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Photo Steve Sergent

Photo Steve Sergent

Kevin Martin & Adam Kury go acoustic with Detroit Live magazine

Detroit is a great live music town. During a night on the town it’s not uncommon to run into a famous musician or rapper hanging at a local live venue. Also with the thousands of live music venues stretching from Fraser to Flat Rock it’s pretty much a given that you can walk into a bar or venue in any part of town and see a fantastic band. Recently Detroit Live Magazine hosted an event that combined a legendary band, local celebrities and some of Detroit’s best new bands in an intimate club in a way that not only created a fantastic live show but gave local musicians and fans an opportunity to interact with a band that previously they were only able to see onstage.

whatever they could to make it happen. But the second thing that caught me off guard was how many Candlebox fans there are in the Detroit area AND their level of passion for the band. Luckily after talking with the bands management company, securing a venue ( The All Around Bar ) and a sponsor ( Tittle Brothers Construction) we were able to lock down all the particulars and make the event happen.

In addition to Candlebox there were four local bands that performed. Taken Aces, winners of Detroit Live magazines 2014 Blow up my Band contest, Bulletproof Snow, winner of the 2013 Rockstar Energy Uproar contest, Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway featuring On November 14th at the All Around Bar in Rich Pyle and Detroit metal powerhouse Ray Taylor Detroit Live Magazine brought in Kevin Street Park. Martin and Adam Kury from Candlebox to do an intimate acoustic set. Yet this wasn’t just The night was initially billed as all acoustic, an acoustic performance, it was much more yet as the show developed things got a bit than that. This was a night of fans, friends “electrified”. Taken Aces started the show off. and musicians getting together to enjoy the Now I know what you’re thinking.. I’ve never past, present and future of fantastic music. heard of them”. That’s what everyone said... then immediately followed it up with “WOW! When I approached Candlebox to do a These guys are fantastic.” Hetchler Brothers, Detroit Show, 2 things surprised me. The first Adam and Tanner joined by Phil Steuer, Jon was that they were very open to the idea. Neville and Alex Orlando have created a Candlebox lead singer Kevin Martin replyed band that took the entire room by surprise. right away and said that if there was any way Lead singer Adam’s voice energized the room they could do a Detroit show they would do during the acoustic version of their song “Get 6 LIVE


By Darian Counts

me out of Detroit”. They’ve recently come out of Pearl Sound Studios with legendary producer Chuck Alkazian so keep an eye out for what’s sure to be one of Detroit’s best new bands Taken Aces. Up next was a band that is quickly becoming a heartthrob for young girls all over Southeast Michigan, Bulletproof Snow. Trey McLaughlin, Jacob Yacobelli, Matt Coon and Connor Cheney have created an impressive following of devoted fans. In all honesty there were many fans of BPS at the event, and as far as they were concerned Bulletproof Snow was the headliner. The band was swamped by fans and spent a large portion of the evening selling merch and taking pictures with fans. When time came for them to take the stage they tore themselves away from their followers and ripped out an acoustic set of originals with the precision and dynamics of seasoned pro’s. Get to know Bulletproof Snow at: www. Up next was Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway. DH$2 has been impressing crowds around Detroit for years. Daniels is a talented front man who always surrounds himself with top shelf musicians. But a recent addition to his band has upped the talent level even more. Earlier this year Daniel added ex Hardcore Pawn star Rich Pyle on Drums to the band.

Photos Matteo Donini

adam hetchler taken aces Rich’s incredible drum skills as well as his outgoing personality and rising celebrity star has elevated the bands profile as well as their sound. This night they went on right before Candlebox and primed the capacity crowd for the upcoming headliner by performing an acoustic version of Princes “Purple Rain”. The audience, obviously heavily steeped with Daniel Harrison fans, sung along in unison with Daniel creating an atmosphere of musician and fan fellowship that was undeniable. Kevin and Adam from Candlebox took the stage to a packed and excited house. Candlebox fans traveled from as far away as Chicago, Massachusetts and Grand Rapids to get a chance to see the band up close and personal. With Kevin and Adam both on acoustic guitars the fans were treated to version of the songs that were stripped down yet still contained Kevin’s signature vocals. One of the things that made this event special was the back story that Kevin gave to the songs. Elaborating about the writing process and motivation behind the songs

trey mclaughlin bulletproof snow

gave the fans a peek behind the curtain and enhanced the bands already strong rapport with the crowd. Performing Candlebox but Hi-Watts and various other projects Kevin and Adam gave crowd received a full dose of what they came for. Yet the best was yet to come. By the end of the set they still hadn’t performed their biggest hit “Far behind” it was at this point the Kevin asked all other bands guitarists to grab their guitars and join him onstage for a special version of Far Behind. After a 10 second lesson as to the structure of the song by Martin, members of all the bands all joined together for a rendition of the song that will surely go down in history as a great moment in Detroit Rock history. Six local guitarists joining together with Candlebox and a crowd of hundreds of fans singing every lyric for a surprisingly tight version of Far Behind that was the perfect finally for an incredible show. For the next 45 minutes Kevin and Adam shook every hand , signed every autograph and posed for every picture until everyone who wanted a photo or autograph was satisfied. Photos Matteo Donini

daniel harrison &$2 hwy

Like the pros that they are they posed and smiled and made every fan feel as though this show was just for them. The bands willingness to interact with each member of the audience was one of the things that truly made this event much more than just another concert. Yet there was one more treat in store for the crowd… Candlebox finished their set around 11:40, at that point while they were posing for pictures and signing autographs the Band Ray Street Park Set up for a full on electric set. Ray Street is a band that has been rocking Detroit for over 2 decades and definitely know how to rock a room. But on this night they added a song to their set that was a bit out of the ordinary for them. Their third song of the evening was a song all too familiar to the crowd. Ray Street Guitarist Jeff Howey began the familiar guitar riff to the hit Candlebox song “You” as Rick Stafford beckoned Kevin to the Stage. It was at this point that the fans got a treat that they were not expecting. Kevin Martin cont. on pg 9

rick stafford ray street park DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


detroit bands going national in 2014 passion + hard work + talent persistence x

2014 has been an incredible year for Jessca Hernandez and the Deltas. After appearing on the cover of the September issue of Detroit Live Magazine, Jessica and the Deltas were invited to perform on the Late Show with David Lettermen. After watching her appearance it’s obvious that letterman was impressed. Iterestingly, she followed up a week of the Foo fighters (which is literally a tough act to follow). Jessica and the Deltas are currently on tour supporting their recent release Secret Evil. Watch for big thigs from Jessica and her Deltas in 2015

Christina Chriss and the boys from Kaleido have been a favorite of Detroit Live since early 2009. Christina has graced the cover of Detroit Live more than any other artist (National or Local) so it is a great source of pleasure and pride for us at Detroit Live to see Kaleido‘s star continue to rise. This year in addition to touring with Alien Ant Farm the band opened for Sammy DL prediction for JH & Deltas in 2015: SNL, a national tour with a major Hagar at his birthday bash in Las Vegas. We have no doubt national act and a hit song. that while 2014 was a banner year for Kaleido we believe you literally haven’t seen anything yet. DL prediction for Kaleido in 2015 : The band will ascend from being a fantastic Detroit band to becoming a revered national band. And Christina will begin to get the national attention she deserves as one of the nations hardest working and talented entertainers.

Battlecross has been impressing metal fans for several years now. Yet it bears mentioning that its not only fans who are impressed with this metal monstrosity, industry leaders have been singing the bands praises for years now. In addition their 2013 release has recieved major praise from metal publications all over the world.

This year was a big one for Detroit Powerhouse Pistol Day Parade. In 2014 The band embarked on a national tour with Detroit’s own Motor City madman Ted Nugent. In addition to the national tour with Uncle Ted the band also performed at the House of Blues in Las Vegas as well as a hi-profile show at the Freemont Casino with Our lady Peace. The band made numerous appearences on live radio performing their hit song Rockstars Girlfriend which debuted at #39 on Billboards Active Rock Charts. PDP is primed and ready to take the rock and roll world by storm in 2014. DL prediction for Pistol Day parade in 2015: Increased national radio airplay and another national Tour .

Kevin Martin of Candlebox sits in with Ray Street Park

Adam Kury, Tim Cook, Kevin Martin

Rich Pyle and Darian Counts

Rick Stafford and Kevin Martin

of Candlebox joining Ray street Park for a full on version of you. This completely electrified the crowd. By the end of the night Candlebox fans got much more than they expected. The room was buzzing with fans in awe of the night of rock and roll they experienced. By 2 am Kevin and Adam set sail to Toledo to prepare for their next evenings show at the Hollywood Casino. Yet I think it’s safe to say not only did the entire room of fans enjoy an evening far beyond what they had expected, I think Kevin and Adam thoroughly enjoyed their evening with some of Candlebox’s most dedicated fans.


Photo Matteo Donini

Could it be time for the annual Christmas, end of the year, holiday, thank everyone, column already? Dashing through the snow, one horse open slay, over the fields we go, laughing all the way. Ho, Ho. Ho. Christmas radio 24/7 started on Halloween and goes strong through the new year. Lots of bands and singers have done Christmas songs over the years. Everyone from Sinatra to Elvis. Including the Beatles, Beach Boys, Ronettes, Supremes, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, KISS, even yours truly! (Youtube Benny Jets Christmas Twist) The nice thing about a Christmas recording is it cam come back year after year. The bad thing is you can only promote it for a few weeks. LOL. Darian Counts and the gang at Detroit Live Magazine had a good year, www., the Facebook, the live events, radio events, stories, photos, promos, Tribute shows, Blow my Band Up, D Counts and the Billionaires! You can’t have

a great music scene without a great magazine. You can’t have a great magazine

without great supporters and advertisers. People like the gang at the All Around Bar - downrivers hottest band venue., Busters Place - the coldest bombs in town!Tittle Construction, Rodgers Chevrolet in Woodhaven, The Token Lounge, Anytime Fitness, The Machine Shop, The Blue Iguana, Garden Wise, AJ Lukasik and son Pluming, Mike Carey Music Store, 888pot4less, Horizon Business Center, RockStarz, Hydrospot and Raddi Audio, Lighting and Staging (great people, great stage and lights for all events). Guitarist Arlen Viecelli had a good year. The former face of Salem Witchcraft, joined the Brownsville Station Band, has a solo CD, and a great Christmas song. Arlen’s version of “Of Holy Night” may be second to none. Find Arlen at ;


(Detroit supporting Detroit players)! Other musicians who had a good, or let’s say great year include The Mariner band reunion concert, Frijid Pink, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas - who appeared on David Letterman show! Pistol Day Parade with a new CD and successful tour. Pink haired Christina Chriss and her band Kaleido - toured and played Sammy Hagar birthday party in Las Vegas. The Rushmore’s Band in Wyandotte, Your Generation AKA 50 Amp Fuse. Howling Diablos opened for J Geils at the Fillmore Theater. War Machine, 2 Timin, BulletProof Snow, Banned from Detroit, Yankeeville, Mercy Brown, Critical Bill, Nightmare - Detroit’s only Alice Cooper Tribute, Shock Wave, Deep Cut, Bonnie and the Working Girls, Guitarists Joe LiGraci, Jimmy McCarty, Jason Bone, Jessie Manns, Eddie Leighton, Carl Henry, and yours truly all yelling Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Speaking of yours truly. It has been a good year for Benny and the Jets band and Benny solo, Pawn Star TV show, getting to hang out with Ted Nugent, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Berry Gordy, election to the Michigan Rock and Roll Our friend, drummer, Tommy Clufetos Hall of Fame (www.michiganrockandrolllegends. getting MARRIED this week, while on tour com) getting to talk about and to so many with Black Sabbath. We have written many people here, and playing guitar and singing times about Tommy - started out in Redford songs around town. The good life. NOTE: Michigan, played some gigs with his dad’s band find and (sax player Tommy Clufetos Sr.) a stint (CD and see Benny play; Thursdays open mic night at Tour) with Mitch Ryder, Ted Nugent, Alice the Redford Moose on 5 mile road, Fridays 6pm Cooper, Rob Zombie, OZZY and now with Black with celebrity Chef Zak at Peterlin’s Restaurant Sabbath. on Farmington Road south of 9 mile, Sunday 5pm at Bourbon’s on Sycamore in downtown Hmm, kind of sad or interesting this may be Wyandotte, and NEW YEARS EVE at the famous the only DETROIT MAGAZINE mentioning Thunderbowl in Allen Park Michigan. and congratulating MR. and MRS. TOMMY CLUFETOS. 10 LIVE


Bulletproof Snow Tommy Clufetos

Mercy Brown







According to By John Leban a recent interview with in Rolling g Stone Magazine, Angus Young claimed that the trouble with Rudd began back in May when the band was recording their new album 'Rock Or Bust' in Vancouver. The group's longtime drummer, Phil Rudd, was 10 days late for the sessions. "One minute he was coming, then he wasn't, then he was," lead guitarist Angus Young recalls in the interview. "We're not a band that likes to wait around." At one point, Young says, producer Brendan O'Brien decided Rudd had one last chance to show up." Brendan said, 'If he's not here by Friday, there will be another drummer there.'" Rudd arrived and, Young says, "did his job." But, the guitarist notes, "I've seen him in better shape. It was not the Phil we had known, after we had finished the last tour. He'd let himself go." In October, Rudd missed an AC/DC photo and video shoot in London. Then, on November 6th, he was arrested at his home in New Zealand

The legendary rock band AC/DC is releasing their new album Rock

or Bust on December 2nd. It will be the first album without founding member Malcolm young who was diagnosed with dementia early this year. He is replaced by Nephew Stevie Young , who filled in for Malcolm during the Blow Up Your Video tour. But that's not the end of the drama for AC/DC. This fall long time drummer Phil Rudd was arrested in New Zealand and charged with attempting to procure a murder. As first reported by, Rudd allegedly tried to have two men killed and was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. The longtime drummer appeared in Tauranga District Court and was released on bail. He faces up to 10 years in prison on the murder-for-hire charge if convicted. The drug charges pertain to a raid on the 60-year-old drummer's house conducted by police

AC/DC soon release a statement "Phil's absence will not affect the release of our new album, Rock or Bust, and upcoming tour next year." Young confirms this in an interview a week after Rudd's arrest: "The drum situation is a question mark. But we will definitely be out there." But will the fans? After the loss of two fifths of the group, will AC/DC be the same mega rock band they have been for 40 years. AC/DC survived through the late 80's and early 90's without Phil Rudd, but the loss of Malcolm, one half of the song writing genius, might prove to be the bigger obstacle. Stevie Young can fill in when it comes to playing the parts, But song writing is a much different beast. If the recent release of their first video "Play Ball' is any indication on the loss of Malcolm's influence and the group. Then Rock or Bust maybe be a lot closer to the latter then the former. Only Time will tell.




detroit live magazine On any given night (over 250 of them to be exact) you will find this band entertaining packed houses throughout Monroe County and Toledo, Ohio. The trio known as The Last Born Sons began in 2010; comprised of a Michigan/ Ohio alliance between friends Matt Havers (guitar/vocals), Kyle Smithers (bass/vocals) and Jonathan Rutter (drums/vocals). “Our name came together unanimously,” comments Rutter on the sense of family within the group. “We all come from music-related backgrounds, with Kyle’s dad being a radio personality for years in Toledo and Detroit. Matt’s father is a drummer and my mother is a music teacher, along with my brother and sister as well. I didn’t have much of a choice.”

bigger gigs and higher paying stuff,” adds Smithers. “We all quit our restaurant and dishwashing jobs and realized we could make a living at it.” A major coup that has been a real shot in the arm for the burgeoning group is select gigs they performed this past summer with American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox. As you may recall she was a runner-up during the show’s ninth season in 2010. The soulful and Americana-based singer hails from Elliston, Ohio and has a couple major label releases to her credit as well. “She asked around town and was kinda in a pinch looking for a band,” explains Havers on how they met. “We had to learn 18 of her songs in two weeks. It was a good kick in the ass for us. Since then we’ve had a couple Midwest tours with her.” “We’re definitely not On a recent Wednesday evening, just outside her main band but that might change as we get Monroe in Lambertville, Michigan, the Last Born into 2015,” adds Rutter. “It has been a great Sons were holding court at one of their favorite opportunity and have met a new friend we food and watering holes Mike’s Southwest picked up along our continuing journey into the Grill. The crowd was wall to wall and the vibe music scene.” between the band and the audience was palpable and electric. Everything from the Black The guys in the Last Born Sons have cut their Keys and 311 to Motown and outlaw country musical teeth on everything from Johnny Cash was fair game, with the band pulling things off and classic soul to shredders like Joe Satriani. flawlessly. Havers is a master axe slinger, with And it is that very eclecticism that contributes soulful vocals to match. Bassist Kyle Smithers to their universal appeal and unique cultural joins him on the front line for robust harmonies view. They love their job and it shows! “There and a slap and pop technique that gives much aren’t a whole lot of negatives to what we do,” of their sets an extra kick. Speaking of kick, says Smithers. “Sometimes travelling can be Rutter brings a funk and jazz element to a lot of a challenge when you’re sitting in a car for 24 the rock and pop tunes that truly elevate their hours. But right now we are just eating it up. We game. “We actually started here about four or had to really buckle down and learn Crystal’s five years ago,” says Havers on their history with songs when we were touring with her. Her music Mike’s. “It’s funny. We came here with acoustic is very precise but we had a blast doing it!” guitars and forced people to listen. We’ve been going strong ever since. Each year we take new For a complete list of upcoming dates and steps and accomplish new goals.” additional information just head on over to . “Every year we slowly started building; downtown Toledo, Port Clinton, Put-in-Bay— --Eric Harabadian Photos Marc Nader



find us on

@ /detroitlivemag /detroitlivemag




This month in the Detroit Live Local film section we’re highlighting Detroit Filmmaker Jay Brian’s upcoming project “Mettle Of Honor”. In addition to his over 20 TV shows written in the last decade Jay is working on his largest project to date. Originally from Louisiana Jay comes to Detroit via Missouri. His his new film “Mettel Of Honor” is a feature film with a 1.25 million dollar projected budget. The film is intended to be shot in the city of Detroit using a prominent Detroit abandoned building as a backdrop. The film is currently pursuing a major Hollywood leading man to portray a homeless vet with a taste for vigilantism. When a group of thugs invade his personal space with ominous intent our reluctant hero has to recall some of his long dormant “skills”. The film addresses many issues including the treatment of recently returning veterans as well as the corrupt banking industry. The script is currently in review by leading industry producers. Expect big announcements regarding casting and filming of M.O.H. within the next 60 days. For more info go to: IF YOU ARE A LOCAL FILMAKKER LOOKING FOR PUBLICITY FOR YOUR UPCOMING PROJECT EMAIL DETROIT LIVE AT DARIAN@DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM 16 LIVE


By Chris Balow


It would take a calculator to tabulate the number of hours that Joe Bonamassa has spent honing his guitar playing ability. Far beyond his embodiment as a guitar prodigy with a Stevie Ray Vaughn fascination, he has morphed into a blues sensation, which seems to be channeling a spirit through his body when he performs. Initially, the show is bifurcated with an acoustic set followed by a short intermission followed by a set of songs performed electric. The Stranahan Theater was the perfect venue for Joe to show of all his guitar skills and vocal ability. The sound quality was nearly flawless being accentuated by many other very successful musicians in support. Swede Mats Wester playing his homelands exotic instrument the nykelharpa, Derek Sherinian (KISS, Billy Idol,Alice Cooper) the “King of Keys”on keyboards, Tal Bergman (Billy Idol, Chaka Kahn) on drums, and Carmine Rojas (Bill Joel, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King) really make the show shine. Yet it’s the dexterity in which Bonamassa plays the guitar that makes the show come alive. If you close your eyes during the electric set Joe goes from wailing on a guitar solo, to playing the keyboard, or playing a harp? In actuality, he is still on his Gibson Les Paul but somehow transformed it into multiple instruments by lowering the tone and manipulating the strings with a couple of taps of his fingertips. The standout tracks from the acoustic set were “Different Shades of Blue”, “Jelly Roll”, and “Jockey Full of Bourbon”. From the electric set “Gave Up Everything For You”, “Love Ain’t a Love Song”, and “Sloe Gin”, were songs that will send you straight to the merchandise booth. Overall, the energy and intensity of the acoustic set was just as impressive as the electric set. Now please stop reading this article and purchase a ticket to Joe Bonamassaat the Fox Theater on April 18th, 2015. That venue has fantastic acoustics as well and I promise you that it’s money well spent.


A group of local music and entertainment industry professionals are setting up shop in the old WJLB offices and studios in Downtown Detroit in an effort to create a center where creative types can hang out, collaborate and create music together. The first-of-its-kind center will feature 4 recording studios that will be run by some of the best music producers in the industry. It will also be home to well-known independent record labels and engineers. The center also plans to feature professional photographers, videographers, talent and booking agencies, talent managers, web designers, publishers, promoters and graphic artists as well as a PR and advertising agency. There will even be an entertainment attorney available for the big deals. The plan is to sub-lease space to those who make their living in this business so that all participants will work together to build each other’s creative careers and businesses. Monthly rental space will start as low as $150 per month for collaborative work space to around $500 per month for private offices. All rent will include free and/ or discounted studio time each month. If you own a creative business in music, media, or entertainment, or if you are simply trying to launch or build an entertainment career, this may be worth checking out.

For more information call 313-949-5855 or e-mail



W O M E N W H O R O C K D E T R O I T:


December is a time for many things –

snow, holidays, family. And now, it’s also a time for “Women Who Rock.”

Featuring Carolyn Striho, Rio and the Rockabilly Revival, Keri Lynne Roche, and Maggie Cocco, the “Women Who Rock” showcase concert will take place Saturday, December 13th at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. Each woman in this fearsome foursome comes to the table with immense talent and her own unique brand of rock. First on the bill is Carolyn Striho. Described as a blend of rock, pop, and indie punk, her work is eclectic to say the least. The one constant is Striho’s voice, drawing strongly from her punk-rock influences and crooning over sparse, but strong, instrumentation. Striho’s previous credits include fronting both The Cubes and Detroit Energy Asylum. Striho has also worked with punk rock legend, Patti Smith, having been invited by Smith herself to play the Meltdown UK Festival back in 2005. The list of honors does not end there. Striho has won numerous Detroit Music Awards, including Outstanding Acoustic CD in 2014 for her most recent album Word Attack. A veteran of the Detroit music scene, she’s sure to get the night off to a great start. Next up is another well-known Detroit act, Rio and the Rockabilly Revival. Reaching back through the decades, lead singer Rio Scafone has skillfully brought seemingly old-school genres like gospel, jump blues, and hillbilly swing back to the forefront of

Rio Scafone

Carolyn Striho Detroit’s local music scene. Not that this is any surprise, as Scafone is not the first member of her family to have this kind of impact on Detroit music. Scafone is the niece of rockabilly legend Jack Scott, and has stated in past interviews that growing up on his songs – as well as the music of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins – heavily influenced her taste and passion for music. Revered for the intensity of their live performances, Rio and the Rockabilly Revival kick off their shows with energy to spare and don’t stop until they’ve left it all on the stage. Also taking the stage at the showcase is Keri Lynne Roche, an indie rock singer/songwriter. Originally from Ann Arbor, Roche is best known for making it to the Hollywood round of American Idol auditions this past year. Roche’s music has a quiet intensity, transitioning from soft to soulful to edgy. Accompanied by either acoustic guitar or piano, Roche brings to mind artists such as Sara Bareilles and Tristan Prettyman. The main event of the night is Maggie Cocco, a blues/rock fusion artist out of Sterling Heights. The “Women Who Rock” showcase will double as the release party for her debut album Get Me. Get Me is comprised of songs Cocco wrote between the ages of 15 and 22. “There’s something in them for everybody,” Cocco says. Cocco hopes that because of its various genres and themes, the album will gain a wide listenership and radio play. She also hopes that listeners will come away from the album with a sense of “emotional growth and honesty.” “I would hope that it’s incredibly relatable because I’m very honest emotionally and lyrically. I would hope that it’s therapeutic for other people to listen to and just know that [they’re] not alone, there’s other people who go through these things, and I’ve just been blessed with the medium of music so that I can communicate that.” While talking with Cocco it became obvious that music is her home and her life. In addition to writing, recording, and performing, Cocco is a music director at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Grosse Point



Woods as well as a member of CoccoMusic, LLC. CoccoMusic is a record label established in 2012 to cater to up-andcoming local artists looking to record or connect with larger labels. The organization also offers vocal and music lessons as well as rehearsal space. Cocco’s hard work and dedication has most definitely payed off, as she is now being recognized as a key player in the Detroit music scene. On having the opportunity to play with Striho and Scafone, Cocco says, “They’re sort of bringing me into the fold of women musicians. It really feels like an initiation into this elite group of women who rock in the Detroit area.” In addition to the new album and showcase opportunity, Cocco is also planning to tour the U.S. in 2015. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” she said “and I promised my family that I would graduate college before I did any of this.” Only twenty-three years old and a recent graduate of Oakland University, Cocco has plenty of time – time Karri Lynn Roche for a showcase, an album, a tour, and led them along a difficult career path, and hopefully, much more in the future. yet they are thriving, both in and beyond the Detroit rock scene. Give yourself a night off – Should you have the opportunity to get and a night out – to become part of the history out to the “Women Who Rock” showcase, of Women Who Rock. I highly suggest you take it. It will be a night unlike any other, and honestly, these This event is 18+. Tickets are available at women are incredible. Their passion has or at the door the night of

the show. The showcase has something for everyone and will also benefit Forgotten Harvest, an organization that collects and distributes otherwise wasted prepared and perishable food. FOR MORE INFORMATION OF THE UPCOMING


Photo Marc nader





won the Crown for the Underground battle of the bands we held earlier this year.” said Cendro. In addition Drozone has recently begun expanding into Rap, Hip Hop and electronic music. On Nov. 29th they launched their first of many hip hop shows, Hip Hop Havoc. With the success of the Nov. 29th Hip Hop show Mike and Drozone intend to carry their momentum into the holiday season with a December 19th event called “3 States one Place”. Says Mike,” This event is happening at the Diesel in Chesterfield and combines 6 bands from Illinois, Ohio and Michigan all at one club. The event will be a toy drive for Operation Home front which is an organization that collects toys for needy military families. (See their ad on pg. 29 for more info) Dealing with great rock venues like The Diesel, the I-rock and The Ritz and bringing in some of the areas best local bands has opened many opportunities for Drozone and in turn created opportunities for bands. Some of the services they’re currently offering are marketing and promotion, booking, band management as well as assisting bands in creating online merch stores.

After over a decade in the Detroit Music industry, Mike Cendro had met is share of what he felt were egotistical promoters. He spent many years behind the microphone as the singer of several popular metal bands and after stepping off the stage he decided it was time to begin to contribute to the success of the local scene by helping entertainers create and promote their shows and events. “It seems most of the promoters I came across were in it for the wrong reasons” Says Cendro, “ they all wanted to make a huge pay day on the shows they promoted regardless of what the band earned. As a matter of fact they didn’t seem to care about the bands at all.”

In addition to Drozone Entertainment Mike has launched the non-profit band support organization called “Band-Aid” The group helps talented bands who may not have the resources for touring, recording and merchandise. In return bands contribute to the organization through assistance in promotion and contributions to charity events. Recently Band-Aid did a back pack event where they created care packages for homeless consisting of sandwiches, toothbrushes and various personal items and had local bands pass them out to people in need in Downtown Detroit. Over that last year Drozone has sponsored and promoted some of the areas best events. In addition Mike has partnered with recording studios, bands, photographers, video producers like Icarus Imaging, local internet radio like Hard Edge Radio and the ADHB how, to create a company that provides assistance to artists in any area they may need.

So in November of 2013 Mike decided to throw his hat into the promotion ring and founded Drozone Entertainment. “Initially we focused on local To learn more of contact Mike or a representative from Drozone go to metal bands. One of the first bands that impressed me was Aventity. They








Rick for Holy Divers

Photos Matteo Doninni


On Friday October 31st Detroit Live Magazine threw the ultimate Costume/Tribute Show at the All Around Bar in Taylor. This year the crowd of zombies, vampires, ghouls and sexy everything’s was topped off by tributes to Metallic, Rob Zombie, Ronnie James Dio and Judas Priest. Yes, that’s right…Detroit Live jammed the ultimate metal tribute show right on top of one of Detroit’s best Halloween bashes to create one of the year’s coolest costumed music events.

Metallic until later in the evening yet since we were so heavily steeped with incredible metal tributes someone had to kick off the evening and T4H were happy to do it in style. The powerful sound of these guys, who most days of the year are known as the band “Overstone” conveyed the feel and vibe of Metallic perfectly and set the pace for a fantastic evening.

Next up was Rob Zombie Tribute Thunderkiss. Thunderkiss is a band Frankenstein’d together from elements of Underland, Ray Street Park The night kicked off with “The Four Horsemen” and various leftover pieces of long deceased tribute to Metallic. Generally we’d like to save Detroit bands. Opening with More human

By Granger Downs

that Human complete with actual samples Thunderkiss gives the impression that you are truly at a Rob Zombie (with slightly less moshing). The aspect of Thunderkiss that gives it an extra level of zombie authenticity is the spot-on samples. The ultra high energy performance left true Rob Zombie fans drooling for more. The performance included a version of the Rob Zombie version of the Grand Funk song American Band and closed out the set with the infamous 1965. If you haven’t seen Thunderkiss make sure you catch them next time, they are a must for RZ fans. cont. on 29

Viki Abraham, D.Counts, Danielle Martin 24 LIVE


Marc Harnos - The Four Horsemen

Daniel Fieg - Bloodstone

D.Counts - Thunderkiss


Chris Lucas - Thunderkiss LIVE 25

Photographer: Michael Weintrob







Amanda from Detroit Live Jackie Slocum & Carri Ann Harris

Lou Abraham from Thunderkiss

Sly Valentini From Holy Divers Around midnight The Holy Divers stormed the stage to give an incredible Ronnie James Dio performance. From the first note Rick Stafford personified the revered Dio. The band eminated power from the stage. Being a huge Dio fan and seeing him perform live on several occasions I consider myself a bit of an athority on Dio and this band definitely gets the approval. But it wasn’t only my approval that was garnered. Throughout the entire performance the energized crowed pushed forward to the stage bobbing throbbing to the pulses of Heaven and Hell, Man on the silver Mountain and every Dio song that a RJD fan would want to hear. Rick Stafford’s voice and stage presence fantastically personifies Dio, and the rest of band, Keith Holstein, Sly Vaneltini and Darrel Robertson create a powerful platform of metal to serve up some of your favorite Dio tunes. Driving things home was the much anticipated Bloodstone doing a tribute to Judas Priest. Frontman Daniel Feig is one of the few people who have the pipes top pull off Rob Halfords incredible vocal style. In addition he has the look and wardrobe. Fully Clad in Leather and spikes Feig portrays a convincing Halford. Yet part of what gives Judas Priest their signature sound is the thickness of the two guitars and the harmony guitar solos and guitarists Andy Dempz, Jimmy James ripped through every solo perfectly. From “Heading out to the Highway” to “Electric Eye” to “You’ve got another thing coming” Bloodstone recreated one of the godfathers of metal perfectly. Any fan of Priest got exactly what they were looking for from this spot on performance. On this night not only were the bands fully costumed but the fans also got into the spirit. There is a special kind of satisfaction that comes from watching a fully costumed band rip through some of your favorite metal tunes surrounded by throngs of bobbing and moshing zombies, vampires, sexy nurses and Heisenbergs. All in all this Detroit Live party was one of the best of to date. Not only did the fans have the times of their lives but bands gave stellar performances and truly enjoyed themselves. Don’t miss the next Detroit Live Tribute Show!










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Choice Cuts Eric Harabadians

December 2014

Matt McClowry, Uncomfortable (Uproar Entertainment, ): It’s no surprise, of course, the mammoth amount of musical talent that flows throughout the Detroit area and its environs. But there is a plethora of acting and comedic representation that emanates from here as well. A case in point is this new album by comedian Matt McClowry. He’s a fresh face from the Motor City that has been hitting the national comedy club circuit, in earnest, for a few years now. The thirty-something comic has sports jock good looks and a deadpan delivery that really takes you off guard. Here he covers “everyman” topics such as shopping at K Mart, choosing the right contraceptives and parents that swap their kids last names for first, with a clever and ironic point of view. The jokes come fast and furious but tend to engage the audience rather than assault them. Very funny!

Steve Hunter, Tone Poems Live (CD/DVD, National Treasury): Steve Hunter is a guitarist’s guitarist! He’s backed Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and countless others. On this latest excursion he’s joined by an allstar cast of supporting players; including bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), keyboardist Phil Aaberg ( Elvin Bishop) and drummer Alvino Bennett ( Dave Mason, Robin Trower). This all-instrumental project was essentially culled from previous Hunter solo releases, with a couple cover surprises thrown in; namely Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Riviera Paradise.” Overall, there are no major curveballs or ulterior motives at play. Good old fashioned blues rock guitar in the style of Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck or Clapton is the order of the day. The tendency on a lot of these superstar outings is to shred one’s axe to the ground and show your whole hand. But Hunter chooses the road less travelled. He exudes class and a well measured elegance that savors and caresses every last note. This comes in a CD format with 11 songs while a DVD version contains three additional tracks. Style Wars (Blu-ray DVD, MVD Visual MVD6497BR): This is a documentary by filmmakers Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant that is one of the earliest accounts of the, then-emerging, hip-hop culture in early ‘80s New York City. This 70-minute film brilliantly takes you through the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and various boroughs for upfront interviews with young people of all ethnicities in search of an identity. Many found themselves as graffiti artists using random buildings and subway trains as their canvas. Other kids got involved in break dancing, and still others immersed themselves in the rap game. Even though this film first came out in 1982 it really doesn’t feel stale or dated. Many of the artists that appear are extremely intelligent, insightful and seem wise beyond their years. Extras include extensive behind-the-scenes footage as well as a B-Boy showcase and a brand new 40-minute film filled with outtakes that didn’t make it in the original production. This is a great archive for anyone fascinated with the origins of rap, hip-hop and the urban cultural experience. ### 32 LIVE


Johnny Thunders, Looking for Johnny (DVD, MVD Visual MVD 6544D): From director Danny Garcia, who made the film The Rise and Fall of the Clash, comes this amazing documentary on the life, times and eventual demise of early punk and glam icon Johnny Thunders. John Anthony Genzale, Jr. (aka Johnny Thunders) came to prominence in the early ‘70s as a member of the proto-glam punk rock group The New York Dolls. From there he carved out his legacy as a cult figure and underground rock legend as leader of The Heartbreakers and as a solo act. Unfortunately, along the way, he went down the path of so many rockers; eventually succumbing to drug addiction. But this is the story of an artist that has been one of rock’s more enigmatic figures, yet, has been pivotal to generations of bands and fans alike. An impressive laundry list of interviewees who enthusiastically move the story along includes famed photographer Bob Gruen, former fellow NY Doll Sylvan Sylvain, noted musician and writer Lenny Kaye, former Heartbreakers guitarist Walter Lure and many others. And there is also a significant Detroit link to Thunders’ lore as he associated with Iggy Pop in the early days and, upon moving to the Motor City in the late ‘70s, formed a band called Gang War with one of his musical heroes MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer. There are lots of cool extras such as deleted scenes, music videos and behind-the-scenes production footage making this a complete fan must-have. ###

Neal Smith, Killsmith & The Greenfire Empire (Kachina Records NS92347009): From original Alice Cooper Band drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neal Smith comes this new solo project. It’s an elaborate concept vehicle not unlike some of the ventures Smith embarked on in the past with his former employer. In a nutshell, it’s the story of a poor boy that grows up in the jungles of South America and emerges as this ruthless and powerful drug lord. As a boy he discovers an ancient sacrificial drug amid pre-Columbian jungle ruins. The substance called “Greenfire” spreads like wildfire around the globe; addicting countless victims in its wake. This eventually catches the attention of a retired Special Ops Military hero named Killsmith who’s out to bring this drug lord down. Are y’all following this? The 11 track extravaganza has all the thrills and drama of a live action blockbuster or video game. Smith features many guest players and vocalists to emphasize various characters and themes. But the overall concept and lion’s share of input comes from the leader on percussion, vocals, guitar and keyboards, along with co-collaborator Peter Catucci on vocals and bass guitar. ### JW-Jones, Belmont Boulevard (Blind Pig Records BPCD 5162): JW-Jones is a young Canadian singer-songwriter/guitarist, with a style that is somewhat traditionally blues-oriented but highly original and deeply personal. Here he teams with Grammy-winning producer, drummer and songwriter Tom Hambridge for an album loaded with sizzle and soul. “Love Times Ten” opens on an invigorating note, with a down home message we can all use today. “Blue Jean Jacket” finds Jones recalling his days of youth when making the appropriate fashion statement made all the difference on so many levels. “Don’t Be Ashamed” features a strong heartfelt vocal wrapped in a smooth, yet robust guitar riff. “Never Worth It” is a nice straight ahead barrelhouse shake down and “Cocaine Boy” keeps the listener slightly askew, with stinging atmospheric guitar and raw rough hewn vocals. None other than “Elwood Blues” himself Dan Aykroyd is one of many singing the praises of JW-Jones. When you hear this album it’s a safe bet you will too! ### --Eric Harabadian DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM




Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) — Happy birthday Sagittarius! Exciting relationships possibilities are happening. You can meet someone new who makes your heart sizzle, or your current partnership is re-energized! Meditate to visualize your deepest desires, be they about love, career or finances. This is a manifesting time, but you must let the Universe know what you really want! You’ll also develop greater intuition, so trust your gut.


Think about the people in your life who are spiritually aligned with you. Make efforts to reconnect with those who you’ve been too busy to talk with. Focusing this way also attracts new friends who can be like soul mates! Romantic relationships deepen as you reveal more of your truth. Sexual fears can also be resolved as the quality of your bond improves.

tive relationship issues seem, all patterns can be smashed! Uranus has an 84 year orbit and can free you from “stuff” that seems to hopelessly ensnare you. It’s a powerful energy you need to surrender to. Your soul is here to learn about love and bonding. Meditate and give the Universe all your ideas, experiences and memories regarding relationships. Become teachable with a Zen mind and you’ll be amazed at the new karma that comes in. Fulfillment and bliss is possible!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) — How can you bring your spirituality into “regular life”? Try meditating at work by just doing deep breathing when under stress, or when Cancer (June 21 – July 22) — You you see others under stress (send them good can be starting a new relationship, or creat- energy!). Your inner poise will be noticed as ing more closeness in a current one. This “an indefinable something” that brings admonth is especially good for meditating vancement and praise. Also, when speaking together and clearing up any misunderstand- with family, be gentle as you share insights ings and clarifying expectations. You can about their behavior. Then they can take it in also have unexpected career breakthroughs. and make positive changes. Don’t be intimidated by the opportunity — you can do it! Even though it surprises you, Aluna Michaels is a secondAquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) — The it’s karma lined up by the Universe and you generation astrologer and soul evolutionist Universe is pouring lots of energy into you, practitioner. She also holds a Masters in both physically and emotionally. If you’ve felt deserve it! Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching tired and drained, you’ll feel vitality. If you’ve Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) — You have and consulting for more than three decades. been depressed, you’ll feel uplifted and inspired. The key is to release the old identity a nurturing heart, and it’s time to put yourself Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological on top of your caretaking list. Even if you’re Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version you’ve formed of being a sad, struggling person. Forgive the past so you’re open to be crazy busy for the holidays, treat yourself to and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is a massage or take long baths. Have quiet available for appointments in her home, by brand new. You’re being rewarded for hard phone or Skype. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit internal work, so trust the blessings available reflection time, even if just a few minutes a day. Relationships will transform as you now! emit more love from your heart chakra. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – ProsWhen you’re the perity is right at your fingertips, but maybe center of your world, you can’t manifest it. Meditate and release you become like the resentments accumulated over the past two Sun and pour out years. Be they about yourself, others or cirenergy without feeling cumstances, they’ll block abundance, so let drained. the go! By January you’ll not only be richer, you’ll also be physically energized and emoVirgo (Aug. tionally optimistic. Also, make new friends 23 – Sept. 22) — who are positive, supportive and upbeat. The Universe wants Aries (March 21 – April 19) — Uranus, to open your heart. In order to have an the planet of breakthroughs moves direct in inflow of fresh energy, your sign! You’ll feel energized and excited. Have courage to make changes to your self- you need to clear out old disappointments image, relationships and attitude. It’s time to and resentments. walk your talk and be your authentic self no matter what! You’ll see positive changes with Meditate and see the past wrapped in career and close partnerships. People are drawn to your new level of magnetic spiritual pink light and drifting away. You’ll be open energy, even though they’re not sure why. for new people, or Enjoy your empowerment! current partnerships Taurus (April 20 – May 20) — Uranus will heal and blosmoves direct and gives breakthroughs in un- som. You’ll also have conscious self-sabotage. Your “comfort zone” your mind receptive can actually cause major discomfort! Release for prosperity, so meditate about and old patterns — relax into the flow of change release old debts and and spiritual improvement. Re-commit to a meditation practice. Be it yoga, journal writing money issues too! or quiet sitting, have place at home that’s Libra (Sept. 23 your sacred space. The more you use it, the – Oct. 22) —No matmore saturated with power it becomes! ter how long you’ve been partnered, or Gemini (May 21 – June 20) — Medihow engrained negatate this month on gratitude and intimacy. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) — Meditation heals childhood wounds that keep you from intimacy, and also prosperity. Be okay with being fulfilled emotionally and financially! What family beliefs have limited you? Write about them. Then tear the paper up and declare your freedom. Also spend time in the mirror affirming your appearance. Quit being mean to yourself when it comes to your body and face!







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