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Yes, there’s a gay agenda... By Kate Messer

Guess Who?

How do these locals identify? Play along and match the identity to the person. Photos by Devaki Knowles


Fort Elaine


2012 Austin Pride

Community bastion and AIDS activist Elaine Holton opens the gates and invites us in Interview by Kate X Messer

Full event listings and parade map By Rob Cohen, Maggie McDonald, Kate X Messer, and Liz Williams


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StartOut comes to Austin to consider opening a chapter. By Tyler Pratt

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Time Is Not Money

The Creative Class and the Gay Dollar By Andy Campbell

Pink Dollar Hollar

How the conerns of the creative class shake out in Austin. By Brandon Watson

Friends & Family

A list of essential LGBTQ-friendly businesses and concerns in the gAyTX By Rob Cohen, Kate X Messer and Tyler Pratt

Guess Who? Answers

Take our quiz and see how you did!









You Bet We Have an Agenda Welcome to the conversation! The most heated topics in the current American cultural conversation are related to the economy and to the LGBT community. The results of these conversations will have direct impact on the lives of LGBT Americans (Hello, national elections!). The so-called “gay dollar” in Austin, Texas boasts an annual price tag of approximately $3 billion*. That’s about the same size as the average City of Austin annual budget. And that dollar is as diverse as it would be in any other segment of society. Whether it comes from the local musician moonlighting behind the coffee counter to make ends meet, a middle manager paying dues to the LGBT employees group of a corporate giant, or an entrepreneur ditching the 9-5 to launch their dream, that’s a lot of money muscle. You’ve heard of the “gay agenda”? You bet we have one. Welcome to The Agenda, a brand new, Austin-based, quarterly issued LGBT magazine focused on the “gay agenda” of economic equality. In this first-of-its-kind partnership between an LGBT chamber (the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and local media outlet (The Austin Chronicle), The Agenda aims to inject interesting, informative, and relevant content into this culture conversation. Editorial content shoots “straight” from the vibrant heart of the alternative newsweekly model combined with the muscle, resource, and community outreach of a nonprofit chamber of commerce. Our goals are to dig past assumptions, poke conversations, and bridge the gaps between business, consumer, and community advocacy. And if we can help educate our members and supporters how to leverage the power of that “gay dollar” everyone’s talking about, well that’s just dandy. We hope you enjoy our magazine and become part of the conversation. Kate X Messer | The Agenda Editor-in-chief

*based on data from Community Marketing Inc. and Witeck-Combs Communications

The Agenda is published quarterly by the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with The Austin Chronicle and is financed entirely by the support from the membership of the chamber.

Any advice or opinions provided herein are for informational purposes only.

The views and opinions expressed in The Agenda and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC), nor its officers or board of directors, nor The Austin Chronicle.


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Remember that old kids’ board game Guess Who? Where you had to guess an identity based on a panel of faces? Well, identity politics aside, it’s always interesting to see how people self-ID, and especially folks who consider themselves part of the LGBTQ continuum. How do you ID? How do you see yourself? What do you disclose? Are you a secret gender agent?


e asked each of these friends to state five ways in which they identify. photos by Devaki Knowles

VICTORIA 22, Nanny

PATRICIA 46, ASA Accountant

M th ASHTON 26, Q Austin, ASA, Steel Vaginas


GREG 32, community leader

w th pe

JACOB & DANIEL 28 & 30, administrative assistant & grad student

ALTHEA 23, student

OMAR 31, activist

M the ID


with the person!

A) hyperconsensual, radical, linguistic-erotic, femme, dyke B) straight, ally, crazy, anarchist, modulated C) lesbian, androg, dyke, cyclist, woman D) radical, lesbian, feminist, cats, activist E) creative, people-sexual, geek, compassionate, dog-lover F) scientific, progressive, technocrat, geek, poly G) committed, parents, freaky-spiritual, queer, artists H) gay, Asian, dog lover, wannabe World-traveller, hopeless romantic I) nerdy, generous, sincere, searcher, delightful J) spontaneous, outgoing, caring, sarcastic, smart K) good communicators, adventurous, gay, family, lovers L) funny, adventurous, dedicated, easy-going, dependable M) blessed, compassionate, integrity, spiritual, advocate N) quiet, compassionate, dedicated, spiritual, quirky O) Latin@, West Coaster, veteran, fluent Spanish speaker, versatile P) good person, outgoing, open-minded, get along with everybody, modest


ROGER 64, The Care Communities

LIBBY 70, non-profit activist

CAREY 30, Occupy Austin

BOB 50+, engineer CHASE 38, factotum

MUGZY 23, Lezride


XANDER 36, musician and UT staffer

ABE 36, writer

KIRK & CARRIE 40 & 36, playright & poet

See page 29 for answers!



Fort Elaine

Community bastion and AIDS activist Elaine Holton opens the gates a By Kate X Messer | Photos by Devaki Knowles

ESH: These


ESH: I’m b Texas this li kids t this g of Ben to fit i every


ESH: My m there


She’s so passionate about her work that it competes for first impressions with her infectious grin and smoky tones. Elaine Holton, volunteer outreach coordinator for Project Transitions and decade veteran of HIV/AIDS case work, is everywhere – one of those ubiquitous Austin gays who feels comfortable to be around even when you haven’t yet met her. There’s hardly a queer subculture or LGBT funtion that she hasn’t cracked into.

Kate X Messer: You’re the black who?

Elaine and I have been colloquially acquainted through the Austin gay “scene” for not as long as either of us would have imagined, considering our jobs. Just a handful of months, really. But whenever we get together, words flow. So I wanted to commit some of her’s to paper.

ESH: OK, I’m confused when it comes to sexual identity and what all the acronyms mean. And I feel bad being a woman, a gay woman of color – like I should know all of this stuff. I try to support and encourage, but it’s very challenging for me.

The setting is her kitchen. It’s 8am, and we are making breakfast.


Elaine S. Holton: The black Martha Stewart. Have you seen my gadget drawer? My kitchen utensils? It’s very exciting for me to walk through Target or Bed Bath & Beyond and to buy a utensil with a purpose. Like muddling. KXM: The “black Martha Stewart?” Really? That’s funny, because I wanted to dip a bit into identity politics. Let’s talk ID.

[She pauses.] You need a chopstick to shove that through the funnel… I’m a gay Asian. KXM: Where’s your chopstick?

ESH: get m girls w moth Hispa sexua this o the bi was c first g this ro

KXM your fi

ESH: And s me la ing st

KXM lars a

ESH: to do?


ns the gates and invites us in ESH: It’s the universal tool for getting shit… These are the chopsticks I got from my mother. KXM: Yes, but how do you identify? ESH: I struggle with identity. I think because I’m biracial and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. It was really difficult to figure out where this little Blasian girl would fit in. The other kids that lived in the cul-de-sac – it was just this great mix. We were like the United Colors of Benetton on that street. As a kid, you want to fit in as much as possible. Just do what everyone else is doing; just fit in. KXM: What did you do to fit in Elaine? ESH: I just did what all the other girls did. I joined. My mother put me in dance. And of course there were no brown girls in my ballet class. KXM: You were a joiner, just like you are now.

d to ng.

ESH: I was a joiner. I felt like, well, this will get me by. I will blend. I always hung around girls who were like me – parents were biracial, mother was Asian, father was either black, Hispanic, or white. And that was when – well, sexuality-wise… At the age of 10 or 11, this girl, this one particular girl, I remember just having the biggest crush on her. She looked like me. I was completely smitten with her. She was the first girl I fell in love with. I am going down this road, aren’t I?

y? t into

KXM: Yes, you are. So go with it: When was your first girl crush?

art. chen

xual nd I or – pport me.


ESH: Elaina. She was a beautiful black girl. And she would sit in front of me and just make me laugh. From that point on I remember being starry eyed and following her around. KXM: Did she make you feel like a million dollars and a $3 bill… le sigh? ESH: It was like: Ok, Elaina, what do you want to do? What should we do on the playground?

KXM: It’s not mixing. ESH: We could use the blender. So we kinda went on a tangent: Elaina was my first girl crush. But my first sexual experience was at one of these Mahjong parties. Our mothers would host Mahjong parties at different houses. I would hang out with these girls who were gorgeous and biracial like me. And it was always like: Let’s build a fort and play a game! KXM: A fort! Tell me about the fort! And tell me about the game! ESH: We’d be in a secret space. It’s covered; we got TV; I can get snacks. It was this magical world, kind of out-of-sight out-of-mind. Like we could do what ever we wanted. I was always the instigator. KXM: I can’t even imagine. ESH: I’m like the Quagmire. KXM: You’re like the what? ESH: Quagmire from Family Guy. Any time he gets a woman in his house, he pushes buttons and beds fall out the walls. I was this dirty little girl. I would take any opportunity I could to explore my sexuality. Let’s do it! Who wants to play? KXM: I’m on a mission! ESH: I have limited time, because they are only playing Mahjong for 12 hours! KXM: Wow. [laughter] ESH: There was this pressure of trying to figure out who I was. That was… Oh, it was such a mind fuck. I feel bad that I curse a lot. So yeah, that was a constant struggle, growing up. Being comfortable with my race – biracial. Then being comfortable with my sexuality – gay.


KXM: Gay or bisexual?

and s this. I discov doing excha to kno popul menta comp tal – Y use a yours

ESH: I’m gay. I grew up with: you are gay. I never heard “lesbian.” I didn’t have resources. There was no OutYouth. The was no ALLGO. KXM: Did you feel like you had any support? ESH: Trevor, who was gay. He introduced me to the Bonham [the Bonham Exchange, the tri-level gay bar tucked behind the Alamo in San Antonio]. Let’s go to these gay bars and sneak around! I remember being so terrified. What am I supposed to do? I thought there was some protocol. Even as I got older, when I was in the closet, I’d go out to gay bars and be so awkward – not wanting to give women eye contact… No, no, she’ll know!


ESH: now, My cl out: I mysel aries

KXM: God forbid. ESH: I was terrified. Sneaking around, trying to absorb any information. Is this what gay people do? Really, it just was sad. I think about how liberating it is for kids now. Coming out, to me, meant getting to a place where I was comfortable with myself, my sexuality. To say, yes, I am gay – and a woman of color. “Gay woman of color” is my soapbox. I feel I have to be front and center as a person of color. It’s a responsibility. I’ve always rooted for the underdog. Was that advocate or that voice. I remember when I was a kid, I always used to get in fights for that. KXM: Fights? Me, too. Were you scrappy? ESH: Yeah, I was. I would push girls, shake the shit out of them. You’re gonna pick on my friend Chris? I wanted to find my voice and use it for good. KXM: Then you got married. How old were you? ESH: I was 20. It was what I was supposed to do. I always followed the rules, I didn’t rock the boat. Or if I did, it was always behind closed doors. KXM: Or forts. ESH: Or forts, exactly! I always created my own little forts everywhere. With my marriage, it was creating another fort and having [a baby,] Sophia. That is when I really started to find my voice. He was in the military. So there was this expectation of being seen but not heard. I don’t know why, but I had this “a-ha!” moment, as a woman who really wanted to express herself, because it’s so drastic in the military. You can’t fraternize


with this group of individuals. The childcare system on military bases was this monopoly, and they raised baby sitting fees. It wasn’t fair, so I had a dinner party and started a petition. – and it went up to the colonel. That is where I started to find my voice. All right, next question, I felt like I beat that one before I even answered it. KXM: How did you get involved with HIV/ AIDS work? ESH: I’ve worked in the field of HIV and AIDS for nine years, in direct care as a case manager. Currently I’m at Project Transitions as the volunteer outreach coordinator. I like face-to-face time. But I got burned out from direct care, as most people do. Still wanting to be connected, I moved into development, volunteer outreach, media. It’s easy to talk about something you’re passionate about. KXM: How did burn-out set in? ESH: I started as a volunteer at the Wright House Wellness Center. I’d just gotten divorced and moved back to Texas at the ripe old age of 26, with a toddler. I didn’t know anything about HIV and AIDS. Volunteering for the Wright House, I became really fascinated with polydiagnoses – people who are HIV positive who are also struggling with mental illness

A lot o clinic That i trusti es. I w and w reduc peopl not en

KXM: someb pened using

ESH: more and w were


are oly, fair, ion. eI tion, I ed it.


AIDS nas e m to be nteer ething

and substance abuse issues. I wasn’t aware of this. It was such an eye-opener. From there I discovered the C.A.R.E. program. They were doing so really progressive stuff with needle exchange; I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to know how we can support this specific population that had these three issues, HIV, mental health, and substance use – from a compassionate place. But I was quite judgmental – You need to stop using; if you would just use a condom then you wouldn’t be putting yourself at risk! KXM: You were trying to change behaviors? ESH: I didn’t understand at that age, as I do now, that change doesn’t happen overnight. My clients didn’t have a voice. As for my burn out: I was fascinated about this field but kept myself in this little box. It’s hard to set boundaries while you are in the thick of things. A lot of the stuff that I was learning in these clinical sessions could apply to my own life. That is when I started to branch out and began trusting myself and trying different approaches. I was on the board of needle exchange and was introduced to the method of harm reduction, which I personally believe in. Some people have the belief that it is enabling. It’s not enabling; it’s making someone safe. KXM: Right. Well that’s the thing, when you see somebody in crisis, when a car wreck has happened, you don’t start lecturing the person about using their turn signal. You go into triage mode. ESH: Exactly. This was the point I became more compassionate and patient with myself and with my clients. The tools that I learned were patience and compassion. KXM: Umhmm, OK, so back to the original

question: How do you ID? Five words… ESH: Can I give, like, three? Funny… proactive… KXM: Keep going… attractive, hysterical? ESH: I am hilarious. It’s hard to describe myself. It used to be worse. This is what you’ve got to deal with, sorry. KXM: Bring it back to the fort. ESH: I am kind. I am compassionate… KXM: That’s not what you are in the fort. Are you assertive? ESH: Yes, I’m assertive. Thanks, Kate. I am assertive. I am. I’m assertive back in the fort. KXM: There’s a lovely lady at a function you’re at, where you’re being assertive, hilarious, and proactive… ESH: And charming. KXM: And charming.What is something you want her to know that would get her in that fort? EH: My work. How I am involved in the community, with the youth. KXM: That’s going to get her into the fort? ESH: [laughter] I don’t know. KXM: I’ve never seen you retreat from a conversation. It’s funny, because you are able to talk about it in the past tense. ESH: I know, but present, it’s like: Ooh, what do I want them to know? KXM: What do you want them to know? ESH: You build a fort.


ripe w anyfor ted posilness


2012 AusTiN P PRE-PRIDE • WEDNESDAY • DYKES ON BIKES RIDER SEARCH Dykes on trikes! Dykes on bikes! Dykes we like! Email Toby to get your motor runnin’ in this year’s Pride Parade.,

PRIDE FLASH MOB Let’s show Austin what we’re all about with this spontaneous show of pride during Pride. Keep your clothes on though, it ain’t that kind of flashing. Send an email with full name. Rain on 4th, 217 W. Fourth, 494-1150. WWalker07@

LIZZY CAROLOKE Tippin’: Not just something done to cows. We also do it to our KJ at our fave queer dive bar. Wednesdays, 8pm-12mid. Bernadette’s, 2039 Airport. Free. QUEER RIDE Weekly ride for Qs and supporters. BYO pals, helmets, lights, locks, IDs, and $. Wednesdays, 7pm. Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress, 305-8400. Free. facebook. com/AustinTPH.

STANLEY ROY’S SHOW & TELL No, baby, it’s not a fannnnnntasy, it’s real, live performance arts and antics with a li’l open mic thrown in for good measure. Wed., Sept. 19, 8pm. Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1104 E. Sixth, 431-2133. OFFICIAL ADAM ANT AFTERPARTY Join Return to Planet 9 and DJ Roger Wilson. Wed., Sept. 19, 10pm-2am. Beauty Ballroom, 2015 Riverside, 391-1943. $5 or free with wristband/ ticket stub from the Adam Ant show at Emo’s or from the Blondie/Devo show the night before at Stubbs.


STARTOUT COMES TO TOWN The The StartOut event “The Entrepreneurial Journey from Founding to Exit and Beyond” in conjunction with the AGLCC is an exciting possible new chapter for entrepreneurs. Thu., Sept. 20. Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, 701 E. 11th, 478-1111, 404-6942., STEAK NIGHT at a gay bar? Why, that’s as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Thursdays, 6-8pm. Town N Country, 1502 W. Ben White, 445-9122. $8 for full meal. BEDPOST CONFESSIONS SECOND ANNIVERSARY This month: Bret Beene, Irwin Tang, cellist Jen Mulhern, Andy Campbell, Sophia Agapedis, the hilarious F*Bomb, and Sara and Karen with their twisted Star Trek slashy situations. Plus giveaways from Package Menswear (we smell target marketing!). Thu., Sept. 20, 8-10:30pm. ND at 501 Studios, 501 N. I-35, 485-3001. $10. WAY GAY SING-ALONG In celebration of Pride Week, the Alamo gays it up even more than usual with Madonna, Britney, Wham!, Scissor Sisters, Queen, Mika, and mo’. Thu., Sept. 20, 10:15pm. Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz, 320 E. Sixth, 476-1320. $12. gay/austin.

• FRIDAY • OUTLANDER ON KOOP Austin community radio queers your ear with some fab live music and the bands that make it. Fridays, noon-1pm. KOOP Radio 91.7FM. FAB FRIDAYS It’s totally fabulous when $2 gets you your wells and domestics. Oh, Oilcan’s, we love when you keep it real (and real cheap!). Fridays, 2-9pm. Oilcan Harry’s, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823.

HOOK’D Lauren YellaStud and Demetrius Campbell present Dee Jay Munk-in-the-Mix spinnin’ this urban LGBT night in the Highland/ Lincoln area. Thursdays, 10pm. Club Ambitious, 6700 Middle Fiskville, 832/878-4527. Free before 11pm.

VIOLET CROWN COTILLION Shine up that crown and get down in support of the Wright House Wellness Center. Food, silent auction, live music, and more in store. Fri., Sept. 21, 5-9pm. Rusty’s, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. Free.,

QUEERDALINI YOGA Kundalini in a safe environment, for those who’d prefer to focus on chi rather than he or she. Thursdays, 7-8:15pm. Soma Vida, 1210 Rosewood, 628-1580. Donations.

BEAUTIFUL GIVING Check out some local art and let your unicorn horn of plenty overflow for a good cause. When you buy a piece of art through Generous Art, a nonprofit of your choice receives 40% of the price. Fri., Sept. 21, 6-9pm. PageSoutherland-


Listings by Kate X Messer, Rob Cohen, and Liz Williams

Page, 400 W Cesar Chavez, Ste 500. Free. beautiful-giving-at-pagesoutherlandpage,

PAUSE POSE DISCOMPOSE: EMILY ROYSDON OPENING RECEPTION Explore the static, ecstatic, and everything in between with Emily’s multidisciplinary explorations of movement. Curated by the “Gay Place”’s very own Andy Campbell. Fri., Sept. 21, 6-8pm. Visual Arts Center, 23rd and Trinity. emilyroysdon. com,

GOOD EVENING, AMERICA: AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH CHLOE Join Chloe Sevigny’s number one impersonator for a night of skewering Hollywood pretension. Fri., Sept. 21, 8pm. Spider House 29th Street Ballroom, 2906 Fruth, 480-9562.

$20; $1


GENDE PRIDE and da tin’s ho better Lipstic 2950. F


JAKE A TION! U Simone are inv rimony 405 E.

MAGIC party lik transgr win a pr Bar, 24 $10, rea

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ob Cohen, and Liz Williams.

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N LOE one ewerSept. reet 62.

OUTLANDER FALL MUSIC FEST Check out the best of local LGBT music with this free weekend-long showcase featuring God-Des & She, Patrice Pike, More Cowbell, Grrlz Will Be Boiz, and more. Sat.-Sun., Sept. 22-23, 9pm. Lipstick24, 606 E. Seventh, 474-2950. Free, 21+ only.

PRIDE PROPER • SATURDAY • 5K RAINBOW RUN Burn some calories and stick around for the glitter party at the end of the rainbow. Sat., Sept. 22, 9-11am. South First Bridge, 468-8113. $25 online registration., austinpride. org/#!events, austin-pride-2012-rainbow-run-5k.

AUSTIN PRIDE FESTIVAL 21st anniversary celebration! Benefiting AIDS Services of Austin, OutYouth, TENT, EqualityTexas. We declare! It smells like Peaches... and Lady Bunny... and Stacey Q... and La Bouche... and Shannon... and Nicky da B... and Chad Michaels… and more! Sat., Sept. 22, 11am-6pm. Fiesta Gardens, 2100 Jesse E. Segovia, 512-4688113. $20 (cash only). austinpride. org/#!events, austinpride2012.

$20; $15 advance. therawkshow.

GENDER BENDERS UNOFFICIAL PRIDE KICK OFF Sashay, shantay, and dance the night away with Austin’s hottest queer hip-hop duo. You better werk! Fri., Sept. 21, 9pm-2am. Lipstick24, 606 E. Seventh, 4742950. Free, 21+ only. genderbenders.

JAKE AND SIMONE: OUR CELEBRATION! United Court hotties Jake and Simone are getting hitched and you are invited to celebrate their matrimony. Fri., Sept. 21, 9pm. Rusty’s, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. MAGICAL REALNESS There ain’t no party like a Mouthfeel partay. Dress to transgress, twirl that dress, and maybe win a prize. Fri., Sept. 21, 9pm. Frontier Bar, 2421 Webberville Rd., 243-7153. $10, real you, $5, unreal you.

AUSTIN PRIDE PARADE Are you rolling in this year’s Pride Parade? Or have you planned out your good seat. Pride has taken back the night and this one promises to be the biggest and baddest-ass ever, rolling South from the Capitol, down Congress, and through the Warehouse District, with performances along the way! See you in the line-up. Sat., Sept. 22, 8pm. Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress, 468-8113. president@,

BOOTY-SHAKIN’ IN THE STREETS Shake your hot potato and with New Orleans sissy bounce beast Nicky Da B. Sat., Sept. 22, 8:15-10pm. Congress Avenue. FALL OUT Hey queers! Don your gear and gay apparel with Austin’s kinky elite. Sat., Sept. 22, 9pm. The Iron Bear, 121 W. Eighth. Free.


PRIDE BRUNCH In the fine drag brunch tradition, Kelly Kline hostesses. Sun., Sept. 23, 11am. Bar Louie, 123 W. Sixth.


12 WAYS TO END THE WORLD Allyson Garro – Austin’s bewigged Busby Berkeley – curates the end of the world as we know it. For those familiar with her previous brilliance in 12 Dangerous Women, Cherchez la Femme, and Beautiful Monsters will know not to miss this wig/ fashion/performance spectacular. Chris Lane returns as your ridiculous host. And this shizz sells out, so get on it. Tue., Sept. 25, 8pm. ND at 501 Studios, 501 N. I-35, 485-3001. $10 advance at Coco Coquette. $15 day of show. AIDS WALK AUSTIN Our march for love hits a 25-year stride this year. Sign up to walk now and start your fundraising early. Sun., Oct. 21, Opening Ceremonies, 1:30pm; Step-off, 2pm. Austin City Hall, 301 W. Second, 406-6157. Free. scott., CAPITAL CITY MEN’S CHORUS GALA The CCMC boys say, “Let us ‘Peel You a Grape’” at this fall fundraiser and season 24 kickoff. Enjoy food, wine, elegance, a silent auction, and of course, some tender tenors and booming baritones as you dine. Sat., Sep. 29, 6:45pm. Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway, 477-7464. $45. marketing@ccmcaustin.


OY YOGA It’s Jewish with a queer bent or queer with a Jewish bent, either way, you won’t get bent, you’ll get strrrrrretched into some fabulousness, three times a week. Pick your power: Night Light (Sunday 8pm) or Morning Hatha Flow (Friday 10am). Soma Vida, 1210 Rosewood, 628-1580. PROPOSE A TOAST(MASTER) Our local gay chamber of commerce is home to one of the country’s fastest growing LGBT Toastmaster groups. Come finesse your public speaking and communication skills. Second and fourth Mondays, 6pm. Rusty’s, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. toastmasters.

…listings courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Gay Place, an LGBTQ info column, listings, and blog each week in The Austin Chronicle and online daily at Map by Maggie McDonald


A Bigger Piece of the


National LGBT business nonprofit StartOut comes to town by Tyler Pratt

“We want to create a structure of support for people who want to start and grow businesses in the LGBT community,” says Lorenzo Thione, University of Texas graduate and co-founder of StartOut, a non-profit organization based out of San Francisco and New York that is devoted to fostering LGBT entrepreneurship. “We want to create a framework for people to come out and be visible in their community as leaders of businesses and startups.” StartOut arrives in Austin this month to host “The Entrepreneurial Journey from Founding to Exit and Beyond,” a program offering a national panel of top LGBT entrepreneurs and a chance for Austinites to pick the brains of these visiting business success stories. Not only will the evening be an opportunity for locals to network with some successful LGBT impresarios, but it will shine a light on Central Texas as a fertile ground for LGBT enterprise: StartOut is considering opening its next chapter in Austin. Shortly after Texas Ex Thione sold his own start-up (the natural language search engine Powerset to Microsoft in 2008), and after relocating to the bi-coasts of New York and San Francisco, it became clear to him and his colleagues that these cities lacked networks of like-minded LGBT business mavericks. StartOut was born. The group now has thousands of members and holds frequent functions in both cities, including panels, speaker series, networking events, and the Lesbian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program. “Mentorship is a big part of what StartOut does, and it’s personally a big part of what I’ve wanted to do, to give back,” says Thione. “So much of what I’ve been able to do has been thanks to great mentors that I’ve had and great people that I’ve been able to learn from.” So, why Austin? Austin already has the Austin


Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC) to help foster businesses in the Austin LGBT community. The AGLCC provides a variety of programming, from education to LGBT certification from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber. But what happens when a business wants to go national, or even international, in scale? This is where StartOut comes in. “StartOut offers unique opportunities for Central Texas LGBT businesses with highgrowth potential, by providing access to education, mentorship, and funding on a higher level,” says Jimmy Flannigan, Vice President of the AGLCC. “We’re talking about creating some influential businesses for our community.” Most venture funding happens outside Austin, says Flannigan. “If StartOut can help develop just one high-growth Austin LGBT business, that’s millions of dollars brought into our local economy.” ”The City of Austin recently presented to the AGLCC that 80 percent of all businesses in Austin have 20 employees or less – 80 percent!” exclaims Flannigan. “People in Austin start businesses.” “Austin is a hotbed of entrepreneurialism,” says Tina Cannon, founder and CEO of and fellow Austinite. “The AGLCC does an amazing job of helping small to mid-size businesses, but we have no specific accelerator, incubator, or mentorship program geared toward scalable gay-owned businesses – like a Twitter or Facebook – that go beyond the walls of an actual, physical building.” Working with the AGLCC, StartOut claims it can take those businesses and connect them with national and international resources and funds essential to reaching that high-growth stage. “LGBT entrepreneurs face unique challenges entering those worlds,” says Flannigan. “The resources that are available on a national level are not always LGBT-friendly. StartOut can help identify resources that are.”


Ausdes n to & en


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Cannon, a panelist at StartOut’s upcoming September event, cites a unique problem for lesbian entrepreneurs. “Nationally, women receive seven percent of all [entrepreneurial] funding in the United States, annually. So when you add another component to that, of being a lesbian, that seven percent becomes even smaller.”

neurs, and volunteers are working overtime to get the Austin LGBT community involved with StartOut. “I hope that the September 20 event has enough of a grand reception by the Austin community to support having an Austin-based chapter,“ says Cannon. “It would be great for Austin to be in that same category as the Bay Area and New York.”

That small slice of the entrepreneurial pie may Flannigan is on board too, emphasizbe the very incentive for ing that while funding may reside in Austin LGBT business major finance metropolises like San people to seek out reFrancisco and New York, Austin is sources available through where a lot of the talent lives. “It’s up StartOut. However, Lorenzo Thione, StartOut to Austin and the AGLCC to prove StartOut’s move to Austin that you don’t have to be next-door is not official yet. The September event is neighbors with the money to have a great the first opportunity for the group to gauge idea.” interest and opportunities in Austin. “We will hold an event in Austin to see the response,” says Thione. “If there is great enthusiasm, we will look at expanding our board, starting a chapter, and hopefully involving a lot of people in the growing nature of StartOut as a more nationally present organization.” Needless to say, the AGLCC, local entrepre-

The StartOut event, “The Entrepreneurial Journey from Founding to Exit and Beyond” takes place September 20 at the Austin Sheraton, 701 E. 11th. A hosted bar will be provided to attendees, 5:456:45pm at the hotel’s Capitol View Terrace. The program will begin promptly at 7pm in Salon E. Networking and cash bar will follow. For more information and tickets, see

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Time Is Not Money

The Creative Class and the Gay Dollar by Andy Campbell Here´s a fact: I´m not getting paid for this piece of writing. I am a horse´s hair away from having my Ph.D. in hand, and, lest you think this concerns my own poor self-worth (a distinct possibility), I write for free because of something summarily larger than my price-per-word. It may sound saccharine, or, in light of the previous two sentences, somewhat sarcastic, but I write for free because… I care. And I also write for free because I wish to make an important intervention in the cloud of ideas surrounding that ubiquitous phrase, “The Gay Dollar,” which, intentionally or not, courts the idea that LGBTQ empowerment occurs through economics and capital and not through political dissent, manifesting sexuality, grassroots organizing, consciousness-raising, being arrested for love or desire, understanding at-risk groups, and educating our young and old alike. I concede the gay dollar is a thing in the world (it´s why I´m not eating at Chick-fil-A these days… or really, ever again) and that it may matter somewhat, but less than other things that matter more to me.

I am part of what economists like to call the “creative class.” Or at least I am until I get that tenured teaching position – which is looking more and more like a pipe-dream of academia past, as colleges and Universities hire swathes of per-course adjunct faculty members that don´t have to be granted benefits or livable wages. There´s a common adage in business, oftrepeated in movie scenes taking place in corporate boardrooms: “Time is money.” For us creative classers, our time is often seen by those outside of creative fields as not requiring payment. We are asked again and again to perform, shoot, write, and play for free. What´s an independent contractor to do? But who are these creative classers? I asked a musician, a photographer, and a performer to share their perspective: Vince Pierce, a harpist and current MFA student at the University of Texas; Devaki Knowles, photographer and owner of Fun Loving Photos, photo-booth and photography studio; and Paul Soileau, well-known for his drag (terrorist) personae, the sweet and affable drunkard Rebecca Havemeyer, and dirty filthy Christeene Vale. As you´ll see, these people are not just creative classers, dedicated to their art, but business people too. And while the almighty dollar doesn´t proscribe what they do – getting paid matters, just like any service rendered in this economy.


Photo by Devaki Knowles

Beyond the random production of The Fantastiks, which often requires a harp, a harpist’s bread and butter is weddings. While I haven´t been asked to do weddings


for free, many other harpists have. People are willing to spend huge budgets on flowers and a wedding dress and then have the gall to complain about paying a person to perform. There are real expenses that I forego when I agree to do something for free. I give some people reduced rates because I want to gift them a part of what I do. It may be beneficial to me because I create relationships I hope to sustain, and so it´s worth the effort. If something serves a community, then I´ll do that for free. A community requires participation and my services help to sustain communities. Business people often cut corners to save money, and creative people don´t get that gay dollar. If the same businesses paid in full for creative services, then creative people might truly become part of this economy in a way that is self-empowering and satisfying.

DEVAKI KNOWLES PHOTOGRAPHER, FUN LOVING PHOTOS: When I moved here during SXSW 2010, I was so excited to meet other people like me who wanted to throw crazy, fun parties. That´s how I ended up doing photobooths, and at first, those were absolutely free. Almost immediately that work got me attention and people started booking me. I thought, “Hey! This gets my name out there.” I was meeting 300 potential clients per night. It was worth it at first, but after a while... it wasn´t. I never do photobooths for free any more. It´s the equivalent of running a photography marathon. You wouldn´t ask a plumber to fix your sink for free. I offer non-profits and charities a discount. Often, I meet great clients who will pay for my services later. I´ll trade and barter. Bartering is awesome – if it´s something you´d use and otherwise spend money on, then go for it! I once bartered a guy who was a sword swallower for some taxidermy.


PAUL SOILEAU REBECCA HAVEMEYER, CHRISTEENE: After three years of doing shows for free, something had to change. With recognition came requests for free performances. At first I was happy to oblige: Can you do a drag performance during the day in a parking lot? Sure! Didn´t get paid a dime, had the time of my life. But the work that was going into purchasing makeup pantyhose, eyelashes – it´s expensive! I had to look at what I do as a business, and make people realize they´re profiting off my talents. Testimonials came out from all the years I did it for free, and these people would vouch for the kinds of services I could provide an event. I will do events for free or for a discounted rate, but a lot of what goes into that decision is personal. I do a lot of research: what is the particular organization? What am I raising money for? How small and how in-need is this organization? Have I worked with these people before? Can we barter? A usually charge a smaller fee for poorer organizations. As an artist living in a small community, I´ve learned to listen to my gut and make the right decision about that.

• There are some salient features to Vince, Devaki, and Paul´s stories. All describe the sensation of being involved in a larger community, an awareness of what their art does for non-profits and charities. When they work for free they don´t think about the money-that-could-have-been, but rather about the activities of community building,

exchanging in a gift-economy, and an attempt to quantify love and affect. So maybe you should book these guys. And maybe you should pay them what they ask. And maybe I won´t write another article for free.



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Pink Dollar Hollar

How the concerns of the creative class and LGBT shake out in Austin, Texas by Brandon Watson

Absent from these recommendations is clear support for Austin´s bars and clubs. Bars and clubs have traditionally been integral to LGBT communities and play a pivotal supporting role to a city´s artists. Smaller venues give performance space to less established acts and frequently serve doubleduty as gallery space for unrepresented artists. They also generate a lot of noise, putting them at odds with neighbors – as seen with the recent sound permit fracas over queer-friendly venue Cheer Up Charlie’s.

Despite conventional wisdom, there is little evidence that the LGBT community has higher than average incomes. Nationwide studies do, however, consistently show that LGBT individuals spend a higher percentage of income on entertainment and the arts. Witeck Communications, one of the nation´s largest marketing and PR firms focused on the LGBT community, estimates that the $790 billion of the so-called “pink dollar” will be spent on culture in 2012. Cities looking to court strong LGBT communities often find that the first step is to attract a thriving creative class. Photo by Devaki Knowles However, the LGBT community has an uneasy relationship with a city´s artists and performers. Gays and lesbians are often the first wave in neighborhood gentrification, as seen in Houston´s Montrose area or San Francisco´s Portero Hill neighborhood. Gentrification eliminates the affordable rents that the creative class depends upon for housing and studio space. Neighborhood diversity is often the first casualty as condos, specialty shops, and trendy restaurants place stake. Austin attempts to bridge that gap by integrating the city´s Cultural Arts Division and Music Office under the Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office. Austin places creativity front and center, billing itself as the “Live Music Capital of the World” and actively marketing itself as a creative hub. In 2010, the Austin City Council endorsed the CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan, the result of a two-year collaboration between the Austin Community and the City. The Plan covers a wide range of recommendations from affordable housing to a greater focus on arts in the public space.

These complications may worsen with the Imagine Austin initiative, the city´s master plan for future development. The plans focuses on live-work density, resulting in multi-family developments being built in traditional entertainment districts such as Red River. Other cities´ attempts to sanction official entertainment districts, such as Dallas´ Arts District, have often failed to attract local patronage. As Austin continues to grow; it will have to find a balance between the needs of homeowners and the venues that attract the LGBT community and a vital creative class.


friends & family

AGLCC MEMBER BUSINESS A directory of AGLCC members, gay-friendly businesses, and concerns.

ENTERTAINMENT 404 AUSTIN Coming soon: New Austin dance mecca, in a familiar setting. 404 Colorado, 522-4044,

EAST SIDE SHOW ROOM For dandies of all (pin)stripes and lovers of all things cabaret, this craft cocktail haven is heaven. 1100 E. Sixth, 467-4280,

nights? It’s just a parrrrrrrty. 217 W. Fourth, 494-1150,

RUSTY’S Boot scoot and boogie on down to Austin’s downtown country (but not exclusively country) bar. 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002, contact@,

ELECTRIC CAB Free ride! (In the downtown grid.) Text your intersection and article of clothing to (10pm-2am) to STEVEN TOMLINSON Primary request a passenger pick-up. underwriter for FuseBox Festival and 436-0331, info@electriccabofaustin. creative community conversationalists. com, 576-2760,, THE IRON BEAR When the teddy AUSTIN GAY & LESBIAN bears leave the picnic, they hit up their INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Over TRANSFORMATIVE VOICE If your lead a quarter century of the best in LGBT favorite party spot, The Iron Bear. singer suddenly has stage fright or 121 W. Eighth,, frog throat, send them to intuitive, programming to Central Texas. Get in on this year’s fest, October 3-7. inspirational vocal coach Wendy V. 302-9889, (queer community, her speciality). KAREN BARTENDERS, EXTRAORDINAIRE Relax, get your drink AUSTIN THEATRE PROJECT For the love of theatre – local, live, community on, and let these mobile bartenders take care of your next party. theatre. Get involved. TOWN N COUNTRY A bar for the city 537-1789, bartenders-extraordinaire@ steers and country queers., bartenders1502 W. Ben White, 445-9122 BEAUTY BALLROOM The Beauty Bar grew up and moved east. Now with ZACH THEATRE Austin’s home for LIPSTICK24 Whether you’re a Jill more capacity… and glitter! intimate musical theatre and the Wilde Sobule or Katy Perry, if you want to 2015 Riverside, 391-1943, Party, special LGBT community nights kiss a girl, Lipstick24 is your place. named for that Oscar guy. 606 E. Seventh, 474-2950, 1510 Toomey, 476-0541, BERNADETTE’S 100% pure Austin dive heaven, where the unusual and LONE STAR LAMBDAS Grab your gender-indeterminate reign. Beer, 5-gallon, squeeze into your Wranglers, wine, set-ups (BYO liquor). and boot scoot on over for a country 2039 Airport, lovin’ good time. ACC GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE Spartan Cove, 418-1629, ‘BOUT TIME Early happy-hour specials, 5903 An all-inclusive federation in the ACC buff volleyballers, great karaoke, and community that raises awareness of bartenders specializing in all things stiff. THE MARCHESA HALL & THEATRE LGBT issues through promotion of 9601 N. I-35, 832-5339, national campaigns and local activism. An ample and convenient venue to 254/338-5688, gaystraightallainceacc@ host your next party, film screening, CAPITAL CITY MENS CHORUS, or big, gay fundraiser. From booming baritones to tenacious 6406 N. I-35 #3100, 454-2000, tenors, CCMC is Austin’s beloved full AIDS SERVICES OF AUSTIN The range of gay musical community. grandpappy of HIV/AIDS care in Austin. 477-SING,, 7215 Cameron, 458-2437 ND AT 501 STUDIOS Vaunted music bookend of the East Sixth scene. Check into their intimate spy CHAIN DRIVE If it looks like a bear, ALLGO Our prime resource for LGBTQ hovel, the North Door bar featuring sounds like a bear, and doesn’t shave the deliciousness of Tamale Molly. people of color, statewide Austin like a bear … RrrrowwL! Latino/a Lesbian/Gay Organization is 501 N. I-35, 485-3001, 504 Willow, 480-9017 all that and a bag of mangos. 701 Tillery, 472-2001, THE OCTOPUS CLUB Raising big bucks CHEER UP CHARLIE’S 2011 “Best of throwing parties for AIDS Services of Ausin. Austin” “Best LGBTQ Hang Out” is the AUSTIN GAY & LESBIAN hottest live music queer bar in town. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Austin’s Plus vegan chocolate. Yup! colorful rainbow umbrella for gayOILCAN HARRY’S OCH made 1104 E. Sixth, 431-2133, owned and gay-friendly businesses. Fourth Street what it is today. Fag/ Also home to the Austin LGBT fag-hag headquarters, where the dancing is dirty, and so are the martinis, Toastmasters Club. CLUBLEZLIFE.COM Promoting 761-LGBT,, if you ask real purdy. lesbian activities and parties both 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823, locally and nationally. AUSTIN GAY & LESBIAN PRIDE 214/707-2601,, RAIN ON 4TH Some nights, this center FOUNDATION Austin + Pride x You = The LGBTQ community’s biggest of urban slick has the fashion-forward party, fest, and parade of the year. standing around defining aloof. Other A*FAB Does your nonprofit need some big brothers and sisters? This fab group of LGBT event makers gives a hand up to fellow nonprofits.



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AUSTIN LGBT BAR ASSOCIATION Working to promote the education of LGBT issues and to unite the LGBT legal community in the oftenbyzantine realm of law. AUSTIN POLICE ASSOCIATION Advocating for the brave men and women of APD, and standing in solidarity with their LGBTers in blue. 474-6993,

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CAPITALCITYQ SOCIALS Mix, mingle, and make new friends through monthly LGBT social gatherings.,

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THE CARE COMMUNITIES Caring for those living with HIV/AIDS and cancer through the support of bighearted volunteers and you, if you care to give. 4315 Guadalupe #303, 459-5883,


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PROJECT ABC All Bodies Count (ABC): Austin activists looking to queer health care and take care of our own. Email them to join up., PROJECT TRANSITIONS Devoted to serving Austin’s HIV/AIDS community through hospice, housing, and loving support. 454-8646, Q AUSTIN You need only one letter to find Austin’s gathering space for guys 18-29: Q. 3408 West Ave., 420-8557, qboyz@, STONEWALL DEMOCRATS OF AUSTIN With less than two months til the national election, perhaps it’s a good time to get to know your local gay Democratics.

CHERICO CREATIVE Would you like a sample of this 15-year veteran’s work in the graphic design and concept? You are holding it., FUN LOVING PHOTOS Whether it’s for a heavenly headshot or at one of her many party photobooths, ount on Devaki Knowles to capture your good side. 298-9249,, FLYINGDOGDESIGN Top dog David Carroll and FlyingDog boast 140 dog years of experience. 914-1270,, GAYBORHOODAPP.COM You’ve gotta find the rainbow before you can discover what’s at the end of it. Well, now there’s an app for that… 404/377-4297,

SERENITY STAR RECOVERY RESOURCE CENTER It’s ok to ask for help. Nonprofit Serenity Star assists in GAY PLACE ONLINE Steer here, all areas of addiction recovery. queers for all things gay in the gAyTX, 111 NW First, Smithville, 321-8336, online and in print each week in The, EQUALITY TEXAS Equality Texas Austin Chronicle. is ground zero for LGBTQIA politics, 454-5766, gayplace@austinchronicle. Lone Star-style. Our front line at the SOMA VIDA The home of Queerdalini com, Yoga. For those who would rather Texas Lege. focus on chi than he or she. 474-5475,, 1210 Rosewood, 628-1580, somaviGINNY’S PRINTING Offset, digital, letterpress… head to this quirky and uniquely Austin company for all your FOODIES Women who love women who printing needs. TRANSGENDER EDUCATION love food. 8410-B Tuscany Way, 454-6874, sales@ NETWORK OF TEXAS Educating the, State of Texas about gender diversity, one conversation at a time. L STYLE G STYLE The flippin’ flibbety877/532-6789,, GATHERING PLACE WORSHIP gibbet flip mag of Austin style. One CENTER The Lord’s already blessed us. side L. One side G. Available at higherNow someone tell those meanies who end digs citywide. UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH think they can “pray the gay away.” 443-3663,, God’s love is for everyone; don’t let 7801 N Lamar Ste. F-25, 323-9501, anyone tell you otherwise. Come worship with “Austin’s progressive MAGGIE MCDONALD CREATIVE One voice of faith.” GOING UP Educating the world 2130 Guadalupe, 478-8559, doug@ stop shop for all your graphic design about what equal rights is really all and nipple tassle needs., about.,, YOUTH & FAMILY ALLIANCE Lifeworks’ program focused on our most HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN – THE MOD STUDIO From mod to precious resources: youth and family. AUSTIN The Austin steering committee 3700 S. First, 735-2400, trad, from streamlined to baroque, let the collaborative smarts of this Austin of the national organization. design house draw up your new look., 1201 W 24th Ste 104, 467-4058, info@, LIFEWORKS Helping youth and families sidestep crisis and achieve OUTCAST, KOOP 91.7FM Tune self-sufficiency through individualized APROPOS PROMO Swaggy your FM to 91.7 for ATX’s premiere support and “strengths-based” promotions from Austin’s own radio program for, by, and about the service philosophy. BrandStylists™, suited to your most LGBTQ community. 3700 S. First, 735-2400, holidayhelp@ 415-5721,,, specific needs. 10601 FM 2222 Ste R-163, 241-1479, 888/705-2522, susan@apropospromo. OUT YOUTH Oh to be young and com, POSTNET - FAR WEST If it’s on gaaaaaaaay! Actually, most of us paper, you want it on paper, and you wouldn’t go back to 17 if you paid us, THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE need for it to get somewhere, call but at least now, there is support of Independent, locally owned and Postnet. our LGBTQ (for questioning) kids. 909 E. 49 1/2, 419-1233, out@outyouth. operated, free alternative newsweekly 3571 Far West, 231-1321, that reflects the heart and soul of austin-tx157 org, Austin, Texas. Visit us everyday online or at one of over 1,800 locations. 454-5766,



RECSPEC Recognize good design? Send your specs to Recspec!, THE REPUBLIQ Chase Martin is the man about A-town’s gay-town and the fella behind this all-gay news source.

AMY COOK, CPA This CPA takes “Pride” in providing the highest quality service for managing your financial needs. 1514 Corona Dr., 419-9696, amy@,

EDWARD JONES A local office that has our LGBT backs backed by the muscle of over 90 years of SHWEIKI MEDIA Heavy duty experience in long-term financial industry publishers for all your investments says it all. gloss and matte needs: postcards, magazines, newsletters, and anything 3401 Royal Vista, #101, Round Rock, 255-4212, michelle.reynolds@ else you can fold., 480-0860, SITE STREET From the ABCs of SEO to crossing the Ts and dotting the Is of your web presence, this full-service web/marketing service boasts a staff dedicated to LGBT Austin. 3009 N. Lamar Ste 3, 832-8383,, sitestreet. com STARRT MARKETING Start up your new image. 832/545-4672, jenn@starrtmarketing. com,

GENWORTH FINANCIAL Protect your fam with long-term care insurance. 401 Congress, 791-7973, belliott@, MERRILL LYNCH This local arm of the worldwide financial group is investing in our rainbow community. 9595 Six Pines Drive, Ste 8380, The Woodlands, 281/364-2195, amy.rowe@,

WADDELL & REED Reach your goal$ with comprehensive, personal financial plans tailored specifically to your needs. 9500 Arboretum Blvd., Ste 225, 453-1555 x124,


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ALFRED’S CATERING These seasoned seasoning professionals are so thorough, “you’ll be a guest at your own party!” 5706 Manor, Ste. F, 785-8416, alfred@,

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AUSTIN CUSTOM WINERY Mmmm… vino. You’ll learn so much about wine you’ll practically be a sommelier. (Or at least a li’l tipsy.) 7010 Hwy 71 W, Ste 300, 394-0600,

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THE BEEF CAKE SHOP Bite-sized comfort with beefcake-sized taste catering to your every culinary need. 554-4849,,

NEXT PAGE FINANCIAL Your next chapter in financial success. 8836 Tiombe Bend, 924-9004, dhhertel@, BENNU COFFEE For your 24/7 buzz, plus yummy grub from local vendors, served with aplomb (not necessarily a plumb). NP FINANCIAL Individual and small businesses insurance, including 2001 E. MLK, 478-4700, life, health, disability income, and specialty plans (cancer, heart and BOULDIN CREEK COFFEEHOUSE Bouldin dental). Creek will boul your tastebuds over 3512 Lynnbrook, 567-0681, with all-veg delights and their “Best of Austin”-winning “Best Hot Staff.” 1900 S. First, 416-1601, BOOKEEPING EXPRESS This highly acclaimed consulting company THE TAXELOPE It’s no urban can consolidate your bookkeeping legend. That Taxelope saves you time CHERRYWOOD COFFEEHOUSE Pop into needs and streamline your company and money. Cherrywood for great Sunday brunch towards financial success. 5508 W Hwy 290 Ste. 300, 484-9578, and any day po-boys, salads, beer, 9901 Brodie, Ste 160-213, 852-4309,, taxelope. and coffee treats. 940-7944, nfierro@bookkeepingexpress. com/toddfisher 1400 E. 38 1/2, 538-1991, com, TROVENA INVESTMENT ADVISORS CAPITOL CREDIT UNION Retirement planning, tax planning, and COUNTER CULTURE Sidle up to the “Convenience,” “quality,” and “best investment services are a piece of counter to feast on some of Austin’s possible rates” are all a part of their cake for this award-winning firm. finest vegan excess. mission statement. They understand 445-2800,, \ 2337 E. Cesar Chavez, 524-1540, what’s most important to you, the client. 1718 Lavaca, 477-9465,, TRESAL PHOTOGRAPHY No matter what the occasion or style – head shot, photo booth, boudoir – look your very best with Tresal. 739-8718, carlos@tresalphotography. com,

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CURRA’S GRILL Austin’s beloved institution of Mexican Interior. (And their interior is often packed.) 614 E. Oltorf, 444-0012, DAILY JUICE CAFE Just try to say no to their vegan nachos or quesadillas, let alone one of their many proteinpacked juice concoctions. 4500 Duval St., 380-9046, pages/cafe

JUICELAND Three words: Ninja Bachelor Party. It’ll clean your clock. These hardcore juice-ologists could make dirt taste like heaven.

ANYTIME FITNESS Fitness, anytime (and in a variety of Austin locations), plus they offer a free 7-day trial pass. 3407 Guadalupe, 538-0404, AustinTX1@,

MR. NATURAL All-natural vegan, vegetarian restaurant, bakery, and health food store. Oh, and: Chocolate Tres Leches. 1901 E. Cesar Chavez, 477-5228,

AUSTIN FRONT RUNNERS Austin’s LGBT running group providing training for ‘mo fitness levels. 453-8878,

AUSTIN GAMBLERS BOWLING LEAGUE We promised ourselves that PÉCHÉ Party like it’s 1889 with absinthe we would not make cheap jokes about and entrées fit for the Vieux Carré. 208 W. Fourth, 494-4011, balls in this publication. But come on. You know they’ve got big ones. 786-4013, PINK AVOCADO CATERING Chef Brent Schumacher has been AUSTIN GAY BASKETBALL LEAGUE teasing and pleasing Austin palettes Bounce balls. Shoot hoops. Sign up to for ages. Just ask the Austin Film EL SOL Y LA LUNA A great place play or come out and support Austin’s Society. to bring your amigas y amigos for LGBT bball league. some of the best Migas on the planet. 401 Sabine, 656-4348, 814-6495,, 600 E. Sixth, 444-7770, AUSTIN GAY NUDISTS Whether you’ve RIO’S BRAZILIAN CAFE Let Ben and got buff stuff or junk in the trunk, Elias wake you up with a spicy BBP FLIPNOTICS COFFEESPACE Live nurture the nature of this all-nude, (Brazilian Breakfast Pocket) or tuck music on lazy decks. Lovingly poured all-dude group. you in with some Pudim de Leite. coffee drinks and a hot ginger behind 408 N. Pleasant Valley, 828-6617, rios@ the counter. That’s livin’., 1601 Barton Springs Rd., 480-8646,, AUSTIN TENNIS CLUB For LGBT people who “love” to make a “racquet” ROYAL BLUE GROCERY Class and convenience embedded in the matrix about tennis. FRANK Frankly, these wieners are irresistible. And the food is good, too. of downtown. Three locations to sate you, urban warrior. 407 Colorado, 494-6916, 609 Congress, 469-5888, MARCY BELL It’s all about healing and moving forward. Why not from the confort of your own home? THE FRISCO A true, fine, living, RUBY’S B-B-Q A veritable Classics 11782 Jollyville RD, 585-5315, marcybell. breathing, non-ironic example of library of barbeque-ery. (Free-range, iconic Austin. As American as their and vegetarian friendly.) delectable apple pie. 512 W. 29th, 477-1651, 6801 Burnet Rd., 459-6279, CALHOUN ACUPUNCTURE Homeopathic care for all types of maladies and disorders. SATAY A unique South Asian GENUINE JOE COFFEEHOUSE An LGBT 4403 Manchaca Ste D, 619-5549, cat@ restaurant in North Austin. Make sure, and nerd haven up in the northern to ask about their “private room” for suburbs. your next surprise party. 2001 W. Anderson, 220-1576, 3202 W. Anderson #205, 467-6731, CLARK BROWN FAMILY CARE CLINIC/ OM HEALTH CENTER Dr. Cheryl Clark GUSTO ITALIAN KITCHEN Mouth Brown and acupuncturist/herbalist watering pizza, pasta, panini and many SWEET RITUAL Vegan ice cream and William A. Wood offer integrated sundae concoctions to make your other delizie Italiani. care and work as a team for the best spoon swoon. 4800 Burnet, 458-1100, possible path to a client’s wellness. 4500 Duval,, 2113 E. MLK #101, 391-9700, HUGO’S RESTAURANT Y TEQUILA WHEATSVILLE FOOD CO-OP The COMMUNITY CARE Healthcare BAR Tequila bar and dining finely. So cooperative grocer with a soul, right in nonprofit that has your neck, your Austin. So fine. the heart of the campus area. The hot back, and anything out of wack in an 300 S. Lamar, 474-4846, bar and deli are off-the-radar during array of convenient locations. the fest and a great to-go respite. 15 Waller, 978-8800, IN GOOD TASTE CATERING & 3101 Guadalupe, 478-2667, DESIGN Make sure everyone leaves your FAMILY DENTAL GROUP Keep shindig saying “Om-nom-nom.” your choppers in tip-top ship-shape. 800 Watson Way, Pflugerville, 825-7573, 5310 Burnet, Ste. 108, 458-5999,, EASTSIDE CAFE Austin’s quintessential cuisine and one of the earliest pioneers of the Eastside restaurant revolution. 2113 Manor Rd., 476-5858,


JOHNNYE’S EAST TEXAS SOUL Home of the Gay-fil-A and some seriously righteous greens and waffle fries, all in one teeny trailer outside of Riverside’s new Beauty Ballroom. 2015 E. Riverside,

ALPHA MEDICAL MASSAGE & REHABILITATION Massage the pain away through a variety of advanced treatments in partnership with your medical professionals. 595 Round Rock West Dr, Ste 601, Round Rock, 366-5483,

HIPPIE HOLLOW Welcome to Austin’s nude-friendly party zone. While this isn’t a “gay beach,” per se, you sure wouldn’t know it on certain holidays. Leave the kids at home. 7000 Comanche Tr., 397-1463,


LIFE-TREK, LLC Chocolatey delights that may just help you live longer. 800/844-2685,,

NATIONWIDE INSURANCE - SAM LAMELLE Sam Lamelle is on your side. It has a ring to it..., nationwide. com

LAW OFFICE OF DAX GARVIN, P.C. Specialists in criminal defense and family law. 401 Congress, Ste 1540, 482-0900, dax@,

HAUSMAN CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE Try a holistic approach to achieve and maintain good health. 8015 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 110, 419-1

LYNN OSLER, STATE FARM AGENT Like a good GAY-bor, Lynn O. is there. 1114 Lost Creek Ste G-30, 327-4298,,

JANET L. JACKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, PLLC Let Ms. Jackson take “control” of all your estate and probate legal needs. 106 E. Sixth, Ste. 900, 658-1784,

DEREK LEIGHTON, LMFT, LPC, NCC, CGP Counseling services and psychotherapy that promotes “healthy sexuality” and a better outlook on life. 3534 Bee Caves RD #114, 658-2960, MIDTOWNE SPA A great place to work out those tired muscles … or at least that one. 5815 Airport, 302-9696, TEAM PROHOMO The hunks behind the weekly Queer Ride bike ride and other excellent Austin adventures.

LEGAL ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES With over 10 years of serving a veritable Who’s Who of Austin independent entrepreneurs, attorney Julie Alexander & Associates can provide legal solutions for your business and real estate operations. 1700 E. Second, 478-9770,

CHRISTINE HENRY ANDRESEN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Any family lawyer who puts a portrait of the Addams Family on her website is A-OK with us. TEXAS GAY RODEO ASSOCIATION 905 W. Oltorf, Ste. C, 394-4230, cha@ This is Texas, darlin’. Of course there is, a gay rodeo. BARNETT & GARCIA, PLLC This 214/346-2107, firm of legal eagles is experienced in all aspects of business litigation and VOLLEYBALL AUSTIN Inspired by the recent Summer Olympics? Come specializes in debt collection. Caw! 821 Juniper, Ste 108, 266-8830, out to set and spike the night away with these volley-lovin’ Q-ballers. ELIZABETH BRENNER, ATTORNEY AT LAW Estate and family legal WORK IT PERSONAL TRAINING services for the Austin LGBT Get off your butt, and get fit with community. You want Brenner on Work It! One-on-one and group your side. sessions available. 7817 Rockwood Ste 102, 426-2336, info@ 217-8289,,,


THE CAGLE LAW FIRM Personal injury and family law champions. 4425 S. Mopac, 329-2016, ccagle@,

CLAIR BOOTH, CLCT INSURANCE AGENT Make those tough life decisions all that much easier by putting your cares in the hands of this long-term care and insurance consultant. 830/257-5344,,

CAPPS LAW FIRM It’s all about family. And keeping it legal. Collaborative family law and thensome. 7718 Wood Hollow, Ste. 205, 338-9800,,

BRITTON & BRITTON INSURANCE SERVICES These local allies can service all your insurance needs and ensure you get the best possible rate. 700 Lavaca #1400, 334-6330,

JENNIFER R. COCHRAN Family law for all kinds of families. 3355 Bee Caves RD Ste 103, 537-4326, 870-8187,,

BROOKS WATSON Personalized 401K and health benefits for you and your family. 320-0123, brooks@bwatsonbenefits. com,


SCHWAKE SIELINSKI Legal help for your biz, from one of the coolestsounding names in the game. 1201 Baylor, 461-6820, schwake@,

LODGING HILTON GARDEN INN Easy access, and crisp-linened luxury right in the heart of it all. 500 N. I-35, 480-8181, HILTON HOTEL DOWNTOWN Put your family up in style, and out of your house, right in the heart of ATX. 500 E. Fourth, 482-8000 HOLIDAY INN AUSTIN MIDTOWN Convenient, comfortable, and affordable gateway to North Austin. 6000 Middle Fiskville, 451-5757, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS AUSTIN NORTH Clean and simple place to lay your head (and anything else you have in mind). 14620 N. I-35, 251-9110, austin-north HYATT REGENCY AUSTIN One of the best dining and slumber party views of our downtown. 208 Barton Springs Rd., 477-1234, RENAISSANCE HOTEL Conveniently located at the Arboretum, where you can shop ‘til you drop, wine and dine, and live in the lap of luxury. 9721 Arboretum Blvd., 343-2626 ROCKPORT FISHCAMP LLC Get out of town and into the cozy comfort of this adorable guest cottage situated on a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Rustic. Not “rough it.” 361/230-2078, fishcamp.rockport@,

LAW OFFICE OF KELLEY J. DWYER It’s your estate. It’s your business. SHERATON AUSTIN HOTEL AT THE Make sure they are protected, legally. CAPITOL The faceted zigzag design 9442 Capital of Texas, Ste 500-159, creates more than just four corner 343-3630, suites per floor, affording some magical sights, especially of our rosy Texas State Capitol. 701 E. 11th, 478-1111, 404-6942,

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THE GAFFORD GROUP Looking to buy or sell in the Round Rock, Cedar CHILL CANINE MASSAGE THERAPY Park, and surrounding areas? Gafford Give your buddy a “paws” that refreshes. can help. 914-1270,, 1913 Gaylord, 439-3768, ggafford@,

BOOKWOMAN Austin’s fierce feminist bookstore welcomes women and women-luvers of all stripes. 5501 N. Lamar Ste. 105-A, 472-2785,

DOGBOY’S DOG RANCH Has your TROY HANNA, PRESIDIO pup had it ruff? Spa day! Good dog! Representing the realty interests of Austin’s 2615 Crystal Bend, Pflugerville, LGBT community for over a decade. 251-7600, 1701 W. Koenig, 659-7093, EMPANCIPET Get Fido fixed for free (or really cheap) and help prevent JAN HILL MORTGAGE This animal homelessness, y’all. founder of the benefit Mamma Jamma 7201 Levander Loop, Buildings I & K, Ride can help you with your financial 587-SPAY (7729), homeownership needs. 8303 Mopac, Ste A-201, 431-5223, jhill@, janhillmortgage. FETCH! PET CARE Next time com you’re away, give your pups a place to “stay” – in the loving hands of these DENNY HOLT REALTORS From trusted pet sitters. 501-1874,, “this old house” to your “home on the range,” Holt can help. 694-1103,, MUD PUPPIES Whether your pooch needs a day of puppy pampering MIDTOWN INDEPENDENCE TITLE or a room for the night, hook ‘em up This gay-owned and -operated with these muddy buddies. 12233 FM 620 N. Ste. 110-A, 249-2498, company has got you covered – gay, straight, married or not – when you cross the threshold into home owning. 3009 N. Lamar, 459-1110, midtowntitle. com

BREED & CO. Beloved hardware and home goods heaven divided into what we like to call their Butch and Femme sides. 718 W. 29th, 474-6679,

PARRISH & ASSOCIATES Independent real estate representation, AUSTIN HOMES REALTY A “full offering opinions and advice, putting the service real estate brokerage” making needs of the client first. finding realty in Austin a reality. 509 Powell, 442-2000, hugh@ 507-8252,,

END OF AN EAR The kind of wax that’s welcome in your ears. Dan & Blake have created the best in a humanscaled record nirvana. 2209 S. First, 462-6008,


BARTON HARRIS REALTY Gayowned and -operated and ready to help you conquer the complex terrain of buying, leasing, and selling property in Austin. 468-8113

RON REDDER, PRESIDIO His motto is “Reward Yourself with Results.” With over 18 years experience, he might just be on to something. 1701 W. Koenig, 657-8674, ron@,

COLDWELL BANKER UNITED REALTORS Their mottos is “We never TITLEMAX Getting you the most stop moving!” But we bet they’ll hold dolla bill$ for your car title since 1998. still long enough to find you the palace 8505 Springdale, 605-6037, of your dreams., 750-3713,, WESTSTAR PACIFIC MORTGAGE GROUP Office of commercial financial ESG REALTY ADVISORS, LLC Free real estate consultant, Dick Dunbar. your business from the hostage crisis 323-2644, of lease renewal. Let ESG negotiate on your terms and keep your best


COCO COQUETTE Allyson Garro can curate the top of your head to look as divine as Divine. The higher the hair, the closer to Gawd! 2109 E. Cesar Chavez COWGIRLS & FLOWERS Chances are there’s someone you wish to delight: Say it with Cowgirls. 508 Walsh, 478-4626, DANDY’S THE GENTLEMAN’S STORE Dapper. Elegant. Head-turning. That’s you, fella, after a trip to Dandy’s. 1202 S. Congress, 999-8196, DIABLO ROJO Holes and the stuff to stick in them. Plus tattoos, exotic jewelry, and art prints. 2604 Guadalupe, 476-7575,

FIAT OF AUSTIN With over 500,000 combinations of options to choose from, the staff of this #1 Fiat dealership in the country can surely put you in one. (No wonder there are so many of those adorable 500s bopping around Central Texas.) 11011 Domain, Ste 124, 228-3428, FORBIDDEN FRUIT Our trusty neighborhood kink shop will fulfill your needs with a rubber helping hand, a hooded wink, and a silicone smile. 108 E. North Loop, 453-8090, FROCK ON VINTAGE Excellent vintage fashions for excellent ladies and gents. 2-for-1 Snap Shirt Tuesdays are




just one of their regularly scheduled specials. 3016 Guadalupe, Ste. A101, 474-7711

GAGE FURNITURE - BURNET Family owned and operated furniture store chock-full of traditional and modern pieces perfect for any home. 7725 Burnet Road, 454-3613,

TREASURE CITY THRIFT Volunteerrun and collectively organized thrift mecca. Keep an eye peeled for their crazy 25¢ Saturdays. 2142 E. Seventh, 524-2820,

EASY TOURS OF INDIA Call to book your personal passage to India today. And once you get there, their 10 offices can assist your journey. 12885 Research, Ste. 208, 345-1122,,

TWIN LIQUORS Double the pleasure, double the fun (2-for-1 specials), DINAH HANEY MEDIATION AND but don’t quaff too much or you’ll be seeing double! PARENTING COORDINATION Mom & 519 E. Seventh, 476-9982, Dad, Dad & Dad, Mom & Mom not getting GREAT OUTDOORS Not just a along? Let Dinah Haney sort it out. nursery, but a riot of color and ideas 799-4319,, and foliage for your great outdoors. VENUS ENVY CONSIGNMENTS 2730 S. Congress, 448-2992, An all-gender friendly boutique featuring vintage gowns, costumes, JBL MICRO TRAINING MAISON D’ETOILE The triple threat of and playfull-wear for all the plus-size Communication is key. Let JBL unlock Austin style, all under one roof: Charm ladies in the housey. 1810 W. Anderson, 836-8768, your company’s full potential through their School Vintage, Salon d’Etoile, and wig informative and fun training courses. wigwam, Coco Coquette. 1103 Ridgecrest, 563-3845, 2109 E. Cesar Chavez, 344-9173, jblmicrotraining. com OAT WILLIE’S So much more than just a head shop, Oat Willies has clever THE OUTSOURCE RESOURCE Out toys and novelties, jewelry, clothing, and proud to help your company’s HR gorgeous colored glassware, greeting A-ONE ELECTRIC One-stop needs in any way they can. cards and much more. electrical shop offers the full “circuit” 617 W. 29th, 482-0630 of residential and commercial electrical 539-0264, services. No task too big or too small. PARADIGM CONTRACTING PRIDE SOCKS How better to 8406 Horton Trail, 497-1513, aoneelectric@ Matching the “right people to the right rock one’s inner unicorn than to don, jobs.” Now that’s a paradigm shift. hooves in rainbow tubes of stretchy, 10719 Twilight Vista, 300-3636, jennostalgic comfort? ABP LOGISTICS These “big,, picture” photographers serves the real estate market with landmark ROOM SERVICE VINTAGE It’s like the shots. PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES attic of your supercool Seventies 2111 Sharon, Cedar Park, 620/877-7800, Small business tax and payroll supermodel auntie’s mansion, packed, specialists, services include tax to the gills with clothes, furniture, art, consultation and preparation, and textiles, jewelery, and flatware from ACE AUCTION COMPANY Going financial reporting. eras gone by. once, going twice, sold! by this 1715 E. Sixth Ste 212, 495-1505 107 E. North Loop, 451-1057, awesome Austin auctioneer firm., PHONE BILL AUDITORS Either SASSY MISS WAXY Hey hirsutites! they reduce your bill (or obtain a Sassy miss Fiona will leave you AVIS BUDGET CAR RENTAL ON refund or credit on your behalf), or carefree and hair-free. 35TH Vvvrrrrrrrroooooom! Affordably! your their service is free. 42 Waller, 506-0262, 1610 W. 35th, 371-1082, 656-8876, info@phonebillauditorstx., com,


BLUE DRAGON PLUMBING The SEDAFRANCE.COM These candles will make you burn with desire for their dragon is available for all your plumbing needs and emergencies. No extra fragrant finery. Shop online. charge for 24/7 service. No word on fire-breathing. 947-2491, gilbert@bluedragonplumbing. STAG The manly dandy shall feel at com, home smack dab in the middle of SoCo. 1423 S. Congress, 373-7824, C. BARTON INVESTIGATIONS, LCC Specializing in ethically and TAPELENDERS VIDEO Austin’s haven confidentially tracking down and for gay and lesbian video rental, uncovering the information you pride items, and sporty fashion – especially their “sister store” Package require. 5401 S FM 1626, Ste 170-114, Kyle, 271Menswear. 1630, 1114 W. Fifth #201, 472-0844, CBartonInvestigations TOP DRAWER THRIFT It’s like some queen just opened that closet and the fairygodbrothers laid it all out all nice and everything. Benefits our Project Transitions HIV/AIDS service. 4902 Burnet Rd., 454-5161,

CAPTAIN HOOK AUSTIN Waste removal solutions for every situation – especially ones without a lot of room (one parking space is all they need). 3404 Andtree, 719-4172, francis@,

REGISTERED AGENT SOLUTIONS, INC. They’ll serve your process and your business and help keep everything on the up and up. 515 Congress, Ste 2300, 888/705-7274, SAVING AMERICA ENERGY, LLC Go green on your next home remodel. 949-3625, TJ MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES Hey, doc! What’s up? Let these aces of accuracy take over the billing so you can focus on the important stuff – patient care. 866/494.6589,,



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The Agenda September 2012  

Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce