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Dear Kidsville Kids,


t sure has been a great year! As school lets out and summer begins, Ronnie and I would like to take a moment to thank each of you for being a Kidsville Kid. Some of you have been with us throughout the entire school year while others have joined us more recently. Regardless, it has been an amazing journey. You have all grown to be confident and talented young performers. Not everyone can be a Kidsville Kid. You were chosen to be a part of this special group. And that’s something to be proud of. Ronnie and I both hope that your Kidsville Kids experience has inspired you to continue to explore the arts. If you are passionate about singing and dancing, you should chase your dream. Take dance or voice lessons, even acting classes. Ms. Sylvia Garcia-Rojas, Ms. Astrid Uribe and Ms. Luly Ramirez are three incredible resources. We encourage you to contact them during the summer months if you’re interested in private lessons. All of these things can help make you a better performer. It just takes work! Ronnie and I would like to also thank both Ms. Luly Ramirez, Ms. Astrid Uribe and Ms. Sylvia Garcia-Rojas for their assistance during the last session of Kidsville Kids. Their passion and expertise helped make us successful. We couldn’t have done it without them! We’d also like to thank all the parents. From driving your children to practice to your assistance backstage – you’re a big part of your child’s success.

I hope in the future, each of you will remember the songs you performed while you were a Kidsville Kid. One day, when you hear a familiar tune, you will be flooded with wonderful memories and be able to say, “I remember when I sang and danced to that!” But, most importantly, you learned how to work as a team. You supported your group members and were just as excited for their success as you were for your own. We also hope you have made many new friends. We hope this yearbook will help you remember many of the places you performed, your fellow group members and all the fun you had as a Kidsville Kid! Big hugs and kisses to you all! We wish you the best summer ever!

Instructors Ms. Luly Ramirez Vocals

Ms. Sylvia GarciaRojas Choreographer

Love, Ronnie and Gina P.S. - Please be sure to visit our sponsors of this yearbook. Without them, this book wouldn’t be possible. Let them know how much you appreciate their support of the Kidsville Kids!

Ms. Astrid UribeJauregui Production Manager

Produced by Barbera Productions for Kidsville Optimist Club of Bexar County 20079 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 1105-195 San Antonio, TX 78258 210.548.6448 • All Rights Reserved

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We Are Beary Proud Of You! Congratulations Kidsville Kids!

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Valeria Jauregui


aleria Jauregui has been a member of the Kidsville Kids since it’s beginning – nearly three years! Her time and experience with the group has allowed her to get over her fear of performing on stage. She’s also learned to work as a team while forming wonderful friendships. “Valeria has loved being a part of the Kidsville Kids,” said Astrid, Valeria’s mother. “She auditioned because she wanted to focus on performing and singing.” Valeria loves to sing, dance and act. She also takes dance classes, voice lessons, and performs with the Woodlawn Theatre and a traveling dance company. She hopes to be

Ivanna Danforth


here’s nothing that Ivanna Danforth loves to do more than sing. As a member of the Kidsville Kids, her passion has always been performing. Ivanna loves to sing, dance and act and truly enjoys being a part of the Kidsville Kids. “Kidsville Kids has helped Ivanna grow, gaining more confidence and self-esteem,” said Ivanna’s mother, Olga. “In addition to receiving the opportunity to perform in front of different audiences, Ivanna has developed even better dance and vocal skills.” Ivanna’s favorite subject in school is math. In addi-

famous one day! Her Kidsville performance from the musical Annie has been her favorite. “Valeria is a special girl because she tries to accomplish her goals by working hard and putting her whole heart into everything she does,” said Astrid. “She is very responsible and wants to help others whenever she can. We are all very proud of her.” Valeria’s hard work and dedication makes her an outstanding Kidsville Kid and a super star in the making!

tion to performing with the Kidsville Kids, she also takes ballet, jazz, tap, voice lessons and theatre. “Ivanna really enjoys singing solos during her Kidsville Kids performances because it represents a challenge to her,” added Olga. When Ivanna grows up, she’d like to be either a ballerina or a veterinarian. “Ivanna is always happy, she loves to share, and is a very patient and considerate friend and daughter,” said Olga. “She is a very sweet, talented and a lovely girl.” Ivanna’s hard work and dedication has paid off, making her a Kidsville Kid star!

Gaby Rivera


abriela Rivera has always known she loved to sing and dance, but sometimes her shyness would interfere. However, after she heard about the Kidsville Kids auditions from her mom, she knew she was ready to put that behind her. “I was very nervous, but I think everyone’s nervous when they audition for something,” said Gabriela. “But I’m so happy I did it. Since joining the Kidsville Kids, I’ve grown more confident.” Now in her second year, Gabriela is working on her high notes, setting the bar higher, and overcoming challenges.


“I worked hard on ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ and it turned out so great!” said Gabriela. “It was great to see the crowd enjoying it with me.” Gabriela’s favorites include Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Gabriela is currently taking private lessons with her singing instructor and also dances at Trilogy. “Sometimes I think about acting, I’d like to maybe do a musical one day,” Gabrield added. Gabriela is a talented and hardworking Kidsville Kid. Her star is only getting brighter!

Bethany Longmuir


ethany Longmuir, now in her second session with the Kidsville Kids, has always loved to sing. When she heard about the Kidsville Kids auditions, she couldn’t wait to try out. “I’ve always liked to sing, dance and act, and when my mom told me about the Kidsville Kids, I knew I wanted to audition,” said Bethany. “I’m always looking for new opportunities to perform.” Bethany, age 11, used to be very shy but has gained confidence and grown into a talented performer with a beautiful voice. She loves all the songs she’s been able to perform,

Emma Mason


mma Mason is a familiar face to the Kidsville Kids, a returning member, ready and revved up to perform! “I’m enjoying learning all the new songs and the solos,” said Emma. “I think I like Kidsville Kids now better than ever!” Emma has performed many times with the group and is looking forward to even more performances this school year. “To be a member of the Kidsvile Kids, you have to be prepared and ready to practice,” said Emma. “I love being a part of this group, it’s such a fun experience.”

but a few stand out favorites have been “Let It Go” from Frozen, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz, “Castle in the Cloud” and the “Kidsville Kids Theme Song.” Bethany is also looking forward to performing at Morgan’s Wonderland this spring. “The Kidsville Kids is a great group to be a part of,” added Bethany. “You can learn what songs work for your voice and perform at some really cool places.” Bethany also enjoys playing tennis and singing with her school choir in addition to the Kidsville Kids. Everyone within the Kidsville Kids family is so proud of Bethany. She is a great talent and Kidsville Kids wouldn’t be the same without her!

Emma’s favorite solo to perform is “Tomorrow” from Annie. “I just love the song,” she explained. “It’s so fun to sing and it reminds me that if I’m having a bad day, I will be okay, and the sun will always come out tomorrow.” In addition to the Kidsville Kids, Emma also plays soccer and participates with the Woodlawn Theatre. “One day, I want to be a singer and songwriter and I feel like by being a part of the Kidsville Kids, I’m building up to that dream,” concluded Emma. She is well on her way! Emma is a shining star and a wonderful member of the Kidsville Kids!

Seryna Lobo


fter a family friend saw a Kidsville Kids advertisement on Facebook, she encouraged 11-year-old Seryna to audition and the rest is Kidsville Kids history! Seryna is now a talented member of the group. She truly loves to sing more than anything. “I’ve learned more by being a part of Kidsville Kids than I have anywhere else,” said Seryna. “It’s helped me so much with my voice.” Seryna’s favorite song to perform is “Who Says” by Selena Gomez. “I can relate to that song, because I’ve been bullied too,” explained Seryna. “I really like the lyrics and the message.”

Seryna also likes performing “Grand Ole Flag” with the Kidsville Kids. “Being a part of the Kidsville Kids is just so fun,” said Seryna. “It’s a great place to start working toward your future if you want to be a singer or performer. It’s helping me pursue my dreams!” Seryna has also made connections with all the girls, meaning lots of new friends! She is a wonderful talent and addition to the Kidsville Kids!


Chidiebere (Chi-Chi) Ozigbo


hi-Chi joined Kidsville Kids last summer and has quickly become a welcome addition to the family. Chi-Chi has always enjoyed singing, ever since she was a baby, standing out during her performances and learning new songs at every turn. When she saw an ad for the Kidsville Kids, she knew she had

to join. “Since joining the Kidsville Kids, Chi-Chi has enjoyed working with the other children and experiencing different performances,” said Ijeoma, Chi-Chi’s mother. “Her favorite performance so far was at Winterfest Helotes

where she sang “Sleigh Ride.” Chi-Chi is learning how to fine tune her voice and breathing while singing. When she grows up, she’d like to be a musician. “Chi-Chi is a very determined, strong-willed, eager child who is always ready to lend a helping hand,” added Ijeoma. Chi-Chi also enjoys acting, karate, swimming and playing soccer. She plays piano and is a Girl Scout. The Kidsville Kids are very lucky to have Chi-Chi as a part of their talented group!

Cassidy Rodriguez


assidy Rodriguez is a brand new Kidsville Kid! At age 10, she decided to audition after her grandmother read about Kidsville Kids auditions in Kidsville News. “Singing is my thing,” said Cassidy. “So I couldn’t wait to audition!”Cassidy loves to sing – with the Kidsville Kids, with Selena Gomez on the radio…anywhere! Cassidy is third cousin to Selena Quintanilla -Perez. “Music runs in the family” said Cassidy. Her favorite solo performances that she’s currently working on are “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and “You’ll


Be In My Heart” from Tarzan. Cassidy will perform for the first time with the Kidville Kids at Morgan’s Wonderland this spring. She also enjoys the group performance of “Grand Ole Flag.” “I’ve worked hard to learn the dance moves and lyrics so I can be ready to perform!” said Cassidy. “I’ve also learned breathing techniques so I can be a better singer.” Cassidy is also performing in a school play this year. She looks forward to learning and growing with the Kidsville Kids and they are thrilled to have her as part of the group!












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