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Issue No: 3, Winter 2014


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Welcome to Welcome to our third issue of ØISIE, Østerbro International School In English. It has been quite a long time since our last issue. There are a lot of good things going on in ØIS and ØISIE. We have new members to our staff, Zenana Ohja and Francesco Cagliardi , both from PYP5. They have both contributed wonderfully ito this issue and hopefully will contribute more in the upcoming issues. There are also new contributions from four EAL students from PYP3, who have progressed so much that they are proudly presenting their work at ØISIE. I would like to congratulate Dima, Yakup, Selma and Leann on this accomplishment. I would like to also introduce you our new section ‘Winter Recipes’. Here our writers and contributors would like to address not only to your literary expectations but also to the sweet tooth. Our editors, Emma Gyde and Emma Simonsen have written two delicious recipes . Yummm. I would also like to congratulate Prep Class students upon their achievement in reading and writing. They have worked really hard . Here we will only publish three of these youngest writers of ØIS, Amy, Ana and Mahdiyah. I would like to thank to these students and their teachers Elizabeth Toran and Angeliki Kalapotharakou, who made this possible. Lastly, I would like to thank Ms. Claudia Mclean and PYP 2 students for their winter stories and drawings. They have done really amazing and I am proud to present them here. I would like to thank to all of the staff members of ØISIE, ØIS Administration and Teachers who helped to make this happen. Warmest regards Ramazan Dicle ØISIE Chief Editor & EAL Coordinator ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 2 København Ø |+ 45 70 20 63 68 | Østerbro International School | Præstøgade 17 · 2100

In this issue:

Short Stories Daniel Austin Zamir Khan

Muneeb Ahmad Maya Redden

Winter Time Ivan Petrov Maya Redden

Interview Mahzeeb Ahmed Maya Redden Amna Baig THEATER Ø Emma Gyde

Library Corner Emma Gyde, Sheida Joderi

Book Reviews Francesco Cagliardi Dima Chupryna Selma Liise Erkut Yakup Kubilay Leann Hussein POEMS Chantal Girishan Zenana Ohja Vlad Biryukov Emma Simonsen Darpan Gautam PICTURE STORIES Mesih Inal

Winter Recipes Emma Gyde Emma Simonsen Prep ClassIn English 3 ØISIE -´Østerbro International School PYP2 Students

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 4

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 5

The gift of Death Daniel Austin

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 6

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 7

Zamir Khan ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 8








and went flying through air, he fell onto trees bringing

etched in frost on your win-

him to a stop. Some sequels

dow panes come from Or

that were resting on a

what happens to the tree

branch dropped their nuts on

leaves in autumn as winter

Jack. “Heyyyy” said Jack.

approaches? 1800s,








Suddenly, he heard music,

sleeping under a tree woke

and saw lights that puzzled

up wondering where he was.

him. He flew over to the vil-

So, he stood up and started

lage, landing very poorly. He


brushed off the snow and

He saw a staff, went closer, kicked it with his brown boots, and finally picked it up. While holding the staff, Jack touched a tree and surprisingly frost covered the tree in minutes. He saw another tree and frosted it like it was a cake. In excitement he ran across the water and frosted the whole lake. Then he slipped

said “hello” or “good evening” or “hi” to the people around him. A boy ran toward Jack. Jack said “excuse me can you please help me” but, the boy ran through him. Jack wheezed and was trying to get people`s attention but no one could see him. Jack left the village, he looked up at the moon and he though the moon was saying “Your

name is jack frost” ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 9

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 10

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 11

Flashlight Muneeb Ahmad

Once upon a time, so long ago that, the devil had not passed away yet.The devil flew around inside Grandma’s house. Grandma was sleeping in her bed.The devil was invisible, he annoyed and killed people. “Now it is your turn to die” said the devil.The devils only weakness was light. In the light, the devil will lose its invisibility and die. ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 12

All of a sudden Jack came in, and turned the lights on.Then the devil flew up onto the roof so it could protect himself. Jack asked “How are you doing?” Grandma woke up “I am fine, fresh as always!” she answered. “We have to eat breakfast now everyone is at the table except for you” Jack said. “I am coming ”grandma answered.

While everyone was eating, someone poked grandma. “Stop poking me Jerry you have to behave like your big brother Jack”. “Yes that’s right” said mom. It wasn’t me Jerry said. No one listened to him. Someone whispered in Grandmas ear “Muhahahaha soon my friend soon.” Grandma got a little bit afraid. “Let’s go to work boys, it is getting late” said mom. Mom and dad went to work while Jerry and Jack went to school. While they were gone Grandma decided to read a book. After a while grandma fell asleep and began to dream. “Where am I” said Grandma. “You are in a big dark castle full of emptiness” said the devil and stepped forward. “What is that? A ghost ahhhh” grandma screamed and woke up. The devil was still inside Grandma. In that she woke, she fainted 1 second later. Jack came home with his brother and his parents.They realized that Grandma had fainted.They took her to the hospital and they were told that grandma was in coma… Jack and his family got very sad after hearing the news. While mom was crying outside the room she said “let’s go home. “No we want to be here with her” said Jerry and Jack.They decided to stay at the

hospital. Meanwhile the devil was inside grandma, he was enjoying their sadness. The devil has lost its invisibility and has formed into a bacterial blob inside grandma. The very next day nurse Joy came to Jack and his sad family and said “Why are you all sad? Your grandma is still alive”. Jack and his family went into the doctor’s room. Grandma was still in coma. “We found a blob inside your grandma” said Doctor Nelson. Doctor Nelson showed them the blob with a stick. Doctor Nelson pointed a flashlight at the blob so they could see it .The devil screamed. It was weak against light and started to melt. It was dying. Everyone got shocked. Everyone was quiet that minute. In that the moment the devil died Grandma woke up. She forgot everything about the nightmare. “GRANDMA!” shouted everyone and hugged her.They were all happy now. “Thank you Doctor Nelson” said Jack. “No problem” he answered. After all this drama they finally decided to go home. Since that day everything has been normal, and the devil has never been seen or heard of since.

The End

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 13

The Fox and the Robins Maya Redden

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 14

A long time ago when the

that the Fox

animals ruled the earth there


were two groups. The land

them in

animals and the birds. Once a

poison. Later

year, the land animals leader, the

down at the race, the Falcon,

Tiger, challenged the birds to a

the Eagle, and the Sparrow

race to see who was more

we’re getting ready to defeat

powerful. Every year the the

their challengers, the Fox, the

game ends in a tie. But this

Cheetah and the Horse.

year a group of land animals had a nasty plan.

The day


"On your marks, Get set, GO!!"

They were off with the

before the race the Fox, the

birds in the lead. Suddenly the

leader of the group, went and

Sparrow dropped out of the

scattered seeds around the forest sky like a stone. The other where the birds lived. On the morning of the

animals just thought he got tired but the fox knew that the

race all of the birds in the race

poison was starting to work.

flew down to the ground to eat

One kilometer later, the Falcon

the seeds, unaware of the fact

dropped out. The Eagle started ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 15

getting worried but he just

on the ground. Slowly all of

kept flying, determined to win

the birds, that had been in the

the race. Right when they were

trees, came out from the

by the forest where the all of


the bird lived, the Eagle fainted

started. Every bird blaming the

from the poison and fell into a

land animals.

That's when the yelling

tree. The Eagle, being one of the biggest birds, caused the

The Fox saw how much trouble he had caused and he started to feel bad. He went up to the Tiger and told him all about his plan. The Tiger was outraged and he had the Fox banished. After that, the Tiger agreed

tree to fall into another tree,

to have all of the other land

which fell into another tree,

animals help rebuild the forest,

and then, as the trees kept

but some of the birds were not

falling into each other until all

so sure they wanted the land

but one tree in the forest was

animals help because after all is

Ă˜ISIE -Â´Ă˜sterbro International School In English 16

was a land animal who started the whole thing in the first place. The birds who didn't want the land animals help decided to go find another forest to live in. There was one family of Robins who had always been friends with the land animals and they knew that they

not found any other forest.

weren't all bad. They stayed in

When they got back, they were

the forest until the whole thing

overwhelmed with the new

was rebuilt. Two months later

forest that they all decided to

the forest was rebuilt and it

move back and the Robins who

was even better than it was

had stayed, became the new

before. Another month later all

leaders of the birds because

of the birds who had decided

they always seemed to know

to find a new forest, came

what was best.

back to report that they had Ă˜ISIE -Â´Ă˜sterbro International School In English 17

Winter Time A city:

Saint Petersburg Ivan Petrov

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 18

Winter Time A Country:

Japan Maya Redden

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 19

Winter Time

Saint Petersburg All I can say is that it is

Year there. It would be very

magnificent in winter. If you

interesting to be there for

haven't been there then go there. someone who was never in a big First of all there is a lot of snow. I recommend living somewhere close to the metro, but away from the center. It is much better at the end of the city. But be ready to have to be in the trains squished and for a long time. If you compare it to Copenhagen it's about two-three times as big. So it's pretty normal to be on the train for two hours. I recommend on going and spending the New

Ă˜ISIE -Â´Ă˜sterbro International School In English 20

city. But be very careful, people are not that friendly. And also there are a lot of drunk people outside. I'm not saying that you should consider every single person an alcoholic. But on the new year everyone drinks. So again, be careful.

Winter Time You will also see a lot of

want to see.

fireworks outside. Millions of them. It is magnificent to go outside on Also in Russia it's more of new the new year. I guarantee you, or year then Christmas. Not that if you are with a family a very many people celebrate Christmas.

good time. I think there are a lot

Don't go to Russia without

of tourist places you can find on

knowing even the very standard

the Internet, but I will recommend

phrases. The education allows

seeing the bridges go up. It simply

most people to talk and

looks so good. I can't describe it

understand, but with a very big

with a word but I would just say

accent and a very small word

its beautiful. You also might like

count. They don't speak that good just walking outside at about English. At hotels and restaurants seven. But have a few of your there might be a slightly higher places from the list on the way. level of English, but just slightly.

There are lots of places to see, but you should make a list before you actually go to Saint-Petersburg. It will take you a long time to choose everything you

That might be a very effective way to spend your holiday and relax. So I recommend to go there. If you have never been there.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 21

Winter Time

Japan When Japan starts to get cold you may start to see some odd stuff such as: monkeys in a hot spring. That's right, every year thousands of tourists show up to see the Japanese Snow Monkeys (or Macaques) play in the hot springs of Japan to keep warm during the harsh winter.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 22

There are many traditional holidays in Japan but New Year is actually the most important one. Most businesses close from January 1 to January 3 so they can spend time with their families. They often decorate their homes with ornaments made of pine, bamboo, and plum trees and they always eat

Winter Time soba (buckwheat noodles) symbolizing longevity. On January 1 everyone goes outside early in the morning to see the first sunrise of the year.

also a great place in the snow where you can experience the Sapporo Snow Fest and see the giant ice and snow sculptures or go skiing on the old Olympic track where some people call it "Skier's Winter itself is beautiful in japan with the snow on Mount Fuji paradise" and the cherry trees. The cities are

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 23

Interview ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 24


Interview With

Ahmet Kilicaslan is also known as Mr.K. He is 34 years old and works as a Math and French teacher in ØIS. He comes from Belgium and has two siblings. He has been in Denmark for a year and has lived in four countries. ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 25

interview 1-.How would you like to be described to our students who haven't got the chance to meet you in classroom setting?

Because it helps me to give a break from the real world

A funny person who likes to teach in a interactive environment

2. If you would describe yourself with five adjectives, what would they be? 1: funny 2: honest 3: strict 4: scary 5: easy going

3. How do you see yourself as a teacher? A good teacher as long as the students are welling to learn and participate during class

5.If you were an author, which book do you wish to have written?

The Alchemist

4.What kinds of books do you 6. What are the top 5 books to like to read most, novels, stories, read for Ahmet Kilicaslan? travels, poems? And why? 1: The Alchemist -Novels 2: The kite runner ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 26

interview 3: The shadow of the wind 4: I am legit 5: Worth dying for

12.Do you have any book suggestions to ØISIE readers?

The kite runner 7.When you were a child, which book(s) did you like most? Comic books: Tin Tin

8. What about as a teenager?

13.Which genre of books is your favorite? Adventure, biography, thrill, fantasy etc? Non-fiction; true stories

L'herbe bleue (in French)

9. Which author do you like most and which one do you see closer to yourself as a person?

Paulo Coelho 10.You have travelled a lot. Has it affected your reading in any way? If so, how? No 11. Which book have you read recently?

My name is red by Orhan Pamuk ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 27

Quick Writes

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 28

Quick Writes

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free... ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 29

Maya Redden I wish I knew how it would feel to be free from

whenever I go somewhere school related I always

worrying about my future. I always worry and think

think I won't be smart enough to do the work. I often

about what it would be like. Would I be famous or

tell my self that when I'm older I want to be known

alone. Would I have a good paying job or would I be

for something, I don't want to be just someone you

homeless. I also worry about things really close in

see on the street but I really want to achieve

the future like if my homework would be good enough something in life that I can be proud of. I think or when I transfer to a new school, how will the kids maybe one day I'll just find my talent or the one thing find me. If I was free from all of that i would walk into I love enough to be proud of, I just don't know when every situation knowing it would turn out great and I that day will come. wouldn't be under so much stress. I've always thought about what college I would be in and

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 30

I wish I had a time machine.

Quick Writes


Amna Baig


ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 31

Theater Ø Coming Soon...

Holes The Musical

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 32

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 33

Library Corner ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 34

Østerbro Public library by Emma Gyde, Sheida Joderi

Library Corner ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 35

Library Corner

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 36

Library Corner

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 37

Book Reviews ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 38

Book Reviews ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 39

Book Reviews

Number the Stars

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 40

Book Reviews Number the stars is a book written by Lois Lowry. Number the stars is a book about a little girl that is called Annemarie, she is aged 9. She grows up in wartime. She has a best friend. Her best friend is called Ellen. Annemarie was Danish but Ellen was Jewish. They lived in Denmark. Later on Annemarie discovered that Ellen was Jewish and she also discovered that Ellen was in danger. As you have heard, the Germans were in control of Denmark at that time and when the Germans were in control of a country they would send Jewish people to concentration camps or kill them. So Annemarie’s family hid Ellen to protect her. In some cases soldiers came into their house searching for Ellen. One time they came in and banged the door but their parents found excuses. Another time was when they went to their Uncle’s house to try to give the Jewish people something in secret. And at last, the Jewish people escaped to Sweden with a little help.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 41

Book Reviews

The first day of winter On the first day of Christmas, Snowman’s best friend gave him one red cap with gold snap. On the second day of Christmas, his best friend gave him two bright blue mittens. On the third day of Christmas, his best friend gave him three striped scarves. On the fours day of Christmas, his best friend gave him four prickly pinecones. On the fifth day of Christmas, his best friend gave him five birdseed pockets. On the sixth day of Christmas, his best friend gave him six tiny twigs. On the seventh day of Christmas, his best friend gave him seven maple leaves. On the eighth day of Christmas, his best friend gave him eight orange berries. On the ninth day of Christmas, his best friend gave him nine big black buttons. On the tenth day of Christmas holidays gave him ten salty peanuts.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 42

Book Reviews

The snowy day One day, a boy named Peter, woke up and

Then he went to his house. He told his mom

looked out of the window. He saw snow! He what he did during the day when his mom wanted to go outside. When he took the

was taking his clothes off. And he thought

first step, he just wanted to try more steps

what he made in the morning. Just before

like penguins and then the other way! Then he climbed on his bed, he looked in his he stepped so s l o w l y, and tried to make pocket but the snowball wasn’t there. He tracks. Then he saw something that he

felt upset. In his dream he saw the sun out

could do more tracks. He saw a stick. He just and there was no snow. But then he woke smacked a snow-covered tree with the stick. up and looked at the window, there was still Then snow fell on his head, but he just con- snow! After breakfast he called his friend tinued the journey. After a while he saw

and they played with snow all day.

older boys. They were playing. Peter wanted to play with the boys but knew that he was too young to play, so he made a smiling snowman and snow angles. Then he imagined that he was a mountain-climber and chose a great and snowy mountain and climbed all the way up and then slid all the way down. He made a snowball. He put that snowball in his pocket for the next day. ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 43

Book Reviews

One day Pingu and Pinga were flying their kites. Then their kite fell on top of their house. They tried to get it but it was too high. Pinga went to find her parents. First she asked her mother. She said ‘now I am too busy reading this news’. So she went to her father. She said ‘can you please help us get the kite?’. Dad said ‘I am too busy ironing. When I am finished, I can help you’. So Pinga went away to Pingu. They went to grandpa. He Said ‘of course, I will help you.’ Grandpa took the kite from the roof. ‘Thank you’ they said. ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 44

Book Reviews

Bear snores on In the wood, there was a bear. He his cave but the mouse was brave. slept through the lovely winter

Accidently the bear stepped on

night. Then there came a mouse

fire but the mouse rescued the

in the bear’s cave. It was too dark bear. And they all had fun. One of but the mouse turned fire on.

the animals said that “he snored

Then a hare came to the bear’s

loudly. No, very loudly. No, super

cave. They drank tea. Then a

loudly.” Then all of the animals

badger came he had honey-nuts. snored on except from the bear. They were delicious. Then a mole came and a wren came. Last but not least, a raven came through the door. Everybody was warm in the bear’s cave. They danced and had fun. Just then the bear woke up. All of the animals went out of ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 45


ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 46


You make me..

Chantal Girishan

You make me stare at my table, You make me regret that I spoke And even when you know I know the truth, you fill me up with your lies Now you're yelling at me, because I wrote a poem You hate me for it, c' ause you know, you can never do the same You make me listen to my friend cry You make me read science again and again See, I don't want to be what you are, we are not the same I don't know what you're thinking, when you're beating some sense to me But I am the one, who can feel the pain of your bad day I want to teach you, so you could know how to love, But i'm just another child in your classroom, you don't care about me I want to walk the path, that i have chosen myself So don't tell me to be Einstein, when I want to be Shakespeare ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 47


In the dark Zenana Ojha

In the dark I feel alone Through the wind Like I’ve been blown Where are you My shining star Come and guide me Where ever you are Please don’t leave me I beg you I want you right here Like we’re stuck by glue I know we’ll be together someday Just not now Let’s keep our hopes And take a bow

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 48

Poetry TO DO THIS, YOU HAVE TO BE INSANE Vlad Biryukov Hjalte Wallin Daniel Austin

They are kids, they aren't adults Look at this boy, is he even an adult? Look at this boy hands, they aren't nice right Then look at that again I think we have to fight, Against this, Do you think it very nice, To dig holes even at the night. Let me tell the story, Of a young young kid He had nothing to do, Until they came for him, A little thinking will help ya, How to do this, You just look at the picture And you will see everything They aren't humans They have guns in their pockets I think this is insane And that they have no brain To do this you have to have no brain

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 49



Emma Simonsen

Shoveling holes, forced by guns The king on his throne, as he watches us young Sold to their work, damaged bones and cracked up faces Mining copper, working for their bases Food given daily, but rarely enough Working down here, you gotta be tough No gloves or helmet, pocket full of filth Spades clack on dirt, covering up the hills Over populated silhouettes smothered in mud Hot sweaty faces, knuckles smeared with blood Thinking man, wish I had some luck, mining every day for the single gold buck Cellphones, computers all a waste of time but we spend all our hours digging ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 50

Poetry This should be a crime Alleged minutes we squander, Eyeing our holes as we ponder bout the way life could be If everyone would just see, we aren't to be used We are the slaves, everyday always abused Our surroundings harsh, Only job so close, our work rewarded with such grime marsh Yellow muck upon this earth, dragging this sludge back to my turf Situations so poor, can't even afford the price for a front door Open your eyes, watch me cry Look can't you see? I am the victim in this tragedy

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 51


I am no different to you Darpan Gautam

I wish for my hunger to subside. I wish for my pain to cease. I wish to be loose of these heavy chains. I wish, I wish to be free. I am an African slave. I am no different to you. But to them I am an object, taken to be sold, to be sold to someone like you.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 52

Poetry Is it because of my colour, that I'm treated with so much virulence? Is it because of where I'm from that you have more rights than me? Is it because I'm poor, that you take me against my will? Or is it because you don't believe in freedom and equality? I wish not for my children to see this, these sights so abusive and cruel. I wish for them what most children have, No hunger, clothes and a school. But they see us as worthless, so they take what life we have. They make us work day in, day out, and pay us with a hand full of porridge. I hope I do not get ill, or I face a watery death. But sometimes I wonder, could death be better than this? In the bottom of my heart, there is a little spark of hope. A hope that one day this will end. That someone will stand up and make amends, That a leader will offer us a helping hand. I am an African slave. I am no different to you. But to them I am an object, taken to be sold, To be sold to someone like you.

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 53

Picture Story What are the birds thinking? Mesih Inal

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 54

Picture Story We birds, we can think just like humans. Our brain might not be as dextrously as a human’s brain, but our imagination skills are superior to humans. So never see them us little and lumpish! We have our own imaginative world, just like humans, and I will be telling about our enigmatic world. We birds! We care for ourselves. We only think of our own surpassingly generation. Why should we care about yours? We always struggle! We believe that the birds will dominate the giant world one day. If we do, then we will be the first ones, making a placid world. Not a world comparable with humans. Not a world with warfare all the time. Not a world with millions of people dying from starvation. Something like this would on no occasion ever happened in the bird’s community. We are like a society helping each

other out. Never giving up even if it is death. All of us are compassionate. When someone needs succour, we help them. We are all democratic. Everybody has their self-determination and own rights. We don’t need a ruler when everybody knows how to take actions of him or herself. Polluting never happens. We are all helping the world by throwing seeds all over the surface of earth. So that trees can growth. None birds are a waste for this planet. Everybody has his or her own obligations. We are all special. We are all extensively helping you and this planet. So let the birds’ precept this marvellous world. Don’t permit the others to rule the world! ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 55


Winter Recipes

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 56

Winter Recipes

Creamed Emma Gyde


ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 57

Winter Recipes

Muffintopped Stew Emma Simonsen

This recipe1 is very yummy and relatively healthy. I think is is a great way to satisfy a hungry stomach and also to get into the spirit of a jolly winter with a delicious warm meal. It is from a GoodFood issue published in 2006 but you can also find it on I have personally tried it and find it to be super tasty and splendid to the taste buds! Recipe & picture found at:


ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 58

Winter Recipes How to: 1) Heat oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas. Toss the beef in seasoned flour. Heat the oil in a large flameproof casserole. Fry the beef over a high heat until browned all over – it’s easiest to do this in batches. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Ingredients For the stew: 500g braising steaks, cut into bite-sized chunks 2 tbsp plain flour, seasoned with pepper and a little salt 2 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, finely chopped 450g carrots, cut into chunks 2 large parsnips, cut into chunks

2) Add 2 tbsp water and the onion to the pan, stir well over a medium heat, scraping up the crusty bits from the bottom of the pan. Lower the heat and fry gently for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the onions have softened. 3)Tip in the carrots, parsnips and bay leaf, then fry for 2 minutes more. Return the beef to the pan, stir in the tomato paste, wine if using, and stock, then bring to the boil. Cover and cook in the oven

1 bay leaf

for 1¾-2 hrs until the meat is tender. Can be made up to 2 days

2 tbsp sundried or regular tomato paste

ahead or frozen for up to 1 month. Defrost thoroughly in the fridge

300ml red wine or extra stock

before topping and baking. Take out of the oven and increase the

450ml vegetable stock

temperature to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. 4)To make the topping, sieve the flour and baking powder into a

For the muffin topping: 225g plain flour

bowl and add half the cheese. Mix olive oil and milk, then stir into the flour to make a soft, slightly sticky dough. Add more milk, if

3 tsp baking powder

necessary. Spoon the dough over the meat and vegetables, sprinkle

140g cheddar, coarsely grated

with theremaining cheese and bake for about 15 minutes until gold-

2 tbsp olive oil

en, risen and cooked through

150ml milk

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 59

Prep Stories In Prep class, children are learning to read and write. They have even learned how to write their first "book report"! Here are some examples of their work. The stories they read are leveled and the first book in Unit 1 has no words. We are now on Unit 9 and the current stories have 1-2 sentences on each page. Students were asked to listen to/read 6 stories and then choose their favorite part in their favorite story. They described their favorite part in their own words and were then able to copy the sentences, as they are still learning letter sounds and spelling at this stage. They did a super job!

Ă˜ISIE -Â´Ă˜sterbro International School In English 60

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 61

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 62

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 63

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 64

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 65

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 66

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 67

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ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 69

ØISIE Staff Chief Editor Ramazan Dicle

EAL Teacher


Hjalte Engel Wallin



Emma Simonsen



Maya Redden



Emma Gyde



Ivan Petrov



Frederikke Schaufuss



Zamir Khan






Mahzeeb Ahmed



Sheida Joderi



Omar Said



Mohamed Bafakih



Tekudzwa Mema



Goksu Boz



Francesco Cagliardi



Daniel Austin


ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 70

Hjalte Engel Wallin

Sheida Joderi

Mahzeeb Ahmed

Maya Redden

Zamir Khan

Ivan Petrov

Emma Simonsen

Frederikke Schaufuss

Tekudzwa Mema

Emma Gyde

Goksu Boz

Francesco Cagliardi

ØISIE -´Østerbro International School In English 71

Østerbro International School | Præstøgade 17 · 2100 København Ø |+ 45 70 20 63 68 |

ØISIE | Østerbro International School In English | Issue No: 3  

ØISIE, Østerbro International School In English, Student Literary Magazine. Winter 2014, Issue No:3

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