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BRAD PAISLEY WRAPS UP 2013 AT THE PALACE Review by “Renee Catron”

Brad Paisley wrapped up his Beat This Summer 2013 Tour Saturday night, right here in the Motor City. Fans were not disappointed, as this 6. FILMMAKER SCOTT GALESKI - LISA JOY ADAMS award winning country icon, made all in attendance feel as if they were 9. DEAD IN 5 - JOHN DUNN old friends, typical of this genuine 10. BENNY & THE JETS - BENNY JET West Virginia native with a love for old fashioned American values and 11. 2013 VIDEO GAME CHRISTMAS GUIDE the guitar. OLIN EZRA Paisley’s commitment to his fans 13. TITTLE COMMUNITY OUTREACH was apparent as he sang “Southern Comfort Zone”, all the while 13. THE THREE FACES OF VINNIE DOMBROWSKI uncapping a fan’s Sharpie and DOMINIC FORSYTHE signing autographs, only to later grab a phone from a lucky fan and left 14. RIKKI ROXX them an invaluable video souvenir 16. A NEW GENERATIONS OF MUSICIANS from the night. As Paisley performed hits such as “American Saturday D. COUNTS Night” and “This is Country Music”, 18. SHOWTIME CLOTHING - JEFF MARZOLF country icons, such as Andy Griffith, Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Cash, 19. GRETCHEN WILSON - SCOTTI MOORE could be seen flickering across 20. VOODOO - MARC NADER the large screen that graced the majority of the stage. Brad’s sense 22. SOLDIERS LAST BREATH - D.COUNTS of humor was ever present when 22. RIZZY - ANTHONY STEWARD he mixed performance with a selfanimation depicting many of the 24. FLASHCLASH typical Hollywood scandals while performing “Celebrity.” Also worthy 27. ELTON JOHN & SLAYER Photos By Marc Nader of the crowd’s laughter, this same MARC NADER / JONNY REINHARDT Paisley caricature could be seen referencing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and there was the occasional video clip of a screeching goat, just to grab your attention! Brad Paisley took 28. CHOICE CUTS - ERIC HARABADIAN the crowd through many emotions that night from welling with patriotic pride to laughing 30. HOROSCOPE - ALUNA MICHAELS at his outlandish pop culture references. It was only fitting that he also brought a tear to some eyes as he played “This is Country Music” on an acoustic guitar, which he then handed to a young boy, who was perched on his father’s shoulders. Contributors: Benny Jet, Eric Harabadian, Darian Counts, Aluna Michaels, Marc Nader, Rikki Roxx, Olin Ezra, Lauren Rae, John Dunn, Jonny Reinhardt, Lisa Joy Adams, Jenne Barnes, Renee Catron, Dominic Forsythe Graphic Design:: Granger Graphics Story Editing: Elizabeth Sinclair Photgraphers: Marc Nader (Cover), Scott Legato, T-Mac Imaging, Christopher Bjornberg, Jen Drewyore-Beck Publisher: Granger Publishing Inc. LLC Editor: Darian Counts Account execs: norm stachulski, G.C.Good II Last months ballyhoo story was titled “written by Jen Drewyor Beck was actually written by Mark Petty

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As this show already felt personal, Paisley even got more intimate and joined the “beer drinkers in the back” by moving to a second stage located on the opposite end of the arena and giving fans an opportunity to slow down with his 12th number one single “Waitin’ on a Woman” as well as “Anything Like Me.” Brad wrapped up his 2013 tour back on the main stage with a great encore performance of “Alcohol.” Undoubtedly, this was a performance that pleased fans of all ages, with a perfect blend of Paisley’s past and present. Brad’s performance touched our souls last night and made me want to scream “I Love Country Music”!







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Scott A. Galeski was an ordinary kid, from an ordinary neighborhood in Downriver Detroit, from an era of GIJoes, one catch all, and dreaming of the ultimate Evel Knievel jump. He grew up and became a cop, then began serving and protecting that ordinary neighborhood. But the ordinary kid did not become an ordinary man. His police career is exemplary. His job doesn’t stop when his shift ends. He doesn’t forget the victims he has protected, he remembers the circumstance where he last saw them and he checks on them often. He tells them if they need help to let him know. And when they let him know, he shows up. Nothing ordinary about that. His 30 year commitment to coaching athletics earned him the respect, admiration, friendship and love of hundreds of kids and young men who are now grown with careers and families of their own. Some have gone on to pay it forward and have become police officers or teachers, and they coach teams of their own because he influenced their lives so profoundly when they were young. Galeski still answers to “Coach” when he is stopped on the street, he greets each player by their names as he yanks their handshake toward him so he can hug them. A hug which is reciprocated readily and completed by both with that hard back patting maneuver that only males do. Scott Galeski is an exceptional human being. In



Extraordinarily Rare

2009 he founded Ring Of Fire Entertainment and most important he became a filmmaker, but of course he is not an ordinary filmmaker. He writes and produces all of his films and recently started directing solo. And his films, they are not ordinary either. His very first film The Tank, released in 2010, was an award winning success. Galeski has completed 14 films already in his newly hatched filmmaking career. His films have been featured at film festivals and have entertained audiences throughout the world. Galeski, his cast and crew have won multiple awards and have received special recognition for his films. Scott Galeski is an exceptional filmmaker.

Galeski, who is a 23 year veteran detective has served a five year tour of duty as a undercover operative with the Michigan State Police Detroit Narcotics Unit. Galeski is a member of the Downriver Violent Crimes Task Force and in 2008 founded the Downriver Detroit Cadets. Galeski also specializes in the investigation of Crimes Against Children, he works with a relentlessly fierce tenacity to prosecute perpetrators so a child’s life will be safe again. Galeski is a highly decorated officer which includes the prestigious Police Medal of Honor. He will never mention this of course because he doesn’t talk about personal accolades when he talks about Is someone extraordinary because of what they can do? Like Evel Knievel? Or is some- being a cop, he talks about his community, one extraordinary because of who they are? ways to make it better and the people in it. Like Mother Theresa? I believe the answer could I have been an actor in two of Galeski’s films, HIT and The Color Of My Energy. When this be either one. It would be out the ordinary issue of Detroit Live is published, we will to be extraordinary in both ways, but since ordinary and Scott A. Galeski are not synony- have finished filming HITTING, the sequel to HIT. My passionate fire for acting never really mous, he is extraordinary in both ways. went out, but the passing years had reduced Galeski followed in some impressive my once dancing flames to the soft glow of footsteps, his father and grandfather were also police officers that served the Downriver embers. I believed those embers were only apparent to me, but when those embers Detroit area. became visible to Galeski without hesitation he threw me into the mix with actors who had more confidence and experience than my Theatre Arts loving self.


screen, which are often based on real people. Galeski’s comedies give the audience a peek at his kaleidoscope personality and his ready to strike humor. This is why Ring Of Fire productions are such crowd pleasers. With no formal training Galeski has managed to produce films that touch the soul. He credits his success with the people he surrounds himself with. He commented specifically on the following people;

County Sheriff embraced his first lead in Bone Yard, a story of vengeance. Actor Randal Casey, “Randal is one of the most prepared artists I’ve ever seen. We expect great things from him and he always delivers.” Actors Randi Hutchison and Louisa Concessi, “Randi has been involved in many of our projects and her performance shines in the up and coming Pookerland. Louisa, who is a Wayne County Prosecutor has always stepped up for our challenging roles.” Newcomers: Victoria Mullen, Val Arnold, Lisa Joy Adams, Darian Counts, Christopher Jones, Mariuca Rofick, Peter Howard, Kathi J. Moore, Marty Lake, Jennifer Steele and Jamey Harper. “These are the new faces inside the Ring Of Fire.”

Writer/Director Brion Dodson of Captive8 Productions “Brion has multiple areas of expertise in filmmaking. He In high school, Galeski’s creative writing is the guy you want on your projects, much of our success teacher gave him poor grades and told him his material would never be suitable for is due to Brion Dodson.” the public. Those words must have been devastating to hear when your passion Musician/Composer Daniel was so newly discovered and you just Galeski Jr. “My brother is brilliant in every sense of the began dreaming that it’s wings would carry you through your life. But someone came word. His scores have won forward and erased those devastating words. multiple awards.” Someone who like Scott A. Galeski had grown up to be a man who wasn’t ordinary. Still Photography, Noel His name was Mr. Earnest Smith and he was Galeski and Ryan Buttson, I was unaware a character was swirling a drama teacher. Scott A. Galeski was not “Both my wife Noel and Ryan have done a around inside of me and I will always be great job documenting and promoting each grateful to him for believing in and bringing to life something I couldn’t see in myself at first. Ring of Fire production.” This searing insight and ability to visualize Sound Design, Robert Langley and beyond the expected and obvious is not Steve Sholtes, “These two have only how he chooses his cast members but worked with the very best and have also how he operates in the independent film world. Galeski’s journey into filmmaking added such quality to our projects.” has introduced him to some not so ordinary people. He has worked with Academy Award nominee James Franco, and answered his phone to find Kid Rock on the other end of the line. His work with Detroit rock legend Mitch Ryder evolved into a very important relationship for Galeski, Mitch has become his mentor and his valued friend.

Editor, Daniel D. Smith, “Dan’s expertise is essential for every film’s success. He extracts the best moments from 20 takes of the same scene and fuses them together seamlessly.”

Ring of Fire Entertainment was founded in 2009. 14 films have been completed since it’s inception, soon to include his first feature “Pookerland” which will premiere in 2014. The Color Of My Energy, Is This You? HIT, and Whiskey Tango-In will be featured in the Spring of 2014 at The Downriver Detroit Underground Festival of Films. Galeski’s dramatic films twist, turn and often showcase the triumph of the human spirit. Galeski states, “My biggest influences are the victims I’ve worked with and their defiant ability to overcome tragedy.” His films are based on the sometimes harsh realities of life. When we identify with those realities we laugh, cry and truly feel for the characters portrayed on

Director of Photography Kevin O’Conner, “To put it plainly, Kevin is amazing.”

Actor/Filmmaker Curtis Lee Vest, “Curtis is a Jack of all trades, he played the lead as Gavin Boday in our Whiskey Tango series, and was hired on as the director of photography for one of our latest shorts, The Color Of My Energy.”

Actors, Timothy A. King and Rick Gunny Meredith, “Tim and Gunny are versatile in every way. Tim has been with us from the beginning and Gunny, who is a Wayne DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


if he ever imagined that his life would impact hundreds of other lives and that those experiences would become his art, expressed in film, and then his life would impact thousands and thousands of lives in this world. The ability to become extraordinary is innate within each of us, because we are all the same pure potentiality. So none of us truly are ordinary people. For more updates, information and inquiries…look for Ring Of Fire Entertainment on Facebook.

one of his students, and he was not in his class, but Mr. Smith saw his potential as a writer and persuaded him to not give up and to continue writing. His encouraging words kept a young man’s dream alive. Like Scott A. Galeski, Mr. Smith could easily see what made someone special, and he helped others find that within themselves and discover their unique abilities. Galeski says “Mr. Earnest Smith was an extraordinary man.” I wonder if the ordinary kid from the ordinary neighborhood ever dreamt he would become something extraordinary one day. I wonder




ight months ago bassist Dana Forrester was scanning the Internet for licensing opportunities for her band, Dead in 5. Forrester came across a Craigslist ad posted in Pennsylvania for extras for a Zombie movie.

Dead in 5’s Zombie Movie Dreams Come True

by John Dunn

Photo Chris Betea.

“Something in my gut told me to ask if they needed music for the

film.” Forrester reached out, and low and behold the movie in question was “Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies” starring WWE legends Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shane Douglas, Jim “Hacksaw” Duggan, Matt Hardy and Olympian Kurt Angle – and YES they needed music.

Director Cody Knotts was so impressed with the tracks Forrester sent him that he drove the 5 plus hours from his hometown in Uniontown Pennsylvania to the band’s Westland, Michigan rehearsal space to meet in person. After showing Dead in 5 an early cut of the film, a contract was drafted, and Dead in 5 was hired to contribute eight songs for the film. “It really was a dream come true, “ says Forrester. “The film’s licensing fees paid for us to record.” Working with Metro 37’s Matt Dalton, Dead in 5 crafted their melodic, but brutal tracks, inspired by the raw fighting scenes between the WWE wrestlers and zombies. Now Dead in 5 is hosting a dual CD release and movie premiere party at the Token Lounge in Westland on Saturday December 14. Attendees will be among the first to see “Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies,” and have the opportunity to pick up a copy of Dead in 5’s new full length CD “Wreck Your World.” Doors are at 7 pm; the movie starts at 8 pm, followed by live rock by Dead in 5 and Bullet for Breakfast. Tickets are $10 at the door, and all ages are welcome to attend (with parent). Director Cody Knotts will be on hand, as well as

Flint, Michigan’s resident dominatrix’s – The Dirty Girls, Rock N’ Rummage vendors plus tarot card reading snake charmer Shetan Noir. Adding to the festivities will be a “Hot Zombie Contest” where vixens dressed as the undead can compete to win a “killer” prize pack that includes a $100 Lucky Monkey Tattoo gift certificate, jars of Dead in 5’s lead singer Robert Libres’ notorious “Demon’s Blood” and “Face Melter” hot sauces, plus a copy of Dead in 5’s new CD. Knotts recently screened “Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies” at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in October 2013. Brutalashell. com raved about the film: “the fights are as dramatic, brutal and exhilarating as they ought to be. If you’re a wrestling fan and you like zombies, see this film, because while it’s anything but serious art, it does exactly what it sets out do  - and does it gloriously!” “I’m excited to for Detroiters to see the film,” adds Forrester. “Detroit is a hard hitting, postapocalyptic City, So if DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

anyone can relate to this movie – it’s us! It should be a lot of fun!” For more on Dead in 5 and the movie, please visit the deadinfive and


Benny & The Jets Hey hand me an ice scraper. Benny and the Jets: The song, The van, The man, The beard, The book, The movie, The PAWN STAR TV GUY, or in this case, lets call it ... THE COLUMN! Dancing through the snow, in a one horse open slay, over fields we go, laughing all the way! Yes it is that time of year. Some guitar god should remake all those old Christmas songs. Just think, Jeff Beck version of Jingle Bells or Silent Night. Remember old people now grew up in the Jimmy Hendrix era. It used to be old people liked Bing Crosby. Well I guess everyone can like Bing. But a 70 year old guy now, was in his 20s when Hendrix was jamming. Jeff, Jimmy, Stevie, Johnny (Johnny Winter for you youngsters) turn it up, and then we could listen to Christmas Songs 24-7 on the radio. Note there is a Benny and the Jets Band Christmas CD. YouTube search Benny Jets Christmas Twist. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. We hear all the time, Don’t Drink and Drive. But texting (no I didn’t say SEXTING) and driving, may be a BIGGER problem? Seems you pull up to any stop light and someone will have their phone out. Recently my daughter was driving home from school (Henry Ford U) sitting at the light, in her big yellow SUV, and BANG, rear ended. She is OK. But the SUV is kind of crinkled and the young lady who hit her, who was texting, was OK too. But thousands of dollars damage to the cars and NO FAULT insurance means they both pay out of pocket. My poor little girl who works part time at Papa Ramano’s will be working the rest of the year to play off this NO FAULT/ TEXTING accident!   I love to write about live music, local bands and live music venues. I got to thinking about Theaters. Harpo’s Theater over 1000 seats, on the east side. Still alive and well,

Christina Chriss 10 LIVE

By Benny Jet

bands and a recent L.A. Guns show.

It is getting harder and harder to find live music By Benny Jet and live music venues. If you come across a cool band or club send me an e mail benejets@ I heard from Chuck about a new band called Big live music clubs.  Meet Me At the Rocky’s on Sibley in Riverview. Live bands Skyline, who recently and epic parties. You walk in the front played the Loft in door and see a big room, with pool tables, Lansing. Heard from center bar, dance floor and stage. Remedy, Joe LaGracie who D. Counts and the Billionaires, Shiver, Ray often plays the Street Park, Cruzin Jupiter and lately Boogie Crystal Lounge in Dynamite seem to be regulars on Rocky’s Westland. Mustang Dan who has seen Shiver stage. at the Legends Club in Trenton. Wyandotte Rick saw 50 Amp Fuse and Killer Flamingos The famous Token Lounge on Joy Road in at One Under in Livonia and T. C. Gaters in Westland. Long time, big time, concert club. Canton. Sax player Fred August mentions You walk in the back door, stage, dance Chatters in Westland, Club Canton in Canton, floor, seats, and the bar. Owner John Anton and Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar in Clarkston. (who has produced a movie or two) has been a long time supporter of live music, For more information, to hire Benny and both local and national acts. the Jets band of Benny SOLO for your club, party or event, call 313 730 1627. See Benny Thursdays open mic at Redford Moose. Friday 5 till 8p Greek Island bar and grill in Farmington Hills. Saturday 5 till 9p at Do Hickey’s bar and grill downtown Wyandotte. Find Benny and the Jets on FACEBOOK  banging out heavy metal shows. There is the Fox with over 4000 seats. The Fillmore has over 1000 seats, Majestic maybe 1000 - no seats more of a ballroom, and Magic Bag 300 with dancing, all on Woodward Ave. The Royal Oak Theater (downtown Royal Oak) doing everything from comedy shows to national tours.

The All Around on Ecorse Road in Taylor. You walk in the front door, pool tables, games, bar, seats, dance floor and stage. Nice lights and house P.A. Owner Dave Karlson has a keen eye for talent, from country to rock. He spotted Bridge, Rusty Lunch Box, Pistol Day Parade, early on. Worked with David Allen Coe and a who’s who of area bands. Dave say’s watch out for Bullet Proof Snow, smooth singing, good looking, dark haired, lead singer. Also Mercy Brown, Shock Wave, Coalition, and the hot, new, Two Timin band.  Let’s also put Perfect Pitcher Music Venue, on our list Beech Daly Road in Taylor. You go in the side door see the bar, seats dance floor and stage. Lots of local area DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

ty stone

2013 VIDEO GAME X-MAS GUIDE: THE YEAR OF THE NEW CONSOLE! By Olin Ezra This is a pretty memorable year in gaming. Not only have some of the best titles come out over the course of the year, Grand Theft Auto V, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, Pikman 3, Even NCAA Football 14 was fantastic. Just before Christmas this year, console developers from the big 3 (Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo) all have new console offerings on the market, and as long as tramplings at crazy holiday sales are kept to a minimum there may be some very happy gamers come Christmas. I've put together a quick guide for the 3 new console offerings comparing their features, value and overall performance to help maybe the decision a little easier. Playstation 4: Hit the market with a bang, I could not find any consoles for purchase at on-line markets except for highly inflated “package” deals. Expect to shell out just under $1,000 if you’d like to find one in time for the holidays. Most packages are loaded with an extra controller, motion sensors and a few games. Graphically speaking Playstation 4 has the edge over Microsoft's new Xbox One. It’s exciting to think of the new possibilities developers now have for gooey eye candy goodness. Xbox One: Also hit the ground running. Although Sony has a much longer list of unique titles, Xbox may just have the more successful of the franchise. With Elder Scrolls Online, Forza 5 (in my opinion, Forza is more fun than Gran Turismo), Fable and Halo, Xbox has an army of developers ready to dole out more insta-classics. Xbox features wise does lack, and it is not as powerful as its Japanese counterpart. It’s also $100 dollars more than the Sony PS4. Also, it’s very hard to find any actually in stock unless you’re looking to shell out another $1,000 on a bundle pack. Nintendo Wii U: Well, what does Nintendo do best? It’s own thing. And that’s exactly what it’s doing with the Wii U. Part hand-held system, part video game system, the Wii U is sure to be a hit with those grown up Mario fans, and will probably make a few new fans as well. Wii U’s uniqueness is in it’s controller, which almost looks like a hand-held gaming system. Portions of the game can be controlled via the on-screen controller. Very cool in my opinion, it reminds me of the Dreamcast controllers circa 2000. Wii U isn’t as powerful as the other systems, but Nintendo has never put graphics above a unique gaming experience. Even us older gamers will remember that the Sega Master System was more powerful than the Nintendo Entertainment System, yet the NES sold much better, with four times the game library. At $299.99 Wii U is the biggest gaming value in this guide, and you can find them in-stock everywhere. Wii U may not have the appeal to pull the more mature gamers but then again, what kid doesn't love getting a Nintendo for Christmas? DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM




MAN’S SEARCH FOR NEIGHBORLY HELP ENDS WITH DOWNRIVER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY December. The most wonderful time of the year. Time to rejoice in family, time to love and help thy neighbor. Unfortunately, with the current economic state that Michigan is suffering, charitable actions are put by the wayside. Most families are struggling just to light a tree, let alone lend a hand to others in need. Yet, a Clinton Township resident reached out to a local construction company to help a fellow neighbor. Noticing a gaping hole in his neighbor Lisa Kultz’s roof, Clinton Township resident and Air Force veteran George Pierce felt the need to take action. “I’ve known this family for years. Lisa’s father, a naval veteran passed on and left the house to his wife. With the help of the military, she was able to purchase the home. After her death seven years ago, daughter Lisa took over the home.” said Pierce.

visit and a steady stream of water was leaking into the kitchen. “I went home, pulled out the yellow pages and started calling construction companies, to see if anyone would help.” he said. After calling multiple numbers to no avail, Pierce was about to give up. Lying in bed a few nights later, Pierce watched a commercial from Tittle Brother’s Construction, a downriver construction company. “I called the number on the screen later that morning,” Pierce said. “After a brief explanation about the circumstance that Lisa faced, was transferred to field agent Pete Theofanopoulos”. he said. “There wasn’t a minute’s hesitation, it was as if they expected my call.”

decided to do a full make over. We’re going to redo the roof and decking, clean up soffit and trim, reinstall new gutters and down spouts on the house as well as the garage.” said Theofanopoulos. ‘We have to take care of each other, and stick behind our community. Tittle Brother’s was built from the ground up this way. If we can lend a hand and make a difference, then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do” said Theofanopoulos.

Along with the home payment, Lisa is responsible for the care of two mentally impaired brothers. While working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, the home steadily progressed into disrepair.

“As soon as I took George’s call, I knew we had to help out. Every year, Tittle Brother’s Construction does pro bono work for a family From a neighbor’s phone call, to a company in need during the Christmas holiday. George willing to give back, the joy of the season still saved us the time of choosing a family to help.” shines through…that is the spirit of Detroit. said Theofanopoulos. “

“I couldn’t bear it,” said Pierce. “I went for a

“After a quick inspection and assessment, we

See Tittle Bros. ad on page 12 for more info.



Detroiters know Vinnie Dombroski as the front man for Gold Certified modern rock band Sponge. This December, fans will have a chance to see him perform live in all three of his groups– Crud and The Orbitsuns, in addition to the band that made him famous, Sponge, here in his hometown their annual Cruddy XXXMas Party on of Metro Saturday December 28 at Diesel Concert Detroit. Lounge in Chesterfield. “The groups couldn’t be more different – and that’s what’s so amazing,” says Crud bass player Dana Forrester. “In Crud, Vinnie’s whole persona changes - it’s like his evil twin emerges and he becomes something dark and mischievous!” she adds. Musically the electro charged Crud devises a devious aural experience evocative of KMFDM, Rob Zombie, The Cramps and Nick Cave. Crud will be hosting

on Thursday December 12. “Whether he’s singing ‘Meat Detonation’ in Crud, ‘Haul Ass’ in The Orbitsuns, or ‘Plowed” in Sponge – Vinnie gives 1000% of himself to every show” adds Seglund. “It doesn’t matter if it’s industrial, country or rock - Vinnie is the ultimate front person - I dare music fans of any genre not to enjoy his music!” For more on Sponge, Crud and The Orbitsuns please visit:

When fronting The Orbitsuns, Dombroski channels a honky tonk version of “Johnny Cash meets Hank Williams” explains Dead in 5 guitarist Peder Seglund, a fan of all three of Dombroski’s musical projects. The country tinged Orbitsuns will be performing at Shelly Kelly’s Pub in Frasier on Friday December 13. Perhaps the biggest show of December is Sponge’s co-headlining gig with fellow 90’s rockers Spacehog. The two bands promise a night full of hits at The Magic Stick in Detroit DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


The Rikki Roxx Effect By : Rikki Roxx fog machines (don’t overdo it, audiences hate breathing that stuff in for a whole night, so use it sparingly). Then depending on how creative and thrifty you are, you can build anything from custom lighting, to the ever more popular ego boxes, the sky is the limit, and only limited by how much work, and how much gear you want to lug to your shows.

it look like you didn’t just get off of work, or you just rolled out of bed. When selling a product, you have to engage your listeners both visually and musically, and combining the two is going to be your biggest obstacle in trying to make your band successful.

Now, if you have been paying attention thus far, we have covered a lot of material, and hopefully this has helped you in your pursuit of starting a new band, and not only starting a new band, but starting a band that can separate itself from the myriads of other bands sloshing around town. Nobody ever But, with that said, use caution, if got anywhere in the music industry by being in the you are playing a small venue, it middle of the pack, and lost in the shuffle, it takes might not be the wisest thing to more than JUST the music, and it takes more than try to cram a full stage show on a Welcome back to Part 3 of my ‘Starting A Band JUST being an image, it takes more than JUST being Instruction Manual.’ In the last two articles we have stage the size of a small car. There is such thing as a marketing machine, it is going to take your band covered a lot of topics ranging from finding the right ‘over doing it,’ so use your own discretion. working harder, writing better and performing better members of your band, to writing your signature than anyone else out there. If you can master these Now, after you have figured out what your stage tune, to picking the right recording studio for your three elements, you will already be ahead of 90% of production is going to look like, and you have test project, to last month’s topic of how to properly the bands around, and all this before you have even driven it in the basement, and you are satisfied with played your first show. market and promote your project. All these are how it all works, it is time to look at yourself, yes, necessary issues that need to be addressed before that’s right, how are YOU going to present yourself That is where I will leave you for this month, next your even step foot on the stage. on stage? month we will talk about setting up your debut Last month we talked about tools you can use to performance. After all of this work you have put into effectively market your product, which is your band. This part of the game is somewhat looked at your band, it is finally time to hit the stage, almost. as an unnecessary part of being in a band, and Everything from Facebook, to Twitter and other We will cover that in some depth in next months while yes, as we discussed before, the song is the social media outlets to the tried and true methods article. of face to face marketing, from going to concerts and most important part of being in a band, but along with the music you are selling yourself as part networking, to passing out flyers around town. As you can probably tell, I have left a lot of these of that brand. Unlike radio, playing on stage you ‘instructions’ quite vague, reason being is that there must present a phenomenal sound, a great set of So, at this point in the game, it is now time to start are a lot of ways to do one thing, and none of them songs, but also, present something that is visually putting the pieces in place for your debut show. This are necessarily wrong. It is your job to find what appealing and helps keep the audience’s attention. works best for you, and your group, all I can do is does not mean just hopping on stage and ripping through your tunes. Every band only has one debut offer a rough outline to help you stay on the right show, one chance to leave a mark, and you do NOT “People are visually stimulated, and the more track. want your first impression to be that you are just like appealing you look, the more they want you. [Bands every other band around town. You must make every like] Guns N’ Roses are successful because they sell I have been around this town for a long time, and concerted effort to separate yourself from the pack, the complete image with the sound to back it up,” have learned a thing or two, that’s why I am here not only with your music, but with your image, and said Detroit native and owner of Showtime Clothing writing for Detroit Live Magazine, to give you the in Detroit Dan Tatarian. “Flash definitely catches stage production. tips and tricks, and methods that took me over a your eye first, so use it to your advantage.” decade to learn on my own. It is my goal to see a First off, we will start with the stage production. band break out of Detroit, and hit me up when they Before we get into that, we must all be on the same While there are places such as Showtime Clothing are playing theaters and arenas around the country, where you can get a vast array of different looks, page as to what constitutes a ‘stage production.’ and knowing that hopefully something I said helped anything from glam, to steam punk and everything them on their way. You might be thinking that a stage production isn’t in between, there is a lot to be said about making necessary, every club has lighting and a drum riser, any look your own. The name of the game when what else would you need? For the most part, you So whether you agree, or not, or just kind of, at it comes to being a stage performer is to separate are right, most reputable clubs do have their own least it is helping a little bit. If you want to send lighting and drum risers, the same lighting and drum yourself from the audience. me some feedback, feel free to email me at rikki@ risers that every other band is using, and the whole, or call me on my radio show point is to separate yourselves from the pack. “[Look at bands and artists like] Jimi Hendrix, Prince, every Sunday from 7-10pm on by Motley Crue, New York Dolls, The Beatles, The Who, calling (313) 462-0107. and on and on,” concluded Tatarian. There are plenty of ways to build your own stage production to take to shows, to separate yourself visually from the rest of the herd. The easiest and What you need to do at this most effective way to make yourself look more point, at least, this is what I did serious, while getting your brand out to the masses is in my case, was to look at the the stage scrim. You have no doubt seen bands with musicians that you are inspired stage scrims, they are the 6’x6’ fabrics on the stage by, and see how they acted that have the bands logo on it, and they are either and performed on stage, and placed behind the drummer, or off on the sides in put your own spin on it, and front of the amplifiers. make it your own. In my case, I was inspired by Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, DJ Ashba from These can be relatively inexpensive to get made, Guns N’ Roses and Robin Finck anywhere from $35-$50 dollars apiece. There are from Nine Inch Nails, I looked at plenty of tutorials on YouTube and all over the internet on how to make these simple, yet important what I thought made them look cool, and threw it all together pieces of your marketing plan. and came up with my own From there, the possibilities are endless as to what somewhat unique style. you can do with your stage production. You can for example, invest in your own strobe lighting, or sound Your style may be more subtle, activated lighting rigs, or implement the ever popular or flashier, the point is to make 14 LIVE




There is a new crop of incredibly talented musicians starting to appear throughout the motor city. On Nov. 2 Detroit Live hosted an all ages show at the All Around Bar in Taylor with 5 up and coming bands that we think will be making waves in the neat future. Ominous Presence:


These four 16-17 year olds recently burst onto the scene with their performance at the All Around. Hailing for New Boston and opening the show with fantastic energetic versions of classic, hard rock and metal covers these boys got the attention


of all attendees as well as the other bands. I have to admit Tyler Emond, Anthony Munoz, Kyle Nieman, and Garrett Kohls we impressive. We look forward to seeing them at upcoming Detroit Live Shows. The Porcelain Doll Collection:


These girls and guy caught me off guard. They showed up in makeup to celebrate the “Day of the Dead “Holiday. Took the stage and started raging ultra high energy versions of punk songs. Their stage presence was fantastic. Lead vocalist Alayna Brooke was forceful and commanding, Drummer Zoe Kissel set the pace and kept the fire burning throughout the bands set. Guitarists Lauren Reyna & Cam Anderson combined with Bassist Dylan Kissel created a thick and powerful rhythm section that overwhelmed the crowd. This band is def one to watch! Bulletproof Snow.


Bulletproof Snow first appeared in early 2013 by throwing down an incredible performance at the Detroit Live Magazine Blow Up My Band Contest. After seeing them there I was hooked. These guys are definitely making waves due to their songwriting and charismatic live performances. Vocalist Trey McGlaughlin is a natural front man. Flanked by Jacob Yacobelli, Matt Coon and Connor Cheney they create a band that is incredibly impressive. Fresh from their victory at the Rockstar UPROAR contest these guys are on a roll. We look forward to seeing them perform in the near future and watching their rock and roll careers grow, Shock wave:



These guys are what I refer to as young veterans. For years Angelo Cappola, Dylan and David Frankel have been taking the stage and going toe to toe with musicians 3,4,5 times their age. This night it was apparent that even though, chronologically these guys are still kids they rock out like full grown men. There is nothing adolescent about Shock Wave. Their experience shows with every riff. A combination of originals topped off with an intense version of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy eliminated any doubt that these guys are the real deal.


Cont on 29



The clothes make the band By Jeff Marzolf

It’s a Monday evening and Dan Tatarian the owner of Showtime Clothing located on Woodward Ave. in Detroit is unpacking a new shipment of John Lennon Collection shirts. Detroit musician Howard Glazer is playing a tune off his newly released C.D., “Stepchild of the Blues” live in the store as his set is streamed online. As Tatarian listens to the music, he takes a variety of the crisply folded, eye-catching shirts out of the box one by one. He pauses for a second and then holds up a shirt and exclaims, “Look! Now this is badass.” Badass is right; just like everything else for sale in the store.


Showtime Clothing is a Detroit landmark and it has been a destination for clothing aficionados since 1989. It’s the store where bands, entertainers and those who just want to look their best shop for their clothes and accessories. From head to toe, Brian from the Trash Brats to realize that the store offers an unrivaled collection of catering to bands would be his calling card. the most trendy, fashionable stage apparel “They definitely helped me make it early on. that can be found anywhere. “We have Without them, I wouldn’t be here today,” customers come here from all over the acknowledges Tatarian. He did have a stint country to shop—and from Europe too,” in New York, but he came back to Detroit boasts Tatarian proudly. Put that in your pipe after a couple of years. “This is my home. and smoke it N.Y., L.A. and South Beach. This is where I was born and raised,” he boasts emphatically. Showtime Clothing evolved from a modest vintage clothing store. As more and more Tatarian is a fashion stylist in addition to musicians liked and bought the clothing that being the proprietor of the store. He works Showtime carried, Tatarian realized that he closely with a band’s stylist or he works had found his niche. It made good business directly with band members to put together sense. He was already involved in the local a number of ensembles. Tatarian likes to music scene in Detroit. All it took was the operate within the band’s budget to put encouragement of his friends Ricky and together two to three outfits that band 18 LIVE


members can wear throughout a tour. He advises bands not to spend all of its money during one shopping spree. There’s a method to his madness. Tatarian explains, “Just because you have the money in the budget, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it all in one shot. I want repeat business and I want to build loyalty with my customers.” How important is it for a band or entertainer to have the right look? “It’s very important,” according to Tatarian. He believes that the clothes that a band wears should help reflect its music. Whether you’re wearing a black T-shirt playing Alternative music or a member of a band


When I was asked to cover Gretchen Wilson at The MotorCity Casino Soundboard Sunday night I thought country music? Not this guy! Boot stompin’, line dancin’ and a whole lot of Heehaws have never sounded like all that much fun to me. I figured at worst I would at least enjoy watching people doing the two step. So I show up ready to leave before I even walked into the venue but also thinking that I have been surprised in the past by stepping outside of that plays Hard Rock like Slash, who was in my wheel house so why and got himself an all leather outfit to wear not open up my mind onstage, Showtime helps bands stand out and give it a shot. Who and be different according to Tatarian. Who knows, just maybe I is his personal all-time favorite in terms of might enjoy a change of style? It’s Jimi Hendrix—who he considers pace from my rock n roll prolific when it came to his dress and style. . background. There’s one item in the store, however, that doesn’t have a price tag. It’s included free of charge for those who are regular customers of the store: mentoring. Tatarian believes that, in addition to dressing the part, it takes a lot of hard work to make it as a band. He knows what it takes to be a success because he has ties with many bands that have made it to the top. Tatarian is more than willing to share his advice and his industry connections. When asked for what he sees as a formula for success, Tatarian clearly states without hesitation, “It’s teamwork, great songwriting, playing to different crowds and supporting other bands.” After all is said and done, Tatarian believes that it all boils down to a sense of community. Without the bands and the artists patronizing the store Showtime would be just another clothing store. That’s why Tatarian does everything he can to support the local music scene and attract musicians to his store. “It’s kind of a, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours situation,” he says. He has stacks of C.D.’s featuring Detroit bands in his office. He sells and distributes the C.D.’s whenever he can to those in the music industry whenever he can to help bands get exposure.

When I arrived I found my way down to my seat and started to think about one of my old customers I used to help at the Slick Disc Music store in Trenton, one of the few places left in America you can actually call a music store. I would knock this guy for coming in and “wasting his money on country CD’s.” I specifically remembered him purchasing a Gretchen Wilson disc and saying to him “well at least she is pretty hot.” When I posted I was at this event I got a quick reply from my country loving customer that he was there to see Gretchen as well. So I hunted him down before the show started and told him I couldn’t believe this place was full to capacity in which he replied, “It isn’t about Country Music, it’s about music period.” So I took his word for it and headed back to my seat still feeling a little skeptical. While waiting for Gretchen Wilson to get on stage I notice a couple sitting next to me that seemed pretty excited that it was almost time for Ms. Wilson to begin so I leaned over and asked them what was it that brought you to this show? “We just got lucky,” Bob Thompson said; his wife Cathy continued, “We sure did; we come down a couple times a year from Alpena and stay the weekend at Motor City Casino, when we found out that Gretchen Wilson was playing I told Bob lets extend our stay because I wasn’t going to miss her  for the world.” OK, so the venue is filled with country music lovers except one, ME! The moment of truth has arrived, show time. Gretchen’s opening song, a cover of The James Gang’s hit “Funk #49” which happens to be one of my favorites and instantly turned this review into an intervention.  Next

Also, Showtime hosts local acts in-store and streams the broadcasts live on UStream.


Article by Scotti Moore Photos by Marc Nader


Cont. on 29


THE VOODOO MUSIC EXPERIENCE This has been Detroit lives’ third year covering The Voodoo Music and Art Experience that takes place annually at The City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. Culture, Music and Art take residence on the park grounds for three action pack days. This years experience came with a few changes. Officials changed the layout of the festival and relocated to a different section of the

Photos and Review by Marc Nader

one ended with a buzz that would carry on into the second day. the masters of the strings. His performance is as powerful as his music. The night Day two was my favorite day, one even got more explosive when Hayley because Nine Inch Nails was going Williams of Paramore hit the main stage to end the night and two, one of my like a cannonball. Hayley was fired up favorite bands Paramore was going and her performance was one of the best to grace the main stage. But first one I have seen. This band has a goal in sight of the surprise bands of the day was and that’s the top. Paramore rocks and is Reignwolf; lead singer and guitar a must see band. Nobody more fitting to shredder end the 2nd day of worship then Nine Inch ZZ WARD Jordan Cook Nails. Trent Reznor still has got what it is on the road takes to consume his audience into his live to being one of


park. For repeat Voodoo lovers this had positive and negative feedback. Some complained the Main stage and one of the side stages where to close together. Others were excited of the navigational ease of experiencing all aspects of the festival. Either way no one complained about the heavy headlining acts that graced the stage each and every night.

Day one opened with the sun shining and music playing through out the park filling the air with opening day excitement. One of the first artist’s we covered was ZZ Ward; this girl has got the soul, beauty and the pipes to get down with the best of the blues legends. Granting us a personal photo shoot after her performance was truly on of my highlights of day one. ZZ is on her way so keep on eye that girl, nothing but great stuff coming from her. The other highlight was the buzz in the air with the anticipation for the last act Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is Pearl Jam and when he hit the stage the park erupted. Eddie and company took the thousands of music worshipers on a fantastic journey of Pearl Jam’s history of hits that are to this day a huge part of the roots of Rock. Day 20 LIVE



performance and submerge your mind into his. NIN puts the experience into music n Roll Jesus KR is always and I mean and absolutely rocked this festival! always a great show. But this festival As the sun rose on the final day somebody turned the heat off. Cold air and the physical wear on the fans that have been there since day one was very evident. Lucky for us music lovers, it doesn’t take much to remind our brains why we are there. Matt and Kim heated things up with their high-energy show. Kim has to be one of the coolest female drummers I have ever seen. From running around stage to standing on her kit, Kim takes this duo team to elevated levels and was my surprise band of the day. Next up and would not be complete without having who better to keep our blood warm then an iconic band like The Cure to end the Detroit’s own Kid Rock. The Kid lite up experience. Not only were the grounds the festival with all of his homegrown hits, from Devil Without a Cause to Rock packed with festivalgoers but also outside



the walls of the park non-ticket holders set up blankets and lounge chairs to hear Robert Smith from afar. Mr. Smith’s appearance may have aged but his voice has not. Every hit he sang sounded as it did when he recorded it. What a fitting ending to yet another Voodoo experience. Voodoo officials may have changed the lay of the land but one thing they cannot change is our unending desire for live music. And that very desire to worship music my friends is what makes festivals like Voodoo a success. Without us, music would be nothing and without music we would be numb! The Voodoo Music and Art experience is dedicated to this musical worship and should be on your bucket list of festivals to attend.






By. D. Counts

Among the crop of impressive new bands to come out of last years Blow up My band Competition is Soldiers Last Breath. This four piece comprised of Austin Kelley, Cody Smith, David Grooms and Thomas Camilleri has been impressing crowds all over the Detroit area. Started by Austin and Cody at the ripe old age of 12 the bands first show was the school talent show. Deciding to show the school “what they were made of” the band chose to perform Metallica’s “Welcome Home – Sanitarium”. The song is a difficult choice for any band much less 7th graders but the band made its decision and fully expected to melt the faces off of their teachers and administrators. Alas it wasn’t meant to be upon realizing the dark nature of the song the plug was pulled on SLB’s first show. But like the true musicians they are these boys continued to home their craft and SLB grew in talent and fans. Following in the footsteps of fellow Riverview Rockers “Ray Street Park” SLB has developed and edgy metallic sound all the while maintaining haunting melodies. Their first CD is scheduled for early 2014 and is still in production at Pro Sound Studios. Working closely with famed Producer Chuck Alkazian the boys have high expectations for this release and are looking forward to an early 2014 CD release.


Dont Force It!

By Anthony Steward

Is the Motto that he Lives by. When creating music you need to let your creative juices be organic and spiritual. A One Stop Shop is the best way to describe Rizzy. He writes, sings, raps and produces. When people attend a concert of Rizzy’s they leave saying that his music is a breath of fresh air from what they’re used to hearing on the radio. When comparing an artist of his caliber it is hard to specify whom he reminds people of. Rizzy draws his artistic style from his influences like Rick James, Willie Hutch, Marvin Gaye, and Kanye West just to name a few. Rizzy’s live shows display his creativity and his musicianship with his accompaniment of an actual band. On the cusp of releasing his new Mix tape Black Bottom: The Maturity he has released one single Diploma off that Mix tape that has been turning heads. Born in (Detroit) Inkster. Michigan, Rizzy wants people to see the world that he lives from his soulful point of view. He vows to create music that will give the public what it needs, a breath of fresh air in Hip Hop. DL: Detroit is legendary for its history in the music business, where do you find yourself fitting in on the scale of artist such as Eminem, Esham, Kid Rock, Insane Clown Posse, Trick Trick, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9, Danny Brown, Dough Boyz Cashout etc....? Rizzy: I can see myself fitting in just fine actually. My style is different from all those guys mentioned so there should be room for me.  DL: The mix tape circuit has added another dimension for artist to be discovered, what can we expect from you on your upcoming project and how have you used this avenue to reach a broader audience? Rizzy: You can expect a well put together project produced mostly by myself. It’s soulful and smooth with a slight “turn up” section. The Projects Name is Blackbottom: The Maturity.  

Says lead singer Austin Kelly, “Chuck Alkazian has developed us ten fold as a band . He honed our skills and opened our eyes to things we had never thought of has really opened our eyes up. In addition he has helped DL: Who has been an inspiration for you to pursue a place in the me personally hit vocal note I never thought I could hit.” He’s just and world of music? incredible coach.

Rizzy: There are so many artist that influence my creativity. Artist

With addition of bassist Thomas Camilleri and Drummer Dave Grooms; like Ryan Leslie, Kanye West, Warren G, Rick James, John Mayer and Maroon 5. Artist who basically produce their own music. SLB is truly beginning to gel. Through their performances at the 2013 Blow up My Band Competition as well as at other Detroit Live Events thru ought the year the growth and progress of the band has become evident. DL: The track “ They L.O.V.E. Me “ has been a success, take us the In addition to playing great bands Green Jello and Primer 55, SLB has been expanding into the Ohio market with performances at Headliners in fans inside the mind frame of Rizzy on this track. Toledo. Rizzy: This song is based on upward movement. Sometimes you have

SLB is truly a band to watch. Stay tuned this winter as they release their new CD and tour S.E. Michigan and Ohio. To hear samples of their upcoming CD go to: 22 LIVE

deterrents but you have to keep pushing to reach your goal. It also encourages everyone to all be honest or some would say, to “keep it 100!” DL: The art of Hip-Hop has become highly competitive, not just lyrically, but from brand execution as well, what does Team Rizzy offer to an ever evolving game?


Rizzy: Right now we are focusing on Gear on our site www.teamrizzy. com  Our team logo to support the movement. We are also looking to produce and help other artist. Definitely looking to help other struggling artist, modeling, clothing, etc. DL: You recently engaged in campaigning the people of Detroit to get out in vote, How important is for you to use your voice as a positive tool and what made you decide to take this step? Rizzy: Extremely important! Even though the election has passed it was important for me as an Artist to express my concern over my area. Music has the best effect over someone’s mood. And as an artist I feel that there is a job or educating fans as well as entertaining them. DL: What can fans expect from Rizzy in the future ? Rizzy:   We are currently focusing on Videos for my mixtape BLACK BOTTOM THE MATURITY COMING SOON !!!! Go Download or buy it.

18 years in practice

Specializing in: •Prenatal •Deep Tissue •Relaxation Massage •Closed Head Injury Care

(248) 426- 8880

22433 Middle Belt Rd Farmington Hills, MI 48336


Coffin photos -AJ Kahn








Straight from the 30th century, electrorganic time warriors from the future, Yorg and Costa, are collectively known as the futurelectrosynthpop act FLASHCLASH. In their time, the year 2987, the FLASHCLASH is the portal used by ANTHROPOMORPHISTS to travel through time. The FLASHCLASH allows them to bend space, which is significantly safer (and more cost effective) than traveling at light speeds. Only the elite know of this technology in our time. They are known as The HOLT, and they come from a gamma quadrant somewhere in the 11th dimension.

2735 when another tribe known as THE HOLT, previously unknown to the others, emerged from a deep underground dwelling. Tricked into thinking that this tribe held more knowledge, the others followed them for 2 centuries as they built a society based on their ways. It wasn’t until around the year 2969, when the ANTHROPOMORPHISTS finally realized that The HOLT were a humanoid race of beings that had slowly been enslaving human kind and stripping us of our abilities to hear sounds and comprehend music. Anthros were more of a musical people and secretly broke away from THE HOLT and created their own way of life in the early 2800’s within the underground city of FUTURA! The technology powering a FLASHCLASH stems from the unification The dwelling was built under the remains of the great city of FUTURA of sound waves created by which had been the monument of human acheivement from the years analogue synthesis combined of 2020-2300 AD, before the asteroid blast. It wasn’t until the discovery with a nuclear charge. of the Archive when we finally understood what THE HOLT had come here to create and we had to STOP them! In the early 2700’s the fallout of a nuclear explosion The government under shadow rule of THE HOLT, in the year 2867 caused by an asteroid in the discovered the tomb of an electronic musician from the year 2650. year 2309 began to finally They called the tomb The Archive but many of the anthropomorphists dissipate. The tribes of in the year 2987 came to know it as “Analogue Archive,” because remaining humans managed of the strange analogue electronic instruments known to have been to unify after years of living confiscated from the site. The public in 2987 does not know about underground. They were these secret instruments but the Anthropomorphists had gained access also able to salvage bits to them in 2970, uncovering the mysteries of the HOLT’s precious and pieces of history after FLASHCLASH portals. Using the newly acquired FLASHCLASH years of hunger, disease energy which allowed us to travel between physical space and time, and mutation. It was in the Anthros intended on revealing the truth to the world and stop the 24 LIVE


HOLT from

enslaving the universe. But in order to do that, they need analogue synthesizers and wthey need lot of them. Yorg traveled back through the FLASHCLASH to the time of the Analogue Archive to unlock the secrets of these ancient machines and bring recorded proof to the future of a civilization lost. There in the depths of the Analogue Archive, Yorg met the man from the tomb. He was the last of the electro gods and the final keeper of the Archive, the man who called himself Costa. Yorg and Cost’s plans were foiled when the HOLT caught up with them at the Bunker. They two narrowly escaped the archive with their lives and key synthesizer technology. They covertly FLASHCLASHED back to the year 2011 in order to throw the Holt off their trail. There they made their way to the exact coordinates of FUTURA which was known in your time as DETROIT, MI USA. What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered with music in the current time period? Right now there is a Renaissance of music but not a lot people realize it. Incredible and innovative artists are everywhere, but you won’t necessarily find these new acts in traditional ways; you have to know where to look. Check out places like SiriusXMU radio,, indie music blogs and SXSW music festival.  DL: Since returning to the 21st century what successes have you had in spreading your music? So many of your music and media outlets instantly embraced our music, message and image! We sold out of the first 1000 copies of our vinyl album and have already opened up for some of our musical heroes like CHAD VALLEY, KEEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS, SIGNAL PATH and ALEXIS! We’ve already played some amazing festivals and have gotten a lot of accolades and positive reviews on our live show!  Current or upcoming releases: Release of our original EP: BORN OF ASTRONAUTS, A release of a new top secret music video and the upcoming release of our first FULL LENGTH LP: COUNTING ELECTRONIC SHEEP! The music video for the first single off the new album will also be released along with its own music video. Upcoming events:  -Spring tour of the Midwest and SXSW music festival. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM





Elton John brought his 2013 “The Diving Board Tour” to Joe Louis arena on Friday night. Playing to a sold out crowd all his hits from “Funeral for a Friend” to “Crocodile Rock.” Sir Elton is a legend and his hits will live on forever. Your never to young or old to rock and Elton John proofs this with every performance. A must see show, get out and see the music!

Review by Jonny Reinhardt Photo’s by Marc Nader


Many say ‘djent’ bands is the future of heavy metal with its ultra-fast shredding, throaty screaming, almost electronic sounding solos, and off timed hooks. But after experiencing Slayer, master of all the above except with brutal force, it’s apparent these are the Godfathers of wherever metal music has gone. Slayer is still proving they can still hold up against the best of them including a mosh pit more brutal than the two Slipknot shows I’ve been to. That’s saying allot...I myself was put into a headlock by a man who looked like a cross between The Big Show and that wizard from Lord of the Rings all because his offspring’s face found shelter for a moment against my elbow and then the floor. “Welcome to a Slayer shhhoooww” I screamed as “Raining Blood” was being played 10 feet away onstage. The human noose around my neck was finally released after fellow mosher’s came to my aid allowing me to continue the aggressive dance of metal mayhem. I submerged myself


back into the pit of physical love that smelled like a football team who hadn’t bathed in a month and continued to get lost in the music; it was awesome! Then they played with Angel of Death faster than I could even imagine...jaws were dropped, blood was spilled, faces were melted and girlfriends were violated. F*ck yeah, Slayer! RIP Jeff Hanneman.


Eric Harbadians

Tommy Emmanuel, Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida ( www. tommyemmanuel. com ): Prepare yourself for some truly amazing talent! Tommy Emmanuel has been a household name in his native Australia for years. And he has been a well respected guitarist among greats like Eric Johnson and Chet Atkins for some time as well. This CD/DVD package features the acoustic finger style master in his natural habitat—on stage before a packed house at Pensacola State College in 2013. It’s just him up there, with nothing but his guitars and seemingly bottomless reserve of brains and brawn. The honorary Kentucky Colonel and CGP (Certified Guitar Player) spans the gamut from country, rock and blues to folk and new age flavors. And he does it all with such effortless flair and aplomb. Perhaps, the showstopper has to be a little thing simply called “Drums.” Here he blends percussive beats and string muting in such a way that you’ll have to literally pick your jaw up off the floor! Something to see and hear! ### David Ian, Vintage Christmas Wonderland (Prescott Records PR 0002): Remember those holiday classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas and some of the other TV fare of yesteryear? Well you can kind of relive those days with this contemporary spin on a classic sound made famous by artists like the Vince Guaraldi Trio. David Ian is a jazz pianist that presents this five song EP of Christmas nuggets, with a healthy respect for tradition, but adding his own unique take on things as well. “Angels We Have Heard on High” features the beautiful vocalist Acacia and “Jingle Bells” puts the spotlight on a dead ringer for Frank Sinatra himself, Andre Miguel Mayo. For those in a playful retro mood, swing baby, and have a very Merry Christmas! ### 28 LIVE

Edie Adams, Here’s Edie (DVD, MVD Visual MVD5920D): Long before Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna or Cher there was the personification of an empowered woman named Edie Adams. This Juilliard trained artist came on the scene in the ‘50s and early ‘60s as an actress, comedienne, singer, costume designer and television producer. For the first time since its original broadcast in the early ‘60s, this collection of 4 DVDs features all the episodes of her classic ABCTV variety show which ran from 1962-1964. They don’t make them like this anymore! This was an era when rock ‘n roll was in its infancy and show tunes and jazz were king. Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Stan Getz had shows centered around them as well as comedians like Bob Hope and Soupy Sales. And, if some of you baby boomers are old enough, you might remember Adams’ sexy commercials for Muriel Cigars too. They are all included here. This excellent box set makes a great holiday gift that spans the generations. ### Sponge, Stop the Bleeding (The End Records, ): Nearly 20 years on, Sponge is kind of like the musical version of the Energizer bunny; they keep going and going and going! But thank goodness that’s the case because they’ve signed with a major indie and it’s really instilled some fresh perspective into what they do. Front man Vinnie Dombroski is in typically fine voice and comes to the table with a vibrant batch of inspired songs. And the band is totally on point, with melodic and immediate rockers like “Destroy the Boy” and “Star.” Perhaps one of the oddest inclusions here is an industrial Trent Reznor-like take on Jim Croce’s soft rock classic “Time in a Bottle.” It is inventive and strange, coming out of left field like nothing they have done before. This band proves that they are still a vital commodity and are giving modern rock ‘n roll a swift kick in the proverbial ass!


INNOCENT TILL DARK night at the all around, they closed the

show in awetastic style. Combining originals with well known covers ITD impressed its large group of followers. Innocent Till Dark, Bulletproof Snow, The Porcelain Doll Collection, Ominous Presence and Shock prove that when it comes to live Rock and Roll in the Motor city we’ve got it covered well into the next generation.

Innocent Till Dark - ITD was the first band to ever play a Detroit Live Show. On November 5th 2008 The boys form IDT was the first band to take the stage at the Detroit Live Magazine Kickoff and proceeded to awe the crowd. At the time they were all about 11 years old. Now 5 years later these rock and roll kids have grown in to rock and roll young men and have the skills and experience to prove it. This


Half Light Music, Creative Differences ( ):This is the brand spankin’ new project from Cheyenne Goff and various members of Bliss 66 and Otto Vector. It’s an eight song full-length featuring modern rock and pop of epic proportions. The production is huge and the songwriting is thoughtful, intelligent and emotionally arresting. Examples of this can be found in the U2 meets Coldplay wall of guitars and keyboards that define “On the Floor.” “Adam and Eve” spotlights great hooks and superb harmonies--suggesting an ‘80s Rhythm Corps aesthetic. “Starting Over” has a touch of electronica and “The Enemy” has a flair for the dramatic via Creed-like pianos and orchestration. This is certainly a case when “creative differences” can rally the troops and actually bring a band closer together. One to watch! ###

Cont. she went into one of her biggest hits “Here for the Party” and the entire crowd came alive singing it word for word. The excitement that filled the room wasn’t to be denied. I actually found myself tapping my foot to the beat. Could it be that I am actually feeling the vibe. She communicated with the packed house like she was sitting down having a normal conversation with an old friend. Is this what country music is about? If it is then I am liking every bit of it! It was very impressive to see how relaxed the atmosphere had become inside of The Sound Board. It had been transformed into a huge party and I for one can’t deny that I was glad to be a part of it. Then came what I have to say was one of my favorite songs of the night, “Bring it on (Grandma).” That song took the party into full swing and we weren’t even half way done. After she performed “Still Rollin” and “Crazy” it was time for the music intervention to be complete. Gretchen’s next song hit home from what she called her pool hall day’s theme song and broke into “Strut” from Bob Seger and then followed up with Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded.” She not only impressed me with her great vocals, but also by how she has surrounded herself with some of the most talented musicians that I have ever seen assembled on one stage together. After a medley of incredible instrumental classic rock covers that really allowed the band to show their talent they blew me away again with one of the best renditions of Heart’s “Barracuda.”

I have to say straight out, I would have never imagined such power coming out of that tiny woman but Gretchen Wilson can belt it out like no other I have ever heard. Seriously, she just kept on rolling. “Black Dog” from Led Zeppelin into her own “All Jacked Up” which led to a drum solo that would impress the best of them. After a very brief departure from the stage the band along with Gretchen returned for an encore of her famous hit “Redneck Woman” and then she closed out the night with a fantastic cover of a song that summed up the whole night, Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” I can’t believe I am saying this but I really didn’t want to see this night come to an end. But like all good things it had to and so must this article. To sum it all up, you have to see this woman perform! Gretchen Wilson made me a believer in country music. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


SPIRITUAL HOROSCOPE Spiritual Horoscope for November by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Spiritual Horoscope for December by Aluna Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – New Michaels, M.A. avenues of relationships, activities and connections are opening suddenly! You’ll Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – Happy feel more inspired and excited about life! As birthday Sagittarius! Venus retrogrades this your heart and mind open, meditate on old month, helping you to resolve problematic disappointments that could inhibit you ability financial habits, as well as self-worth issues. to receive love and joy. Let go of these pains, Meditate on your self-perception . . . and how and affirm that you have successfully completed that level of personal value affects your spending karma – and you deserve rewards for the pain habits (being careless or undisciplined leading to you’ve been through! debt?) . . . and also how it affects the quality of your relationships. Look within with courage and Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Exciting many breakthroughs will occur!! shifts can happen at work! Maybe a great new

and surrender them to the Universe. Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – This month offers energy to help relationships! Venus, your ruling planet – and the planet of love and fulfillment, retrogrades. It gives you chances to heal the roots of all sorts of dysfunctional issues from family and deep emotional wounds. Revolutionary shifts of consciousness can occur if you do the preparatory work. Allow insights to surface; forgive all the “junk” of the past eight years (or beyond!); believe there is more to your soul story than what you already know!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) – Eek gads! You are so mean to yourself! Use this month to practice kind affirmations about wonderful YOU during your meditation time. Also observe how job offer? Or maybe a wonderful supervisor or Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – Venus you can drive yourself with too many activities. colleague comes aboard who you really click is retrograding in your sign, which is very rare! Schedule time for relaxation and stress relief – with. In relationships, meditate on ways you Take these next two months to meditate on all block partnership. It could be a sense of criticism even becoming aware of your breath while wait your past relationships and your current one, if at a red light will help! You are so much more – or maybe being overly needy? Use December partnered (especially way’s happened over the awesome than you let yourself think that you are! and January to examine these types of hidden past eight years). Forgive yourself for recurring emotional patterns. Free yourself of your own patterns, so you can allow the pattern to heal. Aluna Michaels is a second-generation limiting thoughts! Continued shame and self-recrimination just astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. empowers the negative. Claim your right to be She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – Look forward fully loved – by yourself and by all others you and has been teaching and consulting for more to exciting changes with your spiritual life! bond with! than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of Meditation can be filled with incredible visions the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon or insights. Try out new yoga or tai chi classes. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – Meditation Research a different form of religion. Maybe in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for will give flashes of insight about how your thinking attend a spiritual workshop or travel to an exotic appointments in her home or by phone. Call (248) affects your perception of past relationships. place! Let a sense of newness spark a fire in you! 583-1663 or visit Ponder your romantic bonds from the past Health wise, look at eating habits that deplete eight years (length of the Venus retrograde your energy and cycle). Reframe experiences as lessons learned, meditate on the and karma completed – rather than as bitter courage to release memories and self-condemnation. Release the old those foods or perceptions, and more joy will flood in! substances! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – You’ll have many financial breakthroughs, and maybe even exciting new money-making opportunities! Also try reaching out to old friends and reconnecting. Get back to doing fun hobbies or activities that you love. Mid-month, stay centered when faced with frustrating communication. Things will clarify and become smooth again, working in your favor, so don’t waste energy being worried or miffed!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – The Universe is urging you to heal dysfunctional relationship patterns and issues of trust. Meditate and journal about Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Uranus, the past hurts, planet of change and liberation, moves direct disappointments in your sign. Expect an inner revolution! Your and heartbreaks. consciousness can expand suddenly, giving you a Release these new self-perception, a different “vibration” and experiences positively affect your relationships. You will be so they don’t freed from subconscious patterns that have kept poison your you in difficult work situations, too. Meditate future! A new and release the past eight years (or more!) of partner is coming, challenges in matters of the heart or career – and or a current be open to brand new circumstances! relationship can be renewed – but Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Your dreams only if you’re and meditations are filled with many revelations willing to be and insights, so pay attention! Write them down openhearted and and take action on the inner guidance. This is hopeful. Also let especially strong mid-month. In your spiritual life, go of self-criticism ponder how you’ve grown over the past eight and obsessive years (a Venus retrograde cycle). Be OK with evaluation. Don’t shifting your approach to spirituality, whether it dwell or punish be changing yoga teachers, exploring a different yourself about religion or trying a new style of meditation. Enjoy your part in things change and don’t fear it, Taurus! – just note events 30 LIVE







Detroit Live Magazine Dec. 2013  
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