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We at Detroit Live truly enjoyed covering some of Detroit’s most talented artists in 2014 and are looking forward to 2015 being Detroit Live’s Best year to date. In appreciation to everyone who has enjoyed Detroit Live we are offering discounted pricing for anyone who advertises in For january and February. For a limited time we are offering advertising for as low as $99 (¼ pg.) Rates as low as $399 for a full page. Space is limited, call or email us today! / 734-775-9991

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In December I was lucky enough to experience Slayer/Suicidal Tendencies/Exodus concert at the Fillmore. First of all, the Fillmore is an incredible place to see a concert, but for this lineup, in particular, this venue went above and beyond my expectations of acoustics and…“crowd participation.” Upon arrival, I visited The State Bar & Grill to enjoy an ice cold beverage and a Cubano sandwich to get some energy up for the ensuing show. It was a good thing I chose to do so because as soon as I grabbed my spot up front, Exodus took the stage. From then on, there would be no more standing still or dodging blows until the curtain dropped at the end of the night! Exodus opened up with “Black 13” and, about fifteen seconds in, the mosh pit started and the controlled insanity of the dedicated fans went into full swing. I found myself taking the brunt of the hits as I tried to face the stage in order to bring you the best review possible, but the time came when I had to throw caution to the wind, roll up my sleeves and start trucking everyone I came into contact with. Exodus ripped up the stage with their set and by the time that they finished with “Strike of the Beast”, the whole place was primed and ready for the next set. The next set I am speaking of belonged to none other than the legendary Suicidal Tendencies. When they hit the stage, it was like a virtual time bomb went off, and from their first song, “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, to their last, “Pledge Your Allegiance”, it was utter mayhem and chaos the whole time they shredded the stage with their ridiculous energy level. That energy spilled over onto each and every person in the house and only setup and built the anticipation for Slayer to take the stage that much more. By the time Slayer came out to address the crowd, it was elbow to elbow people, covered in blood, sweat, and tears (mostly of joy), waiting almost breathlessly to hear their opening jam. As usual, Slayer did not disappoint when they brought the house down with “World Painted Blood.” They followed that up with “Postmortem”, “Hate Worldwide”, “Hell Awaits” and “Snuff”, just to name a few. 6 LIVE

Right around the time that “Raining Blood” was kicking out of the speakers in full force, I found myself being passed around above the crowd like a joint. Aimlessly floating over the entranced rockers that only had one mission… throw me over the gate to the stage! Needless to say, with a crowd like this, there was no way that they were going to be denied, and before I knew it, I was in midflight, and on my way into the waiting arms of a security guard that was parked right in front of the stage. He did his best to catch me, but only helped in breaking my fall, coming to the ground with me. Luckily, he was a good sport and I was able to return back to the crowd to finish watching the rest of the show. They closed out their set with “Angel of Death” and the place went absolutely nuts! The combination of these three bands made for one of the most hardcore and raucous shows that I have ever been a part of… and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The camaraderie in the audience and the unbelievable tempo that was consistent throughout all three bands performances was amazing! I’m extremely happy that I was able to be a part of this extraordinary event and at least try to put my experience into words for anyone reading this article who wasn’t fortunate enough to be there. Three legendary bands, one amazing show, a few thousand, totally satisfied concertgoers, priceless memories, a lesson on which shoes NOT to wear in a mosh pit… and a cracked rib as a reminder of the show. Given the opportunity, I would do it over and over again. I believe that whether this genre of music is your cup of tea or not, this is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. So, get out there, let loose and rock on people. You only live once, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and step into the pit!


personally never seen these guys, but, just to put their career in perspective, these guys have played Warped Tours, Skate Parks and even opened for Bon Jovi. Yes, THAT Bon Jovi! I wouldn’t believe it either, but my sister was there. Their latest tour with Reel Big Fish is in support of their latest release “See The Light”, which is their 8th studio release. Granted this release was in 2013, but a band like Less Than Jake tours because that is what they are best at; touring and interacting with their fans. The albums just seem to be filler to get them to the next tour. Or at least that is my take on them. Go check out their latest along with classics like “Pezcore”, “Losing Streak” and “Hello Rockville”!


Do you like horns? Guitars? Bass? Drums? Skanking? Yes kids… That is a real thing - imagine twerking but to ACTUAL music… and guys do it, too. Sorry, I’m acting like grumpy old music man again. Well, if you like all those things I mentioned earlier, and you like rocking good times, then you will want to join me and my friends at the Royal Oak Music Theater on January 22nd for the rockin’ ska-punk sounds of Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. Less Than Jake is straight out of Gainsville, FL and has been at this for 20+ years. I have

Reel Big Fish, like Less Than Jake, were there in the 90’s when all these ska-punk bands were the next big thing. You probably remember them from their almost-hit, “Sell Out”. It was good and was their homage to what the record companies wanted them to do… and it almost worked. They actually had a Gold record with the album “Turn The Radio Off”. However, they never really made it big outside of their core audience and I think that ended up being good for them. I mean, they still signed with a major, got a little money, went back to the indies and kept doing what they do best, which is throwing a live show. Their show is energetic, clever, witty and just plain rocks! I have seen Reel Big Fish and they do bring the rock. They are supporting their latest release, “Candy Coated Fury”, but that isn’t why you’re going. You are going because it will rock… plain and simple. So I’ll see you in Royal Oak on January 22nd. I’ll be the one skankin’. You should join me… At our age, it might be the only fun exercise we get to do anymore.



local business profile

Tittle Brothers Construction Since its launch, Detroit Live Magazine has partnered with local businesses that go above and beyond expectations to provide exceptional service. Since 2013, Detroit Live has partnered with downriver based Tittle Brothers Construction to bring fantastic events to metro Detroit. For most families, their home is their largest investment. Care and upkeep of this investment is crucial not only for the safety of the family in regards to protection from the elements, but also in safeguarding their long term financial well being. Maintenance and improvement of this investment shouldn’t be trusted to just any contractor who offers the lowest price. Many home owners learn this the hard way when what seemed to be a great initial value in the short term turns out to be a costly mistake. And at a time when property values are just beginning to stabilize, homeowners can hardly afford to gamble on a contractor or home improvement company whose products, ethics and warranty are in question. That’s why we’ve taken a few minutes to talk with the most trusted name in home repair and improvement, founder of Tittle Brothers Construction, Greg Tittle, about what to look out for when shopping for home improvement. Darian: What is the most common type of home repair or improvement customers inquire about at this time of year. Greg Tittle: Founder Tittle Brothers Construction

Greg: Right now, it’s roofs. One of the most important aspects of your home is your roof. It protects your home and everything in it. When it comes to a home’s roof, poor products or workmanship can be incredibly costly. Water damage, rot, shorted wiring not to mention various forms of mold from allowing moisture into your home. There is just too much at stake to cut corners. Many customers call us to fix other contractor’s work. When it’s all said and done they always end up wishing they had called Tittle first. Darian: What are some of the most important things a homeowner can do to increase their home’s value. Greg: Well a roof always makes a big difference. It’s about 40% of your homes appearance, so as far as curb appeal it makes a big impact. Although it can be costly. But if your roof is ok, many times we recommend a new entry door as well as seamless gutters and new trim. You’d be shocked at what an improvement that can make. Darian: What should people look out for when researching a contractor?


Greg: A lot of people, unknowingly hire unlicensed or uninsured contractors. This can be an incredibly costly mistake. It’s possible for a contractor to injure themselves on your property and hold you responsible. Also watch for “contractors” asking for a deposit up front. You shouldn’t have to give contractor money before they do the work, especially on a roof job. At Tittle Brothers, we are in and out in one day. There is no need for a deposit; we arrive with as many trained workers as needed to get the job done in one day. If we feel it will take 20 or 25 workers, then Tittle shows up with 25 guys and we get it done in one day. Darian: Many people don’t know a lot about home improvement and can be intimidated by the whole process. How can Tittle help them? Greg: First of all, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want, in the time promised and for the price promised. When you call Tittle, we’ll send out Tittle home improvement consultant to sit down and discuss your needs, expectations and budget. They will make suggestions and many times come up with more cost effective ways of accomplishing the homeowner’s goals. Technically speaking, all Tittle consultants are certified through GAF shingle manufacturers. In addition to our ongoing in house training, Tittle installers spend two weeks a year in Michigan City, Indiana for training on new products, installation techniques and industry breakthroughs. We are constantly learning new ways to help home owners increase the value of their homes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Darian: I’ve noticed that Tittle has been awarded GAF’s President’s Club Seal. Can you tell us a bit about that? Greg: Tittle construction has aligned itself with GAF shingle manufacturing. They are an American company that offers the highest quality American made supplies. They couple the highest quality products with an in-depth, ongoing training program. The President’s Club Seal is the highest level of education and performance we can achieve within our industry. It’s presented through GAF. Last year, despite the incredible amount of home improvement / roofing companies throughout the state of Michigan, only seven received the President’s award. I’m proud to say Tittle Construction is among them. Darian: Where are you from? Greg: I’m from Downriver Detroit, lived here my whole life. I graduated from Lincoln Park Schools. When Tittle Brothers Construction works on your home, I consider that work to be a reflection of me and my family history in this area, therefore it has to be of the highest quality. We stand behind our work. I invite Detroit Live readers to stop into one of our Lincoln Park or Southgate showrooms to see first hand why so many homeowners trust their home to Tittle Brothers Construction.





In 1955 (the year I was born) - We started the golden decade of Rock and Roll which featured names like Elvis, Chuck and Bo. 1965- Headed toward the Summer of Love – peace, love and flower power with names like the Beatles, Stones and Hendrix. 1975- We had KISS, Aerosmith, leisure suites and Saturday Night Live. 1985- We had Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cabbage Patch Kids and the first CD’s and computers. 1995- Kid Rock, Van Halen, Garth Brooks, O. J. Simpson, cell phones and Karaoke. 2005- We had 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, Harry Potter, X-Box 360, iPhone and Youtube. 2015- It is the Labor of LOVE ... Ahh… sounds nice - sounds sexy - sounds like work? Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and never work a day in your life!” If you don’t know who Confucius was, it is 2015 - Google it! Writing a column is a labor of love. I do it to promote Benny and the Jets Band and Benny Solo, but also to promote people I know, places I go, and the local music scene in general. Plus cool events like Thursday open mic at the Redford Moose 5 mile west of Telegraph! If you know of a person, place or event that should be in the column, let me know ( so we can let everyone know. Also, if you see a person, a band or event in the column, let them know you read about it here. That’s how this works!

Critical Bill, War Machine, Taken Aces, Nightmare (Detroit’s only Alice Cooper tribute band), Sins of a Madman, Battlecross, Phoenix Theory, Shock Wave, Bullet Proof Snow and The 2 Timin’ Band all had a great year in 2014. James W. James plays several instruments, is a regular at Carl Henry’s open mic Wednesdays at McShane’s, and loves music. He loves music so much, in fact, that his life could be described as a “musical labor of love”. He also helps many local musicians including Eliza Neals, The Stubbs Girls, Arlen Viecelli, and Benny and the Jets Band. In addition, James hosts a Thursday evening Livestream radio show, broadcast from his basement, called “The Basement”. Find James on Facebook or email him via Christopher Hudson - Is his labor of love music or writing? We call him an author since he has written several books, including his latest called, “The Headwind”, but he has also played in several area bands, including Buffoon and the Chris and Larry duo. It is interesting how performing, singing and writing songs, books and columns somehow feel work related yet could all fall into the “labor of love” category. Find Christopher Hudson’s book “The Headwind”, on line via Google, Kindle, Amazon or Celebrity Chef Zac Peterlin has worked hard at his profession in several restaurants around town and now that he owns his own restaurant, he works even harder. Zac believes service is always the key ingredient and it is not work when you love your job. Find Zac and the new Michigan Craft Beers at Peterlin’s Restaurant on Farmington Road south of 9 mile.

Darian Counts and the gang at Detroit Live Magazine totally love this “Labor of Love” we call a magazine. From the www. web site, the Facebook page, live events and tribute show to radio events, band contests and promotions, you cannot have a great music scene, without a great LOCAL MUSIC publication.

Dr. J (aka Gary Johnson) runs the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Which includes such names as Question Mark and the Mysterians, Iggy, MC-5, Frijid Pink, Mitch Ryder, Jimmy Ruffin, Nolan Strong (I know there is a pattern here), and Benny and the Jets Band. To Dr. J, the Hall of Fame is truly a labor of love. It is a tuff job but, remember, when you love your job, you never work a day in your life! Find Gary and all of the legendary Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, as well as a great Michigan Music play list, at www.

It has to make Darian happy to see so many of the Detroit Live bands doing so well. Dynamic acts like Jessica Hernandez, Kaleido, Mercy Brown, Rezination, Cruzin’ Jupiter, Pistol Day Parade, Rushmores,

To find Benny and the Jets Band or Benny Solo, call 313-7301627, email them at, or find them online at www.









By Lisa Joy Adams

It’s easy to love a superhero; they protect us from danger and disaster and they save our lives. Our masked avengers and caped crusaders ride on valiant horses that never tire or inside fantastic vehicles equipped with features that outsmart any element, circumstance and opponent with precision and ferocity. Superheroes are incredible and dazzling; they make us dream of having super powers. Real heroes are just as incredible and they are around us every day. They appear at our most desperate hour but sometimes we don’t recognize them because they, too, are wearing a mask. They are disguised as an ordinary person, someone we know and love or maybe they are a stranger. Sometimes we may not understand who they truly are or the impact of their presence until after they have left us. They can be softly magnificent; quiet warriors. They are the bleeding hearts and bleeding bodies within a community. They rise when the status quo sits down. They know their conviction and their truth and they stand in their knowing. Their words never need to defend their character because their actions do.

Heroes believe in the future so much that they will risk their lives here and now to protect it. One real hero, who has worn the mask of an ordinary person, is Scott A. Galeski. True to a hero’s form, he has never been comfortable revealing or discussing his many awards and accolades. True to his belief in life and possibilities, he is an artist, a writer, and filmmaker. Galeski is a police detective from Downriver Detroit, Michigan and he is soon to retire after 25 years of service to become a full time writer, director and producer of independent films. DLMag was honored to talk with him about his career and his transition into his new occupation.

Heroes kick open the barricaded doors of the darkest dwellings to reignite the flame of hope that injustice and abuse has extinguished. They understand that what their eyes see beyond that door will become a permanent photograph in their mind, a photograph that might become a nightmare that never leaves them. A hero won’t look away from the truth, but will stare into as if it were a solar eclipse, never considering his own safety, only the shadow that may fall upon others. Heroes won’t seek glory and recognition because they usually dislike the spotlight, and they don’t like being rewarded for actions they believe everyone would do if they were in the same position. Why are some people heroes? I feel heroes have profound faith; they have faith in humanity. Heroes believe in life. They see hope winking like stars in the most horrific circumstances, and where hope exists, possibilities exist. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


DL: What inspired you to become a police officer?

SG: Combined, they take up most of my time. My friends and family are truly neglected. My family is very supportive. SG: My grandfather and father were both police officers. With My wife, Noel, is our set designer and still photographer. their influence and two particular incidents that happened My niece, Randi Hutchinson, is starring in our first feature, when I was 8 years old, there was no doubt in my mind to “Pookerland”, and my brother, Daniel, is our award winning follow in their footsteps. It was the right choice for me. I am composer. a liberal for the most part and have been able to bring my creativity into my career, especially working undercover. DL: From a law enforcement point of view, what do you think about the social climate of our country? DL: How do you balance being a police detective and filmmaking? SG: Overall, I think people are angry. Imagine working your entire career, under contract, to have it dismissed. In Michigan alone, the Governor has balanced the budget on the backs of the civil servants, the teachers, the police, the firefighters and the senior citizens while giving tax breaks to big business. Union contracts have been undermined and people are pissed. DL: What do you think about the social climate towards law enforcement? SG: I think that most people know that it is necessary, but I think the media can put a black eye on anything if all the facts are not presented. Some people rush and react to a headline without researching the entire story and this can lead to civil unrest. Like in any profession, there are bad cops. There are cops that are power hungry and abuse the badge. But then there are the majority of cops that are willing to go above and beyond for the community they serve. Imagine working a job that exposes you to the worst life has to offer... I’m not talking about traffic tickets; I’m talking about the violence, the suicides, the murders, the overdoses, the abused children, the child molesters and real hatred, day in and day out. Experience that for a year, five years, ten years… an entire career. There are 800,000 law enforcement officers in this country, of course some are bound to snap and make mistakes. It’s a hard job. Plotting people against cops, white against black, black against white is just a smoke screen hiding the real issues which I believe are money, Wall Street, and the banks. DL: What is your position on legalizing marijuana?SG: Legalize it, tax it, create jobs and pass laws that make the roads safe. DL: How do you feel about gay marriage? SG: One of my best friends and one of the best cops I know is gay. He can’t get married. But a convicted murderer like Charles Manson that is serving a life sentence can? That’s a crock of shit. DL: How did you get into filmmaking? SG: I was a filmmaker long before I was a cop. I was the kid that daydreamed in school and was a clown. I have always 14 LIVE


been a creative writer and I started making films as soon as I got my hands on a super 8mm camera. Ghost riding bikes, Evel Knievel jumps... the seventies was a great time to be a kid. It was a time you could still be a kid. DL: You did not go to film school or have any formal film training, yet you have made fourteen award winning films. To what do you attribute your success? SG: Not all of our films have won awards. I am a dreamer and I am stubborn as an ox. The success comes from the people that surround me. Most of our awards are audience choice awards, which means the audience was entertained. We do not have big budgets and of course our films have flaws, some flaws only judges and other filmmakers will notice. They are not telling me something I do not already know.

Sholtes and Robert Langley on sound, Kevin O’Connor and Curtis Lee Vest on camera, original score by my brother, Daniel Galeski Jr., edited by Daniel D. Smith and all the others that have given everything they have to the art of independent films. Where does the hero go when the world outside of him stops calling his name? This hero answers the call from the world inside himself with courage, strength and honor.

DL: What inspires you to write? SG: People. My career has exposed me to every walk of life. I love underdogs and people who overcome adversity. Then, there’s the idiots... and I do love idiots. Music is another inspiration. I spend hours listening to music that sparks memories and ideas. There are also people that I bounce ideas off of; especially two of our actors, Timothy A. King and Lisa Joy Adams. I spend hours and hours on the phone with these two talking about absolutely nothing and ridiculous scenarios. DL: How do you pick your cast and crew? SG: We don’t hold auditions. I remember people, faces and voices. If someone is a fit, we rehearse the hell out of them until we get it right. We all become close and support each other on and off set. The crew is spectacular. We have really come a long way, you would have to go to my IMDB page and look up all the actors involved in our projects. My brother, Daniel, is one of the best score guys around. Actor Timothy A. King is our biggest award winner. Recently Val Arnold won Best Actress and Lisa Joy Adams won Best Supporting Actress for their roles in “The Color of My Energy” in New York. I am blessed and thankful for all involved. DL: You will be retiring from law enforcement soon. What is in store for you? SG: First, I have to take my wife, Noel, to France because I owe her a dance in Paris. Then, I hope to write without distractions. I have other law enforcement opportunities but I need some time to find peace from all the noise and hatred. I have so many projects that are completed or in the process of completion. I have surrounded myself with great people, some have generously mentored me during this new stage of my life.. rock and roll legend Mitch Ryder, award winning playwright David McGregor, and Artistic Director of The Purple Rose Theatre, Guy Sanville, to name a few. We will continue to create cinematic experiences that entertain. One day I hope to write and produce a feature directed by Jeffrey T. Schultz, Director of Photography Brion Dodson, Steve DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM



When I sat down to talk with Ryan Dillaha recently, I learned three things: he loves Walt Whitman and whiskey, and he has the best rock and roll band in town. I imagine if you sat down with him long enough you would learn these same things, because the dude also loves to talk. He told me about growing up with “storytelling families,” Scottish on one side, southern on the other: “People who love legends, especially when they rhyme.” On the topic of his own song writing sources, he credits the musical influence of his family: his father’s record collection and his grandmother’s banjo picking. But on the topic of his current music, he is all about the band. He talked at length about his band, The Miracle Men—ordering at least three whiskey shots all the while. I’m not sure if that was due to the length at which he spoke or the conviction with which he drank.

brother to all of us,” Dillaha remembers. “And he was such a bad ass on the bass.” “There seems to be a lot of things that aligned to make this band possible,” Dillaha said, “Right after Mike passed, my friend Jeremy [Mackinder on bass] had a band of his disband, so he was looking to play with someone. That was a real blessing in the band at a time when we sure needed one.” Dillaha credits Mackinder with anchoring their sound in a more traditional place. “Jeremy thumps more than Mike did. He plays simpler lines that I think really propel the new songs. Him and Jesse are a freight train rhythm section for sure.”

The experience of The Miracle Men’s members adds up to an impressive list by any standard: The Lash, The Sights, South Normal, The 78s, Deadstring Brothers, The Ingham County Regulars. “Jason and Jesse have been friends since they were kids, and have been playing music together since they both started,” Dillaha says, in reference to lead guitarist, Jason Portier, and drummer, Jesse Soriano. “The way those guys can sing together [the two also sing backup vocals] comes from listening to and playing the same music for years. There is no shortcut to that kind of vibe.” And there was no shortcut for The Miracle Men, either. Dillaha is still sad about the departure of his last rhythm section; his friend Tim Rios left the drum kit for corporate America, while Michael Millman died suddenly last February due to heart failure. “Mikey was such a 16 LIVE


The most recent addition to the band is Jarrod Champion, a well-known and respected keys player in both the local rock and roll and jazz scenes. Dillaha says he adds the perfect soup for Portier’s telecaster to stir. “We all just really started vibing on the live shows, and especially in the studio last month. It became clear that Jarrod is just in the band. It wasn’t really a choice.” Now, The Miracle Men have that classic rock and roll band line up and the vocals to go along with it. They really shine on the tracks that I heard in Dillaha’s car at the end of this interview. The album is called Miracles in Mono and the sound is somewhere between The Faces and The Band, and from the tracks that I heard, it is a bad ass rock and roll record that you will want to drink and dance to. The songs are catchy as hell (at this point, a Dillaha trademark) and have a spirit of working class rock and roll that this town has not heard in a while. I predict it will be a record that will convert many ears locally and regionally. Dillaha says it’s out in the spring, accompanied by a video produced by Ring of Fire Entertainment.




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Jack Prime

by: Lisa Joy Adams “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but your soul will never die.. While bullets and bombs break your enemies homes, you know, your words might change their minds.”

“free will is not automatic, you don’t have a choice if you don’t KNOW you have a choice.” Jack Prime

When I met with Jack Prime, at Tongue’s Cafe in Wyandotte, he told me that he loves the Transformers, especially Optimus Prime. So I thought about that when I started to write this article. Transformers and Jack Prime: more than meets the eye. Optimus Prime transforms his Mack truck into a super robot; Jack Prime transforms his experiences, visions, and emotions into music. Jack Prime, like Optimus Prime is a natural leader. But Jack Prime would never smash his body into anything to destroy it; he would most likely sit down and jam with it. Jack is an artist - the real thing. The “I live to create” kind of artist that we all dream we had the talent, the grit and red passion to be.

Honesty is important to Jack, it’s so important he asks himself out loud periodically “Am I being the person that I think I am?” and “Are you being the person that I think you are?” If you are an authentic human being, nothing clears bullshit quicker than that question. Jack’s honesty was so genuine that I wanted to be nothing but the same in return. Jack doesn’t believe in accidents, he looks for the higher value in every experience. He told me, “free will is not automatic, you don’t have a choice if you don’t KNOW you have a choice.”

He is patient, and waits for the knowing and the choice to arrive. His “knowing” But unlike Optimus Prime, Jack is kind, insightful and spiritually in tune. He’s a sensitive was solidified when his song Homecoming empath who is affected and impacted by the world around him, but you will not feel stress was featured in the independent film “The or negativity when you are near him. Jack believes he should be responsible for his Color Of My Energy”, which was part of personal energy because it will affect my energy, those around us and the world around the June 2014 Ring Of Fire Film Premiere. us. I love sharing such a positive space with such a gracious spirit and what I discovered Jack entranced a crowd of over 400 people about him impresses me more. Being kind and gracious should not be mistaken for being when he sang the song live that night and weak and timid. started a buzz of inquiries. Jack is strong and resilient. He tells me about moving to New York on literally a song and a prayer and landing in Brooklyn, in a flat right next to the subway trains. The roof became his favorite place to write and the people getting on and off the trains inspired him to write about love and dreams. His song, Lost and Found, was written on that rooftop. Lost and Found would become more than a song title; it would become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Since the premier, Jack has recorded professionally four times and he can usually be seen performing at the open mic night at Tongue’s Cafe in Wyandotte, accompanied by his band, “The People”.

Jack lost his flat in Brooklyn and found himself living in Queens with friends. He needed to survive, so he found a job bussing tables, and delivering food on a bicycle. But his heart told him he needed to make music. So he let those jobs go and discovered a creative haven underground in the New York City subway, playing guitar and singing for thousands every day. He made enough money to eat, that was all he needed.

Jack lets 3 simple words guide his life’s journey: Trust. Love. Enjoy. When you hear him sing or you are in his company, your soul will stir because those words will embody his identity. He is someone you will trust, you will love and you will enjoy.

Jack told me that he doesn’t write songs for ego validation. He is the messenger of an experience, and the song is its pure expression. He feels inspiration is a fire that must be passed from heart to heart, and believes that artists need to be aware of their energy because they reflect the state of humanity. That state becomes our living reality, and to change it we have to first become responsible for our personal contribution. “Our words are as powerful as weapons.” he says and his song Sticks and Stones suggests; 22 LIVE


Transformation takes time. Time requires patience. Patience needs wisdom. Wisdom creates transformation, and transformation takes time.








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METTLE OF HONOR: COURAGE… ONE SIZE FITS ALL. When a gang of vicious killers takes a young hostage to an abandoned building to await a $100 million ransom, a homeless Vietnam vet who lives in the building becomes her only hope for survival... This is the logline for “METTLE OF HONOR”, an action/drama currently scheduled for production in Detroit for the summer of 2015. Written by award winning filmmaker, J. Brian, “Mettle of Honor” is a story of redemption and self-sacrifice steeped in character development and rich with a good mix of drama and action. “I moved to the Metro Detroit area from Louisiana in late 2012 to produce a horror/ western film I had written,” screenwriter J. Brian says. “But that project fell through, so for the past year I’ve been developing and writing ‘Mettle of Honor’. “After getting a look at the abandoned buildings and derelict areas of the city, I wanted to write a story that takes advantage of the esthetic with characters in a situation of being isolated and helpless in the middle of a mega city like Detroit… and didn’t involve the threat of zombies. Everybody and his brother has a zombie apocalypse script. I think those are

getting a little old and they’re just too easy to write.”

by Dylan James

is slated to star WWF/WWE wrestling champ, Al Snow, as the leader of the bad guys. It will also boast a large cast of national and local area Ironically, the horror film J. originally moved here to make is a zombie story. “But we’ll save talent including Niki Cipriano, Jason Wixom, that for another issue”, he says. “With my new Steven Sutherland, Joe Smith, Earnest Lee, Kevin “MSV” Tates, Michael Alexander, Michael story, I wanted a challenge.” Frazier, Terri Partyka and Detroit wrestling champ and personality Sean “Whipdog” And a challenge is what he got. It took well Whipple. The producers have also attached over a year to get the story and characters talented cinematographer Dave M. Brewer, developed into a solid first draft. who has a very impressive portfolio of work, “Mettle of Honor” is about a spoiled, rich girl including the 2010 horror film “Insidious” named Molly who is snatched from her home by a gang of violent ex-cons. When she’s taken To play the role of “Gunny”, producers J. Brian, David Dilley and Keith Moncrief have reached to an abandoned hotel building in a derelict out to some well-known Hollywood tough guys area of Detroit to wait for a $100 million including Lance Henriksen, Danny Trejo, Michael ransom, Molly, who holds strong contempt Rooker and James Russo, who is currently for the homeless, soon finds her life in the reviewing a copy of the screenplay. hands of a homeless stranger who lives in the building - a Vietnam vet known only as To see the teaser trailer, a full synopsis and “Gunny” - who draws upon combat skills he current cast listing of “Mettle of Honor”, check hasn’t used in 40 years to wage a bloody, out the website at www.mettleofhonormovie. one-man war on her fourteen captors. In the process, Molly forms a bond with her scruffy, com and follow it on Facebook at www. broken-hearted hero that transcends the story itself, which wraps up with a very emotional ending. “Because it’s a story of a homeless Vietnam vet who proves he still has what it takes to be a hero,” J. says. “The project has received positive response and moral support from local VFW groups and veterans from all over the internet.” And the movie’s Facebook page is not only dedicated to promoting the movie, but to praising and honoring our nation’s veterans and active duty troops with posts dubbed Mettle of Honor Salutes. The title of the movie was born out of what we’re made of when the going gets tough. A person’s ‘mettle’ is how one handles oneself in a trying situation. “Gunny isn’t the only heroic character in the story,” J. points out. “There are a couple of others who reach down deep and find something in themselves they didn’t know was there, including Molly. That’s why the movie’s tagline is ‘Courage… one size fits all’.” With a projected budget of $1.3 million, the “Mettle of Honor” script is being reviewed in both L.A. and Detroit for financing. The movie DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


Choice Cuts Eric Harabadian’s

january 2015

Screw, Fight at a Funeral ( From the seeds of veteran Detroit groups like 60 Second Crush, Down With Hatred and Cult Heroes comes this fulllength debut disc from punk/hardcore quartet Screw. This is straight down the middle rock and roll made loud to be played loud! “Bottom Feeder” erupts from your speakers, with an edgy Stooges intensity. That’s followed by the instantly infectious and hook-filled “Dance With Me.” “Bankrupt City” offers another side to front man Tommy T.’s lyrical arsenal, with a take on the state of Detroit’s financial affairs. But, mostly, they keep the mood upbeat, heavy and grooving. While essentially an original release, they do a killer version of the Stones’ “Paint it Black” that simultaneously captures that Jagger/Richards essence while redefining it. ###

Longneck Strangler, Home ( ): “Home” is an appropriate title for this album as there seems to be a familial theme of reunion, redemption and belonging that runs throughout the songs. Lead vocalist Ricky Lentz has a voice as smooth as a finely crafted brew, with a relaxed delivery that is inviting and gently draws you in. Shades of vintage country and Americana such as The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and The Band come to mind, with bits of bluegrass and rocking soul for good measure. Rick Browarski truly shines on guitars and mandolin and guests James Wailin on harmonica and keyboardist Jimmie Bones add welcome depth and detail to a lot of the arrangements. This is a solid piece of work, with a reverent, yet more introspective take, of J. Geils Band’s “Musta Got Lost” the proverbial icing on the cake. ###

UFO, Showtime (Blu-ray DVD, SPV 99564 BD): The bulk of this DVD features the band captured live at a club in Germany in 2005. Over the years, these British hard rockers have had their share of career peaks, valleys and personnel changes. But this was certainly a high point and finds the classic quintet at the peak of their powers. In this age of canned music and virtual reality, front man Phil Mogg begins the show by stating “get ready to enjoy some ‘live’ music!” And from that moment they are off and running, with a collection of radio hits, concert favorites and—at least for the time—brand new tracks. This is a great lineup, with band mainstays like Mogg, bassist Pete Way and keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond as well as the ubiquitous Jason Bonham on drums and guitar virtuoso Vinnie Moore. The camera angles are all encompassing and the audio is exquisite, with 100-plus minutes of behind-the scenes extras, historical interviews and special features. Highly recommended! ###



Motorhead, Stage Fright (Blu-ray DVD, SPV 99284 BD): When bassist/ front man Lemmy first hits the stage at Philipshalle in Dusseldorf, Germany he says “We’re Motorhead and we play rock and roll!” No shit! This is about as real as it gets folks! Captured live in December 2004; the band was on the verge of celebrating their 30th year as a hard rock powerhouse. And this is a more than fitting tribute to a seminal band that is still going strong. At this juncture guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mickey Dee rounded out the trio, with Lemmy doling out lyrical vitriol and ferocious riffs like no other. All the hits are here like “Ace of Spades” and “Love Me Like a Reptile” along with many album favorites and rare tracks. There are also tons of special features; including fan testimonials, extensive band and road crew interviews, behindthe-scenes production footage, an L.A.-based Motorhead 30th anniversary tribute and, even a backstage rider that lists all the food and beverage service they requested on tour. This is a complete package and essential rock and roll! ###

Mark Mikel, A Peace Sign is Only a Finger Away (Monclovia Records MONCD1004): Mikel is a singer-songwriter from the Toledo area that creates kind of an original art-rock type of sound. Throughout this eight song disc you will hear a lot of touchstones and colorful soundscapes that recall ‘60s and early ‘70s experimentalism. With provocative songs like “Dive Bombing Space Pigeons” and “Can You Levitate” everything from Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, early Gong, The Pretty Things and The Moody Blues come to mind. Mikel is a studio whiz; playing most of the instruments and singing lead on all the songs himself. He is joined by a few guest instrumentalists and key backing vocalists that give many of the tunes a heavy orchestrated and choral feel. Sgt. Peppers-era Beatles and Pet Soundsera Beach Boys seem to be richly referenced here as well. Perhaps the epic 22-minute “Coronation Day,” featuring noted guitarist Jeff Kollman, is the most adventurous and progressive. This is an interesting and ambitious venture for those that seek a true pop/rock alternative. ###

Rockin’ the Wall: How Music Ripped the Iron Curtain (DVD, Lightyear Entertainment LIT-DV-56451): From producer/author Larry Schweikart— based on his best-selling book Seven Events That Made America America—and director Marc Leif comes this insightful and entertaining

documentary on how the power of rock and roll ultimately brought down the Iron Curtain in 1989. Since 1945 East and West Germany had been divided by the specter of Communism and the Berlin Wall. But as the years progressed, younger generations of Russian citizens and those oppressed by the Communist regime were starting to speak out and wanted to adopt cultural elements of the West— especially when it came to musical freedom and expression. Via key interviews with European movers, shakers, artists and intellectuals this film superbly takes you behind the Iron Curtain, and what it was like to live during ‘60s , ‘70s and ‘80s Soviet rule. There are also interviews with American rockers like Mark Stein and Vinnie Martell of Vanilla Fudge, bassist/sideman Rudy Sarzo, Mother’s Finest, Robbie Krieger of The Doors, David Paich of Toto and others who toured for many years behind the Iron Curtain and witnessed the oppression from a Western perspective. The freedom of music—and rock and roll, in particular—was very instrumental in the destruction of the Berlin Wall. And this film very eloquently details the chronology of events that led to that end. --Eric Harabadian DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM




Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) — Happy birthday Capricorn! Saturn is in Sagittarius, purifying your subconscious of limiting beliefs that hold you back in puzzling ways. Meditation and dreams reveal forgotten issues, or even past life events to be forgiven and released. Don’t allow shortcomings bring you down. It’s a gift to be evolved enough to see what needs to be healed! You might get financial gifts, or have money come in easy ways!


your thinking to see if your ideas build you up or tear you down. Get enthusiastic about the power of affirmations to create the life you want. Also ponder the importance of denials — the ability to say “NO!” to negative beliefs and to remove them from your consciousness Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) — Mercury forever! Do gentle exercises, like stretching or is retrograde in your sign, but that’s a good Yin yoga. thing! Meditate and release parts of your ego. You’ll make leaps in spiritual growth by late Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) — Don’t February. The less attached you are to your let misunderstandings or misevaluations identity, the more flexible and peaceful you cause problems in relationships. Mercury is become -- while still being successful and confident. Intuitive ideas can increase finances. retrograde, so instead of blurting your feelings, meditate and see if old memories that need Begin tithing, or put mystical money methods releasing are being triggered. Once you let go of into practice. Also, seek friends committed to your “old glasses”, you’ll see things clearly and their spiritual path to further inspire you. a deeper bond emerges. If single you can meet an entirely new sort of person who fulfills your Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – Mars, dreams! the planet of empowerment and confidence, moves into your sign! You’ll defeat inner Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) — You can demons that have troubled you and you’ll feel be starting a new relationship or have revamped spiritually triumphant! Others notice your shift energy in your current one! But make sure you of consciousness and give you more respect aren’t losing yourself in others. Focus on selfand responsibility (maybe a major promotion care. Please eat well; get enough rest; practice at work!) You’ll also truly respect yourself. stress reduction like deep breathing and yoga. Relationships are more intimate and fulfilling. Pay attention to dreams for new goals to embark When you put yourself first, everyone benefits since you’ll radiate spiritual vibes that bless and upon. uplift everyone! Aries (March 21 – April 19) —You’re a warrior! But as powerful Mars plows through your subconscious these next two months, and Saturn enters Sagittarius (the sign of spiritual seeking), use your courage to defeat inner dragons. Meditate and list your deepest fears, and also old resentments. They’re areas of unconscious energy waste! Also examine spiritual paths and make a commitment. Focus in one direction and become a master of what you’ve chosen!

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) — List your positive attributes and create affirmations for yourself. Ask a trusted friend to help. Focus on positive beauty statements and body image concepts. Removing critical thoughts about your appearance improves Taurus (April 20 – May 20) — Saturn relationships by a mile! begins a 2 1/2 year mission to release old issues Spiritual beauty will about intimacy and sexuality. Start the New Year pour through your right by listing disappointing memories you body and aura. It’s want healed. It’s time to re-write your karmic been there, you’re just script about feeling treasured and appreciated letting it out! You’ll -- and also worthy of pleasure and bliss! Seek even have financial out info on spiritual sexuality. Also read about windfalls as you prosperity and abundance. You deserve divine surrender to loving blessings, so convince your subconscious to let ideas! it all in! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) — Meditate on self-worth and finances. Are you subconsciously punishing yourself? Spend time reading spiritual prosperity books and forgiving yourself of whatever “sins” you torment Cancer (June 21 – July 22) — Emotional yourself over! You are and physical health stems from your thoughts. likely harboring your With Mercury retrograde, meditate and observe Gemini (May 21 – June 20) — Relationships need to go to a higher level. You’re craving spiritual partnership. Meditate to see what steps to take to intensify your current connection, or if single, where to seek out one of many who want what you want in love! Stay committed to your plan so you can manifest your vision! At work you can start a new project that is exciting and inspiring!



parents’ negative money beliefs. Clear out your “energy body” so you can nurture your OWN financial karma, and no longer carry theirs! If you have pets, they’ll be amazingly comforting in this healing process. Your new energy can attract an exciting relationship, or refresh a current one! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) — Saturn, the planet of discipline and simplicity, is in your sign for 2 1/2 years. It’s once every 30 years, and a great chance to weed out what doesn’t serve you — and nurture what empowers you! You could feel tired or introspective, and not your bouncy self. Allow this shift to evaluate priorities and begin releasing goals, thought patterns, items or even relationships that limit you. Dedicate yourself to a spiritual practice to be able to touch the depths it offers you. Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit





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