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Get Out! Fire and Slide Obstacle Immunity



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We don’t treat Teeth. We treat people. (And we listen to patients, not insurance companies) BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE LAB SERVICES

Matthew Carpenter, DDS

Melissa Russ, ND.

• Mercury and Heavy Metal Testing • Safe Heavy Metal Removal • Blood Chemistry and Microscopic Analysis • Biocompatible Replacement Material • Food Allergy and Hormone Testing • IV Sedation and Vitamin Infusion • Chelation Therapy Homeopathy, • Nutrition and Supplement Protocols • Applied Kinesiology • Ozone Rinse


Our goal is to find the root cause of disease and oral decay and their energetic relationship to your health, treat you with respect, and preserve your natural tooth structure. We know stress impedes healing, so we’ll hold your hand through the whole process.

TRANSCEND DENTAL HEALTH 7215 Wyoming Springs, Bldg. 3, Ste. 800, Round Rock 7681

(512) 255-3618


Inside Austin All Natural

OBSTACLE IMMUNITY – Dr. Joe Vitale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 ARMAZILLA! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 A SUMMER OF ABUNDANCE – Leslie Fonteyne SUMMERTIME And the living is insured – Michael Abedin THE NINE RITES – Christina Allen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 GET OUT! Safe, holistic tooth extraction – Michael Abedin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 FIRE AND SLIDE Straight lines, snaking, and wagging the cup – Tonya Lyles. . . . . . . . 17 TOUCH FOR HEALTH TFHKA Conference, July 3-6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 THE pH OF WATER Can it be too alkaline? – Joseph Bender . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 KRAZY KRACKERS – Nerissa Oden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 How to make gluten-free breads and crackers using only veggies and seeds UPCOMING EVENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 NATURAL RESOURCE GUIDE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 QIGONG – For health, and for healers – Jeff Primack. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 ENTER…CONNECTED – Anya Dishon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 BEYOND FORGIVENESS Breaking the silence, breaking the cycle – Charles Holt . . . . 25 DEAR ASHTARA – Ashtara Sasha White. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 SUMMER WEIGHT LOSS – Meridian Grace, ND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Is it what you’re eating, or what’s eating you? publisher/ editor Michael Abedin (512) 382-7354 Office (512) 879-7299 Mobile art director Pun Nio advertising Don Draper distribution Charles Martin Cover Art Design by Leslie Kell Austin All Natural © 2014. All rights reserved. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate, and Austin All Natural will not be held liable for the performance of goods and services provided by advertisers or any other portion of this publication.

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BACH CHRONICLES: MUSTARD – Michael Abedin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 The Dark Cloud Remedy

A Letter to Our Readers

Traditions are a wonderful thing, something to look forward to when those special times roll around – holidays, summer vacations, magazine deadlines. A fine tradition was established six years ago this month, as Austin All Natural entered its third year of publication as Austin’s homegrown natural magazine – slapping a pair of sunglasses on a critter when you’re stuck for a cover. Since then, shades have adorned turkeys, flamingos, a couple of pooches, and the occasional publisher. When you’ve got a good thing going, well – why quit?

Why, indeed?

Kind of surprising it’s taken until now – starting the ninth year of publication and a couple of issues shy of numero one hundred – to do the honors for that most well-publicized species of Texas wildlife, one that spends most of its life wandering around aimlessly at night, scrounging for something to eat. No, no – not an Austin musician. The armadillo. Dasypus novemcintus, the nine-banded ‘dillo, was the obvious choice going into year nine – and why not throw in last June’s Palm Springs Gigolo publisher pic as well? Why not, indeed? It’s a tradition. – Michael Abedin

JULY 26-­27










$ save



Good on One Entry Only Cannot Combine PETRENE SOAMES


Palmer Events Center • 900 Barton Springs Rd Sat 10-6, Sunday 11-5 • Weekend Entry $10




I used to say I hated exercise.

Even though I’ve worked out with legends in fitness, and personally met icons like Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, George Foreman, Floyd Patterson, and other greats, I never liked exercise. If I could’ve paid someone to do it for me and still reaped the benefits, I’d have done so. But training with Bill Phillips has changed all that. I now look forward to getting my workout done every morning.

These aren’t walks in the park, either.

Photo by: Brian Fitzsimmons

Twenty-five minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio takes all I have. And the forty-five minute weight lifting is something I almost hate to do, but love having done it. I’ve learned that I may resist it or resent it, but I never regret it. But the best thing of all? I’ve created something called obstacle immunity. I learned the phrase from the book Spartan Up! by Joe De Sena. De Sena

Joe Vitale is a star of the hit movie The Secret and author of The Attractor Factor and dozens of other best-selling books, including At Zero, the sequel to Zero Limits. Hear his new music CD, Reflection, at


created and runs the incredibly intense obstacle course, endurance run, insane peak performance events called Spartan that about half a million people have voluntarily entered. Crawling up greased walls, running through mud, sprinting over rugged hills, dodging fires, or any number of totally unexpected obstacles is what Spartan is all about. And penalties for not completing an obstacle are fifty burpees (fifty!), the most intense bodyweight exercise ever. It’s designed to challenge you beyond what you think you can do. De Sena says when you achieve athletic success in the unpredictable, wild environment that his creative mind conjures up you develop a resiliency to anything life can throw at you. Your inner strength becomes almost super human. I’m not suggesting you enter a Spartan race (unless you’re inspired to do so), but I’ve learned that tackling something as challenging as a burning morning workout sets my mind’s resistance meter to high. If I can complete such a self-directed, rugged workout, then I can do almost anything. I leave the gym ready to handle life.

And the thing is, life is then much easier. I don’t know Joe De Sena, or even anyone who entered one of his Spartan events, but his book validates what Bill Phillips and my trainer Scott York have said for years – getting that morning intense workout done gives you a win that makes you feel you can handle anything for the rest of the day. As Bill Phillips, Scott York, Joe De Sena, and even my father all say, exercise is medicine.

Too many of us want the easy street – and we want it now. I’m all for an easy life, but I’ve discovered life gets easier when you choose tough physical challenges and use them to fortify your mental ability to handle the rest of life. When I’m in the gym, struggling to lift heavy iron weights, it’s the struggle that builds muscles. If I lift donuts, my muscles aren’t challenged and don’t grow. When you take on a physical challenge, and you learn to endure struggle by controlling your mind and delaying gratification, the result is a type of unshakeable bliss you will never forget. Plus you develop an internal ability to handle adversity. You create obstacle immunity. You will be almost unaffected by any problem, issue, or challenge you may face. Your ability to handle stress will have increased. When you set out to attract your goals, you will not be easily disheartened or discouraged when you face any blocks along the way. This can help make you feel that anything is possible. Any dream. Any goal. Any intention. And guess what?

Anything really is possible.

Arguing for limitations is just, well, arguing for limitations. I think Spartan Up! is incredibly wise, inspiring, and challenging. Read it. And then go do something big that will build inner strength. What are you doing to challenge yourself? What can you do right now? Well?


Available from book stores, Amazon, or for details see — “Joe’s new book was just as I knew it would be -FABULOUS! The riveting stories and enlightening insights lifted my spirits and filled my soul with love. This is indeed a path to miracles!” – JANET BRAY ATTWOOD, CO-AUTHOR NY TIMES BESTSELLER, THE PASSION TEST

“This book ought to be a movie. A masterpiece of storytelling and a revelation on how the Hawaiian healing system of Ho’oponopono really works.” – BARNET BAIN, MOVIE PRODUCER, “WHAT DREAMS MAY COME” AND “THE CELESTINE PROPHECY”

“In ‘At Zero,’ Dr. Joe Vitale shares the catalyst of his own awakening. He is vulnerable, insightful and shares authentic Ho’oponopono secrets that are empowering and inspiring. If you want to get to the state of zero, where there are no limiting beliefs, I highly suggest you read this book.” – DR. STEVE G. JONES, CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST

“With ‘Zero Limits,’ Joe Vitale introduced the world to the incredible healing system of Ho’oponopono. Now he’s taking it all to the next level, going deeper and revealing the real essence and magic behind these ancient secrets. A must read!” – NICK ORTNER, NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE TAPPING SOLUTION

Dr. Joe Vitale is a bestselling author, musician, movie star, marketer, Law of Attraction expert, and more. Creator of Miracles Coaching® and The Secret Mirror™. Star in the hit movie “The Secret.” See 7

Feeding time.

(Sonorous voiceover) Southwest of Austin, the Balcones Fault runs through brittle Hill Country limestone, a crisscrossing series of tectonic cracks and fissures. Barton Springs runs through its caverns, as do the Comal and San Marcos springs. Its last major shift was maybe fifteen or so million years ago – until now… Hydraulic fracking – fracturing the earth for its oil and gas – sets up a wave, and the fault line trembles and shifts for the first time in eons. Ancient energies, heat and radiation from the Earth’s very core, and the sprits of the Comanche and the Tonkawa and tribes without names begin to stir, and a small creature burrowed deep into the earth begins to… change. He emerges from his den into the night, feeling himself growing larger and stronger – rooting a grub or two from the ground no longer satisfies his growing hunger. A deep instinct leads him to a place his kind once called home. In his brain, an ancestral memory whispers.

525½ Barton Springs Road… 525½ Barton Springs Road… He lumbers down the dark condo canyon once known as South Lamar, where only the lonely outpost of the Broken Spoke stirs any recognition. Detouring briefly to drink from the holy waters of the Springs (where a solitary stoner glimpses his now massive form and thinks, far out, man), he heads east, the homing instinct growing stronger. Home is gone. Where the ancient armory once stood, a beacon to all things cosmic and cool and redneck, soaked in beer and blues and burning herbs, a soulless pile of glass and concrete sucks the very life from the air. A tear rolls down his scaly cheek. The sacred place of his tribe is gone. The Armadillo World Headquarters is no more.


He turns an eye to the downtown skyline, a forest of construction cranes surrounding a steel and glass ziggurat that overlooks mounds teeming with life. Perhaps there is a temple there, he thinks, with inscriptions explaining these things. Or something to eat. We know where this is going, right? Surrounded by bats, Armazilla crosses the Congress Avenue Bridge over Town Lake (aka Lady Bird Lake, aka the Colorado River) as crowds of black-clad festivalgoers in town for the now-perpetual SX/ACL/ F1 Music Fest, 10K Marathon, and Loud Vehicle Rally scatter in terror, texting furiously and snapping selfies with their phones. He snurfs into condos springing up like anthills in downtown Austin, as his huge tail topples construction cranes and sweeps Beemers full of Californians off what too many people now call The 35. A handful of remaining locals grin and raise overpriced Shiner Bocks in grim approval. His karmic task completed, Armazilla sadly returns south and sinks again into the ever-widening fault line, now filling with oil. Fast forward to the not so distant future, where the site of his apparent demise has become a tourist attraction to rival the tar pits of La Brea – The Balcones Armapits, a sign reads. A greasy bubble rises to the surface as the credits roll – and a giant pair of cheap sunglasses begins to emerge. He’ll be baaack…

The requisite Spoiler Alert. Every good summer blockbuster needs one, so here goes. Take a closer look at the way cool cover design by Leslie Kell, just under Armazilla’s chops. Is that the shadowy silhouette of a figure in a top-floor window, wearing a hat and a poncho? (Hint – it ain’t Clint Eastwood.) Bad craziness, as Raoul Duke (who was partial to aviator shades) liked to say – or maybe good craziness. There was once an Austin where you didn’t need bumper stickers or T-shirts to remind you to keep anything – craziness (okay, weirdness) was its own reward. We’re still out there among you, though, watching and waiting. Armazilla will return.

Expo yourself. Summer’s expo lineup includes the venerable Body Mind Spirit Expo, the homegrown Metaphysical and Holistic Fairs, and the intriguingly named Awesmic City Expo. Go have yourself some big ol’ summer expo fun. If you’ve read this far, you deserve it.



The Reiki of the Fire Dragon A new look at the history of Reiki and its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, with Reiki Master Teacher Michael Abedin


Friday June 27 7-10pm Sat. June 28 10am-5pm Sun. June 29 10am-5pm Register by June 15 and RECEIVE 20% o

(512) 879-7299 “An outstanding teacher – clear, articulate, caring,

*Ä&#x;Ä¤ÄĽÄŁÄŚÄ”ÄĽÄ ÄŁ:Michael Abedin Reiki Master Teacher

and careful in how you help people absorb the potent information. I wouldn’t do the class with anyone else. It’s Reiki on an accelerated level of learning.�


(Please include phone number with email) 9

A SUMMER OF ABUNDANCE by Leslie Fonteyne While summer’s a time for us to take vacations with family and hope to relax, it can be draining and stressful. Overwhelmed by others’ expectations to be entertained and amused, and by self-imposed demands, you may overspend time, energy, and money just to make others happy – without much to show for yourself. Unfortunately, this isn’t a prescription for manifesting abundance or stepping into your passion. You can find yourself depleted financially and energetically, feeling resentful and angry. What if you could view these “demands� as loving messages to motion you toward abundance, surfacing the fact you’ve attracted them because they resonate with what you’re reflecting out – unworthiness and guilt about spending time, money, and energy on you. Old contracts and agreements attract what I call “same energy, different outfit,� meaning even if you changed jobs or partners, you’d draw more of the same. How do you change that? First, decide you want to live in alignment with your essence and passions, and release energies and agreements driving you to live a victimized life peppered with guilt and resentment. Being at choice in life means owning your experience and destiny every day, not blaming others for circumstances or decisions. This is a courageous shift, committing you to reframe your vocabulary, energy, and choices in favor of a more powerful, positive life.

Boost energy Attack visceral fat Increase metabolism Stimulate nervous system Decrease stress Support liver function Affordable

A summertime prescription for stepping into abundance: AY 90 DY BACK


Nora Pirsch 415.747.4331

Help your friends lose weight and yours is free! Ask me how.


t $IFDLJOXJUIZPVSTFMGFBDINPSOJOHGPSNJOVUFT t 'FFMJOHUFOTJPOPSESFBEBCPVUUIFEBZ "TLXIBUT generating those feelings. Are you feeling trapped, coerced, not strong enough to say no or withstand others’ disappointment? t 4XJUDIZPVSGPDVTUPEFTJSFoHFU really happy. t "TLJGZPVSFXJMMJOHUPSFMFBTFCMPDLTBOEPCTUBDMFT stopping you from stepping into your desire. t 1BZBUUFOUJPOUPZPVSCPEZTSFTQPOTF%PFTGFBSPS anxiety surface? Ask why. What rules justify not choosing your desire? Afraid of others’ reactions, or loss of love? t #SJOHJOHVJEBODF MJHIUCFJOHT-FUUIFNKPJOZPV PòFS courage, raise your vibration. t 8JUIUIFJSTVQQPSU TFFZPVSTFMGSFMFBTJOHCMPDLTBOE beliefs that have kept you from stepping into all you are. Do this for thirty days – and experience the difference! Leslie Fonteyne is a Transformation Catalyst, teacher, channel, and clairvoyant, working with Ascended Masters and Archangels to clear blocks to love, abundance, and joy. Visit her at BMSE, Booth #11, July 26-27. (678) 665-3366,



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with a local insurance guide.

SUMMERTIME And the living is insured

Let us help carry the load. by Michael Abedin


Eckert Insurance Group

Live easier


(512) 472-6969 /  


Decided to streamline your lifestyle for the summer? Great idea. Cut back on processed foods, medications with dangerous side effects (like “death�), cold beer on a hot afternoon, insurance, and – whoa, hold your horses. Think twice about forgoing the occasional cold one (go with local craft brews), but don’t even think once about cutting back on insurance. Unless you have a signed and sealed guarantee delivered to your door by guardian angels, insurance is a good thing – particularly if you, say, live in a house, drive a car, have a family. Summer offers a bunch of opportunities to be thankful for good insurance. Here are a few safety tips from an independent agent, Austin native Will Eckert: Vacation: Have neighbors check your house and pick up mail and newspapers. Install timers for lights or TV, and consider a security system, safe, or safe deposit box for valuables. Check AC and fridge settings, unplug small appliances. Grilling: Keep grills away from dry grass, limbs, anything flammable. Don’t wear loose clothing around open flames (especially man-made fabrics). Have a fire extinguisher or hose handy. Road trips: Have your car serviced, don’t overdo driving time. In an accident, call 911, don’t move anyone who’s injured, and don’t make any admission of guilt, even a casual comment. Have good insurance, obviously, and call your agent ASAP.

Think of it like preventive healthcare.        


Checking your coverage for accidents, break-ins, or home damage after they’ve occurred is like waiting until you get sick to think about being healthy. An independent agent is like an insurance coach, someone who can advise you, help you shop around for the best deals, and manage your current and future coverage. Here are a few more handy summertime tips: Climbing the Himalayas? Don’t scrimp on hiring Sherpas. (They do the heavy lifting.) Hiking in the woods with a group? Have good running shoes handy in case a grizzly bear attacks. (You don’t have to outrun the bear – just the rest of the group.) Strolling down Congress Avenue when a giant armadillo looms over the Frost Bank building? Call your agent immediately. (He may want a head start.) The Eckert Insurance Group has been an Austin-centric independent insurance agency since 1966, and can craft custom coverage and act as your personal advocate with big insurance companies. (512) 472-6969


The Mirror Effect ect artwork

eKell Leslie

May 10–July 26 | Clinical Pathology Labs 12200 Renfert Way, Ste 102, Austin

WE MAKE DIRT! ORGANIC Vegetable Garden, Soil, Compost Landscape Soil, Mulches, Plants Seeds, Fertilizers, and More!

$5.00 OFF

any purchase of $25 or more Must bring in coupon. No Expiration

12002-B Hwy 290 West CUSTOM SOIL BLENDS Austin, TX 78737 r

Caught Up in Sunlight Š Kell Creative.

A special art exhibit to benefit Gladen’s Angels. Learn more:



Colloidal Silver

The Universal Antibiotic

Colloidal Silver Safely Kills

(Single-Atom) small particles Over 650 Our solution is crystal clear Disease-Causing Produced by hi-voltage AC not DC Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi Contains 99.999% pure silver Parasites and Molds Contains triple-distilled water Contains no other ingredients Bottled exclusively in glass Requires no refrigeration Has no expiration date Nature's Pure Organics 100 ppm to 18,000 ppm silver atoms that never clump together Single-Atom Particle Silver can be 250 Millions smaller than any ionic or nanoparticle silver Dietary Supplement

Colloidal Silver Kills Cancer better than chemo. 1904 Guadalupe St. Suite D and M.L.K (Behind Chase Bank) New Store Hours Monday 9:00am 5:00pm Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am to 7:00pm

(512) 264-4043


THE NINE RITES by Christina Allen Imagine yourself standing at the base of a steep, rugged, snow-capped mountain deep in the heart of the Andes. A small, sturdy woman in a brightly colored poncho has you kneel, as she plunks you on the head with her Mesa, a stonefilled medicine bundle. You wince because she is not gentle, and exhale a puff of steam into the chilly air. She looks into the sky and calls out in Quechua, her native tongue, then thrusts her stones into your shoulders, heart, and belly. She draws your face to hers and says a few more words, then pulls your forehead into hers. You feel an electric energy arc from her third eye to yours, and you melt into her. You see a flash of colors, then visions of ancient peoples from all over the world, connected through these rites. Tears start to stream down your face. You have just received one of the Nine Rites that link you to the Wisdom Keepers of this land, and you have the sense that you are finally home.

Bands of protection. These Nine Rites of Transformation and Initiation have been gifted to us by the Q’ero Indians of Peru. As legend has it, the Q’ero elders foresaw a time of great calamity and upheaval in our future, and decided to help us get through it by gifting us with these energetic transmissions. They are ancient rites designed to protect us, open up our psychic vision, and align us with the higher vibrational knowledge, guidance, and wisdom we need to make big shifts in both our personal lives and global communities. They are currently given in their standard form – through the use of a Mesa, or as a purely energetic transmission known as the Munay Ki – all over the world. Two of the rites are technical rites, functional tools woven into your energy field. The Bands of Protection, for example, is a series of five luminous bands, woven into your energy field structure across your seven primary chakras to protect you from the buzz of energies out there that bog us down. While they still let in all the helpful information we need, these bands filter out psychic attack and white noise, making


it easier for sensitive people to be in public places. They are essential for healers and counselors, as well as anyone dealing with the public regularly. The other technical rite, the Seer’s Rite, hardwires your third eye (or intuitive senses) and your heart to your visual cortex. Your psychic abilities are then amplified, yet softened with the compassion of your heart. The other seven rites are energetic transmissions. To receive them is to suddenly be given access to a magical radio dial that aligns you with ancient lineages of wisdom keepers, healers and guides, as well as your future selves. These transmissions act like a tuning fork, aligning you with levels of wisdom and insight you would not be able to attain on your own. When we receive these nine rites, we resonate at a higher vibration and can therefore align with the higher vibrational wisdom of the Great Master Teachers. It’s also said that when you receive these initiations, because you resonate at a higher vibration, new DNA is activated within your cells allowing you to grow your body differently. Thanks to the generosity of the Q’ero Indians of Peru, these rites now are available to everyone wanting to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. They are given in steps, with a few teachings, initially, to help you ground and assimilate them. While a must-have for every energy worker, they are also the first step, for many, onto a path of true selfempowerment. Christina Allen, Healer, Teacher, Destiny Coach, and founder of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer based on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). Available by appointment to clear imprints and align you with your highest destinies. (512) 383-5561. Info on sessions and upcoming classes: Join the conversation at the Blue Raven Circle Of Light Facebook Group.

YOUR CIRCLE HAS JUST EXPANDED... Blue Raven Circle of Light is now Austin Shamanic Center. Austin Shamanic Center teaches us about the                   


• WORKSHOPS           



512 383 5561   


by Michael Abedin The tooth hurts. It’s been drilled, filled, redrilled and refilled, root canaled, and now it hurts. A microscopic crack beneath the gum long ago became a superhighway for bacteria, infection set in, and an abscess formed in the gum as the body tried to rid itself of toxins. You hit it with every remedy you know, but tea tree oil ain’t gonna cut it – time to get it out, so your immune system can get on to other matters. You could tie a string to it and tie the other end to a door or the hitch of an F-150, or you could get a pair of pliers and a bottle of tequila, or… You could follow what Dr. Matthew Carpenter of Transcend Dental Health calls the most highly researched and safest protocol known for achieving proper healing after a tooth is removed – the Huggins principle, created by Dr. Hal Huggins, one of the first to suggest, very publicly, that putting mercury in your mouth probably isn’t a good idea. Here are some aspects of the Huggins protocol as applied at Transcend Dental, detailed by Dr. Carpenter: • Blood work before doing surgery, to examine aspects that help with healing – platelets, cholesterol, white blood cells. • Complete review of medical and family history, and a pre-op screening, monitoring blood pressure, oxygen levels, pulse rate, and other indicators. It’s like a “pretend” surgery before the actual day of surgery, so there are no surprises. (Not required by law, but Transcend Dental does it for patients’ safety.) • Support patients before and after surgery with supplements for kidney and liver support, and therapies to reduce infection, inflammation, and discomfort – Rife, prolotherapy, vitamin C infusions, ozone therapies, mineral baths, acupressure, and dietary suggestions like bone broth soups. • The safest known non-epinephrine anesthetics for all surgeries, reducing toxicity. • Conscious sedation if requested, to keep patients safely relaxed and calm during the procedure. • Vitamin C therapy the day of and day after surgery, to enhance healing, help fight infection, and protect the patient from harmful bacteria commonly released when infected teeth are extracted. (An incredible wound healer, it’s a great match for oral surgery.) • Complete removal of the ligament once the tooth is removed. The ligament, separating the tooth root


• • •

from the jawbone, normally doesn’t come out with the tooth when it’s extracted, and will stick to bone in the socket. Ligament left in a socket will not allow new, healthy bone to fill in the socket after the tooth has been extracted. Ligament removal is done by the dentist with a hand instrument, while a naturopath muscle-tests the patient to know when it’s completely removed. Muscle testing also determines the number of syringes of ozone water required to irrigate, verifies required time for the body to purge and release the infection, verifies infection is gone from the surgical area, verifies the number of cc’s of ozone gas given in the socket, and the hold time to keep pressure on the site for clot formation. Only the safest suturing materials are used. If temporary partials are made to replace missing teeth, only safe, biocompatible materials are used. Transcend Dental also uses a system called L-PRF, a way to take healing and bone growth factors from the blood and make them into tissues from the patient’s own bodies to enhance and support robust healing. (YouTube L-PRF for a five-minute video.)

The proof of the pulling.

It’s in the healing, Carpenter says. When extractions are done in a manner aligned with the body’s natural needs, he points out, most patients have little or no pain during surgery and don’t have to take pain meds afterwards – and there’s less chance of a dry socket, an area of dead bone called osteonecrosis where the root used to be. (Watch for a future article on osteonecrosis, and how these areas of dead bone affect your general health.) For more information regarding the Huggins protocol, go to the video section of Transcend Dental Health, with Dr. Matthew Carpenter and Melissa Russ, ND, offers biological dentistry and supportive natural healthcare and products, including ozone therapies and non-surgical treatment for gum disease. (512) 255-3618


Tonya Lyles, LAc

Straight lines, snaking, and wagging the cup

Call for Appointment

by Tonya Lyles Fire slide cupping is to acupuncturists what metal slide playing is to blues guitarists – all sliding is not the same, and fluidity in the wrist is one of the secrets. There’s straight line sliding, using the meridian system or muscle body structures. Circular motions, snaking patterns, and wagging the cup are also techniques that create a deep internal massage and lasting results. Fire cupping, or Ba Guan, is great for lung congestion, back pain, numbness, athletic injuries, or neck and shoulder stiffness or pain. This indigenous therapeutic technique takes time and practice to acquire well – you do not want to DIY without a workshop or training. To slide the therapeutic grade cup, practitioners choose and apply the most appropriate medicinal liniment, salve, oil, or lotion. A good practitioner also keeps Ching Wan Hung – a soothing balm – on hand for the accidental burn. Like the blues, fire cupping is all about timing, and not losing the heat accumulated in the cup. • Being close to the targeted area and ready to place the cup gently but firmly is crucial, like a guitarist’s fingers anticipating the next note. • A hemostat-held cotton ball dipped in 90% isopropyl alcohol is lit and placed inside the inverted glass cup, and the heat creates a negative vacuum that sucks skin into the smooth-lipped mouth. • When the intentionally placed glass adheres, it lifts the skin inside and creates a rush of blood flow to the area, releasing toxins and moving stagnant qi and blood. • An effective session of slide cupping usually leaves circular marks – the more stagnation present, the deeper the discoloration.

Face down, burning the blues away.

Fire cupping might sound a bit intimidating for clients, especially if they’re face down and can only hear the crackling sound of the wet cotton ball burning. Don’t worry. A welltrained and practiced acupuncturist has got your back! Like metal on a steel string, fire slide cupping has a warm feel as it eases the body’s blues away. If you’re ready to release your blues, schedule a fire slide cupping or acupuncture session at Samadhi Divine Medicine, offering a synergistic approach to acupuncture adjoined with gemstone therapy, reflexology, Reiki, medical Qi Gong, Chinese herbal formulations, and essential oils. Appointments: Tonya Lyles, Lac, (512) 426-4595, Like Samadhi Divine Medicine on


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39th Annual Touch for heAlTh

Kinesiology conference Relaxing surroundings and delectable fare from the award-winning chef at Omni Austin Southpark Hotel, 4140 Governor’s Row in Austin, Texas, 78744

July 3-6

TOUCH FOR THFKA Conference HEALTH July 3-6

Boost your own wellness or professional practice. Join us for three days of speakers on:

Stress Management • Energy Kinesiology Emotional Resiliency • Health Marketing The Touch for Health Modality KeYNo Te SPeAKer

Jerry Wesch

Expert on treating complex PTSD with Alternative and Complementary Medicine

coNTiNuiNg educATioN crediTS Massage, Nursing, Acupuncture, Athletic Trainers Commuter offerings and day rates available INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION:

Everyone’s heard of muscle testing. It’s a way to figure out what food to eat, what supplement to take, what shirt to wear, what movie to see – right? Well – sort of. True muscle testing goes way beyond an easy way to make decisions. It’s a sophisticated but relatively easy to learn system of isolating specific muscle groups and challenging them with light pressure. Since each muscle group is connected to a particular organ and acupuncture meridian – and, by the body’s intrinsic energy system, to other opposing and complimentary muscles – a muscle that tests weak will indicate an imbalance of some kind in some part of that relationship.

Goodheart and Thie.

What’s now colloquially known as muscle testing dates back to the 1964 development of Applied Kinesiology (AK) by Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor who developed a systematic way of balancing muscle systems to improve posture, relieve pain and stiffness, and benefit overall health. Think of a flagpole held in place by guy wires on either side – if one side becomes weak or loosened, the opposite side tightens up, pulling the pole out of a straight position. A weak muscle can have the same effect on opposing muscles, and the bone they support. Goodheart’s AK techniques created an elegant means of balancing the body, and inspired another chiropractor, Dr. John Thie. Thie created a system he called Touch for Health (TFH), and published his now-classic TFH manual in 1973. TFH blends Chinese and Western techniques, using muscle testing and acupressure points to help balance muscle groups and their corresponding paired meridians and internal organs, and determine the best nutritional support for them. Chiropractors well versed in TFH can relax and balance muscles so an adjustment glides into place smoothly and effortlessly, and use it as an intuitive tool to get the maximum results from adjustments. Massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, and dentists have applied TFH and AK principles to their practices, and even the Army has used it. Dr. Jerry Wesch of the Army Medical Center in Fort Hood treats complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for veterans using TFH, along with massage, yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, biofeedback, and acupuncture. The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association’s 39th annual conference, July 3-6, Omni Austin Southpark Hotel. Keynote speaker, Dr. Jerry Wesch. Open to the public. CEU’s and day rates available. Information:


The pH of Water by Joseph Bender Potential hydrogen – pH – measures the acidity or alkalinity of any substance. For body chemistry to work, correct pH is critical. There’s a recent health fad based in part on Theodore A. Baroody’s book Alkalize or Die, in part from companies selling water ionizers. The truth is that cancerous conditions do exist when water in the body is too acidic, not in proper pH balance. What people fail to understand is that all immune deficiency disorders, sickness, and disease can exist when water in the body is too alkaline.

So, what’s the proper pH balance?

You need acid to digest food, and amino acids as building blocks. The real reason people are too acidic is the American diet – sugar, meat, caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, gluten. Cutting them and eating more vegetables enables the body to balance pH within a few weeks. Look at the pH of the body to understand the best pH of water: • The most alkaline water in your body is pancreas fluid, pH 8.8. • Lowest pH in your body is in the stomach, hydrochloric acid, at 1.5. (A pH value less than 5 is essential for digestion. One problem of aging is stomach acids becoming too alkaline, not digesting well.) • Water in your skin is acidic, 5.5. • The most important water fluids in your body are just above pH 7. Cerebral fluid is 7.5, extracellular water 7.2, mitochondrial matrix (where your life engine exists) 7.48. • The most critical is your blood. It’s essential it’s around 7.39. A few tenths up or down, and you’ll immediately feel it. At 6.39 or 8.39, you’ll die.

The best water is slightly alkaline, pH 7.2 to never above 7.5.

When you drink water, sensors in your tongue analyze pH. If it’s pure and pH is between 7.2 and 7.5, the stomach lining opens up and absorbs it directly into the bloodstream, the most rapid way to hydrate. If it’s pure but too acidic or alkaline, the body can’t open the stomach lining, and instead buffers pH in the kidneys and pancreas before it can absorb the water in the G.I. tract. Eating foods that are alkalizing and foods with essential amino acids and drinking pure, clean water will keep your body’s pH engines in balance.

We Love Water Joseph & Milan Bender Austin’s Water Ambassadors Wise Water Choices HOME DELIVERY Mountain Valley Spring Water Oxygen Enhanced Water Distilled Water Glass Bottles

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Joseph Bender, internationally known water researcher, is Austin’s Water Ambassador for Water Event. (214) 934-7522,


KRAZY KRACKERS How to make gluten-free breads and crackers using only veggies and seeds

by Nerissa Oden (A Golden Oldie from summer, 2012) Is there such a thing as veggie flour? No – but you can make veggie-only breads and crackers by adding a secret ingredient used by raw food chefs that makes non-starchy ingredients stick together like flour does. (A trick I was taught by a raw cracker expert, the Krazy Kracker Lady.) Now even regular folk with no dehydrator, dependent on an oven, can make healthy veggie flat breads and crackers.

Basic veggie bread recipe:

• Grind your favorite raw veggies into a thick liquid, using a blender. • Using the measuring indicators on the side, continue adding veggies until contents measure 3 cups. • Consider adding a tomato or water to make sure all the veggies are blended well. (If you need to, lightly steam your veggies first before adding to the blender.) • Add 1-1/2 cups of finely ground flax, salba or chia seeds. These seeds get sticky when wet, and will turn your wet veggies doughy. To grind whole seeds, use a clean coffee grinder or personal blender with a dry blade. • In a bowl, mix together thoroughly the liquid veggies and finely ground seeds. Add seasonings and salt if you want. Let the mixture sit for ten minutes. • Add a little high heat-tolerant oil like sunflower, avocado, or coconut oil to a 9x13 cookie sheet. Press the mixture by hand to cover the baking sheet evenly. • Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.

This makes a tasty, unleavened flat bread that’s firm on the outside and moist in the middle. To make crackers instead, split the mixture over two cookie sheets, and cut the bake time in half. This great alternative bread and cracker recipe can be used for sandwiches, pizza dough, snacks, side dishes, or even breakfast on the go. The flavoring options are endless, and the health benefits of eating a veggie-dense food are priceless. Now, even food allergy or food sensitive people can eat great “bread” without carbs, nuts, gluten – or guilt! Nerissa Oden is a citizen advocate for knowing your unique individual food sensitivities via laboratory testing. Annual testing from one of a variety of sources can be an important aspect of individual wellness. Testing options, testimonials, and FAQS are available on her website,


HIGHER BRAIN LIVING® A new brain. A new beginning.

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What if problems such as depression, anxiety, obesity, or feeling stuck were just a question of where energy flows in your brain? Change your brain and change your life. Come to a FREE presentation in Austin. Call or visit our website for details:

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LEGENDS REFLEXOLOGY AND NATURAL HEALTH Enjoy an hour of deeply relaxing foot reflexology on the Amethyst Crystal Bio-mat, with essential oil Aromatherapy. Additional services: FOOT/HAND REFLEXOLOGY KOREAN HAND THERAPY AMETHYST CRYSTAL BIO-MAT FREE 20-Minute Trial Session REIKI ENERGY HEALING YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Zyto Compass Bio-Scan Workshops

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UPCOMING EVENTS NATURE’S TREASURES 4103 N. IH-35, between 38 ½ and Airport, June 7: Join acclaimed psychic John Holland for a 30-minute talk, Q&A and book signing 7-8:30 p.m. Free. Donations suggested for John’s animal foundation, The Koda Fund. June 21 - July 6: 3rd annual Summer Solstice Clearance Sale! June 28: The Mystery of Crystals Workshop by Teri Van Horn. Author and popular Hay House Radio Host, Teri Van Horn explores the impact on crystals from the new waves of energy from the 2012 Transformation. Learn about today’s Power Crystals, and explore the continued mystery of crystal skulls. 1-5 pm, $85 per person Daily: HIGH FIVE! At Nature’s Treasures – Holistic Informational Gatherings Help/Heal! Every day from 5:00-5:30 p.m., our daily practitioner offers a free informational talk. See the Daily Practitioner schedule at Now offering Crystal Personal Shopping Services every 2nd and 4th Saturday, with Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer. $10 for 10 minutes, $1 each additional minute. View your energy body on our Aura, Chakra, Meridian live video machine! See more Community Center Event info and rental info at JUNE IS INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S MONTH Children’s Global Wave Of Love, June 21 at 1:11 pm in every time zone. Full platform:

RECONNECTIVE HEALING Essence of Healing: July 18, 6:30pm Live demonstrations of Reconnective Healing. by Eric Pearl and select audience volunteers. Level I: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing: July 18-21. Taught by Eric Pearl. George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston. (323) 960-0012, I CAN DO IT! June 7-8, Bass Concert Hall Hay House authors Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, Christiane Northrup, and more. Angel Card Reader Certification, Doreen Virtue, June 9. 800-654-5126, QI REVOLUTION June 14-17 Qigong intensive with Jeff Primack, only $149 (800) 298-8970, 5Rhythms© offered by Lisa DeLand Thursdays 7-9 pm (Aug.-Jun.) Tapestry Dance Company and Studio 2302 Western Trails Blvd. Austin, 78745 (512) 680-4212 SPIRIT OF ALL THAT IS HOLISTIC HEALING ARTS FAIR June 21, 10am-5:30pm. Monthly event. The talents and products of a community dedicated to healing Body, Mind, and Spirit. Nature’s Treasures Community Center, 4103 N. IH-35 FREE! AWESMIC® CITY EXPO 2014 August 9 -10. Art, science, and holistic evolutionary growth. Now seeking sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers, interns, performance artists.

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New DVD Release: The Secret Buddha Tooth Tai Chi Belt

BODY MIND SPIRIT EXPO Coming to Austin for the 12th year, BMSE creates a positive, healing environment. $10 weekend admission to the exhibit hall includes free lectures and demos. Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Rd. July 26-27. Sat. 10-6, Sun 11-5. For information: (541) 482-3722, ext. 1 or 2. Visit for a $1.00 off coupon. TOUCH FOR HEALTH KINESIOLOGY ASSOCIATION 39th Annual Conference, July 3-6 Omni Austin Southpark. Open to the public. Day rates. CEU’s for health practitioners. Information: WESTERN MYSTERY CONFERENCE The Society of Magical Artists (S.O.M.A.) presents the 3rd Annual Western Mystery Conference Oct. 24-26 featuring renowned lecturers from the following Traditions: Gnostic Voudon, O.T.O., Golden Dawn, Kabbalah, Feri, Chaos Magick, Wiccan, Freemasonry, Martinism. For more information or registration contact: or visit ASHTARA SASHA WHITE’S EVENTS Ashtara at the Body Mind Spirit Expo Sat.-Sun., July 26-27, giving mini psychic and medical readings, and speaking Sunday, 12 noon. Talk: “Urancha and the Other Side” in Room 1. For Details on ALL Events: (512) 278-0559, Call for a Private Session including Psychic, Medical and Extraordinary Healings.




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KALI PATRICK (617) 699-2389 Mind-Body Wellness Consultant Using your eating or weight-loss challenge as a doorway, together we’ll find space in your busy life to cultivate a lasting, loving relationship with your food and your body.

Marketing austin

May ‘12


Fantasy and Pizza Is Magic Dangerous? Mother’s Little Helpers


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For health, and for healers

ENTER… CONNECTED by Anyah Dishon

by Jeff Primack Qigong is the art of Harnessing Qi (pronounced chee in Chinese) – internal energy or life force that’s highly tangible. Within ten minutes of Qi-breathing, many feel electricity in their hands – The Buzz, we call it in the Qigong Family, caused by increased levels of oxygen and ions that may accelerate vibration of mitochondria and has an obvious effect of stimulating endorphins. Many describe the inner buzzing or vibrational feeling as a natural high, a “Perma-Grin” where gratitude is so overwhelming and joy so potent they can’t stop smiling for a time. One Qigong student taking Xanax several times a day to stay functional reported after breath empowerment he was more relaxed than anytime in his life, and later used his Godgiven breath and willpower to wean himself off Xanax, back to his natural state. Many studies report practicing Qigong reduces drug withdrawal effects in heroin addicts by fifty percent, and drug several Qigong instructors are teaching with huge success at Florida rehab clinics. Studies also indicate Qigong boosts the immune system, and may be beneficial for those fighting cancer.

Healing healers.

Qigong is about breath mastery, to remove blockages and build a surplus of energy. When someone lays hands on another person while doing tumo breathing, it can actually send profound waves of healing Qi into that person. Healthcare practitioners can also prevent getting drained by using specialized Qigong breath and movement exercises. We train hundreds of registered nurses, and nearly all complain they constantly feel drained. Often, massage therapists take on aches and pains from their clients. While this may sound superstitious, the phenomenon is real. Even doctors who specialize in one aspect of medicine are exposed to a sort of “energy information signal” so frequently that they can end up with the same problems they’re surrounded by. What is a healer supposed to do? Qigong can easily cleanse their energies. Many nurses, after Qigong training, say they’re no longer affected by other peoples’ energy so dramatically and can get through a full shift without feeling depleted. Qi Activation comes to the Austin Convention Center June 14-17, and Phoenix, AZ June 21-24. Jeff Primack, Kai Van Bodhi, and dozens more instructors will host four days of Qigong training for $149. To reserve tickets, or for information: (800) 298-8970, or visit


What’s with this buzzword – connect? There’s something within the human desire to connect that attracts us to manifest things in life to help us connect. We create products, buy products, attend training courses and events, to help us better connect with our higher selves and with others. The next stage of connecting is rapidly upon us, providing techno-eyeglass computer ware and other very small, sometimes-undetectable gadgets used for transmitting and connecting. Is it a fly, a spider, or a hummingbird? Only the antennae know for sure. There are great sources out there to help us learn how to connect with our higher selves and our desires. As long as the mind can imagine – and imagine so purely, with intense feeling, to the same level our desired target exists – connection will happen for us to manifest that desire.

How great is that?

No waiting, no intermediary between one, and what one desires. What we conceive immaculately in our minds will manifest immaculately – immaculate conception, immaculate manifestation. Why the hype for communicator devices when the human miracle body has the best organic communicator, at no cost? In the documentary Wisdom of the Wayshowers, New Paths to the Future, featured speakers talk about how we’re already remote viewing, remote sensing, and communicating telepathically at a more pure level, as people awaken to their higher human potential. What does it take to connect on a human level with our pure, intelligent source that operates above the chaos encountered in this locality? There are no shortages of courses or workshops that can assist in teaching methods that enable the mind to calm down enough to make the best choices when we are in the process of choosing. When we’re directly connected to pure source, our thoughts become very clear and the universe, ready as it always is, manifests that clear desire. We create all the time, with every thought that arises. Napoleon Hill references “right thinking” as a key technique in the manifestation outcome. We have the potential to manifest consciously from pure thought. The abundant universe – or multiverse – is an example of a thought that’s still unfolding, even unto today. Enter into all things, connected. We are awesome and cosmic – AWESMIC Human Becoming! Peace is inevitable. Anyah Dishon is owner of Awesmic City, Austin, Texas, LLC, and director of AWESMIC CITY EXPO 2014, August 10-11, Palmer Event Center.

Dear Ashtara: Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers Dear Ashtara, I’m almost thirty and haven’t finished college because of financial problems. I am not married and do not have kids. I would like to figure out what path of education would be worth investing my time and energy in to produce the best return. When is the right time to return to school to work on my studies? I am moving to Austin in a few months to live with my best friend and looking for a new job. Is business going to be the path I will take? Erin, 29, Lago Vista, TX Dear Erin, When you were a teenager, you whispered something to God about playing a musical instrument. Because you were born to be a musician it is high time to consider the possibility. Piano, strings and even orchestra have called you. After that you could be an M.D., nurse, chiropractor, osteopath, pathologist, architect, commercial real estate or an art broker or dealer. But what will you do? Probably just get a job. If you received a scholarship from U.T., you would be able to do any of the above. If I were to select a career for you, it would be an architect. Your highest angels are God, Gabriel and Raphael. Yes, God does say that he is an angel.

Dear Ashtara, I’m in love with my boyfriend, but we don’t live together and it’s been more than sixteen years. I want more. What should I do? Sonia, 45, Cedar Park, TX Dear Sonia, When you were about thirtyfive years old, you decided to marry someone. The biggest disappointment is that you are still not married. When you were a little girl, you knew you would have some babies and it seems like you got to fulfill


that vision. Frankly, your boyfriend will marry you if he thought you were going to leave him. Fess up and communicate thoroughly with the melancholy guy who got your attention. You are twin flames and long time associates from the other side. Your guardian angel for this particular transaction is Gabriel. He is here to help you.

Dear Ashtara, I have a thirty-year-old single niece that’s staying with me, and it’s really not working out. What should I do to fix my living situation? Should I move? And if I moved, where should I go to? Rosa, 42, Austin, TX Dear Rosa, Honesty is the best policy. However things go in your future, you must be content with your home life. When we work all day and have to go home to a discontented lifestyle, one is not able to feel great and always has to think about what they are going to do about the situation. Situations such as yours need to be improved. Thus, work your way through it in your mind and remember the Honesty Policy. Your highest teacher right now is Ashtar and he will advise you when you tune in.

Private Sessions can be scheduled (in person or phone) that include psychic, medical, profound healings, questions answered p and more. Ashtara Sasha White is a gifted psychic, profound healer and channel from p the Ascended Masters/Archangels. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Current Healing Master Teacher, speaker and teacher of the Light. Join her group on the 2nd Thursdays of each month at 6:30PM. See her events at www.AshtaraSashaWhite. com. Call (512) 278-0559 or email Ashtara@ to submit your question for ‘Dear Ashtara’ (10 to 20 words) with name, age, city and state, and visit her at BMSE, booth #20, July 26-27.


Summer Weight Loss

t’s Love a h

got to Do with It?

Is it what you’re eating, or what’s eating you? by Meridian Grace, ND Spring may be through busting out all over, but if you’re starting summer busting out of your britches, look at a loving upgrade of your health. Tried everything? Yo-yo dieting, fasting until your body went into a state of defense, slowing its metabolism down to protect itself from self-inflicted famines? Blood pressure low, metabolic rate slow, thyroid slow? Many well-meaning people write compelling books about how they lost weight, not understanding what worked for them may be harmful for you. If you begin with gusto and end up disappointed, or lose weight and quickly gain it back, learn about the difference between fat loss and muscle loss – and find out your unique needs, including emotional ones. Engaging in a weight loss program out of self-hatred rather than self-love is like adding Sisyphus’ rock and a steep hill to your program.

Meridian Grace, ND and Richard Massey, MD A new approach to healing, connecting modern technology, holistic modalities, nutrition, and your body’s own love story

Free Saturday Introductory Talks Schedule & location: or call (512) 698-7009

Cachexia. (Gesundheit.)

We use quantum body composition devices that can measure percentages of fat, water, muscle, and bone used in clinics to measure cachexia – muscle loss leading to death. You can be way overweight and still have cachexia, with excessive fat and less muscle and fluids. Muscle burning makes weight return, usually with a higher percentage of fat, leading to insulin resistance, hypothyroid, fatigue, lack of motivation, moodiness, sugar and carb cravings, and flabby skin. For those who feel compelled to take weight off right now, a program that seems to fit most peoples’ needs begins with loading nutrient-dense and healthy fatty foods, with remedies to help the body remove toxins, continuing through a 21-day low calorie diet. Extra remedies target unhealthy fat in the belly, back, hips, and thighs. Homeopathics reduce appetite, and support burning only unhealthy fat. Women often lose fifteen pounds (usually about eighty percent fat) and men twenty-plus pounds. When the fast weight loss program is completed, people transition into their metabolic type diet, learning tricks to get rid of sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Classes can look at underlying emotional reasons for overeating, using a Heart Math em wave. Wonderful technology, including live blood analysis, can see if foods are right for you. It can all be a great summer adventure. Meridian Grace and Dr. Richard Massey offer free 15-minute phone consultations, and explore the body’s love story at free talks, Saturdays, 3PM. Schedule, location: (512) 698-7009,



Mustard Bach Chronicles,

Vitamins, Herbs, Bach Remedies, Body Care Name Brands at great discounts Fast, free shipping on some orders

Part Twenty-eight Use code PKB615

for up to 10% off your first order

In the 1930’s, English physician Edward Bach created a series of thirty-six flower remedies, prepared from plants found in his native England, to address underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of physical disease. by Michael Abedin It’s a beautiful afternoon, early summer, not a cloud in the sky or a care in the world. Not too hot yet to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with some friends and family, so you’re standing around with a cold one in one hand and a burger (or the veggie equivalent) in the other. You reach for the mustard – and suddenly a black cloud descends, as if out of nowhere. An aura of gloom surrounds everyone, and…

Wait a minute.

The only one surrounded by a black cloud of gloom is you. Everyone else is fine – except for the fact they seem to be moving away from you, leaving you stuck in the swamp by yourself, and you can’t even say anything. Even if you asked for help, it feels like one of those nightmares where no one could hear you. Don’t reach for the mustard. Reach for Mustard, Edward Bach’s remedy for a sudden mood shift, one in which all the light is sucked out of the world and you’re all alone in the dark, for no good reason whatsoever. Then, bam, it’s gone, as quickly as it came. Like Sweet Chestnut and Gorse, remedies for despair and hopelessness, there may be a little soul purging going on in a Mustard episode. (Fun, huh?) Mustard, though, is specifically for a state of affairs for which there’s no explanation – nobody died, nobody said or did anything to ruin your buzz – and you can’t really communicate it to anyone or do much of anything about it. The hole’s too deep. Eating a whole jar of mustard, btw, won’t have the same effect as Bach’s homeopathically prepared Mustard remedy, which concentrates the essence of the flower before it turns to seed or fruit. (Washing it down with that cold one might seem to help, though – for a minute or two, if you’re lucky.) Michael Abedin offers instruction on flower remedy combinations. (512) 879-7299. (Information only, not intended to diagnose, blah, blah, blah…) Purchase discounted Bach products at – use code PKB615 for up to 10% off first order.



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Austin All Natural - June 2014  

Austin All Natural - June 2014

Austin All Natural - June 2014  

Austin All Natural - June 2014