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Dedicated to serving communities where stigma or poverty limits access, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services has been providing mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services since 1942. Its Suicide Prevention Center is the nation’s first and provides crisis services, grief counseling, training and research nationwide.

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Dear Friends, This Annual Report shines a spotlight on the impact of your support in 2019. As my retirement approaches, I’d like to share some milestones that we accomplished together over the last quarter of a century. I joined Didi Hirsch in 1994 as the Division Director of Family Services. Since 1999, I have served as President and CEO, never imagining I would spend my final months leading the Agency through the COVID-19 pandemic. How lucky I am to have been able to bring the girl who used angles of light to calculate the circumference of the earth and the teen who printed a poetry chapbook to work every day. My head and heart have been fulfilled. Then and now, four polestars have guided Didi Hirsch’s work. ERASING STIGMA: After debating whether stigma was too negative a word, in 1997 Didi Hirsch launched our annual Erasing the Stigma Awards by honoring Tipper Gore, one of the first public figures to openly discuss her depression and treatment. We have come a long way; erasing stigma has become a public mantra. Most of us now understand that mental illnesses are brain diseases, and we are more comfortable talking about our panic attacks and social phobias. But when it comes to substance use, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, implicit biases that affect medical treatment and hiring decisions are still common. Stigma also affects how we treat ourselves. I’m a therapist and have taken thyroid medication for years, but I put off trying an antidepressant for decades—even after a serious suicide attempt. SERVING THOSE MOST IN NEED: In addition to erasing stigma, our commitment to helping the most vulnerable communities led us to add “communities where stigma or poverty limits access,” to our mission. As we watched the neighborhoods around our headquarters become more affluent, we began evolving from a Westside-centric organization to one with a broader reach. In the early 90’s, we added a Crisis Residential program and outpatient clinic in Inglewood. Other expansions that highlight the Board’s commitment to our mission and our future include: • In 1997, we absorbed Family Service of Los Angeles, preserving clinics in South Los Angeles and the MacArthur Park area, as well as making a home for the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center—a national treasure, which had joined Family Service after falling on its own hard times.

• In 2010, we secured a contract with Orange County to train multicultural communities to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide and provide therapy and group support to individuals grieving a loss or recovering from a suicide attempt. Community input also helped us adapt our practices to the customs and values of different communities. • When Verdugo Mental Health faced bankruptcy in 2011, we stepped in to preserve services that Glendale and nearby areas had counted on for 50 years, including the largest ArmenianAmerican community in the U.S. TAKING SUICIDE OUT Of THE SHADOWS: In the last 23 years, the Suicide Prevention Center has flourished. To accommodate the increasing demand for its services, in 2015 the Board of Directors unanimously voted to launch a Capital Campaign to fund a permanent and much larger home. A key requirement was that it be on a busy street where thousands of people would see our “Suicide Prevention Center” sign. In February 2019, we moved in, and as we hoped, our sign has become a beacon. For people who are grieving and for people looking for a reason to live. Within this Annual Report, you will discover how much we have been able to expand. The pandemic has demonstrated that mental health and substance use treatment providers are the unsung heroes of healthcare. Eventually, we will gather at concerts, beaches and work again. But millions will have lost their jobs and their homes, as well as their loved ones. They will need us. Children who re-adjusting to unsafe streets and bullies at school will need us, too. I hope we can continue to count on your help, as I have for the last 26th years. You, too are unsung heroes. With gratitude,

KIta s. Curry, Phd dIdI hIrsCh mental health servICes PresIdent/Ceo sInCe 1999

67% of adult clients reported decreased stress.

RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTERS Christina was training to be a volunteer crisis counselor for Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Crisis Line when she saw Via Avanta on a map of the agency’s locations. The name rang a bell—for a good reason. She had been born there. Christina’s mom, Marie, was 21 and struggling with a heroin addiction, when she realized she was pregnant. Determined to stop using drugs and to get away from an abusive boyfriend, she entered Via Avanta, a residential treatment program for women where she could recover and have her baby. After giving birth, Marie got a job and turned her life around. “Didi Hirsch helped save my mom’s life,” Christina says. By helping her mother get off drugs, Via Avanta arguably also saved Christina’s. Today, Christina repays the favor by giving back to others at Didi Hirsch. She began volunteering for our suicide prevention crisis line while earning her undergraduate degree and after earning her doctorate in psychology, she returned to Didi Hirsch. As a therapist, she facilitates a group for clients who have survived a suicide attempt, conducts trainings and speaks at schools. She and Marie returned to Via Avanta to share their experiences. “I heard my mom’s story in another, deeper way,” Christina says. The women there “were worried about what their children would think of them,” she recalls. “I let them know I love my mom unconditionally — and that I know this program works because I’m one of the kids that it helped.”

92% of parents were satisďŹ ed with services their children received.

CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES Nick and his older brother endured emotional and physical abuse from their mentally ill mother, who blamed them for her condition. Traumatized by his experience, Nick started receiving therapy at Didi Hirsch, where he learned that he should not accept blame for her disease and that healing is possible. To support other young people struggling with abusive parents, Nick, now 18 and a college freshman, helped to organize Didi Hirsch’s fourth annual Teen Summit. He plans to continue to volunteer as much as his full-time course load allows. “Didi Hirsch chose the right therapist for me,” Nick says. “He really understood me, and he helped with my own personal growth and development and my own healing. It was so powerful to finally find a place where I could say my raw, honest, vulnerable truths and really be open and one with myself and others. I’m so grateful I found this place.” Nick has reconnected with his mother, who finally got the help she needed after being institutionalized. With the rest of his life before him, Nick is considering a career in public speaking. He is also putting his experiences into poetry, a book and seminars he is developing about personal growth. “I love speaking and being of service to others,” he says.

79% of adult clients reported decreased anxiety and depression.

ADULT SERVICES Michael struggled throughout childhood with anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. And then his family learned he was gay. Born in 1951 to Southern Baptist parents in a small East Coast town, Michael grew up hiding his sexuality from the outside world. Once his parents became aware, they demanded that Michael change his sexual orientation, fearing that they might lose their jobs, his brother would be unable to find employment, his sisters would be unable to find husbands and they would have to move out of the state. Feeling ostracized and isolated, Michael considered suicide. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles, where his depression became so intense that he could no longer hold a job. His brother, from across the country, recommended that Michael turn to Didi Hirsch for help. “At my lowest point, I went for eight months without taking a shower or brushing my teeth or changing my clothes,” he says. “I didn’t have any money, so I was eating out of the trash cans in the park.” With treatment and support, he recovered and now volunteers at the Culver City Library and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which presented him with its 2019 Most Dedicated Volunteer award for devoting eight hours a week for a year and a half to the center. “I would tell anybody with a problem to contact Didi Hirsch,” he says. “The people here are so kind and caring. If they can’t help you, they can connect you to someone who can.”

81% of adult clients reported improved functioning.

SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES Alonzo spent much of his life in prison and was rarely free for more than six months at a time. Then, as a condition of his probation, he began seeing a Didi Hirsch therapist. “I didn’t take it seriously at first,” Alonzo acknowledges. But when his probation ended, he kept his appointments. His therapist helped Alonzo to understand the circumstances of his early years that contributed to his turning to drugs for solace and gangs for a sense of belonging. The counseling enabled Alonzo to work on changing his path, and he began sharing his story as a way to help others avoid the sorts of mistakes he had made. Alonzo, now 50, was an adolescent when he committed his first robbery and faced his first arrest. In the 27 years he spent in prison, he experienced, many traumas, including being stabbed, which added PTSD to his depression. Thanks to Didi Hirsch, Alonzo says, “I learned how to care about myself. Then, when you start to see your accomplishments, you realize that feels so much better than getting high.” Those accomplishments include harnessing his artistic talent to design logos for hats and T-shirts, including some to advertise Didi Hirsch events. With his life on track, Alonzo has reconnected with his daughter, who earned a master’s degree and works in education. Depression still casts its shadow, but, thanks to Didi Hirsch, Alonzo says he now has coping skills. “Didi Hirsch,” he says, “has been with me through thick and thin.”


Located on a busy street in Century City, Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center opened its new building in February 2019 and is a beacon of hope for people in crisis nationwide.

The first in the United States, Didi Hirsch’ Suicide Prevention Center has been a model for other organizations since it was founded in 1958. For many years, the Center was tucked away in a leased building it shared with another program, essentially invisible to the public. With the support of many benefactors, Didi Hirsch purchased and renovated a building in Century City that now serves as the Center’s permanent home. During our Grand Opening celebrations in February 2019, we unveiled prominent signs that proudly declare the building’s purpose and serve as a beacon of hope. In the first few months, dozens of residents contemplating suicide or worrying about a friend or loved one walked in seeking help. One woman struggling with suicidal thoughts pulled into the driveway and told staff she was looking for a sign that “there might still be hope for me.” Our sign became her sign and staff quickly arranged the

care she required. Here are some additional highlights of the impact the Suicide Prevention Center has had on the community, nation and world: CRISIS LINES: As a key partner of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the national Disaster Distress Helpline, our 24/7 multilingual Crisis Center has become one of the busiest in the United States; our crisis counselors answered 130,000 calls and chats nationwide in 2019— 30,000 more than they did the year before. To keep our Crisis Lines fully covered, we increased our volunteer crisis counselor trainings from three to six a year. TEEN SUPPORT: Everychild Foundation’s $1 million grant in 2018 allowed us to expand our suicide prevention program, especially focusing on youth under 24 and their families. In 2019, we began offering support groups for teens bereaved by suicide. We also provided 63 suicide prevention trainings at schools and universities, teaching more

than 7,000 students, teachers and parents how to recognize and respond to suicide’s warning signs. NATIONAL TRAININGS: With the support of a grant from Kate Spade New York, we trained 50 facilitators from 23 states nationwide in our Survivors of Suicide Attempts support group curriculum. Our manual was downloaded more than 1,800 times by mental health professionals in every state and 33 countries. SHARING OUR EXPERTISE: Our suicide prevention experts presented papers, ran workshops or spoke on panels at 16 conferences nationwide, including two in Washington, DC and one in Minneapolis, MN that focused on the high rate of suicide among farmers, many of whom struggled to keep family farms running during the last economic downturn. MEDIA OUTREACH: Over 280 media outlets around the nation and world ran stories that mentioned Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center or quoted its experts. The total reach was over 300 million. This news coverage not only raised awareness about suicide but also extended the Suicide Prevention Center’s leadership role as a global resource of healing and hope.

Crisis counselors find respite by sharing meals and other activities in the break room.

Didi Hirsch offers support groups for people who have been bereaved by suicide or have survived an attempt.

More than 300 volunteers and 70 staff answer calls and chats on Didi Hirsch’s multilingual 24/7 Suicide Crisis Line.

New York Times bestselling authors David Sheff and Nic Sheff, the NFL Players Association, Inc., filmmaker William “Michael” Barbee, and YouTube music sensation Alex Boyé were honored at Didi Hirsch’s 23rd Annual Erasing the Stigma Awards on Thursday, April 25, 2019. The event raised over $550,000 to support the agency’s mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services. It was emceed by TV host/producer Melissa Rivers, a suicide prevention advocate and member of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services’ Board of Directors David Sheff and his son, Nic Sheff, received the Beatrice Stern Media Award for the memoirs they each wrote about their family’s devastating experience with substance use disorder. Their experience inspired the feature film, Beautiful Boy, starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet.

Business mogul Kathy Ireland, who is on the board of The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), introduced NFL Offensive Tackle Donald Penn, who accepted the Leadership Award on behalf of NFLPA, the union for professional football players in the National Football League. The NFLPA has launched several initiatives to address the mental health of players and their families. Actor Bill Duke presented entrepreneur and filmmaker William Michael Barbee with the Leadership Award for producing, writing and directing Beyond the Silence, a feature film about how people with mental illness are often incarcerated instead of treated. Melissa Rivers presented Alex Boyé with the Mental Health Ambassador Award. Boyé is a multicultural musical artist who is passionate about spreading messages of hope through his music.

Beatrice Stern Media Award winners Nic and David Sheff with presenter Jack Dylan Grazer.

Donald Penn of the NFL Players Association with presenter Kathy Ireland.

Leadership Award winner William Michael Barbee with presenter Bill Duke.

Mental Health Ambassador Alex BoyĂŠ with presenter and emcee, Melissa Rivers.

Alex BoyĂŠ performs several songs encouraging people to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Event Chair Christopher J. Harrer and Didi Hirsch President/ CEO Kita S. Curry, PhD.

Presented by the Fletcher Family Foundation, Didi Hirsch’s 21st annual Alive & Running 5K for Suicide Prevention was a record-breaking event, drawing more than 200 teams and 2,500 registrants and raising more than $500,000 for its Suicide Prevention Center. The Sept. 29 event was emceed by actress Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven) and featured guest speaker Talinda Bennington, a suicide prevention advocate. Alex Boyé, Didi Hirsch’s 2019 Mental Health Ambassador, performed several songs, while TV personality Eric Bigger, a finalist on TV show The Bachelorette led the warm-up. On-air talent from Power 106 and KDAY helped with announcements and music and brought an art installation in the shape of the words “What is Your Why?” for people to write on. Didi Hirsch President/CEO Kita S. Curry, PhD presented the Community Partner Award to Jonathan Sherin, MD, PhD, Director of the

Los Angeles County’s Department of Mental Health, which provided $2.3 million in funding to support the Suicide Prevention Center. Pamela Kluft, Vice Chair of Didi Hirsch’s Board of Directors and Chair of the Event, presented the Inspiration Award to two survivors of suicide loss: Miguel Serricchio, who survived the suicide of his 20-year-old son, Alejandro, and now co-leads bereavement support groups in Spanish; and Michael Lynch, a marathon runner who has had a team at the 5K every year since his brother died by suicide in 2007. Board Chair Christopher J. Harrer presented the Hope Award to Juanita Benitez, the captain of Team H.O.P.E (Hold-On-PainEnds), who helps raise awareness about suicide in the Latino community by talking about losing both her father and brother to suicide, and brings dozens of family and friends to the race each year.

TV personality Eric Bigger, a contestant on The Bachelorette, leads the pre-race warm-up

Firefighters on team #RememberAaron are interviewed by local media.

Suicide prevention advocate Talinda Bennington and daugter, Lily, sound the start horn for the race.

Team Name

Thanks to our

Top Teams!

Team Captain

SuPerCrew (SPC) Nathan Lichtman Team Fletcher Charlotte W. Fletcher Team Beth Pamela Kluft Team Cybelle Jason Greenman Nancy Rubin Team Nancy Rubin Team SAS Rick Mogil Chairman’s Mayo Andrew E. Rubin #RememberAaron Sherry Yanagisawa Team L’CHAIM Sara Rutenberg Team Curry Kita S. Curry


$42,979 $25,539 $21,195 $17,970 $14,525 $12,610 $11,858 $11,095 $10,190 $9,835

DJs from Power 106 and 93.5 KDAY pump up the crowd before the race begins.

Board member Will Lippincott writes a loved one’s name on a leaf for the Survivors After Suicide Memory Tree.

Didi Hirsch Board Chair Christopher J. Harrer, singer Alex Boyé, Board member Charlotte W. Fletcher, PhD, emcee Catherine Hicks, and event chair Pamela Kluft.

Didi Hirsch President/CEO Kita S. Curry, PhD presents the Community Partner Award to Jonathan Sherin, MD, PhD, Director of the LA County’s Department of Mental Health.

Christopher J. Harrer, Chair of the Board of Directors Dear Friends, What a stellar year it has been for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services! On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to review just a few of the highlights. Our new Suicide Prevention Center, which has been open for more than a year in a striking building at 10277 Olympic Blvd., has helped tens of thousands of people who have contemplated suicide or lost a friend or relative to suicide. Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Crisis Line, support groups and training programs have become models for mental health professionals and first responders throughout the world who share our goal of erasing the stigma of mental illness. The center required a leap of faith, but everyone involved was determined to get it up and running. The $20-million capital campaign that made the site purchase and construction possible was the largest in Didi Hirsch’s history. We have raised nearly 85 percent of the total, with much of the hard-won support coming from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and foundations that Kita S. Curry, PhD, our tireless President and Chief Executive, courted in Southern California and Sacramento. More about Kita in a moment. Meanwhile, our therapists have continued to engage with clients at 10 centers, about 120 schools

and in settings such as Skid Row, helping to transform lives by providing quality mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services in communities where stigma or poverty makes it difficult to access care. All told, Didi Hirsch helped nearly 160,000 children and adults in 2019. Now we are well along in 2020, and Didi Hirsch looks forward to a new decade of growth and commitment during which we can build on our strong foundation as a $54-million agency with more than 550 staff members and 300 volunteers. As we contemplate that promising future, let us also look back at some of the amazing people who helped get us here. I want to offer thanks to two retiring Board members. Martin J. Frank joined the Board in 2003 and served as Chair from 2010 to 2012. He also chaired our Suicide Prevention Center capital campaign. Charlotte W. Fletcher, PhD, and her family made a generous lead gift to our capital campaign. A survivor of suicide loss, she volunteered as a crisis line counselor over 40 years ago, an experience that prompted her to pursue a career in mental health. She has served on the Board since 2004. To both, we offer our abiding gratitude. Then there is Kita, our fearless, passionate leader, who has announced that she will be retiring this Fall after decades of work

to erase stigma and bring suicide out of the shadows. Kita became CEO of Didi Hirsch in 1999, when total revenues were $17 million and the agency helped about 29,000 people. That year, we raised about $500,000 in private contributions and grants. This year, on Kita’s watch, we raised more than $5 million in contributions and grants. Kita is a fierce advocate who has spoken openly about her and her family’s experience with depression and suicide to demonstrate that you can live successfully with mental illness. I’ll be stepping down as Board Chair in June, after four years of accompanying Kita on this journey. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. She will be missed tremendously, but she leaves the agency in solid financial condition to continue providing its lifechanging services for years to come. The Board is committed to continuing to pursue Kita’s vision and has launched a national search to find her replacement—someone capable of building on her accomplishments and taking Didi Hirsch to an even higher level. Let me close by offering Kita our profound thanks and best wishes for a marvelous next chapter. Warm regards,


Christopher J. Harrer Executive Vice Chair/Treasurer

Michael C. Wierwille Vice Chair

Martin J. Frank Secretary

Charlotte W. Fletcher, PhD Vice Chair

Pamela Kluft Immediate Past Chair

Carlos Garcia

Members of the board

Elizabeth C. Gill Thomas J. Han, DDS, FACD Janine B. Lichstein Gail Kamer Lieberfarb William D. Lippincott Laura Ornest Melissa Rivers Andrew E. Rubin Nancy Hirsch Rubin Sara Rutenberg Cheri Renfroe Yousem

New Board Members Libby Gill & Will Lippincott Libby Gill is an executive coach and award-winning author who helps emerging and established leaders reframe change as a growth opportunity. Her stepmother suffered from chronic depression and died by suicide; her brother, a retired college professor, lives with schizophrenia.

Will Lippincott is a literary agent who specializes in politics, narrative nonfiction, current events, history and memoir at Aevitas Creative Management. In 2015, Lippincott wrote a widely shared article in The New York Times about his struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts and the suicide of his father.

Financial Summary

FY 18-19

FY 17-18





Special Events



Donated Goods and Services




277,501 60,776

Government Contracts Contributions and Grants

Total Revenue

$54,635,217 $44,078,370


$36,759,356 $33,497,408

Operating Expenses



3,386,750 3,181,598


1,372,133 1,504,773

Donated Goods and Services Total Expenses




$50,009,989 $44,321,465 $4,625,228




Accounts Receivable/Prepaid



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Excess of Revenue over Expenses

Cash and Cash Equivalents

Property and Equipment Total Assets

$44,182,722 $42,534,299

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Total Liabilities

Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$23,765,390 $26,742,195 20,417,332


$44,182,722 $42,534,299

More than 88 cents of every dollar is spent on services

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. For information on contributions or planned gifts, please contact the Development Department at (310) 751-5455 or development@didihirsch.org.

Didi Hirsch served 159,136 individuals in 2019 from 10 centers by

550 staff

and 300 volunteers

8,383 clients

Outpatient mental health


Residential Treatment


Substance Use Treatment


Support Groups



Latino African American Caucasian Asian/Pacific Islander Other


total therapy sessions


41% 22% 20% 2% 15%

Children 31% Adults 69%

7 languages spoken by our therapists


Male 47% Female 53%

130,154 Crisis calls, chats, texts answered 4,040

high-risk callers rescued


Support Groups

callers under age 25

• Teen Bereavement Groups • Survivors After Suicide • Survivors of Suicide Attempts

8 locations in 3 counties

Mental health professionals in 50 states and 33 countries have downloaded our support group curriculum

20,599 reached by our Outreach & Trainings Mental Health

Suicide Prevention

Continuing education Evidence based practices Integrated care Certifications

First responders Medical professionals Universities/Schools Mental health professionals Community based organizations

9,062 educated

24 presentations at conferences & symposiums

11,537 trained

The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges an extraordinary group of individuals whose bequests and other estate gifts ensure access to mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services for generations to come.

Legacy Society Founders Honoring those who have made planned gift commitments of $1,000,000 or more Cynthia Chaillie Marchant Andrew E. Rubin

Legacy Society Members

In Memoriam

Curley L. Bonds, MD

Anette R. Brown

Linda Carpenter

Robert E. Emerson

Kita S. Curry, PhD, and Peter W. Curry

Gerald Geismar

Linda and Martin J. Frank

Edna H. Larkin

Kate Zimmerman Geismar

Mary and Stanley D. Lelewer

Julianne Grossman-Deme and Tibor Deme

Louise E. Light and Max Silver

Todd Hays

Alexandria M. McAfee and Michael McAfee

Sharon M. Kopman and Jason Kay Trust Janine and Henry Lichstein Francine Chandler Righter Richard Ross, PhD Joel Safranek Jilliene F. Schenkel Susan Goran Sobel Lisa and Michael C. Wierwille

Judith Anne Phillips Guy Righter Marjorie J. Schoenberg Terrence V. Scott Eileen J. Vogt The Tony Ross Memorial Fund Created through the generosity of his father, Richard Ross

2 0 1 9 D O N AT I O N S

Didi Hirsch Legacy Society

$100,000 and above

$5,000 - $9,999 (continued)

Anonymous Fletcher Family Foundation Kate Zimmermann Geismar and Gerald Geismar Louise and Paul Greenberg The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Nancy and Miles Rubin Saint John’s Health Center Elizabeth and Mark Schulhof

The Hahn-Block Family Foundation Mary Halligan Thomas J. Han, DDS, FACD Deborah Harmon Judith Jenkins Ellyn and Bill Lindsay The Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation Miller & Desatnik Management Company, Inc. Jacqueline Monash and Monte Stettin The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Merle and Peter Mullin Susan Bay Nimoy Northern Trust Kathleen and Jaime Pelaez Pi Kappa Alpha - Cal Poly Pomona Primary Care Physician Assistant Program at the Keck School of Medicine of USC Jeanne and Tony Pritzker Francine Righter Murphy and Ed Romano Kim Rubin and Jim Kaye Todd M. Rubin Schulman-Caragozian Family The Scooty Fund The Evan & Tracy Segal Family Foundation Hannah Skvarla UCLA Health Diederik Van Hoogstraten Lisa J. Walsh Foundation Weingart Foundation Robert Zigman/Jensen-Zigman Construction

$25,000 - $99,999 Wallis Annenberg The Berman Family Trust Jill Black Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Kita S. Curry, PhD and Peter W. Curry Dalio Foundation Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation Kate Spade Foundation Pamela Kluft The Lauder Foundation Laura Ornest/Ornest Family Foundation Jeanne Phillips And Walter Harris/ Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota Lynne Goldman Silbert

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation/ Flanny Productions Aphilibism Incorporated Didi and King Hirsch Foundation/ Patrice Hirsch Feinstein Linda and Martin J. Frank Anne Globe and Brad Neil Globe Jason Greenman Heidrick & Struggles Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Suzanne and Ric Kayne Las Candelas The Joan Leidy Foundation Janine and Henry Lichstein Gail Kamer Lieberfarb and Warren Lieberfarb Carol and Jerome Muchin Matthew Ondre Rags For Riches Foundation The Rainbow Pineapple Foundation Ralph L. Smith Foundation, UMB Bank, N.A., Trustee Janet Dreisen Rappaport The Honorable Vicki Reynolds and Murray Pepper, PhD Melissa Rivers Andrew E. Rubin The Sidley Austin Foundation Social Work Department of Adult Mental Health and Wellness SSI Advanced Post Services, LLC Tides Center Wells Fargo Foundation Mary and Jeffery Zients

$5,000 - $9,999 Aileen Adams and Geoffrey Cowan/ Adams Cowan Foundation Anonymous John and Hilda Arnold Foundation Aveeram Eschenasy Falkora Phyllis and Sam Feder Mimi and Carlos E. Garcia Donna and Russell Goodman

$2,500 - $4,999 Adreinne and Matthew Allnatt The Winston Alt/ Deborah Gribbon Family Fund Anonymous Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Diana and Dan Attias Rita and Ernest Bogen Roberta and Stanley Bogen Brakke-Schafnitz Insurance Brokers Adrienne Downing Epiq Class Actions & Claims Solutions, Inc Pamela and Dan Gallagher Nick Gehlfuss Susan and Howard Goldman Laurie and Steven Gordon Kelli and Dean Hallett Harman Family Foundation Tiffany and Christopher Harrer Pauline and William Henry Leta and Mark Higgins Steven Levin Anthony Marguleas Nancy Miller Lyn Morris, LMFT Harley Neuman and Daniel Lam Oliver Platt Office of L.A. Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Second District Danny Rosett Scarantino’s Italian Inn Ann and Tom Schulhof Sonia and George Segal James Siminoff Sony Pictures Entertainment Marilyn and Jeffrey Stern Sandy and Jon Stern Strauss Foundation Maria Hummer-Tuttle and Bob Tuttle Russel Tyner Lisa and Michael C. Wierwille

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Anonymous (x3) Wendi Anton and Robert Resnick Maria Ash Susan Auerbach and Brian Langholz B&B Manufacturer Office of L.A. Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Fifth District Joan G. Berkley Ann D. Blanchard Donald Boyle Chantal and Adam Bratschi-Kaye Judy and Bernard Briskin Renee and Harold Brook The Brown Family Estate of Anette Brown Connie Bruck and Mel Levine Laurence Bryant Lauren and Kent Burton Margot and Joseph Calabrese Leslie and Steven Carlson Mavis and Chuck Chan Toni and Bruce Corwin Ann and Dick Costello Rebecca Danelski, LCSW and Dan Hyslop, MD Julianne Grossman-Deme and Tibor Deme Elizabeth Dickinson Andrew Dow Sharon and Dennis Dugan Nancy and Mike Eisenstadt El Segundo Ladies Golf Club Bobbi Elliott Etiwanda High School - E.P.I.C. First Republic Bank Garth Fisher Christopher Fletcher, PhD Ricardo Fortier Franklin Truck Parts Monique and Greg Franklin Freeman Medical Towers Brett Furrey Leslie and Cliff Gilbert-Lurie Glendale Adventist Medical Center Jim Glick Patrick Grady Pamela Grandstaff Alison and Gerard Greenberg Angela Hanglow, PhD and Han Gunn Dr. Lindsay Fletcher Hardie and Mr. Kirk Hardie Mervyn Hecht Jami and Nikolaus Heidegger Alain Hirsch Construction Corporation Cindy and Alan Horn Hyman Family Charitable Foundation Industrial Metal Supply Company Sunmee Jang Jerry S. Goren and Julia S. Coley Foundation Pam and Robert Kahan Karl Strauss Brewing Company Lorna Jean and Richard I. Katz Ari Kaye Dr. and Mrs. Herb Kean Key Drug Pharmacy Joseph & Jacqueline Kirshbaum Memorial Fund The Kleiner Cohen Foundation Kendall and Douglas A. Knaus Kobor Family Foundation Cynthia Kolodny Joanne Kozberg and Stephen Corday, MD Nancy Kuhl Stephanie and Fritz Lauer Kayla and Christina Lea Susan Lerner Peggy and Bernard Lewak Geri Lieberman and Richard Ellis

$1,000 - $2,499 (cont’d)

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Lincoln Financial Group Lia and Murray Markles Elizabeth Mazzocchi and Dennis Lavinthal Jessica and Michael McConahey Lucy McCoy and Paul Bacigalupo Duane E. McWaine, MD Diana Meehan, PhD Ally and Brian Mekelburg Donald Meland, MD Lanning Melville Wendy and Barry Meyer Lisa and Alvin Michaelson Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Milken Family Foundation Karen and Tom Miller Jill Moilanen Sandra Moss MPRM Communications Alan and Nancy Nager Norac Pharma Karen Olan and Mitchell Becker Jane and Ronald Olson Cathryn Connors Palmieri and Victor Palmieri Pasadena Community Foundation Sandra Peters Office of California State Senate, Senator Anthony Portantino, Twenty-Fifth District Mitch Rabin Susan and Arthur Rebell Sara Risher Justin and Jason Rodjanapanyakul Brian Rosenberg Jon M. Rubin Joe and Anthony Russo/AGBO Films, Bullitt Thomas L. Safran Elyn R. Saks Ann and Greg Santilli Amy Schulhof and Lee Helman Kyra and Dean Schulhof Heidi Schulman and Mickey Kantor Julie and Gregg Seltzer Linda Shahinian and Herb Schiff Julie and Bradley Shames Shirley and Ralph Shapiro Talia and Matthew Shapiro Judy and Allan Sher Dr. Mary Sherman and Mr. Jeff Sherman Spectrum Sports Management Nancy Stark and Stanley Iezman Bonnie Strauss and Dr. Roger Gould Christine Taylor Hollis Taylor Jean and John Toh, MD Ultimate Software Westchester United Methodist Church Alyson and Thomas Westfall Terry White The William Wishnick Foundation Judy and Marvin Wolf Donovan Wong, MD Sherry and Albert Yanagisawa Connie and Graham Yost Jameela and Sangeen Zeb

Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Lorraine and John Becker Deanne Bender Sara Benowitz Noella Bergener Susan Berger Jennifer Blecka Emily Blumenberg Irene and Stuart Boyd Jody Briskin and Bruce Spector Timothy Brockish Nancy J. Broderick Gay Browne Karen and Michael Bruckner The Capital Group Companies Paul Caruso & LKLA Rosie and Pete Casey Steve Casey Marie Chacon Crystal Li and Andrew J. Cohen Areta Crowell, PhD Lynne Davidson Anthony Demarco Dr. and Mrs. Frank Dines Damien Doss Cheryl Downey Jason Dravis Linda and Peter Duncan Nicki and Alan Durlester Joseph K. and Inez Eichenbaum Foundation Marcy Elkind Kimberly and Ambassador John Emerson Sarah Fain Elisabeth Familian David Farberow Farmhouse At Roger’s Garden Belle, Joerg and Michael Fiederer Mary Finch Judy Burns Fishman and Arnold Fishman June Flowers Nancy McElroy Folger Maya Forbes Kimberly Galecki Samit Gehlot Kala Gentle Nancy Gettelman Vicky and Chip Goodman Gabrielle and Robert Greenberg Beth and Geoffrey Greulich Mr. and Mrs. Grafton S. Harper David Harvey Emily and Stephen Hirsch Michelle Hirschman and Beau Cameron Pilar Hoyos Robert Hull Susan and Norman Hull Dolores Hyams Carol Hyman, MD Susan Igdaloff Innovation High School Ironman Foundation Mark Ivener Scott Jacobson Linda Janger Robert Jay Susan and Mark Jay Jane Jelenko Norm Johnson Pamela Johnson and Thomas Bonvenuto Toubi Katoozi and Alan Katoozi Nora Kavner Beth and Jon Kean Brooks King Rosemarie Kochan Korean Presbyterian Hosanna Church

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Nancy Koven and Carter Omens Kim Kowsky KPlans, Inc. Brooke Lauter and Randall Delave Carol Leif Stephen B. Lemann Memorial Fund Louise Lerminiaux Diane Levine Nadia Levinsohn Michael Lindsey Susan B. and Howard M. Loeb Gregory Madej Amy Madigan and Ed Harris Dede and William Mandel, MD Susan Carol Massie John Mawson Nick Mazza Ed McCall Kevin McGahey Mary and Steve Meadow Mental Health America of Los Angeles Maricela and Hank Mitchel Philip Molgren Vilma Monzon Martha E. Munoz Geoffrey Nathanson Charles Nelson Heather New Jon Newby Julie and Wes Nichols Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH Regina Orlick Maureen Orth Daryl Owen Pacific Alarm Systems Michelle Pagni Michelle Post Claudia Quentin Marina and Gary Raines Kathleen and Dean Rasmussen Tom Riccard Peter Rose Pat and Paul Rudovsky Mark Sadamitsu Jilliene F. Schenkel Margaret Schireson Kimberly and Jonathan Schulhof Deb Schwarz and Chris Thomas Phyllis Segal Sean Shannon Yvette Silvera Vicki Solmon James Sor Marvin J. Southard, DSW Lisa Specht William Stewart Andrew Stout Ross Szabo Bonnie Tann, RN, BSN, MBA-HCM, EML Jeffrey Thrash Susan Tick Patty and Mike Tracy United Way Of Greater Los Angeles Verdugo Clinic Pharmacy Visa Matching Gifts Program The Vu Family David and Sylvia Weisz Family Philanthropic Fund Karen and Jerry West Samara Winterfeld Linda Wolff Laurie Woodrow Mandy Yamauchi-Ellen

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Richard Bojorquez Kimberly Bolstad Zelle Bonney Regena Booze Darius Borhan Deborah Bougdanos Renthy Boyle Zahava and Harris Brazina Martha Breen Eric Bress Jason Briley Robert Brockish Stephanie Brown Charlise Brown-Scranton Joyce Bryan Will Buchler Debbie M. Buckley Julie and Joe Buda Yaned Busch Keith and Emma Butler Dayton Calhoun The California Wellness Foundation Jasmine Cameron Martin Campas Angelique Campen Bob Campos Alexa Cantella Debra and Michael Capuano Julia Carlblom Cindy Carpenter Hugh Carr Dana Carroll Tina Cassar Erin Caswell Rebecca Catterall Nancy Cautillo Curtis Chamberlain Margie and Robert Champion Julia and Luke Chandler Theodore Chandler Stephanie Chaney Carole and Allan Chasin Diane Chau Dennis Chavez Connie Chen Serena Chen Sandra Cheng Marc Chessler Erick Cheung Roy Cheung Monica Choi Raymond Chung Angelica and Camelia Churchian Bettina Cisneros Ann Clark The Clemens Family Barbara and John Coanda Debbie and Lewis Cohen Sharleen and Martin Cohen Wendy and David Cohen Amy S. Cole Jeanne Cole Chris Collins Kelly Collins Timothy Colohan Shirlene Conklin Angela Connell John M. Connolly, PhD, MSEd Judith and Dale Cooper James Cope The Coquillard Family Barbara Corday and Roger Lowenstein Kevin Cordon Rebecca Corness Robert Corrigan

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Hortensia Haro Joanne Lelewer Harpel Cathy Harris and Victor Gorzadek Beth Hartley Jan and Steve Haruta Barbara Hattem Sharman Haverstock Jeanne and Stan Hayashi Robert Hayward Christopher Hazlitt Leif B. Helland Carol Helmick Jonna Helton Marianne Hendrix Adalberto Heredia Eva Hermann Lynette and Eric Hershler Tami Hewlett Janice Heyl Vicki Higa Kyle Hill Robert Hill Richard Hirschfield Christy Hobart Anita Hoffman Noah and David Hoffman Robin Hoffman Amrita Holden Darryn Holder Vanessa Holder Jonathan Holiday Chip Hooley Patrick Hooper Stephen Hootstein Kelly Hopler Stacey Hoppe Scott Hosmer Raelene Houck Christine Houston Jerry Howard Merri Howard and Merrill Shindler Kara Hubbard Margaret Hubbard Melanie and Pete Hudes Hazel Huerto Robin R. Hunter Linda Hyman Susan Hoffman-Hyman and Jon Hyman Victoria and Jack Iafrate Alan Iezman Bruce Ino Kandee Isam Amanda Israel Nan Iwasaki Valerie Iwasaki Carol J. Russel Jacinto Dawn and Emmett Jacobs Lynda and Mitch Jacobs Sandra Jacobson Marshall Jaffe Efrat and Mark Jaffe Phyllis Jaffe Julia Jagels Lucia and Alef Jamai Diane Jardine Lucia Jarrell Maureen and Michael Jay Todd Jeanpierre Thomas Jelenic Margherita Jensen Jessica Johnson Kara Johnson Tory Johnson Jordana Jones

Tracy Jones Nicholas Jones-Liang Andrea Jordan James Jordan Joselito Jose Diana Judovits Laurie Jun The Jusufi Family Stephanie Kalina Jaclyn Kalkhurst Clint Kaller Marsha Kamer Sandra Kanczuzewski Robin Kanter Marla Kantor Sethvathey Kao Allison and Andy Kaplan Tracey Kardash Rachel Kashon Jean Katz Cynthia Kawa Karen Kay Joseph Keene Claire Kelly Mike Kelly Peggy Kelly Branden F. Kennedy Laura Kennedy Paul Kent and Richard Perez Sharon Kent William Kerr Kavita Khajuria Joe Khalvatu Cecilia Kienast Brian Kight Avelina Kim Sang Hee Kim and Yill Soo Kim Vickie King Katharina Kirk Jean Kitamura Anne Klafter Linda Klein and Robert Johnson Sydney Kobell Barbara A. Kohut Rosemary and Peter Kolesnik Glenn Kopelson Liz and Jeff Koppelman Ellye Kovner Rachel Kovner Christopher Kristoff Erik Kronstadt Deena and Adam Krulewitz Paula and Frederick Kuhns Tamah Kushner Ilona Lacina Marthe Lamarre Robert Lamonaca Michael Landres Scott B. Lane Paul Langlotz Lauren Lantz Mary and Daniel Laprevote John Larocca Eva and Michael Larson Jean Lauricella, MD Connor Laux Susan Law Kenneth Layton Phuong Le John Le Boutillier Richard Lee Silvia Lee Sun Young Lee Stephanie Leese Barbara and Stanley Leiken, MD

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Kimberly McCoy Rachal McCutchen Trisha McDaniel McDonald Family Michael McGrath Edward McGurn April McLean Maura McNamara Tara McPherson Evelyn McVeigh Martha and Jeffrey Melvoin Noor Menai Allan Mendez Christina Mendoza Mercedes Mendoza Marilyn Mikos and Joanne Waddell Ann and O’Malley Miller Kimberly Miller Maureen Miller Teri Miller Nancy and David Milstein Aimee Mingus Scott Minium Sue Mirkin Marie Misisco Stephan Miskjian Elizabeth Mitts Isaac Mizraki Shirley and Jack Modjallal, MD Margaret Moholt Mary Clare Molidor Christine Montagna Andrew Moore Cheryl and Kaitlyn Moore Lilia Morales Kate Morgan Marnie Morgan Vivien and Allen Morita Heather Moro David C. Moses Moss Adams Cacie Mularchuk Gretchen Mullendore, PhD Roberta Muller Kathy Mullin Mike Mulvihill Frieda Muro Ryan Murphy Lauren Murray Karen and David Nalley Susan Napier Bobby Narayan Joanne Nelson Kenneth Nelson Moira and Dency Nelson Rose Nelson Carol Nelson-Cheng Netflix Matching Gifts Program Jill Newman Karen Ng Kaylee Ng Barbara Kabahar-Nicks and Christopher Nicks Suzanne and Clifford Niels Susan Nihiser Shari and Kenneth Nishi Joyce Nishioka Linda and Dean Nobori Marilyn and Alan Nobori Bob Nolan Joe Notaro Jamie Novak Adrienne Nowaki Yeiko Nowaki

Joyce O’Brien Peggy Odenbach Patricia Okita Andrew Okun Michael Olenick Kristine Barry-Olsen and Chris Olsen Trevor Olsen Megan Olson Yvette and Jay Onga Tim Orr Azucena Ortiz Joseph Osborne Catarino Osegueda Joanne and Peter Osinoff Kathleen Outcalt Margie Padron and Balt (Baltimore) Padron Renee and Thomas Page Kevin Paluay Tin Pang Pamela Paraison Allison Lea Parker Fred Pasquarella Janis Paster Tanya Patterson Luciana Paulise Veronica Payan Tracy Pearce Amy Pendleton Wayne Pepper Karmin Hernandez Persi Violette Peters Roger Peterson Suzanne Peterson John Petty Nancy and Edward H. Phillips, MD Presley Pickell Jackie Pociask Robin Polito-Shaffer Stanley Polsky Moises Ponce Michael Post Marissa Potter T. Kevin Powells Sandie Proctor Lisa Prosser Rya Prozes Geetha Puri Eugene Ramirez Karen and Darryl Ramos-Young Barbara L. Ramsey Sara Rathbun Barbara W. Ravitz Lisa Cleri Reale Hanahlei Reed Laura Reepmeyer Richard S. Reeves Lacy Register Robert Rehfuss William Reimer Patrice Reiss Robert Reiss Laurie and Ronald Resch Betty Rettier Farrah Noorbakhsh Reynolds John Richards Nancy Richardson Frances Ricks Kristin Riddick Joel Rieck Mary Jo Rioux Patricia Roback Suzanne Roberts Joy K. Robinson

La-Quesha Robinson Lori and Gregory Robinson Miles Robinson Linda Rochelle Julie Rockwell Prenide Rodene Jesus Rodriguez Donnell Roe Marlene Rognlien Cheryl Roodman Megan Rooney Marsha Rose John Rosen Mark Rosenbaum George Rosenberg Patricia Rosenburg and Bud Heumann Reba Rosenthal Arnie Ross Steve Rothans Arthur Rothberg Georgina and Alan Rothenberg Mark Rothstein Kimberly Roush Michael Rowe Tamara Rowland Dinah Rowley Herb Rubinstein Jill Ruby-Wahba Lee Ruscoe Alexandra Russell Anthony Russo Patti Russo Alex Ruttenberg Trish Ryan Lori and Harry Sacks Zena Sacks Candice Saito Melissa Salcido Dorothy and Abe Salkin Debbie Salmon Bruce Saltzer William Sanchez Sylvia Sandler Romolo Santarosa Kristine Santoro, PhD Edgar Sarabia Mara and Dean Sarrocco Laurie and Mark Sasson Arman Satchyan Andrew Satlin Dan Saunders Kevin Sayles Andrea Scanlon Kimberly Scharf Tita Schermerhorn Jo Schiff Amy Schiffman Janet Schinderman Christina Schlank Alison Schlecht Erin Schmidt Donika Schnell Ross Schoenwald Robert and Norman Schueler Stacy Shrout Schumacher Marjorie Schuman, PhD Beverly Rupe Schwarz and Leo Schwarz Angela Factor Schweitzer and Don Fenning Kenneth Scott Natercia Seabra Debbie and Bill Sean Susan Sechler

$100 - $249 (continued) Seers Lumber Company, Inc. Cerie Segal Ramona and Franco Seif Fern and Bob Seizer Korbey Sellen Nina Sen Shula Sendowski Denise Senzaki Jeff Sewell Jan Shaffer Michael Shaknovich Raaj Shankla Sue Shankla Brendan Shannon Rachel Shanok Jonathan Shapiro Mukul Sharma Lewis Sharpstone Suzanne Shaw Jessica Shenson Abby Sher Bill Shipman Angela Shum Samuel Siaosi Beverly and Ronald Siegel Scott Siegel Alicia and Paul Silka, MD Lori Silver Meredith Silverman Pamela Silvers Greg Simpson Jeff Singer Richard Singer Lynda Skaggs Amy and Mark Smith Donnie Smith Jill Smith Terri Smith Jeanne Snow Sam Sobel Loren Sobul Andrew Sokolsky T. Miyashiro-Sonoda and K A Sonoda Patricia Speelman Austin Spiegel Elise Spilker and William Sater Vanda Sporrer Sun H. Spriggs Jay Stamper Lari Staples Patricia and Jim Steele Don and Bev Steffen Andrew Steinberg Frank Stork D. and J. Stroh Mary Ellen Stumpfl Xin Sui David Sullivan Lenore S. Sussman Michael Sutton Rodney Swan Mitchel S. Swersky Jeffrey Swingle Alena Tabora Mary Taddeo Jonathan Taksa Peter Talaba Ron Tansingco Ann Sheridan Taylor Nancy Thompson Taylor Leena Tekchandani Kirsten and Steve Tellez Christine M. Thatcher Betsy Thorne

Frances Tibbits Lori Toia Carolyn and Asao Tokunaga Jason Tokunaga Heather Tomley Suzie Torcuato Jesus Torres Jaimie Torromeo Suzanne Tracht Kory Tray Daniel Trevizo Francesca Tricamo-Palmer Chris Trujillo Albert Trundle Olivia Tsujimura Lauren Turner Hayley E. Tyler Sarah Tyler Deborah and Grant Uba Lynn Uchizono Ngy Ung Vicky L. Uyemura Daniel Valdez Laura Valdez Linda Van Dyke Joseph Van Vleet Rama Vangipuram Rocio Varela Ana Vargas Emily Vargas Jesse Vargas Patricia and Juan Vargas Christopher Varona Antonia Veron Dolores Vinci Victor Vitalis Jeremy Volk Ursula Von Der Ohe Donna and Nobert Wabnig Joanne Waddell Maria Thompson Wade Laurie and Ira Waldman Judith Walker Susan Wall Susanna Wallner Roxanne and Roger Waterman, Jr. Tina Wayt Michael Webb Michael Weintraub/Dressed Up Joan and Harry Weintrob Loretta A. Weir Pamela Weisberg Vivian and Harry Weiss Laura Wellman Diane Wells Janet Welsh Robin Kay Wicker, PhD Kim and Brian Wiener Thomas Wilbur Harriet Wilburne, MD and Rick Curcio Toni Wilkey Todd Wilkins Brian Williams Sarah Williams Tim Wilson Robert Wiltuck Terry Witte Nick Wolf Randi Woodrow Richard Woodrow Amy Woods Lisa Woods Carrie Work James Work

Virginia Worman Max Wright Candice and Kate Wynne Stephen Yanagisawa Steven Yang Chrysanthe Yates Nicole J. Yeske Joji Yi T. Sandy Yin Chinglok Yong Genia Young Kathleen and Scott Young Yourcause, LLC Employee Giving Program Jahan Zeb Harriet Zeitlin Matthew Zevin Jodi Zevon Anthony Zito Frances Zolotin

In-Kind Anonymous Bloomingdale’s Jacqueline Buda Cliffside Malibu Debra Crawford Paulla Elmore First School Dara G. Fortgang Aibina Ghadimian Oscar Gonzalez Margaret Hodges Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Beth Hyatt Shira and Elan Javanfard Beverly Jones Kip’s Toyland Laser Away Russell McGinnis Michelle Moon Northern Trust Laura Ornest/ Ornest Family Foundation Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Marina del Rey Corey Ramirez-Gomez Carol J. Robinson Andrew E. Rubin Nancy and Miles Rubin Scarantino’s Italian Inn Shelter Partnership, Inc. Vallarta Supermarkets



Fletcher Family Foundation Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

$1 Million - $1,999,999

Everychild Foundation Kate Zimmermann Geismar and Gerald G. Geismar The Nickoll Family Linda Carpenter and Richard Ross, PhD Elizabeth and Mark Schulhof

$500,000 - $999,999

The Ahmanson Foundation W.M. Keck Foundation Janine and Henry Lichstein Alexandrina McAfee Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999 Anonymous Louise and Paul Greenberg Nancy and Miles Rubin

$100,000 - $249,999

The Berman Family Trust Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation Linda and Martin J. Frank Gerald Light Goldstein Trust Henry L. Guenther Foundation Cathy and Jeff Kalmick Lois and David Kalmick Gail Kamer Lieberfarb and Warren Lieberfarb Laura Ornest/Ornest Family Foundation The Honorable Vicki Reynolds Pepper and Murray Pepper, PhD Estate of Terrence V. Scott Jean and Lewis Wolff Family Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999 Wallis Annenberg Kita S. Curry, PhD and Peter W. Curry Dalio Foundation Janet Dreisen Rappaport Mimi and Carlos E. Garcia Pamela Kluft The Lauder Foundation

Ralph L. Smith Foundation, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee Andrew Rosen Andrew E. Rubin The Skylight Foundation Lynne Goldman Silbert Anne and Philip Strauss, CPA Lisa and Michael C. Wierwille



Aileen Adams and Geoffrey Cowan / Adams Cowan Foundation Anonymous Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Create Advertising Group, LLC / Debbie and David Stern Irene and Rudolph Estrada Phyllis and Sam Feder Thomas J. Han, DDS, FACD Tiffany and Christopher Harrer Jami and Nikolaus Heidegger Lisa and Lew Horne The Kaye Family David E. Shaw Katrina vanden Heuvel Mary and Jeffery Zients

$1,000 - $9,999 Adrienne and Matthew Allnatt Magalie Alvarez Shawn Amos Susan Auerbach and Brian Langholz Brionna and Joe Barksdale Born This Way Foundation Judy and Bernard Briskin Renee and Harold Brook The Brown Family Mavis and Chuck Chan David Clyde Toni and Bruce Corwin Ann and Dick Costello Pamela Farkas First Republic Bank Flanny Productions / Judd Apatow Ricardo Fortier Brett Furrey Judith and Charles Goldman Susan Goran Sobel Alison and Gerard Greenberg Myrna and Stephen D. Greenberg Nina Gutin, PhD Kelli and Dean Hallett Mr. and Mrs. Grafton S. Harper Pauline and William Henry Linda Janger Judith Jenkins Emily and Scott Kalt Dana Kiesel, PhD, and Paul Kiesel Daniel Kravitz Daphna Krim

Christine Le Pera Lyn and Norman Lear Jessica and Michael McConahey Lucy McCoy and Paul Bacigalupo Amena and Brandon Mebane Lisa and Alvin Michaelson Chuck Ortner Susan and Alan Patricof Jennifer Perry Lisa Petrazzolo and Emile Gladstone Pi Kappa Alpha - Cal Poly Pomona Michelle Post Brian and Gwen Potiker Fund Susan and Arthur Rebell Bill Resnick and Michael J. Stubbs Murphy and Ed Romano Rossi Family Foundation Jon M. Rubin Todd M. Rubin Roger Sant Ann and Greg Santilli Ann and Tom Schulhof Shana and Scott Silveri Farrah Summerford Juan Tan Christine Taylor Jean and John Toh, MD Shana Weiss and John Silva The William Wishnick Foundation Sherry and Albert Yanagisawa Cheri Renfroe Yousem Anton Zaslavski / Zedd


Didi Hirsch receives critical funding from many outstanding national, regional and local agencies and organizations. Their support helps us provide high quality mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services throughout the community.

Integrated Care Saint John’s Health Center Foundation Community Impact Fund $100,000 Provides funding to improve integrated client care by enhancing existing partnership with Westside Family Health Center and building new partnership with Venice Family Clinic. Also supports the introduction of a health promotion program designed to help clients gain new knowledge and skills for healthier eating and physical activity. Cedars-Sinai Behavioral Health Initiative $75,000 Allows us to hire an expert consultant to help strengthen and expand integrated healthcare services, provide staff training to increase competency in the prevention and management of physical health conditions, and expand and strengthen coordination with referral partners, including forming new partnerships with vision and dental service providers. Center for Care Innovations $50,000 Supports participation in the statewide Addiction Treatment Starts Here: Behavioral Health learning collaborative to help implement Medication-Assisted Treatment programs for patients with opioid use disorder.

Child & Family Las Candelas, Inc. $10,000 Supports teen programs at Didi Hirsch Glendale including support groups and an annual Teen Summit. Joan Leidy Foundation, Inc. $10,000 Funds the expansion of the Glendale Teen and Young Adult program to other Didi Hirsch sites and additional growth opportunities for teen clients.

Disaster Distress Relief Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) $137,500 Provides funding over three years to support Didi Hirsch’s role as one of three Core Region Call Centers for the national Disaster Distress Helpline, which receives calls from throughout the U.S. Didi Hirsch is the only one that provides services 24/7 in English and Spanish.

2019 MAJOR GRANT AWARDS SuBSTANCE USE The Emergency Food and Shelter Program $57,500 Defrays cost of sheltering homeless women who are struggling with trauma, mental illness and substance use issues and their young children at Via Avanta. Wells Fargo Foundation $10,000 Funding to assist women living at Via Avanta with basic needs such as housing security deposits, furniture, job interview clothing and transportation.

Suicide Prevention Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) $472,500 Provides funding over three years to support Didi Hirsch’s role as one of ten Lifeline Core Chat Centers. For 8.5 hours per day, Didi Hirsch provides chat coverage to support individuals in suicidal crisis across the U.S. who prefer to utilize online chat services instead of a telephone hotline for emotional support. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) $288,889 Provides funding over 26 months to support Didi Hirsch’s role as one of three National Spanish Lifeline crisis centers. Didi Hirsch answers Spanish Lifeline Calls from throughout the U.S. 24/7 365 days a year. Kate Spade New York Foundation Funds to provide in-depth training and follow-up support nationwide to 300 mental health professionals and peers to implement Didi Hirsch’s Survivors of Suicide Attempts support group curriculum. The Annenberg Foundation $50,000 Provided capital funds for the purchase of a new home for our Suicide Prevention Center to increase crisis services, support groups and training throughout the community. The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota $35,000 Funds our Survivors of Suicide Attempts work and other support groups. Dalio Foundation Inc. $25,000 Support for the Suicide Prevention Center. Ralph L. Smith Foundation - Smith Share, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee $20,000 Funding for the Suicide Prevention Center Crisis Line. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation $10,000 Support for the Suicide Prevention Center.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who provided 34,748 hours of service in 2019. We couldn't do it without you!

Special Thanks Judd Apatow

Morrison & Foerster LLP


Northern Trust

Alex Boyé

Laura Ornest / Mo’s Show

Cliffside Malibu

Power 106 / 93.5 KDAY

Events by One / Greg Richardson

Scarantino’s Italian Inn

First School

Shelter Partnership, Inc.

Aibina Ghadimian

Spectrum Sports Management, Inc.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Vallarta Supermarkets


Detra Wilson

Kip’s Toyland

Wolfgang Puck

Los Angeles magazine

Robert Zigman/ Jensen-Zigman Construction

Thank you to all the clients who have shared their stories with us.

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1540 E. Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205 (818) 244-7257

323Â N. Prairie Ave. Inglewood, CA 90301 (310) 677-7808 1233 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 855-0031

Metro Center

672 S. La Fayette Park Pl., Suite 6 Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 381-3626

2000 E. 4th St., Suite 201 Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 547-0885

1328 W. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044 (323) 778-9593

Via Avanta

Pacoima, CA (818) 897-2609

E xecutive



Kita S. Curry, PhD Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations

Lyn Morris, LMFT Chief Financial Officer

Howard Goldman Vice President of Human Resources

Solomon Grinwald Vice President of Quality & Innovation

Kristine Santoro, PhD Medical Director

Donovan Wong, MD Vice President of Development

Joel Wyatt

Didi Hirsch 2019 Annual Report Editor Kim Kowsky Designer Joey Buda Writers Martha Groves

Susan Wampler

Photographers Carla Blumenkrantz

Eric Charbonneau Donato Sardella

Printer Weber Printing Co.

Mission Statement Since 1942, Didi Hirsch has transformed lives by providing quality mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services in communities where stigma or poverty limits access.

We value care that is: Accessible Comprehensive Collaborative Innovative Accountable Committed

www.didihirsch.org 4760 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230 Development Office: 310-751-5455




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