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Commonwealth Youth Forum 2013


Dance floor Diplomacy

Results are Out!

CYF Musings


Ms.NilanthiSug athadasa (Add itional Secreta Ministry of Yo ry, uth and Skills Development)


think CYF is a great opportun ity for youth in monwealth to the Comget together an d share their ex ences, values an perid talents and for Sri Lankan showcase thei Youth to r achievements . So far CYF 20 great and I’m 13 has been really looking fo rward for the days. next few

Lalith PiyumPerera the Director General Chairman of National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka


YF so far has been a great experience. The discussions have been very insightful. I was particularly impressed by the discussions that took place on gender. I believe that CYF would be a create a great platform that would enable the youth of the Commonwealth to participate in constructive dialogue and engage with their governments.

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Pulasthi Harasgama


CYF Musings Another bright day in the rapidly developing city of Hambantota and the doors to the majestic hall of the ICC open. Foreign and Sri Lankan dignitaries walk in together with the delegates of the Commonwealth. It’s brilliant being here. There is such a feeling of energy in the air like an exposed electric wire. Walking through the lobby, you don’t see people lounging about with no work to do. These days, it’s as if the ICC is a hive and everyone is a busy bee. And those that seem idle, they’re talking to new people and making friends. People here interact, they socialise. Sitting in the main conference hall, you can smell the potential, along with the fancy perfumes. Every single person here has seen something that you haven’t. Everyone has something new to say. You speak to someone and hey, a few megabytes worth of valuable information is in your head unlike conversations where after a couple of minutes you feel drained. But you find bumps on the road; sometimes people seem lost. Some seem to be here on a vacation instead of doing something productive. Some seem to be here only for the elections, focusing strictly on distributing leaflets and giving oh so motivational and inspiring speeches. The Commonwealth stands for something that is worth working towards. The elections are a part of that; granting people with the necessary power to

make changes that are relevant and are towards a positive cause. But you get the gist of what I’m saying, contribute towards the Forum with positive ideas. Taking part in this, whether you’re delivering an impassioned speech on a podium to a diverse audience or whether you’re one of the volunteers just helping out wherever you can, it’s simply an insane experience. And for Sri Lanka to be hosting this, it’s a positive sign for the country. It’s done great things for the city of Hambantota. I just want to give a message to everyone here at the Youth Forum; this is a chance that many yearn for and so, do not waste it. Use up every moment to learn something new and then pass it along. Every individual here is incredibly gifted. Learn from them. Like Ellie Seckold said at the opening ceremony, ‘Look to your left. Now look to your right. You might be staring at the next Prime Minister or President of a country.’ #RESPECT Pansilu Sannasgala

Results are Out!


Chairperson: Ahmed Adamu from Nigeria Vice Chairperson (Policy, Advocacy & Projects): Sudharshana Lakshmi from India Vice Chairperson (Partnerships & Resources): Sadham Zarjahan from Sri Lanka Vice Chairperson (Inclusion & Engagement): Mohamed Husni from Sri Lanka Regional Representative – Africa & Europe: Kiziah Philbert from Kenya Regional Representative – Asia: Tharika Dileepani from Sri Lanka Regional Representative – Caribbean & Americas: Royden Beharry from Grenada Regional Representative – Pacific: Harry James from Solomon Islands Representative – Special Interest Groups: Wathsala Samarakoon from Sri Lanka

Dance floor Diplomacy







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“Some delegates a re also reported to have picked up English accents in the pas t couple of days ;) “

That’s it for now. Cheers! Senel Wanniarachchi


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Edited By Senel Wanniarachchi Photographed by Rasika Sanjeewa Official Photographer at Sri Lanka Youth-National Youth Services Council

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CYF 9-Official News Letter From The CYF 2013  
CYF 9-Official News Letter From The CYF 2013  

Published By: CYF 213 ICT unit 2013 (12-11-2014)