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fm< .eiau 目录 Contents 40 years Reform Exhibition Page 05

Remarks at the Photo Exhibition of 40 years of Reform and Opening Policy of China Page 07

Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Page 08

Jinan Hosts International Conference on Spring Cultural Landscape Page 10

Shaoshan - Birthplace of Mao Zedong Page 11

Ökfha§ ,shejqKq lú 1987 ish m%:u Ök ixpdrfha§ bkaødkkao wfífialr uy;d ,shQ lú lsysmhls Page 12

兰卡历史文化 | 远望东土-狮子国的乡愁 “法显去汉地积年,所与交接悉异域人,山川草木,举目无 旧,又同行分析,或留或亡,顾影唯已,心常怀悲。忽于 此玉 像边,见商人以晋地一白绢扇供养,不觉凄然,泪下 满目。 ”

Page 13

Ök o¾YKjdoh wi;Hhla fkdj fï i;H fõ Page 15

“Maximum Pressure” Campaign Won’t Work on China Page 16

How To Attract More Chinese Tourists to Sri Lanka? Page 17

;%sNdId-oaù udislh | Trilingual-Bi Monthly | 三语 双月刊

Volume 01 | Issue 03 - July - Sep

What Is Really Happening In Xinjiang Page 18

zÖk levm; iÕrdjZ ðkdka uyck fldka.%ia iNdfõ Wm wOHlaIsldjg msßkuhs Page 20

Ökfha áfngh 3 fldgi Page 21

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Ökfha iq¿ cd;slfhda ukapQ cd;slfhda Page 29

Ök NdIdj bf.k .ksuq fojk fldgi Page 31

wisßu;a Ök foaYh Page 32

Memories of Opening Ceremony of the Sri Lanka Cultural Week in Beijing-2018 Page 35

China-gifted Frigate arrived at Colombo Page 40 China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;


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;%sNdId-oaù udislh | Trilingual-Bi Monthly | 三语 双月刊

Volume 01 | Issue 03 - July - Sep

úOdhl ixialdrl Executive Editor bkaødkkao wfífialr Indrananda Abeysekera WmfoaYl jre Consultants ohd Y%S kf¾kaø rdcmlaI Daya Sri Narendra Rajapaksha

jir 70 lg fmr iNdm;s udò ;afia;=x uy;d iudc jdoh (Socialism) ms<sn| Ñka;kh bÈßm;a lf<ah' wk;=rej fcHIag kdhl f;x ishdò msx uy;d Ök ,laIKfhka fyì iudcjdoh y÷kajd ÿkafkah' (Socialism with Chinese Characteristics) tfukau fyf;u m%;sixialrKh yd újD; m%;sm;a;sh (Reform and opening Policy) bÈßm;a lf<ah' ðhdx ;afiañka uy;d úiska y÷kajd fokq ,enqfõ ;=ka ksrEmKhhs' (Three represents) iqix.; iudch (Harmonious Society) iy úoHd;aul ixj¾Okh (Scientific Development) ms<sn| ixl,am bÈßm;a lf<a yQ ðka;dò uy;dh' j;auka ckdêm;s IS ðkamsx uy;d" Ökfha isyskh" (Chinese Dream) ;Srhla yd udj;la uq,msreu (Belt & Road Initiative) iy kj hq.hla i|yd jk Ök ,laIKfhka fyì iudcjdoh (Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for News Era) hk ixl,am bÈßm;a lrkq wmg oel.; yels úh' tod iNdm;s udò ;afia;=x uy;d bÈßm;a l< —iudcjdoh˜ ms<sn| ixl,amfha isg wo ckdêm;s IS ðka mska uy;d bÈßm;a l< —kj hq.hla i|yd jk Ök ,laIKfhka fyì iudcjdoh˜ olajd Ökh .uka .;af;a iEu Ök kdhlhkau bÈßm;a l< úúO ixl,amo rfÜ iudc yd wd¾Ól ixj¾Okh i|yd Ndú;d lrñkah' tu jir 70 ;=, Ökh ,enQ id¾:l;ajh uyd ixj¾Ok f,dalhg we;aoelSï rdYshla ;s<sK lr ;sfí' rfÜ md,k j.lSï orK ish¨ fokdu W.;=ka fj;s' Tjqka ;ukag wod< lafIa;%h ;=< nqoaêu;a yd keKj;a Ndjfhka Yla;s iïmkak ù ;sfí' ck;dj fmrg f.k hEu iEu md,lfhl= i;= wNs,dIho fõ'

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4 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

40 years Reform Exhibition China – Sri Lanka Relations

Speech made by Dr. Harsha De Silva, State Minister of National Policies Economics Affairs at the Ceremony to 40 Years Reform Exhibition Organized by ASLCSCC at BMICH (16 August 2019)

Last December marked the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and up. Since then, the world has borne witness to China’s remarkable rise from the centrally-planned agricultural state to an industrial powerhouse. I imagine that in 1978, few people, including Deng Xiaoping himself, could have imagined the significance of these reforms that would set China on an unalterable course of shaping geo-politics of the 21st century. But today, Just 40 years later, we can

unequivocally agree that Deng Xiaoping’s vision for China has been realized. Today China is one of the largest economies in the world, and a formidable global power in international politics. China’s revolutionary change has given the world many reasons to look to and learn from the Chinese development story. After all, the country’s transformation is unprecedented: in just 40 years, China’s share in the world economy rose from 1.5 percent in 1978 to 15 percent in 2017, and its per capita income increased 25-fold from 300 U.S. dollars in 1978 to 7,300 dollars (nominal) in that same time period. Moreover, the country has achieved food security, and lifted over 800 million people out of poverty. China’s rapid growth has ensured that Chinese citizens live immeasurably higher quality of lives than most people around the world. This is no small feat.

In fact, Sri Lanka bore witness to these benefits even in the decades prior to the country’s reform and opening up. Sri Lanka was one of the first noncommunist countries to enter in to bi-lateral trade relations with China, despite sanctions placed on the country by the West. in as early as 1952, China and Sri Lanka entered into the landmark ‘Rubber-Rice Pact’. Under this agreement, Sri Lanka imported nearly 27,00o metric tons of rice and exported over 50,000 metric tons of rubber to China. The pact continued well into the 1998 – for nearly 30 years – underscoring its value to both countries. Given its long running history, the pact is still widely considered to be – in the words of the late imminent Sri Lankan Economist Dr. Saman Kelegama – “one of the most Successful and durable South – South trade agreements in the world” And this was only the beginning of the China-Sri Lanka story. In the years after 1978, Sri Lanka continued to reap the benefits of China’s reform and opening up, particularly in the areas of trade and investment. As China’s economy grew, so did Sri Lanka’s exports to the Chinese markets. Sri Lanka has been a beneficiary of China’s “going out policies” Chinese aid was indelible to helping Sri Lanka rebuild after the Tsunami, and it goes

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;


without saying that Chinese investments have been immeasurably valuable to Sri Lanka post-Conflict economic development. But have again we must Encourage great equity investment rather than left

Lessons And as we ourselves looks toward a future of sustained economic growth, there are numerous lessons that Sri Lanka. and other developing countries, can draw from the Chinese development experience. Foremost among which is the enormous potential that lies in economic Liberalization as coup rehearsal described by porf de silva In Sri Lanka, there still remains great apprehension over diminishing protectionism. These fears have been compounded by special interest groups and the spread of misinformation. But, China’s Story stands as a testament to the value of integration and engagement with the international community. More Specifically, Sri Lanka can also learn from China’s experimental and gradualist approach to economic

6 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

development, which is best encapsulated by Deng Xiaoping’s famous saying: “Crossing the river by feeling the stones” This unique approach, which enabled China to experiment is Special Economic Zones, and promote free trade and privatization in certain and industries as a valuable model for the rest of the world.

Looking Ahead There is little doubt that, in the coming decades, both China and Sri Lanka will continue to reap the benefits of mutual cooperation. Sri Lanka’s Participation in the belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Sri Lanka’s strategic position in the Indian Ocean opens up many opportunities for the Country, Which we hope to leverage over the next few years to propel development. Currently, 85% of China’s 85% of China’s energy imports from the Middle East and mineral resources from Africa transit through regional ports, which includes Hambantota. in the future, Sri Lanka will look to develop the necessary infrastructure to create value addition. Cooperation between China and Sri Lanka will also

be crucial in the development of the Hambantota and other industrial Zones which will generate employment and bring new technology as well as help the country to plug into regional production networks. The Asian development Bank estimates that Asia needs investment of up to $ 1.7 trillion per year in infrastructure until 2030 to keep up its growth momentum. Sri Lanka will certainly look to the BRI to fill in these investment gaps. Sri Lanka is also willing to develop stronger partnership with China in spheres beyond trade and investments – to enhance regional security, combat terrorism and support solutions to climate Change. China is already active in these areas, and we are ready to support your efforts there. As an Asian island – nation, we are committed to expanding cooperation between our two countries, even when we encounter differences. We do so in the understanding that when we work to advance our mutual interests, We do so for the benefit of both our Countries, Our people, and the rest of the Asian region.

Remarks at the Photo Exhibition of 40 years of Reform and Opening Policy of China

By H.E. Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan (Colombo, August 16, 2019) In December 1978, under the great leadership of Mr. Deng Xiaoping and the Communist Party, China began the great journey of reform and opening-up. As President Xi Jinping has noted, “The reform and opening-up is a great revolution in the history of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation”. During the past four decades, the Chinese people, with tremendous efforts, have overcome huge challenges, and written a great poet of development! From 1978 to 2018, China achieved an annual economic growth of 9.4% for 40 years, with a GDP from 300 billion Yuan to 90 trillion Yuan, GDP per capita from 300 Yuan to 65,000 sixty-five thousand Yuan, urbanization from 18% to 60%, and the life expectancy from 67 to 77 years old. It is more significant that over 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty, and over 1.3 billion people have reached a well-off life. The Reform and Opening-up has not just brought a new look of China, but also largely impacted the world as a whole. China has been connecting its own development to the historic progress of all human kind, sharing development opportunities with other countries, participating in multilateral platforms including UN and WTO, and proposing the Belt and Road Initiative.

China can not progress in isolation from the rest of the world; the world also needs China to prosper. China’s economy growth has kept contributing more than 30% to the global economy growth for many years. China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of the international order. Sri Lanka is at the center of international trade in Indian Ocean, and currently faces an important period of political, economic and social reforms. As a good neighbor, good friend and good partner of Sri Lanka, China sincerely hopes that the two countries can learn and support each other, to realize common development and benefit the two peoples of our countries.

That leads to the purpose of today’s event: to share with our Sri Lanka friends about the journey and experience of the reform and opening-up we have been through. Media friends often say “A photo is worth a thousand words”. It will be my honor and pleasure this afternoon, to invite you going through these important photos together, to review the splendid history together, and to dream about the future of our two countries’ common development together. I am confident that the road to reform is endless, and the door to openness is getting wider. Best wishes to the success of the commemoration and exhibiton, and the prosperity of China and Sri Lanka!

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;


Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Founded on July 15, 1981, the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (The BPAFFC) is a Beijing-based nongovernmental organization for international people-to-people exchanges. The Association aims to facilitate building a prosperous and harmonious world through joint efforts between the people of Beijing and those of the world. For this purpose, the BPAFFC enhances mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples, promotes exchanges and cooperation, and strengthens the friendly ties between the city of Beijing and those around the world. The BPAFFC is governed by a council consisting of institutional members and invited members. The institutional members are the social organizations committed to non-

8 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

governmental exchanges; the invited members are the individuals from all walks of life who are devoted to people-to-people contacts. The council is changed every five years. It is now the seventh council with more than 100 members. The council elects the president, executive vice president, vice presidents and secretary general. The executive meeting, composed of the president, executive vice president, vice presidents and secretary general, shall exercise its functions and power during the intersessional period. The BPAFFC invites venerable individuals to serve as the honorary president, and those who contribute greatly to Beijing's international peopleto-people friendly exchanges to be honorary council members both from home and abroad. The BPAFFC mainly serves to

establish and develop friendly relations with organizations and people from all walks of life in the capitals and cities of other countries and regions; to bring into play the characteristic advantages of non-governmental friendly contacts to promote people-topeople exchanges; and to hold international non-governmental activities in the fields of culture, sports, education, science and technology, economy and trade, etc. Up to now, the BPAFFC has conducted exchange activities with more than 220 organizations in more than 70 countries. I. Promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. Answering the call for building a community with a shared destiny, the BPAFFC organizes cultural tours themed on the Belt and Road. It has held events featuring Chinese calligraphy and painting, Peking Opera, intangible cultural heritage, folk handicrafts, as well as pictures of Chinese scenery, cultural relics and Buddhism in countries in the world. In addition, the BPAFFC helps more foreign friends know about traditional Chinese culture, including Chinese tea, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Chinese calligraphy and painting, kite, paper mache, tai chi, Chinese cuisine and

festival customs. It has also organized exhibitions and exchange events on music, pictures, paintings, cultural relics, agriculture, food, among others, in more than 20 countries on five continents, as well as themed events such as "Chinese Culture Week" and "Beijing Culture Week" in more than 10 countries.

Since then the Forum has been held every two years. It serves as a bridge for international people-to-people exchanges and enhances the understanding and friendship among people around the world. Up to now, more than 150 international organizations from nearly 100 countries have participated in the Forum.

II. Launch and organize the "Beijing in My Eyes" series of non-governmental exchange events. The BPAFFC has actively carried out a variety of exchange activities, including the "Beijing International Friendship Forest" tree planting activity, Beijing International Kite Festival, field tour for the BPAFFC council members and foreign diplomats in Beijing, "Tai chi & Beijing"—Beijing International Health-building Exchange, Walking Around Kunming Lake for International Friends, " Beijing in My Eyes" Essay Competition for International Students, and "Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends" Photo Contest. More than 5,000 people around the world take part in the events every year.

IV. Care about future development of human society. The BPAFFC pays great attention to fostering the awareness of peace-building among young people. It has organized the exchanges of culture, sports, arts and technology between middle school students from China and those from the U.S., Japan, ROK, Malaysia and Brunei. It has worked with Thailand, Nepal and other countries to carry out events such as China-Thailand Youth Elite Exchange and ChinaNepal Young Entrepreneurs Exchange. Through the social organizations of Malta, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Switzerland and other countries, young people from these countries were invited to participate in international youth camps in Beijing and the "Joy Dancing Beijing" Cultural and Art Exchange Week of International Youth.

III. Launch and organize the Beijing International Forum on People-to-people Friendship. In 2011, the BPAFFC convened the First Beijing International Forum on People-to-people Friendship to mark the 30th anniversary of the BPAFFC.

V. Give full play to the role of international friends in promotion of the common

good. In commemoration of the Victory Day of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World AntiFascist War, the BPAFFC held "Commemoration of Michael Lindsay, an Outstanding Friend of Chinese People", The Russian Patriotic War Poster Exhibition, "International Friends in the War of Resistance Against Japan" Photo Exhibition and "Peace Festival – Painting Peace with International Friends". The BPAFFC also organized Edgar Snow Symposium, Commemoration Seminar on the 80th Anniversary of Norman Bethune’s Arrival in China and "A la mémoire du Docteur Jean-Augustin Bussière, ami de la Chine 60 ème anniversaire de sa disparition" to safeguard peace and justice for mankind. VI. Organize exchanges and seminars for council members. The BPAFFC organizes international talent training, and invites experts to share working experience in the exchanges and seminars, so as to help council members build their capability for international people-to–people exchanges. The BPAFFC also provided opportunities for council members to take part in receptions, visits and exchange activities in Beijing.

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;


Jinan Hosts International Conference on Spring Cultural Landscape

The 2019 International Spring Cultural Landscape City Alliance Conference was held in Jinan on Sept 10. Jinan is a city in eastern China's Shandong province noted for its many natural springs, leading to the nickname "City of Springs". The conference focused on cultural heritage protection and sustainable development in the city and sought to connect it with other spring cities around the world. "The unique culture and landscape of Jinan, which is integrated with the city's springs, represents a unique type of water resources utilization in China and the world. It is an important reference for respecting nature, rational use of nature and sustainable development," said Sun Shutao, mayor of Jinan. More than 150 overseas representatives from member cities of the International City Alliance of Springs Cultural Landscape, as well as experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, foreign journalists, and Jinan

10 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

government officials, attended the conference, sharing their experiences in developing and protecting spring cultural landscapes. Mehmet Oktay, mayor of Marmaris in Turkey, said that the city signed a three-year memorandum of cooperation with Jinan to improve bilateral relations, and he expects further cooperation with Jinan in terms of cultural heritage, the environment, business, culture, arts and education to be agreed on during the conference. Rick Jennings of the Sacramento City Council in the United States commended the rapid development he saw during his recent visit to Jinan and hoped to learn from the city's successfull experience. The city councillor particularly enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of Baotu Spring Park and the obvious pride locals took in their city, which is something Sacramento residents can strongly relate to.

Jinan city has now begun to use springs culture as a leading field to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other cities in the world. And the field of cooperation can be further expanded without just limited to the field of spring culture. The city can strengthen cooperation with cities with other special cultural landscapes so as to promote collaboration in economy and even technology sectors, according to Long Yongtu, former vice-minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation of China. The conference saw the launch of Jinan global communication platform which consists of Jinan's official English website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and bilingual WeChat account. Four parallel meetings focusing on Jinan city's international production capacity collaboration, cultural landscape protection, spring protection and sustainable utilization and international spring city tourism promotion were held after the conference Courtesy

Shaoshan Birthplace of Mao Zedong This small town belongs to Hunan Province of Central China. It became world famous as it was the Birthplace of Chairman Mao Zedong. It is located about 100 kilo meters away from Changsha ,the Capital city of Hunan Province. Chairman Mao Zedong was born on 26th December 1893. I had the privilege of visiting this historical town on 20th November 2018 on the invitation of Hunan People’s Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries. We were gathered into the vehicle at about 8.30 AM by a representative of said organization, Miss Tang Jinbin. Orange plantations full of fruits on both sides of the road was a very pleasant sight to our eyes. We arrived at the village at about 9.30 A M . We were welcomed by Mrs Zheng Jie a staff member of reception division of Shaoshan Administrative Bureau and escorted us to visit places of interest of the life of Chairman Mao Zedong. According to her there were five places of interest connected to Chairman Mao. 1. The home where Chairman Mao was born. 2. The school he attended 3. His Memorial Museum 4. His Statue made out of copper 5. The forest mentioned in Chairman Mao’s poems.

First, we were taken to see the massive copper statue of Chairman Mao. After passing the gate of that garden we had to walk a fairly long distance to arrive there. Thousands of locals and Foreign tourists daily flock to visit this unique statue. This Statue is 36 meters in height and floral tributes are laid at the foot of the Statue. The name of the persons lay floral tribute are announced by the public address system there. I looked up the statue and the struggle of new China ,reflected on my mind without Chairman Mao ,China will not be as today. This bronze statue of Chairman Mao is majestic. After visiting the statue, we were taken to see the Mao Memorial Museum. This was opened in 1963.It has become one of the 100 excellent

patriotic educational bases in China. The Museum depicts various victories, Chairman Mao obtained during his life time. This is also a beautiful flower garden depicting the great garden ,tradition of the Chinese people. After visiting the Museum, we were taken to see the home, where Chairman Mao Zedong lived. This home is located in a small hilltop surrounded by a paddy field. His father was a Farmer .He has spent the first 17 years of his life in this house. In 1910 he had left this home and gone to another area for his education .In 1921 he had returned to this house and started mobilizing people for the future revolution. Small farmers societies were raised around this house, which became the nerve Centre of the revolution.

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

| 11

There were 13 rooms in this house. Various items used by him and his family members are exhibited in this house. Photographs of Chairman Mao’s childhood with his family members are exhibited here. The school he studied is also situated at close proximity to this house. Opposite this house is a beautiful lake. Chairman Mao as a child used to jump to this lake and swam across to escape punishment from his parents for various

pranks, he did. In later life he became an excellent swimmer. The portraits of the world leaders who visited this house are displayed here. Still the people of China a revere and idolize Chairman Mao as their supreme leader. I think Chinese people flock in their thousands to visit these places due to that reason. Presently this town is turning out to be a megacity. Restaurants and handicrafts

shops finds lot of customers due to the massive crowds that visit this area and earn good money. Last year 23.82 M tourists arrived and bringing 7.05 M yuan to the economy of this area. This town is the ideal place to learn about the 1949 revolution of China.

Jinith de Silva Vice President Sri Lanka China Society

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12 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

兰卡历史文化 | 远望东土-狮子国的乡愁

“法显去汉地积年,所与交接悉异域人,山川草木,举目无旧,又同行分析,或留或亡,顾影唯已,心常怀悲。忽于此玉 像边,见商人以晋地一白绢扇供养,不觉凄然,泪下满目。 ” 就在这个国民自称是狮子后裔的狮子 国,法显法师和当地僧侣一起寻访了 阿努拉特普拉古城(Anuradhapura) 、无畏山寺(Abhayagiri Viharaya) ,密亨德勒(Mihintale),又 从圣足山(Sri Pada)经宝石城 (Ratnapura)到达位于斯里兰卡西 南部拉鲁特勒(Kalutara)地区的法 显洞(Pahiyangala Cave)。

印度洋的季风尚未退散,这位76岁 高龄的法师到达狮子国已有数月,眼 前所见的东土旧物勾起了他的思乡愁 绪,但泪流片刻之后,早已远尘离俗 的得道高僧又定坐在桌前,认真地翻 阅着他在此地求得的《弥沙塞律》藏 本。 此时,距离他辞别长安已有11载。 1 公元334年,法显法师出生于上党郡襄 垣(今山西襄垣),因父母心怀佛祖 庇佑之祈愿,幼三岁即被送入寺院度 为沙弥,并于二十岁时受比丘戒,自 此更加潜心修佛;无奈常慨叹律藏残 缺,于是誓志远行以寻求佛教经典。 公元399年,已过花甲之年的法显法师 和同学慧景、道整、慧应、慧嵬等诸 位法师一同启程,前往天竺求法,并 于公元410年到达斯里兰卡,成为中斯 交往历史上最早有记载的友好佳话。 法显法师的名字是在斯里兰卡家喻户 晓的中国代表,法显法师在狮子国习 佛求法的两年经历,是斯里兰卡上至 政要首脑,下至孩童妇孺都愿意与中 国友人分享的经典故事。 他在其著作《佛国记》(即《高僧法 显传》)中详尽记录了他在斯里兰卡 从到达至离开的两年经历,他的足迹 遍布这座小岛的很多地方;直到今 日,我们还能看到以他名字命名的“ 法显村”和“法显洞”。 公元409年底,在天竺求法近十年之 后,法显法师乘商船纵渡孟加拉湾伴 着季风历时14日后,到达了斯里兰卡-

“于是载商人大舶,泛海西南行,得 冬初信风,昼夜十四曰,到师子国。 彼国入云,相去可七百由延。其国大 在洲上,东西五十由延,南北三十由 延。左右小洲乃有百数,其间相去或 十里、二十里,或二百里,皆统属大 洲。多出珍宝珠玑。有出摩尼珠地, 方可十里。王使人守护,若有采者, 十分取三。” 在他最早的描述中,已经提及了斯里 兰卡是一座在大洋之上的岛屿,远眺 海天一线毫无边际;主岛面积并不小 (由延为古印度计程单位名,一般含 义为“套一次牛所行的路程”)狮子 国盛产各类宝石,最难得的是出产摩 尼珠-指海底龙宫中出来的如意宝珠, 奇世珍宝,宝珠庆严殊胜,自然流露 清光明,普照四方(白水晶是佛教七 宝之一,又称摩尼宝珠)。 “其国本无人民,正有鬼神及龙居 之。诸国商人共市易,市易时,鬼神 不自现身,但出宝物,题其价直,商 人则依价直直取物。因商人来、往、 住故,诸国人闻其土乐,悉亦复来, 于是遂成大国。其国和通,无冬夏之 异,草木常茂,田种随人,无有时 节。” 在《佛国记》中法显法师对狮子国的 描述是-这个国家本就是没有人居住 的,岛民只有鬼神和龙,所谓的鬼神 指的应是穴居野处且断梗飘蓬的土 著,如维达人(Vedda),不知龙是 不是指满岛的蛇与大蜥蜴;狮子国以 往来从商贸易者居多,四季如一,适 宜耕作。

佛祖释迦牟尼的教义于公元前3世纪传 入斯里兰卡,最初是通过一代代僧侣的 口口相传保存下来的,法显法师到达 时正是摩诃那摩国王(Mahānāma) (406-429CE)统治时期,斯里兰卡 历史上最重要的历史典籍-《大史》 (Mahavamsa)就是由摩诃那摩所 编写的王统编年史诗,《大史》是斯 里兰卡王朝和佛教编年史,被视为斯 里兰卡大寺派所传的佛教史。记录了 佛教与斯里兰卡的渊源:佛教的产生 与发展、佛祖到斯里兰卡弘扬佛法的 传说、佛教传入斯里兰卡后的变化和 发展、斯里兰卡护教国王杜多伽摩尼 (Dutthagamani)的贡献等方面的 内容。

法显法师到达狮子国时看到国家政治 稳定,国民安居乐业且自由信奉佛 教,法师在此亲历了佛教的盛况“佛至其国,欲化恶龙。以神足力, 一足蹑王城北,一足蹑山顶,两迹相 去十五由延。于王城北迹上起大塔, 高四十丈,金银庄校,众宝合成。塔 边复起一僧伽蓝,名无畏山,有五千 僧。起一佛殿,金银刻镂,悉以众 宝。中有一青玉像,高一丈许,通身 七宝炎光,威相严显,非言所载。右 掌中有一无价宝珠。 ” 在他的叙述中,当时的狮子国岛上 已是“有六万僧”,足以表明当时 斯里兰卡确实是一个“佛法之岛” (Dhammadiipa)。 法显法师不顾年事已高,经常餐风露 宿和当地僧侣一起探寻典籍,习作问 道;他还参与了很多在当地的佛教盛 会并详细记录,如佛牙游行,圣足山 朝拜-“月八日十四日十五日铺施高

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然泪下。 我曾在黑夜凛冽的风中登上圣足山, 也曾在法显洞前徘徊看村民向我们 示好;我却始终无法想象,那样的年 月,近乎耄耋的老者是怎样在此度过 两年的时光? 我是凡夫俗子,我不得而知。 但我却 相信“可是, 修行的道路是孤独的, 因为, 智慧必然来自孤独”。

座。道俗四众皆集听法。” 就这样,饱受乡愁和孤苦的他完成 了当初的目标,在狮子国求到了《 弥沙塞律》(Mishasai) 《长阿含 经》(Dirghagama)、杂阿含经 (Samyuttagama),以及《杂藏》 (Samyutta-sancaya)等珍贵典籍。 公元411年,这位心愿达成的高龄法师 离开了斯里兰卡,乘商船东返;其间 在海上鲸波万仞,几度历险,终于在 412年到达了令他魂牵梦绕的国土- 青 州长广郡牢山南岸(青岛崂山)。 远离故乡14载的求法团众人之中,只 有法显法师孤身一人返回了中国。 后人都说他品格坚毅,志在千里;他 的伟大之处在于他事事随缘,且心怀 悲悯。读过《佛国记》的每一个人都 会被他的历程艰辛所打动,但最让我 感动和不忍的便是他看到商人用东土 的白绢扇布施供奉时,突感凄凉,潸

后记:整理完这篇文章的当天,恰巧 是中秋佳节;我独自在印度洋的落日 余晖中抬头仰望天空,不知今夕的月 亮是否能够圆满?当泪水涌出的那一 刻,我似乎理解了这位选择远渡峻岭 的伟大法师。 欧鹭迷斯,从文化视角,带你感受不 一样的 斯里兰卡!



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李白《静夜思》 床前明月光, 疑是地上霜。 举头望明月, 低头思故乡。


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14 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

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“Maximum Pressure” Campaign Won’t Work on China by H.E.Mr. Cheng Xueyuan, Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka China does not want a trade war, but we are not afraid of one and we will fight one if necessary. China’s position on this has never changed. We will never give up our legitimate rights and interests in the trade war initiated by certain politicians of the US side. Just as President Xi Jinping reaffirmed, China and the US should deal with the trade and economic problems on an equal basis and pay more attention to reasonable concerns of each other. China, with a highly responsible attitude and utmost sincere, hopes that the two sides could bridge differences on trade and economic issues. However, foreign country should never harbor the illusion that China would trade core interests, or allow harm to be done to its sovereignty, security or development. Donald Trump Administration even tried to use so called “Maximum Pressure” campaign, forcing China to compromise on issues of core interests. Clearly, they should have spent some more time learning the history of

16 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

the People’s Republic of China and having a better knowledge of the SinoUS relationship for the past few decades. During the past year, after going through all the maximum pressure campaign, backtracking and tradebullying from the US, China has understood what the so-called “the art of the deal” really is and has become more and more resilient. A trade war against China will never stop us from developing ourselves. Instead, the world will see Chinese people transforming pressure to propeller, and Chinese economy growing stronger and more stable. In history, both China and Sri Lanka have suffered from the aggression and bullying from western powers. Through strenuous effort and liberation, the two countries both regained independence. We two peoples know the value of sovereignty and respect. In 1952, in face of pressure from blockade and bullying from western countries, the then leaders of our two countries

signed the Rubber-Rice Pact. Nowadays, both China and Sri Lanka have benefited a lot from modern international order featuring trade liberalization and economic globalization. Neither of us would let others turn back the wheel of history at will and use maximum pressure campaign only to grow themselves while exploiting our rightful interests. China is willing to work with Sri Lanka and other countries, safeguarding the international order of fairness and justice, resolutely fighting the intervening and bullying of powers and all together promoting the establishment of a shared future for all human kind.

How To Attract More Chinese Tourists to Sri Lanka? (by Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan)

Before being nominated as the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka and arriving at the country to assume my office, I could hardly imagine that there are so many world wonders on this tropical island of over 60,000 square kilometers. The graceful lake and mountains of Kandy, the quaint and ancient city of Galle, the gorgeous and colorful Colombo, and the breathtaking thrills of Lion Rock are all amazing and stunning. Many Chinese tourists have been attracted to these beautiful sceneries with pleasant surprise like me. With the strong support and promotion of the Sri Lankan

government as well as the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, the number of Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka has reached nearly 300,000 annually and ranks the top among foreign tourists to Sri Lanka. However, this number is only a peanut while comparing with the number of Chinese tourists attracted by Thailand, which is also a neighbor of China. In 2018, Chinese tourists to Thailand have exceeded 10 million. The reasons mainly include following aspects. Firstly is language barrier. Many Chinese tourists are not accustomed to English language, much less the Sinhalese or Tamil

language. Chinese-speaking tour guides’ accompany and interpretation is a must for them. But there are very few Chinese-speaking local guides here, and Chinese guides are prohibited from entering Sri lanka and accompanying with tourists. Besides, Chinese people always have “Chinese stomach” when traveling. They show strong preference to Chinese food. However, it is difficult for a Chinese chef to obtain a working visa to work in or set up a Chinese restaurant. Therefore, the number of Chinese restaurants in Sri Lanka is limited and sometimes cannot meet needs of Chinese tourists. In addition, a large percentage of Chinese tourists are accustomed to Chinese tobacco and alcohol, which is a reality that the tourism industries in Sri Lanka has to consider seriously, although it is not healthy at all and should not be encouraged. The tourists cannot buy Chinese tobacco and alcohol during their stay, and even not allowed to bring a few Chinese cigarettes with them for their personal own use when entering this island. These restrictions make Chinese tourists unaccustomed, which don’t exist or at least have some level of exemption or tolerance in many other countries. In fact, conveniences, experiences and happiness are precisely what Chinese Cont. Page 18

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tourists most care about, and one of the key factors in their decision-making of travel destinations. I noticed that the Tourism Authority of Thailand emphasized in an interview that the promotion of the Chinese market in 2019 will focus on increasing convenience and happiness, hoping all Chinese friends in Thailand would enjoy highquality experience. China is the world's largest source of tourists with large scale of outbound tourists and ranks No.1 in overseas consumption in the world for many years. The size of China's tourism market is too huge to imagine and compare by many other countries. The growth of related industries such as aviation, hotels, transportation and catering promoted by the tourism industry is also considerable. At present, the Sino-Sri Lanka relations has stepped into a fast development period. The implementation of Belt and Road Initiative between the two countries is in full swing, the exchanges in various fields are increasingly frequent, and the prospect for Sino-Sri Lanka tourism cooperation is also promising. I’m fully confident that if Sri Lanka could continuously improve the tourism environment, focus on improving the comfort of foreign tourists as much as Thailand, adjust relevant regulations in accordance with Sri Lankan laws, ease the existing obstacles for foreign tourists effectively, more and more Chinese tourists will be attracted to Sri Lanka, which will stimulate tourism, consumption and stronger vitality to local economy growth.

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What Is Really Happening In Xinjiang (by Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan)

Recently, I was surprised to notice that some politicians and media in the western countries continuously attacked China’s policy in Xinjiang, falsely claiming that a large number of “concentration camps” violating human rights have been established there. But what is the true story? In Xinjiang have settled as many as 47 ethnic groups, including the Uygur, Han, Kazak, Hui, Mongolian, Tajik etc. Among the 24.4 million population of Xinjiang, nearly 13 million are Muslims. The Chinese government has attached great importance to maintaining the ethnic and religious harmony, as well as the economic and cultural development in Xinjiang. There are 24,400 mosques in Xinjiang by far, which means one mosque shared by every 530 Muslims, an even higher proportion than some Islamic countries. In

Xinjiang, television programs are broadcast in multiple languages, and diverse ethnic groups are allowed to use their own languages in lawsuits and election. Chinese, Uygur and Kazak languages are equally available in The National College Entrance Examination. All the facts clearly prove the so-called “oppression of Muslims” a total fake news. However, such stability and prosperity in Xinjiang is not what some external forces wish to see. Since the 1990s, under the combined infection of separatists, extremists and terrorists, both domestically and internationally, Xinjiang has seen thousands of violent and terrorist crimes, leading to huge casualties of innocent citizens and death of hundreds of policemen. Those terrorists such as East Turkistan Islamic Movement have already been identified by UN and many countries as international

terrorist organization. As a precaution measure to fight terrorism, the Chinese government has established vocational training centers in Xijiang, in accordance with the Constitution and the Counterterrorism Law. These centers are in fact boarding schools, where lessons on national language, laws, vocational training and deradicalization are offered for free, so that trainees can master a skill and achieve self-reliance after the training. It is a common sense that any citizen, no matter in which country, should be able to use the national language; laws of all countries shall not be ignored or even overridden. Lack of access to necessary vocational skills will cause unemployment and poverty, which would become soil nurturing extremist ideas. In Xinjiang, trainees sign agreements with the training centers, share free food and accommodation, and enjoy all fundamental rights. Trainees can have home visits on regular basis and can ask for leave for personal affairs. Families are also free to visit and to video chat with them.

What is most significant and important is that since the establishment of training centers, no violent or terrorist activity occurred in Xinjiang for more than 25 months, and the overall security has been largely improved there. In the year of 2018, tourists to Xinjiang, from inside and outside China, numbered over 150 million, with a 40 percent growth comparing to the year of 2017. The international community will no longer easily believe the rumors of western media. On 12th July, 37 countries of diverse regions, nationalities, religions and social systems co-signed a letter to United Nations Human Rights Council, supporting China’s policy in Xinjiang and objecting politicizing human rights issue. They speak highly of China’s counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts in Xinjiang, including the establishment of training centers, which they believe will benefit the security and stability of China, the region and the world. It is worth mentioning that many among these 37 countries are

actually Islamic countries. Because many countries also suffer from terrorism, extremism and separatism, they fully understand that the real problem in Xinjiang is the threat of terrorism, and strongly support China’s antiterrorism practice in Xinjiang. About two weeks ago, on 7th July, I had an opportunity to visit Negombo, mourn in the St. Sebastian Church, and visit the children injured in the 21/4 terrorist attacks. I can strongly feel the pain of the Sri Lankan people from all ethnic communities. The attacks reminded us once again that terrorism and extremism are common threats for both China and Sri Lanka. We believe that people from all circles of Sri Lanka society can tell what is right from wrong, and can fully understand China’s efforts in fighting terrorism, extremism and separatism. Let us work together, enhance our cooperation on security and law enforcement, encourage more exchanges between different ethnic and religious groups of our two countries, and uphold peace and safety of our two peoples.

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

| 19

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20 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

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22 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

1959fha isÿjQ m%cd;dka;%sl m%;sixialrKhg fmr áfnÜys mej;=Kq wdrdu .Kk 2676 ls' wdrdu ;=< .ejiqKq ,dudjrekaf.a ixLHdj 114925 ls' Tjqkaf.ka fcHIag iy lksIag Ôjudk nqÿjrekaf.a (Living Buddha) ixLHdj 500 ls' b;sß msßi idudkH ,dudjreka f,i ie<lsK' iuia;fhka ,udjreka 4000 la iDK by< wd¾Ól iïm;a w;alrf.k isá njo i|ykah' m%Odk wdrdu ;=fka muKla isá ,udjrekaf.a .Kk 16000 blauùh' fuu ,dudmsßig kskao.ï 321 la bvï jQ 147 000" ;DK N+ñ 450 la iy mY= md,khg fhdod .eKqkq ixLHdj 110 000 la ysñj ;sì‚' tu ,dudjrekaf.a md,khg yiqjQ jy¨kaf.a .Kk 60 000 la muKh' Tjqyq fuu jy¨kaf.a Y%uh oeäj fhdod.ksñka bvï" mY= iïm;a" lDIs wiajkq fukau Tjqkaf.a iq¿;r wdodhïo w;a lrf.k isáhy' fuu wd.ñl kdhlhkaf.a lDDr jy,a md,kh ;jÿrg;a B<Õ ,smsfhka úia;r lsÍug n,dfmdfrd;a;= fjñ' ta áfnÜ m%cd;dka;%sl m%;sixialrKfha w.h fl;rïoehs jgyd fokq ms‚ih' ^u;= iïnka|hs&

bkaødkkao wfífialr

Sri Lanka Foundation for Friendship with China's Tibet

130 Sri Lankan Students Got the Chinese Government Full Scholarship and the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship

On 8th August, H.E. Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan awarded the Chinese Government Full Scholarship to 24 Sri Lankan students, at an Award Ceremony held in the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka. Mr. Madhawa Dewasurendra, Additional Secretary of Ministry of Higher Education, and Amb. Periyasamy Pillai Selvaraj, Additional Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the ceremony together with the winners and their family. Among the 24 Scholarship winners, 10 for Bachelor degree and 14 for Doctoral degree in different fields like medicine, architecture, translation, E-business, Psychology, Food Science and Engineering etc. The awardees will go to China this September to continue their higher education in

well-known universities like Dalian Medical University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University and others. The full scholarship will cover the tuition, lodging, living allowance and medical insurance throughout the whole academic years, which values up to Rs. 2,500,000 annually. At the ceremony, Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan also presented a cheque to the Additional Secretary Madhawa Dewasurendra, for another donation of Rs. 5,305,000 for the “Chinese Ambassador Scholarship” annual program 2019, which was first launched in 2016 to award those academically excellent undergraduate students in Sri Lanka Universities. So far, 231 students have been awarded,

among which 54 students in 2016, 55 in 2017 and 122 in 2018, with Rs.40,000 per student. The Embassy is now implementing this program for the fourth consecutive year, awarding 106 students with Rs. 50,000 each in 2019.

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| 23

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Ök úYaj úoHd, j, —kjl joh˜ keye''' isú,a bxðfkare wð;a O¾uj¾Ok Ökfha wOHdmkh ,nd Y%S ,xldj yd Ökh w;r" iudc ñ;% iïn|;djh j¾Okh lsÍug ixúOdk /il idudðl;ajh orñka lghq;= lrk" Y%S ,xld - Ök jHdmdßlfhl= jk" isú,a bxðfkare wð;a O¾uj¾Ok uy;d fujr ixjdoh ;=<ska Ökfha Tyq f.jQ Èh ms<sn|j úia;r lrhs • Tnf.a Ök wOHkh ms<sn|j uq,skau u;lh wjêlruq' 1978 iema;eïn¾ udifha 27 Èk uu;a we;=¿j isiqka y;afofkl=g Ök wOHdmk wjia:dj ,eî Ökfha fnhsðx n,d msg;aj .shd' wu,a ySkaks,fï" rxð" uÿrdfõ" uyskao iurfldaka" ud,d" md,s;" w;=, fï lKavdhu ksfhdackh l,d' wfma lKavdhfï ysáh tlu .eyeKq <uhd ud,d muKhs' wms we;=,;a jqfka fnhsðx NdId wdh;khg (Beijing Language Institute) wfma mx;sfha uq, ojfia isgu ,d´ia isiqka yd wfma isiqka y;afokd isáhd' Ök cd;sl .=re;=ud yd .=re;=ñh m<uq ojfia isgu wmg l:dlf,a Ök NdIdfjka' Ök NdIdj .ek wfma mx;sfha isiqka lsisfjla oek isáfha keye' ta ksid wmg fuh wuq;=u fohla jqKd' Ök yd bx.%Sis NdIdfjka fmd;=;a ;snqKd' yenehs .=re;=udg fyda .=re;=ñhg bx.%Sis NdIdj Ndú;d lrkak neye' fldfyduyß wfma lKavdhu udihla muK Ök NdIdj bf.k .kakd úg' Ök NdIdj Ndú;d lrkak hï;ï yels jqKd'

• fyd|hs È.gu Ök NdIdj bf.k .;a;do@ fjk;a úYaj úoHd, j, wOHkhg .sfha keoao@ wms Ök NdIdj bf.k .;af;a wfma Wmdêh Ök NdIdfjka yodrkak ´ks

uf.a weo ,Õgu weú;a .=re;=ud yd .=re;=ñh mdvï b.ekajqjd' ta wh ;ukaf.a hq;=lu úÈhg ys;=fõ ;u YsIHhd by<skau iu;a lrùu' n,kak fuh fudk ;rï jákd ixl,amhlao@ wog;a fuh fudk;rï jeo.;ao@

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ksid' tu ksid uq,skau Ök NdIdj bf.k .; hq;=hs' 1979 j¾Ifha§ wms úúO úYaj úoHd, j,g udre l,d' uu .sfha kkaðka kqjr msysá ;dlaI‚l úYaj úoHd,hg' fuu úYaj úoHd,h Ök úma,jhg fmr l=hsñka;dka ld,fha ;snQ uQ,sl úYaj úoHd,hla' ta ojiaj, uq¿ kkaðka kqjru isá tlu Y%S ,dxlslhd ud muKhs' ta fkamd," m,ia;Sk" wm%sld" nx.,dfoaY" ishrd,sfhdaka cmka jeks rgj, isiqka fï úYaj úoHd,fha wms iuÕ bf.k .;a;d' ta ta rgj, isiqka ;u uõ NdIdj l;dl,;a wms woyia yqjudrefõ§ Ndú;d lf,a Ök NdIdj' ta ojiaj, iEu úfoaYSh isiqfjl=gu ;snqK m%YaKhla ;uhs" úYaj úoHd,fha wdpd¾hjre uydpd¾hjre uekavÍka NdIdj l;d lsÍu' ukao th wm bf.k .;a; Ök NdIdjg ;rula WÉpdrKfhka fjkia ksid' th Ökfha fiiq m<d;a j,ska wdj Ök cd;sl isiqkag;a ;snqKd' wo jf.a fkdfjhs tod wmsg bf.k .kak ;snqfKa Wfoa 7 isg oj,a 11 olajd' we;eï ojiaj, kej; iji 3 isg 5 olajd W.kajkjd' bf.k.;a mdvï .ek hï wu;r oekqula wjYH kï mx;sj,ska miqj wdpd¾hjrhd yuqfjkak mq¿jka' tfiau fkdf;areKq foaj,a h,s wjfndaO lrfokak tu wdpd¾hjre wfma kjd;ekaj,g wdjd' uu wikSmfj,d isáh ojiaj," tkï fnhsðx NdId wdh;kfha isák ld,fha

24 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

Ökfha bf.k.kakjdkï Ök NdIdj oekf.k bkak ´ks' fldaá 132 Ndú;d lrkafka Ök NdIdj ksid' úfoaYslhskag;a th Ndú;d lsÍu wjYHfjkjd' úYaj úoHd,fha bkak w;f¾ wfma kjd;eka ldurh Ök YsIHfhl= iuÕ fnof.k bkak mq¿jka' Ök YsIHhska iuÕ wdydr .kak;a mq¿jka' fï ksid wmsg Ök ixialD;shg yev.efykak myiq jqkd' wmg ´k úÈhg lEu Whd.kak mq¿jka' wms Ök YsIHhska iuÕ Ök lEu yokjd' wms iuÕ bx.%Sis okakd wh isáhd' cmka wh isáhd' b;sx bx.%Sis b.ekajqjd' cmka NdIdj;a ál ál wmsg bf.k .kak mq¿jka jqKd' ug W.kajk uydpd¾h ;=ud iuyr Èkj, iji wfma kjd;ekg tkjd' tfyu weú;a wmsg mdvï lshdfokjd' ta ldf,a ysáhd kjd;ek iqoaO mú;% lrk Ök cd;sl ldka;djla' wms wehg lshkafka kekaod lsh,d' weh fmkqfukau .eñ ldka;djla' wef.a fldKavh f,dl=jg f.d;,d ;snqKd' ta úYd, lrdUq me,|f.k ysáhd' weh wms iuÕ ys;j;aj ysáhd' wehg ;snqfKa fldßfvdaj iqoaO mú;% lrkak muKhs' kuq;a weh uf.a ldurh;a msßisÿ lrd' weh wkayqhs m<df;a ldka;djla' wef.a ku ,S wdhs' fï ldka;dj fldßfvdaj flrjf,a ;sfhk wfma pd´ uydpd¾h;=udf.a ldurh msßisÿ lr,d yeuodu WKqj;=r ùÿrejla ;sfhkjd' wfkla ldurj, bkak uydpd¾h jrekaf.a fïi Wäka WKqj;=r ;shkafka keye' uu b;sx fuh l=;=y,hla ksid wehf.ka ojila weyqjd pdò uydpd¾h ;=udf.a ldurfhka ú;rla wehs WKqiqï j;=r

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| 25

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Y%S ,xld rchg Ndrÿka od" tys isá mdi,a isiqfjl= fy<slrk f;dr;=re''' 26 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

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28 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

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China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

| 29

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30 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

Ök bf.k NdIdj .ksuq-2 Ök NdId mdvfuka wms Ök NdIdj l;d lrkq ,nk flfkl= uQ,slj ±k.; hq;= jpk lsysmhla iy tajd Ndú;d lrkq ,nk wdldrh ms,sno idlÉPd l,d" wo wms Ök NdId mdvfï ;j;a mshjrla bÈßhg huq' f,dalfha ñksiqka ixksfõokfha fhfok fndfyda NdIdjka w;r Ök NdIdjg iqúfYaIS ia:dkhla ysñùu wyïnhla fkdfjhs' Ök uyck iuQydKavqj;a" Ök ck;dj;a fï ioyd úYd, lemùula lr ;sfnkjd' wo Ök ck;dj w;alr.k we;s wd¾Ól" iudchSh iy ixialD;sl ÈhqKqj;a" f,dalh yuqfõ Tjqka lrkq ,nk N+ñldj;a Ök NdIdj ms,sno jeä wjOdkhla Èkd .ekSug fya;= ù ;sfhkj' fï ksidu ;uhs wo Ök NdIdj f,dalfha ;SrKd;aulu NdIdjka w;rg meñK ;sfnkafka' b;sx Ök Y%s ,xld ñ;%hska f,i Ök NdIdj bf.k .ekSfï wmf.a fojk mshjr fj; fhduqfjuq' isxy, NdIdj l;d lrkq ,nk wms hï flfkl= úiska ;ukag Woõjla l, úg fmr,d Tyqg ia;=;shs lshkjd" bx.%Sis NdIdfjka wms Tyqg fyda wehg ;ekala hQ (Thank you) lsh, lshkj'

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B-mamq l Ö (Bú kèqì - 不客气 - You are welcome)

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A-ISfha Isfha kS (xiè xie n-谢谢你) – Tng ia;=;shs'

A - ihs ðhka (zài jiàn- 再见-(See you again) kej; yuqfjuq$ .syska tkakï B - ihs ðhka(zài jiàn-再见-(See you again)

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China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

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32 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

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China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

| 33

miqÈk Wod jQfha ;j;a iqúfYaIS ia:dkhla keröfï uy;a jQ wdYdfjks' ta hqkdka m<df;a ;sfnk f,dj m%isoaO f,dal Wreuhla jQ .,a jkdka;rhhs (Stone Forest)' fydag,fhka WoEik wdydrh ,ndf.k úfoaY ksfhdacs; msßi iu`. fm'j' 8'00 g muK .ukg iQodkï jQ wmg meh tlyudrl muK .uklska miqj iS,ska (Shilin) m%foaYhg meñKSug yels úh' Ökfha m%Odk k.r yd ixpdrl l,dm hd lrñka bospQ wêfõ.S uydud¾. yd ÿïßh ud¾. fya;=fjka .ukd.ukh b;d myiq ù we;snj lsjhq;=uh' úfYaIfhkau meiish hq;=h' wm lKavdhu fnhsðx k.rfha Ök uyd m%dldrh" wêrdcH ud<" .sïydk ud<" we;=¿j ia:dk rdYshla kerUQ w;r Ök - Y%S ,xld ldka;d iyfhda.s;d jevms<sfj,g wjYH" w;a;sjdru fuu ixpdrfha§ fhdod. kq ,eìh' 2017 iema;eïn¾ ui 10 fjksod isg 20 fjksod olajd Ökfha hqkdka" ispqjdka" .ajekaIs hk m<d;a ;=fkA;a fnhscsx w. k.rfha;a ixpdrhla i|yd ,o jru ud ,enQ uy;a jQ Nd.Hhla úh' fuu ixpdrh bkaødkkao wfífialr uy;d iu`. tlaùug ,eîu ksid iqúfYaIS w;a±lSï rdYshla ,eîug;a iqúfYaIS ia:dk rdYshla keröug;a ud yg wjia:dj ,o nj lsj hq;=uh' 2017 iema;eïn¾ 10 jk Èk Ökfha hqkdka m<df;a w. k.rh jk l=x ñx (Kunming) fj; wm uq,skau .sfha tys ixúOdkh lr ;snQ Ök hqkdka - ol=Kq wdishd ñ;%;aj ix.ufha iuq`Mjlg iyNd.S ùughs' l=xñx k.rfha ±jeka; iqfLdamfNda.S fydag,hla j; ldhs jdya ma,did fydag,fha (Kai Wah Plaza Hotel) wmg ish¨ myiqlï iys;j kjd;eka .ekSug ixúOdhlhka lghq;= lr ;snqKs' ol=Kq wdishdfõ ñ;% ix.ï rdYshl ksfhdacs;hskag fuu iuq`Mjg wdrdOkd

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34 | Ök levm; 中国 镜子 China Mirror

jir ñ,shk 270lg muK fmr fkd.eUqre c,hg hg ù ;sî miqj iq,`.g yd c,hg ksrdjrKh jQ yqKq .,a ñY%s; mdIdK j,ska ieÿï,;a fuu N+ o¾Ykh ieneúkau mqÿudldrh' iajNdúlju b;d w,xldr .ia fuka úYd, m%foaYhl me;sr we;s fuu .,a úúOdldr yev;, j,ska iukaú;h' j¾. lsf,da ógr 1100 la mqrd me;sr we;s fuu m%foaYfha j¾. lsf,da ógr 350 la muK b;d wdrCIs;j ixrCIKh lr ixpdrl wdl¾YKh we;sjk whqßka w,xldrj mj;ajdf.k hdug Ök rch lghq;= lr we;snj lsjhq;=h' w,xldr hqkdka iq¿ cd;sl we÷ñka ieriqkq hqj;shka fuu ixpdrl l,dmh ;=, u. fmkaùï lrñka lghq;= lr;s' mßir ys;ldó cSma r:j,ska fuu m%foaYh keröug myiqj ,nd § we;' fuu .,a jkdka;rh fl;rï w,xldr ia:dkhlao hkak wm ,nd.;a w;s úYd, PdhdrEm m%udKhu Bg idCIs orhs'

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Memories of Opening Ceremony of the Sri Lanka Cultural Week in Beijing-2018 The Sri Lanka Cultural Week in Beijing organized by the Association for Sri LankaChina Social and Cultural Cooperation(ASLCSCC), Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), Beijing People's Association for

Friendship with Foreign Countries (BPAFFC), Hebei People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Tianjin People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, People's Government of Mentougou and Beijing International Studies

University (BISU) From 30th May to 3rd June 2018. Events included, Sino-Sri Lanka Think Tank Forum, Performing show, Art demonstration, jointPainting Exhibition, Photo Exhibition, Cultural Exchanges, Sri Lankan Cookery and etc.

China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

| 35

Hong opinion Kong


After the founding of new China, China had all the rights to liberate Hong Kong but Chinese government honoured the forced agreement of the Qing Empire and allowed Britain to control it till it expired. During the period up to hand over, Britain did everything to destroy the economy of Hong Kong and refused British passports for Hong Kong people who wished to leave.

Up to time of China joining the WTO, Hong Kong companies made millions of dollars by buying Chinese products and selling them to foreign countries and also selling foreign products in China. ONCE Chinese economy developed it was trading directly with foreign countries and Hong Kong special place was just like any other Chinese city. On handing over to China, China agreed to keep in place certain laws till 2047, even though she need not really do it. China has always helped Hong Kong special zone to develop, like when Disney world wanted to open in Shanghai Chinese government told

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them to do it in Hong Kong

Recent trouble in Hong Kong started when Hong Kong government tabled the extradition bill where no criminal could be safe and Hong Kong could send them to the country where the crimes were committed. Most of Hong Kong people welcomed it but certain criminal business people who had illegal money became frightened Also since the U.S knows it's loosing the trade war with China and pro break away groups in Chinese province of Taiwan say in this an opportunity to create problem for China Chinese government should act specially as this uneducated black masked bananas (yellow outside, white inside)are hell bent to destabilize Hong Kong. The majority of people of Hong Kong are against to these CIA and farlong gong funded thugs who are mostly from Vietnam etc. China should also change the education system in Hong Kong and the foreign judges in Hong Kong. and penalize companies and people who encourage anti Chinese acts. Dr Amal Heennilame


Mr. Eranga Weerasinghe representing Sri Lanka Health Qigong Association had won 2 gold medals in “8th World Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange” in Melbourne on 11th August 2019. He won these 2 gold medals in

the events of “Liu Zi Jue” & “Daoying She Er Fa”. Mr. Weerasinghe is the leader of the Sri Lanka Delegation and he holds position of Executive member of the International Health Qigong Federation. The

World Tournament was hosted by Australia and 21 countries were participated with more than 300 athletes. There were 7 categories of events in the games under male, female, individual & group basis.

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HKSAR gov't condemns act of doxxing community dialogue participant

"In the past three months, conflicts in society have led Hong Kong into a chaotic situation. The government hopes that, through peaceful and rational dialogues with people of different backgrounds and stances, it can find a way out for Hong Kong,” the spokesman said.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government on Saturday strongly condemned the act of doxxing a participant of the community dialogue on Sept. 26.

The spokesman reiterated that Hong Kong is a free and civilized society in which people holding different political views and stances enjoy the freedoms of speech, of assembly and so on, but people enjoying such rights should not deprive others of their rights or inflict harm on others.

In response to an incident in which a member of the public who participated in the first community dialogue session on Sept. 26 was harassed and threatened with her personal particulars being made public online, a HKSAR government spokesman said the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has taken immediate follow-up actions and mounted an investigation upon receiving complaints.

Regardless of their political stands, no one should be bullied or threatened because of his or her remarks. Hong Kong can only embark on the road of reconciliation when people respect the views of one another and strive to seek common grounds amid differences, the spokesman said

Statement of the Embassy of China on the handover of security equipment from the Chinese Government to the Sri Lankan Parliament

On 19th June 2019, three (03) Portable X-ray Machines and five (05) Walk-through Metal Detectors with total value about 33 million LKR were handed over by H.E. Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan on behalf of the Chinese government, to Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya on behalf of the Sri Lankan Parliament. The urgently needed security equipment provided by China will better secure the safety of the MPs from all political parties, as well as all the Parliament staffs, journalists and visitors.

Earlier on 17th June, the first batch of 20 senior Sri Lankan Tri-forces and police officers have returned to Colombo after a 2-week training program in China. On 9th May, 10 police jeeps granted by the Chinese side were handed over to Sri Lankan Police to reinforce its patrol and safeguard capacity. II. All assistance mark only first steps of China’s firm support. During President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent visit to China, President Xi Jinping has extended great and strong support from China to Sri Lanka with an emergency

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fund of 2.6 billion LKR for the latter’s security personnel and technical training, as well as security equipment and materials. Currently, the Chinese government is studying implementing the requests raised by the Sri Lankan government case by case according to the priority. III. After the brutal terrorist attacks on 21st April in Sri Lanka, the Chinese government and the Chinese people have been standing together with Sri Lankan side, and firmly supporting Sri Lanka safeguarding its national security and stability. China always regards Sri Lanka as a good neighbor, a good partner, a good friend and a good brother. All assistance from China to Sri Lanka, with no strings attached, represents the good will of the Chinese people.

Hong Kong should stick to 'one country, two systems' principle amid social disputes: chief executive Chief Executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam said Wednesday that Hong Kong should stick to the principle of "one country, two systems" in the face of social disputes in recent months. Lam made the remarks at a reception held by the Friends of Hong Kong Association to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Lam said the "one country, two systems" principle is a policy that the country adheres to and is the best institutional arrangement for maintaining Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability. While sticking to the "one country, two systems" principle at a time of prolonged social

unrest, Lam said Hong Kong's fine tradition of the rule of law should be upheld, law enforcement should be carried out resolutely, and the offenders should be brought to justice. Meanwhile, she said the HKSAR government will go further into the community to heed the public's ideas and find a way out of the current difficulty and solutions to the deep-seated social problems. As part of the HKSAR government's efforts to solve the current problems, Lam said she and other principal officials would hold the first session of the dialogue platform with community on Thursday evening to listen directly to the public for their views and ideas.

the HKSAR government into communities and reach out to members of different sectors and backgrounds in the future to put the people first in improving the people-centered governance and policy-making process. Hong Kong has continued to enjoy unique advantages under the "one country, two systems" principle since its return to the motherland, Lam said, adding Hong Kong will continue to contribute to the country's development in the future by grasping the opportunities brought by the development of the Guangdong-Hong KongMacao Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative. (26th September)

She promised to continue to lead the governance team of

China donates explosive detectors worth Rs. 750 million to Sri Lanka On 27th September 2019, the President H.E. Maithripala Sirisena and the Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan participated a handover ceremony for the security equipment worth LKR 765 million under the emergency humanitarian aid donated by the Chinese government to the Sri Lankan government. In response to the request of the Sri Lankan government after the April 21st Attacks,

the Chinese government decided to provide emergency aid of security equipment and help Sri Lanka implement more effective combat and prevention against terrorism, and to enhance Sri Lankan people's safety. The emergency equipment include 500 Handheld Metal Detectors, 25 WalkThrough Safety Inspection

Gates, 50 X-ray Security Inspection Systems, 25 Hand-held Vehicle Scanners, 3 Explosive Detectors, and 3 Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detectors. Besides the equipment, China will also send a technical team to Sri Lanka for installation and training. China Mirror 中国 镜子 Ök levm;

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China-gifted Frigate arrived at Colombo

P 625, a “state-of-the-art” frigate gifted by China to Sri Lanka Navy, has arrived Colombo Harbor on Monday (8th July) after 12 days’ sail from Shanghai, with 18 officers and 92 sailors on board. The arrival was warmly welcomed by H.E. Mr. Cheng Xueyuan, Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka, and Vice Admiral De Silva, Commander of Sri Lanka Navy, representatives of Sri Lanka-China friendly organizations and overseas Chinese Community. A welcome reception for the ship was also hosted in the Chinese embassy on the same day. The Frigate will be a main ship in charge of offshore patrol,

maritime safety, environment monitoring, anti-piracy combat and other operations for Sri Lanka Navy. This pretty young ship is considered a most advanced and capable one in SLN. Built in 1994, it is 112 meters long, 12.4 meters wide, 3.5 meters designed draft, 1975 tons of standard drainage, and 2308 tons of full-load drainage. It can withstand force 9 wind (strong gale) when it is standard drainage. The power system uses two 18E390VA (optimized) medium-speed diesel engines. Endurance is 3500 nautical miles and selfsufficiency of P625 is 15 days and nights when sailing at 18

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knots patrol speed. The main weapon equipment comprises one 100mm main gun (the most powerful in SLN), four twin 37mm auxiliary guns. Electronic system is equipped with 360 air and sea warning radar and Synapsis navigation radar. The hand-over of the vessel was speeded up after the 21/4 attacks. Besides, the PLA Navy of China has held a twomonth professional training for more than 110 Sri Lanka naval officers and sailors in Shanghai. Further training will be provided according to the need of Sri Lankan Navy.

Hong Kong phooey! Would you like any hypocrisy with that? George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a filmmaker, writer and a renowned orator. Where to start? For nearly 40 weeks hundreds of thousands of French people have been on the streets in anti-government demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron’s rule. Some have lost eyes and hands in the police response. The public has begun to view the smell of tear gas as a normal part of a weekend in Paris. France is 29 miles from the coast of England. Siri just told me that “Hong Kong is about 5,992 miles from London as the crow flies.” So complete has been the British media blackout on the Yellow Vests that many believe, wrongly, that there is some British government order banning on any mention of “les événements en France.” The truth is that there is no need for one. Like a homing pigeon in reverse the entire UK media has flown like a bat out of hell away from France all the way to Hong Kong (as they had earlier flown to Caracas until the big protests turned into the wrong kind of protests). There is nothing, except the shoe-sizes, of the demonstrators in Hong Kong that I don’t know thanks to the veritable blizzard of in-depth analysis of the protestors there and their each and every demand. Protesters in Saudi

Arabia and Bahrain can be executed, but we will never be told their names. And the hypocrisy of the media is just for starters. If a group of British protesters broke into the British Parliament and hung, for argument’s sake, a Russian flag over the Speaker’s chair it is “highly likely” that a commando force would quickly and violently overwhelm and arrest them accompanied by volleys of accusations about Russian interference. If a crowd of British protestors occupied Heathrow Airport in such numbers and so disruptively that British Airways had to stop flights in and out of the airport, causing massive financial loss, dislocation, and personal inconvenience, I promise you that their protest would have been cleared out by the above mentioned commandos on the very first day of their protests. If protesters in London were hoisting Chinese flags and singing the Chinese national anthem then, well, I’m sure you get my point. The struggle between the government of China and its citizens is no more the business of the British than it is of the Slovakians. It’s true that Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years but the least said about the shame

and disgrace of how that came to be, the better, I promise you. Suffice to say that to acquire territory by force, followed by unequal treaty at gunboat-point to punish the actual owners of the land for resisting the British opium trade, is, even by British Imperial standards, extraordinary. So shameful is it you’d think the British would want to draw a veil over it. But not so. The British tell us that Hong Kong want democracy but nobody ever says that across a century and a half of British rule in Hong Kong the people there were allowed no democracy of any kind. They tell us about the justice system without ever mentioning that even today the ‘draconian’ courts of Hong Kong are still stuffed by white English judges. They tell us about NGOs and “civil society” without telling us whose pounds and dollars the “NGOs” are stuffed with. In fact, these foreign-funded and guided organisations are carefully stabled Trojan Horses chomping their British and American supplied hay until

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the time came for them to be told to gallop, and gallop they now are.

the great majority of Chinese citizens, including Hong Kong citizens, are concerned.

This is all Hong Kong phooey! No other country in the world would have shown such forbearance in the face of foreign-sponsored rioting destruction and sabotage of the national economy as China has. If in the days to come China’s patience runs out, it will not be before time so far as

China signed up to the one country, two systems in the territory. It did not agree to two countries, two systems. Not one inch of Hong Kong belongs to anyone but China. The days when foreign countries could impose their will on China are long gone.

Ambassador of China visits St. Sebastian's Church

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Mr. Rohan Muthumala, The President of the martial arts & qigong committee of the association for Sri Lanka – China Social and Cultural Cooperation and the president of the Sri Lanka Tai Chi association won the Bronze &

Ökfha Xiamen k.rfha mej;s cd;Hka;r Wushu ;,s.shl§ rka iy f,dalv molalï Èkd .ekSug Y%S ,xldj ksfhdackh lrñka iyNd.S jQ wm ix.ufha idudðl frdydka uq;=ud, uy;d iu;a ù we;' 2019$08$15 isg 19 olajd mej;s ;rÕj,sh i|yd f,dalfha rgj,a 28 lska ;rÕlrejka 6000 la muK iyNd.S ù we;' Y%S ,xld ;dhsÖ ix.ufha iy wm ix.ufha igka l,d iy Ñf.dka wkq lñgqfõ iNdm;S;ajh ork uq;=ud, uy;d Sun style thai chi Quan biõj i|yd f,dalv molaluo Sun style thai chi Quan biõj i|yd rka molaluo Èkd

Gold Medals respectively for the Sun Style Ta Chi quan and Sun Style Tai Chi Jian events in Xiamen International Wushu Championship held at Xiamen city, China from 15th – 19th August 2019

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H.E. Mr. Cheng Xueyuan, Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka visited the St. Sebastian’s Church at Katuwapitiya, Negombo on Sunday (7th July) to inquire into the damages caused to the Church following the 21/4 bombing, and the reconstruction works. A donation was also initiated by the Ambassador to the recovery of local community via the Negombo Municipal Council. Meanwhile, the Ambassador visited several families in the area, met some children who injured in the bombing and extended sincere sympathy and solicitude of Chinese side to the families. The Ambassador was accompanied by all the diplomats of the Embassy and Mayor Dayan Lanza of Negombo Municipal Council.

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