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Greek Salad with Sardines TOP 10

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foot Greek Salad with Sardines Salud Tips para Relajarse Rápidamente TOP 10 10 Cheapest Cars to Own Fashion Girl Contest Angela The Winner of Fashion Girl Contest 2014 FASHION Fashion Girl TOP more likes! LIVING WELL The Benefits of Gardening Deuteronomy 6:4 “Israel, listen to me. The Lord is our God. The Lord is the one and only God” MONEY Setting Up Your Financial Household GENTE Salón de la Fama

Think, Believe, Dream and dare! Good people, friends, photographers, models we want to thank you for your cooperation in the Fashion Girl contest where everything was a success, there were 62 beautiful participants from more than 30 major cities of USA, we received more than 500,000 visits in the fan page, and this far exceeded our expectations ... Thanks to all the photographers and models without you none of this would be possible! We hope to see you in our next contest, send photos, comments, suggestions and do not cease to Think Big ... The sky is the limit!

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Gente linda, amigos, fotógrafos, modelos le queremos agradecer por su colaboración en el concurso Fashion Girl donde todo fue un éxito, hubieron 62 bellas participantes de mas de 30 ciudades importantes de USA, recibimos mas de 500,000 visitas en la fan page, y todo esto supero nuestra expectativas... Gracias todos los fotógrafos y modelos sin ustedes nada de esto seria posible! Los esperamos ver en el próximo concurso, envíen fotos, comentarios, sugerencias y no dejen de pensar en grande... El cielo es el limite!

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Spring 2014 Trends to Wear Now.


pring is officially less than a month away, but in most places, it’s still pretty darn cold. However, even though the weather is less than ideal, you can still test out some spring trends!

Below, we’ve rounded up three hot spring 2014 trends that you can wear right now.



Tips para la primavera - verano


os tips para la primavera verano, estรกn colmados de trajes modernos y ultra femeninos, pero por sobre todo con mucho glamour.



Greek Salad with Sardines INGREDIENTS • • • • • • • • • • • •

3 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 2 teaspoons dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 3 medium tomatoes, cut into large chunks 1 large English cucumber, cut into large chunks 1 15-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese 1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion 2 tablespoons sliced Kalamata olives 2 4-ounce cans sardines with bones, packed in olive oil or water, drained

PREPARATION Whisk lemon juice, oil, garlic, oregano and pepper in a large bowl until well combined. Add tomatoes, cucumber, chickpeas, feta, onion and olives; gently toss to combine. Divide the salad among 4 plates and top with sardines.



Tips para

Relajarse Rápidamente 1.

Desayunar avena (tiene propiedades relajantes). Se puede acompañar con fruta del tiempo y frutos secos.


Mover los labios curvándolos hacia arriba. Sí, eso. Sonreír. Ese gesto que puede parecer intrascendente transmite al cerebro un mensaje similar a: “Todo va bien.”


Antes de dormir, meter los pies en agua calentita durante cinco minutos.


Dejar de hacer varias cosas a la vez. ¿Qué es eso de planchar mientras se habla por teléfono y se vigila la comida de la cocina? De acuerdo. A veces no hay más remedio, pero hay que tratar de que sean pocas veces.

5. Respirar bien (inhalar-exhalar). Cuando se está apresurado o tenso, se retiene más el aire sin que uno se de cuenta. Eso mismo produce malestar.



Agarrar el dedo pulgar de una mano de tal forma que quede envuelto por la otra mano. Duración: de tres a cinco minutos. Después, cambiar de mano. Esta postura calma la ansiedad.


El viaje mental. (Una de mis preferidas.) Toma unos minutos para visualizarte a ti mismo sonriendo, tranquilo y cómodo en un entorno agradable.


Nissan Versa S 4dr 5-Year fuel cost: $9,048 5-Year insurance cost: $5,134 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $27,135

Ford Fiesta S 4dr 5-Year fuel cost: $8,568 5-Year insurance cost: $5,623 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $28,524

10 Cheapest

Cars to Own

Hyundai Accent GLS 4dr 5-Year fuel cost: $8,143 5-Year insurance cost: $5,145 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $27,895

Toyota Yaris L 2dr hatch

Kia Soul 4dr hatch

5-Year fuel cost: $8,306 5-Year insurance cost: $5,451 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $29,153

5-Year fuel cost: $9,146 5-Year insurance cost: $4,402 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $29,190



Kia Rio LX 4dr

Scion iQ 2dr hatch

Honda Insight 4dr hatch

5-Year fuel cost: $8,143 5-Year insurance cost: $5,445 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $29,345

5-Year fuel cost: $7,553 5-Year insurance cost: $5,461 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $29,594

5-Year fuel cost: $6,508 5-Year insurance cost: $5,487 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $29,786

Mazda2 Sport 4dr hatch 5-Year fuel cost: $8,759 5-Year insurance cost: $5,633 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $30,173

Honda Fit 4dr hatch 5-Year fuel cost: $9,361 5-Year insurance cost: $4,997 Total 5-Year ownership cost: $30,411


Fashion Girl Contest


The Winner of Fashion Girl Contest


Hi Angela! Where are you from? I was born and raised in Central Oklahoma. I grew up in Midwest City and Oklahoma City. My husband and I bought our home in Guthrie in 2003 and we love our little town.

What inspired you to do photography? Like a LOT of photographers, I fell in love with photography as a child, thumbing through each issue of National Geographic Magazine. I dreamed of someday being able to convey that kind of emotion through my own images.

When did you start doing photography? I was never able to afford to buy any kind of photography equipment when I was younger. My husband bought my first camera as an anniversary gift for me in 2009. I excitedly turned it on and took a photo and IT WAS AWFUL. I was frustrated and put it back in the box. In August of 2011, I met a group of photographers through my church that taught me how to use my camera. I learned quickly and haven’t put my camera down since. I started my business only 3 months later in November 2011.

What phrases motivate you? I want to photograph every woman that has ever looked in the mirror and not liked what she saw. I believe that EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL. My desire to show


this to my clients is what motivates me to pick up my camera.

What is your photography style? I am a contemporary glamour portrait photographer. I love to photograph girls from age 4 to 104!

What inspires you? I am inspired by the women I photograph, and especially by those who have overcome pain, addiction, trauma, and other struggles. I chose the name New Hope Studios, because of my own struggle with abuse and addiction as a child. It was that HOPE for a better life that pulled me through so many painful experiences. My own internal struggle inspires me to help other women to believe in their own beauty. Every shoot I do brings a little more healing to my spirit.

Have you done anything in the past with your talent to benefit your community? I love when I have the opportunity to give the gift of photography to people. I donate my services a few times a year. Last year I donated a shoot for OKC Youth Wrestling Foundation and took photos of all the students and their mentors. I often donate sessions for fundraisers and auctions.

Fashion Girl Contest

Did this contest benefit you in any way? Did you get any new clients? Since I am still so new to the photography industry, more than Angela Eichor anything this contest helped to validate my talent a little bit... mostly to myself. It’s encouraging that so many people supported me in this contest and like my work. Winning this contest and being published for the first time will help legitimize me as a professional in the industry.

Among your work, which one is your favorite and why? I recently did a session with my makeup artist’s 6 year old daughter. I love the emotion of her pose and her eyes just speak to me. It is one of my favorite images I’ve taken. I love to create and photograph glamor for every age.

Whose work has influenced you the most? I am most inspired by Sue Bryce and my friend Craig Lamere of Moz Studios. Sue helped me to believe in myself as an artist and to pursue the kind of photography I love to shoot. Craig is a constant source of inspiration and reminds me that I can adapt my own style to what I have learned. Angela thanks for the interview!

This is the photo that won the contest.

Angela Eichor (405) 426-0275 call or text



Fashion Girl TOP more likes!








The Benefits of


elcome to springtime! After a long and cold winter the warming temperatures and buds of green signal it is time to try something new. Why not try growing a tiny garden? 1. It’s Relaxing - multiple studies have shown the mental health benefits of gardening include reduced stress hormones, clearer thinking, and better mood after only 30 minutes. 2. It’s a Mild Form of Exercise The typical activities of gardening such as carrying, lifting, bending, and standing can burn up to 300 calories per hour. It doesn’t match more active

Gardening forms of exercise, but it’s a nice side benefit. 3. It Connects You to Nature – Gardening is so different from many of our “modern” tasks. It gives us a chance to feel the sun and fresh air. It relieves some of the “attention fatigue” we get from staring at a computer screen, tv, or video game. 4. It Encourages Creativity, Planning, and Perseverance – These are great qualities to teach your children. Creativity/ Planning: What will you plant? A flower, a bush, a vegetable? Where will you plant? In your yard, in

a pot on your patio? Perseverance: Gardening is best if you spend a few minutes each day checking the progress, pulling a weed, and checking for appropriate moisture. 5. Low Startup Cost: Most flowers or vegetable plants can be bought at Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot for less than $5. A packet of about 20 seeds is usually less than $1.50. A two-foot square of your yard is free. Don’t have a yard? Find a clean 5-gallon bucket, punch holes in the bottom, and fill it with potting soil. Add a plant and you have a nice little patio planter for less than $10. If you’ve never grown a plant before you might consider asking for tips from an experienced gardener in your neighborhood. Start with a few (2 – 6) plants, and pick easy-to-grow plants like cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, or marigolds. Happy Growing! Dr. Scott is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Norman:



Los Beneficios de la



ienvenidos a la primavera! Después de un largo y frio invierno, el calentamiento de las temperaturas y los verdes retoños nos indican que es tiempo de probar algo nuevo. ¿Por qué no intentar cultivar un pequeño jardín?

“fatiga de atención” que obtenemos al mirar fijamente a las pantallas de la computadora, el televisor, o video juego. 4. Promueve la Creatividad, Planeamiento, y la Perseverancia – Estas son grandes cualidades para enseñarle a sus hijos. La Creatividad/Planeamiento: ¿Que plantarás? ¿Una flor, un arbusto, un vegetal? ¿Dónde plantará? ¿En su patio, en una maceta? Perseverancia: La jardinería es mejor cuando se le dedica unos cuantos minutos diarios para chequear el progreso, quitar la maleza, y chequear el nivel de humedad.

1. Es Relajante – Muchos estudios han demostrado que los beneficios de la jardinería a la salud mental incluyen la disminución de las hormonas del estrés, la capacidad de pensar mas despejadamente, y un mejor humor después de tan solo 30 minutos. 2. Es Una Forma Ligera de Hacer Ejercicio – Las actividades típicas de la jardinería como llevar y traer, cargar, doblarse, y pararse pueden quemar hasta 300 calorías por hora. No se compara con otras formas mas activas de hacer ejercicio, pero es un atractivo efecto secundario.

5. Bajo Costo Inicial – La mayoría de las flores o plantas vegetales se pueden comprar en Walmart, Lowe’s, o en Home Depot por menos de $5. Un paquete de aproximadamente 20 semillas usualmente cuesta menos de $1.50. Dos pies cuadrados en su patio son gratis. ¿Que no tiene patio? Busque un balde limpio de 5 galones, hágale unos huecos por debajo, y llénelo de tierra de maceta. Añádale la planta y ya tiene usted una buena siembra de patio por menos de $10.

3. Nos Conecta a la Naturaleza – La jardinería es muy diferente a muchas de nuestras actividades “modernas”. Nos da una oportunidad de sentir el sol y el aire fresco. Alivia un poco la

Si nunca antes había cultivado un planta, podría considerar hacerle preguntas y pedir consejo de parte de un jardinero experimentado en su vecindad. Empiece con unas pocas plantas (2-6), y escoja plantas que sean fáciles de cultivar como los tomates cerezos, la albahaca, o caléndulas. Feliz Cultivo!

El Dr. Scott es un psicólogo con licencia y una práctica privada en Norman: Traducido por Yeli Scott — Servicios de Intérprete y Traducción • (405) 820-0797 21


Deuteronomy 6:4

“Israel, listen to me. The Lord is our God. The Lord is the one and only God”


n Deuteronomy 6:4 the word used here means to listen intelligently and act likewise, in other words, to listen carefully to acquire wisdom and intelligence, so to reflect these in our actions. This passage, in essence, is the call of God to live wise and intelligently for everyone. The word Listen derives from the Hebrew verb ‘Shema’ and is repeated twice here, as if to say emphatically ‘Listen, listen..’ involving urgency to act, meaning that if there is no action on our part, we have not listened yet. Thus, in this passage, the call to listen follows an exhortation to act. The same meaning is found in Psalm 143:1. The Psalmist cries unto God to listen his/her supplications. Of course, we know that God listens! However, to us it is more significant when God responds to our cries. Perhaps the same is in our human relations. Often times, parents tell their children you are not listening to me! What about adult relationships like in marriage, family, or even friends? How often in these relationships conflicts become chronic until those involved give up thinking they will never resolve their differences. Perhaps some of our conflicts with others could be resolved if we learn to listen to each other intelligently and wisely, as Deuteronomy

indicates. Often times when one expresses his/her issues, the other one is just thinking how to refute those issues. Then, what could be a good practical way to better listen? The following steps might be helpful. 1. The solution to my conflicts and misunderstandings with others can start with me. Let us ask ourselves; what is that I must stop saying and doing, as well as start doing and saying to impact those relationships positively? Let us remember that the definition of insanity is to keep doing and saying the same things and expect different results. 2. The solution to any relational conflict does not necessarily depend on the other to act according to our expectations so that we can start acting positively. Our expectations might be unjust if we learn to genuinely listen to the other. It could be that our impressions and ideas are unfounded. 3. Let’s listen with empathy, the word empathy means to identify with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another person; discerning her/his reasoning with a genuine disposition for understanding the other. Often times when we see the other person


through the lens of our thoughts and emotions, we tend to end up justifying our position, and then we are not truly listening. 4. There might be occasions in which some degree of self-denial on our part is required for the well being of the relationship. This might be the case when we realize that our thoughts and emotions are unfounded and to continue like that will never resolve anything. To exercise self-denial will help us mature and become better persons. These could be some practical suggestions for healthy living. We all strive for better lives and peaceful contact with others. As relational beings, our maturity and self-realization are intrinsically connected with the interaction with others. Proverbs 1:5 Let wise people listen and add to what they have learned. Let those who understand what is right get guidance. Rev. Victor Michel Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulos de Cristo) 2828 NW 30th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112 405-201-7247

Deuteronomio 6:4

‘Oye, Israel: el Señor nuestro Dios, uno es...’


l significado (Escuchar) en Deuteronomio 6:4 ‘Oye Israel...’ significa oír inteligentemente y actuar de la misma manera. En otras palabras; escuchar atentamente para adquirir sabiduría e inteligencia y así se refleja en nuestras acciones. Esta porción de Deuteronomio 6 es la esencia del llamado de Dios para todos a vivir sabia e inteligentemente. La palabra viene del verbo ‘Shema’ y es repetida dos veces en esta porción. Como si dijera ‘Escuchen, Escuchen...’ Expresa una cierta urgencia a actuar, de tal manera que en el significado de esta palabra, a menos que hayamos respondido en obediencia no hemos escuchado aun. Es por eso que el resto de este llamado a escuchar (Deut. 6: 3-9) le sigue una acción. La misma doble expresión de esta palabra es aplicada en Salmo 143:1 El salmista clama a Dios que escuche sus suplicas. ¡Desde luego que Dios escucha! Pero para nosotros tiene más valor cuando Dios nos responde. De la misma manera en nuestras relaciones humanas, cuantas veces le decimos a nuestros hijos; ‘¡no me estas escuchando!’. ¿Y que de las relaciones entre adultos; matrimoniales, familiares, o inclusive amistades? ¿Cuantas veces los conflictos se hacen crónicos hasta que nos damos por vencidos y pensamos que nunca se van a resolver?

Muchos de nuestros conflictos con otras personas serian resueltos si aprendemos a escucharnos unos a otros inteligentemente y con sabiduría. Muy regularmente, cuando uno expone sus razones el otro no le escucha porque solo esta pensando como refutárselas. Entonces, ¿cual seria una manera practica para escuchar mejor? Los siguientes pasos podrían ayudarnos: 1. La solución a nuestros conflictos con otras personas empiezan con uno mismo. Preguntémonos que es lo que uno debe cambiar en decir y hacer para mejorar esa relación. Recordemos que la definición de la locura es seguir diciendo y actuando de la misma manera esperando mejores resultados de los ya obtenidos. 2. Pensemos que la solución a cualquier conflicto no depende en que la otra persona actué como uno espera para que después uno empiece a actuar diferente. Nuestras expectaciones podrían ser injustas si verdaderamente le escuchamos. Podría ser que nuestras impresiones e ideas son equivocadas. 3. Seamos compasivos al escuchar. La palabra compasión significa dejarnos de nuestras ideas y sentimientos y ponernos en el lugar de la otra persona tanto como es posible. Escudriñando sus razones con una disposición


genuina de entender, las emociones y pensamientos que el conflicto le provocan. Muy por lo regular si vemos las razones de la otra persona a través del lente de nuestras emociones y pensamientos, terminamos justificando nuestras razones y entonces no estamos escuchando. 4. Habrá ocasiones en que uno tendrá que hacer ciertos sacrificios, negándose a uno mismo, por el bienestar de sus relaciones. Esto nos ayudara a madurar y ser mejores personas. Estas serian sugerencias practicas para vivir mejor, todos queremos mejorar y vivir en paz con los demás, en todo lo que de uno dependa, porque de la relaciones con otras personas depende nuestra madurez y realización personal. Proverbios 1:5 ‘El sabio oirá y crecerá en conocimiento, Y el inteligente adquirirá habilidad’


Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulos de Cristo)

2828 NW 30th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112



Setting Up Your Financial Household DO break your bad debt habits.

When the wedding is over and life together begins including your financial life. Starting a new marriage with a huge debt load can be a burden.

Considering the average consumer now carries four credit cards and $6,500 in credit card debt, starting a new marriage with a huge debt load can be burdensome.

Create a few simple plans in the beginning of your relationship.

–, viewed October 16, 2013

• Create a household budget and stick to it! • Pay down any debt accrued before you get married. • Start saving for your future together. • Plan for the unexpected.

DON’T live beyond your means. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, 40% of households simply spend more than they earn. –, viewed October 16, 2013

DO communicate honestly about your spending habits. “Research shows that money is the No. 1 reason couple fight and a main reason marriages split up. Yet most couples do not talk about money before they marry.”

As a couple, create a total financial game plan. Create a budget you can both live with.

–, March 25, 2013

DON’T abuse your credit. “56% of people have no idea that their credit score is the most important factor when applying for a mortgage, car loan and new credit cards.”, viewedOctober 17, 2013

Learn the debt dos and dont’s.



Estableciendo las Reglas Financieras de su Hogar No vivan más allá de sus recursos.

Cuando la boda ha terminado y la vida juntos empieza, incluyendo su vida financiera. Iniciando un nuevo matrimonio con una carga enorme de deudas puede ser pesado.

De acuerdo con el Banco de la Reserva Federal, el 40% de los hogares simplemente gastan más de lo que ganan. –, viewedOctober 16, 2013

Entablen unos planes simples al principio de su relación.

Comuniquense con honestidad acerca de sus hábitos de gasto.

• Crear un presupuesto familiar y adherirse a él. • Pague cualquier deuda acumulada antes de casarse. • Empiece a ahorrar para su futuro juntos. • Planifique para lo inesperado.

“Estudios muestran que el dinero es la razón no. 1 de las discusiones entre parejas y una de las razones principales de que los matrimonios se separen. Sin embargo, la mayoría de las parejas no hablan sobre finanzas antes de casarse.”

Como pareja, crear un plan financiero. Crear un presupuesto que ambos puedan convivir.

–, March 25, 2013

No abuse de su crédito.

Aprendan a que Hacer y No Hacer en la batalla de la deuda.

“56% de las personas no tienen ni idea de que su resultado de crédito es el factor más importante al solicitar una hipoteca, préstamo de auto y nuevas tarjetas de crédito.”

No traigas tus malos hábitos de deuda. Teniendo en cuenta que el promedio de consumidores tienen cuatro tarjetas de crédito y $ 6,500 en deudas, comenzando su nuevo matrimonio con una carga enorme puede ser pesado para la pareja., viewed October 17, 2013

–, viewedOctober 16, 2013



Sal贸n de la Fama







LATV OKC - CANAL 31 Modelos Hombres, Mujeres y Niños para fotos y videos comerciales.

Llama al

405-882-7175 para un video, diseño, web, magazine o televisión.



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