfortunately I ended up needing to rent a hospital-grade breast pump for over a year while the personal pump stayed in my closet gathering dust. I recommend mothers wait until AFTER delivery before deciding to rent or purchase a breast pump. If breastfeeding is going well, a pump may not be needed. If it is needed, mothers can get help from lactation professionals to ensure they obtain the right pump for their situation AND that they know how to use the pump correctly.

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The few items I feel are necessary in the first days are nursing/sleep bras, nursing gowns and nursing pads. Most everything else can wait until after the birth.

4. Know When to Ask For Help If you are having concerns or difficulties with breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Breastfeeding should be a positive experience for both mother and baby on many levels. When nursing, endorphins released in both mother and child results in an improved bonding experience.

Breastfeeding should not be stressful, painful or torturous. But unexpected problems can sometimes arise when the baby’s latch changes as the milk comes in. Pain is the body’s indicator that something is wrong and is the most common reason for early weaning. While most latch problems self-resolve by about 6 weeks, no mother should be expected to endure weeks of discomfort. Nipple pain can often be corrected with simple instruction on correct positioning and latch, but it sometimes takes an experienced eye to see what’s not right. New parents often are concerned about how much milk their baby is getting when nursing. Milk supply issues (real or perceived) are the second most common reason for early weaning, and lactation professionals can be very helpful in those situations. Your provider or pediatrician can provide a referral or you can find lactation resources online:

Resource La Leche League International Lactation Consultant Association


Conclusion Breastfeeding your baby should be one of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Success in breastfeeding is defined not by reaching an arbitrary goal set by the AAP but by each mother’s experience along the way. Breastfeeding is hard for many women; don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Remember that you are not alone, and in the end, you will not regret making the effort.

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School is out, and water sports are big draws for families. I was raised on the water, and my â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;happy placeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is on the boat on the lake. You may have a pool, belong to a subdivision which has a pool, or you may take your boat to the lake. However you enjoy the water, you need to protect yourself and your children from the harmful rays of the sun. I am not sure if this is public knowledge or not, but sunscreens have quite a few additives which are harmful to the human body. Here are a few ingredients to look for. I pulled these from the internet, and you can certainly find more if you look:

Â&#x2021; 2[\EHQ]RQHWKLVLVDKRUPRQHGLVUXSWLQJ chemical which penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. It is the most popular ingredient in chemical based sunscreens and only blocks UVB ray (sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good rays that provide vitamin D production), not UVA which are the most free radical damaging rays. Avoid any sunscreen that has this chemical at all costs, especially for children. Â&#x2021; 9LWDPLQ$ 5HWLQ\O3DOPLWDWH Âą$VWXG\ by U.S. government VFLHQWLVWVUHOHDVHGE\WKH1DWLRQDO7R[LFRORJ\ 3URJUDPIRXQGZKHQWKLV is applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, it may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. Â&#x2021; )UDJUDQFHÂą6XUHLWPD\PDNHWKHSURGXFW smell nice, but this is a petroleum based product that LVOLQNHGWRRUJDQWR[LFLW\DQGDOOHUJLHV Â&#x2021; +LJK63)Âą7KH)'$GRHVQRWUHJXODWH63) KLJKHUWKDQDQGWKHUHÂśVQRVFLHQWLILFSURRIWKH\ ZRUNEHWWHUWKDQORZHU63)0DQ\RIWKHKLJKHU63)V

do not provide any additional protection and studies KDYHVXJJHVWHGWKDWXVHUVDUHH[SRVHGWRDVPDQ\RU PRUHXOWUDYLROHWUD\VDVWKRVHZKRXVHORZHU63) products. Â&#x2021; 6SUD\VRU3RZGHUVÂą*HQHUDOO\VSHDNLQJ sprays and powders have additional chemicals added to them for performance purposes. These additional chemicals are usually not something you want to be spraying RQ\RXUERG\DQGFDQEHWR[LFWRWKHOXQJV%HVLGHV remember sunscreen is formulated for your skin, not your lungs. 0DQ\RIWKH side effects of sprays and powders on the lungs are not tested before being approved. Look at your brand of sunscreen in the Environmen WDO:RUNLQJ*URXSÂśV


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Are We There Yet? I’ve heard this question many times when traveling with my children and grandchildren and experienced their joy when we finally arrived at our destination. I’ve gone through many roadblocks and numerous unnecessary detours on my life’s journey. Other than our final destination that is guaranteed to be full of unimaginable glory, I so want to arrive fully intact and filled with joy in this earthly trip that I’m on, but how will I know if I’m there yet? After prolonged detours with some periods of traveling down the right roads, I have never achieved, never arrived, and never had the satisfaction of feeling that I was in God’s perfect will. There were some wonderful side roads that offered temporary respite, only to lead back into the detours again.

God answered my prayer of Jabez and enlarged my territory and expanded the borders of a normally shy and introverted person. But, I still have the driving need to finish the book that I started. I still want to use my God given artistic talent to develop the idea that was spoken by the Spirit to my heart years ago for Christian greeting cards. I am running out of time and feel the desperate need to accomplish my desires, to “arrive”. So, I am wondering, when I do all of these things, will I be there Yet? Or, maybe I will not truly arrive until I see God in all of His Glory. Maybe, when Jesus takes me by the hand, He will say, you have traveled a long journey, but you are here now, my child, the trip is over. You have arrived at your destination.

Call/text Karen K Boughton 832-541-3369 for info or to order products.

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Clearwater Ranch Wearable Art for the Discerning Woman Barbara Byers Jewelry Artisan


NGEN Radio and KSBJ present the Boomin Concert Series with top Christian artists, music and ministry for the NOW generation. There will be two Tuesday night concerts on July 22nd and 29th at Discovery Green in downtown Houston. These are non-ticketed, free outdoor events, rain or shine.

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Pizza, Pins and Pop


Two-story Laser Tag! Arcade/ Redemption G ames! New G rill and Bar!

*2 hours bowling, shoes, large pizza and pitcher of soda for up to 6 people. MUST BRING IN THIS AD.

2390 WJMTPO3Et)VNCMFt81-540-2800 The Whole Kid and Kaboodle Summer 2014 27

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Dr. Gohar Bernal, DMD

9506 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Ste #230 Humble, TX 77396 Phone (832) 850-6270

JESSE H JONES PARK AND NATURE CENTER Texas Bound Wednesday, July 2, 9am-2pm Pioneer Day campers take a journey to Texas age 7-12

Second Saturday Settlers:Homestead Fun August 9, 1-3pm Sample homemade ice cream and watermelon and play old fashioned games

Second Saturday Settlers July 12, 1-3pm Primitive Weapons and Hawk Throw Contest

Hunter Education Certification Sat. Aug 23 or Sun. Aug. 24, 9am-3pm Ages 9 +

Fish of Spring Creek Saturday July 26, 9am-3pm Find out what lives in the parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s waterways

Tadpoles Club Wednesdays, Sept. 3,10, 17, and 24. Ages 3 and 4 only with parents

Snakes of Harris County Saturday, August 2, 10am Learn how to identify snakes in this area

Bicycling Daily, 8am-dusk.

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Ask Nancy ITS SUMMERTIME so I thought it would be fun to do something different and ASK THE KIDS. I posed the questions, What is your favorite thing about Summer and What are you most looking forward to? JULIEN, 9 from Kingwood likes being out of school ( a definite front runner) and plans to do a lot of swimming. MICHAEL, 13 another Kingwood boy was even more direct, he likes summer because, "My life is not ruled by the dictator that is school and I have the freedom to do what I want to do." (Hmmm....I'm not sure your mom would totally agree. :) He also is looking forward to a mission trip, summer camp and spending time with friends and family. ALEXANDRIA, 14, a young Kingwood lady plans to do a lot of sleeping (you and probably many other 14 year olds. It will be nice not to get up for those early classes.) CHRISTOPHER 10, from Benicia, California will be sleeping in also because he plans to stay up really late! RELAY, 10, from Spring, TX says that vacations are the best part of summer (no argument from me) and he's looking forward to going to Sea World. I also think that JACK, 10 from Kingwood has the right idea. "I love summer, " he says, because I can lounge under the sun, go on water slides and go on a trip. Kingwoodian 10 year old ADLEY's favorite summer thing is "relaxing and spending time with my family-Oh and sleeping too!" She is also looking forward to Camp Cho-Yeh. From Ensenada, Mexico 14 year old Damaris writes, " My favorite thing about summer is going to Camp in CA where my brother works. I am looking forward to seeing him and other friends especially the ones I only get to see once a year. (and I understand there are people looking forward to seeing you!) IRELAND, a10 year girl from Benicia, CA. will be swimming and camping (do you have as many mosquitoes there as we do in TX?) while NORAH, 7 from Kingwood is excited about seeing California. She will be a busy girl with summer camps and "doing a bunch with Mom and Dad." Bet Mom and Dad will be busy too.

Eleven year old ELIZABETH who lives in Kingwood has some exciting plans. "My favorite thing about summer is going to our Family Reunion. I love going to the same place in Pennsylvania and its right by my family so we get to visit too! ( Hey, my family reunion is also in Pennsylvania . Do you think we might be related?) CALEB, 16 from Ensenada Mexico will be in CA most of the summer hanging out with friends, playing board games and video games, going to camp and working at the County Fair. (any tips on how to win some of those prizes?) Sounds like the kids will be having fun. I hope MOMS and DADS enjoy themselves also; lounge around a little, take some trips, spend time with family and maybe even sleep in while the kids are at camp! HAPPY SUMMER!

Nancy Robertson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has counseled to the North Houston area for over 20 years. In addition, she has a Masters in Early Childhood Education, is a credentialed teacher and has taught pre-K through high school. Address questions to:

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