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April 2018

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Publisher’s Column by Barry Plaxen Synchronicities of the month: BEES! See them LIVE in Newburgh. Save their lives in New Windsor. Seeds (free) to plant “Bee food” in Wurtsboro. EAGLES and RAPTORS! Art & Photography exhibits in Milford and Wurtsboro. Live bird show in Wurtsboro. Vocabulary Lesson: Portmanteau: a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others. Pyrogrophy: wood burning. Antiphon: a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle. Metonymously: Metonymy is a figure

of speech in which a thing or concept is referred to by the name of something closely associated with that thing or concept. Moghul: a style of South Asian painting. Vetiver: a bunchgrass of the Poaceae family, native to India. Vetiver oil is known to provide a calming, grounding effect on emotions, making it ideal for massage therapy and promoting restful sleep. In this issue: A virtual dementia tour in Chester. Acting Auditions in Monroe. Metal food can art in Narrowsburg. NYC students’ chorus in Bethel. Sullivan HS students’ art in Livingston Manor. College students’ & teachers’ art in Middletown. A gender-blind Hamlet in Middletown.


Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, Many thanks for Joe Di Bello’s article “Once Upon A Time” in the February 2018 issue of CANVAS. Just out of the army in 1955, my friends Vince Bresia, Roy Faulkner, Major Gibson and I, all rabid Dodger fans, along with my brother Bill, a die hard Yankees rooter, bought standing-room-only world series tickets for $10. We sat in the press box seats, watched batting practice, and saw 40 reporters including Wesley “Bo” Gill interview players during warm ups. Oh, the joy of that day. My brother always claimed if Mickey Mantle had played instead of Bob Cerv, who struck out four times, Johnny Podres would have been wearing goat horns. Simpler times, so long ago...brought memories of A.E. Housman’s poem flooding back:

With rue my heart is laden For golden friends I had, For many a rose-lipt maiden And many a lightfoot lad.

HAPPY HERBS SOAP “Herbal Alchemy of Soap & Incense” Two Crow Cottage Burlingham, NY 12722-0210

By brooks too broad for leaping The lightfoot boys are laid, The rose-lipt girls are sleeping In fields where roses fade. Many thanks for your publication. Tell Joe to keep up the good work. - John Fitzgerald, Newburgh

On The Cover Young People’s Chorus of New York City Photo by Stephanie Berger See page 25

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Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

Music by Eric Whitacre in Port Jervis, Blooming Grove and Middletown. The most popular (arguably) string quartet ever composed in Grahamsville and Monticello. Verdi LIVE-in-the-Round in Monroe and LIVE-in-HD in Loch Sheldrake. Klezmer & Gospel in Ellenville. An Urban Farming Fair in Newburgh. Witness a murder in Balmville! Witness a passion play/musical in Bloomingburg. Earth Day in Warwick. Raindrop Therapy in Rock Tavern. Dissonant Mozart in Central Valley. Bollywood in Hurleyville. ...and Poetry just about everywhere! Happy Birthday to Neil Alexander in Marlboro.


FOR SALE 8.4 acres in Town of Crawford. View of Shawagunk Ridge. Zoned Industrial, also in Orange County Agricultural District. $90,000. 845-926-4647.

INSIDE Calendars April 2018 Calendar���������������������������14-15 Art & Photography����������������������������������16 Books������������������������������������������������������16 Category�������������������������������������������������13 Children & Teen’s������������������������������������16 Demos, Lectures & Masterclasses���������12 Music - Pop, Folk, Rock, etc.,�����������������12 Columns Artist Opportunity: Actors������������������������13 Healing Modalities���������������������������������� 11 May I Have A Word With You�����������������18 Meet Me in The Library���������������������������17 Stories Allan Rubin, artist�������������������������������������5 Amaranthus Quartet, Central Valley�������18 Amity Gallery, Warwick�����������������������6, 25 Artery, Milford��������������������������������������������7 Artists’ Market, Shohola����������������������������8 Barryville Area Arts Association����������������8 Bethel Woods�����������������������������������������25 Bloomingburg Passion Play��������������������22 Broome Street Wind Ensemble, Port Jervis��� 9 Cathy Prager, artist�����������������������������������4 Catskill Art Society, Livingston Manor�����21 Chester Library�����������������������������������6, 12 Classic Choral Society����������������������������23 Cornerstone Theatre Arts, Goshen���������28 Cornwall Public Library�����������������������������6 Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg���������5 Delaware Highlands Conservancy�����������7 Falcon, Marlboro���������������������������������������3 Four Seasons Chorale, Port Jervis�����������9 Florida Library�������������������������������������6, 27 Gene Weinstein, photographer���������������19

Community Arts: News, Views And Schedules Managing Editor, Barry Plaxen Editor, Sophia Krcic Delaware & Hudson CANVAS 297 Stone Schoolhouse Road Bloomingburg, NY 12721 845.926.4646 / 4647 Facebook: D&H CANVAS Please email calendar submissions by the 15th of the prior month to Please email submissions for classifieds to Nothing in this publication may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. George J Nicholson, photographer�������� 24 Greenwood Lake Library����������������������� 28 Highland Mills Library���������������������������� 24 Hudson Opera Theatre, Monroe���������������5 Hudson Valley Science Cafe����������������� 27 Hurleyville Arts Centre����������������������11, 28 In Memoriam: “Little” Sammy Davis������� 26 James Douglas Milne, artist���������������������4 Jennifer Leonard, artist�������������������������� 28 Kindred Spirits Arts, Milford������������������� 12 Linda Lynton, artist�������������������������������� 24 Live from The Met in HD������������������������ 20 Mamakating Library, Wurtsboro��������� 6, 12 Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh������6 Mount Saint Mary College, Balmville����� 22 Music in Central Valley�������������������������� 18 Music on Market, Ellenville�������������������� 24 National Poetry Month������������������������������6 Neil Alexander and NAIL���������������������������3 Nesin Cultural Arts��������������������������������� 10 Newburgh Free Library�����������������������������6 Phillipsport Community Center�����������������7 Ritz Theatre Lobby, Newburgh�������������� 27 River Valley Artists Guild���������������������������9 SCCO String Quartet����������������������������� 10 Search and Rescue Orchestra�����������������7 Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf�����������������6 Shadowland Stages, Ellenville�������������� 28 Shandalee Music Festival���������������������� 25 SUNY Orange, Middletown���3, 6, 21, 22, 26 SUNY Orange, Newburgh����� 4, 14, 23, 27 SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake������������ 20 Treecycle, Warwick�����������������������������������3 Urban Farming Fair, Newburgh����������������4 Volunteer Fair, Newburgh���������������������� 23 Wallkill River School, Montgomery�����������8 Wisner Library, Warwick������������������������ 24 Wurtsboro Art Alliance��������������������������� 19 Wurtsboro Board of Trade “Spring Fling!”���� 19

3rd Annual “Treecycle” on Earth Day Seven Hudson Valley artists Rebecca Pry, and Ava are turning some unusual art Burgos, are making an supplies into sculpture at the immersive forest experience third annual Treecycle to be that the public is welcome held in Stanley Deming Park to explore. INC works with in Warwick on Earth Day. Warwick Valley school The supplies may have district students to create art humble origins - garbage for the forest. Plastic water cans and recycling bins - but bottles and bags, old DVDs, with some elbow grease and used bubble wrap, ends of lots of creativity, they’ll be paint cans, electronics boxes, turned into stunning works of and scraps of fabric are just art. Eric Stormes, Amanda some of the supplies that they Light, Karen Decher, have salvaged from the waste Chris Van Vooren, Jennifer stream for the exhibit. Hippely, Aurora Robson, Treecycle is also teaming and Daniel Mack are all up with Sustainable multi-disciplinary artists, used Warwick’s Too Good To to bringing their imagination Toss, a free community swap to the project in-hand. under the banner of Earth Originally conceived of “The Story Giver” by Karen Decher Day Festival. by Wickham Works as a service-learning The April 22 event runs from 10:00amproject for elementary school students, 4:00pm, and includes useful tips on how Treecycle draws attention in an engaging way to reduce your environmental footprint, to the impact of waste on our environment. vendors selling items made from repurposed People of all ages are invited to join the material, hands-on making activities for all artists in creating their sculptures at the free ages, live music, and an eco raffle. Everyone event. And if folks are feeling creative, there is invited to an illuminated walk through the are always plenty of supplies to make their Treecycle Forest, featuring the completed own trees! tree sculptures, at 7:00pm. This year the women of INC (Interactive Visit or call 917-922 Noise Collective), Dayna Christison, 0943 for more information.

An Interview with Merle Louise at SUNYO Getting “up close and personal” with anything Broadway always has a glitz about it. But, the practical aspect offers a learning opportunity on how one achieves the goal of acting on the Broadway stage and sustains that hardearned status, making it a career. Merle Louise has spent her life on the Great White Way, beginning her career as a young adult, performing with Ethel Merman in the original Broadway production of Gypsy (1959). She went on to perform as

an original cast member of Company (1970), Sweeney Todd (1979), and Into the Woods (1987). Assistant SUNY Orange Cultural Affairs coordinator and adjunct instructor of speech and screenwriting, Joanne Zipay will interview Louise about her life and experiences, onstage and off. A Q&A session will follow. Come to Orange Hall on April 23 at 7:00pm for Merle Louise: Life on Broadway - an interview. See ad pg. 27 for more info.

NAIL & Guest Artists Perform at Falcon Keyboardist Neil Alexander and his high energy, electric ensemble NAIL, celebrate another revolution around the sun! Known for their tight compositional style and long-form improvisations, this hi-tech jam band performance (a birthday celebration for Neil) will feature current NAIL members Nadav Snir-Zelniker (drums) and Brian Mooney (bass) with a stellar host of guest artists on April 28 at 8:00pm at The Falcon, 1348 Route 9W, Marlboro. Also featured are selections from Neil’s extensive back catalog - some dating back to 1982 - many of which haven’t been performed in over 20 years, and Neil’s favorite jazz fusion classics by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, and Jeff Beck among others. Guests artists include Monroe Quinn and

James Keepnews (guitars), Pete Furlan and Steve Frieder (saxophones), Joe Gil (trombone), Robert Kopec (upright bass), Chris Bowman (percussion), Danny Pagan (drums), and original NAIL bassist Keith Macksoud (1996-2001). A 20-year resident of the Hudson Valley, Neil is known for his aggressive style and his uncompromising commitment to musical excellence. For information: 845-236-7970.

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


Botanical Portraits at SUNYO, Newburgh An exquisite art show is presently in the Mindy Ross Gallery and will remain on view through May 30. Botanical Portraits by James Douglas Milne is an exhibit of drawings in watercolor pencil, color pencil, and graphite that are so exact, a viewer may feel the plants could be taken out of their frames. Unlike often-seen botanical drawings which look like they only belong in a book, these works while perfect in their rendering, demonstrate a quality of reality, that the artist created the artworks from life. Milne states, “The majority of my present work is illustrations of single flowers or fruit, which is why I came to think of them as portraits. I imagine the whole process of selecting a model, establishing proper lighting, etc., is not unlike completing a human portrait.” Milne has a BS in interior design from La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA. That, coupled with the Certificate of Horticulture which he acquired by studying at the New York Botanical Garden, plus his technical and artistic abilities have given him the knowledge to draw simply beautiful works. He continues, “My artistic drive is generated by the challenge and


Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

desire to render each subject as faithfully as I can. Out of that connection I hope a visually appealing and scientifically accurate image will emerge. I hope that my work is not only pleasing to the eye, but also that my view of nature will encourage people to see its diversity and beauty in a new light.” Twenty-seven botanical portraits in various sizes are included in the exhibit. They depict not only the mature blossomed flower or ripe fruit, but a few roots (see bottom of page 14) are on display. It is true art but should grab the eye of botanists. Come and meet the artist at the opening reception, April 7, from 3:00pm-5:30pm during which music will provided by Geoff Hamburg, pianist. In addition, a master class, Drawing a Harbinger of Spring, Pansies, will be given by Milne on April 6 from 12:30pm-2:45pm in the gallery and the OBTC Great Room 101 which are both in Kaplan Hall. The exhibit, reception, and master class are free and open to the public. See ad on pg. 27 for, location, parking and contact information.

April 2018

Prager’s Peaceful & Pretty Pastel intense blues in the sky. I On the 5:52pm to Grand also thought it had a sense Central by Cathy Prager of the movement of the was incorrectly attributed train. Color, as it often to another artist in the does, and speed, which is March CANVAS. unusual, were what spoke “It is based on a photo I to me,” said Cathy. took through the window See Cathy’s pastels of a train on my way to at the 4 Pastelists show NYC. I liked those bright in Leo’s Restaurant in sunset colors against the dark trees and the “On the 5:52pm to Grand Central” by C. Prager Cornwall thru April 30.

3rd Annual Newburgh Urban Farming Fair

A showing of Nancy’s The Newburgh photographs will take Urban Farm & Food place on April 27 at Initiative (NUFFI) is an 6:00pm at 2 Alices, 117 active network of local Broadway, Newburgh. community organizations Proceeds from calendar and residents fostering sales will help support the community and residential work of the NUFFI. gardens, the production And, mark your and distribution of food calendars! The 3rd for the City of Newburgh, “August 2019” by Nancy Layne annual Newburgh Urban and educates Newburgh residents about the connections of food and Farming Fair will be held rain or shine, on April 28 from Noon-4:00pm at 80 Broadway community. This year, NUFFI is introducing the first (corner of Grand Street) Newburgh. Similar Newburgh Urban Gardens Calendar. The to the two previously successful Fairs, this calendar includes 18 months of photos of free outdoor event celebrates urban farming community and residential gardens taken by with local exhibits, how-to demonstrations, Newburgh resident Nancy Layne. Included are children’s activities, vendors, food, music, gardening tips to help residents tend the gardens raffles, chickens, bees, goats and more! For further information: 914-441-3616. in their neighborhoods and backyards.

Verdi Masterpiece in Monroe

Christine Suits Jeduthun Kim Daniel Scofield Kathleen Reveille Ema Mitrovic Justin Randolph Andrew Martens “Violetta” “Alfredo” “Germont” “Flora” “Anina” “Gastone” “II Dottore”

use the operatic medium to arouse “In Verdi’s day, courtesans were sympathy for society’s outcasts. not simply prostitutes or even highLike Alexandre Dumas, upon class call girls. While they did whose novel and play the opera provide sexual favors for those men is based, he wanted to protest who were wealthy enough to afford the exploitation of women. Verdi their services, they were wellknew this type of woman could educated women who were valued never escape her past, and so this as much for their sophistication and opera never ceases to move us. He intellectual gifts as they were for Ron De Fesi their beauty and physical companionship. and librettist Francesco Maria Piave have And unlike many women today, they given us not only a social commentary, but enjoyed open relationships with their male an amazingly poignant and melodic score: memorable and beloved for both these companions. “In an era where upper-class women reasons.” Verdi’s masterpiece will be presented were denied higher education, they served an important function. In fact, some even in-the-round by Hudson Opera Theatre charged for conversation alone. The Chorus and Orchestra, conducted and institution became superfluous, not because directed by Ron De Fesi, on April 14 at of a change in morality, but because upper- 7:00pm and April 15 at 4:00pm in the First class and middle-class women themselves Presbyterian Church of Monroe, 142 Stage became educated, depriving it of its raison Road. Children under 10 free. “A fabulous cast of young American singers d’être. “Verdi called the story of La Traviata “a will have you falling for Verdi’s “fallen subject for our time.” He was determined to woman” all over again!” - Ron De Fesi

Unique “Can Art” in Narrowsburg and influenced me from Canon is an exhibition of the beginning as a painter,” Allan Rubin’s sculptures he says. inspired by self portraits of Supportive friends famous artists. The exhibit supplied Rubin with their will feature almost 50 smallused cans. Even local scale painted sculptures restaurants chipped in fashioned from recycled their bags of recyclable metal food cans. “I began large juice and sauce cans. this series of reinterpreted Coffee cans became heads, masters’ self portraits as “Corbet” by Allan Rubin tomato and olive oil cans 3-D sculptures made of the torsos. Bean cans made metal cans,” says Rubin. “I great arms. Sardine cans recreate each artist’s image were best for hands. and emulate his/her style Rubin notes that when on shapes the cans dictate.” he was a student in the A few years ago Rubin late 1960s, his art history reinvented himself at an textbook did not include age that many people might a single female painter. think of retiring. “My studio “I intend to try to remedy was full to overflowing “Can-o-Guiard” by Allan Rubin that oversight by including with outrageously large as many worthy women and unwieldy pieces that I artists as I can Google,” he felt were no longer taking says. This is Rubin’s 5th me forward,” recalls solo show at DVAA. Rubin. “Thanks to DVAA’s Canon is on view at annual Art In Sixes show, Delaware Valley Arts I experimented with using Alliance, 37 Main Street, recycled metal food cans Narrowsburg, April 6-May as a medium upon which to 5. The reception will be paint smaller portraits. This “Rembrandt” by Allan Rubin led to a desire to represent and celebrate the held on April 6, from 7:00pm-9:00pm. For more information, call 845-252-7576. canon of painting masters that has inspired

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


CANVAS C e l e b r a t e s N a t i o n a l P o e t r y M o n t h !

William Seaton

Janet Hamill

Robert Milby


SUNY Orange is joining the exciting list of National Poetry Month readings by presenting a poetry reading in Middletown, with awardwinning poets Joan I. Siegel and J. R. (Joel) Solonche who will be reading poems from their various books. Recipient of the New Letters Poetry Prize and Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award, Siegel is widely published in over 50 publications including The Atlantic Monthly, The American Scholar and The Gettysburg Review among other periodicals and anthologies, in addition to her published books. Solonche received his fifth nomination for

Karen C. Herceg

Jane Harries

The Ernys

the Pulitzer Prize in 2017 for his book Invisible. He, too, has been widely published in scores of magazines, journals and anthologies, in addition to his books. “Solonche possesses a deadpan delivery that delights in unexpected twists and word play that can turn deadly serious.” - Mary Makofske. Together, Joan and Joel have published Peach Girl: Poems for a Chinese Daughter in honor of their adopted daughter. They also live with several cats, “at least two of whom are poets,” says Solonche. They will read in the Gerry Forum of the Rowley Center for Science and Engineering, 10 East Conkling Avenue, Middletown, on April 6 at 11:00am. MEGAPHONE, SUGAR LOAF The MEGAPHONEe Series at the Seligmann Center is a monthly program of poetry, performances, lectures, workshops, and panels on literary topics. Next up in the series is a workshop about Homophonic and

Mary Makofske

Laurie Byro

Estha Weiner

False Translation, April 8 at 2:00pm. Some poems presented as translations are not, in fact, translations in the normal sense. A poet may present work labeled as translation when no original exists. Others practice what has been called homophonic translation, writing words in their own language which sound something like the “foreign” words of their sources without any regard for meaning. William Seaton will present a survey of poets who have used these devices, reading some of their poems and analyzing the meaning of such translations. He and Janet Hamill will then conduct a workshop during which participants may themselves compose a false or homophonic translation on the basis of exercise prompts. Seligmann Center, 23 White Oak Drive, Sugar Loaf. For information: 845-469-9459.

OC POET LAUREATE “Friends, this is an important reading for me, because I get to discuss my work, and it is at one of the loveliest campuses in the region!”, says Orange County Poet Laureate Robert Milby about his April 10, 4:00pm reading at Mount St. Mary College’s Kaplan Family Library, 330 Powell Avenue, Newburgh. “Karen Corinne Herceg is the featured poet for April 17 at 4:00pm at MSMC’s Kaplan Family Library,” concluded Mr. Milby. Can’t make it on April 10? No worries, hear Milby share poems from poets connected to the Hudson Valley, such as Poe, Millay and Langston Hughes, as well as his own work, at the Newburgh Free Library, 124 Grand St., on April 19 at 7:00pm. Open mic to follow. You can also catch him reading his work on April 28 at 2:00pm when he reads along with poet-friends at the Chester Library, 1784 Kings Highway, Chester. CORNWALL PUBLIC LIBRARY Join local writers Jane Harries, Corinne Aufiero and Michael Glassman for Flash Fiction - Poetry - Memoir, readings “not to be missed!” on April 14, at 2:00pm at the Cornwall Public Library, 395 Hudson Street, Cornwall. Call 845-534-8282 for info. MAMAKATING LIBRARY, WURTSBORO Poets of all ages and abilities are invited to share original poems related to the season at the Mamakating Library, 128 Sullivan St., Wurtsboro, on April 19, at 5:30pm. The event is being hosted by the Town of Mamakating Poets Laureate Susan & Stephen Erny.


Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

Sarah White

Donna Reis

Donna Spector

Susan and Steven write about the beauty of the natural environment. As residents of Wurtsboro for thirty-two years, they feel fortunate to live near the Basha Kill where they are inspired by its splendor every day. Stephen has written songs since he was in high school, and Susan has been writing since she was in grade school. The Poet Tree, one of their concepts to promote poetic writing, is a painted tree that was hung in Mamakating Library. All poets are invited to post their poems on the Poet Tree for this event. Call to sign up: 845-888-8004. FLORIDA PUBLIC LIBRARY The Florida Public Library is celebrating its 12th anniversary of their popular Spring Poetry Cafe on April 20, at 7:00pm. Emcee Robert Milby will read his work, followed by featured poets Mary Makofske of Warwick and Laurie Byro of Sussex, + open reading. Adults and teens over 16 are invited to attend. Free desserts, coffee and tea. For information, call 845-651-7659.

THE AMITY GALLERY, WARWICK The Amity Gallery, 100 Newport Bridge Road, Warwick, will present three poets who enjoy appearing together and riffing off each other in: White, Reis and Weiner: Irregular Rhymers on April 28 at 5:00pm. Estha Weiner’s poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines. Winner of a Paterson Prize, she is the founding director of Sarah Lawrence NY Alumni/ae Writers Nights. Sarah White divides her time between poetry and painting. A regular contributor to online journals, her work has been published in Paris Review, Harvard Review, and Shenandoah. Donna Reis’ poetry collection No Passing Zone was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies. (Donna will also be the featured poet at Noble Coffee Roasters, 3020 Rt. 207, Campbell Hall, on April 5 at 7:00pm. Info: 845-294-1056). Poet Donna Spector will give a short reading of poems relating to art during the opening reception for Amity’s art exhibit on April 7, 5:00pm-7:00pm (see page 25). For information call Pat at 845-258-0818. Please note: Most of the poetry readings are either free or have a very low donation entry fee. Also: see calendar page 13 for the eleven ongoing monthly poetry reading series.

“Monthly Music Night” in Phillipsport

An Aviary at The ARTery!

“My first experience with Joanna Gass and the Search and Rescue Orchestra was at their Phillipsport concert in the spring of 2017. Even knowing the first rate musicianship of the instrumentalists from previous experiences did not prepare me for the emotional impact J. Gass & The Search and Rescue Orchestra Brad Scribner of Joanna Gass’ performance. rescuing and these guys do it brilliantly.” Her charismatic vocalism, with her eclectic Hear her sing an eclectic mix from jazz mix of jazz, pop and disco, is worthy of any to pop to disco when Joanna Gass and great world renowned performer, past and The Search and Rescue Orchestra (Steve present.” - Derek Leet. Schwartz, guitar; Kenny Windheim, bass; “During my tenure as the resident “girl Bobby C, drums; and Eric Nies, keyboard) singer” at the Nevele, Kutshers, and now the return to the Phillipsport Community Villa Roma,” says Joanna, “I’d been blessed Center for its Monthly Music Night series to share the stage with some of the greatest at 657 Red Hill Road, Phillipsport on April entertainers in show business history. 21 at 7:00pm. Working with, and worshiping at the feet Singer and keyboardist (and occasional of the show biz heroes I grew up watching drummer!) Brad Scribner opens the on The Tonight Show, I paid attention and evening. Brad has a wide range of influences learned my craft.” from jazz and blues to rock and classical, “I have a tendency to drift from what we and his credits include playing with Little rehearse and there is a point in the evening Sammy Davis (see pg. 26), Bill Perry, Levon where someone points to a page and says Helm and other Hudson Valley blues bands. ‘that’s where she is’. So the name Search Homemade food and desserts are available and Rescue Orchestra is a reference to the for purchase at 6:30pm. Suggested $2 band’s musicianship and ability to find where donation at the door. I am. I’m the one that needs searching and For information: 845-313-1772.

The Delaware Highlands gallery. Conservancy works with The April exhibition will landowners and communities be a bird lover / watcher’s to protect the natural heritage delight! In addition to and quality of life in the Upper the Delaware Highlands Delaware River region. Conservancy photographs, The ARTery Gallery is the ARTery gallery’s memberexcited to announce that it artists will display their own will host the Conservancy interpretations of raptors, from April 19-May 7. This song birds, and various other first-ever joint exhibition will avian species that capture their feature photographs of eagles imagination. These include generated by the Delaware paintings, photographs, and Highlands Conservancy and prints of birds or habitats. bird themed artwork created Photograph by Nick Verducci The opening reception, by ARTery memberopen to the public, will artists. be held on April 21, In February, the from 5:00pm-8:00pm Conservancy held to unveil the winners of its first photography the contest. contest titled, Sharing Conservancy staff Place: Eagles and Their will be on hand to Environs. The contest talk about their eagle invited photographers programming and land to capture striking protection work, as will eagle inspired photos the photographers who Photograph by Bob Yeager of the Upper Delaware River region focusing participated. on these raptors, their habitat, and factors Come out and see these lovely works! important to eagle welfare. The fifteen winners The ARTery Gallery is located at 210 Broad will have their work exhibited at the ARTery Street, Milford.For info: 570-409-1234.


April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


WRS: Antonio Mastria & Two 2017 Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival Winners

April brings fresh painting methodology. and vibrant color to He currently teaches the Wallkill River classes in artistic School (WRS) with anatomy, plein air three solo shows by and still life painting, fine artists Keith and drawing. He also Gunderson, John conducts workshops Slivjak, and emerging and painting demos artistAntonio Mastria throughout the from April 2-30. Northeast and Florida. Keith Gunderson His aim is to instill the “Rising Tide” by John Slivjak has had the opportunity concepts of volume to study with many talented and and light to his students, original teachers. In Chicago providing a way to expression he studied drawing while beyond mere imitation. working as a staff illustrator John Slivjak is a professional at the Chicago Tribune. In Philadelphia based artist NYC he studied at the National creating works in oils (plein Academy of Art, the New York air, landscapes, and portraits). Academy, and the Art Students John’s paintings are an attempt League of New York. While to understand nature and relate working in a studio at the its lessons. Each work begins League, he learned the craft of with a search for an idea, drawing and the mechanics of concept, or vision. He measures painting, most notably about success by how well he is able the phenomena of light effect to communicate these concepts. and shadow. “Two Trees” by Antonio Mastria Plein air painting and color Workshops in landscape painting studies from life are important initial steps in introduced him to plein air painting and ever his understanding of a subject. He considers since then it has been the great focus of his them completed paintings if they remain

truthful to the subject. In developing studio paintings, his aim is to communicate not only the truth but also the spirit of the subject. John trained at several art institutes. He also received training from several arts organizations. This is his first solo show at the WRS. Emerging artist Antonio Mastria works as a freelance artist. He studied the visual storytelling medium of comic books and illustration. He is experienced in several mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache,

Something Fishy Goin’ on in Shohola The Barryville Area Arts work to maintain and protect Association is sponsoring a the ecosystem of the pristine free celebration of our local water of the Upper Delaware river habitat that includes and be followed by a Q&A live music, contemporary art, session. Local artists are complimentary refreshments, contributing fish-themed art and a presentation by Jeff for the event. Skelding, Executive Director Everyone is invited to of the Friends of the Upper experience the fishy art, Delaware River. fishy songs, fishy talk, The event, titled Some and fishy fun on April 7, Things Fishy celebrates all from 4:00pm-6:00pm, things fishy - including “Mackenzie Motley” by Paul Plumadore at the Artists’ Market the 68 different species of fish that call Community Center, 114 Richardson the Upper Delaware home! Skelding’s Avenue, Shohola. presentation will touch on his organization’s For information: 845-845-557-8713.



Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

watercolor, ink and digital media as well. He has further studied drawing and painting with several instructors at the WRS. In addition to his emerging artist exhibit, Antonio has recently started offering classical drawing classes for teens, and plans to offer illustration classes in the future. Enjoy free refreshments at the opening reception on April 7 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Admission is always free at the WRS, 232 Ward Street, Montgomery. Call 845-457-ARTS for more information.

Paintings, Pastels, Prints & Photography transformation in the viewer. Art About Town, sponsored Susan Miiller’s spring by the River Valley Artists paintings and pastels will be Guild (RVAG) presents Spring shown at the Port Jervis Free Fling! Paintings, pastels, Library. Susan received Artist prints and photography that Fellowship Awards in 2016 celebrate the beauty of spring. and 2017, and Orange Arts Heather Hubbard’s Grants in 2016, 2014 and photographic florals are being 2009. She has been teaching shown at the Mayor’s Office, faculty at SUNY since 1999. City Hall. “Photography for Joan Kehlenbeck’s spring me is my attempt to tell the florals are being shown at story of my eye. It is a way for me to capture a moment, “The Monarchs” by H. Hubbard Deerpark Town Hall. RVAG President Kehlenbeck includes a time of day, or a place that historic buildings and scenes is often overlooked or unseen in her drawings and paintings. at life’s normal pace. I enjoy She was awarded the Individual rural natural living and my Artist, Orange County Arts photography gives the viewer Council award in 2016. a sense of what that is, be it a Curator Susan Miiller says, frosty morning mountaintop, “I hope the viewer will enjoy sun sinking over salt marshes or the appeal of color, styles and birds perched in our orchard,” local talent shown in Spring says Heather. Fling! April 9-May 28!” Jennifer Charton’s oils Bon Secours Hospital will be shown at Bon Secours cafeteria-160 E Main Street, Hospital and Milford Senior “Red Tulips” by S. Miiller Healthcare. Her work is an expression of what Port Jervis. Mayor’s Office, City Hall-20 she is feeling or experiencing, as well as an Hammond Street, Port Jervis. Deerpark Town intuitive interpretation of the world around her. Hall-420 Route 209, Huguenot. Port Jervis Her paintings have become a tool in her work Free Library-138 Pike Street. Milford Senior as a healer as she uses imagery, symbols, color, Healthcare- 264 Routes 6 & 209, Milford. For info: energy and intention to invoke healing and

“Our Beautiful Earth” in Port Jervis The Four Seasons Chorale will present a concert, Our Beautiful Earth, on April 8 at 3:00pm. The chorale, under the direction of Kathy Brink and accompanied by Seth Riehl, will include music from classical to contemporary, with vocal selections by Brahms (How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place), Copland (Stomp Your Foot), Jay Althouse (The Sky is Low, The Clouds are Mean by Emily Dickinson), Eric Whitacre and others. Grammy-winning composer and conductor Whitacre is one of the most popular musicians of his generation. His concert music has been performed throughout the world by millions of amateur and professional musicians alike, while his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united singers from over 110 different countries. As conductor of the Eric Whitacre Singers he has released several chart-topping albums. “Whitacre is that rare thing, a modern composer who is both popular and original.” - The Daily Telegraph, London. The concert will also feature the Broome Street Wind Ensemble under the direction of Brittany Robinson-Chen. The Broome Street Bands are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary. Founded as the Broome Street Traveling All-Stars Band by the late Henry Ranich Jr., the group has been sharing

music with the Tri-State community ever since. Repertoire selections include standard medleys and arrangements of Broadway and film scores, contemporary works for wind ensemble, marches, as well as classic wind band literature. The concert will conclude with two pieces combining the forces of both groups: From Sea to Shining Sea, which is an arrangement of America the Beautiful by Maurice Whitney, and The Promise of Living by Copland, from his opera, The Tender Land. The concert will take place in handicapped accessible First Presbyterian Church, 60 Sussex Street, Port Jervis, and refreshments will be available at intermission. Advance tickets may be ordered by calling 845-8561231 and will also be available at the door. For info, call Kathy Brink at 570-430-1755. This program is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


SCCO String Quartet: “Sounds of The Americas” - Monticello & Grahamsville by Derek Leet For its second season, the Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra (SCCO) has given us a regular orchestra series PLUS a new chamber music series performing the Sounds of Austria last August, and the Sounds of Russia in October. Now, in April, SCCO’s Chamber Music Series # 3 will be the Sounds of the Americas, with music by Villa-Lobos, Gershwin, Dvorak, JP Jofre’s Cuerdazo (Big String) and Eric Fein’s The Violist’s Tale. “Both Jofre and Fein reside in NYC, and while they both have highly-acclaimed international careers, they also believe in what we (Nesin Cultural Arts) do, and they have both been involved with Nesin in different ways in the past,” explained SCCO orchestra manager Akiko Hosoi. “JP came to Sullivan as a soloist/composer last season for our June concerts, sponsored by Catskill Regional Medical Center, as well as performing at our NCA Summer Academy as a guest artist, sponsored by a Sullivan County Arts and Heritage Grant. In 2015 and 2016, Evan taught as our NCA Summer Music Academy Composition and Theory faculty. “The thought behind the Sounds of the Americas programming is that we want to include not only North America, but also


Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

Akiko Hosoi

Isabelle Seula Lee

South America. Hence the Villa-Lobos and Gershwin works, representing wellknown composers from each continent, while also featuring JP Jofre and Evan Fein as composers from both South and North America (Argentina and Ohio). We are including the Dvorak “American” Quartet as it is another side of America as seen and composed by an outside visitor - and it is a great piece that I just love performing any time I can!” Great piece? Dvorak’s Quartet # 12? Indeed! I think readers might like to know that, as reported in last month’s CANVAS, for obvious reasons (once you hear it), Dvorak’s Quartet has been performed “live” more than any other string quartet in the Orange/ Sullivan/Pike area in the last ten years or so, both by local groups and by visiting world class ensembles. Dvorak was the first major

April 2018

Chelsea Wimmer

Luke Krafka

composer to “capture” an American sound into post-romantic classical music. In some of his works, you can even hear portents of the American-Western sound that was to come later in western movie soundtracks, specifically by classical and film composer Jerome Moross (The Big Country, The Jayhawkers, Wagon Train TV series, etc.). Villa-Lobos’ String Quartet No. 1 is the first of his seventeen works in the medium. He composed it in 1915, originally under the title Suíte de Quartetos de Corda: Suíte Graciosa. The score of this version has never been given a public performance. In 1946, believing the original manuscript to have been lost, Villa-Lobos rewrote the score, retitling the work String Quartet No. 1. Gershwin wrote his Lullaby as a student exercise around 1919. His teacher, Hungarian émigré Edward Kilenyi, was giving him

a thorough course in classical theory and exposing him to current European composers, such as Schoenberg and Debussy. Lullaby may be Gershwin’s first “serious” piece, but he already had composed musicals with hit tunes. Brother Ira Gershwin recalled that the quartet was played at a number of private meetings by musician friends and “invariably welcomed.” Ira showed the manuscript of Lullaby to harmonica virtuoso Larry Adler, whose transcription for harmonica and string quartet was performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1963. It was premiered in its original version by the Juilliard Quartet at the Library of Congress in 1967, and is occasionally heard in a string orchestra rendition. The concerts takes place on April 28 at 7:00pm in St. John’s Episcopal Church, 15 St. John Street, Monticello, and April 29, at 3:00pm in the Grahamsville Reformed Church, Route 55, Grahamsville. Students are always free. For information: 845-798-9006. The Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra is funded in part by grants from New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and the Sullivan County Plans and Progress Small Grants Program, administered by the Division of Planning and Environmental Management.

“Soulful, Soaring Vocals” in Hurleyville Two women at the forefront of Austin, Texas’ music legacy, Patrice Pike and Shelley King will hold court, tell stories and blow the walls out with acoustic versions of the songs that put them on the national scene at the Hurleyville Arts Centre. Patrice Pike Patrice and Shelley bring substance and grit with soulful, soaring vocals and a duo performance where each backs the other up with intense, goose bump-worthy effect. Both women have been touring the U.S., Europe and Japan for more than two decades piling up critical praise and songwriting awards. Patrice Pike wrote and sang Sister 7’s top 10 Billboard hit, Know What You Mean. She was the USA Songwriting Competition Grand Prize Winner overall for the song My Three Wishes, co-written with her Sister 7 band members. Recently inducted into the Austin/Texas Music Hall of Fame, Patrice won Austin Music Awards for Musician of the Year, Best Female Vocalist, and Song of The Year. She has performed in festivals including Lilith Fair and H.O.R.D.E., and appeared as a Special Guest Artist with the Grammy-nominated choral group Conspirare for four years.

Shelley King has been touring the U.S. for more than twenty years performing at everything from house concerts to major festivals. She was the first woman named by the Texas Legislature to represent the state as an Official State Musician. Shelley King Her Americana blend of blues, rock, folk and country has led her to appear on PBS’ Austin City Limits and tour with Grammy-nominated/ winning artists Marcia Ball and Delbert McClinton. She regularly tours locally and has performed at Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble, The Falcon in Marlboro, and many other New York venues. She has headlined the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas and performed in The New York State Blues Festival, Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, and many others across the country. Her most recent two studio albums were recorded with members of The Subdudes and received radio play nationwide. See and hear them tear the house down at the Hurleyville Arts Centre, 219 Main Street, Hurleyville, on April 14 at 7:30pm. For tickets, phone 866-811-4111.

Wellness Modalities: Raindrop Therapy Raindrop Therapy combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex, reflexology, massage, etc, in the application of essential oils, which are applied using a diluted “carrier oil” on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment. The technique, developed by D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The technique also supports the immune system and has been used to ameliorate cases of viral infection, kyphosis, scoliosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other conditions. Perceived benefits can be: back pain removal, cold or flu relief, euphoria, feeling energized, stress or anxiety relief, and reduction of pain. The technique is rooted in a Lakota Sioux purification ritual and is based on the idea, now being explored in several scientific studies, that many types of spinal misalignment may be directly addressed. The history behind the Lakota Indian technique was that they would face the Northern Lights, hold their hands up and toward the light while inhaling deeply. They believed that when the lights were visible they had


healing powers. They later came to use finger stroking, often referred to as “feathering,” “feather stroking,” or “effleurage”. Effluerage is defined as skimming or lightly touching the skin. This light stroking technique is often used over a pregnant belly to promote relaxation, improved sleep and reduction of discomfort, especially in later trimesters. This technique has also been used in sports medicine. Recipients are given privacy to remove shoes and socks and disrobe to the waist. A gown or drape is provided. The seven essential oils are basil, cypress, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, thyme and wintergreen. The two essential blends, Aroma Siez™ and Valor II™ are made up of four and thirteen mixtures respectively containing the essential and other oils. The two massage oils, Ortho Ease® and V-6™, are mixtures of multiple oils including essentials and oils from grape, juniper, lemongrass, vetiver, wheatgerm, sweet almond, eucalyptus, sunflower, sesame, and olive. For a unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience, try Raindrop Therapy! Wellness practitioner Debra Sheafe of Innervision Wellness in Rock Tavern, offers Raindrop Therapy. See ad page 6.

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


Lectures - Demos - Talks - MasterClasses

sponsored by SUNY Orange and Mount St. Mary College’s Desmond Campus MSM-DC������������������������������������������������������ Mount St. Mary College, Desmond Campus, Newburgh SUNYO-KH����������������������������������������������������������������������������� SUNY Orange, Kaplan Hall, Newburgh SUNYO-OH�������������������������������������������������������������������������� SUNY Orange, Orange Hall, Middletown SUNYO-RCSE���������������� SUNY Orange, Rowley Center for Science and Engineering, Middletown Lectures, Demos, Talks & Masterclasses are FREE unless otherwise noted: (FEE)

lectures Hurleyville Maker’s Lab TOUR����������� Hurleyville Makers Lab, Tuesdays, 6pm & Thursdays, 9am Great Decisions DISCUSSION “Russia’s Foreign Policy”��������������Cornwall Library, Mar 14, 7pm “The Neurobiology of Opiate Addiction” Donald Francis Slish�����SUNYO-RCSE Mar 29, 7:30pm “Ecotherapy: The Healing and Restorative Power of Nature” Christine Henderson� SUNYO-KH Apr 5, 7pm “Coyotes in Our Area” Frank Vincente����������������������������������������������������MSM-DC Apr 7, 1pm FEE “Career Help” 1 hour sessions w/Ann Marie Buckley��������������������Chester Library, Apr 8, 4pm-7pm “Peggy Shippan Arnold” Leon DiMartino���������������������������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 9, 10am FEE “Ticks and Tick-borne Disease Prevention” Melissa Prusinski & Sam Bowser� SUNYO-RCSE Apr 9, 7pm Safe Harbors of the Hudson TOUR����������������������������������������Safe Harbors, Newburgh, Apr 10, 9am “The Hudson Valley Visit of Aleister Crowley” Nathan Rosenblum���MSM-DC Apr 10, 2pm FEE “Medicare 101” Jim Farnham������������������������������������������������������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 10, 6pm “Nathanael Greene, Washington’s “Fighting Quaker” Bob UlrichMSM-DC Apr 10, 6:30pm FEE “Micro-Plastics in the Hudson: forever or just for now?” Asher Pacht� SUNYO-KH Apr 11, 7pm “World History Through Art” Thomas Mounkhall����������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 12. 10am FEE “George Washington’s Westchester Gamble” Richard Brokaw�����������MSM-DC Apr 12, 1pm FEE “Past Life” Lisa Ann������������������������������������������������������������ Thrall Library, Middletown, Apr 12, 6pm “Wall Street Secrets” Rick Nathan������������������������������������������������������������������ MSM-DC Apr 13, 1pm “Fake News Sorting Truth from Fiction” Denise Garafalo������������������������ MSM-DC Apr 16, 10am Alzheimer’s Association- “Virtual Dementia Tour”�����������������Chester Library, Apr 16, 11am-3pm “Parables of the New Testament” Sr. Peggy Murphy�������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 16, 11am FEE “Invasive Mosquitoes, Emergent Pathogens, and Human Risk in the Eastern US” ������������������������������� Shannon LaDeau SUNYO-RCSE Apr 17, 7pm “Eat More Potatoes: Milk Strikes, Food Boycotts, and the Effects of the High Cost of Living in NY during the Great War 1916-1919 Sarah Wassberg Johnson MSM-DC Apr 18, 6:30pm FEE “How to Get Started Kayaking” Don Urmston���������������������������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 19, 6pm Rail Trail WALK & Herbal Cocktails Laura SilvermanHurleyville Arts Centre, Apr 21, 4pm FEE “Merle Louise: Life on Broadway – an interview”����������������������������������� SUNYO-OH Apr 23, 7pm “Pumping Irony: Crane’s Red Badge of Courage” David Topps�MSM-DC Apr 23 & 24, Noon FEE “Gone Missing in New York” Marianna Boncek�����������������������������������MSM-DC Apr 25, 1pm FEE Hudson Valley Science Cafe “To Bee or Not To Bee” John McLaughlim������������������������������������������ La Casa Vicina, New Windsor, Apr 25, 7:15pm “‘50/50’” Day at the Desmond” w/Joan Monk, discussion, documentary� MSM-DC Apr 26, 1pm FEE “Heroes of the Holocaust” Sr. Peggy Murphy���������������������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 27,11am FEE “The Burning of New York” Samuel Harps����������������������������������������� MSM-DC Apr 30, 11am FEE DEMOS & Artist Talks Holly Shelowitz “Creating a Rhythm in your Kitchen~ Culinary Nutrition”�����SUNYO-KH Apr 18, 7pm MasterClasses James Douglas Milne Drawing a Harbinger of Spring, Pansies �������� SUNYO-KH, Apr 6, 12:30pm Mary Ann Lomonaco “Transformation: Plastic Bags become Art!” SUNYO-OH Apr 16, 3:30pm Chris Parker Band “The Elements of Jazz…Putting It All Together”����SUNYO-OH Apr 20, 11am

Mamakating Movies

Are you a classic-movie buff? Join in on the fun at the Mamakating Library on the third Friday afternoon of each month as they move down the list of the “100 Best Films” of the twentieth century. Enjoy popcorn, a drink, and conversation about the selected film. Movie times and titles can be found at: or by calling 845-888-8004. The Library is located at 128 Sullivan Street in Wurtsboro. No registration necessary.

Trumpet in Milford

Joseph Boga and his Nonet, a group of nine consummate jazz musicians, will perform for Kindred Spirits Arts. A concert titled, Got That Swing! is on April 27 at 7:00pm at the Delaware Valley High School auditorium, Routes 6 & 209, Milford. Free admission. Visit or call 570-409-1269 for more information.

Virtual Dementia Tour, Chester Library

Ever wondered what it’s like having tour is designed to let you feel and understand dementia? The Alzheimer’s Association’s what your loved one might be feeling like at Virtual Dementia Tour is a hands-on, any point in time. As such, it is designed to experiential tool kit created for anyone help you improve communication by giving seeking to understand the physical and mental you the experience of dementia. The tours take place on April 16 from challenges of those suffering from Alzheimer’s 11:00am-4:00pm at the Chester Public Library, and dementia. In short, it is a tool that gives you a form of 1784 King’s Highway, Chester. Each individual appointment is 25 minutes dementia, and allows you to experience what it is like to be suffering from dementia. This long. Call the Library at 845-469-4252. 12 Delaware & Hudson CANVAS April 2018

Music - pop, Folk, Country, Blues, rock, etc. sponsored by Steve’s Music Center, Rock Hill and Al’s Music Center, Port Jervis CANVAS cannot be responsible for errors & omissions. Please verify dates and times

Thunderhead Organ Trio jazz-fusion��������The Wherehouse, Newburgh, 3rd Thursdays, 8pm FREE Music for Humanity folk��������������Noble Coffee Roasters, Campbell Hall, 3rd Saturdays, 8pm FREE Common Tongue’s First Wednesdays Jeff Beck�������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 4, 8pm Marc Mathelier guitar, jazz, new age���������������������������������������������� Florida Library Apr 5, 6pm FREE Andy Stack’s American Soup, Tough Old Bird�����The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 5, 7pm Middle Blue “Love Chords” CD Release, groove, fusion�������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 5, 8pm Matthew Stevens guitar & Joanna Teters vocals, neo-soulFalcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 6, 8pm The Sweet Clementines, Justin Tracy smART rockThe Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 7, 8pm Vito Petroccitto & Little Rock Americana�����������������������������������The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 8, 11am Amy Helm neo-Americana������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 9, 16, 23, 8pm Gabriele Tranchina Quartet CD release������������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 11, 8pm Latin Jazz Express Puente, jazz, salsa����������������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 12, 8pm Jason Eady country, roots������������������������������������������������������������ The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 13, 8pm Four Bands rock, neo piano pop�����������������������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 13, 7pm Patrice Pike & Shelley King��������������������������������������������������Hurleyville Arts Centre, Apr 14, 7:30pm TC Connection r&b�������������������������������������������������������� Ritz Theatre Lobby, Newburgh, Apr 14, 8pm John Tropea Band jazz, salsa������������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 14, 8pm The Good Rats r&r������������������������������������������������� The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 14, 8pm Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fis swing, blues��������������������������������������The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 15, 11am Joan Osborne “Sings The Songs Of Bob Dylan”�������������������������������������Bethel Woods, Apr 15, 8pm Shelley King, Patrice Pike, Carolyn Wonderland��������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 18, 8pm Saints of Swing, Rene Bailey, Richie Steger “Klezmer Meets Gospel”, Music on Market Series������ St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ellenville, Apr 19, 7:30pm Mark Geary, Brendan O’Shea, Jenna Nicholls Celtic��������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 19, 9pm Chris O’Leary Band blues����������������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 20, 8pm Alpha Male Gorillas rock��������������������������������������� The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 20, 8pm Debbie Major Birthday Bash, jazz, neo-soul��������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 21, 6pm Joanna Gass and the Search & Rescue Orchestra, Brad Scribner���������������������������������������������������� Phillipsport Community Center, Apr 21, 7pm 24th Annual Middletown Fire Police Oldies Show��� Paramount Theatre, Middletown, Apr 21, 7pm Ed Palermo Big Band rock���������������������������������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Apr 21, 8pm Poet Gold’s POELODIES spoken word, hip hop��The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 25, 7pm Matt Flinner Trio w/Gyan Riley bluegrass�������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Apr 25, 8pm The Kurt Henry Band country rock����������������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 26, 7pm Matt Flinner Trio w/Kris Davis bluegrass���������������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 26, 8pm Slam Allen Blues on Broadway series��������������������������� Ritz Theatre Lobby, Newburgh, Apr 27, 7pm Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience, Gunslinger����������������������������� The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 27, 7pm Kitty Fisher’s Army rock��������������������������������������� The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 27, 8pm HONOR’S “Concert to End Homelessness II” rock, blues����������������������������������������������������������������� Elk’s Club Picnic Pavilion, Greenwood Lake, Apr 28, Noon-8pm Corey Glover Band rock, soul������������������������������������������������������ The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 28, 8pm Neil Alexander & NAIL Birthday Concert������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 28, 8pm Bruce T. Carroll CD release�������������������������������������������������������������������������� The Falcon, Apr 30, 8pm Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot Music of Billy Joel�������������������������������������Bethel Woods, May 5, 8pm OPEN Mic & IN-HOUSE MUSIC

Listings below are not included in our centerspread calendar.

Open Mic w/Steve Schwartz & Antoine Magliano������� Dutch’s Tavern, Rock Hill, Mondays, 7:30pm Joanna Gass and the Search & Rescue Orchestra��������Brew, Rock Hill, Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm Robert Kopec & Solo Bajo jazz +�������������������������������������Dos Amigos, Fair Oaks, Wednesdays, 7pm The Parting Glass Band Celtic�������������������� Loughran’s Pub, Salisbury Mills, Thursdays, 7pm-10pm Open Mic poetry, music, spoken word, etc.Calabash Restaurant, Newburgh, 2nd Thursdays, 6:30pm Marc Von Em soul, blues, funk������������������������� WaterWheel Cafe, Milford, Last Fridays, 8pm-11pm Jake Lentz piano & Marilyn Kennedy vocals�Giovanni’s Inn, Wurtsboro, Fridays & Saturdays, 6pm-9pm Songwriter Sessions Host: Jason Gisser������������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 4, 7pm Run for Cover�������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 6, 7:30pm Twisted Corks������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 7, 7:30pm Gary Adamson���������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 8, 2pm-5pm Open Mic music, poetry, storytelling��������������������������������� Gallery 222, Hurleyville, Apr 9 & 23, 7pm Jack & Friends���������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 13, 7:30pm Feast of Friends Doors���������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 14, 7:30pm Rob Schiff���������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 15, 2pm-5pm Roots & Blues Sessions Host: Petey Hop���������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 18, 7pm Kevin Finnan������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 20, 7:30pm Songwriters Anonymous open mic������������������������������������������Artists’ Market, Shohola, Apr 21, 2pm Tonebenders�������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 21, 7:30pm Evan Teatum & Alan Battiatto�������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 22, 2pm Dan Zlotnick����������������������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 27,pm The Mighty Spectrum Band�������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 28, 7:30pm In Transit Trio�������������������������������������������������������� Palaia Winery, Highland Mills, Apr 29, 2pm-5pm

Canvas category calendar

sponsored by Hudson Valley Planning & Preservation, Monroe; Matthews Pharmacy, Ellenville and Jeffersonville Hardware CANVAS cannot be responsible for errors & omissions. Please verify dates and times.


Independent Film Night���������������������������������Greenwood Lake Library, 2nd Tuesday, 6:30pm FREE “Murder on the Orient Express” ” Kenneth BrannaghWisner Library, Warwick, Apr 2, 1pm FREE “Mildred Pierce” Joan Crawford������������������ Henning’s Local, Cochecton Center, Apr 2, 7pm FREE “Boys Town” Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, w/George Burke discussion���������������������������������������� Mount Saint Mary College, Desmond Campus, Balmville, Apr 4, 9:30am “Jack & The Beanstalk” Abbott & Costello + cartoon, shorts & Captain Marvel������������������������������ Shadowland Stages, Ellenville, Apr 7, 2pm “Loving Vincent” animated/painted��������������������������������������������Chester Library, Apr 8, Noon FREE “Frances Ha” Greta Gerwig�����������������������������������������������������������Chester Library, Apr 8, 2pm FREE “Defiance” ” w/discussion by Linda Dubin��������������������Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 9, 1pm FREE “Mask” Cher, Eric Stoltz������������������������������� Henning’s Local, Cochecton Center, Apr 9, 7pm FREE “Korean Art & Korea’s Industrial Achievements Documentary” w/Kyung Won Pak, discussion.. documentary Mount Saint Mary College, Desmond Campus, Balmville, Apr 10, Noon “How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story” documentary������������������������������������������������ Mount Saint Mary College, Hudson Hall Auditorium., Newburgh, Apr 11, 3:30pm FREE “Whiplash”��������������������������������������������������������������������Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 16, 1pm FREE “Mother” Jennifer Lawrence���������������������� Henning’s Local, Cochecton Center, Apr 16, 7pm FREE One Hundred Best Films series film classics�� Mamakating Library, Wurtsboro, Apr 20, 2pm FREE “The Shape of Water”��������������������������������������������������Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 23, 1pm FREE “Everything is Illuminated” Elijah Wood, Eugene Hütz�����������Chester Library, Apr 23, 6pm FREE “Erin Brokovich” Julia Roberts������������������ Henning’s Local, Cochecton Center, Apr 23, 7pm FREE “Hope on the Hudson” 3 short films, “RiverAtRisk” series, Q&A�����Hurleyville Arts Centre, Apr 26, 7pm “How to Defuse a Bomb” documentary, Q&A w/ Denis MulcahyHurleyville Arts Centre, Apr 27, 6:30pm “Like Any Other Kid” documentary, Q&A w/Victoria Mills��������Hurleyville Arts Centre, Apr 28, 6:30pm “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”�����������Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 30, 1pm FREE “As Good as it Gets” Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt�Henning’s, Cochecton Center, Apr 30, 7pm FREE


JJ Ramirez���������������������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester, Apr 7, 9pm Comics at The Underground��������������������������������� The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 12, 8pm Don Jamieson��������������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester, Apr 14, 9pm Rob Falcone�����������������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester, Apr 21, 9pm Mike Burton����������������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester, Apr 28, 9pm Mitchell Walters�����������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester, May 5, 9pm

Fairs & Festivals

David Liebman’s Expansions�������������������������������������������������������The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 22, 8pm Joseph Boga Nonet Got Swing! Kindred Spirits Arts��� Delaware Valley HS, Milford, Apr 27, 7pm, FREE Saints of Swing swing +��������������������������������������������������������������The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 29, 11am NY Jazzharmonic�������������������������St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, So. Fallsburg, May 5, 8pm FREE Hudson Valley Jazz Festival All-Star Line-UpWarwick Center for the Performing Arts, May 6, 4pm


“Luisa Miller” Verdi, Live from the Met ����������� SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, Apr 14, 12:30pm “La Traviata” Verdi, Hudson Opera Theatre�First Presyterian Ch. of Monroe, Apr 14, 7pm & Apr 15, 4pm “Cendrillon” Massenet, Live from the Met ��������������� SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, Apr 28, 1pm

Poetry Readings

Milkweed Poetry�����������������������������������������������������������������Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, Wednesdays, 7pm Donna Reis������������������������������������������������������������ Noble Coffee Roasters, Campbell Hall, Apr 5, 7pm Joan Siegel, J.R. “Joel” Solonche������������SUNY Orange Rowley Center, Middletown, Apr 6, 11am. Hudson River Poets������������������������������������������������Karpeles Museum, Newburgh, Apr 7, 1pm FREE Open Mic music & poetry��������������������������������������������������Gallery 222, Hurleyville, Apr 9 & 23, 7pm Poetry/Spoken Word Open Mic Calling All Poets�������������������Empowering Ellenville, Apr 13, 7pm Robert Milby���������������������Mount St. Mary College. Kaplan Library, Newburgh, Apr 10, 4pm FREE Magdalen Radovich ����������������������������������������������Montgomery Book Exchange, Apr 10, 7pm FREE Walter Worden���������������������������������������������������������������� Elsie’s Luncheonette, Goshen, Apr 12, 7pm Jane Harries, Corinne Aufiero, Michael Glassman�������������������������Cornwall Library, Apr 14, 2pm FREE Karen Corinne Herceg ����Mount St. Mary College. Kaplan Library, Newburgh, Apr 17, 4pm FREE Poetry Share Poets Laureate Susan & Stephen Erny�����Mamakating Library, Wurtsboro, Apr 19, 5:30pm FREE Robert Milby Orange County Poet Laureate������������������������� Newburgh Library, Apr 19, 7pm FREE Poetry Slam�����������������������������������������������������������������������������Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, Apr 20, 6:30pm Mary Makofske, Laurie Byro, Robert Milby Poetry Cafe��������Florida Library, Apr 20, 7pm FREE Hudson River Poets���������������������������������������������������������������� Newburgh Library, Apr 26, 7pm FREE Douglas Taylor������������������������������������������������������������������������������Jones Farm, Cornwall, Apr 27, 7pm Robert Milby Orange County Poet Laureate & Friends�����������Chester Library, Apr 28, 2pm FREE “White, Reis and Weiner: Irregular Rhymers”��������������������Amity Gallery, Warwick, Apr 28, 5pm Phil Talbot�������������������������������������������������������������������Goshen Methodist Church, Apr 30, 7pm FREE


Salsa Dancing����������������������������������������������������������������������� Hurleyville Arts Centre, Fridays, 7:30pm Hudson Valley Polonaise Society Polka Dance����������PLAV Pavilion, Pine Island, Apr 8, 2pm-6pm TriVersity 6th Annual Prom dinner/dance�������������������������� Best Western, Matamoras, Apr 28, 7pm

Craft Fair���������������������������������������������������������������������������Woodbourne Firehouse, Apr 21, 11am-4pm Earthday Festival “Wickham Works: Treecycle”���������Stanley Deming Park, Warwick, Apr 22, 10am-4pm Spring Fling!�����������������������������������������������������������������Sullivan Street, Wurtsboro, Apr 28, 11am-3pm Newburgh Urban Farming Fair�����������������������������������80 Broadway, Newburgh, Apr 28, Noon-4pm



Theatre - Play

State Historic Sites of the Hudson Highlands������������������������� Newburgh Brewery, Apr 8, 1pm-4pm Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh Walk for Housing�������������������������������������������������������� Washington’s Headquarters, Newburgh, April 22, 12:30pm Hudson Valley Jazz Festival��������������������������� Warwick Center for the Performing Arts, May 6, 4pm

Holistic - Spiritual

Guided Meditation all levels & ages����������������������������������������Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, Tuesdays, 7pm Journey Into Self-Awareness “Uncorking Freedom”������ Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, Sundays, 10:30am “Past Life” w/Lisa Ann��������������������������������������������� Thrall Library, Middletown, Apr 12, 6pm FREE Body Mind Spirit Day w/Lisa Ann���������������������������������� Hilton Inn, Middletown, Apr 15, 10am-6pm

Music - Classical

Four Season Chorale w/Broome Street Wind Ensemble, “Our Beautiful Earth”������������������������������� First Presbyterian Church, Port Jervis, Apr 8, 3pm Amaranthus Ensemble Music in Central ValleyCentral Valley United Methodist Ch., Apr 15, 3pm FREE Young People’s Chorus of New York classical, Broadway, spirituals������������������������������������������������ Shandelee Music Festival Bethel Woods, Apr 22, 3pm Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra “Sounds of the Americas”������������������������������������������������������� St. John’s Episcopal Church, Monticello, Apr 28, 7pm & Grahamsville Reformed Church Apr 29, 3pm Classic Choral Society�����������������St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Middletown, Apr 28, 7pm FREE David Podles violin, “Musical Journey Around the World”���� Newburgh Library, Apr 29, 3pm FREEE & United Church of Christ, Blooming Grove, May 6, 4pm FREE Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra w/Kariné Poghosyan, piano���������������������������������������������� Aquinas Hall, Newburgh, May 5, Shacklett preview:6:30pm, concert:7:30pm Greg Michalak piano, Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series����������������������������������������������������� Senior Center, Montgomery, May 6, 3pm FREE

Music - jazz

Thunderhead Organ Trio jazz-fusion��������The Wherehouse, Newburgh, 3rd Thursdays, 8pm FREE Eric Person Band�����������������������������������������������������The Wherehouse, Newburgh, 3rd Saturdays, 9pm John Stetch & Vulneraville������������������������������������������������������������ The Falcon, Marlboro, Apr 8, 8pm Jazz Sessions Host: Doug Weiss�����������������������������The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 11, 7pm bigBANG band improv�������������������������������������������� The Falcon Underground, Marlboro, Apr 19, 8pm

Tom Smith Garden State Koi, Agrisculpture DYLWYD series��Pennings Farm, Warwick, Apr 11, 6:30pm Black Dirt Storytelling Guild “Amazing Pet Stories” ��������� Florida Library, Apr 12, 7:30pm FREE “Holocaust Remembrance” Muriel Horowitz�����������������������������Florida Library, Apr 15, 2pm FREE “Getting Sara Married” dinner-theatre�������������������Clove Creek Dinner Theatre, Fishkill, Apr 5-22 “DURANG’d” 10 one-act plays by Christopher Durang������� SUNY Orange, Middletown, Apr 6-15 “Murder at the Mansion” dinner-theatre��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Mount St. Mary College, Desmond Campus, Balmville, Apr 7, 6pm “Nine Lives” monologue play������������������������������������������Ritz Theatre Lobby, Newburgh, Apr 7, 8pm “No Greater Love: A Passion Play” The Xavier Company����������������������������������������������������������������� Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Bloomingburg, Apr 8, 4pm FREE “Greater Tuna” Readers Theatre���������������������� Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg, Apr 13 & 14, 7:30pm “Stretching the Soul” Cornerstone Theatre Arts���������������������������������Goshen Music Hall, Apr 14-29 “Murder at the Sock Hop” The Killing Kompany, dinner-theatre���� West Point Club, Apr 20, 7pm “Hamlet” Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival������������������������������������SUNYO-OH Apr 21, 7:30pm “E” by/w/Richard Hoehler������������������������������������������������Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg, Apr 28, 8pm “Angels in America: Millennium Approaches”������������ SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, May 3-13 “A Masterpiece of Comic...Timing” dinner-theatre� Clove Creek Dinner Theatre, Fishkill, May 3-20 “The Little Foxes” by Lillian Hellman, ����������������������������� Playhouse at Museum Village, May 4-20

Schools & Conservatories NYSM All Stars student rock showcase���������������������������������������The Falcon, Apr 8, Marlboro, 3pm


Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players is music to a familiar Broadway selection for our hosting a free instructional musical theater accompanist to play), an informal group dance workshop on April 8, 1:00pm-4:00pm at the portion, and readings of selected scenes. Playhouse at Museum Village, Route 17M, The workshop is designed to ease the anxiety Monroe. The workshop is designed for both of auditioning (particularly for musicals) and beginning and seasoned performers ages 16+. to afford an opportunity to practice prior to Open to the public, this workshop will attending a real audition. It is valuable to both include group instruction on how to prepare veteran performers and newbies. for and accomplish a successful audition Visit or call 845including helpful hints and best approaches. 294-9465. RSVP is requested, although walkThere will be a singing portion (bring sheet ins are welcomed. April 2018 Delaware & Hudson CANVAS 13

BAAA Barryville Area Arts Association��������������������������������������������������� Artists’ Market, Shohola BW�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Bethel Woods Center for the Arts BEST��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Best Western, Matamoras CLOVE�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Clove Creek Dinner Theatre, Fishkill CTMW Ceative Theater-Muddy Water Players�����������������Playhouse at Museum Village, Monroe DVAA Delaware Valley Arts Alliance��������������������������������������Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg FAL & FAL-U����������������������������������������������������� The Falcon & The Falcon Underground, Marlboro



Cinema “Murder on the Orient Express” Wisner Library, Warwick, 1pm Cinema “Mildred Pierce” HENN, 7pm


Cinema “Defiance” ” Wisner Library, Warwick, 1pm



Cinema - Documentary “Korean Art & Korea’s Industrial Achievements” MSM-DC 10am

Cinema “Mask” HENN, 7pm

Poetry Robert Milby MSM-KHL 4pm

Music - Neo-Americana Amy Helm FAL 8pm

Poetry Magdalen Radovich MONTBK, 7pm


Cinema “Whiplash” ” Wisner Library, Warwick, 1pm




Poetry Karen Corinne Herceg MSM-KHL 4pm

Cinema “Mother” HENN, 7pm

Cinema Independent Film Night GWL 6:30pm

Music - Neo-Americana Amy Helm FAL 8pm


Music - Jeff Beck Common Tongue’s First Wednesdays FAL 8pm


Storytelling Tom Smith Garden State Koi Pennings Farm, Warwick 6pm Poetry Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, 7pm

Music - Jazz Sessions FAL-U 8pm


Poetry Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, 7pm Music Shelley King, Patrice Pike, Carolyn Wonderland FAL 8pm

Spoken Word Hip Hop POELODIES FAL-U 8pm

Music - Neo-Americana Amy Helm FAL 8p



Poetry Phil Talbot Goshen Methodist Church, 7pm


“Exotic Star Amaryllis Bulb” by James Douglas Milne. See page 4 for more info.

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Music - Jazz-NewAge.......Marc Mathelier guitar .Florida Library 6pm Poetry................................ Donna Reis.............................. NOBL 7pm Music..Andy Stack’s American Soup, Tough Old Bird...FAL-U 7pm Music - Groove........Middle Blue CD Release .....................FAL 8pm

12 Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Poetry................Walter Worden.........Elsie’s Luncheonette, Goshen, 7pm Storytelling.........Black Dirt Storytelling Guild.....Florida Library, 7:30pm Music - Puente............ Latin Jazz Express ...........................FAL 8pm Comedy.........................Stand-up Comics.........................FAL-U 8pm


Poetry Milkweed Sugar Loaf, 7pm


Poetry....Joan Sieg Dinner-Theatre....... Theatre - Play......... Music..Matthew Ste


Dinner-Theatre....... Poetry - Spoken Wo Theatre - Play......... Music - Rock......Frid Theatre .................. Music - Roots-Coun


Cinema .............On Poetry..........Poetry Share w/Susan & Stephen Erny.MAMA 5:30pm Dinner-Theatre....... Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Poetry....................P Poetry............................... Robert Milby................................ NFL 7pm Theatre - Play......... Music........ Saints of Swing “Klezmer Meets Gospel”..MISU 7:30pm Music - Jazz-Fusion.Thunderhead Organ Trio.Wherehouse,Newburgh,8pm

Poetry Cafe..Mary Ma

Dinner-Theatre....“M Music .......Mark Geary, Brendan O’Shea & Jenna Nicholls.FAL 8pm Music - Blues ......... Music - Jazz......................... bigBANG................................FAL-U 8pm Music - Rock...........


Music - Bluegrass Matt Flinner Trio w/Gyan Riley FAL 8pm

Cinema “Erin Brokovich” HENN, 7pm



MAMA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� MICV Music in Central Valley������������������������������������������������� MISU Music Institute of Sullivan & Ulster������������������������������ MONTBK���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� MSM-AQ�������������������������������������������������������������������� MSM-DC������������������������������������������������������������M MSM-HH�������������������������������������������������Mount S

Music - Jazz Gabriele Tranchina Quartet, FAL 8pm

Poetry Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, 7pm

Cinema “Everything is Illuminated” Chester Library, 6pm

Music Bruce T. Carroll FAL 8pm

Cinema-Documentary “How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story” MSM-HH 3:30pm


Cinema “The Shape of Water” ” Wisner Library, Warwick, 1pm

Cinema “As Good as it Gets” HENN, 7pm

Cinema “Boys Town” MSM-DC 9:30am

Please check the schedule for Art & Photography Exhibit Receptions, pg. 16


GMCM Grand Montgomery Chamber Music��������������������������������������Montgomery Senior Center GOSH Cornerstone Theatre Arts����������������������������������������������������������������������Goshen Music Hall GWL�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Greenwood Lake Library GWL-ELK������������������������������������������������������������������ Elk’s Club Picnic Pavilion, Greenwood Lake HAC��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Hurleyville Arts Centre HENN�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Henning’s Local, Cochecton Center JOKERS��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Jokers Comedy Club, Chester


Documentary....... “50/50” Day at the Desmond........... MSM-DC 1pm Cinema..................... “Hope on the Hudson”...................... HAC 7pm Poetry......................... Hudson River Poets.......................... NFL 7pm Music - Bluegrass.......Matt Flinner Trio w/Kris Davis...........FAL 8pm Music - Rock.............. The Kurt Henry Band......................FAL-U 8pm



Cinema......“How to D Poetry..................... Music - Blues.......... Music - Jazz......Jos Theatre - Play......... Music .......Kofi Bak Music - Rock...........


Dinner-Theatre.“A M Dinner-Theatre.“A Masterpiece of Comic...Timing”.......CLOVE 6pm Theatre - Play......... Theatre - Play..“Angels in America:Milennium Approaches”. SCCC 8pm Theatre - Play..“Ange

l 2018

���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Mamakating Library, Wurtsboro �������������������������������������������������Central Valley United Methodist Church ������������������������������St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ellenville ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Montgomery Book Exchange �������������������������������������������������������������������� Mount St. Mary College, Aquinas Hall, Newburgh Mount St. Mary College, Desmond Campus, Balmville St. Mary College, Hudson Hall Auditorium, Newburgh


MSM-KHL����������������������������������������� Mount St. Mary College, Kaplan Hall Library, Newburgh NFL����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Newburgh Free Library NOBL�����������������������������������������������������������������������������Noble Coffee Roasters, Campbell Hall PARA��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Paramount Theatre, Middletown PHILL���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Phillipsport Community Center RITZ�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Ritz Theatre Lobby, Newburgh SCCC�����������������������������������������������������SUNY Sullivan Community College, Loch Sheldrake

gel & J.R. “Joel” Solonche.. SUNYO-RCSE 11am ...“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm ........... “DURANG’d”..............SUNYO-OH 7:30pm evens guitar & Joanna Teters vocal..FAL-U 8pm

...“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm ord......Open Mic.........Empowering Ellenville, 7pm ........... “DURANG’d”..............SUNYO-OH 7:30pm day The Thirteenth: Four Bands........FAL-U 7pm ......... “Greater Tuna” ......................DVAA 7:30pm ntry .......Jason Eady .................................FAL 8pm

ne Hundred Best Films series ........... MAMA 2pm ...“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Poetry Slam ......... Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, 6:30pm .... “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 7pm



SHAD�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Shadowland Stages, Ellenville SLGMN����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� The Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf SUNYO-OH������������������������������������������������������������������� SUNY Orange, Orange Hall, Middletown SUNYO-RCSE���������������SUNY Orange, Rowley Center for Science & Enginering, Middletown THRALL����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Thrall Library, Middletown TUST�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg WCPA��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Warwick Center for The Performing Arts

Poetry.......Hudson River Poets...Karpeles Museum, Newburgh, 1pm Cinema........... “Jack and the Beanstalk” + shorts ........ SHAD 2pm Music-Art..............“Some Things Fishy” Event ..............BAAA 4pm Dinner-Theatre...... ..“Murder at the Mansion”............. MSM-DC 6pm Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Theatre - Play................... “DURANG’d”..............SUNYO-OH 7:30pm Theatre - Monologues.......“Nine Lives” .............................RITZ 8pm Music - Rock........The Sweet Clementines, Justin Tracy.FAL-U 8pm Comedy..............................JJ Ramirez ........................JOKERS 9pm


Opera..........................“Luisa Miller” Verdi................SCCC 12:30pm

Poetry.Jane Harries, Corinne Aufiero, Michael Glassman.Cornwall Lib.2pm

Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm Opera.........“La Traviata” Verdi.....First Presby. Ch. Monroe, 7:30pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 7pm Theatre - Play................... “DURANG’d”..............SUNYO-OH 7:30pm Music.................... Patrice Pike & Shelley King ........... HAC 7:30pm Theatre .......................... “Greater Tuna” ......................DVAA 7:30pm Music - r&b......................TC Connection............................. RITZ 8pm Music - Salsa-Jazz.......John Tropea Band ...........................FAL 8pm Music - r&r.......................The Good Rats...........................FAL-U 8pm Comedy........................... Don Jamieson ......................JOKERS 9pm


Fair.............Craft Fair.......Woodbourne Firehouse, 11am-4pm Music - Neo Soul.......Debbie Major Birthday Bash...........FAL-U 6pm Dinner-Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 6pm

1 8


Music - Swing-Blues.....Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fis............FAL11am

Music - Americana...Vito Petroccitto & Little Rock...... .FAL 11am Cinema..........................“Loving Vincent” ....... Chester Library, Noon Dinner Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 1pm Cinema.............................“Frances Ha”.............Chester Library, 2pm Recreation...Polonaise Society Polka Dance..PLAV, Pine Island, 2pm-6pm

Music - Classical...Four Seasons Chorale...First Presby. Ch. Port Jervis, 3pm Theatre - Passion Play...“No Greater Love”..Our Lady of Assumption, Bloomingburg 4pm

Theatre - Play................... “DURANG’d”...................SUNYO-OH 3pm Music - Jazz...........John Stetch & Vulneraville ....................FAL 8pm


Music - Swing-Blues.....Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fis................FAL11am Dinner Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 1pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 2pm Opera...“La Traviata” Verdi..First Presbyterian Church. Monroe, 3pm Music - Classical...........Amaranthus Ensemble ................ MICV 3pm Theatre - Play................... “DURANG’d”...................SUNYO-OH 3pm Music - Dylan................... Joan Osborne ............................... BW 8pm


Festival...Earth Day Festival “Treecycle”....Deming Park, Warwick, 10am-4pm Dinner Theatre.........“Getting Sara Married”..................CLOVE 1pm Music - DooWop..Middletown Fire Police Oldies Show...PARA 7pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 2pm akofske, Laurie Byro, Robert Milby..Florida Library, 7pm Music - Folk.................Music for Humanity......................NOBL 7:30pm Music............ Young People’s Chorus of New York ............ BW 3pm Murder at the Sock Hop”...West Point Club, 7pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 7pm Music - Jazz...........David Liebman’s Expansions ................FAL 8pm ......Chris O’Leary Band...........................FAL 8pm Theatre - Play...“Hamlet” HV Shakespeare Festival...SUNYO-OH 7:30pm ......Alpha Male Gorillas.......................FAL-U 8pm Music - Rock................ Ed Palermo Big Band ...........................FAL 8pm Music - Jazz...........Eric Person Band....Wherehouse,Newburgh,9pm Comedy.............................Rob Falcone ........................JOKERS 9pm

Diffuse a Bomb: The Project Children”..HAC 6:30pm ......Douglas Taylor....Jones Farm, Cornwall, 7pm ............. Slam Allen................................. RITZ 7pm seph Boga Nonet........... Delaware Valley HS 7pm .... “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 7pm ker’s Cream Experience, Gunslinger......FAL 8pm ......Kitty Fisher’s Army.......................FAL-U 8pm

Music..Joanna Gass and Search&Rescue Orch., Brad Scribner...PHILL 7pm

Festival............Spring Fling!....Sullivan Street, Wurtsboro, 11am-3pm

Fair......Newburgh Urban Farming Fair....80 Broadway, Newburgh, Noon-4pm Music - Rock-Blues.“Concert to End Homelessness II”.GWL-ELK Noon-8pm



Opera.......... “Cendrillon” Massenet....................SCCC 1pm Poetry..........Robert Milby & Friends.....Chester Library, 2pm

Poetry.White, Reis and Weiner: Irregular Rhymers.Amity Gallery, Warwick, 5pm

Music - Swing +............ ....Saints of Swing..........................FAL 11am Cinema........................ “Like Any Other Children”.....................HAC 6:30pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 2pm Theatre - Play............ “Sketching the Soul” .................... GOSH 7pm Music ...Sullivan Cty Chamber Orch. Quartet.....St.John’s Epis. Ch. Monticello 7pm Music ..........Classic Choral Society.....St. Paul’s United Meth. Ch., Middletown 7pm

Music ...Sullivan County Chamber Orch. Quartet...Grahamsville Reformed Ch. 3pm

Music...........................David Podles violin ......................... NFL 3pm

Recreation........... ..6th Annual Triversity Prom ................BEST 7pm Theatre - Play........................... “E” .....................................TUST 8pm Music - Rock-Soul...... ..Corey Glover Band..........................FAL 8pm Music.........Neil Alexander & NAIL: Birthday Concert.....FAL-U 8pm Comedy............................. Mike Burton ........................JOKERS 9pm



Dinner-Theatre.“A Masterpiece of Comic...Timing”.CLOVE 6pm Music - Classical..Greater Newburgh Sym. Orch. .MSM-AQ 7:30pm Dinner-Theatre.“A Masterpiece of Comic...Timing”.......CLOVE 1pm Masterpiece of Comic...Timing”.......CLOVE 6pm Theatre - Play..“Angels in America:Milennium Approaches”. SCCC 8pm Theatre - Play..“Angels in America:Milennium Approaches”. SCCC 2pm .......“The Little Foxes”.......................CTMW 8pm Theatre - Play...............“The Little Foxes”.......................CTMW 8pm Music - Classical...........Greg Michalak piano ..................GMCM 3pm Theatre - Play...............“The Little Foxes”.......................CTMW 3pm els in America:Milennium Approaches”. SCCC 8pm Music - Jazz.NY Jazzharmonic.St. Andrew’s Episcopal Ch., So. Fallsburg, 8pm Music - Billy Joel.......Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot ................ BW 8pm Music - Jazz...........Hudson Valley Jazz Festival ..............WCPA 4pm Comedy.............................. Rich Guzzi ..........................JOKERS 9pm Music.........Classic Choral Society......United Church of Christ, Blooming Grove, 4pm

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


Canvas category calendar

sponsored by Catskill Art Society, Wallkill River School & Wurtsboro Art Alliance

NEW Photography exhibits

CANVAS cannot be responsible for errors & omissions. Please verify dates and times.

Art exhibits CAS������������������������������������������������������������Catskill Art Society, CAS Arts Center, Livingston Manor DVAA����������������������������������������Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg MSM-DC�������������������������������������������������������� Mount St. Mary College, Desmond Campus, Balmville SUNYO-KH������������������������������������������������������������������������������ SUNY Orange Newburgh, Kaplan Hall SUNYO-OH����������������������������������������������������������������������������SUNY Orange Middletown, Orange Hall WRS���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Wallkill River School, Montgomery

Group Show������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Stray Cat Gallery, Bethel, ongoing Georgia Chambers etchings, paintings����������������Georgia Chambers Art Gallery, Callicoon, ongoing Catharine De Maio paintings�����������������������������������������������������Rustic Wheelhouse, Chester, ongoing T.A. Clearwater paintings, pastels, prints�������� Clearwater Gallery at Jones Farm, Cornwall, ongoing Karen E. Gersch, Gabrielle Dearborn, Josiah Dearborn drawings, paintings, silverwork��������������� Gersch Home Gallery, Montgomery, by appt, ongoing Carolyn Duke pottery�������������������������������������������������Duke Pottery, Tennanah Lake, Roscoe, ongoing Inscribed Tibetan Prayer Stones�����������������Tibetan & Himalayan Cultural Center, Walden, ongoing Wurtsboro Art Alliance group show���������������������������� Mamakating Town Hall, Wurtsboro, ongoing “Winter-Themed Works” River Valley Artists Guild, “Art About Town”������������������������������������������ Susan Miiller & Joan Kehlenbeck Port Jervis City Hall, & Bon Secours Hospital Cafeteria, Port Jervis & Milford Senior Healthcare, & Joan Kehlenbeck & RVAG members Deerpark Town Hall, Huguenot & Patty O’Donnell Koch “Winter Expressions” Port Jervis Library, thru Apr 1 “Anthropocene” group show���������������������������������������������� Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, thru Apr 7 Gayle Clarke Fedigan, Paul Gould “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”��������������������������������������������������� Hudson Valley Gallery, Cornwall-on-Hudson, thru Apr 8 Delaware Valley HS Students “Unplugged - The Timeless Joy of Making Art” ������������������������������� ARTery Gallery, Milford, thru Apr 9 Calico Geese Quilting Guild��������������������������������������������������������������������� Liberty Library, thru Apr 11 CAS 2018 Members Show������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ CAS thru Apr 14 Rain-themed work������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������WRS thru Apr 15 Expressions 2018 Art Exhibit Sullivan ARC�����������������������������Gallery 222, Hurleyville, thru Apr 15 Jodi King “Art from the Heart & Kidney”������������������������Desmond Campus, Newburgh, thru Apr 18 “Recent Drawings by Jackie Skrzynski”.������������������������Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf, thru Apr 26 Shannon Almanzar paintings��������������������������� Gallery At Chant Realtors, Lords Valley, thru Apr 28 2018 Newburgh Volunteer Fair Poster WinnersWashington’s Headquarters, Newburgh, thru Apr 28 Judy Byrne, Cathy Cahill, Lily Norton, Cathy Prager “4 Pastelists”����������������������������������������������� Leo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, Cornwall, thru Apr 30 “Windows and Mirrors” community art show�������������������������� Wisner Library, Warwick, thru Apr 30 Susan Lisbin paintings��������������������������������������������������������������������The Falcon, Marlboro, thru Apr 30 Spring Into Art Show Crawford Arts Association����� Crawford Gov’t Center, Pine Bush, thru May 9 Goshen Art League New Members Exhibition�������������������������������Goshen Music Hall, thru May 24 James Douglas Milne “Botanical Portraits”������������������������������������������������ SUNYO-KH thru May 30 Shaina Aiyana Dunn “Search for Enlightenment” ceramics �������������������� SUNYO-KH thru May 30 Margo Claster abstract paintings������������������������������� Griffith Olivero Realtors, Goshen, thru May 30


Jennifer Leonard pen & ink, paintings, photography, etc.����������Greenwood Lake Library, Apr 1-30 Linda Lynton “Nature Admired” inks, oils,.�����������������������������������Highland Mills Library, Apr 1-30 Keith Gunderson, John Slivjak Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival winners����������������WRS Apr 2-30 Antonio Mastria classical illustrations��������������������������������������������������������������������������WRS Apr 2-30 “ARTrageous” ~ Fourteenth Annual Student & Faculty Art Show������������� SUNYO-OH Apr 2-30 Peter Max “Early Paintings”����������������������������������������������������� Museum at Bethel Woods, Apr 6-Dec Allan Rubin “Canon” sculpture����������������������������Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg, Apr 6-May 5 “Some Things Fishy” Event art, music, Q&A w/ Jeff SkeldingArtists’ Market, Shohola, Apr 7, 4pm Frank Shuback sculpture, Richard Weber masks, Peter Kopher photography��������������������������������� Amity Gallery, Warwick, Apr 7-29 “All Creatures Great & Small” WurtsboroArtAlliance� John Nielson Gallery, Wurtsboro, Apr 7-29 “Spring Fling” River Valley Artists Guild’s “Art About Town”����������������������������������������������������������� Jennifer Charton Bon Secours Hospital Cafeteria, Port Jervis & Milford Senior Healthcare, & Joan Kehlenbeck “Spring Florals” Deerpark Town Hall, Huguenot & Susan Miiller paintings Port Jervis Library, Apr 9-May 28 “Raptors, Song birds, Avian species” group show�������������������������� ARTery, Milford, Apr 19-May 7 Wallkill River School Artists Orange Regional Medical Center Gallery, Middletown, Apr 19-May 7 Sullivan County High School Art Show���������������������������������������������������������������� CAS Apr 20-May 5 Lisa Hannick “Classical Realism - a Painterly Approach”������������������������������������������������������������������� Gallery At Chant Realtors, Lords Valley, May 5-Jun 30

Photography exhibits

Catharine Bale����������������������������������������������������� Green Light Gallery, Cornwall-on-Hudson, ongoing Rich Klein local firefighters, equipment��������� Liberty Museum & Arts Center Windows, thru Apr 7. Ellie Stover�����������������������������������Orange Regional Medical Center Gallery, Middletown, thru Apr 14 Alanna Floreck “Primavera”���������������������������������������������������Caffe ala Mode, Warwick, thru May 11 Nick Zungoli “Up Close”�������������������������������������������������Exposures Gallery, Sugar Loaf, thru May 20 Dean Goldberg “I Am India! Travels in Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi” & Christopher Neyen���������������� “Evidential Industrial Mannerisms” CMA Gallery, Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh, thru Sept. 16

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

George Nicholson “Taos Journey: High Desert Portraits of Time”����� Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 3-27 Heather Hubbard “Florals”, River Valley Artists Guild’s “Art About Town”������������������������������������ Mayor’s Office, Port Jervis City Hall, Apr 9-May 28 Delaware Highlands Conservancy “Eagles and Their Environs”�� ARTery, Milford, Apr 19-May 7 Julie Larsen Maher Wildlife Conservation Society�������������������������� Gallery 222, Hurleyville, Apr 21 Nancy Layne “Newburgh Urban Gardens Calendar����������������� Two Alices, Newburgh, Apr 27, 6pm

ART & Photography receptions

“ARTrageous” ~ Fourteenth Annual Student & Faculty Art Show� SUNYO-OH Apr 3, 2pm-4pm Allan Rubin “Canon” sculpture���������������������� Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg, Apr 6, 7pm-9pm Linda Lynton “Nature Admired” inks, oils,.���������������������Highland Mills Library, Apr 7, Noon-2pm James Douglas Milne “Botanical Portraits”������������������������������������ SUNYO-KH Apr 7, 3pm-5:30pm “Some Things Fishy” Event art, music, Q&A w/ Jeff SkeldingArtists’ Market, Shohola, Apr 7, 4pm Keith Gunderson, John Slivjak, Antonio Mastria������������������������������������������ WRS Apr 7, 5pm-7pm Frank Shuback, Richard Weber, Peter Kopher������������� Amity Gallery, Warwick, Apr 7, 5pm-7pm George Nicholson “Taos Journey: High Desert Portraits of Time”����������������������������������������������������� Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 8, 1:30pm-3:30pm “All Creatures Great & Small” WurtsboroArtAlliance��������John Nielson Gallery, Wurtsboro, Apr 14, 2pm-4pm Sullivan County High School Art Show���������������������������������������������������������CAS Apr 21, 11am-2pm “Eagles (photography) & Avian Species (paintings, prints)” ����ARTery, Milford, Apr 21, 5pm-8pm Lisa Hannick�������������������������������������������� Gallery At Chant Realtors, Lords Valley, May 5, 5pm-7pm

Schools & Conservatories Budding Artists art exhibit������������������������������������������������������������� Greenwood Lake Library, ongoing “ARTrageous” ~ Fourteenth Annual Student & Faculty Art Show������������� SUNYO-OH Apr 2-30 Sullivan County High School Show����������������������������������������������������������������������� CAS Apr 20-May 5

Children & Teens Calendar

HHNM�����������������������������������Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Outdoor Discovery Center, Cornwall HHNM-CoH������ Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Wildlife Education Center, Cornwall-on-Hudson PEEC�������������������������������������������������������������Pocono Environmental Education Center, Dingmans Ferry


Listings not included in our centerspread calendar.

Book Hipsters Book Club teens��������������������������������������� Wisner Library, Warwick, Fridays, 3:30pm “That Pesky Dragon” by Julie Sykes, K thru 2nd grade����������������Cornwall Library, Apr 12, 4:15pm Dusty the READ dog children read &he listens������������������������������ Florida Library, Apr 21, 10:30am “Hate That Cat” by Sharon Creech, 3rd & 4th grades�������������������Cornwall Library, Apr 23, 4:30pm “Inside Out and Back Again” by Thanhha Lai, 5th thru 8th grades�����Cornwall Library, Apr 23, 6:30pm Cinema

Teen Movie Night 11-17yrs���������������������������������� Greenwood Lake Library, Wednesdays, 6pm FREE Teen Movie Matinee������������������������������������� Crawford Library, Monticello, 1st Saturday, 1pm FREE Saturday Family Movie������������������������������������ Crawford Library, Monticello, Saturdays, 1pm FREE Entertainment

Storytime 3-5yrs������������������������������������������������ Crawford Library, Monticello, Mondays 10am FREE The Science tellers “Pirates: Lost at Sea”������������������������������� Florida Library, Apr 5, 10:30am FREE Earth Day Celebration and Hike-A-Thon��������������������������������������������� HHNM Apr 21, 9:30am-3pm Lectures

Project: Identity Sessions teens “Breaking Boundaries: A Conversation w/Amber Tamblyn” ����� w/Nina Burleigh & DJ Dance Party 59 North Main Street, Liberty, Apr 14, 6:30pm FEE “Holocaust Remembrance” Muriel Horowitz, storytelling��������������������Florida Library, Apr 15, 2pm Museums

Meet the Animals “Birds on the Wing”��������������HHNM-CoH Saturdays & Sundays, 1pm & 2:30pm “Trout Tales”������������������������������������������������������������������������� HHNM-CoH Apr 7 & 8, 1pm & 2:30pm Salamanders, Frogs & More��������������������������������������������������������������������������PEEC Apr 8 & 21, 10am Ecozone Discovery Room������������������������������������������������������������������������ PEEC Apr 8 & 21, 1pm-4pm Hiking Trails����������������������������������������������� HHNM Saturdays & Sundays, begins Apr 14, 10am-4pm

Books: discussions / readings / Signings Peace Lab “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg������������������ Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, Alternate Tuesdays, 11:30am, & Sundays 3:30pm Book Lover’s Club���������������������������������������������������������� Greenwood Lake Library, 4th Tuesday, 7pm Mystery Thriller & Crime Book Group������������������Jeffersonville Library, 2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm Urban Book Club�������������������������Mulberry House Senior Center, Middletown, 4th Wednesday, 7pm Book Discussion Group������������������������������������ 1st Friday, Daniel Pierce Library, Grahamsville, 1pm Book Discussion Group������������������������������������������������������������Narrowsburg Library, 3rd Friday, 4pm Women’s Book Discussion����������������������������������������������������������������Port Jervis Library, Mar 21, 7pm “Sea Level Rising: The Chatham Story” by William Sargent��Morrison Hall, Middletown, Apr 11, Noon “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro, w/Jess Gerson������������������������������Newburgh Library, Apr 18, 7pm “The Dictionary of Mutual Understanding” by Jackie Copleton, w/Patty Sussmann����������������������� Newburgh Library Town Branch, Apr 24, 2pm Great Books Discussion�������������������������������������������������������������� Newburgh Library, Apr 27, 11:30am George Nicholson photographer, reception & signing� Wisner Library, Warwick, Apr 27, 5pm-6:45pm

Novella is an appealing little word and a term one might encounter if considering new and tasty delights from a neighborhood trattoria. But novella at other times too, might be the subject of a search for delightful and rewarding literature. Standing as a respected literary genre, the novella is on the simple end longer than a short story and shorter than a novel. But more importantly, it is frequently known as the “richest and most rewarding delight of all the literary forms.” The novella, as a type of prose fiction, can frequently be read in a single sitting, with conflicts and resolutions less complicated than those found in the traditional novel. Further, there are usually fewer sub plots and divergent points of view. These rather simplistic characteristics, and those more subtle, add versatility to the narrative and subsequently facilitate the adaptation or conversion of the novella to the cinema, stage and, a time now nearly gone, radio. The success of this transgenre stands for itself, as a surprising number of classic novellas have been made into movies. To illustrate a few of the most well-known conversions, consider this short list: War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote; Brokeback Mountain, Annie

Proulx; A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens; It Had to be Murder (Rear Window), Cornell Woolrich; The Body (Stand by Me), Stephen King. The last and most intense writer included in this list is known internationally for his stories of fright, horror and literary terror. He, Stephen King, has published fifty-four novels, twenty novellas and somewhere around two hundred short stories. In spite of his fright and horror reputation, one of his best and well-known pieces of work is a novella first published in 1982, as The Body. It is a familiar coming-of-age story that depicts the developmental adventures of 4 prepubescent boys as they conduct an adventure-filled and perilous search along the railroad tracks for a missing boy, presumed dead. The transgenre subject considered here is

the Rob Reiner directed film Stand by Me (1986). As cinematic art, it has clearly become a classic. Several changes were made from the novella, notably the ending, and also the setting from New England 1960 to Oregon 1959. The kinda scary title of The Body was also changed to Stand by Me to avoid predetermined or implied connections to Mr. King’s notorious subjects of fright, horror and terror. But critical is the film’s heart, its essence of displaying the developmental and dependent relationships of young boys. That purpose and crux is poignantly and skillfully brought to the screen. Consider first how the film’s title is tied thematically and essentially restated in the musical score used to close the film as the credits are run: Ben E. King’s Stand by Me, a spiritual composition written by Sam Cooke and J. W. Alexander called Stand by Me Father.

The alteration of time engineered by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon, the writers who adapted the novella to the screen, was shrewd. It represents the nostalgic appeal of the 1950s in general and the mark those years left on its participants. And as music influences emotions and memories, the soundtrack of Stand by Me contains the mythology, a legend of popular hit-parade singles from that never-to-be-seen-again era. Artists included Buddy Holly, Del Vikings, The Chordettes and - would you believe Jerry Lee Lewis? Imagine that! In a sense the kids in that dated photograph are so well known they defy identification. For in each of them, at some subconscious level, there’s a piece of each of us contained in those ruffians. Their weaknesses and strengths are so allegorically spread throughout; no one ever even noticed. Each is a resident of a small town, seven or eight thousand, with all the dysfunctional families central casting could round up. And so, like the thousands of others who “came-of-age” in those wistful times, none came from a perfect home environment and most did not journey on perilous hikes to find a dead body and very few ever stood nose-to-nose while pointing a loaded pistol at an adversary. But we’ve all walked the tracks and somehow found an identity in a motley group of disheveled kids. On the other side of that view, some over educated critics have labeled this Reiner film as sappy and trite, but there are those who remember childhood adventures and the kind of friends we’ll never forget, the kind you had when you were twelve-years old. We know now it’s okay if you sorta get the sniffles and have eyes that sorta well up as that last poignant scene fades away. ‘Cause to be simple again, it’s all very real: We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind; - William Wordsworth

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Dissonant Mozart & Consonant Webern peaceful denouement. The String Quartet No. 19 “Beethoven composed his in C Major, K. 465 by Mozart, Violin Sonata in G major, Op. nicknamed “Dissonance” on 96 (#10) just before a near account of its unusual slow cessation of serious music introduction, is perhaps the composition in 1813. The most famous of his quartets. gradual reduction in output after It was noted especially for 1812 may have been related its divergence - especially in to Beethoven’s unsuccessful the slow introduction - from search for a woman with the then-standard rules of harmony; something at the Rachel Crozier & Aaron Bernstein, whom to share his life, which violins; Piotr Kargul, viola & apparently reached its apex beginning of the piece sounds Nancy Hambleton-Torrente, cello in the fall of 1812. The year slightly askew to us today, but 1812, however, saw the expansion of probably would have sounded like Beethoven’s fame and reputation both cacophony in Mozart’s time. at home and abroad. By this time his Anton Webern and Alban Berg works appeared on concert programs joined with Arnold Schoenberg to as frequently as those of Mozart and bring atonal music to the concert halls. Haydn.” John Palmer, However, prior to their atonal works, all three of them composed highly Janet Nimetz, piano “The mood [of Op. 96] is one of post-Brahmsian romantic and tonal works that gentle lyricism, with but glimpses of the profound depths of experience and conquest of often take a back seat to their atonal works. Webern’s Langsamer Satz (Slow pain that had made possible the achievement Movement) dates from 1905 and was said to of this serenity.” Sydney Finkelstein. The Amaranthus Quartet perform Mozart have been inspired by a hiking holiday in the mountains outside of Vienna Webern took and Webern, and Rachel Crozier and Janice with his soon to be fiancée and later wife. He Nimetz perform Beethoven for Music in intended to write an entire quartet but put it Central Valley at the handicapped accessible aside after completing this one movement. Central Valley United Methodist Church, The Langsamer Satz is a highly charged 12 Smith Clove Road, on April 15 at 3:00pm. work expressing a plethora of emotions from Admission is free with a suggested donation. Phone 845-928-6570. yearning to dramatic turmoil to a tranquil


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April 2018

May I Have A Word With You ... Quips, Quotes & Quiddities with Carol Pozefsky TA DA!!! The most sought after musical conductor in the opera world is coming to New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House this coming season. His name is Yannick Nézet-Séguin (Yah NEEK Nay ZAY say SHEN) and he replaces 72 year old James Levine who is leaving after forty years as the Met’s conductor and musical director. Reeling from opera’s Yannick aging fan base, reports of Nézet-Séguin Levine’s declining health and scandalous private life, the Met filled only 72% of its seats this past season. The charismatic Nézet-Séguin, 42 years old, describes his new post at the Met as the fulfillment of a dream. “Somewhere, somehow, in one corner of my brain and my heart, there was the thought that maybe one day...” Nézet-Séguin will also continue as music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra. GREAT SCOT! THAT SOUNDS OFFAL! The traditional recipe for haggis calls for a

sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys mixed with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and stock, all encased in the animal’s stomach Would you like some haggis? and boiled. Yuchhh you say? Consider some of our American specialties. KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie contains 789 calories, 82% sodium, and almost 200 percent of the recommended dietary saturated fat allowance, the equivalent saturated fat intake of 74 KFC chicken wings! OF ALDA NAMES IN THE WORLD! True to Alphonse JosephD’Abrusso’s heritage, the sandwich that bears his more familiar chosen name, Alan Alda, is Italian. Featured at a Brooklyn deli, Would you like an Alan Alda? the sandwich contains roast beef topped with soppressata, a smoked sausage which, by tradition, is pressed under weights to eliminate air pockets. ‘Pressato’ is the Italian word for ‘pressed’.

WAA: “All Creatures Great and Small” This month’s exhibit theme of All Creatures Great and Small for the Wurtsboro Art Alliance (WAA) could be used to describe the photography subjects of WAA member Gene Weinstein. “I like to think of Gene as a local treasure,” says WAA President, Kitty Mitchell. Well known for his 22+ years as a volunteer monitor for the NYS Bald Eagle Restoration Project, Gene’s photos have been published in many local “Go For It!” photograph by Gene Weinstein and national papers and magazines All Creatures Great and Small runs from and even given to visiting heads of state. Weinstein’s stunning photos of these April 7-29. The opening reception, where “great” raptors capture moments of grandeur one can mingle with the WAA artists while in their flight, and the quiet peace of their enjoying complimentary refreshments, is roosting times, affording a glimpse into on April 14 from 2:00pm-4:00pm. “Gene this often elusive natural world. And then makes a to-die-for cheesecake that he often there is the “small” subject of his lens: the brings to our receptions!,” added Kitty. The WAA is always open to new members. hummingbird. He captures these fast and elusive gems, feeding at a feeder or flowers, Visit for a list of future wings clear and defined. “My favorite photo exhibits, classes, and membership info. “Our three-room gallery will host 9 is of a hummingbird feeding a chick, you can see the drop of nectar released from her different monthly themes in 2018 featuring beak. His knowledge of these two species art by our members, representing established is limitless and he relishes any question and emerging artists in many forms of presented. He can even help you identify a media, from watercolors and oils to fabric female hummingbird from a male,” continued sculptures and photography, from abstract Kitty. (Hint: a slight difference in the pattern art to more formal art,” concluded Kitty. Check out the Alliance’s ad on this page. of the tail feathers is your indication).

Family Fun at Wurtsboro’s Spring Fling! The Wurtsboro Board of Trade is at it again - organizing a new familyfun event in Wurtsboro titled Spring Fling! This fun filled afternoon will feature everything from a duck race to a live bird show on April 28 from 11:00-3:00pm. “It has become a full-fledged undertaking with more of our local community groups pitching in to make it great!,” explained Wurtsboro Board of Trade Paint pretty pots with Pour House Patti! pick up your free seed packets from Donna member Carol Gillen. Spring Fling! will offer a flower pot craft over at Busy Bee Taxi! (Check out their ad with potter Patti Anderson of The Pour on this page). The Wurtsboro Fire Auxiliary will hold a House. “The pots will come equipped with seeds and soil, and are glazed on the inside tricky tray, and the Wurtsboro Art Alliance so water won’t leak through. The Wurtsboro will have an open house offering free craft Board of Trade is supplying acrylic paints and activities for all ages! The ever popular duck race starts at a finishing spray for the exterior of the pots,” 3:00pm. This is an adorable raffle-race where said Patti. The Mamakating Library will host a participants race their rubber ducks down Repair Café with the Mamakating Lioness the roadside after a hydrant has been turned Club offering food for sale. The BashaKill on. “It’s good clean fun and we earmark Area Association will sponsor a live bird the proceeds for our scholarship fund. We show at 1:00pm put on by rescue group also pay prize money for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Ravensbeard at the Wurtsboro Community last place winners,” added Carol. And don’t forget the treasure hunt (get your treasure Church. “The plant sale is firming up nicely! We will map at Veteran’s Park!), a chance to get have spring bulb plants (daffodils, hyacinths, an airbrushed tattoo, a petting zoo, a bouncy etc.,) and frost hearty annuals (pansies, violas, house, and (maybe) even pony rides! As Carol exclaimed, “Wurtsboro rocks!” etc.,) to offer,” said Carol. And don’t forget to

Pick up a FREE packet of seeds at Busy Bee Taxi and help us save the bees! 845- 888- 0888 busybeeca b. com April 2018

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Verdi’s Turning Point & Massenet’s Operatic Jewel LIVE in Loch Sheldrake by Philip Ehrensaft “Verdi’s new musical drama expresses humanity’s permanent states of consciousness in the most direct terms.” Isiah Berlin The Metropolitan Opera will broadcast Giuseppe Verdi’s “turning point” opera, Luisa Miller, to SUNY Sullivan on April 14 at 12:30pm. This “turn” was catalyzed by a drastic change in Italy’s political circumstances. Given Verdi’s central role in Italian opera, his new way of composing operas in collaboration with master librettists impacted opera as an art form within and well beyond Italy’s borders. Above all, the collaboration between Verdi and the poet Salvadore Cammarano produced a smashing musical drama not to be missed. Italy’s role in the attempted and thwarted revolutions that swept across Europe in 1848 was a rebellion against the Austrian Empire’s control over a politically fragmented Italian peninsula. By the time of the thwarted 1848 rebellion, Verdi had ten operas to his name. For an opera commissioned for Naples in 1849, Verdi chose a Schiller play as the launching point for an opera libretto, Kabale und Liebe (Intrigue and Love), which premiered in 1784 as a trenchant critique of the absolutist aristocratic rules of 18th century


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German states via the forbidden love between the son of an aristocrat and the daughter of a commoner officer. An officer, but a commoner none the less. Verdi’s librettist, Cammarano, was quick to see that a straightforward adoption of the Schiller play’s story line and characters would draw a harsh reaction from the royal censors. The resultant libretto focused on the personal travails and emotions of the doomed couple. The critique was certainly there, but the more intimate libretto made it past the censors. An intimate libretto, however, called for a more intimate and nuanced score than we hear, for example, in his earlier opera Macbeth. The music for Macbeth is a music of sharp contrasts and trenchant rhythms. Luisa Miller required a shift in gears. Here’s how the major Verdi scholar of our time, Julien Budden, views this shift: “All writers, beginning with Abramo Basevi, have

April 2018

hailed Luisa Miller (1849) as the opera that inaugurates Verdi’s ‘second manner’ - that in which he abandons the grandiose gestures of his youth for a simpler and quieter style, more suited to the portrayal of ordinary human beings and human emotions.” The Luisa Miller libretto and staging that emerged sets the action in a rural mountain setting of the 17th century, as opposed to the 18th century urban setting of the original Schiller play. This both underlined the aristocracy/commoner divide and, by pushing the setting further away in time and space, was less likely to rattle royal censoring. The production that we’ll see on April 14 transports Luisa Miller to rural mid-19th century England. The music and stagecraft should be quite wonderful, but anachronisms anyone? England at that time was entering phase two of the world’s first Industrial Revolution. Three centuries of enclosures drove England’s peasantry off their farmland and into the nation’s infamous satanic mills. British agriculture was a distinctly modern activity by some of the most advanced farmers on the planet. Jolly old England, which was never jolly in the first place, was long gone by the mid-19th century.

Massenet’s “Cendrillon” Jules Massenet, the dominant opera composer of late 19th century France, premiered Cendrillon, his splendid take on Cinderella, in 1899. Cendrillon was a grand rousing success, both among audiences and critics. Between that fin de siècle year and World War I, Cendrillon’s popularity continued on both sides of the Atlantic. Today this jewel of an opera is, most curiously, a rarity on opera stages, opera recordings, and opera DVD’s. It’s a rarity even in key books by opera experts. It’s a Sherlock Holmes quandary as to why, given audiences’ and performers’ enthusiasm for Cendrillon, this fine opera remains such a rarity. The Met Live in HD Cendrillon will be seen on April 28 at 1:00pm at SUNY Sullivan in Loch Sheldrake. The lead soprano for this production is Joyce DiDonato, with Bertrand de Billy conducting. Tickets at the door.

“Hamlet” Comes Across the Hudson

Anamari Mesa Bonnie Antosh Russell Carpenter Jarrod Bates

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival director Devin Brain describes Shakespeare’s play as “the pre-eminent example of his understanding of humanity and his skill in crafting a tragedy that is both moving and entertaining.” He continues, “the play is as complex as a human being...with an overabundance of fascinating human struggles: politics, revenge, love, legacy, parenthood, morality, and even theater; and beneath all of the rest, this is a play about death.” The modern and contemporary eye of his production has “a company of seven diverse actors playing all roles, with some genderblind casting. The actors never leave the stage during the performance, but sit in chairs on either side of the playing space until their next entrance. The majority of the music is actor generated, using both instruments and other objects on stage,” described Nora Wilcox, the company’s associate director of education. The presentation is both intimate and immediate and fits nicely in the cozy space

Jo’Lisa Jones

James Parenti Simone Stadler

of SUNY Orange’s theatre. The actors easily engage the audience throughout and give the audience an opportunity to interact with a talkback following the performance. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is a professional, non-profit theater company based in Garrison at historic Boscobel. The William and Helen Richards Theatre in Orange Hall is the venue where the Bard’s most famous play will be presented on April 21 at 7:30pm. Come and enjoy while learning Shakespeare in an easy setting! Tickets are reasonably priced. Students are free. The box office opens one hour before the performance at 6:30pm. For tickets online (plus a $2.50 service charge for each ticket) visit: arts_comm/ticketing.shtml Orange Hall is located at the corner of Wawayanda and Grandview Avenues, (GPS: 24 Grandview Avenue), Middletown. For information: 845-341-4891. This performance is sponsored by The Evelyn and John Morrison Advised Fund through the SUNY Orange Foundation.

Sullivan High School Students’ Art Show The Catskill Art Society (CAS) in partnership with SC BOCES, proudly presents the annual CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show, a new exhibition of work by Sullivan County public high school students. This exhibition celebrates the creativity of our region’s youth and showcases the diversity of expression across Sullivan County, presenting the work of high school students from all of the county’s districts (The Center for Discovery, Eldred, Fallsburg, Liberty, Livingston Manor, Monticello, Roscoe, Sullivan BOCES, and Tri-Valley CSD). Visitors will view over three hundred artworks in eleven media categories: Black & White Drawing, Black & White Photography, Ceramics & Glass, Color Drawing, Color Photography, Design, Digital Art, Film & Animation, Mixed Media/ Printmaking, Painting, and Sculpture. CAS puts together an outside jury panel of artists and experts - different each year that award a first and second place ribbon in each category. Blue Ribbon winners receive complimentary enrollment in a CAS art class series and Red Ribbon winners receive a $50 scholarship for any class at the CAS Arts Center through the end of this year. Students will also be invited to CAS to select a Student Prize award in each category as well.

“Self Portrait from Multiple Perspectives” by Julia Batista, Fallsburg High School.

The annual Sullivan County High School Show runs from April 20-May 5 in the wheelchair accessible CAS Arts Center at 48 Main Street, Livingston Manor. CAS and SC BOCES will host a free opening reception on April 21 from 11:00am to 2:00pm. All are welcome and light refreshments will be provided by SC BOCES. Visit or call 845-436-4227 for more information. Funding for CAS is provided in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

April 2018

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Murder at Desmond Campus! It’s 1890 and you’re Café, a professional invited to mingle with repertory company the Vanderbilts and their since 1998, to perform wealthy neighbors, the at Desmond Campus,” Astors, as well as college said Joan McAdam, professor Percy Longfellow. coordinator of Community You’ll be fussed over by Education. loyal butler, Horace, and Was it the professor with fortune-hunting maid, Help crack the case at Desmond! the revolver in the study? Charlene. Katherine Kerry, a society reporter The reporter with the lead pipe in the hallway? on the scene, observes much more than glitz Or did the butler do it? There’s only one way to find out! Be a part of this Hudson Valley and gaiety when she witnesses a murder! An interactive whodunit awaits with mystery at Desmond Campus, 6 Albany Post Murder at the Mansion: A Hudson River Road, Newburgh. Ticket price includes dinner. Seating is Mystery on April 7 at 6:00pm at Mount St. limited. For tickets and to register, call the Mary College’s Desmond Campus. “We are delighted to welcome Murder College at: 845-565-2076.

21st Century Passion Play, Bloomingburg No Greater Love, a vibrant musical drama that celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, will be performed in the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, 17 High Street, Bloomingburg on April 8 at 4:00pm. A reception will follow in the Fr. Forrester Parish Center. Written by Janeen Stevens, Pasqualino Beltempo plays the role of Jesus and Nikki Casseri plays the role of Mary. No Greater Love also features Dorothy Dobkowski, Daniel Gonzalez, Diane Meck, Taylor Sumner, Brandon Schraml, Sam Weigers, and Tony Bartoli on percussion. The Xavier Company, under the direction of Dr. Carol Ferrone and musical direction by Gerard DeMan, is a group of performing artists in residence at St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan. These professionally

trained actors, singers and dancers perform original works focused on themes of faith and social justice. Founded in 1982, the Xavier Company is celebrating its 36th anniversary of performing arts ministry in

the tri-state area. In a review in the Ecumenist, Fr. John Kelly praised No Greater Love for its multicultural cast and he called this production “an impressive and moving rendition of the passion which qualifies as a hymn of reconciliation” because it is free of anti-Semitic overtones found in other Passion plays. In a conversation with the director, Fr. Kelly said, “I have reviewed more than thirty Passion Plays around the world. No Greater Love is one of two that I would recommend.” There is no cost to attend. A free will offering will be taken. Call 845-733-1477 for info.

SUNYO Student & Faculty’s “ARTrageous” Believe it or not multi-faceted course - Spring is officially offerings. The here! And one of the faculty section of the happenings at SUNY show testifies to the Orange that heralds this diversity in skills, season of rebirth is the technique, interests annual student and faculty of, and media used by art show. This year marks these working artists. the 14th consecutive year The exhibit of nearly 300 works is of the annual show. Entitled ARTrageous, “Birds & Boas” & “Fog Mind” by Angela Valk on view in Orange the exhibit collectively celebrates the Hall Gallery April 2-30. Student works are expansive array of creative visual arts at displayed on the main floor while faculty SUNY Orange. Artworks are extremely artworks are exhibited in the Loft. During the opening reception on April 3, varied and include drawing, painting, two dimensional and three dimensional design, from 2:00pm-4:00pm, music students will comic book illustration, collages of mixed showcase their talents; several will perform media; computer graphics; photography solo and in small ensembles. The presentation of the exhibit is a both traditional and digital as well as works in new media. The student artists express combined effort of the professors and staff their talents by sharing their artworks with of the Arts and Communication Department the college community and the community- in cooperation with Cultural Affairs. See ad at-large and in so doing, demonstrate the pg. 27 for location and contact information. 22

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April 2018

Hear Classic Choral Society’s Unheard of Program! “Our focus is the modern-ness of the music, not the ages of the poetry.” “It’s those two Norwegian composers I want our audiences to hear (and love!).” So spaketh Janiece Kohler, the formidable Artistic Director of Classic Choral Society (CCS), “since Walter Latzko passed the CCS baton to me, close to 30 years ago now.” J. Kohler She is speaking about the words of... “St. Augustine of Hippo (born in 354 AD in Algeria) set to music by a Norwegian guy who is younger than anybody in CCS, good ol’ Wm. Shakespeare set to music by a famous contemporary jazz pianist, Rudyard Kipling set to music by Eric Whitacre, St. Augustine and the UK’s Euan Tait set to music by Kim André Arnesen and Ola Gjeilo. Euan Tait’s aim as a librettist is to write words that are a powerful catalyst for music, with strong choral architecture, and which speak in the widest possible way for the spiritual longings of a very diverse society. “I delight in writing for choral composers, and love to offer new words for composers to enjoy shaping into their own music.” ...and she’s speaking about the music of: Kim André Arnesen (b.1980) is a Norwegian composer. Ola Gjeilo was born in Norway in

Volunteers Unite!

anxious to hear her interpretation of Gjeilo’s Ubi Caritas that the composer had transcribed from his own piano improvisation.” Ubi Caritas was originally an a cappella piece, a hymn of the Western Church, long used as one of the antiphons for the washing of feet on Maundy Thursday. The original a capella Gregorian melody was composed sometime between the R. Schempf J. B. Hall B. Powers A. Reed 4th and 10th centuries, though some 1978 and moved to the U.S. in 2001 to begin scholars believe the text dates from early his composition studies at the Juilliard School. Christian gatherings before the formalization His setting of the Gloria from the Latin Mass of the Mass. will be performed for the women’s chorus Joining Ruthanne to make four piano hands and 4-hand piano. “Bill Powers is the tenor for Gjeilo’s Gloria is Jonathan B. Hall, saxophone soloist on Gjeilo’s Evening Prayer new Minister of Music at Goshen’s First (it calls for improvisation on his part, too).” Presbyterian Church, sure to become another Eric Whitacre writes, “The White Seal is Hudson Valley favorite,” Kohler concluded. a beautiful story, classic Kipling, dark and And that’s not all! “There’s the Bard’s rich and not at all condescending to kids. Songs and Sonnets by the blind Jazz piano Best of all, Kipling begins his tale with the legend Sir George Shearing for chorus, piano mother seal singing softly to her young pup. and string bass, with Analise Reed on bass.” I was struck so deeply by those first beautiful The CCS Spring Concerts are at St. Paul’s words, and a simple, sweet Disney-esque United Methodist Church, 58 W. Main song just came gushing out of me.” Street, Middletown, April 28 at 7:00pm... “Piano is a BIG part throughout our ...and Blooming Grove United Church program,” continued Kohler. “Hudson Valley of Christ, 2 Old Dominion Road, Blooming favorite Ruthanne Schempf is the featured Grove, May 6 at 4:00pm. Admission is free, pianist. She’s not merely serving as an good will donations are welcomed. accompanist - that’s for sure. I’m especially Call 845-845-713-4543 for information.

Natalie E. Robles has been chosen as the winner of the 2018 Newburgh Volunteer Fair Poster Contest. A member of Newburgh Girl Power, Natalie’s poster will be used as the official poster promoting the upcoming Newburgh Volunteer Fair. The winning poster, along with those of finalists, is currently on display in the Community Gallery at Washington’s Headquarters. They remain on view through the Newburgh Volunteer Fair, April 28, 11:00am-3:00pm being held at Washington’s Headquarters. In the course of the day, participating organizations will hopefully recruit interested and eager volunteers to further assist in community endeavors. It is also an opportunity to network with other organizations, and learn about all the positive and important work being done to strengthen the community of Newburgh. For information, visit or call 845-562-1195.

Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy at SUNYO “This is your brain on nature.” How much do you know about ecopsychology and ecotherapy? Did you know there’s an emerging field of academic study in the restorative and healing power of nature? On April 5, at 7:00pm, SUNY Orange Assistant Professor Christine Henderson will speak on Ecotherapy: The Healing and Restorative Power of Nature. The lecture will explain the latest research concerning the relationship between psychology and nature, focusing on the changes that take place in the brain as a result of time in nature, while also addressing its treatment

efficacy and practical applications. Henderson’s talk will demonstrate to attendees her strong interest in and knowledge of environmental psychology and ecopsychology. A SUNY Orange Alumna, she went on to earn her BA and MS in Psychology at Adelphi University, and is currently working toward an MA in Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies at Empire State College. The lecture takes place in SUNY Orange’s Kaplan Hall, at the corner of Grand and First Streets, Newburgh. See ad pg. 27 for parking and contact info.

April 2018

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“Klezmer Meets Gospel” in Ellenville Saints of Swing, led by David Winograd on upright bass/electric bass and tuba, features vocalist Miss Rene Bailey, Dale Demarco on sax/clarinet/ vocals, Barry Bryson, trumpet/vocals, Ken Foy, trombone/vocals, Peter Tomlinson, piano/ accordion, and Larry Balestra, drums. The band usually specializes in eclectic and electric selections of foot-tappin’ swing

classics, jazz, and R&B...but, on April 19 at 7:30pm, Klezmer Meets Gospel when the Saints of Swing along with Miss Rene Bailey and Richie Steger perform at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 40 Market Street, Ellenville, for a new monthly series titled Music on Market. Tickets at the door. See ad on page 23.

“Nature Admired” in Highland Mills British born artist Linda palette, her fascination with the Lynton now lives in Woodstock detailed use of line from Persian after a career as a writer and and Moghul miniatures, and the editor in New York City. She British botanical art tradition. returned to her first love, art, in She uses naturally occurring 2013, focusing on the natural materials and colors - natural world in the Hudson Valley and dyes in ink drawings, and the northeastern coast. traditional ingredients in oils. Her deep respect for nature Visit the Rushmore Memorial began early, with childhood Branch of the Woodbury visits to local forests, Public Library, 16 Route 105, Highland Mills, where Linda is coastlines and mountains that the featured artist for the month later expanded to hiking the Himalayas and exploring remote “Oak Leaves” by L. Lynton of April. A reception for her locations in the Near East and South Asia. All exhibit of inks and oils, titled Nature Admired, have influenced her work - her use of color will be held on April 7 from Noon-2:00pm. For information: 845-928-6162. originates from India with its vibrant tropical

A Photographic Journey Through Taos George J Nicholson and wonder of this studied photographic legendary southwestern science while majoring destination. in visual design. A Nicholson’s lens chance encounter with alights upon a freethe mystic photographer flowing, cross-section MinorWhite, who taught of subject matter, unorthodox approaches ranging from the to photography, textural play of light profoundly affected on adobe structures, Nicholson’s creative awe inspiring cloud vision. Returning to the formations, visions discipline of creative of community, to photography after a breathtaking mountain successful career as creek studies. Meet a corporate graphic “Numinous Portal” by George J Nicholson the photographer at the designer, George has expanded upon White’s opening reception on April 8 at 1:30pm. methods, emphasizing the psychological, “George Nicholson’s camera wants to drink spiritual dimensions inherent in the medium in the whole of the western sky. It wants to and using the camera as an inner-work tool. lick the stucco churches and inhale the high Many of George’s projects are triggered by green pastures. It wants to sing to the streams dreams or by following the slender threads and kiss the invisible soul. It wants us to see of synchronicity. His work tends to center Taos as a waking dream of our own.” - Will around themes of personal transformation Nixon, Mid-Hudson author and poet. and the cycle of the Mid-Hudson Valley Three editions of the book TAOS JOURNEY: seasons, taking the form of books, exhibitions High Desert Photographs will be on display and short films. and for sale during the opening and closing On exhibit April 3-27 at the Albert receptions. A closing reception and book Wisner Public Library is Nicholson’s TAOS signing takes place on April 27, at 5:00pm. JOURNEY: High Desert Portraits of Time. The Wisner Library is located at 1 This show offers viewers a unique glimpse McFarland Drive, Warwick. into the wide-ranging spectrum of spirit Call 845-986-1047 for information.

Attention Art (& Food!) Lovers: Enjoy viewing artworks by the “4 Pastelists” who are showing their work at Leo’s Cornwall location through April!


Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

April 2018

Young People’s Chorus (& Dance, too!) Founder and Artistic Director of the multipleaward-winning Young People’s Chorus (YPC), Francisco J. Nunez, was recently named as the 2018 Educator of the Year by Musical America, the oldest American magazine on The Young People’s Chorus Francisco J. Nunez classical music. The YPC was founded by Nunez in 1988, from the Broadway stage, and many surprises, and is described by Opera News as “One of complete with show-stopping choreography. P.L.A.Y. (Peace, Love, Art, You!) the New York City’s artistic treasures.” As the universal language, music is used to unite Classics was instituted in 2016 as a children of different economic, racial and partnership with Bethel Woods Center for religious backgrounds, as they work together, the Arts. According to Darlene Fedun, weaving complex harmonies and riveting Chief Executive Officer at Bethel Woods, choreography into superb performances. the program provides “specific emphasis on “Bringing our young people together, so reaching young adults in Sullivan County to that they’re ready for a multicultural concept introduce a love and appreciation of classical of life, and sounds and rhythms, is...what music to new audiences and youth.” The performance will take place in the Young People’s Chorus is trying to do,” says Event Gallery at Bethel Woods on April Nunez. Celebrating a quarter century of 22 at 3:00pm. The concert will be preceded international musical excellence in the by an introduction to the music, and will be Catskills, the Shandelee Music Festival followed by a specialty dessert reception. More information about the SMF, along (SMF) will begin its 25th anniversary year festivities with a P.L.A.Y. the Classics concert with an opportunity to become a member, by the YPC. The Chorus will perform An sponsor a concert and purchase tickets, is Afternoon of Choral Artistry, a program of available by visiting or choral classics featuring spirituals, songs by calling 845-439-3277.

Photography, Sculpture, & Collage

Photograph by Peter Kopher

“Morocco” by Frank Shuback

Peter A. Kopher worked in television production for 40 years. He now spends his time pursuing his passion for photography. A mixture of abstracts, architecture, landscapes and found objects, his photographs include out-of-the-ordinary details that might not normally be noticed. Frank Shuback has exhibited in countless venues in the Hudson Valley and New York State. His sculptures are the visual expression of his life. “I work for clarity and precision, yet the work must finally be mysterious and unusual,” says Frank. Richard Weber has been creating art for over fifty years. Regardless of the medium, he has always made and returned to images of faces. In his upcoming exhibit at Amity Gallery, he will show paper masks that were

Work by Richard Weber

made using a wax resist method. A second series features faces made from clay, which allows a certain level of relief and texture, and the third series depicts faces made using found objects. He collects and assembles wood, metal and plastic objects to build these wall sculptures. Three Different Tracks, an exhibit of sculpture by Frank Shuback, photography by Peter Kopher and collage by Richard Weber takes place at Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Road, Warwick, weekends from Noon-4:00pm throughout April. A reception will be held on April 7, from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Poet Donna Spector will give a short reading of poems relating to art during the opening reception. For information, call 845-258-0818.

April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


“Little” Sammy Davis

November 28, 1928 ~ February 16, 2018 “Little Sammy Davis lived, breathed and loved music. And especially making people happy with music. Which is the power of the LUV he had for others, expressed through his total enjoyment to be the person who was able to bring that joy-love to ALL that had heard/seen him. We love and miss Little Sammy Davis. But his SPIRIT AND MUSIC is still, and will forever be, with us.” - Joe Louis Walker, Blues Hall of Fame musician & Robin Poritzky Walker “One time Sammy and the band - that’s Midnight Slim featuring Little Sammy Davis - were doing a local club gig in Middletown when this young college girl comes up to Sammy and says, “Excuse me, are you Little Sam Davis who used to play with Earl Hooker and use to jam with Muddy Waters back in Chicago? and Sammy says, “Yeah,” because he was known as “Little Sammy Davis”, “Little Sam Davis” “Harmonica Sam Davis” and so on, so the girl tells Sammy that his name was the answer to one of the questions on her college final! Sammy gets


Delaware & Hudson CANVAS

a slightly confused look on his face and comes out with: “You know...the older I gets the more I learns about myself,” as straight faced as can be! He was dead serious! “And then there’s that time we were driving right through a flood and almost got washed away but Sammy - always looking at the bright side - yells out, “Hey! Let’s go fishing!” “A humble, beautiful soul...nothing ever went to his head, he loved people and wanted to be right in it with them. “I’ll never forget we (Sammy, myself and the band) were on a show with Leon Redbone. After the show Leon called Sammy in to his tiny little horse trailer and they start singing off of each other trading off and singing together, it was so beautiful... Sammy had no idea who this wild dude was but Leon sure knew fun when he saw it in the way of Sammy...” - Fred Scribner of Midnight Slim “Sammy showed up at The Sidetrack one Sunday and was part of the family ever after. He had a joy to his nature and music, but he was dead serious and could cut heads

April 2018

with the best. Chicago, I guess...loved that MAN.” - Andy Follette, musician “Little Sam Davis was the epitome of the understated musician. In all the times I played with, and heard him, I don’t think he played even one note too many. Something

I’ve strived to do, and often failed. He was a great mentor, just by being who he was. He was a big influence on me personally and professionally.” - Petey Hop, musician CANVAS thanks Fern Franke of The Falcon for her kind assistance.

SUNY Apprentice Players: “Durang’d” DURANG’d is an evening of 10 one-act plays by Christopher Durang, one of America’s most original and funniest contemporary playwrights. “Hilarious and gleefully disturbing, Christopher Durang’s writing is full of wit and mischief.” - Sigourney Weaver. Durang (see photo) is relentlessly entertaining whether his play is a stylish burlesque of other playwrights or a vitriolic challenge to the myths of organized religion, the American family, and parenthood - in short, all our most closely-held assumptions. The SUNY Orange Apprentice Players will present DURANG’d on stage at the William and Helen Richards Theatre at Orange Hall on the Middletown campus of SUNY Orange during the weekends of April 6-8 and 13-15.

Under the direction of SUNY Orange theatre professor David Cohen, DURANG’d will enjoy a six-performance run. There will be a talk-back with the director and cast following each Saturday evening performance. Some content may not be suitable for children. Everyone is required to have a ticket to enter the theatre, regardless of age. Active duty military are admitted free. Student tickets are available at the box office only. All other tickets may be purchased in advance online at (for a $2.50 service charge per ticket). The William and Helen Richards Theatre at Orange Hall is universally accessible. Parking is available at the intersection of Wawayanda and Grandview Avenues. For information, call 845-341-4790.

Guitarist Performs at Florida Library Marc Mathelier is a refreshing alternative to today’s standard performances. His music takes us on romantic and exotic voyages that celebrate love and life. Beginning to play the guitar at age eleven, Mathelier is a versatile musician with a repertoire ranging from baroque to fusion-alternative, new age to easy listening and classical to jazz standards on a nylon string guitar. As he tastefully arranges and creates each

piece of music, Marc successfully maintains an introspective mood throughout his performance. His mastery of the guitar and his variety of styles make him a virtuoso. The Florida Public Library, 2 Cohen Circle, welcomes solo guitarist Marc Mathelier on April 5 at 6:00pm. Enjoy dessert and stay for the music! Open to all ages. Admission is free. For information: 845-651-7659.

Food! Glorious (& Healthy) Food! Holly Shelowitz is a Culinary Nutrition Educator and Chef and Certified Nutrition Counselor who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Professional Training Program in Manhattan. For her April lecture, Shelowitz will explore true nourishment of body and mind. How to have delicious nourishing food on your table and in your life with healthy eating and by cooking with good, fresh ingredients that don’t break the bank and preparation is not

time-consuming. Shelowitz will present a live cooking demonstration as she prepares a delicious dish and shares her recipe. Of course, you will get to taste her creation! She will present Creating a Rhythm in your Kitchen ~ Culinary Nutrition ~ a lecture with demonstration on April 18 at 7:00pm in Kaplan Hall, OBTC Great Room 101, on the Newburgh campus of SUNY Orange. See ad this page for location and more info.

Lobby at The Ritz: Slam Allen Joe Mack is a native “Newburghian”, born and bred. He worked with Safe Harbors of the Hudson back in 201617 on a photography project. Recently retired, Joe decided he wanted to do something for Newburgh, the local music community, and Safe Harbors. Joe’s vision was to bring live blues music back to Broadway, create some buzz and get some foot traffic going again in lower Newburgh. Reaching out to the local best blues bands, Joe got six individuals to help out by performing in the Safe Harbors Lobby at the Ritz. A fundraiser for Safe Harbors and a friend-raiser for the Blues!

Slam Allen played drums for the soul band The Allen Brothers and later learned guitar from his father and uncle. Today, with six albums to his credit, Slam crisscrosses the globe playing his blues, soul, and R&B, (with a touch of rock & roll!) all over festivals from Argentina to Italy to Florida, from Switzerland to Chicago, and beyond. See Slam Allen perform on April 27 at 7:00pm at the Lobby at The Ritz, 107 Broadway, Newburgh. No opening act and no intermission. Visit or call the Box Office at: 845-784-1199.

HV Science Cafe: “To Bee or Not To Bee” Hudson Valley Science Cafe has completed their 10th year! “I knew that I would soon be giving up my tenured Professor position at NYU, and I was looking for some way to transition to using my background to communicate with the public,” explained creator, Toby Rossman, Ph.D., (photo left). “I learned about Science Cafes from an article in the New York Times that described a Science Cafe in San Francisco. The first Science Cafe was in England in 1998, and they are now all over the world. “Communicating with the public is especially important today when we are dealing with a government that refuses to use knowledge in making important decisions.

To one trained in science, it is especially bizarre.” The April 25 presentation, To Bee or Not To Bee: Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Bee Decline, will be given by John McLaughlin, Ph.D., Research Entomologist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA (retired). “We meet at La Casa Vicina, 1015 Little Britain Road, New Windsor. Arrive around 6:00pm if you want to order dinner. We will have a special menu, and you can order until 6:45pm. No orders will be taken during the presentation (7:15pm-8:30pm - sometimes later). The low fee includes coffee or tea.” Visit the Hudson Valley Science Cafe’s Facebook page for more information. April 2018

Delaware & Hudson CANVAS


Bollywood at the Hurleyville Arts Centre! Hindi cinema, often metonymously referred to as Bollywood, is the Indian Hindilanguage film industry, based in the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Maharashtra, India. Bollywood the term being a portmanteau of Bombay and Hollywood. Most Bollywood films are musicals, which contain beautiful and elaborate dance numbers. The Hurleyville Arts Centre (HAC) is presenting a Bollywood Dance Class with Sahiba Ahluwalia exploring the world of Bollywood dance as well as India’s beautiful

and vibrant culture. Routines will encompass everything from classical and folk dancing to a more fusion-based style, combining traditional steps with western and contemporary movements. Classes will include a warmup, and stretching/strengthening exercises. This is an open level class that welcomes all! Join in on the Bollywood fun on April 8 from 1:00-2:30pm in the HAC Ballroom, 219 Main Street, Hurleyville. For tickets: 845-707-8047.

Count the Beans in Ellenville! The final chapter for Shadowland Stages’ winterspring film matinee series is on April 7 at 2:00pm. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello turn a fairy tale favorite into a merry musical comedy as they star with boxing champion Buddy Baer in Jack and the Beanstalk. Filmed in SuperCineColor, the film features lovely songs, hilarious byplay by Bud and Lou and, of course, the obligatory chase finale. Also being shown is Bob McKimson’s Merrie Melodie cartoon Goo Goo Goliath, The Three Stooges in Feulin’ Around and the final

chapter of The Adventures of Captain Marvel. “We continue to present our events on celluloid rather than use digital projection. Even our annual Sponsor Salute Short is presented on film,” said curator Ray Faiola. “And we are having a ‘Count the Magic Beans’ contest, the winner of which will be announced at the Jack and the Beanstalk screening. The winner will be awarded two tickets to any Shadowland Stages 2018 Main Stage production!” Shadowland Stages is located at 157 Canal Street, Ellenville. Call 845-647-5511.

GWL Library’s Artist of the Month A self-taught artist living in New Jersey, Jennifer Leonard works with a multitude of mediums. Her art goes through “phases” which include pen & ink, acrylics, calligraphy, paper tearing, photography, watercolor and, currently, wood burning (pyrogrophy). Jennifer’s pieces have been shown all over New Jersey and New York. She received a number of first place awards for her work, and has been involved in many art endeavors

including a recycling can project to help beautify West Milford, a photograph project for the West Milford Camera Club, and for decorating a Bear at the West Milford “175 Year Float Celebration.” She also placed second at Wallisch Property for her wood burning work. The Greenwood Lake Public Library, 79 Waterstone Road, will feature the work of artist Jennifer Leonard for the month of April. For info: 845-477-8377, ext. 104

“Sketching the Soul” in Goshen

Chelsea Logan is an directs. artist struggling with The cast also features the conflict between David Camacho, Nancy her growing celebrity Heimbuecher, Crystal and her Amish Von Oesen, Emma upbringing, which Jorgensen, and Tim she left behind to Anderson. Marianne pursue her ambition, J. Beveridge D. Camacho E. Jorgensen Ciuffetelli is Assistant and which she neglected to mention to her Director. boyfriend Mike, new friends and colleagues. The show runs April 14-29 at the Goshen Cornerstone Theatre Arts presents Music Hall, 223 Main St., (2nd floor walkup). Sketching the Soul in which Jess Beveridge Reservations required: 845-294-4188. leads a cast of six colorful and complex 10% discount on dinner before or after characters in a beautiful, comedic/dramatic the show at Delancey’s, Il Limoncello, or play written by Jaqueline Lynch. Ken Tschan FETCH restaurants. 28

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April 2018

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