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A Green Village… in the Heart of the Big City!


astelnau… Yesterday, a quaint word for a village built around a castle; today,

the name of an exceptional, four-phase residential community in Montreal: an architecturally majestic heritage building and three refined yet decidedly contemporary buildings; tomorrow, your new home. Not often does a wide-scale condominium community get built in Montreal in a central, prime location brimming with green spaces. More than half of the site is dedicated to gardens, landscaped grounds and pedestrian trails, whose beauty will be preserved and enhanced through the use of underground private parking. Castelnau is the promise of a superior quality of life courtesy of great neighbouring attractions, including Jarry Park, one of Montreal’s largest urban parks; the always vibrant and picturesque Little Italy and Jean-Talon Market, known for its variety and quality of products. Not to mention a metro station right at your doorstep and easy access to the main highways.

A rich, urban, walk-to-anywhere life, in the heart of a lively, green village: that’s Castelnau in a nutshell. With each step and turn, there you have it, all around!

a hop from JARRY PARK

on the park


ne of Montreal’s six urban parks, Jarry Park, is a village unto itself. First, there’s the inviting outdoor pool, the playground, the wading pool and the dog park. Then there are the sports fields where you can play soccer or softball. A little further, you might see kids flying multicoloured kites along a magnificent pond or picnickers grabbing a bite while admiring the great view of Mount Royal. Here is a true oasis in the heart of the city, where you can play baseball, soccer, basketball or volleyball, skate in the winter or stroll along the hiking trails. And thanks to one of Canada’s largest tennis centres, the Uniprix Stadium, you can even play your favourite racket sport, both indoors and outdoors. Jarry Park has something for everyone. It’s a place where people of all ages can come to enjoy the country life without ever leaving the city.


on the market


deli, a bakery, a fruit shop, a cheese shop, a pastry shop, a fish shop, a chocolate shop, a florist‌What doesn’t the largest outdoor market in North America have to offer? With its mouth-watering aromas, you won’t be able to skip a day without stopping by the Jean-Talon Market, a true Montreal institution founded in 1933. And to think this shopping mecca is open year-round and is a mere five-minute walk from your condo! Walking around the Jean-Talon Market is like taking a trip around the world and chatting up merchants from the far reaches of the globe, from Quebec to Italy, passing by Morocco and Columbia. And if your worldwide trip stimulates your appetite, simply grab a seat on one of the magnificent terraces and savour a sweet or salty crepe, or have a refreshing homegrown beer.


on Little Italy


he aroma of trattorias and Italian coffee, the sight of a Ferrari being passed by an old Fiat… Perfetto! Welcome to Little Italy, or Piccola Italia, one of Montreal’s most popular and effervescent neighbourhoods. Where else can you go from Tuscany to Piedmont in two street corners and discover the exuberance of Italy in your own city? The products offered in Little Italy’s boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and gourmet shops are as abundantly generous as they are Latin-tempered! Catch a glimpse of celebrities, admire vine-covered courtyards, and root for the Italian soccer team with the rest of the coffee shop crowd. Now, that’s ambiance! Enjoy a pizza-pasta on a terrace, followed by an Italiano coffee or a foamy cappuccino. Then walk to Dante Park, the host of many premiere cultural events. Both in summer and winter, this Montreal neighbourhood is buzzing with fun activities and festivals celebrating Italian heritage. Little Italy has it all and, especially, what matters most: passion for life. Cheers, cin cin!

Boutiques and services around Castelnau


THE DEVELOPERS Castelnau is the fruitful outcome of a partnership between DevMcGill® and Thibault, Messier, Savard and Associates Inc., two pillars of Montreal real estate development.

Founded in 1989, Thibault, Messier, Savard and Associates Inc. has completed transactions totalling more than $1 billion in various real estate sectors. The firm’s major achievements have been in the residential and hotel sectors and in land development, both in Quebec and abroad.


Recipient of many awards, DevMcGill has been a real estate developer since 1998. Presided by Stéphane Côté and his dedicated team of architectural and design experts, DevMcGill is building tomorrow’s living spaces for a whole new generation of urban residents. From loft spaces and boutique apartments to pieds-à-terre and condominiums, DevMcGill offers a multitude of vibrant, intelligent living spaces that consistently reflect its vision: better understanding its clients’ needs to build better homes and better lives. M9-4


Brochure Générale Castelnau - anglais  
Brochure Générale Castelnau - anglais