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BBQ Capital of Texas Texas Capitol of Championship Cookoff

June June 6 6 -- 7, 7, 2014 2014

CTR Rodeo and Music Festival June 12 - 14, 2014 A complete guide provided by the

in cooperation with the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce


Contents We l c o m e t o C T R ! . . . . . . . . . . 4 Schedule of Events.......6 The Queen’s Court........8 Visit our Vendors.........12 Lost Hope Gunfighters.13 The CTR Rodeo.............14 See the Park Grounds.16

Convenience Stores....18 Specialty Shops..........19 Local Restaurants.......22 Watermelon Thump.....24 Local Theater...............26 Historical Landmarks..28 Come Back and See Us! Upcoming Events on Page 30

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This informational booklet is published by the Lockhart Post-Register in cooperation with the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce and all of our sponsors and advertisers, with input from the City of Lockhart. The information provided is intended to be a broad overview of the events and activities Lockhart has to offer during the Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival.

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Welcome to Lockhart On behalf of the citizens of Lockhart, the Lockhart City Council is proud to welcome you to the

42nd Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo & Music Festival Councilman Dist. 1 Juan Mendoza, Councilman Dist. 2 John Castillo, Councilman Dist. 3 Benny Hilburn, Councilman Dist. 4 Richard Banks Councilman At Large Kenny Roland, Mayor Pro Tem Angie Gonzales-Sanchez Mayor Lew White

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Hemi, 4DR, Low Miles, Aggie Color, #L1928

FX2, Crew Cab, Like New, Only 24K Miles, #L1909

SXT, Like New, Only 10K Miles, #L1894

Dealerships of Inventory to Choose From 33 Dealerships of Inventory to Choose From Additional

2012 Hyundai Genesis.............................................$21,988 2012 Ford F150..............................................$27,988 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan...........................$24,988 3.8, V6, Leather, Woodgrain, Sunroof, Loaded, #L1892

FX4, Auto., Crew Cab, Only 53K Miles, #L1926

SXT, Power Doors, Stow and Go, Only 14K Miles, #L1944

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Low Miles, Dark Tinted Windows, Auto., Keyless, #L10483A

Looks and Runs Great, Only 49K Miles, #L1941

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500...............................$22,988 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.......................$29,988 2012 Chevrolet Camaro..................................$27,988 LT, Crew Cab, Runs and Drives Great, Super Clean, #L1911

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Auto., Great MPG, Keyless, Lots of Warranty, #L10535

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2013 Dodge Challenger....................................$24,988

2013 Toyota Corolla.........................................$16,988

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2011 Nissan Murano........................................$24,988

2011 Buick Enclave..........................................$25,988 Loaded, Leather, Captain Chairs, Like New, #L10534

2012 Toyota Tundra.........................................$26,988 4x4, V8, 4DR, Leather, Loaded, Only 21K Miles, #L248570A

10 100 0% % Guaranteed Credit Approval


Auto., Keyless, Pwr. Package, Only 49K Miles, #L1929

2013 Kia Soul...................................................$16,988 4DR, Auto., Pwr. Package, Awesome MPG, #L1924 204-B North Commerce Lockhart, TX

Pre-Owned of Lockhart

512-376-3300 *All vehicles +TT&L W.A.C.







Welcome to the 42nd Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival rt 14! ockha & , L 3 o 1 t e ex e 12, odeo n Jun ack the R le of all th tion o ) R idd ht b (CT para ndup we broug ark in the m urs of pre thank u o R hen rail y ho t big ty P olm T last year w e at the Ci year. Man ive a grea olunteers h s i h the her al C ou g nce ss v Annu uzzing si Rodeo is m event of ake sure y e countle d n 2 ke4 ris e th , the en b om o wee 6 e to th nty has be cond year largest tou of CTR, s d of cours w m t o g c l n e an ou the nts as We une veri hole c unty. For this CTR, all the eve TR Chairs es co k-off on J ight i w t i e v i h o t s o n T c C C nd ke k of a d Chili Co on Friday ookdwell lready ma e Rodeo a rs, all the e l e a w C c an ed th cto ses and nt that a as-siz pionship Trail Bos nd Chili by nning rd of Dire x e a e l m p T e m t a o d a a ci o int Cha s an BQ into ber B ast gone oped of Texas” r Sponsor abulous B l e reakf e v have our Cham ime. e B o f l d f a e y s t y s i o a t p rt h o th ur wb you t nate their Roundup “BBQ Ca ick-off Pa and of co al Co sday out to ay u n o n y e l K i d a a h r a a t id who holm Tr day’s then Thu wave. Fr he udes t on Saturd nd is l s e c e k n n i e s d i d e Ch We and oun men st w kend on. T with he fir ening wee oe Tourna prizes. is day the band S ain Pavili union k h T e t . e r s w o d f sh M ash en op Re by ng estern Horse and c in the llowi y for . This owed and 7 e music, a s, trophies ring the fo to dress w ction foll ano Night k on Frida u s iv u ej ar nt here with l ng for poi ontinue d our citizen wesome A s year, a T the City P urse t cal o c i c i f A t e h l lo s. O ers vy festivities encourag ation and and new t g Place a . entrie ith severa n e s i d r u a l e r p The uare. We en Coron hitheater h 0 Gat ay w ater. d Pa ith 15 mp dQue nion Gran aturd e e Sq on th rk for the jo in the A Class Reu ts for the t 10 a.m, w gain on S Amphith value for a e a a e l a t at lle oa City P atures Va g a specia ng their fl Saturday two stages urday in th your bes urt candid t s e t i n n o f n t i y a night er is offer ter decora ade, it is o o enjoy on ning on S n is alwa Queen’s C $2 discou e o i f a t b r l a tt th Cham to come Grand Pa everyone ager head at the Bu rom a CTR kend plus you into r, s e r e h s f e r t t e e o h ge s e e f t r C s a w c g Cla ng of reat music nd Roger , remembe d in advan access all dmission Roger Cre i k a e a Sp of g ate a hase t for CTR gate ilion e tons Main Pav makes up nly be purc . You get the small g urday nigh for b l l i w , o .com y at e ch at n p a h S n t h o e u a t t n t d c n 0 o i g u n s 1 n jo u bands everythi als. Button for only $ ut on the B expecting trialro ou will en m l h o e . t r c o l h d i y a l o s s n t l i W mis trus d we ce, a as we r the on fo amber offi But if you h the crow e Square k out ww ndup, and i s s i m u it th h ec odeo. ee. W the C from se ch ail Ro or at ets to the R always fr le service e, so plea isholm Tr is k h er tt on tic d parking a free shu itement h Annual C c n s d x a i n e Park ber there t all the o 42 s you t ffer! i l m e e t ’ m m n o re st ca s to o welc We ju hedule. I ockhart ha ll sc at L the fu l and all th a festiv

e e ombl W i merc k O c m E o C Be C / r of dent Presi rt Chambe ha Lock Lockhart Chamber of Commerce 631 S. Colorado Lockhart, Texas 78644 (512) 398-2818

Welcome to Lockhart! A city with a vision.... Wel Lock come bac hart’s k large to the 42 n st fes tival d annual If yo a Chish n d tou in Te u are a c ol r i s m xa h even m Trail R to tow s Champ ili or barb t! ound io e up! E golf c n… and s nship. Be cue cook veryo , ome st bri ourse then ne kn t n h try y g you will b at alr ows o e u that C r e ope ady l r han “A ga n i TR is d v The f m f e a o e t r play here! ,” bec the J sored ollowing T u a and t he sk here will use there ne 6-7 Ch eat! Y by First L Wednesd a are s b ili a t es e park ay oc ou ha will c oftball an ome grea nd Best B ven’t khart Na morning t coo d hor halle tiona from had a ks co BQ s n e g s l 6 e h B b : a o 3 CTR iscui a l e 0 l n s c k . omer , will 9 a.m The f ming t unti really CTR s rizbe ! s l you . ge quee e ’ve h erve the b , the annu n and ts going T a a e d l st ch C one o hursd o the A wb uckw f thes weso ay ni Satur agon oy Break e g m h f e r t esh o f b Auct w Thro day mor ut of reakfast ast, sponion b ith the o ugh S ning, y h e p o i n e s skil u efitti a th craft let!! ’ll ever ng Pr ning of th booth turday nig ere will b e o j h time e one c s, mu ect G t ther fo s o radua arnival, th pavil r all of th ic on two e will all k f the best e cro t ion. ion a wnin nd se e High Sc stages w inds of fa parades in g of t mily ith R e peo hool he C e n o a reuni tral T ple y ctivit ger C Our h e o o i x re e n u hav en’t s s to see o ager high s, food, ol as with ov and b istoric s ld fri quare d een i er 15 outiq l i cowb ghtin ends. naw 0 floa open ues w will b o g y S f I h a t u f t’s ju e ile! i st a g turday nig n gunfigh s. finish or tours a ll be ope on hand ood t nd yo n for for fr t h ing to s t , ! It ime t ee u b uche o sit will be s to h might wa usiness. T parking unde an er. nt see he H It’s ti r the istori d shuttle h o m w e s out a c t e f h o r C e Cla v rL nd jo rk lib aldwell C ice to the in us ockhart a r par o a ! u ry res nd th torati nty Cour k. Our sh e Ch Lew th ambe o on is W r of C doing ouse wil ps Mayo hite l omm be as we r of L erce put th ockh t o e put o art ur be st foo t forw ard! Com e

Lockhart City Hall 308 W. San Antonio St., Lockhart, Texas 78644 (512) 398-3461



Schedule of Events Cookoff Weekend – June 5 – 7 Thursday, June 5 5 p.m. - Cookers can start set-up at City Park Friday, June 6, 2014 6-9 p.m. Kick-off Party for CTR & Rodeo Sponsors at Trail Boss Pavilion 7:30 p.m. Head BBQ Cook’s meeting & meat inspection in Main Pavilion 8:30-11 p.m. Entertainment Knucklehead in Main Pavilion Saturday, June 7, 2014 10 a.m. Head Chili Cook’s Meeting in Main Pavilion 11 a.m. “BBQ Capital of Texas” Championship Noon 11th Annual Chili Cook-off Tolbert Terlingua Chili Qualifier and Pinto Bean Cook-off  Noon Turn in for Chicken 1 p.m. Horseshoe Tournament sponsored by Bruce Franks Rentals, LLC 1:30 p.m. Turn in for Ribs 2 p.m. Turn in for Chili 3 p.m. Turn in for Brisket 5:30 p.m. Awards for BBQ & Chili Cook-offs in Main Pavilion  Judging and Sampling Information We are always looking for Judges at the BBQ Cook-Off. Judging begins 10 minutes after the scheduled turn in (see time above). If you are interested in being a judge, sign up at the Trail Boss Pavilion. Based on past numbers, there are four preliminary tables, with 20 turn-ins to judge. There are two Semifinal tables with 12-15 turn-ins to sample, and one Finals table with the Top 16. Cookers will not give out samples prior to turn in times and only at the Cook’s discretion after turn in times.

Thursday, June 12 For your convenience, buses will be running beginning at 5 p.m. from the west side of the Courthouse Square to the City Park and back. Admission will be $6 from 5-11 p.m. (without CTR Button) 5 p.m. Park and Carnival Opens: Food, Arts and Crafts, Free Music, Beverages Carnival armbands are $15 each 5:30 – 7 p.m. Broken Fences (DJ Music) in Main Pavilion 7 p.m. Queen’s Coronation in Main Pavilion; Awesome Auction (silent auction) in Main Pavilion 7:30 p.m. Slack for Rodeo at Arena begins 8 p.m. Awesome Auction (live auction) in Main Pavilion Presented by Project Graduation 2015 and Lockhart Chamber of Commerce 9:30 – midnight Soundwave (live music) in the Main Pavilion Midnight Carnival Closes, Park Closes


Lockhart Chiropractic (512) 398-2143

• Neck and Back Pain Donovan Thomas, DC • No long term treatment plans 2000 W. San Antonio #3 • IN-Network Insurance Provider Lockhart, TX 78644 • Seton - BC/BS - United - Medicare • Advanced certification in Whiplash Biomechanics and Traumatology MEMBER:

For More Information Visit

Schedule of Events Friday, June 13

Saturday, June 14

For your convenience, buses will be running beginning at 5 p.m. from the west side of the Courthouse Square to the City Park and back. Admission will be $8 from 5-11 p.m. (without CTR Button)

For your convenience, buses will be running beginning at 3 p.m. from the west side of the Courthouse Square to the City Park and back. Admission $10 from 3-7 p.m. and $15 after 7 p.m. (without CTR Button) 5 p.m. Park and Carnival Opens: Food, Arts and Crafts, Free Music, 9:30 a.m. - Youth Road Race down W. San Antonio Street. Beverages 10 a.m. Grand Parade through downtown Lockhart. Carnival armbands are $20 each 3 p.m. Park Opens Food, Beverages, Arts and Craft Vendors, and Music  5-8 p.m. Jamie JG Sounds Guerra (DJ Music) in the Main Pavilion 3-6 p.m. Broken Fences (DJ Music) in the Main Pavilion 4 p.m. Carnival Open Carnival armbands are $20 each 7:30 p.m. Rodeo at Arena begins Throughout the Day 8 p.m. – Midnight Con- Gunfight Re-Enactments Featuring: Lost Hope Gunfighters junto Romo (Live Music) 6-8 p.m. Broken Arrow (Live Music) in the Main Pavilion in the Main Pavilion 7:30 p.m. Rodeo at Arena begins 8-10 p.m. The Fossils (Live Music) in the Main Pavilion 8-9:30 p.m. The Wyldz 8:15-9:15 p.m. Clay Thrash (Live Music) on the Amphitheater Stage (Live Music) on the Am- 9:45-10:45 Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles, Jr., (Live Music) on the Amphitheater Stage phitheater Stage 10 p.m.–1 a.m. Cur10 p.m. – midnight tis Clay (Live Music) Vallejo (Live Music) in the Main Pavilion on the Amphitheater 11:15 p.m.-12:45 Stage a.m. Roger Creager (Live Music) on the Midnight Carnival Amphitheater Stage Closes, Park 1 a.m. Carnival Closes Closes, Park Closes



Meet our CTR Queen’s Court Candidates Every year, some of Lockhart’s finest young ladies come together in the spirit of friendly competition and community promotion, as they raise money for the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce, and compete for scholarships, prizes, and most importantly, the crown given to the CTR Queen and to Little Miss CTR. This year’s candidates are:

Alissah said she considers herself a “fashonista” and enjoys shopping. She also enjoys dancing in several styles, from jazz to hip-hop to ballroom. Otherwise, her hobbies are centered around the medical field, and around helping other people. At her former church parish, she received a Junior Volunteer Award, for clocking more than 100 volunteer hours for the Alissah Braniff church. She has also received The sole candidate for CTR certification for CPR/First Aid Queen is Alissah Braniff. Alis- Qualification as a babysitter sah is the daughter of Dennis training graduate by the US and Jessica Spiller, of Dale. Army Garrison in Hawaii. Alissah hopes to pursue a career in the medical field, and Little Miss CTR Candidates Haylee Castillo plans to attend Baylor UniverHaylee, 10, is in the fifth sity, where she will seek a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In grade at Clear Fork Elemenher spare time, she is an assis- tary. She is the daughter of tant catechist teacher at St. Lawrence Castillo and Daisy Mary’s of the Visitation Catholic Castillo. When she grows up, she Church, and is a head cheer coach for Creedmore Coyote would like to be a designer. She is a cheerleader for the Pop Youth Football.

Warner youth football league, and she also plays softball in Lockhart Little League. She said her favorite subject in school is math. She said she thinks it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR so that she can have a new experience and represent her town.

Taylor Dredla Taylor is the daughter of Jason and Allison Dredla. She is in the second grade at Clear Fork Elementary, and she is eight years old.



512-398-6156 Metro: 512-376-1902

FARM - RANCH - HOME - LIFE AUTO - COMMERCIAL 2nd annual memorial

colton sanders Welcome to Chisholm Trail Roundup See ya at the parade! 403 S. Colorado


roping June 15th

Lockhart City Park




When she grows up, Taylor would like to be an Ag Teacher, and she said that math is her favorite subject in school. Her favorite thing to do is play with her rabbits. Taylor thinks that it will be fun to be Little Miss CTR, because people will get to know her better in the community. Jodi Davis Jodi is six years old, and in the first grade at Clear Fork Elementary. She is the daughter of Patrick and Laurie Davis. When she grows up, Jodi would like to be a first-grade teacher, so she can teach all subjects. Her favorite thing to do is ride her bike. Jodi’s favorite subject in school is math, because she likes to add. Jodi thought it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR, because she will get to ride the float and

be in parades all over the state, and Anabel Martinez. just like her big sisters did. Kylie wants to be an actress when she grows up, and her faNaomi King vorite thing to do is be a fashion Naomi is the daughter of designer. She said that her faBilly and Maribel King. She is vorite subject in school is math. 10 years old, and in the fourth Kylie wants to be Little Miss grade at Plum Creek Elemen- CTR, because she thinks it tary. would be fun to meet new When she grows up, Naomi friends, and because she loves would like to be a principal, and Lockhart. build a school for under-privileged children. She said that Victoria Morales she loves drawing and spendVictoria is the daughter of ing family time. Math is her fa- Rufus Morales and Kelsey vorite subject in school. Schawe. She is eight years old, Naomi said she thought it and in the second grade at would be fun to try out for Little Plum Creek Elementary. Miss CTR, because it is a great When she grows up, Victoria new learning experience. would like to be a dancer. She said her favorite thing to do is Kylie Martinez play tag with her friends. VictoKylie is eight years old, and ria’s favorite subjects in school in the second grade at Plum are language arts and reading, Creek Elementary School. She because she wants to be a is the granddaughter of Jesus good reader.

Welcome to the 42nd Annual chisholm trail Running short on Cash? Mosey on over roundup bbq & music to Atlas Credit We’ve got you covered!

She thinks that it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR because she will be able to be a queen, just by being herself. Leah Nicole Ovalle Leah is in the first grade at Plum Creek Elementary. She is six years old, and is the daughter of Robert Ovalle, III, and Ashley Lartay. When she grows up, Leah would like to be a nurse, so that she can help people when they are sick. She said her favorite thing to do is read, and her favorite subject in school is science. Leah said it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR because she will get to go to different towns and meet new people.


guadalajara mexican restaurant

Full Cantina Bar TIL 1 A.M. ON SATURDAYS

“Best Margaritas in Town”

Let us “float” you a loan for Chisholm Trail Roundup up to $1300*

Se Habla Español

Phone Applications Welcome

321 S. Colorado 512-398-3835 Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-5:30 Friday 8:30-6:00

Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3 - 7 p.m.

LUNCH SPECIALS STARTING AT $5.99 Monday - Saturday

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 512-398-7707 • 1710 S. Colorado


Q UEEN ’ S C OURT Ranch Style * * General Store CONTINUED

114 S. Commerce • Lockhart 512­398­4466

Like us on FACEBOOK Proudly serving Blue Bell Ice Cream, Shakes, Malts, Floats, Coca Cola, Moonshine Sweet Tea, and Community Coffee

Western Wear, Accessories, Furniture, and Home Décor!





Kaylea Plant Kaylea is eight. She is in the second grade at Plum Creek Elementary, and she is the daughter of Patrick Plant and Emily Taylor. Kaylea said her favorite subjects in school are math and reading, and her favorite thing to do is jump rope. When she grows up, Kaylea wants to be a nurse. She said she thinks it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR because she thinks it sounds interesting.

horses. She said she likes all her subjects in school, and she thinks it would be fun to be Little Miss CTR because it’s a new adventure, and she likes meeting new people and other kids.

Catherine Grace Staton Catherine is the daughter of Gerald and Shana Staton. She is in the third grade at Clear Fork Elementary, and she is eight years old. When she grows up, Catherine wants to be a veterinarian. Her favorite thing to do is ride ctr


welcomes you to Chisholm Trail Round-Up! We have a huge parade of properties Commercial, Lots, Land, Ranches, Residential, River Front, Rentals & more! Covering all of central Texas Buy, Sell, Lease! (No horse trading please!!) on the square in beautiful downtown Lockhart

110 E. Market St. - 512-376-9903 ctr



Welcome to C hisholm Trail Roundup

CHISHOLM TRAIL BAR-B-QUE “Where the locals eat!”

35 Years of “SMOKING”

Sausage • Ribs • Brisket • Fajitas • Sandwiches Barbecued Chicken • Full Salad Bar & Sides Plates • Family Packs OPEN Monday - Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. 1323 S. Colorado - Hwy. 183 • (512) 398-6027 11

Food, craft vendors add spice and sparkle to CTR Chisholm Trail Roundup is Irene De La Cruz: Fried Oreos, proud to boast one of the most Funnel Cakes sought-after vendor selections in Connie’s Kidz: Hamburgers Central Texas. Every year, as soon Arctic Chill: Funnel Cakes, as the gates close on the festival, Shaved Ice our vendors ask how soon they Thomas’ Gourmet Hotdogs: can come back; many reserve their Hotdogs spaces a year in advance. Hunter Ross: Hamburgers While you’re at City Park enjoyHeros Gyros: Gyros, Cheesesing CTR, please feel free to shop, teaks snack and support our vendor partHJF Trading: Sunglasses, neckners. lets, earrings, knives JJ & Docs Shaved Ice: Shaved Fun Flashers: Light-up toys, Ice, Foot Long Corndogs Hot Dog Corral: Hot dogs, Nachos/Frito Pie Mr. Henderson: Thai Food, Cotton Candy/Thai Chicken Huddle House: Milkshakes St. Johns Regular MBC: Hamburger, Pickles St. Johns Regular MBC/Building Fund: Chili Dog, Frito Pie Little Mac’s Smokehouse: Turkey Legs, Sausage Wraps Linda Chan’s Concession: Egg rolls, Chicken teriyaki on stick Neat BBQ: Brisket Nachos, Sliders Del’s Tacos & More: Gorditas, Fajita Tacos

neck coolers, misc. toys and novelties Kansas Rock Post Store: Handcarved stone fence posts Scentsy: Scentsy Fragrance products Capital City Airbrush: Airbrush tshirts, hats, bags Bath Planet of Central Texas: Bathroom remodels, walk-in tubs, windows, siding Amy Mason: Men and women’s fashion accessories

Mi Boutique: Jewelry, headbands, clothing, handbags, accessories The Point Archery: Archery bows and accessories: sights, whisker biscuits Renewal by Andersen: Custom windows, replacement Sonja Nabors: Hand-made jewelry, earrings, rings, etc. Brittany Brooks: Women’s blouses, dresses, pants, belts, sandals

Welcome to CTR! The Lockhart Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center acvely promotes and supports its member businesses. We are also the primary source of tourism and visitor informaon for the friendly, enterprising and historic City of Lockhart. What’s not to love about life in the “BBQ Capital of Texas!”

Enjoy your stay in Lockhart (our new hometown), and stop by and see the Lost Hope Gunfighters on Saturday afternoon! ...and don’t forget to come back and see us on the first weekend of March for the 3rd annual Texas Lone Star Grand Prix!


History comes alive with Lost Hope The Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival offers something for everyone - including those who like a little history with their entertainment. All day Saturday, take a trip back in time to Lost Hope, Texas - an Old West cattle town with a reputation for gruff gamblers, saucy showgirls and black-hearted villains as mean as gut-shot bears. Chaos reigns in the otherwise sleepy town while an over-extended City Marshall and a few kind-hearted barkeeps try to keep the peace - a mammoth task in the face of gamblers cheating at cards, showgirls stealing from poker players and various and sundry villains and drunks, cheating and stealing from everyone. Be careful in Lost Hope! Sometimes, even the innocent are caught in the crossfire as quarrels become bar brawls, and bar brawls become shootouts. The Lost Hope Gunfighters perform every one to two hours throughout Lockhart City Park. Performances start around 3 p.m. and continue until sunset.


It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! We’re not just a feed store, or western wear, hardware, housewares, lawn and garden or gifts....we’re ALL of that and MORE! CALLAHAn’S has something for everyone We know how to custom shape hats, kill fire ants, thread pipes, season cast iron. . . we’ll be glad to share that knowledge with you. Gifts for Mom, Dad, and the Kids. . . Don’t forget we also carry fresh hay & Capitol Feeds!

Celebrating Chisholm Trail Roundup June 12 - 14

501 Bastrop Highway • Austin • (512) 385-3452 • Toll Free (800) 950-8602 13

Rodeo brings country back to the Chisholm Trail After several years of absence, the Rodeo came back to the Chisholm Trail with a bang last year. The Lockhart Chamber, along with dozens of rodeo sponsors, have been proud to partner with the Diamond Cross Rodeo Company to bring a full-scale rodeo to Lockhart, with a three-year commitment for it to continue. Last year, the CTR Rodeo won the prestigious “Best New Rodeo of the Year” award from the Cowboys’ Professional Rodeo Association. The rodeo is hosted in connection with the rest of the CTR events at Lockhart City Park, and final preparations for the arena are under way. The rodeo arena will over look the pond and parking area, in the “old softball field” near the pavilion “on the hill” at Lockhart City Park. In addition to pro-rodeo events, 20 local children each on Friday and Saturday will be invited to participate in the time-honored tradition of Mutton Bustin’, with all safety gear being provided by Diamond Cross.

Mutton busters should be 8 years or under, and weigh less than 60 pounds, and registration is available online at On Thursday night, admission is free for the Slack Rodeo from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

On Friday, admission for the rodeo, which will go on from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., will be $10 at the gate, or $8 with a CTR button or Trail Boss armband. Saturday’s events will run from 7 – 9 p.m., and will also be $10 at the gate, or $8 with a button or Trail

Boss armband. For more details on the rodeo, visit, or find Diamond Cross Rodeo Company online at

Performance Collision Repair Specialist Welcome to the 42nd Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo & Music Festival 14

218 N. Main • (512) 376-2603

Welcome to the 42nd Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival Our family looks forward to serving yours.

208 S. Commerce St.


(512) 398-9644




See you at the Parade!

Forget something? Our convenience stores are here to help Corner Food Mart 531 W. San Antonio (512) 398-5200

Plum Creek Plaza 1710 S. Colorado (512) 517-5994

Fast Stop 930 S Colorado St. (512) 398-5304

Texaco South 1325 S Colorado St. (512) 398-9388

Jet Stop 1206 S Colorado St. (512) 398-3055

Murphy USA 1910 S. Colorado (512) 398-3651

Jones Food Mart 112 S. Colorado (512) 398-5058

Tiger Tote Food Stores N US183 (Lytton Springs Turnoff) (512) 398-3658 Valero Corner Store 1706 S Colorado St. (512) 398-4050 Wuest's Pic & Pac No. 6 835 S Colorado St. (512) 398-5044

New store hours: Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30; Saturday 7:30-2

Come see the Garden Center and New Gift Items! Corner of San Antonio & Cibolo St.

Lumber Number 512-398-2345

Welcome to Chisholm Trail Roundup & Rodeo

Downtown Lockhart - Since 1926 303 W. San Antonio • 512-398-3427


After Saturday’s Grand Parade, enjoy the specialty shops Downtown Anton Outfitters 7674 Camino Real Maxwell, Texas (512) 357-2352

(512) 398-3126 Buffalo Clover Flower Co., Inc. 104 E. Market St. (512) 398-5500

(512) 359-4013 Family Dollar 1118 S Colorado St. (512) 398-6020

Manny Gammage’s Texas Hatters, Inc. 911 S. Commerce St. (512) 398-4287

AT&T 1906 S. Colorado St (512) 398-3331

Calico Crossing 215 A W. Market St. (512) 398-2422

Fields Stable Antiques 118 N. Main St. (240) 210-2055

Market Street Antiques 302 W Market St (512) 668-3025

AutoZone 625 S. Colorado (512) 398-6388

Dollar General 1710 S Colorado St. #102, (512) 398-2189

Glosserman’s NAPA Auto Parts 204 N. Commerce (512) 398-4840

Talk of the Town 115 E. San Antonio (512) 668-4030

Bloomers Too Flowers and Gifts 118 S. Commerce St.

Factory Connection 1710 S. Colorado St. Suite 112

Hanson Equipment Company 1412 S. Colorado St. (512) 398-2812

Old School Leathersmith 109 W. San Antonio St. (512) 644-6264

Henslee Auto Parts 2112 S. Colorado (512) 398-2527

O’Reilly Auto Parts 617 S. Colorado (512) 398-6653

The Jewel of Lockhart 101 W. San Antonio (512) 398-9889

Parts Plus Autostore 729 S. Colorado St. (512) 398-2270

Livengood Feeds 1312 S. Colorado (512) 398-2351

Pecan Barn 404 Blackjack St. (512) 393-9894

Enjoy the 42nd Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo & BBQ Music Festival

Logos 108 N. Main Street (512) 398-4617


1206 S. Colorado St. • Lockhart

Welcome to Chisholm Trail Roundup RODEO & MUSIC FESTIVAL Ice • Beer • Sodas Everything you need in one stop


Welcome to Lockhart and the 42nd annual Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival! We look foward to seeing you! Help us protect the environment by using the recycling bins we will place throughout Lockhart City Park during CTR!


Green Group Holdings, LLC 205 S. Main St., Lockhart, Texas (706) 302-7374





Perfect Dress by Michelle 117 E. San Antonio St. (512) 376-8253

Simple Sewing Solutions LLC 111 W. San Antonio (512) 398-3930

Sol & Luna 112 N. Main St. (512) 398-3501

Westy’s Pharmacy 113 S. Main St. (512) 398-2114

Ranch Style General Store 114 S. Commerce St. (512) 398-4466

Smith Supply 1830 S. Colorado (512) 398-3785

Texana Lane at Archway Antiques 113 N Main St (512) 221-4969

Wilson-Riggin Lumber 110 Cibolo (512) 398-2345

Texas Traders Post 6259 Hwy 183 (512) 398-6966

Welcome to Chisholm trail roundup BARBARA L. MOLINA Attorney and Counselor at Law Criminal Defense Family Law • Assault • Divorce • DWI • Child Support • Drug Possession • Modification • Theft • Adoptions • Wills & Probate 1505 S. Main, Ste. 1006 • Lockhart • 376-9998

Tuttle Lumber 518 W. San Antonio St. (512) 620-0151 Vogel Furniture 117 W. Market (512) 398-2825 Walmart Store 1904 S. Colorado (512) 398-2333 Wendy R 105 N. Main St. (512) 787-6067

“Whizzerville Hall A Texas Pizza Paradise” FM 71


COUPON $1 off any LARGE PIZZA Dine in or Carry out - Good through 6/30/14

6320 FM 713 McMahan • (512) 398-4601 Summer Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays 21

Welcome to CTR & Rodeo

Local fare offers options If you’ve had your fill of “fair food,” or you want to enjoy a sitdown dinner before you dance the night away to Roger Creager, make sure to stop by and enjoy one of the dozens of eateries our community has to offer. We may be the “Barbecue Capital of Texas,” but we have varied palates, and sometimes, a good plate of pasta and a nice glass of wine is just the thing… Bella Sera Italian Restaurant 2001 S. Colorado St (512) 995-9048 Black’s Barbecue 215 N. Main (512) 398-2712 Cedar Hall 1721 S. Commerce (512) 398-2963

1009 W. San Antonio St. • Lockhart, Texas 78644 Phone: 512­376­5247 Office Hours Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM


Chicken Express 734 S. Colorado (512) 668-4661 China Palace 1710 S. Colorado (512) 398-9999

Chisholm Trail Barbecue 1323 S. Colorado (512) 398-6027 Dairy Queen of Lockhart 1125 S. Colorado (512) 376-4817 Domino’s 1304 S. Colorado (512) 398-9090 The Donut Palace 820S. Colorado (512) 398-2281 El Mana 1100 State Park Road (512) 398-3144 Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant 2001 S. Colorado (512) 398-2822 Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant 1710 S. Colorado (512) 398-7707







Golden Fried Chicken 640 S. Colorado (512) 398-4442

McDonald’s 1330 S. Colorado (512) 376-7275

Pizza Hut 610 S. Colorado (512) 398-3451

Sirloin Stockade 1420 S. Colorado (512) 398-9931

Henry’s Restaurant 215 S. Commerce (512) 398-4609

Mr. Taco 831 S. Colorado (512) 398-2704

Reyna’s Mexican Bakery 119 E. Walnut (512) 398-4146

Smitty’s Market 208 S. Commerce (512) 398-9344

Huddle House Restaurant 1801 S. Colorado (512) 398-4020

Sonic Drive-Inn 830 S. Colorado (512) 398-6240

Kreuz Market Barbecue 619 N. Colorado (512) 398-2361

Subway Sandwiches & Salads 320 S. Colorado (512) 398-3011

Little Caesar’s Pizza 1711 S. Colorado (512) 398-4400

Taco Bell 1440 S. Colorado (512) 398-5438

Lockhart Cafe 1203 S. Colorado (512) 398-6188

Whataburger 100 State Park Rd. (512) 398-4288

Mad Jack’s BBQ Shack 1134 S. Colorado St. (512) 743-1237



Featuring a complete line of: • Hardware • Plumbing • Electrical • Paint • Lumber Building materials for any sized project.

518 W. San Antonio St. (512) 620-0151 23

Come back to Caldwell County for the Watermelon Thump

Enjoy Enj joy tthe he ccountry ounntr y lifllilifeffe

RRural ural Land Land Loans Loans RResidential esidential Home Home LLoans oans

Paying tribute to the favorite fruit of summer, the community of Luling, Texas invites you to four funfilled days of watermelon mania on June 26 –29 as folks from near and far come to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Luling Watermelon Thump.

FFarm arm & Ranch Ranch Loans Loans LLivestock ivestock & EEquipment quipment LLoans oans OOperating perating CCapital apital RReal eal EEstate state AAppraisal ppraisal SServices ervices AAgribusiness gribusiness FFinancing inancing

We’re the annswwer.

LLeasing easing

Capital Farm Credit has made agricultural production, real estate and agribusiness loans for 95 years. As a cooperative, we are proud to return almost 100 percent of our net earnings back to our customers through our patronage program.

Lockhart Credit Office T E X A S




Downtown Luling puts on its festival hat as seed spitters, melon eaters and fun seekers of all ages gather to celebrate the delicious, nutritious, and auspicious watermelon. Definitely the place to be the last Thursday through Sunday of June each year, the Thump offers top rate musical entertainment, great food, fun events, a spectacular parade, unique exhibitors, and a large midway. In addition you can vie for a world record in the World Championship Seed Spitting contest, or take home a trophy in the melon eating event. A giant watermelon auction, Coronation of the Queen, rodeo, golf tourney, 5k run, street performers, music galore and lots of fun folks all can be found at the Thump. This year the Thump boasts a bevy of top notch entertainment featuring a Saturday evening concert with Bri Bagwell, Earl Thomas Conley, and Wade Bowen. Friday’s main stage event will include The Damn Quails and Kevin Fowler.



HANSON EQUIPMENT CO. FORTERRA HSX SERIES TRACTOR 98 - 137 Horsepower • Three sets of Hydraulic Remotes standard • Power Shuttle Transmission 30 Forward, 30 Reverse • Air Compressor Standard Equipment • Wide Roomy Cab • High Capacity Self Leveling Front End Loaders • 5 Year Limited Warranty with No Deductibles

“Zetors Better” Making Tractors since 1946

1412 S. Colorado • Lockhart • 512-398-2812 24

W ATERMELON T HUMP CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24 Free concerts will be provided on Thursday and Sunday, with Texas Unlimited Band taking the stage Thursday evening and Jimmy Butler and Vince Vance and the Valiants on Sunday. Other musical entertainment includes Wood & Wire, The Shiner Hobo Band, Ruby Dee & The Snake Handlers and a Saturday acoustic round table featuring a bevy of Texas Singer Songwriters. For the kids there is seed spitting, melon eating, a huge midway, giant parade, and fantastic balancing, juggling and slight of hand performed by the amazing Wade Henry. New this year will be roving performances by Washboard Willie. Also added this year is a pro Rodeo on Friday and Saturday at the Luling Fairgrounds Arena on U.S. Hwy 183 north of town. On Sunday classic car enthusiasts will showcase their rides in the Thump Car Show downtown. The Thump got its start in

1953 when community leaders wanted a venue to honor the local agricultural producers, namely tomatoes and watermelons at that time, and went to the Elementary school with a contest to name the event. The Watermelon Thump came out as the winner and folks have been thumping in Luling ever since. Now 61 years later the Thump has transformed into one of the most entertaining small town festivals in the great State of Texas. So put your watermelon duds on and join the fun at the 61st Annual Luling Watermelon Thump on June 26 - 29. Additional information can be found at or by calling (830) 875-3214 ext. 2.

Fields Stable Antiques Mall Antiques, Jewelry, Collectibles, Vintage & Furniture Open 7 Days a Week Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm Friday: 10 am - 7:30 pm Saturday: 11 am - 7 pm

118 N. Main Street

(corner of Main and Walnut)

512-398-3530 or 240-210-2055 Email:


Four Fun Filled Days Of Watermelon Mania!!! Carnival - Exhibitors’ Market Parade - Food - Beer Garden Music - Melon Eating Melon Auction - Coronation Rodeo -Car Show - Children’s Entertainment and . . . WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEED SPITTING

61st Annual

June 26th - 29th Luling, Texas

CONCERTS under the Big Pavilions

TEXAS Thursday, June 26thFree Dance UNLIMITED BAND Friday, June 27th - THE DAMN QUAILS &

KEVIN FOWLER Saturday, June 28th-




Local theater, local flair We have everything you’ll need for Chisholm Trail Weekend!

While you’re in town enjoying the Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival, take a breather one evening to add some culture to your weekend. The Gaslight-Baker Theatre company, Lockhart’s own community theater, will be hosting their summer melodrama “Because Their Hearts Were Pure,” opening Thursday, June 12.

Two worthy widows, whose livelihood depends on a coal mine that has been left to them, are subjected to a villainous banker who holds a mortgage on the mine and plans to foreclose. The lovely daughter of one widow is engaged to the son of the other. When faced with the impending foreclosure, the




512-398-2333 1904 S. Colorado Lockhart

Come join in the fun at this year’s

Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo June 12th - 14th, 2014 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

$9.00 Meal Deal Large Pizza • Crazy Bread • Crazy Sauce 2 Lt. Pepsi product 1711 S. Colorado St. 512-398-4400 26



Welcome to Lockhart


girl seeks a precarious livelihood as a schoolteacher, and the young man becomes a reluctant sailor. The banker, seeking not only to get the mine but the heroine as well, has spun a wicked web to ensnare them all. “Their Hearts Were Pure” opens with a “preview performance” on Thursday, June 12, and will continue on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. through June 28. Matinee performances will be hosted on Sunday, June 22 and Saturday, June 28 at 2 p.m. The Gaslight-Baker Theatre company, housed in the historic Baker Theater in downtown Lockhart, with a “side-stage” events center next door, is one of Lockhart’s most precious jewels. Borne from the merger of two local theatre companies the Gaslight-Baker Theatre company is proud to boast a full production season, with live performances including comedies, dramas,

melodramas and musicals, every other month, throughout the year. Even in the off months, the Baker buzzes with entertainment, as the GBT hosts youth productions, concerts, variety and vaudeville shows, magicians, and a wide variety of local entertainment, in the main theater of the beautifully restored Baker Theater, once the community’s only moving picture theater. Drawing from a vast talent pool locally, and frequented by some of the most talented actors from across Central Texas, the Gaslight Baker offers a little bit more culture in the heart of the Chisholm Trail. For more information about the Gaslight-Baker Theatre, including upcoming events and productions, audition schedules and ticket prices, visit

111 West San Antonio St. 512-398-3930 Lockhart, TX 78644

Simple Sewing Solutions

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Fabrics Notions Quilting Arts


Dr. Andrea Blythe & Dr. Rajat Diwan


49 4 9


395 39 95






2,600 2, ,600



Lockhart boasts Texas History everywhere you look! The story of historic Lockhart is an ongoing tale of human endeavor, proudly nurtured by her citizens. Lockhart warmly invites you to sample its unique brand of small town hospitality. Step back into the past as you tour beautifully preserved buildings and homes and browse the antique shops. Stay for lunch or dinner. And while you’re exploring, visit some historical sites in Lockhart and the surrounding area: Battle of Plum Creek military site Lockhart State Park and environs are believed to be located within the

battle area, but archeological surveys of that area to date have produced no conclusive material remains relating to the battlesite. There is a Historical Marker commemorating the Battle of Plum Creek in Lion’s Park, on Highway 183 across from the HEB grocery store. Andrew Lee Brock Historical Marker (402 S. Colorado St.) Tennessee native Andrew Lee Brock (1830-1904) moved to Caldwell County in 1848, and he married Rebecca Montgomery Wayland. Two years later, Rebecca’s father gave the

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Welcome to the 42nd Annual THANK THA ANK Y YOU! OU OU! Chisholm Trail Roundup (512) (5 512) 398-7261

2000 W San Saan Antonio St.#6 - Lockhart Lockhhart

couple a parcel of land on Boggy Creek as a wedding gift, and Brock built a log cabin on the site. Many of the twelve commercial buildings financed by Andrew Lee Brock remain in use today. In recent years, the Friends of the Brock Cabin have acquired funding and volunteer labor to restore this jewel in Lockhart’s history, which remains under construction at Lion’s Park, and is expected to open for public viewing later in 2014. Caldwell County Museum and Visitors Center (315 E. Market) Located in the historic Caldwell County Jail, the museum offers selfguided tours and guided tours throughout several exhibits embracing Caldwell County History. Dr. Eugene Clark Library (215 S. Main St.) Built in 1899 and dedicated on July 6, 1900, this library was financed with funds bequeathed by Dr. Clark, who was a prominent physician of Lockhart and San Antonio. It is the oldest continually-operational library in the State of Texas. Susanna Dickinson Hanning (308 W. San Antonio) At this site once stood the home of Susanna Dickinson Hannig (18141883), who came to Texas from Ten-

nessee in 1831 with her husband Almeron Dickinson. He died at the Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. Susanna, with her daughter Angelina, was among the survivors. She carried news of the Alamo’s capture to Gen. Sam Houston, commander of the Texas Army. Susanna settled in Lockhart in 1855 and bought this property. Lockhart Vocational High School/Carver High School (1104 E. Market) Now located on private property, the “Old Carver School” was a project of The Rosenwald Foundation of Chicago, which funded many African American schools in the south in the early 20th century. The school district and local African American citizens raised the majority of the funds for its completion. In 1946, the facility changed its name to G.W. Carver High School. It closed in 1964 due to school integration. This list offers only a small sampling of the dozens of historical markers and points of inerest throughout Lockhart and Caldwell County. A full list of our historical markers can be found by visiting the guardians of our history, the Caldwell County Historical Commission at

Why Great Clips? A great haircut. A great value. A great experience.

LOCKHART • Chisholm Trail 1906 S Colorado St • (In front of Walmart) • 512-359-4146 M-F 9-9 • Sat 9-6 • Sun 11-6


Welcome to the Chisholm Trail Roundup

Have a slice of life “Lockhart Style” NO Forks, NO Sauce, NO Excuses!! Located in the heart of Texas Barbecue Country 619 North Colorado Street • Lockhart 512‐398‐2361 Monday ‐ Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Sundays 29

Come back and see us! Sales • Leasing • Residential • Commercial Management Call us for all your real estate needs . . .

SLADEK REAL ESTATE 215-B W. Market St. • Lockhart

(512) 376-6900

Now that you’ve visited and had some time to explore all Lockhart has to offer, we hope that you enjoyed the Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo and Music Festival, and we want to come back and see us again. The City of Lockhart, the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce and other organizations host community events throughout the year, and we welcome you to join us. Each year on the first Saturday of March in conjunction with Texas Independence Day, the downtown Square of Lockhart becomes home to the Lone Star Grand Prix. Lockhart offers the most unique racing track for go karts that reach speeds of 100 mph. The annual Al Hopkins Tolbert Texas State Chili Championship is held the third weekend in March each year at the Lockhart City Park, 504 E. City Park Road. The cook-off is hosted by the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lockhart. The Central Texas Tolbert Chili Group sponsors more than 30 chili events all over Central Texas and Lockhart is blessed to be just one of those locations. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held the first weekend in May and host arts and crafts, food booths, and beverages with a dance each night. For more information contact the Greater Caldwell County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at (512) 398-9600.

Every year since 1992, the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce has had its annual Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza in the City Park to celebrate our Nation’s birthday. This year is no different, our celebration will be SATURDAY, JULY 5TH. Diez y Seis is a celebration held the third weekend in September or closest to the Sept. 15, with arts and crafts, food booths, and beverages with a dance each night. For more information contact the Greater Caldwell County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at (512) 398-9600. Evening with the Authors is the annual fundraiser for the Friends of the Dr. Eugene Clark Library. The event is scheduled for the first Saturday in October in Rebecca Hawener’s Enchanted Gardens. For more information call (512) 398-9707. On the first Saturday of December each year the town of Lockhart, Texas is transformed into a Dickens’ style Christmas. A fun time is always had by all who attend this grand annual event at the Dr. Eugene Clark Library and around the Downtown Square.   “A Dickens’ Christmas in Lockhart” is sponsored by the Friends of the Library, City of Lockhart, and the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce and is a holiday gift to its residents and visitors to Lockhart and Caldwell County.

Martindale Guadalupe Gas Co. We’ve passed Gas with the best of them since 1947

$2.00 OFF your next

BOTTLE FILLED with coupon 16989 San Marcos Hwy. • Martindale, TX 78655 1-512-357-6497 • 1-800-357-6490 30


Chislom Trail Roundup 2014  

Chislom Trail Roundup 2014 - Rodeo & Music Festival, June 12–14, 2014. BBQ Capital of Texas Championship Cookoff June 6–7, 2014. A complete...

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