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Metropolitan cities change constantly. They absorb, transform and redirect modern trends, ultimately reshaping the structure our lives. Simply put, they deviate resulting in revolutionary changes worldwide. The paradigms of music, fashion, science, arts, sports, technology, pop culture, transportation, and politics become current, then obsolete faster than the eye can blink. Each particular facet carries with it groups of people who embrace, nurture and eventually develop a subculture that strays from conventional norms. Out of these subcultures, a unique style emerges that is taken on by the world; it is these subcultures that DV8 (DEVIATE) will cover. Once an idea becomes accepted, it becomes a directive. DV8 Magazine is the new directive for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. DV8 Magazine is a fresh and bold publication that dares to veer from the norm. We represent the diversity that exists within cultures focusing on fashion, entertainment, art, and lifestyle topics. DV8 Magazine serves the youth culture and anyone that appreciates the myriad subcultures that make up our American fabric. We are a quarterly publication. Our current circulation is 30,000+ and growing. We eagerly seek strategic partnerships with companies, large and small, and advertisers. We urge all to DV8 with us on what will undoubtedly become a high impact and trend setting magazine. I look forward to inducing the entire nation to drift away from the norm through DV8 Magazine. Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Desmick Perkins Publisher Create your own path...DV8

General Readership: 30,000+ Male - 65% Female - 35% Employment Status Full Time - 63.8% Part Time - 26.2% Unemployed - 10% Occupations Administrative Support - 28.7% Executive, Adminitrative & Managerial - 8.2% Handlers & Laborers - 7.4% Machine Operators & Assemblymen - 2.3% Precision Production & Craft Repair - 4.7% Professional & Specialty Occupations - 5.2% Sales - 12.7% Service - 11.0% Technitians & Support Staff - 2.8% Transportation & Material Moving - 5.5% Education Less than 12th Grade - 11% High School Graduate - 43% Some College - 33% College Degree or More - 13% Age Range 18-34 - 92% Over 35 - 8%

Rates Back Cover $3000.00 Inside Front $1500.00 Inside Back $1500.00 Full Page $875.00 Half Page $475.00 2/3 Page $375.00 1/3 Page $315.00 1/4 Page $215.00


Non - Bleed 9.75" X 9.75" 4.75" X 9.75" 9.75" X 4.75" 2.5" X 10" 9.75" X 2.25" 9.75" X 3.08" 3.08" X 9.75" 9.75" X 6.41" 6.41" X 9.75"

Bleed 10" X 10" 5" X 10" 10" X 5" 2.25" X 9.75" 10" X 2.5" 10" X 3.33" 3.33" X 10" 10" X 6.66" 6.66" X 10"

FORMAT: Mac, Zip, Jazz or CD APPLICATIONS: Mac Quark 3.32 or greater, Photoshop 4 or greater. Illustrator 7.0 Fonts: All fonts must be Adobe Type 1 Postscript fonts. HI RESOLUTION: All Hi Resolution Images must not exceed 300 dpi, and must be converted to CMYK 5TH COLOR: Must be arranged in advance with sales rep. If not it will automatically be converted to CMYK. (5th colors are available at an extra charge) TRAPPING: All trapping is the responsibility of the advertiser PROOFING: two match points or digital proofs must accompany the file. Color “Xeroxes� are not accepted for final color ALIGNMENT: Perfect alignment of type or design across the gutter of two facing pages can not be guaranteed. Please be sure that All files, Hi Resolution Images, fonts, EPS Images, etc are included on disk INSERT: a mock sample must be sent to the DV8 Production Director at the address below for bindery approval, prior to the insert being printed. Shipping instructions available upon request All advertising materials will be destroyed by DV8 or its printer after 6 months from printing date unless a return address in writing accompanies materials Send Ads to: (OVERNITE ONLY) DV8 Magazine 1744 Alvarado Terrace Atlanta, GA 30310 Email Ads to:

DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition Media Kit 2011  
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition Media Kit 2011  

Metropolitan cities change constantly. They absorb, transform and redirect modern trends, ultimately reshaping the structure our lives. Simp...