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Editorial: Roger Salomonsson, Ann-Louise Öhrn, Kent Vikmo, Jessica Frendberg, Linda Gjerdrum


Cover image: Uddewalla Saluhall, photographer Ulf Michal

Kom tillsammans med släkt och vänner, eller boka för

Layout: Kalas Reklambyrå,

dig och ditt företag. Kärranäs Julbord - 349:Kärranäs Julbord med liveband fredagen 8/12 - 495:-

Kärranäs R E S T A U R A N G

Fredric Andersson Restaurang Kärranäs

Print run: 33,000 copies Advertising: Photographs: Ulf Michal, Maria Rasmusson, Lola Lindegren, Roger Salomonsson, Stefan Edman, Clyde Persson, Uddevalla municipality image library, Yvonne Jägerbrand, Lars-Gunnar Hallsten, Håkan Fredriksson, Linda Svensson, Oskar Allerby/Bohusläns museum

We meet up and enjoy Uddevalla!

Uddevalla Tourist centrer, Södra Hamnen 2 SE-451 42 Uddevalla, +46(0)522 69 84 84,

When autumn and winter approach, there are many reasons to retreat indoors and try out all the cafés, restaurants and food places in Uddevalla. For those who believe winter is best experienced from indoors, there have never been more opportunities.

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So grab a bite or have a drink and make the most of your local surroundings when the cold snaps in the cheeks and the rain runs down the windows. You might even bump into one of the enterprising people who we have chosen to introduce in this edition of the magazine. People in our region who inspire and make a real difference.

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Ann-Louise Öhrn Roger Salomonsson Communications Officer, Uddevalla Municipality Executive Director, Destination Uddevalla

Contents Passion for Uddevalla's music scene

Gör som 300 000 besökare förra året

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Upplev Bohusläns museum!


Lars' enthusiasm for music leaves an impression in town

The lifestyle store, Kärrstegen Gård


Catarina and Sören tell us about their life's work

Gröna Gårdar started at Bokenäs


Märta Jansdotter became an MD instead of a farmer

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Winter events in Uddevalla


Popular Christmas traditions and events

Christmas wishes come true




Britt has a passion for helping people

Uddewallas’ Saluhall


Town's new meeting place for food lovers

A city full of taste experiences


Tips on Uddevalla city centre's cafés and restaurants

Winter luxury inside and out


Activities that make winter wonderful 2 Uddevalla&DU



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“ Uddevalla has many enthusiasts, musicians and organisers. There is a huge amount to discover, you just have to be a little bit curious “ “When the Danish Crown Prince Frederik married Tasmanian-born Mary in 2004, they sought a musician who could play the ancient Australian wind instrument, the didgeridoo”, explains Lars Wallin. “I was asked, and I played a solo piece at City Hall Square in Copenhagen, where part of the wedding celebration took place. It was a really fun thing to do.” His connection to Australia, Aboriginals and the didgeridoo was formed at the end of the 1980s when he travelled the country to listen to Australian pop and rock music. He became interested in Aboriginal culture and learned how to play the didgeridoo. “I started working with an Aboriginal band and toured with them all over the world.”

Lars introduces international music to Uddevalla's stages Music has always been part of Lars Wallin's life. He books international artists for festivals, helps young musicians in Uddevalla find venues, inspires newly arrived refugees to play music in the town centre and tours with his own band Lars Wallin & the TribeLars. He can even call himself a purveyor of didgeridoo music to Royalty.

4 Uddevalla&DU

HELPS YOUNG MUSICIANS Even though he still has music contacts in Australia, Uddevalla is Lars' home arena. He works as an adult education coordinator at Studiefrämjandet (Adult educational association) in Uddevalla, focusing on music, culture and diversity and is a driving force on the town's music and culture scene. “I have an extremely fun and inspiring job. I only work with positive things. For example, there are many young musicians in Uddevalla who need help finding rehearsal venues, recording studios and need tips on how to start gigging. This is where we at the Studiefrämjandet can assist in several ways”. INSPIRES REFUGEES TO PLAY As part of his job, this autumn Lars is travelling with Uddevalla bands, Capricorn and Konspiration, to the Czech Republic where they are supporting one of the world's biggest punk bands, UK Subs. Over the last few years Lars has visited asylum accommodation in the area to teach Swedish and to inspire refugees to play music. This, among other things, has resulted in the World Culture Fest, where refugees have played in the centre of Uddevalla for two summers in a row. “Music and culture are excellent tools for integration. A smörgåsbord of music culture is created thanks to all the different styles of music that the refugees bring. For example, listening to Afghan, Syrian and Eritrean music is exciting for us in Uddevalla and it creates a feeling of pride and joy for the new town residents.”

BOOKS INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS FOR UDDEVALLAKASSETTEN In addition to his job, he spends a lot of time at the Uddevallakassetten association, which is known for its festival and ability to attract international artists to Uddevalla. Lars started the association in 2002 to listen to music together with old music buddies. When the number of members exceeded 40, it became hard to have meet-ups in their apartments. In 2005, they started meeting up at Mortens krog, taking instruments with them instead of records and cassette tapes. Which is how the Uddevallakassetten festival started. “The festival has developed into a fantastic meeting place for musicians and fans from all over the world. We book musicians from Brazil, New York, Scotland, Portugal and various other countries.” “It is a great mix of music styles and is music of high quality. The festival offers mainstream and niche music.

In 2011, we expanded the festival with acts in a considerably smaller and more intimate venue, which we call Kontoret (The Office). Artists such as Weeping Willows, Ebbot, Attentat among others have played there.” UDDEVALLA'S MUSIC SCENE In addition to everything that Uddevalla­ kassetten offers during the winter, Lars also promotes for the Kaus Culture association, Uddevalla Blues association, Vardagsrummet at Folkets Hus, MF Adrian and Bohuslän's Museum. “Uddevalla has many enthusiasts, musicians and organisers. There is a huge amount to discover, you just have to be that little bit curious “ One tip I have is to grab a coffee at Istar Café, where there are regular performances by Arab artists. And I heartily recommend going to the Afghan associations' music events.” Lars' passion for music started sometime in middle school, when he discovered the band Sweet and then spent more and more time listening to music. When punk arrived in the 70s, he got drawn into its music and its ideals. Together with classmate Sonny, he started the fanzine Emergency, where they interviewed bands such as Ebba Grön, Göteborg Sound etc. In 1981 they also started the punk band Straw Dogs, with Lars as lead vocalist. INSPIRED BY DIFFERENT MUSIC CULTURES Today, he is part of Lars Wallin & the TribeLars, which has produced several records and toured around the world. Lars plays guitar, sings and writes music inspired by many different music cultures. During the autumn, inspiration trips to Istanbul and Addis Abeba in Ethiopia, among others await. “The desire to meet new people and discover new styles of music is a huge source of inspiration.” It is difficult to understand how Lars gets round to everything. As well as all the music, he has had a book published about Aboriginals and their culture. He is also Editor in chief of Down Under magazine, published by the Australian-New Zealand friendship association. It is printed in Uddevalla and distributed to members the world over. “Uddevalla is an amazing town filled with life and culture, and everyone is welcome to share it.” Uddevalla&DU 5



Mellan hav och fjäll konfererar ni i en kreativ miljö med många möjligheter, allt från mindre grupprum till biosalong för upp till 200 personer. Sover gör ni i sköna sängar på det åretruntöppna hotellet och köket står beredda att duka upp såväl morgon som kväll.

tel: 0522-68 69 70


Handla kött och delikatesser från havet och lokala gårdar i anrika lokaler från 1904. Här finns även lokalproducerat bröd och ost, restaurang och café. Välkommen till mötesplatsen i centrum!


KNAPES DELIKATESSER tis-tor 10-20 fre 10-22, lör 10-22

6 Uddevalla&DU








Bröllop Kalas Högtider A la carte Öppet alla helger året runt Menyn varieras efter säsong

Vi serverar julbord 24/11-17/12. Pris: 495 kr Ly c k o r n a B r y g g a | R o b e r t M a c F i e s v ä g 2 0 | 4 5 9 3 3 L j u n g s k i l e | 0 5 2 2 2 2 2 5 5 i n fo @ l y c k o r n a b r y g g a . s e | w w w . l y c k o r n a b r y g g a . s e Uddevalla&DU 7


The Reüters are inspired by Kärrstegens Gård Catarina and Sören Reüter have just returned to their shop Kärrstegens Gård in Berg after a shopping trip to the Czech Republic. Handmade Christmas decoration and other items needed for Christmas 2018 have been ordered. “When we started 26 years ago, we could not have dreamt of it being a shop with interior design products, clothing, flowers, deli and a café. This is our lifestyle and it is great that so many people like what we do.”

This summer has been the best so far for sales at Kärrstegens Gård in Berg. Old and new customers easily find their way to the shop thanks to its location at the exit from the E6 motorway, where it lies on a hilltop with a beautiful view over the Ljungskile bay. People from the surrounding area, passing tourists and many Norwegians are among the visitors. Some visit for a coffee or to buy flowers, pastries and Italian cheeses. Others visit on the hunt for interior decoration pieces with a difference and unique items of furniture. EXPANDING THE CAFÉ WITH AN ORANGERY “We want to accommodate all tastes and wallets, our range of products is extensive and consists of both exclusive goods and more simple items”, explains Catarina. “We have expanded the business gradually as and when the ideas come to us. We have almost filled all the buildings on the site. The 8 Uddevalla&DU

next project is to build an orangery.” Catarina is driven by the urge to anticipate trends, create new things and develop the business. Alongside the retail side of the business, she designs interiors for clients and also produces interior design products using suppliers in different parts of the world. “I make a lot of shopping trips, at least one a month. And finding the right suppliers and the right quality is a time-consuming process. One of my closer suppliers is in the Czech Republic where furniture restorers upcycle old furniture into trendy vintage pieces. My longest trip takes me all the way to India. I also take inspiration from interior design fairs across Europe.” BALANCING ACT BETWEEN TRENDS AND BUYING “It is about keeping up with trends and having a feel for what works on the Swedish market. It is a balancing act and a little risky because we buy in the products long before it

is the right season for them. For example, we already have the 2018 Christmas collection ready, now in October.” “Alongside this, we run a wholesale side for our own interior design products. We mainly sell via the largest interior design fair in the Nordic region, Formex, where we have a large display stand every year.”   Discerning readers may wonder why the company's name does not have any correlation to the farm where their shop can be found. The answer is that it all started at Kärrstegen's Farm, when Catarina and Sören Reüter decided to move from Kungsbacka to the countryside. “We found the beautiful farm just outside Ljungskile and fell in love with it”, explains Catarina. “We saw lots of new possibilities for the redundant dairy farm.” PIONEERS OPENED A SHOP The pair eagerly started painting the 700 square metre barn and kitted it out as a

clothes shop with a café and lots of artificial flowers, which were on-trend back then. “It was a really strange investment in the 90s. I think we were one of the first to open a boutique shop out in the countryside. We understood that we had to give customers a genuine and different shopping experience in order for them to come back. We started creating a lifestyle store without even knowing it.” After a few years, Catarina and Sören tired of the remote location in the forest and heard that the dilapidated Berg farm in Ljungskile was going to be demolished. At the same time, the new E6 motorway was at the planning stage and it came apparent that Ljungskile would have two motorway intersections, one of which would be just next to the ramshackle farm. “We saw the opportunity in the location by the new E6 motorway and were promised by Uddevalla municipality that we could purchase it. It was lucky that we were young

and a little naive, as we did not realise then how much work was involved in renovating buildings.”

“ Today we get a great boost from all the lovely points of interest Ljungskile has to offer “ THEIR WORK IS THEIR LIFESTYLE For many years it was just Sören and Catarina who ran the entire business. And to start with, Sören held down another job. Today, the company has seven employees with varying skills, including a florist and a deli manageress.   Kärrstegen's Farm has developed into one of Ljungskile's most popular excursions.

“This is a tough industry. It takes many years before a company like this becomes profitable. But it is our lifestyle and we love what we do. Our future plans are mostly about refining what we have already built-up.” “Today we get a great boost from all the wonderful points of interest Ljungskile has to offer. Together, we create a really popular excursion.” A DAYTRIP Catarina gives some tips on other shops in Ljungskile and names clothing and interior design store Sprudla, Style by Madde and Ljungskile Chark in the town centre. For something tasty, she recommends Lax­ butiken, Villa Sjötorp, Musselbaren, Café Flora and the newly established restaurant on Lyckorna Brygga. “There is so much to discover and you can easily spend the whole day here. And, if that is not enough, you can always spend the night.” Uddevalla&DU 9


i Uddevalla

söndag 5 november Dalabergskyrkan 17.00

EMBRACED medverkar i Dalabergsmässan

Uddevalla kyrka 18.00

MUSIK-OCH MINNESGUDSTJÄNST Helena Henriksson, violin, Birgitta Brodén, orgel

lördag 11 november

Bäve kyrka 16.00

MARTIN LUTHER - en reformators liv Herrestadkören under ledning av Hanz Blomdahl. Text: Åsa Hagberg, musik: Lars Hernqvist

söndag 12 november Lane-Ryrs kyrka 16.00

LIVSLUST OCH SPELGLÄDJE Blandade visor, nya och gamla. Kjell Aronsson, gitarr och sång, Daniel Petrén, gitarr och sång, Marcus Aronsson, kontrabas, Patrik Andersson, slagverk, Niclas Geidvik, trumpet, flygelhorn

lördag 18 november

Uddevalla kyrka 16.00

LUTHER DÖD ELLER LEVANDE Per Ragnar, skådespelare, Patrik Sandin, orgel

söndag 19 november Uddevalla kyrka 11.00

HÖGMÄSSA med Luther-tema Vokalensemblen Voces Feminae

Uddevalla kyrka 18.00

LUTHERKONSERT Musik av Bach och Mendelssohn S:t Mikaelskören, Uddevalla Kammarkör, Per Weist, Birgitta Brodén

FILMVISNING - LUTHER Film om Martin Luther

Dalabergskyrkan 18.00

KARL-BERTIL JONSSONS JULAFTON Julkonsert med Dalabergskören och orkester. Biljettförköp 50 kr

torsdag 7 december Dalabergskyrkan 18.00

KARL-BERTIL JONSSONS JULAFTON Julkonsert med Dalabergskören och orkester. Biljettförköp 50 kr

fredag 8 december Uddevalla kyrka 18.30

JULKONSERT Kulturskolan

tisdag 12 december Uddevalla kyrka 19.00

JULKONSERT Utdelning av Uddevalla Kommuns kulturpris och stipendier. Uddevalla Stadsmusikkår, S:t Mikaelskören, Uddevalla Kammarkör. Sångsolist: Karl Peter Eriksson, baryton. Samarr: Uddevalla Kommun/Kultur & Fritid

Uddevalla kyrka 09.00

LUCIAMORGON Plusgymnasiets musikprogram under ledning av Ida Eriksson

Uddevalla kyrka 18.00

LUCIAHÖGTID Kröning av Uddevallas Lucia. Kör under ledning av Lotta Gustafsson. Samarr: Uddevalla Kommun/Kultur och Fritid m fl.


fredag 15 december Uddevalla kyrka 18.00

JULKONSERT Västerskolans Musikklasser Biljettförköp 20 kr

I år uppmärksammar vi att det är 500 år sedan reformationen inleddes med att Martin Luther (1483-1546) spikade upp sina 95 teser på kyrkdörren i Wittenberg. Luthers liv och verk förändrade både kyrkan och samhället på sin tid, och gör det fortfarande. Bland annat hans tanke att bibeln, predikan, sånger och psalmer skulle vara på folkspråket. Under hösten belyser vi, på olika sätt, reformationens betydelse.

Bäve kyrka 11.00

MÄSSA MED LOVSÅNG Be Voice medverkar

Lane-Ryrs kyrka 16.00

VI SJUNGER IN JULEN Pilgrimskören, Lane-Ryr Gospelkör, S:t Mikaelskören under ledning av Per Weist och Linn Sandström

Uddevalla kyrka 16.00 och 18.00

JULKONSERT Västerskolans Musikklasser Biljettförköp 20 kr

söndag 17 december

onsdag 20 december Uddevalla kyrka 18.00 och 20.00

JULKONSERT Akademi Sinclairs Musikesteter vid Uddevalla Gymnasieskola

Uddevalla Kammarkör

söndag 24 december, Julafton

söndag 3 december

Uddevalla kyrka 18.00

Läs gärna mer om Hälsobolaget och vad vi kan erbjuda på Varmt välkommen!

torsdag 14 december

Bäve kyrka 19.00

lördag 16 december

Uddevalla kyrka 11.00

Det kanske mest unika med Hälsobolaget är att vi erbjuder både företagshälsovård och privatsjukvård under ett och samma tak. Det ger oss möjlighet att ta ett helhetsgrepp över våra kunders hälsa. Hos Hälsobolaget behöver du inte heller vänta länge för att få hjälp – ofta kan vi erbjuda tider samma vecka, oavsett om du vill vaccinera dig eller har behov av exempelvis sjukgymnastik, hälsoundersökning, läkarintyg eller samtalsterapi. Dessutom får du träffa samma läkare och sjuksköterska varje gång. Något som brukar uppskattas av alla som väljer att komma till oss.

onsdag 13 december


Den här symbolen visar vilka program som särskilt belyser reformationen och Martin Luther


onsdag 6 december

Traditionellt, folkligt, klassiskt -vårkänslor!

KYRKLUNCH Föredrag om Martin Luther med Carl Magnus Adrian, präst och Lutherkännare

måndag 27 november S:t Mikaelsgården 19.00

ADVENTSMUSIK Uddevalla Stadsmusikkår med Drillflickor möter Dalabergskören


söndag 26 november S:t Mikaelsgården 13.30

Dalabergskyrkan 17.00

Den som väntar på vård väntar alltid för länge.

ADVENTSHÖGMÄSSA Uddevalla Kammarkör Trumpet: Jan Eliasson, Samuel Olsson, Trombon: Christer Olofsson, Sverker Moberg Birgitta Brodén, organist

Bäve kyrka 11.00

TÄNK OM DET VARIT JAG – ett ovanligt vanligt julspel


Hitomi Ohki, sopran Birgitta Brodén, orgel/piano

Uddevalla kyrka 07.30

JULOTTA Ensemble ur Uddevalla Kammarkör

Birgitta Brodén, körledare Uddevalla kyrka JULBÖN

tisdag 19 majmåndag kl2519.00 december, Juldagen Bohusläns museum

ADVENTSKONSERT - Sjung in advent! Traditionella adventssånger och psalmer Uddevalla Kammarkör, Per Weist, orgel Birgitta Brodén, dirigent

Fri entré då ej annat anges, reservation för eventuella ändringar

fri entré

VINTERMYS på Hafsten Resort


Fre-sön med egen husbil, husvagn eller i en av våra moderna stugor!



• Två frukostkorgar • Mini-Spa • Gym & Wellness • Internet • Lakan och slutstäd (stuga)

495:1295:/person (min. 2 pers.)


/person (min. 2 pers.)

tel: 0709 80 80 07 instagram: @vividfototextil webshop: • 0522 64 41 17 • 10 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 11


Märta – passionate about organic meat

Märta Jansdotter decided early on not to follow in her father's footsteps as a farmer. However, her passion for organic food and the desire to work with something important attracted her into the industry anyway. Since 2010, she has been MD of Gröna Gårdar, which sells KRAV labelled meat from farms in western Sweden.

When Märta Jansdotter grew up on Bjällan­sås Farm in Bokenäset, there were 20 cows in the herd. Today, it is a large organic farm with around 600 cattle, crops cultivation and four employees. “No-one ever forced me to help around the farm, but I learnt early on that a farmer's life has its challenges”, she explains. “Instead, I studied economics at Business School in Gothenburg and knew that I wanted to work with something I had a passion for. So, after graduating in 2010 I called Dad and persu­ aded him to take me on at Gröna Gårdar.” A GROWING MARKET FOR ORGANIC MEAT Dad, Jan Karlsson, was busy running both Gröna Gårdar and a large farm. He started Gröna Gårdar in 2001 with several other meat farmers to be able to sell his organic meat directly to consumers. Demand quickly grew, more organic farms joined and the business expanded. “Today, more and more people want high-quality organic meat. But when Dad chose to invest in organic meat production in the 90s, many in the industry were sceptical. It takes longer to rear cattle on grass alone, instead of concentrated feed. It does not align with the meat industry's focus on efficiency and economies of scale”, says Märta. GRASS GRAZED ANIMALS ARE HEALTHIER Gröna Gårdar currently consists of forty independent farms that supply beef and lamb. The farms are located in Halland, Västra Götaland and Värmland. In order to be a supplier, high demands on standards are placed on breeding and crops. The farms must be KRAV certified, which, among other things, means that their beef cattle and lambs may only eat grass and silage without any added cereals or concentrated feed. “Cattle and lambs that only eat grass produce a rich tasting, tender meat with good natural 12 Uddevalla&DU

marbling. Our experience shows that this type of diet also makes the animals healthier”, Märta explains. BIG INVESTIMENT IN E-COMMERCE All meat from Gröna Gårdar is origin labelled. The customer can see the farm and farmer's name, the breed of animal, gender and age. The abattoirs that prepare the meat are close, in Backa Fårgård in Ljungskile and Dahlberg's abattoir in Brålanda. Customers include commercial kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets and individual consumers. “Lately, we have focused more on e-commerce, which has led to an increase in direct sales to consumers. 30 percent of our sales is currently via e-commerce. It is possible to order meat boxes with different cuts, mince or single pieces of meat directly from our website. The meat is packed at our facility in Uddevalla and then shipped to one of our delivery points.

“Children have unlimited areas of nature to play in here, the forest is nearby and the sea only five minutes' walk away” GREATER FOCUS ON QUALITY THAN ON PRICE Gröna Gårdars' market share is steadily increasing in line with an increased interest in organic meat. In parallel with the trend to eat climate-smart green food, Märta sees a huge interest in meat quality. “Those who chose to eat less meat and more greens, seem to place high value on organic, high-quality meat more and more. They are prepared to pay that little bit extra for it.”   One of Märta's ambitions with Gröna Gårdar is to build relationships between food

guests and breeders. “The majority of Swedish people focus more on the price of food rather than its quality. This is where we want to change attitudes. More and more people are becoming interested in what they are eating and where it comes from. Which is why we happily promote our skilled farmers, who are not usually visible to the consumer.” HAPPINESS AT BOKENÄSET Märta's background and knowledge about animal breeding contributes to her dedication as MD for Gröna Gårdar. She lectures, participates in debates, keeps in close contact with the farmers and frequently visits her family farm at Bokenäset, which of course also supplies Gröna Gårdar. “I am extremely thankful for being brought up at Bokenäset. Children have unlimited areas of nature to play in here, the forest is nearby and the sea only five minutes' walk away. The difference is huge when I compare how families in cities live”. “As a child I truly believed that everybody had a small beach to bathe on and thought it strange that people would flock to public bathing spots”, recalls Märta. WINTER BATHING PLANS She appreciates Bokenäs nature even more as an adult. “Bokenäset is a thriving rural location with amazing nature and many enterprising people. There are many advantages to living here, not least the social community.” “When I come home to the farm, I love to climb to the top of a rock and look across the sea and fields. Sometimes, I go to Stallgården or take the boat across the archipelago. Another lovely place is Bokenäset Hotell och Konferens with its restaurant, Västersalt.” “During the autumn I love going berry and mushroom picking in the forest. But this year calls for a new challenge; I am thinking about starting winter bathing and trying to learn to enjoy it.” Uddevalla&DU 13

• Sallad Fisk • Pasta Pasta • Pasta Kött Kött Kött • •Sallad • Sallad Fisk Fisk Fisk • Pasta Kött Pastabuffé • Sallad • Sallad • Sallad ••Fisk Fisk Pastabuffé • Pastabuffé Fisk • Sallad • Pastabuffé Fisk • Kl Pastabuffé •9.30-24.00 Pastabuffé •À Klcarte 9.00-24.00 À la carte À carte laPastabuffé Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 À la À la Kl 9.00-24.00 9.30-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 lacarte carte • Pastabuffé Kl gatuköksmeny. 9.00-24.00 À laÀ carte 9.30-24.00 À laÀcarte Kl 9.00-24.00 Kl la 9.00-24.00 carteKloch KlTILL 9.30-24.00 À lagatuköksmeny. carte Kl la 9.30-24.00 carte OCH À laÀcarte och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. smeny. ochFRÅN gatuköksmeny. och SNABBMAT HUSMANSKOST LA CARTE Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl och 9.30-24.00 Àoch la carte ochoch gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. ÖPPETTIDER mån-tor 08.00-22.00 fre, lör 09.30-23.00 sön 09.30-22.00

Catering - från till hela rån fredagsmys tillCatering hela arrangemang! - fredagsmys från fredagsmys till arrangemang! hela arrangemang! från Slängom 1Catering Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 64 till hela arrangemang! ängom 1Catering Uddevalla, Slängom 64fredagsmys 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 -0522-377 fredagsmys hela arrangemang! Catering -från från fredagsmys tilltill arrangemang! Catering - från -hela från till hela fredagsmys arrangemang! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Slängom 11 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, Slängom 0522-377 1 Uddevalla, 64 0522-377 64 Slängom Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helgerhelger 9.30-24.00 agar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, 9.30-24.00 Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Catering Vardagar - Vardagar från fredagsmys till hela arrangemang! 8.0023.00, helger 9.30-23.00 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, Vardagar helger 7.30-24.00, 9.30-24.00 helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00


with music students from Ljungskile folkhögskola Saturday Dec 2, 18.00 at Ljungs Church


With the participation of Calluna choir Sunday Dec 3, 11.00 at Ljungs Church Together with the Forshälla song choir and the children’s choir Sunday Dec 3, 16.00 at Forshälla Church




The Hemgården children’s choir and solist Wednesday Dec 13, 18.00 at Ljungs Church



Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Välkommen! Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00


Advent and Christmas music with opera singer Michael Schmidberger from The Royal Opera and Forshälla song choir and Kristina Shtegman. Saturday Dec 9, 18.00 at Forshälla Church

Sing all the Christmas songs and psalms along with the Calluna choir and Andreas Jansson Sunday Dec 17, 18.00 at Ljungs Church


Sunday Dec 24, 23.30 at Ljungs Church

EARLY SERVICE ON CHRISTMAS DAY With the Forshälla song choir Monday Dec 25, 7.00 at Forshälla Church 8.30 att Resteröds Church

For other worship services during the weekends,

Helgens á la carte Helgens husman

CATERING - från fredagsmys till hela arrangemang GATUKÖK - komplett utbud

Slängom 1 | 451 50 Uddevalla | 0522 377 64 | | 14 Uddevalla&DU


HELGER 12.00-17.00

10% rabatt på Skärgårdsbåtarnas säsongskort 2018 och en gratis

VARDAGAR 08.00-10.30 Frukost 11.00-17.00 Lunch

VAR DAG Kl. 1 AR v.49 1.30 & v.5 & 2 0 Inkl. 25 SEK/ 13.30 pers julm on FÖR ust e BOK NIN ller jull 0522 G via te ättöl lefon 6984 80

kokbok - Sill ombord - perfekt julklapp! Säsongskortet köper du på


Vu PR St xen IS u d ent 595 S /p EK Ba 495 ension r n är (7-1 SEK 6år ) 35 5


Vid uppvisande av kupong får du 10% rabatt på ett köp av Skärgårdsbåtarnas säsongskort 2018 och en gratis kokbok - vår egna ”Sill ombord” (värde 99 SEK). Erbjudandet gäller t.o.m 22 december 2017 och så långt lagret räcker.



Under två veckor i december serverar vi våra omtyckta sillar ombord M/S Byfjorden, som stilla ligger intill kaj. Det finns även ett uppdukat bord med småvarma rätter som hör julen till. Kom i stämning och få en försmak av julefriden ombord på M/S Byfjorden.

Uddevalla Turistcenter. Öppet vardagar kl.10-15.




Sill ombord vid ka


Uddevalla&DU 15

t Do you wan ith w d n to be frie

Uddevalla? Follow us!

Calendar of events

All events can be found at

Rights to make changes reserved


23 Lecture by Antoni Lacinai

3 Dracula – Live from the Metropolitan

24 Christmas Show

Opera at Folkets Hus, 7.00pm

Folkets Hus, 6pm-8.30pm

@uddevallaochdu #experienceuddevalla

9-10 Old fashioned Christmas market Kungstorget, 9/12: 10am-3pm and 10/12: 11am-3pm uddevallaochdu Uddevalla&DU

24 Christmas prayers

Uddevalla Church 4.00pm

25 Early Christmas service

Mortens Krog, 7.00pm, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in november and december

12 Christmas concert

24-25 Wreath making

13 Lucia festival

14 Christmas Lucia concert

5 Embraced

25 183 years together - Lill-Babs, Ann-Louise Hansson & Siw Malmkvist

with Be Voice, Bäve Church, 7pm


14 David Batra

13 Christmas's last song

6 Monthly market

25 Mid-winter fest

15 Christmas concert

Jazz Preachers and Rulles Storband. Ljungskilegården 7.00pm

Västerskolans Music class, Uddevalla Church, 4pm and 6pm

24 Storytelling evening

10 After Work with Arvingarna

25 Dance à la Nalen with two bands!

11 Ready, Steady, Stand

27 Movie night – Luther

16 Christmas torchlight procession

26-27 Wine & Delicatessen fair

11 Luthers Children musical

30 Concert with Mats Westling

16 Welcome to Rome

3-4 Uddevallakassett festival Mortens Krog, 7.00pm

4 Uddevalla X-trail

Running on Herrestadsfjäll Dalabergs church, 5.00pm

Kungstorget, 9am-3pm Mortens Krog, 7.00pm

Theatre, Regionteater Väst, 11am Bäve Church, 4pm

Galleri Ulvesund, 11am-3pm

Östrabo theatre, 6pm

Exhibition inauguration, Bohusläns Museum, 12pm

S:t Mikaelsgården, 7pm Folkets Hus, 6pm

13 Lunchtime concert - Kurt Wiklander Piano. Bohusläns Museum, 12.30pm-1pm

16-19 Christmas market

Kärrstegens Gård, Thurs-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm

17 Henrik Schyffert Östrabo theatre, 8pm

18 Luther, dead or alive Uddevalla church 4.00pm

18 The Wizard of Oz Östrabo theatre, 4pm

19 Luther concert

Uddevalla church, 6.00pm

22 Movie quiz

Bohusläns Museum, 6pm-8pm

23 Lights inauguration Kungstorget, 6.00pm

23 Christmas show

Carlia, 6.30pm, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in November and December 16 Uddevalla&DU

31 New Year Celebrations Bohusläns Museum, 4.15pm

Uddevalla Church, 6pm

Lane-Ryrs Church, 4pm

Östrabo theatre 7.30pm

Svenskholmen, 4.30pm

december 1 Chrismas Show

Köket kl 18.30, Fridays and Saturdays in December

2 Mordängeln – Live from the Metropolitan Opera at Folkets Hus, 7pm

3 Christmas Window Display Sunday Uddevalla town centre , 11am

3 Advent concert

Uddevalla Church, 6pm

Bohusläns Museum, 6.30pm-8pm Look back at old Uddevalla images and reminisce. Bohusgården, 26/1: 3pm-8pm, 27/1: 12pm-8pm

27 Tosca - Live from the Metropolitan

Theatre production at Folkets Hus, 7pm

Café Navet, 6pm

17 Mass with praise

11 Housing & Living fair

Bohusläns Museum, 10am-15pm

Uddevalla Church 7.30am

Uddevalla Church, 7pm

Bäve Church, 11am

february & march

20 Christmas concert

Akademi Sinclair's musical aestethics, Uddevalla Church, 6pm and 8pm

5th Feb Monthly market

21 Santas evening

10th Feb The love potion - Live from the Metropolitan

24 Christmas play

10th March Semiramis - Live from the Metropolitan

Uddevalla Town Centre. Shops open until 9pm “Tänk om det varit jag” (Imagine if it was me), Bäve Church, 11am

Kungstorget, 9am-3pm. Next held on 5th March Theatre production at Folkets Hus, 6pm Theatre production at Folkets Hus, 7pm

31st March Così Fan Tutte - Live from the Metropolitan Theatre production at Folkets Hus, 7pm

4 Monthly market

Kungstorget, 9am-3pm

6 Karl-Bertil Jonssons Christmas Eve Dalaberg's church, 6.00pm

8 Ljuva 60s

Östrabo theatre 7.30pm

8 Christmas concert

with Culture school, Uddevalla Church, 6.30pm

8 Ted Russel Kamp (US) + Dear Paul Uddevallakassette's stage @ Kontoret

Uddevalla has its own app! For information about all events and for inspiration about what to see and do in Uddevalla, download our app, Upplev (experience) Uddevalla!


Uddevalla's app

Uddevalla&DU 17

mid-winter fest with handicrafts as the theme On the 25th November, the Mid-winter fest opens at Bohusläns Museum with exhibitions and stalls with beautiful, well-made and locally produced Christmas gifts made by handicrafters from all around the county. This year is the 25th anniversary and the

theme is handicrafts with all its materials, tools and implements that handicrafters use. You can just window shop or leave with some lovely Christmas gifts. The mid-winter fest runs until the 7th January, so there is plenty of time to exchange any presents and use

gift cards. One tip is to visit the exhibition in November so that you don't miss out on anything. The mid-winter fest is organised in collaboration with Slöjd i Väst and handicrafters from around the county. You can finde more info at

fair for the connoisseur with sophisticated drinks and delicacies Don't miss the popular Wine & Delicatessen fair on the 26th and 27th January 2018 at Bohusgården Hotell och Konferens. This is the fourth year in a row that it is taking place in Uddevalla and focus is on taste, sophisticated drinks and delicacies.   Over two days, several food producers from the region will present their locally produced delicacies and a number of West Sweden importers and producers of different drinks will also be present. As a visitor

you will have the opportunity to taste and purchase a wide range of quality products. You can also listen to lectures by experts in different fields. Tickets for both days cost 250 SEK and can be purchased in advance. Free bus travel between Bohusläns Museum and Hotell Bohusgården is included.

18 Uddevalla&DU

The old fashioned Christmas market is an old, much loved tradition in Uddevalla. On the weekend of the 9-10th December, the whole of Kungstorget is transformed into an old fashioned market place. If you really want to experience the feeling of Christmas that is when to come. Leave the Christmas stresses at home and travel a hundred years

back in time. From the market stalls you can buy handicrafts in the form of hand-carved knives, knitted hats and hand painted Christmas elves. A lot of the items on sale in the square that weekend are also home cooked, home baked and home made. As always the Wästsvenska Tomteorden will be providing Christmas music and there will be

dancing around the tree. The Old fashioned Christmas market is close to the hearts of Uddevalla residents – it has been held for over 30 years! A lot needs to be developed and renewed in our town but just this event should be as it always has been – genuine and real.

Christmas torchlight a nice Christmas tradition

More information about the programme, tickets, opening times etc. can be found at

a thousand lights create Christmas cheer in town

Christmas cheer like it used to be

On 23rd November, this year's beautiful Christmas light promenade opens in Uddevalla town centre. Uddevalla Energy has created a Christmas lights promenade with several wonderful creations in the town centre. The idea is to spread the Christmas cheer and light in the darkness of daily winter life and at the same time offer advice on safe and energy efficient electricity use. The Christmas light promenade will be lit using modern LED lamps that are 80 percent more efficient and last 25 times longer than normal incandescent light bulbs. It is also the theme for this year's quiz walk. Uddevalla Energi and Bohusläningen are also donating money to Saronhuset. Uddevalla residents are invited to vote on the location for the beautiful Squirrel that was one of last year's sculptures. For each vote cast they will donate SEK 25 (SEK maximum 15,000) to Saronhuset, a charitable foundation that is run by eight parishes in town. They support and help people suffering from social exclusion by serving breakfast and lunch, and organising activities each day, among other things.

For many Uddevalla residents, the Christmas torchlight procession is full of yuletide cheer and a traditional start to the Christmas festivi­ ties. This procession is now in its eleventh year and anyone who wants to can participate carrying a burning torch. The procession runs along the Strandpromenaden to the traditional bathing site, Gustafsberg. Before the

procession heads off, a traditional inauguration speech is held and Christmas music is played both here and during the procession. There are a few surprises along the way, and at Gustafsberg hot mulled wine, gingerbread biscuits and saffron buns are served.     Father Christmas will be there of course to receive Christmas hugs and wish lists, whilst

his Christmas elves will be handing out Christmas treats. This year, surplus donations from the event will be donated to elderly care causes in Uddevalla municipality. Do not miss the Christmas torchlight procession on the 16th December, starting at 4.30pm at Svenskholmen. Uddevalla&DU 19

Vi hjälper dig hemma. Och på företaget! – Våra härliga veteraner hjälper dig gärna med det du behöver. Helt utan startavgifter eller bindningstider. Så vad kan vi göra för dig?

Allt rätt, smidigt och enkelt.


Snickra, måla & tapetsera Handla & laga mat Städa & putsa fönster Snöskottning & sandning Hemtjänst - på dina villkor (LOV, avtal med Uddevalla kommun) Snabb flexibel bemanning


88x131 Uddevalla oktober.indd 1

2017-10-05 14:47:59

Nu är det lättare för dig att kontakta kommunen och få svar på dina frågor. Fråga kontaktcenter!

20 Uddevalla&DU

Kontaktcenter tel: 0522-69 60 00 E-post: Besök: Rådhuset, Kungstorget Öppet vardagar 08:00–16:30

u tve ckla b ygga oc h ta hand o m Uddevalla b åde nu och för fra mtide n Samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen arbetar på politikens uppdrag, för medborgarna med professionella medarbetare, med att utveckla, bygga och ta hand om Uddevalla, både nu och för framtiden. En samhällsbyggnadsprocess som innehåller allt från detaljplanering, bygglov, byggtillsyn, miljötillsyn, fastigheter, skogsvård, exploatering, trafik, gator, parker samt service som lokalvård, kost och fordon. Vi arbetar för att ständigt förbättra och förenkla där vi är intresserade av att du får ett bra bemötande, ge svar på dina frågor och hjälp med det vi kan göra för att du ska kunna fortsätta förverkliga din dröm och leva gott i Uddevalla. Läs mer på

Uddevalla&DU 21

Christmas wishes come true For some families it is not always possible to buy Christmas presents and Christmas food. For the fifth year Lions in Uddevalla and Uddevalla Centrumutveckling association organise the well-received charity project, Gift tree in Gallionen in Uddevalla town centre. “Anybody can help and fulfil the wishes of children and young people by buying one of the presents on the wish list”, says Britt Kronlid, one of the driving forces behind the project.

Britt Kronlid is driven to help people in various ways. She worked with addicts for 34 years and as a pensioner she is the volunteer driving force behind the Lions vast charity work. She grew up in Uddevalla, is married with five children, and has lived at Dalaberg for 23 years. “I love people and find it easy to engage with those who are in difficulties”, explains Britt Kronlid, who is now Chair of Lions in

Uddevalla. Since 2012, Britt and her colleagues at Lions have been involved with the Gåvo­granen (Gift tree) project. “We start on Christmas window display Sunday when Uddevalla Centrumutveckling and Lions set-up a large tree in the Gallionen shopping centre”, explains Britt Kronlid. “From the tree we hang cards with wishes from children and young people in Uddevalla that we have received via contacts

The 2017 Gift tree starts on the 3th December, when the tree with its cards of wishes will be placed in Gallionen in Uddevalla. Those who wish to purchase a present have almost two weeks, up until the 14th December, to donate their gift. More information can be found at

22 Uddevalla&DU

at the social services. For example, families with children who are having financial problems, refugee children and children in foster homes. We do not have any names, all information is confidential.” CHILDREN WANT TO HELP OTHER CHILDREN Those who want to donate, pick a card from the tree and buy what is wanted.” The Christmas presents are taken to Gallionen and wrapped by Britt and her colleagues from the Lions. The presents are then delivered to social services and deacons at the Swedish Church who ensure that the packages get to the right recipient. “Several hundred Christmas presents are usually distributed before Christmas eve. It is really amazing that so many people want to help. Donations come from families with children, pensioners, as well as those who are also less fortunate”, says Britt. “When I hear parents telling their children about the aim of the Gift tree and the children respond by wanting to buy a Christmas present for another child, my heart melts.” THE GIFT TREE INSPIRES OTHERS Our hope is that as many Christmas presents as possible are bought in Uddevalla town centre. We also want the town centre businesses who are involved in the project to benefit. They offer generous discounts and donations.   The gift tree is a much appreciated project that inspires others. Similar efforts are being deployed in various locations around Sweden, sometimes by organisations other than the Lions. In addition to the collection of Christmas presents, the Lions also collects money for families with children to help buy Christmas food, so that the children can enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. They also organise an Epiphany Concert each year to help the Lions Cancer fund West to support cancer research in our region. “This year we hope for even more help with the Gift tree as the Lions celebrates its 100th anniversary.



Missa inte erkan vår medv ti 1:a Adven rkan Pingstky 11.00


Ja, det stämmer faktiskt. Vi älskar musik som når fram till den som lyssnar, liten som stor. I vår kvartett kan allt hända - det är det fina med musik. Hoppas vi snart får mötas, höras och ses!



1:A ADVENTSGUDSTJÄNST Uddevalla Stadsmusikkår med Drillflickor, Gospelkör. Predikan av Dan Blessed

mån 4 dec 19.00

JULKONSERT med Uddevalla Stadsmusikkår

sön 10 dec 11.00

GUDSTJÄNST med sång och predikan

lör 16 dec 17.00

JULKONSERT med kör och orkester Pingstkyrkans gospelkör, Lane-Ryrs gospelkör, Linn Sandström, Maria Sköld, Niclas Geidvik

sön 17 dec 11.00

STORA & SMÅGUDSTJÄNST med Söndagsskoleavslutning

sön 24 dec 11.00

JULSPEL Samarr. med församlingen Fristaden

sön 31 dec 11.00

GUDSTJÄNST Predikan av Dan Blessed Pingstkyrkan i Uddevalla vill vara en kyrka för dig som längtar efter gudsmöten, gemenskap och glädje.

Uddevalla&DU 23

The town's new meeting place for food lovers There are many good reasons to visit Uddewalla Saluhall at Bäveån in the town centre. You can try exciting combinations of food and drink, sample the dish of the day, buy locally produced meat, cheese and fish, enjoy a glass of champagne with friends and listen to the evening's musical performance. Even though the Uddevalla Saluhall has just opened, it feels as if it has been in the old beautiful granite building for hundreds of years. The building was built in 1904 by Uddevalla Sparbank and was a lovely branch for many years. After careful restoration, attractive frescoes have been put back in place and the premises has been repurposed into a food market hall with shops, café and restaurant. Uddewalla Saluhall opened in April 2017 after a long period of careful preparation. The initiators, Christer Hasslebäck and Ann-Charlott Gustafsson, together with the three other entrepreneurs, have a clear vision for the food hall. “We want to create a meeting place in Uddevalla city centre where you can come and shop and eat top quality food, meet-up with people and enjoy a wonderful environment”, says Christer Hasslebäck. GENUINE INTEREST IN FOOD In addition to the café and restaurant business that Knapes Delikatesser runs, the food hall has a wide range of cheeses, meats, fish, seafood and delicacies. Knowledgeable and genuinely interested people inspire and 24 Uddevalla&DU

sell products from around the region, but also from other parts of the world. Gerhards Ost has the largest array of cheeses in town and also holds cheese and wine tastings. Kustcharken sells their own high-quality meat products and local produce. Rökeriets Havsdelikatesser sells fresh and smoked fish and seafood products from the company's own smokehouse in Strömstad. CHAMPAGNE, MUSIC AND ART The range of produce in the food hall varies from day to day depending on availability and season. Customers can taste the products in Knapes café and restaurant and then buy the things that they liked. “All four companies organise a lot of common events. For example, food and drink tastings, i.e. champagne or beer tasting combined with delicacies found in the food hall. We frequently hold art exhibitions, performances with local music acts and in December we will be presenting a different type of Christmas food table with specialities from the region.” SURPRISING CHEFS The response from Uddevalla residents has been very positive. Many come to enjoy the

food, the premises and to buy ingredients for that night's dinner. “Lunch guests arrive early to enjoy the dishes the chefs have created with that day's ingredients. We never know in advance what will be on the menu, so it is a surprise for the guests. STOCK UP AHEAD OF CHRISTMAS One of the ambitions of the food hall companies is that their customers always get to discover something new each time they visit. “Sometimes we get access to elk meat, sometimes a delivery of cheeses or a new brand of beer. But, of course, there are certain products that are always available, for example, fresh milk delivered by a local dairy. You can pour this into a bottle yourself.   The Food hall's preparations for Christmas are in full swing. Christmas cheeses, sausages, pickled herrings, hams and all things delicious associated with Christmas will be on offer. Christmas tables and plates of food will be served in the food hall, and it will be possible to buy edible Christmas gifts in addition to the usual items.   Read more about the offers, opening times etc. at and on Uddewalla Saluhall's facebook. Uddevalla&DU 25

The town is full of taste experiences If your mouth is watering for really good food, a relaxing coffee or a drink with friends, Uddevalla town centre has numerous cafés and restaurants to pick from. The menus offer everything from organic homely fare, green dishes and tastes from all round the world, to fantastic pastries and carefully selected teas and coffees. This is just a selection. On you will find more tips.

Julstämning på Villa Lindesnäs 24 27 november - 22 december

Välkommen att boka våra julmenyer; VARDAGAR 11.30 -16.00 Jultallrik med varm buffé 250 kr eller dagens fiskfångst 150 kr litet dessertbord och kaffe ingår


This restaurant offers modern interior decor and exciting Asiatic flavours in the form of a lunchtime buffet, bistro and take away. It also boasts a bar that serves Japanese rice wine and virgin cocktails.


Delicious, modern and seasonal plain fare in a unique environment with a manor house feel. “Gård och Hav” (Surf and Turf) lunchtime buffet served every weekday. Classic Christmas buffet and party food for all kinds of events.


A Swedish pub chain with an extensive menu for the whole family. Fish and seafood dishes intermingled with hamburgers and classic Swedish meat dishes. Quizzes and much more can be found on the programme.


Food, drink & company is the motto of this restaurant, which is also a pub and bar. Lunch and dinner are served from an à la carte-menu with various hamburgers, classic meat and fish dishes and smaller appetizers.


On one of Uddevalla's pedestrianised streets you will find Mortens krog with its café and restaurant open seven days a week. It has a café menu, lunchtime dishes, classic à la carte dishes and more simple pub food served in the Piano bar.


KVÄLLSTID, onsdag och fredag välj mellan 3-rätters 350 kr Söndagar eller 5-rätters 550 kr Familjens julmys; kall jultallrik och julinspirerad meny varm buffé, stort dessertbord 300 kr/vuxen, 150 kr/barn FAMILJEJULBORD, lördag och söndag 2 sittningar 13.00 och 16.00 Klassiskt julens favoriter för Vi tänderjulbord upp våramed brasor, värmer glöggen stora och små.och 350dukar kr/vuxen, upp!150 kr/barn Varmt välkommen att boka bord 0522-30058 Vi tänder upp våra brasor, värmer glöggen och dukar upp! Varmt välkommen att boka bord 0522-30058

Vi har bakat äkta italiensk pizza i Uddevalla sedan 1973.

A bar and restaurant where sporting events and activities such as bowling, boules and shuffleboard are order of the day. The menu offers everything from fajitas, pepper steaks and salads to a wide range of hamburgers. CAFÉ YERBA

In the beautiful Falun red house in the town centre you can eat lunch, go for coffee, take afternoon tea and try out new wines in the vinoteque. You can also sit out in the wonderful garden. Café Yerba is White Guide recommended. 26 Uddevalla&DU


A genuine pub with large selection of beers and accompanying delicious food. Afterwork happens every workday where football fans can follow various sporting fixtures. Premier league matches are shown at weekends.


The menu includes lunchtime dishes, pastries and a large selection of teas and coffees. Leija's Café probably has the largest range of home baked goods in town, including gluten and lactose-free organic products. White Guide recommended.

Välkommen till oss eller beställ hem! Uddevalla&DU 27

Experience the wilderness at Bredfjället Do you want a wonderful “wilderness” experience? Then visit Bredfjället west of Ljungskile, unique to Bohuslän. With the help of the new Bredfjäll guide to find your way easily and safely to lakes and old farms, to berry and mushroom picking locations, peat bogs, flower meadows, exercise and ski trails. And to the nature reserve maintained by the municipality. The guide contains easy-to-read maps, images and short texts about fascinating people and nature, past and present.

FOREST, OPEN SPACE AND QUIET Today the forest at Bredfjället is dense and magical. “But the landscape has steadily changed”, says Stefan Edman, biologist and author of the Bredfjälls guide and other books about the mountain. He also lead the Bredfjällspelen, an outdoor theatre group that portrayed the lives of the people up here. From the 1500s, when Bohuslän belonged to Denmark/Norway, the forest began to be cleared. Timber and wood went to Danish cities and castles, and later for use in herring barrels, bridges, boats, lamp oil factories and for fuel in lighthouses. In the 1800s, not just Bredfjället but also a large part of Bohuslän was a cold, windy, stretch of heathland!

THE BREDFJÄLL GUIDE Find out more from the Bredfjäll guide, where you will discover 15 themed tours with maps by Clyde Persson. Learn about everything from hardy women and fishing lakes to the Mountain children's school paths, Wise men and women, Bluebells, Virgin forests and more besides. Most of the tours and Ljungskile Frilufts­klubbs exercise and ski trails start from the Norra Fjället outdoor centre, which is a 10 minute drive from Ljungskile town centre. The guide is supplied by Bredfjället's theatre company and costs just SEK 50 from ICA Ljungskile and Ljungskile hometown society. The guide can Välko till Bredfjället vid Ljung skile! also mme ben purchased from Uddevalla Tourist centre BR ED FJÄ LL SGU ID EN and Hallmans bookshop. Det här är guiden för fascinerande natur- dig som vill uppleva en av Bohuslän och s – och njut i alla årstider kulturmiljöer. Ta med familj och goda mest vänner människor och kultur av skönheten, tystnaden och historien i gången tid. om 15 temavandringar med karta, bild och längd och svårighe text – välj efter intresse, tsgrad:


Clyde Persson Kartor

med karta, bild och

Stefan Edman Idé och text

Fotografer: Jan Töve, Britt-Inger och Stefan Clyde Persson, Berndtsson, Gunnar Edman, Fritjof Johansson, Inger Karlsson, Tore Hagman, Annbritt Forsström Layout: Niclas Tryck: Risbergs InformatioGeidvik n & Media Bredfjällets Teatersäll skap, Ljungskile 2017

15 temavandringar

Intro om fjället och praktiska tips om kartor Friluftsklubbens (LFK) märkta sommar- och och utrustning mm på sidorna 3-6. vinterleder, se mittuppsl aget.


TEMA 1: 9 Starka kvinnor TEMA 2: 13 Fattigstu gorna TEMA 3: 17 Fiskesjöa r TEMA 4: 21 Blommo r, fjärilar och förnöjsam ma Gertrud TEMA 5: 25 Klenoder : Flogfjället och Bråten TEMA 6: 29 Tragedin på Torsberg TEMA 7: 35 Anna Jonsdotter – vem var hon egentligen? TEMA 8: 41 Urskog TEMA 9: 43 Blåsippo r TEMA 10: 45 Orrspel TEMA 11: 49 Fjällbarn ens skolväg TEMA 12: 51 Kvinnokv intetten på soldattor pet TEMA 13: 55 Kloka gummor och gubbar TEMA 14: 59 Stora Skarsjön runt TEMA 15: 65 Muntras grotta och Silverfall et


MOUNTAIN RESIDENTS - SURVIVALISTS Stefan often gives guided tours on the mountain. And is part of the Ljungskile team that has most recently organised a culture outdoor school for Uddevalla municipality schools, this September. “I explain why people moved up here to the barren pastures. People first started settling here at the beginning of the 1600s, when the Swedes raided Norwegian Bohuslän. In 1612, Swedish soldiers rode across the border at the Göta älv and burned 30 farms at the foot of Bredfjället. After the catastrophe , Brännefejden (The burning feud), some of the affected families hid up here on the desolate mountain in the hope of a better life in peace and freedom. And so the slightly larger farms of Norra Fjället, Vargfjället and Södra Fjället came to be.

The next “colonisation” occurred in the 1800s at the end of the great herring period and people were made redundant. Lots of people climbed Bredfjället and other Bohuslän mountains (from the Norwegian word “fjell” = mountain) There they built simple cabins and lived off potatoes, forest berries, game and fish. Today you can find ruins, stone walls, and cattle paths left by these survivalists.

Temavandringar |

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Välkommen, vem du än är, att ta del av och bidra till den levande kulturverksamheten i Uddevalla kommun. Håll utkik efter våra prova-på-dagar, titta in på hemsidan; för information om det aktuella utbudet eller anmälan till våra verksamheter. Där berättar vi också om KulturPoolen, ett helt nytt sätt att nå nya deltagare med nya metoder, på nya platser i vår kommun. Vi syns och hörs!

Vi är många som gillar Kulturskolan - men vi kan bli ännu fler! Därför finns Stödföreningen GILLA, för att vi gillar Kulturskolan Uddevalla. Föreningen är öppen för alla, föräldrar, elever, företag - ja alla som gillar kultur. Välkommen med!

Café Välkommen till våra nyöppnade caféer!

Café Café Café Café

Lär mer om Kulturskolan och GILLA på Uddevalla&DU 29

Norra fjället

Elhandel / Elnät / Fiber / Fjärrvärme / Pellets / Renhållning

Inga konstigheter. Det är vad du kan förvänta dig som kund hos oss. Vårt löfte är enkelt: el, fjärrvärme, fiber och renhållning – det ska bara funka. Hos oss får du alltid lokalproducerad energi till stabila priser. Och du ger tillbaka till Uddevalla, eftersom vi på riktigt är engagerade i stadens föreningar, företag och människor. Och om något trots allt går snett hjälper vi dig fortast möjligt och på bästa sätt. Tack för att du är kund hos oss på Uddevalla Energi!

Läs mer om oss på eller ring oss gärna på telefon 0522-69 62 69.

Winter luxury and outdoor adventure SPA Sunday at Bohusgården

Ski and snow sledge ride in Sanders Dalar

End the weekend by relaxing in luxury at Bohusgården Hotell & Konferens. Check in on Sunday, relax in the pools and saunas in the SPA section, eat well and awake revitalised the next morning to face the week ahead. Read more at

When it gets cold enough during the winter, Uddevalla Idrottssällskap (Sports society) creates a winter landscape with a long snow sledge slope in Sanders Dalar. Snow canons are already in place ready to make artificial snow for thrilling snow sledge races. Any natural snow is saved for skiing. Everyone is welcome to play and have fun in the snow!

The best movie experience at Biostaden

Be inspired at Bohusläns museum There is always something fun to see and do at Bohusläns museum in Uddevalla. There are more than 400 organised activities every year, from lectures, music evenings, theme days and different exhibitions. In addition to all the temporary exhibitions, contemporary art is on display in the Art gallery and all-purpose and pleasure boats in the Boat gallery. There is loads for the kids to explore in the playroom and the museum shop offers a selection of hand-picked artworks, Swedish design products, books and delicacies. Many people also just come for a coffee or to have lunch at Kajkanten Restaurant and Café. Info:

Enjoy the latest winter movie releases at Biostaden's ultra-modern movie theatre in Uddevalla. The experience is that much better on the large screens and with the best audio technology. Comfortable seating with loads of leg room. Check out this autumn and winter's movie releases at

Enjoy sauna bathing on the sea In the floating sea sauna at Bokenäset Hotell & Konferens you can mix a relaxing hot sauna with a refreshing dip in the sea all year round, regardless of the weather. The large sea-facing windows of the sauna give an incredible sauna experience. All hotel guests and visitors can use the hotel's spa & relaxation section free of charge. The sea sauna can accommodate around 15 people and does not require pre-booking. Find out more at

Winter bathing and sauna at Hafsten The sea sauna at Hafsten Resort is only a stone's throw from the sea. There is also a wood burning hot tub for a slightly warmer dip. Take a loved one or your friends for a relaxing bathing experience. There is room for up to 20 people. Information about bookings, prices etc. can be found at

Ice fishing at Herrestadsfjället and Bredfjället

Inga konstigheter 30 Uddevalla&DU

There are many good small fishing lakes on Herrestadsfjället in Uddevalla and Bredfjället in Ljungskile. Ice hole or jig fishing is ideal once the ice has formed. Perch, pike and even brown and rainbow trout can be found in the lakes. Just remember that you must always check the thickness of the ice and carry ice claws. You will also need a fishing license to fish the lakes. These can be bought using your credit card from Klämmans car park or from Pressbyrån in Torp shopping centre. Find out more at Uddevalla&DU 31

Lunch alla dagar i veckan!Â

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