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DUBAI | OCTOBER 20—22, 2009

Oil Retail Masterclass for Practitioners:

Development and Marketing

Oil Retail Masterclass for Practitioners:

Development and Marketing

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DUBAI | OCTOBER 20—22, 2009

This course has been designed to cover three main elements of the modern Retail business:  • Network Planning • Brand Management and Development • The profitable operation of Car Washes and Shops/C Stores The first two topics are reinforced through Syndicate Exercises for the delegates. It also includes a number of other important general subjects, such as Strategy Development; considerations surrounding a Retail Organisation structure and a crystal ball overview of future fuels possibilities. The style is discursive not prescriptive. The Course Director does not adopt the position that ‘this is how you must operate’, rather he will demonstrate different approaches that have been adopted in different countries, and through discussion and challenge, delegates may decide what will work best for them in their own countries given particular legal frameworks. The opportunity is taken to discuss policies and experiments that have not worked in some countries: life in competitive markets cannot be only about success! The modules on the programme are supported by photographs showing good and bad practice from many markets and continents as well as DVDs of successful brand advertisements. The topics are regularly refreshed and updated in the light of changing world markets and experiences through contacts in the industry; printed media; and annual reports of business.

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At the conclusion of the course, delegates should have a firm grasp of all the steps on Network Planning and how to develop Key Performance Indicators and to propose capital programmes for Retail in a business environment where there is competition for capital in all companies. On shops and C Stores, the strategic overview is first explored as a necessary precursor to examining good and bad practice both by oil companies and by hypermarket chains that are an expanding threat to oil companies in many retail markets. This course will be suitable for experienced middle managers in Retail, as well as for those in other disciplines such as Finance, HR and Public Affairs who might be seeking to broaden their careers or to learn more about this most important market. The objectives of this course are to:  • Address the main components of a modern retail business offering suggestions as best practice  • Examine and discuss the competitive environment which oil companies face • Demonstrate that expertise is crucial to success in all aspects especially • Network Planning and Brand Development  • Show how to maximise income and profitability from land available  • Involve delegates in syndicate work to reinforce the learning experience

CURRICULUM The time for each Module is governed by the experience and participation of the delegates. Days 2 and 3 begin with ‘Check-In’ sessions to review the previous day’s content and to answer any remaining questions. The Delegates’ Session in Day 3 is to allow those attending to raise any Retail topic which may be a concern in their markets, and for all to discuss it. Each day will start at 08.30 and conclude around 17.00hrs. There will be breaks for tea and coffee mid morning and afternoon, and one hour for lunch.

Day One

Module Welcome and Introductions Time is taken to hear from each delegate what his/her personal objectives and expectations are for the course, their experience and current role. Delegates are invited to mention whether there are particular issues they wish to see covered, which are noted on a flip chart and referred to when the point in the course arises to meet their needs. Alternatively, such issues could become topics for the Delegates’ Session on Day 3 The Retail Challenge Facing Oil Companies The challenge facing Retail in Oil Companies is considerable. We explore the position of Retail in integrated companies, comparing/contrasting skills and culture with the other disciplines, but more importantly, with the international hypermarket retailers. Extensive examples given, including comparative financial performance and references to their strategies. The differences in attitudes and behaviour are examined, including how one hypermarket group conducts its network planning. Can oil companies become successful Retailers compared with these competitors? NETWORK PLANNING   Sources for Essential Data Collection Covers the foundation of Network Planning: what sources of data to use, and how to locate them; the surveying of sites; maintenance of the data; and ownership and access   Professional Approach to Network Planning Delegates are invited to consider the data required, and exposed to a structured approach to this crucial topic in an environment where competition for capital within companies is intense. Suggestions on how to organise and manage the process; the necessary managerial challenges; and demanding KPIs are examined      The Site Cycle We examine the cycle of ownership from acquisition (single sites and networks), through development (including good practice for construction and procurement) and finally to site closure, stressing how to achieve this step without damaging the brand   Site Operation and Management – The Critical Choices The choices and risks/benefits of different modes of company owned site operation are explored from company operated through to franchising with examples from around the world 

Day Two

Module Check-In This is a brief review of the previous day’s topics to ensure that there are no outstanding issues for delegates. Sweat The Asset Delegates are invited to consider how oil companies should make best use of their land by innovative developments and the involvement of other brands. An example is given of a development which wasted a fine plot of land due to conventional thinking, illustrating a completely different type of development on the same plot which could have been achieved and would have been more remunerative. BRAND MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT Brand Development and Segmentation – How the Professionals Manage An examination of how different businesses segment and really understand their customers, and develop their brand values drawing examples from publishing; commercial radio; fashion; ice cream; and cars. How can oil companies address the need to segment and respond to customer needs better as other sectors have managed? How good is your company at addressing these vital techniques? Case Study: Should We Buy Brand X? This Case Study draws on the topics covered on Day 1, requiring the delegates in syndicates to consider whether to purchase a network in a foreign country. Analytical skills and strategic grasp are needed. The delegates act as Directors judging the other syndicates, challenging and discussing alternative proposals before voting for the best solution.   MANAGING ON-SITE PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES The Professional Approach to Car Washes An examination of the business case for washes, including costs and breakeven numbers for different washes; how best to work with suppliers and the development of network plans; how to ensure best practice in managing the activity; examples of good and bad practice from USA; Far East; and Europe supported by numerous photos The Strategic Case for Convenience Retailing Why have oil companies pursued C Stores? Do delegates have a strategic rationale, or is it only a  ‘me too’ strategy? The session continues with how best to manage and develop stores concentrating on category management. Again, many illustrations of good and bad practice from around the world Merchandising for Success Professional merchandising can have a major impact on turnover. Examining our shops - are they convenience or impulse stores; what is the difference; and does it matter? – with regard to footfall; conversion rates; basket size; lighting; store layouts; location of traffic builders will contribute to greater success in a competitive business

Analysis and Understanding of Competitors How to understand successful competitors and what we can learn from them. What are their shop types? Benchmarking and SWOT are deployed   Shops and C-Stores: The Next Steps The importance of testing and mock-up shop in the office is stressed. Do you need a partner or do you go it alone? How to reduce building costs.

Day Three Module Check-In   Business in Business – Deploying Formats on Sites A technique becoming increasingly popular whereby oil companies invite other specialist businesses into their largest stores. Terms and exit strategy crucial. Many examples given with extensive photographs    Case Study: Plan and Merchandise a Shop Reinforcing the Sessions 12-17, delegates deploy their knowledge in designing a store in syndicates. Each syndicate is given a different type of site (urban; highway etc) and is required to design a store explaining the goods it would stock, and the layout GENERAL   Delegates’ Session On Day 1, delegates are invited to propose any topic which is either a difficulty in their own market which they wish to discuss with the course, or a subject not covered by this programme, with full participation from delegates who suggest the proposition.   Steps to Developing a Successful Retail Strategy Having covered a series of practical topics for two and a half days, we now step back and consider how best to start setting up a strategic review; the skills required; challenges to be addressed; and best practice in bringing this difficult challenge to a successful conclusion Considerations in Developing a Retail Organisational Structure Drawing everything covered to date, what are the choices and considerations in developing a Retail Organisation? There is no ideal or ‘right’ structure, but components and considerations are proposed for discussion which are themselves influenced by the maturity of the business, competition, and to some extent, taste.   The Future Fuels for Vehicles After describing quickly the development of cars and their fuels over their first 70 years, the latest changes in specs are reviewed, but the majority of the session is devoted to the future covering dual fuel hybrids; electric; and the prospects for hydrogen. How will oil companies respond to these challenges? Will refuelling by-pass oil company networks? What is happening around the world?   Summary and Conclusions

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Course Director

Contact Us: Phone [65] 6488-0282 E-mail

John had been with Shell for 38 years in many marketing appointments, starting in Retail as a Sales Representative. He progressed through Head Office Retail and Network Planning before transferring to Commercial Fuels and Distributors, when he was seconded out of Shell for over two years to run a branded jobber operation with three depots and twenty six trucks. Returning to London, he was appointed Regional Manager Retail for SE England, and then Manager of Retail Sales Department where he was responsible fuels marketing; pricing; margins (Shell and Dealer); brand development, advertising and promotions; Lubricants; Shops; Dealer Relations; and Training. Following this, he was made Marketing Director for Shell Companies of China and Hong Kong where he was involved in all markets and market entry to China, and was a part time member of a strategic review team for Retail in Australia. He then returned to Europe to Hamburg, and subsequently The Hague to lay the foundations of Shell’s single European Retail organisation which was formed in 1998. He was involved in Retail Strategic Reviews for France and Spain, and chaired a European Retail Strategy. He was a member of the Retail Committee of the European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA) and was leader of a group which defined oil companies’ procedures for dual pricing and the introduction of the euro currency, and for securing the support of the European Commission for the proposals. He is a member of the Energy Institute, undertaking Consultancy and Strategic Review assignments for various clients, and is also an Associate Professor of a University in Paris for whom he acts as Course Director for their Retail Courses. He also lectures on Retail and downstream matters for an Oxford based College in the UK.

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