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Konditori Snäckan

Villa Lindesnäs Välkommen till restaurangen på klippan med fantastisk utsikt

Välkommen till Snäckan på anrika Gustafsberg. Café och restaurang, med havet som granne. À la carte och fullständiga rättigheter. För info ring 0522-380 80 eller besök Kanelsnäckan AB, Gustafsberg 475 451 91 Uddevalla

A la carte, dagens lunch, konferens, bröllop, fester, catering, minnesstunder

Öppettider och mer information se eller ring 0522 - 300 58 Följ oss på facebook

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Publisher: Roger Salomonsson, Destination Uddevalla, tel +46 (0)522 58 71 70 Editorial: Roger Salomonsson, Ann-Louise Öhrn, Tanja Hjertquist, Kent Vikmo, Jessica Frendberg, Linda Gjerdrum Omslagsbild: Havstensklippan, photographer Ulf Michal Upplaga: 50,000 copies Annonser: Layout: Kalas Reklambyrå, Foto: Ulf Michal, Maria Rasmusson, Fredrik Bogren, Stefan Björling, Roger Salomonsson, Bildbyrån, Per Pixel Petersson, Lars-Gunnar Hallsten, Leif Strid, Dan Almqvist, Kristin Wiktorsson, Jonas Ingman, Linda Svensson, Lola Lindegren, Peter Ljunggren, Jerker Norlander, David Scherman, Ulrika Lidvall, Lotta Jarl, Bohusläns museum, Caroline Joelsson, Ulrica Wallin, Susann Sannefjäll, Stefan Nerstrand, Fredrik Bogren, Henrik Trygg/, Matt Evans, Mats Andersson, Kalle Eriksson, Josephine Fredh, Monica Petersson, Mikael Reinhardt, Jenny Martinsson, Gunhild Rydholm, Yvonne Jägerbrand, Ingela Grytfors, Uddevalla municipality image library

Get in shape in Uddevalla! This summer in Uddevalla will be one of the most active ever. Do you enjoy competing and challenging yourself or are you a dedicated supporter? Take an extra look at this year's selection of recreational races. There are nine different competitions and races gathered under the term Challenger Uddevalla. Everything from swimrun and obstacle races along the edge of the coast line, to mountain bike races and triathlon. Our unique position and Bohuslän's beautiful countryside contribute to the overall experience, regardless of whether you are taking part or cheering on. A more peaceful wildlife experience can be obtained from a visit to the shell banks in central Uddevalla. The fact is that it is one of the largest shell banks in the world, a unique area with its hills of shell gravel, where flowers and butterflies proliferate in spring and summer. More tips about trips, food, culture and entertainment can be found in our events calendar on The tips include Uddevalla's recurring music festival Uddevalla Solid Sound and the new theatre piece Varvsspelen, which takes a historic look back at the days of Uddevalla's shipyards. But what is a place without its locals? In this magazine you can read about people who are living their dreams, who have international careers with home city as their base or who have become "returners" and fallen in love with the place again.

Uddevalla Tourist centre, Södra Hamnen 2 SE-451 42 Uddevalla, +46(0)522 69 84 84, Follow us at: Follow us on instagram: @uddevallaochdu use hashtag #uddevallaochdu Download Uddevalla's app Experience Uddevalla

Trevlig läsning! Ann-Louise Öhrn Communications Officer, Uddevalla Municipality

Roger Salomonsson Executive Director, Destination Uddevalla

Contents The handball professionals


Meet the Swedish National team goalkeepers

Joakim returned to Ljungskile


SVT's tv host lives in the middle of nature

• M E D K ÄR L EK TIL L F ÄR G EN - M ÖT GÖT EB ORGSKOLORIST ERNA 1 /4 -2 7/ 8 • HJÄRT AT S RUM 3/6-5/1 1 • K AN SJÄL V! - e n l j udup p lev else f ör d e allra min sta 22/6-8/8

Two Misses on Bokenäset


EvaLena and Lillemor made their dream a reality

Summer events


A summer packed full of events in Uddevalla

Challenger Uddevalla





Uddevalla offers more local recreational races than ever

Close to nature and adventures


Explore Uddevalla on a bike, in a kayak or in hiking boots

Fri entré • Öppet 362 dagar om året Uddevalla •



A nine kilometre walk from the ice age to the present day

Map of Uddevalla municipality


Find your way to all the favourite places 2 Uddevalla&DU


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The sea attracts professional handball players back to Uddevalla

MIKAEL MISSES THE SEA "Heidelberg is a wonderful, old university town but there isn't any sea here", says Mikael. "I miss that proximity to the ocean that is so central to Uddevalla. It is a luxury to live amongst the cliffs and seawater. Being able to take the boat out to sea and stop off for a swim and a barbecue. That is one of the things that I really appreciate when I am back home.   It is nearly eight years since Mikael left Kroppskultur and Uddevalla to play for IFK Skövde. "I really enjoyed my time at Kroppskultur, we had a lot of fun and there was a really good atmosphere. The club didn't split the teams early as a lot of clubs do, the focus was much more on team spirit and enjoying the game," says Mikael. The fact that Mikael became a goalkeeper was down to the fact that he wasn't scared of the ball and dared to try the position. He also showed great talent. Like Johanna, he went to a handball high school, but in his hometown, what is now called Uddevalla Elitidrottsgymnasium.

RUNNING IN THE UDDEVALLA FORESTS Both Mikael and Johanna have spent many hours of pre-season training running in the forests around Uddevalla. In particular they mention the Egonspåret and the trail along Bjursjön.

Sweden that he has noticed is the value of the Swedish right of public access.

» It is beautiful at Bjursjön and it is a perfect training environment «

APPRECIATES THE RIGHT OF PUBLIC ACCESS "When I am home I am often out in nature for one reason or another. "The intention of this right is very good, nature becomes accessible to everyone," says Mikael. Each time he comes home he tries to squeeze in a visit to his favourite street food place, Charlie Chaplin at Uddevalla's travel centre Kampenhof. "They have the world's best kebab sauce", states Mikael.

"It is beautiful at Bjursjön and it is a perfect training environment. After a run through the woods, one can do some weight training in the new outdoor gym and then finish off with a refreshing dip in Bjursjön", suggests Mikael, who also does a lot of mountain biking in the forest.   Mikael has a tight schedule and only has time to visit Uddevalla a few times a year. One difference between Germany and

VISITS HIS FAVOURITE HIDEAWAYS Both Mikael and Johanna can imagine returning to Uddevalla to live when they have ended their handball careers. "Uddevalla is really pleasant and the ideal size for a town to live in if you want to start a family," says Mikael. "When I visit my Mum and friends in Uddevalla I notice that I miss the place. It is relaxed and close to most things here, not least the sea", thinks Johanna.

International goalkeepers Johanna Bundsen and Mikael Appelgren are at full flight in their respective professional careers. But when they eventually hang up their playing kit they can both imagine moving back to the town where they grew up and which formed the foundation for their handball careers. Johanna and Mikael have spent innumerable hours in Agnebergshallen, training and playing matches for GF Kroppskultur – one of Uddevalla's most successful sports clubs. Both of them started handball early in life and decided to focus on goalkeeping at a young age. "You could say that I grew up in Kroppskultur. It is an excellent youth association. I only have good things to say about them," says Johanna Bundsen, who comes from a sports mad family. Her sister Kristina also plays at elite level. "I played both football and handball when I was young, but decided to focus on handball when I started 8th grade. Since then handball has been a major part of my life". I haven't had time for much more than for training and school."

4 Uddevalla&DU

PROFESSIONAL CONTRACT WITH KÖPENHAMN HANDBALL Choosing a handball high school in Partille was a natural move for Johanna. She moved to Gothenburg when she was 16 and started playing for Sävehof 's women's team. She was called into the national squad training camps as an 18 year old. Then there was a period when she was beset by injury. But Johanna was back in the National squad for the 2014 European Championships. Soon Johanna faced new challenges. After playing for Sävehof for ten years, in July 2017 she will be moving to Köpenhamn Handball club to play in the Danish league. At the same time she will be changing from having a part time job in a property company to being a full time handball player. "It will be fun to move to another city, even though I enjoy living in Gothenburg. It is a big step that feels right", she says.

INSPIRED BY EACH OTHERS' GOAL KEEPING Johanna sometimes meets up with her goalkeeper colleague Mikael Appelgren, who is two years older and also started his career at Kroppskultur and who has played for the Swedish men's team since 2011. "During the Rio Olympics last summer, various activities in common were arranged for the men's and women's teams between matches and we occasionally have training camps at the same places. It is great that things have gone so well for Mikael and me, and that we both got that foundation at Kropps­kultur. We can inspire each other with our play", says Johanna. Mikael Appelgren has played in Germany, in the Bundesliga for the Rhein-Neckar Löwen club, for several years. He is a full time handball player, lives in Heidelberg and enjoys it there. Uddevalla&DU 5

Uddevalla Johanna's tips

Mikael's tips

The three beautiful archipelago boats of our fleet operate in our beautiful Bohuslän coastal landscape, with regular daytime and evening cruises from May through September. An archipelago cruise with one of our boats is a memory to cherish.

▶ Have a coffe e at VILLA ELFK ULLEN and look the fascinating around house which ha s a very intere history. sting ▶ Try a trainin g sessio in the woods, an n at BJURSJÖN. There are tra ils outdoor gym an d a bathing sp ot. ▶ Visit BOHUSL ÄNS MUSEUM – there are lots great exhibitio of ns for adults an d children alike.


Photo. Tom Gustavsen

ly hich is beautiful STAFSBERG w a coffee GU ve iss ha m , t n' im ▶ Do One can sw a. se e th e sid de old woo n situated be and look at the FÉ CA N y. KA ÄC at SN devalla's histor ch are part of Ud houses whi ENADEN STRANDPROM the sea on the e sid be k al W ▶ e views. and enjoy th RE SY TOWN CENT ere Uddevalla's CO rants. Th au st re d ▶ Stroll around an s small shop PCENTRUM. there are lots of ng at TORP KÖ pi op sh e or m is even RESTAURANG n recommend ca I a zz pi a y ▶ If you fanc PINGVIN.


6 Uddevalla&DU +46(0)522 698480

Uddevalla&DU 7

Photo. Lisa Nestorsson


Seafood cruise

M/S Byfjorden heads out from the southern harbour of Uddevalla when dusk falls over the beautiful landscape. We head out under the Uddevalla bridge and continue the cruise down south, towards northern Orust.


Sit in our cosy lounge or up on the sun deck and enjoy Bohuslän’s delicious seafood, such as crayfish, fresh shrimps, West Coast salad, a piece of seafood pâté, smoked salmon, delicious dips and freshly baked bread.


12-13 aug SG U S TA F S B E R G DAGARNA The seaside board walk Strandpromenaden

DayINcruises BOHUSLÄN Book a day cruise with M/S Byfjorden and visit the pearls of Bohuslän; Smögen, Käringön, Lysekil or Bassholmen. You can also catch a boat between Uddevalla and Ljungskile or Ljungskile and Slussen on Orust. While you’re in Ljungskile you must book a table at Musselbaren at the bay of Lyckorna.Taste mussels of the highest quality, harvested from the sea just outside. Let us help you book a table!


Butik & Restaurang med Sveriges största laxsortiment


CAFE och BISTRO med modern matkultur och inspirerande mångfald. Gemytlig GÅRDSMILJÖ med stor uteservering och mysig utebar.

GLASSBAR och nyttiga smoothies. Ljungskile


Go byINboat UDDEVALLA In Uddevalla, you can go by boat to the beaches, cafés and waterfront restaurants and other favourite places, such as Sweden’s oldest seaside resort Gustafsberg or the well-known seaside board walk.

Photo. Åsa Dahlgren

8 Uddevalla&DU

Photo. Lars-Gunnar Hallsten


Kristen kurs- & lägergård

0727-15 85 05 IG / FB @cafefloraljungskile


Glasscafé med 40 olika sorters glass och tillbehörsbuffé

here as hostel guest or to bookconferences, camps, retreats, banquets, etc.

ÖRTAGÅRDEN Kyrkebyn 118, 451 93 Uddevalla 0522-66 01 28, 072-708 70 41

Ljungskile, E6 avfart 93 • 0522-208 10 Öppet 10-19 alla dagar • Uddevalla&DU 9


Joakim Odelberg has an intense working life as a tv host for SVT's Mitt i naturen (Out in the wildlife) and as a photographer, film maker and lecturer on wildlife issues. That involves a lot of travel around the world and it has made him appreciate the calm and quiet of the solitude at the soldier's croft. "Because I meet so many people through my job, it is lovely to come home and just be Joakim. People in Ljungskile have known me since I was a child, so I can completely relax here", he explains.

My wife fell in love with Ljungskile After growing up in Ljungskile and then having lived in Asia for several years, Joakim Odelberg felt that he had enough of his childhood home. But when his English wife came here to visit she quickly fell in love with the natural beauty and the community. For the last few years they have lived in an old soldier's croft in the woods just outside the town.

10 Uddevalla&DU

INTERESTED IN WILDLIFE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING Joakim's interest in wildlife was awoken when he was first given a diving mask aged 3. He discovered the life below the surface of the Ljungskile archipelago and developed a lifelong fascination. As a ten year old he took his free diving exams and a few years later his dive certificate. His parents, who were also very interested in wildlife, often took him, his brother Jesper and sister Pia on adventures in the forest and on the sea. "My best childhood summers were when our whole family crammed into an old wooden motor boat with a deckhouse and pottered about the West coast for a few weeks. It was sometimes a challenge because my brother is wheelchair bound, but it was never an obstacle to my parents. PRIZE WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER AND FILM MAKER His interest and engagement with wildlife has characterised both Joakim's private and working lives. Joakim has won several prizes as a wildlife film maker and photographer. He has received commissions from Mission Blue in San Francisco, the World Wildlife Fund, Wild Aid, Naturvårdsverket and many

other major organisations. Since 2015 he has been one of three presenters on the Nordic area's most popular wildlife program, Mitt i naturen. "The hosting role is a new challenge for me. Previously I have held the camera and learnt an unbelievable amount from all the experts I have worked with over many years. That is something that I benefit greatly from now.

» People in Ljungskile have known me since I was a child, so I can completely relax here « TELLS A STORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS Joakim is curious about people and animals. He calls himself a conservation photographer and is driven to tell us about species and natural areas under threat through the medium of images. "Images and films are magical tools that get people involved. I don't want to just show the beauty in the natural world, but also the problems that we humans have created in a short space of time. Our way of life is the main reason that species are vanishing". He hopes to inspire people to care more for, and get out into nature more. Joakim lectures at schools and businesses, often in unusual contexts such as fashion shows, kickoff events and other environments. "Meeting children and people who care for nature is very rewarding. The forest can appear threatening if you haven't been into it. I can raise awareness by relating the amazing experiences that I have had – everything

from meeting a giant ray below the sea, to seeing an elephant calf crying because its mother had been shot by poachers. SWAM WITH KILLER WHALES In February, Joakim was on an assignment in Tromsö and was lucky enough to swim with killer whales in the crystal blue arctic ocean. He waxes lyrical on the feeling of being so close to such a powerful creature. But he equally enjoys getting out onto the sea or a lake in his kayak here at home and getting close to a beaver or an otter. Joakim has lots of tips for those who want to discover the forest and sea in Ljungskile. "If you want to get out to sea, I recommend renting a kayak or a canoe and going out to one of the fantastic small islands off Ljungskile, for example Dirhuvudholmen and Oxholmen. If you are lucky, you will see seals." TIPS ABOUT MUSSEL EXPEDITIONS "Another great experience is going on a mussel expedition, where one harvests blue mussels and cook them. In Ljungskile there is also Musselbaren which serves really good seafood. There are several footpaths along the sea and a huge number of easily accessible bathing spots such as Kallbadhuset, Ulvön and Kungsparken. Joakim also has favourite spots in the forests on Bredfjället, as well as in the wildlife around Stora and Lilla Skarsjön. "It is really beautiful by the lakes and they are easy to get to. There are barbecue sites, wind protection with logs, great bathing spots and good fishing for anyone with a fishing license. Part of the forest is ancient woodland. This means that the forest is not cultivated but has been left alone. Lots of plant and animal species can be found here. Uddevalla&DU 11


Joakim's tips

rvest blue EXPEDITION and ha ▶ Go on a MUSSEL er delicacies oth d an ls sse mu oked mussels. Enjoy co skile. ng Lju in N on Lyckorna at MUSSELBARE GSKILE'S autiful bay on LJUN ▶ Stroll along the be xbutiken. La d an rna ko tween Lyc PROMENADE be ET, in ional KALLBADHUS ▶ Bathe at the tradit ULVÖN. at fs clif the on t ou or KUNGSPARKEN on the edge a SKARSJÖN that are ▶ Go to Stora and Lill wonderful a is ere Th ture reserve. of Bredfjället's na jön and il around Stora Skars 9 km walking tra ailable. av are and swimming canoeing, fishing s of eviken to the island ▶ Canoe from Sparr ey offer Th . EN LM HO N or OX DIRHUVUDHOLME swimming. great fishing and VERFALLET autiful rush of the SIL ▶ Experience the be d trail from rke ma A e. ture reserv in Tjöstelseröd na will lead you there. Ljungskile station and forest at gh the beautiful land ▶ Take a turn throu ral different ve se n oose betwee BREDFJÄLLET. Ch walking trails.

Mellan hav och fjäll konfererar ni i en kreativ miljö med många möjligheter, allt från mindre grupprum till biosalong för upp till 200 personer. Sover gör ni i sköna sängar på det åretruntöppna hotellet och köket står beredda att duka upp såväl morgon som kväll.

tel: 0522-68 69 70





Mångfald, glädje och gemenskap



25 juni 19.00 Resteröds kyrka


19.00 Ljungs kyrka

9 juli

19.00 Forshälla kyrka


16 juli 19.00 Resteröds kyrka


ANNA-LOTTA LARSSON 29 juli 19.00 Ljungs kyrka


30 juli 19.00 Forshälla kyrka


6 aug 19.00 Ljungs kyrka

BENGT MAGNUSSON och SUZANNE RANGSTEDT 13 aug 19.00 Forshälla kyrka

”RILKELIGHT” MED JAZZENSEMBLE och TOMAS VON BRÖMSSEN (Rilkeensemblen) 20 aug 19.00 Grinneröds kyrka


Samarrangemang med Sensus. Fri entré

12 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 13

Från snabbmat till husmanskost och À la Carte stor - förhusmanskost alla i familjenoch - förÀfolk i farten Frånvalmöjlighet snabbmat till la Carte stor valmöjlighet - för alla i familjen - för folk i farten -

Från snabbmat till och À Carte mat till husmanskost Från snabbmat och lahusmanskost Carte till husmanskost och À Carteoch À la Carte Från snabbmat tillÀ husmanskost och Àhusmanskost lalaÀCarte Från snabbmat Från till husmanskost snabbmat tilloch lalaCarte - -stor - för ialla familjen -för för farten het -- stor för alla - valmöjlighet stor i valmöjlighet familjen valmöjlighet ---för folk -alla för ialla i -familjen -folk för folk i farten valmöjlighet för ifarten familjen -- för i ifarten -- - för stor stor - alla för valmöjlighet i familjen - folk alla för folk familjen i farten - - folk i farten -


24–29 juli 24/7

Klassikern spetsad med en dansk sax Lars jansson Trio + Hans Ulrik 25/7

L’Jazz succéartist Daniel Lemma + orkester




Sanslöst sväng i överraskande landskap Dubé, Nilsson & Norrefalk

BOKA BÅTPLATS Vardagar: Helger Nu har vi har lediga båtplatser för alla Kl 7.30-10.30 Frukost samt röda dagar båtstorlekar upp till 4 metersHelger bredd och: Vardagar: Vardagar: Helger Vardagar: Helger Helger Kl 11.00-17.00 Lunch


“Sensation”, “ny världsartist”

Ellen Andersson Quartet 28/7

10 meters längd i Vardagar: hamnarna Skeppsviken, Kl Vardagar: 11.00-17.00 Lunch kl 12.00-17.00 Helger Vardagar: Helger Helger Kl 8.00 7.30-10.30 Frukost samtsamt röda dagar Frukost Kl samt 7.30-10.30 röda dagar Frukostsamt röda dagar Kl• 7.30-10.30 Frukost röda dagar Södra Kajen och Rödön. Kl 7.30-10.30 Frukost samt röda dagar 7.30-10.30 Frukost Kl Lunch 7.30-10.30 samt röda samt röda dagar Kött •kl Helgens Àdagar la Carte KlKl11.00-17.00 Lunch 0 Kl Lunch Kl 11.00-17.00 12.00-17.00 kl 12.00-17.00 klFrukost 12.00-17.00 11.00-17.00 Lunch kl 12.00-17.00 Välkommen att kontakta hamnkapten Jerry Fors. Kl 11.00-17.00 Lunch 11.00-17.00 Kl Lunch kl •12.00-17.00 12.00-17.00 • Fisk Helgens • Kl Kött Kött Helgens À Husman la Carte Helgens ÀLunch la 11.00-17.00 Cartekl••12.00-17.00 Helgens À laklCarte Tel:•0721-64 70 91 eller • •Kött Helgens la • Kött Kött • Kött • ••Helgens ÀHusman laÀ • Helgens ÀCarte la Carte •Carte Helgens À la Carte • •Fisk • Fisk Helgens Helgens Husman • Helgens Husman Pasta Kött • Fisk Fisk • Fisk • •Helgens • Helgens Husman • Helgens Husman • •Fisk Helgens Husman • •Pasta • Pasta Kött Kött KöttHusman Sallad Fisk • Pasta Pasta • Pasta Kött Kött Kött • •Sallad • Sallad Fisk Fisk Läs mer på Fisk • Pasta Kött Pastabuffé • Sallad • Sallad • Sallad ••Fisk Fisk Pastabuffé • Pastabuffé Fisk • Sallad • Pastabuffé Fisk • Kl Pastabuffé •9.30-24.00 Pastabuffé •À Klcarte 9.00-24.00 À la carte À carte laPastabuffé Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 À la À la Kl 9.00-24.00 9.30-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 lacarte carte • Pastabuffé Kl gatuköksmeny. 9.00-24.00 À laÀcarte 9.30-24.00 À laÀcarte Kl 9.00-24.00 Kl la 9.00-24.00 carteKloch Kl gatuköksmeny. 9.30-24.00 À lagatuköksmeny. carte Kl la 9.30-24.00 carte À la carte och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och smeny. och gatuköksmeny. och FRÅN SNABBMAT TILL HUSMANSKOST OCH À LA CARTE Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl och 9.30-24.00 Àoch la carte ochoch gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny.

ÖPPETTIDER mån-tor 08.00-22.00 fre, lör 09.30-23.00 sön 09.30-22.00

Mjuk, sommarsvensk jazz Piatruba

Vi finns på Faceboo k!


Final med Sveriges bästa swingband Stockholm Swing All Stars


Kl 20.00, insläpp 19.00 Entré 230 kr, platsbokning vid köp av tredagarskort 690 kr eller veckokort 1200 kr Föranmälan: el. 076-1043580 Förköp: El & Fritid Varmrätter, öl, vin, fika från Golfrestaurangen

Kungstorget 1 • Uddevalla • Tel. 0522-190 90 Följ oss på Facebook:




RIMOR SWEDEN EDITION Nu i 3 olika modeller

Oss hittar du 5 km söder om Ljungskile, längs väg 167. Välkommen!

Catering - från till hela rån fredagsmys tillCatering hela arrangemang! - fredagsmys från fredagsmys till arrangemang! hela arrangemang! från Slängom 1Catering Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 64 till hela arrangemang! ängom 1Catering Uddevalla, Slängom 64fredagsmys 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 -0522-377 fredagsmys hela arrangemang! Catering -från från fredagsmys tilltill arrangemang! Catering - från -hela från till hela fredagsmys arrangemang! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Slängom 11 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, Slängom 0522-377 1 Uddevalla, 64 0522-377 64 Slängom Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helgerhelger 9.30-24.00 agar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, 9.30-24.00 Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Catering Vardagar - Vardagar från fredagsmys till hela arrangemang! 8.0023.00, helger 9.30-23.00 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, Vardagar helger 7.30-24.00, 9.30-24.00 helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00

Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Välkommen! Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00

VARDAGAR 08.00-10.30 Frukost 11.00-17.00 Lunch

HELGER 12.00-17.00

Helgens á la carte Helgens husman

CATERING - från fredagsmys till hela arrangemang GATUKÖK - meny varje dag

Slängom 1 | 451 50 Uddevalla | 0522 377 64 | | 14 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 15


What was a grain store for a 17th century farmhouse, has been converted and gradually developed into an exciting shop with both interior design and clothing. EvaLena and Lillemor tell the story of their journey during a coffee break just before the shop opens on a sunny weekday. "We both live on Bokenäset and met in a parents group 24 years ago. It turned out that we had the same dream of opening an interior design shop in the countryside. We like interior design and clothing and wanted to build a creative shop environment", says EvaLena Swartswe.

We are living our dream at Bokenäset When friends EvaLena Swartswe and Lillemor Johansson opened the interior design shop Två Fröknar in an old grain store on Bokenäset nine years ago, there were many who were sceptical about the whole idea. But they never doubted themselves. "Customers appreciate getting out into the country and shopping in a calm, different environment. We have developed the shop step by step and it is now a popular destination for an outing. For the last two years there has also been a popular restaurant next door.

16 Uddevalla&DU

OPENED THE SHOP WHEN THE CHILDREN STARTED SCHOOL When the children reached school age we were in a position to realise the business concept. Two important requirements were that they should be able to control their working hours and start small scale. The name Två Fröknar (Two Misses) worked well because they both lived in cohabitating relationships, and still do. EvaLena had several years retail experi­ ence, while Lillemor had worked for Uddevalla council working with people with learning difficulties. Neither of them had run a business before, but their partners were contractors and could help in different ways. "We ended up here at Svälte Gård by the sea by natural progression", explains Lillemor. The grain store was part of my partners family property and we felt that the location close to Rotviksbro and the 161 road between Uddevalla and Lysekil was perfect. A lot of tourists and summer house owners pass here in the course of a year.

CAFÉ IN THE SHOP From the very beginning, the business concept was to mix on-trend interiors with things that they liked themselves. After a while they tried selling clothes and got a good response from the customers. Lillemor and EvaLena also realised the idea of having a little café in the shop as a feature. They put in a small kitchen, set out a few tables and took turns baking cakes. "The café in the shop was a real success. The customers liked our home baked cookies as much as our interior design goods and clothing. In the end the demand was so great that we outgrew the kitchen. We then decided to focus entirely on the shop instead", says EvaLena.

» Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves what we have achieved « POPULAR RESTAURANT AS A NEIGHBOUR When more and more customers asked if there was anywhere they could get food on Bokenäset they had the idea of getting in touch with the owners of the Brygghuset restaurant. A couple of years later they opened the restaurant Stallgården, next door to Två Fröknar. "In many ways it is the perfect solution. Stallgården is a good and popular restaurant and we help each other to attract customers.

We organise open evenings together. What's more the premises are linked, so the custo­ mers can move between our shop and the restaurant", they said. SALUHALL OPENING ON THE FARM During 2017 a food hall will be opened in the new built premises in the farm. Locally produced food will be sold here by a new player. When Lillemor and EvaLena think of all that has happened around and with their company during the last nine years they feel great pride. "Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves what we have achieved," says EvaLena. We have taken it in small steps, one at a time and the company turnover has increased each year. Now we probably don't want to grow too much more. But we always listen to the customers and new ideas pop up all the time. FOCUS ON PERSONAL SERVICE "Running our own business is a lot of work and takes a lot of our waking hours", says Lillemor. "But it is worth it. We really love our jobs and getting to know so many wonderful people. Our customers range in age from 0 to 100. It is nice to give them personal service in a calm and creative shopping environment. Both of them really enjoy being at Bokenäset. Lillemor lives by Lanesund and EvaLena lives beside Gullmarsfjorden. "Bokenäset is alive all year round. It has nearly everything you need. Preschool, school, shops, old people's home, an active sports club Bokenäs IF, the sea, the forest and lots of lovely neighbours. It is perfect to live in the country and be so close to town", explains EvaLena. Uddevalla&DU 17


T he Misses' tips

DJE TVERKSGLÄ er shop HAN m m ndiworks su ha e d th an s tiful crafts ▶ Don't mis au be re he w ÄSET is in Bokenäs ON BOKEN ks. The shop ee w n ai rt ce is sold on Bygdegård. delicacies ry and other ne tio ec nf co arzipan, Skaftöbron. ▶ Buy real m LADAN near N PA SI . R A M in by LB Western the ranch run at G IN ID R RN ▶ Try WESTE ING SPOTS; t's best BATH se nä ke Bo of me rdfall, Skår, ▶ Swim at so ck, Hafsten, Jo bä lle Hä , nd at Lanesu d Kavlanda. ere Rörbäck an ORT or stay th HAFSTEN RES rent to ffe rip di yt r fo da a es ▶ Take of activiti There are lots overnight. d. ar roun ages, all ye er; t of the summ g sports even NÄS bi e KE O th B s d is m an ▶ Don't on 8th July N LO TH IF s IA TR ed by Bokenä BOKENÄS h July. Arrang 9t on UN R SWIM . sports club ISTRO which RD CAFÉ & B Å G S Å G Ö H to en. ▶ Take a trip at Kalvöfjord tiful location is in a beau NÄSET HOTEL facility BOKE w ne e th fé, to There is a ca ▶ Take a trip Koljöfjorden. in .com et ås as ns la en äl ok at Bj l. www.b , spa and hote nt ra au st re

LIVE CLOSE TO NATURE Long working days over many years have taught Lillemor and EvaLena to be careful to take proper time off work in between. "We both like being out and enjoying nature. EvaLena likes to going running in the forest and I like to take my dog for long walks," says Lillemor. "When customers ask for tips on what to do on Bokenäset we have lots of advice on activities to give them. There is a lot happening here throughout the year. For those are who are active we can recommend the forest areas, cycle trails, child-friendly bathing spots, beautiful stretches of water for kayaking and great diving locations in Gullmarsfjorden. "We have noticed that more and more people want to get out into nature – either on their own or in a group activity. Our shop and the Stallgården restaurant are just two of the many popular destinations on Bokenäset.

Nu har vi slagit upp portarna i ny regi och önskar er varmt välkomna till nya hotell Bokenäset! 

Följ med oss på Facebook och Instagram@hotellbokenaset och håll dig uppdaterad om vad som händer hos oss i vår och sommar. Nu gör vi Bokenäset tillgängligt för alla, året om.


Välkommen till västkustens mest spännande Bo, Äta, Gör a fritids- och konferensanläggning 63 Aktivitete r

60 stugor och 360 campingtomter Fyra restauranger varav en året runt öppen 63 Aktiviteter för familjer, företag eller kickoff Barnvänlig sandstrand Ny poolanläggning med 4 pooler ÖPPET ÅRET RUNT!


Hafsten Resort • Uddevalla • 0522 64 41 17 • 18 Uddevalla&DU

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A selection of events in Uddevalla

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6 Dalaplan

3 Uddevalla Run Dirt Race

1 Hangout on Hamngatan

2 - 5 International Street Market

1 - 3 Uddevalla Open

3 Stefan Andersson at Lyckorna brygga

3 Monthly market on Kungstorget

(Live in Uddevalla) Folkets Hus.

3 Plant market på I 17

7 - 5 Handicraft cheer at Bokenäset

7 Kaboom – Regional theatre West

Music on Uddevallakassetten's small stage, Kontoret.

7 Bomässan – Bo i Uddevalla Energy filled music and explosive dance.

7 Romance de los pinos

A musical tribute to Andrés Segovia, with Christer Brodén in Uddevalla church.

8 Monthly market on Kungstorget 13 Rockabilly party

with the Tennessee Drifters and Jumpin’ Tom and the Amplifiers at Lane Loge.

13 Rosenkavaljeren

Obstacle race along the Strandpromenad.

5 Monthly market on Kungstorget 6 National day celebrations

8 Bassholmendagen

4 - 6 Oddebollen

Traditional national day celebrations in several locations.

6 Strandjoggen (The Beach jog)

A day on the island of Bassholmen when the harbour is filled with traditional clinker built boats.

A race along Uddevalla's Strandpromenad.

8 Bokenäs Triathlon

6 Herrstadsfjällsloppet (race)

9 Bokenäs Swimrun

Recreational race for cyclists. Fridhem.

6 National day concert

14 Dalslandsrundan

11 2CV meet

14 Gospel choir

16 - 17 Uddevalla Solid Sound

16 Spring concert

Meet for proud owners of Citroen 2CV. One of Bohuslän's biggest music festivals in the city centre.

11 - 15 West coast Dance festival at Lane Loge.

13 - 16 Tjo upp på Backamo Accordion festival at Backamo.

15 - 16 Jumble sale rally at Bokenäs

21 Spring concert

17 Ljungskile day

Family day in Ljungskile centre.

23 Dalaberg day

17 Suspekt

24 - 4 Aug Varvsspelet

24-27 Imagine music competition

17 Storyteller boat

A great day. Uddevallakasetten at Dalaberg. Sweden's widest ranging and oldest music competition with several different stages around Uddevalla town centre.

25 DAGNY’s Classic car rally 26 - 27 Körpehölafestivalen

Music festival at the Kulturhuset Bastionen in Uddevalla town centre.

26 Club artist Tommy Nilsson & Kotte Mortens Krog

27 Storyteller boat

with Skärgårdsbåtarna.



Music on Uddevallakassetten's small stage. with Skärgårdsbåtarna.

23 Midsummer celebrations

Traditional celebrations in several locations.

21 - 24 Kajakkalaset

19 - 20 Motocross World Championship


A culinary weekend in Fyrbodal with the oppor­tunity to visit, buy and eat among the local producers that use locally produced ingredients.

2-4 UddevallaKassett Festival

Mortens Krog

4 Uddevalla x-trail

A fantastic challenge where the race is run along the beautiful Herrestadsfjället, both on and beside trails.

28 Fröken Elvis

Music at Folkets Hus.

30 Ladies' Saturday

A Saturday focussing on fashion, health and beauty in the town centre.

6 Monthly market

30 Storyteller boat

11 Bo&Leva exhibition

with Skärgårdsbåtarna.

Bohuslän's Museum

17 Henrik Schyffert

25 - 26 Svartedalens music festival

utställningar Bohusläns museum

26 Children's jumble sale

16 Mars - 5 Nov Sunken ships

Jamming jazz artists at Ljungskilegården.

27 - 29 Uddevallakalaset

29 Uddevalla Swimrun

A family day arranged in conjunction with the Pantaenius Bohusrace in Ljungskile bay.

Uddevalla's own pride festival in the centre of town.

A meeting place for agriculture, food and local produce at Gullmarsberg säteri on Bokenäset.

24 - 29 L’jazz summer week

29 "Nattsudd" with harbour party 30 Lyckorna sailing festival

23 - 24 Food trekking West

18 - 20 Uddevalla Pride festival

7 Gömda Glömda Gårdar

Discover Uddevalla's unique urban environment in hidden, forgotten courtyards.

Theatre production in the old Uddevalla shipyard.

Sailing race along the Bohus coast starting in Uddevalla. Evening event. Late night opening in the town centre with several surprises.

11 - 12 Elinorspelen at Bokenäset 12 - 13 Gustafsbergs days

2 Monthly market on Kungstorget

An event that attracts over 20,000 visitors from around the world to Glimmingen.

An annual family festival in Uddevalla. For three days the town centre is filled with entertainment, music, events and fairground attractions.

29 - 2 July Pantaenius Bohusracet

16 - 17 Matjordens day

A free festival with live music and sports events in Skälebacke.


14 Johan Glans

5 - 13 Västerhavsveckan

12 Streaplers at Lane Loge

Fun times on both water and land for beginners and experienced paddlers at Bodele.

Outdoor youth Handball tournament.


15 Swix Uddevalla MTB

16 - 18 Junicupen

A family festival at Backamo with activities such as horse riding, parade of tractors, western riding and lots more.

7 Monthly market on Kungstorget

Households along the road hold a jumble sale. Cycling competition near the sea.

2 - 3 Farmers' and forest days

4 Monthly market at Kungstorget

A week with a maritime theme across all of Bohuslän.

sneak peak at the autumn

Nordic Para sports tournament, Special Olympics for football, golf, bowling and racerunning.

A football tournament with junior teams from all over the country.

A wonderful day at the traditional bathing site Gustafsberg, with guided tours, theatre and much more.

with Uddevalla chamber choir at Bohuslän's museum. with St Mikael's choir in Uddevalla church.

4 - 5 Uddevalla Folk music festival

at Bohuslän's Museum. A meeting place for anyone who plays, dances and listens to folk music.

Uddevalla Chamber choir, folk dance troupe and folk musicians in Uddevalla church.

Lane-Ryrs church

Food culture from around the world at Kungstorget.

Handicraft market with exhibitions and sales at Bokenäs bygdegård.

Opera live från Metropolitan i Folkets Hus. Recreational race for cyclists. Fridhem.

Uddevalla town centre

29 Storyteller boat

with Skärgårdsbåtarna.

Teaterladan Bokenäs on Kungstorget

26 Storyteller boat

with Skärgårdsbåtarna.

26 Logefest

The Countryside of Harmonica Sam and Berrypickers at Lane Loge.

26 Open air cinema Uddevalla town centre.

at the Östraboteatern.

Traces of the Great Northern War in Bohuslän.

1 April - 27 Aug With love for colour

Meet the Gothenburg colourists.

19 May - 27 May ABF Riksfotoutställning 3 June - 5 Nov Heart space

Love between people – over time, ages, gender and cultures.

22 June - 8 Aug I can do it!

A sound experience for the very smallest.

Uddevalla&DU 21

Foto: Agneta Thorsén

Arbeta och bo där du tar semester

Välkommen till Uddevalla där vi samverkar med våra grannar för mer attraktiva centralorter

Kontakta Tillväxtavdelningen om du har frågor om näringsliv, kompetens eller utveckling - 0522-69 60 00 Näringslivsutvecklare Sophie Carling - 0522-69 61 53 22 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 23


– sailing race along the Bohus coast

For three days at the end of June, Uddevalla is transformed into a maritime centre when the whole harbour fills with sailing boats taking part in the Pantaenius Bohusrace along the Bohus coast. The competition runs between 29 June and 2 July and is a long distance sailing race for sailing boats with only two crew. A real challenge for all sailors – which tests their endurance, sailing ability and teamwork.

Events town Uddevalla Uddevalla is a pulsating town with a wide range of events and culture all year round. During the spring and summer Uddevalla offers outdoor theatre, festivals, food markets and lots of great music. Here are some favourites from the summer calendar. All events can be found at



be filled with people and boats when the Nattsudd with harbour party is held before the Pantaenius Bohusrace which starts 30 June. The evening before the competition there is a harbour party with food, activities and music in the guest marina at Södra Hamnen at the same time as the nattsudd in the town centre.

in the morning at the Uddevalla's bridge. The boats go to Ljungskile in full sail with a finishing sprint to win prizes. Exciting food, activities and music are on offer all day at Lyckorna in Ljungskile. Skärgårdsbåtarna will take you from Mattsonkajen in Uddevalla to Lyckorna and back.

29 JUNE Uddevalla town centre will

30 JUNE Pantaenius Bohus race starts


1 JULY A mini cultural festival in

Uddevalla town centre. Norra Hamn­ gatan is closed to traffic and the streets are opened for outdoor restaurants and a huge range of different activities. Join the crowd and enjoy great music. Have a cup of coffee beside the Bäveån. Stroll around Hasselbacken and hang out on Norra Hamngatan for a while.


27-29 JULY Uddevallakalaset is the big

family festival of the year and a much loved tradition that brings a lot of Uddevalla residents to the town centre. For three days there is a fantastic atmosphere from Kungstorget, along the whole of Kungs­ gatan, past the Children's park in Museiparken and down to the large fairground at Kampenhof.




Take yourself back to the fifties with a visit to Dagny's music café – decorated in 1950s style with a jukebox playing all the right music. In addition to the popular shrimp sandwich, there are favourites such as mazarin cakes and hedgehog slices. Certain Thursdays also feature live music. Open every Thursday 6-8pm. (9pm during summer).

Bohuslän's largest music festival offering two wicked days in Uddevalla town centre for the seventh year in a row. Sweden's top artists will be appearing; Miss Li, Linnea Henriksson but also the pride of Norway, SEEB. The organisers want to focus on integration, equality and community and to attract an audience of all ages.

West coast's biggest dance band festival and the barn and campsite will be packed with barn dancers and party goers of all ages, from across the Nordic region. A different band will be on stage every night. Do not miss this year's dance band festival with favourites such as Lasse Stefanz, Streaplers and Barbados.

24 Uddevalla&DU

16-17 JUNE Uddevalla Solid Sound is

11-15 JULY Lane Loge invites you to the

The outdoor restaurants are packed with tanned and happy holidaymakers and at night the whole of Kungsgatan transforms into one big street party. The children have fun, watch circus shows and learn circus skills, play in the Children's park and enjoy the fairground attractions. With music and entertainment on several stages in the centre, it is a great party for the whole family! The festival starts with a sing-a-long at Kungstorget with this year's song host Lasse Holm. Keep an eye open for this year's new events on Norra Hamngatan! Uddevalla&DU 25



Lördag 2/9 & Söndag 3/9




fantastic jazz conserts all year round, but during the traditional summer jazz week the jam takes off and most visitors come to the festival. In the summer L'jazz, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, invites well known musicians from near and far to play and sing classical jazz.

evenings, the Uddevalla shipyard is brought to life again by the Varvsspelet theatre company. With newly written drama, music, songs, dance and modern technology the audience gets an insight into the conditions that the shipyard workers lived. The performance is given in the old Uddevalla shipyard machine hall, now Kynningsrud's premises.

Smaklig måltid! Yes, that is what it will sound like on Kungstorget when the International Street Market visits Uddevalla for four days. This appetising market place is run by stall­ holders and sellers from around the world. A success that attracts many people to taste wonderful foods and delicacies.

24-29 JULY L’jazz in Ljungskile offers some

24 JULY-4 AUGUST Over ten summer


2-5 AUGUST Bon appétit! Buen provecho!

Ni är välkomna till två heldagar FÖR HELA FAMILJEN MED MÅNGA AKTIVITETER





days of Uddevalla's unique and traditional bath and spa environment Gustafsberg. Enjoy a massage, drink the spring water, see exhibitions and performances and don't miss the guided tours with dramatizations that teach children and adults about Gustafsberg's interesting history.

World Championship is held for the 20th time at Glimminge Motorstadion in Uddevalla. An event that attracts over 20,000 visitors from around the world. Extra excitement this year with two Swedish riders on the start list. The competition fills the whole stadium with international visitors. Don't miss this action filled weekend!

new, exciting para sports tournament, Special Olympics. Unlike last year's Para-Swedish football Championship, the Uddevalla Open also covers golf, bowling and racerunning as well as football. This allows many more sportsmen and women to take part in the tournament.

12-13 AUGUST A look back at the halcyon

19-20 AUGUST A round of the Motocross

1-3 SEPTEMBER Uddevalla Open is a

Uddevalla&du.indd 1

2017-03-31 11:08



KORTET GÄLLER TILL BÅDE SHOPPING, MAT & NÖJE. VÄLKOMMEN TILL CENTRUM! Ett musikaliskt teateräventyr om varvsepoken, på plats i de gamla varvslokalerna i Uddevalla



and Forest days, Backamo Lägerplats in Ljungskile is filled with people, fun activities and eye-catching things for the whole family. Visitors can try driving a horse and carriage, have a nostalgic walk among the old cars, motorcycles, tractors and machines. There is entertainment for old and young.

meeting place for anyone who is interested in agriculture, food and local produce. A lot is going on here at the Gullmarsberg Säteri in Skredsvik outside Uddevalla. You can try a tractor ride, look at horses, follow the Swedish ploughing championship and buy food direct from the producers.

2-3 SEPTEMBER During the Farmers'

26 Uddevalla&DU

16-17 SEPTEMBER Matjordens day is a


7 OCTOBER Discover Uddevalla's unique

urban environments over an afternoon and evening. With map in hand, you can wander round the heart of the town and experience genuine places, creativity and culture toge­ ther with the other visitors. Uddevalla has fantastic courtyards that, for this one day are opened for all to see.

Speldagar: 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30 juli och 1, 2, 3, 4 augusti kl 19.00

Du hittar information om dessa och ännu fler på

Biljetter: och Bohusläns museum. Läs mer på Uddevalla&DU 27


Celebrate National day by running the Strandjoggen along Uddevalla's Strandpromenaden. A fun recreational race for those who enjoy exercise in beautiful surroundings. For those who prefer to spectate, there are plenty of good locations to follow the event from. Strandjoggen is a 5 km long route starting at Riverside in Uddevalla centre and finishing in Gustafsberg. The competition has three classes; adult, youth and children. For more information and entry:


Do you want to enter a race, perhaps two or straight off nine? You now have the opportunity to test your strength in nine excellent races in Uddevalla. We now have more local competitions than ever, aimed at both the recreational racer and the committed sports competitor. All nine are covered by the title Challenger Uddevalla. Regardless of whether you like cycling, running or swimming there is a race for you. You can decide yourself what your level of ambition is. Are you a recreational racer who wants to have a new competition as an objective for daily training? Or an elite athlete who wants to hit peak fitness in several competitions? Read more at All nine races in Challenger Uddevalla are major public events. Most of them have a lot of peripheral events with food and entertainment. A warm welcome to Challenger Uddevalla, as participant or spectator!


Why not combine the Bokenäs Triathlon with another fun challenge on the following day? Or devote all your energy to Bokenäs Swimrun - an 11 km long recreational race where you run and swim alternately. The distance consists of approximately 2 km swimming and 9 km running. This is a fun recreational event that most people can manage. You can compete as an individual or in a pair. Get more information at







Fjeld marathon. The first competition is a proper running challenge in the varied and scenic terrain of Herrestadsfjället in Uddevalla. Everyone can take part and compete on their own level. As well as the classic marathon distance of 42 km, you can choose to run the shorter distances of 24 km, 14 km, 7 km or 4 km instead. The competition is arranged by Uddevalla OK and Bokenäs IF. More information about routes, entry etc. can be found at

Challenge your friends or colleagues to a fantastic cycle trip on highways through the Dalsland countryside. The Dalslandsrundan has different classes and route distances to suit all participants – regardless of whether you want a relaxed cycle trip or want to "warm up” before the bigger cycling challenges of the season. There are four distances to choose from; 21, 34, 54 or 109 km. Arranged by Uddevalla CK. Information

Join us on an unusual challenge! Climb over obstacles, get dirty, carry weights, get tired, climb, crawl and balance. Run Dirt Race is a really cool obstacle race aimed at a wide target audience, most people can manage it. The obstacle course is along Uddevalla's scenic strandpromenaden. You negotiate 21 obstacles and run for 6 km. Compete as an individual or as a team. For more information and entry:

28 Uddevalla&DU

One of Sweden's most scenic triathlon competitions, for youths and adults, is held on Bokenäset. Participants swim, cycle and run in the varied and scenic terrain in and along Gullmarsfjorden. The distances differ depending on what class they are competing in. Bokenäs Triathlon is Sweden's biggest youth triathlon. The competition has grown rapidly since the first event in 2013. Organised by Bokenäs IF.

Recreational race with wonderful mountain biking on single tracks, tractor tracks, gravel and some asphalt. There are great views along the fjord's coast and great stretches in the forest. The 68 km course is very varied and hillier than the Cykelvasan, but has been planned to suit everyone. There are several interesting activities associated with the race. Three Uddevalla sports clubs stand behind the event. Read more at

Many people say "One of the most beautiful Swimruns in Sweden". A fun event that spices up the public festival that is the Uddevalla­ kalaset at the end of July. A tough challenge for anyone who can run ten kilometres and swim two. The event is aimed at both amateurs and elite athletes. Uddevalla Swimrun starts in Södra Hamnen in central Uddevalla and continues along the Strandpromenaden beside the sea. Read more at

Over marshes and hills. Through forest and fen. Along naturerich forest trails. Uddevalla X-trail is a great race challenge in the beautiful Herrestadsfjället - the course runs both on and off trail. The recreational race is aimed at both those that want a really tough challenge in the terrain and at participants that just prefer running on forest trails. There is an exciting adventure trail for children and youths. For more information and entry go to

Uddevalla&DU 29

Close to nature experiences and adventures

Uddevalla is unusually blessed with scenic and varied nature. There are fantastic sea views, long stretches of coast that encourage swimming, hiking and beachcombing and, not least, the wonderful forests with mushrooms, berries, exercise trails and fishing lakes. Just get out there and explore!

Experience in a kayak!

Plenty of fishing waters

Glide out onto Uddevalla's smooth water and experience the archipelago in a sea kayak. Go into shallow inlets and get close to birds and other animals in way that you never could in a motor or sailing boat. From Uddevalla you can choose any number of great routes regardless of whether you want to paddle a short distance close to the town centre or to take yourself off to an island to camp overnight. A unique experience spring, summer, autumn or winter! In a few hours you can paddle to Ljungskile or to Bassholmen for example.

Test your fishing luck in the sea or one of the many lakes in Uddevalla and the vicinity. Perch and pike swim in Herrestads­ fjället's lakes. Herrestadsfjället offers game fishing in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. In the town centre you can catch salmon and trout in the river Bäveån. And on Bredfjället there are rainbow trout, brown trout, perch and pike. A fishing permit is required for the lakes and Bäveån. Fishing in the sea is free. Fishing permits can be purchased at Uddevalla Tourist centre. For guided fishing tours:

Birdwatching tips If you are interested in the bird life amongst Uddevalla's wildlife there are number of bird rich sites with birdwatching towers, including at Mollön, in Utby and Svälte Kile.

Bassholmen Bassholmen is a beautiful island and a nature reserve in the middle of the Nord­ strömmarna on Bokenäset's west coast. The island has an interesting history from the herring fishing period of the 18th century onwards. There is a popular guest marina, a guest house to rent, a boat museum, a café and sauna rental. The easiest way to get there is with Skärgårdsbåtarna.

Several bathing spots are right in the middle of Uddevalla's and Ljungskile's town centres. And there are many more a little further out along the fjords and on the islands. Several of them have piers, toilets and good parking. Several bathing spots are disability adapted and some of them have a kiosk or restaurant close by.

Tips about the most popular bathing spots in Uddevalla, Ljungskile and at Bokenäset can be found at uddevalla. com. Come and see us at the tourist centre and we will be happy to tell you more! 30 Uddevalla&DU

Check what is going on:

Gustafsberg and the Kallbadhuset in Ljungskile are good places to put in with a kayak. You can also hire a kayak here and go a on a course led by Upplevelsebolaget in Uddevalla or Friluftsfrämjandet in Ljungskile and Uddevalla. They also organise guided tours during the summer months where experienced leaders will take you on fantastic trips in the archipelago. Perfect for those of you who want to find new hidden treasures and to paddle in the company of others in safe surroundings.

Lots of people come to Uddevalla to enjoy the sun kissed cliffs and the seawater bathing. With a coastline of 270 kilometres you are never far from a bathing spot. There are lots of bathing beaches to choose from, whether you want a child friendly sand beach with shallow water, diving friendly cliffs or a pier with a diving tower and great sea view. At Gustafsberg there is also the newly opened Landbadet, with several outdoor pools.

You can also go with skilled bird watchers on boat trips, birdwatching hikes and learn lots about birds.

Fantastic hiking trails Walking in an urban environment or hiking in the forest is a great way to explore a new place. You discover so much more along the way. There is a wide selection of hiking paths and walking trails in Uddevalla and the vicinity. Stroll along our central Strandpromenaden, walk along the coastline or through the shady forest. Around the town of Uddevalla there are several areas for walking with paths leading to beautiful fishing lakes, berry and mushroom woods and barbecue sites. Herrestadsfjället and the Bjursjö area are popular areas. Immediately above the centre of Ljungskile is Bredfjället – a nature reserve with several marked hiking trails and Stora and Lilla Skarsjön where you can fish, swim, paddle or cook food at one of the barbecue sites. Instead, try the "Salt and sweet" hiking trail, which takes you to Tjöstelseröd's nature reserve. There are several hiking paths close to the sea on Bokenäset which might lead you through shady beech and oak woods. Enjoy the trails in Kärlingesund's cultivated landscape. You can find facts and inspiration about the Bohusleden, Kuststigen and other hiking trails at The Frilufsfrämjandet organises popular guided hikes all year round. If you want to have a personal guide, book one through Uddevallaguiderna and Bohusläns Guider.

Excellent cycle paths Lots of great cycle paths in a varied and scenic landscape with cliffs, sea and forest make Uddevalla a wonderful environment for cycle tourers, mountain bikers and others who enjoy cycling. You have lots of cycle paths and cycle trails to choose from, both in Uddevalla and in the surrounding area. Why not explore Uddevalla on a bike? You will be able to see and experience a lot in a day. You can also take a bicycle on board the Skärgårdsbåtarna and get out to several bathing spots in Uddevalla's beautiful inner archipelago. If you wish you can buy a complete cycle package with accommodation along a particular route. Ljungskile hostel offers several different alternatives. There are lots of cycle friendly lanes on Bokenäset. If you prefer to race through the woods or on the bare rocks on a mountain bike, there are several challenging MTB trails on Herrestadsfjället and in the Bjursjö area. Or you can go on one of the Upplevelsebolaget's mountain bike trips, which often start from Uddevalla. In Uddevalla's tourist centre we have cycle maps covering all of Bohuslän. Uddevalla&DU 31

Elhandel / Elnät / Fiber / Fjärrvärme / Pellets / Renhållning



Du kommer säkrare, snabbare och roligare till vännerna, badet, stan eller konserten med oss. Och du får mer tid att bara njuta.



o ss vM H joätlopc r o M ka n d in a v ie n ! s nslag]UAGP


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56 till tel 724

Kronan på Läs mer om www.udde


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vinn a för två chans att 1:a pris: Res e månad Facebook) vinster: Varj idan och på hems Löpande



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dagen! d 1 kr om Kronan meoss 2018* 8 en 19-20/ cross-VM ercr to er VM helg Mo cr Stöd Moto till premiären av AMA Sup er, samt und a fina pris an on

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Kostnad 99kr/kvartalet. Se info & tävlingsregler på krävs. meration *Helårsprenu

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Vi tar dig hela vägen.

uddevallagrandprix uddevallamxgp

Byt elhandelsföretag – gå på festival ! Just nu får du en biljett till musikfestivalen Uddevalla Solid Sound den 16 – 17 juni när du blir elhandelskund hos oss. Vi hjälper dig givetvis att byta, och du får allt samlat på en faktura från oss. Gå in på och bli kund direkt. KIDS SHOP—clothing, toys, crafts etc.

Organic options! Welcome to a cozy, unigue affordable shop with selected quality products from many well known brands!

Erbjudandet gäller t o m 14 maj för dig som blir ny elhandelskund hos Uddevalla Energi, och är kund i ett år. Vid tecknandet får du en biljett till Solid Sound (värde 490 kr). Vi har begränsat antal biljetter – först till kvarn gäller. Teckna elavtal på eller kontakta Jonna Billskog 0522 - 63 47 39 /

Inga konstigheter

n’s h il dre c e v a Vi h om playro

Norra Drottninggatan 6, 451 31 Uddevalla, 072-549 29 93 Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11,30-15,

32 Uddevalla&DU

Med Cabonline i din smartphone får du pris, bokar och betalar direkt i appen. Var du än är och vart du än ska. Snabbt, smidigt och säkert.

Riktnummer + 459 000 Ale/Kungälv │ Lilla Edet │Vänersborg Uddevalla │ Lysekil │ Sotenäs │ Munkedal Tanum │ Strömstad │ Färgelanda │ Mellerud Bengtsfors │ Dals Ed

Uddevalla&DU 33

Bohuslän's Defence museum

Strandpromenaden – a beautiful journey through Uddevalla's history

The Strandpromenaden in Uddevalla takes you close to some of the town's most notable sights and at the same time gives an insight into Uddevalla's long and interesting history. In just over nine kilometres, the beautiful route takes you from the ice age to the present day. Uddevalla residents are very proud of the Strandpromenaden – it is a real magnet for both residents and visitors and has won the award for Sweden's most beautiful road. The Strandpromenaden stretches from the world unique shell banks in eastern Uddevalla, along the Bäveån river, through the centre of town, via the spectacular wood deck at Byfjorden's coastline and through Sweden's first sea bathing resort, Gustafsberg, to the final destination of Lindesnäs in the west. During the journey you can cool off at a number of different types of bathing spots, visit museums and shops, have a coffee or enjoy a meal.

The shell banks – a world unique collection created 10,000 years ago

Uddevalla has a long and interesting mili­tary history that you can investigate at Bohusläns Försvarsmuseum (Bohuslän's Defence museum). Here you can find a unique silver hoard, models of Bohus fort, soldier's croft no. 57 Lövhem and more.

Take the opportunity to buy fresh meat and delicacies from the sea and local farms at Uddewalla Saluhall on Norra Hamngatan. A newly opened food hall in historic remises dating from 1904. You can also find locally produced bread and cheeses, a restaurant and café.

On a cliff at Byfjordens southern beach is the Strandpromenaden's final destination; Villa Lindesnäs. A beautiful summer house that these days has a restaurant, a café and banquetting rooms. Conclude the walk with good food and fantastic views of the Uddevalla's bridge.

34 Uddevalla&DU

for those seeking some recreation and relaxation. The shell banks have lots of insects, primarily butterflies, which are attracted here by the rich flora, plants that enjoy the calcium rich earth. The best way to experience all of this is to go on the 2 km long Skalgrusslingan. You can borrow butterfly nets from the Skalbanksmuseet and try to catch a butterfly.

Don't miss the architect designed museum.

Have a coffee on the way

Take a stroll in one of Uddevalla's oldest and nicest town parks, Hasselbacken. It is located beside the Bäveån river and since 2015 it has also had some Spanish steps. A relaxed and beautiful place to rest between shopping trips in the town centre.

One of Uddevalla's most popular lunch and coffee venues, Roomer Coffee & Deli, can be found on Kochs Gränd beside the Bäveån. You can enjoy good food, home baked delicacies and great coffee.

Uddewalla Saluhall

Villa Lindesnäs

Just outside Uddevalla town centre are the world's largest shell banks with the shell remains of over 100 different marine invertebrates and the bones from whales, seals and fish. The shell banks were created when the inland ice melted 10,000 years ago. Today it is a nature reserve and the area has the Skalbanksmuseet (Shell banks museum) where one can learn about what really happened here 10,000 years ago. It is the perfect destination for an outing both for families with children and


Bohuslän's museum – always worth a visit Art exhibitions, lectures, exhibitions about Bohuslän past and present, music evenings, themed days, boat hall, playroom and activities for children. Just some examples of the fantastic program that Bohuslän's Museum offers all year round. There is always something interesting to do and experience for children and adults. Many people come here to eat home cooked meals, Bohuslän's egg-cheese, or just grab a coffee at Kajkanten's café and restaurant or to buy something special at the museum shop. Bohuslän's Museum is centrally located in Uddevalla beside the Bäveån river.

Uddevalla TURISTCENTER You can find our tourist centre at quay side in Södra Hamnen in the beautiful Gamla Badhuset (Old bath house). Just outside is Uddevalla's Guest marina and the harbour that the Skärgårdsbåtarna depart from. Here you can find all the information and inspiration you need for Uddevalla. You can also rent a bike, purchase tickets for the Skärgårdsbåtarna or plan your trips while having a drink or a coffee at the summer Hamnkaféet.

Gustafsberg is Sweden's oldest bath and spa resort Just before the end of the Strandpromenaden you come to the bathing spot Gustafsberg which was very hot in the 18th century and up to the end of the 19th century. Walk around the area and look at all the old buildings, which were then summer houses, hotels and restaurants for the guests at the baths. During the Gustafsberg's days, 12-13 August, you get a historical glimpse into the life of the bath resort with guided tours of the beautiful buildings, old fashioned games, entertainment and much more. If you wish to stay the night there is a hostel in the old hot bathhouse. At the edge of the beach is the Snäckan's Café, where you can eat, have a coffee and enjoy the view. Just beside it is the old bath resort's restaurant which is now a popular banqueting suite. Gustafsberg also has a pier that the Skärgårdsbåtarna call at. Uddevalla&DU 35


Hyresrätt det behändiga boendet! Vi bygger över 150 nya lägenheter Uddevallahem bygger nu över 150 nya lägenheter i Uddevalla, med inflyttning från 2018. Gå in på och anmäl dig till våra kostnadsfria nyhetsbrev, för att hålla dig uppdaterad om våra tre nyproduktioner.


• I höst släpper vi 47 ettor och tvåor i kvarteret Rudan på Tureborg • I februari (preliminärt) startar uthyrningen av 78 lägenheter, 1-3 rum och kök, i kvarteret Eol • Senare under 2018 börjar vi hyra ut våra

Du hyr - vi står för underhåll och service. 26 lägenheter i kvarteret Sundberg Se våra lediga objekt i Uddevalla med omnejd på

Den som väntar på vård väntar alltid för länge. Det kanske mest unika med Hälsobolaget är att vi erbjuder både företagshälsovård och privatsjukvård under ett och samma tak. Det ger oss möjlighet att ta ett helhetsgrepp över våra kunders hälsa. Hos Hälsobolaget behöver du inte heller vänta länge för att få hjälp – ofta kan vi erbjuda tider samma vecka, oavsett om du vill vaccinera dig eller har behov av exempelvis sjukgymnastik, hälsoundersökning, läkarintyg eller samtalsterapi. Dessutom får du träffa samma läkare och sjuksköterska varje gång. Något som brukar uppskattas av alla som väljer att komma till oss. Läs gärna mer om Hälsobolaget och vad vi kan erbjuda på Varmt välkommen!

Slipp alla måsten i sommar. Veteranpoolen fixar jobbet! Koppla av och låt Veteranpoolen ta hand om hem & trädgård. Välj mellan bl.a: Snickra, måla & tapetsera Klippa gräs & häckar Sommarvikarie Städa & putsa fönster NYHET!

IngaHEMTJÄNST startavgifter eller bindningstider!


Ring 0522-122 08

Södra Hamngatan 13 • Box 344, 451 18 Uddevalla Telefon: 0522-65 35 00 • E-post: OFFSETTRYCK






Risbergs Adbox erbjuder ju i princip allt inom tryck och display och det omfattar nu även prisvärda och högkvalitativa rollups. Testa oss och våra rollups till kampanjpris!




limmad på kartong, exkl pinne.

Giltighetstid 1/4-31/5. Frakt och expeditionskostnader tillkommer om ej annat anges.

36 Uddevalla&DU

RISBERGS_duploannons_Fastighetsbyrån.indd 1



849:679:2-10 st

Vi får ofta frågan så här års, så vi kan lika gärna förekomma genom att berätta att vi gärna hjälper till med studentplakat och andra skyltar. Tänk till i tid, före 1 juni erbjuder vi ett enhetspris på 299:inklusive moms vid färdigt digitalt original!


inklusive print & väska. Mått 85x200 cm. Köper du flera med samma motiv så spar du 170:-/st! Priser är exklusive moms.


2017-04-03 10:55

Uddevalla&DU 37

Tips for trips


Fly over the tree tops on Scandinavia's longest zipline. A really cool experience. Bjursjön Grytingen



fjo rd e



Take a walking tour up to Havstensklippan on Bokenäset. The view is fantastic!

ars llm Gu


5 Jordfall



Havstens fjord


Villa Sjötorp is situated beside the sea in Ljungskile. Hotel and food with a local flavour.


Bohuslän's largest shopping centre with around 80 stores, food retailers and more.



Jump on the boat at Uddevalla town centre. Enjoy the archipelago and good food on board.

38 Uddevalla&DU

Gång/cykelväg Walking/bicycle path Vandringsleder Bohusleden Kuststigen

Uddevalla&DU 39



Handla kött och delikatesser från havet och lokala gårdar i anrika lokaler från 1904. Här finns även lokalproducerat bröd och ost, restaurang och café. Välkommen till mötesplatsen i centrum!

ÖPPETTIDER UDDEWALLA SALUHALL tis-tor 10-18 fre 10-19 lör 10-15

KNAPES DELIKATESSER tis-tor 10-21 fre 10-22 lör 10-22

Uddevalla&DU summer 2017 eng  

Uddevalla Tourist Magazine summer 2017

Uddevalla&DU summer 2017 eng  

Uddevalla Tourist Magazine summer 2017