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Artist of the Warrior: JD Challenger



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THE SWORD OF PROSPERITY – Dr. Joe Vitale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 LEGENDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 QIGONG, YOGA, AND FREEDOM – Jeff Primack ONE-STOP SHOPPING – Robin Mayfield, DC So many holistic practitioners… so little time YOU NEVER KNOW – Daniel Barrett BE FREE – Book excerpt, Janice Carlin Empowering messages from the Light of the One A.U.T.I.S.M. – THE FREEDOM WITHIN – Sarah Emerson Freedom is an inside job. Autism can show you the way. JD CHALLENGER: Artist of the Warrior– Michael Abedin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH – Michael Abedin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Why all mercury replacement materials are not created equal DNA AND SHOELACES – Thomas Rogers, DC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 When it come to telomeres, more is better IS IT MILK? Or something in the milk? – Nerissa Oden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 THE FOX MADE OF STARDUST – Bruce P. Grether . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 UPCOMING EVENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 NATURAL RESOURCE GUIDE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 publisher/ editor Michael Abedin (512) 382-7354 Office (512) 879-7299 Mobile art director Pun Nio associate ad design Sioux Storm advertising Don Draper distribution Charles Martin Cover art: Holds the Buffalo Painting by JD Challenger Austin All Natural © 2013. All rights reserved. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate, and Austin All Natural will not be held liable for the performance of goods and services provided by advertisers or any other portion of this publication.

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SINGING BOWLS – How their song heals and educates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 DEAR ASHTARA – Ashtara Sasha White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 MY PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE DAY – HeatherAsh Amara. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

A Letter to Our Readers

History, Hunter S. Thompson once noted, gets written by the winners, so it’s usually not as simple as it seems. Neither is freedom, getting a lot of press these days since it was revealed that (hold on to your three-cornered hats on this one) our own guv’mint has been spying on U.S. – er, us – through cellphones and such. Heavens to Betsy Ross! No one would XOXOXO from Palm Springs have ever suspected such – unless, of course, you came of age in the Sixties or Seventies, when Tricky Dick caught the last chopper off the White House lawn after we figured out he was wiretapping everyone, including himself, with the help of that ol’ cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover.

Speaking of Raoul Duke…

July 18 would have been Hunter Thompson’s seventy-sixth birthday if he hadn’t decided to depart this mortal coil in 2005. In his honor, the poolside editor’s photo (Postcard to Our Readers – XOXOXO from Palm Springs) from June will run again this month. In pace requiescat, Dr. Gonzo. –Michael Abedin



of Prosperity by Dr. Joe Vitale

I’m astonished by the kinds of unusual canes people created and carried over the centuries. I thought they were just for walking. Wrong. From 1550 to 1930, everyone carried one. The most fascinating of antique canes is the gadget or systems cane, early gadgets in sticks. In the US alone, there were over 1,500 patents for functional or secret canes. These might hide weapons, like a sword or a gun, but could also be designed for a surgeon (with knives and medical instruments in the handle), a gambler (with dice inside the shaft), or drinkers (with flasks in the handle). Canes could conceal cigarettes, a pipe, smelling salts, opium, cash, coins, telescopes, microscopes, lighters, watches, barometers, fishing poles, swords, guns, or makeup. My sorcerer or hypnotist’s cane has a pendulum and candle inside, and a crystal ball on top. The Phrenology cane was a cheat-cheat for reading bumps on your head. Some antique canes were even musical instruments, with a flute, a mandolin, even a violin inside. I love creative thinking like this – talk about prosperity! Anything truly is possible!



friend said he was considering making a large purchase, but was worried about spending the money. “Do you have the money?” I asked. “Yes,” he said, “but it’ll be close. We don’t have a surplus.” “Do you want the item you’re thinking about buying?” “Absolutely!” he exclaimed. “Then you must buy it,” I declared. “I must?” “What will you be telling yourself if you don’t buy it?” I asked. “Won’t you be affirming lack and limitation? Won’t you be saying you don’t deserve what you want? Won’t you be declaring you don’t have faith in yourself, your future, or your ability to attract more money?” “I never thought of it that way.” “And what will you be declaring if you do buy the thing you want, when you have the money to buy it?” I continued. “Won’t you be declaring that you deserve it? That you live in an abundant universe? That you believe in yourself, your future, and your ability to attract even more?” I was basically giving my friend a lesson in Prosperous Purchasing, which I explain in my free e-book, Attract Money Now. In short, if you have the money, and you have the desire, then you must make the purchase.

I remind myself of this lesson all the time.

Recently I saw an antique cane sword. It’s a walking cane from the 1800s, with two hidden swords in it. I have no use for it, but I felt it was cool. I also knew it was “expensive,” as most antiques can be. I resisted buying it because of the amount and the non-utilitarian nature of it. After all, I don’t need a walking cane. And I don’t need a walking cane with two swords in it. So why buy it? But then I remembered Prosperous Purchasing. Buying the sword cane would open a portal in me to further prosperity. It wasn’t about the antique. It was about my mindset. As with my friend, I had to step in the direction of abundance, not scarcity. I had to coach myself into understanding that buying the cane – which I really wanted and have the money for – would be an affirmation of prosperity. It would, in fact, help cut through any internal blocks to attracting even more prosperity. So yes, of course, I bought it. And yes, my friend went ahead with his purchase, too. And we both elevated our vibration – which means our energy level and happiness shot upwards. That feeling alone was worth the purchasing. That feeling would help attract even more prosperity.

Let’s go a little deeper with this…

There are at least three things you need to do with money to help yourself attract even more of it: • Give it. Some call it tithing. I can’t find any exceptions to this universal truth – the more money you give away, the more money you attract. You have to be comfortable with money, of course, or you could block your receiving of it. And you have to give where you receive spiritual or inspirational nourishment. But you have to give. It’s a law. If you’re struggling with money right now, ask yourself – when was the last time you gave some away to a source that nourished you? • Invest it. Save money for something that delights you, invest it in ways that make you feel prosperous now and in the future. Some people buy stocks; I buy collectible guitars. Some people buy land; I bought an antique sword cane and an antique sorcerer’s cane. Help money help you by saving it and investing it. It’s a way to respect money. Again, if you’re struggling with money, ask yourself if you’re joyfully investing and/ or saving the money you already receive. • Spend it. Money needs to circulate in the world to do the most good for the most number of people. Spend money you have at hand (don’t go into debt) on what you truly want, with a feeling of appreciation. Arnold Patent said, “The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” I totally agree. When you pay a bill or order a product or service, feel authentic gratitude for the ability to do so. This will help you attract even more to be grateful for. If you’re having an issue with money right now, ask yourself how you feel when you spend what you have on bills, or on yourself.

And here’s the punch line to the story.

A day after I bought the double sword cane, I received a partial advance for a book deal that more than covered the purchase of the antique. Did my purchase attract the income? Yes, I believe so. What seems to happen is this – when you practice taking care of yourself, the Universe will in turn take care of you. Since we’re all one, and the “You-niverse” is really you, you’re ultimately always taking care of yourself. Think about it. Joe Vitale is a star of the hit DVD

14th AnniversAry e xhibition

DOUGHERTY ARTS CENTER July 3–31, 2013 Reception: Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 6–8


The CAS 14th Anniversary Exhibition celebrates the group’s diversity with a family-friendly exhibit including pastels, oil, watercolor, acrylics, fiber art, photography, stained glass, and more.

The Secret and author of The Attractor Factor and dozens of other best-selling books, including his latest, Faith. Hear and order his new music CD Sun Will Rise at More about Joe Vitale at

Photo by: Brian Fitzsimmons


Free July! Time to

celebrate independence. Blow something up (with fireworks, preferably). Raise the red, white, and blue, strike up La Marseillaies! Dah dum dee dum dum dum dum DUM dee dum… Beg pardon? Oh, the Fourth of July, not the Fourteenth? Stars and stripes, not the tricolor? Independence Day, not Bastille Day? Sorry. Easy mistake. Much as the French get badrapped for staying out of U.S. wars lately, they threw in their lot with the colonies in the Revolutionary War, largely because they had no amour for the Brits. They sent money, troops, supplies, ships – about thirteen billion bucks worth of aid in today’s dollars. The result? They got to watch the British surrender at Yorktown, but by 1789, that thirteen billion hit to their economy played a big part in their own revolution – so pop open a root beer or two on the Fourth of July, and maybe a bottle of bubbly on the Fourteenth.

Injun trouble. The Mohawk Nation, on the other hand, sided mostly with the redcoats, possibly thinking they’d be easier targets to shoot at later after the British got rid of some of the colonists for them. For their trouble, they got thrown under the bus (carriage, whatever) by the Limeys in the peace proceedings, an idea quickly and enthusiastically adopted by the new US of A as it headed west. In another footnote, dockside hoodlums sent by Samuel Adams to dump that infamous tea in Boston Harbor in 1773 disguised themselves as Mohawks, so maybe siding with the English was sort of their short-term revenge. (Their longterm revenge was an unfortunate hairstyle adopted by both punk rockers and Miley Cyrus, two of the biggest threats to American culture ever.) Oh, and it was that Sam Adams (“Brewer, Patriot”) who staged the little party in Boston harbor, partially because some of the taxes on East India Company tea had been lifted, lowering its price – threatening a nice little profit he and his buddies had been making selling black market Dutch tea.


With a capital T… That tea soiree wasn’t called a party at first, incidentally – it was known as the Destruction of the Tea, and wasn’t universally supported by colonists, many of whom saw it as an act of what today would be considered domestic terrorism. If you want the ultimate example of governmentsponsored terrorism against Americans, though, turn the clock ahead from 1776. The treatment of the First People of this country remains one of the most tear-stained – and blood-soaked – pages in its history. In June of 1876, about a week shy of being a century to the day after the Declaration of Independence was signed, the mystic warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse led the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne against Custer’s 7th Cavalry near a creek the Lakota called the Greasy Grass. Whites called it the Little Big Horn – the last major victory of the Plains tribes. By 1890, a Paiute prophet began teaching the People the Ghost Dance, which God had given him in a vision of peace, plenty, and the return of their brother the buffalo. In December 1890, it became a roundabout excuse for a rebuilt 7th Cavalry to massacre 153 Lakota, mostly woman and children, at Wounded Knee. If Kris Kristofferson is right and freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, Native Americans quickly became the freest people around. They never claimed to own their homelands, but were violently driven from them, decimated by disease (sometimes deliberately inflicted) and starvation. They all but lost their culture, much of it preserved in art. Some of the finest artwork depicting Native Americans is by JD Challenger, whose gift is to peer through anger and betrayal to the warrior spirit still alive in the hearts and the eyes of the People. Challenger doesn’t just depict that spirit – he resurrects it. Austin All Natural is honored to debut part of JD Challenger’s newest work, including the cover piece Holds the Buffalo – a proper image for a month dedicated to freedom, in all its complicated facets.



The Reiki of the Fire Dragon A new look at the history of Reiki and its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, with Reiki Master Teacher Michael Abedin

Everything you need to be a Reiki Master

• History and concepts of Reiki. • How to do treatments on yourself and others, in-person and long-distance. • What the Reiki symbols are, and how to use them. • Attunement to First Degree, Second Degree, and Master levels. • A powerful Journey into Mastery meditation. • How to attune others. • Reiki Master certificate, and a chart tracing your lineage from Reiki founder Mikao Usui. • An opportunity to assist in future classes to receive Reiki Master Teacher certification. • Tips on setting up a practice, or incorporating Reiki into a current practice • Introductory manual, and illustrated handbook.

Friday Aug 2

7-10pm Sat. Aug 3 10am-5pm Sun. Aug 4 10am-5pm Register by July 15 AND RECEIVE 15% OFF

(512) 879-7299

“An outstanding teacher – clear, articulate, caring,

and careful in how you help people absorb the potent information. I wouldn’t do the class with anyone else. It’s Reiki on an accelerated level of learning.”


Instructor: Michael Abedin Reiki Master Teacher (Please include phone number with email)


QIGONG, YOGA, AND FREEDOM by Jeff Primack Qigong is the art of harnessing and moving Qi – internal energy or life force – using specific breathing techniques, postures, and slow, graceful movements. Qigong breathing techniques are a natural Qi activator – a biological process, part of enlightenment. The root chakra, when activated, releases dormant kundalini energy within the nervous system up the spine, boosting your endocrine system – and longevity. Yoga practitioners sometimes ask how Qigong is different from yoga. The primary difference is that it requires slower, graceful movements to harness your electromagnetic field. Some Qigong exercises build muscle or speed, but most are a pulsation of Qi through the body – the sensation of energy, highly tangible. A few advanced systems of yoga, like Kriya, have striking similarities to Qigong in that they move energy directly. However, compared to more physical systems of yoga, Qigong has more emphasis on precise breathing techniques, smaller movements of the abdomen to circulate Qi, and more precise movements of the hands, rooting into the Earth and opening up pathways of energy.

Mountain men.

These techniques originated over three thousand years ago from mountain wanderers, people highly activated by Qi. A master known as Dr. Yan Xin was perhaps the most influential Qigong figure of all time, facilitating 30,000 person Qi lectures inside stadiums. Due to the huge collective energy, many experienced the deepest levels of Qigong within hours – and many miraculous healings were reported. Historically, Qigong went from being practiced by almost no Chinese people in the 1970s to a mind blowing two hundred million by the mid-1980s. This came to a screeching halt in 1999, when the Chinese government, for fear of an uprising, outlawed large Qigong events. Qigong is God-connecting, healing to the spirit, and unifies people, something the Chinese government isn’t supporting. America is different, and I’m proud to live where my president supports the right to gather in freedom! Hundreds moving and breathing in sync is truly vivid, allowing you to experience energy beyond what you could by yourself. Jeff Primack is the founder of Qi Activation, coming to the Houston Convention Center July 20-23. Primack and twenty-five instructors lead massive group practices, allowing participants to attend one, two, three, or four days of Qigong training for $129. Open to all – 32 CE hours available for Massage, 24 PDA hours for Acupuncture. Seating limited. Reserved tickets and info: (800) 298-8970, or



ONE-STOP SHOPPING So many holistic practitioners… so little time by Robin Mayfield, DC How often have you been frustrated when your healthcare practitioner wants you to see someone else – on the other side of town? Or in the same building, but you have to call a different person, fill out different paperwork, tell your story over and over again? Or you’ve gone to six different practitioners, each giving you a different diagnosis and a different solution – and none of them talked to each other? Poor communication means that even if one practitioner eliminates many possibilities, the next has to start from scratch! Aaargh! Setting out to change that experience, a new model was born.

The old models.

Natural medicine has never had a group model. Due to the historically rebellious nature of natural practitioners, business models were sole proprietorships. As practitioners began sharing space, it became common to find several gathered under one roof – each with a different schedule, paperwork, phone number, and method of billing.

For patients, it’s hardly convenient. For practitioners – well, with all the best intentions to support each other and discuss patient care, it just doesn’t happen. Behind closed doors, with different scheduling, they may go for weeks and never even see each other, even though they’re working in the same space full time. Discussing patients? Rarely happens – typically, a rushed conversation between appointments. Holistic? Yes. Natural? Yes. Integrated? No way. Allopathic medical models sometimes think they’re holistic – medical doctors add a massage therapist, a few multivitamins or protein drinks, maybe recommend acupuncture. Suddenly, they’re holistic. Body Mind Spirit healing models may sometimes work on the physical, emotional, or spiritual body, but not necessarily in one integrated system. Even the best practitioner doesn’t always have every solution. True healing includes everything, not just pieces – including the occasional prescription medication, when appropriate. After all, what part of holistic would you leave out?

What kind of clinic would you want to go to?

• Truly integrated. One set of paperwork, one phone number – one-stop shopping. • Truly addressing body, mind, and spirit, in one integrated location. • A place of community, education, healing, love, laughter. • Breaking all the rules. (Most healthcare rules don’t make sense anyway.) • Weekly roundtables, where practitioners discuss patient care. (Yes – practitioners who actually talk to each other!) • Practitioners who don’t have revenue quotas to meet.

Doesn’t sound so revolutionary – does it?

Our Practitioners see you just a little differently. Now accepting new patients. Austin’s largest premiere facility for comprehensive, full-service, natural, holistic healthcare. (512) 201-4042


Healthcare is slowly, ever so slowly, changing. Various integrated models will eventually become the norm – some allopathic, some natural, some a mixture. The old guard will kick and scream and threaten, because they know they’re losing their grip on the majority. Recent studies show the higher the education, the more likely a person is to use alternative natural healthcare – over seventy percent of people in the United States say they’ve used alternative healing at some point. We’re no longer the hippie weirdoes of the world. (Remember when organic foods were practically communist?) Choices Wellness is an integrated natural healthcare clinic created by Robin Mayfield, DC – chiropractor, herbalist, clinical nutritionist, acupuncturist – and Marilyn Shaw, MSW, Master NLP practitioner, Masters in Transpersonal Counseling, and leader of women’s empowerment classes combining Native American studies, Hawaiian shamanism, and NLP. (512) 201-4042,

YOU NEVER KNOW by Daniel Barrett You never know when momentum will turn. If you’re in the flow, continue to do what got you there. If life doesn’t go your way, knowing it can change at any moment can be a huge motivator. Either way, be present, calm, and clear about your intended outcome. I had a wonderful musician in the Rubicon studio recently melt down, on himself and the recording process. He described it as climbing to great heights – and making the mistake of looking down.

He got scared.

Problem? Not really. This became the exact momentum swing needed to take his album from good to great. How did we turn it into a win? • We talked through his thoughts. Sometimes you create a tight spot because you need to reflect – then operate under false premises. This works for a while, but eventually thoughts that aren’t authentic erode. We discussed success, failure, process, and other key principles in a much clearer way. • I was there for the artist, and he let himself be taken care of. Sometimes you need to scrape your knee and have someone help soothe the wound, to know you’re not alone. Whatever your endeavor, find a mentor, guide, or teacher to be there with you to lend perspective and experience. You don’t need to go it alone. • We outlined basic skills he needed to develop. Sometimes you bottom out because you have skill building to do. Do you need to sharpen practice skills? Communication? Balance? • He learned to get back up. One of my teachers told me repairing a situation is often more potent than getting it right the first time. The confidence built by doing repairs gave us a jolt of confidence. We decided there was one way this album was going – strong and beautiful. This dynamic certainty created a joy and flow that infused the next three days of work.

In a tight spot?

Great – reach out, get guidance. Allow new ideas. Assess and inventory strengths and weaknesses. Adjust. Let the confidence of your commitment drive you. Any second could be the one you break on through. Daniel Barrett is CEO and Chief Producer at Rubicon Artist Development, a world-class recording studio featuring a yearlong holistic musical development program, and co-­author, with Joe Vitale, of The Remembering Process. His band, porterdavis, won the Austin Music Award for Best Roots Rock Band.


F ree Be

Empowering Messages from the Light of the One

An exclusive excerpt from the book by Janice Carlin, channeled from The Light Of The One

There are many kinds of beings incarnated upon this Earth today. They are not as you have been told. These beings are here to help you to remember the truth only. You have been misled about their very existence as real. These beings incarnated freely, upon the will and desire to see the peace and harmony that once was returned to Earth. These beings know the truth deeply. They have access to archives of history lost from many peoples’ awareness. These archives exist beyond the realms of thought and into knowing. They are a pure remembrance of the truth. The history of humankind is not available in writing today – it does exist, however, in a deep place within the heart. We have asked Janice to start a new learning academy in which we will continuously be sharing new technologies and information for you to use to create and manifest in the highest good in your lives. This is the way we will continue

BE FREE Empowering Messages From The Light of The One

This the most powerful moment in human history The moment when humanity has the chance to save itself


A completely channeled new book from Janice Carlin, bringing new insights and wisdom to help you thrive! TOPICS INCLUDE: :::::: ::::::: ::::: :::::::: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: N:w E:::: E::::::::: P::: ::: T:x::: E:::: ::: y::: V:b::::: :::::::: E::::y S:x V:::: R:::: ::: H:::::: ::: M::::::::::: D:ff::::: B:::::, I:c::::::: ::: N::-::c:::::::, H::: :: E:::: ::: M:c: M:::... Available at or


to communicate to all who wish to listen. You deserve to be empowered now and to know the truth about your power. You are ready to learn and to explore that which has been kept from your awareness for so long. Remember that you once knew all, because you were connected to The One directly, without being incarnated as individuals or as a race of beings. You had direct access to the knowledge you needed and wanted to explore, and to learn at any time you desired. This academy is our gift to you, giving you that access to truths once again.

Multiple universes.

You cannot simply speak and ask of the universe, when there are multiple universes in existence, each holding more knowledge and light power than you can fathom. The Akashic Records are a way to gain information not available through books and records on Earth. For this, we are grateful. However, you must have ways to access more, and ways for more people to gain the knowledge. A broader bank of information must be made available. Within each race, there are records of information, but human records are incomplete regarding planet Earth and the cosmos. This is why Star Beings bring other information to you. Unfortunately, much is looked upon as science fiction. However, if you had clear access to the information, you would come to see that when you use discernment, you can know for sure what is truth and what is fiction or coercion. The peace you seek and the wellness you desire are available to you, but you must create them! You must work with the energy available to you, and gain the knowledge that you need to bring these ideas into the physical world. You have to learn how to work with that energy, which you cannot see, feel, hear or touch. You have to trust that you can do it – because you can. Janice Carlin is an intuitive channel and author who channeled and synthesized the holistic Foundations Healing System, empowering parents and children to heal themselves in gentle, powerful and honoring ways. Be Free is available at and, with more of Janice Carlin’s work, at

A.U.T.I.S.M. The Freedom Within

Freedom is an inside job. Autism can show you the way. by Sarah Emerson Traditionally, autism is a label given by the medical community to children that meet specific diagnostic criteria, based on severity of symptoms – on dysfunction. Go beyond traditional, however, and you can move into an enlightened perspective, an understanding of why autism has made such a bold appearance in the last decade. Begin by redefining the word autism into one that promotes loving energy, rather than the fear energy that currently surrounds an autism diagnosis. From an enlightened approach, think of A.U.T.I.S.M. as…

Always Understand That Inside Somebody Matters

Within each and every child with autism is a soul with a purpose, a set of gifts to share with the world. If we only see a child from the outside, focusing on symptoms, behaviors, and what’s wrong with them, we’re missing the greatest link that defines their experience here on Earth – their spiritual nature. How can you see autism through a spiritual lens? Open your heart to understanding that autism is a growing population of highly attuned spiritual children, born to serve the collective purpose and further evolve human consciousness. Autism stretches beyond medical diagnosis, and serves as a global message for change – a message to ignite the spark and inner quest for all humans to look within, discover who they are, and honor their deepest desires of selfexpression and truth. Autism requires you to step forward and change. As all of us change, we allow autism to flow into a full expression and experience of true self. Autism needs us – and we need autism.

expand the current scope of consciousness and interaction with life, offering a renewed perspective and higher connection to our inner existence.

What can you do today to help the journey?

• Close your eyes, and go within. • Find your expression of freedom. Recognize that as you discover your freedom, you’re giving autistic children the space and freedom to discover who they are on the inside. • Open your eyes and connect to your autistic child. See them for who they are on the inside, and hear the messages they wish to share with you, and the world. Remember, they’re spiritual beings having a human experience – just like you are.

Sarah Emerson is an intuitive, a yoga instructor, and a trained Speech-Language Pathologist. Information about the Enlightened Autism perspective:, or visit

Still unsure about A.U.T.I.S.M?

Here’s some good news. From this day forward, you can stop searching for an autism cure. Why? Because there is no cure for autism – autism is the cure. In order to truly help your autistic child, you need to learn to connect, love, and accept yourself, to better prepare yourself to form loving, present connections. By seeking inwardly, you begin to understand autism with more clarity. As you develop your inner connection, you open pathways to hear the subtle messages your autistic child communicates to you daily. Whether they’re verbal or non-verbal, they’re always speaking to you. Learn to let go of expectations, hopes, and desires for what you want, and instead begin to connect with who they are, right now. Let go, and let the Universe unfold the journey. Leave fear behind and open your heart to the connection that love builds as it binds and strengthens individuals, couples, families, communities, the world. Autism seeks to


JD CHALLENGER Artist of the Warrior

by Michael Abedin

Quick word association test – what’s the first image

that comes to mind when you hear the word Challenger? Boxing? Exploding space shuttle? Big ol’ Dodge V8 pony car from the Seventies? Well, then – you’re obviously not an aficionado of Native American art, or you would have conjured up an image of the First People of America, in face paint and full regalia, eyes staring at you so intensely you can feel them. JD Challenger is one of the top painters of Native Americans in the world, and once you’ve seen his work, you’ll never mistake it for any other artist’s. There are no teepees, no doe-eyed maidens, no papooses in a Challenger piece. With a few exceptions, JD paints one thing.

Warriors. The role of the warrior in everyday life has sort of fallen into disrepair in the last century or so, but the warrior has traditionally been honored in every culture, from European knighthood to the Samurai of feudal Japan. In this land, from California to the New York Island (the $24 one), the

Native Americans were among the finest warriors that ever walked the path of Spirit, the high and holy ground between heaven and Earth. They still are. Go to a powwow, and you’ll see the honor accorded to veterans – people who fought for the country that took their lands, their lifestyle, everything but what you can still see in their eyes. That’s what you see in a Challenger piece – people living on the edges of a land that was once theirs. “I paint real people,” he says, people who have become his friends – Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne. Here’s the cool part. He ain’t an Indian. “My skin may be white, but my heart’s red.” Born in Oklahoma, he allows as how he might have a bit of Cherokee in him, which stands to reason. After the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee apparently had some time on their hands – if your people come from anywhere near Oklahoma, you’ve probably got some Cherokee in the woodpile somewhere. His step-grandfather, though, was full-blood Choctaw, and that’s where Native culture rubbed off on him. “I was five, maybe six, and we’d sit under a peach tree and whittle – not really whittle anything, just


Paintings by JD Challenger p14 Top: Buffalo Body Bottom: Brings the Buffao p15: Buffalo Thunder

whittle. Anytime I smell peaches, I still remember that.” He was, he says, one of those kids that scribbled on walls. By the time he was a teenager, he was an artist and a musician, without ever having any training as either one. He moved to Taos with his wife Denise, flat broke, and started painting and selling New Mexico landscapes. He did his Native American work on the side, though, and one day he saw a re-enactment of the Ghost Dance, the last free breath of the Plains tribes that ended in the bloody snow at Wounded Knee. He knew then and there that someone had to preserve their stories, from their point of view. “Their history, not the white man’s version.” His style evolved, but he still didn’t feel right about showing or selling his work until he called a group of his Native friends together. “I told them look, guys, if you don’t want me to do this, I won’t do it.”

Messenger. They wanted him to do it. A Kiowa holy man gave him the sign he was asking for. “The creator chooses his own messengers. Your path is to tell the story of the Native people to those who do not know what has happened in the past, or what is still happening today. You make them see we are real people, and we are still here.” Now, he says, a lot of tribes send people to him – not to get a portrait done, but to show the bigger picture, as it should be. “You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.”

Challenger’s also taken a little side trip back to his other love, music, playing drums with a band he put together with some buddies. “We figured we’d play benefits for the dog rescue place, stuff like that.” They played in the town square, and 3500 people showed up. “People started asking us when the CD was coming out. One guy in the band even started wearing leather pants and sunglasses all the time.” Don’t look for JD and the Challengers in the record stores any time soon, though. He’s still dancing with who brung him. “So many wonderful things have happened, and still are. I’m in maybe thirty galleries nationwide, but that doesn’t feel as good as when I’m in a Native American home and I see one of my pieces taken from a calendar or a newspaper, thumbtacked to a wall.” His latest work, he says, is going through a change. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel guided.” If the People danced the Ghost Dance, it was said, the time would come when all the Native people would rise again, and the buffalo would return to roam the Earth. In one of the newer pieces, Brings the Buffalo, a man wearing the raven feathers of a Dog Soldier – the elite warriors of the Cheyenne – looks to the side. He’s almost smiling, almost looks as if he knows something. Maybe he sees that day coming. JD Challenger’s story and his work are at


Transcending Dentalism, Part II

DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH! Why all mercury replacement materials are not created equal

by Michael Abedin So you’ve decided to get the mix of metals and neurotoxins that make up mercury amalgam removed from your mouth. Congratulations – hopefully, you used a dental team that took every precaution to make sure it didn’t re-enter your system (or the environment). What now? What do you replace it with? The three main alternatives to mercury amalgam commonly used in dentistry are metallic alloys, composites, and ceramics. Three choices – not that difficult, you think to yourself, as you shop at the One Size Fits All Men, Women, and Children Clothing Boutique, grab a cup of the one flavor of coffee served at Starbuck’s, maybe stop for a refreshing summer treat at Amy’s Vanilla Only Ice Cream. Get the idea? You don’t want more options for a cup of coffee than for something that hangs around in your mouth for several decades – but if you think there are only three choices, think again.

More than meets the eye – or tooth.

Within those three categories are combinations ranging from dozens of different metals in alloys (not all of them good) to thousands of combinations of plastic polymers and glassy materials in composites – and your particular immune system may not be happy with some of them. Think food allergies. One person can scarf down peanut butter straight from the jar, another swells up like a blowfish if they eat something that touched something that once touched a peanut. One person’s system may be fine with a particular restoration material, another’s may not. Even though your body may not immediately identify a particular dental restoration ingredient as an invader and go on red alert, once the substance bonds itself to another molecule – say, a protein – your immune system can turn into the TSA, patting down everything in sight. Like spending billions of dollars to have some guy tell you can’t take your toothpaste on the plane, it drains a lot of resources to have


your body using nutrients and energy to wage a 24/7 war on something that it’s identified as a possible threat. Worst-case scenario? The chemical substance that started the whole reaction stays buried in your teeth most of the time, so your immune system goes nuts and goes after the protein itself – or whatever it was it first saw carrying said offending chemical substance. Next thing you know, all your cells are taking off their shoes and standing in X-ray scanners with their little arms over their heads, and your immune system is patting down old ladies in wheelchairs. Your body is attacking itself, and the end result could be autoimmune disease – the biological equivalent of overzealous security profiling.

How to keep your body from becoming the TSA.

For starters, nourish it. Give it what it needs to be healthy and strong – and don’t lay all the blame on dentists. Biocompatibility of dental materials – like the dangers of mercury amalgam to dentists, patients, and the environment – isn’t taught in dental school, and metals and other toxins are also rampant in food, water, and air. The only sure way to find out what restoration materials you’re sensitive to is to test what’s going in the mix – and before you grab your pendulum, this is one of those areas where a little science is a good thing. Serum biocompatibility testing, says Dr. Matthew Carpenter of Transcend Dental Health, is the recommended way to find out which materials range from least to most likely to cause a reaction. (He uses only the least reactive materials, lessening the chance of immunologic reaction or systemic inflammation.) Your best bet? Repair existing decay with safe, biocompatible materials, keep from dealing with restoration material by not having decay, and consider the fact that it’s possible to remineralize tooth enamel and prevent – maybe even reverse – decay, using the correct diet and fat-soluble vitamins. Transcend Dental Health, with Dr. Matt Carpenter and Melissa Russ, ND, offers a full range of holistic dentistry and supportive natural healthcare, including serum compatibility testing and fat-soluble vitamin supplementation. 7215 Wyoming Springs, Bldg. 3, Ste. 800, in Round Rock. (512) 255-3618

DNA and Shoelaces When it comes to your telomeres, more is better

by Thomas Rogers, DC Telomeres and telomerase – these are the new buzzwords in anti-aging research. Telomeres are protective ends of your DNA that work like the little plastic ends of your shoelaces that hold the threads together, so they don’t unravel and become unusable. Telomerase is like the glue or plastic that can repair your shoelace ends – an enzyme that allows your DNA’s telomeres to repair themselves and adds bases back on your telomeres. Here’s what you need to know about telomeres: • At your body’s conception, your DNA’s telomeres had 15,000 bases on each end – but every time your cells divide, your telomeres lose bases. • By the time you’re born, there are 10,000 bases, since your cells divide rapidly during gestation. • Cellular death occurs at around 5,000 bases.

On the clock.

At 5,000 bases, your telomeres are too short, your DNA “frays” and becomes unstable, and your cells can no longer replicate. As you get closer and closer to the 5K mark, you usually experience the results of short telomeres – diminished health, and the full-blown acceleration of symptoms associated with aging. Scientists discovered this “aging time clock” over fifty years ago, but the ability to do anything about it wasn’t possible – until recently. In 1997 a team of scientists led by Bill Andrews, PhD., identified the gene, dormant in most cells, that turns on the DNA’s ability to produce telomerase. Several years later, his research team discovered eight synthetic chemical compounds that induced telomerase in human skin cells. Harvard Medical School actually used these chemicals to reverse aging in mice. Human application of the compounds wasn’t possible because the chemicals were toxic to humans, but the research contributed to a 2009 Nobel Prize for colleagues of Dr. Andrews for their work – How Chromosomes are Protected by Telomeres and the Enzyme Telomerase. Further research and testing by Dr. Andrews’ team, and collaboration with nutraceutical formulator John Anderson, showed that naturally derived botanical compounds could induce telomerase in human skin cells, and inferred that all cells react similarly, throughout body tissues. Youthful aging is possible – and naturally derived, food-based ingredients can help protect DNA telomeres, allowing the body to heal and protect itself.

Bad things happen.

Almost all degenerative diseases can be linked to short telomeres. As Bill Andrews explains, “The science of human aging is simple – we age because our cells divide and our telomeres get shorter, and bad things happen when telomeres get short.” The huge body of published research on telomeres

shows that decreased stress, regular exercise, and proper nutrition also protects them. The opportunity for youthful aging is at our fingertips, and we have the blueprint to help us age gracefully, maintain and improve mobility and mental acuity, and ward off symptoms associated with aging. Thomas Rogers, DC is an Austin chiropractor with over twentyfive years of practice and nutritional counseling. He believes the all-natural supplement created by Bill Andrews, PhD. and master formulator John Anderson – Product B, The Antioxidant Plus Telomere Support – is an integral part of aging gracefully, and a game changer in the nutritional field that can potentially help the body reverse symptoms of aging. To hear a recorded message (4.5 minutes) with more information, call (800) 871-3554. To contact Thomas Rogers, DC call (512)-292-7789, or visit

Make Aging a Thing of the Past!

Product B

~ a  natural  su

With Ingr Prove rotect our DNA  Telomeres.

At birt ac elomeres (protective nd-caps)  had  10,000  bases. Everytime telomere s aging  begins.  At  5000,   DNA  integrity  is  lost,  the  cell  dies.

Start Protecting Your Telomeres Now! Call 512-­292-­7789 visit 17

by Nerissa Oden Rhianna avoided all dairy products for over a decade because they made her sick – and ironically, she ended up marrying a dairy farmer. That’s when she discovered that raw milk didn’t make her sick like the processed milk did. Due to her discovery, their Mill-King Market and Creamery changed the way it processed its milk, and ended up producing a much higher quality and lower allergen product. What did they change? Mill-King uses a low-temperature pasteurization process that preserves most of the healthy enzymes that can aid digestion. They don’t homogenize their milk, as homogenization breaks up the large fat globules into tiny pieces that can escape the gut of some people and enter their bloodstream. And all their milk is additive, preservative, and hormone free. Demand for Mill-King milk has skyrocketed.

Would you care for a little rBGH and aspartame in your milk?

Do people who can consume highly processed milk and milk products need to worry abut anything other than the milk itself? Maybe. Even people who can easily digest hightemperature pasteurized milk may still have a sensitivity to what’s in the milk. • Casein, for example, is the natural protein found in mammal milks that triggers an immune reaction in some people. • Lactose is a milk sugar that some people find hard to digest without the help of an enzyme aid. • Some milks still contain a genetically modified growth hormone called rBGH, and antibiotics given to cows can show up in their milk. Both could produce an immune reaction in some people. • Additives are found in flavored milks and milk drinks, and can include corn, chemical sweeteners, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. All of these can trigger an immune reaction and physical symptoms in people allergic or sensitive to any of them. If you suspect milk products are getting you down, consider getting tested for food sensitivities to find out for sure whether it’s the milk – or something in the milk. Nerissa Oden is a citizen advocate for knowing your unique individual food sensitivities via laboratory testing. Annual testing from one of a variety of sources can be an important aspect of individual wellness. Testing options, testimonials, and FAQS are available on her website,


The Fox Made of Stardust Photo: Thomas E. Manes

by Bruce P. Grether I look out the back window to check if the bird feeder needs more sunflower seeds. Something subtle turns its head and looks toward the house. It’s an exquisite little mammal – a gray fox! This special visitor from the woods lifts his snout and sniffs, looks about, and his huge ears swivel. Happily, I’m indoors behind a reflection, high up, so I won’t startle this elegant wild canine. After a while he gets up and trots away, that fluid catlike movement so unlike a domesticated dog, the huge plume of tail afloat in perfect balance behind him. How perfectly his soft grays and browns blend with the light and shade!

Something deeper.

There’s something more to this than just the delight of spotting a wild creature near my house. It’s something to do with the matter of which both the fox and I are composed, a kind of inner sparkle I can feel, and also sense in the fox. Foxes have always been special to humans – delicate things, yet sly and crafty predators and elusive prey themselves. In folklore they’re tricky beings, even extremely powerful spirits, as in Chinese tradition. Despite being so much smaller than a wolf, the fox can seriously challenge people who keep fowl or other small animals as food or as pets. My take on my visitor is a sense of kinship. I admire how he survives in the increasingly developed Hill Country. His special nature as a camouflaged being seems like a message. His cunning is to remain unobtrusive and observe keenly. His camouflaged nature teaches Oneness, as figure and ground merge. Like me, the fox is about ninety percent stardust. The complex atoms of stardust make life on Earth possible, and inform it with coherence. This recognition can be felt as “like attracts like.” We share stardust heritage with all terrestrial creatures and plants, all life, even the planet itself. As fossil fuel culture and warlike behavior endangers everyone, it’s crucial to see through separation and feel the truth of Oneness. Because I am stardust, I recognize the fox as stardust. That’s enough for me. Bruce P. Grether is a many times published novelist, Wizard, and regular Austin All Natural contributor, and offers personal consultations, online and in-person, via A.E.S.O. Learn more at


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s st

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SINGING BOWLS How their song heals – and educates The Nepali village of Khandbari is about forty-five miles southeast of Mount Everest, across the Himalayas from Tibet. The people of Khandbari still use traditional methods of healing – herbalists, monks, shamans striking bells, gongs, and drums. One tradition, however, has been dying out, says Suren Shrestha, author of How to Heal with Singing Bowls: Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods. “The use of singing bowls in Nepal for healing is a dying art. Only a handful of people in Katmandu and near the border of Tibet have been using them.” Suren was born in Khandbari, and returned to Nepal to learn the ancient art of the singing bowls from Tibetan monks and a yogi, after getting a college degree in the US and starting a business. Singing bowls use the power and vibration of sound, rippling like water to harmonize your own vibrational frequencies. “Seventy percent of the human body is made up of water, so when you strike a singing bowl next to your body, the vibration makes a mandala – a pattern – in your body, which is healing and relaxing. Many Reiki Masters, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and crystal healers start their sessions with bowls.” Suren learned from his teacher that it’s unimportant how old a bowl is, or if it’s made from five metals or seven, or how it’s made – what’s important is intention. “You can work perfectly well with machine-made bowls, as long as you send healing intention.”

Returning the gift.

Eastern Nepal has very low literacy rates and large numbers of orphaned children. In 2007, Suren and his wife Ruby worked with the people of Khandbari to create the Aama Orphanage Education Foundation (AOEF), a not-forprofit, non-government, community organization providing education to financially disadvantaged orphans, giving priority to girls. He donates all profits from his book, and a large part of proceeds from healing workshops, towards creating and maintaining a boarding school and orphanage in Khandbari. “Once you’ve received the gift of healing, nurture and develop it. Make it more. Finally, pass it on by offering a gift to others. When you give a gift to others, you receive healing.” Suren Shrestha presents a Singing Bowls workshop at Nature’s Treasures, July 26-28, with proceeds going to the Aama Orphanage Education Foundation (AOEF). Information and registration: (512) 369-2104,


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Dear Ashtara:

Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers Dear Ashtara, I am desperate about the situation between myself and my 18-year-old daughter and her dad. I feel misunderstood, like I’m not able to get through their opinions. This is destroying my life and ruining my relationship with my daughter. Lydia, 61, Austin, TX Dear Lydia, It looks like your situation is curable whenever you make up your mind to shift certain things. Remember the old saying, “If we want people to change, change ourselves first.” Another way we have been taught is, “The only person we can change is ourselves.” Not that you’re not loving and sincere, or they aren’t. Your daughter wants to be “heard and approved of”. Therefore, when you two are speaking, try not to say anything until she’s completely finished. At that time, say something sentimental or approving (even if you do not approve). She will melt before your very eyes. Try it three times even if it’s on the phone. As far as her dad, what he needs is your enthusiastic attitude that you used to have and he’ll come full circle. You can do it – and remember, “don’t worry, be happy” could be your motto. Your ascended master is Sananda. Your guardian angel is Gabriel.

Dear Ashtara, I’ve been told that I’m an Earth angel, a healer and a ‘Mary’. What is my life’s purpose? Michelle, 54, San Antonio, TX


Dear Michelle, Angel you are! When you were born, Archangel Michael birthed you from his grid. Raphael came in next and then Mother Mary, who placed a capstone in your brainwave which states that you’re to be a lawyer, which is your life purpose. To be an artist is your destiny. It’s never too late. It looks like you need to take some pancreatic enzymes before eating, for a year or more. You can get them at the health food store. Your angel is Michael. Your

high teacher is Melchizedek. You are from the Order of Melchizedek who happened to announce to God and His A-Team that there should be Metaphysics and Spirituality added to Earth’s Atmosphere. Congratulations for who you are in the Light.

Dear Ashtara, I’ve been in a rocky relationship. I’ve recently chosen to embrace ‘our relationship’ instead of fueling ‘the argument’ and we are happier. Can we still be one of those happily married couples? Lisa, 32, Austin, TX Dear Lisa, Too much water under the bridge has happened. He is not as romantic as he was. Would you want to go through the rest of your life without romance? And, can you find romance again? Yes, four times over. Let yourself be your best judge and jury. For when you say to him, “I love you”, you don’t really mean it entirely. When he hears you say it, he doesn’t feel like responding like he used to. Mainly, the two of you have grown apart. He, on the other hand, would have you till death do you part. However, it’s you who has gone astray. Again, let your heart be the judge. Your angel is Melchizedek and your high teacher is God, Himself. Stay tuned and your teacher will instruct to your next step.

Private Sessions can be scheduled (in person or phone) that include psychic, medical, profound healings, questions answered and more. Ashtara/ Sasha is a gifted psychic, healer and channel from the Ascended Masters/Archangels. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Current Healing Master Teacher, mystic, speaker, and minister. Join her group on the 2nd Thursday of each month. See her events at www. Call (512) 278-0559 or email to submit your question for ‘Dear Ashtara’ (10 to 20 words) with name, age, city and state.

My Personal Independence Day by HeatherAsh Amara Last year was a pivot point that showed me what commitment to self means. The same week my book on change, The Toltec Path of Transformation, was published, my beloved husband, teaching partner, and business partner moved out, headed for Colorado. I felt like someone handed me a beautiful 147-page baby after months of hard labor, then chopped off both my legs – and I didn’t know how to stop the bleeding. Luckily, the book I’d just written was the perfect guide to how to transform. I’d written the perfect book at the perfect time – I just didn’t realize I’d written it for myself. A week or so after my husband left I stood sobbing in my kitchen, missing my friend and lover. The house felt empty, as if all comfort and joy had drained from it. I vacillated between numb, desert island shock and drowning, oceanic grief. Suddenly my mind cleared, and a point of clarity arose like a star on the horizon. Somehow I was able to let go of the stories and sadness, and bring full attention to this simple question.

What did I miss about Raven?

I internally scrolled through countless images and feelings – ten years living, teaching, and working together. I was grieving his quiet, calm love and presence. And here’s where I made a new commitment to myself. I saw I could spend years trying to figure out what I did wrong or could have done differently, longing for something no longer present. As waves of grief threatened to engulf me again, I took my power back. “Okay, sweetie,” I said out loud, “What are you going to do to bring what you’re missing – quiet, calm, love – into this space? How can you create that for yourself?” As I looked around my house, I smiled. I knew it was time to stop looking outside myself, and commit to cultivating what I was craving. Over the next six months I externally cleared clutter and rearranged furniture, internally slowed down, began meditating, and practiced being more calmly loving to myself and others. I also did a lot more grieving, had some spectacular emotional meltdowns, and struggled with self-worth and faith. When you commit to yourself, things don’t necessarily suddenly change for the better on the outside. You don’t get to bypass emotions, get a free all-problems-go-away-instantly pass, or magically change into the perfect person you’ve been judging yourself for not being. But each time you re-commit to your self in this moment, everything begins to change on the inside. You begin a process of realigning yourself to your authentic, joyful power, holding yourself in a new sacred way. You step into your own independence and freedom. And that’s something to celebrate! Excerpted from the upcoming book Toltec Wisdom for Women (February 2014) by HeatherAsh Amara, founder of Toci, the Toltec Center of Creative Intent, and author of The Toltec Path of Transformation. Summer events:







zza Fantasy and Pi erous? Is Magic Dang Helpers Mother’s Little


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