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International School In English Issue No: 5, Summer 2014

Welcome to Hello World, Østerbro International School In English, ØISIE is celebrating its first year. This very issue is a landmark for the dedication of the Literary Magazine Staff and ØIS students and teachers as this is the second Summer Edition. Last year this time, ØISIE was born and since then it has been published seasonally. We have good news for you. From next issue on, ØISIE will have its own webpage, in which the readers will be able to share, like and comment. In the webpage, you will also be able to download the full version of the magazine and hopefully get student news. Once again, I would like to thank each and every member of ØISIE staff who have been working diligently to make ØISIE happen. Besides, I would like to thank ØIS staff and administration for all their support. Have a wonderful summer! Ramazan Dicle ØISIE Chief Editor & EAL Coordinator

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Frederikke Schaufuss

Summer, summer almost here Let’s give summer a big fat cheer! Of this fact I’m surely clear Summer is the best time of year!

Summer News 2014 Summer Events Emma Gyde

Summertime Story Daniel Austin

It was summer time again, and time for a long three months of boredom.

morning. “Its 6:30!” I shouted as loud as I

My summer has always been hard. My could in my grogginess. “I don’t wanna family ran a souvenir shop in our little town, and because so many people came during summer, there was a lot of work to be done. As a result of this, I always had a lot of work to do during summer. “Luke! Come downstairs! Summer has just started and people are already coming in to the store!” shouted my mum from downstairs. I looked over to the alarm clock next to my bed, as I was just waking up. It was 6:30 in the

come down!” There was no response, which was odd because my parents love to talk and would almost never give up on the opportunity to speak. Figuring they didn’t hear me the first time, I decided to say it again. “I’m not coming down, its too early!” Still nothing. At this point I was a little annoyed. What were they even doing, that would require so much

focus that they couldn’t respond to

was slightly upset that someone was in

me? Frustrated, I decided to go down

my house so early without me

and tell them I didn’t want to wake up knowing, but it wasn’t my place to tell so early. There was an eerie silence as I her to leave. was walking down the stairs - our house is normally bustling with noise.

“G’day son, my name’s Lacy. I’m sure you have a few questions, but I am on

“Hello?” I called out.

a tight schedule, so I have to explain

There was no response.

quickly.” She said. She spoke fast and

“Are you guys ok?” No response.

had a heavy Australian accent. “This will probably come to a surprise to you, but your parents were not good

When I walked into the room I was a people. They were involved in a lot of little bit scared, my parents had never

messed up stuff. They were both

just stopped talking in the middle of a

prominent leaders in the group known

conversation. It just wasn’t like them.

as the Illuminati. In fact, this house has

At first I didn’t notice anything out of

a secret basement where they can

the ordinary, the stairs end at the

communicate remotely with any

kitchen, and everything seemed to be

member of the group.”

in order. Then I saw her. A woman was standing by the wall in our kitchen, looking out the window. She was tall, and was wearing pretty normal clothing. “Uhh, who are you?” I asked sternly. I

“What are you talking about?! I shouted. “Are you insane? We just run a souvenir shop in a town that most people probably haven’t even heard of!”

“Sorry laddie, but that just ain’t true. You can find their communication

myself that they were OK, but on the inside I felt like she was telling the

center down in your basement. There is truth. After about a minute of standing a secret door and if you are looking for still, I sat on the floor and cried. it it’s mighty hard to miss.” “Ok but where are my parents if this is all true?” Where did they go?” “Well laddie, this is the bad news. I

The police arrived within the hour, just as the woman said they would. They asked questions, but it was all a

was sent by the government to kill

blur to me. I didn’t know what was real

your parents. It’s not personal, its just

anymore. Nothing seemed real

how it has to be. So sorry hun, but the anymore. Logic and reason meant world is a better place now. Their bodies will never be recovered, and the police will be here within the hour to come pick you up. Sorry boy, but I have to go now. Ta-ta.” She then walked right by me, and left my house through the front door. I was stunned. My mind was spinning. Could any of this be true? There was no way. It was the first day in summer, they were probably just out enjoying the sunset, right? I was reasoning to

nothing to me anymore; I just lay down on the floor, and tried to go to sleep. After all, it was only 7 o clock.

Annica Seppänen

Ever since I was a little kid, I was told that I was special, that I was going to rule the world of love. I never believed this, I always thought I was the normal child of a goddess. I was born with one blue eye and another one green, according to my mother that meant that I was going to change when I turned 15. So now on my 13th birthday everything started changing I could feel my body changing, I could feel my soul changing, it felt as in something was starting to possess me. These changes became worse on my 14th birthday. But everything changed on October 8th..... "Mother, mother!" I screamed. "Something is changing I can feel it!" "Alright darling let's see." My mother started chanting words in Latin. I could feel my energy being taken out of me. "It's happening...� My mother murmured. "What? What is happening to me?" I was sobbing at this point. I couldn't control my emotions; everything I had ever cried for came back. "Darling, I haven't told this to you before but you are turning to into the goddess of love, Aphrodite." As my mother started explaining, all my tears had dried on to my face. "But I don't know how to handle this, I'm only turning 15!" I screamed. All of a sudden, I

fell on ground screaming in agony, I could

could feel my energy being taken out of me

feel my hair growing in lighting speed, my

once again.

nails growing as well as my soul being pulled out. Suddenly it all stopped, I felt normal yet I felt different.

"Interesting, have you been feeling this pain for a long time?" He asked. "Umm yes, I have. Is that the problem?" I asked. I was starting to feel blackness over-

"Darling, you look magnificent, I think you are the most beautiful creature that has ever lived." My mother looked at me in fascination. “I know exactly who to contact...” My mother answered with a small smirk on her face. A few days passed with even more changes to my appearance as well as my at-

come me; suddenly I'm on the floor unconscious. I was starting to wake when I heard yelling. "I told you, her body isn't strong enough to handle this!" "She is my daughter, I know what she is capable of !"

titude. I was now more emotional. My moth-

"Yes, ma'am. But I am the expert here."

er had contacted a Greek witch, who had

I recognized the voices; they belonged to

helped other young people with their trans-

my mother and the witch.

formation in to something big. I walked up

"Oh, you are awake." My mother called.

to this so called "witch", I didn't fully believe

"Yes, I am." I replied with rough voice. “I

that witches existed but once I saw him for sure I knew it had to be true. "Hello young one." He started off. "You

feel very sleepy. Could I go back to sleep?" "No, I'm sorry we have to keep you awake, we have to tell you something."

look very different from my other clients."

"What is it?"

He pondered while walking around me.

"We don't know if you are going to be

"Your transformation into the goddess of love has been happening very quickly."

able to handle the power and strength of Aphrodite. We are afraid that you will just

"Is that a good thing, sir?" I asked.

collapse and die." My mother answered with

"No, not at all. Actually it's very horrible,

a very sad tone.

the faster you transfer the more you



Suddenly all I could see was black and I

He started mumbling words in Latin; I

could hear my mother yell my name but I

couldn't answer.

of the times; my mother had tried to teach

Suddenly all I saw was darkness.

me Latin. Latin was a language which my mother was keen in teaching me; the main


phrase I remember was "Denuntiamus autem vobis". According to my memory, as well as

All I could see was darkness. After a

my mother, that was a spell to summon a

while, I noticed that everything had turned

witch. "Denuntiamus autem vobis" translate

in to old vanilla white statues, pots and what

directly to " I summon you".

none sense. I tried moving my arms, my

"Denuntiamus autem vobis" I said. I felt

legs, but I couldn't move, it was as if I was

as if my throat had millions of bees just

trapped inside of something.

buzzing around. "Denuntiamus autem vobis"

The strange thing was that I could still had all my senses, I could hear things I

I repeated. "Denuntiamus autem vobis!" I repeated, over and over again, but there

could hear small sound kind of like chatter-

was no effect. I felt as if I have missing a

ing of young kids, smell, I could smell the air

part of the spell. Then something clicked

around me, see, I could see my surround-

again, I had to say who I was.

ings, I could see the people around me

"Denuntiamus autem vobis, ut Dea amo-

walking and staring in to me, but the only

ris!" I shouted once again. "I summon you,

strange thing was that I could not touch, or

as the Goddess of love!" I tried.

move. At the corner of my eyes I could see a

All of a sudden, I could feel the stone be-

statue of a person. I tried to look as hard as

ing removed and I could breathe and as if

I could and when I finally saw everything

everything was back to normal.

clearly, I saw it was my very own mother. I tried screaming hoping someone would hear me. I tried yo move my hands, legs but nothing happened. I couldn't. I just simply

"You summoned me." I heard a voice, which I had never heard before. "No, you are not the person who I summoned." I stated.

couldn't. All I could think about was my

"Yes, I am. I am just in a feminine form."

mother in stone. That got me thinking was I

"Why?" I asked.

trapped in stone?

"When I jumped from time, my powers

Something clicked in me. I started remembering all the things which happened to me, the transformation, the witch, my mother being a witch. Suddenly I had a memory

became stronger and I couldn't handle them, so it turned me into a women." "So, did they finally give you a name?" I asked. I stared at the person who was

once a man, but now a women.

"This is incredibly! How can you do so

"Yes, it is Greta."

many things with this little object?" I asked

"I like that. It's very pretty and it suits you

in shock and as well as amazement.

very well." "Thank you." I tried walking, but the first step I took,

"Well that I do not know." Greta answered. "You are starting school tomorrow." "Tomorrow? But I'm not prepared, I can-

my knees weren't strong enough to handle

not do this!" I stared to go crazy, I think I

the pressure of my upper body.

started to hyperventilate at this point.

"Here darling, take smaller and lighter steps." Greta said, while helping me back up

"You are fully prepared; I promise you will be perfectly fine"

to my feet. ___

"What happened to my mother?" I asked. "She was trying to jump times with me but her powers weren't strong enough, so she died." "Oh." I could feel my eyes start watering with tears. "Come on, darling. Let's get you home, and washed up." Greta said. "We have a lot learning to do." "Learning? What do I have to learn, I've only been there for a short period of time." I asked. I was utterly confused. "No, you have been in there for about 100 years."

"Here we are your first ever school day." Greta said while turning in her car seat to turn to look at me. "Just go in and go to your class and me as normal as you can. Oh and your name is Lena Dite." "Lena Dite! What kind of a name is that?" I screamed at her. She gave me the last name 'Dite' whose last name is 'Dite'. "It's fine, and it's easy to remember. Now go edited you are late." She answered in a very motherly tone. I stoop up walked to the school front

"A 100 years!" I screamed in shock.

door, I opened the door and the first thing I

"Umm, yes."

do is of course bump into a person. How

With that Greta and I started walking

embarrassing! On my first day I bump into

home very, very slowly. Days passed until I got the hang of this

someone. " I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bump in

whole world of technology, school, and

to you." A masculine voice said, slightly

these very odd things called telephones. Ap-

above me. I looked up and saw the most

parently they are used to call people. I still

beautiful colour of green, I have ever seen. I

thought we just walked to tell people things.

almost forgot everything else going on right

there, right now. "No. It's alright it's was me as well." I said

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking about when I saw your one blue eye and one

quickly, trying to cover up the fact that I was

green eye. By any chance do you have any

staring at him in awe.

relation to Aphrodite?" Aaron asked

"Oh well, anyway. I'm Aaron, you must be

I knew it! It’s Aaron, my one true love,

new here. Because you look new, I mean I've

who I thought had died. I knew this because

been in this school since 1st grade and I've

when we were younger that when one of us

been In this town my whole life.

gets lost or if one of us ends up jumping

I also walk around a lot and I haven't seen you before." He rambled for a good 2 minutes. "Well it's nice to meet you Aaron, I'm Lena. And to answer your statement, yes I'm new here." I answered simply in a couple of words. "Will you go out with me?" Aaron blurted out randomly.

from time to time that we always would bring back Aphrodite. "Aaron! It's really you! You're actually alive, you're right here, right now!" I screamed as I jumped in him and started to hug him. "Yeah, it's really me, Lena" he mimicked my voice of excitement, and made fun of my new name at the same time.

"Excuse me?" I asked, very confused.

"I've missed you so much!"

"Sorry, it's just you give me this weird

I've missed you too, Lena"

feeling like I've known you forever, and that I

"Can you stop calling me that?"

can trust you and everything." Aaron ex-

"No, because you never told me your

plained. "Well, it's all fine since I feel like I've known you my whole life as well. Are you

other name, so we are sticking with Lena." "Fine." I sighed in defeat. "So, what happens to us? Do we stay as

sure there is nothing special about? As I

friends or do we go back to normal?" He

have seen those eyes before, that person

asked with a little bit confused.

should be long gone by now." I asked him,

"I think we should just stay as friends."

whole thinking about my one true love that had died when I was still young and not being removed from stone and brought back to life.


Julius Caesar

Mesih Inal

I don't know how, but I somehow

generation, or else would I go to

teleported myself into Rome. My army

depression. I walked within the streets,

somehow disappeared. I was fighting

comparing the differences between my

against the Ancient Nazis. A man called

own generation and the modern

Hibler putted a sword through my chest.

generation. I saw a poster, lying on the

I collapsed, just like earthquake. I got

floor; it said someone called Hjalte was

regenerated, so isolated; no one looked

ruling the world. I knew that name, from

or behaved like me.

the Ancient Rome. Hjalte was a guy

I could see my old city ruined by the

who was evil and cruel. He had been

ancient Nazis. I had no clue on how

ruling the ancient Nazis before Hibler.

they did it. Everything that I saw was

He was hatred by everyone, even his

really improved, the roads and the

own son, Vlad. This insanity had to stop. I

people. I saw a whole new world.

had to kill him; otherwise there wouldn't

A very scared guy walked through me, I asked him "What year is it?" He looked at me as if I was crazy.

be a future. I ran as quickly as I could, searching for someone, which could tell me where Hjalte was. While running, I fell my knees were bleeding, I saw an old lady beside

"Are you dumb?" He answered.

a bar. She gradually walked towards

I took him into a desolated area, and


punched him a few times, until he answered:

"Where can I find Hjalte?" I shrieked. "At the old city that the ancient Nazis

"It's 2014”

destroyed, he is going to tell a speech

"Thank you sir"

tonight at 18:00. Everyone who wants to

I couldn’t identify how, but I somehow

join can come." she mumbled.

time traveled. I couldn’t stop my body from shaking.

“Thanks ma'am." It was 17:00, one hour for the speech. I

I needed to observe the differences

had to make a plan, in order to defeat

between my generation and this


I could speak the language that everyone spoke, but I couldn’t read it. Just like a man without eyes. A weird vehicle with 4 wheels was

find a weapon shop.” I went straight forward as the man said, and I saw a big sign of weapons. I squeezed myself out of the window. The

alongside me. I wondered, if what it

weapon shop was open. There was an

could do, so I broke the window and

enormous door that you could go

went into the vehicle. There was a key

through. I went into the shop without

plugged beside the rather. I turned the

letting the owner of the shop know. My

key, to see what that was going to

pockets were empty. I never knew

happen. The vehicle made a brassy

where I was supposed to get cash. I took

sound. I got enormously frightened, so I

a weapon called MC-116 mutely, aimed

kicked the vehicle as hard as I could.

for the owner and shot him right on the

Nothing happened to the vehicle,

head. I took the owners money and left

besides than hurting my foot.

the shop.

I could see some pedals. I tested the pedals one after another, and I figured out how to drive. No one else could learn as quickly as I could, I was extraordinary. I accidental crashed into another vehicle. The other driver was scared of me, so he didn’t complain. I required going to a weapon store. The only way to kill Hjalte was by using a weapon that could shoot from long range. While I was driving, I saw a very tall man and I gently asked; “Where can I find a weapon shop?” "Just go straight forward, and you will

It was 18:00. I ran to my old city, I saw Hjalte and I shouted; "You son of an animal, you need to die! "What are you talking about?" "You are the evil. You have the heart of an anvil. There is only one thing that you deserve! That is to die." I then shot him, with my sniper rifle. He was surrounded with blood. I managed to kill him. My dark soul became bright. I had done something good, for the first time in my life.

Gaurav Kapali

"’Excuse me ma'am. We are

requested. She flipped a page of

closed now"

her sketch book and started

She turned back and said softly


"Oh, but I want to stay longer"

He stood up and said, "Sorry,

"Sorry ma'am. It's already ten

but we are late." Now he could

past five. The library is closed at her crying again. He could not ten. Normally." He stopped. Tears ignore her "How long will it were running through her cheeks. take?" "Are you fine?"

"Not too long. Thank you" She

"No, my parents left me alone

again started sketching.

here." She said "They died"

While he was sitting still waiting

"Poor kid" He sighed. He wanted

her to finish the sketch, he had

to help this kid and he was

many questions but he could not

already late. "Where do you

even move his lips.

live?" He said, "I can drive you when you live."

After five minutes.

"I don't like my uncle. He is

"You're done now?" He asked.

cruel." "So how can I help you"

She laughed. He smiled and said, "What happened? Does the

"No, can you sit there still. I want sketch look ugly?" He looked at to make your sketch." She

the sketchbook.

She laughed longer and louder.

"Okay then who is killing so

She stood up, drew her sword

many people daily?�

fast, swung her sword and

Mnemosyne turns on the TV

chopped his head.

and keeps a changing the

She grabbed her mask from her channels. face. She smiled. She headed

"Can you please turn off the

back to her home.

TV, please?" Her mom says.

"I'm home" She shouted.

She continues. Her mom steals

"Why are you late again?" Her

the remote from her.

mother hugs her.

"Breaking news! Once again a

"Hanging out with my friends in

man killed by the mask killer.

the library" I said.

Not in a house backyard, not in

"You know how dangerous it's is

a school or a train station. This

to walk around during night"

time in a library. We have now

"She ain't a small kid Mnemosyne, she needs to learn

captured her in a camera. Have a look."

to protect herself. Especially from "Zeus, is that, is that Melpomene? Our daughter?" the 'mask killer'" “Stop it. There is nothing like

"No, impossible. How can our

'mask killer' says Menmosyne.

innocent Melpom kill someone? Are you stupid?" He argued "look

at her she is the 'mask killer'.

She drew her sword out and

"Look how she kills him, grabs

points at them, "Now only a

her face and takes out her

person left. You might be the 1

mask. The police are investing.

hundredth person to be killed.

They found a clue of the killer.

Then I will get rid of my curse."

A sketch book. Many good

"Okay, so you are the mask

sketches of every people she

killer?" He laughed "Finally I got


ya. You know that I am a

"Melpomene, where is your sketch lawyer right?" book?" asks Zeus.

"No laws can stop me."

"Umm, in the school locker. I

"I am not just a lawyer child" He


grabs his thunder looking tool

"No, it's in the library. Can you

that he always used to carry

see on the tv? What is it

with him. The thunder tool starts

Melpomene? Are you the mask

glowing. The light made her

killer?" She keeps quiet with sad

blind. The pain led her to death.


"Surprisingly, my daughter could

She grabs her face and take out her mask. They keep looking at her being amazed seeing her happy face after so long.

not control the power of truth and honesty. I wish she never used her mask"

Think Tank Student Essays

Civil Rights for African Americans Ivalu Blanchett Civil rights is something that everyone should have. Not enough civil rights is a problem in many countries. In the United States, African Americans haven’t always had civil rights. The history of civil rights for African Americans was an inspirational, scary and exciting journey, which has had effects on how Americans live today. Before civil rights Before there were civil rights for African Americans, black people were treated badly. They weren’t allowed to drink water from the same fountains as white people, they had to use a different bathroom, they had to go to different schools and they always had to go through the back door of a building or a bus. There were also white power groups. The Klu Klux Klan was one organization that discriminated against African Americans. The Klu Klux Klan was founded in 1866. They would murder African Americans, and bomb houses, churches and schools. The Klan did many bad things to African Americans, Jewish people, and Catholic people. Even white people with relations with African Americans were scared of the Klan. There are still members of the Klu Klux Klan today, but they aren’t as violent as they were years ago. Civil rights movements Birmingham Bombing In the 1900s, African Americans were discriminated and hated to the point where there was violence. On September 15, 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama, a bomb blew up. It happened right before Sunday

morning services at the 16th Street Baptist Church. Mostly African Americans would go to that church. It was also a meeting place for civil rights leaders. Because of the bomb, many people were injured and four young girls were killed. After the incident many people were very angry, and they protested for civil rights for African Americans. Homemade bombs were also placed in black homes and churches. These incidents happened so often that people started calling the city “Bombingham”. When people protested the police would fight back and that filled the city with violence. By 1965, the FBI knew who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church, but they did nothing about it. In 1977, Bob Baxley, the Alabama Attorney General, resumed the investigation about who bombed the church. Robert E. Chambliss, a Klu Klux Klan leader, was guilty of murder and brought to trial for the bombings. More people who were proven guilty were also convicted. The bombings made many people angry throughout the US, which raised more support for African Americans. The March on Washington There are many memorable events in American history, and this one was an especially great occasion. In 1963, in Washington D.C. by the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington monument, more than 200,000 people gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The march was arranged by different civil rights leaders and religious groups. It was formed so that people would see and understand the challenges for African Americans. It was a great event because many people of different races shared a day of prayers, songs and speeches. On that day, the famous Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech. The March on Washington was a great event that symbolized liberty, equality and hope. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Eventually, some people began to understand that racism hurt others and that it was bad to segregate someone just because of the color of their skin. That’s when President John F. Kennedy suggested a civil rights act. It was signed into law by his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson. It was called the Civil Rights act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination (that means that it didn’t matter what, race, religion, national origin or gender you have to work in a certain place). That civil rights movement was an important part of African American history because it helped equalize

Think the different races. Civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. There were many civil rights activists who wanted to change the ways African Americans were treated. One of the most inspiring and famous civil rights activists was Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s first major civil rights act was when he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After that, he carried on fighting for freedom and peace. However, his life wasn’t always peaceful. He was arrested over twenty times, he was stabbed in the chest once, his house was bombed, and people often attacked him and his family. His actions were meant to be peaceful; however, many people were violent towards him. Although, he still stood up for himself and he never stopped believing. Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech was the one he told at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. It was his “I have a dream” speech that inspired many. Martin Luther King Jr. was so courageous and inspiring, that he even was named Time Magazines Man of the Year in 1963. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize. However, not everyone was fond of him. In Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. He was standing on the balcony of his hotel when James Earl Ray shot him. Even though he was killed, Martin Luther King Jr.’s brave and life changing actions have inspired many and he will always be remembered. Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was another important civil rights activist.

Tank On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks sat in the neutral section of a bus. Soon after she got on the bus, it became full. When a white man came on the bus, the driver had to follow rules and he asked the four African Americans sitting behind the white section to give up their seats so that the man could sit there. Rosa Parks was one of the four, but she refused to give up her seat. Because of her actions, Rosa was fined and arrested for violating the laws of segregation. A group called the Montgomery Improvement Association assembled a boycott. They chose Martin Luther King Jr. as their leader. The protest lasted 381 days. Then, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the segregation law was not fair and that the bus sections should unify. The Montgomery Bus Boycott inspired other nonviolent civil rights protests in the United States. Ruby Bridges Ruby Bridges was also a very courageous person, but at a very young age. In 1954, when she was 6 years old, she took a test deciding whether or not she could go to a white school. The test was created to be very difficult, so that the kids would have a hard time passing. The point of the test was that if all the African American children failed, New Orleans schools might be segregated for a longer time. In 1960, her parents were told by people from the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) that her and six other African American children passed the test. Ruby Bridges was going to attend William Frantz School, and she was going to be the first African American to attend an all white school in the South. When Ruby arrived at school, federal marshals escorted her. Many people at the school were yelling and throwing items. Policemen were everywhere and almost all the parents of the children at that school kept their children home. Ruby faced many hardships on her first

few weeks of school. People always made racist remarks. Even on her second day a woman threatened to poison her! On a different day a woman greeted her with a black doll in a wooden coffin. However, she stayed strong the whole time and she finished her education. No racism

Retrieved March 24, 2014, from bhmjustice3.html

Today, Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of equality between the races has definitely came a long way. There are still racist people, but others are beginning to understand that being racist is mean, hurtful and wrong. However, economically, black people continue to struggle more than white people. One of the reasons is because they don’t have a higher education and they don’t have good access to hiring networks. Also, during the housing boom, subprime mortgage lenders were most likely targeting African Americans. A lot of people lost their homes once the boom crashed. Hopefully as the world evolves, people won’t be as racist and the world will be a place of equality.

Standing Up For Freedom. (2014, March). Retrieved April 4, 2014, from par0bio-1

If people make an effort to be less racist and understand that the color of your skin doesn’t matter, the world would be a better place. I think that over time we can accomplish this and we will live in a world with equality, liberty, and peace. Bibliography Hall, R. B. (2000, March). The Education of Ruby Nell. Retrieved March 11, 2014, from http:// Berman, J. (2014, January 19). MLK’s Dream of Economic Equality is Still Far From Realized. Retrieved April 8, 2014, from The Birmingham Church Bombing. (n.d.). The Birmingham Church Bombing. Retrieved March 30, 2014, from http:// Brunner, B. (n.d.). Birmingham Church Bombing.

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Think Tank Sharing the Planet: Animals in War Adam Wadhwani

Animals are used for many war tasks. These tasks are mostly ones that humans can’t do or can’t do as well as animals. Humans don’t have the right senses or technology for sniffing out bombs or delivering messages. Animals can also thrive in terrains that humans can’t without getting really tired such as under water or in deserts. People also can’t identify incoming attacks. Therefore there are a wide range of uses that animals serve.

Dogs Dogs have served in the army for up to 14,000 years. The most commonly used types of dogs are Dobermans, German Sheppards, and GBS’s, a special type of German Sheppard. These animals, known as man’s best friend, are used because of their amazing sense of smell. The most common use of dogs is finding bombs. They are also used to locate wounded soldiers, smell incoming gas or shells, and guard camps. Dogs can also carry

medical supplies for wounded soldiers, as well as deliver letters sent from their commanders.

dive up to 1,000 feet to find underwater explosives. Once they find the mines, they strap cables to them Dogs continue to be used in modern warfare. These so that soldiers can recover and safely detonate or days about 2000 dogs are working in the U.S. military defuse the explosives. They can also film people swimming or riding on an incoming boat. Sea lions alone. The military breeds dogs for certain tasks. It have good underwater, low-light vision giving them also buys dogs from other breeders. The U.S. trains some of them at the military working dog center. It is an advantage in the dark or muddy water. located at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Carrier Pigeon Texas. The U.S. has placed many of the dogs in Pigeons go back 5,000 years in the history of war. Afghanistan and Iraq. These flying aces soar through battles at top speed to One very famous military dog was Stubby. Stubby soldiers. The first thing pigeons were used for was was a World War I hero. He fought with the US bringing back results of the battle. Later on they were military against the Germans in France. He was able developed to fly longer distances to carry secret to detect incoming gas attacks. Due to his special dog messages. The system works by raising the pigeons in hearing, he was able to alert the soldiers silently that the base territory. Then soldiers bring them to enemy the enemy was creeping up. Stubby was also used to grounds where the battle is going on. Here soldiers locate and comfort the wounded. Stubby outranked give them a message and they fly home (the base). his owner and won more medals than any other dog For example, they are raised in London. Soldiers take in the military. them to France. They put a letter in message holders on their legs and the pigeons fly back to London. Horses Horses have been used in war since 1350 B.C. In old times they were ridden into battle so that the soldiers could shoot arrows. Horses also dragged carriages with weapons, food, and water. They were also used to transport wounded soldiers to the hospital. WWI was the last time a large number of horses were used. Even with their astonishing speed, 8 million horses were killed in WWI. Since WWI, tanks have taken over.

One of the most famous carrier pigeons in the history of war is G.I. Joe. He flew at top speed from a village in Italy to the American and British headquarters with a note saying that they had already conquered the village. If he had gotten there five minutes later, the American and British were going to bomb the village and kill many of their own troops. This took place in World War II.



The elephant used to be one of the animals most In the U.S. marine force, the bottlenose dolphin has used in war. This giant beast would be ridden into battle and trample its enemy at 20 miles per hour. Its been used since 1960. This water mammal can find underwater mines using clicking sounds. The dolphin huge tusks were also a perfect war weapon used to senses the sound waves bouncing back when a mine pierce enemy soldiers. Thanks to the elephant’s trunk, humans were launched into the air. The is in the way of the ship. It can also spot enemy elephant also used to forge flooded fields. swimmers and report back to his owner and can do underwater video-taping with a camera held in its Camels and Mules mouth. Finally the dolphin can deliver equipment to Camels and Mules have been used for their strength divers underwater. The U.S. kept this force a secret and ability to survive in desserts. The soldiers pile until 1990. large loads of supplies on their backs. These supplies There is a program in San Diego that trains marine include food, water, weapons, and explosives. The animals for underwater investigations. One hundred army stopped using them at the beginning of World animals are currently ready to serve. Dolphins have War One. Most of the camels fled to Canada. been used in the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Sea Lions Alongside the dolphin, sea lions are a part of the underwater army. These fantastic sea creatures will


Pigs were used in old times by armies who faced elephants. The squeal of a hog (female pig) or bore (male pig) filled the elephants with fear and made


them flee. Sometimes the pigs were even set on fire many different so they would run towards the enemy. people about whether it is fair Lampyris Noctiluca : European Glowworm to send animals During WWI the Lampyris Noctiluca, better known to war. The as the European glowworm, took its turn in war by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals known serving as a source of light. The worms spent their as PETA say that it is unfair because the animals do days and nights in trenches giving off light. A total of not get to say their opinion on if it is worth fighting. ten glowworms can produce the same amount of Another opinion might be that it is okay to use light as a street lamp animals in war because it saves humans lives.

Bats These flying rats with radar were tested to play a role as a crucial weapon against the Japanese in WWII. Bats’ ability to carry more than their weight in flight gave them the ability to drop bombs over cities in Japan. Because the Japanese houses were constructed from wood, bamboo, and paper, the bombs would cause large fires. However, these tests never led to bats actually being used in combat. In the end they used the rest of the testing money on atomic bombs.

How Technology Replaced Animals Over time, technology replaced animals in war. Technology had advantages. It did not cost lives of animals. Also, the technology was more effective in eliminating enemies. Horses, camels, and mules, were eliminated from war due to the fact that we have tanks. With tanks we can ride and kill without wasting animal lives. Pigeons are no longer used because of radio communication. Trench warfare is no longer used because of more effective ways of defense. Also, glowworms have been replaced by battery-powered lights such as electric lanterns and flashlights.

Animals that have not been replaced by technology Not all animals have been replaced by recent advancements. Dogs have a keen sense of smell unable to be replaced by modern technology. Dolphins and sea lions can sense sound waves bouncing back at them. So far this cannot be mimicked by humans and underwater equipment.

Conclusion There are many different opinions coming from

I think that it is unfair to make animals a part of human war because the animals are losing their lives without knowing that they are taking that risk. Also it is not the animals’ fight that they are being dragged into. Additionally, the animals are treated in a painful way to better motivate them. I believe that if we have technology now to do at least most of the responsibilities of animals in war, we should use it. Instead of investing money on training, food, water, and equipment for animals, the military can use that money to create new machines that take the animals´ place. As a result I am against the use of animals in war.

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20. War Culture-Animals of War. (2012). Retrieved from

y r t e Po

e p a c s E She was lost In the ocean? Or the woods? agination No. It was the world of im ds. created in her head by wor All this adventure escaped And drama was where she from the reality world. ound All the noise in the backgr s. Felt just like small whisper was in a Where she was really lost world inside a book.

Zenana Ojha

Wolves, aoo!


Howl at night, Scare at night, Run like wind, Scare your friend Pounce on prey Hunt for food Keep prey at bay Iwara Sandeer

Editor: Ivan Petrov

Fabio Corbacho

Play football to have fun Bring a ball to play and fling Run and sprint until you're done Score some goals to win the match Save some too so you don't loose Jump and spring because you've won.


Miners Dig the dirt, Be alert, Sell the gold Craft a pick Mine some coal Find a mole.

Theodor Jensen

Playing puppies always play Fighting puppies play with hay Training puppies always train Racing puppies jump over a terrain Winning puppies always win Loosing puppies have a grin

Aiswarya Roy

Maya Redden

rehabilitation camp where she and the kids are treated like slaves with guns pointed at their heads for every living second. Now sixteen, Ruby has been living at the rehabilitation camp for some time and she knows she's different from all the other kids in the camp. When she escapes with help from the children's league she finds Liam, Charles, and Zu. Three kids who also managed to escape from their imprisonment. All four kids set out on a mission to find the East River, a camp of kids who managed to get out of The Darkest Minds is a thrilling young

reach of the government. Throughout

adult fiction book written by Alexandra the book ruby finds secrets that both Bracken. It follows the life of ruby

impress and terrify her.

living in the future where a plague has

The Darkest Minds is a great book for

killed almost every kid from ages 10-20 fans of Divergent or The Hunger Games. and giving the survivors strange

It takes you on a roller coaster of

powers. When ruby wakes up on her

emotions. You will fall in love with the

tenth birthday she finds that she is not story and the characters as they go on the same and ends up being taken away from her family to live in a

their journey to find the east river.

Rosie the Tree Editor: Emma Gyde

PYP 1 Students

Grade 1 had a letter from Rosie the Tree. In the letter she told us that she was soon to be chopped down and she was begging us to help her….. Dear Children, My name is Rosie. I am a very old oak tree and I have lived in a beautiful forest park called Dyrehaven for more than 100 years. I think you know where I live….. it is where you have Sports Day – The Deer Park! Now, some politicians have decided that they want to build a lot of new houses close to where I live, and they want to use me to make beautiful furniture! I really don’t want to be chopped down! Please help!! Love from Rosie We also had a letter from Mr. Earth who told us how important Rosie and other trees are, so he was also begging us to help save Rosie. Dear Grade 1 This is Mr. Earth! I am begging you to help Rosie. Rosie does a very important job! She breathes in old air called carbon dioxide that comes from factories, cars etc. and breathes out fresh air called oxygen. So Rosie cleans the air and that’s a very important job! Rosie is also the home of many animals and if Rosie is not there where should Lauren the Ladybird live? Or Barry the Beetle? Or Oscar the Owl? Please help save Rosie and the other trees! Kind Regards, Mr. Earth


Letters from the Animals

Dear Grade 1. My name is Lauren and I am a tiny ladybird that lives in Rosie the Tree. Without Rosie I will have no home and no leaves to nibble on. Please help! Warmest regards, Lauren Dear Class My name is Oscar the Owl and Rosie is my bed. I sit high up in her tall branches so I can get some rest from the hustle and bustle of all those animals up during the day. Without Rosie I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep! Please help! From Oscar Dear Grade 1 I am Simon the Squirrel. I use Rosie as a place to escape from other animals like dogs and people. I also store all my nuts for the winter inside of Rosie. Without Rosie I wouldn’t have a place to put my food and I wouldn’t be safe in the forest. Please help! Kind regards, Simon the Squirrel

Dear Children, I am Barry the Beetle. Rosie protects me from all the animals that want to eat me. She has the perfect colour so I can camouflage and hide myself, and without Rosie I will be an easy target and may not survive! Please help! Yours sincerely, Barry

Letters from PYP 1 Dear Politicians,

Dear Politicians,

Don’t chop down trees! Because

Please don’t chop down Rosie

they breath in carbon dioxide

because Rosie is our friend. She

and breath out oxygen! Trees

is home to animals. She cleans

are a home for animals.

the air so we can live. She also


makes toys and food for us, so


please! Please! Don’t chop her down because she is so important to us!

Dear Politicians,


Don’t chop Rosie down! She


gives air to us, and if there where no trees we would die.

Dear Politicians,

Rosie cleans the air.

Please don’t chop down Rosie


because many animals like Os-


car the owl, Simon the squirrel, Lauren the ladybug, and Berry

Dear Politicians,

the beetle will lose their home.

Do not chop down Rosie the

Also Rosie breathes in Carbon

tree! Because she take the stuff

Dioxide. And Rosie does some-

like smoke and gives oxygen!

thing so we can breathe. She

You could make the houses

breathes out Oxygen. She is

somewhere else in the forest. A

important. Please don’t chop

place where there is space.

her down. She is important to

With no trees, no people, no

people and animals.







Letters from PYP 1

Dear Politicians,

Dear Politicians,

Don’t chop down Rosie because she has a very important job. She gives us clean air. She gives animals a home. She helps keep bugs safe. People cant take a nice walk in the park. Please save Rosie!

Don’t cut Rosie, we beg you!

From, Nolan Dear Politicians, Please protect our environment, do not chop Rosie down! The animals will loose their homes. From, Furkan

Because; they, we and the animals need air. Every animal lives in Rosie. Save Rosie! From, Adrian Dear Politicians, Please save Rosie! Please save her! She is important for the air and animals that live in her. She cleans dirty air too. Make furniture out of something else! We have chopped down enough trees, come on she is good for the environment! From,

Dear Politicians,


Rosie is very important to us. Please don't chop her down,

Dear Politicians,

because she cleans the air and

Rosie is important. She gives us

lots of animals will be cap-

food, please don’t cut her. She

tured. They won't have a home

gives lots of things to us. She is

and we won't have a home,

very important she gives oxygen

and we won't have oxygen.

and she is so kind. We all like her.

Without Rosie we will have

Please don't! She also gives us air

dirty air.

when we need her.

Love from,



Meryem Nur

Dear Politicians,

Dear Politicians,

Don’t chop down trees because it is

Please don’t chop down Rosie! All

important because you can die. I

the factories make carbon

am so mad at you so do not! I love

dioxide but the trees will clean it

to look at trees so, so much. Rosie

and will turn it into oxygen. We

looks very nice, when I see her I

need oxygen all the time. The

get very sad for her. She helps ani-

animals also need Rosie to live

mals find a home for their family,

and hide because that’s their

like birds.






Dear Politicians, Please don’t chop down Rosie! Lots of animals need her. She cleans the air for us to breathe. Rosie has a very important job. Rosie is very important. Love,

Dear Politicians, Please don't chop Rosie's trees because she cleans air and she makes fresh air. She is a home for animals. From, Haashir

Helene Dear Politicians, Please do not cut down trees! BeDear Politicians,

cause they clean the air, they

Please don't chops down the trees because they are living things, and animals live inside the trees. Also don't chop down Rosie! She gives us air and oxygen.

clean carbon dioxide and they


Kind Regards,



turn it into oxygen. It is not good for the environment to not have trees in the parks and other places.

Rainforest Animals PYP 2 Students Editor: Daniel Austin

The Chameleon Amalie Nielsen Do you know what lives in the rainforest and can change colors? You can keep them as a pet? Chameleons! Chameleons can live 4-8 years. Its closest relative is a lizard. It is a reptile. There are many kinds of chameleons. A chameleon is cold blooded. It has skin and it can be 28-68.5 cm. It crawls and has many colors. It has feet and big eyes. It can change from one color to another. It eats insects and it is an omnivore. It catches food with its tongue. It lives in the rainforest and in the desert. Its habitat is dry and wet. Chameleons live in trees. They’re not poison so you can keep them as pets. They have no teeth and small claws. Do you know it has a sticky tongue? When it is mad it turns red, when it is glad it turns green. They cut down trees so the chameleons need to find new homes. It is special because it can change colors. Now you know why I like chameleons. My Resources

William Gedsø-Kharazmi

The Amazing Anaconda

Let me tell you about the most amazing animal called the anaconda. Its weight is 550 pounds and that is heavy. Its color is dark green with black spots, and white marks. It eats fish, turtles, caimans, pigs, jaguars, deer, birds, frogs and capybaras and it can live up to 10-12 years. It is a carnivore that eats meat. It lives in South America where the climate is hot, sunny and humid. They protect themselves with their sharp teeth. They squeeze their prey so they can get their meat and that is amazing. They have see-through on their eyes and they can be as long as a bus. Anacondas are not in danger and do not have problems surviving. Anacondas are in the boa family. I think my animal is special because it has sharp teeth and it has see-through-skin. It can also squeeze animals for the meat. It weighs 550 pounds. It is as long as a bus. Now you know what an anaconda is. Resources A day in the life: Rainforest Animals Anaconda by Anita Ganeri

Rainforest Animals

The Lemur

Duha GĂźvenc

Do you know my animal? Let me give you some clues. Its colors are grey, white, brown, and black. Have you got an idea now? It's a Lemur! Lemurs can live 10-14 years. Lemurs eat fruits. They run 20km/h or 12 mph. Lemurs are compared to both monkeys and squirrels. Lemurs are monkey’s cousins. The biggest threat to the lemur is deforestation, with around 90% of the Madagascar jungle having been destroyed. Lemurs live in the dry forest and tropical jungle. There are four main types of Lemurs containing nearly 100 different lemur subspecies between them. The lemurs will eat most small things from berries, nuts and leaves to insects and spiders. Resources

Ernst F. Swilley-Hansen

The Cool Howler Monkey

Do you know what can be tan, brown, and black and is a meter long? Well, it's a Howlermonkey! After you have read this report you'll probably know more about Howler monkeys. Howler monkeys are known for their extremely loud call that can reach up to a few miles. They're also known for their long tails. They use their tail to hang while picking fruit. Howler monkeys will sometimes pee and poo to show that something is theirs. It's very funny and clever at the same time. Howler monkeys spend 80% of their day resting and grooming each other. I bet my mom would love doing that! Howler monkeys are not endangered at the moment but if people keep cutting the trees down Howler monkeys will be endangered Resources


Mattias Nørgaard Gillick

If you want to know about the amazing anaconda you have picked up the right stuff. Now let's get started. The anaconda is a reptile. The anaconda is related to the boa snake. If you do not know, the anaconda is a snake too. The anaconda can live up to 20 years. It looks like an enormous sausage in the river. It hunts at night in the river. It can eat animals as big as a jaguar. Anaconda skin is normally green and yellow. It lives in the amazon in small rivers and streams. It likes warm climates. It eats meat so it is a carnivore. It is beginning to have problems surviving because people are cutting down all of the rain forests. People are killing a lot of the anacondas but there are still lot's. Resources A day in the life: Rainforest Animals Anaconda, Anita Ganeri

Sajal Khan

Amazing Orangutans

Do you know an animal that is fury and cute? It is an orangutan! An orangutan looks like an ape. Orangutans are herbivores. It eats fruit leaves and other parts of plants. It has really strong arms. An orangutan is losing its habitat. It is in big danger it also has a lot of problems. There aren't so many orangutans left. There are less than before. What an orangutan says is called a long call. They have long fur on them. Orangutans don't have any tails and they have long arms. Orangutans like to jump tree to tree. The young orangutans are playful and affectionate. Orangutans live on the islands of Borneo Sumatra in in Southeast Asia. Orangutans have good hands for climbing trees. Resources, Anitta Garneri.

Rainforest Animals Marlo Meedom Hope Do you know a very pretty colorful bird? It's a macaw. A macaw is a colorful tropical parrot. It is native to central South America. There are 17 different macaw species found in the rain forest of South America. A macaw has a long and powerful beak. That means that the macaw can break nuts and seeds. The scarlet macaw is native to humid evergreen forest in the American tropics. Sometimes the flock flies to a cliff by the river and eats the clay soil. The clay helps the Macaws bodies take in the food they need. Resources Macaw Anita Ganeri

Poison Dart Frog Ella Gislen Which animal is so colorful, but really poisonous? All its color is red, blue, yellow, and green. My animal is a Poison Dart Frog! Poison Dart Frogs eat tiny insects. They grab their food with long sticky tongue. Poison Dart Frogs can live 3 to 15 years. They can live that long because they have just one predator. It is an amphibian and it has just one predator. The predator is a special snake! There are more than 175 different species of Poison Dart Frogs known to inhabit the jungles across Central and South America. Poison Dart Frogs can kill 10 grown men! They kill them with their venom. The venom is on the skin, so when somebody touches it they'll die.

Maia Khan If you want to know all about the amazing tigers, you picked the right girl. I love tigers so I research about them. Guess why tigers have stripes? Because they need to camouflage in the grass to catch their prey. What are the colors you ask? They are orange, white and black. Those are the colors of the amazing tigers. Do you know what it eats? Meat! That means it's a carnivore! You know how it gets food? By attacking. The place it lives in is rainy, dry, and foresty. Guess what? Three kinds of tigers are extinct but 6 are not. That's good, right?

Anej Lampeij Do you know what a beautiful fish is? It is a piranha. The piranha is a fish. Piranhas can live to 20-25 years. Piranhas are nice because they have nice colours. Colours are: grey, yellow, blue and red. Piranhas have scales. Its size is: 20-50 cm. They have round body and big jaws and a big head. Piranhas eat fish, mammals and fruit. Piranhas swim together with other piranhas. It can live only in warm river. Piranhas live in the rainforest of South America. Piranhas are omnivores. Omnivore means they can eat meat and plants. Do you know that piranhas swim in schools? And when they break their teeth a new tooth grows. That is why I like piranhas. Resources

Rainforest Animals The Poison-Arrow-Frog

Sophia Hyltoft

Do you know what looks pretty but is actually very poisonous? It's a poison-arrow-frog! Its bright colours warn other animals that it's poisonous. It looks like a coloured leaf. It can be any colour. But usually you wouldn't see one in grey. It is 1.5-6 cm in size, it jumps very quietly. It eats flies and that's why it's an insectivore. When flies come past, the poison-arrow-frog quickly catches one and calls it lunch. They live in the rainforest. It is quite hot there. It has moist skin. Its moist skin is poisonous. It's scary! When snakes come past it would quickly climb up a tree or it would jump into a pond if one was near. Snakes are the poison-arrow-frog's predator. If there was a war somewhere, men would use its poison to kill other men, and even if the poison just slightly touches the other man's skin he would still die. My animal is not absolutely in danger, but Yanomami-people and huntsmen are killing it so they can use its poison to kill animals. I think my animal is special because it is one of the very few animals that don't have too many problems surviving. It is also special because it can climb and swim. Now you know why I think poison-arrow-frogs are amazing, fantastic cool and... AWESOME! Resources

Rida Amber

The Singing Ape

Do you know apes that sing? They’re gibbons! They can live up to 25-40 years. They have hair all around their body but not their face. They are really fast and they can sing! Gibbons are omnivores. They hunt fish and eat fruit and nuts. It usually eats fruits and nuts but sometimes it also eats fish. Gibbons have long arms. They look as if they are flying in trees. But they are swinging around and playing. But adults swing around for eating fruits and nuts. It protects itself by its teeth. They have sharp teeth to eat nuts and protect themselves and their babies. The gibbons can sing. Their song is really loud. The song they sing is to tell that this part of the forest is their home. And now you know a bit about the apes that sing! Resources Gibbons, the swinging Ape, Susan, Rinag

The Swinging Lemur

Zayyana Asvat

Do you know an animal that can be black, white, brown or red, its tail is longer than its body and it uses its feet like hands? Well I do! It’s a Lemur! A lemur is a mammal. Lemurs are related to monkeys and squirrels. It can live up to 10-14 years. Lemurs are adults when they are 3 years old, human beings are only adults when they're 18. Lemurs can walk easily on sharp rock. Its size is 9-100 cm. It moves by swinging and climbing. Lemurs make wailing screams. Lemurs are omnivores. Lemurs like to eat seeds, leaves and fruit it gets its food from the surrounding trees. They live in dry forest and tropical jungle. The climate is hot and wet. Lemurs come in all shapes and sizes. They live in large groups for protection. Many sets of eyes and ears help detect predators The smallest Lemur is the size of a mouse and the biggest lemur is the size of a fox. Their babies are born in August and September. All babies at first are raised up together. Ring tailed Lemurs cuddle and they also bite and lick each other. Now maybe you know why the lemur is very interesting for me now you also might know why I want to go to Madagascar. Resources A day in the life: Rainforest Animals, Anita Ganeri

Aucan Acuna I will tell you about the incredible Jaguar. The jaguar has a very short life. Jaguars live in the rainforest. Jaguars go hunt for food in the night. Jaguars also eat from the river. They can eat a turtle. Most Jaguars have golden brown fur. Jaguars belong to a group of mammals that is called big cats. Jaguars never meet with tigers. Jaguars also eat birds. Mom jaguars take care of their babies but the father goes away. Jaguars fight for surviving. So they can kill each other. Jaguars have special eyes that they can see dim ling. After hunting Jaguars spend the whole day resting.

Rainforest Animals The Amazing Panther

Samuel Lars Pedersen

Do you know the black panther? It is often referred to as the 'ghost of the forest' because they hunt at night and their black fur makes them almost invisible. They can run 18 km/h. Their sharp teeth, strong jaws, and paws with sharp claws let them easily catch the prey. A black panther is a carnivore. It can eat everything from small birds to large mammals. Black panther fur can be black, dark grey and dark brown but from a close distance you can see leopard prints or spots on their body. Black panthers live in Asia, Africa and America. The panther adapted well to a variety of habitats like the forest, desert, swamps, mountains and grasslands. They can adapt to any climatic condition and survive both cold and warm environments. Panthers are known as the strongest climbers and can take their heavy prey on trees and eat it there. They are also great swimmers. They can leap up to 6 meters to catch their prey. Their hind legs are longer then the front ones. Panthers, the world's biggest cat, have been hunted by humans as both trophies and for their fur. It is sad that humans can be one of the biggest predators for such a powerful, beautiful and strong animal. Resources

Hajar Said

All about Orangutans

Do you want to know about an amazing animal? Orangutans! Orangutans look like humans when they are small. They are so cute. Orangutans have a lot of fur. It is orange, red, brown and black. Orangutans make their own tools. This is cool. They use leaves as umbrellas. They do a lot of cool things. Orangutans eat fruit, leaves and other plants. They are omnivores. Now you know why I chose an Orangutan. It was very fun do research about an Orangutan. Resources Orangutan, Anita Ganeri

The Amazing Caiman Lizard!

Waldemar Gedsø-Kharazmi

I'm going to tell you about the most amazing animal! It's called the Caiman Lizard! It can eat a whole amphibian! It's a cool reptile. It can live up to 10-30 years. Its amazing colors are black, brown, tan, yellow, and grey. Its size is 60 cm to 12 cm. That's very big. Its diet is snails, insects, crabs, fish, rodents, and amphibians. It is a carnivore. It hunts for food. It lives in the jungles of South America, rainforests and swampland. It only lives in tropical climates where there are trees and water. A special thing about it is that it's powerfully built. Another special thing is that it has a forked tongue and powerful tail. A very amazing fact is the parents lay their eggs into a hole in the riverbank. My animal is in danger because there's pollution and cutting trees. I think my animal is special because it is huge and scaly. Now you know a lot of amazing things about the Caiman Lizard! Resources

Luce Boessenkool I am going to tell you about an amazing animal that’s called a macaw! Macaws are the largest parrots in the world. Macaws are birds. Macaws are related to parrots. Macaws can live 50-60 years. Macaws look like beautiful, big, colourful birds. Macaws move by flying. Macaws make noisy sounds. Macaws eat fruits, nuts, seeds, and insects. Its favorite food is fruits. Macaws are omnivores. Macaws fly and get food with their feet. Macaws live in the rainforest. The climate there is wet and hot. The habitat is in the canopy or in the emergent layer. Macaws eat clay because it helps them by getting food in their stomach. Macaws protect themselves by flying. Their tails are longer than bodies. Macaws are not in danger. It is a beautiful animal. Now you know why I chose Macaws. Resources A day in the life: Rainforest animal Macaw.


Fatima Qayyum 7th of May 2014 (Wed.)

We went to a museum. It was called Statens Museum for Kunst. We went walking to Ă˜sterport, we stopped at the park, and then ate our snack. After snack we played a little in the park. We went in partners. I saw water lilies and nature flowers. We took pictures of them. There we saw birds, and then we walked to the museum. I loved to walk, because it gives exercise to me. We arrived to the museum, but we had to wait 5 minutes for the museum to open. We had a tour guide, her name was Karon. I really liked her, because she showed us around. My favorite picture was a portrait. I didn't hate any pictures at all. They had some rules in the museum. We used our imagination - it was fun! I liked the portrait, because it showed his family.

After we had seen all the paintings and sculptures, we went to the workshop. We had to make different sculptures. I made a rabbit and a rabbit alien. They were connected. If I had a chance to finish my sculpture, I would have made a tree. They had pop sticks, cloth and Styrofoam sticks. After we were done, we told stories about our sculptures we had done in the workshop. After we went out of the workshop and had our sculptures, we could have bought anything, if we had money. We went back to school. First we went through the park. We could have played a little. We ate lunch. Then we walked to Ă˜sterport, came back to school. While we were walking, rain came! We arrived at school, watched Bee movie. The bell rang, that meant it was time to go home. It was fun, I wanted to go again!

Melisa Inal 7th of May 2014 (Wed.)

cloth, sticks, feathers, yarn, cotton, wire and a lot more.

Yesterday our class went to Statens Museum for Kunst. We left school at 9 a.m. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the museum. There was a park so we could have played in the park for about 10 minutes. We saw different animals in the park, such as birds, dogs and squirrels. There was also a lake and a lot of trees.

Not everyone could finish their sculpture but we still had to explain what we made. Some people made two feet next to each other that had got friends. I liked to be in the workshop because it was fun but some people got their fingers burnt because of a glue gun.

Later we went to a workshop. We had to make 2 sculptures about friendship. We could use a lot of materials, such as clay,

it started raining. We took our sculptures with us at home. When we came to school, the bell rang and we all went home. I like everything, especially the rain.

My friend Sonia made a sculpture of a When we arrived to the museum, there woman. She was meant to make one more was a woman, who guided us and showed but she ran out of time. Prynze made a us some sculptures. There were two sculp- long and skinny man, and next to him, was tures next to each other, connected by a a another sculpture that was fat and short. metal chain. The theme was friendship. The two sculptures were connected by a One of the sculptures was made out of golden chain and they were camping. plaster and the other one was made out of When the time was up, everyone had to concrete. I really enjoyed the sculptures. show and tell what they had made. After Karen (the tour guide) showed us fine we were done making sculptures in the granite rocks that were meant to look like workshop, we had to go back to school. animals and they do! Karen thought they On our way back, we went to Ă˜stre were good friends because they were all AnlĂŚg (the same park we went to, when together. In my opinion they weren't good we were going to the museum.) We ate friends, because they weren't facing each lunch at the park and then we played for other. about 15 min. As we were going to school,



Watermelon, Feta, and Olive Salad! Emma Gyde

Serves 8 Ingredients Medium sized ripe watermelon 1 small onion 2 limes 1 ½ cup of feta cheese Handful of fresh mint leaves (chopped)

Directions Slice the onions into long strips and put them in a bowl with the juice of the limes. Next cut up the watermelon into medium chunks and remove the rind and seeds. Put the watermelon into a large bowl, crumble the feta on top

Handful of Italian parsley (chopped)

and at the rest of the ingredients

2/3 cup of black pitted olives

along with the onion and lime.

Âź cup of olive oil

Lastly toss the salad gently to incorporate all the flavors together.

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Ice Pops Goksu Boz

"Simple and wholesome

popsicles. My mom used to help us make these when we were kids and I still enjoy them years later. Use honey as an alternate sweetener, and blend the fruit to be either chunky or smooth."


Place the mixed blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sliced bananas, yogurt, and sugar into a blender. Cover, and blend until fruit is chunky or smooth, as desired. Original recipe makes 8 Fill paper cups 3/4 full servings with fruit mixture. Cover the top of each cup with a Ingredients strip of aluminum foil. 2 cups fresh blueberries, Poke a popsicle stick raspberries, strawberries through the center of the and sliced bananas, foil on each cup. mixed Place the cups in the 2 cups plain or vanilla freezer for at least 5 yogurt hours. To serve, remove 1/4 cup white sugar foil and peel off the paper 8 small paper cups cup. 8 popsicle sticks

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