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Welcome to Welcome to our fourth issue of ØISIE, Østerbro International School In English. Here are we again with lots of surprises. There is a lot going on at ØIS and therefore at ØISIE. I am quite anxious to share them with you. As we flip through the pages, you will see and experience the joy of creative minds and perspectives of our resourceful, open-minded and reflective students. As a teacher and editor of this very issue, I have the opportunity to live his at daily basis and now I would like to share the say joy with you across times and places in this spring edition. I would like to thank each and every member of ØISIE staff who have been working diligently to make ØISIE happen. Besides, I would like to thank ØIS staff and administration for all their support. Warmest regards Ramazan Dicle ØISIE Chief Editor & EAL Coordinator

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Lodovica Casarini Maya Redden Chantal Grishan

Poetry Zenana Ojha Zenana Ojha

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Spring Emma Simonsen

Spring Sheida Joderi

Copenhagen in Spring Time Ivan Petrov

Spring time in Copenhagen is a beautiful time. Even the best I'd say. It's that time when you come outside to go to school and you can even smell the freshness of the whole city. This year it is pretty cold in spring for some reason, but its getting warmer and warmer as each day passes by. You can start going somewhere with your friends after school, doing something outside. Summer break is getting closer and closer and I think that everyone is happy whenever summer comes. There are a lot of places you can visit during spring time. Even just going to a park and walking there would give you pleasure. Also going to the area

around Bakken- one of the amusement parks-I s a great idea. The forest around there is fantastic. If you want to take a run it would be one of the best places in the whole city or even the best place I’ve been to for that reason. And I have had been in a lot of different parts of the world.

somewhere after mid-day for four or five hours it’s pretty warm. But everyone wears light jackets anyway.

It’s also really fun to watch as the number of kids who are four, five year’s old increase from a few to millions. If you look outside on a play ground in the beginning of January And I think the best thing about spring in then you will see a couple of kids. But if you Denmark is that it comes instantly. The first look in the end of May then you will see a day you are thinking “Why do I have to come pretty large crowd jumping, running and doout tomorrow to freeze again”, but then you ing all kind of things. I also enjoy watching come out and you just feel it in the air, like if the tired parents on the benches with the there is a little voice in your head that just smaller kids, who somehow manage to surkeeps screaming, “Spring has come, spring vive in this mayhem. has come!” Unfortunately this year was Anyway, I hope this gives you an idea different. There was one day where it was about what spring is like here in Copenhagen exactly how I described it but then in a few and that spring is one of the nicest times of days the cold returned. It is still here but the year.

Zamir Khan Melissa Khan: spring means longer days and nicer weather and shaking off the slumber of winter and getting outside! In the Spring I love to cycle, of course, in Copenhagen you can do that all year round, but the most pleasant time to enjoy your cycling is spring. Spring is blooming with newness; the flowers and trees, people outside walking, or exercising. I simply love the longer days! It makes me feel like so much more is possible as if the day has doubled! And the sunlight

coxing me out of bed in the

smell of pollen. And to feeling

morning is the best motivation

the warmth of the sun

to start something new. I hope this spring you all to turn over new leaves ‘and tackle something that you’ve been putting off since winter with a renewed

Audry C.: Being in nature and seeing animals enjoying there time out, that is what I like about the spring.

determination and inspiration. Mohammad B.: Playing sports Maia Khan: I love spring and April Fools’ Day because you get to make jokes and pranks that make people laugh and smile. You can take off your jacket and

and having the thrill to do new things. I’d like to go to Lego land,

go swimming in a nice

warm pool, going to the beach and visiting family.

let the warm air push on your face and feel free to enjoy life and nature. I am looking forward

Aoncha S.: Shopping and

to go to Orleans for this spring

hanging out with my friends and


riding my bike. I love bright col-

Ella G.: Tasting the sweat flavor of ice cream. Watching the flowers bloom in the sun and the

ors and Easter. I love the cycle of nature and the beauty of life!

Daniel Austin

I was walking through the streets contemplating the time of year. It was spring time again. Winter ends, the sun comes out, the flowers bloom. All such nice things that happen at spring time. But thats not what I was thinking about. I was scared. About 2 months ago, I was sitting in my room, doing my homework, when I heard something. My radio, which I had modified to intercept all types of radio waves, was making a sound. I didnt make much of it, as it was normally just test broadcasts or random police signals, so I went back to my homework. Then I heard

something. Someone was speaking in Chinese. Due, do my language studies, I could mostly understand what they were saying. "Mr.Tsyuw the missiles are ready, commence activation at will" "Good" "When shall we detonate" "It will be timed with when our military force is at its height. We launch on march 31." At first I was pretty sure this was a joke. It seemed pretty impossible. Besides, without the context, they could have

been talking about anything. Despite my skeptic thoughts, I posted my story on a website dedicated to conspiracy theories, just in case someone else had heard something of the topic. Well, it turned out that there was a lot of stuff on this, from people all across the globe. In Italy someone heard rumors of a rogue organization in china attempting to create missiles. Someone in Greece had intercepted a similar transmission to mine, except about the construction of war machines. Both were addressed to Mr.Tsyuw. At this point I was starting to become scared. What if the rumors were somehow true? What if there really was some rouge organization attempting to attack the rest of the world? Eventually, though, the thought slipped my mind again. It wasn't until about ten days ago, I received an email from someone who had seen my

story. It was titled, "The story is true,", and all that was in it, was a picture of a nuclear silo, followed by the text "Mr. Tsyuw's favorite silo" I was terrified, I tried to notify the police, but no one seemed to care. Eventually, after my attempts to warn people fell futile, I gave up. No one was doing anything, no one seemed to care at all. And now here I am. Walking through the streets, on march 31. The day when it will happen. I was walking home from the superstore, where I had bought 20 liters of bottled water. I was heading to my basement, enough supplies to last me for a very long time. Before I sealed myself in, I took one last look at the world outside. There was a small white object descending from the sky, followed by a bright flash. And thats how spring time finally arrived

‘Drip Drip’ Francesco Gagliardi

One day there were two parents without any kids. The man went to a party while the woman stayed home. She got tired and went to bed. When she put her head on the pillow she heard a sound from the bathroom; ‘Drip drip’. She went in the bathroom to see what it was but fortunately it was just the water running. She turned off the water and went to bed. As soon as she went under the blanket she heard the sound again; ‘Drip drip’. This time it was coming from the kitchen. She ran to the kitchen and saw the tap open of the sink. She turned the water off and went again to bed until she heard ‘Drip drip’. This time it came from the entrance door. She went to the door and saw blood on the door. She heard a scream and turned around looking for what it was. Then, she got kidnapped. The husband didn’t even come back home.

THE DEATH OF LOVE Chantal Girishan I looked at my wrists. They weren't bleeding anymore. I wanted to kill myself. Again. What was it that didn't want to let me go? My skin was cold. I was lying on a bed, staring at nowhere. The room around me was tidy. Every single object was there for a specific reason. The air was heavy, it smelled like paint. I didn't like the smell of paint, it gave me a headache. "What are we talking about, when we're talking about love?" I asked calmly and softly. "What could I say? Doesn't the question speak for itself?" An unknown man replied by asking another question. I hated when my questions were answered with questions. He was looking at me, like he was waiting for an answer, but I didn't want to reply. That man disgusted me. I didn't want to be here. That man was the type of a man, who would have a file about me. He wouldn't understand me, and he would tell me that I am sick. All those kind of men were devils. Bastards. I looked at the mandarin in my hands. It had been there for hours now. It made fun of me, it was laughing at me, like I was worthless. I wanted to throw it against a wall, it would slide down the wall, all the way to the ground. I imagined it there, it would be bad and broken. No one would want it anymore. It wouldn't have life inside it, it would be dead, just trash.

"Why are you asking that?" He interrupted my thoughts with a question. "What is the point of love?" I asked him, ignoring his answer. What was the point of love? That was a question I could have thought of for hours. He shrugged and tried to smile at me. I didn't smile back. I have never believed in the goodness of love. Maybe the reason was that it broke me. I didn't believe, that people would start loving one another on their own desire. I thought, that it was all planned or caused by an upper power. Me. 2000 years ago, on Earth, in a place where people lived, a king and a queen had three daughters. All of them were beautiful, but one of them was incredibly gorgeous, no words would have been great enough to describe her charm. Her name was Psyche. People all around the world came to see her beauty. The situation got chaotic. Men started adoring Psyche and treated her as if she was a Goddess. They said that Psyche was even more beautiful then Venus, the actual Goddess of Love and Beauty. This made Venus furious, she wanted to punish Psyche for her beauty. Since I was the one capable of forcing a person to love another,

she ordered me to make Psyche fall in love with an ugly monster. As Venus's son, I obeyed her request. That night I stepped softly into Psyche's bedroom. At first I couldn't see so well because of the darkness, but as soon as my eyes got used to it, I saw her and her beauty. I got a strange feeling inside me. It felt joyful, lovely and delightful, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Suddenly I didn't want to hurt her, I didn't want to make her fall in love with anyone else but myself. If love truly existed, that was what I felt for her. I took my arrow, hoping she would fall in love with me, I stabbed her right through her heart and waited. But she didn't wake up, instead, she started bleeding. This was unusual, it had never happened before, I stabbed her with a love arrow which wouldn't have harmed anyone. Or did I..? I took a closer look at the arrow in Psyches chest.. It wasn't my love arrow, it was a normal arrow, an arrow that would kill! Maybe Venus had changed the arrows because of her jealousy. Psyches pulse weakened until I couldn't hear anything anymore. I felt like I was in a dreamland, it felt so unreal, could I just have killed Psyche, the one person worthy of my everlasting love? I needed to get her back desperately. I needed to be with her, at least I needed to see her smile. I flew to my mothers garden, and took sweet water from her fountain, which would have brought the lovely Psyche back in my arms, but when I got back, it was too late. The Underworld had already taken her away from me.

Three days and three nights I prayed for the Gods and Goddesses to give Psyche back to me, but no one helped. Then I realized I had to do it on my own. The next morning I went to see Persephone, the Goddess of Underworld . I begged for her help, I begged to see Psyche, but she didn't help me. I promised her lands and I promised her love, I promised her everything that I could, but she still wouldn't let me. Instead, she got so irritated and mad that she told me to never get back on Earth. I was stuck in the Underworld, but I still couldn't see Psyche or tell her that I loved her. There was no point in my life anymore without her, my heart was ripped from my chest. I felt as if I was buried alive, trying to catch a breath. I hated myself because everything that I did, reminded me of what I had done to her. I felt the pain of regret in every step I took, like I was dancing on flames and knife blades. My endless love had killed me as I had killed my love. I opened my eyes wide open. There was blood all over me. I heard a police car, ambulance car or some other cars sirens. Were they coming here? I looked at my wrists. Blood was dripping from my veins in small rivers. I enjoyed it. It felt good to let life flow from me. A little bit at a time, slowly, until I was gone. "Piip, piip, piip!" Was I dead already? I opened my eyes and looked around. A hospital? I looked at my wrists. They weren't bleeding anymore. I wanted to kill myself. Again. What was it, that didn't want to let me go?

Think Tank Student Essays

right. Governments remain resistant to deal with inequalities for women, through progressive legislation, and often actively continue to make policies of repression. The right to vote is one of the most important things that women in the Middle East don't have.

Lodovica Casarini

Women today have more or less the same rights as men, but especially in the Middle East, women are struggling to have more rights. In the Middle East women are systematically discriminated and suffer because they don't have independence/ freedom, access to education and limited participation in society. Some countries in the Middle East don't let women vote at the elections, but I think they should have the right to vote like men.

The World Economic Forum made a research to analyze equality between men and women. Saudi Arabia was classified as one of the countries where there are more rights to men than women. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving, for example. Fortunately, the king of Saudi Arabia will allow women to vote in the elections of 2015.

Women are still trying to have the right vote in the Middle East, but they are also trying to have equal rights as men. Women have the right to vote in many western governments around the world and they believe it is not right that women in the Middle East are suffering. Therefore western governments will also help women by convincing governments in the Middle East to make laws that In the Middle East men are often help women. Women in the Middle higher in status than women; they East that already are running a are expected to take care of the business or have a job they like children and the house while men can also help other women that go to work. Norms that keep don’t have a job by suggesting women in a lower status continue them what to do. to prevent women to get more

Think Maya Redden If I could change anything in my life it would be my culture. I would like to be more Japanese. When I went to Japan last year it was one of the best trips of my life. I love Japanese food and art, like origami and traditional paintings; I also love the language and the writing style although I can't do either. My dog is also a very traditional Japanese dog and it's my favorite breed. I want to learn Japanese when I get older and maybe go live there for a year for college or work. My grandmother on my mother's side grew up in Japan and she speaks Japanese all the time and my grandmother on my father’s side used to paint really pretty Japanese paintings even though she grew up in California, USA so I see a lot of Japanese culture. My home city even has a sister city in Japan.

Tank Chantal Girishan

How to lose the unwanted fat? Which diet is the most affective? What is the best tool to make me look toned? These questions are asked by many people daily. The media has made a picture of the "perfect body". A woman should be fit, lean, maybe toned and a man should be muscular and strong. Many people want to achieve this body by thinking that starving or having a strict eating and exercising plan will help them to reduce the weight and have the body that they have always wanted. Photo-shopped pictures of models in the magazines make curvier people insecure and feel bad about themselves, which can sometimes lead to depression or even death.

carbohydrates, which are stored in your muscles, and liver as glycogen. This is what makes you feel tired or have less strength to go running or lifting weights, because you are losing muscle power. Also the water is escaping from your body, which causes you to look skinnier. It has been proven, that people, who go on a diet will eventually relapse and they will become even heavier, than what they were before the diet.

Then what is the right way of losing weight? Of course a healthy lifestyle will lead you to have this "perfect body" that everyone so desperately wants, but balanced food and lifestyle will also give you a balanced body, which isn't either overweight or underweight, but the body, that you are supposed to It is true that dieting might make you have. Balanced eating us not a diet, it look leaner in the first weeks, but that is a lifestyle. Isn't that right, that your body is the reflection of your is only what it looks like to the lifestyle? outside. When you start dieting or References: Best health how does dieting make you fat? (28.3.2014) Retrieved eating less, you lose the from:

Zenana Ojha

She chose the one, who made her smile, She chose the one who made her laugh

She chose his voice that melts her away And his smile that makes her day

She chose him even with his flaws, But saw perfection in imperfection itself.

Thoughts... Zenana Ojha

I tried to run But you wouldn’t let me I tried to solve you But I didn’t have the key

I had to stay Cause I had no choice Again I tried to run away, But part of my brain heard “Stay” With an anonymous voice

I had too many thoughts But so less to say I often kept quiet, but every night I would get on my knees, and to god I would pray.

I’d cry to sleep And wake up with pain, Every day I thought I would run away from it But I couldn’t, because it was my thoughts and problems in my brain.

News from Ă˜IS Library Sheida Joderi Emma Gyde

Anatomy of a book: In the library there is a section telling you all the different parts of a book. This mostly applies to the non fiction books. For example where the index is, table of contents, e.t.c. This will help kids gain instructions and will also be entertaining. This is really important if you are doing a research or if you need to write a biography. It helps you get familiar with the books and, where you can find that information that you need for your research.

Spring cleaning of your book collection: If you have any old books in good condition you can donate them to the library, they would be greatly appreciated. If you have any old books in really poor condition you can find ways into making them art. You can find inspiration on the Internet and on the World Book. You can make small crafts and lastly you can recycle them in the recycling bin as a last resort..

Any changes in the library: No physical changes to the library, granting that the library has recently subscribed to World Book. They offer articles, videos, and history timelines, it’s basically an encyclopedia with a lot more to offer. The World Book will help you gain information easier.

an original play by Theater Ă˜, based on the book by Louis Sacher

inmates dig holes. 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep. Campers wake up at 4.30 in the morning to get digging before sun up, but they must watch out for scorpions, rattlesnakes …and yellow spotted lizards. Camp Green Lake is not green and there is no lake. It is a detention center for kids who have gotten on the wrong side of the law in the State of Texas. It is a desert, and all the

When Stanley Yelnats is mistakenly arrested for stealing shoes, he gets a choice: Jail, or Camp Green Lake. What he digs up there is more than just dirt: it is his own past, and future.

an original play by Theater Ă˜, based on the book by Louis Sacher

Camp Green Lake is not green and there is no lake. It is a detention center for kids who have gotten on the wrong side of the law in the State of Texas. It is a desert, and all the inmates dig holes. 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep. Campers wake up at 4.30 in the morning to get digging before sun up, but they must watch out for scorpions, rattlesnakes …and yellow spotted lizards. When Stanley Yelnats is

mistakenly arrested for stealing shoes, he gets a choice: Jail, or Camp Green Lake. What he digs up there is more than just dirt: it is his own past, and future.

Theater Reviews Emma Simonsen

Christian Sorensen

The Play:

’ The Shamer's Daughter

Emma Simonsen Complaining peasants, thieves and magical evil powers? The singing was so loud it could have caused the whole universe to shake, I'm just glad my air drums didn't pop and splatter the row in front of me. The Dragon being controlled by the men in black looked like a humongous lizard suffering epilepsy, mother way it moved was stiff and robotic; a movement which flows could have been much more marvellous. There were many costumes with such bright detail and glamorous make up, to be specific, the fruity queen, but as for the knights and main characters it was a complete disaster. It looked like a 2 year old was set loose with a pair of scissors and some material to make these hideous clothing designs. The horse, the horse! The wooden pedestal horse was an absolute fail, the riding of it smashed dirty positions and preschool playtime into one giant Big Mac combo. The shadow effect was a good touch though.

The set was amazing, the transitions and timing between scenes was impeccable. The two floor structure was a great detail to add with the characters running up and down and all around. The narrow steps leading to the second floor looked quite dangerous and could have leaded the actors to their deaths with one wrong step; I just hope they were bolted in hard enough. The villagers who seemed very unhappy all the time yelled and sung with such aggression I thought my hair was

going to be ripped from my head, the wind force from their mouths was incredible. The sound effects were in your face and very distracting from the show but at the same time added a little bit of glitter to compliment the realness of the play. The various exits and surprising doors were great assists and made the show even more exciting than it was in the first place. The part in which the dragon bite occurs, it looked very unrealistic. There was no bite mark and the dragon merely bumped into her and then she is suddenly crawling on the ground in indescribable pain. The expression and effort of the cast was tremendous and very well presented but at times it seemed a tiny bit too much, just some of the laughing and voicing of the evil prince and other male components. The violence and movements of body language given out was very bold and flamboyant, a lovely drizzle to the roughness of the performance. The melody and rhythm played in the background was rather sensational and mixed well with the mood of certain situations. The instruments were selected brilliantly and complimented it's surroundings in perfect harmony, either rumbling or intensifying the atmosphere. All in all the acting was exceptional with a need of only minor changes, some actors better than others but it seemed well rehearsed and laid out, no one looked lost

or confused with anything. The different props used were very well thought out and you could tell the director went out of their way to retrieve the exact image they imagined. The grabbing of things and small hiding places in the ground of the set were absolutely divine, everything was in time without any delays or technical difficulties. The audience seemed very engaged, it was almost as if they were in the play themselves. Clapping, cheering and loud whistles were heard both in between changing of scenes, musical numbers and the grand finale curtain cue bow. My overall opinion is that the play was a terrible but wonderful play! Many things to dislike but so many good components to balance it out, I would give it a 3.5 rating because I believe it could have been better but it was still a great performance and I would recommended it to a few people.

Christian Sorensen

We never go to plays in our class, but this one was spectacular. Skammerens Datter has a very good story to it. It defines what a play should be, good script, fantastic actors, and a great set. These factors are crucial in a play, and this play showed it extremely well. Everything that you would anticipate with a play was in it, and that just made it an engaging and interesting performance.

phenomenally made. This brings me on to the next topic, set and technology. It was a fantastic stage, with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. It had small hatches on the stage floor where numerous actors came out, and doors could be stood up in few seconds. I also thought that the way they made a room was brilliant. They slid a light projector down a cable and made it shine so it would form a room. This was a This play is situated in the middle ages, and very creative way to do it. Overall the set was very well made, with everything you everything really lets the audience know could imagine being there. The actors had that. The costumes and props are old and also created their own instrument which the knight costumes really lets you know had drum sounds, sounding like you were in what time period you are in. All of the costumes are high quality and matched the a horror movie. I thought this was very actor and the scenes very well. The amount creative instead of just having a pre-played of props used wasn't that much, but the way soundtrack shouting out from the speakers. they were made was phenomenal. I I also enjoyed the body language which the especially loved the dragon. That was actors expressed. They were very smooth without doubt one of the best thing about and easily seen. I especially liked when Dina, the play. It had all the characteristics a who is the main character in the story, looks dragon should have, furious, frightening, and large. And it was homemade! But apart into the person eyes, which she is trying to get the truth from. I liked it because she from looking like a giant lizard it was

shows a lot of body emotions and language, by telling the audience and her "suspect" that she means business. The actors and writers also expressed the language and feelings very well. It was easy to understand what was going on and what the plot was. The actors were also amazing, and I think they fit the roles very well. The reaction of the audience was a bit like my reaction. We were quite surprised to see all the work and effort that had been put into it. It was very breathtaking and they used all of the stage equipment in the best way they could. Personally I thought it was a very good play. All that had to do with a play was definitely in it, and it kept the audience on the edge of their seats the whole way through. I would give this play a 4 out of 5. I give it a 4 out of 5 because I thought there was a little too much singing, and when I think of plays, it doesn't really have a lot of singing. I also wish they could have made one in English for some students who don't understand a lot of Danish. Overall I really enjoyed this play, because it has all the factors that a play needs to have, and it’s very easy to understand.

k o s o w B ie v e R

valued bravery made up Dauntless.

Maya Redden

Divergent is set in a future Chicago where Beatrice Prior finds a secret that could cost her, her life. Her city is split into five "factions". Each faction has their own values and beliefs. Those who valued honesty made up Candor, those who valued peace made up Amity, those who valued knowledge made up Erudite, those who valued selflessness made up Abnegation, and those who

Once a year, every sixteen year old in the city took a test to see which faction they belonged to. Then they must leave the faction they were born into and pick a new one. Beatrice's test results are odd. She must keep her results from everyone or else she could wind up dead. Her choice surprises everyone. In her new faction she finds friends, enemies and many secrets. Divergent is a thrilling young adult novel followed by Insurgent and Allegiant.* _____________________________ "Divergent is awesome and everyone should read it!" - Emma Gyde ______________________________ "My favorite book of all time!" Maya Redden _______________________________ "I love this book. I just read it and it's amazing!" -Sheida Joderi

Francesco Gagliardi This book talks about this boy

ear that lasts for about an hour

called Barry and his last name is

and then throwing ring pulls at

Loser. He never minded being


called Barry Loser but since Darren

Barry’s best friend is called Bunky.

Darrenofski joined school, he’s been

Him & Bunky make up the keel (a

completely ruining his life about it.

cool way to say cool) gang.

Darren drinks this drink called

Basically, the keel gang just likes to

Fronkle. Every time he drinks one

annoy Mrs. Trumpet Face (their

bottle he does a burp in Barry’s

neighbor with two twin kids) and

watch Future Ratboy (Bunky &

haircut and last he tells Darren that

Barry’s favorite TV show). to annoy

there’s a new flavor of fronkle

Mrs. Trumpet Face they knock on her

coming out with the flavour of

door and then run away and then

Banana. When Darren hears it he

phoning asking to speak to PooPoo.

treats Barry nice and doesn’t bully

One time they even painted


themselves blue when it was snowing and knocked on Mrs Trumpet Face’s door. When she came out she saw them and thought they were freezing in coldness but when she gave Bunky ‘The Kiss Of Life’ they ran off screaming ‘TRUMPETTT FACEEEE!’. At lunch times the keel gang practices their play called vending machine mum.

THE TALENT CONTEST Then it was the time for the talent show and the keel gang decided to do the VMM (short for vending machine mum). They thought they were going to win so they didn’t even practice. In the talent contest started a boy that was talking about the history of sandwiches when a girl fell into a trapdoor


under the stage. Barry wanted to

Barry tries to invent plans to make

save her so went in the trapdoor

Darren stop ruining his life. First he

but did not notice that it was their

tries putting a fake nose on to look


keel. Second he tries putting stilts. Third he transforms his vending machine mum to A GIANT ROBOT. It didn’t work. Next, he makes a new

Zoha Ahmed

This story is about a family. They celebrate Peter´s birthday party but suddenly the father has to live the house for a while. The children asked their mother about their father. And mother told them that they need to live in the country side. When they reached to

their new house, they found a railway line. They waved to the passengers. One old gentleman waved them back. They lived a very poor life there. Then, mother was ill and they had no money to buy medicines. They wrote a letter to the man that they waved to and he sent them the medicines. However, the mother was furious. They were trying to make their mother happy. Suddenly rocks, trees, grasses, bushes and earth blocked the railway track. They made flags with their lives. The railway company rewarded the children each with a gold watch. Then an old gentleman gave them the news that their father was in the jail for telling country´s secrets to enemies.

accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which changes his life. Harry had no idea that wizards and witches existed even though he was studying about magic. The mysterious world of spells and potions seems like a welcoming school to Harry until he finds out all the secrets to it. Good and evil, in which Harry and his new Mahzeb Ahmed

friends become, involved living at Hogwarts School.

Harry Potter is a skinny 11year-old orphaned child living with his hard-hearted aunt and uncle and bullying cousin. He has been

The author writes about a school, full of drama, excitement, and mystery in this wonderfully funny and not-too-scary first novel.


Selma Liise-Erkut

This is Abdullah. He is 13 years old. He is from England. His birthday is on April 3rd. Now he lives in Denmark. His hobbies are football, swimming and basketball. His favourite animals are lion, tiger and wolf. His favourite colours are blue and red. His favourite day is Saturday. He doesn’t want to tell what he his job is going to be in the future. He can speak English, Danish and French. Abdullah has lived in England and Denmark. His favourite lessons at school are Math and English. He has 4 siblings. In his family there are 7 people. He has 2 sisters, 2 brothers, mom and dad. He wears 4 in English size. He really likes to help. He has helped someone by helping them get across the road. He would like to change schools by using iPads to write. He is Muslim. He doesn’t like to draw. Abdullah is good at football. He likes to play with his friends. His favourite

video game is Call of Duty. He likes to read and he is good at it. He likes sports and his favourite sports he likes are football, swimming and tennis.

Sheida Dua Ilyas

This is Sheida. She is 13 years old. She came from Iran. She has 2 sisters. Her favourite colour is black and purple. Her birthday is on October 11 2000. Her favourite country is Denmark. Her weather is summer .Her favourite subject is PE. She likes to swim. She likes to fish. She has a pink bike. She likes to go to sea. When she grows up, she will be a dentist. Her favorite game is Flappy Bird.


Yakup Kubilay

Alfred is 13 years old. He is from Sweden. His birthday is on 30th May. His favourite animal is a dog. He really likes iPhone -4S. He does not like to take photos. His dad’s name is Ulf. His favourite food is hotdog. His favourite place is Gothenburg. He really doesn’t like books. He even plays Minecraft because it is popular.

Ciaran Leann Husseini

This is Ciaran. He is 12 years old. He comes from Scotland. His birthday is on 15th September. His favourite game is Lego. When he grows up, he wants to be a policeman. His favourite weather is rainy. He has 20 friends. His favourite lesson is PE. He knows 15 languages. His favourite movie is Star Wars. His favourite animal is dolphin. His favourite hair colour is black. His dad is called Kevin. He has a sister. He likes to go to the beach. He loves his family. His dad works in an oil company. And

Ciaran is not a vegetarian. He likes his grandparents.

IVAN This is Ivan. He is 14 years old. He is from Russia. He was born on 30th of May, 2000. He loves handball. His favourite animal is panther. Ivan loves to eat potato. His favourite place is Saint Petersburg. His favourite lesson is art. His favourite book is Sorcerers Ring and the author is Morgan Rise. He likes water slides. Ivan´s favourite shoes company is ECCO. Ivan likes the car company BMW. His favourite place in the world is ´´ home´´. He has a brother whose name is Danil. His parents’ names are Elena and Nicolay. Ivan likes the movie, Harry Potter. He wants to be an actor. He has a bike. He wants to change world by more economy. . He wants to have a ship. He is not Muslim. He is not vegetarian. Ivan doesn’t like school so much. He likes to invent. His favourite computer game is War Craft 3.

Dmytro Chupryna

Tribute to former faculty member at ØIS, Mrs.. Abenaa Uttenthal. She had to move to Ghana, but has been loved greatly by students, teachers and parents since her first day at ØIS. And she has loved back ever since as if she is always here at ØIS with us.

Abenaa Uttenthal

Frederikke Schaufuss Gülsu: She is very funny "haha" She is pretty "BEE-YOU-TIFUL". She is smart "I know what y'all are wandering." She likes noodles "CHING-CHANG-CHUN" She was very understanding, and she always smiled even if she was sad. She cared and shared and tried to show us her best. If there was something wrong she would always stay positive and wouldn't care about the negative no matter what. She had a smile on her face and always remembered to say "good morning to you" and believe it or not but that story was true. Eda: I loved when she was telling stories it really got my attention. She didn't make me sad when I did something wrong. She didn't tell me that I was doing wrong. She explained me how I could improve myself more. Betül: Well... I have always been Mrs. Uttenthal’s favorite and she has always been my favorite! She has been more than a teacher to me she has been a teacher, friend, and a mother. I wish she could still be with us! I realized

English class was super boring without her. Sunrise: She is awesome and always tries to help. Alessio: She is awesome, very nice and the best teacher in the school. Konstantine: She was very nice and awesome in school. I loved her style of teaching. Amna: I felt like she understood me... Sometimes after class I would talk to her and she would understand. I could always rely on her, and she made me realize that being different was okay, and that I should be myself and not a copy of someone else. Being is the best me. She will always be a very unique person. Aanchal: She was the best......She was better than everyone.....she understood everything.......sometimes I felt like she was my mother… She WAS my second mother.....She was my queen and I was her princess.

MYP3 Comments Daniel Austin "Mrs. Uttenthal as our favorite teacher and we all loved her." "I wish she would return back to our school." Mrs. Uttenthal was my favorite teacher in the school; she connected to the students more than any other teacher I have met. She really made me care about English. She made school exciting again Mrs. Uttenthal really liked us and we really liked her. She was the best teacher I ever had. I really connected with her. I want her to come back so badly. Her classes were excellent, very high quality and informative. I really felt like I was learning things there. Mrs. Uttenthal you were really fun. Great teacher.

Tribute to Mrs.. Abenaa Uttenthal Frederikke Schaufuss


mile to me, my hidden star

ay I forget you, never

s your story really that far

et me in! Open your heart

nter my life, forever!

Ps. Smile to the world and i promise it will smile back Written to Mrs. Uttenthal, one of the best teachers ever, we love you Mrs. Uttenthal.

Spring Recipes

Francesco Gagliardi

Panna Cotta Ingredients:

bring almost to the boil and stir in the gelatine until completely dissolved. remove from the heat and heat to cool.

nut-free vegetable oil for greasing for the compote

2 table spoons of hot water 340g (12oz)

2 table spoons of powdered gelatine fresh cherries

500ml (17fl oz) double cream pitted or 1x400g (14oz) can of cherries

45g (1½ oz) caster sugar drained (reserving 3 tablespoons of juice)

1 vanilla pod, split lengthways thinly pared zest of ½ lime

2 table spoons of black cherry conserve

3 table spoons of water or juice from canned cherries, if using

2 table spoons of icing sugar

juice of ½ lime

3 table spoons of brandy

6. When ready to serve, gently loosen the edges of the creams with your fingers and then turn them out onto serving plates. spoon the cherry compote around and on top of each cream. serve cold.

2 table spoons of corn flour

Dairy, egg, gluten & nut free

3. Whip the remaining cream until softly peaked then strain in the cold, flavoured cream; fold in with a metal spoon and transfer to the ramekins. Chill until set. 4.Meanwhile, make the compote. put the cherries in a pan with the conserve, water or juice, icing sugar, and lime juice. heat gently, stirring until the juices run. if using fresh cherries, cook for 3 minutes only, until the cherries have softened but still hold their shape. 5. Blend the brandy with the cornflour and stir into the cherries. bring back to the boil, stirring all the time until slightly thikened and clear. cook for 1 minute then remove from the heat, turn into a bowl, and leave to cool.

Follow the recipe at the top but instead of using double cream use soya cream

1. Lightly oil 4 ramekin dishes. put the water in a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatine over. Leave to Tip: You can also use frozen cherries in this recipe. soften for 5 minutes. thaw them first and prepare in the same way as fresh cherries. 2. Meanwhile, pour half the cream into a saucepan. add the sugar, vanilla pod, and lime zest and heat gently, stirring, until the sugar has dissovled. slowly

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ØISIE | Østerbro International School In English | Issue No: 4  

ØISIE | Østerbro International School In English | Issue No: 4 | Spring Edition

ØISIE | Østerbro International School In English | Issue No: 4  

ØISIE | Østerbro International School In English | Issue No: 4 | Spring Edition